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  1. RainbowFoxxy

    A Peryton Visitor (Closed) RainbowFoxxy

    The dragon nodded as Lockheart spoke of his home on the Strand. "Yes I do know the Velvet Stand though it was long ago that I last ventured there." His mane continued to magically float about his face as he thought back. "The purifying magic of the peryton kept the land healthy at that time as I'm sure they still do now," The dragon's eyes widen at the mention of never being out of one's homeland. "It is good to meet you Lockheart Thunder." "Well then!" He walked a sinuous circle around his new friend while speaking. He was long enough that his head almost met his tail as he made his way around. "This is a momentous occasion indeed!" He nodded towards Sugar Cube Corner again. "We must stop by my favorite sweets establishment! There is much to celebrate for you in your first journey!" Rivulet was always enthusiastic about travelling and gaining wisdom through experiences abroad. "Come my friend! Let us find new adventures together!" Rivulet made his way to Pinkie Pie's place of work with a trot to his step. This would be so much fun! "Thank you come again!" Pinkie waved good bye to a customer and just as quickly greeted the next in line. "Hi! Welcome! What can I get for you!" The pink mare was a flurry of activity as always. The line for Sugar Cube Corner's counter was also as busy as ever! A bustle of ponies and other creatures crowded inside and down the steps. "This is where we wait my friend," Rivulet offered a position in line to the buck. "Lots of ponies and others enjoy what Pinkie Pie has to offer!" The pink one was so fast with her service that in a few moments Rivulet stepped into the shop itself. When her eyes met Rivulet's she couldn't help the huge grin... or the fact that she jumped over the counter, sending cupcakes flying and barreled towards her old friend. "Oh my gosh!" "Ha ha! Pinkie Pie!" Rivulet chortled as Ponk met him in a huge hug. Then a cupcake hit him between his horns, frosting first of course... "I've traveled far to get here and the treats are already flying..." He raised his head and caught another falling cupcake in his jaws. Sharp teeth flashed for just a moment, reminding anypony that saw them that this really was a dragon! But most knew he was friendly and those that didn't were quickly clued in. "Mmmmmmmm," He sighed as the sweet confection melted in his mouth. "I do love a good..." He tipped his head, thinking. "Cupcake!" "That's right! You want your favorite order I assume?" Before Rivulet could answer Pinkie noticed Lockheart. "Hi!" She bounced right over to the peryton and grinned broadly. "I'm Pinkie Pie!" "This is my friend Pinkie, Lockheart Thunder," Rivulet introduced his new friend, taking a look to see if any of the falling cupcakes had landed on the buck...
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    Hello! New pone!

    Hi!! Welcome to Canterlot see you around the RP sections!
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    Dream Wanderer [Ready]

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    A Peryton Visitor (Closed) RainbowFoxxy

    Rivulet's continence fell for but a moment as the winged deer flinched. Though he tried there was really no way to lessen the effect of his deep booming voice. Once he got to know somepony he found that they had less and less reactions to his tone but first timers well...it really couldn't be helped. He was happy to see that at least he had not scared this specimen off. No quite the contrary, the big buck had turned to face him. That was indeed pleasing to the lanky dragon. The smells that curled around his sensitive nose enlivened his senses. Freshly baked breads, pies, cookies and the like combined with the sweet aroma that seemed to roll off the big deer were all but intoxicating. Rivulet shook his head causing the mane that ringed his face to wave about. He tried for a calm smile and then bowed his head ever so slightly in greeting. "My name is Rivulet," He nodded to the satchel that rested just in front of his forelegs. Parchment rolls could be seen protruding from the top. "I am a wandering cartographer and seeker of knowledge," He then cocked his head, inquiring of the peryton. "I have not seen one of your kind in long years," He sniffed lightly. "And never one with a magical aura as you seem to possess." Rivulet's sense of magic was keen as a razor edge. He had been in this world for time out of mind and thus had honed various senses. He sniffed again, this time his eyes diverting to the nearby shop. What a shop it was! Adorned with sweets and treats and bordered in icing. "Ahhhhh," His eyes twinkled. "Sugar Cube Corner. Have you had the pleasure my friend?" Calling the peryton friend was a bit presumptuous however the dragon tended to get along with most creatures and had decided this buck would be no different. "Perhaps I should add 'seeker of sweet treats' to my list of titles," He chuckled lightly at his musing.
  5. RainbowFoxxy

