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  1. Headless Hexxer


    Tier 4


    Intelligence: 4

    Strength: 4

    Speed: 6

    Durability: 6

    Energy Projection: 5

    Fighting Skills: 5





    (Kirin) Tier 3.5

    (Yokaiju) Tier 4.5


    Intelligence: 4

    Strength: 4

    Speed: 5

    Durability:  4

    Energy Projection: 5 (kirin) 7 (Yokaiju)

    Fighting Skills:  3


    Avant Garde


    Tier 4


    Intelligence: 4.5

    Strength: 3

    Speed: 4

    Durability: 2

    Energy Projection: 6

    Fighting Skills: 4


    Sunlight Sentinel


    Tier 5


    *Relative to the position of the sun*


    Intelligence: 7

    Strength: 6-7+

    Speed: 5

    Durability: 6

    Energy Projection:  5

    Fighting Skills: 6


    Moonlit Knight


    Tier 5


    *Moon and Armor


    Intelligence: 7

    Strength: 4 - 5*

    Speed: 5 - 6*

    Durability: 4 - 6*

    Energy Projection: 7-7+

    Fighting Skills: 6




    Sorry to keep everyone waiting. Finally managed to finish this list. Would everyone be alright with me adding the Tier and Stat list to the character app sheet?

  2. 12 hours ago, DerpRavener said:

    I came up with a scale a while back, that worked roughly as follows.  Note that the lists are not exhaustive, meant more to give examples than encompass the tier.


    Tier 1 is approximately civilian level, generally low level or improvised capabilities.  This would include wild animals, militia, petty criminals and the like.


    Tier 2 is that of active combatants, including your average soldier, higher skilled or more specialist police, and would probably lump in people with (atypical) powers or magic who are otherwise untrained.


    Tier 3 is where you get into more specialized or empowered combatants.  I would expect 'typical' superheroes and supervillains to fall into this tier.  Specialized and particularly trained military or magic users would also fall into this tier.


    Tier 4 is the start of the extreme end, where you get low grade or localized reality warpers, or people whose abilities while smaller in scale are much wider in range.  Examples are a little harder to come up with for this tier, though I think things like demons, AIs (say in control of a facility) or large mecha could probably fit into it.


    Tier 5 is the top, including the most extreme sorts of things like physical manifestations of gods, ancient wizards who can raise armies of constructs or level cities, or AIs in charge of an entire fleet or a country.



    I'd also be up for using Tacobob's chart, though it'd be a little more involved.  I'd also like to either get or come up with a scale for that one, to get a sense of what a given number means for a character.

    It might almost be worth using both, Tacobob's to be extra description that could be applied to characters, and mine as a means of shorthand for what level a given thread is intended or expected to be.


    On 2/16/2019 at 1:44 AM, tacobob said:

    We could always use the old marvel power chart.




    Z.E.L.D.A would probably be.






    Energy Projection:0

    Fighting Skills:5

    I don't have any issue with using both of these, frankly.  I can see the pros and cons... Would everyone be alright trying to categorize their character according to where they land on these scales? I can start us off by trying to  stat my character's starting with my latest. 


    Hero Name: Tobohime



    Magic Crystal Generation: Capable of create crystal formations using breath magic. Can also generate them on her back, or create sudden formations around her by howling.


    Crystal Reflection Gate: Is able to make use of a pocket dimension that she can enter or drag others into by using the reflective surface of her crystals as a gateway. Can only be used if the surface is shiny enough.


    Yo-Kaiju Form: When needed, Toboe can return to her Yo-kaiju form. Typically this is done when dealing with giant threats that require a similar degree of force. In this form she is about 60 meters(196 feet) tall when on all fours, and twice this when on her hind legs. Back and legs are encrusted with magical crystals she can generate on her own, and can charge parts of her body with magic to increase her offensive capability. In this form she displays problem solving intelligence but is incapable of speech and is more temperamental when dealing with challenges than in her kirin form.


    Equine Form: Thanks to the magical procedure she went through, Tobohime is able to take on the form of a scaled down, Kirin version of herself, with a pony intellect and the ability to speak. She is still obviously not… normal as evidenced by her eyes and how when cut she seems to leak aether into the air rather than bleeding, like she does when in her usual size.

    Magical Condition: While in the form of a kirin, She is recognizably tougher than your average pony, and easily much stronger than one.

    Aether Sense: Is Able to sense changes in Not only Neighpon, but all of Equus’ magic. Can sniff out potent magical sources and is able to tell when foreign Kaiju are about to attempt an incursion event.


    Alias: Toboe, Himeko



    Not Long after the event that first Mutated the oldest of Yokai and gave birth to the Yo-Kaiju. One of the stronger yokai who counted the northern range of Neighpon as his pack’s territory took a mate and started a small family. In his Native plain the old Okami kept careful watch over the ponies , despite what their dabbling in deeper magics did to his kin.


    One day however another of the Oldest Yo-Kaiju attacked. Destroying the old wolf and stealing his territory. The Wolf’s offspring survived but as they were driven from their home land they were brought to separate islands away from the usurping Yo-kaiju in the mountains.


