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  1. Taira flinched a moment and rose a brow as he felt ... well a gum-less bite. He glanced back at gummy as he was now left flailing around on thin portion of that flowing banner that was his tail. Thanks to Pinkie's words the creature soon returned to his place on Taira's back, "Thanks again, Pinkie-san! I promise he'll be right as Re---...rain when I get him back to you!" The words flowed quickly as the party-pony surged by with Hawke, although his words sounded slightly breathy and unsteady. If Pinkie took to the time to look she might also had noticed the kirin's eyes tearing up. Every time Taira would list to the lift, so would Hawke. He'd applaud her attentiveness if he wasn't busy running and fighting a constant battle against his allergy to the racer ahead of him! His muzzles scrunched and his expression began to appear more and more dazed. It was a wonder he was still able to keep up his gallop! Taira's resolve finally began to waver beside Fire as his jaws parted and took in several deep gasps. Mists began to waft out of his nostrils and from the back of his throat, his chest swelling with a massive amount of air. Making an effort to simply force his body to ignore this reaction she only galloped ahead further... only to find his snout being repeatedly flicked by the end of Hawke's tail! That was all for him! "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Hawke and pinkie would have no trouble hearing that massive desperate gasp from behind them but before they could react Taira let loose with a thunderous sneeze, "HWAAAAH-TSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Along with that powerful roar came a surge of wind that blew up a large cloud of dust and leaves, but must importantly enough force that Both Hawke and Pinkie were sent rocketing forward as if shot out of a cannon! If the two managed not to stumble than they would likely catch up to AJ and her musical friend! From the stands it would have looked as the weather ponies messed up again as mist flooded across the plain. Taira in the meantime wasn't as fortunate as the sneeze sent him flying backwards in a rough tumble all the way back to the tree his rival had left his mark upon. He felt his back slam into the tree down the track... he didn't leave as impressive a mark on the foliage as Discord had but there was not a large dent in the side of the tree. Taira let out another thunderous sneeze that seemed to shroud the tree in another gout of mist. He snorted and shook his head before realizing something was missing! The bulky kirin leapt to his feet and glanced all around, "GUMMY?! BANDIT?!" He took a deep breath, pulling his mist back into his lungs then letting his jaw drop as he saw the still serene gator and racoon plummeting to the ground. Welp, this was his mess and he had to fix it! Taira let loose a breath of mist that caught and slowed the pair's descent and he waited in place, positioning himself to catch them. Once he had he galloped off, still trying to keep a steady pace but pushing himself ever so slightly. If he couldn't come out on top he could at least come out higher than Discord!
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    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    The bulky Kirin would smile over to the prince once he was back on his hooves again, "You're very welcome, Blue-san." A faint itch forming around his muzzle allerted the older stallion to the dust. Normally this much dust wouldn't bother him so soon after being engulfed by it, but Blueblood's magical transformations left Taira's snout especially sensitive now. His hoof swiftly came up to rub harshly at his nose. He huffed sharply and held his breath for a few seconds as he fumbled for the hoofkerchief his new friend had given him. "You'll geh--- get no argument from me, Bluhhh.. hahh!" Taira's snout wrinkled up harshly, his baritone growing airy and desperate and his muscles tensing up over his body. His head tipped back and back with each hitch of breath until he was looking up at the atrium's ceiling. For a few seconds it seemed as if the foreigner was frozen in time , only letting out on desperate sounding, "Heh!" Then his head thrust forward and a roar of a sternutation erupted out of him. It was like a roar of bass for a few seconds as the kirin attempted to stifle into the kerchief ... and failed terribly. "HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh-TCCHOOOO!" A plume of his magical mist engulfed the room and soon rolled out of the archway like an ominous fog out into the streets. The vapor hung in the air for a few seconds around Blueblood and his new foreign friend. Taira's explosive sounding sneeze echoed around the atrium, the structure having some very good acoustics. Taira was left panting in the mist realizing his disguise had fallen and now he had wound up resting up against blue's side. To the prince he'd feel that his neighponese friend might have become suddenly much fluffier... before immediately returning to normal. Once the mist dissipated Taira sat there wiggling his muzzle and laughing awkwardly, " Well... how much you wanna bet I just blew away all the dust with that?" With a soft sigh he went to rub his muzzle with the kerchief, only to see it had left his hoof! He would look all around before seeing the cloth dangling off the top of a telephone pole from across the street. "Um... Sorry about that. If you'll let me catch my breath I'll get it back."
