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  1. This Is Hanari Rua. Rua is a traveler from Neighpon, a follower of the traditions and codes of the Samurai. Having been raised in a ninja clan populated entirely by mares in a mysterious forest away from most of Neighpon, she is curious about the ways of her homeland as well as the lands far beyond. It shouldn't be too surprising that traveling on the road with nothing but a blunt, wooden training sword and a satchel to keep you company makes a pony wish for some decent conversation. To any who are interested, I have two spots I left in her background that resulted in her developing into who she is. One is a mysterious stranger who saved her and her mother's life during a blizzard. I didn't go into specifics about them beyond they were kind enough to do so and knew a lot of stories about the samurai of Nieghpon. Rua styles her mane in the same appearance as the pony who saved her and her mother that day, although its perfectly likely and sensible for the character to have changed it at some point. The other option is a another stranger who was a kirin or longma that became a nuisance to Rua and her mother when Rua was just a filly. Rua challenged him to a sort of duel of breath magic and managed to... lose to a much more experienced and stronger opponent, but not before bruising his leg. The action impressed him enough to stop bothering her the parent and filly on their way to a town. Those are just two major roles for influences in her own life. In her travels I would like for her to meet a variety of characters so feel free to offer some of yours up! As for characters I'm looking for, well... I think to start some characters she may have run into on the road once or twice before, but if an applicant thinks a meeting for the first time would be more interesting that could be fine too! Just leave a comment and we'll see what we can cook up!
  2. From the album The Character Bin

    I've been wanting to upload one of these for a while. I don't really show many diverse expressions in my work so I give my newest character a chance to shine. I'll probably use some of these in Rp at some point. From Top to bottom, Left to right the expressions are... 1: WHAT THE BUCK DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY MANE?! 2: Irritated 3: Saddened 4: Embarassed 5: Cheerful 6: Sleepy
  3. It had been a very long trek from Neighpon to Equestria. First setting hoof in Equestria, Rua was happy to see it was as peaceful as it was. Besides the occasional disagreement and/or tiff with the natives, the experience was overall pleasant. The deeper one went inland, it seemed as if tales of Ponyville and exploits of it's second newest addition to the royal family were inescapable. At the very least stopping by such a renowned town in the country was something a kirin like Rua could not forgive herself to pass up while she was here. The actual walk here was incredibly exhausting, especially seeing as she couldn't afford a carriage and tended to turn down most who offered. There was no reason she couldn't walk here... none at all... certainly not the lack of funds. In fact coming to this country and doing the occasional odd-job had given her more coin than she had thought for a somewhat problematic reason. Finding anything besides vegetables in Equestria to eat seemed almost impossible! It really shouldn't be as surprising to the Ronin as it was. The population of the country was overwhelmingly Equine and most food sensibilities reflected that. For a kirin of Neighpon though... Fish was somewhat important and she had been building a potent hunger for it since her first step on Equestrian soil. By the ancestors she missed Sushi. The taste, the texture, the effort of cutting it up properly: Just thinking about it made her mouth water. A hunger for the comforts of back home was nothing she couldn't deal with, but an actual physical hunger from an only half fulfilled diet: That was going to be a problem. This problem had been felt as she finally began her first walk about the town today actually and a while before. She'd felt tired all afternoon, as if she'd been wandering about in a daze. Her eyes felt heavy like she could fall asleep at any moment if she didn't keep moving. There had to be something that could give her a bit of energy... in this bright yet fish forsaken town there needed to be someplace that could sell her something like that. ... Eventually her eyes fell upon a shop, "A... Juice shop?" The wobbling kirin put her hoof to her chin, Juice... probably wasn't going to fill her dietary desires. She was about to walk on along until she realized. "Tea." A look of revelation spread over the foreigner's face, "Tea... is Juice though. Basically boiled leaf juice." Back home she remembered how a well made cup seemed to fill her with vigor, and Rua could definitely use some of that now. A deep breath filled her lungs before she removed the little woolen satchel she carried with her from her wooden sword. A cloven hoof rifled through it's contents, "Seven bits... That should be enough at least for tea." The white and gray Hakama on her form fluttering lightly in wind as she drowsily lurched to the establishment. She made her way in, her tired eyes and slightly unbalanced gait taking her across the floor and past and unconscious unicorn, A diamond dog, a pony with a stetson, a griffin, and with a deer with wings. She'd heard Ponyville was a Diverse community, but that was definitely impressive. Rua stopped in front of the group and exposed an unsteady smile, "Um... Do you Sell... Tea... Also is she alright?" She gestured to the mare on the floor.
