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  1. "A... family reunion? What? you mean Nensho-san and I?" The wold in the tree tilted her head as she let the fish fall to the branch beneath her and limply drape over its length, "I don't know who else you're talking about. Actually, Who in Neighpon are you supposed to be?" The mention of family was very confusing, the only known family she had was the one who adopted her back in Polohama. Supposedly she had real parents out there in the wide world, but she had no idea how she would even find them and if they were even around they apparently didn't wish to scent her out. If there was anyone else she could consider family it certainly couldn't be that orange coated foreigner over with th-- wait? Was that Okami? The actual model Okami? She'd seen his face on a few billboards back home. He was admittedly handsome but she knew next to nothing about him beyond that and his odd choice in moniker. Now that she thought about it, she'd have to wonder if he'd seen what she looked like before she reverted to her true form. Seeing as she was sure noone knew who she was out here, the reason she'd decided to stick to a wolf form was she didn't want word to get out from any rival gangs that her more commonly known face was out in the open and away from her territory. If some random Yokai popped up in the boonies than it surely couldn't cause that much of a stir, less so if she stuck to this more subdued look. Fr now, Toboe could only hope that a glimpse at her pony form as she fell wouldn't be enough that he could recognize her again if he was ever in her neck of the woods. With a nimble leap, Toboe rturned to the ground. Her eyes were still dead set on discord as she moved in closer to the model and the foreigner, They'd already seen her slap a god in the face with a fish and yelling: Further conversation couldn't hurt. "So..." She looked to the two equine, "Are both of apparently long lost relatives of mine as this fake long is saying, or just some random passersby? Either way, Do you have any idea why -it- wanted to drag me away from my home?"
  2. When she was young, Presteza did not have many friends to speak of. Being raised by a rich, noble family meant she was to be protected. Being from a family of mages meant plot-loads of studying. Memorizing, formulating, and coddling were all too common occurrences during her own foalhood. During the occasional excursion from the manor, the young filly would often stop by the schoolhouses in trottingham and watch the other ponies playing during recess... before she was inevitably shuffled off by a butler or maid that was sent to escort her. When she'd learned about this little project for the foals and fillies of ponyville, Presteza decided to offer up some money to the project with the permission of her family of course. ... Seeing the results though, well: She couldn't say she didn't see care go in the design and crafting of this facility. She rather liked the arts and crafts room, but then again that was more or less her natural habitat. Just looking at this expensive place made her wonder, a single question poised high in her mind: Is this too much? Not just from a monetary standpoint, but in terms of space. Were there even enough foals in Ponyville to justify such a building? Ponyville was definitely a bustling place but for a project like this and with the money behind it she thought maybe Manehattan or Canterlot could possibly use something like this more with their impressive populations in comparison. The security systems were top notch too, while she could understand the desire to defend the young ones from harm... any threats that came to Ponyville were usually weekly or even monthly with the princess and her friends wrapping up the problem with no casualties in about thirty minutes or less. This seemed a bit much. Still, even with these issues: The place was here. She had volunteered to come along with Blueblood for this inspection given her own involvement: She'd made her bed, now she must lay in it. "Even a functionin' democracy can have... missteps. Sometimes a whole lot've expensive missteps." She said as she let her sight wander around the Foyer. A certain stallion caught her eyes that made her flinch. Inkbrand. She couldn't say she'd had a very good history with that stallion. Her coltfriend wasn't on good terms with him either... on some level though she would like to put the past behind them. "I gotta say I can agree with tha' sentiment... " The painter looked to a panel on the wall and her jaw dropped, "... A magitech laser tripwire system?! I can understand the 'hole 'the foals are our future' mindset, but...It's a daycare center. No' the Manehattan bank."
  3. whitescar

    Sigrun's continuious trudge... continued against the snow was growing more and more taxing. Limping through the wastes with a broken leg and keeping her eyes dead center on her goal was growing more and more exhausting, but she couldn't let herself get caught: Not by Limi, the Jarl, or the undead and monsters that stalked these horrid lands. She needed to get home and congratulate Limi even if it would take her last living breath to do so! Even with her intervention in the events, she had not helped him capture the flower or kept him from going through any trials there that were foreign to this area: such as his brother's abduction attempt. It was getting colder, and all around her the only sound she could hear was just the hushed sounds of her hoof meeting the snow. The brown pillars that were the despoiled trees spread out in all directions around her. All the fighting she had done earlier drained Sigrun of a great deal of vigor, and the injury she'd sustained was making it harder and hard to keep going. Her eyes were growing heavy with each step of the way as the fatigue set in. She would make this trip... She would see Limi again... She would greet him with an embrace at the end of this taxing trial... *thump* Or would she? The cow had fallen, her cloak draped over body as she lay huffing in the snow. She hardly had the strength to move, yet she tried to pull herself farther until finally she had passed out from the exertion.
