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  1. “Don’t act like this normal!” Arial jibed as Triton seemed to dismiss the event. Flint paused, waiting for all heII to break loose. However, Shade calmly stood back up, looking Leaf in the eye evenly. Leaf glared at him angrily, “That was for my Allies you killed,” She said before smacking him across the face, “That was for Me.” There was a brief pause before Shade attempted to speak, when Leaf suddenly slapped him again. Shade felt puzzled when she didn’t say anything, “What was that one for?” “I Just Felt Like It Shade, who bucking knows, I’m sure I could find a reason!” Leaf yelled with annoyance. Flint just looked on in surprise that Shade was just taking this, then he noticed Leaf’s hand was shaking, and Shades face barely had a scuff. “Is you’re hand alright?” Shade asked blankly. Leafs face exploded a bright red, but Arial was quick on the draw, taking Leaf by the collar and dragging her back as she swung aimless. Spouting off threats like a sailor, her voice trailing away as Arial took her away. With the tent quiet again, Kasey dropped Seven with a disgruntled look, as Ragnorak and Jag split apart with coughs. Flint acknowledged Tritons words, “You can count on it.” He sighed reluctantly. Below the Black Fort, Black Star weaved his fingers in the air, stringing together molten green lava from his Black Magic. With increasing the strength, he couldn’t spawn his original numbers worth, but these would make up for that. Their sturdy stature and destructive force would be just what they need. Black Star smiled wickedly, the blood vessels in his eyes beginning to burst, a repercussion of his excessive use of Black Magic.
  2. Leaf looked on in confusion before noticing the man Apollo was riding on, “Batkin?....” Shade nodded, “Things have been a little off this past year, indeed it would seem I have found the right path to take.” He said awkwardly again. Arial glanced between the two, to her this was very weird to watch, but to them it was probably normal. The tent flaps opening up brought everyone’s attention, seeing Leaf standing there with a wide look on her face. Shade felt at a loss for words, “Leaf..., Listen I-“ He barely got words out before she stomped across the tent floor, reared her right fist back, and planted it right into Shades face. As Shade flew back onto the ground in utter surprise, Seven leaped up into Kasey’s arms, while Ragnorak and Jag unknownly held onto each other, Oakly just went wide in shock. Arial went white in disbelief, trying to peice together what just happened in front of her. Trax sat down at a table, Shadow sitting opposite of him. The debriefings would take place in a small tent, being sound proofed by two mages outside. “I don’t have to pry do I?” Trax asked him with a sigh. Shadow shook his head, “We’ll leave no detail unmentioned, though I imagine Maelstrom will change everything, He is far removed from being a fool. Also, regarding my kinds feeding habits, we will be looking into an alternative solution.” He told him reassuringly. “Don’t think I’ll let you get off free about that comment Apollo dear, and want to explain your new companion? Noctis Cloud?” Nightmare asked patiently. “Also, the human girl, She’s.... interesting.”
  3. Trax shrugged, “Go ahead you two. Shadow, we’ll start with you.” He said evenly as the two left the tent. Noctis nodded quickly, sweating but also smiling at the same time, “Yes Master!” He said excitedly as he stepped out of the tent. Outside, Noctis paused as a young female with light green eyes and light brown hair tied back, blocked his path. “Hey, I brought this back to you, to be honest it doesn’t match you at all.” She spoke to Apollo as she handed him the Nightmare Moon pendant. Leaf Greenery, since their year long training, she had passed the Lieutenants Battle and Writen tests. She wore new leather armor, built for agility and rapid movement, a simple looking rapier rested on her hip. In all, she looked very different compared to a year ago, especially in the way she carried herself. Flint glanced between Ragnorak and Seven, they were new faces, and he could sense a fairly strong magic from Seven. Though it was being overshadowed by Shade, out of all of them, he was by far the biggest threat. Shade looked at Triton, unsure of what to say, though he felt he needed to say something. “Ahem, um... so Water Magic huh?” He asked awkwardly. The question seemed to break the tension a little, Oakly relaxed a little more, and Kasey pretended to cut the air. Seven slid beside him, “I guess you could say the tensions been cut.” The two chuckled together. Ragnorak and Jag nodded to each other and shook hands, firmly, their muscles bulging under their shirts.
