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  1. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Taira's first thoughts were, 'Whats a Blueblood residence?' but realizing that she was offering food either way stopped him from actually saying that. "Free food, hm?" Niju and himself had only recently arrived in Equestria and they'd mostly brought food from home. The old kirin had always been curious about the foods of other cultures. From what he could recall about the cuisine of the land of the princesses, things were varied. If they had a large enough menu maybe he could order some fish rather than the green all these equestrians ate. "Deal." He bows his head to her and stretched himself out to limber up, "I suppose I should start us off. If I remember right we can only move diagonally... so..."The stocky kirin made his way towards the corner of his space. He put his hoof outside of the boundary and stepped onto another tiles and out towards the gate. Taira took a deep breath, noting the curious smell of competition in the air, someone was playing this quite seriously. Stranger still he caught the scent of another familiar presence! Figured he'd have to compete against a younger member of his kind, it was the fate of any pack leader.
  2. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    Yanhua let out a disappointing huff as the rest of the participants split. She'd been hoping for some sort of cooperation to make things easier but going it alone couldn't really hurt. While most of her other magic was all out of whack, at least she could still smell the curious magic in the air. The reveal of her objective as a carrot made her tilt her head, she'd heard of carrots having different colors before in various farmers markets... so this felt a bit normal for a game being lead by a being so chaotic and unpredictable. Several banners appeared above various shopping stalls around the group, "Hm." She opened her eyes just a sliver to see one of them with her target painted on it. Being what she really was , Yanhua mostly operated by smell. Sadly she couldn't really ell colors without opening her eyes more... and well, her eyes were always the hardest part to keep under the glamour. At least the rest of the group were occupied by their owns stalls. All she needed to do was worry about the pony at her designated spot. "Excuse me sir, I'm looking for a yellow carrot? Do you have any?" She asked with a small smile as she approached.
  3. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Taira took the missive with a frustrated grunt, his eyes scanning over the parchment for details until he looked up back up... only to find the spirit gone. Discord was just as wily as the legends told. The old kirin took in a deep breath, noting that a couple other magical presences were popping in around him then exhaled a weary sigh. Of course it had to be checkers. Taira wasn't a terribly big board game player. Whenever he did play, it was almost always with Niju. To this day he'd never managed to beat her, though that could be because somehow every time it looked like he was doing well the board wound up getting knocked over. Well, there was no way she could flip or 'bump' into this big ole' board so maybe he had a shot! "Only one way to find out I suppose." He mused to himself as he rolled his shoulders and did a couple stretches to limber up. White A pair of white lines crossed eachother beside him, it soon dawning on him that he was in the 'corner' of his space. He was about to take a step forward when a popping noise came from right beside him and he found himself suddenly being embraced by a mare! ... The mountain pony let out a very unponylike yelping noise as he was grasped. He blinked once and put his hoof to his muzzle as if inspecting it, then let out a sigh of relief. He cleared his throat before speaking up, "So... You've been pulled into this game too, hm?" He asked, a little bit concerned about how this game might react to these two pieces touching.
  4. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Well this was turning out to be quite a day. This had been Taira's first official trip out of Neighpon with his mate and already things had gone off the rails. His coat had somehow been turned a vibrant shade of red and Niju had seemed to just disappear into thin air. At first he'd panicked so much he though he may drop his glamour, but he managed to catch a whiff of her particular scent on the wind. It was a fair distance away, but still there and she seemed to be alright. The thick scent of chaotic magic hung in the air too. it was unfamiliar. A bit concerning to be frank. ... Then he found himself in an unfamiliar place. The stocky stallion stood in the middle of a big room. Big was putting it too mildly actually: This room was gigantic. The architecture reminded him of that big castle that was one the hill when Niju and himself arrived. Apparently the upper class of this land often spent time here throwing lavish parties. Taira growled slightly as he began to look across the room, not wanting to appear intimidated if whoever did this was still around and watching... though with noone else around yet he would sit down and wait for someone else to appear... and ask them questions.
