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  1. Iron Horns [WIP]

    Please response here within 5 days to keep this app open. If no response is made, app will be moved.
  2. Prismatic Night [ready]

    Please mark this app either (wip) or (ready) after the character name in the title so the friendly app reviewers will know when it’s ready to be reviewed
  3. Sioux (Ready)

    Hi there! Ive has a chance to look over this app for you though it is mostly fine, I’m wondering how this character will fit into the RP world? In WoE we want to make sure all our approved characters are written in a way that makes for continued RPinteraction. This character seems to be such a recluse in not sure how she will be used as an interactive character in WoE. She can be used in FFA as is or you can make an adjustment to her to make her a bit more relatable for WoE. Let me know what you’ve decided here.
  4. Lan Fa (WiP)

    How we doin' with this app?
  5. Iron Horns [WIP]

    Please let us know what you wish to do with this app
  6. Aphrodite Rose (ready)

    Have fun!
  7. Last post wins

    Nice boots you got there!
  8. Cosmic Breeze [WIP]

    Howdy do! You need more time for this one?
  9. Aphrodite Rose (ready)

    Howdy! Please make sure to include (ready) or (WIP) in your app title so we know when it's ready for a review
  10. Kahoot (Final)

  11. Agent Coltson [ready]

  12. Pretty Bit -Ready-

  13. Iron Horns [WIP]

    Hi! I know this is a WIP right now but wanted to let you know that cow/pony crosses are not an accepted species for play in WOE. Please refer to Rarity's App Guide for list of playable species in WOE. You can play any character you like in our FFA sections.
  14. Wǎn Qiūjì (Final)

  15. Night Prophecy [Ready]