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  1. So far, Taira was entirely in the clear. Nimble sidesteps during his gallop let him surge past some of those ahead of him! The sweet scent in the air was practically intoxicating but with a strong will he was able to push on through and focus on the road ahead. In his efforts to keep avoiding any puddles of sap, the kirin's wake of dust and leaves would be left shifting and swaying behind him as he weaved in between obstacles without breaking his stride. The Bandit was back to holding on to Tai's horn as if he had any sort of control in this situation, Taira wasn't about to rain on a hat's parade. Gummy continued his silent contemplation... at least initially. The spaced out gator would shift and slip his head down while he latched onto his ride's midsection. Gummy left his mouth open as Taira spe along, the creature taking in a big gob of the sap in his maw. Taira's brow arched as he took notice of the gator's antics. A puff of mist burst from the stallion's lips and then slithered it's way around Gummy to push him back upright on Tai's back, "Now-Now! I promised your owner to keep you safe. Stay put will you?" Gummy gave Taira the most spaced out flat look the kirin had ever seen. Not quite sure what to make of it, Taira returned his attention to the race. A second after he'd looked away he felt a strange pressure on the back of his head. The Stallion looked around back and forth, "Gummy?" While not immediately apparent to Taira, any of the other races woudl be treated to the sight of a sticky mouthed gator currently stuck to the foreigner's mane.
  2. While the Joint efforts of Taira and some of hte other races came a bit late to help out some... it turned out the team did at least manage to help 'Dark Strife' out of the caves. Once he was out and Ra-ra and Applejack came around to inform the crew of their efforts, Taira broke right back into his gallop. "Great job, Everyone!" Now with the last pony out they could get back to the fun, "Let's show these leaves whose boss!" Mist evaporated from the arch, removing the support and letting nature take it's course while everyone pushed on with their own. With Gummy on his back, and Bandit at his Horns, the kirin charged forward. All the while he carefully maneuvered himself ahead of at the very least Hawke. He wasn't about to let her use him as a springboard again either, so he put a good degree of distance between him and herself. He didn't allow his mind to linger too long on this silly rivalyry between him and her as the oncoming beauty of the Whitetail Woods soon caught the kirin's attention! Ears perked tot he sound of the birds singing their song... and his nose twitched as he noticed a strangely familiar, sweet scent. Was that honey? No, this was wasn't as sweet smelling: it was sap! It was strange to see just how much of it was flowing. Taira had to stow his curiosity for the most part and try to focus on Dodging these puddles of stickiness!
  3. "Hmmm, The hurricane Taira... I like the sound of that! As for the fox chasing, I actually did! She was a pretty nice one, offered to teach me how to cook!" Taira was just about to make his way up the hill before he felt that landing on his back. If anything he had to admire this griffin's grace... and her guts. Having her so close in proximity to his still itching nose made the stallion freeze in place just long enough for Hawke to make perfect use of him as a springboard! He paused in his run and scrubbed his snout for a few seconds before chuckling, "Clever job, Hawke-san! You've certainly got all the grace that your rear end implies!" Did that come out right? He hoped so. When Pinkie pointed out the collapsing cave mouth in the distance, Taira was already rocketing past the group. That was certainly a Yes to the talk of a truce, even if he hardly considered Hawke as anything but friendly competition. "Since I've gotten away with magic for everything besides racing..." Taira skidded to a halt and took in a deep breath, the stallion's chest practically inflating for a few seconds before he let it all out as a massive cloud of mist that would shift and swirl until it entered the cave mouth and clung to the entrance in an arch, "If either of you have any way to help hold this up I could use the help! S'been a long time since I've had to hold up anything with this spell!" Boulder Dash stopped busting rocks with his head for a moment to watch in fascination as mist suddenly held up the arch ways of the cave exit. "Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! Ain't that purdy trick" he thought as he watched the mist work. However as he heard his new friend call for help, a fire erupted in Boulder Dash's stomach. He scrapped the ground with his hoof and snorted like an angry Bull. Letting out a loud shout he charged forward and pressed his skull right into the stone arch he was holding up and pressed on it with a loud grunt lifting it off the ground with his head, neck, and phenomenal strength. Breathing heavily he turned back to the group and smiled. "As impressive as this all looks I assure ya'll it's NOT as comfortable as you would think. So I would advise you git them moving as fast possible!" he said with a loud grunt. Pinkie was caught up in the cascade of creatures heading towards the cave mouth. As she got nearer she could see Boulder hard at work smashing away as rocks rained down. GULP! Somepony needed to go down there to make sure the runners could get through and that the pathway hadn't collapsed. Or worse yet... what if somepony got hurt down there? "Well...somepony has to do it!"" A hard hat with a light on it appeared out of nowhere atop her head. "And that pony is gonna be me!" Of course, she was hoping it would be more than just her heading into the dark maw that lead to the underground forest. Thoughts of being scared had to be pushed away! This was a call for action! GULP! One more quick gulp to keep the fear at bay and Pinkie pushed the hardhat forward on her head and galloped down into the darkness! Rocks cascading down rang in her ears as she went... "Hope those big guys can hold off a total collapse out there!" She thought out loud as she plunged onward. The griffon couldn't help but to be impressed by the kirin's display of magic. Man what she wouldn't do to have some magic of her own! But now wasn't the time to lament on their lack of magicalness, there were creatures in danger! While Boulder kept pounding the rocks away and Taira held the opening up with an arch of magic, Hawke kept running running around trying to keep the path clear. This race was proving to be more dangerous than probably most racers anticipated, who could have expected a cave in of all things?! And Pinkie was heading in there! Girl was crazy if she thought she was going in along. "Hang on there Pinkie, I'm coming with