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  1. "Ha! You're truly a kind one, Miss Sunrise." Sigrun chuckled warmly through her mate's hoofkerchief, "But there's no need to worry, I'm not about to let some shrubs be the end of me." The cow continued along on the walk with her mate and their new companion, only stopping twice to sooth an itchy snout and the sighing in relief once the walk was past the devious greenery. Halvard's worries did not fall on deaf ears, It didn't take much time for her to ealilze he was correct. While the 'debate' itself had ended in what she'd hoped she had to agree that the long silence in the middle was worrying. She could see she'd struck a nerve somewhere, but determining what was still problematic. Honestly her own clan had a colorful history with the neighponese back when the collective forest clans united. A lengthy cyclical war having been started by a weakened but emboldened neighponese empire after they had made their place on their current lands brought the fight to the forest dwellers and some areas of the south as well. All of it was before Sigrun's lifetime but this was something her clan was still trying to get past. "I'm unsure if they ever will... The Shogun seems the type to keep certain things to himself and his advisers. " She looked back to Sunrise, "Maybe we should simply stick to Caribou and Equestrian styles." Her voice sounded slightly less cheery. She brightened up again as they rounded the third corner and found themselves before the sails of the magnificent Skeid: one of the largest types of Caribou Longboat. This one in particular was one built by the shipwrights of Askr as a show of good faith for their new allies in Clan Breen. The vessel had been made of the very anti magic wood that the caribou used so often, producing a sort of invisible field around the vessel that disabled magic for those who stepped on board. Ascending the gangplank with Sunrise and Halvard, Sigrun offered the unicorn a hoof to help her on board if need be: the steps on the boarding stairs were made with large creatures in mind after all. Once the fashion loving friend was on board though, the chieftain swore she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye. "Excuse me a moment... " She hopped off the boat and looked to the skies, oblivious to the puck like golem moving toward her and the vessel. "Is someone out here?" She asked in a slightly commanding tone, "If you've any honor I'd ask you show yourself."
  2. "Ramen! Fresh Ramen! With ingredients hauled all the way from Neighpon!" Called out a cheery sounding voice from down the street from the cafe, "Made right in front of your eyes with no extra charge!" Normally a ninja wasn't supposed to draw attention to herself, but tonight Rin was being a simple Ramen vendor... in the middle of the even... in Trottingham. By the Long, she probably could have only stuck out more if in some spark of genius she attached a neon sign to the side of her pull along cart. It had been a while since she'd traveled all the way to equestria. The trip was a series of highs and lows with unusual characters being met, adventures being had and a bevy of comics being collected, but she knew she couldn't stay here for long. As much as she'd come to enjoy preparing ramen for ponies in the west, well, it wasn't going to get her anywhere she could see. All of the things she grew up with were back in Neighpon and since the falling out with her clan she'd found herself no way to get closer to her dream of founding her own. One of the toughest things to deal with was, well finding an employer. With the Shiori clan back home, there was much easier options to be taken that would lead to employment. Out here, what could a ninja do? Just hoof out business cards? No. Something needed to change and soon. For now though... "Fresh Ramen! Very affordable!"
