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  1. Bug, Seeking New Nest [Semi-open, see OOC]

    Rose would return a small smile of her own in Naj's direction then nod her head. The prospect of a roommate had Rose admittedly excited. Lately she couldn't help but think she'd been spending too much time alone after all that had happened lately. "If things work out with this I'll be sure not to play my music too loudly." The mare remained silent for a moment while Naj spoke to the mayor. "I'm sure you are still very tough, Tehengu." She looked him up and down once and nodded, "... and I am doing well enough. I'm not doing the ... fighting I used to, now i'm working more on learning things." Upon hearing Squall's assumption about her going somewhere more... musically oriented, Rose could only shake her head. "Too much stage-fright." She said in a slightly hushed tone, "Besides I've always had a talent for entropic magics. I may as well learn more about how to better use my talents. I'm going back to the academy and ponyville is more like the town I grew up in in fetloch... minus the occasional disturbance and magic mishap."
  2. [Age of Heroes] Come one and all! Heroes get equipped!

    The doors of Machina's workshop seemed to shift and shudder for a moment until they slowly opened up to reveal... noone? There was the sound of hoofsteps clopping forward in the hallway and a faint sense of mounting unease. The first thing to come through the doorframe was the head of a white coated pony with a mane of three colors: Black, white, and violet. "Afternoon all!" Her voice was thick with a Fet Loch accent, "Wow... it looks like I've missed quite the sale! You've already got this one all suited up?" Her head moved on into the room. Only her head. If she had a body it was not visible... the disembodied head floated on over towards Bravo. "Something about you..." She narrowed her eyes at him for a moment, "...Seems to scream 'tourist'." Those hoof steps from the hallway soon entered the room proper, belonging to a headless body wearing a flowing black dress whose ends were slightly tattered and torn. One last odd trait this being had was her unusually dark shadow: Standing out with an absolute opacity with what seemed like a very faint tinge of red. "I'm called 'The Hexxer', my friends call me 'Lus'!" She would extend a hoof towards the armored stallion... well if her hoof wasn't halfway across the room. She corrected this quickly though as her body moved with an oddly ominous swish across the room, now with her foreleg extended as if expecting a shake from the armor clad pegasus. Her head floated over to Machina's side, "You're Machina, right? I have a couple things I've been wanting to ask you about all this equipping stuff."
  3. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Sigrun had to suppress a small giggle as she heard Calder's mangled pronunciation of the princess' name. She smiled to the awkward bull from where she stood before looking back to the regal guest, "You honor me, Princess! I hope your Sister-in-law and brother are fairing well these days. Enjoy the festivities to your heart's content!" The Chieftain stood aside as Twilight made her way towards Calder. An awkward laugh escaped the bride's lips upon Chipper's morbid jest: She was still getting used to his peculiar sense of humor. Rather than leaving his response hanging in the air she would bring her hoof to her chin, "I'd rather not have you cut in anyway... but I could see about having you fitted for a suit made of paper. I'm sure a friend of one of our guests might be interested in such a challenge." She said, her eyes momentarily flicking back to their royal visitor. fortunately for Fire Walker, No caribou wedding worth it's saltlick would lack an open bar. A Whitescar bartender wasn't quite the same as one they might see in Canterlot. Instead of a clean cut stallion or mare in a nice looking vest and tie, there was a burly looking bull with a well groomed and impressive beard in a gambeson beside a gigantic barrel of mead. The beverage native to Whitescar clearly had highest demand for obvious reasons, but for the sake of their guests there were a multitude of other beverages for them to partake in... sadly there weren't many fancy glasses that could survive the voyage so the majority of the drinking utensil available were mugs and steins. "Thank -you- for attending, Fire. It's wonderful to see you once again in our land--" Sigrun's ears twitched and swiveled towards the sound of a very familiar voice, "Um... please excuse me a moment!" She bowed to Fire quickly and moved on to the smallish bull in the green cloak. "Limi..." She loomed over him a moment and then would lower herself down to give him a maternal nuzzle and pull him into a warm hug he'd not have felt since he'd left for Long Guo. At this moment she couldn't really bring herself to immediately consider her son's potential embarassment, she was holding on to this affection for far too long since his departure. Once she let him go she offered the younger bull a bright smile, "Welcome home, My son! We've missed you greatly!" ... Her voice was just a tad unsteady.
