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  1. The radio broadcasting day began with a local car salesmen ad. He flipped the mic around and scooted close in his roll chair as his hooves working at the radio switch board setting up songs. "This is 96.7 Fm the record stack! its a lovely fall day out there and its getting closer to nightmare night! get ready to get ooky spooky! and now Nightmare Night by King Diamond!" The needle on the record dropped and the song began to play. He had finally settled into this little trailer on the hill, it was filled with posters, band memorabilia, and not to mention records, tapes and cds. He looked out the bey window behind his desk and looked below at Ponyville in the mid morning sunlight. It was fall the leaves tumbled in the valleys and dells outside of town gathering in bowls in the forest and up against the rocky slopes beneath the hill where his little trailer glinted silver in the sun and the radio tower broadcast and the red little light atop blinked. He was going to need staff soon he had been getting listener numbers from the Equestrian Broadcast Authority. He was getting relatively high numbers even for such an almost out of the way place as Ponyville could be. He might even be able to request a higher wattage tower upgrade in a year or so with maybe just maybe money to even get an actual house built up here instead of this little trailer that rocked in high winds. He set the next few hours to a mix of songs and at the end of every hour to play an Ad. Quickly writing up something to get printed he tossed a ball cap, a fleece shirt and his vest on over it he stepped out into the crisp morning air. He needed a few employees and he needed to put out listings in local news papers and boards around town. He stopped at the small shed near the radio tower and pulled out some promotional materials in a saddle bag, inside was stickers, a few shirts, and some pocket radios. Trotting down the winding dirt road towards town he flicked on the pocket radio in the breast pocket of his vest and tuned it to his own station.
  2. His first order of business was at the pin board near the door, he stepped aside to let the little brown colt past. He pulled a few band posters announcing live shows from the inside of his vest and tacked them up close together to not take up too much space on the pin board. He also tacked up a few stickers for ponies to take that were the station logo. After he was satisfied at the pin board he trotted his way towards the comic racks and perused the top shelf stuff grabbing a copy of the months issue of Heavy Metal The world's premier illustrated magazine for science fiction, horror and Fantasy.™ He perused the Dark Horse section it had been a long time since he had bought a super hero book and they were not his taste that much these days unless it was The Tattler or some interesting cross over. He trotted up to the counter with his purchases wondering if this place also carried any O&O stuff, it had been awhile since he had got anything new and even longer since he ran a game.
  3. Eddy Stepped into FREAK N' COMICS, it had been awhile since he had ventured out of his lonely little radio trailer on the hill. He needed to socialize and perhaps get a stack of comics to read for those days when the Ponyville Chamber Of Commerce took over the radio waves like today. He had spotted the shop when he had begun the moving in process up on the hill. The station for the day was on an auto playlist in between chamber of commerce ads until midnight when the WITCHING HOUR BLACK METAL COVEN began broadcasting. Today he was dressed in his usual denim vest festooned with buttons and band patches as well as an IRON MARE t shirt with a pack of Cigarettes tucked into the rolled up sleeve.
  4. Been away awhile but its time to get back into the airwaves!

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      Welcome back! :D 

  5. "Which of the following song titles from various sword albums is a reference to a classic Conan The Barbarian story? A.How Heavy This axe B.Beyond the Black River C.Maiden, Mother And Crone, Or D. Barael's Blade ?" It was a pretty good question as it required for you to be a reader of the things that themed this kind of music as well as just a fan of the band it self. The next Song came on.
  6. Eddy piped up as he set up the next song to play over the air. "well its all part of the same genre of music, ponies talk when they meet in record stores across the land, spread info by word of mouth and listen on the radio." He sat back down in his fold up chair. "so do you want to answer a question for tickets or what?" The next song came on.
  7. "Alright! you got the first pair of tickets and your after party passes!" He opened the small envelope and gave the tickets and a pair of passes on lanyards to Sky. "See you at the show this weekend! bring whoever you want and have a fun time." He looked down at the time on the song he had put on he would have to change songs soon. "while your here got any requests?"
  8. Eddy looked at Cappy after he had given the first trivia question to Sky Sailing. "Hold on a moment the song is almost over I gotta address the listeners!" He put a tape into the deck he had brought with him for the broadcast in the town square before he turned the mic on. "Its 96.7 the record stack with all your classic rock and HEAVY METAL hits! the leaves are changing the wind is getting colder." He pressed play on the deck and the tape played a wind sound effect. "To fit this months theme we have VISIGOTH with BLOOD SACRIFICE ." He looked back at the repair pony with a smile. "yeah its a trivia contest I have three tickets for The Sword show in Manehattan at the Hollow club, feel free to take a hat and a radio from the table, a sticker or two if you like! there are three sets of two tickets I get to give away if ponies get the questions right!" He plucked the tickets from his inside pocket that were in a beige envelope. "So your trivia question is!" He cleared his throat dramatically. "What is the name of the first song on The Swords new Album High Country?"
  9. Eddy sat up in his seat more when the Pegasus landed in front of his humble little booth. "Well since your the first to show up your free to take one of the trucker hats over there and one of the pocket radios, but as for the trivia the question is!" He cleared his throat dramatically. "What was The Swords first demo?" He read off a small index card that he had pulled from the inside of his vest. It was a fairly easy question if you were a fan of the band in question, the band hadn't been around that long.