    One of these pups was an ethereal, crystalline one that grew up in an Aether rich environment. With the help of The Neighponese Gov’t this pup was able to grow up and be cared for. The facility built for the creature made with the hopes of paying back a debt to the fallen Okami of the mountains. This Okami was given the nickname of “Tobohime” A reference to her limping gait when she first arrived at the island where the Mother left her in the care of the Neighponese: The pup liking having been injured during the escape of her home territory.


    Upon reaching adulthood, Tobohime (or Toboe as some of the staff called her) broke out of the facility’s pen when she sensed an external Kaiju’s Incursion. The Young Okami had taken some damage but managed to successfully defeat the would be-invader before it could devour Neighpon’s Aether. She continued to fight  many other incursions, and even on some occasions had to defend herself against ponykind if she wandered into districts who preferred the giant golem approach… or if those districts sent something after her.


    Thanks to her history and curious relationship towards the ponies that she knew caring for her during her development, She was selected by the a branch of the shogunate to go through an experimental procedure. A device that would grant her a vague equine form and consciousness… at the cost of scaling down the immense power she carried inside. While the facility caring for her was against this, the were eventually force to submit. Thankfully, the process worked, giving the beast a chance to communicate and speak with the ponies who up until weeks ago she had to worry about stepping on.


    Notable Allies:


    The Handler: As his name states, he is an agent of the shogunate. His job is to monitor Toboe’s state and provide her with what she may need, be it food, water, psych evaluations. Has a friendly if professional relationship with her, in possession of a watch that allows him to summon her, or open a portal to bring in her kaiju form in case of emergencies. Is secretly a big fan of her father and mother’s exploits.


    Flashmob- Neighpon Division: The community of Flashmob sisters and brothers in Neighpon have proven a loyal and helpful ally. Interactions with them in either form have always been… strange, but usually entertaining. They’ve provided emergency aid to her after the tougher fights in the past.


    Mother: Mate of the Old Okami Yo-kaiju, had been raising her daughter and other offspring with the help of the Facility.

    Director of the O-Kamui Yo-Kaiju preservation facility: A kindly old pony who has a history with her pack.

    The Pack: Tobohime’s siblings are also housed on the facility, only one other has left it and moved into Shinku’s territory to try and take it back, This brother has not been seen since. The rest of the pack seems considerably less interested in fighting for the Neighponese as a whole but are willing to assist their sister when times are dire.


    Notable Villains:


    Shinku-No-Kabuto: The Massive Bear Yokaiju, currently ruling to northern mountain range and territories of Neighpon. Currently is the strongest living Yokaiju on the islands and has a tense relationship with the equine in his district.


    The Four Heirs: Four Yokaiju who have been designated the heirs to their respective territories. One for each cardinal direction they are each set to succeed their fathers or mothers in Neighpon. Currently conflicts have only risen with the Heir to the north, Kowasu:Daughter of Shinku.


    The Kintsukuroi: A mysterious group of ponies and yokai who have been seen around the sites of various Yo-kaiju’s demise. Goals currently unknown but they primarily seem to focus on holding rallies in which they speak of the return of those fallen heroes of Yokai-kind.


    The Outer Kaiju: The more monstrous and alien giant beasts that regularly emerge from the aether of Neighpon to try and untether the land from its native universe and/or steal the magical energy from the land itself for unknown means.


    General Notability:


    Despite her relatively short amount of time in the spotlight, Tobohime’s Yo-kaiju form has gotten some support from the larger populace of Neighpon. Due to her parent’s past exploits helping to protect Neighpon it has given her a great deal of goodwill and sympathy from many civilians. She even has a toyline of plushies… although they were made without her consent and it constantly bothers her that she is viewed with more pity than admiration due to her circumstances.


    Her appearances in a kirin form has only recently been announced to the public and opinions are split.

  4. Today the citizens of Canterlot were treated to more than one oddity on their streets. While he was nowhere near as impressive as a creature of legend walking down the square or as glamorous as the "pharoah" riding on the beast's back, A well spoken diamond dog in a fancy coat and a wooden sword was still quite a sight for the natives to behold. He'd been here a couple days so far, partly drawn here when he noticed a particularly familiar scent coming from the town. By the time he'd caught wind of it though it seemed the one who had caused it had moved on to somewhere nearby... he hoped that old goat hadn't found himself in some trouble of somekind. That rumor about some giant creature winning second place in the running of the leaves had gotten him worried.


    While the oddly regal Diamond dog strolled through the street he paused as his muzzle began to wrinkle up. The dog pinched his nose shut in time to stifle a harsh sneeze, "Huh... A... cat?" Against his better judgement, Hogo-sha took another few whiffs of the air. After a short fit of sneezes he realized something very strange about this scent on the wind. He'd scented out Nekomata and Bakeneko before back home... they had a feline scent tinged with magic, but this: This was something very rare. 


    HE'd been relaxing by the backstreets with a book when he noticed a tail flick by behind the roof of a building. This was something EXTREMELY unique, and very big evidently. Large knuckles made a pass over his damp nose and grimaced, knowing he'd probably be regretting this all week. It seemed despite the spectacle, not much of a crowd had formed yet, So Hogo-sha slipped into the masses, following along carefully as he scoped out this massive creature. "A... Sphinx? I thought they were all extinct." He looked up and down over hte creature, "Hm... Oka-san made them sound so much bigger. Maybe this one's a runt?" He muttered aloud to himself.





