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  1. DerpRavener

    Hidden texts. [Open]

  2. Naj would be interested, provided it doesn't interfere with any of her other duties. She'll be moving (back) to Ponyville soon it looks like as well, so it might be perfect timing.
  3. DerpRavener

    Fish Aren't Always Friends [Invite]

    Had Clef been a more experienced and savvy adventurer, he might have picked up on Night Prophecy's posturing and been able to work out some things significantly earlier. Unfortunately for the siren, he was not his mother. As such, it was just now that he was starting to pick up that maybe not everything his new friend was saying was on the level. For someone who claimed to regularly spend time on land, Night sure seemed to be struggling with it. It made Clef start to wonder if there were other things his new friend had said that weren't entirely the truth. He didn't see the need to call Night out on it though. No reason to ruin a perfectly good, if still new friendship, and he had to admit a bit of curiosity around why Night would lie about things that seemed either small or could be easily helped if asked. Heck, Clef wondered if maybe it would even be good for him! His upbringing in Melodia had been fairly sheltered, all things considered, and part of the point of this whole journey had been to prove he could survive on his own. This could be a good opportunity to test himself, or failing that, to learn. As the two of them made their way down to the beach, Night explained what it was they should be looking for in a shell. The key aspect was apparently time, the shells needed to have a certain amount of time in the sand, which seemed like it would be a tall order for someone without any divination magic, but apparently one could tell because they weren't faded in colour. “So, just look for the vibrant shells. I think I can do that.” There were, as it turned out, a pair of ponies were selling seashells by the sea shore. Clef took a moment to lightly smack himself for thinking it. He could tell they were there, because they were announcing it loudly, to the whole beach. Something about it seemed off to Clef. At first it was bristling against the idea of selling seashells at the beach, but when he considered he realized there was a more pressing concern. How would they know whether a shell had been under the sand for long? What's more, he'd heard of ponies painting shells before, could they be sure the vibrant shells were that way naturally as opposed to being made more pretty? Clef supposed it couldn't hurt to ask. If worst came to worst, and it didn't look like these particular ponies would have what they needed, they could always go somewhere else. Clef moved toward them. He looked over the assembled shells, but he wasn't really sure which ones would be suitable at a glance. He thought about asking if they had any applicable shells, but he honestly wasn't quite sure how to phrase the question, so instead he settled on something else. “Hey Night,” he called back, “do any of these look like what you're looking for?”
  4. DerpRavener

    Fish Aren't Always Friends [Invite]

    Their foray onto land started off well enough, but before long Clef noticed his friend scowling. Paired with his... awkward method of travel on land, combined with a big of mucus. Clef made a face. While Night was of course very comfortable in the sea itself, the sea air apparently wasn't treating him as well. “Are you sure-” the siren began, misinterpreting his friends reaction as being to the land. He was interrupted by Night suddenly bursting out with a claim that his own geomancy was much better than any kind of weather control. Clef didn't really see what the two had to do with one another, weather magic was almost a bureaucratic thing, making sure everything was running smoothly with the weather it needed as best one could. And, from Clef's observations, making up for when things inevitably went wrong anyways. He didn't see what that had to do with predicting the future through stones, although the ability did sound very impressive. “Yeah, I could see how that could be very useful.” He still didn't get how it worked, but then he was no mage. “I'd like to see that sometime, too. I-if you'd be okay with me watching, of course...” he trailed off a little. This did sound like something important, maybe Night would prefer to keep it hidden from outsiders. Clef considered going back to his earlier concern. Night had seemed to suddenly encounter difficulties when coming on shore, was it really alright for him to be up here? Then again, he had stated very definitively that he was no stranger to land, and talking about geomancy seemed to give him his energy back. Clef held a look of concern on his face for a moment longer, but decided it was something he didn't need to worry about right away. Night made for the beach, forging on ahead, which hadn't been Clef's original plan. On consideration though, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to check there first. Night had gotten a little ways away while the siren was lost in thought, forcing the latter to sprint for a moment, or at least the rapid shuffling which sirens did in place of sprinting, to catch up. “Actually,” Clef said once he'd caught up, “I'd been thinking to ask ponies on the docks if they'd found any shells worth looking at. But looking over the beach first is probably a better place to start.” Clef's eyes scanned the sand, but he didn't fully know what he was looking for. “So what exactly makes a good shell for geomancy?”
  5. Ahh, now I see what you're going for. It's a decent idea, but I'm not sure it would really work in this thread (though admittedly the reason probably isn't clear from the description here). My plan was essentially to have Naj stick to Ponyville, barring specific offers from other characters, so I don't see her needing to travel except already in the company of the character who offered her a place to stay. I'm loathe to deny a character, but as it stands I'm not sure how he would fit into this thread. Let me know if you have any further ideas, though.
  6. Hmm. It could work, but as is the reasoning seems a little thin. By this description at least, it doesn't seem like he'd really have much stake in this thread, as it doesn't seem like he'd either be looking for a place to stay or have one he would be interested in offering. Am I wrong in that? What sort of ideas did you have for how he'd get involved in the thread?
  7. The thread is still open! Just note that we're just getting back into things after a several month hiatus, and things are going a little bit slowly.
  8. DerpRavener

