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  1. Hidden texts. [Open]

    The pegasus didn't know what to make of Naj, it seemed. It wasn't exactly a warm welcome, but she was used to such things, and it was hardly the worst reaction she'd gotten. She didn't get an answer to whether the pegasus was okay with her joining the group or not, but she didn't hear any particular objection either. The other pony seemed more confused than anything else. If the pegasus didn't want anypony else following, she'd have plenty of chances to say so. Coltson meanwhile, recognized Naj right away. He went to the opposite extreme, greeting Naj almost as if she knew him before. Which, it struck her, might have been half true if he'd been paying attention to the right things. She was making a point not to hide her activities, except where it was important for the job. He even might have said a code word of sorts, hinting at her current organization, although she couldn't be sure. She replied to his statement at face value, for appearances sake. “Well, hopefully not too much,” she said with a laugh, “there's only so much excitement we could safely have in Canterlot.” Not finding any objection, Naj sat down next to them, taking a seat next to Coltson. It seems she would be joining them for the trip after all. The pegasus picked up where the two of them had left off, hoping their task wouldn't have too many complications. The changeling realized she was still missing some critical information. “So what is it you're searching for, anyways?”
  2. To Catch Thieves [Open, with a slight condition]

    BROODMARE hadn't been expecting the ball of light. Granted, one never completely knew what to expect when it came to heroes or villains, but she had figured that a minotaur in plate mail with a hammer would be melee focused. And so when the minotaur released a ball of light, the golem had turned her head back, to see what was causing the lightshow, only to take it in the face. Her optic sensors were momentarily overloaded. It was easy enough to fix, but between the need to focus and the inability to otherwise see where she was going, she needed to slow down. She wouldn't be getting away so easily. When her sight was restored, BROODMARE whirled to face her attacker, releasing a few more drones in the process. The drones ascended, taking up positions overlooking the alley, hopefully out of reach while they provide fire support. If there was one benefit to the gang turning tail, it was that she likely wouldn't have to worry about them interfering, and she could focus on her lone enemy. The minotaur offered to go easy if BROODMARE surrendered. As though that had any meaning for her. “I am not a pony,” she replied. “If captured I do not go to prison, I get dismantled.” She did not attack immediately however, instead waiting for the minotaur to make the first move. If they are to fight, she wanted to see her enemy's opening move, and she was additionally curious if the minotaur had anything more to say.
  3. Hidden texts. [Open]

    If Naj had to guess, she never would have thought she'd be in Ponyville on business. While there was a lot that happened there which might be worth keeping an eye on, the nature of the place meant that such things tended to be short lived. Anything starting here would have a tough, uphill battle ahead of it. And when the most strategically significant thing about the town were the very mares who made it so dangerous for threats, it leaves most of the problems that arise, 'self-solving' one could say. Though Naj admittedly also realized that meant it would be a good place to keep any eye on, or to have somepony nearby in case of emergencies. Which was the reason she was here right at the moment. She hadn't been given the full details of course, too much information would risk it getting to the wrong hooves, but the gist of it was that SMILE was setting up some sort of facility in town. Technically that wasn't the changeling's organization, but since they were all on the same side and technically in the same line of work, she volunteered to go. Naj arrived at the entrance to the bookstore just as a pair of ponies were leaving. She didn't see the significance of that until she looked at the door itself, particularly the 'closed' sign hung at it. The place was supposed to be open now, which meant that... the pony she was here to see was most likely one of the two who just left. After the moment needed to put this information together, Naj turned and galloped after them. --- Naj was just in time. She'd seen the two ponies get on the train, from a distance, and made it just as the train was leaving the station. It was a good thing much of her life had consisted of vigorous physical activity. Searching the train itself took a few moments, as she only knew who she was looking for by description, but she spotted the grey unicorn and his pegasus companion soon enough. She trotted over as the train began to leave the station. “Coltson, I presume?” Naj offered a perforated hoof to shake. “I was hoping to talk business with you but,” she looked over at the pegasus for a moment, “it looks like you're in the middle of something. Would either of you mind if I tagged along?” In addition to passing fascination, seeing how he conducted himself might give some hints to the general state of things, and a truer understanding than any report could give.
