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  1. Hi there!! Welcome to Canterlot! Hope to see you around the RP sections!
  2. Howdy! Hope you have a great time here!!
  3. Keep it together Dash. She thought to herself. It was all too much though. She'd injured her precious little colt. she'd let down the love of her life...again. She'd watched as Zap had to endure pain that was her fault. Rainbow's heart was ready to burst from all of it. And then, AJ asked if Zappers still wanted to spend the day with her? She was so kind. Sure, she knew she'd get it from AJ later for this but still, in the moment, she'd asked if Zappers still wanted to finish their special day together. Rainbow wiped tears from her eyes, trying to mask her emotions. "If yah want to Zappers, we uh could..." She choked back a sob. She had t hold it together. "We could go back to the farm house, get some of Granny Smith's apple cookies and some milk, and I could read you some Daring Do?" She looked lovingly at her son. Hopefully he wouldn't be mad at her. "I-if you want to..."
  4. For the briefest of moments she could see it. See the life that lay before her. With Tempest. With her best friend. With the mare she loved. They would live together in the outpost. They would trek and wander the frozen wastes, together. Camp in the freezing reaches in the winter and fill their canteens from the icy mountain streams in the summer. They would work together and have a motive to do the work. They would be a strong team. They would be the key that fit each other's locks. She lay there, with the unicorn's foreleg over her withers. She felt protected then. Like she hadn't in so long. Like she hadn't ever. Tempest was strong in body though she had her weaknesses. Of that Glitter was sure. And it was that that made her heart beat out of love from this unicorn beside her. She was broken in so many places, they both were. They could hold each other together. They could. Tempest spoke. Saying that she couldn't stay. But the words felt hollow to Glitter's ear. She could tell the unicorn didn't want to mean what she said. In that moment she knew she'd have Tempest stay. They wouldn't be together...not yet anyway, but they would get to spend time together. They would learn from each other and grow strong together. They would mend their brokenness. They would show each other that there were some ponies tat actually did care. They would care for each other. Then Tempest put down her head.She could feel the shuddering pain coming off the mare. it wasn't really physical pain, it was deeper, more raw and bleeding. Glitter felt her heart go out. She felt the pain that Tempest felt. She didn't know the depth of the whole story but she knew enough. She would prove herself to Tempest. Prove that her love was real. That would take time. For now, she'd do what she could. Glitter bent down her head, laying her muzzle over Tempest's neck. Breathing in her scent and settling into a state of peace. A magic came from Glitter's horn. It swirled around them, pulsing with warmth. She said nothing, just held herself and Tempest in that magic. She would not let go.
  5. Glitter sighed, happy to be home from a long trek. It had certainly been an odd time with that Blizzard fellow. She furrowed her brow, still trying to categorize him. She wasn't sure if she'd label him as a threat however, she would have to write him up and send he findings back to the Crystal Empire. It was her job to do so. The mare sat at her kitchen table, a steaming mug of tea in front of her. Koda was curled up in his dog bed in the corner, tired out from their most recent adventure. "Well boy," She took a sip of tea and then used her magic to set it down. "Glad that's over. That chill was sinking into my bones." Her ears perked up and she set down the quill she'd just taken up with her magic. Somepony was outside. The tentative knock confirmed it. She sighed and got up, walking to the door. As she looked through the peep hole and scowled. Blizzard?! "Well look who it is," She eyed him, not in an unfriendly manner. "You look a bit... um, roughed up?"
  6. Ok, so some students had some bumps and bruises...that wasn't that bad...right? Dash smirked a half smile and brushed it off. She wouldn't get in trouble. She couldn't. She was Professor Dash and her lessons were worth a few bumps and bruises! That was how you got tough right? Tough and um...loyal! Yeah that's it, though loyalty! See, she could do this! The pegasus brushed a hoof over her chest floof, checking it for shine when Remington got all fan boy in front of her. That was something she was all too used to! She flashed him a smile and flew out to the field. "Yep! You're lucky Remington! You're gonna learn from the best!" She struck a pose over the field before settling to the turf. Rainbow waited for the students to make their way out and then waited for them to switch who had their eyes blind folded. "Ok! Listen up!" She glanced around. Perfect. What could possibly happen out here? Just grass and dirt. She flew some quick lines in various directions, tossing chalk down from a bag she'd found a sports coach must have left behind. "Ok, you just need to lead your partner down the chalk lines. Once you get to the end, taa daa! You're done!" There. Easy peasy. What could possibly go wrong? She was the best professor ever!
