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  1. Pretzelparty

    What was Left Behind [Open, Walk-in]

    ... Well bother. Perhaps Taira Deserved this for snooping after these ponies through Everfree. He'd heard stories about that weird forest and that somewhere in it there was a castle that served as the dwelling for the sister princesses of Equestria. To say that the idea of snooping around a spooky old castle in the middle of the chaotic self maintaining woods of Everfree didn't hold any sort of appeal to a wolf who'd spent so long on top of a mountain was entirely untrue. Seeing as this was one of the times he had the chance to stretch his legs, Taira assumed a more subdued version of his true form. To any stallion or creature that beheld him he would appear as an oversized and very fluffy looking dog of somekind. By the time he'd found his way to the castle a pair of ponies were already leaving it! He thought nopony came all the way out here. What with the timberwolves, Ursas, manticores. These ponies must be after something very important if they risked life and limb to comb the ruins of an old castle so far from civilization. As they hurried off with some curious find, Taira would sneak along after them, staying to the shadows and keeping just out of sight until they came to some posh looking residence. Then again to the yokel canine just about everything in this continent had an air of poshness to it. Before he could get himself past the gates they shut up tight... "Hmm... I've never jumped a fence that high." ... Then he found himself hoisted up by his scruff as if her were a pup again and set down on the table. He blinked his eyes a couple times and looked around the room, "How... er uh RUFF!" He would bark rather unconvincingly as he noticed all the eye upon him right now.
  2. Would it be alright if I entered my completely normal visiting kirin named Taira in this?
  3. Pretzelparty

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    Throughout the ordeal, Taira kept a fairly calm smile. Hoping that it might ease the mind of the unicorn as he worked his spell. It'd been a long time since he'd had to maintain a calm visage in the face of potential disaster. Last time he wasn't even wearing this face! His muscles tensed and strained as he kept up the incredible weight of metal above him. Ears perked and his focus stuck to the countdown... On one he would relax his muscles, on two he would shifted his weight, on three and the first sight of the outside light he would push himself off of the metal scooping up the prince in the process! When they finally got out Taira would have found himself carrying Blueblood like a newlywed bride. "You alright, Your highness?" He asked in a rather chipper tone before glancing back at the wreckage behind them. "We should probably keep an eye out in this place ... this part of the bazaar seems a tad unstable."
  4. Pretzelparty

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    "Illusions?... well it can be used to obscure and sooth. I can also shape it into other things... " One of the motes of mist still dissipating would cease and soon shape itself into the outline of a rabbit. The small misty construct would hop around Blueblood in small circles a few times before dissipating along with the rest of clouds the kirin had produced, "It can be pretty handy in a bunch of situation but they tend to dissipate the moment something bumps into them hard enough." He couldn't help but notice the odd stare from ponies passing by, you'd think they'd never seen a kirin making magical clou--oh. Taira smiled as he accepted the hoofkerchief, just in time too he was feeling those telltale itches on the end of his snout. "Thank you, my prince." he said giving a slight bow as he dabbed his nose with the cloth, "I can't say I've had my nose compared to the squalls of the sea... I'll take that as a compliment!" The stallion cheerfully walked alongside the stallion listening to the tale with a look of pure fascination. That look soon turned to a warm smile with a hint of mirthful laughter. Now wonder that magic was so potent... it's source was from an alicorn princess of all things! Whatever magic was being used clearly had been altered and corrupted in some way, hence the odd spicy scent he was picking up. Taira had never heard of viruses creating magical alterations in this scale before so all this was incredibly compelling. "Magic can certainly be wondrous and ... very confusing. I've lacked on my own studies for quite some time." It had been a long while since he'd gotten so invested in a conversation like this, so much so that he hadn't noticed that creaking up above them. As the pair strolled underneath the scaffolding, Taira's tail bumped into one of the looser supports. Taira was hoping to remark further on the story but an urge came over him, his ears perks and swiveled as the sounds of whining metal surrounded the pair. The groaning materials collapsed and began to close up around them! Taira didn't have enough room or the reflexes to snatch up Blueblood, though that didn't stop him from trying. Before he knew it the way they came had already collapsed behind them and the prince was laid across his back as he galloped towards the other end of the scaffolding. Another crash of metal fell and then the exit was left another mess of Metal. As the Rest of the structure began to fall, Taira would slide on his side to let Blueblood off then get on his back and try to force the roof of metal and the weight on top of it up with his hooves. "... Don't suppose you've got any spells that could stabilize this situation, do you?"
  5. Pretzelparty

