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    Zecora Cast WoE (T2) Zebra Mare Role Play Type: World of Equestria PROFILE RP TEXT COLOR: Purple -Threads- Not yet active
  2. Zap's First Year (Apples and friends)

    Rainbow smiled at her Applejack and gave her a kiss on the muzzle. She took a step back, tilting her head slightly. Something seemed a bit odd with the love of her life... she wondered what it could be. She would ask later, not now. She knew better than to bring up a question that could be tricky in front of relatives and the like. Rainbow had learned quite a bit about AJ over the past year. The strain of raising their little bundle of joy had changed them both. Not for the better or for the worse.. just changed them. She nodded to Grand Pear as he made his introduction. They of course were trying to understand how the little Zappers had been born at all. Magic was really the one and only explanation needed. Granny was sure right about that! Rainbow was glad the family was able to move on from questioning his birth quickly and get to partying. "Hey there Grand Pear! AJ told me all about you! Glad to meet you!" She shook his hoof before her eyes started to follow the crowd to where the party was going to take place. "You like cake I hope!" Rainbow couldn't hide the gleam in her eyes as Zap buzzed his little wings and continued to babble out words. He was gonna be fast! He was gonna be smart! He was gonna be resourceful! He was gonna be well... the best stallion Equestria had ever seen! How could he not be with Rainbow Dash and Applejack as his mommas?
  3. Zecora (Ready)

    All ready to go!
  4. My Ponysona: Refractionary Blaze

    Hello and welcome to Canterlot! It seems to me that this character app would fit well into our FFA section. From there you can start RPing your character right away. If you wish to have this character approved for use in WoE you will have lots of editing work to do. If you do wish to keep this in the WoE app section please refer to the requirements in Rarity's Application Thread. Please let me know here what you wish to do with this app
  5. Lan Fa (WiP)

    How's this app coming along?
  6. Pumpkin Spice (Ready)

    Hi there! Would you like more time to work on this app?
  7. Zecora (Ready)

    Gotta finish this one soon!
  8. Lensblot [Ready]

    Welcome to our community! This app looks great! Have fun RPing
  9. Cosmic Breeze [WIP]

    Please respond here within 1 week if you would like to keep this app open. If no response is made app will be moved.
  10. Kakusareta No Ito (WIP)

    Would you like to keep this app open sugarcube?
  11. Pretty Bit -WIP-

    Please respond here within 1 week if you would like to keep this app open. If no response is made app will be moved.
  12. Wynken [Ready]

  13. Pumpkin Spice (Ready)

    Hi there! The history section still seems a bit jarring to me. It doesn't fit the rest of the character. How does the history you have affect the character? Is it necessary for this character's personality? If so, how? Also, if you could do a read through and edit you have many grammatical and spelling errors, especially in the history section. Part of RPing in WOE includes having a good grip on writing. Once you've had a chance to edit let me know here and I'll take another look.
  14. Pumpkin Spice (Ready)

    Hi there! I'd be happy to assist you with this app! Cute character you have here So is the Autumn Grove an area in Manehatten or?? Is that stuff about a golden building and rivers a dream? Not sure how that connects to this character... Also, what's with the Red Witch thing? Basically this looks good up until the history section and then goes a bit haywire. Maybe stick more to what you've got in the cutie mark section? Let me know here when you've had a chance to edit and I'll take another look.