  3. It was fun to ruffle the feathers of Equestrians... even the ones who didn't have any! Taira chuckled warmly as he watched Ra-ra gallop on ahead, "Ah, young ponies... Even after hundred of years, they remain the same." He gave the rather shaken looking pony a smile as she moved on ahead. It would be wonderful to get Yama something from her... maybe he could get an autograph for the pup next time he sees him. Taira again picked up his pace, noticing the red pegasus galloping along not too far ahead! Back at the finish line she was growling and all tense looking, must have been psyching herself up as now she seemed to be more mellowed out in between her strides. Thinking of all the ponies Taira had made friends with this entire race he figured he may as well try and make another! Fire also seemed to carry an air of maturity around her that set her apart from the rest of the racers... well at least the one's Tai could see right now. She must have been someone with experience beyond her years at this point: A perfect conversation partner for him! "Finally someone who gets it!" He called out as he soon came up beside her, "Seems so many are just dying to burn themselves out here in the earliest stretches of the race! I'm Taira from the Neighponese Mountains. Good to meet you, Ma'am ... and to see you less growl-y than at the start!" Just after he started his attempt to converse with the red pony he stumbled for a moment as Hawke practically rocketed by! "Hi boys, bye boys~" Taira's muzzle scrunched as he felt Hawke pass on ahead, she was a cute griffin but having her rump ahead of him might cost him his spot in the running! the stallion's snout's sudden spike in itchiness almost made him trip over a branch on the road! Thankfully he managed to regain his balance and return to the pegasus' side! He carefully moved to keep himself from falling downwind of the griffin... even if he wasn't willing to go completely upwind of her just yet!
  4. Taira had to admire Discord's ability and skill for bending the rules of... well, anything. He couldn't help but think his execution in this case left a lot to be desired. The kirin managed to push ahead in 'Strife's' wake until he saw the skating unicorn slam into a tree... and wow was that some crash. He'd never seen such a perfect imprint of a pony outside of those little cartoon shorts that would play in theaters. Still in no rush, Taira would slow down and jog in place as she looked at his competition. "Uhh... quite a spill you took there. Ya alright there? I think you might wanna lose the skates." The raccoon on his back would chitter and chatter at the currently woozy spirit in disguise, "Bandit! That's no way to talk to your friends... um I think." Taira might not be able to speak to normal animals but living among so many of them for years on the mountain top at least left him able to understand their body language and tone. Some things could be lost in translation rather easily however.Gummy the gator however just sat there and stared at the down stallion, almost judgingly... well if you sort of squinted and tilted your head. "If you're alright, Old fella I'll be heading to the finish line for that hat and sandwich!" Like that Taira was back off, leaving the spirit in a cloud of dust that soon was blown away by the rest of the racers.
  5. Taira smiled brightly over to Pinkie as they trotted forward together, "I'm keeping him nice and safe, Pinkie-san!" He called out in between his strides as she gained on him, if anything he had to admire how fast this pony could move! As for the topic of this clearing he would chuckle nostalgically as he watched the trees by the roadside zip by, "I suppose you could view the peace with a hint of suspicion! Whatever caused that freak weather seems to be over so let's hope we can just enjoy the sights as much as these two enjoy the ride! ... and Boulder? I think I saw him just a little way be-" ...And Just like that with a big grin on his face came Boulder! One should never doubt the gumption of a stallion from this town it seemed, "Welcome back to the pack, Boulder-san!" As the stallion fell back to the group to speak up, Taira couldn't help but grin along with the burly pony. Seems he wasn't the only one enjoying the scenery either, once this was all over Tai would have to head down to try those sandwiches he mentioned earlier if only to experience more of this jovial pony's attitude. The last thing Tai might have expected was a thank you for his competition, but it was more than welcome. "Aw... knock it off, you're gonna make me blush, friend! I hope we can meet up a bit after this race." With all this conversation going on, Taira didn't notice the rapid approach of his competitor along with the friendly griffoness from before. He was about to give 'Dark Strife' a friendly greeting again, but before he knew it the spirit was sent soaring past him on... were those roller skates? What gives?! This was -RUNNING- of the leaves after all! Tai might have called out about it but on some level he expected something like this to happen. He wasn't hoping to hold it against Hawke for helping either... Initially, he was going to ask her about it... but soon she would position herself between him and Pinkie Pie. For any other racer Tai wouldn't have batted an eye, but as a certain explorer could vouch for: Taira had some issues when it came to the back half of griffins. In most circumstances the bulky kirin might have sneezed and sent poor Hawke flying, but thanks to her being beside him and not ahead his issues mostly manifested in a wrinkle of his nose and scrunch of his muzzle. He could feel an itch spreading across his muzzle before he took a sharp breath and snorted it out. With a slightly awkward smile Taira would again bow his head towards the griffoness, "Welcome back, Hawke-san! I hope you didn't waste too much of your energy helping him out... because I'm about to give you a run for your money!" A cocky smile spread over his muzzle before he bolted forward working to gain on the noodle... yet still not going all out.
