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  1. Glitter followed with interest as they came upon the main dwelling. An igloo? A giant igloo? This was certainly one of the oddest dwellings she'd come across. It was functional though. She had to give it that. Koda trotted along at the mare's side as they entered the dwelling. She glanced around. Noting the ice chandelier in the center of the room. This was a permanent settlement to be sure! Quite impressive! She found herself wondering more about this stallion. Why he would chose to live this way. There were plenty of reasons to be sure. She had plenty of reasons for her lifestyle choices too. Seclusion could be a better way to live. She walked towards the book case, noticing the books on spells. She wondered how powerful this guy could be. Her magic wasn't much. She had enough to simple spells but nothing like these tomes held. The question of carrots or corn took her out of her thoughts. She turned to face him. "Oh! Uh, either would be fine with me. Carrots?" She wasn't sure she trusted him well enough to be staying for dinner but for now it was fine to offer her suggestion. On her way back over to him she noted the name tag. "B. Blitz?"
  2. Inwardly both mares let a sigh of relief escape. Glitter was positive about their olive branch, that was good! AJ and Rares both loved the filly very much and would have done anything for her. Applejack was happy to hear the positivity bubbling from the filly! She knew she'd forced things on her in the past. It was of course from the truthful goodness of her own heart but still. She new what had happened in the past and had yet to come to terms with it in herself or with Valen. It almost seemed best to let it lie indefinitely at this point. Some boxes were best left closed. But there was a niggle of doubt in the farm mare's heart. She'd have to bring things to light someday. But, not now. Now it was enough for Glitter to deal with the present. Applejack would let the past alone, for now. Rarity smiled genially at the filly's response. "Oh wonderful dear! Yes indeed I can continue to help guide you! I can't help you with baking of course, but I'll keep my eye out for any show I think might be a good direction for you. And of course we can discuss fashion all you want! I'm sure you'll be learning all kinds of fashion at your new school too dear!" After they had finished their lunch AJ nodded towards Glitter. "Oh! I almost forgot to tell you Rainbow Dash wanted to touch base with you. She's in town today an' she told me you could meet her at the coffee shop you two talked at last time. In about an hour from now. That is if yer interested? She said you'd understand if you'd rather meet another time."
  3. Applejack sniffed as her mare consoled her. It certainly wasn't like the farm mare to act this way. She was usually the resilient one. The rock solid dependable pony. She didn't feel right acting this way...it was just that well, that broach had meant so much to her. It represented something so deep in her heart that loosing it left her feeling weak. But Rarity was right! She had to pull herself together right this instant! She knew others would look at her and she had an image to maintain. Especially now that she had Rarity by her side. What she did and how she behaved reflected directly on the beautiful unicorn. "Yer right sugarcube," AJ sniffed, quickly drying her eyes and smoothing herself down. "Gotta pull myself together and get to the bottom of this!" Once she'd gotten herself together she trotted up to the spa ponies one more time. "So, yer tellin' us you saw absolutely nothin' goin' on out 'er while we were in the spa?" She eyed them sternly. The added pressure along with Rarity's righteous indignation caused the spa ponies to look back and forth at eye other. "w-well," The stallion that worked the counter offered. "T-there may have been someone in here for a few minutes unattended." He rubbed the back of his neck apologetically. "I-i went to help take the laundry form the drier and I-i heard somepony in here. I figured they'd wait for me to come back to check them in and then," He gulped. "Well, they were gone when I came back out here." "I can figure out the rest." Applejack eyed the stallion. There was no need to pressure him further. He'd spilled all he knew. The spa had been negligent but it was done now. "We'll be back." She said over her shoulder as she trotted out the door. "Time to go see Gridlock. It was room 117 right?" --- It wasn't long before they had met up with Gridlock and told the story as best they could remember. The sleuth nodded his head as he took notes on a small pad. "Sounds about right actually," He squinted one eye, looking up at the two mares. "The broach was the only thing missing? Did you have other valuables in the lockers?" The aerion leaned back in his chair a bit. They had walked to a small cafe on the deck of the airship while explaining the situation as per his request. Gridlock sipped his black coffee and grimaced.
