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  1. "... My aunt in Equestria would 'ave mixed feelings on that remark, I assure you." She sighed softly while she reflected on her odd lineage in her head, "But really? My gene pool? You're starteng to sound like the lead villain in one 'orror novel I read... somezhing about a unicorn noblepony swapping minds with earth ponies and pegasi." She narrowed her eyes at the stallion momentarily, "Now that I think about eet... you do look a bit 'ow zhat pony was described."at the ends of her mouth there seemed a faint curl... was that a smile? curious. That expression soon faded as she winced again from the hooficure, "I don't want to sound ungrateful.... but 'ow much longer will this 'ooficur-- ow! um... take?" She asked the pony at her hooves before looking back up to Squall, "I'm sure I can handle equipment and eat fairly well. Motivation... perhaps it could improve, but I -do- have it. As for the joy Well I can safely say zhat that part should stay behind me... in the past when I first came to Aquellia I was far too excitable to be respectable when I was a filly. Aunt Gwynne can attest to zhat. When I was in Ponyville, the best comparison I could make between my younger self would be... zhat pink pony at the p-- Ah! Yes, Pinkie Pie. Zhat was 'er name." Bevel smiled slightly to Fire, "Zhank you or zhe reminder." despite not wanting to be phased by Fire's story, Bevel's mind did wander along the track o the train of thoughts the red pegasus' words laid down. A mental image of her sitting all alone at a desk in a dark room popping into her mind which she willed away with a furrowed brow. She let out a soft sigh and looked back up to the two, "I relent... you both may have a point... I'm just not too sure I recall how to spoil myself or do anyzhing beyond my work."
  2. neighpon

    As the shogun's eyes fell upon, Hoshi she smiled to him. The action only slightly forced, yet mostly genuine. If she had to assign it a ratio she'd say it was about seventy seven percent happy to have his attention for a moment, and thirteen percent awkwardness. When the drinks came along witht he Sushi, her eyes focused solely on the oddly resplendent beverage that was presented. If we was going to surpass the two drink minimum, well she may as well have something colorful to work up the courage to make a fool of herself "on stage". The Shogun's voice brought her out of her momentary ponderings, "Oh yes! My team and I have been having quite a time in the current one... Working our way up the ladder, one rung at a time. Kuzunoha is undergoing some minor repairs after the last match." The pegasus took another swig of her previous drink she had stowed at her side of the table, "Really though, I am a bit curious about you. I'm sorry to say I don't really much about you beyond the latest news of important decisions made by you and your..." She let her eyes travel over the room full of some of Neighpon's most influential figures, "...Your cabinet. " a small smile coming to her lips at the merryment showed by the equine in the room... and the one caribou. "What do you like to do in your down time, Rakuen-Heika." Hoshi felt a little bit worried after she had spoken. The worry that this could have been viewed as a bit too personal a question to ask the very ruler of this nation creeping over her mind: Another drink of liquid courage made it retreat though. This was a chance to meet the shogun and not have to worry about having to worry about decorum, it was too good to pass up! Kuzu had just started relaxing on the couch when something behind her made her jump up and look about in confusion. She turned around to see... a fairly large (in comparison to her at least) golem sniffing at her. He'd had olfactory sensors installed?! Kuzu had been hoping to get those for weeks, her old ones had worn out so replacing them was currently the second thing on the list of big 'to do's for her partner. For moment, Kuzu waved to the large newcomer and narrowed her ocular's at his snout. The golem reached out a paw and gently patted Shibo's muzzle and then nimbly hopped atop his head. Behind the couch one could be forgive in thinking the golems were forming their own little totem pole of magitech adorable.
  3. He files down his horn and the overgrowth of his mane covers the other
  4. From the album The Character Bin

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  5. age of heroes

    This app has my approval!