  6. Now this was an area Tai could get behind! The wide open skies, the rolling hills of green grass, it was just like home! except you didn't need to take a million steps to get there. In the middle of a race, one might feel as if they had though. He gave Loose a smile, "Excitement can be as big an enemy as it is an ally to any athlete! Great work on the jump and see you at the finish line!" He could see that the mare was moving over to speak to Applejack so he left her to that... well after taking a moment to make sure that those who took the bridge were alright. Thank goodness the rain had finally cleared up, visibility was so much better. Coming out to this clearing he took a moment to admire the scene once again, looking back to the passengers on his back. "Such a nice day, isn't it? I don't suppose this is the area where the great discord yanked you from, eh bandit?" The zoned out raccoon just stared into the middle distance along with the gator, Taira chuckled awkwardly and looked back to the road. "That is one peaceful gator..." he thought to himself. His pace kept steady, Not willing to go all out just yet. If there was anything racing with his siblings back home taught him, it was that you only went that far in the final stretch.
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    Stage Two: Bubbling Brook! Time to Go Bold!

    Once Pinkie pie got back on to solid ground, Taira's misty dissipated into nothing. The buff kirin wiped his brow, slinging away drops of rainwater of perspiration, "That was close..." His smile resumed as the pink pony managed to clear the gap in an impressively bouncy manner that got a chuckle out of the old stallion. He turned to Boulderdash, "I don't think I'll be able to butter anything in this weather, Friend! As for the spell? It's nothin' all that special, Functional and versatile but it's one of the only spells I can do!" Something stopped Taira before he could resume his run: The filly on the other side of the gap. She'd still not jumped yet! "Just a moment, Pinkie-san! You and our better built friend here can have a head start: I'm feeling generous." The grey maned kirin would wink her way, "Besides, He'll be even better cover from the rain!" "Don't worry! It's shorter than it looks on your end!" With the pouring rain around them he had to wonder if he could even be heard. In case he couldn't he would exhale a couple wisps of mist. The clouds shaping into the image of a small pony and two lines. In a swift bound the little filly shaped cloud of mist would leap across the way and soon dissipate away, Taira smiling and waving the mare over. Once Loose Cannon made her leap, Taira would run on ahead, but not too far in case another pony might suffer an unfortunate skid. With the race resuming its pace, Taira would gallop along with gusto. Every few steps in his gallop he would glance back to make sure Gummy and the bandit (That was his name while he was on Tai's back!) were still mellow and holding tight. Soon he caught up with Pinkie Pie, the eccentric earth pony conversing with his passengers again before addressing him! "Try to keep up Taira! I gotta keep my eye on that gator!" "I hope you can keep your eyes on him -and- the road this time! Don't want you taking another spill!"
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    Stage Two: Bubbling Brook! Time to Go Bold!

    Taira's age must have been catching up with him, he barely noticed the brick of a stallion gaining on him and Pinkie. He wasn't about to try and keep this one from feeling welcome though, "Hey there, Stranger! Nice of you to join us on the high road!" A friendly grin was all he could spare with the rest of his body still devoted to the task of running. Thanks to the heavy rainfall and the speed he was going, The kirin's fuzzy mane seemed to have been slicked down on his head. Boulder's accent was pretty thick, at least to a tourist like Taira. After the drenched sprinted realized what he meant he could hear his stomach growling beneath him, "Between the hat, the sandwiches and drinks I'm gonna have a treasure trove the envy of dragons when I reach the finish line! I hope all that talk wasn't ta get my mind off the road and on my stomach, friend!" She shot the stallion a playful smirk as he built up speed to make that jump ahead! Eyes squinted up against the pouring rain battering his face and muzzle before he made a graceful leap across the gap! When he landed on the other end he had to stumble at the mud on the other side. This place was slick and hard to get a good grip on the land... he really wished he could go back to his paws, but a deal was a deal... even with a dirty (well a less than clean) dealer like Discord. When the bulky kirin finally regained his traction his ears perked as he heard a rather distressed sounding cry. "Whoa noooooo!" Taira whipped himself around and his jaw almost dropped as he saw his pink racing partner spinning around and heading straight for the gap! He had to think fast! In this weather and with the threat of a flood at the bottom of the way... well he figured keeping a pony from mortal injury was worth breaking the rules. The stallion's chest puffed out as he sucked in a deep breath through his nose, then blew a thick cloud of misty magic from his maw. Just as his new friend slipped off the edge she'd find herself cushioned on a cloud of magic and being levitated back up. The heavy rain was wearing away at the edges of his conjuration so he couldn't make the spell last long enough to help her across... so he carefully set her back on the other side and coughed a couple times. "You can do it, Pinkie-san! Gummy and I know you can!" The stallion blinked a moment, was he seeing double? There were two pink ponies on the other side of the gap now! Well, this pony had already produced a serenity inducing alligator, and a hat from nowhere... maybe she could self replicate too! Regardless, the smaller pink pony seemed troubled so he would wave to her as well, "You too! Just get a good running start and Jump! Don't think about it: Just go!"
