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  1. From the album The Character Bin

    I'm really proud of how this guy turned out. I was kinda inspired by the father of Shogun Ryuichi to make my own attractive father figure. This is Taira. He lives in a mysterious mountain range with his wife and family. It wouldn't be unfair to think of him as a well spoken country bumpkin... and he really couldn't disagree with that assessment really! He has a soft spot for Equestrian music of the past and can often be heard humming it as he comes back down from the mountains to buy groceries and the like for what must be an impressively large family.
  2. "I can definitely take the little Grifflet, Diamond Was 'is name, right?" She looked over to the small griffin and smiled at him as he spoke to Blueblood. "I think that he'd like ta stick to the other prench speaker too... Inkbrand shouldn't be too much a hoof-full though. If I need any help I'll come callin' though." Presteza nodded quickly to Applejack before she set off to tend to her group. Before Fire could take off She would give her friend one last sidelong hug before setting her loose! The painter's eyes soon feel upon Bluemoon and Inkbrand as they mushed their faces up against the glass to look at the playground. "Well since it seems everyone's minds are on the playground... I say we get going! Last one there's a rotten egg! let's follow that bright red pegasus!" Presteza chuckled heartily at Blueblood's rally cry for (pretend) piracy, "I'll be glad to make and give out eyepatches to every member of this dreaded captain's crew! Plunder and riches await!" She looked down to Blue moon," Would you like to join everypony for an adventure on the high seas? I'm sure the captain would welcome you!"
  3. Hero Name: (Doctor?) Dissonance Powers: Cartoon Physiology: The powers given to her by the chaotic being known as Discord. A magical ability limited to her own body that allows to to bend, twist, and annoy (but never break) the laws of physics and reality… so long as she remains expressive, bouncy, and cartoony. While acting as a hero Dissonance’s powers allow her to survive just about anything so long as she remains goofy or playful and doesn’t express any form or subtle emotion. While her powers are active she is capable of defying gravity and walking through the air (so long as she doesn’t realize she is walking on nothing), Can be set on fire only to be covered in ash afterward, Can be crushed by incredibly heavy weights and get back up as a paper thin version of herself or suddenly looking as if she’d become a living accordion. She has also found she can carry a multitude of things in her mane, be inflated like a balloon and move and incredible speeds when overly excited. While all of these powers have proven useful in her recent hero career they are all tied to her mental state and while they allow a form of immunity to death while in her toon state, She can still be incapacitated or knocked out by overwhelming force, being outsmarted or having to play along with jokes of another more jovial hero in some way or risk becoming entirely vulnerable again. When she is in her Toon state, it is signaled by her suddenly growing on large sharp tooth, her irises turning red, sclera turning yellow, and her mane shifting to a more… creamy color. Due to limited social interaction Dissonance is still having… trouble understanding others yet still desires company and companionship. This makes her very susceptible to any villain skilled with mind games or any sort of emotional manipulation. Magitechnology affinity: Without her powers, Dissonance is still very intelligent and has an inherent knack for anything technological or magi-tech. In her assignments for the daughters’ she was in charge of making gadgets and devices for their operatives as well as monitoring their magi-net presence to do their work. Once she exposed most of the order to the government she was allowed many perks including access to some of the latest tech the outside world had to offer and so she began designing support items for other heroes in addition to starting tinkering with golems! Backstory: In the not too distant past a pair of ponies would have a daughter, not long after their birth this daughter would be taken. This filly would go on to have a very strange life, having been taken at random along with several other newborns by the mysterious order known as the Daughters of Discord. The daughters of Discord as their name implied were a group of ponies who worked to bring themselves closer to the chaotic knowledge and power of the being known as Discord. For a long time their activities were kept in shadow by various strange circumstances and the degree of success that their more senior members had in regards to gaining anything similar to the spirits power had been kept a secret not even the sentinel or the Equestrian government could decipher. Back to the foalnapped filly though… Her early life consisted of many tests trials and treatments. All of them designed in strange and almost incomprehensibly random tasks that once completed without getting caught seemed to lead to strange chains of events. As this filly rose through the ranks of the organization she would come to learn more and more until her very first mission. A job that once it had been completed through a small country into a terrifying state of anarchy. Having learned so much about the group and with the weight of guilt from her first serious dip into chaos… she took her time during some operations to come into contact with an agent of the EG. Due to a growing talent for magi-technology after gaining her mark she managed to find a way to send hm a series of messages that exposed a majority of the daughters’ safehouses, caches, capabilities and soon the group was brought to the brink of ruin. It was then that Discord himself came to her. At first she was horrified but soon that feeling of dread was overtaken by confusion as the spirit gave her a round of applause. Discord had said that while he’d helped out the daughters’ for a great deal of time by granting them a degree of minor chaotic power he had stopped ages ago because the group had become in his own words: Dull. He thanked her for this interesting turn of events and and with a shake of her hoof bestowed onto her a gift. A set of powers that she could use however she saw fit… so long as she followed the rules for their use. Allies: (Deus ex) Machina: Dissonance’s formerly estranged cousin who she re-acquainted with after getting into magitech development… and realizing she was competing with him. Their relationship was rocky at first but now she’d do anything for him and anyone he cares about. Learned her real name from him. Chaser: One of Dissonance’s attempts to tinker with an old damaged pursuit golem used by the canterlot police department. She repaired and refitted and customized the high tech golem to perfection and one night while she slept, Discord popped in and bestowed the machine with sentience. Currently is treated like something of a daughter or a younger sister by her ‘creator’. Z.E.L.D.A. : WAs one of the scientists responsible for her friend Zelda’s current state… is working regularly to try and either get her back to normal in some way or return the ability to sense things to the griffin. The Sunlight SEntinel (sort of): Thanks her valid worries about the remnants of the daughters, The government of Equestria has requested the sentinel to allow her into the academy due to the tight security. Most of the time she tends to randomly pop into classrooms to alleviate some boredom or help out in some way, one of her favorite past-times being a glorified training dummy. Enemies: While her betrayal greatly weakened and destabilized the Daughters, She has heard nothing of what happened to the more influential members of the order known as the “True daughters”. These ponies were already blessed with strange chaos inciting abilities that could wreak havoc almost anywhere they saw fit until it was almost too late to stop them. Even today Dissonance is completely horrified of the idea of them ever getting to her… and even if they don’t she is constantly worried about some random follower coming along to try and get her while she sleeps or in a vulnerable moment. Discord himself… is someone she both fears and respects, if only for him granting her powers. The fear part comes from his very nature in that she isn’t sure what he might do to liven up her life through some subtle or unsubtle form of mischief. Notabililty: Isn’t really known very well as a hero, and due to her somewhat discordish appearance while her powers are active she is more than often assumed to be either a villain or some sort of random rogue who pesters heroes. Her public persona as a tech mogul and developer: Bevel Gear is more widely known thanks to her work with magi-tech projects and assistance to the hero academy.
  4. Approved Lightning Dust. Also if you could put this app in our AU section as well that would be appreciated. A bit easier to find then
  5. A ilttle slow but i have some ideas that will be filled soon



