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  1. Taira was nothing if not a wolf of his word. He'd promised not to take any shortcuts with magic while he worked and he was going to stick to that. "Thanks to your family's filling breakfast I'm sure I won't get tired for some time. " He did a few preparatory stretches before bowing his head, "I'll do you proud, Applejack." Thank goodness it was only running he needed to do. If there was one thing Taira did it was run. Well, running and lollygagging. Taking the silver in the running of the leaves was more than enough in his mind he was capable of doing a long distance run. If anything, this would improve his stamina. Seeing the apples already being tossed into the press, Taira didn't waste his time. The swift yokai making his way onto the treadmill and taking his place. He started slow at first, just getting feel to this device. Did she call it a treadmill? Such a curious term. Dwelling on it for too long might affect his performance so he pushed on and in good time made it to a sprint. The stone grinder on the big vats went to work in perfect pace with the Lupine powering it. His run was visibly different to a pony's gallop, more like a speedy series of bounds as he made good time on the device. Soon he caught the scent of something on the air, "Hm! Blueblood is in town... I'll have to bother him once the day is done!" he thought to himself. While Taira was onthe mill he couldn't quite allow himself a distraction but he was happy to see a friend again.
  2. Hogo-sha couldn't help but think about what the Jarl had said, there was a grain of truth to it. The only way this wolf thought that it may not fully apply to him was because 'Breeding' was not something he thought positively of. Hogo-sha's desires lead to him surpassing his breeding and being better than his father. To be a figure of renown whose story would be shared for years upon years. Perhaps going around as he was could be more interesting to try in the future. Soon, the topic went on to the Bull's pitch. It was a tempting offer on some levels, but repulsive on others. A chance to fight in great battles against strong warriors? That was entirely up this dog's alley. Raiding vessels and stealing from others, that was not something Hogo-sha could live with however. Rather than speaking immediately, Hogo-sha turned to his new acquaintance. She seemed very excited by the offer. Unreasonably so in fact... there was a story there, one he hoped to one day learn about. The fact the Jarl's Lupine guest was so quiet, likely betrayed his hesitance. "Jarl. I will admit, the chance to exercise the power one has trained and gained is a tempting one. The opportunity to fight against the best opponents of this world is very enticing on its own." He cleared his throat, "But... I would rather take what power I possess can grant me on my own terms and without raids on those who have nothing to do with this country's internal issues. Most importantly however: There is a great issue that I could not get past if I aided you in your endeavor." The wolf smiled at the caribou across the table, "That issue being: I wish to defeat you in combat one day." He momentarily glanced to the silent caribou then back to the Jarl, "You see. One of your ancestors who warred wth Neighpon along with other caribou clans once was defeated by my father. If I am to step out of his shadow, defeating you will always be a high list on my agenda. Serving you with such a desire would probably not suit your needs."
  3. Flash's reminder about her costume from that nightmare was quite the blast from the past. She hadn't thought about that in so long, "I liked it too... but getting all that blue dye out of my coat was such a pain. It was worth it in the end, though." Soon, Presteza found herself the center of a few questions. Flash was right, The empress did travel with a sometimes ridiculous amount of security detail even in places that had no reason to harm her. It surprised this unicorn how close she'd managed to get and not be removed by some member of the watch. It seemed that Suall was rather concerned about this as well. "Well..." She began with a bit a blush, "It's more like she popped in on me." The painter idly itched her nose as she remembered the garden in which she'd first met Yu along with her procession. "I was doing some sketches in the gardens -I know it was a bad idea- and got very focused on the task... and the next moment I looked up I saw The Empress and her procession. I asked a couple nosy questions and... eventually the empress asked one back. I'd been asking if she'd like me to paint her or one of her servants and eventually she said yes!" With a smile she thought back to the night, "We talked for a while, got to share stories... and by the end of the night. She offered me the chance to work in the palace." She figured she'd give the broad strokes of the night. Yu had told Presteza many things and confided in her often... and she wasn't about to overshare sensitive feelings of such a good friend, especially in such an important position! Fire's remark immediately brought another blush to the painter's face. Fire did have a bevvy of stories from their fillyhood they could share. Stories of sneaking out to go to shows, times when pressy brought her along to all the fun spots in town. Stories where the unicorn's magical malady caused them a bit of trouble that they'd have to deal with. That pretzel stand would never be the same... Swift's next question about where the next trip would take her did make Presteza think. Where would she go now? there were a few places she'd had in mind. "Actually..." The mare took a quick sip of her water, " ... I'd been thinking about going on another trip to Whitescar for awhile but I've heard it can be a bit fierce this time of year. While I'm sure Flash here would be the best bodyguard I could ask for, I wouldn't wanna steal him from his duties for one of my whims." smiled at flash and gently brushed up against him, "I'd heard that there are Wolves over there that live in moving snowstorms and are three times the size of those Arctic Worgs that lurk in the northern equestria's snowy landscapes. Thankfully the roads are safe because of those warrior guards that keep the trade routes safe: The Vakstyra."