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    Stage Two: Bubbling Brook! Time to Go Bold!

    Taira's ears perked up at the sound of his rival calling out behind him, "Oh I certainly have! He's a cute little fellow. Think you can teach me how to do that trick after I beat you? I've already got one bet on the line, why not another?" The Stallion's brow arched as he saw that grey stallion moving towards that precarious bridge, "You'd better be careful! It won't be any fun if you get swept away just after the start of the race!" "Alright then!" Barked the cheery stallion as he galloped his way to the higher path with his pink friend, "This won't be the first hill I've had to climb with friends and it won't be the last! To the high road!" Taira had to stop himself from rearing up in excitement... didn't want to dump his passengers! Instead he galloped forward with a bit more speed to his steps. His tail whipped and flew like a banner behind him in his trail. Pinkie's question gave him a momentary pause, "A good question! This one's a bit out of practice but I'd say..." With a rush of wind at his back and a splattering of rain over his face he put a little distance between him and his pink companion! He called back with a cocky smile,"Fast enough to give you a work out!"
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    Stage Two: Bubbling Brook! Time to Go Bold!

    Thanks to the efforts a certain candy scented pink pony, Taira's passenger had finally calmed down... and he had new one! Taira bounded along with the raccoon and alligator passengers on his back, "Thanks for the help there! It's nice to meet you, Pinkie Pie and you too, Gummy!" This mare was a very intriguing equine! She had that curious magical scent clinging to her like the orange one did, "I'm Taira, I'm from all the way to the east: Neighpon." He took a second to gesture with his head toward the aforementioned direction. For Gummy and this unnamed Raccoon they would find Taira a very smooth if rhythmic ride, "You know, I' could have sworn I've seen creatures like this back home... although mine were less panicky and didn't have fingers. They were a bit more dog-like too... dog's I can handle but I'd never met one of them with a temper like this one had just a moment ag--" Suddenly Taira's face was bombarded with rain. By the mountains, the weather here was absolutely manic! One moment it was a brisk autumn day and now the foreigner found himself being blast by sheets of water. The sculpted kirin's height did manage to spare a good deal of Pinkie's body from getting soaked... and he was impressed that the pair on his back seemed to remain calm through the sudden shift! If Taira didn't know better he might have suspected his temporary rival having a hand in this, but if that spirit had anything to do with this he could have smelled it. He did have to wonder how he was dealing with this. No time was left for him to dwell on things as there was a split in the path that lead to two possibilities. That bridge seemed a bit too dangerous for him to try, especially with a pair of passengers on board! "Pinkie-san! I think I'll take the high road! If you're not coming with me I promise to keep an eye on your scaly green friend!"
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    [Age of Heroes] Gate Kicker [open!]