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  6. Glitter stamped through the ice and snow to the barn. Her mind was absent from where she was, lost in some far off time and place. The fun of play that lead to the ball rolling off down the forest path. The intrepid friends that trotted down that path together into the darkness of the woods. The sudden drop in her stomach as their ball rolled into an ominous cave. She had felt so unsettled even before Fizzy had cantered forward and become lost to sight within the gloom. And then the very worst had happened. Well, the worst short of death. A certain pony had died that day, inside it seemed. She hadn't known what was really going on with Fizzy. She and Spring had given her space. Time to heal. They both had thought that she knew they were there. They waited for Fizzy to come back. To take the offer of a shoulder to cry on, withers to lean on. But she never did. In fact she'd slipped away. Disappeared to who knew where and neither of them knew how to find her. Glitter's heart became cold over time. Then hardened when she realized she'd been left behind by her friend. Her heart had longed for Fizzy for so long she had to let her go. If she hadn't the depths of darkness she would have gone to would not have been reversible. As it was she disappeared too. Off to the Frozen North and as far away from her heart ache as she could get. She figured staying in a reclusive state was best. Why open her heart to further injury? Sh'e put what was left of the pieces onto the animals she found. Animals couldn't hurt the heart. They were good naturally and would not leave her or wound her. She found and cared for any she could find and found she had a skill for it. Some might even say she was a branch not far from the famed Fluttershy's ability with bird and beast. But still her heart was empty, cracked and broken deep down in the past. Wounds that would need healing should she ever wish to be whole again. She did wish it healed but she'd never want to confront what had happened. Then the Princess of Hearts swooped in and did it for her. Made her confront her worst nightmare and deepest love. Fizzlepop Berrytwist was more than a friend. She was the key to Glitter's iced over heart. But the key and the lock could not just come together. Too much ice, rust, time, injury, was yet in the way. It would have to cleared. A way through would have to be burned. She just didn't think she had the strength. "Ah!" She growled in frustration, pounding a hoof onto the timbers of the old barn. Snow fell from the roofing and pattered into the snow around her. Tears streamed down her face as she struggled with past and present in one anguished filled moment. She looked down and wept. And then... she blinked and sucked in a breath. Tracks in front of her, following the side of the barn. Huge. Clawed. Horrible. Tracks. Fresh and hardly filled. She reached out and touched the rough wood of the barn where a small hank of fur had clung in the beast's passing. "Oh no." She breathed the words and tossed her head from left to right in sudden panic, looking for the beast. It was not in sight. But was that? Her nostrils flared at the sight of blood droplets amongst the prints. BARK! Glitter nearly jumped out of her skin as Koda bounded from the mists and snow. Something was wrong. She could tell by his movements and frantic barking. "Where is she boy?" Koda turned, looking off in the direction Tempest had taken. RAWF! "Come on!" She galloped off, snow kicking up in all directions. Her wounded heart forgotten in fear.
  7. Happy Hearts and Hooves Day everypony! :)

  8. Rainbow waited on baited breath. She waited with her whole world in front of her. She waited with all her attempts and fighting and trying behind her. She waited with her dreams of grandeur being that of a family and a life of love where once trophies and applause had once stood. She waited with her fervent desire to be the best she could be turned to being the best she could be for those she loved. Rainbow watched her mare. She watched everything that was right in the world. She watched stability and a heart full of nurturing. She watched what she hadn't had ever on her own, grounded good logic and honesty that came from the earth and connection with it. She watched that orange and golden mare that had taken her heart and wrapped it in folds of healing where it had once been raw and wounded. The world seemed frozen in time, her thoughts entirely on what Applejack was thinking. What she would do. Then the word she'd been longing for was spoken. "Yes!" Rainbow fell into the embrace and kiss with all her heart and soul. She kissed back deeply and with all the love her heart could hold. This moment was meant to be. Aligned through all the rough times that had brought them together. She felt balanced and whole with Applejack in her life and now that would be sealed for all to see! Once the kiss ended Rainbow unfurled her wings and grinned hugely. "Awesome!"
  9. He offered a small smile. "I-it does seem to be my lucky day indeed!" Then Professor Shimmer walked up and fixed him with her gaze. The stallion felt himself begin to sweat and laughed nervously. "Uh heh heh," He continued to smile awkwardly and fumbled over his hooves a bit. "Oh the uh tea?" He seemed to have lost all track of his thoughts as she focused on him. "Yes yes! The uh tea! I-I've always got more tea," He reached up and pressed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose. "It's uh in my office." Sunburst gulped. He'd day dreamed about something like this for at least two semesters now. It was happening without any time for him to rehearse. Act cool. Act natural. Just be yourself. Well, a cool version of yourself. "Would you like to join me in my office for a mug?" There that was pretty natural right? He blew his forelocks out of his face.