  5. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    A trip to recover some equestrian ingredients had truly gone off the rails today. Yanhua had been out on an errand (a demanding one) to get some apples from the farm of an... Applejack. Ponies had such odd names. What was all this fuss about chaos? The last time the world had reached even lose to this level of crazy was when Discord popped by in the imperial palace. Once the spirit had left, She realized she really should have asked for an autograph or something. Old friend's back home in Neighpon would certainly have loved to hear about a living legend of mischief like Discord. During her walk through Canterlot she felt a weird fizzle all across her body as if some invasive magic ran over her coat. For a split seconds her eyes widened and narrowed back to their constantly closed state. This magic smelled very familiar... The cook raised her head up high and sniffed rapidly at the air, "Yep,It's him." She could feel something was off about her... her magic felt off, inverted. Her lungs swelled with breath and soon she exhaled it out in a puff of ... red flames? That was odd, normally her magic 'breath' was a minty green. Stranger still it was cold, freezing in fact. This needed to be fixed. Going back to the palace with cold magic: the magic she often used to aid in her cooking, would not do at all. Seems the only thing she could do was follow her nose, the magical scent of chaos leading her eventually to the game master himself. "Nihao" she called up to the lounging spirit and company, her eyes still shut tight.
  6. Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    Now that the trio had arrived at the camp, things became for the most part quiet. The trip back down to the base was a more tense type of silence then what lingered over this site. A stern visage was painted over the Sultana's features. As soon as they reached the primary tent she told Bluebelle to wait for a little while, again in that tone of strained politeness. A couple minutes later she returned to her guest with a bowl of ... Fish? With an unamused sigh she slid the bowl towards Nilaavin, "Some of the Griffin excavating team volunteered to give you some of their lunch." Thankfully, they didn't need much convincing given the show he made of busting down a wall earlier. Basira sucked in a deep breath as she pulled over a chair, "So... Seems we've made quite the discovery today. May I ask what you plan to do with your new servant, Princess Bluebelle?"
  7. Mirror Mishaps (ATTN: Tacobob & Dunnie)

    The last thing Bevel expected to hear once the door opened was a musical number. Hearing Fire's voice was probably pretty high on the list , but hearing her singing was probably somewhere down in the middle of it: Just above tap dancing and below harmonica solo. A couple questions popped into the inventor's head after this impressive welcome, but she swept them all aside to give her friend a bout of applause. "Tres bien, Feu walker! Tres bien! ... You stumbled a little bit towards the end though." A playful little chuckle escaped her before she noticed the strange expression on Fire's face, "Is something wr--" ... And then Dunnie pounced. A smirk creased bevel's muzzle as Dunnie gave her a affectionate hug, "Well at least it seems you last parted on good terms!" While Bevel ascended the steps after her flying companion (some of us couldn't just zoom over to their friends) She would carefully pick up the step activated music player, "Oooohh... Who made this?!"
  8. Mirror Mishaps (ATTN: Tacobob & Dunnie)

    "It's working perfectly fine: You look wonderful."Bevel chuckled at Dunnie's fretting, "Are you worrying that one of -my- creations might falter in someway?" She gave the grey coated mare a gentle nudge to the side as she saw the doors beginning to budge. As the sound of the large gate opening reached Bevel's ear she let out a yawn, a big enough one that noises seemed to grow soft around her. Soon enough she realized the follow up questions posed by her companion, "That's right! She's the fiancee of a loyal customer of mine, Her name's--" "Fire?!" "Now-now. No need to interupt... Even though that is correct." A feeling as if she'd missed something began to rise in her gut. That tone Dunnie used implied she knew Fire Walker already, "Oh! Have you met her before?" She asked with an excited gleam in her eye. The inventor bowed her head towards the red pegasus and whistled, "Bonjour, Feu Walker! I love the new armor, it works very nicely with you coat!"