  5. ... Getting used to the technology of the modern day was one thing, getting used to the massive increase in empowered ponies was another entirely. Back when Lus Mor was alive.. well, un-alive? was that the term? Either way, back then the Knight and Sentinel and alicorns were barely even rumors popping up across the countryside. Now there were ponies around who just could summon freak weather events willy nilly. You take a nap in a coffin for a couple hundred years and wow do things change. The first thing to be scooped up by the winds was a rather irritated looking head who kept up the unimpressed frown as she was sucked up along with her body, "Ugh. The cleanup crew isn't gonna like this..." 


    Before the dullahan even landed Ossia could hear her voice over the winds, "I HOPE YOU HAVE ENOUGH TO COVER ALL THIS, LASS!" Yelled the head in a thick fet lochian accent before it plummeted down to the earth, landing unusually softly on a patch of grass beside the resevoir. As soon as she laid her eyes on the wings AND horn she would groan in annoyance. Of course an Alicorn supervillain would show up, her day just couldn't get weird enough could it?


    A shadow fell upon her head, it's size steadily growing around her as her eyes looked upwards to see one of those high tech floating carriages plummeting to the earth. As it's image drew closer she narrowed her eyes to see Hospital insignia on the side. It soon landed right on top of her on it's side.


    A second passed and soon the door was launched off the overturned vehicle. Out popped her body , slowly ascending on a platform of living shadows while the head was being spun in one hoof like a basketball. "Someone Call a paramedic?" She asked midspin, "... or maybe lookin' at those tears a therapist? Ya'd be surprised how much a shrink can help!" Her body hopped on down with her head floating again by her side.  Her shadow spiked up in shadowy tendrils to protect her from any Bullets, "Death sentence? For me? Creepier -and much shinier- ponies than you have tried, bonnie! I'm your friendly neighborhood reaper-mare: Passing others into the hereafter is my whole shtick!" She looked over to Ossia, "I don't suppose you're willing to call a truce for now? I don't even know what you're planning yet, but we can work out how I have to stop you once Miss Tin-mare here is down and out!"

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  6. 7X1uTfL.jpg




    "Ooooo." Went the unicorn as she listened to Fire walker's explanation, "So the map is able to observe anyone and anything and then come up with a solution by bringing others together? I wonder if such a function could be replicated with magitech. " The prench pony rubbed at her chin in thought before they finally came to the library room. Bevel was a mare who could appreciate a good library, she had one of her own back in Talonopolis.  This collection put hers to shame! She made a mental note to try and expand her library later when she got back home.


    Already, Bevel was at the shelves scanning the spines of various books as she slid along on the rolling ladders. As she traversed the length of the shelf she let out a subdued, "Weeeeeee~" until she came to the end and slid to the bottom, "Hmm... Dimensionally transcendant space and able to monitor individuals across the world! Thank goodness this place didn't pop up in Talonopolis. None of the families would have it!" On some level, Bevel probably would have found it concerning too. Unless she was one operating the thing. "I don't suppose the princess would mind me taking a couple readings next time I come by, would she?"

  7. Hey, Everypony! I managed to conduct the Census for the Au and those who are active and aren't. If you spot a mistake or think you are in the wrong spot in this list, please let me know as soon as possible. 


    For our list of Active Heroes we have:


    Silverbolt - Ciraxis

    Blade Runner - Ciraxis


    Sunlight Sentinel - PretzelParty

    Moonlit Knight - PretzelParty

    Headless Hexxer - Pretzelparty

    Phantom Strider - PretzelParty

    Avant Garde - PretzelParty

    Bevel Gear - PretzelParty

    Shifter - Steeleagle

    Battlemage - Steeleagle

    The Equestrian - Steeleagle

    Lady Adventure - Steeleagle


    Flashmob - Kirby Krackle


    Machina - Moonshinetheleocat


    Z.E.L.D.A. - Tacobob


    Arcus - Pyroblaze

    Dolor - Pyroblaze

    Shui Seng - Pyroblaze


    Bahamut & Rosetta - Dubstep


    BROODMARE - Derpravener

    Bulwark - Derpravener

    Detective Stalwart - Derpravener


    The Corroded - Dunnie


    Morpheus - Dio


    Mutt - Mutt


    Prop - Switchback


    Stable Loop - Windwright


    On the Inactive list of Heroes is: 


    Rainboom Centurion - Bramble Rose


    GoldStar - Davroth


    White Windigo - Raridash


    Adventivia - Smartbrony


    Titanium - Finite Zero


    For Active Neutral Characters we have:


    Castle Bravo - Dustycider


    Pursuer - Derpravener


    In-active Neutrals are:


    Masquerade - EquestrianScholar.