  4. Celestia nodded in agreement, “I agree, so lets do this.” She started as she faced the screen again. “All Intelligence regarding the Vampire Legion will debriefed from all of you separately. Trax, you will assign someone to watch over each of them, pair up if needed.” She paused to glare directly at Shade, “The use of Black Magic, or Necromancy, is strictly Forbidden. I will not have that accursed and corrupt power be used by anyone on our side, or claiming to be. Am I understood?” She demanded sternly. Shade dipped his head, “I swear it upon my life.” He answered calmly. “Consider our Aliance forfeited, and Us gone from this very continent, if He does.” Shadow followed up. Celestia eyed them all with narrowed eyes, she had her doubts, but their knowledge and strengths would be a huge tip of scale in their favor. She would have words with Apollo upon his return, figuring this had probably been his plan all along. “One last thing, You’re people, the ones who follow You’re Leadership.” She began hesitantly. Shadow stood up, his eyes grew serious with a protective drive, “I have one former Silent Fang with them now, they are all well trained fighters, with the armor and weapons to match. I am not asking for asylum, nor do they need it. I have already kept them waiting for too long, and have lost a few because of my ignorance. I will not fail them or bring them close to harm. They are my People, and I am sure you can relate.” He spoke evenly but with a stern tone, he would not give ground ao easily on this matter. There was a moment of silence between the two, before Celestia spoke, “Soon you will take me to them, so I may meet them myself.” Shadow dipped his head, “I will await you’re call.” At that the connection was cut. Trax tapped his foot in thought, “First things first, we’ll debrief you all separately, then assign groups. Shadow, you’re with me.” He said confidently. Shadow smiled, “The honor is mine, Colonel.”
  5. Black Star dipped his head with a slight bow, a wide an unsettling grin crossing his face, "It will done, My Lord. I have another project in the works, one that will give us the advantage you desire... and more." He added gleefully before teleporting away. Chandler examined the golem curiously, then from the palm of his own hand, conjured a flame of Black Magic. "I wonder..." He pondered as he blew the flame into the golem, infusing it with a larger amount of Black Magic than it previously held. Instantly the golem sprung to life, swinging at Chandler, but the short stubby man merely caught its molten fist with ease. Suddenly the Golem imploded with green magical worms, devouring it into nothing, then slithering back under Chandler. "It seems only Black Star's magic can be used on them, or else they attack... Interesting." He pondered to himself as he scratched his white beard. Celestia leaned in closer, causing her eye to cover the whole screen, "Should I be worried?" She asked with concern as she backed up. Trax sighed, "There is no need, regrettably we wouldn't be making this call if they were hostile, let alone alive to even try." He commented jokingly before stepping back. Shadow stepped in to stand center, then took a knee. Shade, Seven, and Ragnorak went wide in surprise, but then followed suit. "Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, we have committed many wrongdoings against you and your people, and I will not ask for your forgiveness. I come before you now as the Leader of little over a hundred Batkin, who have left the Vampire Legion, to live in Peace. I am offering my services, along with my entrusted advisors, to aid you in defeating Maelstrom and his Legion. To aid you in bringing peace for Human, and Batkin." Shadow's left the tent quiet. Trax raised an eyebrow, noticing he didn't mention Apollo at all, He's doing this Himself. A risky move, but one that proves his motives. Back at Canterlot, Celestia looked at her sister, "What are your thoughts?" She whispered so not to be heard through the mirror call.
  6. Noctis nodded quickly, but his face was alit with pure joy, as if having Apollo on his shoulder was a huge life goal. Trax focused solely on Shadow, “It’s fairly obvious where this is going, so I’ll let you state you’re case, and then we can proceed from there.” Shadow met Trax’s gaze evenly, “Agreed. As of now, Myself, Shade Locke, Ragnorak Earthshatter, Seven Shot, Noctis, and Echo Sound, along with over a hundred Batkin Legionnaires, have denounced ourselves from the Vampire Legion and Maelstrom. Allegiance has been sworn unto Me, as their new Leader, they are my people now. As such, My people are without a home, and now await in hiding with Echo watching over them. I am not ignorant of the blood each of us have stained on out hands, nor am I asking for you’re forgiveness. I am only here because we now share a common enemy, and because we are both fighting for Peace.” His explanation sounded fair and truthful, but after everything that had happened in the past, it was hard to trust the faces of their once feared enemies. Trax glanced between the other Batkin, besides their obvious loyalty to Shadow, he felt no bloodlust from them. With a sigh, Trax turned and waved them to follow, “Come with me, Triton, prepare to contact Princess Celestia and Luna. They need to hear this themselves.” He added to his former student as he started back through the gates. Oakly and Kasey stared wide eyed in shock, Jag and Arial went grim and exchanged concerning looks. Flint stood firm as the Batkin passed by him, Trax was right, their body heat didn’t fluctuate at all, they spoke that truth with every word. Shade came closer to Triton, feeling a connection to him, he dipped his head in acknowledgment. Then continued to follow Shadow with the others as Trax led them into the encampment.
