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  1. Azure clapped his hands together, shaking everyone out of their thoughts from Apollo’s description of who they are up against, “We have a lot of progress to make, and very little time. What I am about to teach you all, took me 3 years to learn. My job is to make you lot break that record. I will put you through training designed to break you’re limits, and push you even further. It is said that the Human brain only uses 25% of its full capacity, I will give you the knowledge to supass this, and you will begin to unlock physical and mental strength like you have never felt before. Our rest days will still feel like your normal routine, so prepare yourselves now.” He glanced at Trax, “I will meet you and the boys on the training grounds.” Trax nodded his response and started out, passing by Triton he placed a hand on his shoulder, “Tis good to see you again, as equals of our craft.” He told him respectfully before leaving with Oakly and Kasey. Azure looked at Flint, seeing that fire of pure Will in his eyes, “Flint, Triton, Arial, and Jag, follow me. In addition to my physical training, you all will also be increasing your magical skills as well.” He pasued to face Killjoy and dipped his head, “My best of luck to you Sensei, and to you as well Princess Luna.” He bowed at the waist to the Princess, then led the Cardinal Dragons out of the study. He kept his pace even, so not shake Apollo, who was still upon his shoulder. Not that the former Batkin could easily balance himself anyhow. “I take it you all know of Star Swirl The Bearded, correct?” Azure asked out loud as they proceeded down the castle hallway. Arial responded first, “He was a founding member of the nation of Equestria, and one of the Greatest Magic Users in History, He even taught the Princesses at one point.” She replied enthusiastically, proud of herself for knowing the answer. Azure smiled, “Indeed, He was a talented and powerful Magic User, he performed spells thought to be impossible. He and Apollo here have quite the history, they were good friends.” He chuckled innocently as he scratched the black cats chin. Flint immediately backed up and started walking behind Triton, “I know I didn’t do it this time, but I’m being cautious.” He explained nervously.
  2. Trax watched Triton as he was deep in thought, ‘He was analyzing the situation, sorting through scenarios and paths they could take, but no matter what they would be lead back to this moment. Triton, you have grown so much, and I consider you my equal in strategic planning, but this is our only way now. Even with Azure, defeating them one by one would only get us so far, and from we’ve seen it won’t be nearly enough’ Trax thought to himself as he focused his attention to Azure. “Thank you all, your words carry more than you know. Now for the next part of this meeting, I will hand things off to Apollo. He will explain a little about our greatest threats from the Silent Fang, take note of each of them, for they are not to be taken lightly by any means. Besides the Princesses and Apollo, I am the strongest in this Country as of now,” Azure’s face grew dark as his tone became grim, “And I would not dare face any of the Silent again without Back Up, let alone the Six Apollo will name off.” The room grew quiet, Trax felt his chest wound itch a little, knowing this was all too true. Oakly tightened his fists as he remembered the one named Ceasar tear apart his squad like childs play. Kasey stifled a shiver as he recalled the weight of being surrounded by the strongest of the Batkin, their presence made even Azure’s feel like a twig in comparison. Flint remembered facing the four Batkin, the heat from their magic power alone, made him feel like a candle to a Raging forest fire. Jag rubbed his fists together, just hitting one of them probably hurt himself more than hurting them, these Batking are truly Monsterous beings. Arial glanced at Triton, she had to be saved him because she let her guard down in being worried, but even then it wouldn’t have made a difference. The Cardinal Dragons knew they were alive now, because they got lucky. Just one of those four could have killed them single handly without mercy. Flint let his fists light up a little with small flames, “I hate being toyed with.” He whispered angrily under his breath, his dark green eyes rested on Apollo, burning with a fire for payback. In the skies above the south eastern mountains, a Company of Equestrain Flyers made their way between the peaks, preparing to ambush a small force of Vampire Legionnaires. Suddenly they came to a halt as a figure was spotted atop a peak directly in front of their formation. Clapping noises echoed around them, “Well done, I must say this straight out of our own playbook. Now because I’m feeling generous, I’ll give you a choice to make.” Ceasar Valentine switched from his usual sly grin to a serious glare, “Life, or Death?” A ripple of unease swept through the Company, but no one moved except to draw weapons. Ceasar rolled his shoulders and placed a hand on his sabre’s scabbard, “An admirable choice, but not the safest one.” In a flash, Ceasar’s sabre flew out from it’s scabbard, hitting the point man in the face, denting in his helmet. Ceasar was instantly right there with his dark crimson red aura wings, resembling a bats. He took hold of his sabre mid air and slashed open two of the closest Soldiers within seconds. His eyes flashed red as he licked the blood from his blade, “I won’t be using my Trait for this, so do your best alright.” Ceasar charged the Company head on, bodies dropping like flies upon the mountain peaks below.