    Pummel - Bellosh101



    On the list of Active Villains we have:


    Ember Ashwing - Dustycider

    Lightning Dust - Dustycider


    Platinum Gem -Princeblueblood


    Red Jarl: GodKiller - Steeleagle
    Sachadara- SteelEagle
    General Blindside- SteelEagle


    The Everfree Avenger - SteelEagle

    Aether Eater - SteelEagle

    The imperial - SteelEagle

    WRAITH - StealEagle

    The Institute - StealEagle


    Ossia - Ciraxis


    In the inactive list is: 


    Dark Core - Dubstep



    I also have a Gdoc for this so I'll try to update it regularly with the help of other mods on the forum.

    (Will be updating this with information from the OP tomorrow)

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    Taira blinked as he saw that aurora in the air,  if anything it was a pretty spell. As it drew closer he noticed a scent coming off of it (though it was likely his nose was the only one perceiving it) If he had t compare it to something he'd say that it reminded him of peppermint. Like those candies he came across in his travels through Equestria. He wrinkled his nose as the spell drew closer and then surrounded him! He felt a tiny hint of panic. Did he fall into some elaborate trap? 


    His alarm soon vanished as he felt the magic soaking into his form... it was like aloe on a burn, except all over. He felt tension, stress and exhaustion for his very long life melt away. His nose still itched and he was still a tad congested but he felt more energetic and less like something was sapping his strength! To test whether of nor this sensation was fleeting he stretched out his legs and trotted in place... then did one lap around Night Breeze, his smile growing all the while. "This spell is incredible!" He said with more vigor than earlier, "I feel like I could run across the mountain range and back! Nose is still a little stuffy, but I can manage and it's hardly the first time I've dealt with it." 


    Perhaps the lack of complete cleansing had more to do with the fact his equine visitor had calculated the spell for the size he appeared to be to her, and not the size he truly was. For the moment it wasn't worth revealing his true nature to the kind tourist, but still a thank you was definitely in order! He looked up and down over Night Breeze, "Um... Maybe we should get something to eat or drink before I start showing you around... you look tired."


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  9. V6cWstL.png




    Well that was a relief, deep down Toboe knew everything on that night mostly worked out. Separating a parent and a filly would have probably made her want to to find that oaf of a wolf responsible and give him a stern talking to. Thoughts of Trying to discipline a yokai who could be anything from one hundred to a thousand years her senior in life would have to wait: Drinks had arrived!


    Before  the drink even reached her lips she noticed the glass. These were exquisitely crafted, "Um... before I partake can I ask who supplied you with these glasses?" The tourist picked up the glass carefully with her hoof and took a sip. It tasted very good... Toboe may not have described it the same way as the one who brewed it did, but getting into disagreements about how things tasted to her versus others often proved to just be exhausting in the past. Semantics aside, she approved and gave Berry a smile. With the glass so close to her muzzle, she took notice of the scent on the glass and her eye slowly glanced to Opal curiously, not wanting to bother the mare unless Berry confirmed her suspicions. 


    Pinkie Pie's pleasantly peppy words soon filled the air again, "It's good to meet you as well... or 'Hajimemashite' as they say back home." Perhaps out of habit, Toboe gave the pink party pony a bow. "... and while I like like the idea of having something physical to do at any establishment I find. I prefer keeping such activities to Dojos and the like." She looked over to Tiger and smiled, "I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the idea of the occasional sparring match. My father put me through some self defense classes with my other siblings back home and I've tried to keep myself in shape. For now though, maybe any competitions between us could be in the form of a drinking contest?"


    "... Hmm. What would make it special? I'd been hoping access to high quality products from across the globe would be a good draw. Although maybe I should look into some other attractive aspects. " She rubbed at her chin in thought before smiling over to Pinkie, "Thanks, it means 'howling' in Neighponese. I was a noisy filly and liked to si-- oh! maybe a chain of karaoke bars. Would make the name I'm giving them work even better: The Howler's Den."

  10. u1cZkTQ.jpg



    As Taira listening to his old friend talk, the wheels started to click in his head. The familiar scent, the similiar demeanor, Could that fiery looking pup he'd met so long ago be Ran'u's? Taira kept his voice low and whispered, "I think I might have a lead for you, I'd been looking for you since a certain young wolf came to the mountains... I think he might be yours. Even Better... I think he's in this town."


     The moment Earth writer's words soon reached his ears, Taira could feel them dropping. Was his disguise work really so shoddy that he couldn't get through a single night without dropping his glamour? At least with the Running of the leaves he had the excuse of spending the entire race sneezing his head off so of course his magical stamina would have been exhausted! At least the mayor was fine with him accepting that silver medal... even though he knew the pack back home would never let him live down losing a race to an earth pony.  He probably wasn't helping his case when he peaked through the other side of the shelf at Earth Writer... and got a nervous look before glancing away when their eyes met.


    That stallion was clever! Normally he'd like clever ponies. They were so much fun to spend time with! Here and now though, This could be trouble. With three guards in the room he might end up being thrown out if his intentions were exposed! He turned to Ra'nu and again whispered, "... I think that pony might be on to us."


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  11. c7lWU1z.jpg



    Note to self: Give Rose new artwork.




