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  1. The Door to the throne room soon stirred and out poked the head of a what seemed to be a well put together Diamond Dog. He walked slowly up to the table with the artifact, eyes widening at the sight of the relic. Not wanting to breach any etiquette, Hogo-sha bowed deeply to the princess. "Good Afternoon, Princess Twilight. My name is Hogo-sha and I came from the mountains of Neighpon." after straightening himself back out he continued on, "I am a traveler with no recognition from academic institutions... but I have educated myself on many myths and stories from my homeland and beyond it in the east. I believe. At the very heart of my being, that this is the Chintamaney stone." He gave a moment to let the name sink in before speaking up once again, "... The short answer to what you wish to know, is that is a stone that can grant wishes to any who holds it. It was originally a combined effort by an ancient sect of monks of the harmonious path, formed from both Neighpon and Long Guo to create a faster method to attain harmony. Some texts speak of wishing to gain a kirin or longma form of ascension in the way of..." He gestures towards her wings. "I have nothing but speculation to back this up... but I think that the reason you are having such difficulty activating it may be because you have already gotten so close to achieving perfect harmony or at least are quickly on the way to it. If I may approach it?" The 'dog' took a step closer and sniffed a few times at the air. Hm... it was strange. This item's magical scent was both present and absent, "Hmm... curious. I'd heard stories that they may have used the blessings of ancient yokai, hoping that our mythic connection to the one you call Discord would be able to grant them a way to give the jewel a link to a realm beyond to fuel its potent magic." Hogo-sha's knowledge came from a bevy of tomes and parchments he'd read. He'd snuck into many places of learning before to try and get a look at leads on artifacts before. He also had the advantage of being raised by one of the oldest yokai in Neighpon who had many stories he loved to share, for better or worse.
  2. This fox was... unsure what to make of this. On some level, This unicorn was right about her. She didn't know what Tempest had gone through and the only thing that she could say for sure gave them common ground was having lost the ability to perform magic for a time. Being a yokai, she was never terribly interested in the bits. In fact, if she found herself ever needing to leave the palace she could leave her restaurant in capital in the hands of whatever next up and coming chef was around and go back to her old ways of wandering about and doing whatever she pleased. She did know a thing or two about being vulnerable. The magical power she had wasn't without it's conditions, a clever enough pony could take the focus of it at any time. She'd never quite understood this 'friendship magic' that Equestrians spoke of: as far as she could tell it wasn't very different from the Harmonious path of Long Guo. Even in all her time in that country she never quite cared for the monks. The only follower of the path she recalled fully liking was Prince Hei lian. If anything this told her... how truly different she was from these three. From Feng, himself. Suddenly, she felt worried. Hearing Feng voice that possibility brought up something in her. As Tempest and Sunset walked off, the sullen fox put a paw on Feng's shoulder, "I promised you. That I'd help and cheer you on in every dream you have... I will not let you end up like that, Feng."
  3. Hogo-sha wrinkled his nose at all the scent of blood. He was a skilled and practiced combatant, but not a son of warfare. He prefered the intimacy of duels and the like to settle matters and certain disagreements. Whitescar's constant conflicts seemed to produce a great deal of formidable fighters, which was why Hogo-sha came here so very often. Practice. He had visited this arena many times in the hopes of honing his skills to the point of perfection. Yet, none lately seemed to be terribly thrilling as of late. In fact, the only recent opponent he'd liked since he met that stallion from equestria some time ago was... Lightning. He'd heard a lot of this Red Jarl... many of the things he'd done didn't sit right with him. He seemed a bit too zealous and coming from this dog that was saying something. Still, he couldn't deny the bull's charisma and unmistakable skill. Just from His Posture, Hogo-sha could tell while sitting, the Jarl was always prepared: Ready to strike or counter if need be. Not wanting to be rude, Hogo-sha took a seat. The readings from the rods immediately went into the high range. This Foreign mutt was was undoubtedly foreign, maybe not a mutt, but there was much more about him than it seemed. Reading were positively through the roof! At the Red Jarl's acknowledgement, Hogo-sha gave only a simple nod of his head. Unsure if he should speak just yet. The Caribou's attention for the time being seemed very focused on the silent cow across from him. Trying to remain cool, Hogosha glanced at the paper she slid forward. He was curious just how much of this story was true. He could tell something was very off about this cow from the start. Not in the way she fought, but that odd, layered magical aura she carried around on her. All creatures had some form of magic, but caribou rarely had anything as thick as hers...