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    The stallion blushed a bit at the question, "Something like that." The answer was actually yes. Even though Taira was a strong and well built as a pony or as a yokai, he'd been cursed/blessed with a nose as sensitive as it was sharp. He was an older wolf and that came with it's vulnerabilities as well as it's boons. He wiggled and sniffed sharply to make sure there was no lingering itches that could lead to problems later. Just thinking about how strong that last one had been he could feel his shape reverting as the sneeze roared out of him, "I'm something of a home schooled breath mage... I don't even make much flame! Just mist." A smile came to the stallion as he noticed Bluebelle appraising him. He at least recognized she admired his appearance despite his sniffling, in the past he'd known many a noble who'd turn their nose up at the closest commoner who showed any symptoms of illness. His own eyes looked over the prince(ss) and he certainly noticed the change of curves and filling out of different places. When he told her she was lovely he wasn't joking at all and whats more he'd found the original look equally lovely just in slightly different ways. It didn't hurt that he could scent even through the curse and the cologne the prince wore that he gave off a rather sweet pleasant scent. His hoof rubbed at his chin for a moment, "He most certainly didn't... it helps that you've managed to hone your natural beauty and clearly worked to maintain it." He decided not to mention the scent aspect as... well he'd learned long ago that most normal equine didn't comment on eachother's scent just after meeting unless if was offensive or truly notable. Spending this time with this curious prince was proving more enjoyable than he'd thought it would, some passerby might have even noticed the Kirin's tail wagging about. This air of Reverie was thick enough that he barely thought of any objection when his friend spoke up about switching back. If he'd acted quick enough he might have been able to say 'he got the gist' or something similar but his friend was too quick on the sip. Taira's nose was again assaulted by the oddly spicy scent of the curse. Blue might have gotten to see the kirin's muzzle scrunch up and wrinkle, his nostrils flare and tremble, then his jaws part as he took in a deep gasp of breath! The Kirin's muscles tensed across his form, inadvertently giving the prince a view of his musculature while his chest puffed up. The deep itch up his snout made the stallion's eyes water, a tear sliding it's way down his cheek. "Haaaaaah! Ah-heh!' The stallion's head tilted back until his nose pointed skyward and then with a bob of his head he roared out another powerful sounding, "HWAAAAAAh-TSHOOOOOOOOOOO!" Luckily for the prince, her friend turned way just soon enough to avoid catching him in the immediate crossfire that may offend. The sneeze however did make the kirin produce a great cloud of mist around himself that shrouded his body from view. All that was visible in the slowly dissipating wall of mist was what appeared to be a warped silhouette of the foreigner... although this one seemed be shaped bigger... and the tail had more girth to it. Inside the cloud Taira was rubbing roughly at his still itching nose, before realizing somethign was off. His hoof was moist.... and wait it wasn't a hoof! His canine nose had returned as well as his paws! Before the cloud completely dispersed, Taira gathered his thoughts and reshaped himself back into his Kirin form. When he finally stepped out he laughed slightly awkwardly, "Um... Scuse me. Are you alright?" The mist that spread over the area wasn't in anyway harmful... it actually had a soothing quality to it , even it was a bit out of place in Canterlot.
  6. Pretzelparty

    Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    Basira had enough time to calm herself down abit, she still was deeply frustrated over the loss of that find... whatever's left and an eyewitness would have to do it seemed. The horse would take a deep breath and let out it out, "Thank you, Princess. I apologize for my tone but this has been a very trying day for us both I'm sure." Although only one of them was going home with a gigantic sphinx as a guardian. The Sultana would gather her thoughts and attempt to speak to the creature in the old tongue, "Well, Nilaavin. I trust you would be... alright answering some questions of the past? There are many that my land has and I'm not sure we have enough time to cover them all. How much of the story of the ruler who had you enchained was true? Were there many more like you? Have you any knowledge of cities of the past that may yet still exist?"
  7. Pretzelparty