    The Hexxer had apparently gotten herself quite comfortable as she waited for this mysterious assailant. Her body was facing away from this cybernetic equine, reclined on a blanket and seemingly enjoying the sun's rays. Beside the blanket was a what seemed to be some sort of portable radio, or in more common parlance: a boombox. It was playing some type of industrial sounding music with a great deal of distorted guitar in it's beats. That orbitting head of hers floated over to rest on the device for a moment and some how despite any limbs gradually increased the volume over the 'enforcer's' speech. Once she saw the cyborg's lips stop moving she would turn it down and her head would let out a wide yawn before her body would stand itself up and kick her blanket aside. "I'll be honest." She said as her head floated up and off the radio, "I was only half payin' attention. Now I ain't one fer paperwork or procedure, I'm no beat cop as ya can see. But I find them pretty sweet fellas. I've actually fought against cyborg's before... was a strange experience for us both." The Body behind the head was stretching and limbering up before it would turn towards the invader. There was a stillness in the air, a hint of unease that would work into whatever mortal part of the mare's brain remained. When the body took a step towards her, The enforcer's implants would start flashing some small messages about firewalls and encryption in her system being worn down... but apparently there was no hacking attempt being made or any hint of magical malware. "I'm known as the Hexxer... and I'm not quite sure if I'm alive or dead anymore myself. If Ya beat me and can figure out what I am... I'd dearly love to hear your analysis." The blanket off to her side seemed to melt into a black pool and slip into the shadow of the headless mare. "But for now... Let's just see if you -can- beat me." A screech could be hear rattling the bones of any creature still in the park as the head let out a truly impressive cackle. The body reached up over it's neck and seemed to pull out a parasol from the stump. She would point it toward the mysterious visitor, her head soon levitating over to her side with a cocky smile, "Let's see if there's a soul in that body for me to send to the other side!"
  12. It was a pretty smart idea to smooth those curls down, it'd definitely cut down on wind resistance. The Stallion couldn't help but think all this talk might be winding the mare prematurely so he instead returned his focus to Applejack. His eager trundle taking him over pebbles, grass and snapping a twig here and there before he would speak up, pasuing only to hop over the big branch with the rest of the racers. The old stallion couldn't help but feel touched when she mentioned she wore it to remember her mother and father... His pace slowed up a little as some unpleasant memories came to mind of a daughter he should have known, still he managed to catch right up and offer the mare a heartfelt smile. "I appreciate the offer, Miss Applejack, but I couldn't take something so important! If I do beat I'll be happy to have you pay for my hat though!" Ears perked up at the sound of Hawke's voice, "Oh! Well your name's are only a word off! Either way it's a pleasure, Hawke! I'm Taira! ... And trust me if I was left in your dust there'd be no question you'd go soaring past the finish line first!" He snickered and gave a twitch of his nose. The sound of a tumble behind him took Taira's attention off of the conversation. If he remembered right that was where his rival in this race was. Now he may have had the gall to challenge a physical god to a race, but he wasn't so callous as to wish him any harm... even if he did call him a 'wide load' earlier. He turned his head to look back and noticed something furry flying towards him. Normally he would assume it was Niju, but this creature had a ringed tail! The Kirin's tail started to wag as he recognized the pattern, "Oh! I know what that i--" And then the Raccoon latched on this backside and started scrambling all around him. "WAAAAAAAAH! I TAKE IT BACK!" HE yelped out as he started to charge forward with an honestly impressive speed, "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS! GETITOFFGETITOFF!" Seems that the spirit of disharmony's plan had only half worked. He'd certainly gotten Taira good, but only gotten him going forward at a breakneck pace!
  13. Taira went wide eyed for a moment and let out an impressed whistle as one stallion plowed through several boulders with nothing but his skull! Earth ponies were tougher than he thought! When he'd learned of the connection that the hornless wingless ponies of Equestria had with the land he though that meant they could just grow things rather quickly. Never would he have thought that they could just run through stone! This was just incredible to behold! As he thundere down the track, Taira would slow up again to say hello to the competition. Every good racer had to save their best for the last lap, right? Couldn't hurt to get to know them! But oh, choices choices! That big fellow how busted rocks with his noggin seemed a curiosity but so did that orange pony with the drawl and snazzy hat, and even the pink one! Both of them had such a curious magical scent to them too. Last time he'd followed his nose to some exotic magic he'd made a very close friend... maybe lightning could strike twice. The barely winded kirin would slide over to the side of the group, seemingly remaining very careful not to fall directly behind Hawke. It was always nice to see another griffin, while it maybe a tad insensitive the old stallion couldn't help but call out. "Scuse me, Ma'am! Do you know a griffin by the name of Ashley?" He asked as he strode up beside the very focused griffoness, "Something about you reminds me of him..." His eyes momentarily glanced back to the orange mare in the stetson, "That hat's a ... they call it a Stetoosahn? It's really rugged looking! Any chance you know a place where I can pick one up to bring home? My family'd love to have a souvenirner from Equestria! Name's Taira by the way, It's nice to be racing all of you... and are you someone, Miss? I swear I've seen your faces somewhere. ... You and your friend with the curls in her mane!"