  4. I can bring along Bebop! She needs to spend more time with her friend Windy!
  5. Nice JoJo's reference in latest App ;).

  6. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Rua Hanari Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Kirin Eye Color: Bright orange Coat: Rua's coat is mostly a very off-white grey, her scales and draconic features being a darker grey as well. Mane/Tail: Wears her mane in a style that would be considered somewhat outdated in Neighpon. One could easily describe it as a type of bowlcut with asmall cut tuft of a mane that pokes on top almost like a stem. Her horns are fairly long but groomed and filed regularly. Physique: Despite appearing rather small, Rua has a well toned and trained build: The type one would associate with speed, agility, and finesse. Residence: None Occupation: Rua has no steady occupation, mostly identifying herself as a Ronin: A masterless Samurai. She tends to wander all across the lands, honing her skills in order to live up to the code she admires... she has however had to take a large amount of oddjobs in order to make ends meet. She has had experience as a farmhoof, a waitress, and even a delivery mare. Cutie Mark: A swirling, wisplike ball of magical smoke. When Rua was young and only just started following the code left for her by the stranger, She and her mother had run into a recurring problem. One day they made their way to the closest town nearby the forest (which was still quite a distance off) and there was a Qilin there who told her that he was camping on this route and if she wanted to pass she'd need to pay him a toll. The qilin seemed a bit older than her mother and when she tried to pass by him he was able to stop her with some magic he exhaled from his maw. Rather than take the offense lying down, Rua got up and challenged him to a duel to allow them to pass if she won with her own magic could subdue him... and promptly lost. This wasn't the last time she saw that rude stallion however, as she came back the next day determined to fight him once again... and again lost. Each day before she came to challenge him again she would train her breath through meditation and exercises as best she could. The attempts to beat the stallion continued for a week and one day she again had managed to lose. This time though the stranger was impressed by her as in their little spat she'd manage to actually bruise his leg: not badly, but enough that it was visible. Out of respect for his little opponent he agreed to stop being in their way and told her to seek him out again someday. That day as she laid in the grass breathless as that qilin walked off... she sat buck up and noticed a mark emblazoned on her plot. Portrait: Unique Traits: Breath Magic Prodigy: Rua has a natural talent for the magical breath of the native born creatures of Long Guo. She regularly trains it and hones it through her meditations and training alone. She is entirely self taught , however and as a result only knows some very simple spells that can conceivably assist her: Most of them she learned from the book on Bushido the stranger left her. Enchanting her equipment with her breath, she can strengthen the threads on her kimono to make it tough as iron, give her blunt training sword an invisible cutting edge, strengthen her body, breathe fire, and able to levitate things with her breath magic so long as her respiration is un-impeded. Quick Study: Rua learns things very quickly. In regards to her magic she is very good at learning new spells when she has enough practice. Ninja and Samurai Training: Since She was a filly, her clan trained her well in martial arts. From her years of training she is a very capable combatant with tools she is familiar with and even keeps one of her old favorites at her side at all times thanks to it’s versatility: A kusarigama. In her travels she is perfectly fine using her old wooden training sword, regularly enchanted by her own breath to be sturdy enough to combat normal steel. History: A time ago there was a mare who was part of a secretive ninja clan in Neighpon's most infamous woods. This mare took a great and clever warrior as her lover, but circumstances drove them apart: Him needing to find his destiny and her devoted to her sisters in the clan. In the end the mother bore him a daughter and that daughter was Rua... at least that is what the little kirin had been told growing up. The part about the secret ninja clan was true as she can attest. Being raised up in clan Aokigahara in the Forest of the Forsaken was far from easy. Ninja training in one of the most inhospitable areas of Neighpon could never be a trot in the park. Still she wound up excelling and working hard to understand the necessary skills in order to excel at what was likely to be her trade in the future. Even with all the training that occurred, she and her mother would often leave the forest. To this day Rua isn't fully sure why they would venture out so much more often then the other mothers and daughters in the clan. Deep down Rua suspected it might have been a hope from her mother to see the warrior she told her daughter about walk down the road, but she always said it was so she could socialize better since she'd heard one of the fillies in the clan had fainted when put only a few inches away from a colt when she went on her first mission. The trips outside the forest were very varied in the types of kirin, ryuma, and ponies. One trip to the mountain wound up being possibly the most important day of her life. A simple trip to retrieve an herb was made into a deadly night when a blizzard blew in. Rua and her mother had become lost in a vast landscape of white. The end of their story seemed like a certainty for the small family, but a stranger in the snow retrieved them just after they had passed out. They spoke softly, had a … curious mane style and had an old sword at their side. This stranger nursed them both back health. With the filly to keep her spirits up they wove tales of a samurai, a