  4. An Ounce of Prevention [Private]

    Applejack was confident, which always carried certain dangers. Celestia was pleased to note that she was acknowledging her wounds and limitations, even as she was additionally glad they were as minor as they were all things considered. Confidence so tempered by self-understanding was a powerful and useful state to be in. Celestia smiled. “It is good to see you holding up so well.” She still hoped Applejack would come to her if needing assistance even if she didn't expect that to happen, as they were a team in this. Yet she couldn't feel too irritated, the farmpony's stubborn confidence was helpful, particularly when so few could be asked for help. Applejack had also asked about progress, and on that front there was good news. “Almost done, in fact.” Celestia turned back to the shelves for a moment as she replied. “I was able to automate much of the process with a spell, and have thus been making good use of the time.” A few books had been set aside, which she began to place into mostly full bags she'd brought with her. “It should just be a few more moments, and then-” Her statement was interrupted by a rumbling from another part of the castle. --- “Is this really necessary?” The earth pony turned away from his work. He'd cobbled together several of the devices into a single unit, that was must more unstable but was also much more destructive for it's short lifespan. He turned back to address the speaker, the actual commander of the mercenaries. “Don't tell me you're getting sentimental now.” “It does seem a waste,” the latter admitted, “but more to the point, isn't it going to be more difficult to sift through rubble than search through ruins?” The earth pony replied without hesitation. “If we were contending with the ruins alone, maybe. But desperate times call for desperate measures. We've clearly shown ourselves outmatched, the only way to find what we need is change our circumstances.” He turned back to the makeshift weapon, and waved away the ponies that had been helping him. Best they didn't stand too close when it was actually firing. The scout hadn't been able to get any direct visuals, only able to get a vague sense of where their opponent was based on noises from deeper in the castle, and knowledge of the terrain they'd brought with them. So they were firing blind, on educated guesses rather than accurate information. Still, it was better than throwing away troops. Those soldiers which remained, those neither incapacitated nor holding back to care for them, stood ready to charge through any gap, and exploit any weakness that might be revealed. The earth pony adjusted the device a little further, and fired again. --- Celestia had frozen for a moment to listen, though her spells continued to work throughout the pause. A similar sound occurred again, the initial burst more distinctive than the previous. This one was closer. “We're running out of time.” Celestia paused in thought only a moment longer, before scooping up the saddlebags in her magic. She started galloping across the library, gather select books as they were retrieved by her spells. “I need just a few more minutes! Then I believe we should go!” she called back. The next burst was close enough to kick up dust around the room.
  5. [Age of Heroes] Robot Revelation [Open]

    It was somewhat validating for BROODMARE to have the Equestrian essentially second her view, doubly so given the heroine's standing, even if there was something to what Prop was saying. Technically yes, if peace were universally practised things would be better, and weapons would be unnecessary. BROODMARE replied as she walked. “That is only true if all ponies and others find peace agreeable. It would not take many to cause irreparable damage to such a system. And such ponies do exist.” She had the files to prove that, having a number of files on villains as well as heroes courtesy of her REA creators. She moved to lift her cloak and release a drone, intending to project some such files, before realizing they would not be visible on the varied sides of the forest. “I can show you proof, when we reach somewhere images will be visible.” It looked as though it wouldn't be too long, as they approached the outskirts of local civilization. BROODMARE hesitated for a moment, and considered voicing her previous concerns again. The Equestrian had faced many dangerous foes, that much was public knowledge, but this would be one who didn't follow any of the usual patterns. No gloating, no grand scheme, no trying to prove their the best. BROODMARE's creator would use whatever tactics and equipment it took to get the job done. The point had already been made however, at least as much as the golem could think to make it. And the heroine did have a history of success at a very dangerous calling. She would just have to have faith that the Equestrian's confidence was well placed, even in this case. And she did have a certain morbid curiosity how her creator would react to this. She did have another thing to ask, as well. The smell of apples was merely olfactory data to BROODMARE, but it did seem odd. Wasn't this out of the way? “This seems to be a roundabout way to the centre of town,” she asked, curiously looking around, “where are we going?”
