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  1. [Unicorn]Swift Squall [MID-UPDATE]

    Howdy do! Need some more time?
  2. Lan Fa (Ready)

    Woo hoo! Congrats on finishing this app!
  3. Always the How, Never the Why (Closed)

    Silver arrived early to the meeting point just inside of the cover of trees. It was quiet and secret, a special place she had often used to conspire with Diamond in the past. And now she was here! Coming up with and executed plans all of her own making! It was a fiendishly exciting plan indeed! She was going to make sure things went exactly according to her plans... First thing she needed to do was convince her prey. She knew she hadn't treated Valen well on their last encounter. This didn't bother her, in fact she was glad. Her behavior last time left her lots of fodder for her performance now. She was going to play the most penitent of ponies. So full of sorrow, so willing to try again. So willing to prove how magical friendship could be! Valen appeared and she drew in a breath. Time to play the part! "H-hi Valen..." She spoke in a soft tone, her eyes cast down. "Glad you could make it," She took a couple steps towards him, wondering how he would respond to seeing her. Would he be upset? Probably. Would he confront her? Yell at her? She wasn't at all sure what to expect but she would work with whatever he presented. Just seeing the colt made her blood pump faster! This was the best plan she had ever conjured up and she had the help of the plenty of the mane six to make sure it went perfectly!
  4. Yokai Dogs

    That pink one is adorbs!
  5. My oc ^.^

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  6. Astral Star (Ready)

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  7. Cosmic Breeze [WIP]

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  8. Lan Fa (Ready)

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  9. Pin Cushion [READY!]

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  10. Blade Dancer (Ready for review)

    Hi there! I’ll be happy to review this app for you I really only have one thing for you to edit and then I’m ready to approve this. Please change his age to say stallion instead of a year number. Once this is done just let me know here.
  11. The lasser effect

    Howdy! From the looks of it you enjoy writing You would probably enjoy RPing with us in our FFA or WoE sections. Please see Kahoots’ post above for more info on this. Have a great time here!
  12. aw cute apple jack and rainbow dash are in love that cute