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  1. Tagging along just behind Feng was a rather nervous looking Yanhua. She didn't come back declared the Iron Pony, but she did come with at least two medals on her neck: One for cupcake eating and another for rock climbing. Most impressively, they were golden too. Seems that the representatives on Long Guo had definitely left their mark on the Equestrian event... though Yanhua was not looking forward to hearing any rumors that might come about in the future. For now, she was (mostly) content to stay close to Feng now that she was back in the palace. Once Feng finished his proud declaration, the chef popped out from behind him and held out her two medals. "Feng Did the bulk of the work on our mission, but I came back with some medals as well." Once she spoke up she seemed content to just slink back behind her friend, seemingly trying to keep her eyes off the empress... and not be frustrated by that look Feng always got when he came back with good news for her. The Chef took a deep breath through her nose to center herself before she noticed something odd in the air. She sniffed again and thought to herself. Where did she recognize this scent from? Scouring her memories she recalled this smell was that of the Velvet Strand. Traveling through the Equestrian Heartland, Yanhua had caught a whiff of that place's scent on the wind. It made the carriage rides throughout the country with Feng all the more pleasant. "Your Highness, Are we hosting someone from Equestria today?"
  2. Yanhua was astonished at this sudden good fortune. The nimble fox dashing past Sunset and speeding down the alley. It wasn't until Tempest called her out from the rooftops, the pony keeping pace with ease. This wasn't going to get her anywhere. With how exhausted and sore, Yanhua felt she knew running wasn't an option much longer... and with Tempest above her there was no chance she'd be able to outrun them -and- not be spotted again. ... and those taunting words. Something about this pony really was irking her. If Yanhua couldn't run, She'd have to try and deter her pursuers. She was using magic before most of these ponies were even thoughts of their parents. Most of her flames may have been used up, but before the day's end she'd have them back to their full strength. For now.. There was always illusions and the more vanilla skillset. Already her muscles were burning. There would be no more running. Instead, She spun around in a smooth movement to face her pursuers. Her eyes seemed to be glowing the same color as the flame that clung to her tails. Those eyes met with all three. First Sunset, Then Feng, and finally Tempest on the Rooftops. "If she wants to see what I can do, I'll show her and all of you! ... And if you want to help. No more CHASING!" Her voice sounded shaky, like she was trying to sound more confident than she was. The Fox took a deep breath and let out a rather hoarse sounding scream-like howl. For the trio it sounded much louder than it actually was... enough to make them wince. But when they opened their eyes things were... VERY different. Suddenly this quarry seemed... bigger. Much Bigger... Big enough that she was towering over the various cottages. The sound of a howling wind met all of their ears. A now gigantic fox stood in the clearing between mostly vacant houses. Tails seemed to wave and thrash about like whips across the horizon. The green flames dancing off her fur and pelt as this monster of a yokai bore it's teeth at her hunters. She did not move from her spot and instead looked down at the three, "You... Wish to Help?" As she spoke, the trio could see wisps and motes of flame escaping her maw...
  3. This was not going well at all. Having already made her way into the tall grass and trying her best to lose Feng, She was still tired from her earlier climb. At first she thought that she might have caught a break when Feng wasn't able to just tackle her to the grass... but this wasn't the first time she'd been chased. By the time she realized she was being led somewhere she was already scampering through the town. A shadow repeatedly flitting across her path drew her eyes up until she saw the outline of the broken horned unicorn leaping from wagon to rooftop! What kind of ponies were these equestrians?! Was everypony a borderline super-equine athlete? Out of the corner of her eye she spotted an a path she might be able to make a quick turn. If she used some of her remaining non-fire based magic maybe she could slip away! That was a good a plan as any. Before she could execute it she was cut off by a flash of light and swell of magic as Sunset teleported right in front of her. With all the adrenaline pumping through her system, "Yanhua" was incredibly rattled and at first was terrified when the mare called out... and only panicked further when the unicorn reared and let out what to a scared fox sounded like a vicious warcry. Thoroughly spooked, Yanhua's tails stiffened and frizzled out. All eight spread apart in a perfect radius and giving Sunset a presentation not unlike a frightened peacock. She looked back to see Feng still coming up behind her, then the ominous silhouette of Tempest Shadow above and the sun colored unicorn in front she tried to come up with some idea. ... She tried to slip herself past Sunset and make it to the end of the alley to the field.
