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  1. Hogo-sha did not back off from Tempest's hook he took it full on as came in... just as he'd been Hoping. Bringing her antlers in for the headbutt might have seems a good idea but while her opponent ws fast with his fist, he was faster with his teeth. Those jaws snapped down on Tempest's antlers and Took hold tight. In a swift motion, Hogo-sha lifted up the cow in and arc in a grapple and tossed her back down to the ground on her back. Once she landed, the dog brought up his foot and tried to bring it down hard onto her stomach with great force. The Dog was already smiling down at her, still enjoying this bout.
  2. "I'd love to speak more about this with you, Miss Raven. I'm sure I've plenty of stories to share with you. I'd also be glad to learn more about your friend Sombra." As Raven made her way to inside alongside Sombra, Hogo-sha looked down both passages of the hallway. Was this dark in this corridor previously... he could have sworn that it wasn't, but then again he'd had his nose to the floor until a moment ago. Hearing Sombra's bedgrudging admission that he found something was good enough for Hogo-sha. The wolf's tail began to wag behind him at the words of praise, some instincts never fade it seems. "I can assure you, friend." The wolf took another deep breath and sniffed a few times at the doorway, "If there's is any notable magical disturbance than this is the room it shall be in he--." And then a book soared off a shelf and collided with Blueblood's Muzzle. Hogo-sha's hackles rose and he let out a deep growl towards the bookshelf, the yokai having a dramatic staredown with the ominous bit of furniture/storage space. When No other books came out to meet the group he turned around to face blueblood, "Are you alright?" He asked as he circled once around the stallion. He seemed to be alright, save for the bloody nose and even that wasn't terribly bad. Before Raven and Sombra came to inspect, Hogo-sha leaned in and took a curious whiff of the book. He flinched and had to back up, bringing his paws to his muzzle and fighting the urge to retch. His tone was tense and hurried, "It... Definitely has magic around it." It felt to the wolf as if he'd walked into a perfume store. For a nose so sensitive and in tune with magical auras it was like a massive sensory overload that made his stomach turn from the shock.
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  4. The floating head beside the body calmly nodded as Ossia went on to describe the world that their adversary had come from. Sounded pretty standard. The usual dark future, something gone wrong, attempted dimensional invasion. Hardly anything She'd not heard of in the newspapers since she'd awoken. Despite Lus' earlier bluster she knew that she wasn't strong enough to take on an alicorn level threat on her own so she'd let the villainess set her sights on The charging cyborg. Those energy discs were impressive a sight, one doesn't often get to watch a villain on par with a natural disaster fight. With remarkable speed hte enforce dodged the energy discs earning an impressed whistle from the Hexxer, "Huh... seems she's getting faster. I guess I'll just have to get up close and try and keep her in place while you try and take her down. I'd tell you not to hold back, but I know you won't already." The body and head charged forward as shadowy tendrils emergers at her hooves. Each one striking swiftly and wildly at the cyborg, the myriad shadows being used to keep her busy while the body thrust forward with her umbrella in an attempt to pierce at a weakspot in that chassis.
  5. Hogo-sha gave a solemn nod to Sombra as he made his way inside. The wolf clearing his sinuses with the kerchief until both Blueblood and Raven made their way around the corner: He'd hate to look so uncouth around his new companions. His pride would never allow such a thing. With a wrinkle of his muzzle the kerchief was stowed away in his coat pocket, after being swiftly folded into a neat square. The jacket was firmly secured on his back by some harmless static cling. Raven's approach made him smile and puff himself up a bit to try and look as regal as he could, the stalwart princely look his was going for lessened a bit by a reflexive sniffle at the dust still in the area. "Most of my kind are able to change our form, In my experience it's sort of like learning to walk." He rolled his shoulders as he got comfortable out of his disguise, "At first it took concentration but eventually it is as easy as thinking about it! It's easier for some than others. As I'm sure I've demonstrated we can be jostled out of them by a strong enough disturbance... in my case a dust bunny attempting to make a burrow out of my muzzle. I can do others forms but the diamond dog shape is the easiest for me to maintain normally." He cleared his throat and bowed his head, "A pleasure to meet you as this face, Miss Raven." Blueblood had most assuredly been worn out by the introductions. This hadn't been the first time his disguise had been blown around the prince(ss), "I'll be happy to answer any further inquiries once we finish the investigation." Hogo-sha took a deep breath through his nose and exhaled some wisp of plasma that soon floated up beside him, functioning as a lantern that lit up these darkened halls around him for a few feet. "Shall we continue before I end up opening up another door with an overly loud sternutation?"