  4. Life for Bevel Gear had been a series of highs and lows... lately though it seems that the highers were getting higher and the lows were getting considerably less frequent. New friends had been made, weight had been lost, and inspiration had been achieved. Some of her newer friends wound up being quite the characters in their own right: Some chaotic, some studious, and others only mildly eccentric. She had a certain swordstallion to thank for her newly acquired fitness along with his lovely fiance (at least at the time). As for her reasons for gaining some new inspiration and pep in her step, well, there were three influences there at least: Two of them being beings that Celestia herself by name. Speaking of the sun princess... Later in the day, Bevel found an invitation in the mail from her. Back when she'd first gotten her mark, Bevel had attended her school in canterlot: hoping to find out more about her perceived magical gifts. The inventor had expected that maybe she was trying to get in contact with her to involve her in some sort of magitech training course, but instead the letter contained just some simple instructions, a location, and a time to arrive there at. So hush hush! So Mysterious! She was going. With the help of a friend, Bevel soon arrived at the designated location. The mist surrounded her as she moved through it, a map held in front of her face as she moved closer and closer to the designated coordinates. "Hmm... I'm sure this is the right spot. So far nothing but mist thoough, a little odd for this climate." The mare mumbled to herself as she walked through the clouds, I'm sure it's here somewher-oof!" Just as she was lowering the map her snout wound up colliding with some orange symbol. Bevel paused and poked the surface with her hoof. It was soft. She took a step back and noticed it was a sun. The surface it was emblazoned on was a slightly fuzzy off white pink. Where had she seen this before? Her eyes slowly drifted up to notice some wings... rather long legs attached to what she bumped into and several other creatures present. There was a weighty silence before a blush spread over the inventor's face and she slowly placed one hoof behind the other and carefully backed up. Her eyes were wide and slightly panicked as it dawned on her what she'd just done. As she moved back she would meekly mutter to the familiar face of Blueblood. "Um... Bonjour, Your Highness." She extended a hoof out to the griffin, "Bevel Gear, It's a pleasure." After she'd done so, the mare bowed deeply and asked in rather desperate and speedy cadence, "Pleasepleasepleasedon'tsendmetothesun! I'm deeply and truly sorry! S'il vous plait pardonné moi pour mes infraction!"
  5. I would like to involve Presteza in this topic as one of the adults!
  6. Name: Yanhua Sex: Female Age: Appears as a young adult Species: Yokai (Nine-Tailed Fox) Eye Color: Lavender, but is rarely seen. Coat: Off white cream Mane & tail: A lively orange red with streaks of green and some white tips. Usually wears it in a swirling style. Her tail has a bow tied to it with a curious ball attached to it. Physique: Most times takes the appearance of a lithe and sleek looking qilin mare. In her true form she is a fox about the size of an average mare i terms of height, who is seen surrounded by varying amounts of foxfire hitodama and waving nine, long, flame producing tails. Residence: Imperial Palace Occupation: Head Chef Cutie Mark: A frying pan with a hitodama in it. Unique Traits: Hoshi no Tama: As a fox yokai, Yanhua is never seen without a glowing jewel at her side. This orb at least when she is shapeshifted, contains a vast portion of her magical power. If it is separated from her then over time she will lose all of her magical capabilities and appear increasingly ill to the point the point she is no different than a common fox. If someone steals her ball, she will do just about anything to see it returned. Cooking Skill: You don't get to be as old as Yanhua is without learning a thing or two. Her appreciation for the food of Long Guo gave way to a desire to learn how to prepare some herself. Thanks to her long life she has been able to practice fairly often in her downtimes... and apparently cooking with Foxfire makes things taste quite unique. Foxfire: Having been taught from a young age how to use the wispy, magical flames of yokai by her parents, Yanhua is a talented and well disciplined user of this unusual magical flame. While the extent of what she can do with it is known only to herself and perhaps other Yokai around her age, she's been using it primarily to cook food in the imperial palace as it allows her to adjust the temperature of the flames at will and instantaneously. Shapeshifting: While Fox yokai back home are considered natural shapeshifters, Yanhua is not necessarily a master of it. She is able to maintain an equine form for long periods of time so long as it has some resemblance to her actual form. Maintaining the form of another pony, qilin, or longma is a different story as over time certain traits from her natural form will start to peek out if she loses concentration. A decent example of that being her Tails poofing out behind her when she's startled or frightened. Yokai Magic: As a yokai, Yanhua is fully capable in performing all the various forms of magic as other yokai, such as levitation, and illusion magic among other skills. Senses: Possesses an impressive sense of sense of smell, capable of even sniffing out magical signatures. As a fox she also has very sensitive hearing as well as the ability to see in the dark. History: Long ago under a sky full of