    That was an acronym Rose hadn't heard from in a long time. Since she'd resumed her studies and befriended Blueblood, it honestly seemed as though things had calmed down immensely. Then she got the most curious summons to the castle in Ponyville by none other than a fellow member of the E.P.I.C. Organization. It must have been important if they went through all the trouble of contacting her. Probably something desperate since Rose was basically a fairly strong civilian unicorn with a useful set of skills and not a trained warrior or guard of the royal variety. 


    When Rose finally made it all the way to the castle she found herself lost in the corridors for a while. If she hadn't heard the sound of familiar voices she might have just resorted to trying to tunnel her way through walls of crystal to find her way out then hoping the princess would be lenient later. She recognized Squall's voice and that of Fire walkers. "Um... Hello?" She asked in her usual listless tone, "I got the notification and... wanted to help."



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  12.  LHoNTYo.jpg



    Taira couldn't help but give a warm chuckle, "Ha! You almost remind me of my mate." He let out a dreamy sigh, "She's got a caring streak as well... allthough she's a bit more focused on just our family rather than healing everyone with the sniffles. As for inspiration, Don't worry about it. I love helping out artists and artisans. Used to do it a lot more in my youth." 


    He stretched in place a moment before standing still waiting for the spell. For a moment he was worried that his nose might react badly to the foreign magic... but well it was worth a shot at breathing unimpeded again. If anything went wrong he could always figure something out to remedy the situation, luck had been on his side for the most part as of late. "Well, the only way to find out if it works is to try! I'm ready when you are." He gave the mare a hearty smile.


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  13. V6cWstL.png




    All this talk of sweets was starting to make Toboe hungry. She'd heard stories of the sugar filled diets of Equestrians, but talk of cake this early in the day. It's a wonder they're not more heavyset. The mention of parties made her even more curious, was the pink one some sort of caterer? That kind of experience could really come in handy.


    Toboe had to think back on wheter she'd seen anypony just up in such an outfit, "Pinchy... I'm guessing from the name she's you're daughter? I hope she wasn't one of the ponies that were snatched up for that weird prank. Can only imagine the stress that'd dump on a mother. " When their pink visitor made her big order, Toboe's jaw dropped for a moment. Ten cups? This mare would be a shoe in for the company drinking contest. Speaking of drinks... with all these guests making requests, this business-mare might be able to get a sample of the merchandise. If she was aiming to get this pony's help as a wine supplier, it might be a smart choice to sample what she might end up selling back home.


    "Miss Punch." Said the neon maned tourist, "I know it's a bit early in the day, but could I sample some of your wine? I've heard very good things about it." 



    Pinkie's apology earned a wry chuckle from her, "No need to worry, as much as I like being... welcomed, I'm fine not drawing too much attention to myself on a visit." The mare bowed her head in greeting, "Toboe Hiretsuna. I'm... well from a well off family in Neighpon, but I'm looking to start up my own business: A bar or a franchise of them."

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  14. V6cWstL.png




    Toboe's ears perked up at the  whistle and strangely familiar disposition of the stallion approaching. Getting used to the lack of status she had in this country was a trial, but not an unwelcome one. She'd complained to her friend Nensho for years about the 'Yes-Mares' back home so when she was finally free of them in a foreign land... she'd be some sort of hypocrite to whine about their absence now.  


    "Can't say I do. I've heard good things though." The pony sniffed at the air a few times, "Whatever she has in stock smells very top of the line. Are you looking to just get a taste of her product as well?" Before the curious looking earth pony could answer quickly, the door was opened. Toboe dipped her head towards berry, "Thank you very much... and, well I was here for nightmare night. " She chuckled only slightly awkwardly, that night had given her quite a scare after the princess disappeared. Thank goodness it all turned out to be an elaborate joke involving some old wolf. "I was in ... a very useful Okami costume most of the night. That stallion... Masquerade I think his name was: sold it to me. was a bit of a pain to get out of." She chuckled warmly, "Were you there for it? Was quite the event..."


    And soon  came along a pink earth pony. She smelled incredibly sweet, sort of like candy. If Toboe had to guess she must work with confections of somekind or regularly spends time there. If she was connected to some place that could give her some pointers on preparing dishes for the bar... maybe this aspiring Bar owner could introduce herself as well.

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  15. u1cZkTQ.jpg



    While Taira managed to slip away from the rest of the group (but not too far) he'd found himself browsing the older spell section of this particular shelf. So many thick tomes with long words he didn't know ... and being Neighponese didn't help his lack of understanding. Suddenly her twitched his nose when he recognized a very familiar scent. That pup Nensho must have stopped by! Taira had caught wind of the wandering bodyguard's scent during the events of Nightmare Night, along with at least one other wolf that seemed a bit familiar... and maybe a fox? 


    No time to dwell on that though, The old wolf walked over to the corner of the bookcase nearby with the intent of giving the young disguised yokai a silent greeting. The Kirin that did come around the bend was definitely not who he suspected. Taira's eyes went wide as saucers and... perhaps having forgotten his disguised status blurted out, "R-Ranu?!" In his normal voice, one that at least one mare in the room may recall from the running of the leaves.


    Thankfully he was tucked away in the corner with his friend, so none managed to see the spectacle of a genuine talking dog. Taira hushed his tone and spoke quietly to his old friend, "Ranu? It's been... well a dog's age since I last saw you. I'd been hoping to run into you actually... Have you been well? Was your search fruitful?"