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  7. Fiver was the last off the train, at first trying to figure out the why. Did someone on this train not want any of them to get to the empire? Was someone here more important than they were letting on? Noone in their cabin seemed to be hiding anything while they were getting to know each other. She looked closely at the damaged coupling closer, trying to memorize how it looked before she grabbed her luggage and jumped out into the frigid winds. Having her suitcase in hoof made her stumble in the air, her balance offsuit by the heavy case. She tossed it to the side of the tracks as the car sped backwards down the tracks. It landed beside Zelda's in a snowbank that was only growing with the increasing amount of snow coming down. Fiver rushed over to the rest of the group as the winds continued to howl. While they were loud, at least they weren't so booming as to prevent anyone from talking. One didn't get into the Wonderbolt academy by panicking, Fiver certainly didn't. In times of emergency like this she needed to keep a cool head as best as she could. IN this frigid wind, no problem at all... hopefully. She could already feel her teeth started to chatter. "I-is everyone okay? Nopony-- or griffin- injured?"
  8. "Hmm... shortening my tail? I've never tried that before." He thought a moment, "I'll give it a try when we reach. Just give me a reminder in case we end up getting chased by something big and menacing." The wolf laughed a bit as the pair strolled through the rainforest. While, Hogo-sha's interest had always lain in his kind's magic and martial skills, he coudl always take a moment to appreciate an exotic locale such as the basin. Some of these plants were particularly interesting to watch in passing. One of them seemed ot just snatch a big dragonfly out of the air. "I hope we don't end up meeting a bigger version of one of those." He shuddered at the thought, "In regards to shapeshifting. There are many who are better than me, my family is friends with a fox who may as well be one those O&O Mimics." Somewhere in Long guo, a chef sneezes out of the blue and panics as she has to start over on the dish she was working on. Back in the basin, Hogo-sha's ears twitched in sync with pocket's own. Hogo-sha lowered himself a bit and raised his head to sniff curiously at the air, hoping to find some hint in the air what might be approaching. Glowing eyes flicked to pocket as he mulled over the scent approaching, "Should we take cover?"
  9. Hogo-Sha smiled at Raven and nodded, "I shall do my best, Miss Raven." Since he was being entrusted to lead the way for the time being, Hogo-sha strode up ahead and tipped his head back. He took a deep breath of the air around him, holding his eyes closed as he tried to sort through the myriad scents in his head. He turned his head and took a few more steps forward, sniffing rapidly until his ears perked up! "Ah! I think I've found something." The canine kneeled down and smiled as he noted a more pleasant magical scent wafting on the aether a good distance down the hall, "It's shifting a bit... but mostly stable from what I can tell." Soft footsteps echoed down the spacious hallway along with the faint sound of the group's magic bloodhound rapid sniffing. He wasn't sure how it felt for the rest of the group :in addition to the thick sense of dread hanging over the hall, Hogo-sha could also say it smelled... not so much foul, but stagnant. If all haunted or cursed areas gave off this strange magical scent, Hogo-sha could certainly say he'd be able to sniff out another one: He'd be in no hurry to, but still it was possible. Ears swiveled as he listened to the rest of party converse amongst each other. This visiting canine only paused in his search to itch his muzzle, odd scents magical or otherwise always bothered him. One fairly long walk later, Hogo-sha could tell he was getting close. He picked up the pace a bit and brought his nose to the floor as some old instincts took over. He went around the corner ahead of the group as he was sure he was coming up to the chamber but froze as he felt something get yanked up his muzzle. This must have been a section of the castle the cleaning crew had slacked off on as some dust bunny soon found itself pulled into the regal pup's muzzle. The shock left Hogo-sha gasping in deep gasps as reflexes took over, "GAH! AHH! AAH!" He felt himself tensing up and through his tearing eyes he could make out the outline of a large door. Before he could say anything about finding the room he'd been sniffing out something needed to be taken care of. "HAAAAHH-GSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" A loud sneeze echoed through the hallways and when Hogo-sha opened his eyes, he noticed the door was now open. He blinked his eyes and laughed awkwardly as he brushed a bit of moisture from his eye, "Sorry, Everyone. Had a rough encounter with some dust but... I found the spot!" He blinked once the rest of the group came around the corner, his tail wagging ever so slightly, failing to realize he was now on all fours and in his true form. The glowing eyes, flowing tail and little sparks of harmless lightning popping across his fur and about the same size on all fours as large stallion. "We didn't lose anyone, did we?" He asked rather casually as he took his kerchief in his paw and held it to his nose, "Something wrong?"
