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  1. (( you good bro, glad to see your still on board, don’t forget about the movie rp)) Trax chuckled, “For that I am still under review, so for now the rank of General will be just fine, honestly it just makes feel old.” He replied humbly, “Not to worry Captain, I’ve already put in promotion requests for everyone.” He added reassuringly. Entering in behind Killjoy and Luna, Shadow and Shade stopped and dipped their heads simultaneously, “You’re Grace, tis an honor to stand before you, even greater to fight for the peace of both our people.” Shadow spoke diligently, raising his head up to look at Luna. Shade also dipped his head to Trax, Killjoy, and Triton respectively, “General, Captain, Lieutenant.” To Shade’s customs, only Royalty should address Royalty, therefore it was his responsibility to address the others who would be his equals in such regard.
  2. Seven mumbled a few curse under his breath, but did admit the cold water did feel somewhat refreshing. Oakly shook his head, “Rumor has it that only those with Evil intent are barred from reaching the Island. I believe we should be safe, if not, we’ll find out soon. We’re reaching the Island’s Water boundary.” He explained as pointed ahead, where pointy rocks jutted out from the ocean surface, littered with shipwrecks. Kasey starred from his perch in nervous horror, the damage was chaotic, with many ships having rocky points speared through their center deck. These rocks were not made by nature. Across the sea, aproaching from the opposite side of the island, several large black barg ships were held still by watery currents. On board, Ally, Black Star, and Chandler, stood impatiently on the deck. In front of the ships, a swirling sphere of water levitated in the air. The silhouette of a man appeared inside, with bright white eyes. Ally grit her with a devious grin, “Move, or be Moved.” She called out to the newcomer, with a snarky yet threatening tone. The figure made no movement, but their eyes did narrow slightly.
  3. Echo dipped her head in thanks, leaving the two to head out. The Followers of Shadow were making a home of what they could, a more permanent solution would be established after the War, win or lose. The next morning brought a warming sun, heating up last nights cool brisk. The Equestrian HQ was busy with the daily routines, all battlefronts checked in and accounted for, their supply and reinforcement request being filed out. Many letters and scrolls came in that morning, with Colonel Trax reviewing them in the Command Tent. The Canterlot Military Academy and Training Schools wanted to rush their troops through, but Trax made a hard stop, urging them to keep to their usual schedule. Assisting this, Celestia backed his say, even going as far as recommending him for Promotion to the fabled rank of Field Grade General. With this rank not being used since the last War against the Batkin, the Military Leadership settled with the agreeance of General, and going through the proper channels for Military promotion. Trax sighed, "Military Politics bore me too much, I barely got to see action as a Colonel, General will surely put me on the backline." In front of the Batkin's tent, Ragnorak and Seven got a fire going and were heating up a red stew, with a large pot set aside and filled with red meat from a bear they had just killed. Oakly and Kasey sat outside their tent just a dozen feet away, each was cleaning their weapons, something their father had drilled into them from a young age.
  4. Black felt a smack in the face, ‘I should have known this! Of course! Idiot!’ He thought to himself inpatiently while he dipped his head obediently, “Yes My Lord, of course.” He then snapped to his created Soldier and left the throne room with the brute in tow. Chandler smirked with curiosity, a hand stroking his white beard. Echo nodded, “We will look into this Master. All in all everyone is still a little on edge, however we are all grateful to be making our own choices now.” She stated as she followed the Cat from behind.
  5. (( This is a movie type thread to the original storyline, anything here will not be mentioned in the original storyline. Considered Non-canon. )) Ocean waves slapped against the hardwood bow of a standard brigantine class ship. On board, the ships five man crew rummaged about, growing weary from a five day long voyage across the Equestrian Sea. Killjoy, a Colonel in the Equestrian Military, and one of the Champions chosen by the Princesses. She’s one the Heavy Hitters of the Kingdom, her Trait is called Hypersonic, allowing her to move at incredible speeds and produce usable electricity. Oakly Talon Trax, newly promoted 1st Lieutenant, Champion of Equestria. The oldest twin son of Equestria’s famous General Nameless Trax, his Trait is Absolute Parry, allowing him to deflect attacks with ease and crate opening for him to counter. Triton of the Cardinal Dragons, Captain in the Royal Mages Division, Champion of Equestria. Member of the Cardinal Dragons, made up of four powerful magic users, each gifted in individual Elemental Magic. His Trait, Dragon Aspect, taking on the aura armor of a dragon, increasing his physical and magical prowess. Kasey Melody Trax, newly promoted 1st Lieutenant, Champion of Equestria. Youngest twin son of General Nameless Trax, his Trait is called Absolute Strike, allowing him to successfully strike his target without fail. Seven Shot, of the Batkin Race and former Silent Fang member of the Vampire Legion, currently an Advisor to Lord Shadowed Heart. A powerful magic user who uses Blast and Shot Magic, his Trait is called Lock-On, allowing him to paint a target with his magic and direct all his magical attacks to said target without error. These five were sent to a land known as Ashgar, to find an ancient item called, The Heart. Legend has it this item’s power could change the tide of the War, and so an Equestrian Team is being sent to retrieve it, along with an Allied Ambassador. Seven heaved over the side of the ships railing, his purplish skin looking a little pale, his dark brown trench coat and cowboy hat set atop a barrel beside him. “Ugh, five bucking days of this... I am Batkin, this Sea Sickness thing will not defeat me!” He growled confidently before burping and making another heave over the side. Oakly stood at the wheel, turning slightly left as the current attempted to pull them right, he had gotten pretty good at driving since they started off five days ago. Kasey swung around in the sails above, enjoying himself after learning how not to swing too far out and overboard. “Heads up Mates’! I see land on the Horizon!” He called down to them as he rested atop the main sails cross bar. Seven cheered in relief, “Celestia’s Smooth Skin Finally!” He said briefly before hacking another volley over the railing. On the horizon, the little bit of land could be seen, signaling their destination was in sight.
