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  1. And the thread is up! I've added the link in the opening post.
  2. Ponyville. The time Naj had spent away from the place made her come to miss it. Though, she hadn't felt that wistful on previous visits, so maybe it was as much the circumstances as it was the joy of a return. This was the first time in what felt like an eternity since she'd come here alone. As she walked through the street from the edge of town, past the scattered houses which gradually grew into thicker and thicker clusters, she decided to declare it the former regardless. She took in the colourful, and occasionally ornate structures as she passed. Ponyville was a good town, even if it was a bit...eccentric, she might say. Naj was walking around in her natural changeling form today. Which in truth wasn't something she was entirely comfortable with, she generally preferred to use a sort of 'compromise' appearance of a changeling in pony colours. Curiously though, there had been a few times in the past which had such an approach had actually made worse, though they worked out in the end. It wasn't something she would have expected, though perhaps it could be explained through Ponyville's general weirdness. Naj's perforated hooves were carrying her forward automatically, and she only remembered where she was when she'd arrived at her destination. This was the mayor's residence. The changeling didn't particularly know the mare in question, but it seemed like a natural place to start for what she had in mind. After some time and serious consideration, she'd left what had been her home for going on two years now, in Stalliongrad. She and her coltfriend had agreed that getting some space would be a good idea, even if they were reluctant about it. She hadn't been kicked out, Red had insisted that she come back if she ran into trouble, but staying without such an emergency would surely cause too many problems. All this meant Naj needed a new place to stay. She'd decided to start back to Ponyville, where she'd lived once before, guessing that knowing a few ponies might give her a head start when it came to socializing. Naj wasn't entirely sure how to go about finding a place to live, not a proper on at least. But she figured that asking the mayor was good place to start. The mayor would be in charge of housing right? Or failing that, she'd at least be able to point Naj in the right direction. The changeling waited only a moment, before raising a hoof and knocking.
  3. Hey everybody, glad to see there's this much interest! Sorry for being out of communication for so long, I've been dealing with some family issues lately which have among other things been sapping my energy to post. All the same, I'm hoping to get the opening post for the thread up either tonight or tomorrow. I'm liking all of the ideas I've seen here, and I look forward to seeing all these characters in the thread!
  4. An Ounce of Prevention [Private]

    The mercenaries' employer gritted his teeth. He'd had some hope after the sounds of the first clash that the crazy earth pony had been dealt with. Those hopes were dashed when when the sounds of a second combat reached his ears. Either the mare was still wreaking havoc on his troops, or there was yet more problems that would need to be dealt with. He wasn't sure which possibility was more irritating, that his forces had been so stymied by just a single pony, well equipped though she may be, or that their objective was guarded by far more than the mere wildlife that he was expecting, which while dangerous had been easy pickings for his forces so far. There was no point in complaining however, when he could be getting information. “You there!” He called out to a pegasus, who was busy trying to reassemble his emission cannon after the earth pony's bucked rocks. A few of the arcane weapons were would be functional again soon, just needing some parts beaten back into shape or one of the carried spare parts, but several more would require extensive repairs if they were even recoverable at all. The pegasus was making a valiant effort, but that device was one of the latter by the looks of things. That pegasus could serve a better purpose now anyways. He pointed up above the crumbling castle. “Get into the air and find her! Don't fight unless you have to, you eyes and wings are more use than your hooves right now anyways!” The pegasus nodded, before flying high above the castle. The inventor meanwhile, turning to examine the pegasus' discarded weapon. Beside him, one of his escorts was organizing recovery teams, who would have the unenviable job of following the unaccounted for groups, and seeing who could be recovered and treated. If things were really going the way it sounded like, they'd be needed soon. --- The grey pegasus crept through the nooks and crannies of the castle, drawing ever closer to his target if he was headed the direction he thought, and torn between wanting to ensure his mission's completion and wanting something more interesting than sneaking away from several already distracted ponies. He paused among a set of rafters as he heard the fighting behind him pick up, only to come to a stop a moment later. And then it happened again, where the sounds of combat filtered into his ears only to be stopped dead moments later. “How boring,” he muttered to an empty room. Either that earth pony was too good at her job, or the mercenaries weren't as effective as they had appeared. He briefly considered turning around, to make the fight a little more fair, or at least fun to watch. But no, not only did he have a mission to complete, but the princess who he'd seen enter with the earth pony earlier had yet to emerge for the latter's defense. That, at least, was sure to be an interesting encounter. And after spotting one of the earth pony's noisemakers, he decided to step on in for good measure, before skulking off deeper into the centre of the castle. That should make things a little more fun.