  6. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Naj heard the announcement for 'last call' for donations, at least as far as raffle tickets were concerned. She was still curious, and while her conversation partners were speaking among themselves she wasn't she wasn't participating much in the current discussion. And it's not as though the donation boxes were that far away either, it wouldn't cause any problems for her to slip away for a moment to make a donation. Naj promptly did so. She didn't have an item ready, as some ponies did. She did however carry a small supply of bits. While she wasn't willing to give them all away, she liked to save a few for special circumstances, she didn't need them all either. She placed a respectable sum into the nearest donation box, smiling at the pony working at it, before heading back to rejoin her friends' conversation. --- Swift Squall didn't see the issue Naj had, guiding her over to a nearby bench as he explained that the gifts weren't about the expectation of reciprocation, but because he wanted to, or that was the spirit of the season (she wasn't quite sure which). She still felt sense of unease at not having something to give him in turn, but she supposed this settled the matter. Although that explanation paled in comparison to the story he told next. Wow, Naj had never realized just how much she could have an effect on others. She had always found it a little strange that Squall had considered her a friend so soon after convincing him that she didn't intend harm, but now it make some sense. She had, in a way, unintentionally affected his worldview for the better. “That', I had no idea.” Naj smiled. “I'm glad I could have such a positive effect on someone. Though I will note for future that I enjoy just spending time with friends, at least as much as any gift. Though, I have to admit, now I am curious,” she said, as she intently watched him reach into his coat.
  7. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    As she listened to Mayor Mare's words, Naj remembered her own time alone in the cold. Granted, hers had been a unique case. That situation had been a little more deliberate than most ponies, at least in some ways, and it likely would have taken more than money to get her out of it. That didn't change the fact that she could likely empathize with those ponies in such unfortunate circumstances. And while she was by no means wealthy, she didn't have much in the way of expenses either. She would give something. And, if Naj was being entirely honest, she was a little curious about that raffle. She'd head over to the donation boxes once she was done here. That reaction caused Naj to grin. “Ha! Ain't that the truth! Ahh, but I wouldn't have it any other way.” Ponyville, she'd found, had a certain insane charm to it. “It's funny actually, I might have never come here if it wasn't.” She'd been trying to avoid other changelings, and thus looking for a place that was strategically unimportant, yet hazardous enough to not be a target of opportunity for changelings looking to feed. Swift Squall admitted to Naj that he didn't enjoy making criticism as he had, but felt it necessary. Naj gives him a look. Did he really claim to be a master of magic such that he could give advice to Twilight? Did he even realize he's implying himself to be a better teacher than Celestia? There was a small part of her that bristled at such a thing being said of her 'queen', especially when the role was filled by such a wise and kind-hearted pony. She held back on saying any of this though, in favour something a little less incendiary. “You and I are seeing different things then. She seemed more than self-critical enough, and I don't think she needs semi-random ponies adding to that.” Any further discussion would have to wait however, which Naj was a little thankful for even if she didn't quite approve of the source. A young dragon was treating the whole event like some sort of drunken party, and looking for dares from the audience. It reminded her a little of what she'd occasionally see back in the hive after a successful operation. Although in those cases, the drones had done something to earn their rowdiness, here the dragon was presenting it as a positive thing in itself. Squall as well as another pony, Ice Storm, that Naj recognized from EPIC, stepped up to challenge the young dragon. Things grew heated, and for a moment, Naj was worried she was going to have a fight on her hooves. She grew silent, and tense. She started subtly looking around, spotting exit routes, and thinking of how best to guide civilians or coax the fight away from the city centre. Fortunately, others stepped in including Princess Twilight herself, and cooled things down. Fire Walker pulled Squall away, and another discussion started up. Naj breathed a small sigh of relief, relaxed, and turned back to her friends. Squall had some gifts for Ice Storm, which by the sound of things were very, very extravagant. Naj wasn't sure some of them were a wise use of resources, but then again it was Squall, if anyone could get away with such wanton spending it was him. As Ice Storm received the gifts, with a considerable amount of surprise and appreciation, she mentioned having some gifts for them as well, though not having brought them with her. Naj was starting to feel like a third wheel, which when she got down to it was why she had strongly considered not coming into town in the first place. And now that she wasn't really contributing to the conversation, she was considering heading off. She had thought about going to speak to some of the caribou, to see how things were going in Whitescar, as she hadn't visited in a while. When she looked over at them however, they seemed mired in their game, and she was loathe to bother them with something so inane. Perhaps she should make a point to travel up there in future. Having thought her role in the conversation was done, Naj was just turning to leave when Squall turned back to her. Apparently he had gifts for her as well, which caught her by surprise. She blinked, and turned back to him. “Oh, er...thank you...I'm afraid I don't have anything for you, though.” She wasn't sure she wanted to accept gifts when she hadn't held up her end, yet it might be just as rude or more to refuse a gift offered, so she opted to explain the aforementioned detail and let Squall decide.
