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  1. I'm gonna watch all of season 9 in one shot probably in a couple days. Haven't seen most of it yet.  Makes me misty eyed just to think about it being over... Ponies Forever!

    1. KaityKat


      Don't forget to have a box of tissues available for the finale. ;)

  2. Pinkie couldn't help but grin at the prospect of sharing some of her famous cupcakes with the party stallion. Her grin was even bigger and backed up with slight blush with the knowledge that he'd come back to Ponyville to ask a favor of her! What is Equestria could he need from her? Well whatever it was Ponk was sure she'd be willing to oblige! How could she say no? He was a good friend and she well... another stronger blush that she worked to have quickly dissipate appeared on her cheeks. Nope she wasn't going to broach those thoughts on her feelings again. It just always got her in a awkward state that she really didn't want to be in around Cheese. "Ooooh!" She plucked her little gator from his back and set him in her mane. "You hear that Gummers?" She patted the gator's head as he blinked his eyes one at a time. "Cheese wants to share some of my delicious cupcakes!" Then her brows raised. "But I don't have any more with me since we ate the last five during the flight!" The pink party pony smiled at Cheese. "You want to trot back to Sugarcube Corner with me? There's tons of cupcakes there and I can even whip up a fresh batch if we don't have the flavor you want!"
  3. "Uhhhh," Spike nerved himself as he got into the line. "Come on Spike! Twilight sent you for more apples so you gotta get them for her!" She puffed up his chest. "I wouldn't be the Princess' number one assistant if I couldn't bring her something simple like a couple bushels of Sweet Apple Acres finest!" There, now he felt better. Though maaaaybe he should have talked to himself more quietly. A few ponies turned and stared at him which made him blush again. "Uhhhh yep! Nice day for ummm apple huh?" Oh this was going reeeeeally well! The dragon was beginning to think Twi had sent him out here just to set him up for a nice smooch with a pretty farm mare. 'I mean she's no Rarity but still' he thought to himself as the line got shorter a little at a time. He knew Twilight had set him up for this because she'd been here earlier in the day. She knew he'd be getting a country kiss! And, everypony would see it happen! Was it too late to maybe get the apples somewhere else? Just as he was pondering the idea he accidentally made eye contact with Applejack! Well, that was that! This was happening! "Oh uhhh, hi there AJ! Long time no see huh?"
  4. (sorry this is so short!) Thunderlane was ready for the pass and was able to catch it easily on his front hoof. He swiveled it around not without style but nothing like what Shot had just preformed. Wow! She was really talented! He probably wasn't even as good in Wonderbolts flight as she was at soccer! The stallion found himself happy to know he had Shot for a friend! "You guys have fun with this!" He called out after sh'e given them the signal to start. Sweetie Belle grinned and was happy to try to oblige! "Ok Rosemary!" She totted in place. "I'm ready when you are!"
  5. Twi kept her awkward grin firmly in place as she waited to see if Rainbow would press her further on her writing. She certainly hoped she wouldn't! The Princess let out a breath she had been holding as Rainbow had a hearty laugh about the prospect of her writing. Whew! Good. That was not a subject she was willing to breach...at least not now! The Princess continued around the kitchen, working on various parts of their meal. Delicious smells were soon wafting everywhere as the main dishes finished up and the cookies began to bake in the kitchen. "I think I made those cookies with more chocolate chips than flour!" She giggled thanks to the cider and glanced about. "What do you think about having dinner in here?" It was kind of a random idea but the thought of the large gaping dining hall wasn't really going to get her as close to Rainbow as she'd like to be...
  6. It was obvious from his groan and his words that the situation that she had caused had frustrated the poor colt to no end! She could see why too. What a horribly embarrassing thing to have happen. That plus it seemed everypony in town had at least some rendition of the events in their head. News like that was juicy gossip and those little ponies sure knew how to make a small spark go like wild fire when they wanted to! "Oh Valen," She sighed. "You are right of course everything will be ok." She smiled sorrowfully and took a sip from her mug when she had levitated it near enough. "Perhaps you're right though. Maybe we should do a quick scan of your aura just to make sure all traces of the magic induced on you is out of your system for good." The thought of doing a magical aura sifting did tickle her interest. "I actually just finished a book by Starmancer the Mystic on the very topic!" The Princess set the cup down and released it from her magic before standing. By now she was practically insisting on the matter. "Why don't you follow me to the solarium and I'll preform the scan?" She'd be helping out Valen whom she'd certainly wronged and of course getting to practice some new spells to boot! What could possibly go wrong?
