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  1. Glad to have ya, things are still pretty slow here, kinda on a hiatus. A pause.
  2. The Chimera, with its three sets of eyes, glared around hungrily at the six ponies around it. Shadow grit his teeth, the scales on the snake tail were tough as armor, "Shade, we'll take our weapons now, this one may take a little edge." Shade nodded and lit his horn up with a green glow, the same glow radiated from his eyes like flames. Shadow lifted into the air, a large scythe formed into his hooves. Ally's hooves lit up, gauntlets appeared with retracble blades, almost like claws. Shade's sides glowed as two daggers appeared inside their sheathes, the pommels shaped like snake heads. Suddenly the Chimera roared, the cause were two cuttlass type swords stuck into it's side, Caesar appeared with two more cuttlasses sheathed at his sides, the batpony landed on the Chimera grabbing his swords and ducking away before the Chimera reared to scratch him. Caesar slid to a halt near Gilded, "Tough skin, my swords didn't even draw blood even though they stuck in, good call on the weapons Shadow." He glanced back at Gilded, "Looks like we got the goat head, I'll get ya an opening."
  3. The Chimera charged Eagle, but luckily Shade flickered in front of Eagle, a magical force field summoned up around them blocking off the giant creature. Shadow flew low to the ground, swinging wide and punching hard in the Chimera's back right hip. Ally sped in, her speed was almost unreal, she leaped high and came down towards the same hip. But Ally was bashed away by the Snake tail, Shadow leaped back to avoid a second swing aimed at him. Their plan to weaken it was foiled, and they had lost the element of surprise, the Chimera was aware of them all.
  4. "Interesting." Shadow spoke as if trying to piece things together, "Eagle has thought about this strategically, save the brothers life, and gain amountable favor from the Sister. Genius." Ally shook her head as she kept pace with Gilded, "He has an odd sense of thinking, he is very.... serious? Literal? Anyway he's odd when it comes to relationships." A shadow stretching up on the ground between them caught Caesar's eye, he turned his head to see the source, and flattened his ears with wide eyes of anguish. "In case I forget to say it later... Ow." He winced before suddenly being whacked away over a tall rock, there was a bleak thud as he hit something with a gasp, ".... my jewels...." From behind Eagle rose an enormous Lion, but it wasn't ordinary, the head of a Goat stuck out from its thick neck, the tail rose up bearing the head of a Snake. A full grown adult Chimera, and a big one. The group halted as they heard noises ahead, Ally perked up, "That was Caesar, they found something!"
  5. Caesar nodded to him and took a dive straight for the white bones, his bat wings slowed him down purposely till he was close enough to drop. Caesar landed into a roll before springing up and readied himself for combat, but nothing came. "Huh, that what was a little anit-climatic." He admitted simply. Shadow started in the direction Eagle and Caesar flew, "Eagle seems pretty motivated, even if Princess Luna ordered it, most would be a little hesitant to help a Thief. I must ask, why?" Shadow asked Gilded curiously.
  6. The forest was dark and foreboding, even the trees looked menacing. The rivers they came across seemed pleasant enough, for the Everfree, but under the surface lurked serpents and flesh eating fish. The group chose to hide from a large pack of Timberwolves, rather than start a prolonging fight. After a few kilometers of harsh trekking, they noticed the ground began to grow steeper, and the trees becoming large. Eventually, it seemed like they were in a whole new world altogether. The sky was a thick layer of tree branches, stretching out from all angles, the land became rocky and jagged with giant rock formations sticking out from the ground. The light coming through small cracks in the tree ceiling above. Shadow considered himself impressed, "I have a feeling this will be a good area for Chimera. Caesar, Eagle, fly up and see what you can find around us." Caesar nudged Eagle lightly before shooting up into the sky.
  7. As they touched down, the glass vanished, letting them drop just an inch the forest floor. Ally came out from the bushes, dusting herself off, "Area's clear, just a few Timberwolves." Caesar landed down close to the group, "There's a Manticore with younglings to the east, that's it." He reported simply. Shadow nodded, "Excellent, Caesar take point, let's hunt us down a Chimera."
  8. "Indeed, we will proceed with caution regardless." Shadow nodded to Shade and they slowed to a halt, hovering about a hundred feet from the forest tree tops. Shadow then nodded to Ally, "Clear the area below." Then to Caesar, "The area around, 100 meters, 360." His orders came firm and steady, like they had rehearsed, it was a drill form them. Ally walked forward and off the glass circle, falling straight for forest, eventually disappearing into the trees. Caesar flew up then looped around, diving towards the tree tops and flying low over top. Slowly they began to descend, "Don't worry, you'll both get plenty of action on the forest floor. We can't fly any further, we'll continue on foot from here."