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    The Stands! (Open to all Non-Race Characters)

    "Absurdité!" bevel barked back at starlight with a cheery grin, "Clearly our friendly neighborhood sweets dispenser has brought enough to feed the whole town with this charming cart of hers!" The perky inventor would pull Starlight into the hug that she herself had given. Bevel was initially confused when she heard that Discord had been challenged by some weird foreign pony with a round rear. What on earth could some stranger from the lands to the east possibly challenge the great spirit of chaos in? Turned out it was something athletic: Of course! This inventor was more than aware of Discord's endless stamina for reality warping silliness but that was still magical in nature. If her special noodle was to best this challenger from the east his old and mostly unused muscles were going to need encouragement! As Lyra popped up , Bevel would give a friendly wave at her greeting. Her question in regards to why she wasn't running was easy to answer, "I'm not built for endurance racing! I can bolt when somethings about to explode or collapse on top of me, but a long distance race at this pollen level? Star here can tell you my respiratory system could never handle it!" The mare would grin as she received her treats. While Bevel couldn't quite pull off the 'valley mare' accent like Bonbon apparently could, she did managed to responde with a fairly convincing... "Totally!" Before hopping up on the benches and shaking her pom-poms about with intense vigor. "Discord! Discord! He's our noodle! He'll outpace this whole racin' Caboodle!" The unicorn inventor had an impressive set of lungs on her based on that mighty cheer. She struck all the silly and bouncy poses she could while she kept up Discord's morale then plopped right back down on the bleachers with a slight blush, "Here's your bits by the way!" Her horn shined up with golden yellow magic and a small sack of bits was left on Bonbon's cart.
  15. This brought back memories, of days back on the mountains when he and his brothers and sisters would races across the fields. He wasn't the biggest or most physically inclined back then... and he was allergic to a certain plant back on the field which ultimately made him fall behind his family when it came to speed. Here and now those issues were far behind him and wasn't a runt anymore. He'd had many years of practice running from things and now was his big change to make use of that cumulative experience! His hooves beat fiercely at the ground as he ran, the long misty tail behind him trailing behind like a soothing flag on the breeze. Apparently it was so eye-catching that his most prominent competition had to remark on it! Taira would glance back a moment as his opponent, "Figured you'd like a nicer sight than my old backside taking up your view, friend!" He would glance to the stands would a playful grin, "Hey, that mare in the cheerleader outfit has your face on her shirt! She a friend of yours... oh! whose she talking to?" Whether the spirit of chaos fell for his own distraction or not, Taira would again start pulling on ahead. In his excitement he would shout out the same phrase that signaled to the start of this race, mostly to psyche himself up and leave the older spirit in the dust! Another stallion who was rapidly gaining caught his eye, mostly because of that flashy entrance of his. The nobles of this land much be richer than he thought if they could throw bits at such an eccentric introduction, "Hope you didn't spend your time arrangin' that, stranger! If you're in this to win, your appearance should be your last concern! Just a word from the old to the young!"
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    [Age of Heroes] Gate Kicker [open!]

    Thank goodness Lus never slept... if she did need to partake in that old past time of sleeping she would have been exhausted this morning. All night she'd been working to set up the equipment for the big rave tonight. Trying to help supervise lighting guys when you had only grasped the concept of magical electrical power grids was enough of a stepping stone for her to go over, but having to do so with a fake head was positively infuriating. Now there was not much left she could do but fritter away the daylight until night fell and she could do her other job. ... then she heard and felt something very weird. It was near impossible to describe, all she could say was that there was something very... off right now about the world in general, and for once it didn't feel like it was the mare who carried her own head in a purse! Normally daylight hero work wasn't her thing... at earliest she was mostly a dusk kind of heroine. Increasingly long shadows often gave her a bit of an edge in the fights. Right now all she could say is that felt very wron-- "An officer was attacked by some kind of... robot thing!" Well, that civilian just said all she needed to know: Evil robot needs a horseshoe planted firmly on her metallic plot. The Hooded figure of a pony would take her bag and move off to an empty alley. Shadows around her darkened until it looked as it a hole had been cut in the world... and when they brightened up again a new figure stood there. A pony clad in shadowy, wispy armor would emerge and soon a floating head would orbit around her with a curious smile on her lips. The mare's presence came along with a wave of unease that made some of the ponies on the street shiver. One of these terrified ponies was chosen to answer her a question, "Excuse me, Sir. I believe there was mention of someone attacking an officer... have you seen where they they went?" The stallion could barely stammer out a response and so instead pointed upward. "Huh... Of course it'd be a flier...just my luck. Have yourself a blessed day..." She would bow towards him before speaking up with an unearthly volume, "All of you may want to cover your ears... and run." The head's nostrils flared as she took in a deep breath (What with? Who knows?) and then shouted out in a voice that seemed to rock the minds of everypony for five blocks... "Whoever attacked this officer.... I'll be waiting in the park unless you'd rather deal with me now."
