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  1. " I will be behind you protecting the ponies but if you need back up just call out" luna said with a positive attitude
  2. Luna continues talk still thinking no one is around and trying ot stay normal as possible hoping no one would see her unleashing her evil
  3. " what do you want me to do fight or protect the ponies? "she said while spreading out her huge wings little did any pony know she was one of the fastest ponies ever (( if thats ok with you if not I will just be a normal flying pony)) she put on a brave face even though she was breaking inside from fear and knowledge from what happened to her last town and friends.......
  4. Luna called back " OK BRING ME A CUPCAKE" when everyone was gone she ZOOMED off the the evil and was talking making a plan Luna thought no one was watching so she continued
  5. Luna is happy but she runs to her home top speed and starts building again
  6. " yeah good team work " she says sortta out of breath and she holds out her hoof waiting for a hoof five
  7. as Luna ( not related to the one trapped in the moon ) hears whats going on she rushes out to see the mahem she quickly runs into her house puts on her flying suit and flew and hovered over the top but sortta next to her and says " I'll help I have had sortta same experience. I am willing to either fight or protect ponies' homes what ever you want me to do I am here." luna said bravely and looked down at DR.
  8. as the team reached the cloud wall building each pony grabbed a cloud and ran back and fourth placing the clouds in a wall shape. after that they rand but clouds wing gave out and Luna and Dark saw what happened and quickly raced back grabbed cloud and race to the finish line. their whole team won and the student cheered after seeing how well their team work was.
  9. " ok you can help have you had any experiance? If you do then welcome aboard and even if you don't I will need to go over the basics with you." Luna asked while standing strong and proud (( yeah I got it and the reason we don't have a door is because the group is just building it and btw in this RP I am not a princess I am somepony with the same name xD but its ook ))
  10. luna streches her wings and gets ready to start....... get ready...... get set......GO!!!! ( Dark is it ok if you choose how the race goes? )
  11. ( we aren't in the castle AND we don't even have a door yet )
  12. in the morning all the ponies where ready for duty as DR checked the listed she noticed one pony was missing.....it was luna. no one had seen her since last night they assumed she was sick or something so the teachers did as they did. at the end of the day everyone got their flying suits and took a quick race and when the students where lining up for a race Luna joined them so it was 4 fast ponies and the kids they had to race through the mountains, blow 10 clouds behind them like a cloud wall then after that they had to do 2 flips back or forward and after that they had to race to the finish line in a team of 3 4's 2 groups of 4 students and the teacher group of 4 and a group of 2.
  13. as they were building the castle night started to fall so the four went off and got ready to go to sleep in the rooms they made first. During the night something woke her up, she wanted to be quiet so she didn't wake the others so she slowley flew out of where they were and saw that the evil was rolling over hill further away. she new that she would have to train her students faster then she thought and hoped for. after that she went back to sleep till morning.
  14. every pony started rushing out of their homes and shops when they heard the comotion there was new ponies in town, they were not like any other ponies they were some of the fastes ponies ever. as the four ponies were flying at top speed across ponyville. as they did a quadruple backflip and landed in style with Luna at the front dark rainbow next to her and to the other side of Luna was Cloud and Crescent the to brothers of Luna. Even though the were older then Luna, Luna was the fastest out of her family. With her Mum and Dad dead its was only the 3. As the landed all eyes were on them and then Luna made a speach. "Ponies of Ponyville, There is an evil coming to strike here and us 4 are here to train you pegasus to help fight against it." "we will need the fastest, corodinated ponies here to gather supplies such as food secure shelter and water to last a week, since this evil will stay here and fight for atleast a week, THATS how strong it is." shouted Cloud and Crescant at the same time. as the crowed whispers about 5-10 pegasuses stand forward brave and strong ready for training " good we will start tomorrow " announced DR and then the 4 ponies zoomed through the sky and landed in a cloud and created a dark cloud castle for them to stay in.
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