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  1. "Weeeee!" Pinkie squealed out with excitement as she slid down a snow embankment. A small green gator clung desperately to her festive hat and a certain pensive magician followed in her wake. "Uhhhh, Pinkie?" He pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose as he made his way down the slope himself. "I-i ummm, well I'm not sure if this is such a good idea." "What do you mean Sunny?" She skidded to a halt at the bottom of the snow slope, right at the edge of what was probably to coldest water in all of Equestria! "Of course this is a good idea, it's fun! Not to mention a Pie family tradition!" "I-i don't know how jumping into freezing cold water could be fun." He stared incredulously at the deep steam he himself had conjured in the fountain yard of the School of Friendship. It would only be there until the end of the festivities at which point he would direct the flow of frigid water back into the fountain and remove all the snow banks he'd formed. "I-it just looks ummm, cold." He shivered and glanced at her. "Where's your sense of adventure?" She dapped the water with the edge of her hind hoof. "Brrrr!" Chills ran up her spine and she giggled. "You just have to stay in until the time limit then jump out and go douse yourself in the warm pool you made!" Sunburst now glanced at the spa like impression in the ground not too far from the freezing stream. Steam rose from it and the blue/green depth of it sure did look inviting! "Yeah, I like that pool a lot better than the stream." He still looked skeptical. "You'll see Sunnyburst! Ponies will be all excited to see we have a polar bear plunge! Plus," She nodded to a table laden with trinkets and medals. "There's prizes for the winners and even small gifts for those who try and don't make it all the way to the time limit!" The mage levitated a pile of fresh fluffy towels onto a second table and smiled. "Well, if it's tradition and it's fun, h-how could I say no?" "That's the spirit!" Pinkie pranced in place, hoping there would soon be names on the sign up list! (OOC: For your first post, have your character sign up and give their impressions of the event. Pinkie or Sunny will your character it's their turn. Second post jump into the cold water, stay as long as you can then jump in the warm pool if you wish before drying off. I'll respond letting you know if your character reached the time limit based off your post and a random roll of the dice! Have fun!)
  2. Hi Looks good to me! Just one edit: His age says 'foal' but I think that's a bit too young based on his picture and story. I think he's 'colt' age based off of characters like Pound and Cake being 'foals' and characters like the CMC being fillies. If you can make this switch then I can stamp away!
  3. She'd somehow managed to pack up the last of what she would need while dealing with the situation at hoof. Zap was right, this probably wasn't fair but that was a greart lesson to learn about life! Plus, Gallus seemed like a pretty fun dude and she figured once she'd left Zappers would end up having a great time with him! It was just a matter of getting herself out the door and locking it behind her. After a few minutes that little guy would get used to the idea and she knew for a fact that by the time she returned he'd be pleading for the blue griffon not to go! Rainbow knew enough as a momma at this point that sometimes reasoning went about as far as Fluttershy in a flying race. She glanced around and then turned to Gallus. "Hey Gallus!" She winked at him, her hoof near the door knob. "Can you show Zappers here that totally awesome thing you can do?" If she could just endure Zap a little bit there's be a space for her to leave. She loved Zappers to peices of course but she was also anxious to spend some time with the other pony she loved fiercely.
  4. (re-approved from a previously approved 2012 app )
  5. (OOC: For this thread, please have your opening post be a description of your character entering the event and what their gift looks like wrapped. Don't tell us what's inside! Twi will randomly pair you with someone else during the thread. After this you can post in the thread with your pair as they unwrap their gift. Once they unwrap the gift you can tell them what it is they received.) "Spike?" Twilight trotted through the great hall of the School of Friendship with her regular right-before-an-event-twilighting in full swing. "Did you remember to put the egg nog next to the muffin station?" She continued on, using her magic to adjust a garland here and a bauble there. "Oh! And the parchment for the gift list? Is it-" "Up front next to the quill and ink a specially set up for you earlier, yes Twilight." Spike grinned and moved to catch up with his ever busy confidant. "Are you sure the invitations got distributed throughout Ponyville?" Why not stress in hind sight too? Right...right...heh heh *Twilight nervous laugh* Spike sighed and fluffed a cushion on one of the over stuffed couches that had been brought in for the event. The hall looked oh so cozy! Soft and comfy furniture, smells of nutmeg and cinnamon wafting from spiced candles, trestle tables with delicious holiday snacks set up along the walls, and of course roaring fires in both of the hall's large fire places. "Everything looks perfect Twilight! I'm sure we took care of all the details you've gone over the list-" He rolled his eyes as Twilight levitated a huge list in front of her eyes. The dragon used a claw to lower the long scroll. "Time to try to relax Twi! This is gonna be so much fun!" Twilight sucked in a breath and set down the list. "You're right Spike. I should just relax and try to enjoy the party. I'm just worried that nopony will show up!" Spike patted his friend's front leg. "Of course they will! Who could resist an invite from the Princess of Friendship herself? This party is meant to bring the creatures from the school closer to the ponies of the community. I'm sure we'll have all kinds of interesting guests!" "I hope you're right Spike!" She glanced at the gift exchange table. So far it had two gifts, one from herself and one from Spike. Twi's was wrapped in sparkling paper and done up with a large crimson bow. Spike was much smaller and wrapped in the best fashion he could do. The blue paper was a little rumpled and the tape wasn't put on quite right but it was done with all the care he had!. "Pretty soon this table will be full of gifts and this hall full of happy guests!" She mused, calming herself. Outside a newly fallen layer of snow glistened under the rising half moon. Hopefully creatures from the town of Ponyville and the Friendship School would soon be enjoying the holidays together in Friendship! ------------------------------- OOC Rules: 1- In order to participate, all you need to do is post! Your first post should include a description of the packaging along with any other details, but not what the gift is! 2- Staff will eventually pair characters up. 3- Once that is done, characters may reveal their gifts to one another!