  8. [Age of Heroes] Robot Revelation [Open]

    BROODMARE needed a moment to consider the Equestrian's proposition, a moment that she accompanied with various clicks and whirs, a subconscious habit she'd developed. If she were speaking to a more ordinary pony, the golem would have refused. At a fundamental level, the purpose of an automated weapon was keep other creatures off the front line and thus in much less danger. That origin was an integral part of her, and she thus found it discomfiting to be offered protection herself. Yet the Equestrian was not an ordinary pony, and what's more BROODMARE had the files to prove it. It would be hard to justify sending her away, and there was a possibility she'd take matters into her own hooves anyways. The mare was known for heroic deeds and not bowing in the face of overwhelming odds. “Okay,” BROODMARE eventually replied, “I will trust in you, and your ability to defend yourself. Though, I suspect we will need to confront my creator, sooner or later.” It wasn't something she was eager to do, but a confrontation was inevitable if she was going to venture out into the open. It also wasn't something BROODMARE wanted to think about too much, at least not yet. She was therefore somewhat thankful that Prop had taken such an interest in her drone once she'd reflected on it, despite her previous hesitation. It gave her something immediate to focus on, which wasn't that future battle. She appreciated the praise of her work. It was nice to have her effort had been recognized, and somewhat validating to hear she'd done a good job, particularly considering the circumstances. That was shortly overridden however, by seeing the results of Props own efforts. BROODMARE's efforts were largely a matter of practicality, creating something functional out of the materials available, and as such she had no idea such a refinement was possible. When reactivated, the drone had lost what had previously been its characteristic wobble, and was now perfectly stable even despite its scavenged materials. “That was very impressive,” she said, regarding the drone for a moment longer before returning it under her cloak. Her voice did not show strong emotion, but the gratitude was genuine. “Thank you.” She decided to recall her other drone as well, deciding that neither of the beings standing before her were acting threatening, she did not need to maintain an alert state. BROODMARE couldn't help herself, and voiced a reply. “That may be, but peace is not always the best option, or even a good one. That is often why weapons are built.” It was, in fact, part of the reason for her very existence. “Although,” she added after a moment, “perhaps we should postpone such a discussion until we have left the unpredictable forest.” She'd rather be in a more secure location before having to devote energy to debating morals. BROODMARE tried to be helpful in her response to Prop's question about articles of clothing, and clarified her own use of them. “I am a peculiar case. Being recognized is potentially dangerous for me, so I conceal my appearance.” She said no more for the moment however, as her actual knowledge on the subject was very limited.