  3. Name: Sarsaparilla Swirl Sex: Male Age: Colt Species: Earth pony Eye Color: Cool grey Coat: A muddy shade of brown Mane & Tail: Fluffy curly and rather messy Physique: Athletic for his age Residence: Dodge Junction Occupation: N/A Cutie Mark: A large mug of his namesake with a scoop of ice cream on top and whipped cream with one cherry on top and another at the side. One busy day at the saloon, a young Sass was helping out his pa by retrieving and washing steins. Customers were pouring in and soon something called away his father. Not wanting business to slow down, Sass moved up to the counter in a smaller uniform to take orders. It was a VERY busy day so he got every type of order and combination that the patron's could think of! At one point he made a mistake and put ice cream in a customer's order, he couldn't afford to break pace though. He asked the pony ordering if he could make do with this if he halved the price. He agreed and so on the day went. Once his father returned he took the helm again, though now that Sass was off duty one of the patrons from before came back to tell him the 'messed up order' he'd received was actually amazing! The news brought a smile to the colt's face... and then a stamp on his flank. Unique Traits: Herbal knowledge: Is far froma professional herbalist, but is very good at finding organic materials for his drinks: such as the roots for his root beer. Can often be found out taking long walks to find the ingredients. Cooking: Has learned how to cook from a young age. nothing special or fancy but very capable of making his own lunches. History: Born in Dodge Junction, this colt was the product of a saloon owner and an ice cream maker. Due to his overly curly mane, reminiscent of suds and a funny incident when he got out of his crib as a foal and was found the next morning playing behind the bar with a little stein, His parents gave him his name: Sarsaparilla Swirl. No matter how small he was as a foal, Sass had a knack for nosing about and exploring. His excursions sometimes getting him in trouble, other times getting him some new friends, sometimes weirder stuff happened. Whatever the outcome Sass was always eager to try out new things. School for him was not terribly unusual. Sass had a rough time studying since he tended to veer away or forget the things that teachers couldn't find a way to make interesting. Even when lessons managed to grab his attention though he clearly preferred to learn through experience and action rather than reading. It should come as no surprise then that he has a profound love of field trips. Currently, Sass lives with his parents in Dodge Junction but regularly visits his aunt Cherry Jubilee. Even at his young age, Sarsaparilla Swirl has a good idea of what he wishes to do when he's an adult: Run his own little soda saloon. Summary: Bubbly, and eager is an excellent way to describe Sarsaparilla. He's never short on jokes or late for parties (at least not often) and enjoy cheering ponies up. Due to still being so young, it can often be hard to get him to focus on things for very long unless he can find it in himself to become interested, this trait having lead to a slipping of his grades in school: Not too a terrible degree, but enough for his parents to give him a lecture once in a while. Despite his nickname among his friends: Sassy. Sarsaparilla is actually a very open and amenable pony, He enjoys talking to new ponies and has a tendency to go about a mile a minute.
  4. Questions, Questions, Questions: In the silver coated pony's head there was nothing but. So many queries and quandaries as he wondered how he was so lucky to be where he was right now. All of those sorts of curiosities were soon silenced when he let his eyes rest upon Yu, then they were replaced by one large one that consumed the whole of his mind: "How did she become so wonderful?" The stallion let loose a silent sigh of admiration, turning his gaze to a nearby pond in order to not make his interests so obvious. Silver had been taking to Long Guo's customs quite quickly. The land was vibrant and beautiful, the architecture intricate, its people kind and the fashion gorgeous. Speaking of Fashion, Silver had procured some lovely additions to his wardrobe since arriving. On his hours working he would be seen in the traditional vestments of the academy, but at this moment he wore a soft green Hanfu. There was fine floral patterns embroidered on collars, cuffs, and sash. All in all, a very cozy outfit. His mane was nicely brushed and groomed. The headmaster had said he should trim his mane a bit to show off his neckline: a bit of advice that Silver had only realized he may have meant in jest. At the end of the day though it was done. Talks with Empress Yu Yue always went for so long. One thing would lead to another, jokes would turn into stories, small talk was made, stories of the latest heroic wuxia pubication would capture and turn both into starry eyed dreamers as they imagined those scenes. The Stallion brushed the stubborn, minty green lock out of his eyes after one bout of laughter ended and lead to his empress musing. Silver had the remains of a sandwich before him, mostly crumbs. Soon those bits of bread were engulfed in a green aura that brought them to Silver's hoof. He sprinkled some of those crumbs a small distance away, but close to the pair by the pond. While the thankful quacks were made in his direction he took note of the two waterfowl. "Ah yes... the hen is the more earthen colored, while the male is covered in more resplendent tones." For a moment the stallion glanced done at himself and then to the empress, "In the end their desires though, remain very much the same." He gave yu a playful look, "I do have to admit, perhaps they are not too dissimilar to you and I... Although I'd have to admit, I think such a comparison would be more accurate if I were the more colorful and you they grey, but I imagine grey is no color I could really see upon your likeness, Yu."