you!" the griffon rushed in not far behind Pinkie, grabbing one of the magiced torches from its holder to follow along after. "Does stuff like this happen often? Ponyville seems like such a quiet little town." Oooh if Hawke only knew. Pinkie let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. Whew! She wasn't alone in this! Hawke had come with her! Wow, she was a true friend for sure! "Ponyville may seem quiet buuuuuut," She chuckled absently. "We've got A LOT going on!" Pinkie felt so much braver having Hawke with her! She only hoped Hawke felt the same about having her there! The ground shook underhoof and she started to call out for the runners in the underground caves. "Applejack!?" Deep breath. "Ra-Ra, Chaos pony, Loose Cannon!?" She ran a little further but the fear of the collapsing cave made her gait turn into a hesitant trot. "Where are you guys-guys-guys-guys?" Her voice echoed down the dark pathway. She perked her ears. Was that hoof beats she could hear in the distance? (This post brought to you by a collaboration between, Myself, Rainbowfoxxy, Dubstep, and Dashman562! Now back to your regularly scheduled posting.)
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    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    With the realization that his companion was still rather rattled, Taira instinctually gave Blueblood another nuzzle to the cheek. "Sorry about that, Blue-san..." The kirin rubbed at his nose again and then looked back up to the handkerchief, "I'd be happy to make use of more of your hoofkerchiefs, but that one is the first you gave me! It's special." Taira sniffled a moment as he watched the Road. He could see some carriages going in opposite directions across the street. If Taira waiting a couple seconds longer he could... Taira assumed a ready position and would then jump up and on top of one of the carriages. It was a strongly built one, considering ti held him and he didn't wind up just crashing through the roof of the thing and on top of the two richponies inside. He waited a few seconds and then jumped again on another, taller carriage crossing the street and then onto a nearby in a show of agility. One last leap took him to a fire escape on the building opposite the street, where his kerchief now dangled in the wind. A strong breeze almost snatched it up, but the kirin was quick enough that he snapped it up in his jaws. "I got it!" He called down to his friend before leaping down back onto the street, "See? Told you I could get it!" For such a sturdy looking kirin he was certainly light on his hooves. When he got back down he was already making use of the cloth, "Hmm... Well, now that you mention it... I've been curious about that magic school place since I stopped by. It seemed pretty lively when I walked by earlier today."
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    What was Left Behind [Open, Walk-in]

    Taira had already failed in passing as just an average everyday, dog... no reason to prolong his faulty charade. The wolf heaved a small sigh, "... Um... how did I get here? More importantly why am I here?" Ears twitched and shifted as the older noblepony pat his head. Lucky for the elder Psmith, Taira wasn't at all aggressive: Only confused by what had happened. A couple sniffs made the wolf realize the bizarre magic behind him. Well, the magical being behind him. Discord, the myth made flesh. There were stories of him back in Neighpon that survived even in his old pack when it was large. Rumors abound of the chaotic being responsible for the very existance of Yokai. If that were true, this was perhaps the most awe inspiring moment in Taira's life: Not to mention humbling. That all depended on whether or not it was true though. He would save the questions about his existence for later on. "... A reward from the princesses? ... Hm." The wolf on the table brought his paw to his muzzle and scratched it in contemplation, "Being owed a favor from a pair of the most influential beings on the modern world could be very useful. I might be in... if I at least know what I'm looking for."
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    The Stands! (Open to all Non-Race Characters)

    With things seeming to calm down, Bevel decided she could use a bit of a break on the cheering. The inventor reached into her saddlebags and pulled out a bottle of water to hydrate herself, cheering could sure take it out of you. She could only flush a bit at the kiss to the cheek, the surprise of it sending errant breath down the wrong pipe and leaving the mocha colored unicorn hacking and sputtering. Hooves scrambled for for a kerchief she could cough into while the aspiration took hold. Eventually through a tear or two she managed to catch her breath again. "Do you have to surprise me like that all the time?" She asked with a huff, "I mean the princesses are here after all." Yama would tilt his head and wiggle his ears as the yak girl gave her opinion on the treat she'd been given, "Hmmm... " The blonde kirin would sniff a couple times at the air and then grin, his tail beginning to wag behind him, "Smells really sweet!" He couldn't help but notice that little twitch in the salespony's smile. Was there a better way to cheer her up beyond becoming her next customer? Well if there was, Yama sure as hay couldn't think of it! "Can I take a smallish bag?... actually make that a medium sized bag? I wanna share some when the one I'm cheerin' for gets to finish line!" Thankfully, Yama had managed to get some coin by playing in Ponyville square earlier today! For a couple seconds, The gold coated foreigner was left staring over at Luna and Celestia. He'd seen the sisters in art and sculptures in his travels, but never in the flesh. The art hardly did them justice. It also didn't seem to properly encapsulate their harmonious magical aura. His ears swiveled in Twilight's direction, shortly followed by his head. "You're a princess too?! Does that mean you're gonna grow super tall like them?" He asked with a certain naive bluntness in his voice, entirely good natured but not terribly wary of the idea of tact in such an odd situation. "No need to worry about offendin' me, Twilight. ... er, sorry, Princess." He would turn the instrument on his back around on it's harness and carefully begin to tune it, "Besides! I'm planning to play somethin' instead of cheer. " With a nimble leap to an upper bleacher, Yama twirled in place and gave the instrument a strum that seemed to carry across the bleachers. He would smile down to Twilight, "I'm gonna play a tune to show my support!" Teeth clenched as Yona bellowed out another cheer! A chuckle came from the foreigner as he rubbed a hoof to his ear and then pointed to the yak, "You! Have you ever thought of singing? With that volume you could be an amazing opera singer! ... or whatever genre ya like!"
