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  1. Cashmere has never been more attracted to a man before in his life lmao
  2. Still making Rp Banners :3

  3. Ello everyone~ Quicklime is back and making RP banners again! I'm sure if you've rped with Steel and a few others you'll see the banner above their post to indicate what character they are playing~ That was made by me, and I'v got a new art program and a day off, so I'm willing to make a few lucky people some rp banners! I've got a few rules though~ 1: Please have a vector of your pony, and if not a vector please make sure the background of your character is transparant 2: Provide me with the image, if it's your oc please OWN the image, or have it been gift art/commission, I'm not taking a random character design you found online and called it your character as acceptable. 3: Be patient, if you nag or prod me (OR are rude about this, this is a free service I'm doing for the community) I will drop you like a bad habit. 4: Please be clear with what you want, you get only 2 revisions and that's it! Okay ONTO THE FORM! Current open slots: 2 (To start) Pony name: Colors you want for background: Special effects: Y/N Font Style: *example "I want it cursive/fancy/bold Image you are providing Image of cutie mark if you want it added. Alright now let me post a sample of my work and we'll be off~!
  4. Tomorrow Safeway gets a 2 weeks notice

    1. DreamySunday


      Yeah! Moving on up in the world!

    2. QuickLime


      @DreamySunday It's just time, it's been almost 4 years

    3. DreamySunday


      God I get that, I'm looking at 3 and half years at a grocery store too. XS I know your pain!

  5. Actually I'm pretty sure adults are the source of the problem
  6. Wanted a username that sounded like a cute ponyname but was actually not so cute.
  7. Going through old Canterlot posts, feeling nostalgic a bit for the good ol days.

  8. Thanks Potato Arguing with an Apple Sunday!
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