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  1. A full moon was out, a perfect time for practice. Clashing steel echoed about the Canterlot training grounds, soon to be lunar guards practicing their sword skills on the various training dummies. One recrit in particular was practicing her hardest on the poor stuffed enemy, hay and string littering the floor below her target, Estoc held firmly between her teeth as she danced about her ‘enemy’ as if dodging a flurry of strike and delivering her own counter attacks. She had to get better, her strikes were sloppy, her stance wasn’t firm, all of her mistakes could potentially cause an innocent pony to lose their life. All of this was going through her head while on the outside the areion seemed like quite a capable guard, some of the trainee’s even stopping to watch. Soon it got the point where she just couldn’t practice anymore, not for lack of enthusiasm, just a lack of fulfillment; she needed something more, somepony to really push her limit. “You there!” She called to one of her watchers, flipping her purple mane over her shoulder as she rested her blade against her side. “How about a sparring match?” She offered the surprised colt, taking a few even breaths to compose herself. He gave a rather hesitant nod and the areion trotted over to the practice weapons set up at various stations of the courtyard, her opponent following to pick up a wooden long sword as she did the same. The poor colt never even stood a chance, a few halfhearted sword strikes and he was disarmed, bowing and stepping away from the ‘arena’. A few hoots and hollers followed after the poor male as another challenger stepped up, a crowd beginning to form of interested areion and ponies alike, some gave her a challenge while others walked away, defeated, the areion still not getting a since of satisfaction in her skill. She dragged her beat up wooden blade back to its stand and slowly began to make her way back to the barracks, maybe when the higher ranking officers returned in a few days she’d have better luck.
  2. Left, right, upside down, loop de loop, the whole arsenal of tricks Paradise had at her disposal was used to dodge the oncoming bolts, the mare practically dancing with death in the sky without a care in the world. Her wings carried her out of harms way in the nick of time whenver a stray bolt decided to try and surprise her and so far everything was going smoothly and according to plan....or so she thought. After a few twists and turns the mare felt a tightening in her back that began to get tighter and tighter the more she flapped her wings, she tried to make one last turn to escape the storm but at that exact moment disaster decided to strike with vengeance. Her body lit up with the tell tale tingles of oncoming thunderbolts while her wing cramped mid flight, preventing the pegasus from making her turn. As the electricity arced towards the mare all she could do was flip forward and bring her board up to meet the bolts, energy travelling into the bunched up cloud board and making the peice of equipment dark with storm energy. The force of the striking bolts was enough to knock her off of her board, the board itself only taking a few bolts into it and spiraling towards the ground, ne lucky bolt struk its mark, right along the mare's back and wing, scorching a small line through fur and feathers as she screamed in pain, body going limp in the air before gravity began to drag her towards the ground, the limp mare picking up speed while she hurtled down through the storm cloud. After a few seconds she broke through the bottom of the cloud, heading towards the earth, the mare having gone into an unconscious nose dive. Her last thought before total blackness took over her vision was the fact that she needed to find her board or get another unicorn to bind clouds neatly together in the same design again.
  3. Paradise soared up high into the sky, wings pumping quickly through the air. As the storm swept across the land she could only smile wide, standing up on her board while staring down at a sea of dark rumbling clouds. She took a long stretch, readjusting her goggles over her eyes. After a quick look around the skies to make sure no other weather patrol was around she did a quick flip through the air before plummeting down towards the storm in a complete nose dive, picking up speed at an alarming rate. The mare dissappeared inside of the storm without making a sound, her ears curling back as the sound of building thunder and falling rain filled her senses. Her fur was soaked with rain water as she sped along through the clouds, soon an all too familair tingle began to travel through her back, the tell tale sign of an oncoming bolt. The mare's eyes closed as she stood up slowly on her board, front legs spread to the sides for balance. As she rode along the clouds the tingle in her back spread to her side, her wings flapping quickly to the left as she avoided a bolt of electricity, her silhouette illuminated in the sky as she skillfully manuevered around the arcing electricity, grin still plastered on her face as she went up against the storm.
  4. Paradise lazily floated along the currents above ponyville, weather patrol was so boring at times. No wonder her boss was always found taking a nap. She cleared a few white clouds from the sky as she was ordered, making way for a rainstorm that the cloud factory was cooking up. She flicked up her ears, an audible echoing across the land, looked like the storm was on its way! She hopped up on her board, sliding a pair of goggles over her eyes before taking off through the sky, busting up small clouds over Ponyville to clear the way. After a few hours of cloud busting the pegasus flopped on her cloud board, the skies above Ponyville now clear. As the storm came rolling by Paradise's insistent need to be a daredevil kicked in, eyes lighting up mischeviously as she eyed the storm. She turned away from the rolling clouds and flew towards the outskirts of Ponyville, heading up into the sky to try out a new trick.