fireworks, a Fox was born. Her parents named her Hanabi no Mikoto. This young Yokai proved a handful even during her early youth: A troublemaker at her core, but a curious one. Her young days were full of romps with her siblings and the theft of treats from the natives of Neighpon. All throughout her life though she had wondered what it was like to the east, especially after those interesting dragonhorses started showing up more and more often in her family's neck of the woods. In search of new things to occupy her Interest, Hanabi would travel farther to the east along with some other Yokai with motives like herself. Her journey to get there brought her in contact with more than a few other breeds of Yokai on the way until she finally reached the shore of Long Guo. Here she wandered all around the country, getting a feel for it's culture, it's citizens, and most importantly their cuisine! Using her shapeshifting, Hanabi would over time learn the language of the Long and spend more time around some the more promising young chefs of early Long Guo. Eventually though she couldn't occupy her time with only the food of this country, she began to go out and into the countryside. One day during a drought She saw smoke rising from the fields of a village, A wildfire was hardly any good for anyone, so the fox intervened and used some magic in her true form to assist calming the blaze until it died. The Villagers had an... unexpected response to this: She was named their field's guardian spirit. She might have corrected them, but the enticing offer of food, drink, and other nice things compelled her to stay. So she did. For several generations She protected the crops, and was given tribute at a small shrine that still stands in the area. Over time though, the villagers would come less and less. It turned out that they were moving on from the fields and as their land opened up to trade with the larger world, they had begun a lucrative business of Silk trading and production. Once her shrine fell into disrepair, Hanabi figured it was time she left to her next adventure. She still makes the occasional trip to that Shrine to see how it's holding up in her absence. The next part of her life was not the happiest, honestly. One day during a nap, some ambitious lord had managed to steal her Hoshi no Tama. When she woke his demands were that she protect his palace from intruders as long as he ruled it. Facing the prospect of losing her valuable orb, Hanabi agreed to the terms. This Ambitious lord proved a thorn in the side of the empire for a not insubstantial amount of time, mostly due to her protection of his base of operations. Messing with intruder’s sense of direction, bewitching and confusing h them, scaring them off with horrifying images. It was quite a bit of fun, even under these undesirable circumstances. Thankfully her time eventually ended when she was outwitted and freed by some shadowy order during a daring raid on the lord’s palace. She didn’t stick around long enough to face any consequences for her assistance of this lord and paid little mind to the watch and moved on. Now free to roam a slowly changing Long guo, Hanabi simply continued her habits of observing and following famous cooks across the land. One day, she heard such an interesting rumor. The emperor of this kingdom was hosting a remarkable banquet the likes of which had never been seen before. This was far too good to pass up! One of cooks in Long Guo she’d never heard of before was even coming. As luck would have it, the bride of the emperor’s carriage was going to be passing by her neck of the woods too. The fox hatched a devious plot. When the empress came by she caught her attention with some magical conjured lights in a forest of Bamboo. The Empress told her guards that she would be back in a moment and after going past the thick forest’s edge… she returned unharmed if a bit cheery looking. In reality Yanhua had simply magicked the empress away to the house of a lesser known nobleman. It would take at least a day for word to reach the emperor about that, so she hopped on board the carriage and made her way with the guards, all bewitched and bringing her to the dinner. When she got there, the guests and the emperor were a bit put off by her rather… aggressive eating. Hanabi was having the time of her life all throughout despite some of the looks from the guests, but it seemed that one of the dishes was a bit too spicy for her senses to handle. Her guise was dropped and in the dining hall sat a qilin sized fox with nine tails. She was immediately subdued by the emperor’s spiritual advisor of all things! Left bound she told them where she had left the empress and could only watch sadly as the final course of the feast escaped her field of vision. Seeing as the empress was unharmed, any particularly serious punishments were decided against. This slight against the emperor however couldn’t just be let go though, so the advisor and emperor settled on a sealing spell. They brought the bound Yaojing out to a forest far out in the mountains, not far from a small settlement. Through their magic they bound her to this small forest, unable to leave it’s immediate area for the foreseeable future. Days turned to weeks turned to years… Hanabi was left on her lonesome in these woods with her magic weakened and only able to talk and weave minor illusive magics. The only things she found to occupy her time was time mess with the inhabitants of the village who came by… and even then eventually they just stopped coming. Her only contact would often be the monks sent by the advisor to renew the seal on her