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  1. The glowing caribou remained seated, responding to Ossia's warning with only an unimpressed stare. She then looked down to the dirt she sat upon and began to draw some pattern on the earth in front of her. It was a tic-tac-toe board and she was starting up with the xs. "Take your time. " She said with an unusual calm, "I'm in no rush. Once you are finished with the Toy soldier... we can have words." Just like that her gaze went back to the grid she made on the ground. Lightning's quickly cut off warning did managed to bring the cow's attention back up for a moment, "Hm. The toy soldier can speak... maybe someone at the academy can help you later. If you manage to live through this... I promise that any punishment you recieve will be foals play compared to her." While Lightning's core was building to a possible explosion, the core of the mysterious cow's being was burning hot with something else: purpose. Her divine sphere of influence lent itself towards revenge on behalf of the wronged. Many ponies were hurt in that freak hurricane earlier. The pale huntress couldn't quite tell the full scale of the damage, but the very need for retribution was fueling her to act in this moment... If this explosion happened and by some measure Ossia and this cow survived, things could become quite harrowing very quickly. While she laid on the ground, continuing her game. The cow's muscles were tense and ready, her glow slowly raising in intensity until she was ready to strike.
  2. "Oh it's a very old house... built when ponies first tried settling here and then left when things got all spooky." She said leading her friend down the hall, "I really should get in the habit of dusting when I wake up. Especially with company over. Not allergic are you?" The pale pony took a turn down on of the halls lined with lamps. One could still see some small motes of dust floating in the low light. Tempest's question about old places brought a grin to Foxglove's face, "Do I poke around old places? I -always- poke around old places!" She smiled back at her guest, "The stone forts are honestly some of the best places to explore. Have you ever been to some of the old castles and ruins in Fet loch? Those are chock full of history of old ponies engaging in contests of strength and great battles." The ghostly mare seemed almost giddy as she went on, only stopping once she arrived in front of a pair of large doors with an old sign by them. "I can understand wishing to live in the past... sometimes I think if I'd lived back then I'd have been some mysterious druid or enchantress. I still seem to scare ponies sometimes, but I've grown used to it-- oh! This is the library." The pony pushed open the doors to reveal a sizeable collection of books upon many shelves. Nothing quite that cook hold a candle to the libraries in Canterlot and Trottingham, but still an impressive collection. Many of the tomes looked old, but well cared for. The shelf with the least dust on it seemed to carry many books on alchemical and potion brewing ways of ponies from the bayou and even some translations of Unyasian literature of the same topic. Other shelves had collections of poetry and historical accounts from all across Equestria, "I spend a good deal of time here when I'm around."
  3. With the prince's approval, Yanhua got back up and smiled. "Forgive us, Prince Lian." She stretched a little in place, "Palace protocol makes bowing a very powerful habit." Yanhua perked up a moment at Lian's little jest about a date, For a moment she scooted the tiniest bit closer to Feng... only to deflate as the stallion again took the wind of her sails. With a small sigh she looked over to Feng and then back to Lian, "... Actually, I asked him to pick up some apples for the kitchen back home and I realized I hadn't told him what type." She explained in a somewhat dry an unenthused tone. Hei Lian's connection to the apple family definitely caught the chef's attention though. Maybe they could get a discount and better deal for apples if they were patient.
  4. I'm sorry I'v ebeen keeping those in my threads waiting... Again. I've hit a really big creative block regarding ponies lately and art as well. I'll try and post something somewhere, somehow if I can find any inspiration.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you all have a happy new year.

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      Happy New Year! Take all the time you need Prezzy! I hope your muse returns to you soon! 

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      The fact that you written this proves that you care.

