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  1. RainbowFoxxy

    Tiger Blood [Ready]

  2. RainbowFoxxy

    Horse Feathers! (Attn: Steel)

    Frost crunched under hoof as the Princess of Friendship made her way toward the clearing on the outskirts of Ponyville. She muttered to herself as she went, going over notes in her head. Though she carried a huge tome on the subject of offensive flight tactics in her saddle bag the purple mare could pretty much remember everything without having to crack it open. She paused mid step, causing her number one assistant to bump into her from behind. "Oof!" Spike snorted a laugh. "You can remember pretty much every detail in that book but you can't let me know when you're gonna stop trotting?" He rubbed his head spikes in mock injury. "I mean come on Twilight! You could pretty much beat anypony singlehoofed with your magic! Don't you think your flying is good enough knowing that?" "Spike don't be silly!" She gave the dragon a wry smile. "And don't distract me! You're here to keep an eye on things in case something goes wrong, remember?" Her horn lit up a little as she went through the words and motions for particular fighting spells. "I need to be prepared. You never know what might happen! I mean with the recent attack at the school, and Tirek begin active again..." She sighed. "I have to be trained to keep Ponyville safe!" Twi had recently taken it on herself to be more than proficient in offensive flight magic technique. The magic was no problem at all...the flight? Well, she'd come a long way but she was far from the best. Today she would practice. And the next day, and the next day and the next... until she was the best! At least that's what she had in mind. "Ok ok..." Spike flexed his new wings. "Your number one winged assistant's ready to...assistant yep!" Soon they were at the open field. Twi took to the air, hovering as she worked out her plan. "I need to be able to evade shots of magic and fire back. I'm going to practice the double roll and blast move for a bit," She spoke more to herself than Spike as she climbed higher. Her mind worked furiously, going over the details of the movements and the magic needed for the move. "Here we go!" She dove, trying her best to keep the roll tight. It went fairly well, but her magic shot missed her mark by a long margin. "That's why I'm out here... practice!" Twi was going to keep at it until she trained herself. She never had been good at asking for help...
  3. RainbowFoxxy

    Oh What A Night (Steel)

    Rainbow graced AJ with a short glare as she was elbowed none too gently. Her attitude continued to worsen as the orange mare continued to ignore it. "Yep..." She sipped her water. "Gotta love that cider..." She puffed some air out of her muzzle and grimaced ever so slightly. "Rainbow Dash, don't start this..." Leave it to AJ to start talking to her like she was a foal. She was obviously the better parent of the pair of them and she always had to point in out. Rainbow hated not being the best and AJ's asking her to help out more had just driven home the point that she didn't do enough. As if Applejack couldn't see RD had already started this and was going to continue at it until she felt like stopping... "Hmmmmm," Lyra looked over the menu one last time while the others put in their orders. Her stomach rumbled and as looked through the list. "How about the eggplant and bell pepper skewers with a side of fried rice?" She tapped her hoof on her choices as she read them to the waiter. The mare's cheeks flushed as Bon planted a kiss on her cheek. Bon was just the best! She flicked her tail over the small of her mare's back and winked at her. "Yep! It's not every day you get Applejack and Rainbow Dash all in one shot!" Then AJ mentioned the prospect of foals... "Oh!" She nuzzled Bon even as her stomach dropped. "Well we haven't talked seriously about it....but um, I'd love to have a little guy or gal trotting around!" Rainbow rolled her eyes, not really responding to anypony, just airing her own thoughts. "Yep, AJ's really busy these days... and apparently I'm not," She smirked and continued on with her water.
  4. RainbowFoxxy

    Oh What A Night (Steel)

