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  1. "Hm." Taira perked up as Apple Bloom spoke up behind him, "Oh! Yes. Two bits and a mug." He inhaled swiftly and then exhaled two clouds of minty green smoke. The clouds zipped off to the table with clean mugs, one being taken up and brought right over to the sturdy looking Kirin. In the meantime, the other wisp zipped off to snag a few bits from bag he'd left by his workstation back at the treadmill. Once their tasks had been done the smoke dissipated harmlessly into the open air while Taira placed the bits on the counter, "Thank you, Miss Applebloom!" While the filly got to work, Taira was content to resume his talks with the princess. "Oh? I had hoped I made a good impression on her. I think we both enjoyed the chance to share our experiences over the years." Luna's concern for her subjects made the old spirit smile. No wonder these sisters had ruled for so long! It wasn't often one found monarchs who genuinely cared for their subjects in his experience, all the better that those in Equestria were so long lived. "A bit of a hardheadedness can be a very admirable quality!" Said the eager old yokai, "As for what brought me here... it was equal parts curiosity and contract. I made a wager with the current winner of the running of the leaves and I lost. So, I resolved to work for her and aid her family's farm." Once Applebloom brought the kirin his drink he would give her yet another thanks and then tilt his head as if realizing something that only puzzled him further. He'd come to realize he'd already had one drink of cider today and that was amazing... but now there was a shortage. Getting a second drink somehow felt greedy to him. "Your highness, Did you happen to hear anyone who might be especially desperate for a drink of Cider? I'd already had one today and with it in such short supply, I'd feel guilty if I drank two cups... Have you had any yet?" Taira's ears perked at the sound of his name being spoken, Blueblood had mentioned working on the presses... How fun! He'd been on the treadmill already most of the day. It would be a welcome change of pace!
  2. The walk along the rails was rough. Between biting cold and tired eyes, Fiver was already feeling winded. Thankfully Daze was willing to spare a scarf and hat so she wouldn't freeze. The pegasus took the hat and secured it on her head as best she could, same with the scarf. That scarf was a bit harder to get on. That wind was threatening to rip if from her neck and leave it fluttering in the whiteout beyond the party. As the shadow of the mountain hung over them, a deeper shadow was somewhere a head. It seemed as that the tracks lead to a tunnel. The opening of which was right ahead if they kept on trudging through the snow. "I see a tunnel up ahead. Looks like it goes on quite a ways. We could get some shelter from the wind and cold in there I think!"
  3. thanks to a computer issue, ive lost my history and all the tabs i had open including threads i was up in. The las i can recall is Ice Breaker and will be working on that tonight and tomorrow. if there are any other places i need to post, please link them here. it would be a big help.

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  4. Would it be okay If I said that they find a cave? I'll be working on a post tongiht
  5. A quick look at both Daze and Zelda made it clear that seeking shelter was the better option. Neither of them looked up to trying to look at the wreckage any further. The trio had their luggage, hopefully they all had something to help keep them all warm once they found something to shield them from biting winds. Truth be told, Fiver wasn't dealing terribly well with the cold either. It was times like this she regretted her larger frame and leaner muscle, warmth was going to be harder to hold on to the further this went. At least Golden Daze wore some things better suited to the weather, Fiver only had a coat. Already, she could feel the warmth slowly draining out of her as she trudged along through the snow with her two new friends. A particularly potent shiver broke fiver's proud and lead her to speak up to golden as they walked, "You said you had some extra clothes? D-do you have a scarf or anything?" Making further up the trail along the slowly dissappearing tracks, Fiver had an idea. She stepped over to a bit of dark grey steel poking up from the rising white snow. She carefully bumped her hoof to the side of it, noting the clang that traveled up her foreleg. "If we keep out hooves close to the tracks we should be able to stay on the trail of them for a while... at least until the snow gets too deep." (Sorry this took a while, please tell me if I missed/forgot anything.)
  6. Sorry to everyone involved. I'm trying to work on posts but i'm having trouble really getting anything on the page. I'll keep trying. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  7. Thank you so much. It's been a while so I sorta forgot the name. >_< So if Szalhi isn't coming back. I'll get to work writing something up as soon as I can.
