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  1. The Next Generation

    Illusion smiled happily, “Yes, that would be nice, thank you.” He said as he used his magic to prepare himself a s’more.
  2. The Next Generation

    “No, it’s alright, I will go. My Mother probably wants to know a few things, and she rightly deserves to.” Illusion told her with a weak smile, hiding the fact he was still very nervous. Blitz glanced between the two, “Im gonna turn in early, goodnight you two.” He said with a fake cough before he went to his tent. Seconds later, a light snoring sound came from the tent, Illusion sighed with a smirk, “Your brother can go to sleep so easily, as one who doesn’t require sleep, I’m quite jealous.” He chuckled lightly.
  3. The Next Generation

    ((Sorry, on vacay)) ”She’s alright now, back to normal, just healing from her injuries now. Princess Celestia said Illusion can pick her up tomorrow.” Blitz explained, Illusion froze, his eyes wide in a mixture of fear and nervousness. His Mother would ask about what happened, that was a fact. Blitz blew on the fire a little, causing it to flare up, interrupting Illusions thoughts. He still sat nervously, his mind racing with thoughts of his actions.
  4. The Next Generation

    Illusion looked down and away, Blitz rubbed the back of his head, “Still a little drained but feeling good, how are you?” He asked in return. Illusion grit his teeth, blaming himself for her injuries.
  5. The Next Generation

    Blitz let them rest for a few hours, it was early evening when he got Princess Celestia’s message scroll. He had just finished a smore when he burped it out, excusing himself he unrolled the scroll. Starburst was returned to normal and being monitored by the nurse staff for her injuries, he would make Illusion apologize later for hitting her with one of his magic attacks. The Changelings had all been rounded up, and along with their Queen, sent to the Super Max Prison known as Purgatory. Blitz sighed with relief as he set the scroll down, then heard commotion behind him, turning he saw Illusion step out carefully from the tent. “I believe I owe everypony an apology, and my greatest gratitude. If Claire hadn’t been there, I don’t want to think about what would have happened next.” He said solemnly as he went to sit beside the fire across from Blitz, his amber eyes stared into the flames with shame. Blitz blew a small flicker of fire, “You knew Chrysalis was a strong opponent, instinctively you forced yourself to draw on magic power you haven’t trained with before. In all honesty things might have gone for the worst had you not. At least now you know what your limits are, just make sure you apologize to my Sister, and to Starburst. She’s back to normal now, and resting from her wounds.” Blitz explained to him simply. Illusion looked past him to stare at the tent where Claire slept, “Yeah, I know my limits, and my weaknesses. I’ll make it up to you all, I promise you this.”
  6. The Next Generation

    Blitz landed at the site, walking to the tent and opening the flap, he smiled at the sight. "Sleep tight you two," He said as he pulled a blanket over Claire, "You both need it." Blitz sat down outside, relishing the wind blowing lightly on his face, " An interesting day, perhaps our lives will be just as exciting as our Parents was, though it seems ours may be more dangerous."
  7. The Next Generation

    Illusions magic power ceased, the black fur around his neck softened, and the black magic in his left eye vanished. Illusion sighed with great relief, “... Thank you, Claire... I can always count on you...” He whispered before falling to his knees weakly. Celestia’s horn lit up with a golden shine, Starbursts body was surrounded by a white aura, slowly turning her body back to normal, “This will take some time Blitz, go and find my Son and your Sister, I will send for you when I am finished.” She told Blitz kindly. Blitz dipped his head before leaving the room, he quickly broke into a full sprint as he headed back towards Rainbow Falls.
  8. The Next Generation

    Illusion had paused mid step, he slowly turned his head around, his fierce glare sent chills down Claire’s spine. Instantly the fiery shield dispersed, “I’ve had just about enough of you.” His voice came from behind Claire as he swiped with his right paw, sharp claws gleamed in the sunlight as they raced towards Her neck. Suddenly his paw stopped, just inches from her skin, a small shockwave blew the grass back around them. Illusion looked confused and angered, his body trembling as he kept trying to move his body, but to no avail. “Claire,” Illusions voice was different now, “I need you to close my eyes for me, I can’t do it alone.” He told her wishfully, Illusions fight to the surface had won him a few moments of time to speak.
  9. The Next Generation

    ((No prob)) Illusion looked down on her with a dark expression, “You are.... Annoying.” He started to walk around her, “If you know whats good for you, don’t follow, or try to stop me.” Blitz flew back to the castle with haste, he met with a few nurses who put Starburst onto a hospital bed. They were soon heading down the hall, towards Princess Celestia’s Study.
  10. The Next Generation

    Illusions magic vines slowly started to wrap around Claire as she was frozen in fear, the vine around her neck began to suffocate her. Suddenly a tear slid down from Illusions right eye, the real Illusion was there, scratching to get out from the darkness that was consuming him. Blitz walked up to Chrysalis and Starburst, smoothly he scooped up Starburst, “Don’t you worry Star, Princess Celestia is already getting prepared for you. As for you,” His tone switched from soft to icy cold as he addressed the injured Chrysalis, “Princess Luna will be along to take you away, and be punished for your treachery.” As he turned around, Princess Luna and Several Royal Guards flew down to them.
  11. The Next Generation

    Illusions face went dark as several magic vines appeared around Claire, “No, I’m being serious, move aside or begone from this Reality.” His tone was cold as ice, his snake-like eyes burned with rage.
  12. The Next Generation

    Illusion stared at her blankly, then burst into laughter, “That’s adorable love, but I’ve never felt better, now step aside before things get nasty.” He told her with warning spark in his eyes.
  13. The Next Generation

    Illusion stood fast as he canceled out his own magic with ease, "Trying to use my own attack against me? What a foolish Queen Bee, I'll just have to send her to Tartarus along with everyone of her Changeling brood, and be done with this nonsense." He chuckled wildly as he started towards Canterlot, the purple and green flame from his left eye grew larger as the Black Magic consumed him further. Blitz sucked in a large breath, then roared, unleashing an enormous fiery blaze that blew the changeling army down from the sky. Panting, Blitz let out a sigh, "That was awesome, but extremely draining."
  14. The Next Generation

    Luckily, Celestia had received Blitz’s warning in time, the Royal Guard’s Magic Division had already casted a barrier similar to the one Shining Armor used many years before. Blitz burst forward with a grin as he bashed into multiple Changelings, he landed onto the barrier to face the army of Changelings, “Bring it on bugs, with the city protected, I can finally let loose.” Flames parted from his mouth as he spoke. “Who cares, we got the Queen right where we need her.” Illusion laughed as he released more magic, casting a destructive wave towards Chrysalis that tore up the ground in its path.
  15. The Next Generation

    Illusion grinned wildly as he cast multiple purple fireballs, split between attacking Chrysalis further, and at the changelings heading to Canterlot. Their numbers diminished a little. Blitz spread his wings out, "Stay here and make sure He doesn't continue on after he beats Chrysalis, I'll going after Starburst, I'll send a message scroll to Princess Celestia on the way." He told her before taking off towards the Changelings.