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  1. Oakly narrowed his eyes, then turned around, “Fair enough, guess we should get some sleep, and greet tomorrow with rested minds.” He said monotonously as he stepped off, heading back towards their tent. Across the clearing of the Camp, Trax watched with a raised eyebrow, before continuing back to his business.
  2. Oakly sighed, “Kasey said the same, just not as intelligently. Let me ask you something then, Do you think you could ever hope to face Shade, and Win?” He asked looking at Triton with an intense stare, like he was searching for hope. He’d noticed Shade and Tritons interactions, and heard the gossip. This reminded him of Caesar, and He feared for Kasey and Himself, to be a target of such a Monster. At the Black Fort, Black Star approached Maelstrom with a vial of green and purple liquid, “I have something for you to Witness, My Lord, something more to help turn the tide.” He announced slyly, his eyes bloodshot red and wild, yet he still kept his usual pompous composure.
  3. “You’re being very comfortable with them.” Oakly’s voice sounded before he stepped out in front of Triton, his face wearing a grim curiosity. Noctis dipped his head, “Yes Master.” He gave the two Guards handshakes then followed behind Apollo obediently. The Batkin followers of Shadow were removed entirely from the War frontier, hidden from the world until it was safe for them to re-emerge. Hidden, in a Garden of Shadows.
  4. Shadow smiled genuinely, “You think logically, amongst all you’re compatriots, even more than the Colonel. Though, He is a smart one, and I’m pretty sure He figured that out during our Debriefing.” He chuckled nervously as he scratched his head. Shade shook his own head in defeat, Shadow is many things, but mind games are not one of his strong suits, at least compared to the Colonel’s. He had noticed that Killjoy’s had been absent, and guess She would return sometime soon, and probably not very keen on the recent development. He would like to know her take on the matter, knowing she would be told, if she hasn’t guessed it already. The Batkin numbers did not grow over the past Thousand Years, it would be obvious that we cannot breed with our own kind, and because of our arrogance we did not try with Humans. Ragnorak started to tear up, “I kin finely be a Fahdda? Dis is Funtastic!” He praised highly. Seven scratched his chin in thought, “Hmmmm Well I’ll be darned, this changes a few things, I reckon Echo will be pretty giddy about this too.” Outside in the hallway, Noctis was deep in conversation with the two Royal Guards. “Now listen here mates, you gotta listen to her, and I mean really Listen. Another thing is Patience, trust me boys, good things come to those who wait.” Noctis finished telling as he rubbed a heartfelt tear from the corner of his left eye. Glancing up, He noticed Apollo, “Ah, Master, did everything go well?” He asked chirpingly. The two Royal Guards starred at Apollo in surprise, then saw Celestia lean over in the back from behind the desk, Instantly they came to Attention in salute. Noctis smiled innocently, “We had a little chat, truly good Men these fellows are.”
  5. Celestia agreed with a nod of her head, "Yes, we will need all the strength we can muster if even half of what Apollo says is true." She said in a deep sigh. Suddenly Shade walked into the tent, surprised to see Triton with Shadow, "Oh Uh forgive my intrusion." He said apologetically as he went to turn around. "Its alright Shade, Ragnorak, Seven, you come in too." As Shadow spoke their names, they zipped back into the tent, Seven's right arm obviously healing from being broken but he wasn't phased by it. Shadow set his wine down, "There's actually something I'd like to inform you three on, and pass on to Echo and the others. There was a discovery made centuries ago, that even though we cannot reproduce with our own kind, this does not apply to Batkin and Humans having offspring. This also allows those who share half our blood, to reproduce with each other. Something to consider, should we win this War." He explained to them evenly, before casually picking up his wine glass to sip from. Seven and Ragnorak glanced at each other, Shade looked down in serious thought, Shadow then looked at Triton for his take on the matter.
  6. Shadow took a sip, keeping eye contact with Triton as he set his glass down, “I appreciate the discreet report, and I assure you that whatever is happened is most likely already resolved. Shade mentioned briefly about some business he needed to sort out, and we both know how formal He can be. His prowess makes any threat to this camp practically nonexistent, you can atest to that fact personally.” He explained calmly, noting the awkward tension, it really was like dealing with a younger version of Shade... well, more vocal anyway.