  7. Twilight took a comfy padded chair that matched the one Valen had chosen into her magic grasp. She tugged it until it was adjacent to his and took a well earned seat. She nodded as he took a sip and began to share his reasons for the impromptu visit. She sipped at her own steaming mug until he mentioned the events with Silver Spoon. To this she gulped the mouthful she had and set the mug down gingerly. "Oh heh heh...that." Yep she knew all about it. Her friends had come to her when the news got out and she'd had to hash through quite a bit of rumors and hearsay before getting to the bottom of the matter. Silver Spoon had come to visit her and she'd offered some pointers. It seamed though that Silver had taken more than pointers from the laboratory that day. The Princess had her suspicions now that the filly had taken something or a few somethings that she hadn't had the permission to take. Twi had meant to catch up on the situation and bring Silver Spoon in for questioning but so much had been going on she'd yet to do so. "I'm so sorry about everything that happened Valen..." She was genuinely upset by the whole issue especially knowing that she'd had something to do with it. "I had meant to have you over to apologize for all of it, on behalf of myself and whatever it was that went on under my rule." There wasn't an easy way to say it but she did feel it was her fault and she'd dropped the ball on the apology in the midst of the events that had been taking place as of late. "I'm afraid the way she achieved what she did was undoubtedly via magic... possibly magic taken from my laboratory. I had brought Silver Spoon in to offer her help as I would any little pony," She sighed and leaned in, hoping he would believe that she was sincerely sorry. "But she may have taken some items of magic that were not offered," There at least that was out there now. "If there's anything I can do to remedy what's happened please don't hesitate to tell me Valen."
  8. Reckless let out a breath as she pushed open the door to the coffee shop. "Finally," She breathed the word as she made her way to the counter and placed her hooves up near the register. She knew what she wanted and she hoped she could get it quick! One of the baristas caught her drift and made her way over to take the order from the guard pony. "Hey there Reckless," That made her smile. It was nice that she knew her name. She'd only been in town for a couple of months now but Canterlot was fast beginning to feel like home. "Hey Tilly," She winked coyly. Never hurt to flirt a bit, especially with ponies that helped her out. "The usual?" The barista questioned while turning to pour her cup. "You got it," She set some bits on the counter and took the steaming mug when Tilly set it down. "Thanks babe." Tilly blushed and began to wipe down the counter while the aerion/pegasus hybrid found her usual booth. She took a sip of the piping hot Mare Grey tea and smiled. "Ah.... that's better!" Reckless produced a notepad from her saddle bag and leaned back to relax for a little while. She was going to balance her books and find out where joining the Guard had taken her financially over the past month. But first, she was going to relax! After a while she glanced around and noted a pegasus seated across the way. Reckless whistled quietly to herself. Wow! "Work never ends huh?" She spoke to the pegasus from a few chair away and wondered if she'd respond.
  9. Pinkie laughed as he spoke of airlines and floating parties and all manner of things only a party pony could truly understand! "Hee hee!" She giggled some more. "Oh Cheese you always know how to take things to the next level!" She glanced at her balloons. "And speaking of levels, this is Gummy's first time doing the town survey by balloon!" She reached down and patted the little gator as she blinked at Boneless 2. "He loves it don't you?" Gummy snapped his jaws at nothing in particular. She loosed a couple more balloons and questioned Cheese before landing. "Should I keep these around for you to try? Balloon flight is the best!" She tied the extra balloons to the nearby tree and floated to the grass. She was lighter and springier than even with a bunch of balloon still tied about her middle but she was on the ground for the moment. "Yep, I try to go around at least every couple of days to see if there's anypony that needs a good cheering up! From up there," She pointed to the sky. "I can see a pony in need of a laugh for miiiiiles around!" She blew a spare piece of confetti off her nose and continued on. "So today I spotted you but you're not in need of a laugh are you? I mean you've got laughs to share and still some to spare!" She was wondering what he was coming to Ponyville for. "Did you come back because you had to have one more of my famous jalapeno strawberry cupcakes? That's it right? Or maybe the the watermelon bubblegum ones?"
  10. Yona became more and more agitated as various creatures were pinned to the board.One after another Professor Shimmer talked them over. It was true, not all "bad" creatures were actually bad at heart. The pictures of Crysalis and Sombra unnerved her somewhat. They were clearly evil and she wasn't sure she would have what it took to stand up to them. She liked to think she would though! She was yak and yak were strong! They weren't afraid of anything! She shook her head to clear it so she could focus. The yak's eyes grew large as Sunset manufactured the glowing orbs. The levitated before her and she listened intently as the Professor explained what they were. The Elements! The dark orb was 'poofed' away in their power! Her heart jumped in excitement! "Wow!" She clapped her hooves together in anticipation! "Yak thought this class be boring but this class not boring!" Her eyes sparkled with admiration for her new teacher! Professor Sunset would teach her how to fight evil! She'd learn to use her power for good! This was very exciting for a yak trying to decide what she would do in this world. "How do yak do that?"
