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  1. Twi watched the colt thoughtfully as he trotted about exploring the sun bathed space. She nodded to herself while he was looking away. Yes, this would be the perfect way to make sure she paid poor Valen back for all the hardship she had caused him. She'd do the cleanse of course, but she intended to imbue some extra magic into the situation. To bolster him up and make him feel strong. To lighten his mood and help him along his way. None of those things would have an ill effect, she was sure of it! "Well," She blew dust off the edge of the ancient bookshelf she'd had brought over form the castle of the Two Sisters. "I enjoying using magic in here every now and then! plus, it's really nice in here today now that the sun's out!" She was cheerful enough but her mind was already whirring away. The cogs and gears setting the correct incantations in the right stanzas. This was a big spell she was gearing up the perform and she found she did some of her best complicated magic in this room. "Ok Valen!" She called to him as she levitated the run with markings on it to the side. Underneath were a set of scorched ruins that had been taken from were Star Swirl had originally made them and laid into the floor of the solarium. The ones on the carpet would have worked but these held a deeper, more pure sort of magic. Twi could feel it in her horn as soon as the runes were exposed. The sunlight danced down the triangular edge of a rune that had been inlaid with silver. Another sparkled of gold and still another platinum. "You can go ahead and stand right here!" She pointed enthusiastically to the center of the circle. "This shouldn't take very long. Just don't move." Her horn was already starting to spark as she spoke. The air became thick with magic then. It swirled about the alicorn in purple and pink swaths. Twilight muttered incantations under her breath while straining to wrangle in the tendrils of power that had begun to dance around the room. Sparkles and pops of power showered down here and there and Valen was slowly levitated a few inches above the center ruin in the floor. The alicorn Princess dug her hind hooves into the stone floor as the magic's energy began to push her backwards. A curious wind picked up out of nowhere and howled around the room. "I've got this!" The Princess told herself as she conjured up every ounce of what the spell she had researched called for. It was a dozy for sure and Valen would be so happy with the outcome. Sure she'd mixed in a few of her own hopes and dreams for the colt, it was almost impossible not to do so. She tried to keep her focus on what he wanted only but she cared about him and that would of course leak into the spell. "Uh!" Twi faltered for one moment trying to grapple with the enormity of the spell, right before a bright pink column of magic blasted from her horn towards Valen. Her eyes went glowing white as the magic wrapped itself around her target. The whole room turned brilliant white and then... darkness.
  2. RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! Reckless was a liiiiitle late getting herself up and outta her tent. "Whew! What in Celestia happen-..." Her exclamation cut off as she realized she wasn't the only pony around. It was true though, Celestia only knew what she'd gotten into last night. She was, in fact, in a line... a very long line. "Why was I here again?" She tapped chin thoughtfully for a moment before the commotion further up the line drifted down to her. "Ah! Sweet Apple Acres cider!" She trotted in place for a moment, excited to taste some of that amazing golden goodness! She just wished she didn't have to wait in this dang line! The hybrid bat checked out the scene. Lots of ponies, yep, looooots of ponies. Most were run of the mill regular Ponyville ponies, bleh. Boring. Some were a bit more flooty and snooty, and some were ahha! Some were famous! She spied the pretty no, beautiful pink unicorn up at the front of the line. "Well, if I'm gonna do this I better do it right!" She ran a hoof through her mussed up hot pink mane to "fix it" as best she could. The bat pone trotted up like she owned the place, ignoring the ponies along that way that gave her stares of irritation for cutting the line. "What?" She smirked at one such fussy bottomed pony. "I'm just gonna go say hi to my friend!" A little closer and she could see that that same beautiful unicorn, who just happened to be fairly famous too, was hoofed over a mug of the good stuff! "Perfect timing!" She slowed to a calm walked and sidled up next to the fancy mare. "Hey there sweetness." Her words issued silky smooth like the feel of that perfect cider.
  3. I just watched the last episode for the first time. So perfect, so many tears from me. Such a sweet end to an era <3

  4. Pinkie couldn't help but giggle as Cheese revealed the ugly truth about Boneless 2. "Hee hee!" She leaned in close and whispered in his ear. "I caught a certain gator polishing off a dozen cupcakes yesterday morning! He thought I didn't notice." She glanced up at the gator, totally aware that he could hear her. "But, it doesn't ever show on your hips does it buddy?" Gummy's tongue whipped out and ran slowly over his eye in response. "Wellll," She began in response to his inquiry about balloon travel. "There's not enough to float us completely but..." She reached over and tied half a dozen balloons around his waist as quick as you could blink! "These will make the trip more fun!" She tied the rest of the balloons around her own middle and then bounced! The balloons certainly gave her bounce more lift than normal and she floated gently back down to the grass. "You can bounce, or trot, or whatever you'd like!" After that she was off, bouncing and floating towards the town. As she went she mulled over her thoughts about her friend. She was super happy he'd come back to town. Funny enough the happy she felt was different than the kind she usually got. It was a mix of butterflies and giggles, and it made her heart beat faster when she thought about it. She shook her head! She couldn't get carried away! Sure she'd felt that way a couple of times in the past but it was different with Cheese. She'd have to talk to him about it later. Soon enough Sugarcube Corner was in view. She bounced onto the porch and tied her balloons on the railing. "Here we are!" She exclaimed, watching to see how Cheese would make his entrance.