  10. Once the luggage issue was well and sorted out, Fiver let out a sigh of relief. It was still a shaky sigh, however given this very unusual situation. Fiver smiled at atLoose as she got back up, "Somehow I think we've all got a bit of bad luck tonight. Let's hope it doesn't last." She stretched her wings a moment, "... and Sorry about the luggage I think the shaking knocked mine loose. I don't think it's all mine." Now that she had her bag, Fiver may as well tote it with her on the way to the front of car. FIver's jaw dropped as she say the outside. "Um... Yeah... it uh did." The flyer took a deep breath and took note of the speed of the train. They were definitely slowing down. Cold winds were howling around the cabin. Visibility was low, so it was nearly impossible for her to tell just how far away their train had gotten from them. "Uhh... Well... if we've been detached from the train then... hangon. We're... goin backwards..." Wheels started clicking in her head and the Color drained from her face a moment. They must be on a incline, "Does anyone know if we were going up a hill... and how far we got? If we go backwards and keep gaining speed we might need to jump off this car."
  11. "King Sombra? ... -that- king sombra? The stallion who ruled an empire with dark magic? You're... -that- sombra?" He said his tone betraying his disbelief, "... Well um. You're looking quite well for your age." He cracked a slightly awkward smile and dipped his head, "If you are who you claim than, well I suppose it is a pleasure to meet such a notable historical figure." This was turning into quite the strange day. Haunted Castles and shadowy stallions claiming to be ancient kings? Equestria was truly a fascinating land. No wonder Father had wanted to visit for so long. Bringing his attention back to Raven, Hogo-sha sniffed a few times at the air and had to stifle his urge to retch. He'd caught a whiff of that sour, rotting smell that Sombra had alluded to earlier. "Well the rankness of whatever curse has befallen this castle is definitely an obscuring presence. I might be able to sniff out where this magic is weakest... or at least in the general direction of where it is weakest." The foreign dog looked between the group, his own knowledge of equestrian magic rather limited.
  12. "Well... To be honest, I'm not that skilled at Shapeshifting. Seeing as Diamong dogs are still... well, canine they seemed easier to keep the shape of for a while. I have a pony form I've used in the past but It's felt so awkward to move around in." The wolf looked to his paws as they trudged along through the grass, pondeirng pockets words about equestria being safer. Yokai poachers and their contacts probably didn't come so far out to the west... so maybe he could try and relax like this once in a while. "You raise a good point about your country, it often seems one of the most kind empires in the world. Especially with that friendship school." Pocket's explanation of his 'curse' was an amusing one. He'd heard things like that with some yokai as well, "Hmm... I had to really train myself to use some of skills I have. Some Of us Yokai seem to have similar... 'cantrips' you called them? I think my father has one that acts up whenever he sneezes. He produces large amounts of mist and can even exhale it and make illusions or alter someone's perception." The wolf's ears flattened, "I seem to mostly just make loud noise and fierce winds.... well , also lightning. I can make that. I do have a reflexive shapeshift spell for situations when the diamond Dog look won't work." As Hogo-sha walked behind a tree he came out as a stallion dressed in similar garb as his diamond dog form and with the same color scheme... His gait was a bit stilted and awkward, Having slowed down somewhat before shifting back to his wolf form with a sigh. "So hard to get used to." He muttered before looking eagerly at the map, "I'd love to meet your mate someday, She sounds very kind and knowledgeable!" As the two went along, like Pocket had predicted: the flora began to show changes... and not far off they could see the outline of a water's edge. Hogo-sha rubbed a paw to his nose as the smell of spores and exitic vistas got to him. "Seems we are making good time!"