forest every twenty years… then there was a colt. This little longma went by the name of Feng and he was something of a troublemaker in his village. That was something Hanabi could relate to. Rather than frighten the little colt off she would slowly get to know and converse with him. She learned many things about his life, and even was a sympathetic ear for him on an occasion. She looked forward to every visit, often darting to the forest edge if she even suspected he was approaching. Although soon his visit became more spaced out when he got a mark on his backside. On his last visit he said he had decided to join the ‘imperial watch’ and that this meant he’d have to stop coming by. Hanabi’s pride wouldn’t allow her to admit how sad this made her, instead she just cheered him on and wished him the best of luck! On their last goodbye, The fox was left again on her one. Time passed, and she realized something. She was alone… where was the monk? They should have been here by now. She thought maybe they’d come in and applied the seal again while she was with feng… but the seal had fallen into disrepair and with enough of her magic free to use she escaped her bounds and rejoiced! First thing to do was to find Feng. Well, that wasn’t the first thing to do. The first thing she needed to do was come up with a disguise that wouldn’t take much effort to keep up. She eventually settled on something a bit resonant with how she normally looked. She came up with a qilin form that she could interact with the rest of the village with and asked around if they knew where he might be. The imperial academy was her best bet. She snuck in and saw that Feng had grown quite a bit since she’d last saw him. He was about a teenager now and training to be part of the watch. On one of his trips out of his training camp he attended a festival. At this Festival, Hanabi re-introduced herself… in a way. She actually introduced herself to him as Yanhua (the Long Sun’s word for fireworks). Since then she wound up becoming a close friend to him all over again. In her absence Feng had fallen for none other than a prospective empress. SOmething about this news made her feel a bit… downtrodden, but again she wished him the best, but rather than saying goodbye like last time. She volunteered to help him out in his work in the watch in a small way, She made him lunches! Using her foxfire and accumulated cooking knowledge over the ages she was able to cobble together some delicious meals. When he first tried it he asked if she was a chef in her downtime and in a bout of nervousness she blurted out yes… then immediately began working to make that lie a truth. There was no rule about using magical flames to cook food… and exhaling foxfire like the longma or qilin’s dragonbreath was easy to trick others with. The world of cooking turned out to be a surprisingly cutthroat profession as she learned about it. Recipes needed to be kept secret, sometimes chefs would steal from each other. In the interest of making her word to Feng true, she pushed onwards and soon wound up running the kitchen in the imperial capital of Haungjing Around the time the old palace chef retired, something happened that left Yanhua speechless. The Long sun dynasty approached her and requester her to be the top chef for the palace for the divine empress Yu Yue and Prince Lian Mei. Hoping to get to know the mare that Feng had become so smitten with… she accepted. Up to now this is the story of Yanhua. Personality: Yanhua is a playful, mildly excitable, loyal, a dutiful if occasionally flippant cook. She can sometimes push her luck with certain etiquette being disregarded or encouraging her staff to relax and be flexible so as to prepare dishes quickly and make changes as needed. Those under her care are often treated well so long as they can mind a joke or a prank once in awhile. Among those she takes the most seriously are the empress, the prince, Feng and Qing. While her kind are notorious tricksters across long Guo, Neighpon, and parts of Polyneighsia, even Yanhua has a sense of honor: A major aspect of her personality and nature is an inability to break a promise or attempt to try it. No matter who she owes a debt to, she will work tirelessly to pay it off in any way she possibly can. This even applies to promises made under negative circumstances such as blackmail, in those circumstances she can and will take advantage of the perpetrator’s exact words or vagueness in terms in order to find a way to make it backfire upon them. Thanks to being sealed for as long as she was, Yanhua is practically terrified of the idea of ever being bound again. In order to avoid this fate, she is very skittish and wary around any powerful, knowledgeable sages of the Harmonious path… and is known for avoiding the spiritual advisor anytime he is nearby the kitchen in the palace. Around others, Yanhua is almost always smiling and tends to have her eyes constantly closed. Exceptions are made during times of celebrations and cheer, in which case she will only open one eye slightly. Despite this trait she is apparently able to see things perfectly fine and perform her cooking tasks very well. Nostalgia is a trait that comes to Yanhua easily. On her time off she’s known to often visit some old places such as a village with a booming silk trade that goes on to this day, an old, run down shrine on its outskirts, and the old mountain village where feng grew up… to throw stones at the forest edge. Now that she has been freed from her confinement again she is interested in one day visiting long guo to see if any of the old yokai she knew are still around.