  4. Toboe still was trying to catch wind of something, before she knew it Nensho's scent was close and then it was immediately upon her when her puphood friend pulled her into a hug. It was a welcome embrace. With it came a rush of relief, a smile coming to her muzzle as she hugged her friend back. "Thank goodness you're alright, Nensho. I was scared I might have lost you in the crash." Toboe nuzzled into the embrace, "Are you alright? Hurt anywhere?" She sniffed at the air a few times again, nose flinching as the wind whipped Nensho's scarf against the end of her snout. He certianly didn't smell like blood... that's good. Wait. There is some blood on the air. Where was it coming fro- The wolf's ears perked as she heard somepony calling out. "Nensho... Do you hear that?" Toboe sniffed again at the air and quickly discovered where the smell came from. It was from under some wreckage of wood and snow not far away from this pair of hugging wolves. Then came a sound that made Toboe's eyes widen. First some muttered words and sound of something igniting. When she turned to the source of the noise she saw a very tired looking stallion with a glowing sword charging at her and Nensho! Thank goodness Nensho and her were in better shape. She'd have to apologize for this later too... Toboe had to push Nensho off and then jump backwards. Letting Squall run past the both of them. With no time to try and turn back into her disguise, Toboe lowered herself and glared at the attacker. "If you know what's good for you. You'll put that ... Glow... sword... Thing. Away. NOW." Her muzzle wrinkled up as she struggled against the urge to bare her teeth. If this stallion came here to start a fight with other survivors, Toboe wasn't having it. Then something clicked in her head! "Wait! Is your name 'Swift'?"
  5. HAnabi smiled brightly at Feng's words. That feeling of glee filling her as she was hugged in tighter, and only deflating a little when Feng loosened his grip. Wingpit or no, she was happy to get some affection from this dear friend of hers. "I wouldn't be surprised." She said as she got up alongside the stallion, "... I was in too much of a hurry to see how the roc climbing went. I'm sure it will be fine, I likely didn't place as high as I did in the cupcake eating." Given her true nature, Hanabi assumed that at this point she may as well have been disqualified. Having concealed her true identity and almost getting caught probably was some form of misconduct that necessitated retribution somehow. Feng's worries about Tempest hit a chord with the fox, "... Well, right now they seem to be talking about some other world with no ponies... apparently Sunset has been there before?" Sharp ears could be useful but with a conversation like Sunset and Tempests and no context, Hanabi was truly flummoxed. She looked back to Feng, "... I would see if they wish to approach us first, but if you think we should. I'll follow." "
  6. With a pleased and satisfied smile, Hogo-sha walked into the stands. Ah, Whitescar. Such a wonderful place to find good challenges! Lately things had been lacking so this dog had decided spectate for today. He'd fought earlier this week and ... that was such a fun battle royale. Now , with some time to relax and admire the other fighters once again. The crowd's occasional roar of excitement seeming to shake the stadium witht the sheer power of raw enthusiasm. It could be so infectious sometimes. Taking a seat down beside the cloaked stallion he smiled, "Good day, Stranger. How are the battles today?" The samurai sat his own weapon down beside him a he took a seat on the stone.