  5.  Not wanting to push the little guy too far on his lessons, Dash figured she would take him to see something that had inspired her as a budding flyer back in the days of her youth. It would involve a trip up to Cloudsdale but that wouldn't be a problem. Zappers had been up there quite a few times before, and had even been baby sat at her house one time. She blanched at the thought of getting her mess of a cloud house ready to accept not only her son but a babysitter too! Thankfully today it would just be her little guy and he didn't mind a mess. "Ok! We're gonna go up to Cloudsdale. Got something for you at my house and then..." She winked. "There's something super awesome to want to show you!" She would allow him to buzz as far up as he wanted and when he started to show signs of getting tired she'd bolster him up the rest of the way. "Let's get going!" She flexed her wings and did a few flaps, letting him move at his own rate. Someday he'd be able to make the trip all by himself but that would be a while still. Rainbow watched him with loving eyes, not wanting to miss a minute of time with her special little guy.
  6. RECKLESS Reckless took a sip of cider and smiled as the sweet liquid graced her tongue. She raised her eyebrows a bit though as the kick of alcohol seemed to be absent. "Must have stored the good stuff somewhere off camera..." She muttered dryly. Not that she couldn't make conversation and have a nice time and all but a bit of loosening up never hurt. She'd noticed Applejack and her mare Rainbow Dash enter not too long ago. If anypony would know where the good stuff was being kept she figured those two would. She'd have to keep an eye on them. "Well, good to know havin' you up on stage isn't something I'll have to pressure," She winked at him slyly before taking another sip and then setting down her glass. No need to waste calories or put her trim figure to ransom if there wasn't any alcohol involved in the drink. "I like a stallion with confidence." Another coy look before she turned her attention to the ponies playing music. "What do I do for fun..." She tapped her muzzle with her hoof as if deep in thought. "I'd never say no to some dancing but this music's not quite my jam," She swiveled her hips to some unheard tune. "Something with a bit more of a beat's up my alley," She nudged him. "You play anything like that?" ----- Rainbow leaned into the kiss from her mare, savoring every moment of the breach in protocol. Rules be damned, this night was gonna be fun! Fun enough to swirl some of her most recent exploits back further into memories... and maybe even forgotten if she could play things out right. She was lucky, so dang lucky, and she certainly was going to give her best towards making sure she stayed that way. AJ deserved it. She deserved the best RD could offer, and even more than that! As they made their way into the room and began to make their rounds Rainbow found herself doing as she usually did. Smiling, nodding, making small talk with those around her. She never got tired of attention but tonight she was going to put that aside. She was here to devote herself to her mare and show her that in any way she could. "Hey there Fire, Squall!" She lowered her shade and smiled at the pair. As AJ mentioned marriage vows she chimed in. "Yeah! That's gonna be some party huh?" She wondered what the two were planning for that event. It was sure to be something extravagant! Next it was Shining Armor and Cadance. Rainbow nodded with due respect to the pair as Applejack asked about their little one. Just when she thought she would be wrangled into a conversation about fillies and foals AJ leaned in close and inquired about the special cider. "You got it," She spoke under her breath and gave AJ a kiss on the cheek before excusing herself and trotting off. The mare glanced about the room, noting the refreshment area and it's lack of the small cider keg she was after. "Hmmmm," She pondered. "The kitchens." Yep, they would have kept it in the back until a bit later into the party. If it made it's way past the kitchen staff of course! Rainbow ducked through a set of double doors that she'd seen servers entering and exiting from. After not that long she came the the drink storage area. It was a small room off to the side that was kept semi dark and cool to keep the freshness and temperature of the drinks. At the moment no pony was around as the first rounds of drinks were already out on the refreshments table. "There you are!" Rainbow exclaimed under her breath as the small barrel of Sweet Apple Acres Hard came into view. And that wasn't the only thing. There were other small kegs of drinks with alcohol too! "I'll just take a little for now," She filled a small flask from her jacket pocket with cider and trotted out of the storage room. Soon she was back in the main ball room and carefully weaving her way around ponies towards AJ, Shining Armor, and Cadance with her special delivery. "Found it!" She smiled as she spoke softly to AJ, giving her leeway to invite the royal couple for a drink if she liked.
