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  1. Congrats on your app being approved! See you around the WoE RP area!
  2. Looks great! See you around the WoE RP area!
  3. This was not at all how she had planned it! Nothing irked her more than to have her plans go awry. This wasn't even awry this was downright 'why had she ever even bothered to plan anything?' disaster level! She could her Rainbow's hooves clopping their way towards her. Twilight shuffled back and forth a bit, indecision ruling the moment. "Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh-!" Her words were cut off as Rainbow entered the kitchen aka catastrophe of the century. The Princess of Friendship was frozen in place as the pegasus entered. Twilights cheeks were crimson with embarrassment. "Rainbow I-i uhhhh," And then her friend burst out laughing and offered to help! For some reason her laughter was contagious. Twilight's muzzle turned up into a grin and before she knew it, she was laughing too. This was why they were friends! It helped to relieve her tension and calm her nerves. It was Rainbow after all. Her long time friend. The one she had been through thick and thin with! Sure she was also the one Twilight pined after but she was also one of the ponies that was already closest to her heart! "Not that bad?" She spoke quizzically as the bowl of carrot levitated off her head and onto the counter. "I think Spike set off some kind of food bomb in here!" "Heeeey!" The dragon entered, glancing around. "It's not that bad Twi! Rainbow said she's done worse!" "Oh, I'm sure she has!" She eyed both her friends. "We should probably start over on dinner," A cloth and spray bottle levitated to Spike and Rainbow. "Spike you start on the counters. Rainbow? If you could get the ceiling?" She was in her element giving orders. It made the nervousness she had been feeling earlier dissipate. "I'll start on the dishes!" As she spoke dishes began to levitate and the sink faucet turned on. "So!" Spike tried to break the silence a moment later. He glanced up at Rainbow who was making quick work of the food that was stuck to the heights. "What do you guys think we should try to make next? A special dinner date deserves special food." Twilight blanched! Had Spike just casually called their dinner out as a date? "Spike!" She shushed the dragon and then continued on quickly, trying to cover what was quickly becoming awkward again. "Why don't you uhhhh, look through the recipe book over there and pick something easier than souffle?" "You got it!" He trotted enthusiastically to the book and started leafing through pages. "So Rainbow..." She fished for something to say. "Thanks for the training session earlier. Not just anypony gets lessons from a real Wonderbolt!" She rubbed her fetlocks and grinned. "I'm gonna be sore for a week from that!" There not awkward... heh heh (Twilight awkward laugh)... not awkward at all!
  4. AJ listened intently as Valen laid out the basics before her. Sure it was an embarrassing scenario but the farm mare knew in her heart it was best if he spoke it out. Hopefully that would help him come to terms...at least a little... with who he really was. There would be some pretty tough barriers to cross in the life change Applejack knew was coming his way, and he needed to strengthen his resolve if he was going to make it. Applejack prided herself of course on having a knowing about what ponies really wanted. Her honesty went beyond herself at points, making it so that she could see through the facade that many ponies put over their real wants and desires. Valen's was plain to her at this point. As easy to see as a filly up on the stage actually. He wanted to be a filly in his heart. She knew he did and this was part of coming to terms with that. She raised an eyebrow when he spoke of things returning to normal. If there was one thing she didn't want it was for him to back step after coming so far. Some of the baby stuff might have been over the top. Wearing a pair of too tight diapers being at the top of the list. But, she figured it was part of his process. Going a little too far was normal and helped a pony figure out where the perfect happy medium lay. The farm mare glanced at the offered hoof and took in a deep breath. She wasn't the pony to shake on loose terms. She knew she couldn't keep the end of the bargain he was offering. It was for his own good a'course. She wanted to make him happy and feel at ease in this difficult time but she herself knew from experience... fairly recent experience with a certain lovely unicorn... that getting to where you wanted to be often involved going to areas of discomfort and even mistrust in one's self was needed to get to what the heart really wanted. She exhaled the breath and moved up next to Valen, her shoulder bumping his lightly in support. "Well now sugarcube," She nodded towards a couple upturned apple baskets and trotted over. Taking a seat, she offered the other to Valen. "Yah know I'm not one ta jus' shake on a deal until it's been thought all the way through." She eyed him softly. A look of almost motherly concern coming over her features. "Yah know I care about you. Yer part of the family and always will be." She paused, gathering her thoughts. "An' I know ol' Silver Spoon went a bit too far with the recent turn of events," She raised her brows. "I'm sorry 'bout that a'course. I should have been able to see you didn't like being treated like that..." She too let the details fall away. "But, truth is Lilly, I've never seen you more yerself than when yer dressed and behavin' like a filly." She moved to place a hoof on his shoulder. "I'm a mare who's always believed in being the best version of one's self an' when I see you as a filly, well, I think ya know that's the best version o' you." She didn't hitch on any of that. There was nothing to be embarrassed about when it came to living one's best life. This was no time to mince words. "I'll a'course put a word out for ya, keep Silver away from you and calm down the CMC," She chuckled though it didn't help to cut the serious nature of her words. "They can be right precocious though I do believe it's from the goodness of their hearts. Fact o' the matter is, I'll support you in this life change you're going through, I'm yer cousin and I've never been one to let family down." She took a moment to read his expression. Would he admit what he really felt? Would he finally succumb to her sense on the matter? She sure hoped so!
