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  1. RainbowFoxxy

    After Party (Open)

    "That ya'll Miss. Pie? Could ya come in here a moment darlin?" Pinkie Pie bustled into the kitchen, covered with a fine dusting of flour and an odd scattering if sprinkles and icing. "Yep indeed Mary May!" Pinkie grinned oh so happily at her new friend. Mary May was just the best! She was sweet and nice and kind and funny and a good cook and wellllll... Pinkie liked her a lot! "I just got the carrot cake that the Cake's made us for the party and a huge plate of cupcakes set up on the food tables outside!" Soon it would be time to get her party on but first, she had to actually get the party on! Pinkie was so glad the Boulders had asked her to help get the after party together! Getting parties ready for lots of ponies and creatures to enjoy was had absolute favorite thing to do! Not to mention that later there would be dancing, and a certain pretty griffoness, and just the most fun evening! "So!" She brushed down the flour that was coating her muzzle and ears. "What do ya want me to help you with next?" Gummy was still perched on Pinkie's back, his oddly blinking eyes focused on nothing in particular. "Gummy's so excited to see his friend The Bandit again! Aren't you Gummy?" She winked at her little companion.
  2. RainbowFoxxy

    Silverstream (Ready)

    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Silverstream Gender: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Hippogriff/Seapony Eye Color: Varying shades of violet Coat Color: Fur and feathers are a light shade of violet. Her claws and hooves are a darker shade of the same color. Same applies when she is in seapony form. Mane/Tail: Silver's mane and tail, or fins, are light cerulean blue and streaked with sky blue. She wears her mane in a long and flowing manner, the top of which arches high over her neck. Her forelocks spike forward. Mane is the same in seapony form. Tail is long and worn in a similar style to her mane. Physique: She's sleek and athletic overall. Residence: At the moment she resides at Twilight's School of Friendship. Occupation: Oh my gosh! She's SO excited to be a student! Cutie Mark: NA History: Stream was raised by the royal family and she is the cousin of Princess Skystar. She initially was brought up in Seaquestria and eventually took her place in the hippogriff world. As a member of the royal household, Silver Stream is a representative of the hippogriff nation. The royals have been working on calming her down and grooming her to behave the part, but Silver has trouble maintaining that sort of demeanor. She's just to easily distracted, or excited, or overly enthusiastic about everything. Either that or she's bored. The latter being the most common outcome when trying to instruct the young hippogriff in the ways of the royal family. Soon after succession from the sea, it became apparent that Silver was in need of training that could not be supplied by her tutors. She became increasingly outgoing and brash once released from the sea and gaining the ability to fly through air instead of water! Try as they might, the educators of the hippogriff realm could not turn Silver into the royal she was supposed to be. Silver became tired of trying to be forced into being something she was not. This was seen by Major General Seaspray. Though the commander has a rough exterior, he had a soft spot for Silver and her excited and adventurous heart! He decided, upon the opening and invitation of Twilight's School of Friendship that Silver Stream would be the representative of the hippogriff nation to Equestria! She was SO EXCITED! Though some of the ruling party of her nation do not agree with her ways, Silver's heart soars free! She uses what she is learning at Twilight's school to help her on her journey to become who she was meant to be! Character Summary: Silver Stream is hyperactive and super bubbly, vying for position with Pinkie in her excited nature! She only recently began enjoying life above the water and many concepts are unknown to her. She's really bad at handling anything she deems as boring, and has no understanding of the use of sarcasm.
  3. RainbowFoxxy

    The End: Final Standings and Aftermath!

