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  1. After a few round of the 'Snap' Rarity and Twilight glanced at each other. They could feel the sugar laced drink coursing through their veins and hoped AJ would be feeling ready to party! "Ok AJ! The honkey tonk awaits!" They trotted their friend out of the boutique and down the road to where a dance was getting ready to go into full swing! "So," Rarity spoke quietly to Twi as they made their way towards the entrance. "They'll be there when we get back right dear? I wouldn't want that part of the evening to be spoiled." "Yep! They'll be ready to go in a couple hours from now! AJ's gonna be," She giggled. "Super surprised!" "Ready darling?" Rarity turned to AJ and grinned. "We thought you'd like a traditional farmyard themed honkey tonk!" Twilight had gone all out with her Princess powers! She'd hired a band, there were refreshments, dancers, and basically the whole shebang! "Time to kick the dust up!" Twilight ushered AJ inside. Directly on the other side of the entrance a pair of rather stunning mares awaited them. "So!" One of the mares trotted around the farm mare. "You must be the famous Applejack?"
  2. Glitter held onto the moment, savoring the feeling all over. She felt whole for the first time maybe ever? When Temy pressed her muzzle into her forehead and breathed deeply with the other unicorn, taking in the air like it was love itself. She could feel her heart beat, warm and strong. It was right. It was all right in the world for that one moment in time. "This doesn't feel like pain to me," She spoke softly, responding to Temy's warning. She pressed herself in closer, if that was possible, feeling a connection like she'd never felt before. It was like the broken pieces of her heart were picked up off the floor. They hovered there in the air, not put back together but just held there. She never wanted this time to end. Temy spoke again, her words like balm. She didn't want to leave. Glitter didn't want her to leave, not ever. She smiled a small smile at the words. "Yes," She nuzzled Tempest one last time. "I do have a thing for strays," One more soft kiss into the mare's crest, where mane met neck. Then there was space between them. As Temy spoke of food Glitter's stomach rumbled. The mane stood, the movements somehow easier after their shared time together. "Let me help." She spoke as she went for the bag of oats. "Boiled oats. Not the most exciting thing but they sound good right now." She sorted through the supply pack and came up with a small vile levitating in her magic. "Honey! I knew I brought some." She went for the cook pan in the bag and soon had it levitating above the flames with water inside. "What else should we have?" She glanced at Tempest and then out the cave entrance. "Is that?" She looked closer. Was that sunlight? "I think the storm might be clearing."
  3. Alrighty then. It seemed like her idea of a simple little game was really not so easy for the class. Well some of the class. Well, specifically a certain pink filly and maroon colt. Oh well, thankfully everypony finished without too much indecent. As Remington and Moonlight crossed the finish line Rainbow clapped her fore hooves together while she hovered in the air. "Great work everyone!" She glanced around. "You all made it, and thankfully nopony got hurt this time!" That was a success right? Sure! Wow, she was such an awesome professor! "So," Rainbow glanced at the group. "Who can tell me what the exercise has to do with loyalty?" She gave it a moment and then pointed her hoof lazily around, landing on Moonlight and Remington. "How about you two? Learn anything about loyalty?"
  4. Rainbow smiled, her tears drying up at the idea of getting to spend some more time with Zap this afternoon. She knew she was in trouble though. She knew deep in her gut that what was to transpire between her and AJ later would not be pretty. RD deserved it though and she knew it. It would actually make her feel better to get the verbal thrashing of a lifetime from her mare. Of course she knew what AJ was going after at the western silo. Perhaps she'd work off some f her steam before they met up later? For now though she would focus on Zappers. She smiled. "Yeah, of course Zappers! I know just the right Daring Do story for us to read!" All the talk of apples, cookies, and pie had her stomach rumbling a bit despite the sinking feeling she had. "I think Granny Smith made a pie this morning!" She turned to trot towards the farm house, motioning for Zap to follow her. "We're gonna have a great time!" (OOC: I'm good to end this one here unless you guys want to keep going?)