  9. Being in Ponyville always brought some... very conflicting feelings up in Bevel. The memory of the type of mare she was before she even came here was still fresh in her mind and it an image she dearly wished she could forget. Thankfully, she managed to schedule something that could keep her from being completely alone with her thoughts on this trip: A tour of the (relatively) new castle of Princess Twilight, and the company that would be with her for it. In this case it was her good friend Dunnie, who had come to her with a problem that Bevel was able to find a treatment for. Now the treatment evolved somewhat to where her friend was able to keep her new look indefinitely so long as she kept her bracelet on. The guide for this tour was someone Bevel had come to know through a regular customer of all things. When they'd first met the inventor knew she was a guard, but she definitely didn't realize that she would soon become more literal example of a royal guard: Being a guardian to none-other than princess Twilight herself. A couple letters later she managed to arrange a trip through the castle... aren't connections wonderful? Bevel had decided to go for a more casual look today, for once she wasn't seen with a bandaid across her nose. Instead, she was wearing a pair of thick eyeglasses on her muzzle. Normally she might have worn her contacts or goggles but didn't expect anything particularly troublesome or exciting to occur. With a small yawn the prench pony looked to the friend at her side, “So um... how's the bracelet been working since the modifications?”
  10. The Howler's Den: Long Kong Branch (Open)

    The bartender sniffed a couple times at the air and chuckled just as Jian-ya came in, "Ohhhh He's your boss, huh? I guess that means you get a discount."Toboe did an about face and looked through her selection behind her and retrieved a chill bottle of her old friend's favorite. She set a glass on the counter and carefully poured the drink in. Now that she was back at at the front of the bar she sniffed again, "If she had deliveries down at the docks she already took care of it, Stranger." The scent of salt and sea air native to the city's pier was still clinging to Corva's feathers... although it was only noticeable to the finely tuned sense of smell belonging to the bartender. Speaking of smells, Jian still had that characteristic scent of coal on him. It always managed to make Toboe think about barbecue for some reason, "How's the ZInjiang, Jian? I've never had it mysel--" Just then the front door of the bar burst open as a new patron barged her way in. She smelled like the forest oddly enough, it was partly diluted by the myriad scents of the city but beneath those it was clear this pony spent much more time in nature. "Umm... Sorry stranger, No puppies here. I'll be sure to put up a sign to let any diamond dogs know they're welcome. Until they get here, feel free to have a seat!"
  11. As soon as bevel heard that the book was a gift from discord she let her eyes roll. The unicorn bought the book to her face and sniffed at it curiously, then flipped quickly through the pages until she brought it right back to where it was originally. "Hmmm..." She pondered aloud, "Seems normal enough--" Then came the voice. Bevel chuckled at the sassy tones echoing through the room. She smirked at the little show going on in the book, her ears perking as the dastardly "villain's" gaze fell upon her and the book leapt from her hooves! Her body stilled as the magical airplane sailed through the air until meeting her horn. The little inventor tried to keep a straight face as the spirit theatrically walked across her horn. Her muscles tensed, preparing to bring the serpentine embodiment of disorder into a hug once he dropped his paper guise. AS usual though, she wasn't fast enough to beat those dimensionally transcendent paws. "Well maybe we're just trying to help you keep off any extra pounds?" A chuckle escaped her before she inclined her head upwards to peck the spirit's chin, "I could have sworn I'd played with you just last week."
  12. Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    There were many things that Basira had imagined herself experiencing in her life as archeologist: Being shoved by a newly revived sphinx was not one of them. Impressive physical force sent the scholar stumbling backwards and bumping into a large and very detailed vase. Not wasting a second, she wrapped her hooves around the sculpted clay. The wobbling of the object resonated with the unease rising in her gullet and calmed not long after it stilled. "Thank goodness..." She breathed in relief, "I was worried we were going to lose another potentially irreplaceable find on thi--" Then came the loud crash as Nilaavin's fist broke through the wall. AS the rush of fresh air flooded the tomb, Basira was left standing there with her mouth agape. HEr mind desperately tried to process the tragedy as to what had just happened: An entire wall of valuable hieroglyphs destroyed by an arrogant feline-pony chimaera! She would have yelled to get his attention but the loud flapping of his wings along with the buffet of winds they produced forced any words of reproach back down her throat, along with centuries worth o dust that clogged up her lungs. The sultana hacked, coughed and sneezed the debris of ages out of her system. A layer of the acculamated century's remains dulled her normally vibrant mane while she just walked up to the pair at the hole in the wall. "Princess Bluebelle." Her tone was very sharp, a cadence that cut the mind like a knife. One might compare the feeling it would bring up in some ponies as 'that voice mom makes when you've gotten her mad but she's really trying not to sound it.' "You should tell your servant to get safely away from this site and meet me at the base-camp we came here from." The subdued glare coming from the sultana implied that this wasn't something she saw as negotiable.