  7. IN order to deal with this cold, Aria had made sure to dress to preserve her body heat perfectly. Every inch of the changeling was covered in thick winterwear. The thick coat she had on covered her entire head to the point that when viewed head on. It almost looked like there was a void in her parka with only two lavender lights floating in the shadows. It wasn't easy dealing with the cold for such a creature! "Mah stories not too different from this fellas." She gestured to Nensho, "Except Ah'm from Dodge Junction and Not Neighpon... Ah don't work at private security, but I do know a thing 'r two 'bout patching decent folks up! So, Here Ah am! Nice ta meet y'all. Name's Aria."
  8. From the album The Character Bin

    Just as the title says! App Will come soon!
  9. "Well how what do you in your downtime, Corva-san! Surely a pretty bird... lion, like yourself has plenty of things to keep herself busy!" This was a curious case she had to admit. She had one of Da Jian-ya's own workers in her place already and she was a quite the inquisitive little bird she was. There were perks to having such individuals like her on board with certain jobs. Back when she started she had to be curious, sniffing around in the dirtier parts of polohama. Tugging at strings until they turned out to not be strings, but tails of rats in the organization. Toboe couldn't help but wander if this griffin may carve out a similar role for herself in the employ of her old friend. ...and speak of Sombra. "Well, Well, Well! Look who wandered in all Dark and ominous!" The Bartender grinned a moment and waved the qilin over, "Good to see you again, Jian! Take a seat and I'll fix you up whatever you desire!"
  10. Not much to say besides.... Daww...
  11. neighpon

    A small smile came to the trainer as she looked around the table and the suite the party was in, "Well, I can assure you that you already seem to have a good grasp of the basic concepts of it." Her eyes came to the drink before her, the singing around her and the very fact they were in a karaoke box, "It wouldn't be too surprising that this was a rare occurrence for you. Even if I don't know all that much about the political situation, I know that running a country probably doesn't leave many chances for relaxation." Hoshi took another sip of her drink , her ears perking at the mention of apple bourbon, <"Could I try some of that after you, Sanda-Sama?"> Hibana's singing and the song she was matchign to made the trainer sway slightly in her seat, faintly humming along to the music as if she knew it by heart already. She'd actually gotten to hear this song a few times back with her crew. One of her friends there having shown her the manga that inspired it to which Hoshi could only describe as "Bizarre but fascinating". When song ended, a slightly tipsy Hoshi would give her fellow trainer a slightly subdued cheer. It was noticeable in that she stood up for a few moments before sitting back down. "That was great, Hibana-san! You're as great a showmare as when I first saw you in the dome!" Seeing that Limi was up next, Hoshi looked over to the machine and then to their caribou visitor. "Maybe we could change the settings on the machine to Equestrian and not neighponese. Would that make it a bit easier for you?"
  12. Bevel cleared her throat a moment, "Ah, Tres Bien. I'm sure you'll find someone who will prove a better dance partner and in less dangerous circumstances." She said with a sigh of relief. The prench pony bit her lip and took a deep breath to calm her nerves in this cramped little elevator while it descended. As much as she wouldn't want to admit it, Bevel enjoyed that previous dance. It was an exhilarating experience. Sharing it with a young colt though felt a little odd, even if he was approaching stallionhood. Applejack's excitement was more easily noticeable despite the warning, surely brought on by her experience. This device was curious, a light beam type of puzzle? Maybe if she'd brought some mirrors there could have been a way to fool with this. Seeing as Bevel didn't carry such things for this trip they'll have to stick to the path the ruins presented them with. "So She need to try and bring all the lights together into one... Sounds easy enough I Zhink. I'll... try for the one above. I know a spell that can at least soften my fall in case something goes wrong."