  9. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Reinforcing the notion that whatever happened was a minor mishap, rather than an attack of some sort, a few ponies approached Naj as she recovered from both the impact and the discovery. Or at least, one pony, a unicorn. The other, curiously enough, was a dragon. Rather than concerned for their own safety, they were concerned for Naj's well being, which she belatedly realized might have been reasonable. She had been moving fairly fast when she hit the wall. Naj waved off their concerns all the same. “I'm alright, I'm alright...” She rubbed her forehead with a hoof as she responded. “I've had worse than this. Just give me a minute or two, and I'll be fine.” Not wanting them to fret over her too much- she really would be fine- she shifted subjects. “ 'Hearth's warming magic', huh?” That had been the explanation offered. “Not what I would have expected...though, the last time I saw a magic burst on a holiday, things were-” She coughed all of a sudden, as she realized where that topic could lead, and how it probably wasn't the best subject for the holidays. “That was, um, a different sort of thing,” she finished awkwardly. It turned out to be a good thing that Naj recovered quickly, as she was then greeted by Ponyville's resident princess herself. Twilight was apparently quite pleased with Naj's presence, having worried about whether the changeling would show up or not. Naj supposed that settled the issue of whether or not she'd be staying for the party. Even after galloping into town, she hadn't been sure. If the town was safe, she wasn't sure she was needed. However, when a princess expressed hope that she'd show up, the changeling couldn't bring herself to refuse. “Ahh...I guess it's a good thing I came down, then!” Twilight was more casual than any leader she'd known before, but she hadn't fully shaken her old way of thinking toward her leaders. Twilight confirmed that it was in fact Hearthswarming magic, in particular a spell that went out of control. Naj nodded, unsure quite what to say to that at first. It seemed understandable, especially with more complex or wider reaching spells, though she couldn't say for sure. “Well, any mistake you can walk away from is a good one, right? I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered.” Beyond that, she wasn't sure what to say to the princess. She shuffled awkwardly for a moment. Fortunately Naj was saved from having to find something when she spotted, and perhaps more importantly was spotted by a pony she knew more closely. They'd worked together a few times in the past, and then there was that mess at the new daycare centre, which was best left unmentioned. “Fire! It's been a while!” She waved as the pegasus approached. Fire gave the changeling a once-over, before offering her own explanation with noticeable hint of irritation. Naj could kind of understand the annoyance, altough she had something of a different perspective. “Yeah, that's a relief. My first thought had been something a lot worse.” Now it was Naj's turn to look over her companion. “For what it's worth, I think the look works, if maybe a little on-the-nose.” And where Fire Walker was, her partner often wasn't far behind. It wasn't long before Swift Squall had come to check up on her as well. Of course, he knew what Naj did for a living, so he wasn't asking about her physical state. She found the banter a welcome distraction, and replied in kind. “Ahh, you're a capable pony Squall, I'm sure you'll frustrate someone else soon enough,” she said with a grin, though it only took a moment for her to get more serious again. “But I'm...surviving, I guess. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going, but I'm still going, and that has to count for something, right?”
  10. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Different from most ponies at the moment, Naj was lingering at the edge of Ponyville rather than joining in the festivities. She wasn't avoiding anypony, she just... hadn't decided whether or not to join in yet. Yeah. A part of her wanted to, knowing a enough ponies in town that celebrating could be fun. Another part of her felt she should, thinking spending such an evening with friends or at least cheerful acquaintances would be good for her in her current state. At the same time, she was enjoying the quiet right now, and was worried a celebration about togetherness might remind her of what she didn't have at the moment. Naj didn't so much refuse to head to the centre of town, as defer the decision. Right now she was enjoying the quiet, and the beauty of the night sky. She was sure the celebration would wait for her, and saw no need to rush out and- A sudden flash of light from the middle of town drew Naj's attention. There wasn't supposed to be a light show like that, and even if there was, would there be only one? Her thoughts immediately went to another interrupted celebration that she'd been caught in the middle of. “Not again!” she shouted, as she whirled and started running toward the middle of town, where she thought the epicentre was. She only hoped she could make it in time. --- That was a minute or so ago. Naj was still galloping as she reached the centre of town. She noted with some relief that there were no sounds of battle or panic, and the ponies she passed seemed alright at a glance, but she had to be sure. Naj arrived, to find the ground covered with something slick and shiny, that she would have thought was ice if it had been cold. She found her tendency to keep to the ground all of a sudden working against her. Rushing as she was, she quickly lost her footing when she reached the slippery surface, and began to slide toward a wall. The changeling finally remembered her wings, too late to stop herself from hitting the wall, but enough to slow herself a bit and make it a hard bounce off the wall rather than an outright crash. Naj needed a moment to recover from the impact, but as soon as she did she shook herself off then frantically looked around. “I saw the flash, is everyone... alright...? uh...” She trailed off as she finally got a good look at everyone there. She had been expecting the number of unusual visitors. She had not been expecting several ponies she knew from around town, to have taken on a shiny appearance.
