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  1. Terry stepped into her office, looking around the room briefly before Golden produced the paperwork and started filling in her stuff. He nodded along as she began explaining some guidelines as well as fees and possible profits. He looked it over himself once she was done filling it out, just to make sure he heard everything right and help him retain the information. He didn’t expect her to try and sneak anything into the contract, but who knows if some lawyer snuck it in without her noticing, so he was also on the lookout for any of that. Thankfully, everything seemed to be fine, so he smiled at her and signed the paper before giving it back to her. “Well, I guess that takes care of that for now. Is there anything you need help with? My day’s pretty free, so I may as well spend it helping others.” Especially those he liked, but he decided to leave that little tidbit out. “Also, I’d love to have you over at the inn sometime. You can be the guest for a change, take a load off.” He added, smiling at her warmly.
  2. “And that’s the kind of thing that makes you so great.” He chuckled, smiling over at her. He listened as she started laying out the options for his act, thinking about it before he responded. The bigger theater meant a larger possible crowd, but it also meant he’d get less of the proceeds. Not too much of a problem, really, he was still getting most of it, and the money wasn’t why he did this stuff anyways. “Yeah, that all sounds good, I’ll take the Grand slot, I think. Lead the way, Golden, I’m right behind you.” Terry nodded, motioning for her to go ahead.
  3. Terry had thought this new guy was just another musician. A good one, granted, but nothing aside from talent to make him stand out. That was, of course, until the last song started and the toys and such started moving around. After the song finished, he stood as well to give Sky a standing ovation. Terry smiled as he watched the pegasus sit down with Wind Dancer, it was always nice to see creatures in love like that. He hoped he could find himself something like that someday... The arrival of another pony shook him out of his thoughts, and he looked over to see none other than Golden Bit herself. He liked her, she was kind and generous, and always seemed to look good on top of it. He smiled a bit as his mind almost started wandering again towards daydreams of them together, but he was quickly brought back as she began speaking to him. “Hi, Golden. Yeah, that was quite the show alright. I mostly thought he’d be just another face in the crowd of musical talent, but he has the skill to make a name for himself. Especially if he can pull off more stuff like that last song, that’ll definitely be leaving an impression on the crowd.” He nodded, looking over to watch Sky briefly. “Seems like Wind found quite the stallion there.”
  4. Terry smiled as she returned the compliment, nodding along as she responded to how her day had been so far. Sometimes he felt like he wanted to know what that was like, worrying about paying out that many bits and still be in the black, but then again he was enjoying living the simpler life of a smaller business. Probably helped that he was only partially in charge of it, he had Leche to help out. It was her place originally anyways. “Yeah, winnings like that are likely to make them overconfident or overprotective, either they’ll keep going and lose most of it, if not all, or they’ll just stop altogether. That’s a little hard to do around here though, especially for those that come to experience that stuff.” He shrugged slightly, pretty happy to play for little to no stakes. It let him practice his skills without feeling like he was actually cheating anyone out of anything. It’s not like he won all the time when he did that, that would take all the fun out of it for everyone involved. “Yep, making the rounds, seeing what I can find. You’re my first stop, and the best one if past experience is anything to go by.” He chuckled, giving her a smile before continuing. “Fridays seem good, maybe Saturday. Catch that fresh off the work week crowd. My schedule is pretty open right now, so what kinda stuff you got on those days of the week?” He asked, trying to narrow it down some for her.