  4. The palace in ponyville was truly a marvel to behold. He'd seen pictures of it in Newspaper's in Canterlot, but being so close and in person now lended a certain presence to the structure that couldn't be replicated in an image. Before him were the mysterious crystalline arches and a soothing faint hum in the air. To his senses he could also smell the comforting scent of the force that so deeply filled this place. It was a scent that brought up a feeling of contentment and safety. Probably something like scented candles were supposed to. It was still hard to believe he'd been able to get in here legitimately. He had been passing by the Canterlot Magic School and heard some announcer telling a large group of students and faculty about Princess Twilight's difficulty in analyzing some mysterious relic. Hogo-sha had been curious about ancient relics for a very long time. Most of the ones he were familiar with were more, eastern in nature than many of the ones in Equestria, but the announcer's description of the object made his ears perk: A glowing green Ovoid jewel, perfectly smooth and prone to giving soothing whispers to the one who held it. He'd heard of such an object before! The Chintamaney stone. With some help a letter of his managed to reach the princess. So here he was. In the castle of a newly established princess in a foreign land, head full of knowledge he was happy to share. If he could add this to his memoirs one day it will surely make his legend all the sweeter! He knew he would have to be on his best behavior. So once he arrived at a large door in the castle he spoke kindly to the guard. "Excuse me, Sir. I am Hogo-sha and I believe I have been scheduled to meet with Princess Twilight about a peculiar relic in her care."
  5. Toboe was only able to get a single word before the ship split in half with a gut churning crack. That word was, "What?" said in a worried, but simultaneously exasperated tone. She'd been hoping to get the crystal empire for so long. When she heard about that train losing a car on the way to the empire she thought she and Nensho had dodged a bullet. Seems fate had other plans for these two visitors... to be involved in a different crash! When She and Nensho fell from the plane, all she could see was a blur of colors as they plummeted through the air. Before the thin air of this high altitude stole away her waking mind, she could only see a nearly endless expanse of white. Then darkness. ... Then there was a chill in the air. Wherever Toboe landed it was certainly cold. For the moment she didn't quite have the strength to open her eyes. It wouldn't be long until she did but right now she was still trying to get feeling back in her legs to stand back up. She sniffed quickly at the air and recoiled as the biting cold felt as if it was freezing the inside of her nostrils. Bringing up a paw to shield her muzzle she flinched, realizing it was a paw she'd brought up! The impact of stress of the fall and shock of the landing must have knocked her out of her kirin disguise. Trying to get back in her previous shape would be difficult. Getting it just right required her to be able to see how she looked, at least for such a new shape as "Tokkuri". Trying to go back to her usual look would bring up a couple questions later if she ran into anyone. She couldn't hear any movements nearby so maybe someone might not catch her this exposed. She couldn't quite tell if anything or anypony was nearby. For now her sight was just a mess of colors, slowly assembling into a fuzzy image of her surrounding. Turning away from the cold wind she sniffed at the ground, trying to get a sense if Nensho or any other passengers were near. This cold air making it harder to catch a singular scent...
  6. Hanabi stepped out from the corner and carefully approached the group. Their own tales of powerlessness resonated with the anxious fox... It hadn't been that long ago she'd felt completely powerless. "... I made a selfish mistake a long time ago. As a punishment for my actions I was stripped of my own magic and left alone in a forest for almost a hundred years alone until..." She glanced over to feng, "...Until someone started visiting towards the end of my punishment. Before he came along I was alone for all that time... noone to talk to except random wild animals that couldn't speak. Sometimes the rain was heavy and the thunder got so loud when storms rolled through. I couldn't even go see my family for help." The Fox bowed her head to the group and to Tempest, "... Thank you for Chasing me."
  7. That small nod earned Silent lightning a wag of this dog's tail along with a dignified nod of his own. While this 'cow' was clearly the strong and silent type, she was clearly a might combatant and someone who he could likely learn a couple tricks from! Before Hogo-sha could leave he had to retrieve something important. At a brisk pace, He walked over to the other side of the arena wall where he'd thrown his sword earlier. The weapon was still lodged in the stone wall. He calmly and smoothly withdrew the unscuffed tool and got to calmly walking with it in paw, rejoining Silent Lightning by the Ring Manager. His knowledge of the Caribou language was lacking as he was only able to make out "Go", "Preparation Hall", and "Both wanted". It was more than enough to piece together the request and with his new companion already walking he didn't have to guess where to follow.