  7. Had it really been so long since she'd heard somepony compliment her looks in this sort of context? The flush that rushed to her cheeks told her yes. One nervous chuckle later she smiled at her date, "Thanks, Flash... I was actually a little worried that this gown looked a little silly on me." She brushed a hoof over the hem of her skirt to straighten it, the fabric having been jostled by the overeager princess. Turning her attention back to romantic princess trying to learn more about Squall and Fire Walker's engagement, Presteza couldn't help but chuckle. "Poor Squall. I've seen those two together for so long... You just know that she'll have so much she wants to know." Presteza had known Fire and Squall as a couple for ages and it always amazed her how well they complimented one another. It was also fascinating seeing just how much the Squall of today seemed to differ from the squall of a while back. Perhaps all the time with Fire Walker was to thank for that... and speaking of Fire. "C'mon, Fire... Between you and Flash here you're gonna turn my cheeks into tomatoes." With a smile she gave Fire a side long hug, "I don't know too much about being patient. I still get seized by the urge to paint somepony on the spot sometimes. That's how I met the Empress!" For now presteza was happy talking with her friends, and gradually her attention drifted away from the noblestallion's conversation. It was remarkable how well he could manage to talk to so many at once, he truly was a noble to the core.
  8. This was, for all intents and purposes an absolute mess. The twister from before spoke to this rogue alicorn's lack of concern for property damage. Raining all these spells down on the park though... The repair crew will be SO miffed. Hexxer could only imagine what would happen in the Sentinel was here, this was the kind of thing that got a reprimand in the academy... and that was scary enough. When A villain went this mad it usually ended up being a fight that few were willing to ask questions about. Battles that could shake cities to dust or so she'd been told. Looking over to her temporary ally in this fight she grit her teeth, "Someone doesn't seem to know the meaning of Restraint." Seeing what seemed to be an opening in Lightning's Guard, Shadows rose up and surrounded the cyborg's body. The practically cocooned her, and what's more the darkness seemed to begin to try seeping inside the smallest of chinks and gaps in her chassis. Dark tendrils slinking deeper to try and tear and claw at circuits around joints to disable this opponent while she had the drone dazed.
  9. Farm life was much more intense than Taira had thought. Back home and back in time he used to talk to many of the pony farmers back in Neighpon. He got to learn about their various struggles and through what magic he had he'd try to make things easier for them. This was the first time he'd had to help out in person on a farm. He'd pulled the plow, helped plant seeds, Dug holes for the seed (He was very good at that), and even carried big bags to and from the barn. It certainly gave this old dog a workout he hadn't gotten to indulge in for years upon years. He felt like he'd actually gained some muscle since he'd come to Ponyville, how delightful! When Applejack told him that a big event was coming up, Taira was ecstatic. The Running of the Leaves was so much fun! He could only imagine how much fun Cider Season might be. He listened carefully to the instructions, he certainly hoped he would be able to try some by the end of the day. The sweet scent of autumn was on the wind, Taira started his day with a big yawn and stretch before he headed out of the guest room. After breakfast he did some stretches in front of the house to prepare himself for the day, enjoying the cool, crisp air filling his lungs as he took a deep breath. Barrels were being rolled in with care by their newest volunteer, "So, we use these to make drinks. Right?" The wolf sniffed curiously at the barrels as they were moved along. The Apples smelled absolutely amazing, this crop must be one of the better ones. With a smile he rolled them into place, "You wanted me on the Cider press, right?"
