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  1. "Not much to be nervous about, Stranger. It's a nice place according to the brochure." She said as she held up the aforementioned item, "That fancy festival they have seems to have passed, but there's gonna be a big race when we arrive." She pulled her eyes up from the paper and looked over Daze's cold weather gear and smiled, "Are you gonna be racing in it? You've definitely got the build of an athlete." Seeing her fellow Pegasus passenger like this really took her back, when she was a recruit in the Wonderbolts she had that same nervous look meddled with excitement. The griffin turned out to be quite the skilled artist. When Zelda spoke up about the rest of the cabin being her sketch subject Fiver cracked a smile, "If I can get a look at the result I'm fine with it. Are you a professional sketch artist? Or do you do other types of work alongside it?" The earth pony with the salmon colored coat was especially talkative. Her interest in the culture of the crystal empire was something that caught Fiver's attention, That bit about not interested in the crystals was a tad eyebrow raising. Not so much that Fiver was terribly interested in their architecture or artifacts either, but she couldn't help but think it was odd to mention that specifically. That last question about it also drew the pegasus' attention too, "That's a good question actually... The empire doesn't really seem to fit the definition of an empire. Seems more like a king-- er princessdom maybe?"
  2. The black dog itched his muzzle a moment on the roof. Nilaavin's fur still bothering his senses and that paw smack earlier not having helped. He fished around the inside of his coat until he pulled out a kerchief and brought it to his nose. "Thank you for the insight, Friend. " The sniffling diamond dog gave a bow, "I am Hogo-sha of the east. Have you come to this land in the hopes of broadening your horizons as I have?" He pressed the true diamond dog on in conversation, in part to distract himself from the scent of cat in the air and also out of genuine curiosity. Hogo-sha was not a real diamond dog, but meeting a genuinely civilized one was always something that he tried to to take advantage of... and Anu was certainly not one he had ever run into before. Regarding the sphinx, Hogo-sha couldn't help but feel a bit insulted. Not just by the rude dismissal of his offer of help through literature, but somehow through the ancient words he could tell that whatever Nilaavin was saying: it wasn't at all kind. A huff of annoyance escaped the dog as he looked back at giant cat, "Dare I ask what he thinks of us, Your highness?" He looks back to Blueblood, "It is alright, Your highness. It is a waste of time to hold grudges over one's life ... or prejudices." He glanced back down at the cat then back to his master, "In my travels I had once heard that the wisdom of a sphinx was like an Oasis in the desert. I would tell him 'expect poison from the standing water.'" Those with a knowledge of poetry may recognize that line was from a work by some semi-obscure poet of the equestrian canon. He spoke through his handkerchief at his muzzle, "I may not speak his language, but I feel as though I can hear the tone of contempt in it. It worries me.... but while he is in your care he must be in the best of hooves."
  3. The punch just barely met its mark, it's target having rolled along with the blow to mitigate some of the force. After taking the hit, Hogo-sha puled his weapon free and swiftly leapt backwards to put some distance between them. At first his face was down for a few seconds, then shot back up with a delighted grin. "The first blow landed on me tonight." He took in a breath and stood back up in a flash, "Now..." His arm moved in a blur in front of him in blur of blue and black colors. Tempest would have felt a rush of wind blast past her face and some knick her ear. Some sort of impact behind her. A roar erupted from the audience as they beheld the feat. The wooden sword had been jammed into the wall as (wooden) sword in stone, "... I'm Motivated!" A cloud dust flew up behind him as he again closed the distance between himself and the cow. At first it seemed like he was going to put all of himself into a haymaker but it turned out to be a feint. If Tempest fell for it, Hogo-sha would step back and then thrust forward with a fast straight aimed at her shoulder. At this point, the diamond dog felt he may have figured out what type of fighter this cow was. The kind who tries to draw out an opponent, open up their guard, and capitalize on their mistakes. There were a couple ways to fight such a style, a few of which this dog knew of. He figured to try for the careful method... Tempest had taken on most of the fighter's before he'd gotten her attention. Her stamina was incredible, but even the best have their limits. The smile on her face was practically mirrored by her opponent, the wolf having his hopes renewed. Maybe he'll actually need to drop his disguise in this fight and resort to magic...
