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  1. No idea how to jump back into the rp game though  ._.;

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. KaityKat


      Honestly, I had the same problem and I let it stop me from doing anything for a minute.

      I say just make a new thread (sign up thread where you ask for people to join you and you can include that you may be a little rusty if it helps you feel better) and start rping with someone. You'll get back into the swing in no time. ;) 

    3. KaityKat


      If you make a thread and tag me, I'll be happy to take a look and decide if it's right for me and any of my characters.

    4. tacobob


      Nah, Taco Troll is my brother. He's loaded.

  2. Hm maybe I should try rping again

  3. And so we've reached the end of our story, or perhaps, maybe we've just reached the end of this chapter?

    Who knows where we'll go from here <3

  4. I saw *everything* leaked, I am sad, and happy and confused all at once, and mostly I'm just feeling a bit hollow that it's all over.

    1. QuickLime


      Wont spoil squat b.c that's mean

    2. szalhi


      As part of the Discussion thread police, I would have to arrest you if you did so. 

    3. QuickLime


      I am aware of what the rules are thanks

  5. Oh there it goes :D

    1. SteelEagle


      Should be fine. Contact me if you have any future problems!

  6. -kicks Gallery- I can't post my WIP :C

  7. The base sketch for a pony I sorta doodled, gonna digitally ink it and color it.
  8. Yona's starting to grow on me a bit

  9. Final season huh?

    -slaps helmet on-

    1. tacobob




      Then we get a new GEN. :20:

    2. QuickLime


      I know nothing about the new Gen, but I'm excited for itInsert image from URL

  10. New gaming rig: built and got, ahh yis


  11. Hnn make a rp thread in a pumpkin patch, or make a thread about a cornmaze...


  12. I'ma just post my thoughts on episodes, since I got nothing else to do

    Yakkety-Sax was a bad episode with a bad message,it should have been about not shoving stuff in people's face and respecting that not everyone is going to appreciate your passion, instead it turned into "It's okay to annoy people and disrupt them at work if you REALLY Love  what you're doing to disrupt them!"

    1. tacobob


      Wasn't a fan of that stories' moral as well. :o


    2. QuickLime


      Yeah, it really fell flat :/

  13. Bah, okay just a LITTLE more Pony

    1. DreamySunday



    2. szalhi


      How does one leave?

  14. Goodbye everyone, it's been a fun 5+ years, but our time together is over  :)

    Catch you on the flipside :) 

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