  10. Of all the things Hogo-sha expected to receive from this endeavor, a hug from a princess was something he surely did not expect. He definitely wasn't prepared for it, but being able to grant somepony such a relief was worth the slight discomfort. The traveling wolf's unease wasn't from the embrace. It was actually from the intense magical scent that he could feel coming off the princess in waves. He could feel his nose starting to twitch... Thankfully, Twilight let him go not long after the contact. After a quick rub of his snout he smiled at her and bowed forward, "You are very much welcome, Princess Twilight. I'm glad to be of assistance." "I can understand how stressful it can be to stress over an artifact's purpose."With a pleasant chuckle he would pat the side of his bags, "I once carried an object in my youth I was so sure was a relic because of how saturated in the magical scent it was... I had it for five years until someone told me it was a practice target at a Neighponese magic school and didn't do anything at all." He heaved a sigh, so much time wasted on that silly bauble. At least he had plenty of time to think about other relics. From her previous remark about him being able to break Starswirl's sixth law, Hogo-sha figured that Twilight must have already been informed of his nature. In a flash of harmless electrical magic patterns he strolled up to the stone. He looked over it from a few angles first, "Well, from what the tales told... It will grant you a wish, but only a wish that gives you the chance to attain a form of Harmony based upon your request. So... Say, a pony wishes for a cure to an illness that overtakes his hometown: this is one of the stories. The stone gives him the power ot never catch a cold again... But he has to find a magical flower that only blooms once in a century. The story goes he went to seek this flower of myth with a clue that the stone granted him, when he reaches it he finds the it belongs to a strange group of tiny equine. He takes the flower, driven by his desire for fame. However he soon finds himself shrunken down. It turns out his task was to know the small creatures living around the flower as they knew the cure to the illness... in taking this flower so greedily he fails to attain a form of harmony by letting a drive for fame overcome his willingness to learn from an unexpected source. Now he lives among the tiny ponies to learn the humility he lacked... and his village finds itself miraculously cured."
  11. While Hanabi could still make out what both Tempest and sunset were saying, but her attention was firmly fixated on Feng. She'd seen her friend like this before, back when he was younger. Still, that look of helplessness was far too familiar. It was a little different than last time. Back in the forest Feng's wings weren't so large that she could be embraced by them. Now... when she did get closer she found herself hugged up beside the goodhearted Longma. Pressed up so close to the stallion she felt a rush of heat to her face, thank goodness for the fur. It hid the blush well enough but she wasn't too sure about her heart beating away in her chest as joy overflowed within her. To the recently exposed fox, she felt happier than she'd been in years. She wasn't aware of how Feng was feeling about this hug, just enjoying the closeness and for once, feeling like her hopes with this stallion may not truly be in vain. Hanabi huddled in closer in the embrace, the eight tails starting to sway in content. Her ears perked when Feng spoke up once again... about friendship and the magic it had. Perhaps the Equestrians were on to something. "I'll tell you the same thing I told you years back, you'll always have it in you to beat this curse you speak of... " She'd heard Feng speak of this family curse when he was young, "... And even if I don't have the power to dispel it now. Maybe I will soon." With that, Hanabi laid her head against the Longma's shoulder. Happy to take the time to calm her nerves...
