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  1. thought id say hello! Not that many active people on here much, kinda stink but im still looking about! n.n

    1. Pretzelparty


      A lot are hanging out more on discord lately. XD I'm still trying to keep a rpesence ont eh site but it can be kind tough with all the real life stuff going on lately. 


      It's nice to meet you though :)

    2. CallosSombra


      hahah heard that i go on discord sometimes though i do enjoy the site a bit more for rp though i guess if i wanted to start one on discord all id have to do is add them and pm them xD


      And ty n.n

  2. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Oh! Very nice! A thousand times approved, Switchback! I only ask that you put Prop's app in this same format for the AU application area!
  3. A Test of Will (Closed)

    The very tired cow couldn't muster up any words to respond to Brann's stinging comments. Her body was too winded, her legs too sore... the only response she could manage was a deep breath and an angered snort that seemed to produce small ribbons of steam from her nostrils. After she had done so she would Sigrunblushed beneath her thick coat and rested her chin the crown of her son's head, a tired smile coming to muzzle while the young bull cried into the fluff of her neck. Her injuries still ached but the feeling of warmth from her son gave her comfort. Sigrun pulled up one of her forelegs to wrap it around Limi's side, a sniffle heard above his head as his mother cried softly above him. While she couldn't say it now, she could honestly say she was so relieved he had stayed. Throughout all of this she had been scared that, Limi might shun her for daring to help him in this test so that it might go smoothly. To have this resolution occur, was bringing tears to even the chieftain's eyes. Another sniffle later and she would hug her son weakly to her after he said his goodbyes to Brann... even now she felt somewhat jealous she couldn't say such a thing to him. Many moments passed, silence among the snow broken by cawing of crows above. She smiled, relieved to see Limi's friend getting back up... although he was clearly injured and bleeding. What little strength she had in her hoofs was soon beginning to be put in use as Sigrun drug a cloven tip through the snow. Runic letters were formed in crude sentence structure. We... Go ... home ... All. She tried to gesture to chipper, a subtle, wordless command to come back home with them.
  4. The painter winced as she was Pathfinder fake fumble with the scroll. With each bounce of the sacred text Presteza's horn flicked on to be ready to catch it in case it looked like the worst may happen. A sigh of relief escaped her freckled muzzle as she caught the scroll when it was tossed back to her, holding it close like a newborn foal before she slipped it carefully up into her bags, "I really hope Yue'll talk ta me again once all this is done." If there was anything she could count on her adventure loving friend, it was not letting quiet last too long. "Hm..." Presteza thought for a few moments, "Well there were some stories about tribes of barbarian Taotie who've been stalking the border for a while... so we might need to deal with them." It rally had been a long time since the Trottingham painter had been on one of these types of adventures. This long trip up the mountain was getting her a little winded, not panting, huffing and covered in sweat winded, but lagging a little bit behind her friend type of winded. Presteza did manage to eventually catch up to Pathfinder just as she was urged to come in closer. Pathfinder's question was easy enough for her to answer, "I say we stick together for now... Not even sure who we're dealing with yet." SHe said in a hushed tone in case anyone might be listening or sneaking up behind them.
  5. My Unicorn Rubble Rose is working on furthering her magical education and is planning on taking a place in ponyville since its more her speed than Canterlot is. She wouldn't mind a room-mate and since she was an EPIC member too she'd be more than happy to help her out in some small way. I'm also working on a magizoologist from Dodge junction who'd be really excited to live with a changeling, but he's not been apped yet.
  6. Hanabi rubbed her nose with her paw as she glared at the foul smelling piles before her. No reaction from any of them... Maybe it was the wrong group? The fox gave a snort of annoyance and turned around to poke gingerly as some other piles of leaves and forest refuse. Little did she know there was an adorable bundle of longma creeping up from behind! Just as she reached the little colt managed to pounce right on her back, making the oversize fox jump high up in the and make her tail shoot out straight and fluff up! When she came backe down she was holding herself up on four seperate piles with all her legs spread apart and her back arched with feng still clinging to it. The nervous fox gagged at the wretched scent beneath her and smiled back at her little friend, "Um... Feng... could you please get back to the clean land and grass and um... help me out so I don't need a bath?" She asked in an almost pleading tone.
  7. A smirk came to got's muzzle upon Ochiru's response, "Nothing wrong with something to drink before you're brought to your eventual fate. I'll see what I can arrange once you're behind bars." While the group of outlaws made their way down the passage Goto listened to Nosk's thoughts on his previous statements. He made good points about how some might like keeping a yokai as a pet, but despite the company he kept, Goto didn't really put it past many ponies of doing something foolish or mean spirited for the sake of some pretty bauble or trinket. Some of his distant relatives lost tails to poachers in the not too distant past, some getting even worse no matter how sweet or gentle their owners could be. Hearing Nosk's kinda-sorta warning about 'terrible things' happening to such fools who'd lay a hoof on beings like Miss Ochiru brought up a small, sly grin from the ring tailed bandit. The stallion chuckled knowingly as they neared the cages,"Now isn't that ominous..." For a moment Goto's ear's perked up at the mention of stew, eyes sparkling with hope until he realized it was only part of the plan. It took a bit of effort not to join the scrambling bandits on reflex before they all went out the door. One faint rumble from his stomach could be heard while Jin listened up against the door... until she gave the okay. "Right away, Boss." Said the stallion, a smile steadily growing across his face as he looked over the various knots alongside his cohort. The knots around the two captives seemed to gradually grow slack until they were just loose enough to wiggle out of. "Sorry about the threatening 'suggestions' back there. Had to make it look good, You know? Once you're both out of here let's actually see about getting you both a drink."
  8. It was always nice to hear enthusiastic questions from somepony like pocket. Back when all the poaching of his kinda had started up Taira set up the mist himself as more of his kin disappeared, a sort of magical protective barrier that would turn away most of those who entered the mountain range without his permission. It was still able to be bypassed by the most skilled of mages but doing so took time and energy to part without his notice. Now that he had a family to look after the old wolf had put some more magical mojo into the mists that protected his home but it tended to turn away only those who meant harm to his territory: Ponies like yokai hunters, or someone seeking to take something from the place. As their guide reflected inwardly he realized his introspection left a pregnant pause between the question and his awaited answer, "Ah... Well you see. The head of the pack who lived here -the locals called him Ookami no Taisho- put up the mists to protect his territory not long after the hunting of yokai became more... vigorous. If you walk in to the mist on your own without the proper spell to clear a path you could find yourself wandering for days in a thick fog for what seems like miles only to come out where you entered. Wild animals and those who are simply lost seem to be able to get through it though." Taira looked to Nensho with a smile, "Indeed he didn't , he didn't actively destroy the landscape but the legends say the trees twisted and gnarled while he made his home here at least until he was driven out. I think there are some old painting of the battle back in the shrine actually."
  9. Frozen Adventures of the Frozen North (closed)