  10. Glitter eyed him as he spoke of magic. Making ice cream? Yeah, there was something about this guy she didn't get. It would be best to follow him an find out at least where he lived. She hadn't pegged him as a thread or anything of that nature but she did like to keep a grip on who was inhabiting the lands of the Frozen North. She picked up stride alongside the stallion. He was right it was getting late in the day. She had supplies enough for a night on the tundra if need be so it was no problem to follow along. "Koda!" She called to the elk hound as they made their way north. Best to keep the dog nearby as they were entering a territory she hadn't explored yet. "Stay close." She reached over to pat the dog as he bounded up in a flurry of snow. A wall of sorts loomed in front of them and Glitter cocked her head. "You've built yourself quite the dwelling I'm assuming?"
  11. Glitter stood there in the snow, her mouth slightly agape as Tempest let go of her rage. She could hardly contain all of the emotions that Tempest's rampage brought forth. She was being wrongly accused, and so felt intense anger towards the unfairness. Nopony loved Fizzy? That was so untrue! Glitter had loved her deeply and truly! Fizzy had never been tossed away! Her stomach dropped at the thought of the injured little filly thinking nopony cared. She felt guilt, intense guilt for not reading her friend correctly. Worthless? Discarded! No! She wanted to break into the tirade and speak her own mind but the words continued to punctuate from Tempest's muzzle. She felt so sad, so misunderstood, so deeply hurt. There was just so much. Too much. Then the words finally subsided. The silence hung there for a brief moment, like their breath misting the air in the frozen stillness. Everything that had been said covered Glitter like a heavy blanket. There was too much for her to even begin to know what to say or do. She sucked in a small breath as those next words were uttered. “You were more than a BFF glitter. When you were gone I understood it.” Those words dashed everything else away. They shattered through her grief and frustration. Her hurt and anger. Glitter's rage and need to retort were rent apart by those few quite words. The raw emotion of the moment brought tears to her eyes that she could not hide. She didn't want to hide them anymore. They didn't matter. Tears streamed down her cheeks as her heart dealt with the unrelenting torrent. She'd locked herself away from emotion for so long and the intensity at which they returned was painfully overwhelming. Then Tempest turned and ran. Snow kicking up as she left in haste. Glitter couldn't move. She stood and watched the unicorn go until she disappeared into the mists. "I-i," Her hoof left the snow and reached in the direction Tempest had fled. "I loved you Fizzy." She whispered the words, tears falling like ice to the drifts beneath her. It seemed an eternity before she could move. When she did her hooves moved in the direction of the barn. She would look for evidence and try to get a grip on herself.
  12. It was not a bad attempt at all. Rainbow knew he needed to work on banking but some things just came after time. She was pleased that he'd made it through all the hoops at any rate. He was going to be a great flier someday! She met him after the last hoop. "Great work there Zappers!" She nodded towards the next activity they would try. "I know you want to work on flying fast!" She began flapping over to a long straight away that was marked out by stationary clouds. There was one cloud pillar about 250 meters away from another in a straight line. "This is the clocking track we use for sprints!" She reached down and picked up a checkers black and white flag. "So I'll wave the flag and you fly from here down to the other pillar. Fly around it and pass by this pillar as fast as you can and I'll time you!" Not wanting him to have a hard time with the turn she coached him. "So, the trick for you is gonna be to slow down before you get to the far pillar. That way you can come around it without loosing control. I'll fly with you the first time ok Zappers?" She'd give him some tips on backing when they got to the far end of the track. "First round will be for practice, no time yet." Sh gripped the flag in her muzzle and spoke around it. "Three, two, one, go!"
  13. @QuickLime Added to the list! Love those two together! @Skycoaster Here's your batty pone! Working on backgrounds now so there's one of him out on the prowl Also a character sheet and a banner if you'd like to use it!
  14. @Ciraxis Aaaaand one more cause I couldn't get this pose out of my head. Here she is in flank kicking mode!
  15. Aw! Thank you @Ciraxis Also, here's a small banner if you're inclined to use it
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