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  1. Also could do with some stuff for Burning Aegis. Friends, band-mates, family, stuff like that.
  2. "And normally I would be, but today is my day off, so here I am." Aegis chuckled to himself at the look of confusion on the other stallion's face before continuing. "As far as being part of a band goes, guess you could call it more of a hobby, something I do when I don't have guard work to do." He nodded, looking from his fellow guard to the mare as she began speaking. He listened to her words, chuckling at her flirting line. "Well, you certainly look like a work of art, so let's stick with that, huh?" He responded, returning her wink. "I'm actually playing a show later if you wanted to stop by, it's at a club a bit over there. We play all sorts of stuff, but I'd say mostly types of rock." He added, pointing down the road towards the club in question.
  3. Like the title says, I’m looking for someone to rp with. Here’s my log so you can look through my characters and find one you want to rp with. As for the second part, I was hoping I could find some relationships I could have pre-established or plan to establish for my newest unicorn, Magnus. Things like allies, enemies, or former acquaintances are good, and there’s also his family if anyone wants to fill those shoes. Maybe even potential lovers. Here’s his bio in particular.
  4. Tiger leaned back in his seat, getting comfortable after doing everything he needed to, humming slightly at Midnight’s words about the communications. Yes, it really did, didn’t it? He looked over at the droid as it entered, glancing back at the screens for the translation. Well, that was interesting... ”Covert ops, huh? Why would the council need plausible deniability? Who are they trying to hide this from, I wonder?” He hummed, contemplating what they could be doing that needs all this secrecy from the Jedi Council.
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    The Ice Queen

  6. Well, things certainly wouldn’t be boring in here, she supposed. Though boring might be preferable from what she had seen so far. Oh well, she supposed she would just need to bear it, there was likely nothing she could ethically or legally do, and those things would be more trouble than they were worth. Kireina straightened up as a good-looking mare came in and introduced herself as the professor. Well, the longma knew nothing about her, but at least she looked good. Kireina listened as the other students posed their questions before posing her own. “What are we expected to learn from this course? What are the learning goals?” She asked, watching Sunset. At least her question was on topic.
  7. Burning Aegis was usually working at night, but he managed to get a day off tonight. He was planning to play a show later with the band, but it wasn’t time for that yet. For now, the bat pony was taking a leisurely flight through the city, enjoying the sights and sounds of his city at night. Being a lunar guard meant he didn’t get to enjoy the city like this very often, but he didn’t mind. He enjoyed his work. When he caught a conversation on the wind nearby, he slowed, landing on a rooftop gently. He wasn’t all that stealthy, especially with his mostly red mane on display, but he wasn’t really trying to hide either. It seemed he had found a conversation between an off-duty guard and a mare. Well, no point in eavesdropping when he could join in! ”Yo! How’s it hanging? Canterlot sure is pretty at night, huh?” He smiled as he flew down and landed nearby, trotting up the rest of the way. “Name’s Burning Aegis, Guard/singer at your service.” Aegis added, giving a playful bow with a wink as he introduced himself.
  8. “Yeah. You both look pretty capable.” Tiger nodded, following Midnight into the ship, stretching as he went. Eventually he made his way into the cockpit and sat in the front right seat, helping get the ship ready to go.
  9. Two knights and a padawan on a basically blind mission... well, this would likely be rather interesting, at least. He looked over the younger mare, nodding to her before looking back over to Midnight. “Right, right, introductions. Name’s Tiger Blood, nice to meet you two.” He said, looking them over again. They both looked capable enough. “I look forward to seeing what you can do.”
  10. I already have, so I’d say go ahead.
  11. Tiger Blood wasn't quite as new to being a Jedi knight as Midnight, a few days, maybe a week. Still, seniority was seniority, not that he really cared about that. He was no armchair commander, he led through example, charging in with the front lines. If someone didn't want to follow him then oh well, the enemy wasn't about to defeat themselves so he had more important things to worry about. Regardless, the earth pony made his way towards the shuttle, his weapon strapped to his back as he walked. He wore nothing besides the outside robe with the hood and his pants, plus his typical necklace. As he approached, he noticed the other knight waiting on the ramp and gave a nod before moving over to lean on the other strut. "So, you ready for this? Never know what might happen." He said, looking out over the area to see who else might be joining them.
