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  1. Silver snicked triumphantly and backed away from the table. She gave the 'baby' a cheeky little wink before turning to her friend and co-conspirator. "I don't think our little foal is going to give us any trouble," Silver smiled and rubbed her hooves together with glee. "Just imagine how he would feel if we made him do what I just told him we'd do if he doesn't go along with all of this." "You're just too much Silver Spoon!" Diamond couldn't be happier with her friend's actions today. "I mean just look at you!" She was truly proud of what Silver was becoming! "Rump bump!" "Ok now little one," Sweetie Belle loomed over the prostrate figure on the changing table. "Let's get you all cleaned up!" "Uhhhh, are you sure we have to-" Scootaloo began. Before she could finish Babs stepped in. "Wow! I've nevah seen a colt your age need help like this!" Babs studied Valen closely. "I mean yah shouldn't need us to help you out with all of this. Aren't yah kinda...I don't know...embarrassed?" Before she could get any further Apple Bloom hopped up to stand over Valen as well. "A'course he's not embarrassed! Apple Jack said we're supposed to make him feel better by takin' care of 'im so that's what we're doing!" She smiled at Valen. "You're already feelin' better aren't ya cuz?" "Ok, if yah say so..." Babs still seemed a little apprehensive. But, if AJ said to do this then it must be the right thing to do! "Enough talk! The baby needs changing!" Sweetie Belle interjected. "Now all we have to do is get these off, wipe you down, and put a new one on!" In the blink of an eye Sweetie had unfastened the diaper and whipped it off in front of all the fillies. "Scootaloo? Could you take this outside please?" Scoots grimaced slightly and took the offending diaper out for disposal. "And now we clean you up!" Sweetie Belle began to wipe Valen down, making sure he was all nice and clean for his new diaper. "Don't forget the baby powder!" Abby tried to help by puffing a bit of powder out of the container. What happened was that a HUGE amount of powder came out, covering Valen and all the other ponies nearby. Sweetie Belle coughed a puff of powder. "Um, I think that's enough powder, thanks Abby!" She had fashioned a larger diaper out of what was available in the foal room. This she slipped in place over Valen. It fit much better but looked just as silly as the last one had. Diamond and Silver had a giggling fit as Valen was hoisted back to the ground. "Well, what do we do now?" Babs ventured. "What do you need help with?" She eyed Valen.
  2. Miss Cheerilee was used to this sort of thing. Waking up early just came natural to a teacher and this mare was no different! Many were the days that she was up before the sun, getting ready for the day and her pupils. Often she found herself already in her classroom when most citizens of Ponyville were just getting out of bed! There was just so much that needed to be done bright and early! The problem on this particular morning was that she was not used to not sleeping the night before and being ready to handle the trials of teaching, and a field trip no less! For some reason Cheerilee had just not been able to sleep. It hardly ever happened to her but when it did, it was bad! She had tossed and turned all night and just when she had finally drifted off...ALARM BELLS!! She had knocked the alarm off the night stand and jumped up like a bolt of lightening! But the damage had been done... she would be a sleepylee all day because of this. She let out a tremendous yawn and gulped at the coffee container she had brought along. Somehow she still managed to arrive before most of the students. She greeted them willingly, but it wasn't terribly difficult to see she was tired at best. Really tired at worst. Perhaps she could feed off some of her students energy? Catch the excitement for the day from them? "Should be an exciting day, right?" The teacher smiled at the little apple. "Good morning Apple Bloom!" She welcomed one of her favorite students. "You-" insert HUGE YAWN HERE. "-ready for a wonderful day?" Sweetie Belle trotted up a few minutes later, saddle bag in place and just as excited as Apple Bloom! "Hey Abby! Hey every pony! Aren't you all just so excited for this trip!" She smiled a hug smile and gave her friend a hug! This was sure to be an interesting day!
  3. Hey.  If you're up for it and my Sombra is approved perhaps we could have Sombra meet your version of Rarity or something?