  7. At first everyone moved, then paused as their bodies responded to their still fatigues bodies, realizing how much they needed to work on handling Traits better. Heading out the tent and towards the front gate, Soldiers were already on guard and gathering, one the Captains detailing the description on the Batkin. The more notable ones being Shadow and Shade. Movement from the small group of Batkin caught everyone’s attention as they lined the wall, looking like white cloth tied on a stick. The one holding the stick wore a black cowboy hat, “Am Ah doin this right? Weh haven’t had to do this before.” He called out to them in an obvious western accent. Kasey frowned, “I feel like we’re being insulted, by a surrendering enemy...” He mumbled with annoyance. Oakly glanced at his father, not sensing any hostility from the enemy, and guessed Trax was feeling the same. Flint then raised his eyebrows, “Oh, Apollo is with them.” That brought everyone’s attention to the lead of the Batkin group, where Apollo was perched on Shadow’s right shoulder. Ragnorak punched Seven’s shoulder, taking the makeshift white flag from him, “Gimme that, an stohp ya talkin fore ya git us in trouble.” Shadow glanced back at Shade, who gave him a nod in return, confirming he sent word ahead. As the Shadow and his group approached the gate, Trax walked out to meet him, flanked by Flint and Triton. The two groups stood with just five feet between them. “How’s the arm?” Trax asked blantly, Flint actually almost lost it in shock. Shadow smirked, “It won’t be a problem, my mind has been made clear to purpose.” He replied simply. Trax narrowed his eyes, then looked at Apollo, “I take it this has been your behind the scenes project?”
  8. Black Star didn’t even take notice to Maelstroms jab, “For the past year I have been experimenting with Black Magic and it’s uses.” As his eyes lit up with the cursed purple and green flare, Black Star cast a green and black mist onto the ground. From its ashes rose a black rock golem, standing twice their size and having a green lava leak out from their eyes. “They have super strength and other abilities, and do not require much magic to create, I can have a Legion ready within a few days. Our numbers will increase far beyond the Equestrians, and with their mindlessness, they will slaughter anything ordered to. A completely obedient soldier, all for you My Lord.” He presented proudly, his eyes wide with a wild joy. Chandler noted the look in those eyes, this was the beginning of Black Star’s fall into insanity, learning Black Magic was only speeding up the process. Though he was curious, noticing Black Star was present the other project he was working on. Shadow looked over the trio and Noctis, who was starring starryed eyed at Apollo. He wasn’t expecting so many to join them, the surprise caught him off guard, “I appreciate you all for joining us-“ ”You. We joined you, an the Cause ya represent, Shadowed Heart.” Ragnorak cut in before taking a knee, Seven and Echo did the same, bowing their heads. “From dis moment, an until our dyin breath, we swear fealty to ye.” Shadow was again caught a little off guard, but glanced oddly at Noctis as he just there smiling. “Oh I’m here to follow Master Apollo, but I will assist should he ask it of me.” Noctis said with a slight bow. Shade again felt self conscious of how he behaved with Shadow. Shadow motioned for them to rise, “I humbly accept you’re loyalty. Echo, there are over a hundred Batkin refugees hidden away, they will need someone to keep them safe.” Echo dipped her head, “It would be an honor My Lord.” Her response made Shadow smile awkwardly as he gave her note with directions, “Gratitude, I leave them in You’re hands.” Echo bowed one last time to Shadow before taking off. Turning to look down the path ahead, Shadow sighed reluctantly, “This next part is going to be trickier, bare with me on this.” He told them with uncertainty as they headed in the direction of the Equestrians Frontline HQ. Inside the Leaders tent, Trax went over the map table, his eyes analyzed everything with such rigor. Killjoy had escorted Celestia back to Canterlot, having a brief conversation about her next plan before she left. Trax hoped this would at least put Ally out of the picture, as she had an obvious obsession towards Killjoy. However, Ally wasn’t the only powerhouse the Vampire Legion have. Flint was still groggily stoking the fire, too weak still to notice a sudden change in the atmosphere. Around Triton, the shadows began to move slightly, to which only he could clearly see. At the HQ’s front gate, the guards began to grow nervously on edge, as a small group of Batkin approached in the distance.