  4. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    @Ciraxis approved! New Hero being brought in. Welcome the... Hero Name: The Headless Hexxer Real Name: Lus mór (Foxglove) Powers: All paths open! - Is able to pass through or disable nearly any form of locks or barriers to entry, save for the most powerful of magical barriers. Doors unlock in the direction she is moving and relock once she changes course, gates fling themselves open in front of her, and ropes or chains will snap or be undone on her approach. Semi-absolute Terror Field - Her presence can inspire fear in the weak willed and create a sense of unease among those of stronger persuasion. Shadow - Possesses the ability to manipulate shadows connected to her own. This power manifests as summoning shadowy tendrils that can bind, break through strong barriers, and protect her from certain attacks. She can also use them to enhance the resilience of things caught within them. Telltale signs of a shadow under her control is for one to take on a faint reddish tint. Song and voice - Can produce loud sonic shrieks, hypnotic songs, and compel the weak willed to do her bidding while singing. Can also alter her tone and pitch of her voice to make herself sound more intimidating or mimic the sound of someone else. Swordsmareship - When she was alive Lus would often take lessons to defend herself. Most often she would take fencing classes. In her day it wasn’t seen as terribly proper for one to carry blades around so instead she would often carry a parasol or umbrella: a tool which proved to be an effective weapon… and remained one even after her transformation. Supernatural condition - Her condition has put her body into a strange state: She no longer has a need to eat and doesn’t get hungry in the way she used to, she is able to sense lost or angry spirits wandering the world, her body is able to function while miles away from her head and she can still control it and sense what is around it even at as a distance. While close to her body she is able to effectively levitate and control her own head for quite a long distance until it falls victim to gravity. Her Body is also stronger and faster than normal pony’s. Possessing supernatural reflexes and durability that makes her a formidable combatant. Her magical physiology also allows her access to an unseen extra dimensional realm where lost souls are visible and can twist or drag the living to imprison them and deepen the link for possession. Weakness: Enchanted Gold - Gold (If put through a special enchantment process) can be used to nullify her powers. If one made a tuning fork of the enchanted gold it could be used to cancel out her song. If one wears jewelry made from this gold it can shield them from the effects of her ‘terror field’. It shaped into a sword it can cut through any shadows she conjures, and if enough is gathered or she is surrounded by it, it can put her to sleep indefinitely. Light - Without any sources of light, is unable to summon her shadow tendrils. Bright flashes or cunning use of light can effectively ‘sever’ the appendages and cause her enough harm that she will be unable to use the power any further. Alias: Dj F0xgl0ve (F0x for short) A prominent if reclusive and secretive electronic musician. In public never appears without a large prop helmet in the likeness of a purple colored foxhead along with a large saddlebag at her side she insists if full of musical equipment no one should touch. Ever. Backstory: A long time ago there was witch in Fetloch. Earth ponies there would often commune with nature spirits and learn all they could from the land itself in the arts of healing through herbs and potions. Lus Mor was a sorceress not unlike these mages, although she carried a bit of a theatrical flare to her healing. She would also use the tricks she knew to create other spells to ward off the more chaotic spirits that roamed the countrysides, and would put on shows for towns that were suffering from curses to lift their spirits in tandem with the hex on their villages. Her actions however were not appreciated by all. In those ancient days an order of mages had a great deal of control over the lands. Enough that she was stolen from her home in the middle of the night by their servants… deigned to be sacrificed to an ancient and mighty god who dwelled in the darkest depths of the woods: Cruach Capercaillie. Sometimes fortune can be found in forgetfulness. On this night Lus had forgotten to remove her spell of protection from her body after her last curselifting quest. It protected her soul, and to a much lesser degree her body. It seemed the only spot that could not be saved was above her neck. Her head was severed from her neck just as a portion of the dark god’s power flowed into her. The collision of magics changed her to core of her being… her head continued to live, she could speak through it and even see through its eyes… A made dash was made through those woods and unearthly roar echoed through the treetops in the dead of night and panicked cultists ran in fear aiming to make her pay for ruining their lord’s feast. When she next woke she found herself in a strange realm… that of small almost insect like ponies. The breezies were small and frail even in their own lands but they knew much and told her of what seemed to happen to her and who had cursed her to this fate. Overall she took the news well, dealing with this mad night with some gallows humor and wit. A quest for revenge came soon after… it spanned many ages until one trap set by a weakened cult of Cruach left her sealed up inside a golden coffin. At this point the ancient mages had lost their control over the land with encroachment of a pegasus empire attempting to seize the land and driving the fanatics away from their forests where they held their sacrifices. The cult withdrew into the shadows of history, keeping the golden coffin safe and moving it from place to place until they could find the right time to perform the ritual to return to their god its missing piece. Time passed… and one day the return of the Moonlit knight as Nightmare moon proved to be an event