      I will wait as long as it takes to see more of your smashing content.;-)

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  5. Feng's earlier words on the empress left Yanhua with a bitter taste in her mouth... but the opportunity to share a snack on the way back home with Feng quickly washed it out, "That sounds wonderful, Feng. Thank you." It was these moments of thoughtfulness that so easily drew Yanhua to Feng, even the tiny ones. Now that she thought about it, the trip back home would be quite a long one. Perhaps she could try and get a bit closer to her friend Feng on the way back: They did have much catching up to do now that secrets were revealed on her side of the relationship. The sound of a very familiar voice made the chef's eye's crack open for a moment. Immediately she stiffened up and bowed her head to None other than Prince Lian. This would prove... interesting. A certain mishap in the not too distant past had left Yanhua confiding quite often with the prince, he was possibly the only other individual in the dynasty who knew about her secret (besides Wuya). Yanhua couldn't thank him enough for keeping his lips sealed about her past, his reputation of kindness being a well earned one. Yanhua would offer the stallion a friendly smile, "Good Afternoon, Prince Lian. Feng and I were just going to pick up some apples for me to bring back to the kitchen... and we end up meeting up with a newly acquired friend." Just as Sunset started trying to give her friends some space, Yanhua gestured to the unicorn. "Allow me to introduce Sunset Shimmer" She smiled to the mare and then back to the prince, "A very talented mage and friend of the land's new princess."
  6. Hogo-sha smiled at Anu, "I'll be happy to share, friend. It's been too long since I've had someone to share fish with!" Back home Hogo-sha would often share the fist caught with his siblings. While he was glad to be able to go out on his own and make his own legend, there were times he missed his home back on the mountains with his family... even if he still had issues talking to his father. A momentary glance in Nilaavin's direction managed to get a small smile from the dog. Allergic as he was , This 'dog' couldn't deny a big cat living out their fantasies in a fish market was a curiously endearing sight. He couldn't help but notice how deep in thought Blueblood seemed to be, but soon he spoke up with a most generous offer! "You're too kind, my prince." Said the canine as he dipped his head to the stallion, "I will be sure to make the most of it within reason."
  7. Foxglove chuckled warmly at Tempest's quick apology, "I can't hold ill will against somepony just because they haven't read my work. But if you like I've some copies in my study. if you'd like to get a glimpse... but for now I think a tour sounds lovely." With a chuckle she would looked back again to the gates, "No need to keep apologizing. Personally I love the change... it just makes it looked more ominous!" She smiled as she stepped a bit closer towards the gate and then back to her guest. HEaring her say how she spent a lot of her time outside, the image of Tempest out alone during rainy nights made the author shudder. "Well... let's get you inside then. You must be tired if you've been walking on hoof all the way here." Foxglove gestured for her friend to follow along to the front door of the manor. The earth pony pushed open one of the doors, revealing the Foyer. It was an elegant looking hall, if a tad dusty and worn. It seemed to be sturdy, but the wear from the elements and old age was easy to see. The lamps around the walls and in the doorway seemed to give off some faint blue glow that gave a serene aura.
  8. Taira remained focused on his run on the mill, doing his darndest to produce at least some cider for the day. If there was one thing somepony would say about him it wasn't going to be "He doesn't work hard." His huffing and puffing on the mill must have been noticed as he soon heard Applejack talking to Blueblood and that one mare from the other day. He'd failed to catch her name then, but now he could overhear it being spoken: Bellissima. It was a lovely name and it was even lovelier to see her warming up to the farm. Perhaps the other day the stress had gotten to her. Even better it seemed as though Blueblood was joining them to help out with the broken mill! This day was getting even better. He gave the fetching Bluebelle a happy smile as she drew closer, taking on paw off the mill to wave once and then right back to work. Applejack's holler back to him made his ears perk up. WIth a delighted smile he would call back, "That's right! No magic at all! ... Don't try to cheat now: I'll smell your aura if you do!" He said with a wry grin as he kept up his pace on the mill, only slowing a moment as he noticed a surprising potent magical aura nearby. He stalled a moment on the mill but pushed on through, only taking a moment to look around to investigate... and noticing an alicorn was here! Not just any Alicorn either, but Celestia's sister. Goodness, this farm was drawing in all sorts of bigwigs! A multitude of questions popped up in Taira's mind. He had enjoyed his visit with celestia during the last Nightmare Night. HE had so few opportunities to speak to beings as old or older than himself. With a happy bark he would look to his now feminine friend, "Blue! Is that one of your aunts over there? I don't think I've gotten to speak to her yet? Does she like tea and cake as much as your other one?" In between panting he would look to his perspective temporary co-worker and chuckle at hesitant words on sweat, "It certainly is from what I've heard! I wish I could sweat, all I can do is huff and pant to cool off." He slowed up a little on the mile to offer the mare a smile, "I'm Taira, I don't think we got to speak yesterday. It will be a pleasure to run with you!"
