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  1. Hey Foxxy!!! Great to see your still here!

  2. Look adorbs! Have fun!
  3. longma

    Well written!
  4. Howdy! I'd be happy to review this app for you! Overall this character is looking just fine. It's ok to just say she's living with her older sister, no need to have someone playing the older sister right away. I would like to know why she's living where she is as far as where her parents are... Also, could you please add correct punctuation to your app? Part of getting an app approved is showing that you are proficient in writing to the grade needed for WOE. Please respond below when edits have been made and I'll take another look!
  5. dragon

  6. This is wonderfulllll!!!!
  7. yokai

  8. Adorbs pose! Great work!!
  9. Hi there As per the directions for character applications you are only allowed one ready app and one WIP app at a time. Please switch the title of one of these apps to WIP and notify as a reply when you've done so Once this is done I'll gladly review an app for you!
  10. Holy moley...why is your art always so dang cool? You're amazing!!!
  11. Beautiful!!!!!!
  12. Scoots nodded as Valen asked what the plan was going to be. She had it mostly figured out. "Well Valen, it's going to be a switcheroo of sorts. And yes, if we play our cards right we can get away with it without most ponies ever knowing it's you!" "We'll sure help ya in any way we can...sorry about...well...all of this." Babs was still at a loss for words. The whole situation was just too much! Plus she thought Valen was super cute and being this close to him was making it hard for her not to blush. "Well, to keep you from being noticed we're going to need to dress you up..." She looked back in the closet and found one of Granny's bonnets. She trotted over and put it on Valen's head, covering his ears and poofing out to the sides to obscure his face. "The baby needs protection from the sun right?" Before anypony could respond the door creaked open. Sweetie Belle clapped her hooves in delight. "Oh just look at that little bonnet! He's just the cutest little thing I've ever seen! Girls! Come here and look!" "Wow...that is adorable isn't it?" Silver crooned. Diamond chuckled lightly by her side. "So, who's ready for a fun time playing at the school playground? I got the word out while Valen was napping so we should have lots of playmates there for him. Everyone knows we're bringing a little colt out to play!" Apple Bloom prance din place, excited for the coming events!
  13. Very nice! I really like his horns and the gem in the middle of them