  3. Flint groaned as he rubbed his head, standing next to Triton he shaped up a bit, his instincts getting him to the task at hand. Azure folded his arms, “Apollo is set upon his own task, He is only here to provide us with information, no more no less. The reason you have all been called here, is because we lack individuals with the strength and power to combat the Vampire Legions Silent Fang. Even I can only do so much against even their lowest ranking members, their strongest would no doubt kill me indefinitely. For the next year, I will be training all of you to push past your limits, and stand equal to the Silent Fang. The rest will be up to you. However, the next task after will be an entirely different matter. When the Silent Fang were created by Nightmare Moon, she gave each of them a unique ability called a Trait. This Trait gave them a power up, be it Physical or Magical. Even without their Trait, they are not to be underestimated by any means. During this next year, we will be devising a plan to communicate with Nightmare Moon herself, to see about giving us Traits as well. With these Traits, and out Training, we will systematically destroy the Silent Fang, and force the Vampire Legion to submit defeat once and for all.” He explained with a final look over the group, “Yes it will be dangerous, and no doubt this Trait will have a costly sacrifice, but without it we are hopelessly outmatched. If you do not wish to take part in receiving a Trait, you do not have to. The training will get you far, but the Trait will increase our chances of Victory tenfold.” He added in to them, insuring them this isn’t forced by any means. Trax was the first to speak, “From what I have been told, we have all faced this threat head on, and have seen first hand how weak we all are in comparison. I will do this Training, and accept this Trait, nothing about War is easy. I trained Triton myself in military strategy many years ago, I know He and I can devise a few winning plans.” He said confidently with an acknowledging nod to Triton. Oakly shrugged, “Should we be able to gain Nightmare Moons Trait, I will accept, I will protect my Family and Country at all costs.” Kasey chuckled, “Agreed, plus we’re young and a little impulsive, Let’s do this! We’re basically getting Super Powers!” He said enthusiastically. Flint stepped forward after exchanging nods from his group, “The Cardinal Dragons always rise to the challenge, we accept the risks, and will accept.” He announced boldly, unlike his first comment to Apollo, this was Flints serious side. “I admit I do not like the idea, but I am honored to fight on behalf of Equestria, and protect it’s Citizens from destruction.” Arial said calmly with a slight bow. Jag sighed, “I am with Arial, however we cannot allow harm to come to the Citizens we are charged with protecting, a strong Will will always triumph.” He explained sternly but with a hardy smile as he finished. Azure nodded to them all with deep respect, the choice is not an easy one to make, as is with most things these days.