    Bug, Seeking New Nest [Semi-open, see OOC]

    Naj shared Tehengu's chuckle for just a moment. She knew how it was, as she should being in the same organization, that of course she couldn't expect him to be around whenever she might show up. “Heh, well thanks anyways. I might take you up on that at some point, if only to catch up.” She did think it was a nice gesture, and something for her to keep in mind. However, in the end that didn't really affect what she was doing here today. It was easy enough for her to find a place to sleep with a roof over her head, what she was hoping to find here was a home. Naj hadn't been expecting the Mayor to be so prepared to meet her needs, given the particulars of it, although a part of her felt she shouldn't be too surprised. Mayor Mare had held her position in Ponyville for as long as Naj was aware. Presumably, if she had anything it would be a knowledge of the rules and a knack for getting a pony or otherwise through them. The changeling's situation may have been a little stranger than the usual resident, it apparently wasn't enough to faze the mayor. “Thank you! This is a big help,” Naj said, at the first convenient opportunity. She felt like she'd want to do something for the mayor later, although what she could do she wasn't sure. She decided it was an idea she'd have to revisit later, for now she had other things on her mind. As the mayor turned to address the room, and Naj had found herself in the company of more ponies than she'd expected, Swift Squall took a moment to get her attention. He offered to help with the paperwork Naj was working on. Naj hesitated, worried she was asking for too much help already. At the same time, she was still getting the hang of the Equestrian way of doing things. And important though it may be, she didn't enjoy the idea of doing a bunch of paperwork. It took her a moment to reply, but eventually she said “...Yeah, I probably could use a bit of help actually, at least with the paperwork. I appreciate it, though uh, I probably won't be as particular as you would.” She hoped he wouldn't get too invested in what was ultimately going to be her place to live, although she wouldn't turn away the help either. She slid a couple pieces of paper, partially filled out, across to him. Naj thought for a moment. “I do like the sound of that, though I'd rather see all of what's available before committing to anything. I'd be happy to have you along either way though, we can look together.” She smiled at Rose before turning back to the page in front of her. “And hopefully that will be soon, I don't think there's too much more to fill out...”
  9. DerpRavener

    Hidden texts. [Open]

    As they stepped into the bookstore, Naj started to get the uncomfortable sensation of being out of place. The truth was, this wasn't really her field of expertise. She did like books, more than the average changeling, but the sort she tended to enjoy tended to land squarely in the realms of fiction rather than anything of historical or magical significance. Much as she did like the idea of seeing Coltson in action, the truth was she was likely to be as much a liability as an asset in this situation. And, to tell the truth, it sounded like the supposed source of the troubles here was somepony they knew before and hadn't been so bad. That is to say, somepony who it might be best to talk down, rather than smack down. While Naj did prefer a peaceful resolution, and was as happy to talk as anyone else, her skill set was focused on the direct approach above all others. She'd been building up other skills, but a mare would always have her specialty. It turned out she had a perfect excuse to get out of the was as well, and thanks to what she'd established to be her cover, not only would it fit but she wouldn't even really have to lie about it. “I just remembered,” she said, when there was a lull in the conversation, “I actually have a few reports I have to make at the castle, while I'm in town. So, rather than getting underhoof,” she added, with a bit of a grin, “I'm going to get to it.” She turned and trotted out the door, calling “good luck!” back to the ponies inside as she left the shop for the streets outside, trotting away toward her destination.
  10. Okay, apparently I'm still getting back into the swing of things. But I think progress is being made. I am pleasantly surprised there's still this much interest, given how much time has passed. So, there are two ways which come to mind that we could go about this: @Pretzelparty would have been the next person to post, however given that it's been so long that it might make sense to restart the posting order, in which case I'd try to get a post up by this weekend.
  11. DerpRavener