    Pinkie bounced about as the mayor placed the bronze medal around her neck! She was really proud of herself! Turning her gaze behind her a bit, she patted Gummy on his head. "Wow Gummy! We sure did a great job!" She beamed as the other competitors received medals for their accomplishments. Pinkie waved at Hawke and gave her a playful wink. She couldn't wait to spend time with the pretty griffoness at the after party! Then a huge sneeze occurred and Taira stood before them in his wolfy form! Pinkie bounced over near him and smiled. "I knew there was something going on with you!" She gasped at his cool mist cape and his huge huge huge wolf paws! "Wowee! I didn't know kirin could shift their forms and I really didn't know you were a big bad wolf!" She grinned again, trying to help him feel comfortable with all the other creatures gasping and staring at him. "I bet you can really get your groove on in this form huh?" She kept positive. Taira wouldn't hurt her because they were friends...right? She looked up at him hopefully.
  4. *inset Eye of the Tiger music here* This. Was. It. The home stretch! The final moments! The last banana? Yeah! All of those things! Pinkie's stride changed from her happy bouncing hop to a very serious gallop! She wouldn't get distracted! She couldn't get distracted. Nope...not...distracted... "Ummmmm, ok? If you say so!" Pinkie couldn't help but look to the big kirin. She knew a little about his species and definitely knew they were more than what they sometimes appeared. Taira wasn't any different she figured. His minty mist roiled out around him, and even his coat took on an odd look. She decided whatever was going on with Taira he could hold himself together. If he was the General like he said, the kirin could take care of himself. Pinkie was a bit concerned as a friend of course, but she knew he would be fine. The Ponk nodded at AJ's words. "Yep! You know it AJ!" She watched as the orange mare bolted ahead of her. "I'm pretty sure you'll be able to keep going too Applejack! You're the strongest pony I've ever met!" Enough distractions! She had to focus! There it was, right ahead of her! The finish line! "Hold on Gummy!" Pinkie ran as hard as she ever had! Leaves tumbled from the trees, debris flew about, a huge dust cloud consumed her as the racers made their last effort for the end of the race!
  5. RainbowFoxxy

    The Stands! (Open to all Non-Race Characters)