    A Peryton Visitor (Closed) RainbowFoxxy

    Rivulet had left his mountain abode for the time being. As he was a cartographer the need to travel was dear to his heart. Nothing was more fascinating to him than experiencing a foreign land, with unknown cultures, and species to meet and learn from. The eastern dragon's body undulated through the skies, his deep blues and blacks standing out against the semi-clouded pale blue void above him. In the bag that was strapped just behind his front legs rested quill, parchment, compass, and all the other supplies a map maker could need. These would be for rough sketches and ideas, not for actual maps. No, those were made alone in his mountain home. One map would take him months of painstaking labor. It was meticulous work and Rivulet thrived off of it. Getting each and every detail down, keeping the scaling correct, adding artistic flourish where he deemed fit. Today he would be going back to an area that he knew quite well. He had been around more than once and had a chance to meet a variety of the populace. He knew of a certain bouncy pink pony in town that would certainly offer him something for his sweet tooth! Yes Pinkie Pie was a gem and he counted himself forever lucky to have met the mare. At first of course he had been standoffish, wanting little to do with her light hearted ways. But he knew an old dragon such as himself could be weighted down by life and a bit of frivolity would be just what he needed to keep his head on straight. And so the eastern dragon wove his way down through the clouds to loft onto the road leading into Ponyville. He moved along, nodding kindly to those he passed. He had visited more than once so most ponies were aware that he was of the benign nature and certainly not planning on bringing fire of wrath upon them. As he moved further into town he happened upon a sweet scent. Something he had not experienced before. Could this be something new of Pinkie Pie's creation? He moved on to find that the smell was not coming from the home of the pink pony but from a winged deer that was poking around near the shops in town. Ah! Someone new to learn about perhaps? He made his way carefully up to the creature. A peryton if he remembered correctly. He had met one or two in his long days and found himself anxious to meet this one... he seemed quite different than the others he had encountered. "Hello there?" His voice had a deep booming effect though he tried to speak as softly as he could. The large dragon knew his appearance could be off putting to those who had not met him before.
  6. RainbowFoxxy

    Horse Feathers! (Attn: Steel)

    Twi's stomach dropped a bit as Rainbow exclaimed about how happy she was with her current life. It wasn't like Twilight wasn't...happy? Wellllll, maybe happy was pushing it just a bit. She was...she was... how did she actually feel? She wasn;t sure. She was so busy! There were SO many responsibilities and half the time she felt her head would fall off her shoulders if she didn't have Spike there to help manage her affairs. She supposed she wanted things somewhere in the middle. The charm of her library definitely had it's charm and she would love a few more days there, pouring over books with the golden sunlight lancing in. Sparkling dust motes flitting about as she turned page after page of wisdom, stories, fact, and lore. But, then again there were mountains of books in the castle library had she the time to go and sit down with them. The mare felt a pang of sadness flow through her. Dash was so happy, so content. She could tell the cyan mare had met the goals for her life already and now she could make new dreams on top of that! Twis dream as of late was just to have time to relax for a few minutes and to...have fun with her friend. Oh! Well, that was what she had managed for today! Her feelings changed as she mentally patted herself on the back. It wasn't that bad! She helped tons of ponies, got to spend time protecting the empire, it was all really cool actually. As Rainbow imitated her she could hardly stifle the laugh that came to her muzzle. "Oh come on Rainbow! I'm not that bad!" She laughed. "Ok, yeah, I am that bad," Her muzzle lifted in a wry half smile. "And yeah I'm good with the life I have now of course I just wish I had more time to spend with you and the other fillies," Her juice arrived the she took a sip. It was good! She took another sip. She really admired Rainbow Dash. She always had. Her zest for life was contagious that was for sure. In fact, even being around the pegasus rejuvenated her! It was a happy accident that she had zapped the mare's drink...and lucky of course it had been only the drink. She took another sip of her smoothie, her eyes resting on the athletic mare next to her. Rainbow was special for sure. A good friend, a great encouragement, and nice to look at... "Oh," She caught herself staring for too long and switched her gaze to the fruit in a display in front of her at the bar. "So, I'm umm, really excited to get your pointers for in flight combat! I need the practice for sure!" Yep that was smoooooth...
  7. RainbowFoxxy

    Summer Nights (Attn:Steel)