  12. Name: Magnus Durum Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Sky blue Character Color: A blueish slate gray that transitions to a pale blue partway down his legs. Mane/Tail: Both the mane and tail are a dark red in color. The mane is basically just left to hang naturally, giving a bit of a messy look as parts hang in front of his face. His tail is really just a bun held together with some fairly dark blue bands. As far as facial hair goes, he just has a 5-o’clock shadow of the same dark red hair. Physique: Magnus’ physique is one of a well-toned stallion. One trained to fight, a mix of strength and speed. He is also slightly taller than average, all in all rather handsome. Residence: The outskirts of Canterlot Occupation: Noble, traveling sword-fighter Cutie Mark: A bright yellow star with several smaller stars around it. This represents his skill in light magic. The day he earned his mark was during a trip with his family. They were out on the ocean on a boat trip when everything started going wrong. Problem after problem arose that left them dead in the water, and none of their light sources were functional. Focusing his power into his horn, he created enough bright flashes to call for help, signaling through Morse code. Eventually help arrived, and by then his flank was already adorned with the mark. Unique Traits: He has skill with the blade, mixing it with various other tools. His fighting style is not what one would call honorable, as he mixes his swordplay with gut punches, kicking up dirt, basically anything he can do to get ahead and stay there. He is also skilled with manipulating light through his magic, allowing him to become invisible, create illusionary clones, create bright flashes, and so forth. Combining this magic with his skills, and he becomes quite the formidable opponent. History: Magnus’ early childhood was marked with many fairly happy years. He was born the second child of a wealthy Kastroti family, with his older sister set to take control of the house next. He didn’t mind that, and spent his time playing with his sister when they weren’t learning. Everything changed after the boat trip though. While creating his bright flashes to attract help, he had inadvertently blinded his father. He did not know how to control it yet, but his family were not interested in his excuses. They waited until they felt he was old enough to fend for himself, and then kicked him out onto the street. He almost died there, and likely would have if he hadn’t found a gang of thieves to join. They truly taught him to survive, and many times taught him not to trust anyone too deeply as they threw him under the bus to avoid punishment. As such, he had multiple stints in jail, and there was no love lost when he figured he had learned all he could from them and turned them all in. With that chapter behind him, he took to wandering, surviving on what he could steal or win in fights. He eventually found himself near Canterlot, where he won a minor noble’s estate in a duel and etched himself out a new noble title. From then on, he basically continued as normal, though he added in more diplomatic tricks as he amassed more power and wealth. Personality: He places no stock in friendship anymore. No real stock anyways. He understands the value of having allies, and he’s willing to act friendly to get them if need be. Most of the time though, he remains rather reserved, not displaying that much emotion. Anger or annoyance are probably the ones most likely to make it through his almost arrogant facade. In the end, he has emotions like any other pony, but he is loathe to show them. Summary: A noble that turned into a brigand and then back into a mixture of the two, he is looking out for number one by any means necessary.
  13. Tiger Blood, Earth Pony, Jedi Knight, Green saberstaff
  14. Kireina was... kind of bored, actually. She had shown up early, but having no friends among the students, she had had nobody to talk to. Luckily, part of being prepared for school was paper and something to write with. Which meant she had the perfect opportunity to work on some poetry. She was nearly finished writing a poem in Neighponese when she heard the yak, Yona she supposed, arrive noisily. The longma sighed to herself, resting her head on a hoof. She had been interested in what this class was about to some extent, but the addition of the loud yak made her question her decisions. And even better, one of Yona’s friends showed up and sat nearby her. Hopefully that would serve to quiet her down and not get her talking more...
