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  1. Beautiful work as always! Love the colors in this
  2. How's this app coming along? Need more time?
  3. Rainbow trotted down the road towards the big event. She had objected to her AJ being smooched by the general population of Ponyville and beyond at first but the came to the conclusion that it wasn't a big deal. AJ had pledged her heart to the rainbow maned mare and she had nothing to worry about. That was the good thing about being with the element of honesty. She trusted her partner absolutely on all matters, including this one. "What do you think Zappers?" She questioned the tiny bundle strapped to her back between her wings. "Your mama kissin' all these other ponies? Do we object to that?" She came upon the scene right as a diamond dog planted a soft kiss on the muzzle of the orange mare. "Can't believe I'm gonna have to wait my turn to kiss my mare!" She chuckled lightly to herself. She knew she had Applejack all to herself whenever she wanted at home. "Let's hope we get our turn with mama soon!"
  4. I am going to Apple all up in and around your Dash.

  5. Check out that do! Super cute!!
  6. griffon

    Very solid character and app was a good read! Happy adventuring!!
  7. The Princess of the Night smoldered as the prince of chaos had his piece. Nice of him to leave off on the banishment section of his words. The more he irked her the more he...well...she couldn't exactly place how she felt about him. He annoyed her, frustrated her, and at the same time there was something about him that she just couldn't place. It seemed that the dreamer as well was not bothered to have Discord about. She sighed, her expression turning to the wise and beautiful continence it usually held. Perhaps it was best for the time to work with what she had. A griffon on wheels and a floating chaotic being. "Alright then, perhaps it is best to move forward. It seems we will be doing things a bit differently than I originally planned. But perhaps..." She eyed Discord. "This way could be a bit more...entertaining?" As Discord gestured, she smiled slightly. "Well, as you are a Prince perhaps you have an idea of how to help our friend here?"
  8. Howdy doo and welcome tah Canterlot! Hope yah have a great time 'er sugar cube!
  9. Howdy! Hope yah have a great time 'er on Canterlot!!
  10. Howdy partner! Welcome tah Canterlot! Hope yah have a great time 'er! Let us know if yah need any help gettin' started!
  11. Howdy! Welcome tah Canterlot! Hope ya have a super fun time 'er abouts!
  12. Howdy! An AJ fan huh? That's cool beans fer sure! Welcome ta Canterlot! Have a great time 'er!
  13. Howdy! Welcome to Canterlot! I hope ya have a great time 'er sugar cube! Let us know if ya need any help getting started 'round here
  14. "At the gala, at the gala...hmmm hmm hmm hmmm hmm hm hmmmmm!" Pinkie jumped high and twirled in the air. The earth pony of smiles and fun landed delicately on one hoof before blowing a harsh note from her party horn. "Pinkie Pie!" Princess Twilight Sparkle chided her friend as they trotted towards the wedding. "This is a wedding, not the Grand Galloping Gala and certainly not one of your crazy parties!" "Crazy parties?!" Pinkie shoved her face into Twi's for a moment. "CRAZY PARTIES??!!!" She seemed outraged before her face split into the hugest of grins. "You mean off the wall, super duper amazing, sure to make your jaw drop from sheer excitement parties? Right?" Twi let a small breath escape her muzzle. "Of course Pinkie." She smiled a cute smile as her friend bounded ahead once more. "That's right of course!" She blew on her party horn once more. Canterlot Gardens was outfitted fit for a wedding! Which was perfect because there was in fact to be a wedding on this most special of days. White bunting floated gracefully in the light breeze. Symbols of fire and ice entwined had been tastefully located here and there. Everything looked perfect! "Gosh Twilight the gardens look really great today don't they?" Spike jogged along beside his friends. "I should hope they do! On a day like today, these lucky mares deserve the best!" She cast a glance to her friends. "Now, let's not forget why we're here. Fluttershy, are your friends ready?" The soft yellow pegasus looked skyward. "Oh yes Twilight! Everyone is ready!" As she spoke a few brightly colored song birds alighted on her back and mane. "Aren't you my cute little friends?" The birds trilled and chorused their positive response. "Just like we rehearsed, right?" Another chorus of trills. "And Pinkie, you're in charge of the flowers right?" "Righty roo!" Pinkie pronounced, a huge bouquet of flowers appearing from behind her back. "Spike?" Twilight eyed her faithful assistant. "Rings?" He patted the pocket on his chest. "Check!" "Great! Let's make this the most special of days, shall we?" The Princess of Friendship stepped forth, ready to help a shining example of love and friendship tie their bonds tight for life! Twilight noted the guests that had already arrived. She smile at some, waved at others. Soon she came upon Ice Storm and Discord. "Ready to go?" She asked casually, eyeing the god of chaos for a brief moment.