  5. The Cow let out a sigh of relief as Halvard offered her the cloth. A quick thank you was given in the form of a kiss on the blue bull's cheek, "You're a true treasure, My love." Before she pulled away, Sigrun nuzzled to the bull one last time for the moment. "A visit to the west, you say?" The kerchief met her snout as she considered, "Perhaps such a trip would be a good opportunity. I've never gotten to see any sides of Clan Breen save for the Vakstyra and the your many angles." A playful smirk was shot in Halvard's direction, "I do hope that you may come by my hold sometime as well... the repairs on the hold and karl's homes and districts have been going along well." A calmer smile was made in Sunrise's direction, "As Halvard has said... the excitement of your land's trees becomes the bane of my respiration. It used to be much worse when I first came by to help with the reconstruction of the crystal empire, but enough about the problems with my nose. I'm sure we'll find the talk of cloth more fulfilling!" Thus the walk resumed, "As for how I would like the dresses.... that is hard to say. Do you suppose you could incorperate some aspects of the traditional ones on board? Something that marries the new to the older? Hm. Given our recent exposure to our eastern neighbors, perhaps something like a caribou kimono could be an interesting sight."
  6. The forest in the east was not always united under the major clan that it is now. In the past the forest was home to a multitude of warring clans. Raids, wars, stories of battles that are still sung today were what made up the lives of the forest dwelling clans. Origins of the smaller clans and tribes that settled in the dimensionally confusing forest of frosted ash are difficult to find. Theories are numerous and difficult to prove, the members of the modern clan believing they are descendants of an ancient breed of elk that migrated to the north after pony settlements arrived in the land that would one day be called Equestria. Wherever they hailed from, in the past these ancient tribes made their homes in multiple settlements across the forest. As any Skald will tell you, caribou will find reason to fight. In a place like the forest those reasons were mostly out of pragmatism. In the woods coming by certain resources was very difficult. As per usual for many clans raiding was a solution. A war had been raging in the trees of forest, one with little steel for blades and a great deal of time to learn efficient ways of fighting one another without steel or iron. Eventually though there came a time when the fighting needed to stop. Clan Stokkr: a clan of woodworkers, after the dethroning of it's old chieftain had offered to have a meeting between of the heads of the warring forest clans. This meeting was lead by Heigi who had come into possession of a powerful sword. After pointing out the various losses they had suffered and how together they could be stronger than any of the clans outside the forest... the heads of the smaller clans agreed to merge their clans as one over the ages. Upon deciding what to call themselves, one of the chiefs suggested why not after the very trees that they took shelter in: the Aska tree. Over time, the Askr Clan came into being. While this clan is definitely looking to the future ahead, it has not forgotten its roots. Events of the past have shaped this clan into the fearsome forest dwellers that they are and have made them both enemies and admirers throughout Whitescar's history. Like all caribou clans, Calves are taught to fight at a very young age. At first they are taught a variant of the martial art native to Whitescar: Glima. But after their calfhood is over and experiences are taught they are taught another way of fighting that the clan called Rodhovar: A rather brutal style of fighting that could only have been born from a culture so deeply wrought in conflict.The style of fighting is used exclusively for war and focuses heavily on attacking vulnerable areas on the body: Knees, hooves, Sides, hind legs and very often the head.It also teaches grappling, disarmament and use of terrain to fight. It's not uncommon among the caribou to see every cow, bull, and calf willing to take up a weapon in defense of their homes. In the Askr hold it is almost unthinkable to not be without an axe at your side if you’re an adult or a wooden sword if you're a calf. Due to the region's previously mentioned lack of easily locatable ore on the surface, Raiding parties and expeditions into Cave troll dwellings are often performed in order to retrieve ore for the crafting of armor, weapons, and other things, alongside raids of clans outside the forest. Like some other more 'civilized' clans in Whitescar, Askr is one where most every member has been a viking at some point in their lives. For some it was to prove their mettle as a warrior, explorer, or a merchant: As these are all things that are attributed to the clan's definition of “Viking”. Unlike some outsider believe though, being a viking is something the majority of this clan does for the entirety of their lives. Many of the older caribou along with the younger who have made a name for themselves have actually gone on to become farmers, woodworkers, skalds, or merchants. Social classes still exist in Askr as it does in