  4. The study doors opened with Azure walking in, followed by four others, a young woman and three young men. The Woman was the shortest with long black hair and grey eyes, wearing orange and tan robes with her chest wrapped over. The tall and muscular man with long braided dark brown hair, his dark brown eyes had a hardy look in them, wearing baggy pants tucked into his boots and a tight tan shirt. The other two men were of similar height. The pink haired man had dark green eyes, wearing red and black lined robes with a leather pauldron on his right shoulder. The other had stunning sapphire blue eyes, black hair with a blue tint, and wore black leather armor with a blue trim. All four had the colored triangular marking on their foreheads, which marked them as magic users. Trax raised an eyebrow in interest, The Cardinal Dragons, some the strongest magic users in the kingdom. Each earned their title for their service in settling the border wars in the last 7 years, which means the skirmishes in the West finally settled. Trax let his piercing blue eyes pause on a familiar face, upon making eye contact, he gave black haired man a nod of acknowledgement. Oakly and Kasey stared up at the large man as he stood with his massive arms folded, while the pink haired man walked right up to the black cat and stared at him curiously, “You... there’s something about you that doesn’t seem right...” he said suspiciously. Azure smiled casually, guessing he could probably sense the Trait within Apollo, since it was created by magic. Azure went to stand behind the desk, “I believe introductions are in order. To my left, Princess Luna, and Captain Killjoy. To my right, Colonel Nameless Trax, and his sons, Oakly and Kasey. The four in the middle, are the Cardinal Dragons, Arial Sky the Dragon of the North,” He began as he motioned to Arial, who gave a bow. “Jagged Peak the Dragon of the East,” motioning to the large man who nodded his head, “Please call me Jag.” He replied hardily. “Triton the Dragon of the South,” Azure continued as he motioned to the black leather armored man with a trident strapped on his back. “With their leader, Flint Dragneal the Dragon of the West.” At this, Flint bent at the waist so he was eye level with the cat. Azure then motioned to the black cat, “Everyone, this Apollo, the First and Former Leader of the Silent Fang.” The room went silent, as shock hit the face of everyone in the room except for Azure and Luna. Flint looked into the amthyest colored eyes of Apollo and could sense every fiber of his being warning him of this cat, then Flint patted his head with a hardy laugh, “This little guy? He’s so adorable, why I bet he is all snuggles!”
  5. The few hundred Batkin Soldiers retreated back towards their encampment back south. Celestia’s fists tightened, destroying them would be unbecoming of her, and she would not stoop to their level again. Knowing Maelstrom would no doubt be their final battle before ending this cursed war, they needed those Traits. Then a thought occurred, Maelstrom didn’t say anything about Nightmare Moon, isn’t that their entire goal? Meeting back with her forces, Celestia waved for the Cardinal Dragons to meet with her, “Thank you for being able to make it in time, you’ve saved them from a horrible end. I would have the four of you to head to Canterlot, meet up with Azure Blade, He will explain everything.” She told them evenly. Flint nodded as he steadied himself against Jag, nearly jumping with excitement at finally meeting Azure Blade himself. “Grab a cart and some horses, rest easy on the trip back.” Celestia dipped her head and headed over to speak with some of the higher ranking soldiers of the Company stationed here. Flint sighed, “Alright, lets get a move on, can’t waste any more time.” He told his comrades before passing out as Jag caught him, “I was wondering when he was gonna do that, he was already looking half dead.” Jag joked as he slung Flint over his shoulder, “Lets hit the road.” After a two day trip, Flint and others reached Canterlot, pulling up to the main gates of the Castle. There atop the large staircase to the main door, stood Azure Blade, wearing dark blue leather armor and a blue lined black cloak over his left arm. As the four approached him, Azure dipped his head, “Welcome, I am Azure Blade, but you all can call me Sensei.” He told them cooly. Flint nodded then put on a weird face, “Wait what?” Azure smiled, “Come, the others are waiting in Luna’s study, all will be explained then.” He turned as the doors opended, Jag and Arial followed in, Flint and Triton bringing up the rear. “Something tells me there is a bigger piece at work.” He said curiously as they followed Azure down the halls of Canterlot Castle. In Luna’s study, Trax, Oakly, and Kasey, all stared at the black cat sitting perfectly on Luna’s desk. Kasey leaned towards Oakly, “I feel like he can understand us talking.” He whispered awkwardly. Trax took his eyes off the cat for now, and noticed Killjoy and Luna standing closer together, ‘Finally’ He thought to himself with slight smirk.