  5. Name: Shocking Sonnet, usually just goes by Spike. Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Red-orange Character Color: A darker green, with some freckles on the face. Mane/Tail: His mane is fairly spiky, and falls towards his right side such that it mostly covers the eye and reaches down to his cheeks. In the back it reaches down to his back. His tail is also spiky, reaching down to near the ground. It starts going up, but quickly curves downward. Both are three different colors divided into sections, with an orange-yellow color being the center part of both. The next level on both sides is a dark blue, and then finally a light sky blue. Physique: He likes to keep in shape, but he’s not training for any athletic ventures, so it just skinny and keeping it that way. He’s taller than average for stallions. In his left ear he has two ring piercings, with both rings being gold. Residence: Las Pegasus home he shares with his husband, a writer named Shoddy Lore. Occupation: Musician Cutie Mark: A stylized skull that shares the same dark blue as his mane with eyes the same color as his own. He always saw it as a sign that he had picked the right genre of music to focus on, that rock and punk music was right for him. He got his mark during a school talent show, where he rocked the socks off his class and the rest of the audience. He had started somewhat hesitantly, but as he played he got more and more into the music and played with more enthusiasm and energy, his magic playing multiple instruments without him really thinking about it. After the song, he was met with stunned silence, and he was initially worried he had blown it, but they soon exploded into applause. His confidence surged as his mark appeared, cementing in his mind that this was the life for him. Unique Traits: Magic; Even though he doesn’t have a job that requires great magical skill, he’s no slouch when it comes to spell casting. He has a particular talent for electrical magic, but he dabbled in all sorts of fields so he knows all sorts of different spells, such as one that switches a creature’s gender. In fact, he sometimes uses it to get female vocals from himself or Shoddy. Instruments; He can play various musical instruments, such as drums, piano, and bass guitar, though he prefers his guitar and singing. He could technically be a one-pony band, but he tends to leave the drums for his husband to play. History: Personality: He can be somewhat cocky and arrogant, especially with those he’s never met before, but it tends to tone down around folks he knows. He’s still very confident in himself, of course, but it becomes clear he really cares about his friends and family. He is very loyal to those he cares about, and he’d never cheat on Shoddy or hurt his friends knowingly. Summary: Initially an arrogant rockstar, he’s actually a real friendly guy once you get past all that outer stuff.
  6. Terry sighed to himself as he walked down the road, rolling his shoulders a bit. Honestly, he was trying to figure out what to do with himself right now. Maybe he should hit the gym... He still had to set up some gigs for some point, and that would likely be better before the gym so he didn’t have to get cleaned up again beforehand. The earth pony slowed to a stop in front of one of the casinos, looking over at it. This was always a good place to put on a show, and Golden Bit was always a pleasure to work with/for. Fair division of profits, he always thought. Nodding to himself, he made his way inside, smiling as he looked over the patrons he could see. He usually wasn’t one for staying in a place like this, as evidenced by him living in his inn, but he understood some ponies liked it. Besides, as long as they weren’t hurting anyone, he figured they could do whatever made them happy. He could agree playing in a casino could be fun though, mostly the ones that needed some form of skill like the card tables. In any case, he soon enough caught sight of Golden herself near the entrance and gave her a wave before heading over himself. He ran a hoof through his mane along the way, taking her in once again. As always, she was a good-looking mare filled with a great personality, both things he could appreciate in any creature. “Nice day, huh? Are you enjoying it so far?” He asked as he walked up to her, giving her a friendly smile. “You look great today, by the way.”
  7. Probably just going to go with Terry looking for a gig for now. I could always bring someone else in later.
  8. Trying to figure out who I want to bring. There’s Terry, he’s been around for a bit. He’s also got his own little inn, but he could just be making the rounds to find some gigs... Then there’s other performers like Burning Aegis, but he’s a night guard in Canterlot, Yiska Noctis, but I’m not sure how she’d deal with the noise of Las Pegasus since she navigates primarily through echolocation type stuff. Honestly it’d probably be either Terry or the new musician I’m making, at least on the performer side. Not sure if I have anybody that would want a job at a casino otherwise, maybe Flux, she likes making friends and she’d definitely see a lot of different creatures come through...
  9. “Well, that’s what the security is for, to hopefully spot that sort of thing before it happens and stop it. There is nothing wrong with remaining wary, especially after an incident like last time, but don’t push yourself too hard. You’ll be no use to anyone in a crisis if you’re too exhausted or strung out to help.” Tehengu sighed, looking towards the list to see who they were fighting. An Atlas team? Interesting. He couldn’t say anything about them without knowing how they fought though, so he would just have to wait and see.
  10. Terry closed his eyes for the latest number, just letting it wash over him as he listened. He’d have to introduce himself afterwards, get to know this stallion a bit better and perhaps help get him more gigs. His little inn wasn’t really a big venue, but maybe he could try having some live music in it sometime. Something to run by Leche, he supposed, see what she thought of the idea. For now though, the song was ending, so he applauded as his eyes opened up again and a smile spread across his face. When the call for requests went out, he had to think about if there were any songs he wanted to hear, and in the meantime another pony spoke up. The owner, Golden Bit, requested her song after a bit of lead-up, so Terry decided to keep quiet for now and see if anything came to mind before next time.