most other clans. Karls are the commoner class of caribou. Smiths, merchants, explorers, warriors: a karl could be any of them. Above the karls, are the jarls: Clan Nobility. Jarls are wealthy, owner larger areas of land and territory then Karls do. Typically better equipped to handle conflicts and owning their own ships, but the most important part to becoming a jarl in any clan is the confidence and good graces of the caribou beneath him. If the popular opinion of any jarl crumbles, soon everything they own is sure to follow. When a jarl perishes it is usual that their oldest kin would inherit their estate, however if a karl has gained a great following in the community then they very well could supplant the jarl's son and inheriting their estate and responsibilities. The third and final social rank is the singular position of the Chieftain. The seat of Chieftain is a position of great importance to any clan, among large and powerful clans such ask Askr they are almost comparable to kings or queens in their own right if there is no High-King above them. Much like jarls, A chieftain is subject to the will of their clan: Usually worries and ills are relayed to them through the Jarls beneath the chieftain due to the difficulty managing the various settlements in the forests. Perhaps to facilitate bonds and a sense of unity in the clan, Karls and jarls alike will often have their offspring live among friendly clans or fellow members of the forest dwellers. Around middle adolescence a calf is to be shared with another in the clan or a close friend in order to gain new skills and be exposed to different approaches to problems. The effect of this practice seems to have made the clan very connected with each other, for all the good and bad that may bring. Despite the gentler side of caribou that Askr exhibits, certain insults to personal honor will have usually two outcomes: Apology and an agreed compensation, or a duel to either settle the score or decide who is in the right. Historically the clan has more than a few enemies beyond the wild lands they call home. Remnants of reclusive clans who dwell in the forest still attempt to make attacks on the hold every once in awhile, Troll raids and small scale invasions are still common in the more rural areas, and since the recent events of a group of outsiders they have had to deal with a plague that is still being examined. While Askr clansbou are not willing to ever attack their neighbors to the Northeast in Neighpon: they are far from fond of them. Oral Histories told by the skalds state that this was the result of a formerly recurring series of battles that the clan has had to deal with in which these mages and warriors stole several important artifacts and destroyed multiple settlements. Battle-mages and sorcerers from that land have caused many no shortness of grief as some had made friends with necromancers hiding in the forests. There are still supposedly small groups of them in the woods and sometimes they are blamed for disappearances of families when there is no sign of troll attack. The most likely reason that the Askr clan simply mistrust the nearby nation empire can be attributed to a samurai from those very lands who assisted the clan in the fights against the rogue mages. This warrior from the east actually has his image emblazoned on one of the Runestones around the major Keep. Much like the merchant based warrior clan of Breen, the caribou of Askr put a great deal of value on personal appearance. Grooming, bathing, and dressing well is considered very important to both bulls and cows alike, with certain perfumes or colognes added to their coats. Typically all members of the clan own at least one article of clothing or an accessory that is the color green and bears their clan’s symbol. For upper class of Jarls it is common custom to come to peace-talks with enemy clans without cloth or armor to show that they are entirely unarmed in good faith. Seers can be found in any clan, but few are as valued as the ones who reside in Clan Askr. This change can likely be attributed to the skills that the shaman here have branched out into. Normally practitioners of Seidr might be more like hermits out in the wilds trying to meditate in order to peer into the vast tapestry of fate. Seers in Askr are more akin to medical shaman, working to mend the minds and bodies of those who have been wounded or taken ill. While they are not able to wield healing spells like some more magically gifted nations, it seems that they have taken a page from Zebra tribe-like methods of potion mixing. While they still practice Seidr and make their vague prophecies, the more mystical aspect has taken something of a backseat to the practical: To be used in times of emergency. Seers however do tend to be devout believers of the major deities to the clan: Hreinn, Tuktu, and Qalipu. Celebrations are very important to these Caribou, seemingly as a way to keep up morale and promote the sense of togetherness that has bound this clan as one so tightly with no threat of division in sight. Mead Halls are usually filled well and musical accompaniment is always to be expected. Dance lines are common occurrences along with instances of good natured flyting: A series of Insult said in verse along to the beat of the song of the moment. One