  11. "Oh my..." Fluttershy watched as the rescue went on to get their leader out of the quicksand. Sombra was actually trying to help her and the kind pegasus didn't forget to note it. She had always been a believer of the baddest of beasts having a glimmer of goodness. Maybe she had been wrong about Sombra being a monster. Maybe he was just like the baddest beasts. Even the scariest of ponies could have a tiny spark of good. That was all she was willing to offer him though. She'd heard to much about his past to give him any more credit than what she was seeing in the moment. "Just a little while longer friend." She spoke as she hovered above the deer. The little squirrel was doing her part still sitting in the deer's antlers and patting him on the head. "Once you're out of here I think you'll have a new friend!" The squirrel blinked up at Fluttershy and chittered. "I'm sure it won't be long now, don't worry..." She glanced over to the side of the sand morass and watched as Ali was offered the rope from above. "Where is Applebloom?" Fluttershy got more and more nervous as she realized the little filly wasn't with the others. "Oh my..." She tried her best to keep her worries to herself as she waited for the Captain and maybe even Sombra to help get the deer out of the sand.
  12. Reckless watched Aegis incredulously as he checked her out from his upside down position. He soon rolled upright to introduce himself. Ah stallions, who could resist their obvious charm? This one seemed nice enough and her guard friends that helped with this set up hadn't been wrong, he was one good looking stud. He lifted his hoof after his introduction and she smiled with an eyebrow raised. "So formal," Her eyes narrowed as she bypassed his raised hoof and stepped closer to him, bumping gently up against his side. "Recruit Reckless," She stepped to the side and dipped her head slightly. "at your service." She glanced around, hoping to pick out some fun shenanigans to get this date going. There was music playing but from his look she figured it wasn't the sort he was apt to sing to. The mare turned her neon pink gaze back to Aegis. "Not time to pressure you into karaoke..." She stepped towards the refreshment table. "yet." She soon had a glass of sparkling cider for each of them poured. Nothing like cider to loosen a filly up. "So, how long have you been with the night guard?" She took a sip, figuring it would be nice to get to know him for a bit. ----- The mare in the suit felt good. She'd syked herself up for this like nopony's business! She'd messed up ummmm... like a ton on their last few dates. She didn't even want to think about the last well, disaster that had taken place. She'd been nothing short of absolutely awful that night. She had promised herself she'd make a change and she felt she had. Lots of thinking, lots of choosing the right directions. Lots of striving to be a better version of herself, as a marefriend. She didn't need to improve in any other area as far as she was concerned but she blew barley as a marefriend and Applejack didn't deserve that! Nope her mare, the love of her life deserved waaaay better than Rainbow had dished out lately. She didn't feel like she was doing this as a make up. She was doing this because she wanted to change. She wanted to be there for AJ, to compliment her as a true partner. She owed it to their little guy Zappers to make the change. She wasn't finished yet, not by a long shot but she'd started on the road to better things. RD landed on the steps outside of the Equestrian Guards Ball. She'd been sent as the delegate from the Wonderbolts to this event so she had even more reason to be on her best behavior. As she made her way up the steps the mare paused to straighten her tie. Her Wonderbolts medals and badges offset the formality of the suit and certainly made her look well, dashing! She had gotten herself a new pair of shades and she planned on keeping it cool in them for most of the evening. In she went, nodding curtly to those in the lobby and outside the main entrance doors to the ballroom. It was nice inside she had to admit! Lots of guard ponies that she knew but only one she was looking for. Ah! There she was! Rainbow stifled a blush when she saw her mare. AJ looked awesome. Her outfit was reminiscent of her Twilight Guard armor but fit her form in a much more pleasing manner. Rainbow trotted up next to AJ and gave a low whistle that only she would hear. "Hey there beautiful." She used a hoof to drop her shades and winked slyly at the farm mare.
  13. Terramar had decided to jump back into the sea for a few days. He needed some time to think and to process and he found the currents of the seas helped with that tremendously. He'd pretty much settled on his next steps but he was never one to jump in too quickly. Sure, going to Twilight's Friendship School made sense. It would be fun, he'd learn a ton, he'd make new friends. However, he didn't want to tread on his sister's fins. The school was her thing and he didn't want to ruin that for her. He flitted through the city of Seaquestria, making his way to the trench. For some reason the music from the DJ's there seemed to calm him. You could always count on the other sea ponies going with whatever beats were cooked up. He liked to watch them sway in the same motions. It was somewhere mesmerizing and certainly relaxing. As he made his way around the corner he stopped and did a double take "Silversteam?" He asked in surprised shock. "How great is this!" He swam up to his sister to give her a hug. "I didn't know you were down here! Shouldn't you be in school?"
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