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  1. I saw *everything* leaked, I am sad, and happy and confused all at once, and mostly I'm just feeling a bit hollow that it's all over.

    1. QuickLime


      Wont spoil squat b.c that's mean

    2. szalhi


      As part of the Discussion thread police, I would have to arrest you if you did so. 

    3. QuickLime


      I am aware of what the rules are thanks

  2. Oh there it goes :D

    1. SteelEagle


      Should be fine. Contact me if you have any future problems!

  3. -kicks Gallery- I can't post my WIP :C

  4. The base sketch for a pony I sorta doodled, gonna digitally ink it and color it.
  5. Yona's starting to grow on me a bit

  6. Final season huh?

    -slaps helmet on-

    1. tacobob




      Then we get a new GEN. :20:

    2. QuickLime


      I know nothing about the new Gen, but I'm excited for itInsert image from URL

  7. New gaming rig: built and got, ahh yis


  8. Hnn make a rp thread in a pumpkin patch, or make a thread about a cornmaze...


  9. I'ma just post my thoughts on episodes, since I got nothing else to do

    Yakkety-Sax was a bad episode with a bad message,it should have been about not shoving stuff in people's face and respecting that not everyone is going to appreciate your passion, instead it turned into "It's okay to annoy people and disrupt them at work if you REALLY Love  what you're doing to disrupt them!"

    1. tacobob


      Wasn't a fan of that stories' moral as well. :o


    2. QuickLime


      Yeah, it really fell flat :/

  10. Bah, okay just a LITTLE more Pony

    1. DreamsofMaple



    2. szalhi


      How does one leave?

  11. Goodbye everyone, it's been a fun 5+ years, but our time together is over  :)

    Catch you on the flipside :) 

  12. First one : Golden Snap Second One : Scarlet Rose Third One: Temped Breeze
  13. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Redd Hot Sex: Stallion Age: Grown Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Yellow Coat: Light Apple Green with white freckles on the muzzle Mane/Tail: Short layered mane in a deep maroon, with highlights of a darker green apple shade, Tail is the same color and kept long and flowy Physique:Limber and elegant Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Head Chef at the 5 star restaurant The Pepper Pot Cutie Mark: Three Spiraling red chilis Unique Traits: Uniquely high spice tolerance, culinary magic, able to embed spice into any food item, and can play the kazoo with his nose. History: Redd was born to a well-to-do Aristocratic family, with their lineage proudly stemming from farmers, and cooks! His father running many farms all across Equestria, from his estate in Canterlot, and his Mother having a thriving writing career as a critic of high end but still hearty cuisine. Being a curious tyke, Redd would be found loitering around the manor, lightly pestering the staff, but none more than his idol and role model, Greasy Spoon, the family's cook! Always bothering the other "What's this?" "What's that?" "Can I try?" Greasy Spoon was more than happy to entertain the wee colt, since the enthusiasm he had for cooking, mirrored the old stallion's own in his youth, and happily taught him all he knew about the culinary world, and how to read trends, and to adjust flavors. It was the act of making his OWN recipe for Greasy that earned Redd his cutie mark! He wanted to spice up the dish, but they were out of peppers, hot sauce, really spicy beans, all of that stuff, so the other stuck out his tongue, focusing his magic, which lit up his horn in a sunny, light glow, and he shut his eyes tight! There was a light POP and the food shimmered.... Hesitantly tasting the food, Redd proceeded to breath fire! It was PERFECT! So excited to share his creation, and tell Greasy about his spell that he didn't even notice his cutie mark! As he grew, Redd focused more on harnessing his magic for the culinary world, learning the fine finesse of julianing veggies, knowing just the right heat to magically tweak a flame to for the ideal simmer, all that good stuff! When he went to Celestia's school for Gifted Unicorns, the culinary magic program was the one he attended, and passed with flying colors, which landed him his current job at The Pepper Pot. Character Personality: Cocky, friendly, warm, and adventurous, always seeking the newest and most interesting flavors to combine with spice, and eagerly sharing his experiments with friends. Character Summary: A Peppy, Peppered Pony Popping with Potential
  14. It had been FOREVER since Cashmere had stepped hoof back into Ponyville! He'd been so busy touring the great country that he'd neglected to come home, well now was the time to do so! Cashmere missed creating, missed chatting, but most of all, he was HOMESICK, and wanted to rekindle feelings between himself and his fellow mares and stallions. The grey Unicorn was practically humming, as he threw open the curtains of his shop, and let the light in, fixing his mane with his magic in the mirror, grinning at himself as he did so, before strutting out onto the bustling city streets! Hello World! Cashmere was back and he was here to stay! The air felt so good he'd almost break into song, if he had time to actually think of one, instead humming "Winter Wrap Up" would have to do. "Good morning~!"
  15. QuickLime

    Pony art

    Just doodles of ponies I'v drawn :)
  16. From the album: Pony art

    Eye is wall-eyed, but I mostly REALLLY love the mane shape :)
  17. Thank you, it was a angle experiment and it ended up pretty well It IS askew, I shall try to line it up better.
  18. You have to credit the person that did the commission for you
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