  13. Huh. Didn't see that coming: a griffin as her first customer? Could be worse. She seemed relaxed enough and not the type to cause trouble. Then again one could never fully tell from the youngsters of this generation. Either way, not a bad start to a business day. "One Beer, huh? Will any type do, Miss?" The bartender crouched down behind her counter and reached into the mini-fridge out of view. She had made sure to keep a decently diverse collection of brews frosty for the occasion. If Corva did decide any would do she would just grab a can and bring it up to the counter. Seems this day was full of surprises, Toboe hadn't expected to be asked so bluntly about the details of her relationship with "The boss". Especially right out the gate at the start of her stay here, but here the question had been posed. "Well... putting it simply. I'm an old friend. Surely you've got something more interesting to talk about to an old mare like me. For starters, how about you tell me your name." The bartender asked, punctuating her question with a smile.
  14. The preparations were finally done with. Tasteful pictures were arranged, the lighting was subdued but functional, countertops were properly buffed and dusted to new perfection… it was time to open up. The overall look of the establishment could be well described as ‘sleek’ with polished lacquer surfaces on the bar itself and neatly arranged tables as well. Sofa chairs were neatly placed around the room, a perfect place to relax and simply breathe in the atmosphere. Behind the counter was a slightly scruffy looking earth pony wearing a pair of jet black sunglasses. She wore a simple bartender’s outfit: Black vest, bow tie, and a dress shirt. Her mane was a shade darker than her natural khaki-ish coat but the various tips of the feather semi mullet look she carried were ended with a series of neon blue tips as if she’d carefully dipped each messy stray lock on her head in some dye. “It’s … definitely different setting up a place like this on my own. Back home at least I’d have some over eager volunteer to carry and set up some things. Ancients know the kid sure is barely any help except on the weekends.” A glass in front of her was being polished rather thoroughly by a clean towel that soon drifted beneath the bar counter, “... I really am homesick. I’m talking to myself. Good grief.” The business that had brought Toboe here was proving more difficult than she’d thought it would. Babysitting a colt turning stallion for a few months didn’t seem like such a bad idea when she first accepted but already he was getting to be a hassle. She’d given her word to his mother though, and going back on your word (even for someone in her line of work) wouldn’t look good for business or her personal honor. Still, a helping hoof once in awhile would be nice if he wasn’t out at all hours of the night. Thankfully she knew he couldn’t get in too much trouble with the deal she’d struck with an old friend of hers. “Well. Not much else to to do but open up.” A click came from the front door as they unlocked. A sign outside of the small establishment soon lit up. ‘Howler’s Den. Open for Business’ Illuminated by the aforementioned sign there was a small preview menu of the various things that they sold here in addition to alcohol. SImple foods were on the menu, mostly of Neighponese origin but some native to the city. It seemed the shop also held several varieties of coffee from across the globe, and seemed to have a special that paired up with curry of all things. Certain workers or a certain may have heard of this bar’s offer to those in his employ: Drinks would be half off. On the front door there was a sign listing some conditions for the patrons must abide by. No strong odors, colognes, or perfumes were to be brought worn or sprayed in here. Patrons are to stay only in the bar area and not enter the kitchen or back rooms without the bartender’s approval. No fighting, if you have to take it outside. A smooth, jazzy melody played on some speakers arranged around the room. Something calming and welcoming to the customers and set up at a volume where it could be noticed but not intrude or distract from the conversation. At the first ring of the bell on the door Toboe spoke up in a pleasant but slightly husky voice, “Irrashaimase! What can I get you?”
  15. "Well I can't very well spoil it for you if it is... either way, there are times when my brain needs a break. I used to read a lot of picaresque fiction back when I was younger before the move." The mare gav another flinch as the beautician worked away at her hooves, "And It's Star Crusader, actually." The mare reached looked to Fire and squall again, "So you two will help me get into better shape?... I suppose it couldn't hurt to try." Bevel's feelings on Aquellia were still somewhat mixed. Regardless of how things turned out changing her, the fact couldn't be ignored that this place had been home for her. The unicorn had thrived of the generosity of these griffins for so long, to voice any overt criticism of them just would make her feel as if she were a pathetic ingrate. Gwynne had been kind enough to take her in after the passing of Bevel's parents. The older griffoness had worked hard to temper and shape her into the kind of mare who could survive and prosper among the furred and feathered inhabitants in Talonopolis. "Quite zhe contrary, I'm still attached to zhis place. It was my aunt Gwynne who raised me here, I cannot deny her charity." Fire walker's description of her own past brought a bit of a smile to the normally dour unicorn's lips, "You think you can be nasty? You should see me when I'm low on sleep. Beaches?... I haven't been to one of those in years either. Zhere's so much I've not done that I used to enjoy... It's strange now that I think about it."