  7. Taira snickered in Boulder's direction, "Don't give me the credit, The bandit's to blame for this one!" A proud chitter of affirmation came from the the critter on Taira's head. As Boulder tucked in an rolled all the way down the hill! Now that was inventive! If Taira wasn't carrying his passengers he would have given it a try. For now he was content to watch with a delighted smile as Boulder's strategy came to fruition... up until the point when he landed right beside him on his noggin. Ouch, that must have hu-- "I'm ok! I landed on my head!" Of course, Boulder was fine. Taira was ashamed he'd ever questioned that this pony's skull could be beaten by something so feeble as a hilltop. Taira broke his stride a moment to help Boulder back up, "You''ll have to teach me that sometime! I know a trick sort of like that although it's not so much meant to plow through earth as gently." He pulled the muscular stallion back up with a slight groan of exertion. Once he got Boulder up he would sniffle and wiggle his nose at the added dust his friend introduced to the air. Thankfully the kirin's hoof managed to spare the country stallion from a sudden flight over the hills, "I'll find one at the finish line, Nothing the occasional sniffle won't fix. Besides, by the end I bet we'll both be goin' so fast none will see." As Pinkie and Hawke bounced on by, Taira resumed the run without missing a beat. He shot a smile up at the bouncing pony, "It's 'The Bandit'... right, Little guy?" Another chitter in the affirmative came from the former hat. Eyes scanned Pinkie's movement's along with Hawke's, perhaps lingering a tiny bit too long on the flanks of both before he began to try and imitate it! As Taira floated in the air for a few moment he would ponder Pinkie's question, "Hmmm It's been a while actually since anyone called me them! Long while back people would call me 'The General' , before that there was... scruffy, layabout, fox chaser... Y'know what? Sneezemaster is fine." He chuckled softly as he began to come down, ears perking at Hawke's remark. "What if I don't roll at all?" He asked as he again slid his way down the other side of the mountain and transitioning into a gallop in the hopes of keeping himself ahead of the playful griffoness, "And if you don't want to be caught in the next wind, should have stayed behind me!"
  8. About three sneeze over several mountains Taira would cough for a few seconds and shake his head when The Bandit moved to begin another tail whipping, "Oi! I think I've earned a break. Do too much of that and I'll be too out of breath to make it to the finish line!" With a chitter of Confirmation and a bit of a huff, The bandit stopped. Taira sniffled and let out a chuckle, "Trust me, Little guy. You and gummy will be in for the ride of your lives come the end of this. I guarantee it." Coming up to another hill, Taira glanced back to see the impressive bouncing of miss Pie and Hawke, "Nice form, you too! Don't suppose you could teach a big fella like me how to hop like that?" He honestly didn't expect that his competition would be so eager to share their secrets so soon, but it never hurt to ask for a more efficient method. Another burst of strength up the incline carried him up to the top where he charged on forward and again slid his way down. This was just phenomenal, it'd been years since this old 'kirin' had so much fun in a race. Maybe he could organize something like this back home, goodness knows the mountain could stand to be livened up a bit. He could see it in his mind now, maybe he could plow some of the old paths, pull some weeds up off the way. He'd need more than just his family to race though, all thoughts for later. "And please don't call me "The Sneezemaster"! I've got plenty of other titles and believe it or not, that is probably the least inspiring!" He called again over to Hawke and Pinkie.