  7. Black Star streatched out his hand, casting a purple and green flame onto a Batkin Legionnaire, causing the soldier great pain but now burning him. Slowly the Soldier’s cry began an echoing unearthly roar, his yellow eyes turning completely black, his fangs enlarged twice the normal size. Black Star grinned wildly as he held out his other hand, his maniacal laughter overcoming the soldiers roar. Shadow looked up from watching Seven and Ragnorak arm wrestle, waving his hand as he noticed Ragnorak about to call out Triton for not addressing him properly, “Absolutely.” Instantly both the Former Silent Fang sat up and kept at it as they moved to outside the tent. “Anything of concern?” Shadow asked as he poured them some wine. Celestia eyed Apollo with a stern glare, going over the information in her head. “I should have know something like this would have happened eventually, I just wasn’t expecting it during the war. I understand why you held this back, and you have never given us any reason not to trust you. Very well, I will accept these terms, on the account you visit these Batkin who have sworn fealty to Shadow. Confirm them for me.”
  8. Noctis stood still as the doors closed, glancing between the two Castle Guardsmen, “Gentlemen, any stories to pass the time?” He asked after clearing his throat awkwardly. Celestia put down the scroll she was reading, still having her glasses on, glaring with narrowed eyes. “Greeting Apollo, the days have been quiet, except for a few hours ago.” She started sternly. She then sighed deeply as she removed the glasses, “I suppose I should have expected something of this sort, to be brought up from you at some point, or another. Alright, explain everything to me, and then tell me why you brought one the Silent Fangs One-Man Army with you?” She asked curiously, though her tone was stern and serious. She had seen everyone of the Silent Fang during her year on the Frontlines, Noctis had been on the plains, preventing any kind of Advantage. Not to mention the Massacre of the B.D.U., to which every Silent Fang took part in. A fact She cannot just ignore. Leaf watched stifly as Shade merely turned to stare directly at her, feeling a split second decision, She rushed him with a drawn dagger. Within just feet of him, Leaf expected to be caught, but instead her dagger went straight into his chest and she tackled him to the ground in surprise. Quickly taking out the dagger, Leaf tore a piece of her skirt trailing to cover his wound, applying pressure. “Why didn’t you stop me! You id-....” She paused as Shade put his hands on her and lifted her from the wound, revealing not even a scratch, just a small sizzle of steam. Leaf backed up off of him, letting Shade sit up, “It’ll take more than a dagger to harm me, and... I deserve a lot more than that. Wouldn’t you agree?” He told her sternly. Leaf tightened her fist, gritted her teeth angrily, “Fine, how about this!” She hissed briefly before hitting him square in the jaw. Shade knew exactly what she was doing, on contact he forced his head to move to the side, preventing Leaf from breaking her hand. Instead she just bruised her knickles, if She couldn’t hurt him physically, She’d hurt him mentally. Shade frowned, “You figured that out quickly.” He said bitterly. Leaf stood up and turned to walk away, “You care about my Well Being that much, then I’ll gladly sacrifice that, if it means making you suffer.” She said angrily before stepping off, leaving Shade to himself.
  9. Noctis dipped his head obediently, “Yes Master, I won’t bring dishonor to your name.” He said respectfully. Shade narrowed his eyes, Fear would know if he lied, but knew he would be putting Triton in his former comrades sights... if he wasn’t already. “The mage showed promise, even before receiving a trait.” Shade raised a hand to touch the light scar on his chin, “I felt like I was facing myself, in a game of chess, and for a split second... I could almost see myself being defeated by Him. Fear, the Humans deserve our respect, wether as Allies or Enemies. Especially this Mage, his Intellect matches my own, his Strategy in Battle can rival even Maelstrom, and his calm Cunning... I would measure him against You.” Shade ended as he lowered his hand, meeting Fear’s gaze evenly. Leaf pressed low to the forest floor, hidden under the brush just 20 meters behind Shade, her breathing was slow and controlled. Unfortunately she had grown slightly taller, however the one place she was truly happy to grow in, was now being a slight annoyance to her now. With the Batkin deeply focused on eachother, neither knew she was there. Slightly shifting her body, Leaf swallowed her gasp of shock as she watched a leaf drop slowly in front of her eyes.