  4. That saying gave the dog pause... the foreigner seemingly mulling it over before smiling up at the pony atop the sphinx, "Those are wise words, Sir." He said with a short bow, "I see now why you have the privilege of riding a top a sphinx." He wrinkled his muzzle in the presence of the big cat as it looked down upon him in spoke that curious language, "Sorry to say I can't understand your words, Nil-san. I do think you should consider growing past your reluctance to speak common tongue... some can find it rude if it becomes to often an occurrence." The dog fumbled his pockets for a moment before picking up a book labeled: Equestrian for beginners. "I had a hard enough time getting ponies comfortable around me looking like this... I can only imagine how rough it could be for you being the size of a small building." Hogo-sha proffered the book in the Sphinx's direction, "If the print is too small for you to read then perhaps your master can help you out?" Seeing how large the creature's paw was he thought for a moment, "Maybe I should just offer this to your master instead--" Something on the wind caught his attention... Was it bacon?! no, of course not. He was more than civilized enough to avoid a tantalizing scent like that. Instead it was something the smelled of Saddle Arabia. Hogo-sha turned towards the source of the scent and took note of a curious looking diamond dog on the rooftops. That little ankh hanging from his neck brought a smile to Hogo-sha's face. In a couple bounds, the black dog hopped from the nearby canopy to a roof in front of Nilaavin. Now he was eye to eye with Blueblood... and was easily able to see the dog nearby, to whom he waved offer. "Excuse me, Sir!" He called over, "You seem like you might have some knowledge of the prince's new servant. Perhaps you have some insight?"
  5. Already going for the cheap and dirty? This was already getting disappointing and the dog's smile faded slowly until it turned to one of a kind of focused boredom. Aware enough of his surroundings and ready to react, but having already starting to have some doubts about his opponent. If She had really only gotten this many with raw strength and pragmatic tactics she was still very impressive, but he'd hoped to find someone skilled. "You take what you get in the end I guess..." he thought to himself as he tensed up, "I hope she's clever enough to get me to really push myself today." Not long after the cow dug her hoof into the dirt, the dog jumped back in a flash. Moist dirt flung in clumps fell to the arena floor as Hogo-sha did. When he landed he knew he wouldn't be able to avoid that punch coming for him and ... to be frank he didn't want to. Upon landing Hogo-sha swung his blade once so that the cow's punch was met by the flat of the wooden sword and then batted away to force an opening. Hoping to take advantage of the opportunity he made he Thrust the blunt end of his sword at the cow. The blow containing a great deal of force, enough to send her skidding backwards and leave a deep indent in her armor... if she was hit at least. If she managed to Dodge he would press the attack doing some quick but forceful thrusts with the bokken in a quick flurry. Making sure to keep up the pressure.
  6. It was awfully nice for someone to invite Fiver to the racing event in the Crystal Empire. At first they floated the possibility she could be a judge, but by this time Fiver decided that her discernment had been somewhat impaired as of late. Thankfully, the organizer on the other end of the mail service understood and simply gave her some fairly nice stand to watch from. If she was being completely honest with herself, she really wasn't terribly interested in going: Especially if someone was only calling her in because of her wonderbolt status. She'd hoped the calls would have stopped by now. With how little she'd been going to the demonstrations lately, being forgotten about would have been preferable. In the end, she accepted the offer so already she was on her way. Making it to the station just in time to hear the conductor calling out for the late arriving passengers. With a short rush of wind she was already past the doors, ticket in hoof. "Thanks, Mister." She said almost reflexively as she started down the Hallway, "See you when you collect the tickets." Toting her luggage behind, her eyes bounced between each cabin numbers and the ticket in her hoof. The bag was fairly heavy, even for her. So many larger than average clothes for a larger than average flier. Her Saddle Arabian ancestry made her shopping in general pretty difficult thanks to her taller build. Finding winter clothes for the crystal empire was almost an ordeal by itself. Still, she found some and now they were packed up in the bag behind her. Maybe she should have taken up Mother's offer to make use of the tailor's back home but Fiver's pride hadn't fallen so far ... yet. Finally finding a matching number on her ticket, Fiver knocked a few times for courtesy and then opened up the door. She looked over the occupants already present and smiled. This was a varied group she'd stumbled in upon. A griffin, an Earth Pony, a pegasus. If she waited a little longer maybe a dragon could pop by. That green maned pegasus looked like she might just be about ready to explode with how much she was shaking... Must be nervous. The black griffin sketching away at her pad made her curious, but she managed to resist the urge to peek: She heard some artists were very touchy about being watched in the middle of a work in progress. Seeing a seat by the corner of the cabin, Fiver took it and carefully put her luggage in the proper compartment. "Okay..." Once that was done she slacked down into her seat with a sigh, "Um... This everyone's first trip to the empire?"
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    Wandering Astray [Closed] Pretzelparty

    "Nonsense! With how few visitors we get up here, it's my duty as a host to provide for them. especially one's who've been as giving as you." Taira wasn't the type to leave a kind pony alone in the mountains, "... Besides It not like I have too much that's worth taking." He chuckled softly as he opened up the door. Once Night breeze was inside, Taira galloped ahead and moved along to the kitchen. In a flash he came back with some cool water for the mare. "I can also get some tea if you prefer that. " He said with a pleased smile, "We've got a decent assortment." With Breeze's question, Taira gave a nod. "Perhaps it's because of the environment I grew up in, but I'm very capable of exhaling thick mists that can do quite a few things. Seems the default for them is a relaxing mountain scent." He takes in a deep breath and exhales a puff of fragrant mist that wafted and swayed in the air before it snatched up a box of tissues from the kitchen counter and brought it over to the stocky stallion. "It's a pretty useful skill." He said as he dabbed his snout with one of the squares, "On a good day I can make this place very... zen."