  13. "A pleasure to meet you, Raven and ... Sombra, was it?" The seemed to be in thought a moment, "That name sounds so familiar. but either way if you are sensitive to the ebb and flow of magic perhaps I can help with that. I may not be a pony but I can certainly sniff out odd magical manifestations if they pop up. Though this place feels a bit saturated in mystical energies." Hogo-sha eagerly shook the offered hoof, he was careful not to do it too hard or too soft for this new aquaintance. "Don't worry about inexperience in social matters... for most of my life I only had my family for company until I set out on my own... It's still can be a bit overwhelming some days." Once the hoof was freed from his grasp he dipped his head, "I am eager to assist however I can, Miss Raven." At Blueblood's mention of curses, Hogo-sha's ears perked up. "I know some about curses, but only a certain type and... a yokai's curse could be different from an Equestrian based curse. Most of ours are based on broken pacts and can affect the one who made it the same as the one they made a pact with. Sadly, I can't say I'm the most knowledgeable enchanted either... this sword was made by a friend for me and only she knew how to place her enchantment on it..." He grinned as Blueblood proposed starting up, "I'm excited to see the quest begin!"
  14. "I don't know much about them either to be honest. But, may as well look into it. Not gonna learn anything sitting around on my bu-UGGH!" Soon the violent shaking of the cabin began. Fiver was caught off guard by a mile and fell on her side from the intensity. Taking a moment to get back up, Fiver rubbed her head as she surveyed the results of their cabin's surprising quake. "That... doesn't seem at all good." she said rather flatly, "Anypo-- er anyone hurt?" Fiver didn't waste anytime to start helping with the luggage. She figured she'd start helping out with getting any heavier cases off of Loose cannon and Zelda. Seems some might have over packed with how heavy some of these were. Before this trip started, Fiver made sure to pack what she could, but not so much that she'd get a work out just lugging her things to and from the station... though maybe what was average for her might have been heavy for someone not athletically inclined. Fiver hoisted her own bag off Loose with an awkward smile one could hear in her voice, "You okay there?"
  15. Hogo-sha nodded his head at Blueblood's response. It was good to have the approval of the prince. Being in this form was nice, but having to use digits and walking on two legs was very awkward. It also made casting any magic harder to do and if this menacing air was any hint, he'd need to make use of all his faculties sooner rather than later. Blueblood bringing up the existence of an expert on this kind of things put him more at ease. Maybe this expert would be welcoming of a yokai's input, "I shall be upfront about my nature with this expert. If he practices some odd magics then I wouldn't want to obscure any of my own magical nature from them." As Blueblood and Hogo-sha drew closer to this expert, the diamond dog noticed that curious scent of dark magic from earlier growing stronger and stronger until they finally ran into a veru curious pair: A mare with an azure coat and a strapping stallion with a nice mane... that he swore he'd seen somewhere before. He could scour his mind later, there was evil that needed thwarting! The diamond Doog offered both the umbrum and the unicorn a formal bow, "Arashi Doro no Hogo-sha. My friends call me Hogo-sha... or Stormy." Straightening himself back up he would look between the two of them, "Are you the experts that, His Highness spoke of?"
  16. "Nice to to meet you, Gallus!" Said the peppy kirin as he offered his hoof for a shake, "How long have you been playing this game? I've only played once or twice in the past. you seem to know way more about what your doing than me!" If Gallus accepted the proffered hoof he'd find his arm being shaken eagerly and with an impressive energy behind it, The griff could feel it in his shoulder he could. "Hmmm..." Yama looked back to his sheet as she started filling it out, "I don't suppose you might know about any changes to the racial traits of Dragons in this edition?" His question poised at Smolder, hoping it wasn't terribly presumptuous to ask of her. Yama was stlll figuring things out in regards to interaction with non-equine races and was trying to understand the subtleties of it. You'd think being around Kirin might give him a bit of insight, but as he'd learned it was very different with western dragons. The Kirin flinched a moment and sniffed at the air then turned towards the Dust covered stallion in the room who hadn't spoken yet, "Hey, stranger! Did you come to play to? Ya need some help cleaning up first though? I'm sure there are some towels around here some, right?"