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  7. The mention of this tome sent bevel's mind into overdrive! What would it say?! How did the engines work?! How big is the resting quarters?! Were there any improvements that could be ma-- what was she thinking? Of course improvements could be made! If she'd been invited Celestia clearly would have taken into account her magitech expertise and talent for improving existing magitechnological systems. While the mare's mind continued to calculate possibilities and admiring the design of the ship, one could practically see the smoke escaping her ears as her brain went into overdrive, then came to a dead stop. When she realized she was still holding a griffin at her side. Bevel released poor Zelda from her overly enthusiastic grasp with a nervous chuckle,"Pardonne-Moi!" Bevel carefully dusted off the griffin and offered her hoof in a more relaxed type of expression of cooperation. The delay between messages depending on the distance of their voyages wasn't too surprising to hear. She'd studied such theories in aetherology classes, some of them with Moondancer in fact during her less... sociable days. There was something she could try: Getting Moondancer's help in the development of a component to expedite the transfer of aether based messages through the magnificent sea of stars. What the princess said about worrying about time was definitely something that had piqued this inventor's curiosity, Immediately her hood shot up like she'd regressed to an eager schoolfilly. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" She would bounce up and down as if her hooves had been replaced by rubber, "Does the reason we don't have to worry about time have anything to do with aether's proposed effects on gravity based Time dilation?!" Before the answer could come or if it did even come, once the gangplank came down. It was like Bevel had disappeared from where she was standing. A small pattern of dust now in place where she used to be forming a vague outline of the prench magi-mechanist. Her dissapearance only mystifying anyone for a few seconds before an exuberant response to Blueblood's Question came from the top of the gangplank, Bevel peaking out from behind the frame of the hatch, "Ready?! I'm Absolument prêt! What are you all waiting for?!"
  8. long guo