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  16. V6cWstL.png


    Toboe had heard good things about this Berry Punch's juice bar... or was it called a watering hole here? So many Equestrian names and terms would surely fly over this tourist's head. If possible maybe she could talk this mare and get a sample of some Uniquely Equestrian beverages. Toboe still was hoping to get her bar back home off the ground after all and a good supplier of exotic (at least to Neighpon's eyes) beverages could probably be a draw.  If Nensho heard that she was trying to get some business done on this vacation he'd probably never let her hear the end of it. This would have to remain her little secret... or at least one between her and the proprietor of this establishment she was quickly approaching. 


    The wolfish looking pony held up a translation and phrase book in one hoof as she approached Berry Punch's Winery. Her eyes scanned over the characters as she double checked that the sign on the building was indeed what she was looking for. Between the Neighponese and Equestrian characters she eventually settled on the affirmative. 


    She snapped the book shut and stowed it away. Several knocks came to the door, "Excuse Me. I'm Looking for a miss Berry Punch?" Her equestrian was a tad fragmented, but still understandable.

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  17. LHoNTYo.jpg


    "Actually it... appeared about ... uh I think it was a hundred years ago, but it got exceptionally thick about fifty years ago. I did manage to find a way to part the mists to let trah..." The stallion's muzzle scrunched up as he felt a tickle flare up in his muzzle, "Ahh..." He seemed frozen in place for a few seconds as his jaws hung open wide until all the tension left and he heaved a sigh. Accursed False starts. With an annnoyed sigh he continued, "As I was saying. To let travelers in."


    A smile came to his lips as he heard Night Breeze's excitement, "I suggest the Waterfall first it has the nicest view from the top or bottom. A very long time ago, monks used to come to meditate under it. I've never tried it myself but I hear it's very soothing." Another sniffle interrupted his train of thought. Taking a few steps to the edge of the clearing where he showed off the rest of the mountain valley, stopping only when he heard he worrying about him straining himself.  He let out a proud laugh , trying not to make it sound dismissive. "I'm sure I can handle a bit of a walk at the very least. If I'm going to be a good provider I can't let a simple cold slow me down."


    His ears did perk up for  moment when he heard the suggestion of a healing spell, "... a spell?"  he mulled the idea over. It's been ages since he'd tried any magical remedies from ponies. A couple hundred years ago some villager brought some incense by they thought might help. That ended terribly but at least this was some sort of casted magic straight from a unicorn. "Hmm..." Taira turned to Night Breeze, "... Well. I certainly won't turn down such a kind offer. Even if it doesn't work we can still say we tried, right? How do we start?"

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  18. LHoNTYo.jpg



    It was always nice to meet a pony who could appreciate the mountain valley's natural majesty, "Thank you. The place has been my family's territory for a long time." He shook his head at the suggestion of her being a bother, "We don't mind visitors who don't mean any harm... besides It's my fault for not putting up the sign by the path." He looked down the path that Night Breeze took. "It's a long way down though, and I'm not so cruel as to ask you to leave just after arriving. Especially if it's on an empty stomach."


    "... Hmm. There are plenty of other interesting sights on the mountain if you'd like to visit. An abandoned village, An ancient structure of stones, Very nice Waterfall, A long rolling meadow. If you're looking to make some memories of unique spots or stoke your inspiration... I'd say you came to the right place." He gave the mare a smile as he rubbed a hoof to his muzzle, "I can still show you around but I think I'll have to take it slow.  I'm not at my best today." As if to rive that point his muzzle scrunched up with a harsh sniffle.



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  19. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

    Name: Hogo-sha no Arashi Doro

    Nickname: Hogo-Sha, Sha, Stormy Weather


    Sex: Male

    Age: Young Adult (By yokai standards)

    Species: Yokai (Okami)

    Eye color: Pale Yellow


    Coat: Black with small arcs of yellow lightning flowing through it.

    Mane/Tail: Long and wispy, glows in the dark.


    • Diamond Dog



    • Okami



    Residence: Wanders around

    Occupation: Adventurer, Bodyguard, Do-gooder, occasional singer

    Cutie Mark: N/A

    Unique Traits:


    Supernatural Sense of Smell: Like others in his family, Hogosha posesses an incredibly acute sense of smell. Is capable of sniffing out anything and anyone provided he’s caught their scent once before… and the weather is good and his allergies aren’t acting up.


    Magic Condition: As a Yokai, Magic is an inherent part of his being. This often manifests as the glow and bolts of ethereal lightning that shoot across his fur, but also is shown through great shows of speed strength and healing.


    Storm Magic: Can conjure storm clouds at will and can even walk on them and use them for quick transportation. Can also temporarily turn his body into stormclouds  for short periods of time.


    Windy Breath and Lung Capacity: Is able to hold his breath for long periods of time without need to inhale again. Can produce howling gales of wind by blowing or just by holwing.


    Spell Beads: Six Beads that hover around Hogo-sha’s neck. If he bites down on one it grants him a magical boon with different benefits and drawbacks.


    • Wall Walking: A passive magical aura that lets Hogo-sha run and walk on almost any solid surface as if gravity had been altered.