  6. Celestia kept a cold glare on Maelstrom as she waved to them, “Go, I will be along shortly.” She told them sternly. Flint nodded to Jag, who handed Arial off to Triton, “Hold tight.” Jag lit up his hands and moved the ground beneath heir feet, creating a rocky platform for them, then he moved them back and away from the battlefield. Jag raised his hand up quickly, using an earthen pillar to shoot them up and over the cliff, landed before the retreating Equestrian forces. Medics came to them immediately, assisting them as needed. Arial was loaded onto a stretcher, while Flint had his arms around two soldiers as they helped him along. Jag stayed with Triton, “I’m still pretty good, I’ll stay with ya while you organize all this.” Celestia raised a single finger above, summoning forth a small sun, the hear instantly being felt. The ground started to sizzle and steam, Demi and Dark reeled back in shock, while Black Star and Shade used their magic to brace it. Celestia met Maelstroms eyes, feeling that challenging presence, so similar to Apollo’s. She wondered if this was how all the Silent Fang Leaders were, having such a strong and challenging air to them. “You’re blind arrogance will be your undoing, Maelstrom. We defeated you once before, and we will do it again, because We have something worth Defending.” She snapped her fingers, dispelling the small sun, “As much as I would enjoy turning you to ash, I am only here to ensure my People withdraw safely. No more, No less.” She told him sternly. Her Magic sense could see Maelstroms power, the two behind him weren’t that far behind either, but Her own still surpassed them. For now.
  7. Shade merely waved his hand, casting a shadowy pulse, disrupting the ice and watery wave, cause it to flow around him. Dark Shade slid back, putting a hand on his wound as it began to simmer from the healing effect, “That was a little unexpected, but it won’t happen again. Besides, it was kinda in vain anyhow.” He said crossly as he hovered back. Arial grew red with embarrassment as she starred at Triton with eyes of wonder, “O-of C-course... and Yes I can-“ She flinched as she felt her back spike with pain. Just then, Flint and Jag slid in next to them, Jag immediately bending down to assist Arial. Flint stood with Triton as they faced the four gathering Batkin, his grim expression saying all that needed to be said. Black Star and Shade stood beside and each other, each raising a hand and pooling their magic together. Flint felt a bead of sweat slide down his cheek, “I have bad feeling about this. Don’t hold back Triton, put everything you have into this.” He said sternly. The two mages bent their knees slightly, Flint put his left hand back while Triton out his right hand back, together they concentrated all their magic into a condensed red and blue swirling orb. Shade and Black Star fired their combined magic, blasting a shadowy black star at the four mages, the attack threatening them and the forces behind. Flint grit his teeth, “FOR EQUESTRIA!” He roared as he and Triton threw their hands forward so that they stood back to back, their arms outstretched infront of them. The Elements of Fire and Water mixed together, forming a massive round shield before them. The elements separated into halves, the shield taking the shape of the Yin and Yang symbol. The Shadowy Black Star slammed into the shield, forcing it backwards until it burst into a dark firey explosion. Flint and Triton held their ground with every fiber of their being, putting all of their mana into this defensive, knowing the stakes they faced. Slowly they were pushed back, their feet sliding on the ground, their arms began to turn purple from the surge of magic they forced through them. Triton’s right sleeve ripped off, while Flint received a few slits in his left arm. Suddenly the force stopped, and the shield dropped, Flint and Triton fell weakly to their knees, breathing heavily. The ground aroud them was blackened with magic burns, but they were alive and so were the forces behind them. Black Star noted with a nod, “I have to admit, I didn’t think they could stop us at only half our power. They probably put everything they had into that last bit, but it was not enough.” He admitted simply as he held up his hand again, pointing a finger directly at Flint and fired a single black beam. Instantly it was stopped just inches before Flints face, a golden barrier shined before the injured group, “Rest easy my children, you have done well and showed much strength, your resolve will not go to waste.” Celestia spoke as she hovered above them, her magnificent angelic double wings spread out from her back, her whole body shined like the very sun itself. The four batkin immediately took a few steps back, their instincts on high alert as they went into full fighting drive. This was an Enemy they will not go against at half their power. Shade released his black magic right off the back, forming purple and green fire from his eyes and hands. Black Star cloaked himself in a black starry magic robe, while Dark Shade formed dark wind orbs in his hands, Demi locked his gauntlets forward in shield-like formations. Flint looked up at Celestia with amazement, “You’re Grace,... thank you.” He whispered with a slight smile, his teammates would be okay.