traveler who wrote the wrongs and fought caribou in ages past... by the glint in her eyes he gave her book on the ways of Neighponese samurai code. ON the morning when both she and her mother had shown to be healthy once again, he had left only that book at the mouth of cave they'd rested in: a sentence circled in it's pages. “Righteousness is it's own reward.” In her admiration, Rua began to style her mane in shape of that of the wanderer who saved her and her mother's life that day... and wound up taking offense to any slight against the style. Around this time she began to diverge a bit from the clan, feeling as though the way of the ninja... while not evil was not the way she wished to follow. Instead she focused on training her breath and skills with the tools of their trade but not so much the philosophy of sneakiness and striking in the darkness. Her gradual gravitation away from her clan's primary methodology, while not severing her bond with her sisters did weaken it. She grew to enjoy her trips to the outside more and more. On one trip to a nearby town she wound up meeting a curious colt who she only knew as Ishi-kun. He was a strange Kirin who was accompanied by armed guards but he apparently decided to try and talk to her after she'd scurried away when some group of fillies and colts chased after her when she beat them in a game of horseshoes. Ishi came to her defense, and after she finally was able to get a word out past her initial nervousness of having to say thank you to both a stranger and a colt... the two wound up spending most of the day together exploring the town and evading those guards. Eventually the two had to part ways and all that Rua could say was that she hoped she'd see him again someday. Days turned into months turned into years and Rua's desire to travel only grew as those increments of time did pass. She only took a small pack of supplies, a wooden training sword, a simple robe and her self taught breath magic with her. Her sisters took her to the edge of the forest and she bid her mother goodbye, promising to return and visit. So her travels began and continue. Rua's wandering has many purposes for her. She believes that her experiences on the open road will help her grow as a person beyond her talents, yet she also hopes that each hoofstep on this long road may bring her to the face she encountered growing up... and perhaps the one that is partly responsible for her being born. Neighpon has been her primary wandering ground but she has begun work to try and travel beyond... Personality: Above all else, Rua aspires to embody the virtues of the way of the samurai. She strives to be kind, loyal, dependable, and willing to defend or hope those in need in whatever way she can. While on the outside she seems as calm as a still pond, inside she is fiercely devoted and has a remarkable persistence that pushes her to continue her travels. There are occasional lapses in her almost overly polite nature in which even she can be pushed from anything that would try the patience of anypony. Her most vulnerable moments can usually be seen when she is truly feeling the weight of her travels bearing down on her or if she finds she has been deceived. One of the most notable outbursts of her inner passions would seem to occur anyone disrespects, belittles, or insults her manestyle: due to the significance of the one who inspired it in her life, she treats such remarks as gravely as if someone had spit on the legacy of her entire family. Those who have spoken ill of it know now that her reaction varies from a calm restrained fury to an out and out rage that a caribou would envy... and usually once the damage is done she will apologize profusely for her actions and work to pay off any debts owed if reasonable. In regards to odd quirks, Rua has a very vivid imagination. Often times in tense situations she will imagine various ways in which a situation can go and ponder on the ramifications of the actions she could take.. only to be jarred from her trance by a frustrated 'hey!' from whoever had been talking to her. Due to her upbringing by a secluded all female ninja clan in a forest, Rua has little no experience with members of the opposite sex. She is completely capable of speaking to them but occasionally will let a compliment slip, and can be incredibly nervous especially if they are around her age and are physically adjacent to her. Perhaps taking her philosophical following of the samurai, Rua has adopted a somewhat archaic way of speaking in her native tongue as well as Equestrian. At the end of sentences she will almost always end certain statements with “That it is” or some variation thereof. This has seemingly become second nature to her as even when members of her own culture say the formalness of her speech is unnecessary she will continue with this verbal tic even after trying to restrain herself. Rua Can also be rather critical of herself, when she makes a slight against someone she will often go beyond what is necessary if she considers it her fault. One of the reasons she currently only carries a wooden sword instead of a real one is because she does not believe she truly deserves to wield one yet. Summary: Rua is typically a calm and polite mare of Neighpon. Raised in an infamous forest by a secretive clan of ninja she chose a more honorable path in that of the samurai after one saved her and her mother's lives in a bad blizzard. Now on her own with only a momento from home, a training sword, a rucksack, and some basic creature comforts to her name she travels the land: trying to grow as a warrior and a person. Her skills with many different types of weapons and the breath magic of east make her quite a force to be reckoned with, but she is not the type to show it off as that would go heavily against the code she follows. Her time on the road has granted her more than a few skills that are useful for a few occasions and most of the time her biggest worry is finding a place to sleep and some food to eat.
