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  1. Shadow dipped his head in thanks, still a little winded, “I am honored by you’re praise Lord Maelstrom, it was through hard effort and training, that made this feat possible. I am content with my Victory, and I congratulate all who participated, to see we have all grown stronger is a blessing.” He spoke highly, able to stand a little taller from Maelstroms donated strength. Ally eyed Maelstrom keenly, “You seem a little... renewed, I take it seeing battles like these has kindled your fighting spirit.” She spoke teasingly. Ally patted Kasey on the back, “Go to my Brother.” Shadow bowed to Maelstrom and started towards the exit, he noticed Shade about to move but he quickly shut him down with warning glance. Shade understood the meaning, remaining in place. Shadow walked down the dark corridor, the hype from the battle still fresh in his head. “You’ve grown so much, My Son.” The familiar voice caught Shadow off guard, freezing him in place. His head shot around, only for his wide amber eyes to fall on a cat. The cat had black fur from head to tail, with a purple-ish shine, its eyes shown like gleaming Amthyst gems. Shadow stared at the cat for a moment, then glanced around the corridor once more before looking back at the cat. He opened his mouth to speak, but shook his head in denial. “It couldn’t be...” Shadow whispered before continuing back down the corridor. The black Cat narrowed its eyes at him before walking away into the shadows. Kasey reluctantly nodded and flew down into the arena, cautiously approaching the unmoving batpony. Kase got within a hoofs reach before he felt a menacing presence, “Don’t worry, I’ll only need a pint.” Ceasar’s raspy voice sent Kasey’s instincts into a panic, but before he could move his hoof was grabbed, followed by a sharp pain as fangs burried into him. On the training field, Oakly sparred away against another squad, acting as an enemy batpony. The lesson was for the squad to practice teamwork against a stronger enemy. However, the tense training Oakly went through with Killjoy in the past week did more for him. In little over two minutes, Oakly was the only one standing. “He’s the only one to show this much improvement in the past week, he could pass the Platoon Sergeants Combat Test.” Trax remarked as he watched from the hill above, Killjoy at his side.
  2. The two took off at tremendous speeds, meeting in the middle with their first punch, their expressions like polar opposites. The first shockwave rattled the barrier, and turned the ground inside to loose dirt. Shadow followed up with a blow to Ceasar’s side, then was met with counter blow to his face. The next few seconds were multiple traded blows between them. Ceasar leaped up in a vertical spin, bringing down a back hoof, Shadow braced it with one hoof up, the impact forcing Shadow down into the loosed dirt. Shadow retaliated back by gusting up with his wings, then landing a powerful kick on Ceasar’s fromt hooves as he guarded. The force sent him back, but he recovered fast and moved around quickly to Shadow’s left side. Shadow dodged Ceasar’s first punch, then the two exchanged a fury of lightning fast punches and kicks. Their limbs becoming blurs as they moved, every other hit connecting to their target. Suddenly the fight was decided, Shadow felt time freeze as he remembered the moment he saw their First Leader killed. Struck down by a ray of Celestia’s magic, the horror and sadness he felt, and the look of triumph on Lucifer Trax’s face. He remembered the promise he made to their First Leader, the promise to grow stronger, and rise through the ranks. Shadow’s darkness exploded with sorrow and anguish, with a mighty battle cry, he landed a devastating blow to Ceasar’s guard. Ceasar was taken back, his hooves went limp as they were broken by Shadow’s powerful punch. Shadow descended upon a wide open Ceasar, showering him with punch after punch, ending with an uppercut to his jaw. Shadow reared back his hoof and twisted his body, coming forth with a heavy last punch right to Ceasar’s open chest. The shockwave split the air, Ceasar flew into the side of the arena barrier, cracking it to the near point of breaking. Shadow’s darkness released, returning to normal he felt his stamina nearly drained, barely able to stand upright. His breathing was heavy and uneven, his eyes hardly staying open. Bruises and cuts littered his body from head to tail. His hopes shrunk as movement from across the arena caught his attention, Ceasar walked out from the dust, his body looking like Shadow’s, but his Trait was still active. Shadow grit his teeth, but knew he could not hold his own anymore against Ceasar. As he approached Shadow, Ceasar spoke, “You know, considering this is my first real One on One fight.” He stopped just a foot apart from Shadow, their eyes meeting at equal height, “I’m glad it’s against You-“ Ceasar barely managed to speak that last part before he collapsed over, unconscious. Shadow stood wide eyed in shock, feeling victorious and honored beyond his imagination. All around the stadium, the Silent Fang roared in applause, even Black Star, who awoke in time to see the last bit of the fight, clapped slowly. Ally sighed and gave a few claps in acknowledgment, “I’d say he earned that, with how far he’s come.” She commented while still petting the head of a gasping Kasey. Shade looked at Shadow with an admiration, though his face didn’t show it, he was overjoyed.