    Keep it together! AJ muttered to herself and tapped her front hoof nervously on the table top. She tried to keep her breathing calm. Twilight knew what she was doing. There was no way her friend was going to let her down. The Princess of Friendship trotted into the tea room at the castle. "Applejack! I'm so glad you made it! Everything is going smoothly," She sat down at the table next to her friend. "You look nervous," She smiled, trying to instill confidence in the usually overly confident farm mare. "Ha!" AJ dropped her hoof back under the table and smirked. "Me? Nervous? No way! I'm as cool as an apple core in blizzard!" This was followed by her regular stream of half hearted laughter. "Well, everything is all planned out! And don't worry, I didn't tell the other girls anything!" Twilight prided herself on following details and not just telling everypony was a big detail! "Thank yah Twi, I don't know how I'd ever get up the nerve ta do this without yer help!" ----- The summer sun was sinking fast and the solstice would soon begin! Ponies lined the streets of Canterlot to watch the spectacle while enjoying the warm summer air. Ponies with special invite also lined the rails of the castle though the promenade deck had been reserved for only the most special of friends. All of the Mane 6 had been invited to the promenade to watch the event in style! "Wee!" Pinkie gave off a happy squeal as she bounded forward towards Twilight. "Thank you soooo much for the invite Twilight! It's Summer Solstice party time!" "Oh, I just hope all our little friends can enjoy this as much as we do," Fluttershy lilted as she made her way out onto the deck with a collection of birds and bats flitting around her. AJ trotted out too though she didn't have as much to say. She was super preoccupied with what she was going to do later. "I'm so glad you all could make it!" Twilight hugged her friends tight. "It just seems harder and harder for us girls to get any time together lately!" "Seriously! It's gonna be so cool to just kick back and relax with you guys like the good old days!" Rainbow exclaimed as she dove in to land from somewhere above. "Yep!" AJ tried to shake off the nervous energy building inside her. "Let the good times roll huh?"
  8. RainbowFoxxy

    Oh What A Night (Steel)

    Rainbow pulled her Zappers in close and cried. She glanced up and saw the little guy, his eyes full of unspoken questions, staring at her. He was sticky as can be from the marshmallows but Dash didn't care. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and sobbed. "I don't know what to do Zap... I'm so so sorry! I'm selfish and well..." She sniffed hard. "I'm scared." Her heart fell a little bit more. She had let AJ down, like let her down really badly. She wouldn't be surprised if her beautiful mare decided to leave her and take Zap away too. It would only be fair after the train wreck of a parent and spouse Rainbow had turned out to be. More tears streamed as she made another realization. She was supposed to be the element of loyalty. Ha! She figured she was the last thing from loyal. She was a disappointment to herself, to Zap, and most heartbreakingly to her beloved Applejack. "I'm sorry AJ..." She croaked out into the darkness. She knew her mare couldn't hear her but she called out anyway. "I'm sorry I'm not good enough for you. You deserve the best of the best and I'm...not." She let Zappers go back to mallow roasting and sucked in a breath. "I know you'll miss me little guy," She scrubbed his head with her hoof lovingly. "But I'm not sure I should be doing this... you know, raising you?" Rainbow really was at a loss now. She felt like she should just leave. Just take Zap back to Big Mac and disappear. But she knew she couldn't do that. Her life was too intwined with everything in and around Ponyville. And she really really didn't want to anyway. It ripped at her heart to think of leaving Zapper and AJ. Should couldn't do it. AJ would have to tell her to leave for Rainbow to go. She sat dejectedly on a log. "What am I gonna do?"
  9. RainbowFoxxy

    Summer Nights (Attn:Steel)