  9. A couple sniffs could be heard from Taira as he began his ascent up the next hill. He'd know that super sweet, bouncy (Don't ask how he could describe a scent as bouncy), candy tinged smell anywhere and so did the gator on his back! Gummy would look back over to Pinkie, probably communicating some strange garbled message only he and his owner could understand. Taira in the meantime would build up some speed and hop over the top of the next hill and make use of his airtime to wave over to the pink racer then would speak up in that booming voice of his as he slid down the slope, "I see you took the high road, Pinkie-san!" The bandit climbed up Taira's neck and would wrap his paws around his horns as if riding one of those... contraptions Taira saw some neighponese ponies riding across polohama, what were they called? He recalled once he saw a rather intense game of cards being played on them. He didn't let his mind wander though as the raccoon pointed forward. He only looked up at the creature and let out a snort and a smirk, "Seems this one would have liked that I took the low road to maintain the speed rush! With any luck though, We'll reach the finish line before all o' the competition! Like that song from Fet-loch! Gummy's safe by the way!" On his back, The bandit seemed to be planning something. He'd not gotten to go this fast on the old head he rested on! He had a burning need for speed and thrills and he must act on it. These hills were in the way of that desire. Idly he would play with the stallion's mane, one tug made his head reflexively tile down, Taira's quick response bringing the bandit back up and saving him from a tumble on the road. A devious grin spread over the raccoon's face and he pulled himself further along the Kirin's neck. Taira's brow arching as he felt the raccoon shift on top of his head, "Don't tell me you're missing being a hat already, Little gu--" Taira's word's caught in his throat as The Bandit began to wave and flick his long, ringed tail back and forth across Taira's nose. He'd Just started galloping at full force to get up this next incline but... now as his body's reaction took over, "Heh! Ih-GEH... HEH!" The stallion gasped desperately and just as his passenger's nasal assault ended he would yank that spot on his mane, making the kirin's head bob down sharply as he let out another thunderous sneeze beneath him. In a massive plume of misty magic, Taira was left soaring through the air in an arc over the incline of the next hill! Tai rubbed at his snout in freefall than glared at the racoon on his head and let out a mirthful chitter, "What was that fo---" As he saw the distance he made in that sneeze he would grin at the racoon, "Oh-ho! I get it... The bandit, you're a genius. Keep up the good work... and cut out the mane yankin'. Hangonwhere'sgummy?" A soft thump on his rear-end made him sigh in relief, "Oh there you are! Hang on tight, Gummy!" (Tai's crazy plan: Sneeze his way across the hills! Two at a time!)
  10. "So long as the ponies who made that mistake on the weather earlier weren't in charge of laying out the lamps down below... I'm sure they'll be fine!" Taira slowed his pace ever so slightly and used a bit of his strength to ascend the steep incline, "... Besides they've got a hero with them, don't they?" He gave a nod in the direction of a certain orange farm-mare. Strong hooves carried him up all the way to the top, until he slid his way down the smooth slope. A small cloud of dust trailed behind him as he rode his momentum to the bottom, some of it cause both gummy and The Bandit to sneeze. He had to admit that the prospect of spending so much energy on doing this on all the hills ahead didn't sit well with him. The kirin's stride didn't break, but he did find himself trying to ponder a useful strategy that might carry him Further along and with less work... preferably something impressive. He turned to his running companion, "Don't suppose you're strong enough to bust through boulders -and- hills, are you? They barely slowed you down before!"
  11. Finally passing through teh ravine portion of the course, Taira trundled forward with a smile. Gummy and the bandit were still secure on his back, bouncing ever so slightly as he galloped, "We're makin' good time, Guys! If I've got anything to say about it I'll be introducing you to some family when we finish... I think Pinkie'll like meeting Yama." Was he really talking to a raccoon and a gator? Well this wasn't unprecedented, Taira had been alone on a mountain for ages with no one to talk to after all those ponies left for the city. Spending time with animals was his best way to cope with the bouts of loneliness. Around the next turn, Taira would lean off on the speed. He allowed himself to fall back into the rest of the group of racers, careful not to let his own personal wake of leaves bother them too much as he listened to their thoughts on how to proceed. Looking ahead, there was a series of inclines and declines as the forked path turned to hills that could potentially damage his stamina unless he figured out a clever way to get past them. Down below there was a dark overgrowth of forest trees and foliage, he could trace the scent of lamp oil burning on the wind so the ponies must have set up something to let the racers see down there. Seems Applejack and company were likely going to take the dark route from what he could make out. Glancing back to his passengers he couldn't help but think about his promise to that pony shaped ball of energy: Keep her gator safe. If he was going to be mostly shrouded in darkness he could hardly keep an eye on her pet! He had enough stamina to make it past these mountains anyway... probably. A mountain w--kirin was bound by his word and so he used that to move towards the hills! He turne to the country stallion, "Think youve got the willpower to follow me through the hills? Best way is to use a bit of your strength climbing and let gravity carry you on the way down, friend!"
  12. "Oh now if that doesn't sound relatable... I've already got pups of my own, but back when my folks still lived with me they would tell me about how much I needed to have them. In hindsight I wonder if they were right, seeing how things turned out on the whole." Taira's gait slowed down ever so slightly as a sad look came to his face, "Bah! No point thinkin' about the past though, Boulda-san! Gotta think ahead don't we? ... in the direction of the finish line!" Picking up speed again and pulling a great deal of leaves behind him in his wake Taira would smirk towards the country-stallion, "Don't get too distracted with pretty faces though! They might cost you your place if they figure out how to catch your attention!" Suddenly Taira felt his nose twitch! Thankfully it wasn't the itchyh kind of twitch that he'd felt when Hawke was ahead of him, this was him reacting to a very familiar scent on the wind. He tilted his head high and sniffed rapidly at the air before her brightened up. "Oi, Boulder-san? I don't suppose you'll have enough sandwiches for three mouths will you? Seems there's someone special waiting for me at the finish line! I can't wait to introduce 'em to you!" Taira's excitement resulting in that big banner of a tail wagging with glee as he charged on ahead, incidentally widening his leaving wake noticeably and kicking a thick cloud of dust on those behind him for almost a minute before he realized his mistake! With an embarrassed chortle he would yell back in that booming tone to the back of herd, "Sorry about that!"