  9. The small group were a good distance away from the Vampire Legions Black Fort, Shade made a quick glance down at Apollo, curious about his whereabouts since his supposed death. Ragnorak was the first to speak up, with a thick Scandian accent, “Bein’ honest, I din’t really think of anotha’ option outside the Legion, an’ Maelstrom. Now that et’s been may’d perfectly clear we no longa’ follo’ Nightmare Moon, the wor’rld jus’ seems.... morr’ open. Tis a false Free Will within they’ Legion, and they’ Silent Fang, now things have changed.” Echo followed up next, “You’re appearance gave us that final push, a sign that we have do have a choice, our Free Will to choose our own path. I’ve had enough with all the High and Mighty talk, a thousand years of brooding on our failure is just exhausting, there’s gotta be more to life.” Seven chimed in after with a shrug, and an obvious westernized draw, “We saw a little bit of the world durin’ our countless scoutin’ parties, and we started ta realize somethin’, wut’ if we started over? We ah own people, we could have ah own kingdom and live side by side with the rest of the world, without all this mindless anger and tireless aggression towards Humans and Equestria. Ragnorak, Echo, an I, all considered leavin’ at one point, but we din’t wanna jus’ wander aimlessly. All thanks to Shadow for finally givin’ us a reason, an a new purpose. Though,” He paused giving Noctis a confused glance, “You’re a surprise Partner, never thought you share’d the same feelin.” Noctis remained with his stare fixated on Apollo, “I don’t, I only came along for Master Apollo.” He answered simply. Shade raised an eyebrow, then became conscious of his and Shadows relationship, ‘Is this how people perceive me?’, he thought to himself as he watched Noctis overly idolize over Apollo. A familiar presence brought his attention to their front, Shade grew wide with joy as he recognized Shadow standing in the middle of the path.
  10. As Apollo got further away, Black Star could finally stand, sensing his chance at glory. “Then may I suggest something My Lord?” He inquired with an evil smirk, sweat stll beading on his face from stress.
  11. Black Star’s face contorted with rage, the feeling of being unable to stand while even Chandler could, it drove him mad. Ally eyed Fear curiosly, paying no mind to Black Star, this would keep her entertained till her Killjoy returned. Still a thought occurred to her, did Caesar see this coming? No, this was a different matter all together, though she had to wonder why They chose to follow Shadow. It’s not something they just up and decided, this was a choice being waited on to make.
  12. Shade looked at Fear in surprise, sure they worked well together and were an unstoppable force, but was he so blind to not notice Fear thought more of it than just simple teamwork? Shade continued on, letting Fear’s hand fall from his shoulder, “Now is not the time...” He whispered evenly as he followed Apollo and the others out through the doors. Just outside the doors, mere feet from it, were over a dozen Batkin Legionnaires. They were flat against the ground, unable to move or even speak as they were being effected by Apollo’s trait. Chandler chuckled, “This has been an interesting day indeed.” Turning to Maelstrom, “My Lord, given the light of circumstances, we should hold off and regain ourselves. A humble suggestion, My Lord.” He offered his advice with a curt bow.
  13. Shade felt himself be caught off guard by his words, remaining still he pictured Leaf in his head, probably waiting for him to explain himself. Immediately Noctus was beside Apollo, dipping his head respectfully, “I will follow you, Master.” He said honorably. Suddenly footsteps sounded as a powerful looking man stepped through his brethren, Ragnorak Earthfall, he followed in Apollo’s path. Ignoring the glares around him. Another slipped on a cowboy hat and followed after Ragnorak, the spurs on Seven Shot’s boots clicking as he walked, becoming the only sound in the room. Lastly, a lithely built woman stepped into stride with them, Echo Nightflower. As Black Star finally got to his feet, Shade started walking down the aisle, his eyes looking straight ahead as he fell into step beside Apollo. “Traitorous sc-“ He was cut off as the weight bore down even more, forcing him to a knee again. Chandler glanced at him but didn’t say anything, ‘Shades choice was obvious, but for him to be the last to move.... it is surprising...’ He thought to himself. Ally watched carelessly from her couch, this didn’t concern her, and frankly she’d get a show out of it later. The small group approached the doors, in which Fear stood in their path, the other Members murmured between themselves quietly. Confused why their brothers and sister would choose to go against Maelstrom like this?
