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  1. It was no easy task for Pink Lady to get here from Solstice Heights to aid her family for Cider Season, and in fact she seemed to be 3 days behind schedule! But that couldn't be helped, not only was it a long way, but some Yaks had camped out on the railroad tracks and had refused to move till the next morning! Pink Lady sighed, as she took in the familiar sights of her old town, and home, and trotted even faster once the sight of the barn and orchards came into view! There seemed to be quite the gaggle of ponies..and other creatures...all awake and looking tired... Lady had accounted for this, having brought a batch of her delicious preserved jam, some fresh bagels.. and in specially designed thermal bags, the sweet, and strong smell of Solstice Heights coffee. "Good Morning everypony! I'm here to help! Sorry I just now got here, some Yaks slept on the tracks yesterday and simply would NOT be moved" Ofcourse the sight of the press made her move a hoof to her mouth. "Oh my GOODNESS what HAPPENED?"
  2. I can't believe it's the Lord's year of 2020 and Dreamy is still friggen asking for art of a potato and an apple arguing.

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      Consistency is key.

  3. Pink Lady's Everfree Adventure Sign up thread is now open!~

  4. One final bit of note: This will be a multi-thread series! We're going to start with Pink Lady recruiting creatures in Ponyville as it's own thread, and the Adventure to Everfree will be it's own, separate thread! If at any point you want to drop from the thread, please let me know
  5. If you're interested please post Link to the Character(s) you are wanting to play Brief explanation as to what they'd contribute. If you'd like to establish a small bit of background with Pink Lady I'll give you a if you're in, and then the plotting can start!
  6. Hello Everyone! Quicklime here with a new and fun idea for an open thread! I really want to make the best of this rp thread, and to see if I've still got it to play the lovely lady here~ And what better way to do that than with a semi-open, fun adventure thread?! First things first, I shall start with: The Plot The time has come once again, for Pink Lady to make the long trek back home, so she can enter the Everfee Forest in order to get the special ingredient to her secret recipe for Apple Jubilee, a very special berry called the "WinterGreen' berry, that seems to trap the winter's coolness in every soft, blue, glowing orb of fruit! It adds a pop of coolness to a dish that's set on fire, and it's ABSOLUTELY essential. Pink Lady however does NOT wish to take this rather dangerous trek alone, and is currently recruiting ponies to aid her, she needs a small, but vigilant group of adventurers, to protect her and each other as she goes on this quest for these mysterious berries, that only grow in the very heart of the Everfree! The reward is both Bits, and the first slices of her excellent Apple Jubilee, are you up for the adventure!? Rules for the Thread: Now I'm an old foagy when it comes to Rping, so there's going to be a few rules for the thread, specifically for my own comfort and enjoyment, if these are not for you then I understand, and thank you very much for your time 1: WOE Only This means no Alicorns (save for Canons), no non site approved species, no over powered ponies/other creatures, I'd like this to have the same flavor and feel to the show, with a slight edge to it if possible, and with the structure to back it up. 2: Limit of 2 characters PER user Please limit yourself to playing 2 characters, ain't nobody got time to read a wall of text because you wanted to play every character in your roster 3: Don't derail the plot If you have an idea for the plot that can enhance it, post here, and see if others are interested/if I'm up for it, if so I'll pm you and we can hammer out the details! I want this to be fun, not ridged and strict, but I also don't want the party finding a creepy murder house in the middle of the Everfree where they get transported to another dimension ya feel me? 4: Don't threadHog To clarify, please don't just post in rapid succession to reply to a post aimed at you, there will be a cool down of "Post after everyone has had a turn" If the other people in the thread haven't had a chance to reply yet, then wait. The EXCEPTION is if we've been told by the poster that something's come up and that they'll be "ghosting" in this thread till they can resume posting, then it's okay to skip them 5: Be considerate of others in posts. If someone is engaged in a conversation with your character and you want to move on to the next scene/bit of action... properly end the conversation, don't just ignore them and move on to the next point of interest, that's rude and makes people feel ignored, if people are feeling ignored, let me know and I'll try to include them more~ That's all the rules! I'm going to cap this at like what 5 people joining? I doubt I'll get that many people interested but LET'S GO ADVENTURE THE EVER-FREE FOREST! Team spots Open:1 Team : Gold Digger/Angel Loose Cannon Reckless Hawthorn
  7. In the next few days I'm going to be making 2 threads, an Open thread and a Interest/invite only thread.

    The open thread will be Pink Lady gathering a team to escort her into the everfree to get rare ingredients for her baked Brie, and the Invite only will be a  Friendship school thread 

    Let me know if you're interested in either :)

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      Oh boy, Everfree.

