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  1. i have returned, and accepted, sorry i was gone fora while
  2. Name: Moonshine Age: 13 years old Gender: Appearance: (Without wings, I just don't wanna make 2) History: She was born to Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon, and has been sent to Ponyville disguised as a unicorn, although she still has her cutiemark, colors, and royal blood, but doesn't have her memories, at least so everyone thinks. She was "created" right before Nightmare Moon was sent to the, well, moon. She was not born, however, until 13 years ago. Personality: Defends the weak, Doesn't like unfair punishments, and Loyal Family: Luna(Mom) Celestia(Aunt) Twilight(Babysitter/Family Friend) Cadence(Unsure) Friend(s): Isn't very good at making friends, considering she hasn't tried to make any Crush/Relationship: Open Other: Still only a teenager, she loves pranks, but doesn't like them to be mean... Im waiting for maybe one more person, and gonna create a different thread, for the actual roleplay, this is the OOC
  3. STORY The Princesses Luna, Celestia, and Cadence have all done something that we thought impossible for them, they had…children. And now the children have no idea who or what they are, and neither do all the citizens of canterlot. now they live in Ponyville, disguised…and hiding… CS Name: Age: Gender: Species(Unicorn, Earth, Etc.): Appearance: Cutiemark(If not in appearance): History: Personality: Family: Friend(s): Crush/Realtionship: Other:
  4. Name: Starlight Silver Gender: Mare Species: Pegasus Appearance: Backstory: Friends: Family: Other: ill finish it in a minute
  5. This is set during the events of Season 3 of MLP FiM CS Name: Gender: Species: Appearance: Backstory: Friends: Family: Other:
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