  10. Shade closed his eyes, breathing out in a deep sigh, understanding the situation a little more. “Fear, upon a time I do believe we were alike, however that changed when I watched a single Man rise the ranks of the Silent Fang. He did so without help, training tirelessly, and forging bonds with the Legionaries. He went from the 36th seat, to the 20th by the time we were defeated. Then, he continued even after, and gaining the 3rd seat. He did this on his own accord, and I.... I admired that. During our exile I got learn from him, talk with him, grew with him. He made me see in a different light, at first it was blinding, but then I saw it for the beauty it was. Fear, we are free of control, free to forge our own paths in this big world. It has been a thousand years since our exile, being told only to harbor hate and anger towards humans. When really, we were the ones who offended them, and brought about our own exile. Maelstrom lead us to wallow in hatred, twisted our minds to thinking we were above humans, like they are just cattle to the slaughter. I don’t know about you, but that is an Arrogant way to live, and it sickens me to think I ever felt that way.” Shade’s hands balled into fists, tightening as he spoke those last words. Calming down, Shade opened his eyes to look at Fear, “I learned I could follow my own path, one of my own chosing. That is my choice, not one of Logic, but of the Heart. I will Serve Shadow till my dying breath, Protect our people with every ounce of my being, and learn how to Love.... Her.” He ended softly as he pictured Leafs face in his mind, the very thought of his feelings being Love for Leaf, made him feel warm inside. ‘Heh, so this is what emotions are like’, He chuckled to himself, having come far from the empty shell he used to be.
  11. “Yes Master.” Noctis spoke with a brief nod before they took off, keeping pace with Apollo just behind and to the left. Nightmare Moon remained silent, noticing Noctis’s lack of shock upon hearing about her presence, “His faith and trust in you is absolute. I’m actually quite jealous.” She said reluctantly. “Anything else Colonel?” Shade asked respectfully, as Trax read over the info he had received, “None at all Shade, you’re good to go, send Seven in next.” Shade dipped his head in response then stepped outside of the tent, heading towards the Leaders tent, when he paused midstep. The shadows around moved unnaturally, with only one man in mind, he swerved off the path in the middle of the Camp. Erasing his presence, he vanished into the shadows. Little did he know, Leaf watched with a growing suspicion, as he thought to slink away. Reappearing in the woods nearby the Camp, Shade glanced around, “I realize we have something to discuss, come out so we can talk.” He said out loud patiently.
  12. Shade sighed, “A repercussion of my Sins against Her, and to this group. We all took part in the Massacre at South Place, it was a little before You came along. Also,” He paused to glance at Kasey and Oakly, both returning grim stares as they listened, “Words of apologies will not take back what I have already done. I have done the worst out of my Kin here, you’re hospitality is most Un-deserved by me.” Flint had read the reports about that first battle, where 24 Silent Fang went up against 157 B.D.U Soldiers, a one-sided Massacre was putting it lightly. Not to mention Shade had also killed an entire outpost twice, and took the lives of two of Killjoys men. Shadow had also done some terrible things as well, and Ragnorak and Seven are just as guilty, this must be harder for those who were part of the B.D.U. Oakly huffed with annoyance, “We don’t need your sympathy, nor do we want it. If you’ve truly changed, earn our trust honorably.” He said sternly. “Besides,” Kasey began with a shrug, “We’re the least of You’re concern, the real trouble will be from the Captain.” ”Ah yes, da one Lady Ally has her eyes on.” Ragnorak spoke has scrathed his thick black beard. “You’re Captain will have her work cut out for her, Lady Ally isn’t the most patient one, especially when she gets bored of her prey.” Seven added in with a shiver. Noctis dipped his head eagerly, “It started long ago during the first War, I watched as the enemy bowed to you, it was by far the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You, a Flyer, could force you’re opponents to bow without magic. Since then I have always admired you, but alas you’re time with us was cut short, and I was forced to roam the battlefields solemnly. I honed my Gravity Magic over the years, hoping I could rise to the level of your strength, it is my dream to be like you. It is an honor to finally have a second chance, to serve under you.” He explained wholeheartedly. Nightmare Moon’s humming paused as he spoke, “Hmmm interesting... the tendencies of Free Will started early than I had previously predicted, even then under my reign, Noctis held you higher than myself... Makes me wonder about the others...”