  4. "A raider?" Hogosha hugged indignantly at the accusation, "How rude. Raider's don't wear such nice coats... Do they?" He asked looking over to Pocket with a somewhat worried expression. Having the appearance of a raider or bandit was certainly not the angle that this spirit wanted to go for. Upon Pocket's introduction he would approach the mare and lower his head in a little bow. "Your Coltfriend sounds like he must hope to be an adventurer someday if he suggested the basin as a spot for exploration. " He looked to Pocket, "Maybe we should offer to bring her to the jungle's edge first. More landmarks seem visible once you slip out from beneath this thick canopy... although if we're in a race against time with bandits... perhaps I should go ahead and try to draw some attention?" The wolf looked up to Wind Whistler, "Do you wish to stay with us while we deal with these looters?"
  5. I'd be willing to bring In Tobohime if she coudl be fit in.
  6. Will make some posts today!

  7. Yanhua had been scurrying away at a steady pace, but was still just within earshot. The last words she heard were tempest's and if anything they only made her more frazzled. This was terrible. They really were going to hunt her? Did Feng remember the stories back home about her told back in the palace and by talespinners back in the capital? Why were things turning out like this?! She knew by now it wasn't right to hypnotize a queen and take on her looks to get a good,free meal, but to be sealed up for so long just for that... She couldn't go back to being imprisoned in those woods. Or whatever woods they had in this area... Wait a minute wasn't some spirit imprisoned as a stone statue not long ago? This was equestria, what if that was how they punished rogue spirits here?! If there was anything worse than being stuck in the woods with no magic, it had be frozen in place for eternity. She had to run and get back to normal now, Just come back to the group as Yanhua. Tell them it was some sort of weird prank or some mean fox foal-napped her! ... They'd only seen a few glimpses of her tails, right? If she could turn back now she could make something up! She got low into the grass, trying to keep her extremities out of sight as best she could. looking back up to the group behind her through the tall grass, she could make out the magical one talking at length about something. While the fox couldn't put her paw on it, something about this pony seemed unique in addition to the magical gifts emanating from her. This Sunset seemed very astute. She could only just barely make out what she said by reading her lips in between the wind stirred blades of grass... The first thing made her panic spike again as she thought she read "Head on a wall..." Were they not even going to bother with the imprisonment?! This seemed like such a pleasant country! Were the ponies here really so secretly brutal to their enemies? As Sunset's lips waggled Yanhua only felt more restless, enough that she started to back up further and further into the grass. Something inside told her she should start running. If one of them got close she had at least one spell she could use to defend herself and inconvenience them... In her fear it seemed she failed to notice one of her tails drifting above the upper limit of the field of grass. Feng took the lead and as much as she knew she could use some magic on him and he'd be unscathed... she couldn't bring herself to cast it. The Fox turned tail and ran as fast as she could towards the mostly empty town, heart pounding away in her chest and sore muscles pushing her to flee. while she was surprisingly swift, her time on the wall was catching up to her and Feng was finding himself gaining on the vulpine runner.
  8. This was THE worst case scenario for Yanhua. Alone, undisguised, and exhausted in some Foreign land. She could only hope that the spectators and judges didn't notice her failing glamour. She hadn't taken account of how much her shape had shifted back after being so rattled. She remembered her paws and pads were back but she was sure she kept her kirin face and body together for the most part. Had her tails already shown during the dive back down the rock-wall? Honestly, she had no idea. The very thought of it only deepened her panic... and the more panicked she got, the harder it was going to be to go back to what the palace knew as 'normal'. Currently Yanhua had gotten a fair distance away from the Iron Pony grounds. It took some special magic to be able to manage that. Needless to say, A fox as big as a pony with eight long, glowing tails was hard to hide in the middle of a festival of ponies. Some distracting lights, and some illusions here and there gave her the openings she needed to slip through gaps in crowds and behind stalls. One thing managed to escaped the crafty cook's notice as she booked, the tracks she left behind in the grass. When you're in such a hurry to find some place to hide on such short notice, such mistakes were easy to make. Now she was catching her breath by a tree away from the grounds. The Fox taking deep breaths in the hopes of steadying herself, until