  8. This had gotten very heated... the adrenaline pumping in the dog's vein's driving him on to keep going. Yet, somehow this felt very off. Maybe it was because the both of them were hiding something. For Hogo-sha he knew what it was he was hiding. It was his nature as a yokai! What did this creature have to hide behind the visage of a caribou? It was something that would eat at him all year if he couldn't get to the bottom of it. When the caribou charged on ahead with her horns lowered, Hogo-sha steeled his resolve and stood his ground. Just when pulled her head to the side he jumped up and back away from that sweeping kick as it came out. Her hooves just barely grazing his coat as they swung in an arc. It was an attack that left her quite open from the side... so once the dog landed he threw a quick jab to the caribou's side. Once it landed however it was clear to the one on the receiving end it was merely a firm push rather than an adrenaline fueled punch. It did have enough strength to send her skidding backwards, though. With a pleased smile the Dog called out, "Silent Lightning was it?" He was sure this cow wouldn't give him any verbal response so he continued, "This has been one of the most fun bouts I've had in years! Would it be alright if we called it a tie and we made this a... repeat occurence?"
  9. This had been the best vacation that Toboe had been on in... ever. In all her time working in Polohama she'd never taken time off. Seeing as her time in her position was reaching its end phase she might actually be able to focus on her other interests. Being a part of that whole Iron Pony even had shown her just how out of shape she'd left herself. Toboe was still stronger than an ox, but her stamina and reflexes were starting to dull. If there was one thing she'd learned: It was she needed to get back into shape. Though, perhaps there was one more thing. From that incident at the wall climbing event, Toboe concluded she had to start learning more about herself. If a fox could disguise herself so well and produce such incredible displays such as the fire tornado at the cupcake contest... Just what could an okami do with training? Nensho was already all kinds of impressive with what he could do physically alone and speaking of Nensho. "Thanks again for talking me into going for this, Nensho-san." Said the kirin as she relaxed in her passenger seat, "If you hadn't dragged me from my desk I'd have probably fused to it." While the Airship's announcement played, Toboe let out a little sigh. Oh well, they had all the time in the world to relax in first class. Maybe even enjoy the cute talk from that couple two rows ahead of them in the seats.
  10. At this point, Hanabi was in no shape to try and help out a traumatized tempest. There might be some spells she could use to help with the situation, but it could just as likely make things incalculably worse. Trying to physically aid Feng was certainly doomed to fail: She may have beaten the rock climb but she was no athlete. Between the long run and harsh climb today, there was no chance she could stop Tempest with raw strength. Instead, she stepped back warily, watching how this played out to see if she would have to act at all.
  11. Hogo-sha's ears perked as the shouts and drums started closing in. A small smile came to his muzzle as her heard them growing closer, the wolf's tail eagerly wagging about at the oncoming ruckus. "Hmmm..." The wolf turned himself towards the noise's direction, "I might be able to spook them enough to retreat.... if that fails I think the odds are in our favor if a fight breaks out!" The wolf's fur seemed to bristle and spark as she arched his back and lowered his head. These were the moments in his travels he loved: Thrilling ones. Buckling of swashes and fun baner were just so much fun! A tribal pony's language probably didn't really lend much to any back and forth, though. "If you both hide in the bushes that are left you could get the drop on them while I draw their attention." Shouting was drawing closer now, "What say you, Friends?"
  12. Seeing this dramatic scene play out before her, Yanhua couldn't help but feel ... very conflicted. That flickering feeling that Yu herself had felt moments earlier seemed to flare to life inside of the royal chef. Thankfully, for this cook it only manifested as a furrow of the brow and not a twitch of the eye. Feng had succeeded in not one, but two goals since the fox had known her: He'd become a member of the watch and now he was one step closer to the heart of the empress. And yet... Yanhua felt like she'd somehow lost ground in this ceremony. As if something important was slowly slipping out of her grasp. Still, she couldn't bring herself to try and take it back. She'd promised she'd cheer Feng on in his endeavors when he was small and in her family a promise wasn't something to be broken lightly. Breaking one's word came with consequences. The imperial chef took in a breath through her nose and dipped her head to the pair, "Congratulations, Feng ...and you as well, Empress." Her voice was just barely steady, the mare trying to keep her feelings subdued. Another short breath later and she brought her head back up to offer a convincing, if superficial smile to the pair. "If this is all I am needed for. Would you like me to return to the kitchen?" RIght now she felt as if she could kill to get somewhere familiar: To feel in control of her situation again.
