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  1. Got a little (by little I mean long) Dr. Whoof story. This is the first chapter, sets everything up. http://jcfreak16.dev...nings-268287560
  2. This episode will obviously be solved by Rarity's invention of Twitter.
  3. I'm calling him Magnum Pigskin from now on. I reckon it's redneck enough.
  4. Eeeyup, the EqD blog post on it just disappeared after I posted it elsewhere. I'm just glad I managed to grab the MP3 file, because I have a feeling it's going to be gone soon.
  5. How do they even pick up a salt shaker? It's not like hooves can technically grip things but it happens all the time. Honestly, if we're going to ask how Pinkie can grab a pinch of salt let's ask how she sticks to the ceiling in the very same song.
  6. So, just finished the episode. Aaaand for once my mind isn't blown by sheer awesome. Don't get me wrong, the episode was good and I enjoyed it. Just wasn't anything new or anything particularly original. The story's a fairly commonplace trope for Saturday morning cartoons. Oh yeah, and the no song thing is ticking me off... That said, I absolutely loved Rarity's parents and can't wait to see some fanart of them. It was also nice to see Applejack in the episode, though I didn't really get my predicted AJ and AB vs. Rarity and Sweetie Belle. That's cool, it was still nice to see all their interactions.
  7. Not only did we invade, we hit the front page. It's so weird to see them talk about debt crisis, trouble in Greece and oh hey, dudes like ponies now. It's a pretty good article, manages to stay neutral on the 'brony' issue but this is probably some of the most positive press we've gotten lately. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/11/wallstreet-journal-article-newspaper.html I can just imagine all those old cronies at Wall Street reading this and thinking, "What sort of poppycock is this animated show?" before adjusting their monocles and fleeing to invest stock in whoever owns the Hub. They... they do all wear monocles right? (Sorry if this topic was already made. Didn't see one, so I figured it would be okay to make it)
  8. Strangely enough I like Golden Harvest the most and despise the Heartstrings name. Heartstrings is what I picture being thrown around in a romantic comedy, not the name of a pony. :\ Golden Harvest is just a nice simple name that fits well enough. I'll still call her Carrot Top all the same though, if only because it's ingrained into my mind so much.
  9. I'm just hoping to see some Rarity and Sweetie Belle vs. Applejack and Applebloom. Oh yeah, and a song.
  10. Looks like Pinkie Pie's gala dress except with bows. Bows everywhere. I just wonder how Rarity dyed Luna pink...
  11. I had a pony-related dream the other night. I was browsing 4chan, wishing they hadn't banned ponies. Lo and behold Moot ended up making a whole section just for pony talk, /bro/. I was admittedly disappointed to wake up in the morning and see that my dream didn't actually happen...
  12. One should remember that this is a book first of all; a picture book of an old Equestrian legend. There's not going to be any amazing secrets to discover in highly stylized art. I mean, if we're going to argue for pink hair we should argue for noodle legs as well. And if we would argue for Celestia having pink hair in the past, why should we want it back? If her magical powers/elements of harmony dyed her hair rainbow colors, why should it change back? Don't girls change their hair styles all the time? And come on, who would honestly want to get rid of Celestia's floaty rainbow hair. That's like a staple because it's so weird compared to everyone else's hair.
  13. Pegasus who steals the show? It's totally Surprise. Calling it.
  14. I'd love to see an episode on responsibility and it fits the pet theme going on. I'm gonna throw my money on that being the lesson.
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