of the traits among members of the clan that seems to exist in some capacity in everybou born in these forests is and unnaturally good sense of direction and spatial awareness. Historians native to Whitescar believe that this trait may have emerged from them in response to the Forest of Frosted Ash’s unusual dimensional properties. It has made them the perfect guides to any traveler in these woods and it seems difficult for them to lose track of where they are in the forest even if they try. One of the most well known thing about the Askr Clan to the world beyond Whitescar is their production of and mastery of Woodworking and carpentry of trees that share their name. The wood from these trees has the uncanny ability to absorb, dissipate, or outright nullify any magical induced energies: a trait that has confounded even the best minds of Neighpon and Equestria alike. To any Caribou Blacksmith who wishes for the best of anti magic inlays for their armor, they must come to Askr. If a clan wishes for the best designed Flying warship or longboat that can withstand almost any magical attack, they must come to Askr. With the abundance of wood in their region and their experiences with it, growing new trees and crafting them into great exploratory vessels and merchant ships has made the clan quite a living now. The warships of theirs that has ever fallen into rebel hooves are known to be a thorn in the side of any culture that relies heavily on magic, usually proving strong enough to withstand and dissipate magical attacks from some of the best magitech defenses and offenses. With their skill as fighters, craftsmanship, and close bonds among their kin, the Askr clan are a powerful force in Whitescar. Between their regular battles with the Rebel clans to the south-east and their home territories natural harshness, it is no surprise that they proof a fearsome foe to their enemies and a true friend to any ally who has earned their goodwill. Traveler’s Guide to Whitescar: Clans of Note Eydis Hildusdottir, Skald and Historian of Clan Hakon
  7. Goodness, was that whale of airship really necessary? Belle couldn't help but wonder how such a thing got the proper paperwork to appear over Canterlot. She would have to admit that using an Airship to arrive at the proceedings would have been a faster and less bumpy ride than by carriage. All those bumps on the had made an already very tired pony somewhat irritable. "Such a crude creation." She muttered before getting out of the passenger seat and tipping the cabby generously. This was likely the first time Silver Belle had made a public appearance in perhaps years since the sacking of the crystal empire. Since then the mare had been spending almost all of her time in her study and library back in Trottingham. All that time had made a previously eager and playful magic teacher somewhat.... weathered. Her mane looked messier than before, her eyes looked noticeably tired, and now she'd taken to wearing cloaks more often. There was something that managed to bring a scholar who lost her luster out of her funk (at least partially): A letter from a former student. As a magic lecturer and expert, Ice storm had come to the duchess of Trottingham to get help honing her potent ice magics. Now here was one of her students getting married! This was such a joyous day! Belle had worked hard to come up with a gift for the couple and with time she'd managed to get something for them and also had come along to deliver her daughter's gift to the happy couple: seeing as she was overseas at the moment. Seeing all the happy ponies with the one half of the contrasting couple, Belle roamed the seats and until she found someone familiar looking. Now sitting behind Mist Weaver, "Excuse... you wouldn't happen to be a sister of Miss Ice storm would you?" She asked in that more well enunciated Trottingham noble accent.
  8. As members of the group spoke of the possibility of corruption in Neighponese governments, Rose had already taken a few steps down the tunnel. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and tapped once on the stone walls. She held her hoof against the flattest part of the wall, looking rather deep in thought before turning back to face the group and awaiting some sort of instruction. Seeing as ponies were still talking she imagined one of her favorite songs in her head, her body swaying slowly and discretely. Talking about the government of a foreign power's interests was not helpful to this situation anyway. Governing bodies rise, fall, crumble, rebuild, and take new shapes all in good time, it is the nature of entropy. She perked up a moment as Daedalus spoke up, he seemed to have a good head on his shoulders and looked to have some kind of experience in this sort of mission. The 'stout' unicorn pushed off of the wall and smiled ever so slightly, "Ah can handle 'at." Rose caught the drone and paused for a second, looking at the strange contraption curiously. After a moment of contemplation she slipped the drone into her saddlebag. While she walked ahead of the group she would marvel at the scene that sprawled out before her. The way the sunlight, mist and rains melding together leaving her almost entranced as she stared at it's beauty, distracted from the voices and murmurs on the air for the moment...