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    An Adventure RP!

    Sorry for the wait. I talked ot staff and you should now be certified!
  9. Yeesh. That was certainly... a look. Hogo-sha had seen shellshocked gaze here and there. He'd even given a few of his own when he was first starting out and trying get past his hangups with failure. Thankfully, he'd managed to pull through such a look with time and experience. Like He'd said before, he'd been fighting a while... more then likely twice as long as his opponent had. On some level he envied her raw strength, but goodness that was a sad gaze. The Dog stood unshaken, the stare only managing to stimulate his curiosity. A smile coming to his muzzle as she tapped the wooden sword, his narrowed as he felt his heartbeat quicken in anticipation. His ears twitched ever so slightly as the cow's hoofs clopped against the cold ground of the arena. On the first tap he dropped the smile, the second tap his eyes narrowed, and on the third he was ready. He was surprised, not so much by her speed but by this risky venture. Eyes were glued to her haunches as they came around... he waited for the moment when they would soon be thrust in his direction and swiftly moved out of way: looking for a moment like a blur of black and blue. When the cow's leg's came out he was already at her side and delivered a quick jab at the cow's side. The impact wouldn't deal much damage to a hardy 'caribou' like her but being jabbed by a blunt object still hurt... and her opponent's strength managed to slide her backwards about two feet. "You've got very good Hoofing there!" He called out, "If you’re done testing the waters. I hope I've been satisfactory."
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    An Adventure RP!

    I could definitely give Fiver a try. Haven't played her in years but it could be fun! As for what causes of wha tstrands them there... How about someone just uncouples the latch connecting their car to to the train? If they were near the back and in the middle of a snowstorm thent eh car could get sorta left behind and the train could just keep on going?
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    An Adventure RP!

    I'd like to offer up a few characters if that's okay! There's my former Wonderbolt, Fiver. My Neighponese Bartender (and secret yokai)... and nothing else, Toboe Hiretsuna. And lastly my Neighponese Golem trainer, Hoshi Shirogane.
  12. As renowned caribou were for their warriors, Lately Hogo-sha's time in their land was getting... disappointing. It wasn't his first time in Saarvagerg, this traveler had made several visits in the past to hone his skills in a fight. When he first showed up he he had already been tempered through training with his old master, so he had a bit of an edge of the regular fighter. But now he'd become something of a seasonal regular. He had the advantage of experience now over most of the competition, normally he had his most fun in the royales, or when there was a notable talent in the ring. Seems that one had finally managed to show up. This curious scarred caribou showed remarkable strength, even for... whatever she was. There was no fooling this "dog's" nose. An unmistakable scent of magic seemed almost baked into her form or whatever was covering it. Whatever reason she had for concealing herself from the caribou wasn't something Hogo-sha was concerned with. Right now there was a promising scrap in front of him and he was not about to let the chance slip. The black dog nimbly hopped over the fallen bou around him, his own number of beaten opponents already fairly impressive, though clearly this silent cow had outpaced him. "It's good to see someone around here with a some genuine talent..." The dog approached his opponent with a warm smile, "I'm Hogo-sha." While the strange dog seemed welcoming enough to his opponent, he was hardly open. He had an air about him, something that just said he was prepared for what was to come his way... or that he at least felt he was. "I've been coming here a long time... and I look forward to days when I meet someone skilled." He casually handed off the weapon in his left hand to his right and pointed the Bokken* toward the cow. This wooden sword was entirely clean, not a speck of blood or dent on it. Members of the audience might have noticed that earlier he's not really been fighting with the sword in any serious way. Mostly just tapping opponents in vital areas here and there then knocking them across the stage or into other fighters. None he hit though were ever preocupied and he took care to not interrupt the battles of others in the arena.
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    Second album where I store my Original character art.