  11. Tiger smiled at Blue’s response, already looking forward to the sparring matches he could have. Before he got too far though, Star grabbed his attention again with more talk of the job itself, explaining the uniform situation. Unfortunate that he couldn’t wear his typical outfit, it was a comfy one and it left him with good freedom of movement. Not too big a deal though, he could make it work. “Right, sounds good. I came from Hesperia, I can handle a little heat. And I’m not going to be shying away from any threats.” He nodded, giving a confident smile to the mare before turning back towards Blueblood. “And I could help you learn how to fight back. Learn how to fight for your life, at least.”
  12. Terry couldn’t really raise a hoof to the question Sky posed. Sure, he was born and raised elsewhere, but he’d been here long enough to call this place home. Regardless, there seemed to be enough hooves in the air for the transition to the next song, so that was good. He hadn’t been to the city of Polohama himself either, it might make for a good vacation destination someday.
  13. Terry had been around for a while, so he knew most of the shows that tended to go down in the town, but this stallion was new. Some fresh faces on the scene could be good, so he decided to come check it out, get a lay of the talent and support a new performer. That’s how he found himself sitting at a table listening to the songs coming from the musician, and partly from a mare in the crowd that looked like it could be Wind Dancer. Regardless, Sky Sailing was doing good so far, so Terry added his own applause when the time came, eager for more. Maybe he could help the musician land some more stages around here.
  14. My newer characters could use some bonds, so here we go. Terry could have friends or acquaintances among pretty much any performers that frequent Los Pegasus, seeing as that’s where he is most of the time and he is a performer himself. Other ideas could be regulars at the inn, maybe fans or love interests of some sort. Dox has lots of possibilities. Students, agents, enemies, fellow members of the Seven Shadows group that Ciraxis’ Hou Shuren is part of, etc. If there’s any other ideas, feel free to put them out there!
  15. Name: Starry “Terry” Carnival Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: A pale green Character Color: Mostly a dark reddish-brown, with light brown parts at the ends of his legs and along the top of his face. Mane/Tail: His mane is a mowhawk that’s mostly swept towards the back. There’s also a long braid coming off the left side that goes down past his chest. His tail is simply balled up and kept close to his body. Both are a sort of rainbow of pastel colors, though it’s really just light blue, pink, and a pale yellow repeating. Physique: He is a well-built stallion, with the kind of body you get from just regular exercise to keep in shape, though it’s a bit further as he likes to build his speed and strength through the kind of training boxers do. He is of average height. Residence: Milky Way Inn in Las Pegasus Occupation: Stage magician and co-owner of the Milky Way Inn. Cutie Mark: A wand with a trail coming off of it in a spiral. To him it’s all about his skill at performing magic tricks and making ponies happy. He earned it on his first performance. It was a smallish crowd, at a school talent show, but as soon as he got up on that stage he knew it was wanted to do. That desire was only cemented as he pulled off a card trick and the crowd applauded, wondering how an earth pony like him was doing it. As he was taking a bow at the end, happy he could put on an enjoyable show, the mark appeared and made him even happier. Unique Traits: Sleight of Hoof; In his training to do magic tricks without actual magic, he got really good at misdirection to hide quick hoof-movements to get everything in place for his tricks. Outfit; He tends to wear a simple white button-up type shirt with a pale gold vest and matching bow-tie. Pet Rabbit; He doesn’t use animals in his act all that much, but when he does it is usually his pet rabbit Sandy. She is a black rabbit. Boxing Training; Terry doesn’t like to fight, but he recognizes it is sometimes necessary, so he trained to fight using nothing but his body, and sometimes what he can find nearby, depending. History: Starry Carnival was born to a couple of earth ponies in the circus, though he doesn’t really remember them at all. They gave him up to another couple once they realized they couldn’t raise him in the circus. He had a happy childhood with his new family though, and learned more and more about stage magic from his adoptive father, inciting an interest from an early age. He learned that he liked to be the center of attention on stage and in crowds, but also liked to live the quiet life of not having that many others around. Eventually he found his happy medium when he met the cow Leche on the streets of Las Pegasus. He saved her inn financially in exchange for co-ownership, and has helped run the place ever since. A place for those that don’t want to stay in the big resorts or those that can’t. Personality: Terry is a friendly pony, he just wants to live a happy, peaceful life of running the inn, performing shows, and playing cards. He can sometimes be a bit flirty with either gender, but generally he’s just nice and welcoming. He’s not likely to turn anyone away unless they’re looking to cause trouble, and he’s more likely to seek out a peaceful solution before trying anything more physical. Summary: A friendly-enough guy, even if he does cheat at cards sometimes, and one that’ll gladly welcome you to his inn as long as things stay peaceful.