  11. [Age of Heroes] Robot Revelation [Open]

    'What she intended to do with her life'. On the surface it seemed like such a straightforward concept, and yet it left BROODMARE completely stunned. She decided to address Prop's comments first, which would buy her a little time to process the statement. The other golem thought that particular drone was in need of maintenance, and that without such it risked catastrophic failure and the possibility of a resulting fire. “It's a question of materials,” BROODMARE replied. “I've not had access to reliable supplies, and have had to scavenge, to mixed results.” Though it wasn't obvious from her tone, she felt she'd done her best under the circumstances. “Although, if you believe you can repair it, feel free.” If nothing else, she and maybe even the Equestrian could learn something from how Prop approached repairing the drone. She brought said drone to a low hover in front of Prop, before powering the motor down to a gentle if uneasy landing onto the forest floor, though its sensors remained active. The second drone held position above her head, in a ready state though with its emitter powered down. BROODMARE turned back to the Equestrian, finally feeling confident enough to revisit the notion that the hero had put forth. The golem's thoughts were more orderly now, although she still found herself torn between possibilities. “I don't know,” she finally said. There was another pause, accompanied by faint whirring. “Ponies are fascinating. I like the idea of conversing with them uninhibited. However, remaining hidden is a matter of necessity before a matter of choice.” BROODMARE looked to the Equestrian. “My creator is ruthless, effective, and unbound by morals. The records I found on her were limited, but I have reason to relieve she has killed heroes before.” She paused again, considering her next words. “I appreciate the offer, but before I can accept I should ask: you would put yourself in danger, is that a risk you would be willing to take? Is that a risk that would be worth taking?”
  12. [Age of Heroes] Robot Revelation [Open]

    BROODMARE froze in place, becoming perfectly still for a moment. She had a list of things she would have expected the hero to say, but that was not one of them. Or at least, not that one word, 'finally'. The Equestrian knew about her. Up until now, she had assumed that knowledge of her nature was limited to a very select group of creatures, none of whom had any particular public presence or desire for one. That was one of the golem's greatest assets, that so few knew of her and those that did had incentive not to spread the information. Yet here was one of the most public heroes in Equestria, apparently recognizing BROODMARE's name. Had she known, she might have realized how much danger she was in. Without realizing it, the golem took an involuntary step backwards. It took BROODMARE a moment to realize that the mare wasn't attacking her. She had thought that the categories of 'ponies who knew of her existence' and 'ponies who wished her hunted down and destroyed' were virtually identical. So why wasn't this mare? It was a contradiction that was probably worth investigating, but how much danger would that put her in? It seemed likely that this was a trap of some. But if it was, why go to all the trouble? Whirring and clicking noises emanated from BROODMARE as she puzzled it out, before eventually arriving at a decision of sorts. The Equestrian could have simply attacked, and likely even convinced Prop to join her. She decided not to however, which meant that even if it was a long term plan it gave BROODMARE room to breathe. So to speak. BROODMARE tried to settle down, though could only get so far in that regard under the circumstances. “...You've heard of me,” she said after a moment. “I was not expecting that. you intend to do with that information?” BROODMARE's attention was pulled away by Prop, smacking his head into a treebranch. And then apologizing to it. BROODMARE wasn't sure how to react to that. Did he think the tree could hear? Though, perhaps that wasn't entirely implausible in the forest. What he did next however, did provoke a reaction. BROODMARE took notice that an attempt at subverting her drone was made. She fought back directly at first, fighting for control of the drone and causing it to stall and waver rather than remain under the control of either. Of course, that was not her specialty, and while she might be able to win through brute or cunning she had something more reliable. She lifted her cloak and released a second drone, which pointed itself at Prop and began to hum with energy, although she withheld actually attacking. The encounter had been peaceful up until now, and she wouldn't want to break that unless she was forced. “Stop that.” After a quick glance at the Equestrian, she added, “please.”