  7. AJ had heard snatches of what Rarity was saying and they burned her thoroughly. She knew it was a scheme but it still hurt. She could shake her element no matter how had she tried. But she'd have to. She need to buck up! They were in this to catch a crook after all! That made her element shine! Yes, bringing a thief to justice! Her heart settled a bit at the thought. She had to get her wits together. She and Rarity were a team! They needed to work together and she couldn't spoil the whole thing over being hurt! She still fumed outwardly of course, they had a game to play! Gridlock watched form the opposite end of the bar. The room was full of the usual sounds of a party. Glasses tinkling, ponies talking softly, laughter erupting every now and again. It was the perfect scene to finally foil his target! Rarity and Applejack were playing it up just right. Some eyes were on one mare, some on the other. It was obvious that Rarity had been left to her own devices. And that gem! Who could resist? It glittered for all the world as Rarity toyed with it. The eyes in the shadows glittered to match the target! It was perfect! Once he had this one he could call it quits for now! The boss would be happy with this. He'd been part of the crime ring long enough to know what kinds of loot got a dog a firm promotion! The smallest diamond dog anypony had ever seen crept from behind the curtains. He slunk along the floor, out of sight of all the party goers. The chihuahua made his way to the far end of the bar. Here he crouched, waiting for the pony to let the gem be. Once she did he'd swipe it and be out of there with no pony the wiser...
  8. Pinkie watched Cheese work and smiled. Wow! He could really work in the kitchen! Caramel wasn't super hard to make but it did require some skill and he did seem right at home with pan in hoof! She was super duper glad he'd come into town! This was so much fun! "Yum! Yep lots of butter and and tons of vanilla! That's the best way!" As he glanced about for something to pour into Pinkie quickly got some parchment paper onto a baking sheet. They could let it harden there and crack it into yummy bits! "Here yah go Cheesy!" She slide the tray across the counter and then giggled when he bumped into her. She swept Boneless of the ground and put him right back in place on the stallion's back. "Hee hee!" She blushed. "Too many cooks in the kitchen I guess!" Soon there were new batches of cupcakes in the oven and they could take another little break. "Here, take a seat! I want you to try something!" The Pink one went into the back room and returned with two chilled mugs and a pitcher. "It's a new punch I'm working on! Fizzy watermelon strawberry fizz!" She poured out two mugs and took a drink from hers. "What do you think?" He still hadn't really answered her question about what he needed for a favor...but that could wait! It was lots of fun just to spend time with Cheese!
  9. The Princess stood from her throne. Leaping up for an already poised position. Her horn glowed with midnight magic, ready to burst forth at her bidding. Her eyes narrowed and her eyes steeled as they fixed on her enemy. Certainly that was what stood before her...an enemy. The breaker of the Crystal Empire. The blight from the frozen lands. Here he was, standing before her in the very seat of power of Canterlot no less! Luna let a moment pass, watching his movements. None of his words or actions seemed as a threat. Was he waiting for the moment to spring his attack? If so, the wrath of Canterlot would be upon him in full force. She doubted that was his ploy. Sombra was smart, calculating, effective. No, an outright attack on her would not be his way. Her eyes lifted towards the guards rushing towards the no declared Prince of Darkness. "Halt!" She raised a brow as the guards slowed their roll and came to a stand still. Horns still blazed and spears still poised of course. "I shall hear more." She turned back to Sombra. "If Hou is your enemy then we have something in common...as unusual as that statement may be." She backed up to her throne and sat once more. "What has she claimed?"
  10. Yona yawn and flipped over, a huge snore erupting from her muzzle. It was such a loud snore that it roused the yak from her slumber. He ears perked and she quickly sat up. "Yona not sure but Yona not like..." She glanced up, noting that the bed above her was not occupied by the usual griffon. "Oh yes, Yona not like being waked up in middle of night!" She rolled off the bed and trotted to the door, which was still open a crack. She poked her head out into the hallway. "What in world?" She mused to herself and started down the hallway. Something was totally up! She could hear the voices of her friends not too far away. "Gallus? Silverstream?" She let the names echo down the hallway, being the best version of yak 'quiet' she could be. They were climbing out a window? In the middle of the night? And they hadn't told her? Yona snorted and trotted right up to the marauders. "Why you leave Yona out of..." She glanced around. "Out of whatever you're doing. Yak's a re good at...climbing out windows! Yes that's it! I want to come too!" She stomped the ground in excitement.
