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  1. Kasey nodded, understanding the situation, "Right, then I should start training right away. I need to be strong, strong enough to protect my Family." Oakly blinked his eyes open as the morning sun seeped into the room from the window, he froze up in shock as he starred upon Springs face only inches from his, his arms wrapped around her and their legs entangled. Then he noticed something off, her hair was Darker. 'Hazels awake.' He went red as she started to wake up. Hazel opened a blood red eye then closed it, suddenly both eyes flew open and pushed Oakly onto his back as she strattled him on top. Oakly, still red in the face, was now wide in panic. Hazel leaned down pressing closer to him, her face again only inches from his. "What do you think Killjoy would do if she found out about this hmm?" She asked mischievously. Oakly threw on a face of annoyance, "Now you're just being un-fair." He lit up his hand with a little sparking, Hazel squeaked and jumped back. "Thats what I thought." Oakly chimed before he caught a pillow to the face.
  2. Kasey sighed reluctantly and held out his right hand, palm up, "Fair warning, I haven't been able to fully control it yet." He warned them as he started to focus on the palm of his, at first a small sphere of wind formed in his hand, then grew larger till it was the size of a soccer ball. "Its a sphere of concentrated wind, strong enough to blast through rock, and if formed right it... cut through steel. First time was when I got angry during training for the army, and put my Captain in the hospital by accident. Turns out him being former Black Ops was what helped me get recruited, who knew." He said as he tried to minimize the sphere, but only for it to fly up into the ceiling and spill dirt all over him. "I've little training on it, I just don't want to start relying on my ability to overcome obstacles, and use my own strength."
  3. Trax let out an exhausted sigh, too tired to argue and knew it'd be a waste of what little energy he had left to ignore her. Tavi and Kasey had went their separate ways when Killjoy came, Trax stood up with the axe and lazily made his way outside again. "I wish I had a drink..." Viola dropped down and shrugged her shoulders, "I just wanted to ask a little question. Like, when am I gonna go on a mission or something? Also did big brother Oakly awaken his ability here? Kasey found out his during the army," She chuckled, "He doesnt use it much cause he doesn't want to rely on it, but its awesome! He can create these spheres of wi-" Kasey placed a hand over Vi's mouth quickly, "It's nothing special really, just a little magic trick." He said humbly. Vi pulled his hand down and frowned, "Little magic trick? Your bedroom wall begged to differ." She said grumpily. Kasey sighed, "Listen to Father Shade and no more scaring people, understand?" Vi nodded reluctantly before she broke free of her brothers grasp and ran off. Kasey glanced Father Shade, "Hows she doing?"
  4. "It's the Vengeance that's consuming him too. Ever since he watched your other self kill his comrades, he felt a sense of uselessness, being useless to protect them. He told me he never wanted to feel like that again, at any costs." Tavi said shakily. Later that day, Oakly walked back into the cabin, he had just went the spring again and washed off the days chores. He noticed the bedrooms door was closed, "Went to bed early eh? Fair enough, feeling sleepy myself too." He sighed as he put on on dry pants and lay down on the makeshift couch. He started to drift off to sleep when heard a noise and looked up to see Spring twittling her thumbs nervously with rosy cheeks, "Its... a little cold in my room..... could you maybe.... come sleep in my bed.... with me....?" She stuttered shakily. Oakly starred in shock, wondering what kind of punishments Killjoy would dream up with if she knew any of this. He swallowed nervously and nodded straightly, "Yeah, sure." Spring turned to head in and Oakly followed, he then quickly went to grab a shirt but felt a hand grab his wrist, "It's alright.... I don't mind...." She told him softly. Oakly went bright red as he looked at her, 'SHE'S SO CUTE!', he thought to himself as he followed her into the room and closed the door. She lay down on one side while he went to the other, as they got settled in, Oakly turned the opposite way screaming internally. 'If Killjoy found out about this she'd skin me alive!' He thought fearfully. By midnight, The two were cuddling together in their sleep. The morning sun brought in a tired Trax, looking as though he'd been wrestling with the wildlife all not long, carrying a freshly killed boar on his shoulders. "Breakfast." He said as he set the boar on the butcher table in front of Stryker, who wore a green apron. Trax just lazily gave him a thumbs up and turned around, "By the way, if ya had a werewolf problem before, you don't anymore." He added as he walked away. Stryker watched him go as he began to prepare the boar by muscle memory, even without looking. Trax slowly made his way to the little room he'd been sleeping in and fell into his makeshift bed, sleep quickly taking hold of him. Kasey and Tavi watched from the doorway, "Is he going to be alright?" Kasey asked with a hint of concern. Tavi sighed, "I've known him for over 24 years, and I'm still trying to figure him out. Just don't show him where the mead is." Viola hung down from the ceiling behind an unsuspecting Father Shade, "PEEKA-BOO!" She yelled excitedly in his ear.
