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  1. Always the How, Never the Why (Closed)

    “What hack hack the-! Silver...!” Silver Spoon simply could not stop the grin that came to her muzzle. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she had a small laugh that turned into a larger laugh! She rubbed her front hooves together in glee! Oh it had worked! Her scheming and planning had all just come to fruition! She could barely keep the laughter in. It kept bursting out at Valen gasped in front of her, the spell setting in nice and thick. His eyes gaped up at her, sparkling in helplessness. She could almost feel what he was feeling. It burned from him with such intensity! Hated, betrayal, confusion, worry, doubt... and then it all began to fade. It throbbed once or twice and then faded away completely. She wasn't sure if perhaps his thoughts would still be in his head but she could tell there was no acting on them! He stood before her helpless. Waiting for her commands! Oh it was all too much! She pranced in place with unhindered excitement. He was all hers! She could do as she wished with him! "Valen?" She flipped her head slightly to the side and gave him a smoldering look. "Tell me colt. Tell me how beautiful I am." She turned around and looked at him over her shoulder. "How stunning I am," Her eyelashes batted as she watched him intently for the obedient answer she knew would follow.
  2. Chibi Nensho Ha

    Whoa! This looks so cool! Love the colors!
  3. Sugar Malt [WIP]

    Hi! How’s this app coming along? Need more time?
  4. Chibi Empress Yuè

    Wow! This is so lovely! Great work as always!
  5. Princess Luna [Ready]

  6. Cosmic Breeze [WIP]

    Please respond here within 5 days if you'd like to keep this app open. If no response is made app will be moved.
  7. [Unicorn]Swift Squall [FINAL]

    Howdy! How's your update coming along? Just checkin' in
  8. Chibi Loose Cannon (alternate version in description)

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  10. Chibi Lan Fa

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  11. Raven Shadowfire [Ready]

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  12. Moonshade Gleam [ready]

    Hi there! I’ll be happy to help you get this app approved! first thing, please format this app to match the examples in Rarity’s Simply Fabulous Application form on the application main page. Let me know here when youve had a chance to edit.
  13. Goldenglow [READY]

  14. Goldenglow [READY]

    Howdy! I'm happy to review this app for you Just a quick question: why is this a re-app? Refresh my memory pretty please
  15. Ra’nu Senshi [WiP]

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