  3. Shadow and Ceasar mirrored each other, each of their blows meeting perfectly, both waiting for an opening in their opponents guard. Then Ceasar leaped up, fainting with his back left hoof in a kick, Shadow leaned back as the hoof missed him clearly. Realizing his mistake as Ceasars other back hoof followed through, Shadow was too late to guard, and received a brutal kick to the right side of his face. Ceasar quickly rounded back, delivering several hard blows to Shadow, the last putting him airborne. Shadow lost his breath, watching as Ceasar kicked him again, sending him rocketing into the ceiling of Maelstrom’s barrier. On the rebound, Shadow felt his muscles move instinctively on their own, guarding to the left. Again, Shadow was caught off guard by the faint, seeing only a few rocks tossed into the air. Ceasar appeared on Shadow’s right side, using both his back hooves to send Shadow down and towards the side of the arena. The ground shattered on his impact, but through the dust, Shadow flew out and around. Ceasar smirked, then flew down and around, giving chase. Shadow flew lower and lower, till he folded in his wings and slid to a halt, turning with his back leg up high for Ceasar to meet. Much to his dismay, Ceasar merely dropped down and slid under, sweeping Shadow off his hooves. This time, Shadow was ready. In mid air, the two punched each other in face, both flying backwards. Shadow rolled to a stop and stood back up, Ceasar just slid to a simple stop and felt his cheek. Suddenly the two sped at each other, meeting in another barrage of traded blows. For every two hits landed by Ceasar, Shadow would land one back until they were starting to be even. Shadow was reading through him now, though Ceasar expected this, afterall he had taught Shadow long ago how to read and counter an enemy’s moves. A final heavy hit sent them apart about twenty feet, facing eachother in silence. Like Ceasar predicted, they again meet in a stalemate, expecting no less from his best friend. Ceasar cracked his neck side to side, “Alright Shadow, you got me good, lets not waste anymore time now.” He spoke loudly as he spread out his wings. Shadow nodded in response, then took a deep breath, as much as he hated to admit it. This was the only way to truly win this, both fighting at a hundred percent of their power. That meant using their unique traits, bestowed upon them by Nightmare Moon herself, each of the Original 42 had a different trait. Wether it be a physical power up, or an enhancement to their magical prowess. Activating this Trait consumes a large amount of their stamina, requiring them to feed in great amounts afterwards. Shadow breathed in, giving into the darkest parts of his soul, letting his anger and hate take over him completely. The top half of his body turned a shadowy black, starting just under his eyes and running all the way down the middle of his body. The whites of his eyes now pitch black, his amber slit eyes glaring through like burning flames, ready to burn away anything they stare upon. Shadow’s trait gave him a physical power-up, with hightened senses, but only if he gave into his darkest emotions like hate and anger. Shadow let out his breath, glaring with a hateful stare, “Dark Drive.” Ceasar chuckled as he flexed out his wings in a wide form, “Greed.” Instantly his muscles grew slightly more defined, a dark purple aura radiated from him like heat from metal left in the sun. In the crowd, several of the Silent Fang sitting the closest, fell over weakly. Ceasar’s trait, Greed, targets the unprepared and saps their physical strength and stamina to near zero. His trait can only draw from those who are not expecting it, and is limited to a max range of 50 meters. Ally noticed herself and Maelstrom were just barely a meter off, but they had seen this coming.