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  13. "Isn't that the truth?" Presteza responded with a soft chuckle, "Long Guo is beautiful, but it's somehow a little bit more turbulent than I thought it would be. The palace is so... lively!" Indeed it was, From her time in Long guo she'd gotten to know many a face in the palace. Some she could tell were hiding secrets. There was one certain Empress that came to mind who may well be hiding a secret from herself: one about her feelings for a certain member of the watch. Even now, Presteza couldn't help but wonder how that would play out... and hope that her very stressed friend could come to terms with her true feelings. Hopefully Pressy and Yu's letter correspondence would lead to some good news on that front. ... But for now, it was time for merriment! Squall's remark about the Crystal Faire made her cringe and look over to flash. The guard's stallion would feel a slight brush against his hoof underneath the table, His date trying give him some subtle consolement out of sight of the other guests. "Oh! Where are my manners? This handsome stallion is the very model of a modern member of the Royal Guard: Flash Sentry!" She took a moment to respond to that last bit of information from Squall and looked over to her friend, "Really?" She chuckled a little and eyed her reflection in one of the fancy wine glasses on the table, "Do I really look old enough to be a miss already, Flash?" Then came that loud announcement! Goodness, where did they find all these creatures with such incredible vocal cords. The closest this mare ever got to that level of volume was when one of her many magical misfires went off. Still, she bowed her head to the princess and her consort upon approach hoping that Flash might be able to answer her question later on. Princess Cadence seemed as resplendent as usual. Her beloved Shining armor a true vision of handsomeness, the both of them perfectly complementing one another... She really should ask to do a portrait of the two of them together. A certain Remark that Shining made did catch her attention though, "A paladin definitely fits you! I'd probably be a Discord attuned Sorceress! *" Her remark didn't get to linger long as she found herself bumped away by an incredibly zealous princess. This was already becoming a remarkable night! Being shoved away like that still felt a little undignified so she tried to steady herself shortly after. Quickly she scooted close to flash and smiled, "You okay? I didn't get the number on that carriage that hit us." She said in a playful, yet hushed whisper.
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  15. The "dog" Heaved a small sigh as the Jarl so casually announced his true nature. How very rude and blunt... It was good that such bluntness was a thing this dog admired about the caribou's culture. Still, it was a tad dissapointing. "Well this is a bit of a dissapointment." sparks started to jump and crackle across his fur as the wooden sword he'd been holding in his hand began to float, "I'd been hoping to have this revealed in the arena when I found a good opponent who wouldn't back down." In a quick flash the diamond dog that had been in Hogo-sha's seat shifted back into a decidedly less bipedal shape. The ethereal lupine's coat still clung to back, and now the sword he'd brought with him simply floated to rest comfortably at his side. While Silent Lightning went over to the pool of barely dried blood, Hogo-sha was rolling his neck to get any kinks out and then dipped his head to the Jarl in respect. That smile didn't leave his muzzle, "I'd been hoping to meet you someday... Granted this is much sooner than I'd hoped." Hogo-sha had heard stories of the Red Jarl... and if he'd done his homework right, than this caribou's ancestor was one of his father's opponent's that managed to scar him. It would be such a great addition to this Okami's legend if he could manage to defeat this bull in combat someday. Hogo-sha was no fool though, he heard of the Red Jarl's incredible prowess. Skilled as this wolf was he was still too young to be able to defeat such a foe.... yet. "I hope this revelation doesn't need to leave this room. If some caribou end up coming for my fur while I leave the stadium I'd hate to leave too big a mess to be cleaned up." Sometimes a bit of posturing was too much to pass up. Looking over to Silent lightning he smiled seeing the name she'd written down, "Ah... The last of the Irondrakes? How very interesting... they were a fierce clan from what stories I'd heard. No wonder you made such a remarkable opponent." Hogo-sha didn't know why this curious combatant went with this background. He could tell she was no caribou... why hide so deeply into this cover when there were so many different species to come to this arena.
  16. "You're very welcome, Anu-san." Said the dog as he bowed his head back, "I do hope you've looked into any nonviolent solutions though. To know when to and not to use the power one has acquired is one the most important traits of a good ruler, is it not?" Hogo-sha listened carefully to the Prince's assessment. While he tried to carry himself like nobility, he wasn't in any sense that ponies might be impressed by. Hearing what the actual upper crust of equine society (and now canine society) would hopefully prove to be an educating experience. Still, he hoped that things could remain cordial for the time being. Stories he'd read as a pup often made out royalty to be the tiniest bit... touchy. Soon though, the dog's attention was snatched up by the tantalizing scent of fish. That was his absolute favorite dish, he hoped they had salmon. Oh wait, there was definitely some salmon here. "Excuse me a moment, friends." The nimble dog made his way towards the source of that delectable scent. It seemed to be coming from one of the stalls at the far end of the market. "Your Highness, If your feline friend hasn't tried Salmon... perhaps I could make a reccomendation?"