    Lyra was so so so proud of everything Bonbon had accomplished with her chocolate sales. It was amazing to see what her expertise was capable of! The minty mare had of course helped Bon out getting things rolling and then going with her to any event where it seemed like one set of hooves wouldn't be enough to get the job done. "Thanks AJ!" Lyra chimed in as Applejack offered to spread the word. "Before you know it, it's gonna take more than just us two to keep the chocolate stand working!" She smiled. "I saw a line half way around Equestria for the Apple family's last cider sale! You guys sure know your business!" Her eyes lit up. "Ever consider pairing chocolates and cider?" She asked the question to both mares. Rainbow sighed lightly as Bonbon asked about her Wonderbolts experiences as of late. Right before she was going to speak their drinks arrived. Rainbow held her water glass between her hooves, glowering down at it. Stupid water...this stupid place didn't even have cider... so now she was drinking stupid water... her bad mood was written all over her features and it wasn't getting any better. She raised the glass to her muzzle and took a little sip before returning it to the table. "Oh you know, busy as always. I haven't seen much of the open skies lately. We just took on some more recruits which has made my schedule even more hectic..." She looked to the side and spoke quietly. "and that's before somepony asked me to take on even more responsibilities..." Lyra raised her eyebrows at Rainbow's little comment. What the hay was going on here? She, Bon, and AJ seemed to be having a great time but Rainbow was acting like a rain cloud over an otherwise perfect parade. She could feel the tension growing and it didn't feel good. Lyra had just wanted a nice night out with friends and well...Rainbow seemed to be all she could to ruin in. Lyra made eye contact with Bon and then tried to make eye contact with AJ until... "So... are we all ready to order?" The waiter appeared again. "Uhhhhh," Lyra hadn't even had a chance to look at the menu. "Can we have a couple more minutes?" "Of course madam... take all the time you-" "I'll take a daisy burger, no fries." Rainbow butted in. "Don't want to be here all night," She muttered. Rainbow was being beyond rude and she really didn't care. Of course AJ would say she was being selfish, and foalish, and and and... blah blah blah.... Rainbow couldn't do anything right. AJ always found something to pick on. Why not make it easy to find something?
  5. RainbowFoxxy

    Oh What A Night (Steel)

    "Oof!" A puff of air escaped Rainbow's muzzle as she was pulled into a rather tight and rather fierce side hug. She didn't wrap her front leg around AJ but instead escaped from the hug as quick as possible and walked next to the orange mare. She shrugged, shaking off the embrace but making it look like a stretch or a yawn or something. "Heh heh..." She ruffled her wings a little as she walked, trying to get some of the tension out. She had built up a lot of tension from her brooding and subsequent moping. "Yep, here I am." She glanced sidelong at AJ. DANG IT! She was frustrated with Applejack, downright mad at her but...daaaaang did she look good! Not the fancy kind of good, nope, the kind of good the RD could hardly stand. That golden mane and tail done up like AJ hadn't given it a second though. Her healthy coat shining over her muscular rump... "Gah!" RD shook her head. She wan't going to let herself fall for this again. This time she meant business and she was gonna stick to it! She caught a whiff of AJ's scent and her thoughts jumbled once again. "I-I'm hungry too..." Her voice faltered for a moment. Faking what was going on inside had never been a strong suit for the sky blue mare. "Really hungry actually." There! That sounded better. Right? They were lead to the table and everypony took a seat. It was a nice table, good lighting, comfortable. Now... if only RD was comfortable too. This would have been a perfect night but the mare's emotions were proving difficult to keep at bay. "Wow Bon!" She nuzzled her mare. "This place looks great!" She smiled at AJ and RD. "BonBon here sure knows her stuff about food! She's taken me to the craziest places and somehow they always turn out amazing!" The waiter soon returned and asked for drink orders. "I'll take ummmm..." Lyra scanned the drinks list. "I'll try this one!" She used her hoof to point at a fruit infusion with a fun little flamingo stuck in the top. "The Island Getaway!" "Just water's good..." Rainbow commented dryly.
  6. RainbowFoxxy

    Tiger Blood [Ready]

    Howdy! How's this app coming along? Need more time?
  7. RainbowFoxxy

    Oh What A Night (Steel)

