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  1. UMayBleed

    Show characters

    Any art that is not Original characters.
  2. So my plans for minecraft 1.7. I am starting a replica map of equestria! It will be on my server as well.

  3. Based on the animatic I saw of some clips from season 4, I believe scootaloo will learn how to fly. Sweetie Belle will learn magic Twilight will be flying a lot. Rarity will go back to canterlot like Sweet and Elite, except this time "OH, you know the princess? princess twilight? You are definately somepony worth hanging out with."
  4. So, I was thinking, What if twilight trained super hard in flying, she eventually bypasses rainbow dash, then she creates a sonic twiboom?

  5. Anyone play minecraft? I got a growing Roleplay/surival server if anyone wants to join.

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    2. LeCountryBrony


      i play minecraft count me in as long as i dont need any mods

    3. UMayBleed


      Well if you want to join, pony.galacticarc.ca, I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

    4. LeCountryBrony


      Great i joined =D its awesome !

  6. The world will be more advanced if we all get along. But obviously that will never happen. I only know 1 show that is helping that.

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    2. Halide


      No wait, I know the one. "Planet Earth" with David Attenborough

    3. tacobob


      Bah! Don't be silly! That's 'Gidget Goes Hawaiian'! Or maybe the 'Flying Nun'.

    4. UMayBleed


      Lol, this is funny. It is MLP!! xD

  7. UMayBleed

    Original Characters

    Any art not related to show characters.
  8. Some of my art will be posted here, Only the ones I feel are good. First off, Twilight Vs Arrancar (Source) And another crossover, Also my avatar (Source)
  9. I am new to the Hive, So I am quickly introducing myself. I like Programming, Art, Gaming, Space ships, and any space related things. (Science fiction) I also create art fairly regularly, which I just began art this summer, and since then my art skills have improved a lot. If you want to see my deviant art, check it out: http://umaybleed.deviantart.com/ Thanks to anyone who welcomes me!
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