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  1. Rainbow followed behind her intrepid young foal. More than once she had stifled giggles and little sounds of admiration as Zap made his way towards the summit of the hoofhill. He was just so dang cute! It was hard to hold back her admiration of his attempts at becoming a great flier. However, she certainly didn't want him to think she was laughing at him! She'd never do that! She was as proud as a mom could be of the little guy! What a perfect day! She breathed in through her nose, letting the smells of grass, woodlands, and good times mingle. They'd come to this place a few times before. It was fast becoming the favorite spot for all things pegusi between the two of them. Here he'd learn to buzz those little wings, lift up from the ground, and touch down without catastrophes of tangled hooves and wings. Today would be his first day of learning just the tiniest touch of finesse. Someday he would be a great flier, Dash was determined to see that! However, it was a step by step process. She'd guide him through the whole thing and she felt privileged to do so! "Oh I saw little guy!" She lighted on the ground next to him and grinned. "You were flying faster that me! You're getting faster every day Zappers!" She ruffled his forelocks between his ears. Rainbow glanced about, deciding what they'd work on for the day. She's took to calling basic flight maneuvers 'tricks' for the moment which seemed to motivate Zap nicely and help him feel accomplished. "A big trick huh?" She flapped her wings just a bit. "Well, we've warmed up flying here so that's taken care of." "You want to practice 'up, down, side to side for a little bit?" Up, down, side to side was a fun game for practicing basic wing control. She would move either up, down, one side or the other and he would try to mirror it. "Up!" She flapped a bit, leaving the ground by a few feet.
  2. Thunderlane trotted through the field gate and glanced about expectantly. It was so fun to be able to do something other than training with the Wonderbolts on his time off. Not that he didn't like training with the 'Bolts. It was fun and all but this was different and he was always down to experience new and different activities. The stallion had some experience with soccer but not as much as he had with Buck Ball and certainly not as much as he had with bowling. The dark colored stallion trotted out onto the green field. It smelled good! Good enough to eat! But, he'd restrain himself. It probably wouldn't be fitting for an assistant coach to be snacking on the field before practice. Well... he glanced around. Maybe one quick nip? He was about to take a mouthful when from behind him he heard the gate open. He snapped his head up an turned to see a little white and pastel colored filly making her way towards him. "Hey there Sweetie Belle!" He waved a hoof and moved towards the filly. "Oh!" Sweetie's muzzle turned into a grin as she trotted towards the stallion. She knew Thunderlane, he was the big brother of a friend of her's. She wondered if Rumble would be coming out to play today too. "Hi Thunderlane!" She waved back and trotted closer to him. "Nopony else is here yet?" She looked about. "Well, Long Shot's probably here somewhere..." He nodded towards the locker room. "My guess is she's in there." "I didn't know you coached soccer." She smiled up at him. "I haven't coached soccer actually." He blushed and rubbed his front legs together. "But," His look became more confident. "I have coached before. Mostly at the bowling alley in Ponyville." "Oh yeah! You coach the Sure Strikes!" SB remembered the young filly and colt bowling league. "So, who else is coming today?" She looked around, wondering who else would show up for some fun!"
  3. Lol forgot to mention SB. Yep she’ll be there too!
  4. Howdy! Welcome to Canterlot! We have an active RP community here. Hope to see you around the forum
  5. I'll have a Thunderlane post up by the end of tomorrow!
  6. "That's six, seven, eight dozen rainbow cream, chocolate cherry frosted, sparkling sprinkle cupcakes!" The Ponk turned around to quickly stir two different bowls of ingredients on another counter. "That takes care of those Gummy!" The gator blinked from his perch on a shelf above the chaos that was Pinkie baking. "Now! On to the chocolate marshmallow swirled pumpkin surprise cupcakes!" There were a few patrons in the seating area of the confectionery but most of them were almost done with their snacks and picking up their belongings to head out. It wasn't the rush part of the day so Pinkie had set to mixing up some of the orders that had been made for earlier today and tomorrow. Basically it was a long list of cupcakes this time. Of course the pink mare added at least two dozen onto whatever order was made. Taste testing was not an option, it was a requirement! Pinkie popped another batch in the over and grabbed a cupcake off the cooling rack. Into her mouth it went! "Yum! Perfect as usual!" She grinned and reached up for her gator pet. "Come on Gummy! Time for a break!" She was about to head up to her room for a little snooze when the door opened. "Whoops! Forgot to lock the door for break time! No problem of course." She spoke to Gummy with a smile as she trotted over to see who it might be. "Valen!" Pinkie greeted him at the door. "What a surprise! Come on in!"
