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  1. Super cool lightening tail! Great work!
  2. This is a beautiful app! Have a great time with your new character!
  3. Hi. I asked earlier this month, but i didn't get a response. Is my oc approved or do i actually have to post it all again? Since I'm not getting an answer in q&a or in the comments of my oc, i thought I'd ask here, on your page. Sorry if i bothered you. 🤨🤔😶

    1. PrinceBlueblood


      Hey Hope!


      Since Foxxy is busy, we're moving your app to me for modding; I'll have my feedback on your thread

  4. Hi! You can either set up a scenario and ask people to join in ooc sections or enter an open RP.
  5. AJ gulped quietly as Rarity made her entrance to the promenade. She looked even more stunning than usual in that fancy get up. The farm mare couldn't really understand why the unicorn liked the dressin' up stuff so much, but hay, if it made you look that good then why the heck not? She cleared her throat and rubbed up under her forelocks for a moment. She had to stay calm and strong. That was who she was and who she'd always be! Nothin' a pretty unicorn was gonna do to change that! Even as they interacted with their friends AJ's nerves failed her yet again. As she was pulled in for a hug the scent of Rarity's perfume filled her nostrils. She couldn't help but inhale deeper before they stepped apart. Being close to the unicorn made her weak in the knees to say the least! "Well, Celestia and Luna promised me a special display for the sunset of the longest day of the year!" Twilight spoke enthusiastically. It was true that the other Princesses had promised something special for this year and asked Twilight to invite all of her friends to see it. It just so happened that AJ had asked for her help not long after she had been told that something special was already being planned. Everything had worked out too perfectly! "That sounds like it's probably somethin' really good!" AJ trotted over to the Princess. "I wonder what it is..." The girls spent time talking and and relaxing on the promenade. It was a glorious evening, if a little on the chilly side for this time of year. Applejack gazed out over the crowds of ponies in Canterlot, her eyes resting on the slowly setting sun. She had know Rarity for such a long time. Much longer than the others. They had always been close friends. They understood each other. When just the two of them were together things just naturally clicked. It had taken a lot of years for the feelings she had to build up. AJ knew that part she loved the best about Rarity was that they just felt right together. Natural and free. However, bottling up her feelings was taking that away from her. That's why she had resolved to let her feelings show. She had to tell Rarity. Sure it would probably mess with their friendship some if the unicorn didn't feel the same way. At this point it was a gamble she was willing to take! A short while later members of the royal guard starting setting a table on the promenade. This was soon laden with food and drink for Twilight and her friends. "Looks yummy!" Pinkie proclaimed as she popped a candied apple slice into her mouth. "It is yummy!" She giggled and dug into the food. Soon all the friends were eating and laughing together. AJ would have loved the time if not for the knot in her stomach. Soon it would be up to her... to let her feelings be known...
  6. Hi I'll be happy to help you get this app ready for approval for use in WoE! You have a few things you will need to edit to fit WoE and then you'll be all ready to go: Age: Young Mare will work here as we don't go by numbers for this section. Species: I suggest changing her to perhaps a changling background so she will be able to morph into the forms you have listed. Alicorns aside from the princesses are not available for play in WoE. Cutie Mark: The story you presented for the cutie mark includes factors that won't be able to be used in WoE, mainly her coming from a place that is not used in FiM universe. This section is meant to fit the FiM show and thus characters come from the world presented in the show. The story kind of sounds like an Equestria Girls reference so she could be played as is in the Multiverse sections. If that's what you'd like to do, I'd be happy to move this app to that section for you. She would need to have a backstory that fits the FiM series to be accepted for use in WoE. History: Provide a history that fits FiM as mentioned above. It's ok to make the history and cutie mark story similar but the history should contain information that gives the reader an idea of why the character behaves and thinks as she does. Summary: Can be a pared down version of the history. This is the section someone might read before stepping into an RP with your character to get a basic view of who they are. Do a quick read through for spelling and grammar. Part of presenting an app and having it accepted is making sure those who enter our WoE have a good grasp on writing clearly and cleanly in RP settings. You have a good character here. Choices for you; make some edits and soon she will be ready for use in Woe, move this app to the Multiverse section if you'd like to play the character in an Equestria Girls setting, leave the app as is and RP her in the Free for All sections as much as you'd like.
  7. Rainbow didn't know what to do when AJ materialized out of the darkness. Would she still be fuming? Would she be upset? The pegasus didn't know what to expect and she found her heart at a loss. She already felt bad for the things she had said and done. She wasn't one to think before she acted but, she knew... even brazen Rainbow Dash knew for sure that the way she had gone about things back at the restaurant was just plain wrong. It broke her heart because she loved Applejack with all her heart and it pained her that she had done what she had done. But there was no rewinding life. Though she wished she could. She wasn't even sure she would have done anything differently. She had little check on her emotions and she doubted she would ever gain much more than she currently had. She of course also felt bad that she had pulled Zap out into the cold dark night without even trying to explain what was going on. When would she ever stop hurting the ponies she cared the most about? "A-AJ?" She didn't know what to say but it did relieve her to see her mare picking up Zappers. The poor guy was so confused and even as she watched he started to cry. More relief flooded in as Applejack assured her fickle mare that their little family wasn't going to be breaking apart. That was all it took for more tears to roll down RD's cheeks. She felt so much better in that moment, just knowing AJ would be by her side and not toss her aside for being the jerk she so obviously was... waaaaaay too often. It still hurt her pride a little bit and she certainly was not used to letting ponies get away with saying it, but she was scared. For some reason, in that moment, RD felt herself pulled closer to AJ than she ever had before. She had never been with a pony in her weakness. She always ran and hid her imperfections from the world. She never shared that with anypony... and now she was, for the first time in her life, with the love of her life. "I'm so sorry AJ..." She couldn't speak, and just cried. She moved closer until she could put her muzzle up close to AJ's neck and breath in her earthy scent. "You're right, I'm scared. But I feel better knowing I'm not going to loose you or Zap," She patted the little guy's head. "I shouldn't have done any of that back there... I'm ashamed AJ... you deserve so much better than that..."
  8. "Well then I can't wait to introduce you to the things that ponies like to eat!" Pinkie answered a boisterous answer to the magic deer's statement. "What do your kind enjoy? I've never had tea with winged deer, or brunch, or ever a snack!" Pinkie bounces up and down around the room and then back to Lockheart. "Oh my gosh! Those look good on you!" She bounced up, tipped them off his antlers with a hoof, and gobbled them up before anypony had time to blink! "But they taste better than they look!" "Heh heh heh..." Rivulet chuckled dryly at the antics of his pink ponk friend. She certainly made him feel at least a hundred years younger. "So about my usual?" He eyed Pinkie with smile on his muzzle. "Oh yeah!" Pinkie bounced back behind the counter. She was back up in flash, pointing towards the bar stools nearby. "You two take a seat and I'll fix you up the special of the house!" Rivulet glanced at Lockheart. "You ready to try pony sweets my friend?" She grinned. "Because nothing is sweeter than what sh'e about to serve us..." As if on cue the room filled with a distinctly sugary smell, cotton candy, fizzy soda, and bubble gum were just a few of the fragrances. Pinky giggled as she put a bowl full of what looked like bubbles onto the counter. "Sugar bubbles!" Pinkie couldn't help but grin! "Get poppin' Rivulet!" The dragon took his front claws and as daintily as he could moved a blue bubble out of the bowl. It floated in front of him and he chomped down! "MMMmmmmmm..." He sat back, savoring the flavor.
  9. Sorry for my posting delay to those I'm in threads with... I'm making a come back now!