  14. Ally rose up with Maelstrom, finding it surprising that it was Apollo all this time, but still this really didn’t effect her true goal. Shade had also risen at the same time, they had all been caught off guard initially, but he had to admit this is a powerful Trait if used correctly. From the reports a thousand years ago, Apollo knew exactly what he was doing. Apollo’s return would explain Shadow’s recent behavior, was this what he meant from earlier? Slowly the rest of the Silent Fang began to stand up, able to shoulder the weight of Apollo’s Commanding Trait. Noctus was in complete surprise, but his eyes shined with hope and joy, ‘My Lord Apollo! You are alive and well!’ He thought to himself eagerly. Chandler noticed Black Star was having a harder time rising to stand, guessing it involved more than just physical strength to overcome this Trait.
  15. Black Star cleared his throat awkwardly and stood back, internally reminding himself to stop talking like that. A short round looking oler Man stepped forward, standing before Maelstrom, “As of now there are 7 Humans who now possess Traits, given to them by Nightmare Moon. Caesar took out the one called Azure Blade, However he is not their strongest anymore.” Upon snapping his finger, several magic projections of the Equestrian Champions were summoned around him, “Their Traits are still being researched, but it looks like the four Magic users get a massive magical boost, something to take caution of. It would help more if those who part in the actual battle shared more information with me.” He said with sneering smirk at Shade. Chandler, the Silent Fangs personal Researcher and Doctor, basically Black Star but less vocal. Shade felt his grip tighten around his wrist as held his arms behind his back in keeping a professional posture, “Perhaps you’d like to find out for yourself, hands-on is always a good way to research, No?” He replied back coldly. Chandler chuckled, “Very true, no denying that.” He said in a snarky tone. In the dungeons of the Black Fort, Shadow opened the cell cage, seeing the Woman battered and beaten nearly to death on the floor. He got his knees and held her up, cradling her upper body in his right arm. The Woman opened her eyes weakly, smiling painfully as she saw Shadow’s face, “I had a dream... that one day you would come to me... I am so happy... to have lived long enough to see it...” She spoke as if every word was pain to her, but she continued anyway, brushing her bruised hand over his face. “Tell me, what kind of life did you see, outside of this?” Shadow asked solemnly. The Woman started to tear up, “For the past few hundred years, some of us Legionnaires grew tired of the day to day training and endless talk of revenge... We started to talk about what else there was to life... surely there was more?... One day we used a scouting duty to visit a human town, ... it was unlike anything we’ve seen... Laughter, singing, romance, ... Fun... I felt emotions I never knew I was capable of...” She paused to cough of blood, but she smiled, “... I wanted to learn the craft of Sewing,... to make something with my own hands... I-I wanted to bear children and raise them in peace... and I was not alone in this...” Shadow shook his head, “We cannot have children, our kind has tried for centuries and nothing has come of it.” He told sorrowfully. The Woman smirked, “Thats not true... We can, just not with our own... one of us did... after he fell for a human woman... he had a family in secret... till Chandler found out... He slaughtered Him and his family and kept it all under wraps... the rest of us found out after and were devastated... We vowed to escape this wretched Legion and start our own lives far away... but Black Star caught us... Through all his toture I never lost hope, because I would dream... of a time when our kind lived peacefully in this world...” She looked into Shadow’s eyes, “With you... as our Savior... The true King of the Batkin... Shadow you have done the impossible and rose the ranks of the Silent Fang with your own strength, and you have always treated the Legion with fairness, you’d be surprised how glorified you are among the Soldiers... some of us even held you above Maelstrom in such regard...” Shadow opened his mouth to speak, but she placed a finger over his lips, “... It is too late for me... but you can still save the others... so Please... Lead you’re people from this useless bloodshed... and show them there is more to life... please.. My King-“ Her hand fell down into her lap, her cold body going limp as her last breath escaped her lips. Shadow closed his eyes, emotions swirled like a storm till he thought of Apollo’s Questions. Scooping the Womans body up with one arm, he made his out of the cell. Walking out onto the streets, Shadow carried the Woman’s body, passing by the Batkin Legionnaires. Footsteps sounded behind as a few stepped in to follow, by the dozens more followed suit. As he past through the back gates, Shadow glanced behind to see a few hundred were following him out of the Black Fort. He looked down at the womans face, “You’ve been waiting for this... My apologies that it took this long...” He whispered as he continued on, Leading his followers away into the distance.