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  1. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax whirled around, "We're going back to the Castle, now." He said sternly, he paused to look back, "Thank you for your help." He added briskly, his anger towards Trotter overshadowing his true gratitude towards Dimitri and Golden. Sun stood still as her magic light dimmed out, her mind raced with thoughts as she peiced everything together, "Eagle.... I think the Kidnapper is a Royal Guard, think about it, two Thieves break into the Castle and suddenly they're given just as much Authority as a Royal Guard?" Seven dipped his head in thanks, "Thank ya kindly little ones, be safe." He said thankfully before running down the street. In the Castle, Stryker backed up from the evidence board, "Somethings not right about all this...." He sat down and glanced around, his eyes resting on the Guard Roster for tonight. "Hmm Trotter didn't check in... Odd, He's never been late before."
  2. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax went wide with furry, "A Filly's life is at stake you fool, where does he live?" He growled loudly. Sun paused, the dawning realization caught her like Drops arrow, "Eagle, I have a bad feeling about this....." Seven's shoulders shrunk down in defeat, "Dag Nabit, way to go Seven, way to go..." He said solemnly as he backed away from the door.
  3. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    "No longer suggesting, thanks to you, we now have a prime suspect. Where does Trotter live?" Trax asked sternly, his muscles began to tighten as he relished in finally getting a good lead. Sun rolled her eyes, "Fine, lets find something useful in this place and get out of here." Seven dipped his head apologetically, "Pardon me Good Sir, I am looking for a pony wearing a black trench coat carrying a small filly, have you by chance seen any pony matching this description?"
  4. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax raised an eyebrow curiously, "Black clothing matching this piece of cloth? Or cologne? PlayPony X?" Sun teleported in front of him with a sly smirk, "Darling your cute. I practically helped write the book on breaking and entering." Seven glanced around, "I don't recall Canterlot being so quiet, even at this late. Hmmm." He wanted to go knocking on doors, but technically he didn't have any authority, it would be rude on his part if these ponies were sleeping. Then, remembering what was at stake, he sucked in a big breath and marched up to the nearest door. "Please be useful." He said encouragingly to himself before he knocked three times.
  5. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax tilted his head to the side, "What were you late for Dimitri?" He asked simply, his cold steel blue eyes held a steady gaze on Dimitri, like a wolf starring down a cornered rabit. Sun lit up her horn, conjuring a floating orb of light, "This might help." Seven dipped his gratefully, "Thank you Lass, I am truly grateful." He said quickly before rushing did down the road.
  6. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax bit back his growing annoyance, "We'll make this quick, and Golden can confirm this for us, Have both of you been here for the past few hours?" He asked simply. "10 bits says we find something in here." Sun giggled as she nudged Eagle. Seven perked up, "Really now? Which direction did they go? That poor filly has been kidnapped!" He asked hurriedly.
  7. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax leaned close to Gilded, "It will save us time if we ask if they've been here the past hours, and Golden can confirm that. The two who aren't here, we'll need addresses." Sun followed after him, glancing up to the surrounding rooftops as she felt an uncomfortable itch, but she saw nothing. She dismissed the thought and kept after Eagle. Seven used his magic to tip his hat as he took a slight bow, "Good evening young lass, I am Seven Shot, I am looking for a young filly much younger than yourself. Have you seen any suspicious looking characters around with a young filly?"
  8. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax took his wing off Soft Spot and stepped forward to stand before Gilded's Father, tilting his head just a bit to look into the tall unicorns eyes, dipping his head in greeting. Only noticing both of the brothers seemed to be cowering in their Fathers presence, till after he'd already moved. "Good Evening Sir, apologies to bother your household during an event, but the matter is urgent. Just hours ago, My filly was kidnapped from our home, and the only clue we have is the smell of cologne from cloth torn from the kidnappers clothing. Gilded," Trax gestured to Gilded as he spoke his name, "Suggested we speak with Golden Crown about the origin of the cologne. To our hopes, He knows it, and is willing to help us." Trax again Gesturing to whom he spoke of, "Really, both your Sons have been extremely helpful, and I am forever grateful for it. My Wife, she works closely with the Princesses, will make sure they are both named in My Daughters finding." Trax added that last bit as insurance, a sort cherry to dangle out for bait. He hadn't noticed till he had finished, that he'd slipped into his Thievery days, and started to play his part as a worried father. However, underneath all that emotion, he had cold heart of steel that wanted nothing more than make the kidnapper pay for ever touching Pastel in the first place. Sun whipped him around, "I'm not gonna sit in this castle while Pastel is away from her mother, we're going to chase down this stranger and find out what they know. Got it?" She told Eagle before she teleported them to the end of the Castle grounds. The young tan coated earth pony lifted his head from resting on his hooves at the movement, his crimson red eyes seemed to glimmer with curiosity, "Now it's interesting...."