  4. I would love to play Miss Cheerilee for this! And Sweetie Belle if that's ok?
  5. Get this one done soon! Thorax could use a friend
  6. I feel for this character, great writing!
  7. Love this one! Gives me good feelings
  8. unicorn

    Can't wait to see what this character gets up to!
  9. How is this app coming along? Would you like more time?
  10. How is this app coming along? Would you like more time?
  11. unicorn

    Beautifully written as always
  12. Rainbow watched with a concerned expression as AJ checked over their foal. It was, of course, inevitable that Zap would experience his fair share of bumps along the way to growing up. This was especially so due to the fact that he had wings. Still, it wasn't what any new mother wanted to see, or hear. Once she knew that Zap was ok she let out a breath and patted the little guy lightly on the head. She tried to sooth AJ next since it was clear that she was upset by the incident. "Aw, I'm sure he's just fine, aren't you little guy?" She tried to lift his chin up to look at her which of course just brought more tears. "Well, at leas this lungs aren't hurt." She tried to joke. Rainbow offered to take Zap from AJ so she could stand back up. "Come on now Zap, you gotta be able to handle a little bump. Just wait until I'm teaching you to fly like a Wonderbolt..." She eyed AJ. "It's going to be great of course! You probably won't get hurt at all...I mean, you ummmm. you definitely won't get hurt at all!" She glanced outside. It was a lovely day. A perfect day for AJ to be able to get back to work! "Ok, I'm gonna look after this little guy and you're gonna go do the work that you love." She smiled, trying to get AJ's mind back into the job ahead. "All those trees just waiting for your expert attention!"
  13. Apple Bloom took in what her sister was saying as quickly s she could. As she continued to listen she got more and more and more excited! She was gonna be in charge of all of Sweet Apple Acres! The possibilities were endless. And Apple Jack had told her to keep doing what they were doing! She must be tickled pink that they were carrying out her orders with Valen correctly! Apple Bloom would make sure they indeed kept on with the plan! "Ah'll take care o' everythin' AJ! Ya can count on me!" She shouted after her sister as AJ bolted out the door. The filly looked over the keys, stopping at the keys to the foal room and the foal supply closet! Now they could do everything a little foal could need for Valen! " Hey you guys! Come on over!" All the fillies in the room trotted over while Valen continued his attempt at crawling away from their affections. "What's up Abby?" Sweetie Belle looked over at Valen. "We need to keep an eye on the baby don't we?" "Of course we do Sweetie Belle! But jus' look at this will ya? My sister jus' left me in charge of the whole farm!" Silver's ears perked up! This wasn't over! This had hardly begun! She nudged Diamond. "This is gonna be great!" The two giggled at the devious plots already going through their minds. This was just too good! "Let's all do our best to carry on with our plan!" Apple Bloom projected. "I'm sure AJ will be so happy to see how we treated mah cousin while she was away!" "I think the baby might need a change...he did go earlier..." Silver added in a quick suggestion. "Oh you're right! He will need a change!" Sweetie eyed Apple Bloom. "You said you had the keys to the foal room right Abby? Scootaloo, help me collect the baby and get him on the changing table will you?" Scoots still had her doubts about all of this but she complied. "Ok, let's get this over with..." She and Sweetie trotted off to find Valen. When they did find him Scoots spoke. "Ok Valen, time to get on the changing table so we can clean you up." Somewhere around this time the door to the farm house swung open. Babs put her head in and called out. "Ummmmm...hello? Hello!" Apple Bloom turned and spotted her cousin. "Oh my! Babs! Yer here! We almost forgot you were comin'! What with all the excitement around 'er! Welcome! Wait until you see what we're doin' cuz!" Babs found herself enveloped in a tight hug and then released. "Yeah, things seem pretty exciting around here cousin! What are you guys up to?" "Come an' see fer yerself!" What Babs saw made her eyes widen with interest. "Wow...this is somethin'."
  14. unicorn