  9. Sigrun smiled as she watched her beloved trying to keep a straight face. Once his time to repair his calmer demeanor was done, the cow let a playful chuckle. "Well the spikes are the head aren't -that- big..." She raised up her leg and spread her medial and lateral claws to indicate the length of the horn crown she spoke of, "But really it's a mostly ceremonial set... for ritual purposes involving Hreinn." Now that their group was back on the move, Sigrun stopped for a moment as she took note of the path they were soon to tread was laden with Poplar trees. If she recalled correctly, her shaman told her that it was best she avoid these trees. However, back then she had only been introduced to the greenery of Equestria. After all the changes she'd recently been through, Sigrun had was more hardy than before. This pollenous line of foes would not defeat her! She was a cow of Askr" Trees could never conquer this clan's chieftain! ... But then she swallowed her pride and gave Halvard a familiar glance. A look that said, 'A little help?' She was sure Halvard could put two and two together, especially when she glanced at his pocket that held a hoofkerchief. "Indeed it is, Miss Sunrise." Sigrun grinned at the small pony walking with them, "In Regards to your question about a style... Well, I have a dress or two on board our vessel at the harbor. Would you be interested in coming aboard?" The cow tried to calm her smile down, she didn't wish to frighten their new companion off if she got a glimpse of her new canines. As far as Sigrun knew there were few ponies who took to the sight of caribou so well... unless they introduced themselves as reindeer. Perhaps Miss Sunrise would be one of the more open minded ones willing to see that Caribou were not all War, plunder, and raids. Soon the chieftain was jarred from her hopeful thinking as her muzzle gave a twitch. With impressive speed she brought up her hoof and rubbed vigorously at her muzzle and heaved an annoyed sigh, glaring momentarily at the trees.
  10. longri-la

    Presteza pursed her lips a moment at her introduction. She was definitely no empress or nobility that was worth talking about in this land, but 'Painter of That Which is' sounding profoundly underwhelming. Not that she wished for a title that might be crushed under the weight of its own pretentiousness, but this might dwell in her mind for a time. Thankfully she was quickly pulled from her own little thought bubble when it was popped by the answering of her previous question by the two involved. "Oh... sorta like tha' fostering stuff old equestrian nobles did... well, except between dragons in them mix only with ponies." The relationship between the king and empress was also rather transparent in the closeness exhibited. A position like they were in previously snuggling would have made an excellent piece. In due time Presteza would be sure to approach them about such an idea. With a bend of her leg and deep kneel Presteza offered her respect to the king, "Thank you for th' welcome, Yer Highness."
  11. All across Whitescar Caribou deal with these creatures: Trolls. To an outsider it may appear these beings are no different to any of the other monstrous aggressive creatures that roam the lands. This is absolutely untrue. Trolls come in all different sizes, shapes, and can even have entirely different ways of existing. There are, however recurring acts that occur across most of the differing subspecies along with appearances. The most common breed of troll that causes the caribou inhabitants no shortness of grief would be the Cave troll. When outsiders think of the trolls of Whitescar these are most likely what are pictured: bull moose sized creatures, covered in shaggy brown fur, with longish tails. Their maws are full of sharp teeth held by long muzzles, small eyes and a thinly furred face. Known for traveling in packs, stealing from homesteads, and even kidnapping caribou from caravans and in their cradles: These trolls are detested even amongst the rebel clans. It's a shame that those who visit almost hear only about the latest events that the cavern dwellers have caused as they would see that there are a great deal of other trolls in the land who clash greatly with their ground dwelling counterparts. There is a friendly face among the trolls: The Nisse. The Nisse are a curious … and rather cute species of troll when you can convince them to show themselves. Not much larger than a mouse, A Nisse is covered in a large fluff of brown fur. From what has been seen their eyes are rarely visible, typically covered up by the aforementioned fur. They have slightly stubby muzzles and usually you can tell their mood by tiny smiles they sport or the tiny frowns they express... then again it's rare to get them to show themselves to a simple traveler. Usually Nisse make their homes in the dwellings of caribou, rather than messing up the place or stealing from the homeowners they've been most known for cleaning, and assisting with certain things around the house in exchange for food if the owner of the home can provide it. Finding and observing them proves to be a very difficult task, in no small part thanks to their impressive speed and surprising strength. There are no records of them ever harming a caribou of their own accord, rather they have been known to be a great hindrance to thieves who enter a home uninvited. A middle ground between friendly