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    The Stands! (Open to all Non-Race Characters)

    Those riffs Bon-bon imagined weren't at all in her head, a strange kirin popped up behind her and played the electric riff on... a neighponese fiddle? That had to take some talent! The pastel colored stallion continuing to provide an subdued rocking soundtrack for Bonbon's salesmareship. This Neighponese visitor had come around in the hopes of cheering on none other than his dear old dad! He knew he felt someone familiar in town and the sound of a monumental sneeze somewhere on the track made him realize exactly who it was. Once Bonbon hopeful acquired her next customer he would cheerily strum away, the sound of electric guitar buzzing away until the shamisen in his hooves gave off it's natural sound. With a floaty bounce he hopped and landed safely on the bleachers beside Twilight and Yona, "Afternoon! I'm Yama, it's fantastic ta meet the all of you today! Who are you lovely mares and cows cheerin' for today?" The stallion winced as a brown mare down the way pulled out a megaphone and shouted out... "DISCORD, DISCORD!" The kirin chuckled, "Guess we know who she's rootin' for, huh?" Bevel hopped and danced across the bench until she huffed and puffed. The energetic inventor soon flopping down beside starlight, "Do you think he can hear me?" She said, out of habit into her megaphone... and then slowly lowering it with an embarrassed smile on her face, "Um... Sorry."
  14. While The Bandit chewed away at his snack and Gummy looked on the fellow racers, Taira kept up on the path. He still was willing to keep his spot in the lead, but Applejack's psychoanalysis seemed fairly spot on. Taira kept up his pace but wasn't willing to push himself too hard at the prospect of more mentally stimulating conversation than he could have with the passengers on his back. Boulder Dash had a fire in him that Taira couldn't help but admire as he gained on him, "I wouldn't dream of counting you out, Boulder-san!" As the two well built stallions galloped along the trail, Bandit would toss the branch onto the road. That act earned a stiff glare from his mode of transportaion, "Oi! No littering back there! I'm not getting you another snack unless you hold onto it 'til we reach the finish line." Taira had no idea what the miffed chattering The bandit but it certainly sounded like some sort of guff! The mountain stallion yelled to the back of the race, "Strife-san! You need to teach your hat some proper manners!" Annoyed chittering soon calmed down as the frustrated raccoon folded his arm and resumed his spectating alongside Gummy. "Sorry about that interruption!" Taira shot another winning smile Boulder's way, "Welcome back to the lead, Bounder-san! I see you're starting to come down with the love bug that's spreading over the racers!.. or at least I heard it from up here!"
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    Yamakara No Ongaku (Ready)

    Roleplay Type: Mane Rp Name: Yama Kara no Ongaku AKA Taiko or Yama-san/Yama-chan Sex: Male Age: Young adult (for a yokai) Species: Yokai (Okami) Eye colour: Bright green Coat: A pale blonde with shades of golden yellow Mane/Tail: Long, fluffy and swirly. Physique: Lean and sleek Residence: Wanderer Occupation: Traveling entertainer and Merrymaker Cutie Mark: Has no true cutie mark but often depicts a Shamisen with some orbiting wisps around it when in his Kirin Forms Unique Traits: Sound Based Yokai Magic: Yama has access to all the basic yokai abilities such as limited telekinesis and illusionary magics, but he has a strong affinity for magic involving sounds. E is able to alter the sound of notes and tones, even swap voice between others and perfectly mimic someone else’s. Musical Skill: Thanks to the long life he has lived so far and the abundance of free time, Yama has managed to train and practice his craft to the point he is an expert musician. Currently, his talents lay in any string instrument but he has shown a willingness to learn others. Shapeshifting: While by no stretch a master of the art, Yama is a good enough shapeshifter that he can easily blend in among a crowd if he has too… so long as they are any of the eastern equine races. Depending on the wolf’s mood, they will often shift between a stallion or a mare for a kirin form with some similarities to his true form. Sense of smell: As a wolf yokai, Yama has a supernatural sense of smell. He is about s good as any bloodhound when it comes to the mundane scents, but what makes his sense particularly notable is his ability to sniff out magical signatures. History: In the mysterious forests owned by a colorful okami, A little pup was born along with a litter. Perhaps due to the hurried retreat back to the mountains by his parents, he was given the simple name of ‘Taiko’. Once his family made it back to their mountain home this is where for the most part he would spend his life with his parents and siblings roaming the forest atop the northern mountains. Taiko did not spend all of his time in the forest, of all of his siblings he was one the most interested in the life his mother came from that of the city. His Mother, Nijurkuya came from the urban cityscapes of neighpon and a small pack that lived in some of them. Whenever they went to one of these cities, Taiko would eagerly watch various performers on the street. Most of his time was spent around the various musicians that would show up on street corners and the like. When he was old and skilled enough to take on a more equine appropriate form he would often go off to villages to practice playing for ponies. As time