  9. If the question from Sunset was a single arrow in her side, Feng's long answer to felt as though she'd been turned into pincushion. It took a few seconds before Yanhua actually spoke up. She was silent with her usual smile and near-shut eyed expression masking a hurricane of frustration brewing inside her mind. "... I trust you just fine, I just realized that I didn't tell you what type of apples would have been best for baking purposes." Her tone was its usual calm register, "I suppose now that I'm here I may as well remain to get a look at what I'll be working with." Her tail was twitching... she was thankful when Feng turned his attention back to Sunset so she could take another breath to steady her nerves. Yanhua liked Yu as much as she could like an employer, but this situation with Feng and her unique past with the family made thing's very tense. To make matters worse hearing how well Feng could describe the empress had made the cook somewhat concerned. Was her own form so unremarkable? She'd spent so much time thinking about and crafting it but it seemed the only compliment she ever felt she got on it came from either Prince Lian or Wuya. In the hopes of distracting herself from her worries again, Yanhua looked to the new stallion: Tiger Blood. "Yanhua, Imperial chef. It's good to make your acquaintance." A small smile came to her muzzle as Sunset greeted her, "Thank you, Sunset. It's good to see you as well. Have things with Tempest and ... other interests of yours been going well? I'm sure letters will be a fine method to communicate. No need to trouble the new ruler of the lands with such a small request when a simple paper based remedy will do."
  10. Yep. She was one of the old kirin from the stories all right. That fiery transmutation of her body into an avatar of her own anger fit in well with the stories grandpa told her. Rin coudl even feel the air getting toasty. Thank goodness Autumn shifted back before a big scene could be caused. "That's pretty neat! I used to hear stories about kirin who looked like you from my grandfather." She looked around Autumn once again before stretching out the prosthetic wing again, "... and I meant that this is a replacement wing. The old one had real feathers and everything, but this one is pretty cool. I was thinking about painting it up to give a cooler look." The spear carrying stallion seemed pretty curious about her an autumn. Rin was more subtle about inspecting him than autumn was, anypony with the bearing of a mercenary made her nervous given her past. Now her past was behind her, she could just enjoy the day! "I know I've wanted to see the farms and saloons... I've only seen them in movies."
  11. That whole Iron pony business proved to be quite the pain in Yanhua's neck... really it had ended up being a pain just about everywhere for her. Thankfully, in the aftermath the imperial chef found herself with some interesting friends. Friends who were now in on her secret. There were still many other confession to make in good time, but for now she would make the most of her time in this most unusual country. While she did feel somewhat safer after meeting Sunset and tempest. Yanhua still felt the urge to be wary. There were so many strong mages in this land, not all of them in town but many so close by in canterlot. Having her cover blown now would be the worst way this trip could end, so she stuck close to the scent of those she knew she could trust. Today, her nose lead her to this farm. Two familiar aromas were lingering here: The steadfast and loyal defender of the empress, and the interdimensional traveling mage. Feng and Sunset. It seemed they'd only arrived recently so Yanhua soon followed them into the line. She'd sent Feng out earlier for some apples for the kitchen... but waiting for him at the inn or around the carriage was leaving her feeling anxious. Then she came upon the sign. "Country kisses..." Internally she fumed, but quickly fought down the anger. Surely Feng would probably just get a kiss on the cheek or something. He'd never share his lips with anypony but the empress... and just like that she got herself annoyed again. It was fine, She'd sent feng out before, surely he'd be fine that she decided to come along. They may have an assortment of apples and she failed to describe a particular type that would be best for baking... The chef quietly walked up behind her fiery maned friend and smiled, "Good afternoon, Sunset. Feng." She came in just to hear the last question from sunset and immediately it felt like she'd been shot in the side with a barbed arrow. Somepony with empathy might have felt that...