  17. "You are definitely not crazy." The diamond dog sniffed at the air a few times, "I can feel it in my bones. Something is -very- wrong here... Smells like dark magics. Heady and heavy on the ... aether, is it?" Hogo-sha was glad to have made a good enough impression on the prince to be trusted to tag along on this visit to the palace. He hadn't expected to run into such a thick aura of dread and unease in a place that some days seemed the very heart of happiness in this land. "I'm feeling genuinely uneasy..." He muttered to himself just under his breath, "Your Highness, I don't suppose you had any ominous dark artifacts shipped to the palace recently?" While there was a hint of levity in the 'diamond dog's' tone, he was worried. Yokai, like ponies were very deeply tied to magic... though in his travels and studies Hogo-sha always heard that they could be especially vulnerable to dark magics. Whether it was a vulnerability to corruption or if it just meant that it was like garlic to a vampire, he wasn't sure. Frankly, he wasn't in a hurry to test it out. It was kind of far back on the to-do list. At the very back somewhere. With Blueblood around and his pride on the line however, this dog was not about to make himself look like a fraidy cat. Especially with the knowledge that the prince's personal 'cat' would never let him live such a thing down. "If things get too dangerous, would it be a bother if I dropped my disguise?"
  18. The wolf pondered Pocket's words a moment, "Bakemono?... Well that is technically true. I prefer 'Okami', as does the rest in my family." Hogosha looked over to the stallion with a smile, " As for the disguise... Well, I usually stick to the diamond dog form so as not to stick out too much. That, and it's the only form I'm able to maintain consistently for long periods of time and not be knocked out of them." The wolf sniffled a moment as they grew closer to the verdant jungles, "... And I was raised to be careful around ponies, there are still some in Neighpon who'd love to take my hide for a coat." Like he'd ever let such a thing happen, Hogo-sha loved his coat and all the little arcs of harmless lightning it produced. "My father got to see first hand the rougher days between yokai and the Neighponese. He seems to have gotten past it mostly, but he raised the rest of us to be careful..." He heaved a small sigh, "... enough about my habits! I've yet to hear about the inspiration of those hearts that floated off your horn? Is that some sort of condition of ponies? Some sort of love curse?" As they drew closer the fauna around them seemed to change more and more. Rich shades of green, exotic leaf patterns, curious smells, unfamiliar bird calls. It was almost overwhelming! Hogo-sha wrinkled his nose at all the strong scents and levitated a handkerchief to his muzzle, "Hmmm... I think the map of the basin is in the back-left pocket of our bags, could you get it?"
  19. After her drink was poured by Pathfinder, Rose offered the explorerer a smile and a nod of her head: her reserved way of saying 'Thank you!" She scoured her mind for a few seconds to dredge up the information, "... Well I've learned that The magic I create is a sort of field of destabilizing energy that take breaks down other forms of energy. I've been trying to learn other ways to apply it and the effects it can have. Some experimental for the most part, I've been hoping to create a spell that could be useful for mining operations." She took a sip of her drink... that was possibly the longest explanation she'd ever given. Squall's speech was certainly a stirring one. More than Rose could ever say she'd feel comfortable saying, She could always appreciate the stallion's gumption in taking the lead of most situations. At first she was going to ask what "Non sufficit" meant but it seemed that Pathfinder was ready and able to better explain what Squall was getting at. Getting more perspectives in general was very useful in a variety of subjects. Now with the world opening up, perhaps they should aim for the truly exotic. She liked Pathfinder's suggestion of somepony from Acroneighos, but militant as that city was it was still very much a pony perspective... "I think I have an idea that would be interesting to pursue if challenging after the beginning. Neighpon has an interesting history behind it and many aspects of it's culture might be unusual to us... but I as thinking that if we are looking for unique perspectives than maybe we should look into the Yokai. They have a strange way of living and seem to be fairly knowledgeable. I understand they have rocky histories with the ponies and kirin of Neighpon in many parts. It seems like an interesting opportunity... and if we need a lead, apparently a yokai whose lived long enough that he was around before the events of Nightmare moon is working on Applejack's farm for a while: he seems fairly talkative." Rose had been around for the Running of the leaves and was in the stands when this yokai revealed himself... it was startling but in the end the day seemed to end in good spirits.