too fierce for the cult to emerge unscathed and remain organized. Lus’ Coffin’s guardian were defeat by the attacking force of the moonlight constructs, the spell of concealment placed over the hiding spot shattered and stumbled upon by the Battlemage herself. An experienced magus like her knew from the start that it was a bad idea to ever open up a coffin all willy filly: She’d read enough gothic literature to figure that out. Research and a great desire to know what laid within built up in the Battlemage’s mind… until she decided to open it up and see for herself. To her surprise it wasn’t a vampire but a very confused, tired, and rather angry dullahan looking to let off some steam. A short scuffle later and the sorceress supreme officially welcomed Lus to the new world. As she worked to carve a place out for herself in this new world… she noticed a strange feeling all around her. It seemed with the massive boom in population in Equus came a massive rise in lost and unfulfilled souls clinging to living world. Given the many projects the Battlemage had going… Lus saw fit to take care of this problem herself. To this day she has made this her mission to deliver as many lost souls to their afterlife. Allies: Battlemage - Owes a bit of a debt to the Battlemage as the one who freed her from her prison. If asked to describe their relationship, she’d say they were like close coworkers. The Breezies - While not necessarily the most helpful or even the kindest of spirits she has encountered, the breezies from fet loch have proven occasionally invaluable sources of information in hunting down minions of the maws. She would say that it is a bad idea to try and get to know them as they can be nuisances, especially in swarms and have been known to spirit away those they take a liking to. Enemies: Cruach Capercaillie - The dark deity of ancient fetloch that ‘grants’ her her powers. A fiercely hungry being from the abyss of time and space that creates and consumes in equal measure. It’s presence anywhere can be given away by shadows anywhere being tinged red and a feeling of constantly being watched. Has a tendency to corrupt and empower angry or lost spirits and letting them run wild to wreak havoc on the living world before devouring them and pulling them into his domain. Maws of Cruach- The cult of Cruach, lead by a group of corrupted witches and wizards who have promised their deity the greatest of feasts through their deeds. Lost Souls: The spirits of mortals clinging to the physical world for one reason or another. Will often possess or make trouble for normal ponies or place curses on them. Those with powerful and unfulfilled ambitions can fall prey to Cruach’s influence and will often seek out the rich, powerful, and influential of equus in order to fulfill their desires at any cost. Notability: Something of an underground heroine who has primarily been seen at night and sometimes the day, Lus Mor has a small fan base that she sometimes runs into now and again. She for the most part prefers that her civilian identity was more famous. Despite her rather disturbing state of being, Lus is strangely upbeat in her work. Typically taunting her opponents and seeming to prioritize being stylish over being pragmatic while fighting villains or helping the restless dead pass on.
  5. [AU: Age of Heroes] The Black Bishop [Ready]

  6. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Sigrun gave a small chuckle at Calder's latest story for his state, "One day you'll just say the trickster god himself swooped in and snatched it up. Not matter the story you go with we'be sure to have your back Calder." For now Sigrun wasn't sure she could give the newest addition to their family a hug just yet so she instead would gently pat his shoulder, being careful not to throw him off balance. "Perhaps I'm just being somewhat paranoid, My love. It's been a while since I've had a pleasant gathering like this -not- end up in a fight of surprise attack by rebels of somekind ... " She forced a smile and again nuzzled the bull's cheek, "I suppose I should calm down... Barn is by far the most defensible place in Whitescar." Stating that last part aloud was mostly for her own benefit at this point. Ribbons of mist wafted from her nostrils as she let out a sigh. Time was fast approaching for the pair to be separated until the ceremony, while customs dictated that Halvard and herself be separated until the hoof-fasting; there were no rules against moving about to talk to the guests. "I'll be sure to follow up Chipper's greeting with one of my own then." The cow again kissed Halvard's cheek, "See you at the ceremony... and Calder keep him out of trouble for me." The group that Chipper had approached seemed to have a very familiar purple member in it's midst. Princess Twilight had come after all! This was wonderful to see, especially after the sacking and mending of the crystal empire all that time ago. The bride of the hour bowed her head forward slightly, "It's good to meet you, Princess Twilight. Your sister has told me so much about you... I'd hoped to introduce my son to you today but he seems to be running late." A cloven hoof was offered to the alicorn, being especially careful not to touch the pink bubble surrounding her. At this point, Chipper had made himself at home amongst Clan Breen and Askr alike. Sigrun herself surprised the young necromancer with a hug from the size that lifted him up a bit off the ground, "Chipper! You're not hoping to capture the heart of the newest princess are you? You're a handsome pony but from what I hear her first loves are ink and parchment." She set the smaller pony down and gently pat the head of his avian companion, "Really, I'm glad your hear... and thankful for all you have done." Sigrun would give her old friend swift a small smile, "It's nice to see a lively swordstallion like yourself making your self so at home in Whitescar. I'll have to ask you to refrain from your usual rooftop strolls though." She held up a hoof a moment, seemingly appraising the noblepony, "I think you've grown a bit since I last saw you! Has your sword swing grown any stronger?"
