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  1. To everyone involved, I'm sorry  I suddenly kind of dropped off the holiday threads for such a long time. This holiday season I was hit by a rush of work hours and food poisoning not long before. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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      Ouch, sounds awful.  I was lucky enough to miss the stomach bug that my family got shortly before Christmas.

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      feel better!!!!! hug!

  2. It had been quite some time since Bevel last saw Starlight Glimmer. If she recalled correctly the last time was back when she first crash landed in Ponyville and was awaiting assistance to get back to her true home: Aquellia. Several months had passed since then and many things had happened since, the stories about what glimmer had been up to honestly made the inventor hesitant to even bother her with this visit, she should probably keep things short. They hadn't spent much time together since that time the pale purple unicorn helped her clean out her ship's wreckage so long ago. Bevel took a deep breath through her nose outside the door of Starlight's room and knocked on the door, "Bonj-- er um Hello? Starlight It's Bevel gear from a while back."
  3. Generosity of Spirit (SPONSORED- Canterlot)

    Eventually Gearbox relented and was lead into the dance by the professor, despite the strange steps ad odd patterns gearbox managed to keep up fairly well (not counting an occasional stumble). As they went along to the festive music Gearbox's eyes scanned the horizon of the crowd, each spin giving him a new angle and still no serpentine creature in sight! A frustrated snort left the stallion before he looked back to his partner, "W-well.. it's a very complicated situation, Monsieur." he said with a slight blush as the dance drew on, "But yes... I am looking for Discord. He has something I very badly need is all..."
  4. Generosity of Spirit (SPONSORED- Canterlot)

    The stallion paused a moment, bringing up his own hoof so he could shake the offered one. It was a shame that seeking out discord couldn't be made easier, but he was here now and Starlight was telling always telling him that he needed get out and mingle more. "My name is "He said with a momentary pause between the two components to his name, " C'est un plaisir de vous rencontrer, Mlle Rarity: It's a pleasure to meet you." Not long after his introduction he felt a tug on his shoulder, the stallion arching a brow and looking over to the mysterious, slightly familiar looking stallion propositioning him to dance. "Professor Theory... Well, Sorry to say I'm looking for someone at the momen--" something occurred to Gearbox for a moment. What if following him was what Discord wanted him to do. Maybe it would be a fun blow to the spirit's ego if she spent some more time with this stallion here, "On second thought, I'm not too used to dancing like this... but I could certainly talk with ou for a time." Something of a half truth, Gearbox knew how to dance... in his old form. Now his legs were longer and his sense of balance was different, not the best state to be in for ballroom dancing.
  5. Generosity of Spirit (SPONSORED- Canterlot)