  10. He had spent the late morning setting up his small booth in the town square. The parent radio station in Manehattan had sent along all kinds of cheaply made free goodies to hand out as well as some concert tickets to give away as prizes for the days trivia competition. He had a small broadcast set up that linked back up with the station and tower on the hill outside of town. He had to rely on the digital back ups of the stations collection but he still much prefers actually using the piles of traditional media he had collected over the last few years. Sitting down on the stool he began the broadcast. "Good morning ponyville its your pal Fm Eddy here on the dial at 96.7 The Record Stack! I am here in the town square of our lovely little burg with all kinds of goodies to give away as well as some concert tickets to The Sword playing at the Hollow club in Manehattan all expenses paid of course, the tickets come with a one night stay at the lovely Gem Set hotel and a meal on us at the after party" He set up the set list as he spoke. "all you need to do is come down and get some trivia right, and while we wait how about something off The Swords newest album high country." Sitting back on his fold up chair he pushed sunglasses up on his nose with a hoof and waited. OOC info on posts -There will be links to songs in the song titles -Most if not all will be metal of some kind it is the radio stations moteif -Be good to each other! and Party on dudes! [Guitar Riff]
  11. I updated it and its ready for review at your convenience.
  12. Thank you for the feedback I will go through what I am missing and update the application today.
  13. Well since my characters a radio DJ I suppose it would be his favorite song. I will go with this
  14. Roleplay type:World of Equestria Name:Fm Eddy Sex:Male Age:Stallion Speices:Earth Pony Eye Color:Blue Coat:Burgundy with black splotches with a black mane Features:Cropped Tail and long mane tied in a pony tail Physique: Average build with a bit of a gut from enjoying a bit too much Cider Occupation:Radio DJ Residence: A lonely radio station trailer on a hill outside of Ponyville Cutie Mark:A record with radio tower on it.Cutie Mark Eddy found him self wandering through the the arts and music district of manehattan after really tough day at school. He had just decided to wander and let his hooves take him were they may. At the mouth of an alley way between a music sheet shop and a violin repair shop he saw the flickering light of a store down the narrow passage. He had never seen it before despite making his way through this part of town many time on his way to and from school. Being curious and probably more then a bit foolhardy he made his way into the dark shop. Inside it was a mixture of the scent of dust and heavy incense that gave the inside of the shop an almost misty atmosphere. On the walls were posters for bands that he had never heard of and there were rows upon rows of records, tapes and cds. There was music playing over the stores sound system that he would soon to know as the classic IRON MARE track Sun and Steel. Before he could even pick up one of the various cds on the rack a voice came up behind him it was heavily accented but understandable if you took the time to listen. He turned and saw a very large Caribou with stringy hair and a impressive rack of antlers every inch engraved. The Caribous name was Snori by the name tag he had on his dark leather and patched vest. He had been watching the young colt wander around the racks for a few moments before deciding to strike up conversation. Eddy had so many questions about all the really neat art on album covers, or what kind of music this all was. He only had a bit of money on him so Eddy picked out something recommended by Snori and took it home and listened while he worked on his next Ogres and Oubliettes campaign for his friends, this music was a grand inspiration to him and soon he found him self saving up for every bit he could to buy more music. The songs of war,rage,dragons and ancient wizards scowling from their crumbling towers made his imagination run wild. After the 3rd week of returning to the store he found him self listening to the radio and found that nothing on the dial was as fun as what he had been listening to, so with a bit of help from Snori and some of the Caribous freinds he got the basic equipment to start a small pirate radio station. On the first day he was supposed to help out the broadcast his flank shone and appeared the record with the radio tower. Personality: "Hey friends out there in radio land its your pal Fm Eddy here on 96.7 the record stack with all your classic rock and heavy metal hits!" the phrase that is said at the start of every broadcast day. Eddy is a radio DJ and spends most of his time digging through dusty stacks of records,cds, and old cassette tapes that have those rare live show recordings done by a half crazed fan, who had shoved his way through the press of the mosh pit to get a recording of that one song the band only does on live shows. He throws him self into the music he likes and with glee brings it to those with a radio and hopefully tuned into his little hilltop station. He spends his free time playing paper and pencil rpgs and shopping at flea markets and estate sales grabbing up music for the stations collection. Unique Traits: He is really good at promotion his station, he goes out of his way to hand out pocket radios, do door prizes and contests whenever he can to get the listeners involved. If he cant convince you to listen to that new Power Metal CD you are also probably a vegetable or a rock of some kind. History: Born in Manehattan he was raised by his aunt Cranberry Fizz an owner of a fine drinks establishment. His parents had passed away suddenly after his fourth birthday in a cart accident on their way back to town from canterlot. His aunt was loving but her work often meant that Eddy had to fend for him self more then half the week after he turned 7, that was pretty easy since she kept her pantry stocked and the older mare downstairs kept an eye on him but not as well as she probably could have and chalked up any trouble to Colts will be Colts. His school life was rough as he was always small for his age and Manehattan was rough all around. That is to say he did not have freinds he spent most weekends in the kitchen of his aunts apartment playing Ogres and Oubliettes with his buddies. He received his cutie mark when he was 12 and began his life long love of radio and music. He got away with his small pirate radio station for years until he got caught with his set up on the rooftop of the apartment building he lived in with his aunt. In all honesty he had no real knowledge of what he was doing was in any way illegal so the local radio officials did not peruse legal action against him but they did have interest since he had more or less managed a small radio station by him self for little over half a decade. When he was finally old enough to move out of his aunts apartment they gave him a job at the main station in manehattan first working as a music cataloger and then eventually a radio tech. When he was 21 after petitioning for a sub station out in ponyville he was given the go ahead. So pulling up steaks and having a trailer and a small radio tower set up on a lonely hill outside of town he began broadcasting music, news,and more then a few bad jokes out into the airwaves. Summary:Eddy is a radio DJ who loves to spread his love of Heavy Metal and classic rock, whenever some one needs a game master for O&O or a player for said game he is always first to jump at it. He always puts the radio station first when he can and tries to be useful to his community by sharing local news and traffic reports.
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