  8. Celestia shook her head at Apollo, finding great amusement in his feline instincts, “I believe the time spent in that body has made it impossible to resist such urges. I’ll leave you two to it, I must make sure our Forces will live to see the eventual end of this war.” Celestia stepped back, using the golden sunny aura around her hands to cast a long range teleportation spell. “I wish you both the best of Luck.” She blew a kiss to them both before flashing away. Shade stepped back, twirling his scythe around his neck before resting it at his side, “My feelings are mutual, I did not think Equestria had such powerful mortal mages on hand.” He told him evenly as he smeared blood off his scythe and licked it from his thumb, the wound on his thigh becoming a thing of the past, steam rose up as it appeared to have never happened. This Water Mage was skilled, both magically and with his weapon. His physical strength is below that of Trax and Killjoy, but his magic prowess put him above any others they have faced. Shade glanced around at his compatriots, seeing they were learning a similar fact. Shade readied his scythe again, increasing his power exponentially, taking these four out now would save them the trouble in the future. Jag waved his left hand around, sending a rush of rocky earth at Demi, to which the Batkin punched his way through with mild ease. Jag took a step back and reinforced his rocky armor, move his right around to change the solidarity of the ground below. Demi felt himself by sucked into the pitfall of sand, “Not so fast Mountain Man.” He grinned wildly as he punched the sand below him, but stopping just before. The force of pressure surged the sand outwards, dispelling the attack and blinding Jag as he attempted to bend the sand around him. Demi sped in quick, landing a volley of rapid fire punches on Jag, shattering his rock armor piece by piece. Arial back away from Dark Shade as she sent a few air cutters his way, her attention was drawn when she noticed Triton take a hit to the shoulder. “Triton!” In her brief distraction, Dark Shade clipped her wind wings with his dark wind slicers, then air blasted her down against the defensive rock wall. Arial coughed and groaned in pain as she sat up, her eyes grew wide in panic as Dark Shade closed in with a dark wind lance spearing towards her. Flint glanced back for a split second and jumped away from Black Star, pivoting on his left foot, he swung around with a fire kick. Launching a long range firey blast that curved around and slammed into Demi, seconds before he was about unleash his devastating Trait on a de-armored Jag. Demi felt the force and heat of the fire as he was knocked away, and sent crashing across the ground. Flint maneuvered his fire back around and formed a shield like barrier as Black Star blasted him with a starry strike. Flint flew back and skidded to a halt close to Jag, his arms appearing to be scratched up, “That was too close for comfort.” He growled angrily. Jag nodded in agreement as he weakly stood back, “Aye, their just as powerful as they’ve rumored.” He replied sturdily, thanking Flint internally for the save.
  9. Celestia nodded in agreement and rubbed a hand on Apollo’s head, “Indeed, with Apollo’s knowledge on their tactics and members, I can stop their advance.” She told her sister encouragingly.