  15. Name: Burning Aegis Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Areion Eye Color: Purple Character Color: A very dark purple, like a starless night sky. Mane/Tail: Both his mane and tail are split between red and ash gray, with the red being the part closer to his body. His mane is of a medium length, really just a spiky mass of hair that partially goes over his right eye. The color switches right after it passes his eye. His tail is just as spiky, though relatively short, with the red pert underneath and gray on top. Physique: He is rather well-built, with a good musculature. He is taller than most stallions. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Lunar guard, part-time musician in a band. Cutie Mark: Three different music notes emblazoned on a flaming shield. To him, it represents his two passions, music and guarding, and his burning desire to be the best he can be at them. The day he earned his mark was during a summer camp. He was wandering the woods practicing his singing, unaware of the filly following him until he heard her scream. Darting to the sound, he found her cowering from a bear. Not knowing what to do, he broke out into song and ended up distracting the bear so the unicorn could run away. When she was safe, he took flight, the glow from the mark appearing temporarily blinding the beast and allowing him to escape relatively unharmed. Unique Traits: His ears are unusually acute, even for his kind, but thankfully not any more vulnerable to loud noises. This really helps with tuning his band and singing on key. It also helps to hear trouble coming. History: Aegis was born into a family of guards. Both parents were guards for a time, and he learned from them as soon as he could hold a weapon. Thankfully, that wasn’t all he learned from them, as his mother enjoyed singing as well. It was more of a hobby for her, but enough of a taste to get him hooked. As he grew up, he flip-flopped between becoming a guard and becoming a musician, attending camps for both throughout the years. He didn’t know he could do both until the incident that earned him his mark. From that point forward, he progressed down both paths at the same time, though he tended to keep them rather separate as he went, leading to the differing personalities. When he became a part of his band, the music side of his life really took off, taking him all around Equestria on shows. His life became a balancing act, and he went back to flip-flopping. Sometimes he was a guard with a side on singing, and sometimes he was a singer with a side of guarding. It mostly depended on how busy the band was, really. Personality: Aegis almost seems like he has more than one personality. When he’s on duty as a guard, he becomes very professional and vigilant. The model, stoic guard. When his shift is done though, he acts much friendlier, especially with mares. He becomes much more laid back and carefree. It’s hard to tell which one is the facade, if either one truly is. Summary: Vigilant guard by night, rocking singer by day.
  16. Well, I’ve got Sanda for this.
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    Just let it go
  18. Another student new to the school, and one new to Equestria as a whole really, was the longma filly standing in the front row of the crowd. Kireina had no real emotional stake in Twilight’s speech, only wondering who would be fit to take the place of a princess. The answer was apparently another princess, though of a different sort. This one was just a unicorn, though truthfully more beautiful than the last one. There was a certain natural beauty to alicorns, but this Bluebelle knew how to surpass it. All in all, she was only half listening to her speech, more focused on admiring the unicorn’s outfit and beauty and wondering how it would look on her. Once it was over though, after the other unicorn started the clapping, she joined in with her own dainty clapping until the Yak started jumping. “<Well, someone’s excited...>” She sighed in neighponese, wincing slightly at each ground shaking landing. The yak and that other strange creature both it seemed. Maybe it was best to avoid them, they seemed like a lot at the moment. (Here She is if you wanted the app: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/24390-kireina-hinode-ready/ )
  19. Name: Kireina Hinode Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Longma Eye Color: Her eyes are red in color Character Color: She is primarily a pale yellow in color, while the scales across her body and part of her wings are orange. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are rather long and wavy, leading to some curls on the ends. Both are basically an even split between the same orange as her scales and a pink color, alternating colors back and forth. They are both well-maintained, and styled after Prince Ishi's hair. (my Ishi, if there was confusion there) Physique: Her body is rather lithe, and somewhat taller than other fillies her age, contributing to a bit of an elegant air about her. Residence: Her actual home is currently in Kyoma, but she currently resides in Ponyville. Occupation: Student at the friendship school. Cutie Mark: She has yet to receive her mark. Unique Traits: While she has no real talent with using her magical breaths, only able to utilize basic techniques, she seems to make up for it with strong, elegant flight and natural beauty and grace. This lends to her interest in doing some modeling. She’s also partial to writing her own stories or poems from time to time. History: Born into a fairly well-to-do family in Kyoma, her childhood was a pleasant one. Her mother was a fashion designer, and often got her to model designs as she grew up, leading to her interest in modeling. As she kept going though, her parents began to see where she was headed in terms of personality and lack of friends, and decided to send her to the school of friendship they had heard of from clients. Personality: While not unfriendly, per-se, she is more interested in her grooming and writing than interacting with potential friends. She’s by no means shy though, and is more than happy to strut her stuff on the catwalk or read out her poetry for an audience. She can actually come off as arrogant or aloof sometimes. Summary: A young filly in love with modeling and the written word who could do with spending more time around her peers and less above them.
  20. Nensho hummed as he watched the other conversations around him. He gave a sigh of his own at Yanhua’s words, mulling them over for a bit before responding. “Perhaps, perhaps not. I’ve known her for a very long time, pretty much my whole life. I’m just worried what will happen to our relationship if she doesn’t feel the same way... You might be right though, she doesn’t have anyone else she’s pining for. Well, that I know of anyways.” He said, giving a slight chuckle and shrug. “And I guess you could say that, though she’s only here because of me. She needed a vacation, so I convinced her to take one. I take it you’re here because of him though. I feel you, you don’t want to bring it up either... Maybe we should both just buck up and do it...”