    Silverheart brightened as Yu let out that soft laugh, "Good to know I can still make you laugh... maybe if my position at the academy doesn't work out I can serve as your jester... wait, do they have jesters in Long guon culture?" Not really expecting a serious answer, Silver scooted closer to the empress in small increments before looking out the window. The stallion let out a contentedly sigh as he watched the thousands of pink petals gracefully dance through the air, "Maybe one day I could see the neighponese version of it with someone special at my side." Silver smiled at Yu playfully, "I think I have someone in mind already." With a partly stifled yawn, Silver would stretch in place and look back to the corridor. He could still hear the mutterings of the staff, "You wouldn't believe what some of the rumors your attendants have been talking about by the way. Just walking from the academy to the palace, I'd heard so many spins on what had happened out there. Ridiculous things like a clumsy attempt to somehow weaken the dynasty by the shogunate to some secret romantic getaway with you and Shogun Rakuen. Even some of them were about you two kissing before you'd been rescued." Silverheart wasn't the type to entertain such unfounded rumors, but it never hurt to keep one's ear to the ground. He had hidden any feelings of jealousy away and tucked them into his stomach as his own imagination treated him to some silly images of the proposed scenarios that burrowed into his mind through hearsay.
  9. To all those involved in this could you pm me some art references of your characters if you have any. I need them for a ... project.
  10. Oh? The prince had gotten a chance to speak to Discord already... someone was becoming quite the social butterfly! It was good to hear that Discord was actually getting along with some of the royalty here. Perhaps the draconequus will wind up viewing Long Guo as something of a clean slate for his reputation, a chance to remake himself and how others viewed him... preferably not in some strange way like turning himself into egg and re-emerging as some posh version of himself. Honestly, that mustache looked so wrong on his muzzle. "I'm glad to hear he's made such a good impression, You Highness. I'm sure that Lord Discord will prove quite a fun presence in Long Guo while he deems fit to stay." The stallion would look over to the robe wearing noodle with a smile and a look on his face that would seem to be asking 'right?'. With Lian introducing the ponies at the table, Silver's ears perked up to take in the names and match the faces. Feng he'd not gotten to speak much to, but he'd felt some strange, subtle friction with the stallion that seemed to go without words needing to be spoken. Silver's mane tussled as he bowed his head in feng's direction in his greeting. Miss Denglong Xiu had quite an interesting title, wood synergy? He'd have to read up on that, or better yet. "Wood Synergist?" A tilt of the head would follow, "Miss Xiu could you tell me about that? I'm still quite unfamiliar with more than a few aspects of this land, What does your occupation entail?" Liviel he recognized from int he garden before, he had to admit she was one of the most pleasant diamond dogs he had ever laid eyes upon and with such lovely white fur! A smile curled on his muzzle as he bowed his head politely to the canine companion. A hoofmaiden, somehow Lian didn't strike Silver as the type to have hoofmaidens. Faulty assumptions on the parts of this foreign visitor aside, Silver would incline in his head politely to her. When the food arrived, Silver would look for a moment and try to figure out what he was going to try. He had his mind currently set on the Zhoo... the Zhing... the zhoop... The Noodles, with mushrooms, and the bean-paste. Curse these difficult to mentally pronounce food names! For now Silver would wait for the empress to eat first before beginning, himself.
  11. Gah! So fast.Was the little one getting better at this or was she just getting worse. Could be a bit of both. Hanabi groaned as the the various leaves flew up into the air when the little colt buffeted them. She wrinkled her nose and snorted one of those wayward leaves from her nose and leapt out from her hole and brushed the excess dirt from her coat. "You must have cheated! How did you find me so fast! Whatever you did I promise you I'll find your hiding spot twice as fast! With my secret weapon!" The excited fox eagerly bounced and bounded around Feng, only occasionally bumping into him so she could nuzzle his side. By this time the little colt had to have figured out what her 'secret weapon' was: Her sense of smell. Seeing as she was still a fox she could very easily just sniff out any mischief making colts hiding in these woods... so long as they didn't manage to mask their scent! "Alright! I'll Start counting then..." Hanabi curled up and draped her thick tail over her face, "... Ichi... Ni... San... Yan..."
  12. longri-la

    "I'm Sorry, Mister Feng." The painter;s head hung slightly at the realization that she may be more of a burden than she'd thought. The knowledge that she could cause any variety of strange incidents with merely a tickle of the nose wasn't something she had grown up with without worrying about. Celestia knows all the picnics she must have ruined in the Trottingham park when she was a filly. Even though Feng stated that he didn't think it would make much difference, Presteza still took several steps away from both Yu and Feng. Better safe than sorry, after all. At the mention of painting, the mare would perk up quickly. A proud smile would spread across her muzzle while she carefully stowed away those sketches and then her cheeks would flush as the divine dragon would pay her a different sort of compliment. Presteza hadn't heard from Java in some time so she hadn't really gotten tht sort of appreciation in a while. It felt nice to hear but rather than blatantly trying to flirt back she would puff out her chest and rear back with an excited whinny. "If you have any canvases or paint around maybe we can find out!"
  13. From the album The Character Bin

    Did another bevel avatar, might use this one soon.
  14. Name: Kakusareta No Ito Sex: Female Age: Very Old Species: Jorogumo (Spider Yokai Eye Color: coat: Mane & Tail: Physique: Residence: occupation: Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: History: Personality: Summary:
  15. Absolutely wonderful! A li'l sad I didn't speak up when i had the chance to get in on this!