  4. Ally pondered the question, Shadow and Ceasar sped forward, their hooves meeting in an epic shockwave that vibrated the barrier. “Alas even I do not know the ending to this battle, Shadow was born into the bottom, while Ceasar has always been near the top. One has had to work constantly to get to where he is now, while the other has natural talent. Though I would watch carefully Maelstrom, the Victor of this battle will be you’re successor, should you fall in battle.” The two fighters raged as the two watchers spoke, the ground shook with each hit, the barrier vibrating from constant shockwaves being created by the opposing forces.
  5. Ceasar watched as Black Star was picked up in a stretcher and carried off, “Get better dear Brother, we still need you for this upcoming battle, even if you are an annoyance to our ears.” He said with a little laughter. His attention was drawn away as Shadow landed in the arena, instantly his expression went grim, “Well this should be fun.” Shade lit up his horn, casting a light purple aura around Ceasar, healing his wounds and stamina. “I want you at your best my friend, afterall, I’d like to take that Third seat fairly.” Shadow told him as nodded a thanks to Shade. Ceasar smirked, “If thats the case Shadow,” His crimson eyes glowed with a bloodlust, “Then I’ll go ahead and be serious, right off the back.” Shadow returned in kind, his amber eyes flaring up with a fire to match. The two stood in opposition, their bloodlust on equal terms. Ally chuckled with pleasure, “This right here, this is gonna be too good. You might want to keep a steady hold on your barrier Maelstrom, between these two, it may not last otherwise.” She warned playfully. The rest of the Silent Fang members grew quiet with anticipation, watching closely.
  6. Black Star summoned several magic circles around him, then fired off a volley of stary shots. Ceasar took to the air, flying around the attacks with mild ease. Suddenly the th world inside the barrier went negative in color, Ceasar was paused in mid air, while Black Star appeared under him, and at point blank range, fired a massive magical blast. Ceasar vanished instantly in the unforeseen blast, the arena became clouded with explosions and smoke. Shadow narrowed his eyes, “Quick, but the outcome couldn’t have been any different.” The smoke began to clear, the dust settling. Black Star stood confidently in the center, his chin held high with a sly smirk. “Brash behavior gets you nothing.” He chuckled out loud. Suddenly a large gash opened across Black Stars neck and stretching down the length of his body, bloody splattered the ground. A small dust cloud cleared behind Black Star, Ceasar stood brushing his shoulder off, “Celebrating prematurely IS rather Brash, No?” He replied back sternly, although his body did have a lot of minor scratches and burns, the real wound was a deep scar on his left cheek just under his eye. Black Star fell over in shocked silence, passing out before he hit the ground, his wound not being fatal but enough to knock him out. Ally huffed, “His first real scar, that is an accomplishment in and of itself, not bad Black Star.”
  7. Ceasar took a bow, “It has been a great honor My Lord.” As he spoke, Black Star walked out into the arena, the medic’s carrying Demi out behind him. Black Star didn’t start with his usual gloating, instead his composure was grim and stern. Ceasar raised an eyebrow as he faced his new opponent, “No words? Nothing to say? How unlike you-“ He was cut off as Black Star unleashed his magic power all at once, forcing Ceasar back a few feet. The pressure cracked the ground of the entire arena, even putting a crack in Maelstroms barrier. Ally stroked her hoor down the back of Kasey’s neck, “Seems Black Star has gained some power, might need to pour a little more magic into you’re barrier Love.” She spoke easily as the crack started to branch out. Shadow narrowed his eyes, “Black Star, I knew you were powerful, but this exceeds my expectations.” Kasey looked on with wide eyes amazement, and fear, this magical power was greater than even their strongest Magic Forces Division. He looked at Ceasar, not even wanting to guess at the damage he’d do to their Winged Division, and Ally alone.... how could they defeat these Monsters?