  10. Azure dipped his head in a curt bow, “I am glad I could provide you this help, I look forward to the day when you surpass me.” He told her with a smile, then turned around to bark orders for Oakly and Kasey to begin a workout routine. Trax stood back as watched Azure, the resemblance to how Killjoy trains was a little uncanny. Trax took his leave with Tavi on his arm, leaving Leaf to rest int the shade of a tree. ((Don’t forget to have Luna respond to Celestia and Apollo in her study.))
  11. Jag backed up from Demi, and when the Batkin pressed his attack, Jag formed a massive rocky hammer that sent Demi crashing back. “On it!” Jag spun around a planted his feet spread apart, he made curt strong movements with his arms, forming a massive and thick stone wall behind them that covered the wreckage. The Equestrian Soldiers were already performing search and rescue while the Enemies attention was diverted. The Commander was being pulled from the dirt as the stone wall came up, his weak eyes seein the four saviors, “It’s them... The Cardinal Dragons.,.” He rasped weakly. The Cardinal Dragons, each earned a title from their distinguished service in the wars on each of Equestrias four borders. Flint Dragneal, The Dragon of the West. Triton, The Dragon of the South. Jagged Peak, The Dragon of the East. Arial Sky, The Dragon of the North. All four were powerful Magic users, each using one of the four elemental magic types. Being here now, meant they had returned from the scouraging Battles in the far west. Shade raised an eye brow as stopped his own advance, now they stood a mere twenty feet apart, canceling each others magical volley of attacks. This one intrigued him further than he had guessed, “You have a keen eye, but this talk will not save you, or your comrades.” He told him calmly. Jag turned back to face his opponent, barely blocking the punch from Demi that broke his rocky armor on his arms. Sliding back, he reformed rock back on his arms, “You like to use your fists huh? Well so Do I!” Jag rushed Demi with a barrage of heavy hits, to which Demi blocked against as he let himself be pushed back. Arial flew around in the sky above, deflecting Dark Shades dark wind slices as he chased her. Arial slowed to a halt and turned around, unleashing a powerful gust of wind. Dark braced himself against it, using his dark wind wings to wrap around himself and shelter from its slicing effects. In the far back, an explosion of red flames erupted like an engulfing storm. The ground was charred and burnt, as Flint stood firm, his hands lit up with a fiery red aura. Black Star stood simply with his hands behind his back, a small circle of untouched ground below his feet, “You’re a lot stronger than your weakling comrade soldiers, but even compared to me, You’re still a bug to be squashed under foot.” He yawned arrogantly. Flint felt a slight pang of anger rise in him, but he kept a stern smirk, “You know, I would’ve let that go if you had said Lizard instead. So now I’m just gonna burn you away to Ashes.” Flint reared back his head, sucking in air, then placed his hands together as he went to blow through them. Flint blew a massive breath of fire blasted towards Black Star, who stood still as his starry barrier held easily against it. Black Star began to yawn again, “Pathetic Bug-“ Suddenly Flint appeared before him, slamming a fiery fist into the barrier, cracking it. Black Star chocked a little as he moved his hands to reinforce his shield, but Flint increased his magic just before, smashing through the shield and aiming straight for Black Stars gut. However, the small victory was short lived as Black Star caught his fist with ease, then gut punched Flint without warning, “It was a nice effort, but in complete vain....” He paused he saw Flint smile up at him, expecting to see horror, instead of a fiery glare. Black Star jumped back before Flint’s body expelled a burning flame, Flint himself stood up straight and brushed away blood from his mouth, “Oh yeah, now I’m really Fired up!” Flint cast out several flaming meteors to which Black Star responded with his own star magic attacks. As Shade and Triton battled, their minds were also set on watching their own comrades, but this also presented opportunity. Simultaneously, a shadowy spike sliced up from the ground beside Triton’s left side, an icy lance speared from below Shade’s left side. Both Men stepped back, moving their heads to the side, the attacks just grazing their cheeks. Shade gripped his scythe tightly, now he saw this battle clearly, almost like he fighting himself. “Alright, you have my undivided attention, Triton.” Suddenly Shade teleported behind Triton, swinging his scythe around and slicing towards the Water Mage. “I am Shade Locke, the 6th Seat of the Silent Fang, The Silver Wraith.”