  13. Sunset's words struck a cord inside Hanabi. Memories of her time in the forest, her magic excised from her by the monks. Alone and vulnerable to the elements and bigger things for so many years. Cold nights and long days with noone to talk to for so, so long. She had to fight back a sniffle as she grew misty eyed. The fox stepped forward behind Sunset, "... Um... I know you were chasing me earlier. I can smell it... you already have your magic back... in fact it was never gone. Just slowed to stopping and going again." When Feng took a moment to introduce her to the rest of the group, the talking fox dipped her head in greeting reflexively. "It is a very long story, yes." She looked to Sunset a moment, seeming very curious of her. Both her and Tempest were unusual specimens of their kind... and this land was all kinds of odd already. Sunset had a very unusual magical scent. An unquestionably strong smell that Hanabi could see was the mark of a master spellcaster... but why would someone so skilled in the arcane arts trouble herself with something so strange as chasing a fox? Granted, this was no ordinary fox, but weren't wise mages supposed to be held up in towers creating spells? Or maybe that was what they did in the distant past. Her uncle told her stories of unicorn mages in the ancient past. From those stories she thought they'd all have beards. Sunset's lack of one proved especially interesting. "Is... um Tempest okay?"
  14. Anu's story was interesting... Hogo-sha, despite having his regular disguise be that of a diamond dog: Wasn't familiar with the various ways their packs organized themselves. Back on the mountain, packs were more simple from what his father told him. Okami would go out, start families with a mother and father as the alphas and when the mother or father passed on territories were freed for the pups to split if they so desired when they had families of their own if they chose. ... or perhaps that was just how his father's pack used to do it. The way Anu's pack operated sounded much more... turbulent, but if this dog was owed his leadership in the clan, Hogo-sha wasn't about the pass up a needy prince! "Well, Mr Anu. I'm happy to assist in any way I'm able. I have few resources, but I can offer what strength and skill I do have! I only ask you lead your pack to prosperity upon your return once your betrayers make amends with you." Hogo-sha took a moment to hold his kerchief to his nose again. After nilaavin had gotten up the wind had shifted to send any loose fur from the feline his way again. The dog tried to think of something to distract his mind with, but soon Blueblood gave him just the thing: Food! The idea of fish in particular. "No need to apologih.. Apologize for that! I'm sure most of this company would love such a trip!" Omnivores will be omnivores after all, "Could you lead the way, Your Highness?"
  15. "I... Wasn't able to leave the forest, Feng. When you left that long ago... I was stuck there. Until the seal expired." She drew closer until she was now right in front of Feng, "I ... was always Yanhua. Before that I was Hanabi-no-mikoto." moved with surprising speed to hug the sturdy stallion. She felt as if some weight had finally come of her chest: a weight that had sat there for years. Soon that hug Feng found himself in was enhanced by eight fluffy appendages enshrouding them and making things oddly warm and cozy. The Fox let out a dreamy sigh, "I haven't felt so relieved since I escaped the control of that mad wizard." She soon stepped back slowly, all the tails wagging slowly and almost fanning the air behind her. Soon, they stopped. She looked up to the roof noticing that the unicorn who had been son adamant on keeping this chase going was gone. Her sharp ears caught the sound of the other Unicorn's voice. Had she gotten hurt after she fell from the roof? As much as Hanabi disliked her conduct earlier... she knew how vulnerable one could feel when separated from their magic. This whole chase had started because Hanabi had failed to keep control of her emotions and struggled on that blasted rock wall. The Fox let out a soft sigh and looked to Feng. "We should check on your... Friend. I think you and The orange one may have questions I'll answer." She moved with an almost fluid grace as she came to the corner where Sunset had found Tempest, "She seems... very scared." Hanabi hadn't yet gone around the corner, for now she merely peaked. Her concern was genuine, but so was her wariness regarding this mare.
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