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  1. The the professor spoke ti became clear to Yona that this was indeed a class about fighting! She stomped her hooves a little when it was talked about, rattling the students nearest to her and causing some irritated stares in her direction. "Yona want to learn defense! Yona want to learn to fight like yak warriors from homeland!" Then Sunset began to talk about research and...book writing! "Oh no!" Yona whispered in yak whisper which was no whisper at all. "How can yak fight when yak in library covered with books?" She sighed, giving up a bit of hope. She wasn't sure she had the smarts it would take to be in this class.
  2. Spike let out a breath, trying to calm himself. AJ was talking about apples now. How many he wanted being the main thing. "I uh think she said a bushel of each. She's working on some well, I guess you could call it baking?" The young dragon chuckled. Twilight's baking was a sight to behold... on the counters, walls, floors, and ceilings. "I was wondering if I could borrow your small wheel barrow?" He kicked the ground in front of him still pondering what kissing the farm mare would be like. The dragon looked back to Smolder and seeing her bolstered him at least a little. He looked up into Applejack's big green eyes. "So here's the bits," He placed the coins he'd been clutching in his claw down in front of AJ. Here...it....comes...
  3. AJ let a deep sigh escape her muzzle. Sure being all high faluten' and fancy shmancy wasn't her thing but it was Rarity's thing and she absolutely adored her beautiful unicorn. Anything Rarity loved she'd already felt her hart taking differently than it used to. Fancy dress, well Rarity would get a kick outta it so why not? Soiree with rich and famous ponies in the sky? Rarity was all abut somethin' like that so AJ felt herself giving way to such events. Pretty much everything the unicorn liked AJ was learning to have an affinity for. It wasn't because she loved the events or the dresses or the formality, she loved the mare that loved them. And that was enough. The sauna stay was over just at the right time and AJ walked out of the steam feeling clean and refreshed, if not in need of a short nap. She was so relaxed! "That was durn near perfect. A pony could git real used tah this life," She winked at her mare. "As long as a certain unicorn is with me." They made their way to the locker area and AJ opened the door to the locker. "Hmm, that's odd?" She cocked her head as the door swung open easily on it's hinges, obviously unlocked. She sucked in a breath, her heart suddenly jumping from it's previously relaxed state. "Oh no!" She rummaged through the contents of the locker, suddenly frantic. "It's not here!" Tears formed in the farm mare's eyes even though she tried to dash them away. Her broach was gone. "Stolen," Her lower lip trembled. That broach had meant more to her than she'd even known. It was a token of love, one of the first of such, that Rares had given her. Normally AJ was a practical mare to the core but this was a heavy blow.
  4. Might have my Glimmer Drops run into this guy sometime
  5. Hi! Just one quick fix and I'm ready to stamp In the unique traits under dark magic you mention Sombra as part of the shadowed seven. So as not to assume that for anyone playing Sombra please take that one sentence out. Other than that you're good to go! This app is great, what a story!
  6. Well now, that was...awkward. Rarity cringed slightly at the interaction between the two. She'd been hoping with AJ's amiable nature that maybe their first encounter would have gone a little smoother. She had thought Moonlight might show up today and had asked Applejack to make an appearance around lunchtime. It hadn't been a sure bet the two would cross paths in the boutique but apparently luck was with the fashionista today! Well, she thought it had been luck until the encounter actually took place. "Oh well yes were are all set with the uniforms darling." Rarity smiled softly. "Perhaps you'd like to join us?" "Uh yeah!" Applejack spoke up. She knew she'd not made the best impression at first but she was gonna try her darndest! Family was and always would be family. No matter what! "I brought enough fer three of us. Let's share lunch an' you can fill me in!" She pointed to her forehead. "You know on what it's been like to be a unicorn!" She glossed over the change in other areas. No need to go into details. AJ set down the basket and opened it. There were fancy sandwiches like she knew Rarity liked. There were also small bowls of green, and sweet pastries filled with cinnamon apples as well. "Looks good don't it?" She placed a few items on one of the plates that was in the basket and offered it to Moonlight. "So how've you been sugarcube?"