  10. Twi continued to stare at the fruit display. Stare... and stare...and stare... until it was super awkward. She could feel it in the air. The stomach churning that came with putting oneself in the worst of situations. It had happened so fast! She really needed to get herself under control! She moved her muzzle down for a sip of her smoothie as Dash got the the part about being... ...worked hot and sweaty... Her muzzle missed the straw and wrapped around nothing but air. The Princess glanced over to see if RD had noticed and caught a view of the athletic pegasus' flank for her efforts. She tried to look away as quickly as she had looked but her eyes couldn't help but lunger. She felt the aforementioned sweat begin to form under her forelocks. This was too much! "Ah heh heh heh..." *trademark book horse awkward giggle* Rainbow sipped and sipped at her drink until the contents of the glass were gone and she made a sucking sound at straw hit bottom. Twi's lip turned up in a half grin at the noise. RD continued on about yaw and pitch and wing tip flight patterns. That for for sure interesting information for the purple mare. She lived for technical stuff... the praise the Rainbow interjected in at various moments not so much. She had never been good at taking compliments and a blush found its way onto her cheeks. The Princess nodded as Rainbow finished, challenging her with the ferocity of the training to come. "Yes!" She spoke with a bit too much enthusiasm. "I mean... yep! I'm ready!" She found herself eager to get out of this situation and into the air. "I think we've got some time to start training if you want to now?" Why not now? Maybe she could invite Rainbow back to the castle after for dinner if they spent some time in the air together now... her insides raged. Why was she so intent on spending time with her friend? Close, uninterrupted time.
  11. Hi Please put (WIP) or (Ready) in the title for this app so we can know when it is ready for a review. Thanks!
  12. Howdy! I like your art style! Hit me up for shippy type RPs any time
  13. Hi Alicorns are allowed to be played to your heart’s content in our free for all section. OC alicorns are not playable in our World of Equestria sections.
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