  16. Tiger nodded as Blueblood spoke, shaking the offered hoof. He followed along as they made their way out the back, giving an impressed whistle as the large cat creature came into view. Quite the sight, seeing it toss that pony around like that. Even more so when it spoke in the Equestrian tongue. He nodded a greeting at Niil as they were introduced, looking the sphinx over some more. Before he could say anything, another pony showed up, another pegasus mare at that. Possibly the start of a pattern? Oh well, no matter. “Name’s Tiger Blood, nice to meet you both. Looks like I won’t be left wanting for good sparring partners around here, that’s for sure.” He smiled, nodding his greeting to Star Crusader next. Looked like a good place to hang, with these two and a half mares and this large creature. Seemed like fun times overall.
  17. We could always do stuff with Hou and Dox now. Or Magnus. Or maybe Homura could meet her prince somewhere. Ishi’s a nice guy. As for sparring, I’ve got a few characters comfortable and familiar with fighting without weapons, like my hippogriff Vera.
  18. Seabreezer chuckled as they came upon the bar serving meat, smirking a bit as Draco seemed to find a kindred spirit in his love of meat. She had no problem with others eating meat, as long as it wasn't her meat. To be honest, she could enjoy herself a bit of meat every now and then, but being a hybrid of a zebra and pony didn't make meat all that appealing as a meal. At any rate, she simply followed the two into the pub, looking around the joint. Even if she didn't want the meat, there was still plenty of booze she could drink with the two.
  19. Looks great! My first thought was it was a FE: Three Houses uniform.
  20. Tiger shrugged as the song ended, hopping off the statue and heading over to the punch line. Couldn’t really help up in the clouds, so he’d have to stick near the ground. What exactly did that leave though? And what should he be doing? Maybe he should help at the farms, he was sure they could use some strong hooves up there. “That punch looks good, and I’m sure it tastes it too.” He smiled as he got to the front, looking the mare over a bit before continuing. “Any idea where I should go help out? Never done this here before.”
  21. Kireina glanced up at her fellow foreign student questioningly, raising an eyebrow as the other filly eyed her up a bit. “<Do you need something?>” She asked in their native tongue, looking the other filly over in return. They had only really met briefly so far, and it hadn’t been the best of first meetings, but she had hoped to find someone she could relate to in Homura. Not that she was likely to admit it, but she was rather homesick at times, and Homura represented a link back home. She could appreciate Homura’s artistic choice of how to spend the train ride so far at least. It seemed they didn’t have any time left in the ride though, as they pulled into the station and the professors, and other chaperones, started to herd them off. Tucking her book under a wing for now, Kireina grabbed her luggage and followed the others out onto the platform, looking around at the sights she could see from here. She didn’t really have friends to stick by for this trip, so she was kinda just by herself near the professors.
  22. “I’m not sure... we have no reason to think anyone here is part of the enemy, but there is likely more hidden security around just in case. Not to mention all the hunters here for the tournament, so if anything did happen, I think we could deal with it. They didn’t seem stupid enough to make a move here though.” Tehengu responded to Andrea’s question as he also continued scanning the area. “If they planned on attacking again, they would be smart to wait for after the other hunters went home.”
  23. Tiger sighed internally, cracking his neck a bit as he listened to the two talk. When they were both done, he rolled his shoulders before speaking again. “Of course I can handle it, and it’ll only get easier. I can handle anything you can throw at me. When do we start?” He said, looking at the two confidently.
  24. Well, look who was calling who dumb. He had answered that question twice already. Still, the other two seemed fair enough. He waited for both to finish speaking before responding. “As I’ve said twice now, the Prince offered me a job, and I am here to accept the position. My name is Tiger Blood, I’m originally from a Hesperian town. If you want to know more recently, I have been living in Beakbreak. Nice to meet you, Dunnie.” He responded to Dunnie, looking over at her as he spoke. Next he looked at Blueblood to respond to his words. “I’m sure I can handle it, especially after some practice.”
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