     Sunbutt and Moonbutt looked at each other as the ponies around them erupted in cheering and hoof stomping. "I'm not sure who to cheer for sister," Luna watched wide eyed as the runners rounded the final bend towards the finish line. "Neither can I Luna. Perhaps we can go ahead and cheer for all of them? Every runner looks like they have given it all they can!" Celestia's heart beat a bit faster as she found herself caught up in the moment! All the ponies running, stretching, giving it every last drop of their will power as they hurtled towards the finish! "WE CHEER FOR EVERYCREATURE WHO ART RACING! DOST THAT NOT MAKE THOU EXCITED?!!!!" Celestia looked to Luna. "I'm not sure that royal addressing voice is the best one for cheering sister," She grimaced and rubbed an ear. "I can't even pull that voice off anymore." Twilight looked over at Luna and grinned. "Well Princess, I think you and Yona could have a 'cheering' contest!" She rubbed an ear. "Though I'm not sure the rest of us would live through it!" Then a melodic noise rippled through the stands. Twilight looked up to where Yama had perched himself. "Wow Yama! If that doesn't encourage the runners I don't know what will!" Idea! "Would you like to come play for us at Canterlot Castle sometime? Maybe for Nightmare Night?" Smack! Munch! "Yum! I'd say a big bag of these bonbons for the winner!" Yum! Smack! Crunch! Spike stuffed more treats in his mouth. "Spike! That's going to give you a tummy ache!" "That's for future Spike to worry about!" The teenage dragon dismissed the notion as he scarfed a ruby colored bonbon . Lyra ran a hoof playfully down Bonbon's crest as she finished hoofing over bags of bonbons. "I'd say having a BonBon definitely makes a pony a winner!" She leaned over and gave her mare a smooch on the cheek. "And speaking of the future...I'm happy for however many foals and fillies as long as I'm with you!" Her eyes locked on BonBon's. "I'm ready for my future with you beautiful."
  6. Pinkie raced onward towards the finish line. It was getting closer and closer! At AJ's question Pinkie couldn't help but wink. "Oh you know I'm alright AJ! Especially since somepony mentioned a party after the race!" She was super duper excited to party with her friends old and new, and one special griffoness too! "Apple Spite huh?" She smiled. "That sounds good but make sure you keep it away from Rainbow Dash! That pony will be more than a hoof-full if she drinks too much of the hard stuff!" The pink pony launched herself forward, drawing on all her excitement to party! It caused another boost in speed that catapulted her right up with the rest of the front runners! Though they were galloping for all they were worth they could still manage conversation! "Wow! Almost done!" She glanced at her new kirin friend. "Ummmmm, Taira, you got something in your eyes?" She playfully nudged Boulder too. "Just let me know where to drop off the desserts at your awesome after party!"
  7. "Ok Gummy!" Her eyes narrowed on the finish line. It could just barely be seen in the distance. "Let's do this!" The gator blinked at her, a hot pink sweatband suddenly appearing on his forehead. Pinkie as well now sported a sweatband. "Time to gooooo!" A puff of dust and the pink one was off! Sprinting like mad as the crowds cheered her on! She could make out the voices of her friends and it bolstered her on to even greater speeds. She caught up with several of the front runners, her hooves pounding the earth! To her side a stallion tripped and fell! "Oh no!" She glanced in his direction but he was up again in no time. "Geez! I didn't realize what a dangerous business running to make leaves fall could be!" On she went, her breath starting to come in gasps but the finish line was oh so close! "Just a little bit further..." She sucked in a breath. "Whew! I hope I have enough energy left for the party after this!" Just then Taira shouted out about the party at Boulder's! Energy coursed through her at the mere mention of it! "Woo hoo!" She took up her bouncing gait again easily catching up to the front runners. "Sounds like a plan to me!" Then she noticed Boulder didn't look quite so happy about it. She wondered what was wrong with the big guy but let Taira take the lead on asking for now.
  8. Ooc: this post brought to you by rainbowfoxxy and pretzelpony "Taira!" Pinkie sucked in a breath and shouted while galloping. "TAIRA!" She narrowed her eyes and put an an extra burst of speed, her legs literally a blur. "Hang on there big guy!" The sound of a familiar voice calling his name caught the kirin's ear! Pinkie Pie? For someone who clearly loved her sweets, Taira had to admire the pony's physicality. Throughout the race, Taira had noticed how genuine this pony was when it came to helping her competition out. Thanks to the pepper cloud forming behind him and his new coating of spice, the kirin was having trouble keeping focused on preventing his nose from blowing once again AND holding his disguise together. He could feel the natural mist of his tail slip out behind and adding to the wake of leaves behind him. "If you've got an idea to stop this torture... I'll gladly have in on it, Pinkie-san!" "Ok Gummy!" She turned her head only slightly so she wouldn't trip while she galloped on towards the Bandit. "You know the drill! One launched gator..." Gummy shifted the honey pop in his mouth. "One extra honey pop," She somehow managed to hoof over another pop while running at full tilt! "One kirin free from the ring tailed menace!" Gummy narrowed his eyes. "Well, not a menace really just...and annoyance?" Gummy's eyes didn't change. "Ok ok, I get it, you're friends! One raccoon rider!" "Here we go!" She flipped in the air and Gummy attached it her tail. With a move that would make a top level ninja jealous she flung the gator off her tail towards the kirin ahead of her! Taira let himself glance back to see Pinkie pull off her trick, now that was impressive! The adrenaline pumping through him let his mind put together her idea fairly quickly... and with a nimble leap upwards Taira made himself and easier