  6. A sound of rustling paper rushed through the air as a pair of young ponies galloped along the platform, "Hey! Ah said ah was sorry! It's not like Ah meant ta lose a hold o' that bag! And yer grandparents were the ones who kept fussin' over ya!" Silence besides the rustling of parchment was his only reply, "Oh. Ha! Ha! If you wanna call my last drink flat I could say the same thing about your last music... thing." The voice talking was that a youthful colt with a bouncy, curly mane of dusty blond. The one at galloping at his side was an irritated looking filly with a ponytail (no, the other kind) held up by red bow. That fluttering turned out to be pages of her notebook that she had been writing down: containing her half of the conversation. "Is that them?" Asked the colt as he gestured to the group at the other end of the platform, "The blue pegasus is yer friend, right?" Bebop's attention shifted to the familiar spot of blue on the scenery that was wind walker. An attempt to nod her head ended with her tired magic wearing off for a moment, the notes falling to the floor... and tripping both her and her visiting friend up: Sending both for a tumble. It wasn't a very long trip but it certainly made an impact as Bebop tumbled into a mishmash of features. She found herself laying alongside a... did Discord have a son? Wait, Discord was the only one of his kind, right? Does that mean he just sort of budded? Maybe her brain was still rattled from that nasty fall she just took. ONce she got back to her hoof she offered a hoof to the tiny draconequus. A note was levitated in front of her along with a pencil that swift wrote out the words "I'm sorry." and offer it to the small chimaera she'd plowed into, along with a helping hoof to get him back to his... paws, talons, and claws. The colt she'd been running along side tripped and stumbled right into Wind walker. Thankfully, it wasn't nearly as disastrous as his friend had with Discord. It was still enough to leave at least Sass somewhat rattled. "Oof. sorry about that!" He said in another southern drawl, not dissimilar to the one that Applebloom brought to the table.
  7. "Very good. We'll have to put that to use... according to these shipping manifests; the 'cargo' these bou were to receive was to be delivered in a cage. Our quarry, Craven is planning to sell an Equestrian into slavery." Sigrun let out a snort at the very word, "Out hunt is going to become a Rescue mission as well... our first priority is to save the equine." Getting Craven to simply hoof her over was not going to be something the two hunters would be able to achieve in an 'honest' manner. If they simply tried an ambush then Craven could fly off and use his hostage as a shield. No no, this would require finesse and trickery... It felt odd to have to resort to this approach but for the sake of their equine victim, "I believe that you will have to pose as one of these rebels and go through with the transaction. You'll have to get him to leave the cage with you if you can... and tell him his payment in treasure is in that second longboat: Which I'll be hiding in and will distract him when he gets close enough. While I'm handling him I want you to free his captive from her cage." She looked to the greatbow on his back, "If he attempts to fly away Do you think one of your arrows could ground him?"
  8. The first trip to Long Kong was not going so terribly well for the young samurai. Just working up the funds to get all the way here was a nightmare, and the very night of her arrival she finds herself stepping off the airship to be greeted by this torrential downpour. Memories of her training back in forest flooded back as she tried to stick to the walls and make the best of long kong architectural style, the hips and gables giving her shelter from the rains as she moved about the area. Sadly, the building of Long Kong were not attached all attached to one another. As a result: Rua was getting soaked between every house. HAving nothing but the clothes on her back and the bundle on her bokken, The waterlogged kirin trudged through the streets, shivering as she walked. It was getting harder to see now. The heavy rain leaving her drenched bangs repeated falling in front of her face and the rest of her mane clinging to her neck. Almost every five steps she had to bring a hoof to her forhead to lift up her bangs like a curtain to search over her surroundings through the pouring rain. On one lift of her natural veil she spotted something: A ramen shop? That sounded wonderful... just as wonderful as it looked. The shop stood out in the dreary, greyish blue night. The windows radiating rays of hopeful golden light among onto the street. She still had some coins rattling around in her satchel. Just as she approached along in the hopes of both relief from the rain and the possibility of a warm meal, the concern for the form dried up along with the skies. She noticed that somepony had just wandered into it before-hoof and cracked a smile when she noticed the hat, looks like someone might be in a similar situation as her... maybe even sharing a country of origin. The ronin tried to wring out some of her mane... although it seemed it was still weighed down by the moisture. Breath magic might take care of it, but this manestyle needed to be cared for properly and Rua knew diddly about hair maintenance regarding magic. Rua would have to make do. The Shivering Kirin made her way into the shop, stifling a cough from the still moist air. Her eyes were drawn to the-- wow, that is one... big stallion.The blonde pony who came in previously seemed very familiar, yet Rua couldn't place where she'd seen her. "Um, Good afternoon." Rua bowed to the two ponies, "Are you both travelers? This my first time in Long Kong. It has quite the rain, that it does."