  5. Trax chuckled as he stood up from his chair, the straps barely slowing him as the snapped off, "So this is how you feel? This strength, this power, this sense of invincibility. It's intoxicating." He said darkly as the black etchings crawled up his neck and passed over his right eye. Stryker popped in hearing the tray drop, but the sight had him shivering, feeling the same kind of pressure Killjoy gives off when using her ability. Trax looked at Killjoy, "If I didn't respect you enough before, I do now. Keeping a Thing like that caged up. I'd be spending every waking moment finding a way to Destroy Her, and make her suffer all the while. She is lucky she's a part of you, or she really would be just a memory. And thank you, without your help, I don't know how I would have been able to tap into my abilities like you have for so long." He told her softly, the pressure increased as the black etchings started to crawl up his neck more and more, his power rivaled Killjoys but he wanted to surpass it. "A little more....." He said with excitement, but suddenly everything ceased all at once as an image of him holding his dying Friend flashed in his head, his eyes and skin returned to normal as the white smoky aura cut off. Trax let out a gasp for air before dropping to a knee in a sweat, Tavi went to him but he flickered away before she could reach him. "What just happened?" She asked worriedly. Trax appeared in the forest, emotions whirled in his head, wanting nothing more than to kill something. As if to answer his wish, a large werewolf creeped out from the shadows, drooling with hunger. Realizing he'd left his weapons behind, Trax sighed with annoyance, "I am really not in the mood, now go away." He said shooing it away with his hand. The werewolf growled menacingly before charging him, its yellow eyes wide with rage. Traxs face went blank as he swatted his hand backwards, slapping the werewolf across the face. Instantly the werewolf was carried off into a tree, its face was bloodied, parts of it shattered skull jutted out from under the skin. Trax looked from the carnage to his hand, a little scratched but otherwise completely fine, and no bruising. "So this is how you feel?"
  6. Traxs hand gripped around Killjoys wrist to the hand at his throat, "You can hurt me, break my bones, torture me, or even kill me..... But don't you dare..... Touch My Family." In reality, Tavi walked in carrying a plate of tea, "Greetings, just thought you'd want some tea-" She froze dropping the plate, tea cups shattering spilling tea on the floor, her eyes growing wide with terror. Traxs skin began turning black, a white smoky aura started coming off his body, the pressure in the room rose dramatically. Forcing Killjoys black smoky aura to rise as well. ((back to the "dream realm")) Trax looked up at Killjoy, the whites of his eyes now pitch black, making his blue irises glow brighter. His face contorted with anger and rage, "Do you Understand Me? Don't even think about it!" With his left hand he barely pressed onto Killjoys stomach before she flew back sliding across the ground. The skin on Traxs arms was black, a white smoky aura steamed off from his body. A deep chuckle rose in his throat as he looked at his hands, "I can feel it, this power, so this is what you've had all this time huh? No wonder you think everyones all fragile." He examined his hands as he moved then around, "It's not complete, but it'll get me by for now." Trax took a defensive stance, "Its been almost 25 years, and I have been waiting oh so patiently for this. Bring it B!@&$." Tavi stumbled back, horror stricken, "He's gonna do it, He said he was going to challenge her, He's finally going to do it."
  7. The images of that day flashed through his mind, the fear and anguish he had felt clawed at him, but his composure remained unchanged. "Enough. After that I enlisted with the Equestrian Army, got recruited to the Black Ops Division, even got considered for Royal Guard. Thats how I met...." He smiled lightly, "I guess I do have to say thank you, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have met Her. I guess Killjoy could also say the same thing, who knows where she'd be if things had been different, if it wasnt for Her Father.... You Wouldn't Exist. Everything happens for a reason, no matter how messed up it looks, we just gotta face it as it comes. Which is why you're days are limited." He finished as he tightened his fists.
  8. Trax looked at his hands then glanced around, "For the moment, a little creeped out, but otherwise good." He answered firmly. "So, your Her? Gotta say I agree, if I saw that face everytime I closed my eyes, I'd have nightmares too. The Black Eyes part is pretty cool, but the bloods a little over dramatic for my taste. Well lets get down to business," He began as he tried to sit down but no chair formed for him so decided to stay standing, probably for the better considering her own choice of furniture. He exhaled a deep breath before continuing, only this time, his voice and expression had changed dramatically. "Why?" He asked sternly.
  9. "I want to say I've been in the presence of multiple Vampire Priests, but somehow I can see that being the preferred situation to this. Lets do this." Trax said confidently with an annoyed sigh as he touched Killjoys shoulder again and teleported them. Stryker walked the corner as the two appeared in front of him, he went white with a blank expression, "Every. Bucking. Time." He said angrily before walking away. Trax chuckled a little, "Been doing that for a week now, freaking hilarious." He joked lightly.
  10. Trax felt a little jab in his side from being considered not a challenge, but he let it slide, true strength is not measured in words. "Show me? I'm not the same person I was all those years ago, and I'm feeling a little confident, why not. But only if you can come back from it, it'd make things complicated if you didn't." He added quickly, unsure that he'd come out unscathed or if he could survive at all.