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    Lovely snek
  22. Name: Cynhra Sex: Female Age: Young Doe Species: Peryton Eye Color: Magenta Character Color: She is primarily a reddish-orange in color, though it fades into a golden color on her legs, muzzle, and the tips of her wings. Her horns are a golden color just like her brother. Mane/Tail: As a peryton, she doesn’t have a mane to speak of, but her tail is simply the tail one would expect, with the red-orange on top and the yellow on the bottom. Physique: She does not really have all that impressive of a physique, though it is lithe in a way that shows her enjoyment of dancing. She is about as tall as usual for one of her age. Residence: The Emerald Grove with her brother. Occupation: As the princess of the land, she is technically jobless, but she uses her time as a painter and dancer for the most part. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Abilities: On top of the magic typical of her race, she has found that she has the ability to conjure small amounts of illusory flames, though it only seems to happen while she’s dancing. History: Cynhra was actually born on the same day as her brother, separated by a matter of minutes. Still though, Oisin was born first and was therefore the heir. Being so close in age allowed her to attend the same lessons as her brother, however, and those teachings helped mold her into what she became. She took to dancing at a young age, more than happy to show off her graceful movements to anyone who would watch, including any guests that may visit her home. One thing she shared with her brother growing up was a love of fantasy, and so often joined him in his re-enactments. Being how she was, both a literal princess and one as full of grace as she, she often ended up playing the part of the princess. She even kissed him on the cheek sometimes when he ‘saved’ her, mostly to mess with him. When Oisin’s fangs emerged, she thought they looked nice, like they helped complete his look, and so she would help defend him against the teasing from the others. She could see what it was doing to him, and she understood this was not fun teasing for him. As she grew older, her grace and coordination only grew, allowing her to dance even more beautifully. She even took up painting, despite how messy it could be, and sometimes poetry. She simply found herself drawn towards artistic pursuits, even as Oisin was crowned the new king. Well, she would still be there by his side, she knew how much help he needed after all. Personality: Cynhra is an odd case, really. She is very friendly, but in a sort of arrogant way. In trying to compliment someone, she may qualify the statement by comparing it as lesser to what she or another peryton would be able to do. Still though, she tries, and she does enjoy making friends. She is very passionate about the arts, wether it be dancing, acting, or otherwise. While she partially performs in order to show off, she will also do private shows to help someone improve in their own efforts. After all, every step closer to her level was another step closer to perfection, it would be greedy to hog all the perfection for herself. Summary: An arrogantly friendly peryton princess, she does her best to continue using her gifts while supporting her twin brother as he runs the kingdom.
  23. I’ve got various royals to through in here. There’s Phobos: leader of his house in Kastrot, Ishi: brother of the shogun of Neighpon, Anu: former alpha of a pack of diamond dogs in Saddle Arabia, Revma: kelpie king, and Huo: not really a royal himself but he’s part of the cabinet of the Longs. I could also make new characters for positions in his family/cabinet/lover
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    *pushes his sharkpone king towards her*
  25. The next contestant to approach the shooting range shared some rather obvious similarities with the judge. The brown griffon was wearing his typical bandanna over his eye as he approached, though nothing else, in the spirit of the competition. Not that that seemed to be part of the rules for this particular part, but oh well. Tehengu gave a nod to the griffon judge before picking up the slingshot provided to him. It wasn’t the same as firing a bow, but he figured it was close enough that he could adjust quickly. He examined his weapon and ammo for and issues they may have and eventually settled on using the marbles. A good, balanced shot with a consistent shape. The first few shots were at easier targets to get a good feel of the weapon, the marbles sailing towards various cutouts as he watched where they impacted to better refine his aim. Not bad so far, seemed he still had it. Marksmanship skills were the one thing he didn’t doubt he could still do nowadays it seemed... Shots four through six saw him aiming at the next tier of targets, moving up slowly but surely. He took careful aim of each shot he took, methodically dialing in his aim even more. If there was one thing he needed for what he did, it was the patience to aim properly and wait for the right opportunity to fire. That patience would come in handy for the next three shots, as he moved on to the more distant targets. These were a bit harder to hit, but he could get enough force into the shots to get them down there with a bit more room for more power. Hopefully it would be enough for what he planned to do last. His final shot would be directed at the cupcake, and he took the most time out of any of the shots to line up his aim and put all the power behind it as he could. He even checked the wind conditions and adjusted accordingly. Then, finally, the griffon let the marble fly, watching it sail towards its target. Numbers: 10, 25, 7, 42, 35, 60, 69, 84, 90, 50
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