and hostile has been most notably filled by the neutral Forest Trolls. These beings are large enough you could conceivably build a small house on their backs if said backs weren't covered in shrubbery and trees of varying sizes. They seem to be herbivorous, mostly eating berry bushes of all types. If approached carefully and respectfully they are known to tolerate the presence of Caribou so long as they don't attempt anything aggressive towards them. The most unusual trolls that Caribou have dealt with would be the mysterious Hulder. Some skalds and historians are still unsure if they can be called true trolls at all. Seeing as the Hulder have a strange form of unusually attractive members of the caribou species with some subtle and not so subtle hints at their troll origins. A traveler could have met a Hulder without even knowing, as all of them who appear to the rest of Caribou kind wear thick clothing such as robes in order to hide the troll tails that take the place of the small tufted tails natural caribou have. Still a very reclusive species they are not known to be aggressive, in fact they are comparable to the Nisse in that they will sometimes assist hardworking caribou with tasks and then just disappear. The most dangerous and frightening Troll breeds would be elemental trolls. Mountain trolls, Rime Trolls, Wind Trolls, and Sea trolls. These trolls are especially notorious... but few only three of these types have been seen regularly. The Mountain trolls are great stone behemoths, dangerously territorial and aggressive they seem to monitor and patrol the spine of the world serpent. The reason these trolls are rarely encountered during daytimes was made known through them. When the daylight comes and hits them, they turn to their namesake and merge into the mountains until the sunlight fades. Rime trolls also disappear during the daytime, but are also limited to appearing only during freak snowstorms and blizzards. Suspected to be kin to the Wind troll who roam the flatlands. They are known for their ability to produce gale force, freezing winds from their maws. One of the troll breeds who show some form of intelligence, they are often accompanied by large white lupine creatures who produce small whiteouts around them. Any great windstorm that plagues the flatlands or plains out of nowhere at night can readily be blamed on the Wind Trolls known as the Kajsa. Despite their tendency to cause dangerous windstorms they are relatively rare to anger. It is possible to converse with one but don't expect to hold it's attention long before you're blown to the distance for being “Boring”. Sea Trolls are only seen on Whitescar shorelines. Much like the trolls native to the mountains, they tower over most creatures. They tend to build small, crude settlements along the shores and almost never venture inland. They are however fiercely terrotorial and will ambush and assault any vessel in the water or airship that is low enough for them to bring down via thrown projectile. On occasion these creatures can be seen in battles with the Kaiju who harass neighpon, recent reports suggest that they may be trying to tame younger versions of the beasts for unknown purposes. Finally we come to the most difficult to find breed of troll in Whitescare: The Fire Trolls called the Surtr. Visual accounts of this breed are hard to come by as they often make residence in the deepest caverns and ancient ruins of Whitescar. Journals by explorers depict them as being jet black quadrupedal giants with burning orange eyes. Thankfully these beasts rarely leave their dwellings unless provoked or something is stolen from them. To any travelers curious about the trolls. I advise you not try to observe or analyze these creatures without a native guide. Magical Fauna of Whitescar: Trolls Eydis Hildusdottir, Skald and Historian of Clan Hakon
  12. Sigrun turned her attention fully to Sunrise, the mare's growing excitement more or less drawing her in. As the cow re-positioned herself her cloven hoofs came dangerously close to stepping on the small golem out of sight, but it seemed luck was on Shiroi's side as she moved towards the pony once again. "Let's see. Well, I definitely couldn't disagree with matching outfits, but we should ask the one who'd be wearing the other half of the set.." She smiled playfully in Halvard's direction, "We should talk about this while talking though I believe... We shouldn't tarry with this most precious cargo." Sigrun gently patted the box at her side before moving back on their route. Sunrise's curious marking drew a cruios tilt of the caribou's head, "Hmm... that Tattoo... That was by an Inkbrand in Manehattan, right?" She momentarily broke her stride to bring up a foreleg, showing the band tattoes across her upper legs and then glancing to her rump at the tattoo there. "I think I might have seen you there but we never spoke..." Halvard's mention of the armor issue did get a subdued chuckle from his mate, "You don't say. I'd been planning to meet all the princesses in the full set of the Hreinn suit of armor when I finally managed to meet them! You know, the one with the caribou skull design and the spikes on top designed to look like a crown." Her tone implied she meant this in jest, "Then again I thought that I'd look far too approachable." The approach to the Alley made the Jarl's muzzle wrinkle, "Can't say I do... Miss skies, Do you know a way?"