  17. Even Hogo-sha had to cringe at that stereotypical parody of a language these frauds were trying to pass off as legitimate. He came to these jungles in the hopes of some true adventures... if these ponies wanted to play pretend then this 'dog' would. Unfortunately for these fellows, Hogo-sha could play very rough! Hogo's sword was in actuality, not a metal blade. It was a just an enchanted wooden sword made by a friend of his family. Through magic, he could transmute it into something similar but didn't normally like to. in this case he had to agree with the sentiment that these ponies weren't worth using any metal on. Not wanting to spill any blood but also wanting to put some fear in these tasteless ponies, he decided maybe some intimidation might be in order. Normally, Hogo-sha didn't enjoy using illusions. He prefered just using his physical strength and he lightning spells. Though against a crowd, perhaps some auditory illusion could be beneficial. As the 'tribe' came within both earshot and visual range, Hogo-sha took in a deep breath while electricity crackled and jumped across his coat. He let out a furious sounding howl that seemed to echo through the forest ... at least to the oncoming ponies. The wolf stared straight ahead, focusing his illusory works on the crowd before him and sparing both Pocket and Wind Whistle. If pocket took a moment to analyze he'd see it was some spell that seemed to cause Hogo-sha to appear larger to the crowd, like he was a wolf the size of three carriages! The wolf approached slowly, speaking in a calm... but serious sounding voice. "You... Have Forgotten your tributes, Tribesponies... I am an Envoy of the God of the storms. I am here to collect and reek great vengeance for this grave mistake. Prepare to be JUDGED!" He hoped that they might fall for this ploy, not that he was too worried if they saw through it.
  18. "I know right?" Said the unicorn as she looked around the aforementioned 'shindig', "I've been in Long Guo so long I was worried I'd forgotten when big expensive Equestrian parties can really look like." Indeed it had been such a long while since, Presteza had attended any sort of ball like this. She'd received letters about the latest from family and friends, but now that she was back in Equestria she could experience them all over again! It would take some time to truly get back into these things... When she was a filly she never cared for the pomp and circumstance of nobility and their fancy parties, but with all the changed Equestria had gone through perhaps things had changed. ... Not enough that she didn't have to bring out her old ball-gown. It had been so long she'd worn it. A quick trip to a certain tailor helped take it out a little for all the growing she'd done while out of town. "I'm glad I was able to dig this out of my cabinet's back home." She said with a small smile before looking over flash as they walked over to the table with him, "... You said that tuxedo was new? You pull it off really well!" He really did. She hadn't thought too deeply on it, but she had to admit that Flash did look rather charming in his regalia. Appreciating it for long wasn't really an option as a certain red pegasus not far off caught her attention, along with a certain emerald maned stallion. "Oh-Oh!" She waved her hoove excitedly in the other couple's direction, "Fire! Fire! Over--- uh." She blinked as she realized just how badly that could have been misunderstood by the rest of the attendees. She cleared her throat and called out in a more relaxed tone, "Fire Walker! Squall! Over here!"
  19. The Door to the throne room soon stirred and out poked the head of a what seemed to be a well put together Diamond Dog. He walked slowly up to the table with the artifact, eyes widening at the sight of the relic. Not wanting to breach any etiquette, Hogo-sha bowed deeply to the princess. "Good Afternoon, Princess Twilight. My name is Hogo-sha and I came from the mountains of Neighpon." after straightening himself back out he continued on, "I am a traveler with no recognition from academic institutions... but I have educated myself on many myths and stories from my homeland and beyond it in the east. I believe. At the very heart of my being, that this is the Chintamaney stone." He gave a moment to let the name sink in before speaking up once again, "... The short answer to what you wish to know, is that is a stone that can grant wishes to any who holds it. It was originally a combined effort by an ancient sect of monks of the harmonious path, formed from both Neighpon and Long Guo to create a faster method to attain harmony. Some texts speak of wishing to gain a kirin or longma form of ascension in the way of..." He gestures towards her wings. "I have nothing but speculation to back this up... but I think that the reason you are having such difficulty activating it may be because you have already gotten so close to achieving perfect harmony or at least are quickly on the way to it. If I may approach it?" The 'dog' took a step closer and sniffed a few times at the air. Hm... it was strange. This item's magical scent was both present and absent, "Hmm... curious. I'd heard stories that they may have used the blessings of ancient yokai, hoping that our mythic connection to the one you call Discord would be able to grant them a way to give the jewel a link to a realm beyond to fuel its potent magic." Hogo-sha's knowledge came from a bevy of tomes and parchments he'd read. He'd snuck into many places of learning before to try and get a look at leads on artifacts before. He also had the advantage of being raised by one of the oldest yokai in Neighpon who had many stories he loved to share, for better or worse.