  7. Glitter rummaged around in the far room. She filled bowls with food, water, and assorted treats. She watched carefully that the animals got their fair shares and that no one fought with each other. A parrot perched on her poll and squawked loudly effectively drowning almost all of what the unicorn in the other room said. "I'll be right there!" She called to the visitor, wishing she could get the animals taken care of faster. She hardy ever had visitors much less visitors like this one! The unicorn was tall, dauntingly so. She seemed rough around the edges and she was well...she was attractive. Glitter felt herself blush at the thought! She hadn't felt anything like that in a long time. A very long time. Too long a time! She sucked in a breath and fixed her thoughts on finishing the feeding as fast as possible. "You guys keep it down in here ok?" She raised an eyebrow at a particularly fussy dog. "No complaining," She glared at a cat that was about to bat the tail of an unsuspecting puppy. "And no fighting!" She sighed and walked back into the other room to see to her guest. She caught the last part, the part about being the mare she was supposed to help. Glitter trotted into the kitchen and offered a chair to the plum colored unicorn. "Uh," She levitated her tea from earlier over to her and took a sip. "Yes?" She did a double take when she looked Tempest in the face for the first time. "Yes! I could totally use some help!" Glitter looked to her tea and then back quickly to Tempest. "Sorry. What did you say our name was?" She blew a few strands of stray forelocks away from her eyes, not noticing the macaw still perched between her ears.
  8. RainbowFoxxy


    A place for updated art of cast and oc's. Bases will be used with permission from base artists.
  9. "Ok, ok, you got me. Come on, let's get all of you fed!" The unicorn stood up and with some mustered resolve set herself to the task of the morning feeding of her pet zoo. Cats swarmed and birds fluttered. Dogs wagged and one very fat raccoon burped. It was in the middle of all of this that a knock came to the door. "Hmm?" She looked up from a particularly pushy cat's feeding dish as the sound came to her ears. "Oh!" The thought of the letter from the Empire that she'd not bothered to open. She'd tossed it on the stack with the others. They always said the same thing, she hadn't opened one in months. Keep the peace. Track the mysterious beasts. Ask the aging ponies around the area if they were in need to help to get their houses ready for the coldest months. Yada yada yada... And now came this knock, and behind it a voice. She hadn't heard what the voice had said but there was definitely somepony out there. Somepony that was probably pretty cold and would probably want to come inside for a few minutes at least! Must to the dismay of various pets Glitter turned and trotted to the door. A bird followed her, intent on having his morning seeds. "Hi there!" She spoke not unkindly as the door was opened at least part way. "Come on in." The bird behind her let loose a squawk that turned her head. "I'll uh...I'll be right with you. There's tea in the kitchen if you'd like?" Glitter hadn't even glanced at who was at the door. She wasn't intending to be rude, there was just a lot going on! She turned and made her way back to the animals. The visitor could follow if they wished. She really just needed to get the pets fed and then she'd be all ears for whoever this was and whatever they wanted.
  10. The day dawned pristine in the the lands of the Far North. Snow sparkled on every pine needle and the world was stillness. The sky tinged pink and soft blue as the sun touched the land, waking it from frost laden slumber. No breeze disturbed the quiet, no trickle of water, no bird song. Everything lay locked in icy serenity. CRUNCH! Crunch crunch, crunch crunch, crunch crunch... A set of pony hooves cracked through the frost layer upon the glittering snow. Her hooves delved holes into the top layer snow as she made her way along what she knew was a path deep under the drifts. "Whew! It's a cold one!" Glitter Drops shivered involuntary under her layers of scarves and coats. "Glad I wasn't out here last night!" She glanced around. "Still, at least there's no wind today." The unicorn spoke to nopony in particular as she made her way through a particularly deep drift. "Ah!" Aqua colored magic streamed from her horn towards a bush not far away that had red berries growing from it. Once some of the fruits had been stowed in her saddle bag the mare turned to make for home. Home was also an office, the headquarters of the Imperial Arctic Patrol to be exact. A ranger station in truth it doubled as the accommodations for the solitary unicorn. Well, for Glitter and her 'pets'. She was met with much trilling, squeaking, meowing, and barking as she stripped her outer layers and made for the kitchen in the back of the station. "Yes yes everyone, I'm back." She soothed her myriad animals as she set a kettle on the stove. Soon it was whistling and she poured out the water along with a tea bag and a hoof full of the berries. "Nothing better than holly berry tea on a cold morning!" She sat back in a chair and mused while petting two or three cats that joined her. How long had it been now? Well, a long long long time since Princess Cadence had appointed her to her role as head to the Arctic Patrol. The Princess had seen something in Glitter. Something she hardly knew was there but it was true. She was strong, she was brave, and yes she was good at illusion magic. She also needed space, time to heal, time to find out what she was meant for. The Princess of course had seen all this being that she was the Princess of Love. Cadence knew the mare that had come to her after leaving Celestia's School was heart broken. She'd failed herself and a friend she dearly loved. The ranger station in the Far North was the perfect respite for Glitter. Time on her own to test her mettle and to think over what had happened and where she was headed next. She'd fought ursas and wolves, well not really fought per say but at least kept them from bothering the residents of this frozen country. She solved problems and helped to better the lives of many ponies. In fact most saw her as a hero up here! Her heart was empty though. Too much had happened. She knew deep down it was all her fault. She'd heard too many stories to not make the connections. Yet here she stayed, unwilling to re-enter the world she'd left behind. At least she'd been able to help lots of ponies and other creatures. That was good, but it had not yet mended her broken heart. Was that in Candence's plan? Should it be taking this long? And now there was a new threat in the Far North. The neighbors had been telling her tales of howling in the night. Of paw prints from what could only been timber wolves. But they were large. Too large to be regular old timber wolves. It didn't sit right. So far nothing had actually happened, but it was only a matter of time. The paw prints lead up to the doors of cabins and barns. What were these beasts after? MEOW! "Oh sweet Celestia you scared me!" A particularly hungry cat had jumped up on the table in front of her and let loose his plea. Glitter Drops sighed, wondering what was going on with the large paw prints, her assignment to these arid lands, her heart, her life...