  14. Yama was always eager to meet new creatures himself so as soon as Silverstream zipped back over to him he mirrored her words with perfect intonation. "I'm a w--- I'm a Kirin! From the eastern lands of Neighpon! I've never gotten to meet a bird um... pony?" The stallion paused a moment to ponitficate what exactly made a pony a pony (one of life's deepest philosophical queries) but then perked back up and bowed his head in greeting. "I'm Yamakara no Ongaku! Means "music of the mountains" back home but my friends all call me 'Yama' for short! It's nice to meet you and it wouldn't bother me if you played a kirin!" Him not actually being a kirin probably made that call so much easier to make. Gallus' little "Hey." managed to catch Yama's attention very easily, "Hey there! Nice to meet you, stranger!" Yama didn't say anything, but watched as the peppy Hippogriff shared a couple words with the griffin. His brow arched a moment and his eyes widened when he saw the blue birdcat fluff up and took note of him catching his breath. A small smile came to his face as Gallus stumbled through a response to SIlverstream's question. Yama was not a stallion who was good at concealing his feelings so his gleeful smile as his eyes bounced between the two feathery friends might seem a little out of place. Realizing that this thing between the two of them probably couldn't benefit from his excitement right now he brought his attention back to the game... then made his way over to the table across from the orange dragon. He gave Smolder a cheery smile and wave from across the table, "Hey there! I like your horns! Maybe one day I can grow mine to be as long and shiny too!" Was that an insensitive thing to say? Yama hadn't met many dragons but from the stories he heard they sounded really cool if a bit rough around the edges when it came to friendliness. But he came from a family where play wrestling was common. Had to be tough to live on the mountains after all! Oh! Was that common ground for them? He heard Dragons often lived among mountain peaks...maybe that could be a conversation topic later! Hearing Smolder elaborate on her character and the spells she'd use he grinned, "Thanks for making my job a little easier! I'm gonna bring in a cleric character I made a loooooooooooong time ago." The stallion took in a deep breath and exhaled some wisps of green flames... although they didn't set fire to the table. Instead they picked up a pencil and drew out a simple but decent doodle of a dragon in what seemed like to be clerical vestments and holding a hammer. "Her name's Lamplight and she's a a good natured dragon whose left her homeland in the far mountains to spread the word of her faith mostly through healing but other times by smashing if the need arrives." He looked up to smolder, "When i first made her up I actually pictured her around your size! She didn't turn out as cool looking as you did I think." "Thanks again for the seat and sheats, Miss Yona! I do have some questions though? Are the racials and stats for dragons in the game still the same as I remember?" The stallion scoured his brain for the text he recalled reading all that time ago, "If I remember right was like a plus one to physical and magic for every ten gold pieces on you? Having to role for constitution every turn when battle is going on around those red and orange trees? The ability to fly a short distance?" To any of those familiar with the game some of these might sound familiar to varying degrees... but the odd thing was that the bonuses he listed were from an older edition of the game. About at least forty years old. Maybe his first game was just with a really old set. Sure. That's it.
  15. O and O post coming either tonight or tomorrow afternoon. 

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  16. Ponyville was so interesting and there were so many generous souls filling it. Just from playing in the town square recently, Yama had been able to buy a big breakfast for himself and even a lunch! Food couldn't satisfy all his needs, though. He needed some recreation! What could he do in a town so generous as this? He could visit that apple farm and see if he could volunteer his services... but that dog of theirs might be a bit too curious about him. Maybe all of that Hullabaloo at that school could present an interesting opportunity. He'd paid his brother a visit the other day and he said something about a game of O and O being played. Yama had watched his brother play that game a couple times... and even joined in once! back when it first released (boy how long ago was that?) he played a cleric. Maybe this was the chance when he could play her again! Or maybe he could be a diamond dog rogue of somekind. The possibilities were endless! As the bouncing ball of blonde energy cantered through the hallways he noticed the distinct smell of yak coming from one of the doors! This must be the place! He remembered Yona from his time at the running of the leaves in the stands. One day had to see if he could get her to be the lead vocals for a band. Well, those were ideas for later. Now it was time to throw some dice! The second he popped his head in the door he noticed a couple fascinating knew faces! Hoping to make a good first impression, he hung his intrument on the coat-rack by the door with its strap. He dipped his head in greating in spoke up in his usual cheery register,"Hey there, Everyone! Is this really just welcoming anybody in to play? I'm a little rusty but I'd love to get a chance to roll some dice with all of you!"
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    "Hmmm..." Taira smiled at the mare, "Well the cabin isn't far away. There's some food there and I can offer ya. I'm sure the family won't be too bothered to hear I fed a traveler in need of some hospitality. Especially if they helped me get over a cold!" He looked the mare over once or twice again to be sure sure she could still walk to the cabin or if he might need to go get the stuff. She seemed to be doing better since her spell cast but, the old stallion kept glancing back when he began to lead on ahead down a serene looking path through the woods. The sounds of the forest filled the air. Birds chirped, wind blew, the cicada sang their solemn calls and those seemed to echo around the tree trunks all around the pair. In addition to the natural symphony around the, Seemed that Taira was in good enough spirits to hum some upbeat number wordless with each step. With the next turn, the cozy cabin came into view. It wasn't terribly large, had a simple tile roof and seemed to be sturdy enoguh to survive the elements up here at the very least. The doors and windows seemed a bit larger than one might see as normal, but hardly out of place for ponies with larger frames. "I wish I'd learned how to heal things... sadly my magic seems only good at relaxing ponies or sometimes confusing them."