  7. From the album The Character Bin

    The life a Ronin is not easy, but it's the life Hanari Rua chose. Just some art for an upcoming OC I'm working on.
  8. longri-la

    Presteza smiled up at the long who addressed her, "I can only imagine wot it musta been like ta live around dragons. The only families I ever got ta meet were a rich family who owned a big vineyard and a lot of other rich pony families." While Yu and Ailong continued their Reunion, Presteza's eyes narrowed at the Matron. Thankfully with her head dipped down closer to her level, the empress' guest was given a close view at what she was focused upon. "And don't know yer eyes!" She said in a perky tone, "They look pretty sharp and pretty pretty ta me, Mu'um! As fer the tea... Well...how about... um... Wo kinds do ya 'ave 'ere?" Given the reverie of two long seperated friends, Presteza felt it would be rather rude to interrupt them with question right out of the gate...
  9. "Eydis. Eydis Hildusdottir." The caribou offered a cloven hoof to the qilin in friendship, "I'm a Skald: a sort of historian and musician. Again it's very nice to meet you, Miss Moon." Then came a peryton, the very same one she'd bumped in to earlier. This was an unusual development, she didn't realize the natives of Long Guo were so... open to intimate physical contact. While the two conversed about piercings, Eydis calmly watched: waiting for a chance to talk. She didn't have to wait long though for conversation, although it didn't come from who she'd thought it would. The Burly stallion who'd been looming ominously behind her partly scaled new acquaintance apparently spoke her native tongue! There many ponies who spoke the tongue of the caribou clans, "[I'm quite good. How about yourself?] Eydis' tone was softer and more lilting. Well at least someone answered his question. Dust gave a thankful bow to the longma who responded, "I'll do a bit of wandering then I suppose..." With that the stallion walked along to the hall. Before he left the scene he returned, "I hope you and your company have a nice night." His tone was still as flat as a board, despite his well wishing. As he passed by the rather fluffy looking stallion conversion with the caribou, he just avoided eye contact: Unsure really how to respond to that momentary display of fluffing before he left off towards a wing of the estate. (Exit Dust)
  10. neighpon

    So far so good. The Shogun seemed to be very agreeable and even extended a hardy hoofshake: one which Hoshi accepted. He followed her matches too? That was an interesting fact. Ishi hadn't mentioned that his brother was a big follower of the Golem fights. Last week... last week.. Who was her opponent that time? It took about two seconds before she realized, "Oh yes... The boxing brawler kangaroo. His use of the Damsire roll was unexpected... but he really overestimated it's use. It may look devastating to be on the other end of but the rhythm it uses is really easy to follow. Once I'd gotten an idea of the pattern and direction, one counter-punch to the head and the guy got all the momentum he'd been using to pummel us with, plus our own hitting power thrown right back into his golem's face... Honestly I feel sorry for that one, her trainer overspecialized on that one special move." Hoshi blinked, realizing she'd gone off on something of a spiel. "Apologies, Ryuichi-Heika." She momentarily lowered her head, "I can ramble on about what I do for hours. I'll hold my tongue." When Ryuichi came back from a shadowy corner of the room, Hoshi's brow arched. That face... Those horns... that cloak, she knew this bull! She remembered when she'd first met him under the cherry blossoms. Apparently that had been intended to be a relaxed romantic getaway but then the spirit of chaos came around and Limi wound up falling into Polohama's rising star quite unceremoniously. "It's nice to see you aga- BWAH!" A sudden