  8. Ally glanced at Maelstrom as Ceasar and Demi met in a furry of traded blows, “It would have been boring, plus I have no quarrels against any of our brothers and sisters. This way is more entertaining.” She told him simply. A shock wave brough their attention to the fight, Ceasar slid back with his hoof, Demi sped in again with a leaping spin to being down a heavy back hoof. Ceasar raised a single hoof, catching the blow with ease, then he smirked slyly. Sensing the danger, Demi kicked back, but Ceasar bit onto his tail and swung Demi back around, slamming him down on the ground. On the bounce up, Demi threw up a little blood, Ceasar spun around diagonally and kicked him across the arena. Demi planted into the wall, imprinted at first then fell as the wall crumbled down on top of him. Ceasar brushed back his blonde hair, “Had to be a little serious to read ya, but I’m still better.” He boasted pridefully.
  9. The Night Hunters (private)

    ((Nah, thats a good way to end it!))
  10. The Night Hunters (private)

    Spring stood upon the castle balcony, overlooking the sunset, her light green eyes shimmering from the evening light. Oakly and Kasey were walking by in conversation when they noticed her, Kasey gave his brother a nudge before continuing on. Oakly approached Spring, standing next to her, clearing his throat nervously. “So, does this hunger thing ever go away?” He asked awkwardly. Spring sighed but suppressed a smile, “You’re an idiot, but you’re my Idiot.” She leaned against him and held onto his arm. “I miss Her.” She said softly. Oakly put his other hand over Springs, “As do I.” Celestia read through the note Trax had left Tavi before he left after the ceremony, detailing how he would protect the Kingdom from the shadows, and keep track of surfacing threats around the world. “Are you alright with this?” She asked as she looked at Tavi curiously. Tavi shrugged, “He left me all the wealth he had left over, on top of what I already have, so its not like he’s completely skipping out this time. He promised to visit soon, and every now and then. Honestly this probably for the best anyway. Anyway,” Tavi gave Celestia a crossing glance, “What are gonna do about yours?” She asked slyly. Celestia blinked in confusion, then it hit her, “Oh that, yeah I put him on hold, till I get things situated in the Kingdom first. I assigned him to negotiating trade and other amenities, both local and foreign. He is quite the shrewd diplomat.” She explained with a few coughs afterwards. Tavi stared at Celestia with a judging look then waved it off, “Right...” Celestia looked away as she blushed ever so slightly. Ally watched Luna and Father Shade from under a tree across the courtyard, hesitant to approach them. She didn’t get to know Killjoy all too well, but she had admired how strong and independent she was. She was about to walk away but bumped into Kasey as she turned, Kasey caught her in his arms before she fell. “You won’t get anywhere if you don’t go and talk to them. Just some friendly advice.” He told her with a smile before holding out his hand, “Come on, we can go together.” Ally grew red hot with embarrassment, slowly lifting her hand to his, and let him take the lead as they went to chat with Luna and Father Shade. ”Momma won’t admit it, but she wishes you would stay.” Vi told her father as they sat atop the outer wall of Canterlot. Trax stiffled a chuckle, “I know, but the world still holds some dangerous secrets, and I have to keep an eye on Famine and Shadow. You’re Mother has seen you and Kasey grow up into wonderful children, better than I could have.” He said as he put a hand on her head, “Watch out for your brothers alright, and don’t forget your training. I’ll be testing you all upon my return.” Trax leaned over and kissed Vi on the forehead before flickering away. Vi touched the spot and grew solumn, “You feel guilty Father, just admit it next time....” Greed looked over the thousands of Vampires, camped in the Valley below him as he stood atop the hillside. “Now first things first, We can build a new city, and create a safe haven for all Vampires who wish to live in peace. Vampreece.”
  11. The Night Hunters (private)

    Trax’s expression didn’t change as he spoke, “We had no choice.” Was all he said, Oakly let go of Spring and she turned to hug onto Luna, tears like waterfalls still streaming down her face. Tavi searched her former husbands face for answers, something was off, he wasn’t telling them something. Caesar kept his head turned, even as Celestia approached him, “Do I need to ask?” She inquired toughly. Caesar closed his eyes and whispered something, Celestia looked grim but nodded in response.