  20. This fox was... unsure what to make of this. On some level, This unicorn was right about her. She didn't know what Tempest had gone through and the only thing that she could say for sure gave them common ground was having lost the ability to perform magic for a time. Being a yokai, she was never terribly interested in the bits. In fact, if she found herself ever needing to leave the palace she could leave her restaurant in capital in the hands of whatever next up and coming chef was around and go back to her old ways of wandering about and doing whatever she pleased. She did know a thing or two about being vulnerable. The magical power she had wasn't without it's conditions, a clever enough pony could take the focus of it at any time. She'd never quite understood this 'friendship magic' that Equestrians spoke of: as far as she could tell it wasn't very different from the Harmonious path of Long Guo. Even in all her time in that country she never quite cared for the monks. The only follower of the path she recalled fully liking was Prince Hei lian. If anything this told her... how truly different she was from these three. From Feng, himself. Suddenly, she felt worried. Hearing Feng voice that possibility brought up something in her. As Tempest and Sunset walked off, the sullen fox put a paw on Feng's shoulder, "I promised you. That I'd help and cheer you on in every dream you have... I will not let you end up like that, Feng."
  21. Hogo-sha wrinkled his nose at all the scent of blood. He was a skilled and practiced combatant, but not a son of warfare. He prefered the intimacy of duels and the like to settle matters and certain disagreements. Whitescar's constant conflicts seemed to produce a great deal of formidable fighters, which was why Hogo-sha came here so very often. Practice. He had visited this arena many times in the hopes of honing his skills to the point of perfection. Yet, none lately seemed to be terribly thrilling as of late. In fact, the only recent opponent he'd liked since he met that stallion from equestria some time ago was... Lightning. He'd heard a lot of this Red Jarl... many of the things he'd done didn't sit right with him. He seemed a bit too zealous and coming from this dog that was saying something. Still, he couldn't deny the bull's charisma and unmistakable skill. Just from His Posture, Hogo-sha could tell while sitting, the Jarl was always prepared: Ready to strike or counter if need be. Not wanting to be rude, Hogo-sha took a seat. The readings from the rods immediately went into the high range. This Foreign mutt was was undoubtedly foreign, maybe not a mutt, but there was much more about him than it seemed. Reading were positively through the roof! At the Red Jarl's acknowledgement, Hogo-sha gave only a simple nod of his head. Unsure if he should speak just yet. The Caribou's attention for the time being seemed very focused on the silent cow across from him. Trying to remain cool, Hogosha glanced at the paper she slid forward. He was curious just how much of this story was true. He could tell something was very off about this cow from the start. Not in the way she fought, but that odd, layered magical aura she carried around on her. All creatures had some form of magic, but caribou rarely had anything as thick as hers...
