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  1. Elysium [Ready]

  2. Cosmic Breeze [WIP]

    Please let us know within 5 days if you wish to keep this app open. If no response is made app will be moved. Thanks!
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  5. Shimmer [READY]

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  6. Caramel Cream (READY)

  7. I would be interested in joining up with: Rapid Fire Reason would be that he has served his term with the guard and is looking for something else to be involved with that suits his lifestyle of military service. Might also be trying to get over a past relationship.
  8. Cosmic Breeze [WIP]

    Hi! Need some more time for this app?
  9. Thunder Frost [WIP]

    Hi! Need some more time for this app?
  10. Ophelia Rose [Ready]

  11. Capt. Silver Blade (Ready)

  12. Capt. Silver Blade (Ready)

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  13. Ruby Bloodworth [READY]