target for the flying gator! "Go get 'im Gummy!" Pinkie galloped on, trying to keep pace with the charging kirin. Gummy landed lightly on Taira's rump. Bandit clung on as tightly as ever to the kirin's horns. Her sauntered forward, belying the fact that he was on one wild ride! Over the back, up the crest, until he was right behind Bandit. With a spring not unlike Pinkie's her launched in front of bandit and stood smushed up right in front of the Bandit. He shifted the honey pop in his mouth and Bandit's eyes followed the treat. With a scrunch of his muzzle, Taira flinched as Gummy landed on his rear. Then With that spring he found the gator resting on top of his snout. Just in time too, he was sure he felt another sneeze coming on and the actions of this scaly little pet kept this big bad wolf from blowing himself to the back of the race! He could live without the sudden obscuring of his sight, but his other senses were sharp enough he could keep himself on course. Another honey pop appeared, curled into the tip of Gummy's tail. He waved the treat back and forth. The upcoming tree branch that was fixing to make his aquaitance wasn't something he predicted, but thankfully it was high enough that only his his horns wound up brushing across it, leaving the two animals to their fate! The Bandit reached forward to take the honey pop. In that same instant that his fingers wrapped around the treat Gummy snapped upwards and gripped the branch above him. Taira galloped on, leaving the gator and coon spinning on the branch! As Pinkie galloped underneath the pair she waved upwards. The gator and coon waved back as they sat comfortably together, munching away on their delicious treats! "How you feeling now Taira? Gummy felt just awful about latching onto you earlier. He wanted to do something nice for you!" A panicked look crossed the kirin's face before he glanced back and felt a rush of relief. Feeling that weight leave his head so suddenly made him worry for the safety of the two creatures. "Thank the ancestors..." He breathed a sigh, "They're alright." When Pinkie managed to catch up to himself and Applejack he would grin over to her, "When this is all over and done I'll treat Gummy to an abundance of his favorite treats, Pinkie-san!" Her question's intial answer was a wiggle and sniff from the stallion at her side, "... and I feel like I'll surely need a tissue by the end of this. Still so itchy... I feel bad for those behind us, that Cloud of peppery leaves will only share my trial earlier." He sniffled again and smiled, "Thank you, Again! Don't think this doesn't mean I'm gonna go easy on you from here on out though!"
  9. Home home stretch! All the cheering fans! The applause from the sidelines! It was so super duper exciting! "And how're you holding up cutie? I don't want to neglect my cheering for you either! You've been doing fantastic. Given any thought about what we should do after the race. Or after the after party? I bet there's a killer after party." And of course, there was Hawke! Pinkie counted herself super lucky to have made as many friends as she had during the race, but she was double no, triple lucky to have met Hawke! As she glanced over the griffoness shook her head as her valiant efforts made her work up a sweat! The pink pony's heart fluttered as she matched her stride with Hawke. Yep! Didn't matter what place she came in, she was going to get to spend time with Hawke after the race! At the mention of an after party Pinkie launched herself high into the air! "After party?" Huge grin. "Of course there's gonna be a killer after party! Not sure what they have planned but with me there... you can bet your pretty tail feathers there will be an epic party!" Up ahead a sneeze party seemed to be in full swing! "Oh no!" Pinkie turned to Hawke. "Looks like Taira's got some trouble with Bandit!" The Ponk put on an extra burst of speed and launched herself closer to the fray. "Hey there big guy!" She called out to the kirin who was still some lengths ahead of her. "You need some help with your ring tailed rider? Gummy here can would be happy to assist!" She looked over her shoulder where the gator sat firm on her back. "You can take care of the Bandit right?" Gummy blinked one eye at a time. "Let's see if Taira wants your help!"
  10. "Oh my gosh!" Pinkie jumped up and dusted herself off. There were still some bits of sap around, even some small strings still connected between Pinkie and Ra-Ra. She took a few steps towards the big kirin. "Gummy!" She reached up and gripped the gator tightly around his midsection. "I'm so sorry Taira!" She tried to pull him loose but he was firmly stuck between Taira's horns. "Gummy was no supposed to bite! Were you Gummy?" The gator's right eye rolled towards Pinkie from his stuck position. "Come on off of there you!" She pulled hard. Gummy stretched like a rubber band but remained stuck. Taira tried his mist magic to no avail. "What are we gonna do with you...?" She eyed her gator ruefully. How was she going to get the gator unstuck? "Just a sec!" Pinkie took off like a shot over to the stand with the honey candies and was back in a flash! She held out a honey pop in front of Gummy's eyes. "Well...you want a honey pop Gummy? Do ya?" She waved the treat back and forth, Gummy's eyes followed the treat. POP! The gator opened his mouth and dislodged himself from the kirin, firmly planting his gums around the honey pop! "Ha ha! I knew you couldn't resist!" She kept holding the stick from the honey pop and placed the gator on her back. "There ya go Gummy! Me and you together to the end!" She glanced ahead of her. "Speaking of the end...the race is almost over!" She trotted in place. "And those guys are ahead of us again!" She called back to Hawke! "Hey there pretty griffon! You gonna let those stallions beat us?" She pointed to Boulder and Taira. "Cause we gotta catch up quick!"
  11. We will be heading to Yakyakistan with Pinkie, Yona, and some others after running of the leaves. I’ll invite you to join in that one when it gets closer to starting up