  22. The palace in ponyville was truly a marvel to behold. He'd seen pictures of it in Newspaper's in Canterlot, but being so close and in person now lended a certain presence to the structure that couldn't be replicated in an image. Before him were the mysterious crystalline arches and a soothing faint hum in the air. To his senses he could also smell the comforting scent of the force that so deeply filled this place. It was a scent that brought up a feeling of contentment and safety. Probably something like scented candles were supposed to. It was still hard to believe he'd been able to get in here legitimately. He had been passing by the Canterlot Magic School and heard some announcer telling a large group of students and faculty about Princess Twilight's difficulty in analyzing some mysterious relic. Hogo-sha had been curious about ancient relics for a very long time. Most of the ones he were familiar with were more, eastern in nature than many of the ones in Equestria, but the announcer's description of the object made his ears perk: A glowing green Ovoid jewel, perfectly smooth and prone to giving soothing whispers to the one who held it. He'd heard of such an object before! The Chintamaney stone. With some help a letter of his managed to reach the princess. So here he was. In the castle of a newly established princess in a foreign land, head full of knowledge he was happy to share. If he could add this to his memoirs one day it will surely make his legend all the sweeter! He knew he would have to be on his best behavior. So once he arrived at a large door in the castle he spoke kindly to the guard. "Excuse me, Sir. I am Hogo-sha and I believe I have been scheduled to meet with Princess Twilight about a peculiar relic in her care."
  23. Toboe was only able to get a single word before the ship split in half with a gut churning crack. That word was, "What?" said in a worried, but simultaneously exasperated tone. She'd been hoping to get the crystal empire for so long. When she heard about that train losing a car on the way to the empire she thought she and Nensho had dodged a bullet. Seems fate had other plans for these two visitors... to be involved in a different crash! When She and Nensho fell from the plane, all she could see was a blur of colors as they plummeted through the air. Before the thin air of this high altitude stole away her waking mind, she could only see a nearly endless expanse of white. Then darkness. ... Then there was a chill in the air. Wherever Toboe landed it was certainly cold. For the moment she didn't quite have the strength to open her eyes. It wouldn't be long until she did but right now she was still trying to get feeling back in her legs to stand back up. She sniffed quickly at the air and recoiled as the biting cold felt as if it was freezing the inside of her nostrils. Bringing up a paw to shield her muzzle she flinched, realizing it was a paw she'd brought up! The impact of stress of the fall and shock of the landing must have knocked her out of her kirin disguise. Trying to get back in her previous shape would be difficult. Getting it just right required her to be able to see how she looked, at least for such a new shape as "Tokkuri". Trying to go back to her usual look would bring up a couple questions later if she ran into anyone. She couldn't hear any movements nearby so maybe someone might not catch her this exposed. She couldn't quite tell if anything or anypony was nearby. For now her sight was just a mess of colors, slowly assembling into a fuzzy image of her surrounding. Turning away from the cold wind she sniffed at the ground, trying to get a sense if Nensho or any other passengers were near. This cold air making it harder to catch a singular scent...
  24. Hanabi stepped out from the corner and carefully approached the group. Their own tales of powerlessness resonated with the anxious fox... It hadn't been that long ago she'd felt completely powerless. "... I made a selfish mistake a long time ago. As a punishment for my actions I was stripped of my own magic and left alone in a forest for almost a hundred years alone until..." She glanced over to feng, "...Until someone started visiting towards the end of my punishment. Before he came along I was alone for all that time... noone to talk to except random wild animals that couldn't speak. Sometimes the rain was heavy and the thunder got so loud when storms rolled through. I couldn't even go see my family for help." The Fox bowed her head to the group and to Tempest, "... Thank you for Chasing me."
  25. That small nod earned Silent lightning a wag of this dog's tail along with a dignified nod of his own. While this 'cow' was clearly the strong and silent type, she was clearly a might combatant and someone who he could likely learn a couple tricks from! Before Hogo-sha could leave he had to retrieve something important. At a brisk pace, He walked over to the other side of the arena wall where he'd thrown his sword earlier. The weapon was still lodged in the stone wall. He calmly and smoothly withdrew the unscuffed tool and got to calmly walking with it in paw, rejoining Silent Lightning by the Ring Manager. His knowledge of the Caribou language was lacking as he was only able to make out "Go", "Preparation Hall", and "Both wanted". It was more than enough to piece together the request and with his new companion already walking he didn't have to guess where to follow.
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