  18. Hogo-sha couldn't help but notice that derisive look from the big creature. What was with his attitude? Hogo-sha had grown accustomed to looks like that from the Canterlot nobility he occasionally passed by, but on a gigantic mug like that it somehow felt even more annoying. He gave a roll of his eyes at that giant creature and just gave a somewhat dismissive sounding laugh, one of those laughs that you knew was laughing at you: When someone isn't even bothering to take you seriously or with respect. The visitor's ears perked up at the sound of a voice from up above. Seemed this large kitten's master had decided to address him, "Good Morning, Your Highness! I'm flattered by your assumptions, but sadly the only high rank or office I could hold is only in a very small pack on a mountaintop back home. I do hope to represent my people in a greater capacity someday! All I am is the son of an old dog." Seemed the gaze of the sphinx had managed to unnerve a few ponies that they parted around the Dog. At least this gave him some room to bow his head towards Blueblood. If anything, Hogo-sha was not going to let this overgrown feline make him forget his good manners. "I've never gotten to see a Sphinx in anything other than pictures in books, Your highness. Could you ask him if the others of his kind are as large and mighty as the legends say they are? Is there a chance he may grow bigger in time?"
  19. World of Equestria: Age of heroes. Even before the founding and golden age of Equestria… there have been creatures with curious abilities beyond the norm. Some creatures able to jump tall building in a single bound, others could fire powerful bursts of energy from their eyes… and that’s not counting the even stranger things other have been shown to be able to do. One hero has stood above many others of her age, that of the Sun Sentinel. A mysterious mare who has protected the world from evils from the past many times over… but legends say that when she first appeared and began her rise as the symbol of hope for Equestria and some lands beyond, that she had a partner. A mystifying mare who manipulated and was empowered by the moonlight as she was the same with the sunlight. The stories say that after years [of jealousy had built up], She turned on her sister and partner and attempted to take over the world. A long battle raged until Sunlight Sentinel emerged victorious… They’re fight on the namesake of the former Moonlit Knight (and then, Nightmare Moon) covered it in the equine profile pattern of craters until using some legendary spell, The Sentinel sealed her partner and bound her to the moon. The scholars of myth say that this event is what caused the Sentinel to form her group of heroes and began a campaign to work with the government of Equestria to form the Sunlight academy: a school to teach the empowered individuals who desired it to learn how to use their powers well or for some, how to control them and to use them constructively. Over time, the school grew and grew until it became almost the size of a large town… in the current day it is a gigantic facility with the Lair of the Sunlight sentinel hovering high above it. Myths became a reality however after the night of Nightmare Moon’s return. A group of six heroes in the area of Ponyville: where the mare in the moon made her return. Together six solo heroes who had been fighting over the territory of Ponyville worked together to locate the magic used to seal her and instead used it to cleanse her of whatever evil had corrupted her. Although after using these elements, they dissipated and disappeared… That night left a mark on Equestria as all across the continent many heroes began springing up, some with no powers beyond their talents, others more so. But one thing has become clear: The age of heroes has only been emboldened by the return of the Moonlit Knight. While the government of Equestria has put her on trial… she has been sentenced to a type of community service in which she must now teach the new age of heroes. A roll she has taken to with Gusto along with her sister, her first act being to announce an initiative to allow villains who wish to turn over a new leaf to apply to the academy. (For those wondering what the content of this AU is supposed to be rated; think somewhere along the lines of the marvel cinematic universe, The justice league animated series, sky high ... and maybe my hero academia:P) Notable Figures The Sister Heroes Because of the important nature and weight these characters have on world I'm going to have to ask those who app them to work with me on what the backstory for them will be and about some aspects of this universe's lore is most likely to affect them. Sunlight Sentinel (Celestia): The sun themed exemplar and top heroine of the modern age and for the last thousand years. Her place in the world is now more a symbol of hope and peace for all creatures to strive for. In the past she had worked alongside her sister as the two most influential heroes of the age. Moonlit Knight turned on her out of jealousy (and possibly more). She has not chosen anyone as her personal protege but is looking for someone she believes could fit her type of mold once she has passed, not even the sun can last forever. The issues she faces is a mix of just how much she should use her powers to influence the world and also where to use them. In a world full of super villains it is not possible for even her to stop all of them, this is why she formed her school:To teach another generation of heroes how to use their powers wisely and for the greater good. Usually the only things that warrant her intervention are the appearances of immensely powerful villains of a world ending nature but often is able to stop crimes wherever she is while in canterlot so long as there’s no one else who can help. Due to her not taking up the role of rule in this universe, the old method of sunraising is still done by several skilled unicorn mages in Equestria. Her role as a mentor is stretched to the entire