  7. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Sigrun had stared down many mighty beasts that roamed Whitescar, She'd routed rebel armies, fought of raiding trolls, and even debated an emperor.... But now was the only time she could ever say she'd felt this particular brand of nervous. This was without a doubt one of, if not the biggest day of her life. She could feel her heart thumping inside her chest, providing a steady rhythm to her nervous pacing. The dress she felt so comfortable in when she went to pick it out with Calder was suddenly feeling right around her. Hoping to keep herself calm, the chieftain took a series of deep breaths to calm her nerves. "Stay calm... things'll be fine." she muttered to herself as she looked out the window over the gathering outside in the streets of Barn, "There's no rebels, no enemies, no armies, just the people of barn, our clans and soon the queen and more. No reason to be nervous at all." The cow heaved a sigh, realizing her self consolatory words were only working her up further. She sniffed at the air out of the windowsill, Halvard and Calder were already here: Wonderful. Their presence did help to sooth her nerves but still she wished that Limi could attend, and that Ylva wasn't so busy back home. Still, the sight of the her big blue beloved gave her that bit of courage to step out. Once she felt calm enough, Sigrun would come down to meet Halvard first. The bull would feel a strong embrace from his side when Sigrun crept up on him, "I won't lie, My love. I've never been happier or as skittish as I am right now." She admitted with a nervous smile on her muzzle. The dress she and Calder had picked was a simple, flowing, emerald green outfit. While weddings overseas might be more elaborate, caribou ceremonies tended to be more practical. On her head was a flower crown, merely decorative of course: she wasn't going to risk a fit on this day. A kiss was planted on Halvards cheek, "I would still not change a thing though."
  8. Mirror Mishaps (ATTN: Tacobob & Dunnie)

    The stallionized mare would shake her head at fire's microbrew offer, "I'd be happy to have a drink with both of you but I don't do alcohol. I like to keep my mind sharp!" She took a moment to look over her now much larger hoof, only snapped out of her analysis by Fire's next question. Almost immediately the brown unicorn's ears perked up and a delighted grin spread over her face. "Now that is a fun question! The short version of the explaination is that Starlight Glimmer helped out with the devices spell power, it is a true polymorph spell but it replaces and and constantly rotatesthe trans-aetherial feedback matrix back and forth with cutting edge magical circuitry and a degree of pact based mana enhancement loops to produce the sustained effect."She said with a proud smile as she held her invention up above her head. "It's still a prototype though and not ready for any mass production." She happily bumped the bracelet with Dunnie's, "Either way, I still prefer this look:Even though I'm a tad shorter." She pulled Dunnie into a sidelong hug, "Well someone's in the mood for flattery I see!"
  9. Snoots were smooshed not long after the noodle arrived. Why ever would Bevel turn down such an affectionate gesture? The inventor would push her bangs out of the way as she nuzzled however, had to be careful with her mane around this one. "A sleepover you say? I haven't had one of those since I still wore my mane in pigtails." Which was back when she was very young, "I've never given makeovers before... I did pillowfight once." SHe put her hoof to her chin before petting the spirit's head, "I'll put my faith in you to lead these events! If anything I know you'll make it interesting!"