  13. Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    This creature's words were very old. Basira recognized it's ancient dialect, thank goodness she made sure to study even the nearly forgotten tongues of the past. Speaking them on the hoof was going to be harder to pull of. The Sultana coughed once before finally speaking up. Her words were a bit slurred sounding to the old ears of the young sphinx. While Basira knew what the words meant, her tongue and lips were not used to actually speaking them. "I... Am sorry to say that It has been a very long time since you've been awakened, Tall one. There is nothing that remains of your last master beyond spoken histories... at least until we uncovered your resting spot." Unease rose up in her gut as that claw drew closer to her neck, though she tried not to show any sign of it. She took in a deep breath through her nose as the beast finally pulled is talon away, releasing her anxiety through her nostrils along with a sigh of relief. "So... that necklace binds you to the will of whoever wears it? That would explain the hieroglyphics..." "Princess, It seems you're safe. ... and you may have a new servant."
  14. The First Lesson (Open- TG for entry)

    Ponyville was nice and all, but it was great to be home again. Sassy's home town of Dodge Junction was a place with a particularly provocative mixture of cultures: A combination of modernized function and the frontier flavorings of towns like Appleoosa. Familiar scents from the city filled the little colt's nose until even he had to let out a little bellow of a sneeze from some of the dust on the wind. Oh, that's right he was supposed to be off to school! It'd been too long since he'd seen that rickety old place. It was dirty, musty, and probably a year away from falling in on itself, but it had character! His ma and pa had met as little school ponies and even fallen in love in that schoolhouse too from what his parents had told him. Sassy rounded the final corner to see the old schoolhouse. It was looking a bit more dilapidated than usual but still recognizable. The colt would have hugged this place if his forelegs were... well, considerably longer. With a deep breath, Sassy flung the door open and practically sung out the words: Good Morning! At the top of his lungs, then blinked as he noticed a pretty face he wasn't soon to forget at one of the desks: Hazel blossom. A flush threatened to spread over his muzzle, but he managed to subdue it with his usual mask of confidence. Hoping to play it cool, he waved a greeting in the directions of his aunt's protegee. His wave was more of a noodly flail of his hoof from his abundance of energy, so however it came across: Cool was not something you could call it. When he took a look to teacher's desk he noticed something weird: It was empty. Was the last teacher dismissed? The rough mare with one eye and the gravely voice, aw... She was so fun! He couldn't really make the time to be broken up about it though as he had to greet this nice looking adult mare with the pretty straw hat. "G'mornin, Ma'am! Are you the new teacher? A new aide, Either way it's great ta meet ya! Lemme be the first ta welcome ya'll ta the best dang school house in DODGE JUNCTION!" He reared back in glee as he hollered out his hometown's name. The schoolhouse itself punctuating his statement as a board from the ceiling fell down behind him.
  15. The Wise Dragons of Longri-La (Closed)

    A little lost in all the conversation before, Presteza took a hold of a dangling thread left by Yu in the talks: That of her insecurities about her position. While she knew her words carried little weight when compared to those o the wisest of dragons, she figured she may as well toss in her two bits. "Maybe before you get this gift of breath you could try and start a correspondence with some of the other rulers of our world? I doubt they have the same traditions and ways as Long Guo does, but perhaps gainin' further perspective could spark some change in ya and get ya ta develop this aura yer wantin'! ... Broadenin' my horizons was why I first starting travelin' after all." With a slghtly nervous smile at her sudden intrusion in the flow of dialogue, She would eagerly take a sip of the tea offered to her by Huo. Once the tea met her tongue, her pupils seemed to shrink. Her senses momentarily overwhelmed by the rich flavor and quality of the tea: Surely anyone in Long Guo would attest that Trottingham ponies had a deep appreciation for the stuff. The silver maned unicorn eagerly sipped and set the cup down, looking up at Huo with an elated grin, "By the princess sun stamped rump! This is bloody amazing!" Almost immediately after she spoke up she would flush red and sit back down in her chair a bit more calmly, "Sorry, Forgot my company for a moment." She levitated the teacup again, "Could I have some more, Mister Huo?"