    The trip here had been embarassing enough. Having worked so hard with starlight to create that new swapping apparatus for her friend Dunder to help him better get used to the challenges in the change he was going to go through magically was done out of the kindness of Bevel's heart. Once it was all done she decided to finish up the touches on the emergency cancel switch in case 'Dunnie" or her needed to swap back in a pinch for any reason... Then a certain someone had to come along and steal the parts for a pocketwatch: A certain chaotic someone, in fact. So now Gearbox as he was calling himself was stuck in this unfamiliar yet somehow familiar body having to walk through Canterlot to hopefully find the spirit in possession of the parts for the device. Thankfully he had decided to come to Dunder to deliver the device for the test run, otherwise he would have been having to travel all the way from Aquellia to try and find the spirit of Chaos. Now that he'd arrived at the castle all he had to do was just find the blasted being. How hard could it be to find a long, noodly manifestation of chaotic magical energies? The gates to the castle were apparently open to the public so going right in was just what Gearbox did. At the center of a growing crowd was the familiar face of blueblood and if she recalled right one of Twilight's friend's. This was going to be an awkward encounter but Gearbox couldn't help but feel like it was like ripping of a bandaid (like the one on his nose): Best to do it quick and painless. Finding a part in the crowd the stallion slipped in and spoke up, "Um Excuse me. My prince... Miss Rarity. " His voice sounded off with a noticeable prench accent as he spoke, "Have either of you seen Discord? I've something very important to speak to him about."
  6. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    "Princess Luna!" Sigrun bowed her head, not as deeply as before though: She needed to spare her neck the strain of bowing all night. "Happy Hearthswarming, It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Would you be interested in attending the wedding between Halvard and myself? It will be a bit different from Equestrian weddings, but hopefully not to an alienating degree." Calder's apology brought a warm smile to the cow's lips,"I understand, Calder I was a bit shorter not before all..." She gestured to her appearance, "This happened." The slow ascent was also a confusing one as the furry cow was lifted up with the power of Twilight's magic. She'd heard of the violet princess' prowess with magic but this was an impressive feat! Being held up by magic though was not something she was terribly fond of given stories she'd grown up on:Ones of past wars with magic users and caribou who forgot their armor ending messily when they headed in a direction not unlike this predicament. Thankfully she was set back down not long after Twilight and Fluttershy accepted the invitation, "Right now It's being planned out for maybe three months from now? A marriage back home between two high ranking members of prominent clans is a very complicated event." "It will likely be held at the major keep of either Clan Breen or Askr. As for the date It hasn't been given a solid one just yet." Looking to Fire though she scooted closer just as the pony did, "Also it's actually 'Chieftain Sigrun' as much I'd love the title, I'm no queen."Swift squall... if she recalled that name correctly, he was one of the first ponies she'd met so long ago back when the rebels assisted on the sacking of the Crystal empire. Their first meeting could have gone better, but over time she considered him something of an ally. With a delighted smiled and gentle hug to her side, "I'd be honored to attend you're wedding as well, Miss Fire." And there was the stallion in question now! Arriving fashionably late and a bit eager for a scuffle it seemed, she admired the restraint he showed shortly after approaching her. "Perhaps I do... I have my suspicions and curiosities but it is beyond my ability to really investigate further."
  7. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Sigrun chuckled warmly at the young bull, "No need to apologize, Calder. I should be apologizing for startling you. I know I'm not the most soothing caribou to be around." An awkward smile crossed her muzzle. Even after all the time had passed since she'd gained her new appearance, Sigrun was still sensitive about it. She'd already come to the conclusion her son Limi didn't wish her to meet his bride because of it and with Calder's reaction... it seemed she could probably expect more of the same. It was her burden to bear in the end, but one she would carry with a smile. A smile that turned to a stifled chuckle at Calder's introduction to the 'Princess of clan Sparkle'. "Limi's Trial was a bit .. rough, but he pulled through. He's grown up a lot since you last saw him, currently he's been making his home in Long Guo. Apparently he's been making a good impression in most of the east. Hopefully it will make any trade dealings with them easier. As for my clan it has been recovering steadily from the attack by the Wraith organization and so far things have been alright. The only troubles we've been having is dealing with an increase in aggression from the Troll population." Sigrun smiled as Halvard finally offered up the invitation to the princess, "... and on the bright side Halvard and myself have decided to tie to the knot." Seeing the small dragon at the princess's side she leaned forward slightly to get a better look at spike after he spoke up, "As Halvard said, the invitation is for your princess and any who she would wish to invite. I hear that you're never far from her side, Little one. It would be a shame to rob Whitescar of your combined presence." As Halvard spoke to Fluttershy about his mate's allergies he received a gentle nudge to his side, "Just for that remark, the next time my nose starts to tickle I'll be aiming it right at you, My love." She scrunched up her muzzle a moment before she would nuzzle up against his cheek with a playful grin. Her head again lowered in greeting to another hero of Equestria, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Fluttershy. I've heard tales of your bravery and empathy, it is an honor to be in your presence." Sigrun blinked as a familiar face drew near through a crowd. It was growing difficult to keep track of so many when all they were doing was talking and offering gifts. The face she saw was definitely one she was pleased to see once again. She was beat to the punch in greeting the army mare, Fire Walker... and a with a title she definitely didn't expect to be called. She gave Her mate another nudge and smiled, "Did you hear that, Halvard? Queen Sigrun... it has a nice ring to it." She said with a playul smirk before she bowed her head in greeting to Fire, "It's good to see you again, Miss Fire. THank you again for your help in my clan's time of need... seeing as you're here: Would you be interested in attending the wedding between Halvard and Myself?"
  8. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Sigrun heaved a sigh despite the smile on her face, the cow walked up beside her beloved and planting a kiss on his now shiny cheek. "You're worrying yourself over nothing, My love. Now you're handsome -and- shiny." She smiled at him and looked down to Calder, offering her hoof to the young bull beneath her mate. Calder found the end of his nose lightly prodded by the chieftain's hoof, "I believe that's my mate you're hiding under, Need a hoof up?" A toothy, but slightly awkward smile punctuated her offer as she helped the bull up. Antlers were lowered carefully in a bow to the purple pony princess, "We're quite glad to have made it, Princess Sparkle. It's good to finally meet you after all that your fellow Princess Cadenza told me about you on my clan's last visit to the empire. You're town is quite the sight to behold and... the tower at the center is definitely eyecatching." Her head soon raised back up to reveal the smile on her muzzle, "Happy hearthswarming!"
  9. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Sigrun had to admit this visit had her feeling a bit nervous now that she was actually here. Things in Whitescar had calmed down, it seemed even the rebels were drawing back their attacks for the time being. Given the events of the last Gala she had bee worried that things may have soured since she'd last visited this land. Her worries seemed to be for naught though as she approached the town of Ponyville with her mate and his new apprentice: Calder. She'd heard many things about him from Halvard, some very good, others very tragic. Even with his heritage she was happy to give the young bull a pleasant first impression. Her own choice of outfit was a good compliment to Halvard's own. She wore a fine looking gown made of a rare fabric gifted to her family a long time ago. It was a flowing dress with a minor enchantment that allowed the hem of the garment to gain an ethereal appearance similar to shifting colors of an aurora when the fabric was rustled by any motion. On her back was a furred cloak the color of silver. What she felt was the most appropriately festive piece of her ensemble were the branches of holly and sprigs of mistletoe hanging off her antlers. When Halvard raised the very valid question as to what the giant crystal structure in the of town was Sigrun smiled and opened her mouth to speak. The burst of magical energy made her words catch in her throat. Without really thinking she hopped in front of younger bull as if trying to shield him from some attack! She braced and winced for impact.. but none came. One eye opened then the other, she looked to her hooves and noticed the crystalline sheen over her fetlocks. She looked over the rest of her form and then to Calder and Halvard, "Um... Sorry, old habits die hard I suppose." She looked over at her reflection in a nearby store window opening her mouth and seeing that even her teeth were affected! "Must be some festive magic... it's very impressive."
  10. Noodles make everything better (Closed, Pressy)