    • Sturdiness:  Increases his endurance and lets him redirect potent forces away from himself.


    • Stormcloud: Makes himself intangible for a short time and can turn himself into a stormcloud in the same shape and size of his default form.


    • Lightning generation:  enhances his electrical magics, can make his fur shocking to the touch, and can bark lightning strikes at a maximum of six times.


    • Alter Sword: Can alter the properties of his weapon, typically leaving it as a Bokken in most situations. When needed he will turn it to normal (if incredibly sturdy) sword. Can only change and reshape his custom sword made by a family friend.


    • Bigger and Badder: Sacrifice his storm and illusion magics to increase his size, strength and speed. Disliked using it as it locks him into the form for hours in exchange for the massive change. Only makes him larger than a carriage but smaller than a medium sized building.


    Shapeshifting: Capable of switching between his two forms easily in most circumstances. Currently, stays in a diamond dog guise most of the time but is working on a pony one.


    Well Read: Is a big bookworm. The dwelling he had back in the mountain was essentially a small library that took up most of the space. Has deep knowledge of both eastern and equestrian poetry and literature. Not to the same degree as a professional scholar, but still very informed.

    Musical knowledge: Has been taught how to play bass guitar by his twin brother, tends to listen to a lot of jazz or occasionall jazz fusion.



    Hogo-Sha Was born to litter in a forest in Neighpon to pair of proud parents and several siblings (one of whom was lost). His Mother was Nijurkuya, a former delinquent Yokai and skilled mage from the city who seemed to adore seeking out trouble. The pup’s father was a well known Okami of Legend who had been born before Neighpon had even been formed.


    Not long after he was born, Hogo-sha earned his name when he proved to be an oddly fussy and protective pup when it came to his family. Even when at his smallest he would nip and growl when an unfamiliar scent approached him or his family. At the age when his eyes were barely opened his bark proved worse than his bite.


    Like the rest of his siblings, Hogo-sha was raised on the mysterious Green Mist Mountains: A secluded Mountain peak in Northeastern Neighpon. Despite being the most competitive among his siblings he was also the most protective of them. When one of them came back home late he would continuously badger his parents to let him help scent them out. Even when they told him no he would still go out to search on his own.


    When he was out exploring the mountains one day, Hogo-sha went exploring by the river. Having seen his parents catch fish when they visited down here, he decided to attempt to catch some himself.  He stepped further and further into the stream until he went too deep and was snatched up by the current. Lucky for the pup, one of his brothers was present and managed to save him from drowning. Since then he gained an intense fear of water… and thanks to growing closer to the sibling who saved him: a deep appreciation of music.


    Around his late teens, Hogo-sha began to travel outside with his mother and father on visits to the countryside and cities. On most of their visits, he would often spend long periods of time in libraries or bookstores. Mostly he would buy stories of folktales, mythology, history, samurai hoofbooks and… more than a few poetry collections.


    On the rides home, he would quietly read and absorb the information. One day he noticed that His Father was in a few of these, with many stories to his name. Stories of a disagreement with a trio of Katakirauwa, A great battle against an ancient Bear Yokai, Even leading a small army of yokai against caribou invaders in the not too distant past. These stories instilled in the young wolf the desire to forge stories of his own… hopefully not so many as silly as his fathers but more of the thrilling kind.


    He often would badger his father to tell him first paw accounts of the stories, asking him how those adventures ever got him excited. The answer was almost always something along the lines of making him exhausted just thinking about them.


    On one visit he caught a glimpse of an old newspaper he discovered that Taira had gone on a short rampage across the countryside near Polohama… back when he and his siblings were born. When he confronted him about this, the old wolf confessed that one of the pups had been captured by poachers not long after being born and had been taken to a Pony city. Taira tried to track down the pup but thanks to the skill of the poachers they managed to hide her scent and disappear into the urban jungle.


    Hogo-sha was shocked and disheartened. He promised not to share the story with his brothers and sisters, but the knowledge left him with a feeling of betrayal and broke the pedestal he put his father on. Once he was old enough he departed the mountain range and promised both his parents he’d only return occasionally until he’d made a legend for himself and became powerful enough to protect all the pack on his own.


    As an adult, he ended up traveling across the land and beyond in order to hone his skills in any way he could. He had focused so much on his other types of magic that his shapeshifting wasn’t yet as reliable. To make up for that skill deficiency he took on the form of a creature that wasn’t too different from his normal form: A diamond dog. In this shape, he would travel across Neighpon challenging various dojos to test his skill and even finding a master to teach him other forms of martial arts and swordsmareship.


    In time he did manage to make a reputation for himself, a rumor of a diamond dog who would come into dojo’s across the east and battle various masters. He won many times and lost just as much, but still, he constantly strives to better himself through the conflicts. After a while, some even began seeking him out to teach them what he knew as he grew.


    Was Recently seen fighting in the Sarvaarberg Arena as a Diamond Dog.



    Character Personality:


    Hogo-sha is at his heart a well meaning but overly enthusiastic Yokai. Deeply concerned with protecting the things he loves, he often buries himself in absurd challenges and tasks to make himself stronger. In pursuit of this goal he has already managed to travel across the lands of Neighpon, Long Guo, and has recently began to test himself in the savage lands of Whitescar.