  7. Yona glanced at Gallus and then back to the front. He didn't know who this Professor Shimmer was either. Oh well, she'd find out soon enough. The yak glanced towards the griffon as Gallus greeted. "Hey Gallus." She showed about as much enthusiasm as he did, trying to mimic his 'coolness'. "Yona wonder what this class is about..." Yona was beginning to feel a bit apprehensive about this. After a few minutes more students began to show up. Some she knew, others she didn't. That was a good thing! If she didn't know then and they were in her class she's soon be able to be friends with them! Yona was all about making friends! She watched as Smolder took the book for the class and opened it up. Yona grabbed her bag and riffled through it. "Oh no! Yona no have the right book!" She was about to ask Smolder if she could share hers when Professor Shimmer entered the room. She was a unicorn. A very yellow and red unicorn. Yona watched with interest as Sunset set down her things and introduced herself. When asked if there were any questions Yona stuck up her hoof and waved it about. Without waiting to be called on she shouted out. "Are you friends with Headmare Twi-," She corrected herself. "ex-headmare Twilight?"
  8. Well now! Braeburn had to take moment to decide how he was going about this. First he mentally went over everything he'd heard from AJ over the past few months and everything he'd seen since they arrived. There was no way he was going to drop this bit of news without being completely sure of himself. The stallion went over it all from the moment they got off the train til the last moment that his cousin had scampered awkwardly away in search of Abby and Strongheart. Next, he took a deep breath. Figuring this might come as a shock to the pretty unicorn he began to slowly walk once more. At least for himself it was always easier to listen and take big deal sorts of news while moving around. He was nothing but an honest pony and though he wasn't always the most sure of himself he certainly was sure of this! There was no other explanation. That along with the fact that cousin Applejack had confided in him her interest in other mares and not stallions even before he had been so bold as to let the truths of his life slip. He also had to take into consideration what this news would do to AJ and Rarity right before the rodeo. If he'd had a bit more sense he would have kept this to himself until after the event but this was just too important to hold off on any longer. It might through off Applejack's game but it might also bring her some closure. It would probably be best to ask Rarity to keep this between them two until AJ was done competing. He didn't have any idea how she was going to react though. Tarnation, she might not even believe him! But how could she not! They'd both seen what she was doing, there was no other way about it. "Well Rarity," He began, slowly making his way on a small walk near the food stands. He glanced about, making sure AJ wasn't in sight. "Yah know I'm nothin' but an honest stallion. I wouldn't tell yah what I think on this particular matter unless I was certain." He took a breath. "Applejack's been nothin' but 'intrestin' ,as yah put it, since she got here." He glanced at her and then away. "What's got my cousin so worked up is that well," He glanced Rarity's way and gave her a half smile. "She's love sick..." He looked away again. "Over you."
  9. Lamp couldn't help but smile as Rosemary told the new guest just exactly he would be doing at the party. It was true though, this party was for guests and the set up was almost complete. "Rosemary's right Dream Wanderer! Thank you for the offer but we're pretty much under way here. Would you like to go out back and meet who's here?" The stallion trotted out the front door for a moment to use his magic for hanging the sign above the inn. It looked perfect and he hoped it would attract lots of attention. He ducked back in and led the way to the open dining/party area. "So! What bring you to town Dream Wanderer?" Lamp lead the way out towards the others. "Oh Rosemary!" He nodded towards the dragon and yak. "Come meet my friends!" "Lamp!" Spike turned from Hawthorn for a moment to greet his friend. "Cool to see you outside of the donut shop!" The dragon grinned and held up a claw. "You too Spike!" He high hoofed his friend and nodded to Rosemary. "This is Rosemary, the sister of my new friend Hawthorn." He pointed a hoof to Spike and Yona. "This is Spike and Yona!" Yona puffed up a bit as Hawthorn talked about being nervous. "Ha! Yak not nervous!" She tossed her braids back and grinned. "Yak not afraid of anything! Especially not making new friends!" Lamp couldn't help but laugh with good nature. "Well then, you've come to the right place Yona!" He glanced around. "Looks like most of the set up is complete. Does any of the food need to be cooked or just laid out?" He questioned Hawthorn.