  5. Congrats Mane! Hope you two are very happy together! QQ
  6. Who...what...where!? Suddenly the other mare took off down the isles while ignoring her friendly greeting! Paradise's feathers fluffed up slightly as she huffed once the mare dissappeared, ears tilting back as Brazil spouted some sort of nonsense about books and other such things. She did catch a name though...Martini....hmmm...it must be that other mare's name. Brazil and Martini, it had a pretty good ring to it. She grinned despite herself before giving a brisk shake, settling her feathers back down. There was no need to be mad at the other mare. Soon however, Brazil blazed down into the library isles as well, signaling for all of them to follow. Paradise scrambled after the brown pony, missing him as he ran onwards, turning down one of the other isles in an attempt to find him. On the mare galloped, soon losing herself among stacks of books and empty walkways, turning left and right in the maze of literature. Panting softly the mare stopped her galloping, planting her rump on the floor and looking around at her surroundings. Nopony to her left....nopony to her right. Slowly but surely small seeds of panic began to set in. All these stacks of books reaching up high towards the ceiling with no way to fly up over them, the candle lights that illuminated some of the other isles were now shedding guttering flickers of light in her position. Paradise gave a small nervous chuckle as she set off back down the isle, eyes flicking towards the shadows as her imagination conjured up all kinds of baddies hiding in the dark. A few tense foot steps later along with a few mysterious noises and the mare was up in the air, speeding through whatever path she could find as fast as her wings would carry her. Brazil was going to be in SO much trouble for this.
  7. She was late, so very late! An invitation from one of the most well known ponies in Canterlot...and she had to over sleep. Had she been hired for a role in a play...stuff like this would get her fired! The mare quickly trotted through the streets of Canterlot, a simple white sun hat atop her head and a short white gown covering her back. Honestly she had no idea how to dress up for an event like this but she gave it her best shot! Her horn lit up slightly as she held her invitation with telekinesis, reading over it quickly and looking around at her surroundings, she was close...but it would still be a while. Maybe she should have brought something as an apology. A couple of minutes and a few mental arguments with herself later, Fleur's home came into view. Estrella stood at the front gates of the mansion, eyes widening in surprise at how big the place was. Doubt once again wormed its way into Essie's mind, she'd met Fleur at a play rehearsal, the mare was quite friendly and easy to get along with, but to be invited to a place like this? She was sure it should have been reserved for close friends and not...work acquaintances. A few more moments of gawking passed before a light cough got her attention. She shook her head and stared forward at the butler ushering her inside, slowly trotting forward and nodding her head in greeting. "Hello kind sir. Miss Fleur invited me to her lovely home. My name is Estrella." She bowed. Another attention grabbing cough from the butler made her rise and stare at the male, the stallion shaking his head with a small smile across his features. "Ah yes...Miss Estrella. Please come right this way and worry not about being so formal with the staff." He smiled, leading the slightly embarrassed mare towards the small gathering of ponies.
  8. Satin rolled his eyes as his brother fixed his mane, such a particular pony that one. He flicked his tail slightly then began to trot around his shop, cleaning the place up a bit while he had this rare moment of peaceful time. “Yes, when inspiration strikes, far be it from me to deny the chance to give it physical form~” He nodded, horn a glow as he adjusted a few stray outfits, picking up any leftover material that had found its way to the floor. “So…” The pony’s voice lost some of its usual flamboyant-ness, turning serious for the next subject that would inevitably rise up. “How has mother been?” He tried to make himself sound indifferent but he flung the wad of now useless materials floating above his head into a nearby trash bin just a bit too hard…knocking the bin over. Conversations about their mother weren’t Satin’s favorite subject….but he did care about her.
  9. Paradise stared at Martini and her rather…dangerously curious stare, then back at Brazil, putting two and two together before a devious grin spread across her face. She could really get the stallion in hot water if she played the next few cards just right. What could she say?...Maybe they were secretly eloping to Las Pegasus…nah that sounded too cliché. They could be secret lovers and she just decided to spring the truth on his unsuspecting new girlfriend. Or maybe even…She took a look at Brazil, her plan kind of crumbled as soon as she thought about it, Brazil looked so helpless trying to explain himself. She shook her head slightly then cantered over to lean against Martini, not one for all that personal space nonsense. “Yeah he’s ma daddy alright.” She whispered, waggling her eyebrows at the mare. “Ah’m not interested in him in the slightest….you however.” She gave Martini a wink before fluttering back over to Brazil, perching lightly on his back before peering down the hallway with the male, hoof lightly tapping him on the shoulder. “Good ta see ya pops. We can do the family catch up routine later, what’s the plan for the situation right now?” She asked, looking left and right for the supposed body guards and finding none. “Ya know I can rough up a few ponies if ya really need me to.”