    Comparing Hogo-sha to your typical strong, silent warrior type may seem accurate at first. However, he often shows a more relaxed if occasionally awkward side to himself once befriended. While he prefers to keep things simple, he isn’t the type to turn down a chance at merriment or a good meal. He almost always carries a book with him on his person, typically it will be some sort of mystery fiction or romance novel he has found himself engrossed in. When he has some form of down he can be found visiting Jazz clubs or in the company of his brother when he runs into him.


    Hogo-sha may act brave in most situations, but he actually has a couple notable fears. His most prominent being a fear of deep waters. When traveling on boats, he has been known to stay in his cabin and refuse to come out until they meet the land. If in the presence of spiders he tends to do one of two things: Freeze up or panic. Sometimes he may one after the other! The more personal fear he has is letting others down.


    Character Summary:


    A somewhat dorky traveling swordswolf who wants to protect what matters to him and hopes to find more things that matter on the path he goes!

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  20. LHoNTYo.jpg




    "I actually live up here with my family. They're away at the moment." The kirin stepped on ahead with a pleasant smile, "I'm Taira. I actually usually guide tourists through these mountains to explore." A harsh sniffle wrinkled up his muzzle for a moment, he could tell she wasn't like him: not a yokai. Even through his plugged sinuses he could smell she was just a normal pony. Her magic wasn't particularly potent, or all that dangerous seeming. She couldn't have just powered through the mists with some artifact, Taira's sickness must have left the enchantment weaker. Now that he looked over the area he noticed the mist was much closer to the base of the mountain than he last recalled placing it... perhaps the distance had been schewed by his sickness as well.


    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Night Breeze.  Did you say you worked at a spa?" He'd heard of medicinal aromatic oils and scents that were sold in Equestria... for obvious nose based reasons he had forgone visiting them.  A brow arched when he took notice of her book, he caught of a glimpse of some picture between the pages and tilted his head, "Are you an artist?"

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  21. u1cZkTQ.jpg





    While it wasn't a warm cup of hot chocolate, Taira wasn't about to turn down a free cookie. As soon as the cookie was in range Taira eagerly chomped down in delight, accidentally giving the offering hoof a few licks of appreciation as well. Another appreciative bark filled the library once he'd finished up the treat.


    For a second he could have sworn he felt some hint of suspicion coming off one of the stallion's at the table: the one giving him short side eye. It seemed that his curiosity was short lived. When Earth Writer approached Taira gave another happy bark which got him yet another pet. A wag of the tail and a slightly goofy look of enthusiasm got the yokai a ticket out of the doghouse... well in a manner of speaking. At least that was what he thought, The other stallion present scoop him up like he was a puppy! This pony was pretty strong. 


    He would have tried to escape the hold but then came the ear scratches. The disguised Okami just melted in Silver's lap. Tongue lolled out and Tail swinging rapidly in delight while on hind-leg kicked at nothing. It felt as if all his worries just floated out from the scritched ear. He was almost disappointed when he was set back down. "How embarassing..." he thought to himself as he reacquainted himself with the floor. While he was there he decided to wander over to some nearby shelves to look over a few of the titles...



  22. cpUiUKK.jpg



    Perhaps saying it was fine for the rest of the family to head out for a while wasn't the best idea. Just as he'd finished waving goodbye to Niju and the pups he'd felt a sort of scratchiness in his throat. He'd paid it no mind and slept in for the most part since he hadn't sensed anyone fast approaching the mountain lately. When he finally woke he immediately wished he'd stayed asleep. His head felt foggy, his muscles ached, and he could barely smell a thing.  It'd been at least thirty years since he'd come down with a cold... of course it would manifest when his family had taken off. 


    Lucky for Taira (and the house he lived in now) He had a plan for this sort of occasion. First: leave the house so he didn't make a mess of things. Second: Secure the Mountain perimeter. Third: Get food. Fourth: Get rest.


    That First step was easy enough. Taira calmly strode out of his home, taking a moment to wince at his reflection in the mirror before finally vacating the premises. He breath deep of the morning air as deeply as he could before he fell into a fit of coughing. He let out a deep sigh as he finally steadied his breath enough that he could sort through what his nose caught on the wind. Immediately his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. He definitely slept too long. Someone was inside the barrier... somewhere at the southern entrance to the valley at the top. A foreigner by the smell of them. He must have forgotten to leave that sign up to warn visitors against entering the mist. This wasn't the best start to his process: already failing at step two.


    With a weary sigh he moved on along to the other end of the valley towards the clearing where Night Breeze was staying. At least she wasn't moving, with how he felt he wasn't sure he'd be able to keep track of her in the normal way. He took a deep breath through his mouth and tried to pull up his Disguise. Even in this cramped Pony form he felt exhausted. Just as he came around the Corner and entered the clearing he looked like the stocky kirin he usually pretended to be, although he looked tired and slightly red nosed. "Good Morning, Stranger!" He called out in a semi congested tone, "You must be quite the climber to get this far up the mountain! What's your name?"





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