student body and she is often immensely protective of all of them. Known Powers. Solar energy manipulation and empowerment: Due to her nature and sun theme, Celestia does not control the sun itself but serves as a generator of powerful solar energy which manifests strongest during the day. Her powers allow her to use the sun’s energy to strengthen her abilities so that not only her magic but her physical capabilities allow her to hold her own in fights with the hardest hitting non magical bruises, her speed and reflexes have allowed her to keep up with (or be a bit slower) than even the fastest speedsters in Equestria and beyond. While her powers are impressive and potentially the strongest out of all heroes of the modern age, she is significantly weaker when cut from contact from the direct sunlight. Secret identity: N/A Thanks to her powers and alicorn status… and incredible height, Celestia has become fully invested in her persona is rarely seen out of costume. Moonlit Knight (Luna): Status: Appable The heroine turned villain turned heroine again. A contentious figure for this age, having grown in a tougher world than the one the modern ponies and creatures know, she has been hardened. While less… warm than her sister she is once more on the side of justice and eager to prove it to all who may doubt her. Unlike her sister who has had a thousand years worth of experience in crime fighting Luna has had considerably less but still enough to be a respected authority. Known powers: In fitting with her lunar theme, The Moonlit Knight’s abilities are based around the night and moonlight. Due to not having trained and honed them to the same lever her sister has (as well as being out of practice for a thousand years) Her ability to empower herself with the moon’s light is comparatively immensely weaker, despite this she has proven to be able to manipulate it to the point she is able to create constructs made of it to fight on her behalf, her conjuring abilities being second to none in this particular category. Unlike her sister who is always at her strongest during the day, Luna’s powers draw upon the moon’s phases and are strongest when it is full in the sky, and weakest when it has reached the new phase. Secret identity: Optional Luna while tall and still rather recognizable, thanks to her isolated area when she was cleansed the look of the Knight under her armor is still safe. It is entirely possible for her to go out and meet others if she so wishes. The Mane six (group title still unchosen) The mane six are all available to be apped and you are free to have them have whatever backstory and powers you wish so long as you don’t step on your fellow teammates toes. There are some conditions you’ll have to abide by if you wish to play them however: If you wish to play a member of the mane six their relationship with other characters in canon continuity will likely be different, one of the biggest differences will likely be that whoever apps Twilight Sparkle will not be The Sunlight Sentinel’s ward, protege, or whatever variation on that idea is as the sentinel has lived long enough and is aware she cannot show favoritism amongst a large body of students in such a way as she is working to be a role model for all creatures. Another condition is that seeing as the backstory and opening concept for this AU requires the mane six having actually been heroes who were originally against each other working in their territories but joined up to work together for the better of their town. It’s not likely they would have have a had a particularly close friendship (at least not in their costumed identities) However after the events of nightmare moons return and reformation, you’re free to take them in any direction you wish within reason. Government figures Since the two sisters didn’t take the role of raisers of the sun and moon and bringing of the day and night respectively, the current Equestrian government has several highly trained and powerful mages working to move the sun and moon each day through the sky. The land is in a state of mixing but still divided. While Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi do often live amongst each other there are still worries and the occasional bout of xenophobia from old, darker thoughts , feelings, and traditions that haven’t died out as quickly yet. In this world it’s most likely a trio of elected representatives from each species of pony work to try and come to agreements over what should be done about issues their world faces… but all things are susceptible to corruption. Technically the academy is run with the assistance of the council so many heroes have been worried about the effect it may have on the process of molding the heroes of the coming generation. Thanks to the combined efforts of the three species of pony and the long time spent between them Magitech has mademany advances, prosthetics are advanced and some are more like superpwered in their own right if you can afford/make them. gadgeteer and inventor heroes have been very popular for a while now. Major Locations: Sunlight Academy (in Canterlot) : The school of heroes and the empowered. Founded a thousand years ago by the Sunlight Sentinel herself, the academy has been (along with it’s founder) a beacon of hope to many an aspiring hero or empowered citizen: With the funding from the Equestrian government and the help of many scholars from across the land, it has experts in the fields of many of the powers that have appeared in the past. The major program for the academy is it’s hero training program for empowered who have either proven to be capable heroes or those who wish to go there and learn of their powers with the assistance of professionals first after having taken a difficult series of tests if they are just starting out. Once a hero has been approved for application of the academy they are subject to many classes that the school offers for different power categories after the empowered individuals capabilities are analyzed. Training