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    Taira pondered quietly as he tried to imagine the school, only to be snapped out of it when his friend spoke of a demonstration of this curse. He had to admit that the idea was tempting. Had curses changed so long since he'd last seen one used, did the curses of Yokai function differently than those of ancient ponies? So many possibilities could pop up in this very moment! The kirin tilted his head slightly as Blueblood stood himself back up and moved to approach a cozy looking stand with an old mare selling tea: He'd had to remember to visit her a bit later. When Blueblood returned with his cup the stallion sniffed softly, "Hmm... chamomile?" he asked just as his friend took a sip. He was going to ask how it was but suddenly he experienced the drastic shift in magical energy that reshaped Blueblood's body. It was definitely a marvelous sight, although to a being like Taira it also came with a truly overwhelming magical scent. The best way he might describe would be like if a waiter came to your table with twenty spicy dishes that carried their aroma with them. Being so close to Bluebelle at the moment of transformation made him feel like an entire spice rack went up his nose! The kirin's muzzle began to twitch and tremble, scrunching and wiggling this way and that as he felt the tenuous control of his nose begin to waver. Swiftly he brought a hoof to his muzzle and rubbed harshly at the angry organ. He desperately wish to respond to the admittedly pretty mare in front of him but all he could manage at the moment was, "I a--ack... ahh! Actually ha-have! But it's behh... hehh!" Each word was seemingly being pushed aside by his body's natural reflex. The Stallion took a deep breath through his nose to quell the itch... it didn't work but it bought him enough time to get out a rapid fire sentence! "W-wouldyouexcusemejustamoment?" Regardless of the answer the stallion would rush over to nearby alleyway and let loose an explosive sounding sternutation. "HRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH-CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" A strong wind of magical mist seemed to erupt from the alley's entrance, a soothing cloud rolling out into the streets and then dissipating before the kirin stepped back out, his fetlock still scrubbing at his muzzle before he would let out a blissful sigh. He approached his friend again looking rather relieved , but still sniffling ever so softly between sentences as he got used to this magical presence. "Um Sorry about that... but yes, I actually have seem a spell like this before... although I have to admit the last pony I saw go through it didn't look a quarter as lovely." Even with his nose itching it seemed that the strange foreigner wasn't about to let this dampen his mood. ...
  8. Pretzelparty

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    The stallion's ears perked up slightly at blueblood's remark on change, specifically the prospect of change in Taira. If only the prince knew just how much change this kirin could go through in the span of a few seconds. A pleased and somewhat knowing smile spread over the foreigner's lips, "Well It's always nice to hear your own looks haven't gone out of style just yet." With a hint of vanity showing her would smooth out his mane momentarily. "I don't think it's so odd for him, I like to think that the old tend to seek out companionship every now and then... especially the eccentric ones. Who could be more eccentric than the spirit of chaos, hm?" The stallion stretched out a bit on the bench he and blueblood sat upon, "How does one apply to this school... do they have any at home courses? I've been living on a mountain most of my life and have family back home, so I have to admit that I could probably use a bit educating myself.I have to wonder if I'm too old to go now." A slightly nervous chuckle escaped him before he looked back to his friend, "See? I'm starting to talk in paragraphs and muse too much now." Oh... and admission... and acceptance of a curse? How times had changed. Taira would grin at the stallion, "You've got such an effect on you? I'd had a sneaking suspicion..." He itched his nose habitually before relaxing once again. "If I'm not prying too much ... um what is the effect?"
  9. Pretzelparty

    Mirror Mishaps (ATTN: Tacobob & Dunnie)

    "I really hope that I don't get called... suddenly feeling my plot shake without my command would be worrying at most and embarrassing if I had company." The inventor leaned carefully over the map, admiring the devices accuracy in regards to the Equestrian topography, "Moreover I'd hate to have to take time out my schedule to try and fix someone else's problems..." She grumbled, perhaps that was the griffin upraising talking. Bevel took one last glance back at the map before she joined along with her friends, "Oh-ho! What's next?" She asked in a tone of both excitement of wonder. "Is there an armory? a changing room? Do they have a pool in here too?" All these questions were asked with no hint of sarcasm.
  10. Pretzelparty

    [Age of Heroes] Come one and all! Heroes get equipped!

