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  1. OMG those expressions! Love!!
  2. Just look at all those cuties! ^-^
  3. RainbowFoxxy

    FiM Cast

    An album for arts I make of FiM cast chracters
  4. Luna listened intently to this visitor. There was indeed something odd about him. As he dispelled information her suspicions only grew. How would he have such privileged information? She would have known him if he'd been a head of state, an imperial advisory, linked to a leader of any nation. But he was not. At least that was what she surmised at this time. Perhaps he'd slipped her notice somehow or perhaps he had been brought on into the confidence of one with select information without the princesses of Canterlot knowing? Hou Shuren? Yes, she knew of the unicorn sorceress. Her moving castle. The sway she held. She was not to be trifled with. Again the information was more than strange. A common pony having an interaction with Shuren in the White Tail Wood. If it had happened she doubted the unicorn would have offered anything other than a threat or a bolt of power to somepony such as this. Stolen something from Canterlot? Luna had not been informed that anything was amiss. This was quickly becoming frustrating...especially for a night shift princess that was working during the day. "Enough with your tales," She fixed him with a stern gaze. "Who are you?" She used her royal decree voice and it bounced over marble flooring to echo around the chamber. She heard the faint clanking of armor as the door guards came to attention in response to her tone. Trouble could be coming at any second.
  5. Hi! Thanks! ❤ Updated the request list!
  6. Still don't have a solid style... working on that lol @SirAizen
  7. The Element of Honesty tried her darndest not to take what her mare was saying seriously. Dusty old relic? Hadn't Rarity herself given Applejack that broach? If there was something wrong with it that was because of Rarity's tastes not her own. She had loved it because of what it meant. It was a symbol of Rarity's love for her. But no! She wouldn't let this really affect her. She couldn't. That was the plan. She knew she'd have trouble with it though, no matter if she knew there was a plan or not. It would have been easier if AJ wasn't a pony that wore her emotions on her sleeve, but she was. Hurt and frustration flashed through her eyes for a brief moment before she regained herself a little. "Well, it's not my fault if it's out of style!" She spoke loud enough for a few around to hear them. "You picked it out for me...unless you forgot?" She smirked. "You said it was a symbol of yer feelings for me." She huffed the words as a few more heads turned. "I'm gonna go get a drink," She trotted off, leaving Rarity to her own devices for the moment. She kept one eye on her though, as they were here to trap what could be possibly dangerous. Gridlock had been in the ballroom for a while. He continued to lean at the bar, sipping a whiskey and surveying the scene from under hooded eyes. The trap had been set, the bait was ready, now where was the fishie? --- A pair of eyes glittered in the shadows, watching the sparkle of a certain purple gem...
  8. Diamond giggled, a bit uncomfortable with how seriously her parents had taken her! She was still getting used to this new found respect and voice in the family and would have to learn to be careful with how she used it! Her mind worked furiously as her mother asked if she had other ideas. Then Filthy spoke his piece and Diamond couldn't help but nod along. It was solid, all of it! And true, a big scheme could easily backfire as both her parents had noted. "And Mayor Mare has promised to endorse you mother?" She glanced at both parents. It was nice to have that thought but would she actually say it when things got heated up? She took in a breath. "All I know is we shouldn't take Copper too lightly. He's new around here but I know plenty of ponies who like new things...new shiny things which copper can be." She thought again. "What can be asked of him during debates that would make him less...well, shiny?"
  9. "Darling! Tonight is going to be absolutely fabulous!" Rarity gasped in a sing songy tone. "I wholeheartedly agree!" Twilight couldn't help the grin that was spreading over her muzzle. "I'm so glad we decided on these partnerships for our shenanigans," Rarity smirked as she used the very Applejacky word. "I hardly ever get to spend time with you as of late!" "I know! We've both been so busy and time just seems to fly. I can't believe the big day is so close..." She fluttered her lashes. "The wedding is going to be just lovely!" "Speaking of lovely," Twilight glanced around Carousal Boutique and nodded in approval. "I'd say we did a pretty great job with this!" "Yes, and we'd best come here before we go out on the town for the evening. I'd like Applejack to appreciate our hard work in a sober state." The two had spend loads of time decorating for the last big party of AJ's single days. "You think she'll like it?" "Yes, I think she will!" Twilight added a couple apples to the bobbing tank. They'd stop by to see it before the took AJ out for some strong cider. Then it would be back to the boutique for party games and who knew what else! They had kept the whole event in Ponyville as the friends knew how much AJ would appreciate some down home fun! "Let's go get our friend!" Rarity trotted out the door and towards Sweet Apple Acres. Both wore sashes that said 'friend of the bride' and Twilight carried one for Applejack that said 'soon to be hitched!" ---- The sun was sinking when they got to the farm house. Rarity tapped on the door and called out. "Oh Applejack darling? You party has arrived!" Twilight giggled. This was going to be fun!
  10. RainbowFoxxy

    Gift Pony Art

    An album for art made as gifts for friends on canterlot.com.
  11. Something from the request list happened today! Well, two somethings for @SirAizen! One portrait and one scene from our thread ^-^ These two dapper guys just waiting out a storm in the enchanted Honest Hearth Inn...
  12. Sorry for delays in requests... I'll get there soon! Had a couple deadlines for art stuff including Tempest Day tomorrow on EQD ^-^ So, in light of that... have a Temy!
  13. This one made it onto eqd's drawfriend! #8 Yay!! https://www.equestriadaily.com/2020/05/drawfriend-stuff-pony-art-gallery-3335.html?m=1
  14. @Bellosh Oh! That would be fun! Onto the list it goes ^-^ Also, this came out of nowhere today but I think it turned out nicely! It's my version of AJ and Steel's Rarity!
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