  7. I'm gonna watch all of season 9 in one shot probably in a couple days. Haven't seen most of it yet.  Makes me misty eyed just to think about it being over... Ponies Forever!

    1. KaityKat


      Don't forget to have a box of tissues available for the finale. ;)

  8. Pinkie couldn't help but grin at the prospect of sharing some of her famous cupcakes with the party stallion. Her grin was even bigger and backed up with slight blush with the knowledge that he'd come back to Ponyville to ask a favor of her! What is Equestria could he need from her? Well whatever it was Ponk was sure she'd be willing to oblige! How could she say no? He was a good friend and she well... another stronger blush that she worked to have quickly dissipate appeared on her cheeks. Nope she wasn't going to broach those thoughts on her feelings again. It just always got her in a awkward state that she really didn't want to be in around Cheese. "Ooooh!" She plucked her little gator from his back and set him in her mane. "You hear that Gummers?" She patted the gator's head as he blinked his eyes one at a time. "Cheese wants to share some of my delicious cupcakes!" Then her brows raised. "But I don't have any more with me since we ate the last five during the flight!" The pink party pony smiled at Cheese. "You want to trot back to Sugarcube Corner with me? There's tons of cupcakes there and I can even whip up a fresh batch if we don't have the flavor you want!"
  9. "Uhhhh," Spike nerved himself as he got into the line. "Come on Spike! Twilight sent you for more apples so you gotta get them for her!" She puffed up his chest. "I wouldn't be the Princess' number one assistant if I couldn't bring her something simple like a couple bushels of Sweet Apple Acres finest!" There, now he felt better. Though maaaaybe he should have talked to himself more quietly. A few ponies turned and stared at him which made him blush again. "Uhhhh yep! Nice day for ummm apple huh?" Oh this was going reeeeeally well! The dragon was beginning to think Twi had sent him out here just to set him up for a nice smooch with a pretty farm mare. 'I mean she's no Rarity but still' he thought to himself as the line got shorter a little at a time. He knew Twilight had set him up for this because she'd been here earlier in the day. She knew he'd be getting a country kiss! And, everypony would see it happen! Was it too late to maybe get the apples somewhere else? Just as he was pondering the idea he accidentally made eye contact with Applejack! Well, that was that! This was happening! "Oh uhhh, hi there AJ! Long time no see huh?"
  10. (sorry this is so short!) Thunderlane was ready for the pass and was able to catch it easily on his front hoof. He swiveled it around not without style but nothing like what Shot had just preformed. Wow! She was really talented! He probably wasn't even as good in Wonderbolts flight as she was at soccer! The stallion found himself happy to know he had Shot for a friend! "You guys have fun with this!" He called out after sh'e given them the signal to start. Sweetie Belle grinned and was happy to try to oblige! "Ok Rosemary!" She totted in place. "I'm ready when you are!"
  11. Twi kept her awkward grin firmly in place as she waited to see if Rainbow would press her further on her writing. She certainly hoped she wouldn't! The Princess let out a breath she had been holding as Rainbow had a hearty laugh about the prospect of her writing. Whew! Good. That was not a subject she was willing to breach...at least not now! The Princess continued around the kitchen, working on various parts of their meal. Delicious smells were soon wafting everywhere as the main dishes finished up and the cookies began to bake in the kitchen. "I think I made those cookies with more chocolate chips than flour!" She giggled thanks to the cider and glanced about. "What do you think about having dinner in here?" It was kind of a random idea but the thought of the large gaping dining hall wasn't really going to get her as close to Rainbow as she'd like to be...
  12. It was obvious from his groan and his words that the situation that she had caused had frustrated the poor colt to no end! She could see why too. What a horribly embarrassing thing to have happen. That plus it seemed everypony in town had at least some rendition of the events in their head. News like that was juicy gossip and those little ponies sure knew how to make a small spark go like wild fire when they wanted to! "Oh Valen," She sighed. "You are right of course everything will be ok." She smiled sorrowfully and took a sip from her mug when she had levitated it near enough. "Perhaps you're right though. Maybe we should do a quick scan of your aura just to make sure all traces of the magic induced on you is out of your system for good." The thought of doing a magical aura sifting did tickle her interest. "I actually just finished a book by Starmancer the Mystic on the very topic!" The Princess set the cup down and released it from her magic before standing. By now she was practically insisting on the matter. "Why don't you follow me to the solarium and I'll preform the scan?" She'd be helping out Valen whom she'd certainly wronged and of course getting to practice some new spells to boot! What could possibly go wrong?
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