  13. That voice... She recognized this one. The frame of this tone's owner was definitely different from when she had first seen him! That's a caribou for you though: They grow straight up so quick! If she recalled right he was from clan Kare, a clan that had settlements all across whitescar: Large enough though to meet regularly with other chieftains. One of those meetings were where she recalled this young bull, when he was more bordering a calf. "Balder!" She perked up slightly, "Balder of Clan Kare! I haven't seen you since you kept staring at me across the map board in the High King's keep! I'm actually making my way north with my clan now that the repairs to the empire have been finished, I felt I should sample the local flavor of pony lands so adjacent to our own." The familiar face of her kin not of blood was refreshing enough to put a bounce in a tired, sniffling cow's step it seemed. Another unfamiliar tone also managed to give her some energy though, seeing as it came from a pony who was willing to thank her for her clan's work with the empire! She smiled down at the pony, "It was an honor to assist them... they needed a helping hoof and it was a pleasure to visually remove that work of rebel clans from our allies. It is nice to meet you, miss... I'm sorry I don't believe I've gotten your name."
  14. Hoshi gulped and looked about nervously. She was somewhat unsure how to react to his approach... should she bow? Curtsy? kneel? Hoofshake? Hoofshake might be the best option. Discord was supposed to be a reformed spirit and seeing as he wasn't ruling equestria since being freed, it was worth a shot. The mare tentatively extended a hoof to the spirit of chaos from a small gap in the grasp of her foalhood friend, "Warui warui, I am.... not familiar with ... it is dracoonekuss customs?" WIth a great gasp she filled her lung with air. She was in a mood to almost hug the very pony who helped separate her from Medo! Not that she didn't enjoy the hugs, but she liked breathing more. Back in her native tongue she smiled to pony in the black jacket, "Thank you for that, I was already seeing the face of my grandmother." Hoshi carefullly readjusted her hat, just in time for Akairo to mention her familiarity and then pose a question. Honestlly, this golem trainer had no qualms about being recognized but ... "Hoshi Shirogane, Or 'Nagareboshi' Hoshi as they call me back at the dome." She kept her voice somewhat hushed so as not to gather attention, "Please keep this under you hat ... I came here for the serenity: like our new friend here." She glanced back to Liviel. Being ready to answer the diamond dog's question, Hoshi had hoped to explain but as usual her old friend Medo was quite to seize the opportunity. Once her friend finsihed explaining she gave the green mare a hug that was more gentle, "It really has been a dog's ag--- um... Sorry Liviel. "She laughed bashfully before bowing her hear to the canine, "But it really has been a while, Medo. What have you been up to?"
  15. The cow couldn't help but smile at the curious opportunity. Perhaps the player had decided to take pity on a cow so weary about her lack of a proper wardrobe. As SIgrun, Halvard and Sunrise moved on, silver eyes kept a careful watch for any further scurrying. So far, they were in the clear. With the threat of vermin seemingly behind them She was about to inquire further, but then came that noise! Some unnatural screech, not as fierce as something from the homeland... "What on...?" She narrowed her gaze in the direction of the noise, "I think... it was... over... here." Each word was punctuated by a step. When the word 'here' was reached, Shiroi's drone might have sent a signal as now the golem was directly next to her leg, the camera's view taken up by the brown coat and black hoof right in front of it. It was a very tough spot, any movement away from her would surely alert the caribou to it's presence... a distraction would surely be ideal. The hoof moved only to be replaced by another, from the angle this hoof belonged to a hind leg. SIgrun was scolding herself a moment at her rudeness, since this curse befell her she'd been more keen to pursue things. Having not responded to miss Sunrise was already rude, "My apologies, Miss Sunrise... You ma--" Her mate had beaten her to the question. Putting two and two together SIgrun tried not to visibly blush as she dwelled on Halvard's thoughtfulness... "Have you Done much work for um... Non-equine clients, Miss Skies?"