went on he would only find his skills with string instruments would grow and grow until he was good enough to play with the best of them… on the streets. His time spent learning various instruments wound up ushering in a spark of change in Taiko, instead wanting to call himself by a new name: Yama Kara no Ongaku (Music from the mountains). While this came with a bit of stubborn protest from his mother it eventually became a name that stuck with the family. While some of the mountain wolf pups were looking to their father’s spot as the alpha, he instead took to traveling the land, playing for all types of audiences and trying to bring a bit of fun and excitement wherever he goes. Character Personality: Yama is a playful and bouncy traveling entertainer all the way to his core. While he is indeed a wolf yokai, he is a fairly pacifistic individual, Preferring to shop and visit new places or hunt for new instruments to learn over game. Wherever Yama goes he will always seek to find a new friend to talk to or a pen pal to correspond with. Most often, Yama will seek out those who share his upbeat and bouncy disposition. If someone has a song in their heart, a bounce in their step, and a fondness for fun times then he will definitely want to meet them at any cost. While he loves to seek out those who agree with, Yama has a sometimes worrying tendency to try and befriend even those who are frankly very dangerous. While he definitely dislikes any form of serious fighting, Yama is both quick and clever: able to deal with those who might do him harm through either magical trickery or talking them down. Cavorting across the world for the several years he has granted Yama a healthy if sometimes dated pool of knowledge regarding the lands beyond Neighpon, and more than a couple close calls. Due to his occasional mistakes or naivety, Yama has more than once almost been caught by the few remaining yokai poachers that there are. He has managed to slip through their grasp each time but thanks to many of the stories he’d heard about what they would do to those they caught, if he has a suspicion they may be near him it can make him very nervous to the point his magic becomes more and more difficult to maintain. Thankfully he hasn’t seen them in a while. As soon as Yama returns to the mountains he will immediately bring souvenirs from the world beyond to his mother and father. His mother is where he gained a good deal of his love for the modern world, his father is where he gained his constant curiosity. Character Summary: Lover of Music, the world, and all creatures! The music from the mountain has arrived!
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    [Age of Heroes] Gate Kicker [open!]

    Lightning's sudden ascent didn't seem to make much of an impression on her opponent. The only thing that changed from her perspective would have been a shift in the intensity of her shadow. The headless pony body stuck out her umbrella and opened it up! That Rain of magical bolts just bounced off the black parasol and seemed to dissipate. "My goodness, the weather out here is terrible! Sudden magical rains of destruction... Ah well, nothin' a good parasol won't protect ya from, don't ya know?" The head on the boombox just smiled over at the airborne cyborg. The open parasol would seem to shift... then several shadowy tendril shot out from it and rapidy shot towards the cyborg in wile erratic patterns before latching onto her chassis securely like a harness. Rather than being dragged down, Lightning would only feel a sharp yank that lasted only a second. Then that spread parasol seemed to be growing bigger second by second up until a weighty impact came upon her from the front and unbalanced her. The pointed tip of Hexxer's umbrella would soon try to thrust up into one of her mechanical wings at a joint. If sucessful Hexxer might finally find her opponent on the ground with her. While Lus was quicker than death itself she was still very much limited to the ground for the foreseeable future. If this fight was to go her way, she wanted it on the ground!
  17. Taira was weaving, ducking and leaping over each obstacle he came across. Every few steps he glanced back to make sure The Bandit and Gummy were still safe and sound. One of his backward's glances would bring a delighted grin to his mug: Discord was back in the running! He was still behind, but Taira was glad to see that the spirit of chaos wasn't going to be bound to a tree until the very end. Just thinking about when he himself smacked into that hard wood, he felt a pang of sympathy for the great noodly god. He wasn't about to let his sympathy cost him his lead though! Again he would speak up in that booming voice, "Welcome back, Dark-senpai! Glad to see you're sturdy enough to get back! Mind your hoofing, this place has some pretty sharp turns... I'd advise against roller skates this time!" The snicker in his voice could be heard all the way in the back as the old mountain kirin projected. With his lead seemingly still secured, Taira took notice of some bushes around the next corner! He slipped in and would use his speed and teeth to tear off some off a branch with some blueberries still attached, then snack away. He didn't finish the whole bushel, instead he would exhale a small puff of mist that would pick up the branch and offer some to the raccoon on his back. There weren't any rules about using magic to feed passengers was there? The Bandit clearly didn't care as he just nibbled away at the branch with very mellow chitter. Gummy decided to forego the blue treats and would stare glass eyed at pinkie pie all the way down with Hawke.