  5. Howdy! I've reviewed this app and looks like there's only one thing to work on before it's approved. " (It's at this point I realise I'm turning this application into a fanfic, lol. sorry. I'll just summarize the rest)" If you wouldn't mind removing this section as we would rather not have added in writer dialogue in apps. Once that's finished just respond in this thread and I'll approve!
  6. KaityKat: Please see the PM I sent you
  7. Howdy! Welcome to Canterlot! I hope you enjoy your time here If you have any questions on the use of the site please feel free to PM myself or another staff member See you around Canterlot!
  8. Applejack's heart soared as Rarity moved closer to her under the blanket. The story the unicorn shared served to put her at ease. She felt the pressure she had put on herself melt away as they reminisced on summers past. AJ was a sucker for tradition and family history and this shared memory was special to her indeed. "Yup! That was the last summer we were anything like fillies!" She thought back on all the good times they had shared when they were younger. At tat time Rarity had been a close friend to Applejack. She hadn't had to feel awkward around her at all. They shared secrets of all sorts, laughed late into the night, cried together when one of them took a tumble and got scraped up. She chuckled. Who was she kidding? It was always AJ that took the tumbles. But Rarity had always been there to help her friend up. "Remember that one summer rodeo?" Applejack smiled at her friend. "When I missed that last barrel by a fraction of a step and took it down. Ended up in a cloud of dust and one skinned up knee." She nodded to her friend. "You'd come to watch that one and I might have been showin' off jus' a tad..." She clucked her tongue. "I shouldn't have tried to show off on that last part of the run. Would have won and impressed you!" She laughed and then blushed again. She sucked in a breath as another round of fireworks scattered overhead and the Wonderbolts finished their performance with a display of lightening and rainbow smoke. "Couldn't ask for finer company than you Rarity." She may not have been able to actually pronounce her true feelings tonight, but Rarity was right. It was fine to just enjoy the show with the best company she could have asked for.
  9. Twilight charged into the kitchen, following a trail of ominous black smoke. Once through the doors she groaned and put a hoof to her forehead. "Spiiiiike!" She sighed in frustration. "I know you tried your best but..." She trotted back and forth, using her magic to quickly get stacks of dirty dishes into the sink and clean spilled unknown substances off the counters floor and even the ceiling! She took a breath and tried to relax. "I don't know how you would have gotten carrot puree all the way onto the ceiling!" She glanced up at the vaulted height. It wasn't as high as the ceilings in other rooms of the castle but even the kitchen had style for a princess. Magic glowed an a rag went from the counter to wipe grime from the top of the wall. The Princess glanced around, noticing for the first time that Spike hadn't actually followed her all the way into the kitchen. "Where is he?" She muttered and went to a mixing bowl with a spoon leaning in it. "Looks like I''ll have to finishing this my-" Her words were cut short as she slipped on a puddle of something on the floor and careened into the bowl. She now stood with a bowl of orange substance dripping down from where it had landed smack between her ears! --- KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK Spike had been followingTwilight when the knock at the door diverted his attention. "Twilight!" He watched as the Princess continued on into the kitchen. "But Twilight the door!" The dragon turned and headed towards the main doors. "I guess I'll have to handle whatever official Princess business is at the door!" He puffed himself up and put on a serious face as he prepared the formal greeting. The door opened and Spike intoned the common greeting. "Welcome to the Castle of Friend-" He stammered. "R-Rainbow!" For some reason he'd gotten so caught up in the formality that he'd forgotten about the one dinner guest they were expecting! "Hey Rainbow!" He regained his composure, which was saying more than he could for the rest of the castle and it's occupants. "Come on in!" He allowed the pegasus entrance because what else could he do? "Twiiiilight!" The dragon went running down the hall towards the kitchen. "Rainbow's here!" ---- Twilight looked up, he ears turning towards the outer hallway. Her stomach dropped. "Rainbow's...?" She listened again. "Rainbow's here!" The Princess stood with dinner dripping down her face with no idea what to do!