    Fish Aren't Always Friends [Invite]

    Clef found Night Prophecy's doubts odd. Why would the ponies think either one of them had beached themselves? Ponies from central Equestria maybe, but most of the dockside ponies could be able to tell the difference between something which had gotten itself stuck on land and something which went there deliberately. Besides, Clef was perfectly comfortable on land, and Night said he was too, so why would anypony think they couldn't make it while out of the water? Needless to say, he hadn't noticed that his new friend had reservations about venturing above the water. Or at least, Clef didn't until Night immediately followed his first foray above the ocean with a very wet cough, and it was only then that the siren finally had some doubts of his own. Just how long had it been since Night had been on land? The latter clearly wasn't used to this sort of thing. Yet he had made it clear he was perfectly capable of it, very confidently in fact. Clef frowned, but didn't know what to do about it. Perhaps his new friend had spent too long away from land to be used to the air. Perhaps he would just have to keep an eye on said new friend, lest something happen which neither of them were quite expecting. Clef glanced in the direction Night had been looking. “Hmm? Oh, I've gotten that in a few places.” Well maybe not quite the same reaction, but close enough to matter. “I wouldn't worry about it too much, they just aren't used to seeing seaponies around. They'll get used to it in a few minutes, I'm sure. Or at least find something else to draw their attention.” The fact that a number of ponies' gazes remained fixed on the two of them did nothing to dissuade him. “The best place?” Clef paused for a moment, and thought about the question. “I've never been here before either, but the obvious place would seem to be the docks.” Clef pointed a little ways away from where they'd surfaced. Unfortunately, there hadn't been a closer place for ocean dwellers such as themselves to get onto land, at least from what he'd seen. “I imagine most things picked up from the sea would pass through there, so if that doesn't lead us to what you're looking for we're bound to find somepony who can.” As the two started moving that direction, Night revisited the question of divination, suggesting it was a lot like what pegasi did with the weather. Clef considered that for a moment, thinking it sounded reasonable but that something didn't quite fit. After a moment he replied. “But pegasi study clouds because clouds are a big part of weather, I'm pretty sure. I'd think studying stones would be something more like...” he absently waved his hoof in a circle, looking for the word, “geology or something. How do rocks tell you about the day?”
  12. DerpRavener

    My Little Investigations: Canterlot Edition

    I think Grim Solace could make either a good suspect or a good witness. He's an odd pony, often seen doing suspicious things, which could make him work as the former, and then for the latter he's often seen talking to himself from other's perspectives and can get questionable but relevant information from dubious sources. Looking at roles yet unfilled, the rival team/prosecutors seem to be the biggest one. I don't have the best characters for that, but I might have a couple that could fit. Naj has the mindset and the connections to the REA that I could see her being a part of an official investigation. Just note that she wouldn't be one to try underhanded legal tactics. She might accidentally pursue the wrong person, but she wouldn't be the type to seek a guilty verdict at all costs. Nosk meanwhile might be a little convoluted to get there, but he could work. He could be trying his 'hoof' as a prosecutor (probably with some kind of cover identity), and he's got a mischievous streak that could see him try some underhanded tactics. I imagine he'd see the whole thing as yet another very dangerous game. (Also I know that's more than two, my thinking is that I offer up extra for options and then we can figure out who among them is the best fit and set aside the rest.)
  13. Welp, I was looking through old threads and I remembered/rediscovered this one. I think I've got myself a little more organized now, so we could take another crack at this one. Before I commit to that though, I'd like to see: would people have an interest in trying to continue this, or should we leave it where it lies?
  14. DerpRavener

    Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Grim held no ill will toward his teammates. Perhaps, in better circumstances, they could have had a nice conversation. As it was however, priority was to be kept on resolving the current situation, the game, such as it was. He was fully intent on doing just that. However, he was stopped by what one might describe as a screeching in his ear. His companions could get... excitable, when the wanted got something in their heads. “No, that is unnecessary, I am sure they are perfectly capable of-” he was cut off by more rapid chittering. He looked back, only to find that he'd made too much distance from his teammates, who were no longer in comfortable earshot and where enacting their own moves. “...It's a moot point anyways. The only way to talk to them now would be to go backwards.” More chittering. “Well, do you want me to play the game, or sabotage my own chances to tell them that?” This time silence followed. Grim stopped himself from saying 'that's what I thought' as he came across a pair of nobles, loudly arguing over who should move and capture a hapless delivery pony, caught up in this whole mess. By holding his tongue, he was able to sneak up with them unawares. He got into position just in time to hear another red-tinted pony shout for the would-be victim to jump over his aggressors. When the pizza pony finally listened, Grim made his own move. He tensed for a moment, then took a galloping start before leaping over the second noble could react to something other than his friend vanishing. Grim landed heavily on the opposite square, which brought him to a space adjacent to the mare who'd spoken up. A voice in his ear helpfully reminded him this meant they couldn't capture each other, with neither able to move in a way that would put the other at risk. Though filing away the information, Grim pointedly avoided reacting to the voice, and that was only partially due to the reaction he might get. With nopony immediately ahead of him, he took a moment to assess. He had planned to ask the red-tinted mare if she had merely been generous or if she too wanted the game to end, but with the other nobles dealt with and the pizza pony away, she had moved on. Just as well, perhaps. The voices were muttering again, though this time Grim couldn't quite tell what they were on about. He took a step forward, intent on getting a slightly closer look at his surroundings, only to stumble a bit when his hoof landed further ahead than he expected it too. Oddly enough, the lane seemed... smaller... hmm.
  15. DerpRavener

    Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Grim Solace didn't typically come to Canterlot. His typical practices were frowned on particularly harshly by the ponies that lived there, and for that matter his attitudes likely weren't received well either. Granted, all that was mostly speculation on his part, but what little time he had spent in Equestria's capitol supported the assumptions, even if it hardly made for a complete account. He wouldn't turn away from a situation in Canterlot that needed his attention, but that was the most he could say for the city. He had no other reason to come here. Well, almost no other reason. As much as Grim Solace prided himself on his ability to be independent, he could not do everything on his own. There were a number of rare materials that he lacked the time or expertise to acquire for himself, and of the two remaining options for magically active materials, he much preferred academia to the black market. Grim Solace had spent most of the day inside thus far, and so while he had felt the tingle of some sort of large scale magic, he hadn't known what it was or what it signified until he stepped back out onto the street. The moment Grim left the doorway he immediately noticed the change, or at least one of them. This was not the part of town he'd entered, let alone the building or door. This was a part of town he didn't recognize. A shift of location would have been irritating, but easily solvable. If only that were the only thing affecting him at the moment. His coat seemed to have changed colours, now a dark shade of blue instead of his usual grey, though it still managed to be somewhat sombre. The ground was similarly...'decorated', covered with alternating colours of squares. Trying to move, having not yet decided if he would aim to escape or to confront the source, he found he couldn't, unless he shifted diagonally. Just as Grim's confusion was reaching it's peak, a paper floated conspicuously down to his hooves, and he finally had an explanation: checkers. A foals game. He vaguely remembered playing it sometimes when he was young, but that was ages ago. It was perhaps fortunate that instructions were provided, even if he would have far preferred not to have need of them in the first place. Grim's 'companions' were chittering in his ears, just as anxious as he but not as skilled at containing it. “Hush,” he muttered under his breath, “this is only temporary. If not meant to be, I will make it so.” He noticed he wasn't the only pony so affected, perhaps it would be better not to speak with his usual company unnecessarily, lest he start getting funny looks from his teammates. Speaking to the apparently empty air was the sort of thing which got one remembered. Indeed, Grim wasn't the only pony affected. Already, another blue-tinted pony was calling forth a charge of sorts. Much as Grim didn't like charging forward without a plan, the only way out did seem to be through. And besides, what's the worst that could happen? Being captured could only mean one was out of the game. With a nod toward the other pony Grim began walking forward, stepping on such spaces as the game allowed him, in a steady advance toward the castle some ways distant.