she heard a very familiar voice... "Thanks for helping out here, Tempest."' ... and just like that her heart sank. After all the work she'd done trying to get out of that festival, Feng had managed to track her down?! He wasn't too far away, just out of earshot for a normal pony. Tempest? Wasn't that the moody looking unicorn by the pavillion? The sound of her voice confirmed who it was, and then a third voice certainly made Yanhua arch a brow? Was she the other mare who had approached Feng and Tempest back there as well? Another spike in fear as she considered why he'd bring someone so tough. She noticed that Tempest was clearly a strong mare in many areas, almost as many as Feng... and that other mare she radiated magical energy like a tiny sun. They'd imprisoned another spirit in this country already, hadn't they? No, Feng wouldn't do that to her. Well maybe not to Yanhua... or that really old friend of his. Did he even remember her back in the forest that long ago? She had the same face and expression as back then but to the young feng of those days she was just an overly large Fox who could talk. Not an eight tailed youkai who could breath magical fire... She had to hide, to think of some bluff that could get her out of this. She could hear hoof-steps getting closer. The Fox took a deep breath to conjure up some of her hypnotic wisps of Fox-fire... only to get a few flickering embers. Oh no. Between her longtime glamour as a qilin, the intense worry brought on by the rockwall, the big display in the cupcake contest, and the hypnosis she'd inflicted upon the fairgoers who came across her she was exhausted. WIth how close the party was getting all she could try to do was outrun them. If she could calm her nerves she might be able to raise her disguise again, then things could go back to normal again! ... at least she hoped. Before the group could get too close she broke into a dash out from behind the tree. An orange coat stuck out like a sore hoof in the green grass. The fickering green flames clinging to the end of her tails made it especially hard to hide so she tried to use some tall grass as a cover to get to somewhere she might be able to hide more effectively. With everyone so busy with the festival, she might be able to make it to the town and hide out in some shop... though that was all assuming she could even lose two of the fittest equine in the land while she was still sore from her climb.
  9. Hogosha nodded along to Pocket's words. Of course those books would draw young explorer's all the way out here. It was an exotic local, filled with territorial ponies, wild animals, ancient ruins, and booby traps. What Adventurer worth his saltlick would pass up all that, especially in Equestria. That bit about filming in this area didn't sound like the smartest idea for any Equestrian movie company. Equipment could be so easily lost in this place... and one could imagine how temperamental your average actor might be in this place. Now Huddled down close to the ground, Hogosha tried to steady his breath. It wasn't easy with such thick, humid air. In addition to all these smells in the air , the moisture it in it made all of them so much easier to trace for this brave wolf. Just as Pocket yanked all those branches over them, Hogosha gave a forceful exhale to try and clear his muzzle of distracting odors. He did it just in time for Pocket to pull the cover over them and for that pegasus to land in front of them. At first Hogosha was able to keep himself completely still, not moving a muscle as the pegasus inspected this suspicious bush before her. This unfortunately would not last. One of those branches that Pocket had snagged had found itself hovering just above his companion's head. The end of said branch was leaning downwards and was just above the wolf's nose. Leaves were left brushing back and forth across the yokai's nose. Between the myriad scents of plants, fungi, and now the repeated tickling of the leaves from this branch, Hogo-sha scrunched his muzzle. He tried his best to fight off this cursed reaction... "Hhh-Hhh! ... HHHah!" The tribal pony arched a brow at the weird sounds from the bush before... "HWAAAH-TSHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The makeshift branch cover pocket put up was blown apart with all of the materials soon strewn across the jungle floor. Birds suddenly fled fromt he canopy nearby, and the great gale Pocket's friend produced had sent the Tribal pony rolling back from the wind. Thankfully, with pocket beside him the adventurer was entirely out of the line of fire. His friendwas left huffing and puffing from his little outburst. "Uh... hhgn... G-gomena-- ahem! Sorry about that..." The wolf wrinkled his muzzle and produced a hoofkerchief from , seemingly from thin air. He levitated it to his nose and looked to Pocket Change, "The breath seems to run in the family." He sniffed and tentatively approached the flopped pegasus. She wasn't hurt, but she was most definitely dazed from being hit with was like a miniature squall. "M-maybe you should be the face that greets her? They're probably going to know someone's here now..."