  10. Roleplay Type: Crossover Name: Chrysalis. The Queen of the Changelings. Sex: Female Age: Mare. Species: Changeling. Eye Color: Dark green. (Moderate Harlequin Coat Color: Dark gray. Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Long dark cerulean mane and tail. Physique: Tall and slender, about the same build as Princess Celestia. Cutie Mark: No cutie mark in her true form. If she takes on the form of a pony she also mimics their cutie mark. Origin/Residence: Everfree forest. Occupation: Ruler of the Changelings. Motivation: Finding a wellspring of love large enough to state her subjects and her own hunger. Likes: Being a cunning trickster, manipulating ponies that are in true love, keeping her subjects fed and feeding off of love herself. Dislikes: The feeling of failure, the absence of true love, ponies that can see through her disguises. Personality – Chrysalis is a talented trickster and master of deceit. Due to her upbringing she has no difficulty being cruel and manipulative, often turning ponies against themselves. She doesn’t understand the concept of showing affection for anything besides her subjects and even then she rarely does so, preferring to lead with a strict iron hoof. She takes on the form of certain pony’s loved ones and attempts to feed off of their love, doing her best to mimic the personality of the pony she has chosen to copy, if the end gain is feeding off of true love and feeding her subjects, no price is too high to pay. Character Summary: History – Born deep inside of Everfree forest within the Colony of the Changelings and deemed to be their next leader once she was of proper age. Chrysalis was brought up to be a cunning ruler whose goal was to get what she needed at whatever the cost. Her mother Shadoweye raised Chrysalis very strictly, the little changeling confined to the darkness of Everfree as she learned about the lives of the Changelings and how to hone her powers. As she grew up into a worthy leader the forests of Everfree began to become too small for the Queen’s liking. One faithful day a pair of ponies were trespassing through the dark woods, the pair, a unicorn male and earth pony mare both oblivious to the dangers within. Ponies passed through Everfree before but there was something special about this pair. Both ponies were deeply in love, so much so that it beckoned Chrysalis like the sweetest song. That was the first day she got a taste of true love, sneakily separating the pair of ponies while taking experimental transformation chances. Their love was good enough to state a small amount of her hunger but she wanted more. The love she took from both wasn’t enough to drastically change the pair’s thoughts for eachother and soon they were back on their way to Canterlot. Chrysalis had kept a close watch on the pair, following them silently until they reached the end of Everfree, but by that time the Queen had already seen as much as she needed. The lands beyond Everfree were vast, the massive fields of green grass and beautiful scenery actually brought a small smile to her face. The land was also overflowing with love capable of feeding her entire Colony for quite a while. Yes, this was where she would migrate the Changelings, but she needed to find the perfect place now that she had found a never ending supply of food. Months passed as she surveyed one of the pony cities, sometimes going to Ponyville disguised as one of its residents to gather more information, watching the various events unfold from the shadows. She could have made a move during the Night Mare Moon scare but a group of ponies apparently had resolved the situation with something called the Elements of Harmony, she needed to gather more information. Soon she found the bearers of the Elements themselves while gathering intel, their love for each other was great, nearly great enough for her to attempt to feed from them…but something wasn’t right. She had a feeling that if she tried to she would be found out quickly for what she truly was and once again decided to bind her time. Then came one of the most frightening moments in her life as a changeling. An entity known as Discord was released and the ensuing chaos from his arrival nearly sent her fleeing back to Everfree. The beautiful land and its love she wanted to feed off of was ripped apart and patched back together in the worst possible way. She couldn’t tell up from down or day from night, nothing made sense to her in this strange place anymore. Even her power had begun to betray her, the Queen changing into whatever she happened to lay eyes on, luckily her constant changing was blamed on the chaos and most ponies that were somewhat normal dismissed her as an anomaly. Once again however the Elements of Harmony were once again used to right the chaotic wrongs. Two times they were used to stop a threat towards Equestria, Chrysalis needed to find a way to stop them if her plan was going to work. The chaos around Ponyville was too great for the Queen to handle at the time, but her stay there provided her with enough information about the surrounding cities and she never gave up hope. Her next destination was Canterlot, the home of the Princesses. A risky move on her part but the city was flowing with just as much love as Ponyville, possibly even more so. Feeding off of the love in the city was more than enough to fuel her Changeling powers as she explored. Canterlot was huge, and after a few weeks of exploring she even found out about a series of underground tunnels in the mountain. Yes, luck was starting to side with her in the matter, even going so far as to deliver the greatest gift to all right at her hooves. A wedding, the very peak of one’s true love, was happening in Canterlot. Shining Armor and Princess Cadence would join together in matrimony, at