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  1. Pony art

    Just doodles of ponies I'v drawn :)
  2. Guess the pone

    Thank you, it was a angle experiment and it ended up pretty well It IS askew, I shall try to line it up better.
  3. havoxious_by_rodrigues404-dbonkob.png

    You have to credit the person that did the commission for you
  4. Guess the pone

  5. Missed my Canterversery BUT It's still here.

  6. Canterversery coming up soon! Woot!

  7. Goes to check character log,Photobucket broke all my banners :C

    1. Bellosh


      Photobucket no longer provides third party hosting for free. Maybe move your banners and stuff over to Imgur? 

    2. QuickLime


      I might have to since Photobucket decided to be Photosuckit

    3. ZephyrBurst


      They gave me that notice today even though I haven't used their service is a really long time.

  8. QuickLime's Quick Doodles {Open}

  9. QuickLime's Quick Doodles {Open}

    That would be great I can't quite make out how to do her hair from the current Angle
  10. QuickLime's Quick Doodles {Open}

    Got one of her facing forward instead? So I can get a good angle of her head?
  11. QuickLime's Quick Doodles {Open}

    If you could post the image here so I have easy access to it I'd prefer it.
  12. QuickLime's Quick Doodles {Open}

    I need to get into practice drawing ponies, and just got my tablet pen back! As of such I am going to be opening a few slots for free sketches Rules: You must be an ACTIVE member of the community, I'm not going to draw something for someone literally just here to get art You MUST have a reference image, no reference, no picture. You must be patient, these will be quick, but not instantanious You can only request one, then if you want an additional you need to wait for others to go before you. No complaining about them not being in color, I might surprise people who's pictures come out really nice, with color but that's it Slots: 1:Darkness 2:Dubstep 3: 4:
  13. Looking for someone to draw my Harvest Moon

    It's quite a bit later, butttt I love it!
  14. Looking for an animator to help with Youtube Intro

    That sounds like a LOT to ask for a free animator...