  8. This is sorta embarassing, but could someone link the thread here for me?
  9. I'd be up to trying to continue, I'm not sure I remember who was up next though.
  10. Second album where I store my Original character art.
  11. [Since Switchback hasn't been on for a while, Its okay if we skip them. Try to keep to posting order to a reasonable degree if you all could!] Corva's compliments on the tattoos and the acknowledgement of Toboe's kind words got a playful wink from the bartender. Nice to see Jian still hired some upbeat individuals and not just stone faced gangsters... though he did certainly have a surplus of such folks. Speaking of Jian, he gave her a questioning look as the mare burst in. They'd known eachother long to understand eachother with simple gazes or gestures. In response her eyes wandered to her 'no strong perfumes/colognes' sign in the window. It wasn't like she could cover herself in fancy scents like the mares who would so often fawn over such a tall, dark, and handsome qilin like Da jian-ya. His question about the foreigners made her chuckle, "[I can't make much of a business if I don't have a diverse customer base.] She couldn't but but smile at the curl of those whiskers, "[... and if I ever do have a litter, you'll be the first to know.]" She gave the scruffy looking boss a smirk and would polish the glass she had in hoof while a serpent dragon made his way into the establishment. "Welcome to bar, my serpentine friend. Let me know if you need anything. We got plenty o' warm food, and cold drinks ready for enjoyment." She would leave her greeting at that. It was clear he worked for Jian and she wasn't about to get in the way of business on somepony else's turf. For now their friendly new patron would take some attention. She seemed nice enough as she sat down on the barstool with the rest of Toboe's customers. Bluemoon's remarks about the establishment managed to get a chuckle from the slightly scruffy bartender. Glancing over at the ominous qilin nearby she snickered. It sure would be a weird place for dogs, wouldn't it? Her eyes would say. The mention of squeaky toys gave her pause for a moment. Technically there was a squeaky toy on the premises... but it was for the boss's personal use. Mostly stress relief. Just as she was thinking of what to say about that she was caught off guard by meeting of a hoof to her snout. There was no squeak, but her muzzle did squish. The Barkeep's muzzle scrunched and her eyes narrowed for a moment. Once she pulled back from the boop she noticed a bit of dirt on Bluemoon's hoof. After fishing a tissue from beneath the counter to clean her nose of any debris she would itch her nose for a few seconds, "Since you've only done that once and you're new. That's for free. Any further pokes to this bartender's nose will cost at least five bits." Even after the poke was over the mare continued to rub at her muzzle, just because she'd taken the shape of a pony didn't mean her nose became any less sensitive. With a small smile she bowed her head to Bluemoon, "I hope you've got something to drink in mind, Ma'am."
  12. Someone summoned me! I would be happy to continue The Howler's Den thread. Just bring no attention to the change in Toboe's design and none shall be kicked out/dissappear mysteriously. I Look forward to playign again!
  13. Gonna be trying to do some art again. Gonna redesign a pony of mine who didn't get much attention in the past, but will hopefully be a bit more fun for a change of pace.


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  14. Taira had mostly been sticking to his job on the mill for the past few days and focusing on that. The conversations of the surrounding equine were always fascinating, but he had a job to do for a friend. Today though, he'd been given some time off. His labors had been beneficial to the apple clan in this season, though not so much that he could take much pressure of his gracious host: Applejack. In his younger days he might have been able to keep at it nonstop through the night, but as he was getting on in years he felt he needed a break... and there were even some eager volunteers trying their hoof to push this season forward. How Fortunate! The old yokai's curiosity soon lead him to one of the few ponies here he had not yet gotten to speak to. Princess Luna. It was curious how many royals he was running into on his travels. First Blueblood, Then Celestia, and now Luna! Maybe he was having a run of good luck. It wasn't everyday he got to talk to someone so close to his age. So, with this time off he had been granted he saw fit to approach the princess. Not wanting to appear too obtrusive, he'd taken on his kirin shape once again. It was a good choice for social interactions. For the moment, It seemed that the princess was involved in decidedly one sided staring contest with Applejack. It was clearly a very intense one... had something happened between them? The stories he'd heard made no mention of animosity between the Moon Princess and a heroine of this wondrous land. Green eyes bounced between Luna and Applejack. Taira stuck a hoof out and waved to the princess, leaning into her line of sight. He spoke up with a rather pleasant tone, "Good day, Princess! I'm Taira from the mountains to the far far east, may I ask what brings you to cast your gaze on Miss Applejack this day?"
  15. The kiss with Applejack lingered longer than Yanhua thought it might. At first the qilin's eyes popped open when the lips met, but then shut again once she was more comfortable... as it lingered, Applejack would have felt the qilin growing especially comfy as the kiss channeled at least ten years of romantic frustration into the meeting of the muzzles. Once it was finally over, the qilin stood there with a very dreamy look on her face, Her mind having replaced Applejack with the stallion she'd been so fixated upon in front of her... until he spoke in the drawl and she promptly snapped out of it and cleared her throat. "Um... Thank you, Miss Applejack. This has proved a most um enlightening experience." She hurriedly exhaled a few motes of green flame that seemed to pick up the bushels of apples, "Perhaps before I get home I can speak to you about something that has been lingering on my mind since I saw your farm. But for now I'll take my leave. Farewell." With all that had happened in the rock climbing competition, the last thing that Yanhua wanted was to push her way through another awkward atmosphere. As she approached both Lian and Feng she was... a little curious about how Feng may have taken it. The petty side in her made her hope he felt at least a twinge of jealousy like she felt earlier. If he felt just the smallest bit annoyed maybe there was hope for her. Then he spoke. His words weren't the usual oblivious arrows in her side this time. At first she had rush of elation when he openly said that she looked cute... but the further meaning behind his words dawned on her. Frustration was boiling over already. Yanhua took a deep breath and again exhaled those ribbons of smoke as Feng's eternal obliviousness got her dander up. "You know, Feng. I think I will need help carrying these." She non-chalantly added the weight of her bushels onto the stallion's load before walking over to Prince Lian, "My lord, I believe you are up next in line. Do try not to break a filly's heart, will you?" She glanced back at the bow wearing filly and then took a seat by Feng as he got used to this newly added weight on his back.
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