  6. Echo dipped her head, “As much as we can.” She replied before turning to lead the way deeper into the thorny vine forest, “We have a few wounded from defending against a few wildlife threats, but they won’t be back. Our food supply is small but will last us another year, however we will need to find an alternative to human blood, I doubt that will keep us peaceful in the eyes of our allies.” She reported as they entered through a thicket of brambles. It opened up on the otherside, into a large cavern under the vines, lit up by natural light from glowing flowers on the ceiling. Spread throughout the cavern were black tents, the Batkin pausing as the newcomers walked in, with all eyes on Apollo and Noctis.
  7. Black Star dipped his head and beckoned a Soldier forward. Using his magic, Black Star binded the Soldier down, before forcing him to ingest the vial in a few gulps. Instantly the Soldier yelled out in agony, the veins in his skin turned green and his eyes became ablazed with purple flames. Black Star stepped back in admiration, “With this, they are stronger, faster, and...” He paused as the Soldier broke the bindings and let out a beastly roar, then glared at Maelstrom, instantly he dropped to a knee to bow down. “Completely obedient. They will not flee from a fight, they will die for you, and complete any task you give them without hesitation. With the Green Golems and new powerful Soldiers, you will find more victories upon the battlefield.” Black Star explained as he bowed at the waist. The Batkin Soldier was now a few feet taller with an increased muscle mass, his veins still glowed green under his skin, and a light purple flame came from both eyes. The other Silent Fang were a little intrigued by the idea, Chandler barely seemed to show any interest in it, only in seeing how this would play out. Ally snored slightly, she was fast asleep on her couch just a few yards behind Maelstrom’s throne. A few hours later, Noctis and Apollo arrived at the north western border, approaching a thick entanglement of large thorny black vines. Before they could enter, several Batkin dressed in mottled grey cloaks appeared around them. Another figure walked out from the vines, “Greetings Master Apollo, and Noctis, Lord Shadow mentioned you’d be stopping by.” Echo said casually as the Batkin stood to attention.
  8. Oakly narrowed his eyes, then turned around, “Fair enough, guess we should get some sleep, and greet tomorrow with rested minds.” He said monotonously as he stepped off, heading back towards their tent. Across the clearing of the Camp, Trax watched with a raised eyebrow, before continuing back to his business.
  9. Oakly sighed, “Kasey said the same, just not as intelligently. Let me ask you something then, Do you think you could ever hope to face Shade, and Win?” He asked looking at Triton with an intense stare, like he was searching for hope. He’d noticed Shade and Tritons interactions, and heard the gossip. This reminded him of Caesar, and He feared for Kasey and Himself, to be a target of such a Monster. At the Black Fort, Black Star approached Maelstrom with a vial of green and purple liquid, “I have something for you to Witness, My Lord, something more to help turn the tide.” He announced slyly, his eyes bloodshot red and wild, yet he still kept his usual pompous composure.
  10. “You’re being very comfortable with them.” Oakly’s voice sounded before he stepped out in front of Triton, his face wearing a grim curiosity. Noctis dipped his head, “Yes Master.” He gave the two Guards handshakes then followed behind Apollo obediently. The Batkin followers of Shadow were removed entirely from the War frontier, hidden from the world until it was safe for them to re-emerge. Hidden, in a Garden of Shadows.
  11. Shadow smiled genuinely, “You think logically, amongst all you’re compatriots, even more than the Colonel. Though, He is a smart one, and I’m pretty sure He figured that out during our Debriefing.” He chuckled nervously as he scratched his head. Shade shook his own head in defeat, Shadow is many things, but mind games are not one of his strong suits, at least compared to the Colonel’s. He had noticed that Killjoy’s had been absent, and guess She would return sometime soon, and probably not very keen on the recent development. He would like to know her take on the matter, knowing she would be told, if she hasn’t guessed it already. The Batkin numbers did not grow over the past Thousand Years, it would be obvious that we cannot breed with our own kind, and because of our arrogance we did not try with Humans. Ragnorak started to tear up, “I kin finely be a Fahdda? Dis is Funtastic!” He praised highly. Seven scratched his chin in thought, “Hmmmm Well I’ll be darned, this changes a few things, I reckon Echo will be pretty giddy about this too.” Outside in the hallway, Noctis was deep in conversation with the two Royal Guards. “Now listen here mates, you gotta listen to her, and I mean really Listen. Another thing is Patience, trust me boys, good things come to those who wait.” Noctis finished telling as he rubbed a heartfelt tear from the corner of his left eye. Glancing up, He noticed Apollo, “Ah, Master, did everything go well?” He asked chirpingly. The two Royal Guards starred at Apollo in surprise, then saw Celestia lean over in the back from behind the desk, Instantly they came to Attention in salute. Noctis smiled innocently, “We had a little chat, truly good Men these fellows are.”