    As Bravo made his exit out the door, Hexxer stood there for a few seconds seeming rather dumbstruck. She had lived almost a thousand years sealed inside a golden coffin and was rudely waken up not too long ago. Usually when she first met other heroes they tried to make use of some form of manners: Decorum was often essential for a hero, or so she was told. In all her time she'd walked among these modern ponies none had been so rude as to call her a 'bucking ghost'. The head still floating about gave an indignant snort as he walked off, "The nerve of some ponies. I've not died once in all my time of being ali--" Before she could finish that thought a surge of water from a broken pipe washed over her. A drenched curtain of hair now covered the floating head's eyes giving her the look of one of those creepy ghost ponies one would see popping up in Neighpon. She blew a small spout of water from her mouth and flipped herself over to let herself see the group once again. Hm, they were missing one? The students in this school sure knew how to make an exit. Could do with a bit less property damage though. Hexxer's eyes soon met the shifters... it was a bit awkward given the fact eye contact was being given by a floating severed head, "It's a pleasure to meet you too, my dear!" The pony's accent a bit easier to hear over the 'r's ; something similar to the fetloch accent but a tad more lyrical sounding. "No need to fret with the titles and monikers, my friend's call me 'Lus' and I'd be happy to help you both with any pursuits later. If we run into a door I'll be sure to open it for you--." A surprised yelp came from Lus as she felt Machina pick up her body and carry her over to... the rest of her. Her limbs flailed loosely as she was slung over the stallion's back and brought back over. Her attention was now affixed on partly mad scientist she cleared her throat, "Okay, I -am- spectral in nature but I promise you I have definitely not died... I'm just a bit in between states of being right now I suppose... and um... thanks for the cool comment." She said with an awkward smile and faint blush of her cheeks, "... and uh, lunch sounds good." All the way up the stairs, Lus could feel those judgmental looks. She was no stranger to them but she rarely felt them as intensely as this. Once they'd got out in the open and bravo began to appreciate this new world Lus stepped forward a bit, her head floating over by his side and nodded, "Lovely isn't it? ... and trust me if you were dead I'd know it. Just to make sure you're not dreaming though..." Bravo would feel a pinch on his plot, a shadowy tendril flat on the floor that stemmed from the body's shadow slid up his leg to give him that surprise and then zipped back just as swiftly as it came.
  11. Pretzelparty

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    "All too true, Friend! I hope to go through a few changes in these travels myself... hopefully none to my looks though." The stallion would give a hearty chuckle as he relaxed on his seat, "It's been ages since I'd had a chance to just see how much the world has changed and all the strange ways ponies can live their lives." That was perhaps not the best phrasing but Taira was comfortable enough around Blueblood that he didn't feel as much need to watch his words. Gossip and recent news were really all that Taira could focus on upon his descent from the mountain. A certain friend of his had already filled him in on the broad strokes of history but seeing it's effects in person was so fascinating! Rediscovered kingdoms, resurrected spirits, trickster gods reforming, there was just so much to see! It took a couple seconds before he could really come up with a good response, "Well I've heard recently that that Discord fellow has found love in odd places... that a new school was opened up in Ponyville about friendship. It's curious what needs to be taught nowadays." That curious magical scent coming off Blueblood caught Taira's attention again... "I've also heard that curses have been going around the upper crust of Canterlot. I've seen curses in action a long time ago but I thought they'd fallen into Obscurity... or maybe Equestrian curses are different."
  12. Pretzelparty