  12. OOC: This post brought to you by SteelEagle and Firefoxxy "OOooooh!" She leaned in closer to the stand, hoping to get a better look at the honey pops. "These sound super tasty!" Like Hawke, Pinkie was also anxious to get back in the race! It seemed a bit odd to be sidetracked by sweets this close to the end buuuut, this was Pinkie Pie we we're talking about. How in Equestria could she pass up on... "oof!" The Ponk's gaze shifted from dreams of honey pops to the trail just behind them where, if she judged the noise correctly, a pony had just hit the dust! "The honey pops'll have to wait!" She took off in a gallop for a few strides, quickly closing the gap between herself and... "Ra-Ra!" She clapped a hoof over her muzzle. "Oh my Celestia!" She pranced in place as her eyes roamed over the sticky situation in front of her. "You look super duper stuck! Are you ok?" Ra-Ra tried to move both of her back hooves and found herself wanting for strength and a time machine to go back about twenty seconds. She had neither though and would have to settle for Pinkie Pie which, as consolation prizes go, was quite good. "Well, by my stars and garters...yes, it appears as though I managed to get stuck. How embarrassing," she sighed, still struggling in vain. Lack of effort was a worse sin than lack of ability, after all. "Don't worry Ra-Ra!" She dropped to the ground in a puff of dust, suddenly decked out in camouflage fatigues. "I'll be there in just a sec!" Pinkie hopped over a large puddle of sap and skirted a few smaller ones, putting her right next to the stuck pony. "Ok! Made it!" She grinned but then the grin fell away. "Now....how to get you unstuck..." Pinkie glanced about, looking for anything that might aide her efforts. Ra-Ra watched helplessly as Pinkie Pie disregarded casually any sane laws of physics as was her reputation and got a new outfit prepared. She was soon off to the races so to speak, appearing near Ra-Ra and getting to work trying to find a way out. The mare wasn't entirely certain if there was an easy, non-messy way out of it. She had certainly managed to do a number getting stuck in there and wasn't confident that just anypony could find a solution. But she was sure about one thing. "With how fast you are able to change outfits and get them in any situation, I'd think you could make a killing being a costume designer on a projector set. Ever considered show business?" Ra-Ra asked in order to lighten her mood, which had been edging towards worry as time melted away. "Oh, I've taken a turn or two with show business! Obviously you've never had the pleasure of watching my performance of 'Oink-Oink-Oink'! The costuming on that's a crowd pleaser for sure!" She tapped her muzzle. "Welllll, it's a crowd pleaser for fillies and colts below the age of one!" She giggled. "Nah, it's enough to be the biggest party pony in Ponyville!" "Ah!" She reached behind her. "How could I forget!?" She whipped out the party cannon! The party pony positioned the weapon of elation next to Ra-Ra in her stuck position. Next she quickly shimmied herself halfway inside the cannon and reached out to Ra-Ra. "Okie Dokie! Just hold on tight and we'll have you free and back on the trail in no time!" It was a bit of an odd plan and of course had its shortcoming but perhaps it would work? Ra-Ra had never seen the party cannon. Indeed, she had seen only one cannon and that was on the set of some REA recruitment shoot. When Pinkie Pie started to set it up the songstress went through a range of emotions, most of which could be read plainly on her face. Confusion begat fear which begat panic which begat understanding once she saw Pinkie Pie climb in. It was beyond unorthodox and she was sure that a purist may consider it cheating but moments in time were fleeting and wasting them stuck in tree sap seemed like an abuse of the idea. "Pinkie Pie, are you sure this is really-" she began to ask, looking for anything to hold on top before she was cut off by Pinkie and the shenanigans continued. "Just hold on tight!" Pinkie restated. She was used to unsure reactions from others when it came to her trusty cannon."Three..." She reached back and lit the fuse. "two..." Pinkie laughed. "Whose ready to party? One!" BOOM! Streamers and confetti rained down. The blast shot Pinkie forward. Hopefully Ra-Ra could hold on and go along for the ride! The two sailed through the air and Pinkie cheered as the sap strands snapped away from Ra-Ra's legs! "Woo Hoooooo!" Across the puddles of sap they flew! Once they neared the trail Pinkie started a tuck and roll. "Not my first time being shot out of a cannon! Just hang on Ra-Ra!" They rolled once, twice and then stopped. There was still some sap around but Pinkie had managed to un-stick her friend! "Thank you for choosing Party Cannon Express! We hope we have met all your unsapifying needs!"
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    Hi! ♩

    Hi! Welcome to Canterlot! Hope to see you around our RP world!
  14. "Aaaah!" Pinkie exhaled a huge breath. "This is more like it!" She gestured to the width and breadth of the path through the woods. "I love the Whitetail Woods this time of year! It's just beautiful!" Her eyes rested on Hawke for a little too long when she said the word but it was only a moment later that they flicked to the trail, trying to take in as much as she could without loosing focus on where she was headed. There was lots of sap lots of everywhere for lots of ponies to get tripped up in if they weren't lots of careful! "Wowee wow! Be careful Hawke!" She exclaimed while trotting past an extra large extra sticky puddle of sap. "I sure hope I don't get caught up in that!" She swept a hoof back through her forelocks. "It would totally mess up my mane!" Pinkie giggled and trotted on. "I'm thinking a smackerel of honey might not hurt huh?" She pranced on both hind legs and rubbed her tummy. "Hmmmmm," She glanced at the snack stand as they drew near. "That sounds super good! Oh! They have sappy taffy!" She craned her neck to look more closely. Hopefully she wouldn't get herself caught up in a big ol' sap puddle...