    Rainbow flitted through the skies over Ponyville. She was a little late but she figured it wouldn't matter much. A dinner out with Applejack was special of course but Rainbow was irritated. She had been brooding for the week and a half since the Nightmare Night party and things hadn't gotten any better in her mind. She was irritated that AJ would ask more of her. Irritated that she had to help even though she was super tired. Irritated that she vcouldn't have things just the way she wanted them. I mean, come on! This was Rainbow Dash we're talking about not some regular pony that had like tons of time and stuff. She puffed a breath of air out of her muzzle, causing her forelocks to floof. "Get it together RD..." She sighed. "It's nice to go out for dinner together. Plus Lyra and BonBon are gonna be there. It will be fun to see them and it will keep our minds off all this talk of me doing even more to help with Zap..." It wasn't that she didn't love AJ or Zap, she loved them both dearly. But she was Rainbow Dash and it was asking her to be really hard put to place anypony else in front of her own needs. She was super busy, and tired, and now she had to go out and smile and act nice with their friends... her expression looked anything but cheery as she dropped out of the sky in front of the restaurant they were having dinner at. There was the group up ahead. It looked like they were waiting on her... oh great. She was sure AJ would have something to say about that too... "Well, here we go!" She forced a smile onto her face and trotted over. "Rainbow Dash is here!" Lyra exclaimed cheerily. "Can't wait to try this place out!" She smiled to BonBon. Lyra was always excited to spend time with her special somepony but even more so since they were going out with Rainbow Dash and Applejack! Wow! She was sure they would have lots of fun things to talk about. She glanced over at BonBon, offering her a wink as they made their way towards the entrance. "Did I tell you how good you look tonight?" Her tail flicked over BonBon's cutie mark as a flirty smiled played on her lips. Yep, tonight was sure to be fun!
  8. RainbowFoxxy

    Hello, New Person Here!-Kip!

    Howdy! Welcome to Canterlot I answered your RP question on your other post Please feel free to PM myself or any other staff if you have further questions. We're happy to help!
  9. RainbowFoxxy

    Is there a required form?- Kip!

    Hi! If you want to RP in our free for all section there is no form required. Pop in with whatever character you'd like as long as they fit the guidelines for the firum. If you want tRP in our World of Equestria sections you must first fill out an application form. This can be posted for review in the application section of our RP area. For info on filling out your application please follow Rarity's Application Guide. Please feel free to PM me or any tother staff members if you have questions Hope to see you in the RP area soon!
  10. Mac felt himself relax just a little as Spike made his greeting. Sure the big stallion wondered why in the world Spike would choose such a costume but he didn't utter a word of the question. Nope. It wasn't for him to judge what made a pony, or in this case dragon, comfortable. He had taken a big leap dressing up like he had, especially since he knew how many mare sin town had their eyes on him. But he was glad that nopony had questioned him on it right away. He felt a little more emboldened as others noted him and said nothing as far as critical of his choice in costumes. They didn't need to know that somewhere deep down inside he felt the desire to dress like this for more than just Nightmare Night. It was even more exciting than he thought it would be to go around in get up usually worn by mares. Mac resolved that he'd keep this desire to himself though. As they made their way to Berry's dor Mac felt his heart pick up yet again. He'd not enjoyed getting tricks or treats since he was a little colt. It was a bit silly to be going out as a full grown stallion but they did have little Wind Walker with them so she provided some good cover. Besides, he wasn't out for candy. He was out for his amazing costume! Your majesty, I am always glad to be graced by your presence!" As Berry gave him the drink box he couldn't help but blush and turn his head to the side. "Why thank ya mame," He muttered the respond in a fit of shyness. After stepping off the porch of Berry's house no nudged Wind Walker. "That's a big ol' candy bag you got there Princess! Gonna take us all night to get that one filled up! Where we off to next?"
  11. RainbowFoxxy

    The Apple's Party Pride (Open!)