  18. Taira hadn't intended for his words to come off as taunting, he genuinely was curious if Applejack liked the scenic view of the ravine. All the shades of green, the whistling of the wind, and the rhythmic galloping hooves of the racers... it Gave this old dog a very zen feeling as he kept moving along. 'Firetail' wasn't a nickname Taira could say he'd heard himself called before still, he took in stride and would grin. "Taira "Firetail" Yamamoto... That does have a nice ring to it! I---" Before he knew it applejack had fallen behind and out of earshot... well for her, Taira was more than capable of hearing her suggestion that they learn together sometime. Taira's tail began to wag for a few seconds at the very prospect of having visitors again! Fire walker's jump was a genuinely impressive one, that even Taira had felt the urge to comment on. A deep breath filled his lungs and soon in rather booming voice one could hear from stands he spoke up, "A very stylish jump indeed! Maybe she should have the title of 'Firetail' instead, eh? ... and it was mostly eggs!" While Taira ran on ahead he kicked himself for not noticing that bunny sooner. His sharp ear's picked up the mare duo's plan to save the creature from this coming stampede, making the old stallion sigh in relief. Well, Now he was sure he was going to invite both Fire and this equestrian heroine (In addition to pinkie pie) to his mountain home sometime. Such acts of kindness and charity deserved a fitting reward.
  19. "Welcome back, Stet-san!" Taira smiled back at Applejack as she tailed him, "Enjoying the view back there?" He asked, knowing full well that from her perspective she'd probably only have a view of his banner of a tail flowing behind him. This time, Taira was especially excited to keep his lead at the head of the group as long as he could without pushing too hard, gotta keep saving his energy for the final stretch... It was so tempting to just bolt at full speed with how much adrenaline was pumping through his veins. Perhaps in the hopes of distracting himself he tried to bait the mare behind him into some conversation. "I hope you haven't forgotten our wager! You'll be buying me a genuine hat by the day's end!" Another leap over a log in the path broke Tai's speech for only a second, "You and your family run a farm, right? My family back home do tours of the mountains! I'd been thinking about trying to set up a farm sometime ta get a few more bits for us all, know anything about high altitude agriculture?" If Taira wasn't so busy maintaining his lead he'd have applauded the show back there. Some ponies landing, other ponies plummeting to safety and being returned but having their pace broken. Hawke and Pinkie Pie seemed to be having an especially intense go at the ravine, but as they grew further and further away, Taira couldn't help but question why they'd taken that time to stare into each other's eyes for so long.
  20. Taira was genuinely thankful he'd manage to get back to his spot in the front again! His stumble on that jump may have cost him some time but already he was pulling ahead of the rest. The stallion's hooves pounded roughly on the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust and a whirl of leaves in his wake. The deceptively swift and nimble stallion pushed along with his surely temporary lead, leaping over a large log in the way and ducking just out of the way of low hanging braches. One oddly shaped branch that just barely caught his antler made him wonder if his rival in all this was making any progress on catching up to him. At this rate the mountain would have something to brag about for ages to come!
  21. Pretzelparty

    The Stands! (Open to all Non-Race Characters)

    "DIS! CORD! DIS! CORD! VICTORY IS HIS REWARD!" Bevel was getting very into her cheering. The earthy colored unicorn bouncing and hopping all across the bleachers with energy enhanced through the power of Bon-bons! In time though she would realize she was running low on rhymes so instead she would keep dancing and hopping to let 'Dark Strife' know that he had her support! Her energetic movement only stalled for a second at the surprising appearance of three princesses! "Oh hey, You highnesses! Don't suppose you'd like to join me in cheering?"
  22. Taira's jump didn't go as smoothly as he had hoped it would. With a loud thump his forelegs found solid ground... his hindleg's not so much! Remembering his passengers, Taira stiffened up his core, managing to stay straight and then shift his weight forward and fast enough that Gummy and the bandit tumbled a short distance forward. Managing to save his passengers though, did come at a cost as he soon found his core tiring and his hind legs left scrambling for purchase on side of the ravine. He knew that there was a group of pegasi down below to catch him if he fell, but he had pride and wasn't about to let it be tarnished by this! With a couple grunts of exertion, Taira pulled himself back up and resumed his run! He lowered his head down as he galloped forward, both the critters sliding up along his muzzle, through his mane, past his horns and now back to resting on his rather comfy back. With a sigh of relief he glanced back to the pair, "Sorry about that, boys! I guess I'm not as spry as I used to be! Only one way to get back to my prime though! We charge forward!" The stallion raised up his hoof as if punching the air... while Gummy continued his eternal contemplation. A sigh escaped the stallion's lips, "I wish I could at least get a tiny hoof er... paw... or claw bump from either of you." With a momentary shrug, the mountain-kirin galloped on ahead!