  12. Celestia agreed with a nod of her head, "Yes, we will need all the strength we can muster if even half of what Apollo says is true." She said in a deep sigh. Suddenly Shade walked into the tent, surprised to see Triton with Shadow, "Oh Uh forgive my intrusion." He said apologetically as he went to turn around. "Its alright Shade, Ragnorak, Seven, you come in too." As Shadow spoke their names, they zipped back into the tent, Seven's right arm obviously healing from being broken but he wasn't phased by it. Shadow set his wine down, "There's actually something I'd like to inform you three on, and pass on to Echo and the others. There was a discovery made centuries ago, that even though we cannot reproduce with our own kind, this does not apply to Batkin and Humans having offspring. This also allows those who share half our blood, to reproduce with each other. Something to consider, should we win this War." He explained to them evenly, before casually picking up his wine glass to sip from. Seven and Ragnorak glanced at each other, Shade looked down in serious thought, Shadow then looked at Triton for his take on the matter.
  13. Shadow took a sip, keeping eye contact with Triton as he set his glass down, “I appreciate the discreet report, and I assure you that whatever is happened is most likely already resolved. Shade mentioned briefly about some business he needed to sort out, and we both know how formal He can be. His prowess makes any threat to this camp practically nonexistent, you can atest to that fact personally.” He explained calmly, noting the awkward tension, it really was like dealing with a younger version of Shade... well, more vocal anyway.
  14. Black Star streatched out his hand, casting a purple and green flame onto a Batkin Legionnaire, causing the soldier great pain but now burning him. Slowly the Soldier’s cry began an echoing unearthly roar, his yellow eyes turning completely black, his fangs enlarged twice the normal size. Black Star grinned wildly as he held out his other hand, his maniacal laughter overcoming the soldiers roar. Shadow looked up from watching Seven and Ragnorak arm wrestle, waving his hand as he noticed Ragnorak about to call out Triton for not addressing him properly, “Absolutely.” Instantly both the Former Silent Fang sat up and kept at it as they moved to outside the tent. “Anything of concern?” Shadow asked as he poured them some wine. Celestia eyed Apollo with a stern glare, going over the information in her head. “I should have know something like this would have happened eventually, I just wasn’t expecting it during the war. I understand why you held this back, and you have never given us any reason not to trust you. Very well, I will accept these terms, on the account you visit these Batkin who have sworn fealty to Shadow. Confirm them for me.”
  15. Noctis stood still as the doors closed, glancing between the two Castle Guardsmen, “Gentlemen, any stories to pass the time?” He asked after clearing his throat awkwardly. Celestia put down the scroll she was reading, still having her glasses on, glaring with narrowed eyes. “Greeting Apollo, the days have been quiet, except for a few hours ago.” She started sternly. She then sighed deeply as she removed the glasses, “I suppose I should have expected something of this sort, to be brought up from you at some point, or another. Alright, explain everything to me, and then tell me why you brought one the Silent Fangs One-Man Army with you?” She asked curiously, though her tone was stern and serious. She had seen everyone of the Silent Fang during her year on the Frontlines, Noctis had been on the plains, preventing any kind of Advantage. Not to mention the Massacre of the B.D.U., to which every Silent Fang took part in. A fact She cannot just ignore. Leaf watched stifly as Shade merely turned to stare directly at her, feeling a split second decision, She rushed him with a drawn dagger. Within just feet of him, Leaf expected to be caught, but instead her dagger went straight into his chest and she tackled him to the ground in surprise. Quickly taking out the dagger, Leaf tore a piece of her skirt trailing to cover his wound, applying pressure. “Why didn’t you stop me! You id-....” She paused as Shade put his hands on her and lifted her from the wound, revealing not even a scratch, just a small sizzle of steam. Leaf backed up off of him, letting Shade sit up, “It’ll take more than a dagger to harm me, and... I deserve a lot more than that. Wouldn’t you agree?” He told her sternly. Leaf tightened her fist, gritted her teeth angrily, “Fine, how about this!” She hissed briefly before hitting him square in the jaw. Shade knew exactly what she was doing, on contact he forced his head to move to the side, preventing Leaf from breaking her hand. Instead she just bruised her knickles, if She couldn’t hurt him physically, She’d hurt him mentally. Shade frowned, “You figured that out quickly.” He said bitterly. Leaf stood up and turned to walk away, “You care about my Well Being that much, then I’ll gladly sacrifice that, if it means making you suffer.” She said angrily before stepping off, leaving Shade to himself.
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