impact slammed into Hoshi's side, "Ah... Umm... K-konbanwa, Hibana-san." Was all she'd managed to stammer out, what with the wind being at first knocked out of her and then squeezed out of her. For now she simply struggled weekly in Hibana's grasp, in the dome there was a saying that the trainer of a golem tended to get some characteristics of them... apparently Hibana had inherited Tetsukuma's horrifically potent bear-hug. After a bit of squirming she managed to position herself so there wasn't an incredible pressure on her lungs she let out a deep gasp. "...And to be fair." she said as she finally caught her breath, "I didn't even know I -was- coming." The mare with the hat seemed pretty warm and interested in Kuzu in fact. The golem actually climbing on the couch she sat upon and extending a paw in greeting. Hoshi had to shake her head at the question she was posed, "Sorry to say I can't give you them without talking to both my sponsors and my crew. Specs and design elements are kept pretty well secured so that opposition can't use that information against us. I can definitely give you a small scale demonstration with Kuzu though." Behind Shiroi's head the golem in question did a pose upon hearing her name spoken. As the screen lit up with the song selection, Hoshi gave a shrug. "I'd be willing to give a try." A glass found its way into her hoof and the sake was swiftly downed, "I'll probably sound like talons on a chalkboard but I could give a try." She looked over to the caribou and smiled, "By the way It's nice to see again... Limi, was it? I didn't think I'd see you again after you fell on me during the festival."
  11. "Oh definitely... Seems like striking out on my own is a -lot- harder than I thought it would be." Teh ryuma heaved a sigh as she followed along behind 'unmei', "I used to work with a cla-- er a group that would help me find more work but since we had that falling out: Finding an employer is... really tough." Once they'd reached the Building, Rin Set her cart underneath an awning to protect it from the gloomy rain. "A nice warm place to sleep for once? How could I turn that down?" Again she followed along behind this new acquaintance, "I'd be happy to help you and your 'friends' out if you need me to."
  12. Sigrun raised back up after Sunrise's response, "The two responsible may not embody Neighpon as a whole, but they are the best of their land and government officials. In whitescar, those with the power and the faith of their clan behind them are to act with honor to one who shows such courtesy first... I have no intention of abandoning the search for peace, but I cannot forget that the Shogun's own bodyguard and their foremost expert on their sorcery sought to spy on us when we came in good faith." Sigrun looked to Halvard and then to their guest before massaging her forehead with her hoof, "I apologize... this all has been a stressful debacle. My sister normally would handle such things but with all the things back home... she has been busy." Being raised in the battle ridden land of whitescar, Sigrun was a cow who knew mostly military matters. She was a warrior, hardly someone worthy of being called for diplomatic things. Holding her own in a flyting match or a contest of strength or skill back home was no issue, and caribou tended to solve their problems or disagreements in simple ways... ways that while Sigrun loved: she knew very well she couldn't suggest to another nation, especially not Neighpon. If it was at all possible she would have asked Halvard to do this, but the chieftain was expected to embody her herd's interests in any setting. As usual Halvard's voice brought a slight smile to a worried cow's face, "As you say, My love... Today was a victory. Maybe a rocky one, but a victory nonetheless." SIgrun kissed the Bull's cheek and turned back to Sunrise. "But yes... About the dresses. Something fun we can actually enjoy."