  11. "Then hurt the ones you love in return? Sounds a little selfish, don't you think?" Trax asked with a shrug of shoulders, he didn't know why he was giving advice, it was the same as telling a brick wall to move. "Shadow is gathering the means, and Luna can cut the bond. You have another option besides hurting the ones you love, be it grief, or by your own hand. Are you really going to accept the fact that you only have few options where you hurt or kill the ones you love?" The town was quite, blood splattered across the streets, and sprayed against the walls of buildings. Bodies lay scattered about, a building started to catch fire as the oven was left unattended. Ally sat curled up against the wall inside the saloon, tears running from her face, "I'm sorry.... I didn't want.... to do this...."
  12. "What happens if that Darkness, is you?" Trax asked simply, "What would become of Luna or Spring then? This Horsemen power, it magnifies everything about us, physical and mental. I've seen you, Red Veil, I've seen what you've done. Do you really want that to be magnified?" Ally walked towards the opening of a small town, drenched in blood. Images of the carnage she had unleashed upong the cave of Vampires flashed in her head, blood splattering everywhere. As she stumbled into the one street town, people backed into their houses, doors began to lock here and there, windows were slammed shut. A man walked out from the saloon, and approached Ally, he wore a military style clothing with a wide brimmed hat. "Excuse me little girl, are you hurt?" He asked with a deep voice, Ally didn't respond. The Man glanced around at the townspeople watching from inside, he waved his hand up with a smile and looked back to Ally. To him, she seemed consciously lost, damaged beyond repair. He decided he'd take her in, to make himself look like a savior in front of the town, and to have Her anytime He wanted. Because to him, she wouldn't do or say anything. "Come, I will take you in, and take good care of you." He said with kind eyes, but Ally only saw darkness in them, the same darkness which she had just escaped. She moved her head as people began to come out, all praising him for being a savior. The man waved down humbly, "Tell me, what is your name?" He asked simply. Ally titled her head down, "Ally.... Ally Valentine." The town went dead silent as their so-called saviors neck was sliced open, blood sprayed everywhere, covering her as well. Ally giggled with a wide sadistic grin, "You're all just the same.... Sad really." She let the sun glisten off the sharp dagger she held in her hand.
  13. Trax nodded in understanding, "I see, then out of respect I won't press any further. Solar and Stryker together should still prove troublesome, it'll be hand to hand anyway. As for Shadow, should he confirm his suspicions and come back with a worthy candidate, it will still be up to you. Who knows, maybe if you do give it up, it'll give you a chance to start anew." Deep inside the caverns of a Vampire hide out, a young girl lay sprawled out on a bed, her torn rag dress stained with old blood splotches, scars riddled her body. A large Vampire scratched his chin as he lit a cigarette, "You barely struggled this time, not even a tear, guess someone's finally learning their place. Tell me, do you even remember you name Human?" He asked with a deep raspy voice. The girl lay motionless, her dull dark red eyes starring at the rocky ceiling above, "... Ally.... Ally Valentine...." She answered monotonously, not a hint of emotion passed through her. The Vampire chuckled as he stood up and put his shirt on, he turned to face her again, but he blinked in surprise when she was not there. "What the-" Blood splattered the walls, the Vampires face was sliced off, and silver shard was plunged into his heart, his body fell backwards revealing Ally covered in blood holding a large sharpened slab of silver ore. Shaped into a blade with cloth around the hilt of the would-be sword, laughter came from down the tunnel, from the dozens of Vampires that followed Her Former Master. "All will pay, all will die..." She began with a slight chuckle until she grinned wildly, speaking with a high pitched voice of insanity. "Its Playtime!"
  14. Trax shook his head, "The conclusion wasn't met until just before Luna pressed him to leave, in fact, it was Luna's ability to sever bonds that might make it possible." He sighed seeing no reason to keep secrets anymore, "Shadow didn't want to say Anything until after you awaken; First making it easier to transfer, but also because the power will insure victory of Malacath. Shadow says I only have one last thing before I can awaken, but I have to figure it myself. The same goes for you too." Oakly walked into the cabin as he dried his hair, he saw Spring sitting at the small table, her eyes closed as she waited patiently. He sat down cautiously, Spring opening her eyes, "Apologies for yelling, it was-" She stopped as Oakly chuckled, "In fairness I did need a bath anyhow, glad you found that small pool with the waterfall, really helps with bathing. Probably gonna go again after sundown." Spring nodded and smiled happily, "Great, then lets eat!"
  15. "I suppose I should tell you, to ease mind of burdening, and useless conflict between us. Shadow left only because he wanted to seek out another, a way for your reincarnated abilities to be transferred to another. He seeks out a Shaman who has done this before, that was all he told me before He left." Trax confessed with a shrug, apparently this Shaman is a Human who has kept herself alive for many years, her age known only to her.