  20. The dog took a deep breath and soon it seemed as if his image melted away, his colors remaining mostly the same but his farm shifting from bipedal to quadrupedal. The coat seemed to fade out of existence into the form of a glowing ball (one of several orbiting his neck). With a bit of a yawn the wolf that had took Hogo-sha's place stretched out, harmless arcs of electricity jumping across his dark fur. He smiled calmly at the pony, making sure not to show any teeth and startle to poor archaeologist. "Surprise!" he said with a playful bark before levitating some of the luggage off his back, "... I usually just have that diamond dog look because I have a harder time taking on pony forms or the like. I swear I've sneezed myself out of them a couple times." The large yokai rubbed a paw to his muzzle before dipping his head to the pony, "I wish to thank you for coming this far with me despite my hiding of the truth." If anything the spirit was excited, that long, flowing tail of his was eagerly whipping about behind him. He looked to the Basin and grinned, "Shall we proceed or do you have any questions?"
  21. "It always amazes me how quickly this country seems to bounce back from attacks. Still, it is a very admirable trait in this land I'd say." the diamond dog took another sip of his tea and smiled to the pony, "... and Don't worry, Mister Change. If we need to take the skies I have my own ideas for how to get up without the aid of unicorn magic. I'll show you what I mean when we arrive at our destination." It was always fun to lose the disguise in the presence of the unsuspecting, it was one of the little pleasures of being a yokai. It seemed one of the surprises ponies could produce was... magic floating hearts? Was he the only one who could see those? Were they caused by thoughts of his pet or his sister, perhaps familial bonds were stronger in Equestria. They were already very serious about friendship, Maybe Family was of great importance as well. "Well, Um... I shall meet you at the station and we will embark for the basin on the morrow!" =====One Trip later===== Finally they had arrived. The journey alone had already been quite a trek. Getting to the Basin required a try via airship to Griffinstone and then it was a long hike east. Arrival in the griffin city was rough for the prim and proper pooch Pocket had proceeded with. Apparently, he was allergic to cats and that made him allergic to half of the entire population: specifically the back half. Once they made it past there, It was just long walk with their equipment. Hogo-sha despite his seemingly noble bearing was happy to carry the supplies, splitting them up with Pocket all the way until they finally could see the jungles of the basin over the next hill. The dog took a deep breath of the air of the mountains they had been passing through for presumably the last time until his return. "Well then, Mister Change. Since we're here there's something I'll need to confess to you..."
  22. The foreign hound bowed his head in Anu's direction with a smile on his muzzle, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Anu Hur. ... Did you say you had something stolen from you? Is there anyway I can be of help?" If it was something recent he would surely be able to help, a nose like his could surely scent out some stolen trinket in this town. Well, so long as he kept upwind of this darn cat nearby. Speaking of this giant feline, Hogo-sha couldn't help but notice that hint of worry from his words (even if he couldn't understand them). He hoped that his words hadn't cut deep, or was there something else bothering the ancient creature. Perhaps it was the growing build up of carriages and pedestrians growing behind him making him uncomfortable. Hogo-sha cleared his throat once and looked behind Nilaavin, "Maybe we should take these conversations to a place where we can truly relax... we probably shouldn't hold up the rest of Canterlot and interrupt your exhibition, Your Highness."
  23. The mention of the storm kind made the dog raise a brow, "The Storm King? Was that the name of that strange person who attacked Equestria a while back?" Internally, Hogo-sha could appreciate the simplistically weighty title of 'Storm king'. It was a shame he couldn't have been around to see how that turned out, This land had amazing heroes of its own and he'd have loved to see how this villain was beaten. If he was going to forge his own legend he had to learn from the best! He took another sip of his tea as the stallion elaborated on the nature of pegasus artifacts. "I actually think I may have a way to help get us up to a temple in the clouds... although it won't be easy to move around much with. But like you said, locating it would be difficult. I might be able to speed up the process if we had any other magical artifacts from the same temple on hoof, but I'm sure such a request to see one would require a lot of paperwork..." Cloud magic was something Hogo-sha knew a little bit about, but he was nowhere as good as any pegasus, "... and that description sounds sort of Kirin like, doesn't it? I've known a few of them and not many have shown much propensity towards weather manipulation or cloud making." He cupped his chin in thought before looking back to Pocket Change, "
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