  13. “Don’t act like this normal!” Arial jibed as Triton seemed to dismiss the event. Flint paused, waiting for all heII to break loose. However, Shade calmly stood back up, looking Leaf in the eye evenly. Leaf glared at him angrily, “That was for my Allies you killed,” She said before smacking him across the face, “That was for Me.” There was a brief pause before Shade attempted to speak, when Leaf suddenly slapped him again. Shade felt puzzled when she didn’t say anything, “What was that one for?” “I Just Felt Like It Shade, who bucking knows, I’m sure I could find a reason!” Leaf yelled with annoyance. Flint just looked on in surprise that Shade was just taking this, then he noticed Leaf’s hand was shaking, and Shades face barely had a scuff. “Is you’re hand alright?” Shade asked blankly. Leafs face exploded a bright red, but Arial was quick on the draw, taking Leaf by the collar and dragging her back as she swung aimless. Spouting off threats like a sailor, her voice trailing away as Arial took her away. With the tent quiet again, Kasey dropped Seven with a disgruntled look, as Ragnorak and Jag split apart with coughs. Flint acknowledged Tritons words, “You can count on it.” He sighed reluctantly. Below the Black Fort, Black Star weaved his fingers in the air, stringing together molten green lava from his Black Magic. With increasing the strength, he couldn’t spawn his original numbers worth, but these would make up for that. Their sturdy stature and destructive force would be just what they need. Black Star smiled wickedly, the blood vessels in his eyes beginning to burst, a repercussion of his excessive use of Black Magic.
  14. Leaf looked on in confusion before noticing the man Apollo was riding on, “Batkin?....” Shade nodded, “Things have been a little off this past year, indeed it would seem I have found the right path to take.” He said awkwardly again. Arial glanced between the two, to her this was very weird to watch, but to them it was probably normal. The tent flaps opening up brought everyone’s attention, seeing Leaf standing there with a wide look on her face. Shade felt at a loss for words, “Leaf..., Listen I-“ He barely got words out before she stomped across the tent floor, reared her right fist back, and planted it right into Shades face. As Shade flew back onto the ground in utter surprise, Seven leaped up into Kasey’s arms, while Ragnorak and Jag unknownly held onto each other, Oakly just went wide in shock. Arial went white in disbelief, trying to peice together what just happened in front of her. Trax sat down at a table, Shadow sitting opposite of him. The debriefings would take place in a small tent, being sound proofed by two mages outside. “I don’t have to pry do I?” Trax asked him with a sigh. Shadow shook his head, “We’ll leave no detail unmentioned, though I imagine Maelstrom will change everything, He is far removed from being a fool. Also, regarding my kinds feeding habits, we will be looking into an alternative solution.” He told him reassuringly. “Don’t think I’ll let you get off free about that comment Apollo dear, and want to explain your new companion? Noctis Cloud?” Nightmare asked patiently. “Also, the human girl, She’s.... interesting.”
  15. Trax shrugged, “Go ahead you two. Shadow, we’ll start with you.” He said evenly as the two left the tent. Noctis nodded quickly, sweating but also smiling at the same time, “Yes Master!” He said excitedly as he stepped out of the tent. Outside, Noctis paused as a young female with light green eyes and light brown hair tied back, blocked his path. “Hey, I brought this back to you, to be honest it doesn’t match you at all.” She spoke to Apollo as she handed him the Nightmare Moon pendant. Leaf Greenery, since their year long training, she had passed the Lieutenants Battle and Writen tests. She wore new leather armor, built for agility and rapid movement, a simple looking rapier rested on her hip. In all, she looked very different compared to a year ago, especially in the way she carried herself. Flint glanced between Ragnorak and Seven, they were new faces, and he could sense a fairly strong magic from Seven. Though it was being overshadowed by Shade, out of all of them, he was by far the biggest threat. Shade looked at Triton, unsure of what to say, though he felt he needed to say something. “Ahem, um... so Water Magic huh?” He asked awkwardly. The question seemed to break the tension a little, Oakly relaxed a little more, and Kasey pretended to cut the air. Seven slid beside him, “I guess you could say the tensions been cut.” The two chuckled together. Ragnorak and Jag nodded to each other and shook hands, firmly, their muscles bulging under their shirts.