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  1. We miss you McDerp!

  2. Finally caught up on all the pony and I might be posting to the gallery again soon.

  3. Strawberry Dumpling

    Her design is so pretty! The mane and all the colors work together so wonderfully and the multicolored eyes are beautiful. Her expression is adorable too
  4. Toboe

    I love the intricate flame swirls and how the tail fades to blue. Also you nailed the howling pose. I used to draw almost nothing but wolves/dogs and that was the trickeist one for me.
  5. Baby Ochi

    I love Ochi! She's so cute as a wee babby. The idea behind her expression staying blank is a really cool idea. Also the little paws are adorable!
  6. Taira Yamato, Traveler's Guide

    Wow I love his design. The tan and turquoise is so beautiful together! I also love the horns, hair, and of course the bubble pipe.
  7. Queen Rosedust

    She's so adorable and pretty. I freaking love moths and you blended pony and moth so perfectly here
  8. Kyūsoku ni Ochiru Sakura no Seishin

    Omg I love her! She is so gorgeous! That tail is amazing and I love the mask and antlers\sakura branches.The way the tail flows and how the colors fade are so beautiful and dynamic. And the mask is such a striking addition to her already amazing design!
  9. Bevel... Again.

    Eee I love the gold in her hair so much! Her design has always been one of my favorites.
  10. Fēng Yīnhǎitāo

    I really like the dynamic pose of the wings and the expression. Also the flowy tail. Also the colors for the sky and how the light looks around the sun and the shading on Feng.
  11. Hippocamp Boy

    I LOVE his mane! It looks like a beautiful blue wave. And the way it's shaded is flawless. Blue and purple is one of the prettiest color combinations in my opinion. And I love his cutie mark!
  12. Jin Expression Study

    I adore your style! It's so smooth and the expressions are so... expressive! Also I really really love how Jin's eyes are drawn.
  13. The Bandit Queen

    I love this design! All the colors are really unique and work so well together. Plus I love the expression.
  14. Canterlot Group Photo!

    This is so awesome! And it makes such an adorable banner