  11. Female Unicorn Glitter Drops PROFILE Role Play Type: World of Equestria
  12. Name:Glitter Drops Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye color: Gradient of deep violet Coat: Her coat is a verdigris blue/green color. She tries to maintain it to the best of her abilities but at times, especially when out for long patrols, it looses its gleam. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are both a light teal color. Some ponies think that it's probably magic that keeps the poof it this mare's mane! Even when she's returning from a long day in the snow her forelocks still maintain a height of fluff that would make Pinkie Pie jealous! Her locks are swept back from her horn and tumble down her neck in swirl of puffy curls. Her tail is similarly fluffy and poofy, curling under just above the height of her hocks. Residence: As the key member of the the Crystal Empire's Arctic Patrol, Glitter needs to live near where she works...the far north! She has a cozy cabin there that double as the Arctic Patrol main offer. There's about four rooms and plenty of space for all kinds of critters that want to stay warm and out of the snow. She has her own personal quarter in the back of the cabin complete with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. She shares this speace with her pets, mostly a bunch of kitties and a few birds. Physique: She keeps herself fit for the task at hoof. Since she's out trekking in the frozen arctic often she needs to be strong and resilient! Occupation: The key patrol pony for the Crystal Empire's Arctic Patrol. This along with running a pseudo-rescue service for stray pets. Cutie Mark: Two golden stars, one slightly larger than the other. These are connected by a swirl of blue in a spiral shape. History: She grew up outside of Canterlot, spending most of her time with her two closest friends; Fizzlepop Berrytwist and Spring Rain. When the accident occurred with Pop's horn Glitter and Rain felt so bad! Glitter knew it should have been her that went into the cave to get the ball. She knew it should have been her that lost her horn or worse! But Fizzle would have never allowed that. She had gone in and well, lost everything. Glitter and Rain tried to console their friend but she was so very sad. Eventually Glitter went off to magic school. They did well and were invited to attend Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. She just couldn't keep up with the work load and eventually Glitter dropped out. She had learned lots of spells during her time at the school, mostly illusion work. She didn't really want to stay near the school and so went as far away as she could to the Crystal Empire. It were here that a certain Princess found worth in the unicorn and her spell work. She charged Glitter with running the newly formed Arctic Patrol! Here she could have her own space, work outdoors, and have lots of animals friends! It was the perfect job! It helped Glitter find her worth again! Here she has worked for a number of years. Recently there have been a few disturbances in the range of the Arctic Patrol including some ursa major issues. However, it's nothing she can't handle! She's used her magic and wits to help out in lots of situations and now that she'd remade connections with a certain snap-horned mare, there's no telling where her life might lead! Character Personality: Glitter Drops is a strong and resilient mare, wrapped up in a friendly and positive demeanor. She has some skeletons in her closet form her past but she's on the mend from a lot of them. Glitter certainly has learned a lot about the value of Friendship and Love. Especially since her recruitment by the Princess of Love herself! Glitter is quick to forgive and is competent at talking through issues. She will stand up for herself and those she loves. So is also extremely brave and sure of herself. She will literally stand in front of a roaring ursa minor to keep somepony she loves safe! She hasn't always been the most loyal of friends, leaving off an important friendship from her past. She's also experienced let downs and hardship. She's failed herself and others and has learned from these mistakes. She knows what makes her happy and will do what it takes to get there! Character Summary: A caring and brave pony, Glitter Drops may live in the Frozen North but she has a knack for friendship that can melt even the coldest heart!
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