    Applejack had mulled it over for way way way too long. If she didn't do something about it pretty soon, ponies were gonna find out. She couldn't hide it anymore and if she kept trying she was just gonna burst! Every time she thought about it the farm mare's heart skipped a beat and then took to hammering away in her chest like she had just bucked a hundred apple trees bare! It was her first thought in the morning and the last thought every night. She just couldn’t keep it back any more. And so Applejack had taken the Princess of Friendship into her confidence. If she couldn't trust the princess then who could she trust? She didn't want anypony in her family finding out, not just yet anyway. AJ was seen in a certain light by her family and she didn't want that to change. She worried that letting on might make her seem weak. She certainly didn't want that! Applejack was many things but darn it all she was not weak and nopony would ever prove otherwise! But she had to admit...on this one she had weaknesses. Her heart was directing her head at this point and she needed help. "Twilight!" She opened the door and let her friend in. "So glad yah could make it!" "Sure Applejack! What did you want to ask me about?" Twi jumped in no holds barred. All she knew was AJ had asked for her help and finding out what she needed was definitely of interest. Applejack wasn't always keen on asking for help so this was something important no doubt! "Wow! huh huh..." She laughed nervously. "Yah uh mind if we walk and talk? Might make it easier for me to share?" Soon the two were walking through the orchard. After some small talk Applejack finally let the truth slip. "So yeah... all that tah say... I uh... I'm crushin' on Rarity somethin' fierce and I had tah tell somepony." The mare's cheeks blushed crimson as she let the secret go. She suddenly felt super vulnerable. "Wow..." Twilight's excitement rose! This was amazing news! "Thank you for trusting me with this Applejack. So, when are you going to tell her?" "Tell her!" Applejack exclaimed. "I could hardly tell you! How am I supposed tah tell her?! Just saunter up an' say 'hey there good lookin?' I don't think so!" "I'll help you AJ, don't worry about a thing!" ------------- The Summer Solstice celebration was taking place just a few weeks later and three days before the event a special letter was delivered to Rarity's home. Dearest Rarity, As one of my closest friends I would like to invite you to a special viewing of the Summer Solstice Celebration at the Castle in Canterlot. Please arrive at the castle the night before the event. All your meals will be taken care of and you will have a private room as well. I've invited Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack as well so it should be a fun day in the city for all of us! Your Friend, Twilight Sparkle
  10. RainbowFoxxy

    Oh What A Night (Steel)

    Lyra couldn't help but smile back at her mare for a moment before leaning in a planting a firm kiss on her muzzle. Something about seeing other couples fighting made her feel even closer to Bon. "Well that was a good show, I'm ready for dinner!" She spoke just as the waiter arrived with their orders. "Guess we're gonna have some leftovers..." She spoke as four meals were dropped off. "Let's get done quick! I'm suddenly looking forward to spend some time with you at home," She gave Bon a sultry wink and then dug into her food. ---- Rainbow flew fast and furiously towards Sweet Apple Acres. She cried freely as she zipped through the air, the wind of flight wiping the tears away as quickly as they fell. She felt vulnerable, open and afraid. All the time of holding in her emotions was too much. She felt herself breaking even as the farm came into sight. Her heart was pulled in so many directions and she literally felt herself falling to pieces. She'd felt this way before but it had been a while. Anypony who knew Rainbow knew she had a nasty habit of holding her true thoughts and emotions back until they wrecked her. She fumed too the AJ would choose to bring in the wrecking ball the way she had. Out in public, in front of friends and total strangers alike? How could she do that? Rainbow kicked herself mentally for letting Applejack take her down like that. She felt weak and alone and needed her son right now! She swooped down to the farm house and hardly landed as she came inside. There was Big Mac, playing with the little guy in the kitchen. It looked like they had just finished up dinner. The smell of fresh apple pie was heavy in the room and Zap looked like her was have a great time with his uncle. "Rainbow Dash?" Big Mac stood quickly, a worried look in his eyes. "I thought yah would 'ave been out much later. What are you doin' back so--" "Zap!" Rainbow rushed to her son and wrapped him tight in her arms. She hugged him close, his sticky apple sauce smudged cheek sticking to hers. "Come on," She took to flight again, holding Zapper in her arms still. "Um," Big Mac looked on. "You ok Rainbow?" He ended up speaking to a swinging door. Rainbow was gone. Not long after the mare had a fire going in the pit she had built out in the hills of the western orchards. "You like that Zappers?" Rainbow tried to distract herself by putting all her efforts in showing Zap a fun evening.She had to make up for all the time she had neglected him. She felt so guilty now. Like she had traded precious time with her son for her job....for herself. The thought made her sick! It was true she was thoroughly and utterly selfish. Why hadn't she seen it before? She was an awful mom and a terrible partner for Applejack. Tears still streaked her cheeks as she hoofed Zap another marshmallow. "Leave it to Pinkie to keep the s'more supply stocked out here huh?" She tried to chuckle but it came out as a weak whimper. "I've been..." She tried just telling Zap how she felt. He was really young still so it would be safe she figured. "I've been a terrible mom..." More tears. Rainbow glanced around into the darkness and shadows cast by the fire. She had no idea what she was doing. Her heart hurt so bad she didn't know what to do...
  11. RainbowFoxxy