    At first Yanhua didn't quite recognize Feng's voice, she thought it was just some random guard drawn to the kitchen. Between the loud sizzling of her pan and the wavering of his voice she wasn't quite sure how to react. "Well um... Take a seat then and I'll serve something up, just close the door before you sit down so I don't attract anypony else." Like that she went back to the cooking, a blush growing on her cheeks at a palpable awkwardness that hung heavy in the air around her since the guard entered. Despite the feelings in the air, Yanhua continued to cook. Taking the handle of the skillet in hoof, "Any requests or things you want left out of your---" Then came the apology: in the voice she recognized. Realizing that it was in fact Feng in her kitchen right now truly shook her to her core. Without thinking she let her hoof drift over the handle then land on ... the hot rim of the pan. The mare let out a loud, more canine sounding yelp as she leapt back from the pan. Pain seared through her forepaw as she crashed against counter, cushioned by several long flowing ta-- tails? Such a shock of pain to her system forced her back into her true form! Before Feng could come into the kitchen and investigate she sealed up the door and shouted, "D-don't come in! I-I'll be out in a second. I'm fine!" The fox would need a couple seconds before she could re-assume her qilin form... and oh goodness the food! Again, without thinking, Yanhua got up and took the handle of the pan in her teeth to move it over to the un-powered magical burner.
  11. Going Home[Attn Pretzels and Steel]

    Ha! Like candy from a baby! Really this couldn't have gone better. As Toboe rushed off into the woods again, she made use of some subtle magic to keep the bowl's contents from sloshing while she ran. Soon enough she slowed her mad sprint into a calm stroll, sure she put enough distance between her victims and herself. The wolf soon came to a stop, nostrils flaring as she inhaled the delicious scent wafting from the bowl: a sweet, savory fragrance filling her nose. Indulging in this scent turned out to be a mistake in the long run... not that she noticed as another grumble came from her stomach. The scent of fresh food had managed to distract her from approaching scents. If she had been paying attention she might have sniffed out the ponies following along behind her. Toboe walked over to a large tree and sit down. A content smile curled the corners of her mouth as she settled in with this still warm dish. Steam raised up out of the dish, which was quickly taken in by her inhalations. Her paws came up and clapped together almost like a prayer before speaking up aloud, "Itadakimasu!" Just like that the wolf eagerly dug in, her muzzle thrust into the bowl as she devoured the meal before her. Bits of the flavorings and seasonings fell to the forest floor, leaving a treat for the ants, yet scaring most of them away as her tail rapidly thumped against the ground in her glee.
  12. Going Home[Attn Pretzels and Steel]

    Toboe was already salivating at the mere sight of the food as it arrived. Whatever these two tourists were talking about wasn't her concern, all she cared about was the cuisine delivered. Her keen nose twitched as she picked up the scent of noodles, from the smell it had eggs in it too... that meant protein. In the shadows of leaves in the forests's edge her tongue ran a lap over her lips. The wolf's body tensed up, limbs and back poised ready to pounce. Each second that the server's took to set down each plate was like torture to the hungry yokai, if she wasn't hidden from view one might have seen her trembling with anticipation. The moment those waiters left the table, Toboe Grit her teeth and the moment the words "Let's eat!" were spoke she leapt out from the woods. She was impressively nimble for her size. Wood groaned as the large canine landed upon the table, A wolf about the size of a larger pony growling loudly to try and get the two tourists to back away before she jumped to the other end of the table to seize one of the plates. This one was a bowl of noodles it carried the scent of eggs and peanut sauce. Once Toboe had it she would jump down from the table and loops around the one with rainbow mane and dash back for the forest's edge.
  13. Noodles make everything better (Closed, Pressy)