  5. A little while ago Naj lost a character who played a large role in her life, due to unfortunate OOC circumstances. Thus far I've just been kind of playing around it, but in an effort to get things moving onward for Naj, I want to do something a little more concrete. To that end, I'm looking for a new place for her to live. I'm tentatively open to her ending up in just about any city, if it would make sense for her to stay there. For the initial thread though, she'll be looking to return to her former home of Ponyville. The idea of the thread is for Naj to visit and/or chat up characters she could end up a roommate of, to see who she clicks with and just for some general character interaction. For anyone interested and who doesn't know her, Naj's character app is here. Though note that some of the information there is outdated, such as the fact that she later joined EPIC and has been living semi-openly for a little while now. So, anyone who has an interest in such a thread, let me know here. The thread is here:
  6. An Ounce of Prevention [Private]

    The two ponies ahead of Applejack, who had been heading toward the spot she was now blocking, paused. A mare who could crack the ground with the very force of her hooves landed right in front of them, declaring their destination off-limits. Needless to say, this had not been a part of the plan. The heavily armoured one shifted slightly, into a ready stance while the lighter-armoured pony flicked a switch on the contraption on his back that caused plating on his forehooves to crackle. Neither made a move however, preferring to wait and watch rather than charge in. That was, until a pony from the back shouted. “You idiots! This is exactly why you're here! Yes, this isn't quite what we expected, but we have the numbers! The machines! Now use your heads, and get to it!” The speaker was a red earth pony, emerging from the brush behind the two. He was conspicuously less armoured than the others, carrying only a few small gadgets for his own defense, although he was flanked by four more of the mercenaries. The pair advanced. Though the red pony and his escort held position, more armed and armoured ponies began to filter out of the woods. A few of Applejack's snares, those set up at the outermost parts of the castle, sounded out at once. A few at the back held position to set up their own weapons, and begun slinging arcane bolts of several varieties in the farmpony's direction, though not so much in hope of hitting her as seeing how she would react while providing some suppression to cover the forward ponies' advance. The battle had begun.
  7. Well, I don't have a lot of characters that fit, but two do come to mind. Iseiaisha, while not of noble birth, has achieved a large degree of importance and respect through her career. I could also see her wanting to cultivate some higher society contacts, as an extra source of information on Neighpon's affairs. An Xiang, is from a little farther away, and maybe doesn't have quite as much reason to be speaking with Chiasa, but otherwise is similar: wasn't necessarily born into nobility, but achieved some status through the position she achieved. From there it gets a little more scattered. Nosk isn't really nobility, but he does live in Neighpon and has played the role of a lord a few times before, and I've got a few wandering adventurers would could have (what starts as) an acquaintance with Chiasa. They can all be seen in my character log, which can be found by clicking the button below my avatar, if you'd like to browse through them.
  8. Bleh! Need a place to go!

    @ShineRunner I'll send you a PM with info, to try and avoid accidentally hijacking this thread.
  9. I would like to continue, if we can. I'm not sure who's up next though.
  10. Bleh! Need a place to go!

    Last I checked, there was no limit on the number of characters someone can have, it's just a matter of how many they're willing to get through the app process. Although I remember at one point a person could only have one WIP character and one Ready character awaiting review at a time. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'spot' to RP. If you mean in character location, I could link you to the world map, which gives a list and blurbs about the various places a character can be. If you mean where on the forums, this is probably the right place to start! Though it might be helpful to include a bit about what sorts of threads or stories you'd be interested in, or might particularly fit your characters.
  11. True to her promise, even if it was purely a mental one, An Xiang returned about a minute later. She was breathing heavily and carrying a large bucket of sloshing water, which she set down in the sand in front of the injured caribou. She paused only a moment longer, what she needed to compose herself, before she offered explanation. “Sorry for the wait, I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with the town yet, and I took a wrong turn.” An Xiang looked at the bucket for a moment, before looking back at the caribou. “I know, it's not the most dignified, but I wasn't sure how much you'd need. Dignity should be secondary to health in this case, I feel.” She paused in thought for a moment, before adding, “though I could fetch some cups as well, if you prefer.” An Xiang wanted to ask if there was any change, or how the caribou was doing, but saw little point. It had not been gone that long, and anything new to be learned could likely be found through just a visual examination. Any other questions she wanted to ask, about their stories or plans, would be best kept until she was sure of the caribou's health. She sat back and took a moment to observe, looking between the caribou and the unicorn. There wasn't much to find in some ways, at least not to her limited training, although she did note that the caribou was now sitting up. After a moment she asked, “Can you stand? We could bring you into town, you could rest somewhere more comfortable than the ground.”