  9. "Well, She did refer to you as her 'Fiance'. zhat usually means that you two are to be married, Doesn't eet?" The prenchpony winced at the hooficure, "Hurts slightly... certainly has been a while." It really had been. For the most part, Bevel had been just focusing on her work and pleasing the Silverbeaks and Aunt Gwynne. Having trapped herself in Equestria without any prior notice about the teleportation drive's test and minimal clues that could be used to tell where she went was most definitely not going to go well. She could only hope that her explanation of what happened and the 'success' of the teleport drive would be enough to soothe the tempers of some surely unhappy birdlions. While bevel dwelled on her thoughts, Squall had apparently taken up an inspection of her physique. A poke to her stomach jarred her from the depths of her pondering long enough to arch a brow at the stallion nudging her gut with the pommel of his sword. The dreadheaded mare looked to the stallion with a bemused expression that slowly changed into one of irritation. thankfully, Fire spoke up about it. "Zhank you, Manquer Walker. I've yet to fully understand your beloved's ... eccentricities." She didn't need to be reminded about the small amount of weight she'd put on. With what happened in Ponyville with the birthday party she'd been a part of, she wouldn't be surprised if she'd make a right plot of herself by gorging on cake, cotton candy, ice cream, all those foalish pursuits. "I have been on my workbench most of the time in Ponyville. After that whole birthday event I've resolved never to let myself look so disgustingly juvenile again. ... and really? Once a month? I haven't been in a spa since--... actually I've never been to a spa at all." She gave a shrug towards Fire, "I've just never found the time."
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  12. A soundless zone spell. This would be usefull. It wasn't long before her assumptions were proven right. Some of the magic this Daedalus had use of was truly impressive. Spatial magic wasn't easy to do, teleporting alone was incredibly complicated depending on how the caster went about it. There was no time to dwell on that now. The crimson coated stallion's portal making brought one of the talkative goons right in front of her. Before Daedalus had even spoken, Rose grappled the stallion. Putting down her success in grabbing him to the element of surprise, Rose wrapped her hooves around his head and put him in a sleeper hold. The silence kept by the magic leaving the squirming minion grunting noiselessly and struggling until he went limp. She brought her head to his to see if he was still breathing. While the magic muted the sound, Rose could at least feel his breath on her coat. Now that she sure had him down for the count, the unicorn touched her hoof to the floor, just by the wall. A miniscule flash of magic darted around the spot in a patter and made a hole beside her with an small incline. It was deep enough to hold the stallion at least up to his neck. This way if he woke he could still breath... and more importantly couldn't go and alert anyone to the group. Her eyes fell to Squall, likely planning to offer the same method of minion disposal to him as well once he had finished with his target.