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    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    I'd love to involve hexxer in this one, Dusty.
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    The Stands! (Open to all Non-Race Characters)

    "I'll take twent-- no, Twenty five!" Already Bonbon had a customer. The pony in front of her apparently had zipped over the very second someone mentioned a sugary treat. If it had even a hint of sweetness than she would move sun and moon herself if she had to to get to it! Today, Bevel was sporting a slightly unusual look. Her fluffy frizz of a mane was tied up in a long ponytail that was nearly identical to the actual ponytail sprouting from her plot. The earth pony's rich brown mane also seemed to have some streaks of yellow throughout it. On the end of her hooves were a pair of pom-poms so pointing at the particular bon bons she was after was a bit silly to anyone watching. She was dressed up in a cheerleader's outfit with a picture of a very familiar looking spirit on her shirt. She clearly had the energy of a proper cheerleader judging by how eagerly she was dancing and shifting in place... although that could be explained by the presence of sugary treats nearby.
  19. ' Well now, this was going to be a day to remember! This "Running" of the leaves was an event that had caught Taira's interest since he'd arrived in Equestria. It had been aged since he'd gotten to run in a good race, and it was the first time he'd get to run in one looking like this! The smell of the crisp autumn air filled the stallion's nostrils as he sampled this morning air, his exhalation producing a tiny bit of mist from his mouth and nose. Taira was already waiting at the starting line doing some warm up stretches, waiting for his competition to arrive... both the normal and abnormal. He couldn't help but notice a fluffy maned mare in the stands wearing a cheerleader's outfit. He'd seen that one in the company of Discord, most likely here to cheer on the chaotic lord in his first attendance. He gave a bright smile to the other racers as he waited his invited challenge to arrive. That first pair of ponies seemed to have quite a lot to talk about so he decided to leave them be and wish the others who popped up the best of luck. Even the red Pegasus with the growling face got a smile and cheerful word. Upon hearing that whistle, Taira scritched at his ear at the impressive volume. Seeing the others take off though he realized he should probably be moving to! He crouched down and then bolted of towards the rest of the group with impressive speed, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake!
  20. Crying cicadas... that was the sound that Yanhua often recalled when she thought about her past in this old forest. That strangely soothing, yet distinctive call echoed for miles around in this out of way town in Long Guo's outskirts: A natural lullaby from the life all around that not all could appreciate. Long, Kirin, and longma who made had enjoyed it all so long ago had left the roads in disrepair. Plants had overtaken the originally worn down soil, Buildings she passed had fallen in a state of dilapidation, ... and she saw more than a few crows and other wildlife leaving nests in the skeletons of old houses. "This place used to be so lively..." Muttered the palace chef as she observed the landscape around her, "Guess I don't know what I expected." There she went talking to herself again... once her friend stopped showing up during their imprisonment she'd started to pick up this habit. So far from the capital and the other settlements, she was left entirely alone. As far as she could tell there wasn't a soul for miles and she certainly couldn't smell anyone approaching on the wind. Maybe this was one time she could relax and not have to stay in this stifling disguise of hers. Minty green wisps surrounded the kirins form until it began to warp and shift. In the span of seconds a pony sized fox had taken her place. A breathy yawn escaped her as she stretched herself out, eight tails fanning behind her in separate directions. Coming out of that look always felt so relieving. The Fox took a deep breath of the country air and would give a nostalgic smile, wondering to herself how the old shrine looked. Ceremonies and festivals held there back in the day were one of the happiest in the town, so many costumes, elaborate dances, and lovely music... and her favorite part: the food. Of course there was unlikely to be anything of the sort in this town anymore but it couldn't hurt to see how much of her old legacy endured in the architecture! ... ...And it was just as bad as the rest of the town. The only parts of the ancient shrine were those bits made of stone. Statues of stone carved into a vulpine likeness had been worn down slowly by the rain and encroached upon by moss. On some level she found all this disheartening, "Can't say I'm too surprised." She muttered to herself as she leaned in towards the statue, "Still wish they'd not rushed the muzzle when Bolin carved this. My nose is so much cuter." With a devious little chuckle she would poke the end of the statue's muzzle.
