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  1. aerion

    Welcome to Canterlot! I'd be happy to review this app for you! Overall you've got a great character here. Just a couple of points and than I'll be ready to approve this one for you. First off, if you could align all the text to the left for ease of reading that would be great! You make a few references to townspeople and people in general. In keeping with the slice of life nature of FiM if you could change these to "pony" versions of the words that would be wonderful. It seems to me that keeping an entire stretch of forest on "lock down" might be a bit much of a task for a filly on her own. Please tone this down a bit in keeping with her being a filly or explain in greater detail what types of creatures she is keeping at bay. Please address these comments and then reposnd in this thread
  2. Sweetie smiled ever so sweetly as scoop after scoop of gloop disappeared into Valen's mouth. "Aw the baby sure was hungry!" Scootaloo cocked her head as she watched the process. She nudged Babs. "This seems...uhhh..I little weird." Babs commented. "I didn't know you guys did this kinda stuff with well..." "Ponies that aren't babies?" Scoots finished up. She was liking this less and less every second. "Well, all ponies need love and attention, don't they Silver Spoon?" Diamond had been listening in. "Oh yes, they totally do!?" Silver reached over with a cloth to wipe a bit of goo that was dribbling from Valen's mouth. "I can't believe how much this guy can eat!" Abby remarked as yet another spoonful of the mess went in full and came out empty. Eventually the supply of baby mash ran out. Sweetie Belle trotted over. "What a good job Valen! You finished all of it!" She noted his fast bloating stomach. "Come on you guys let's get him out of the chair. Somepony's gonna need to burp the baby!" "Oh I think Scootaloo would be good at that!" Silver called out. "Perfect!" It took some doing but soon Valen was somewhat draped over Scoots shoulder. The filly eyed Sweetie Belle. "You want me to do what now?" "Just pat his back until he gets his burps out!" Sweetie fawned over Valen like a mother mare. Silver and Diamond had to trot a few steps away before falling over with laughter. This was just too good!
  3. Rainbow pranced in place as AJ did her thing. Nopony could buck better than Applejack and that was a fact...a fact that RD wouldn't utter out loud. It was too much fun to pretend she was competition in the apple bucking arena. The back legs snapped and the apple fell, one after another at first and then a small shower of fruit. Their little one was strapped firmly to AJ's back in what must be a prime position to see how things were done! After the apple fell RD trotted forward and picked on up. She took a bite a smile. "Not bad AJ!" She winked. "But I think I've seen better!" Rainbow wasn't even going to try a buck of her own. The beautiful day seemed to call to her. She wanted to show her little guy a thing or two about flight! "So, you think Zapper can come with me for a little bit?" She flexed her wings. "She's seen what you're good at, time to see what I'm great at!" She tickled Zap's chin. "Isn't that right little guy?"
  4. Miss Cheerilee really had to hoof it to Abby this morning! Perhaps the filly would make a good teacher some day. The real teacher tried to stifle another yawn, hoping the fillies and colts wouldn't be able to see how tired she was. She narrowed her eyes at Snips and Snails, those two little rouges were always up to mischief. They hadn't ever done anything really bad but they always pushed the limits. "Well whether those were smoke bombs or fire crackers there better not be any more of them," She eyed the two. "Or I know two little colts that will be heading back to Ponyville before the field trip is over." Then she smiled a soft smile. "Try to behave today, ok?" When the last call sounded she trotted about making sure all her students got onto the train and seat. It was going to be such a busy day! There wasn't enough time to be tired! Sweetie Belle was so so so excited! She boarded the train with her friends and took a seat next to Scootaloo. Abby wasn't far away. "Hey there Scootaloo! I'm super excited for today!" She glanced at her flank. "Aw, if we didn't have these marks we could spend the whole field trip trying to discover if we were supposed to be historians, or archaeologists, or something." "Oh and Apple Bloom, the perfume's from my sister. I trotted through a spray of it by accident this morning." She giggled. "Nopony knows how to get ready like Rarity!" (sorry if I forgot to mention somepony who interacted with my characters... I can edit if needed.)
  5. ponyville

    Pinkie bounded out of the bounce house after Derpy. She smiled a huge smile and started to bounce her way towards the carnival! "What do I have in store for you? Oh just wait and see!" She motioned for everypony to follow her. There were lots of games set up and tons of prizes. Pinkie had managed to get a carnival up and running and mostly on magical energy! The booths and games ran perfectly but nopony had to run them! It was the perfect place to have fun and party! Rainbow smiled and nudged her new friend Bevel. "Come on! Let's go check out those awesome games!"
  6. Luna allowed the proceedings to occur, at this point things seemed to be going along...well, fine. At least for the moment. Discord had asked the very question she had been wanting to prod the griffon with. It didn't matter who asked, and of course Luna had a good idea already however sometimes the best way to get to the point was to get to the point. "Yes, something has called me to your dream. You must be troubled...perhaps you could tell us why?" (sorry this is short...just wanted to pop by and keep this thread going!)
  7. Howdy! How's this here app comin' along sugar cube? Ya'll need more time?
  8. This is too cute! Look the perspective with the tree above, nice symbolism!
  9. This is very well done!
  10. Sooo stoked for S7!! Loved these eps, gonna be a fun and hopefully character developing season!
  11. age of heroes

  12. This is lovely!
  13. Babs heard the ominous rumble coming from the "baby's" tummy. She lifted an eyebrow, still not understanding why in Equestria the colt would want this kind of treatment. "Wow! That's quite a growl you got goin' there bud..." She tried the put on a good face, for her friend's sake. "Oh my gosh! The baby is hungry!" Sweetie Belle clapped her front hooves together. "Let's get him to hid high chair! Scootaloo?" Scoots had had almost enough of this. "I mean, I know we're supposed to help others and stuff...but this is..." "Totally fabulous!" Diamond Tiara grinned at Valen and then at the Silver. "What do you think Silver Spoon?" "I think we better get some carrots and daisies blended up quick for our little guy!" Silver couldn't keep the satisfied smirk off her muzzle. This was all too funny and so demeaning for Valen. It made her feel ten feet tall to see him this way. "I'll go an get the stove hot!" Abby trotted ahead of them into the kitchen. "An pull out the high chair too!" It wasn't long before everypony was in the kitchen. Babs assisted Sweetie Belle in lifting their precious little guy into his high chair. "Gotta strap him in for safety!" Sweetie pulled hard on the strap around Valen's middle to get it to fit him. He barely fit into the chair at all, his hindquarters were literally stuck into the chair. Abby stirred a pot on the stove, mixing a mash of carrots and daisies together. Once this was done she leveled some out into a little bowl. "Here ya go Sweetie Belle. You want to feed him?" "Of course!" Sweeties horn glowed and the bowl and a spoon levitated towards Valen. "Scootaloo, could you get his pacifier?" Scoots rolled her eyes and started to tug on the object between Valen's lips. "Come on Valen, let it go!"
  14. qilin