  9. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax barely moved at all, his eyes fixated in Golden, "By 'Some', do you might know a few ponies who wear this cologne? Please, any information you can spare would be greatly appreciated by My Wife and I, Princess Celestia has also voiced her worry." He asked with a smooth father-like voice, making it seem like the Princesses were involved directly. Sun glanced at Eagle, "Thats... strange, ironic coming from Me I know, but still that definitely requires looking into. Come on Eagle." She said hurriedly, grabbing Eagles tail with her magic and running off down the hall, her excitement for something to do had taken hold of her. Meanwhile, Seven trotted out if the Castle grounds and onto the streets of Canterlot, he'd visited a time or two before, so the area wasn't too unknown to him. He decided he patrol the back alleyways first, seeing as how they'd be the most likely avenue of travel this late. Unknown to him, a young tan coated earth pony lay upon the roof of a nearby building, his crimson red eyes watched the strange unicorn with little interest, "Huh...."
  10. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax frowned, already he knew he wasn't going to like this Stallion, "Our Filly was kidnapped," He began, spreading a wing over Soft Spot, "Our who only clue is a piece of cloth, which carries a strong scent of cologne that on it. Gilded mentioned how familiar you are with cologne, said there was no finer expect than you." He bit back every ounce of annoyance as he spoke. "What happened to you two?" Sun asked curiously, a hint of concern sounded in her tone, her inner Medic started to come out.
  11. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    "Then I feel sorry for the Butler, cause we'll be speaking to them regardless." Trax said sternly as let Gilded take the lead, every step they took was one more second Pastel had to spend away from her family. Sun shivered at the thought, "Don't say that...." Stryker cleared his throat loudly to get their attention, "Why don't you two help poor Seven search the streets, I could do without the negativity." He looked up, then glanced to the side at them, "Also, your sappy romantic mood is ruining my Old Rusty Vetern vibe." He told them grumpily.
  12. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax narrowed his eyes at him for a moment, "I'll hold you to that." He said firmly as he folded his wings, "Soft Spot, you and I are married, and Pastel is our filly." He called to her, still keeping his eyes on Gilded, "Just forewarning, if they disrespect Soft Spot or You in front of me, I will personally make their lives a living Tartarus." He told him darkly before turning around and walking down stairs. Seven perked up with excitement, "Ah am ready Miss Flare, You can count on me!" He exclaimed heroically. Sun looked at him oddly before she waved her hoof, "Get to it then." She said finally, dissming him. Seven dipped his head with a wave of his hat before running off. Sun walked over to Eagle and hugged him tightly, "Why would anypony kidnap a filly? It just doesn't make sense, why Her? Why not just come after Trax and I personally, better us than little Pastel."
  13. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax flew through the doorway and lightly jumped off the walls over Gildeds head and landing in front him, Trax's wings spread out to block his way. "I know it's not my place, but as your Friend, I'm gonna say it. Tell them the truth, if you want their help, they need to know everything." Suddenly Trax's eyes flashed with a mild annoyance, "Another thing too, don't disregard your own filly because of your own selfish Pride, a Parent should do anything to call a foal their own. You should know what that feels like, cause I know, and so does Silver." He added sternly, being orphaned was a sense of being unwanted, forgotten, or even casted out. Stryker nodded in acknowledgment, not moving his eyes off the Map, "Thank you Eagle." He looked up at Sun, "At least it's a lead to follow, taking a filly just to demand that two ponies lay down their badges and give up, there's too much that we don't know." Sun looked down at her hooves, which she fiddled with impatiently, "I hate this! All this standing around... Did my Brother say anything else?" She asked looking to Eagle.
  14. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    Trax nodded to her understanding the situation, "Actually, we could use you, especially where we're going. Is that alright with you?" He turned to ask Gilded, figuring it would be respectful considering they were going to visit his Family. Stryker and Sun were talking over a map of Canterlot, Seven stood by patiently and was the first to notice Eagle come in, "Howdy Partner!" He greeted a little too loudly. Sun looked up, her eyes seem to glimmer as she saw Eagle, "Eagle!" Stryker glanced up but kept his attention on the Map, "Report Soldier." He ordered firmly.
  15. A Chance Encounter [Open Invitation]

    "We can start by asking your Brother about the cologne." Trax began, "Eagle, head to the Castle and report to Stryker and Sun of our whereabouts. Tell Sun to give Seven the task of patrolling the streets for any information."