  10. AJ smiled as Valen trotted up, welcoming him to ask anything he wished. It would be nice to take a break from bucking for a while. Sweat beaded on her face and she used a hoof to absently wipe it away. The farm mare raised an eyebrow as her cousin asked if he was interrupting. "Naw, yer not interrupting anything Lily! I was jus' about to take a break anyway," She nodded to the full apple baskets all around. "I reckon another hour or so an' this part of the orchard will be cleared." She continued to listen as Valen questioned her about the Crusaders and Silver Spoon. Stop something before it starts.... hmmmmm, she had a feeling she knew where this was going but she'd let him lead her there. Never helped to jump to conclusions before a pony was ready. She indeed was growing in her ability to advise others. There was a time when AJ would have immediately jumped at the chance to convince the colt that he'd be better off giving over to his true nature. "Well, depends on what yah mean sugar cube." She moved to lean back against the apple tree she had just finished bucking. It was cooler under the shade of the big healthy tree. "I've heard mah share o' things from the Crusaders... 'specially Abby a'course. She's never short on talk," She chuckled. "Anything in specific yah got in mind? I might be able to recall on certain topics." She left it at that. Giving Valen time to lay it all out before her.
  11. Hiiiii welcome to Canterlot! Please PM myself or any other staff member if you have any questions about our site. Hope to see you around our RP sections soon
  12. Twilight cocked her head slightly, wondering what was going on with her friend. She seemed...well flustered? What was the harm in asking what she was up to? Who was she kidding? It was hard enough for her to ask, must be hard to answer as well. "Well," She smiled. "I was wondering if you'd like to join me and Spike for dinner at the castle," There she had done it! Plus it would give her at least a couple hours to get herself calmed down and collected enough to spend a relaxing evening with Rainbow. That was of course if she said yes... ------ "Twilight?" Spike trotted down the hallway of the Castle of Friendship, a scroll in his claw. "Twiiiiiilight?" The young dragon called out again. "Where in Equestria is she?" He muttered to the owl that flew along beside him. "Who?" Owloisious blinked absently. "You know who! Twilight!" Spike groaned. "Who?" "Nevermind..." The dragon sighed heavily and continued on. "Ok Twilight, this is no time to lose your head." The alicorn princess spoke to herself as she looked in the mirror in her bedroom. "I just hope Spike has everything under control in the kitchen..." "Twilight!" Spike burst into the room. "Spike!" She turned around and glared at him. "Since when don't you knock?" She tried to smile but it fell short. "We've got problems..." Spike explained, not responding to her knocking question. "With dinner?" Twilight groaned. "Yeah... that carrot soufflé was not the easiest recipe you could have chosen." He glared at the princess. "This is going to be a disaster!" "Twilight you seem pretty flustered," Spike came nearer. "I mean it's just a dinner with Rainbow Dash. She's one of your oldest friends. What's got you all riled up about having her over," Twi's heart skipped a beat. She couldn't tell Spike, she just couldn't! "Come on Spike," She trotted out the door towards the kitchen. "Dinner needs to be perfect!"
  13. Applejack gulped again as her friend gave her a concerned look followed by questioning of the farm mare's state of being. Inside her heart beat fast and she knew there was a deep crimson blush on her cheeks from the accidental touch she had bestowed on the unicorn. "I-i uhhhh," FLASH SCATTER! Fireworks began firing off! Lots of them in all the colors of the rainbow! The Wonderbolts began to weave in and out of the flaming blasts, trialing colored smoke and sparks behind them. The pyrotechnics lit the sky just enough for the colored smoke to be seen and appreciated. The was truly an epic display... though it was outmatched by the epic display AJ knew she was making! "You can tell me anything." How she wished that was true! She could tell Rarity anything... anything except the one thing she most wanted to say. Though she wanted to just be out with it, there was a barrier resting firmly over her mouth. She knew she was stubborn but it seemed she was even going to be stubborn against herself on this one. BOOM! A huge firework exploded almost directly overhead! Sparkles rained down onto them from above. "OOOoooo pretty!" Her ears flicked to where Fluttershy and Pinkie were sitting. "Huh huh..." Trademark AJ awkward laugh. "Sounds like Pinkie's havin' a great time," She glanced at her friend for just a moment. "Hope you are too sugar cube!" She sucked in a breath. "Ya know Rarity...I uhhh, I really like..." CRACK! More stars burst before them as the Wonderbolts continued their epic routine. "This show." She resigned herself. This just wasn't going to happen tonight... or maybe ever... She felt her heart sink, disappointed in herself.
  14. Howdy! The staff member assigned to your app hasn't had a chance to look it over as of yet. You're not being ignored it's just that our staff have many things to take care of in real life and some of us may need a week at least to get to apps. Hope that helps!
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