  12. The Night Hunters (private)

    Spring cried harder into Oakly's chest, while he gave Killjoy an understanding nod, "Yes Master." Trax sheathed his katana and bent down, scooping Killjoy up in his arms, "By your wish, Old Friend." As he stood up, Famine and Shadow appeared before him, "Not yet-" "You will leave them all alone, if you wish to continue living in your current bodies." Caesar said sternly as he rose up, his body still steaming from his regeneration. Famine bit back a retort, balling up his fists, Shadow sighed and stepped back. In a single flash, the two vanished. Trax walked over to Oakly and Spring, Oakly placed a hand on his Fathers calf, while Caesar put a hand on Trax's shoulder. The five of them flickered before the awaiting Group, the sight left them in disbelief. Kasey looked down and away, Tavi covered sheltered Vi and Ally, keeping them from seeing the sad returning group.
  13. The Night Hunters (private)

    The next moment happened in the blink of an eye. Spring flickered into place, free from War’s hands, in the same spot Death once was. She was startled by the event, and turned her head to look back, but a hand covered her eyes and held her close, a familiar scent washing over her. Spring slowly hugged onto Oakly tightly, tears forming in her eyes as she began to realize what just happened. Why that eire slicing sound seemed to silence the world. Trax stood before her, starring into War with peircing blue eyes. The sound of liquid spilling onto the ground gradually quickened, then settled into a slow drip. Trax gripped his white katana, the blade impaled through War’s chest, his deathly white smoke canceling out War’s healing. Famine and Shadow stood up shakily, returning to their former selves. Caesar sat back against a mound of dirt has his grieves wound stilled healed, by far his was the worst dealt, because he was the biggest threat. Trax twisted the katana, then brought it up and swung it around and down, letting the blood spray the earth. War’s torso was sliced open from mid center and diagonally upwards, ending off above her left shoulder. The area became deathly white in an instant, ice cold to the touch. Trax gave shake of his left arm, letting War’s dismembered hand fall to the ground, which was also deathly white and cold. “Thank you for the Opportunity, Killjoy. Now this War, can end.”
  14. The Night Hunters (private)

    Trax reached out and grabbed a hold of Killjoys wrist, "Not so fast, how dare you give up that easy." "KNEEL!" Caesar's command sounded in a loud echo, but crackled from his injuries. War was forced onto her knees, unable to resist against this power. Caesar's head was recovered enough to speak, Spring kneeling over him with her hands placed around his head, her light green gaze trained on War. "Goodluck deary..." Caesar croaked as he struggled to move his ravaged body. Spring stood up and started towards War, "Luck won't have anything to do with it, Love will." She said sternly as she stood before War, her hand shivered as she raised it, then slapped War across the face, "Snap out of this Momma, don't you make me cry too, and Star Swirled help you if I see Mother Cry too." She spoke shakily, her whole body trembling with fear. The other Horsemen watched as they regained their strength with each passing second, Deaths eyes flickered for a heartbeat.
  15. Demi-tyne came out from gates, charging at Caesar with a victorious battle cry. Caesar held out one hoof, catching the Earth batpony's shield, the force was enough to force him back a few feet. Demi-tyne leaped back, his shield reforming into hardened brawler gauntlets on both front hooves, "Come on Caesar, lets see if you can go hoof to hoof, with the Devastator!" Demi-tyne rushed forward again, Caesar meeting him with blinding speed, their hooves barely visible as they went blow for blow against each other. Each slam of their hooves meeting, created a shock wave, turning he ground below them to gravel. Demi-tyne, The Devastating Hooves, an expert in hoof to hoof and close combat. His skill and strength would prove almost equal to the best of them, and as the Seventh Seat under Shade, Demi was in charge of training the rest of the Silent Fang. Suddenly Caesar leaned back, watching carefully as Demi's back hoof up, too close for comfort. Caesar flew back with a gust of his wings, sliding to a halt, taking a defensive stance as Demi-tyne closed the distance quickly. Ally raised an eye-brow, "Huh, I guess Demi-tyne has gotten better, Caesar isn't smiling. Get a good look, this is a rare feat." She told Kasey, her aim more at Maelstrom, and Shadow. Ally spoke true, Caesar had no gleam of excitement in his eyes, only a cold stare.