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      I'm interested in any thread with Martini :)

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      Martini will be in the school thread :D

  8. "Yeh, I think I'm gonna like it here ma'am.."He said and grinned, glad she'd liked her gift, glad he liked his, glad earlier strife was now being ignored.. He slipped the star shaped pendant on and fluffed up a bit proudly... "..It was really nice meeting y' ma'am..heh you go on and meet your other guests eh?~" With that Martini bid her a good day, and went about his business devouring the snack table, heh, maybe the pony school won't be so bad after all. (Exit Martini, Happy Holidays erryone!)
  9. Martini held the delicate, star shaped item in his claws, and tilted his head as he opened it, inside it reflected a lovely image of the tropics, warm breeze, swaying trees, he could even smell the air.. "...Woah...heh thank you Miss Twilight, that's a great gift..'He murmured, eyes even getting a little teary at how thoughtful the gift was, he was going to be attending the school here, which meant he'd be away from home for a while..so it was nice to know he'd have a piece of it with him. 'I ain't the huggin type so" He flapped his wings in her direction. "Air hug" He explained, offering her a soft smile, and a chuckle.. ".....Ah sorry in advanced fer probably eatin all yer muffins...n'such..? I eat when it's awkward.."
  10. Martini just sorta nodded to the other creature's words of encouragement, building off his own, and pat Princess BlueBelle again, before going over to get his present, seems he was exchanging gifts with the princess herself... carrying it carefully in his beak over to her, and offered a half smile, bowing, before sitting the present down in front of her, it wasn't anything TOO special, just a little gift of the tropics, wanting to bring a little sunshine in the cold, cold winter weather. Inside the gift was a rather elaborate pastry, layered with fresh tropical fruit, cream, and fresh, flaky puffed pastry, it seems Martini had no idea what other creatures would like, and decided to get them instead some amazing food instead. "..Happy Hearths Warming m'jsty, heh, hope you like it, it's an old family recipe, picked the fruit for it m'self" A roll of the griffin's shoulders, he seemed somewhat proud of it... Food was seldom the wrong color, the wrong shape, or the wrong size, so it really did seem like the safest option, and food was often a great way to give other creatures a small piece of YOUR home to enjoy.
  11. Why not do so in a blog post?
  12. "....." Martini waited a little bit for the yelling and the dramatics to cease, a candy cane in his beak as he watched Trixie Martyr herself after being torn into for relishing in Bluebell's discomfort and mistake...what a buncha horse apples. As the awkwardness filled the air, the sounds of creatures yelling, Bluebelle crying, and the annoying holiday music all droining on...it was a wonder anypony celebrated this holiday... it was absolute poppycock. After a moment, Martini crunched on the last of the candycane, before fluffing up. "...Sooooo when do the Wendigos show up?" After all there was so much disharmony and rage on what was supposed to be a simple student gift exchange that Martini didn't put it past today for that to happen... "If that happens d's at mean I get excused from class?" Walking over to the crying Princess, he moved a clawed hand out and...gently scritched her behind the ears, making a tiny chirring sound, obviously an attempt to comfort... "Sometimes y' slip down the ladder, and sometimes you fall off, it happens..what matters is that you don't ever give up trying t' climb it okay? One wrung at a time" With that he removed his hand, and yawned... "...That was a mess eh?~"
  13. Well this turned ugly very, very quickly, Teacher went from a calm and calculated adult, to a tantrum throwing child, and it was not encouraging Martini at all to socialize.. he was about to open his beak to their comment about good food being enjoyed with peers annnnnd wing based temper tantrum... Martini just used his tail to coil it around another muffin, and handed it to himself, slooowly pushing the muffin in his mouth to render his need for discussion any further moot, after all it was rude to talk with your mouth full! Maybe if he backed towards the door slowly...and then ran off.... He'd never have to share eye contact with these ponies ever again because tonight was awkward. Now Trixie was lecturing the teacher on her behavior? While showing rather bad behavior herself??? This was a hot mess, where was the hostess to mediate such knock down, drag out verbal brawls? Maybe he should.. Annd Trixie was now focused on him, the scowl on her face turning into a smile, huh that was a heel turn if he'd ever seen one...but she was a teacher here so best to not be too rude.. "..Thanks..-" Annnd now her gleeful gloating at Bluebelle for being surprised and upset, had turned into disappointment and sadness? What was this pony? This was an emotional roller coaster that Martini was too short to ride, he'd like off please! "..Kay...." And he let himself be nudged over to the other table, well at least there was more food. Using a wing, he reached out and scooped up one of the table's more savory options and just.. stuffed it in his face, awkwardly standing by Trixie, he's sure if he gave her a moment she'd do the talking for him.
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