  10. Fluttershy felt herself relax a little as Abby offered her some warm cider. "Yes actually, that might be nice. Thank you Applebloom." The pegasus was about to take a sip of the sweet drink when she felt a tingle go down her spine. She turned even before the growl was head and before the eyes were seen. Flutterbutt looked out into the darkness for a moment. She'd been trying so hard to avoid doing so but... something was out there. Something that was an animal. That much she knew as she'd sensed it like she always sensed where animals were when they weren't that far away. This one though. She couldn't quite place how it was feeling. Nor did she want to. It was too darn scary out there. The blackness of the woods seemed like an open mouth ready to gobble her up! Flutters gasped when the eyes came into view. "Eep!" She squeaked and cowered down, hiding her eyes under her front hooves. After a moment she peeked up again only to see the eyes still there. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest as members of the group began to try to engage with whoever it was out there. "Oh oh oh..." She whispered. "Maybe it's not a good idea to talk to whoever that is without knowing who they are." She spoke to nopony in particular and she was far too petrified to do anything about this situation herself. But then she tried to think through why she'd come on this venture in the first place. She'd have to be brave to help any poor animals being taken against their will! Who knew what she'd have to face, but she'd told herself she'd do it for her furry friend. Fluttershy made herself stand up. She gulped, trying to nerve herself. The quite "ralph" of Gumby served to comfort her just a bit. The poor dog was scared and she needed to be strong for him. "Um," She took a step closer to the eyes. "Um, excuse me?" One more step. "H-hello there. Do you need help?" She waited to see how the animal would respond to her quiet inquiry.
  11. Lamp jumped back in surprise as Rosemary made her appearance from the cart. "Oh!" He regained composure quickly enough and smiled at the filly. "Pleasure to meet you! Glad you could come to this fun day with Hawthorn! I'm thinking he's your brother?" He questioned her lightly, getting acquainted to what he hoped would be a new friend. Then the banner was unrolled. Lamp couldn't help but beam at the work. "Wow! You all put a lot of work into this. I can tell!" He lifted the banner with his magic and stretched it out fully to admire the work. "Let's take this out front and get it all set up!" He moved towards the lobby and smiled knowingly, hoping Rosemary would follow him. "Something tells me there's a new guest waiting." Soon enough he was pushing his way through the lobby door and found a pegasus he didn't know. "Hello there! Welcome to the Honest Hearth! I'm Lamp Light, the owner of this establishment and this is Rosemary! " He gestured towards his new friend. "You've certainly came to visit on a fortunate day. I hope you weren't waiting here for very long. We're having well," He smiled and held the banner out for Dream Wanderer to read. "A party!" Spike and Yona had followed Hawthorn around the side of the inn and pressed through the small gate into the outside dining area. Spike had been to the Honest Hearth more than once and his friend Lamp had shown him around. "Looks like they're not set up yet," The dragon glanced around. "Maybe we too early!" Yona looked worried. "Yona want to make uhhh..." She tapped her chin. "A good impression on new friends. Shouldn't be early!" The yak began to back up to leave. "No Yona!" Spike encouraged her to come inside. "It's ok really! Lamp's a good friend. I'm sure he won't mind at all if we're here early." "What about other ponies?" Yona pointed a hoof towards Hawthorn. Spike trotted up to Hawthorn and smiled, rocking back and forth on his heels a bit. "H-hi there!" He cleared his throat. "I'm Spike and this is Yona! Are you a friend of Lamp Light?
  12. Abby listened with a grin as Flaire went through his knowledge of her famed trio. She was certainly proud to know how far the influence of the CMC had reached! This stallion seemed like a right nice fellow and the filly was used to ponies stopping by during dinner time. She hopped up on the chair next to Flaire. "Yer right about our bond mister! It's somethin' special fer sure. Somethin' to be protected!" She scooted forward in her chair and waited expectantly as Granny placed a half a pie in front of her. "Oh wow! One o' my all time favorites!" "You eat up now youngin'" Granny glanced at Flaire. "Seems like Flaire here has quite a surprise he's just told us." "The Quest fer Friendship?" Applejack chewed reflectively and smiled. "Starring the Princess o' Friendship..." "An' her friends!" Big Mac finished her sentence, his eyes widening with interest. "Well now," Granny stood near them, nibbling a piece of pie crust. "That would mean yer lot is fixin' to preform as Twilight an' her friends!" She raised an eyebrow to Applejack. "Ain't you one o' Twilight's friends?" "Sure am Granny!" She looked to Flaire with interest. "Does that mean yer gonna have somepony play me an' my friends in yer performance?"
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