  12. Just what the evening needed, the very food itself turning on them, as if in rebellion for being eaten. Qing, as the official taste tester for the empress, was having an issue with shrimp dumpling soup. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say it was having an issue with her, causing her to struggle with her grip and her face to puff up. It somewhat reminded An Xiang of an allergic reaction, which she knew from a family member who also had one. But surely, even if they the role was purely ceremonial now, they would have screened the imperial food tester for such things, right? Right? Regardless of what the answer would turn out to be, due diligence must be done. Even if the whole thing would turn out to be a relatively harmless prank, a possibility that An Xiang thought increasingly likely given who their dinner guest was, this was still a threat to one in the imperial retinue, and thus indirectly a threat to the empress herself! And that's why, when Feng suddenly demanded a list of relatively recent visitors to the castle, the chancellor was inclined to agree. “Er, yes. Of course!” Though, it helped the decision that such a course of action would require An Xiang to leave the hall, and she would be able to do in the name of defending the empress no less. She could carry out her duties, and get a much needed break from the chaos of the day. She turned to the doors and made for them at a brisk trot, seeing no need to gallop as anything she'd find would remain waiting for her, and be found over the coming days. An Xiang was given pause when Discord started to rant. She could only be thankful that it wasn't a loud, garish affair, but words that said were anything but reasonable. They'd served him dinner, he the apparently ignorant destroyer of nations, and yet they were showing him disrespect? Somehow the evening showed that Long Guo adhered too closely to order, when it was chaos that ruined the affair if anything did? And he went so far as to insult the Equestrian princess, they would blatantly ignore laws, go where they pleased without so much as asking a guard, and completely ignore any who objected. The chancellor couldn't help but be a little insulted on their behalf. An Xiang had been sufficiently stunned by the 'speech', that she didn't think to reply until he had already left the room himself. It was just as well, if she'd kept her presence of mind she would have held her tongue anyways, and if she didn't she didn't want to think of what might have happened to her. She waited a few minutes after Discord left the room before shaking her head and moving toward the door once more, if a little more slowly now to give the spirit more time to move off.
  13. Nosk was watching Jinsoku's arrival carefully, though as much out of an absence of other things to pay attention to as any particular strategy. The 'queen', undoubtedly the biggest threat of the lot, stood next to her daughter to speak with her before leaving for a nap, and the bandits which had been assigned keep the pair secured weren't doing anything of note. As such, he noticed the moment of hesitation when the younger first saw the day's catch. A sign of weakness? No, Nosk decided a moment later, not weakness. The mare was being resolute when facing her mother, who evidently had the rest of the gang cowed, in being willing to openly criticize. Whatever it was that concerned the mare, it was not borne of frailty. That it might partly be caused by being the 'queen's daughter only raised more questions. Having lived so long in close proximity to her mother's ruthlessness made her hesitation strange, and even if he had to make assumptions to get that far, those assumptions being wrong would raise more questions. Further speculation was put on hold, as the two of them were to be taken to the cages and inspected there. Nosk would be complacent for now, especially with Ochiru's confirmation that she'd understood what he had said, in her way. The time was was not yet right to ask, and there were too many questions yet unanswered. After a moment's hesitation and a glare in the direction of a couple bandits holding him, he complied and followed after Ochiru. Although he did test his boundaries a bit, trying to inch over and walk beside the okami, to see how his current keepers reacted. One bandit in particular made himself known, a brown earth pony with a peculiar tail. In other circumstances that was a detail Nosk would have made particular note of. At the moment his focus was elsewhere however, and so that snippet of information was pushed to the background, among other things in favour of reacting to what the bandit had said. The disguised yokai held back his instinctual reaction, which was to say that he'd tear apart the organization and do similar to its members if any serious harm came to Ochiru, in favour of something more diplomatic. “I feel it would be in everyone's interests to keep her in one piece. I've heard of some families paying a lord's ransom for a yokai as an exotic pet. I've known none gentler than Ochiru.” Assuming he had been allowed to get close enough, Nosk would pat her gently on the shoulder, before moving on. Both of them could survive a period of captivity, much better than then being 'harvested' anyhow, and such a state would all but ensure opportunities for future freedom. “I've also heard,” Nosk continued, “of terrible things happening to those who would bring harm to such gentle creatures. There's tales of the land itself, as if indignant, swallows them whole and they're never seen again.” Granted, it wasn't so much a story he'd heard as a misleading description of how he'd captured prey in days long past, but he couldn't clarify without giving away his current, best advantage. “Something to think about,” he finished, with a cold smile, as they drew closer to the cages.