  13. longri-la

    All the possibilities listed was starting to make the painter's head spin.Oh wait, no it wasn't the knowledge making her head spin. It was something else. The breath that washed over the group, released from the matron was making the unicorn's nose twitch with each listing of the floral options.Lotus and cherry blossom reminded her sinuses of the itches and tickles that would accompany the pleasant scents, but the all the spicy aromas that followed would be the painter's downfall. Her jaws parted as she took several sharp intakes, her body seizing control from her to deal with these pesky irritants. "Ahh..." Feng, if he had read the reports of the first encounter with the empress in the garden back in Equestria might have an idea what that sound meant for all in the immediate vicinity. "Ehhhh..." Yu definitely would have an idea what this would mean. She had been spared the wrath of a somewhat chaotic burst of unicorn magic, but back then her chamberlain had not been so lucky. Presteza wasn't sure that that poor fellow had gotten all the curls out of his mane. Soon though any worried in her mind faded as her motor functions were seized to focus solely on the task at hand. "HAAAAAH!" On the last gasp of air her horn sparked up brightly and... "HAAAH-TSHIIEW!" She forced out a strong sneeze that seemed to make her leap of the ground and send a sphere of magical energy around her, engulfing all present: Long, longma and qilin alike. Once the flash had faded, Both the dragon's would find their manes had been turned to a fluffy almost woolen texture that went down the entire length of them. Yu and Feng woudl find their mane's having been blown back as if they'd been caught in a gale force wind and never noticed, and everyone seemed to have levitated about a hoof higher for a moment before drifting slowly down. The perpetrator of the haywire bit of magic seemed to be rather dizzy and winded after that, "Um.... Sorry. Allergies. Just lemme catch my breath... and I'll conjure up the fail safe spell." She said in-between scrubs of her snout with her foreleg.
  14. From the album Other user's OCs

    ... It's Balder! I've been working on this all day. Dubstep doesn't have nearly enough OC art or avatars so I have taken it on myself to remedy this as much as I can! First up: Balder. A cute, gangly bou from Clan Kare of Whitescar. He's been a fan of Sigrun of Askr for a while and has recently joiend her on a hunt for a special type of prey! Surely his skill with a greatbow will be instrumental in defeating a relatively recent foe!
  15. The situation was far from ideal. By Odyrr it was far from what she'd really wanted, but this was the chance that fate had offered her. She had few leads to go on beyond hearsay from arena combatants and a few EPIC reports. Sigrun knew that the red dragon that had bested her in the arena was somewhere in these badlands and if he wasn't, he would be soon. It was strange to be in this area of Equestrian soil... it seemed oddly familiar to roam in as it many features similar to Whitescar's lowlands during the warmer seasons: Although Whitescar could be considerably greener... and encounters with dangerous beasts besides dragons were much easier to run into back home. The various dragon fiefdoms that lay scattered across these mountains had not seen much of Sigrun and her companion Balder, that or they'd just not been bothering with them. This was fine. If they would offer help, Sigrun would have to decline. If they stood in her way, she'd ask them politely but firmly to leave. If they refused, well she could only hope they wouldn't. Sigrun was determined to meet this adversary. Her wrath was coming for her prey with the certainty of a plummeting boulder. If the Dragonlord herself wished to get between her and the 'ground' ( the ground being Craven) well, they will only have themselves to blame for the repercussions. Each day in these arboreal lands, Sigrun could feel a strange drive in her. Out here in the wilds where there was little to guide you. No clan rules, no worries about the rest of the world. You could simply be. You against the uncaring wilderness sprawled out in every direction. Each morning as she watched the skyline through her telescope she kept an eye out for her quarry… She and Balder had been there for almost a week and still no luck, or at least not what she expected. One day they had seen a longship moving to the forest edge and setting up a camp. Through teamwork, Both she and Balder managed to knock out the bou who’d come and even tie them up securely to read their journals. What Sigrun read made her jaw hit the floor. There was his name, right on the page. “Craven.” She muttered under her breath, “It seems that fate is on my side.” The journal said that they were… making a purchase. One mare, evidently worth a king’s ransom judging by the amount of treasure that was brought along in the boat’s hold. More than enough gold to bring a greedy dragon to this neck of the woods. They will need a plan. Something that would allow them to safely acquire this mare and then let Sigrun deal with her captor. “Balder.” She called out to her greatbow wielding ward, “We need to set up a trap for some very large and dangerous prey. How good of a shot are you with that bow… because I’ll likely be putting your talents to the test soon.”