  23. Having blown himself back so thoroughly just moments ago, Taira felt a fire in his belly urging him to try and retake a higher spot. He'd saved up a good deal of energy through out this race and he could only hope it would pay off by the races end. The kirin's fuzzy ears would twitch a moment as his hooves thundered along on the path. A distinctive echo coming across the ravines around as he ran forward at an even but intense pace. These forested tops seemed almost familiar, almost like home... but more importantly he felt he had an advantage! He lived in high places with dangerous falls for most of his life! He could recognize those angles trees seemed to grow at near the edge of a fall, the way the wind sounded around him as it whistled softly through the ravine... "I should stop by here after the race..." He said to himself, "Maybe get some pictures for Niju." Around this next corner, Taira caught a glimpse of a bridge in the distance. It was rickety looking and didn't inspire much confidence. Taira could hear the wood creaking as the wind rustled it about. There wasn't much time to decide, but Taira had made up his mind as soon as he saw that ravine! "Gummy! Bandit!" He barked with a delighted grin, "You ready to fly?" All he got back was silence and that profound stare. "That's what I thought! Let's fly!" Taira built up his speed moving faster and faster until he made his jump across the gap, feeling as if time slowed down while he soared through the air with a goofy grin while his passenger stared into the middle distance...
  24. Taira flinched a moment and rose a brow as he felt ... well a gum-less bite. He glanced back at gummy as he was now left flailing around on thin portion of that flowing banner that was his tail. Thanks to Pinkie's words the creature soon returned to his place on Taira's back, "Thanks again, Pinkie-san! I promise he'll be right as Re---...rain when I get him back to you!" The words flowed quickly as the party-pony surged by with Hawke, although his words sounded slightly breathy and unsteady. If Pinkie took to the time to look she might also had noticed the kirin's eyes tearing up. Every time Taira would list to the lift, so would Hawke. He'd applaud her attentiveness if he wasn't busy running and fighting a constant battle against his allergy to the racer ahead of him! His muzzles scrunched and his expression began to appear more and more dazed. It was a wonder he was still able to keep up his gallop! Taira's resolve finally began to waver beside Fire as his jaws parted and took in several deep gasps. Mists began to waft out of his nostrils and from the back of his throat, his chest swelling with a massive amount of air. Making an effort to simply force his body to ignore this reaction she only galloped ahead further... only to find his snout being repeatedly flicked by the end of Hawke's tail! That was all for him! "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Hawke and pinkie would have no trouble hearing that massive desperate gasp from behind them but before they could react Taira let loose with a thunderous sneeze, "HWAAAAH-TSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Along with that powerful roar came a surge of wind that blew up a large cloud of dust and leaves, but must importantly enough force that Both Hawke and Pinkie were sent rocketing forward as if shot out of a cannon! If the two managed not to stumble than they would likely catch up to AJ and her musical friend! From the stands it would have looked as the weather ponies messed up again as mist flooded across the plain. Taira in the meantime wasn't as fortunate as the sneeze sent him flying backwards in a rough tumble all the way back to the tree his rival had left his mark upon. He felt his back slam into the tree down the track... he didn't leave as impressive a mark on the foliage as Discord had but there was not a large dent in the side of the tree. Taira let out another thunderous sneeze that seemed to shroud the tree in another gout of mist. He snorted and shook his head before realizing something was missing! The bulky kirin leapt to his feet and glanced all around, "GUMMY?! BANDIT?!" He took a deep breath, pulling his mist back into his lungs then letting his jaw drop as he saw the still serene gator and racoon plummeting to the ground. Welp, this was his mess and he had to fix it! Taira let loose a breath of mist that caught and slowed the pair's descent and he waited in place, positioning himself to catch them. Once he had he galloped off, still trying to keep a steady pace but pushing himself ever so slightly. If he couldn't come out on top he could at least come out higher than Discord!
  25. Pretzelparty

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    The bulky Kirin would smile over to the prince once he was back on his hooves again, "You're very welcome, Blue-san." A faint itch forming around his muzzle allerted the older stallion to the dust. Normally this much dust wouldn't bother him so soon after being engulfed by it, but Blueblood's magical transformations left Taira's snout especially sensitive now. His hoof swiftly came up to rub harshly at his nose. He huffed sharply and held his breath for a few seconds as he fumbled for the hoofkerchief his new friend had given him. "You'll geh--- get no argument from me, Bluhhh.. hahh!" Taira's snout wrinkled up harshly, his baritone growing airy and desperate and his muscles tensing up over his body. His head tipped back and back with each hitch of breath until he was looking up at the atrium's ceiling. For a few seconds it seemed as if the foreigner was frozen in time , only letting out on desperate sounding, "Heh!" Then his head thrust forward and a roar of a sternutation erupted out of him. It was like a roar of bass for a few seconds as the kirin attempted to stifle into the kerchief ... and failed terribly. "HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh-TCCHOOOO!" A plume of his magical mist engulfed the room and soon rolled out of the archway like an ominous fog out into the streets. The vapor hung in the air for a few seconds around Blueblood and his new foreign friend. Taira's explosive sounding sneeze echoed around the atrium, the structure having some very good acoustics. Taira was left panting in the mist realizing his disguise had fallen and now he had wound up resting up against blue's side. To the prince he'd feel that his neighponese friend might have become suddenly much fluffier... before immediately returning to normal. Once the mist dissipated Taira sat there wiggling his muzzle and laughing awkwardly, " Well... how much you wanna bet I just blew away all the dust with that?" With a soft sigh he went to rub his muzzle with the kerchief, only to see it had left his hoof! He would look all around before seeing the cloth dangling off the top of a telephone pole from across the street. "Um... Sorry about that. If you'll let me catch my breath I'll get it back."