  14. The Value of Foalhood [Semi-open/See OOC]

    “Ahhh!” Betrayal! The little pony Naj had been hiding behind suddenly stopped being so cooperative! Not only did he not think food was the better option right now, but he started pushing her toward door to outside! She couldn't go out there, who knew what manner of things lay in wait! Sure, the ponies inside the building seemed to be tolerant, and maybe even friendly, what would the ponies outside think? Wasn't the 'change program' supposed to happen inside the building? What if there were other ponies out there who...who...she didn't really want to think about what would happen if she ran into a pony who wasn't a part of whatever this was. Fortunately, the grey colt soon found some other things to distract him, namely the rest of the foals. He seemed pretty easy to distract really, but this time it worked out in Naj's favour. It meant it took only a little flailing and clinging to the doorframe before he moved on, leaving Naj safely inside while the rest of the foals did something about...pirates? What were those? Whatever they were, the grey colt seemed to get really excited about them. It also finally game Applejack some time to answer some of Naj's many questions. She correct Naj, in that the really, teeny-tiny pony was also called a foal. Naj scrunched up her face. That was weird, why would the really little ones, who couldn't move around very well, the same thing as the bigger ones that could? Ponies were weird. The orange mare avoided the question of whether or not the monster had been telling the truth. Why did she do that? Did Naj say something wrong? Did the monster? Though, even if she didn't answer it outright, she did state that ponies and changelings were living together with no hesitation. So even if there was something going on, there probably was some truth to all this. There was still something strange about it, and Naj was tempted poke around a bit. But for the moment, the orange mare was encouraging her to go outside and play, adding that she could come back if she felt uncomfortable. Naj wasn't able to take two steps before she was ambushed! The thing looked suspiciously like the monster from before, only if that monster was a baby version. She recoiled at first, but this time it wasn't as scary. She still didn't get how all those different bits fit together, but at least this one was smaller. And wasn't grabbing her. And for what it was worth, the monster from before didn't really do much after grabbing Naj, it just took her to some crayons and talked about how ponies and changelings could be getting along, which so far wasn't turning out to be a bad thing. So when the little creature offered her a shield, she accepted it after only a little bit of hesitation. The little creature, which Naj just remembered was named Discord, then said something about...a squirrel? Who would be unhappy? She didn't see any squirrels, but she did see a colt the little creature then motioned towards. Initially he'd gotten very excited about knights, and very vocal about how they were better the 'pirates', whatever those were. But now he seemed uncertain. Like he too didn't really know what was going on. Naj wasn't sure that she really wanted to play with him, if she'd be the only one playing. At the same time, it didn't sit right that he'd be left out... Naj awkwardly sidled up beside the colt, though couldn't bring herself to get too close. Even if she wanted to help, she didn't really know him, yet. “I-it's okay. I don't really know how to play this game either...” She shuffled her hooves a bit. “We could...we could try to learn it together...” She'd give him a few moments to reply, before walking hesitantly over to the other kids, whether or not Squall had decided to come along.
  15. The bandit queen was not pleased to learn that there were no valuables to be had from her latest acquisitions, but she perked up quickly enough as she worked out what to do the pair. Nosk's fate was to be sold as an anonymous slave to some yet-to-be-announced workshop. It wasn't something he was particularly concerned about, as he was sure he could survive such a task. And what's more, the recipient would have no idea what they actually receiving. Whoever did end up purchasing him would likely end up not waking up the next morning. He could perhaps even liberate a few other unwilling workers in the process, earning himself a few favours and helping others improve their lots in life simultaneously. Far less agreeable was the plan set out for Ochiru. Nosk had some hope that she would be sold as some sort of exotic pet. She'd been through such an even before, and had actually come out better for it. While it would be too much to hope that a second attempt would go quite so well, it was something he knew his companion would survive, and it was something he'd freed her form before. No such luck, as mention was made of fashioning her tail into a scarf. Maybe it would stop there and the gang would wait for the tail to grow back so it could be harvested again, but it was just as likely they'd find other uses for too many parts of her. And letting another part of her be lost like that...that would be unacceptable. Nosk glared at the 'queen', and started to reply. “If you harm so much as one hair of her then I'll-” But the 'queen' paid Nosk's unfinished threat no mind, and in fact had already moved on, intending to summon her daughter to inspect the evening's haul. Nosk let out a long, frustrated hiss through his teeth, as he wracked his brain for how to get out of this situation without too much unnecessary danger. Concerned as he was, the answer wasn't coming to him right away. Although he did realize that at least they had some time, as buyers would need to be found and contacted, and transport would need to be arranged. The realization was enough to calm him down, that he realized Ochiru had spoken as well. It was hard to tell exactly what Ochiru was thinking at any given point. In this particular case though, it seemed she didn't fully understand the danger. “Ochiru...” Nosk muttered, glancing over at his friend and frowning. He didn't like the idea of her being unaware, but neither did he relish the idea of forcing her understanding. He found a middle ground. “Ochiru, I'm not sure they want to let you keep your tail.” Hopefully, it would be enough to clue her in without causing too much stress. Nosk turned to back towards bandit queen, and the direction of the cave he expected her daughter to arrive from. “I'll find us a way out of this,” he muttered, as much to himself as Ochiru.