  10. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Hero Name: The Phantom Strider, The Pale Huntress Real name: Sigrun, daughter of Qalipu and Hreinn Power(s): As the offspring of two deities, the strider possesses a potent set of magical abilities. From her mother she has the ability to change her size and appearance to a limited degree. Due to a lack of training perhaps, she can only take three forms: Her mortal form of a gray coated caribou that seems like an average sized specimen of her species, A more divinely empowered form that turns her coat white and eyes violet where she can summon aurora’s to protect and attack, and her giant form where she is able to release the full force of her godly might. In her grey form she seems mostly mortal, save for her immense stamina and speed. Her near millenia worth of experience fighting and wandering has left her a formidable fighter with merely her hooves or whatever is nearby. When she is in her ‘Phantom Strider” guise, that of a mostly all white caribou clad in magical armor and emanating an ethereal glow off her coat, In this form she was able to survive several blows from the Godkiller Brann during his attack on the Unyasi pantheon. She was physically strong and skilled enough to pierce his armor and deal heavy damage to the godslayer and delay him long enough to help the gods of ancient Unyasi send him forward in time. Her mother’s aurora conjuration is most readily usable in this form, allowing her to erect protective veils and project attacks made of those same cosmic rays. While in her giant form her body is inherently tied to Storms and weather, punches thrown as a giant will produce thunderclaps on impact. hurricane force storms will swirl around her body when she is engaging a larger more powerful enemy. Weakness: While Sigrun is immensely powerful, she is far from untouchable. Her most immediately apparent vulnerability is her temper. Given the state of the world she grew up in as a ruined, chaotic, and literally godless land: Sigrun spent much of her life incredibly angry. It is a familiar feeling that she has grown very close to. Remarks about her allies, her past, or making light of the things she has lost have proven to bait her into making hasty decisions that have brought her closer to the brink of death than she’d like to admit. Her repeated appearances in various myths and folklore often suggest a deep association with Vengeance. This is not an exaggeration in the slightest as SIgrun has a type of mythical compulsion to deal out justice to any deserving that come to her notice. For smaller cases she is capable of ignoring or putting off small time offenses but in regards to life destroying tragedies she can find herself diverted from her life’s mission. The last instance of this happening was in Neighpon where she took on her giant form and battled a kaiju to the death. In her last battle with the Red Jarl, His axe and the world’s serpent’s power did wind up having an effect. When she engaged him in her Giant form, the corruptive power of the world serpents placed a curse on her. Since that day she is unable to remain in her giant form and fight without potentially succumbing to a maddening presence in her mind. She has found she is capable of remaining in her giant form for longer periods of time only if she isn’t fighting or stressed… although given her history that is a hard state of mind to achieve anymore. One of her most distressing weaknesses is an inherited curse from her father. A sorceress in the ancient past, during Hreinn’s wilder days created a magical breed of flowering vine that would strip him of his divine power. When exposed to this same vine, Sigrun’s divine power is rapidly drained from her until she is effectively a mortal caribou. The effects have been known to dissipate after three days pass once the plant is out of contact. WHile more of an inconvenience to her than an out and out weakness. In her grey form, Sigrun is susceptible to mortal illnesses and issues. Alias: Sigrun lives in Canterlot under the name of Sera. Most know her a somewhat reclusive archeologist who seems to have an uncommon obsession with mystical artifacts of divine power. Backstory: In the days of Whitescar when the gods still walked among the natives of the north, there was a curious union between two warring tribes that were in the caribou pantheon. In the caribou’s ancient world there was a tribe of giants. Some said they were descendants of the golem, yet they seemed to be more akin to embodiments of a force in the world. One such giant was a mighty manipulator of the weather, able to summon, conjure temper and even dissipate Storms as it they were merely an extension of her will. Often times she would summon great auroras over the villages under her protections. Her name was Qalipu. On the other side was that of a tribe of gods who made their home in the fantastical forest in whitescar. One god in the forest pantheon was a lesser known spirit of magic and hidden paths named Hreinn. The details that lead to the union of these two vastly different gods among bou are not of important right now, but the result of it is. They’re daughter Sigrun was born into the world at a very turbulent time. War had broken out between the clan of the high king and that of a headstrong caribou named the Red Jarl. The High-king needed her parent’s help so she was left in the care of a kindly shaman. When they returned they’d made sure to give her the happiest year of her life. If only she had known this would be the last year she would ever know them… When the Red Jarl made his return, Sigrun was still just a calf. She exhibited no signs of her divine heritage yet, save for an uncanny sense of direction and stamina. She had been in her father’s realm at the time of second fight with the high-king. Her mother, her father and even the shaman servant had felt the fall of the king and taint of the serpent infiltrating the divine realms. Hreinn’s domain was more difficult for