    " Ah was born in Equestria actually." Aria responded with hint of pride in her voice, "My Ma and Pa raised me around ponies and Ah even got a big sister back home." She looked down over her legs and the holes therein, "Ta be honest the're not that big of a issue. Sometimes i a stiff breeze comes by while Ah'm flying Ah can hear a whistling comin' through 'em though!" Aria felt that Kappi's comments might be overly harsh, but then again she knew nothing of Neighpon beyond what was in travel brochures. Aria cleared her throat, "Ah don't know much o' Nensho's homeland but I think it's mighty rude to criticize someone's homeland just after meeting them, Mister Kappi."
  10. Savage (Ready)

    AGain sorry for the wait its been a busy weekend for me. Alright, I think Savage is in a passable state, I just think you should be wary of teh type of stories you'll want him involved in. Given the somewhat mature and extreme motif i see for him you might be best in Whitescar!
  11. Savage (Ready)

    Sorry for the wait! Anyway, the cutie mark story is required for the applcation. If you want to roleplay in the main threads you'll need to come up with something. And if you wish to come up with more of his story by adding characters to his past that is fine but try to focus on his reactions and feelings to their contributions to his life.
  12. Savage (Ready)

    Hello hello! Nice to meet you, Phoeberia! Only a couple things about this guy we should take care of and then you can be free to play with us! First off, I'd say Savage's history here is on the short side, wouldn't you think? Try to expand a bit on this if you could. Most importantly he needs his cutie mark story. Also, is there any particular reason he needs to eat meat?
  13. FM Eddy[ready]

    OK! I think we're all set! I hope you have fun with us!
  14. FM Eddy[ready]

    Okay! I think this looks good. One more request though is if you could change the title of this post to you character's name and 'Ready' in brackets! Then we're all done here. Just need to click on the edit link on your first post then change the title and then I can give you a stamp I believe.
  15. FM Eddy[ready]

    Hello there, Riddleofsteel! I've just taken a look at your app and it's a good start, but you really need your cutiemark story and the character's history added to it. It's also a bit easier to get a handle on a character if the app is written in third person rather than first. To help you along I'll point you to our handy Application form.