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  1. She's a trainer from Pokemon OR and AS video game.
  2. ShadowGirl87


    I combined pony style with random character such as Mario brother, TMNT, and such.
  3. ShadowGirl87

    My Little Pony OC

    I turned my family and friend into ponies. =P And other random OC.
  4. ShadowGirl87

    My Little Pony

    The original ponies such as Twilight, Rainbow Dash, G1, G2, and such.^^
  5. Mmm... cake... uh sorry. I wonder what is he carrying. cute pic!
  6. Meh, nevermind about creating and post in the gallery. I'll post my picture here. This is, of course, ME! as a pony. This was made in 2012. In case you notice the outline is little edgy. I used to have paint brush and palette as my cutiemark, but I changed and replaced it with tablet and papers with pencil and pen stylus. Vaporeon is my favorite Pokemon EVER! Don't judge me! There is gonna be some changing with my OC or myself or whatever. There is more, I just need to find it or go on my desktop computer. I have two computer. ^__^;
  7. Nice to me you, Dashie! Welcome to Canterlot! .... even though I'm new here. ^^;
  8. lol that's cool to read about your oc ponies. I'm new here and I'm gonna say "Welcome to Canterlot!" yay-
  9. Nah, this is very helpful and I can use all the help I need. Thank you! Is that so? Why did anyone tell me that!
  10. Yep! I would like to post more artwork, but I don't know how to post and/or create my album. =(
  11. Hi every pony, I'm new here. I'm not much social pony, so you probably won't see me comment or replies to you or/and any pony's topics. However, I can post my artwork and I hope you'll enjoy my work. I hope I'll enjoy here and get to know some of yous. =)
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