    A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    There was a point in which Sigrun could say she felt her heart was shaking the whole of the world with storm welling within it. She could feel the beat reaching all the way down to her hooves. For a moment it felt as if the world was staying completely still at least until she took her first step forward then her next and the next. In all her life she'd never thought she'd find the love of her life so soon... she was certain that she'd have so much more grey on her before she met anyone like Halvard. A bull who fought with words as well as weapons, who cared more about the future of Whitescar over tradition alone. A bull who stuck beside her through the roughest trials of her clan and whom she would gladly do the same... this day was truly blessed. At a steady pace she moved to the center with a proud smile on her face. She looked momentarily to the queen and lightly inclined her head. Two attendants, younger cows would approach the cow's side and one offered her small headband of somekind. The most scholarly ... and purple in attendance may recognize this as a wedding crown: An heirloom passed down in caribou families for the specific purpose of wedding rituals. Sigrun's crown was a simple circlet made of tightly woven straw. The other attendant brought up a long and sizable bundle in the shape of a tool of somekind. Astrid would gesture a hoof to the bride and then to the groom,"You may present your gifts." Sigrun held up the bundle the attendant hoofed off to her, silently thanking the young one as she took it. When unwrapped it revealed a well crafted sword. From the inscriptions and designs on the hilt alone it was clear no expense was spared in it's creation. "A blade made by my family's favored blacksmith, made with materials gathered myself." Cloth again covered the steel before it was set down on the table before her, "On this day I pledge my love to Halvard of clan Breen... May no war or bitterness tear us apart."
  13. Being brought to "Chaosville" Was always a fascinating experience. Gravity shifted about and even with a mostly reliable guide, Bevel always felt the urge to make sure she still had all of her extremities. She watched in silent awe as what seemed to be powdered wig floated by her face... and was that a carriage made of cheese? When she felt her hooves meet solid ground she stumbled about a little and shook her head. "That's always such... odd ride to go on." Discord would feel her hoof prod his cheek, the unicorn owning it attempting to make sure it was really him. A moment of verification on her end confirmed it was indeed Discord, "So then how we--" *Ding Dong* The inventor's ears swivel towards the doorway, "Hmm... a visitor already? Should I get the door?"
  14. Pretzelparty

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    The kirin would scrunch and wiggle his muzzle a moment at the prince's compliment, "You've quite a way to flatter a stallion, Sir." Taira could certainly empathize with the white stallion's remarks on being overwhelmed though. Seemed as though a bunch of chefs and vendors were really starting to get into showing off their goods. A low growl from down below made the kirin's ears perk... realizing that it came from his friend's stomach he would grin. "Don't mind me at all! I well understand how hard it can be to ignore a good scent on an empty stomach." To say Taira was confused by the food that was being sold. It had many of the same ingredients as a lot of his homeland's cuisine, but... everything was just off. Things were added, more things were fried, at least they kept the meat in some of the recipes. Might have helped that the stall they stopped by was run by a griffin, "I've heard many things that come to Equestria end up changing... I didn't know food was one of them. " He would reflexively sniff at the roll before realizing the dirty look he was given by the vendor, one embarrassed smile and apology late her would bite in and his eyes would widen. It was delicious! Blueblood hadn't even gotten through his second observation before he'd see his guest's role had disappeared, a pleased smile upon the scruffy stallion's face. "I'll have to stop by this place again to try them with some of those sauces you mentioned... The food here is quite fascinating!"
  15. Pretzelparty

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    That explanation earned a small sigh of relief from the stallion, "Well that's a relief. That Everfree forest just reeks of trouble... Can smell it from here." The scruffy looking Kirin's brow arched upon Blueblood's introduction. He managed to successfully obscure that fact by bowing in turn, "A prince? I haven't gotten to talk to any noble blood ponies in a ... well a very long time." IN fact the last time he could recall was when the whole neighponese royal family was first getting started. Had it really been that long ago? Time certainly can fly. Snapping his mind back to the task at hoof, "Good to meet you, Prince Blueblood. You'll have to forgive this shaggy w--stallion. I've lived most of my life in exactly the place you guessed: the mountains! My family lived up there for a very long time... I suppose to a certain degree we could be called hicks." The stallion gave a good natured chuckle before turning in place and looking himself over, "And believe it or not I have a spell to keep the mists effects on a coat minimal... I give tours to the mountains and I learned that more than a few ponies want their coats looking nice for commemorative photos and the like."