  21. Pretzelparty

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    Taira stifled a cough after he'd managed to get himself and Blueblood to safety. The stallion let out a soft sigh of relief in unison with his princely companion, "Good to hear ya didn't get any scratches on my watch, Your Highness." Taira couldn't help but notice that nuzzle... that caught his attention. In his old pack and his current one he was often nuzzled and would give nuzzles. He'd heard that Nuzzling was a custom in the pony lands but that it was usually a thing done between those who were exceptionally close. Was there a difference in Equestria or was he truly getting so close to the prince? Regardless of the answer, Taira would grin down at the prince and give him a playful nuzzle to his cheek. He thought it strangely appropriate: His nose meeting his cheek was how this all got started after all! "Well I'm self employed at the moment, been saving up ages to take a trip of somekind. I don't think my family back home would mind if I stayed a while... and even then I've got a special idea as to how I could visit again sometime." After a moment Taira realized he was still carrying the prince and would tilt his head, "Oh... um did you want me to put you back down?"
  22. Pretzelparty

    A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Sigrun couldn't help but smile at the sight of halvard's gift, normally she wasn't one for such finery as this necklace... but it being from Halvard already gave it a special place in her life. A deep breath filled her lungs and soon she spoke up, "Today, I pledge my love to Halvard. May it not be broken by quakes or oceans." Her voice quavered ever so slightly as she spoke, the excitement seemingly seeping into her speech. Her eye glanced momentarily to the three young bulls in the stands, a profound glee swelling within her. The queen would bow her head towards the couple and lift up the still glowing cloth in her hooves, "Raise up your hooves so that you may be bound by the grace of our faiths." Sigrun would raise up her hoof, eyes locking with halvard. Tears accompanied her smile as she waited for the meeting of their fetlocks. With the binding of their hooves with this cloth would begin the final steps of their union. Once the knot was tied, Astrid spoke up once again. "Do you both pledge to share eachother's pains and seek to alleviate them?" Sigrun answered she would. "Do you promise to share in eachother's brightness and seek to grow brighter in your journeys?" Again, Sigrun would answer 'yes'. "Will you honor eachother as equals in this union?" "A million times yes." Sigrun would smile brightly at her love.
  23. Pretzelparty

    What was Left Behind [Open, Walk-in]

    ... Well bother. Perhaps Taira Deserved this for snooping after these ponies through Everfree. He'd heard stories about that weird forest and that somewhere in it there was a castle that served as the dwelling for the sister princesses of Equestria. To say that the idea of snooping around a spooky old castle in the middle of the chaotic self maintaining woods of Everfree didn't hold any sort of appeal to a wolf who'd spent so long on top of a mountain was entirely untrue. Seeing as this was one of the times he had the chance to stretch his legs, Taira assumed a more subdued version of his true form. To any stallion or creature that beheld him he would appear as an oversized and very fluffy looking dog of somekind. By the time he'd found his way to the castle a pair of ponies were already leaving it! He thought nopony came all the way out here. What with the timberwolves, Ursas, manticores. These ponies must be after something very important if they risked life and limb to comb the ruins of an old castle so far from civilization. As they hurried off with some curious find, Taira would sneak along after them, staying to the shadows and keeping just out of sight until they came to some posh looking residence. Then again to the yokel canine just about everything in this continent had an air of poshness to it. Before he could get himself past the gates they shut up tight... "Hmm... I've never jumped a fence that high." ... Then he found himself hoisted up by his scruff as if her were a pup again and set down on the table. He blinked his eyes a couple times and looked around the room, "How... er uh RUFF!" He would bark rather unconvincingly as he noticed all the eye upon him right now.
  24. Would it be alright if I entered my completely normal visiting kirin named Taira in this?
  25. Pretzelparty

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    Throughout the ordeal, Taira kept a fairly calm smile. Hoping that it might ease the mind of the unicorn as he worked his spell. It'd been a long time since he'd had to maintain a calm visage in the face of potential disaster. Last time he wasn't even wearing this face! His muscles tensed and strained as he kept up the incredible weight of metal above him. Ears perked and his focus stuck to the countdown... On one he would relax his muscles, on two he would shifted his weight, on three and the first sight of the outside light he would push himself off of the metal scooping up the prince in the process! When they finally got out Taira would have found himself carrying Blueblood like a newlywed bride. "You alright, Your highness?" He asked in a rather chipper tone before glancing back at the wreckage behind them. "We should probably keep an eye out in this place ... this part of the bazaar seems a tad unstable."