  13. Prettiest Empress! Lovely work as always, Flower!
  14. Silver flinched or a moment upon hearing that first pronoun placed upon him by the draconequus. Sweet Celestia, he'd thought this part of his life was over. With the tuxedo's and armor and even trying to trim his eyelashes but apparently not even a demigod of chaos was not above mistaking him for a mare. Even though the urge to go into an in-depth refutation of such a notion, he kept his calm. The only evidence of his irritation being a furrowed brow that smoothed out not long after its appearance, "Allow me to correct you, Sir Discord. I am Silverheart a stallion originally of the guard back in Equestria. Being well informed is part of what my previous job required... and is a good habit to keep up." He kept his tone diplomatic as he could, but placed a bit of emphasis on the word 'stallion' for the serpentine chimera. Seeing the pleasant expression and tone coming from Discord, Silver relaxed slightly: Reports back home had said that Discord tended to be much less... chaotic around previous acquaintances. His magic was still not being used to turn anypony into a large dance troupe against their will, the biggest prank caused by the spirit being the sudden color changing of the chamberlain: an act which even got Feng to crack a smile. It even got a stifle chuckle from Silver... for a moment before he just gave the watcher a mix between a flat-look and a glare as he offered the empress a brownie in the middle of a situation where she would need to show decorum. This was no time for brownies... no matter how deliciously, chocolaty and moist they were. Seeing as Yu was trying to delicately respond to the spirit by translating the words of the heated chamberlain to a more palatable sort to a being who could turn her into one of those ducks he'd remarked on earlier with just a thought. As if fate had conspired to make this event even less likely to be resolved quietly, there were soon a multitude of eyes peering over the balconies and from the classrooms adjacent to the garden. A bevvy of gasps and vocalizations of wonder came from the students of academy as they inspected the scene, none of them willing to come too close out of respect for the empress but all of their eyes locked on the spirit of chaos from the foreign land. A good number of these eyes belonged to faces in Silver's own classroom, when the fell upon him expectantly he forced a smile and said, "Um... there's nothing to see here. Move along to your studies?" After some glares the stallion shook his head and gestured to Discord, "I was hoping to cover this in the histories of magics in equestria lecture next week but seeing as one of the subjects is right here... Please welcome Discord, reformed spirit of chaos and disharmony." More gasps were made at the entrance of none other than the prince! This gave Silver a moment of respite to bow his head, "Good to see you again, Prince Lian."
  15. A strong looking specimen of a stallion walked underneath the archway entrance to the courtyard. His mane was an orange-red shade and lightly tussled enough to look messy, but not unclean. A sturdy build not unlike a draft horse was covered by a dusty, khaki sort of coat. Being fashionably late was quite a literal case for Dust. Having still been working on trying to iron out a new wardrobe given this new affliction he was suffering from. Seems tonight he'd have to settle for a simple tuxedo and hope that he didn't sneeze. At the moment Dust just hoped that this whole thing wouldn't be a mistake. In fact the entire reason he came here without his headphones was because he didn't want to just wander through another wall and have someone yell at him for another few minutes as he worked to write down the check ... maybe he should try and find a tutor who can help him learn re-construction magic, but that was an idea for another day. Once again he found himself feeling like a commoner among nobles when he got the barest glimpse of what was happening on the inside. There was no chance he was willing to stay more than a few minutes in there, especially with all the royalty inside. He caught a glimpse of his friend Blueblood, but he seemed a bit... busy and after the whole Calnais disaster maybe it was best to meet somewhere more out of the public eye. Well for now, he may as well kill some time and ask around the party. Maybe there was something else that could be done besides just chatting. The first group to draw his eye were that curious crowd of ... a tattooed stallion, a pegasus who seemed very interested in the former, a punkish peryton of many piericings, and a brown coated creature of the east: Longma was what they were called if he remembered right. He took a deep breath and approached, waiting for a lull in the peryton and the longma's conversation. "Um... 'scuse me." spoke of an impressive baritone behind Lucy, "Could I interrupt ye booth?" His accent was more than obvious to trace to anyone in Stalliongrad... or most equestrians really: Fet loch. "Wouldn't be wrong ta guess that this place has some sort of... games to keep guests buseh?" A strange trait to Dust's tone was that despite the naturally lyrical sound of the accent, it still sounded somehow flat and dull. "Yes! Yes I do... From Whitescar actually." A small smile spread over the caribou's muzzle as she lowered her head, "I assume from your dress Miss Moon that you are from Long Guo, right?" In that moment where her head was lowered, Yu might have noticed the bumps on the top of her head: The base of the antlers that the owner seemed to have filed down. "May I ask what brought you all the way to stalliongrad from the far... east..." her words trailed off as she noticed the large stallion behind Jade, staring seemingly right at Eydis. He seemed... irritated? A slightly nervous smile came to the cow as the large pony seemed to just shift his gaze from her to Inkbrand. "That was... Odd... Anyway. Where was I?"