    Well, it looked like AJ didn't want to continue down that particular path right now. Which was good...because RD had some pretty strong feelings about the whole thing. It wasn't like she could just oh you...not do the jobs she had. Unlike Applejack, not that she would ever admit it, but she couldn't just multitask a million priorities. Sure she had agreed to have a colt with Applejack ,and true she loved Applejack immensely, but she couldn't just drop everything and take on responsibilities in raising Zap beyond what she already did. Still she couldn't help but feel irritated that AJ would ask her to help out more like she didn't already do a lot. That along with the fact that she would bring up what she knew would be a sore subject in front of other ponies... yeah RD would have a talk with her later. It probably would not turn out to be at all a pleasant talk as both mares were super strong willed... She took a breath and let her thoughts turn from such matter for a few minutes. She nodded back to Rocky as she commented on his brother's whereabouts. "Well, glad to hear he's still got enough energy to enjoy the festivities tonight!" She absently reached down and helped Zap to open up his treat. "There you go little guy! Tonight's a night for you to have all the fun a little lion can handle!" She ruffled his mane and hoofed him back the treat. She was so glad she had him. Zap was just the best! It was only matter of time before he was up there in the clouds learning the important parts of being a pegasus from her! Sure he was spending time on the ground right now but as so as those wing muscles developed she would make sure he was up there as much as possible. Rainbow loved Applejack but right now she was super annoyed. She blew her forelocks out of her eyes and trotted up to her mare. "Hey AJ, this party's great and all..." Rainbow was never good at holding back her emotions, especially when she felt like she did right now. "But I gotta go." She frowned slightly. "Come on Tank!" She called to her tortoise pet and headed for the skies to brood. She would take this up with AJ...later.
  12. RainbowFoxxy

    My introduction I guess...

    Hi there! I hope you have a great time here at Canterlot! Please let myself or any other mod know if you have questions about our site. I'm sure you'll find other Discord fans around this place
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    A probably cliche introduction.

    Welcome! I like your screen name, crows have always been a favorite of mine. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions about our site I hope you have a great time here at Canterlot!
  14. RainbowFoxxy

    Always the How, Never the Why (Closed)

    After waiting for a few moments it became apparent that Valen was not going to comply with Diamond's demand. She raised and eyebrow wondering why he would defy her. "I don't think he has to go right now..." Scootaloo eyed Valen as well. She was the most skeptical of this whole thing still. It hadn't been so long since the last time this had happened though. Maybe Valen really did want this and he was just slowly coming out of his shell about it. The whole thing still didn't make sense to her. She stared at him a bit longer, looking into his eyes to see if she could read him. "So!" Silver stepped in front of Scoots, effectively blocking their eye contact if there had been any. "Applejack is going to be home really soon! She wants to make sure we take really good care of Valen so let's all try our best!" Soon all of the CMC were buzzing about. Bottles, porridge, burping, wiping faces, all the nice things somepony would want to do for a little foal. Just in time too... AJ backed into the farmhouse, her mouth loaded with bags of groceries. "Applebloom!" She backed a bit further until the door swung shut. "I'm home, you ready to-" Her voice cut off as she witnessed the scene before her. "Well howdy everypony!" She noted Valen in his diapered state. "Hey there Valen," She eyed the little ponies quizzically. "What are we up to here?"
  15. RainbowFoxxy

    After Party (Open)

    Pinkie sampled each of the sauces as Mary May scooped them out for her. The were both delicious! Like super duper delicious! Pinkie was of course the expert on sweet but she had a pallet for any food that came her way. As far as she was concerned all those years of hard work and family tradition paid off big time! She nodded her head as she listened to the ingredients with interest. "Hmmmmm," She smacked her lips after the Kicking Sauce. "Yep!" She blew out a tiny breath. "I see what you mean about the kick!" She nodded and smiled. "You're right though, it's not too much at all!" The next one she savored for a bit longer, tasting all of the rich flavors. "This one is simple and but really complex at the same time. I can taste the grape tomatoes for sure! They're sweet and add just the right flavor to this!" She stepped back and rubbed her tummy with pleasure. "Mary May you're a genus when it comes to all things tomato and that's a fact!" She looked towards the yard outside as other party goers were arriving. "I can't wait for a big serving of both of these sauces!" Soon she was trotting outside and smiling her big Ponk style smile at everyone! Well... everyone except for a certain griffoness. For Hawke she reserved a sly smile and a playful wink! "Hi Taira! I hope you brought The Bandit with you! Gummy can't wait to see him!" "AJ!" She pranced about her farm mare friend. "That's Mary May's super delicious tomato sauces you smell! What to grab a bowl?" She nodded to the table where the sauces would be carried to. "Hey Heart Shield! There's some big pits of sauce that need to be carried out here if you want to help?" She offered the stallion a stallion sized job. Next she slid up next to Hawke. "Hey there Hawke," Her eyes lingered on the griffoness' lithe frame for a few extra seconds. "Glad you could make it!"