drills are done regularly and eventually heroes will be trusted for more dangerous work if they haven’t been in dangerous situations before The other big program there is the empowered acclimation program. This course is for Empowered individuals who are not interested in being heroes, so much as learning to come to grips with the powers they have and finding ways to fit back into regular society. Some of this is for practice to learn control for more dangerous and powerful individual’s capabilities, but most of it is meant for those whose powers can inconvenience or hinder them in their everyday life. (at the time of writing this , these are the only areas that have a vaguely defined lore and even Ponyville is meant to be a flexible setting. Any locations, cities or towns in Equestria are fair game for any who wish to add their own superhero spin to each site… just don’t make everyplace all dark and gloomy, everyone! ) Ponyville: A still growing, large, and well established settlement a good trip away , but still adjacent to the academy. Ponyville is a flexible setting with a few heroes still operating in , the most prominent of those there being a sextet of mares with differing powers, abilities, and personalities. All of them show potential to be great heroes… but since the events of Nightmare moon’s return, they’re competition for recognition from Equestria and beyond as great heroes is growing more and more difficult. The biggest threats to Ponyville are regular attacks by creatures and oddities from the Everfree forest. What emerges from that place is rarely the same and always seems to have some strange abilities or method to give the local heroes a run for their bits. Application Rules and form: List of current Superheroes:
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    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Headless Hexxer Tier 4 Intelligence: 4 Strength: 4 Speed: 6 Durability: 6 Energy Projection: 5 Fighting Skills: 5 Tobohime (Kirin) Tier 3.5 (Yokaiju) Tier 4.5 Intelligence: 4 Strength: 4 Speed: 5 Durability: 4 Energy Projection: 5 (kirin) 7 (Yokaiju) Fighting Skills: 3 Avant Garde Tier 4 Intelligence: 4.5 Strength: 3 Speed: 4 Durability: 2 Energy Projection: 6 Fighting Skills: 4 Sunlight Sentinel Tier 5 *Relative to the position of the sun* Intelligence: 7 Strength: 6-7+ Speed: 5 Durability: 6 Energy Projection: 5 Fighting Skills: 6 Moonlit Knight Tier 5 *Moon and Armor Intelligence: 7 Strength: 4 - 5* Speed: 5 - 6* Durability: 4 - 6* Energy Projection: 7-7+ Fighting Skills: 6 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry to keep everyone waiting. Finally managed to finish this list. Would everyone be alright with me adding the Tier and Stat list to the character app sheet?
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    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    I don't have any issue with using both of these, frankly. I can see the pros and cons... Would everyone be alright trying to categorize their character according to where they land on these scales? I can start us off by trying to stat my character's starting with my latest.
  22. Hero Name: Tobohime Powers: Magic Crystal Generation: Capable of create crystal formations using breath magic. Can also generate them on her back, or create sudden formations around her by howling. Crystal Reflection Gate: Is able to make use of a pocket dimension that she can enter or drag others into by using the reflective surface of her crystals as a gateway. Can only be used if the surface is shiny enough. Yo-Kaiju Form: When needed, Toboe can return to her Yo-kaiju form. Typically this is done when dealing with giant threats that require a similar degree of force. In this form she is about 60 meters(196 feet) tall when on all fours, and twice this when on her hind legs. Back and legs are encrusted with magical crystals she can generate on her own, and can charge parts of her body with magic to increase her offensive capability. In this form she displays problem solving intelligence but is incapable of speech and is more temperamental when dealing with challenges than in her kirin form. Equine Form: Thanks to the magical procedure she went through, Tobohime is able to take on the form of a scaled down, Kirin version of herself, with a pony intellect and the ability to speak. She is still obviously not… normal as evidenced by her eyes and how when cut she seems to leak aether into the air rather than bleeding, like she does when in her usual size. Magical Condition: While in the form of a kirin, She is recognizably tougher than your average pony, and easily much stronger than one. Aether Sense: Is Able to sense changes in Not only Neighpon, but all of Equus’ magic. Can sniff out potent magical sources and is able to tell when foreign Kaiju are about to attempt an incursion event. Alias: Toboe, Himeko Backstory: Not Long after the event that first Mutated the oldest of Yokai and gave birth to the Yo-Kaiju. One of the stronger yokai who counted the northern range of Neighpon as his pack’s territory took a mate and started a small family. In his Native plain the old Okami kept careful watch over the ponies , despite what their dabbling in deeper magics did to his kin. One day however another of the Oldest Yo-Kaiju attacked. Destroying the old wolf and stealing his territory. The Wolf’s offspring survived but as they were driven from their home land they were brought to separate islands away from the usurping Yo-kaiju in the mountains. One of these pups was an ethereal, crystalline one that grew up in an Aether rich environment. With the help of The Neighponese Gov’t this pup was able to grow up and be cared for. The facility built for the creature made with the hopes of paying back a debt to the fallen Okami of the mountains. This Okami was given the nickname of “Tobohime” A reference to her limping gait when she first arrived at the island where the Mother left her in the care of the Neighponese: The pup liking having been injured during the escape