  5. Glitter stayed there, unmoving as the unicorn tried to pry open her door. She continued to rest her muzzle on Tempest and breath her in. She continued to hold them both in the warmth of her magic. She listened to the words. They washed over her like a pain filled torrent. She allowed it to happen. She did not stop the words from coming. The only way to mend the broken was to let it out. She'd tried to deal with her own hurts. They only mended fractionally when she spoke of them. When she confronted them for what they really were. If Tempest wanted to do that now, Glitter would not stop her. Of course the words took her back over the years. She knew how Fizzy must have felt about her. She could somehow always feel it deep in her heart. She'd felt the anguish most of all. It was her own but it was also shared. There was no going back. No stopping what had happened. Only time to look down the road ahead. A road she wanted to walk with somepony else by her side. She did not want to, could not, walk this road alone. Not now. Not after spending even this short time with the unicorn beside her. She glanced at Tempest and then away. Her words were ending. And a question rose. She sucked in a breath, burying her muzzle into Temmy's neck in something akin to a kiss. It was more than that though. Her broken heart was seeking solace. "How could I not have done it?" She moved, pressing her injured face into Temmy for just a moment. It didn't hurt, it felt comforting. The sharing of so many emotions, pains, and griefs. At the same time a light of hope was blooming in her heart. She would have done that and s much more for this mare beside her.
  6. So the feathers aren't wings correct? Just want to make sure before I stamp
  7. Hi! I'm happy to assist in you getting your app approved for WoE! Overall I think this character is great! I only have one thing for you to change and I'm happy to approve! We tend to not use years for descriptions of age so just leave it at 'young mare' and you're good! Message here once you've made the change and I'll stamp this for you!
  8. Hi! Welcome to Canterlot! I'm glad your exploration for MLP led you here I do hope you enjoy your time with us! The RP area is active and we are always excited to have new players join in!
  9. Well, at least everypony had taken their orders. Fluttershy watched the whole situation unfold, her senses of highest of alerts. This was not good. It would be much better to deal with what was happening with Abby in a medical center. But, they were in the woods, in the dark, in the middle of pretty much nowhere. This was a bad situation and it irked her that things kept on tumbling downhill. Her eyes stayed narrowed as she tried to focus. The thuds did not escape her, nor did the dark shadow, or the red eyes. She had a hunch as to what it might be and she would continue her vigil with Abby until the beast came near. Near enough to be a threat that could not be ignored. On it came, until the fur on her nape stood on end. She nodded to Ali and continue on with taking care of venom that oozed forth. A nasty job that she knew somepony with Ali's merits could easily handle. She felt especially confident once the mare let on that another of her family had dealt with such venom. "Keep pulling the venom away please, as soon as it comes out." She knew Ali knew this but it helped Fluttershy to say it. It was really just stilling her for what she'd do next. The pegasus flexed her wings and took to the air. She flew over the others in the group and right up to those eyes. Those big red eyes. She opened her eyes wide in her patented stare and used her most commanding tones. "Stop right there!" The beast took one more thudding step and stopped as Flutters fixed her stare even more heavily on the creature. "Not one more step." She huffed and flew down closer, her rage barely concealed. "We have a friend who is hurt, we've had to rescue creatures from the swamp, we've had to deal with way too much from this forest and I'm not dealing with you too!" Glare. "Now, either come out here and help us get this little filly to safety or be on your way!" The creature still had not exited the shadows so she wasn't totally sure who or what she was dealing with but she didn't care. Abby was hurt and they were in danger and Fluttershy would not stand for any more abuse!
  10. Howdy! Don't forget to mark this app with ready or WIP If it's complete, I'm happy to approve it for you!
  11. Hi there!! Welcome to Canterlot! Hope to see you around the RP sections!
  12. Howdy! Hope you have a great time here!!
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