  13. The unicorn seemed to be deep in thought when An Xiang had returned, at least if she was reading the frown on his face correctly. She would have set the note aside, if not for what he said next, which was to explain to the wounded caribou that creatures other than ponies were helpful as well. Or was that an argument he was making? An Xiang looked between the two of them for a moment, curiosity evident in her expression, but she said nothing for the moment. It was too close to a private matter to make her feel like prying. If it proved important, she could always ask the caribou later. And speaking of, the caribou rejected the idea of standing. It might make things a little more complicated, but An Xiang decided it was fair enough. The caribou had been through who-knows-what in getting to the village in the first place, having lost a leg and washing ashore however distant from whatever place he called home. He did agree with the need to move, expressing a desire for a fire to dry off and a bed. It took only a moment's thought for An Xiang to realize what was needed. “Alright, a stretcher then.” Her face fell. “Er, though I don't know where to find one...” She wanted to ask the doctor, but knew better than to interrupt his work. It left her in a bind, for the moment. She decided to pass the time gathering information. Things seemed to have stabilized somewhat, the caribou seemed to be out of any immediate danger, and with time to sit An Xiang realized she really didn't know anything about him, even the simplest details. “I don't believe I've heard yet,” she said, looking at the caribou, “What's your name? Where did you come from?” It might be a bit unusual to ask such questions so soon, but there was a reason aside from lingering concerns about not knowing this caribou. “Surely you'd like to get back there at some point, right?”
  14. This is still going! Or at least I'm hoping to keep it going. I've just been kinda unmotivated lately, and my threads have started to catch up with me. I finally managed to get my post up today.
  15. Bug, Seeking New Nest [Semi-open, see OOC]

    Tehengu offered his own place as somewhere Naj could stay, something the changeling hadn't realized was even a possibility. “Huh...” she spoke aloud, but eventually shook her head. “That's a tempting offer, and I'll keep it in mind. I'd like to see this through though, and do things 'properly' for whatever that amounts to,” she smiled as she added, “rather than mooch off of friends.” Something else Naj hadn't quite counted on was the Mayor's enthusiasm. The whole group was quickly whisked to Mayor Mare's office, and after a quick conversation with an assistant and a joke which Naj wasn't quite sure what to do with, the changeling found herself presented with a few pieces of paper. Forms were something of a new experience for Naj. She'd picked up a little understanding from her time in EPIC, but that hadn't yet made up for years for working as a changeling guard, where typical reports were made through speech and memory. She was therefore quite grateful to have the mayor around to help her sort it out. Most of it was fairly obvious. Name, age and species were obvious. Family was a little tougher, as she either had too many and didn't know them that well, or none at all. She left the box blank for now. At contact information, she frowned. She only had two that came to mind, one which was the place she was leaving from, and one that was classified. After a moment's though, she slowly put down the former. She and Red were still on good terms, and she could be reached there if needed. Financial information she had to estimate, but she fumbled through. With the details of where she was coming from addressed, Mayor Mare started asking Naj about where she was going. She thought for a moment, before admitting, “I'm not entirely sure.” She proceeded to think aloud. “I think... I wouldn't like to be right in the middle of town, so I could be away from the noise. And I think I'd prefer to stay with ponies, or others. Preferably ones could understand my, erm, unique diet, although I could work around that.” She paused for a moment, before concluding. “Either way, I'd like to meet at least a few potential roommates before settling.” The process was interrupted by the arrival of yet another friend of Naj's. She and Swift Squall had an odd, but overall positive relationship, and today was apparently no exception. Like the others, he had happened to be in the area today, although unlike them he wasn't so happy to see the changeling. Admittedly, his reasons made sense, it was a lot of EPIC members in one place. Rose beat her to a response. Naj pointed a hoof towards her earth pony companion and said, “what she said, this is all coincidence.” At least as far as she knew, if there was something going on it would surprise her as much as anyone. “I'm looking for a new place to stay, and by pure chance I wasn't the only one visiting Ponyville,” she offered as explanation.