  11. Hi! I hope you enjoy your time here! Welcome!!
  12. RD couldn't help but watch as AJ worked her magic on their little guy. Every time the bones moved she felt the grinding in her own heart. This. Was. All. Her. Fault. Well, her fault and more accurately her pride's fault. She'd never be rid of it. She both loved and loathed her darned to Tartarus pride. it was going to get her killed, probably by the hooves of her wife to be, someday. Speaking of pride, she was ever so proud of both AJ and Zappers. How they could work together to get through something like this? It was remarkable. It was also awful. She was so mixed up. All RD wanted to do was run into the orchard like she had that one time before, after the huge fight she had caused. Could she ever do anything right? it seemed not. Her stomach dropped and she felt sick. She listened as Zappers tried to cover for her. He really was a strong, brave, and loving little guy. She knew he'd grow up to be something great! The AJ mentioned something about flight camp, questioning her. "Flight camp?!" She gulped at the words. "Uh...yeah! Yep! Zap's gonna be great!" She felt herself wanting to scream. Wanting him never to leave the ground again. Why hadn't he just been born an earth pony? Then she couldn't ruin him.
  13. Tempest mused on the bear. It was not a contemplative muse, that much was obvious. Glitter knew that ursa would not survive the winter. she could tell by the steel behind the words the unicorn uttered. Glitter didn't contest, the animal had torn her up. Made a mess of her face. But, on the other hoof...it had somehow brought her and Tempest back together. How could something bent on destruction accomplish something that made Glitter's heart feel as it did? The whole thing was a swirling conundrum. But still she knew, Tempest would kill the bear. Then the words came. Simple words but with floods of meaning. She knew it was an effort for the other mare to speak on anything so real. She knew Tempest had worked to lock away Fizzy, her playfulness, her joy. This mare before her lived a metal shell of her own creation. It was more than the mail and leather armor she wore, it was tighter than that. Around her very heart. But these words had leaked and they came to Glitter's ear haltingly. Glitter looked on towards her friend. Though it was painful the mare forced herself to move to Tempest's side. There she slumped, down hard on her friend. Back to the ground in front of the fire. She needed to make the move, even though it hurt her physically. The force that moved her was so much stronger. She looked up into Tempest's swirling eyes. "I missed you too..." She sighed, feeling a wave of feelings wash over her. She found herself wanting to be ever closer to the other unicorn. She also knew this time would end. Wouldn't it? Tempest would want to go on her way after the ursa was dealt with? "You don't have to leave," She looked away. "If you don't want to."
  14. The two mares spied Abby pouting as the door was swiftly swung shut. The poor little filly looked positively green with envy! Well, she'd have a special night of her own someday in the future. Tonight was all about Applejack! "Oh my! You clean up rather well don't you darling?" Rarity purred as she trotted up and placed the 'soon to be hitched' sash over her friend's neck. "We have lots of fun stuff in store for you miss single mare!" Twilight chuckled. AJ was anything but single and every pony around knew it! But for tonight, she was gonna have her last parry before becoming properly stuck to a certain rainbow mare....forever! "Your little sister looked quite put out," Rarity tutted as they lead the way away from the farm house. "She'll have the wedding to attend of course so that should help her feel more included." "Plus she's going to have her hooves full tonight with Zap Apple to look after! So," She spoke while turning to AJ. "We thought we'd take you to see the boutique before going out on the town!" The two mares made their way down the main road with AJ in tow. "We wanted you to see it while you're still fresh," Rarity giggled. AJ wouldn't be tipsy of course. She was coming to term with her next foal! What an exciting prospect! They ushered AJ inside the very nicely decorated boutique. There were party games set up that they would take full advantage of later... including a bobbing tank of course! "Who's up for a little fun before we go out?" Twilight levitated a dark green bottle in front of them. "Green apple snap!" The drink was a famous alcohol free drink for lots of ponies before they hit the honkey tonk! The Princess levitated the bottle and three small glasses, pouring a bit into each glass. AJ's was noticeably the most full by far. "Bottom's up dears!" Rarity readied herself to drink the sweet liquid. "To the bride to be!"
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