  9. Shadow raised an eyebrow, "You speak of Zecora?" He than looked at his unicorn comrade, "Shade here favorites her place many times, they have become quite close. Professionally, of course," He smirked slyly, "Or so he has told me." Shade didn't looked back, but anypony could tell he was nervously embarrassed, Caesar was about to lean on him but was bounded down by shadowy vines. Shadow chuckled, "Anyway, I ask because Zecora's house is still considered treeline, the boundry limit. Where we're going, is close to the heart, a place where only the most vicious creatures live. We may be after a Chimera, but it won't be the only thing stalking around. Either of you have experience in fighting Monsters, so to speak?"
  10. Ally had reacted fast enough to hold out a hoof, catching him without budging, "No worries, Caesar fell off his first time, so you have that win on him." Caesar frowned and pointed his hoof at her judgingly, "You moved out of the way on purpose!" Ally just shrugged in response, Shadow smirked at them before looking ahead, "Have you either of you been into the Everfree? If so, how far in did you go?"
  11. Shadow chuckled as they suddenly went from zero to sixty in a seconds, flying high then into a steady descent towards the large forest, "Much appreciated, but not needed. The criminals who take lives in the night serve us for such feasts, even then, we never fully drain them." He told them reassuringly. The four batponies stood firm as they zoomed through the air, they had obviously done this many times before.
  12. Ally stepped gracefully onto the floating glass, "50 percent of our overall strength. Our species have increased physical prowess, all five senses are supernaturally increased, and we can feed off other living things to recover our stamina and wounds." Caesar flew around gleefully, "We're basically Vampire Bats!"
  13. Instead of using the train, the six of them stood upon a moving circle of light purple glass, created and reinforced by Shade's magic. However, both Royal Guards could see it wasn't normal magic, but the same green and puplre magic used by Sombra, Black Magic. Caesar threw a hoof around Eagle and Gulds necks, "Not to worry colts, Shade here is an expert, don't mistake his use of black magic and emotionless expression. He's actually a big softy!" He added the last part in a whisper. Ally rolled her eyes before looking at Shadow, "How much?" She asked oddly and simply, Shadow pressed a hoof to his mouth in thought before replying, "50 percent should do it, any more will be at your discretion." Shade, Caesar, and Ally all nodded at once, "Yes Sir."
  14. "The poison in Trax's system is working fast, time is of the essence. We'll get to working on Sun now." The nurse told them. One of the Batponies stepped forward to Gilded and Eagle, "We are ready to leave now, my name is Shadowed Heart." Shadow stood of equal height to Gilded, dark purple coat and a short jet black mane, with burning amber eyes. His bat wings folded to his sides. Shade Locke stood behind him, a unicorn with a long silver mane tied in a ponytail, his dark violet eyes void of emotion. Caesar Valentine stood out from the rest with his spikey blonde mane, his crimson red eyes glowed like rubies, sporting a sly smirk as his usual cocky demeanor. Behind Caesar was his twin sister, Ally Valentine, her looks seemed to defy beauty itself, and went straight to just extremely attractive. Her crimson eyes shined bright, her glossy long dark red hair was pushed to her left side, her purple coat shined with perfection. "Shade has a spell he can use to teleport us back to Princess Luna as soon as we have the Chimera bone. How soon can you be ready?" Shadow asked bring their attention off Ally.
  15. The nurse looked at Luna, to which the Princess nodded for her to continue, "The last sample was obtained by Captain Stryker, five years ago. The best location would be the very heart of the Everfree." She explained with unsurly, to her, this was sending two valient Guards right into one of the most dangerous places of Equestria. Trax looked at Eagle and Gilded with astonishment, why risk their lives for them, two strangers who just tried to steal from Royalty? Why? He knew himself, the things he's done, the things he left out from his past. He wondered if they would still go to such lengths if they knew everything he wasn't telling them. Trax tensed up, his cold steel blue eyes looking down at his patched up wound, perhaps this was just what he deserved. Luna nodded, "That area is filled with unknown dangers, even my Sister and I would tread carefully upon such grounds." Her horn flashed twice, instantly four batponies teleported in surrounding her at a knee, "My Personal Guard will accompany you as extra security, also, it will do well for them to work closer with the Royal Guard. And vice versa." She added informally. The four batponies stood up and spoke in unison, "Yes Mistress." Luna went red with embarrassment, she forgot to tell them not to say that in public, Celestia will never let her live this down.