    It had been a long time since Yanhua had felt so genuinely scared before in this palace. The events seems to occur so fast. Her pouring her heart and soul into another meal, Qing sampling the food, Qing on her back and convulsing, ... and Feng making cries of foul play and poison. Being surrounded by guards instantly bringing up memories of the past. Armor clad guardians needed only to be replaced by Followers of the path and the image would have been perfect. Just the thought of that make the cook's heart hammer away inside of her chest. ... and produced a new tail for her as she lost her focus. When she noticed the waving splash of red in a hanging frying pan, Yanhua hurriedly hid away the illusion. Hoping to in some sense re-establish her territory, a restless Yanhua began making rounds around the kitchen at night, this place already smelled of all the things that brought her comfort: It was a perfect spot to relax. There were no rules against cooking so late in the evening so the royal cook did just that. No need for any gigantic banquet, some simple noodles would be fine. In no time at all the kitchen was awash in the succulent scent. While the ingredients prepared, Yanhua heaved a sigh as her mind again drifted to Feng. How could he cast suspicion so readily on her? She might not have revealed to him she'd known him for much longer than he thought, but ... she still thought that their friendship mattered something to him. Was she just a tool to get lunch when he'd forgotten it nowadays? Maybe his oath to the empress were as binding as he told her so often. If that was teh case what future did she really have in the palace? Cooking every day? She could do that in the wilderness. If she did go back to wandering she might even be able to learn more about the culinary arts too! She'd even be able to keep a great distance between her and the spiritual adviser too! Her thoughts were derailed though when she heard the doors open. Was someone still awake at this hour? The Mare raised up her head and sniffed at the air, smelling only the spices and savory aromas of her own work. A huff escaped her, she'd have to face whoever this was it seemed. "Um... Sorry to be up so late. If that's palace security I'd like to buy your silence with a meal if you don't mind."
  14. Going Home[Attn Pretzels and Steel]

    Out here in the wilderness Toboe had learned many things. How to mark trees, how to dig holes, how to scent out food, but the most powerful lesson she'd learned was this: The forest is AWFUL. If she had to admit she'd lost touch with her natural wolfishness having been raised by a rich family back in Polohama, she definitely would right now with no shame in her heart whatsoever. She missed the cozy, yet spacious apartment she had. The soft sofas, the hot meals, the family she was raised with, it was all miles away now and because that annoying noodle apparently couldn't just send her back she had to hike all the way back. She insisted to Nensho that she could make it on her own... in part because of her pride, but also because she only knew one disguise and she couldn't be seen like that this far out in the boonies where any old wannabe Yakuza could nab her up and be ransomed off. So, here she was. Walking through the forest trying to make sure she was heading the right way... she might have to swipe a compass soon at this rate. A loud grumble gave her pause. She was hungry again. Attempts to actively hunt for food out in these woods was not the type of pursuits she was used to. She knew the sights and smells of the lively city back home, but here? It was green in almost every direction, her nose was confounded and occasionally irritated by all these new and unfamiliar scents and she always found herself looking over her shoulder with the feeling she might be being watched by something. There had to be some simpler way to get something in her belly. The her nose twitched. Eyes widened and the wolf lifted up her head, taking several deep sniffs of the air. Noodles! That was a smell she could definitely recognize. She could also recognize the smell of vegetables. If she remembered right more than a few of those scents carried protein. The wolf quickly padded off through the woods in hot pursuit of the tantalizing aroma. Soon enough her nose brought her to the forest's edge... close to a noodle shop! Not many patrons. Seemed to be only two ponies here. Both had the unmistable scent and demeanor of tourists from over the ocean waves. That one with the rainbow pattern mane... she looked sort of familiar. Wherever she saw her from though, it couldn't have been that important. The hungry wolf stayed hidden in the shadows of the brush, eyes the patrons carefully. It seemed the blue-- well the mostly blue one had just put down a menu. That means the server would be coming and soon her food would too. A simple plan was formed: Jump on the table when the food comes, take the dish, run away past the front door of the shop. If the owner saw her it meant he might note the tourists incident and given them a free dish on the house. For now... she could only watch though.
  15. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    You haven't made a character for this yet, but you're entirely welcome to!