  6. Aw! What a trooper her little guy was! She could see he was a little banged up on that front leg. Yep, that would need tending before they were able to try out any of the flight practice areas. She knew he wouldn't be too keen on getting his scrape cleaned but it would have to be done! Luckily she'd panned to take him into the barracks to see her bunk anyway. Plus, there was a special surprise waiting for him in there! "You're a trooper Zappers!" She spoke kindly to him before a quick head pat. "Listen, I want to show you something cool before we try any tricks ok?" She eyed the barracks with a smile. "Let's go check out the barracks." She lead the foal towards the famed dwelling and pressed open the front doors. "This is where Dashie stays when she's not at home with you on the farm!" It was a pretty impressive place but maybe not so much to one so young. She pointed to the display of past 'Bolts. "See, here's all the cool stuff from other Wonderbolts!" She noted in particular a pair of goggles up near the front. "Aren't these cool goggles?" She tapped the display case glass in front of the goggles. "These were General Frostfeather's! Flight goggles are super cool don't yah think?" She hoped he'd think they were cool as he might soon have a pair of his own...
  7. Rarity watched, mesmerized as Moonlight effected her strut. Only a mare that had worked as closely as she with Valen would be able to tell Moonlight was still getting used to her new structure. Nopony else would be able to tell that the pony strutting towards her was anything but a seasoned filly model. As she spoke of Ocellus the mare grinned and gave a knowing wink. "Good question darling! I took that into consideration when Twilight and I agreed that uniforms would be a good match for her school." She tapped her horn lightly. "It's amazing how useful magic can be." She laughed lightly. "Of course I'm not the expert our lovely Twilight is. My magic is reserved for the art of the dress mostly." Small sigh. "Anyway darling, Twilight will be enchanting the uniforms of the shape shifting among us so that the fabric stretches and changes with them!" As Moonlight spoke of energy coursing through her Rarity was reminded of her own magic discovery season and that of her sister. "You know Moonlight, when a unicorn is young they don't usually know how powerful or what their magic will be like." She laughed then. "I and Sweetie Belle had lots of mishaps before we got control of our powers." Small head shake. "Sometimes at the expense of certain parents' mane do's!" She was remembering a spell gone wrong by herself that ended with her mother sporting quite the colorful change to her mane for a number of days. "You know, I think I have something that might help you!" She nodded towards the restroom, hoping the change from colt to filly wouldn't make things too difficult for her in there. Once Moonlight was back Rarity had procured a small device from one of her cupboards. It was a wonder she'd found it so easily but that was a good thing! Sweetie had spent quite a bit of her growing up in the boutique and as such some of the items she'd used and/or played with were still stored here and there. "Come over here darling, I've something to show you!" Resting on one of her fabric cutting tables was a small and quite ornate object. It was mother of pearl with an inlay of what looked like dragon glass and lapis lazuli. The object was also pretty much donut shaped. The central area could be slid in or out, allowing for different sized horns to fit through it. "This is a horn allsource!" she tapped the item gently. "Unicorns use these to help them solidify their magic." She purposefully left out the part that it was usually very young unicorns that used a horn allsource. Rarity slid out some of the middle section so that it slipped over her horn and rested at it's base. She allowed her magic to flow and the ring captured it, focusing the energy before pulsing it gently through her horn and towards a pin cushion across the room. The cushion rose slowly from the shelf it had been on and floated over to the fabric table. After the demonstration she took off the ring and offered it to Moonlight. "Would you like to give it a try dear? Just allow your magic to flow and the allsource will help condense it and guide it to its proper purpose." The allsource could be of help but it was not a fix all for those learning to use their magics as intended.