the jarl to get into but eventually her arrived where both Hreinn and Sigrid. The two gods fought well but eventually they fell before their offspring’s eyes. The last blessing of Hreinn allowed her and the shaman to escape the notice of the Jarl so that they could get to safety. In the days when Brann was crushing the now chaotic land beneath his will, destroying temples, and forcing the native bou to build his army and fleet… Sigrun and the shaman retreated to a hidden place in the woods. The shaman performed a ritual to hide her divinity from the gaze of the serpent and it’s new warrior, rendering her effectively mortal before her power could manifest. On occasion they would venture out into the world and see the horrid deeds committed by the godkiller. They had even found what remained of the old high-king’s spear. Upon the Jarl’s departure with his massive fleet, SIgrun’s guardian had passed… and she was left alone in a sundered world, her power still sealed. The chaos that lingered in the Jarl’s wake had turned many caribou into aggressive clans that warred over what resources remained in the land after so much was used to construct the godkiller’s warships. Sigrun entered this world, posing as a mortal. Her skill as a fighter took her far, but her cleverness took her even farther. Her fights across the land eventually took her to the keep of one of the last remaining civilized clans. They had a small empire but were losing ground to many of the godless barbarian hordes. Sigrun found herself assisting this clan and its leader until she found herself as queen. Her influence stretched further and further across the land through her conquests and ordering until she was touted as “The Queen after the End” Her work having brought the ancient world of the caribou back to order… until she left. While The Jarl began his campaign against the gods she was always close behind him. It wasn’t until the battle with the Unyasi pantheon that she finally fought him face to face. The battle was long and arduous, She fought in both her divine forms , managing to wound him and hold him long enough that the unyasi gods finished their ritual to banish him forward in time. While Sigrun had agreed to assist with the ritual she’d hoped that it would completely destroy the Jarl, she wasn’t as pleased when she learned it merely stalled him. She did not dwell, Instead she prepared. In their last battle she was only barely holding her own, she was not able to harm him but with the aid of the unyasi gods , could defeat him. The price of victory didn’t come without her own wounds however. A strike from the jarl’s axe cut off half of one of her antlers. The gods of Unyasi told her of when she might expect the Jarl’s return. It was going to be a very long time before he would re-appear: Almost a millenia. She would devote this time to preparing for his return. Sigrun began to wander around the world, going to the sights where the Jarl would fight and trying to learn all she could about him and his methods. In her travels she gained a degree of notoriety in the ancient worlds, a recurring image of an ethereal, white caribou with one of her antler broken and slightly gnarled. While she has never seen herself as a hero of any sort, Sigrun has found herself doing their work for them once or twice with or without their permission. The Last time she was seen was several years ago when she engaged a Kaiju in Neighpon in her giant form and successfully slew the giant beast. The event was seen, recorded and spread about the world not long after. Allies: Various pantheons across the land. Enemies: Red Jarl, obviously. The death of her parents and what she sees as the destruction of much of her and Whitescar’s future have pushed her down a path to prepare for revenge. Notability: SIgrun’s status is relatively obscure. She isn’t a registered hero in any form and seems to pop up now and then in different parts of the world. Her cameos in different archaeological finds that have resurfaced have gained her some notice… and the recent battle with a kaiju in Neighpon has gotten the interest of various equestrian government agencies, intent on finding out where her loyalties lie. ------------- Caribou demigoddess approaches!
  11. Bug, Seeking New Nest [Semi-open, see OOC]

    Hearing Naj's word's rose would smile just slightly, "I'd be happy to have you as a room-mate if that's an option. I'm hoping to move here myself while I further my magical education." she glanced out the window towards Canterlot in the distance. The mare would soon clam up again as she continued to observe the conversation. It was curious how many of her c workers wound up here. When Tehengu arched a brow at her she would smile and wave at him, "Have you been well since the Arena?"
  12. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    approved again! @EquestrianScholar Sorry to keep you waiting so long! You're approved as well.
  13. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Red Jarl approved. Expect an adversary soon, Steel=3
  14. Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    "I see... " Basira was still seething about the archeological loss, "Well at the moment, while wehave him maybe we can... organize a trade of some sort." At this point her anger was just simmering at the surface. Her speech was a little bit clipped from the frustration but soon she relaxed enough to come up with a possible way to get something from this, "It's been ages to eons since you've last walked these sands or seen the world. Perhaps you can tell us something about the past and we can share things about how this new age works." She looked to Bluebelle questioningly. "Would you be alright with this, Princess?" Her eyes seemed to say she was very certainly expected an answer in the affirmative. As if to push for one she glanced over to the still shattered wall of the tomb that they had flown from.
  15. The Character Corner (Color!)

    Second album where I store my Original character art.