  12. So she didn't speak Neighponese? Did she speak the Long sun's tongue? It was a shame Rin didn't know any of that... but fortunately the strange kirin spoke Equestrian! She sure had a lot of questions. Nothing that Rin couldn't handle, but she must not have seen or heard anything about the eastern regions at all. Rin cleared her throat and accepting the offered cloven hoof, shaking it with her own. "Hello there. I'm Shiori Rin... and, well, I'm from Neighpon! A country all the way to the east. I'm a Ryuma, but those further east call my kind Longma. Others back in my homeland look like me, but some don't have wings and they're called.... well, the Kirin! But they look a little different then you... can you do breath magic?" Hoping to Demonstrate for this new friend, Rin took a deep breath through her nose and soon exhaled a faint glowing smoke that scooped up her canteen, making it levitate like a unicorn might with their magic. Once she set it back down she picked it back up with one of her wings (the natural one) and set it back beside her cart. "As for my appearance, well... I lost one of my wings in an accident a long while ago." She opened and closed her prosthetic wing a few times for her friend, "Back home everypony has two horns too... well unless they file one of them down. I've seen some do that! I love your mane and scales though!" Rin's ears perked as someone whistled. When she turned around she was expecting some rugged looking ranchpony. It was a bit surprising when she looked to see somepony with a spear... though he was still clearly some sort of rugged. "Um... I suppose there is, Stranger." She dipped her head towards Tiger, "Both of us Just arrived here I think... do you know much about this town?"
  13. An ominous feeling was rising up in the hexxer's gut. Just before She was telekinetically thrown towards the lake nearby she had a feeling as if something terrible would happen. This heroine knew she really had no chance of beating back this enemy but she still felt she had to try... even as she was tossed aside like Refuse. While she waited for the contact with the water... it never came. Instead she found her tail yanks as if something bite down and then let her hang in place before setting her back down. When she looked up she beheld a white cervine... a caribou maybe? She was a strong looking creature with an intense glare.Her antlers were somehow mismatched, one looking natural and smooth almost with runic carvings along its branches and the other looking black, gnarled and sharp. Her fur giving off some bright, shifting light underneath old and slightly weathered looking armor, "You should stay back." She said as she calmly walked towards Ossia and her ...victim? To this caribou it seemed irrelevant. Oddly enough she didn't seem in any kind of hurry. She had an old looking spear at her side that she set down in front of her once she saw the alicorn with her prize. Eyes looked up to Ossia and then to her spear, in a small flash of the light the spear was gone. The owner of the weapon produced a small hollow laugh before soon laying down in front of the alicorn and the ticking time bomb in her hooves. She just sat before them, watching them intently with a tired smile on her face. Hexxer followed the strange caribou's orders, unsure where she'd seen her before. That bad feeling in her gut told her she should probably go and see if she could find any ponies who might be stuck in this park turned battlefield. [Exit Hexxer]
  14. Back on the treadmill once again. Taira took to the task with gusto, eager to continue his work for the apples. The other day had been one of the most fun. He'd met some of a friend's friends and even met a skilled artist that not-so-casually tried to get his likeness on paper. Never one to turn down the creatively inclined Taira assumed a pose that he thought might look regal for the shiny yellow mare. He did end up having to take care of other things before the finished result could be shone however, so he hoped that he could run into her once again! The moment she emerged from her tent, Taira's nose told him he definitely would! He recognized the smell of graphite and paper from the mare and even as he dashed on the treadmill he poked his head out a moment and gave the mare a quick "Hello!" before returning to his run! IT seemed that the tudents of the friendship school had come back too, the two feathery ones would surely be a fun pair to watch as the day unfolded.
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