least that was what the citizens would think. The love she had fed on helped immensely in her capture of the Princess. She had to go to the Alicorn’s chamber in the castle under the cover of night, disguising herself as one of Celestia’s guards making one of the many nightly rounds. Cadence was far too busy with her thoughts about the wedding than her own safety, which was more than ok to Chrysalis. By the time the Alicorn figured out something was wrong with the guard it was far too late, a quick scream was all she could get out before she was enveloped by green magic and transported into the tunnels underneath Canterlot. There was some apprehension at first but Chrysalis’s masterful disguise smoothed things over after a while, the Queen now feeding on the wellspring of love pouring off of Cadence’s Fiancé. All was going according to plan, a quick flight to Everfree forest to inform her subjects about their new home was next on her list but as she did so, some of them were too anxious to arrive. Their eagerness along with the ever watchful eyes of the princesses was enough to throw a wrench into her plans. Celestia had caught sight of a few of her subjects trying to sneak into Canterlot, quickly she informed Shining Armor of the intrusion, the stallion quickly thinking up a plan to protect the site of his wedding. A barrier was formed to guard Canterlot from the changelings, on Chrysalis counted herself lucky to be inside at the time of its formation. She was trapped inside Canterlot but she had no desire to leave it anytime soon, she would find a way to get her subjects through the barrier. The instrument of her success arrived in Canterlot a few days later. Twilight Sparkle, the bearer of the Element of Magic, and her friends. Right away the mare knew grew suspicious of Chrysalis but her status was already cemented and so the Queen didn’t worry about the pesky unicorn. But still the mare persisted, even spying on one of Chrysalis’s “healing” spells on Shining Armor, the Stallion had begun to catch onto her little by little as well. Twilight almost exposed her but quick thinking and a little acting turned the Unicorn’s friends and even the Princess against her. Chrysalis couldn’t have been more happy. It seemed like this day was going to be perfect. Her luck however had decided to run out. Twilight had found the real Cadence, forcing Chrysalis to reveal her true form. It was too late for them though, the love she fed on from Shining Armor was more than enough to fuel her plan, even Celestia herself couldn’t stand against her might, the barrier was broken through by her many changelings and soon they would feed, Canterlot was nearly within her grasp. The very love she fed on proved to be her downfall in the end. With the reunion of Cadence and Shining Armor, the overwhelming power of their love was more than enough to blast Chrysalis and even her subjects back into the darkness of Everfree Forest, The Queen of the Changelings…had failed.
  11. Whoopsie....forgot to take that part out.
  12. Paradise tumbled forward from the push, missing the impact of the bolt of lightning on the knight but catching the resulting bright flash from the strike. She flapped her wings hard to realign herself, peering around for the mare before catching sight of the pony plummeting down towards the ground at a dangerously fast rate. The mare lowered herself down firmly against her board before pumping her wings hard and propelling herself towards the falling knight, wind whipping her mane back as she gritted her teeth against the cold onrushing winds. Kite was falling too fast for her to catch up on her board so she'd have to ditch it for now. Paradise flipped herself upside down, cloud board hanging above her before she kicked off of it hard, going into a nose dive for the knight, the extra boost of speed slowly closing the distance between her and the mare. Closer and closer she got, the ground rushing up fast to meet them both, she was almost there! Her hoof nearly close enough to reach Kite's own. "Wake up clanky!" She yelled at the wind, hoping the knight could somehow hear her. Just as she was about to touch to knight's hoof an all too familiar tingle in her wings told her that danger was right on her back. With no idea where it was coming from and far to fast to dodge correctly, Paradise flared her wings hard, tumbling sideways as a bolt of lightning arced between the two ponies, Paradise spiraling out of the sky and into the woods nearby.
  13. Paradise zipped on ahead after Brazil, catching the male’s whispered words to move quietly for some reason. Quiet was not something Paradise was good at, so she just chased after her father while gliding down the stairway. Those other two ponies were on their way as well, hoof steps echoing off the walls slightly. First she caught a glimpse of a tail but the pony disappeared down the pathways once more. Brazil sure was an elusive pony when he needed to be! Paradise slammed on the brakes suddenly as her dad came into view, far too preoccupied searching for who knew what and not looking behind himself. She tried to flap her wings backwards to slow herself down but it was far too late, the mare flew off the stairway and straight at Brazil, landing right on top of her father’s back, tumbling a short ways with the pony before landing atop of the male in a tangled heap of fore hooves and legs. “Hi you!” She grinned wide, flicking her ears at the pony before leaning over to give the male an affectionate kiss on the cheek, wrapping her arms around her father and hugging him tight. It’d been a while since she last saw him. “Fancy meetin you down here with all these dusty ol books and stuff!”
  14. Sign Paradise Nut up for this little shindig! ORLY NOW? >:l
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