  8. Sunburst nodded, his nose top nearly touching Sunset's as she gave her proclamation on the orb. He did know a thing or two about this sort of thing but apparently Sunset knew more? That was highly probably as he knew full well that she had knowledge outside of his realm... literally. As far as her question; "I-i can't tell you that however..." He sat back to relieve himself of the closeness, not that he didn't enjoy it somewhat. "I would hazard to say it's a rather large amount." He glanced at the orb again, wary and yet interested none the less. The odd mage chuckled as Trixie came to conclusion about Sunset's performance. He smiled softly as she spoke of not being that surprised about the 'uselessness' of most of the items. "I-if you'd like to choose two or three to leave here I think I'll be able to solid them up into good stage props." He sipped the dregs of his tea and set down the mug. "Y-you can leave the orb here too of course. I'll keep it somewhere safe.. a-and perhaps take a careful look at it too."
  9. Reck watched her friend as Neb melted in with the music, letting the beats determine what she did. She was an incredible dancer, not that Reck was willing to outright tell her such. She smirked. What fun was flirting if you didn't have an attitude? Neb motioned for her to join in the center of the circle. She glanced around, noting that ponies were clapping along, enjoying the moves Neb had brought to the table. Perfect! She liked a crowd and was happy to please them! The pegabat did a small leap forward, spreading her wings and floating towards the cute little mare with the moves. She landed on two legs and immediately got down to the beat. Dusk was really bringin' it tonight! She moved in, beginning to dance close to her friend. She knew they could pick it up together and she was pretty sure their dancing would meld like a fairly seamlessly. A smile came across her muzzle as she realized how much she was enjoying this. She'd danced with lots of mares of course but few could match how well their moves seemed to blend. There was of course that spark of chemistry between them which only added to the crowd's enjoyment of their dancing! After a few more minutes of lights, mist, and awesome music the beat did a ramp down. "Mares and stallions! Give it up for DJ Dusk til Dawn!" An announcer boomed over the crowd of ponies. The room filled with cheers and applause! "She'll be back for another set in a few!" With that an auto track began to play. The crowd around them started to break up and Reck raised an eyebrow to her friend. "Time for a drink!" She blew her forelocks up with a breath. "Whew! Hot enough for yah?" Reck trotted towards the bar and ordered a drink for both of them. "So, any outside patios at this place? I could use a breath of fresh air!" She hoofed a drink over to Neb while she spoke.
  10. Rarity continued on, not oblivious to Valen's situation but unwilling to draw too much attention to it. She figured if she got the filly trying on clothes she'd feel a bit better. What she saw of the current strutting about confirmed her thoughts. The unicorn levitated a few pins and trotted towards Moonlight. "Stunning darling." She smiled, moving in to place a couple pins for a small alteration she'd make. It would draw the skirt up just a tiny bit to it moved better with the flow of her flanks. "Who knew school uniforms could be so fetching?" She chuckled a bit. "Well, these are Designs by Rarity uniforms after all. The other students will have similar things to wear but only yours will have the stamp of a true fashionista!" "Now make another pass on the runway darling. Let me see how that adjustment will work." She stepped back a little to observe the filly's movements. Rarity watched the filly work fashion magic with the uniform. Her designs were good but a pony like Valen/Moonlight in them made them something special indeed. Thinking of this gave her a pang in her gut. Of course she'd known who was going to show up on her doorstep but this must be awfully hard for Moonlight. She wasn't at all used to being a filly in reality! And that wasn't the only thing that had changed. No, much more than that! "So, Moonlight?" She kept her voice casual. "Have you tried out your new magic yet?" The unicorn motioned the the horn jutting from Moonlight's forehead.
  11. Sunny looked over from his seat at his desk as each of the mares spoke. Sunset's speculation was matching up perfectly with what Trixie had just said. He leaned forward, studying the orb closely while he spoke. "Hmmm, w-well I'm glad you were able to witness that Trixie. It helps to explain what this might be." His horn lit up and this time sent subtle energy towards the orb. As Trixie had described the magic energy was pulled as if it was a thin glowing string towards the orb. "I-it appears to be a collection device for energy o-or mana if you will." He sat back and pushed the chair away from the desk. "My deductions are that most of what you have here is purely entertainment magic. Not useless and not valueless but of no great magical concern. That being said, it appears you items were not in fact enchanted by Starswirl." He stood and glanced back at the orb. "This one though." He took a breath. "I'm not sure it was enchanted by Starswirl b-but it is definitely a strong magical item." Sunburst trotted over to one of his book cases and began scanning the tomes. "I could discover more about the orb i-if you wanted to leave it here for a while? Choice is yours of course...though, there's no telling how much power is stored inside that orb." A couple books levitated off the shelf that could pertain to the significance and possible working methods of the orb. Next Sunny's tea levitated over to his muzzle. He took a sip and allowed it to rest on the side of his desk. "S-so, what would you like to do?"
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