  10. *This Post submitting for judgement* After some time to herself, Yanhua concluded that downing cupcakes probably wasn't the best way to get Feng's attention. If Nensho's crush could handle that obstacle course despite being kept behind a desk so often, This cook could climb some silly wall. While Yanhua had been mostly cooped up in the royal kitchen back home, She was still a nimble creature by nature. That, and being stuck in that forest for so long (traumatic as it was) did give her the chance to do a lot of running: Usually from the odd predator that entered the forest to make a meal out of something. If she lost some ground she could probably bounce herself back up, easy peasy. That announcer's warnings and allusions to the wall's trickery couldn't possibly be something to worry about. Yanhua's family were remarkable tricksters in their own right. If she could be outdone by some enchanted rocks, she'd have to turn in her tails! The Crowd let out a cheer as the kirin approached the wall. Yanhua flinched when she got close, Magic was thick on this thing. Who had enchanted it? More importantly why was that familiar scent meeting her nostrils. It was some odd mixture of a scent she was very familiar with: The smell of Woodlands, of a horribly tranquil and lonely forest. Memories of her time back in those woods some came to the forefront of her mind. Scurrying around in dirt, grime and tall grass, left only to her wits and with none of the magic she'd nurtured and practiced. If Feng were watching in the stands he'd have seen the cooks eyes wide open in shock for a few seconds until she rapidly shook her head about to try and center herself. When she looked back up she noticed something at the top of it... Was that her star-ball? She brought her hoof to her ear to check. It was still there. The one on the top of the wall seemed bigger and it that old Fulu that past spiritual advisor had left on it. "Is this wall making fun of me?" The cook took a deep breath to steady herself, "Calm down... It's just a wall, nothing serious." Once she properly steeled herself she lowered herself and approached the base of the wall. Then came the whistle. Yanhua go to a steady start as she gripped the rough surface of stone and pulled herself up, using muscles she'd not had to make use of in years. As she made her way up, the walls effects seemed to continue on. The familiar sounds of that hateful forest still surrounding her. That familiar drone of the cicadas, the calls of birds above in the trees, Every little rustle in the dark she could recall that woke her in the night. Still, Yanhua persisted. Then she heard the grinding sound of stone against stone. Looking up above her to the next level she saw all the spots she could have previously set hoof on swapping and switching around on the stone wall. When was one low and close to her, suddenly it was a two or three steps above her and then below. This certainly stalled her, Yanhua left trying to focus on staying tight to the wall and looking over the switching surfaces of the rocks above. Watching this constant swapping, Yanhua eventually noticed a pattern. It was a very short window, but there was a path of easily reached spots she could quickly move through. Timing would be important. The cook took in a deep breath and tensed up her muscles, like her body was becoming a compressed spring... Three... Two... One! In a slick, smooth motion Yanhua seemed to almost run up the wall past the switching stones and then hang on tight to the calm spot above. The Sudden exertion leaving her huffing and panting but then pushing on again. Vertical climbing like this was so tiring, why on earth would ponies do this? Jumping from ledge to ledge would be so much easier... but this chef had promised herself she'd get through this by the rules for Feng and she was going to do just that! The further she went up the wall the more the sounds it made seemed to change. Forest smells were replaced by the scent of the imperial palace, though not from the present. It was a scent tinged with a heavy nostalgia. As Yanhua went higher up on the wall she could swear she even heard the sounds of lively conversation by the voices of Long guo nobility from the past. "Why would someone make a rock wall of psychological torment?!" She screamed internally as she tried to push onward... only to see something snaking across the crags above her. Were those vines? Soon several green tendrils came rushing down to try and smash something into her face! She slid down from the first smack and then blinked as somethign splattered over her face. She then had to wipe what remained away and grimaced as a familiar taste met her tongue. Peppers. The same super hot kind that had blown her cover back in the capital so long ago. It was almost painful to experience this taste again. The raw power of the spiciness already made disguise start to slip, thankfully it was just around her teeth. At this distance nobody would notice... and this may just be her saving grace. When the next vine came to her she jumped forward to meet it, more pointed teeth shredded through it and with a tight grip she used it to pull herself up along her newly acquired "rope". Just getting this far made the chef feel exhausted. Her body was aching and even with the image of Feng in her mind she was starting to regret this choice. But, she could see the wall's chosen finish line for her. The fake star-ball just so tantalizingly close. With a couple more bursts of strength she made it , huffing and panting as she got to the top. Place her hoof on the end point the wall had made she immediately felt faint and had to steady herself before raising up her hoof to the crowd as cheers came. Something felt off, though. Feeling the wind on her pads shouldn't feel so od-- Wait. Pads? She brought the hoof to her face and noticed the bottom of her foreleg was no longer the bottom of a cloven hoof. In a panic she felt her face, it was still in a kirin's visage: thank goodness. All the exertion was wearing down her glamour. Why did she had to show off so much as the cupcake eating contest?! Rather than accepting the reward the Kirin Jumped down behind the wall in a hurry. When the pony who blew the starting whistle went to check on the contestant... she was gone! ...And somewhere behind the bleachers a fluffy, orange tail zipped out of sight.