of her home territory. Upon reaching adulthood, Tobohime (or Toboe as some of the staff called her) broke out of the facility’s pen when she sensed an external Kaiju’s Incursion. The Young Okami had taken some damage but managed to successfully defeat the would be-invader before it could devour Neighpon’s Aether. She continued to fight many other incursions, and even on some occasions had to defend herself against ponykind if she wandered into districts who preferred the giant golem approach… or if those districts sent something after her. Thanks to her history and curious relationship towards the ponies that she knew caring for her during her development, She was selected by the a branch of the shogunate to go through an experimental procedure. A device that would grant her a vague equine form and consciousness… at the cost of scaling down the immense power she carried inside. While the facility caring for her was against this, the were eventually force to submit. Thankfully, the process worked, giving the beast a chance to communicate and speak with the ponies who up until weeks ago she had to worry about stepping on. Notable Allies: The Handler: As his name states, he is an agent of the shogunate. His job is to monitor Toboe’s state and provide her with what she may need, be it food, water, psych evaluations. Has a friendly if professional relationship with her, in possession of a watch that allows him to summon her, or open a portal to bring in her kaiju form in case of emergencies. Is secretly a big fan of her father and mother’s exploits. Flashmob- Neighpon Division: The community of Flashmob sisters and brothers in Neighpon have proven a loyal and helpful ally. Interactions with them in either form have always been… strange, but usually entertaining. They’ve provided emergency aid to her after the tougher fights in the past. Mother: Mate of the Old Okami Yo-kaiju, had been raising her daughter and other offspring with the help of the Facility. Director of the O-Kamui Yo-Kaiju preservation facility: A kindly old pony who has a history with her pack. The Pack: Tobohime’s siblings are also housed on the facility, only one other has left it and moved into Shinku’s territory to try and take it back, This brother has not been seen since. The rest of the pack seems considerably less interested in fighting for the Neighponese as a whole but are willing to assist their sister when times are dire. Notable Villains: Shinku-No-Kabuto: The Massive Bear Yokaiju, currently ruling to northern mountain range and territories of Neighpon. Currently is the strongest living Yokaiju on the islands and has a tense relationship with the equine in his district. The Four Heirs: Four Yokaiju who have been designated the heirs to their respective territories. One for each cardinal direction they are each set to succeed their fathers or mothers in Neighpon. Currently conflicts have only risen with the Heir to the north, Kowasu:Daughter of Shinku. The Kintsukuroi: A mysterious group of ponies and yokai who have been seen around the sites of various Yo-kaiju’s demise. Goals currently unknown but they primarily seem to focus on holding rallies in which they speak of the return of those fallen heroes of Yokai-kind. The Outer Kaiju: The more monstrous and alien giant beasts that regularly emerge from the aether of Neighpon to try and untether the land from its native universe and/or steal the magical energy from the land itself for unknown means. General Notability: Despite her relatively short amount of time in the spotlight, Tobohime’s Yo-kaiju form has gotten some support from the larger populace of Neighpon. Due to her parent’s past exploits helping to protect Neighpon it has given her a great deal of goodwill and sympathy from many civilians. She even has a toyline of plushies… although they were made without her consent and it constantly bothers her that she is viewed with more pity than admiration due to her circumstances. Her appearances in a kirin form has only recently been announced to the public and opinions are split.
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    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    To all Roleplayers here! I'm currently trying to cook up a sort of... I suppose, rating system for both heroes and villains. LIke a scale of power/influence a character has so we don't up with a really out of balance situation in a thread. Anyone have any thoughts on this idea?
  24. Being in Ponyville always brought some... very conflicting feelings up in Bevel. The memory of the type of mare she was before she even came here was still fresh in her mind and it an image she dearly wished she could forget. Thankfully, she managed to schedule something that could keep her from being completely alone with her thoughts on this trip: A tour of the (relatively) new castle of Princess Twilight, and the company that would be with her for it. In this case it was her good friend Dunnie, who had come to her with a problem that Bevel was able to find a treatment for. Now the treatment evolved somewhat to where her friend was able to keep her new look indefinitely so long as she kept her bracelet on. The guide for this tour was someone Bevel had come to know through a regular customer of all things. When they'd first met the inventor knew she was a guard, but she definitely didn't realize that she would soon become more literal example of a royal guard: Being a guardian to none-other than princess Twilight herself. A couple letters later she managed to arrange a trip through the castle... aren't connections wonderful? Bevel had decided to go for a more casual look today, for once she wasn't seen with a bandaid across her nose. Instead, she was wearing a pair of thick eyeglasses on her muzzle. Normally she might have worn her contacts or goggles but didn't expect anything particularly troublesome or exciting to occur. With a small yawn the prench pony looked to the friend at her side, “So um... how's the bracelet been working since the modifications?”