    Horse Feathers! (Attn: Steel)

    She listened intently as Rainbow rattled off the expected list of achievements and upcoming events. The Princess was super proud to have Rainbow as a friend and as always she was really impressed with the happening in the wide world of Wonderbolts! "Wow! That sounds amazing Rainbow! A lot of work but amazing!" The waiter appeared soon after this and she cut off her deluge of accolades so they could order. The Princess couldn't hold back the blush that lit up her cheeks as Rainbow mentioned horn lasers with her order. "Heh heh..." She gave her signature uncomfortable chuckle and bumped the pegasus' elbow lightly. "No idea what you're talking about Rainbow Dash," She glanced at the menu and then up at the waiter. "I'll take a blended carrot smoothie please." Twi easily noticed how they seemed to be a magnet of attention to everypony, including their waiter. He nodded and bobbed his head while quickly retreating to the kitchen to put the order in. Of course she was more than used to behavior like this by now. Everywhere she and her friends went they got a similar reception. She sighed and instead of giving the regular small talk answers for princess life she softly asked a question. "Rainbow?" She reached for a napkin and absentmindedly began to fold it in front of her with her magic. "You ever wish we could have had a few more days like it was years ago? You know before all of this," She waved her hoof in a circle. "When we were all just friends and didn't have so much resting on our withers?" The Princess wondered even as she asked if she should have let the question slip. It was something he had been mulling over for quite some time and hadn't spoken of it to anypony, not even Spike.
  12. RainbowFoxxy

    Heeeeeere’s Another One.

    Hi! Welcome to Canterlot I hope you enjoy your time here! This is a very nice community... though a bit nutty sometimes ....anyway, I'm sure you will meet some fun new peeps here! That's a lot of pony sites! Cool! FoE seems really cool too. I haven't gotten too far into that realm but from what I've seen two hooves up! Feel free to let me know if you need any help here or have any questions
  13. RainbowFoxxy

    Lassos for the Summer (Open: Western Summer Camp)

    "Whew!" Babs blew her forelocks out of her eyes as she stepped out of the carriage. "We're really in the old west now Sweetie Belle!" She looked back over her shoulder just in time to see the unicorn filly leap from the carriage step. "Oh wow!" She gazed about, taking in the initial sights and sounds. "I think Abby is right! This is the most westerniest place I've ever seen!" "It looks like a ton of fun!" Babs trotted forward and tossed her suitcase onto her back. "I'm super excited Abby suggested this place for me and you to get some bonding time! This will be a great place for her favorite cousin to get to know one of her best friends better!" "Yeah! A lot better! We're gonna have all summer here Babs! All...summer..." She sucked in a little breath, trying to keep herself calm. This was totally out of Sweetie's comfort zone and there was no big sister here to help her out. At least not until she came for a visit. The two fillies watched as Miss Blossom stepped forward with her suitcase. "Should we follow you Miss Blossom?" Babs inquired with Sweetie at her heels. "This place looks kinda big..." Her horn lit up as she levitated her suitcase along next to her. "I hope we don't get lost..."
  14. RainbowFoxxy

    Horse Feathers! (Attn: Steel)

    Twi was impressed with Rainbow's moves. She was always impressed really... not that she was just going to say so to the pegasus. Nope. Rainbow would really have to work for her praise. Twilight enjoyed playing her little games with RD and she suspected Rainbow liked it to. She blew out a little breath as the mare finished her acrobatic flight. "Whew!" The waves receded around the pair. "That was close! I thought you were going to pay me back for frying your drink by dousing me!" She winked and gave a half smile. "I would have been really impressed if you'd managed to stay completely dry," She giggled. "You'd have to be one amazing teacher to teach me to do that!" Soon the two were on their way to a juice shop nearby. Twilight found herself quite interested in Rainbow as she always seemed to. All around ponies gave their hellos to the Princess but Twi's attention was focused only on one. As they took their seats at the juice bar Twi tried some small talk. "So..." She blew her forelocks away from her eyes. "How's life with the Bolts been treating you Dash?" Why did she always find herself so awkward and tongue tied around Rainbow?
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    Arashi Doro No Hogo-sha

    Cool part time diamond doggy! Love it!