  11. Well, that was something to take note of. Evidently her name was something a sore spot for her. Yanhua nodded slowly at Tempest's outburst, "I see." She'd never seen so much anger on a pony's face before. This mare must have a story to tell, a very intense one: Though not here. Among a crowd of strangers wasn't the best place to lay one's past bare for all to see. That was something Yanhua had been avoiding doing for the past couple years for the sake of one special pony. Now that Longma was giving her an apologetic look before heading off. The chef's brow furrowed , but she nodded once and turned back to Nensho. With Feng out of earshot and tended to the emotionally wounded unicorn she spoke more openly with the disguised Okami, "Hm... Well I think you've better chances with your friend than I do with mine... I hope that the things you love about them aren't what keeps you away from them." She looked back to Feng as he tended to Tempest and heaved a conflicted sigh, "Is this special wo--pony what brought you all the way to Equestria, Nensho-san?"
  12. *Post submitted for Judging* It felt great to have all that muck and pie off of her after that doozy of an obstacle course. She'd hoped to have just come out of it with mud on her, but thanks to her allergies she ended up with pie on her face too. One tablet and shower later and Tokkuri was ready to continue on with these festive trials. Hm... The barrel weave. She remembered doing things like this when she was younger as part of her fitness training. The set she'd been trained with back home used flags instead of Barrels. Getting around those was surely easier than these sizable barrels. At first she was starting to doubt herself, but seeing how swiftly Nensho made his way through pushed them to the back of her mind. He wouldn't want her giving up in this competition because some sealed casks spooked her! As she concocted her approach to the course she let her eyes wander over to the cheering audience. Huh, seems that Feng's personal cheerleader was still there for his run. It was oddly cute seeing someone so eagerly cheering on a friend like that. She couldn't help but notice how the orange maned kirin seemed to lose some energy once that fellow eastern competitor finished off and yelled out that his run was for somepony named 'Yue'. Oh-ho! She could smell tension in a relationship a mile away and whatever story was behind was sure to be spicy. Nensho's run was more or less how she would have taken the course. Hoping not to look like she was trying to copy her friend, Toboe decided on a less flashy version of what he'd tried (with no spinning). She got down low and just as the flag waved she jumped forward to one side of a barrel, weaving between each one with a diagonal jump while keeping her eyes ahead and steady. It was almost like she was bouncing between the barrels. Her agility training over the years had paid off. the only close call she was having on the way was her tail just nearly brushing across the surface of the barrel at the opposite end. The kirin whipped around and repeated the process smoothly back to the finish line , panting softly as she finished. There were exuberant cheers from the crowd, which Tokkuri offered a simple bow to before making her way over to Nensho at the finish line and offering him a high hoof. "Great run, Nensho-Kun! Hope mine wasn't too similar!"
  13. "Hmmm... I'm sure I have a spare on my coat somewhere." The wolf magically searched his coat until he produced a clean square of cloth for Blueblood, "I do not have much in the way of healing, Your Highness. I can at least offer you a tissue for your trouble." It was times like this when Hogo-sha wished he'd taken some lessons on healing spells rather than all the other things he'd made use of. Lightning and winds weren't too useful when it came to disinfecting things. "I apologize for not catching that book. I'll stay close for the rest of the journey if you so desire." The wolf flinched as he felt a sudden flare of magic somewhere in the castle. He was ready to try and sniff it out but it seemed Sombra had already gotten an idea where it was! Thank goodness. He wouldn't have to run into another dusty floor. The Wolf looked to Blueblood and when the prince got ready to go , Hogosha was right alongside him keeping pace with ease.
  14. will get some posts out tonight.

  15. It was looking as if the other competitors were getting wrapped up in their own conversations now. Yanhua already felt rather demoralized after Feng's repeated mentions of the empress. Truth be told one of the reasons she'd come along was the chance to spend some time with Feng, but even so far from the courts it seemed his mind was off his duties and his beloved empress. As these thoughts swirled about in her head, Yanhua ended up exhaling a puff of flame through her nostrils: a tell tale sign of her being miffed. The still nameless pegasus seemed keen to offer pastries, but rather than eat any of them Yanhua simply looked over them. They looked nice enough, but like Feng she wasn't in the mood for more sweets. When Nensho formally introduced himself, wheels started clicking. "Hm... You came with that pony kirin with the blue and purple mane, didn't you?" She thought back to the familiarity he had displayed with another one of the contestants who seemed to have left the obstacle course considerably messier than some. She took note of Feng's tone when addressing the mare with the broken horn, "Is Miss Berrytwist shadow supposed to be somepony important?" If there was one thing Yanhua knew little about it was Equestria's recent events, " Are you some war hero who lost their horn in a great battle?" She asked rather bluntly as she leaned in a bit closer towards the lightly seething armored mare.
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