  12. Flint nodded as he put on a grim look, lowering his arm slowly, “Each of you, be careful, this will be our greatest challenge yet.” He told them sternly, his bravado from just before seemed a thing of the past. Jag and Arial nodded in agreement, both sensing the change in their Leader, they can’t afford to underestimate their opponents. It’s All out from the get-go. “Now Jag!” Flint called out as he grasped his hands together above his head, Jag simultaneously moved his right foot forward, sending a fissure towards the Batkin. Flint slammed his fists into the earth, blasting a burning flame that followed along the fissure, igniting in a giant explosion. The sheer force of the attack caused the four Batkin to take caution and split up. The Four Elemental Mages split as well, each taking on a target. Arial faced Dark Shade as they hovered on wings made of swirling wind, Arials looked like a butterfly’s, while Dark Shade’s resembled a birds. Jag waved his hands around, forming hard rock around his body, making him look like a golem. Demi grinned in challenge, “This is gonna be entertaining.” He growled wildly. Flint stood far in the back, facing Black Star with a grim expression, knowing this was going to be a true battle for their lives. Yet the fire of Challenge still burned brighter than ever inside him. Shade waved his hand, casting off the explosive attack, and started walking forward towards Triton. He formed his magic scythe in his right hand, raising his left to cast a barrage of shadowy slices at Triton. “Show me what you can do, Human.” He spoke calmly as he challenged the trident weilding Elemental Mage.
  13. Azure nodded for her to follow, and led her to a secluded area next a duffle bag, after reaching into it, he withdrew several dusty scrolls from its contents. “During my travels, I came across these, hidden away in an old tomb. Predating Nightmare Moon and going as far back as the Dark Wars, but there was a name etched into the stone on the walls inside. The same name etched in several different languages, and handwritings. Veil.” He spoke sternly and with an ominous tone, as he hand them to Killjoy, his sleeve rode up on his right arm. A viscous scar spread around his forearm, “I hope they will help with your training, it wasn’t exactly an easy task to obtain them. Besides, even I find it a bit awkward having to teach my old Master.” He added with a smile. Celestia stepped inside Luna’s study, Apollo at her heels, to which he jumped lightly up onto Luna’s desk. Glancing around at the clutter of books, “I take it this isn’t exactly light reading?” She asked rhetorically. “I’m off to the Frontlines, I wanted to check in with you and make sure you’ll be fine here. Apollo will be here also if you have any questions.” Apollo nodded in agreement, “I spent a great deal of time around her, considering my former position, all my knowledge is at your disposal.” He said with a slight bow. On the far Western frontlines, Black Star led few hundred Batkin Legionnaires to break down the built up defenses. Shade, Dark Shade, and Demi-Tyne were present as back-up, the ever present threat of either Celestia or Luna showing up kept the Batkin on their toes. The Equestrians had built up atop a 70 meter cliff, overlooking a rocky plain. Archers lined the top of the wooden walls, and behind them on the lower ground, were mages prepped for heavy artillery spells. The Commander of the Equestrians looked over the barricades as the enemy approached, “Release a volley once the are in range.” He ordered sternly, sweat beading down his face as he noticed a small group of the Batkin took up the rear. Everyone knew who they are. Black Star gave the order to halt, just outside the max effective range of the Equestrians arrows and spells. He peered at the cliff top with a slight smirk, “Pathetic, this will be too easy.” With his hands lighting up with a dark starry glow, he concentrated mana into a condensed ball, then smashed it between his hands. Black took a step forward and swiped his right hand around in front of him, casting a starry wave over the heads of his Legionnaires, speeding towards the cliffside and growing wider. The Equestrian Commander went wide eyed in shock, “Brace for impact!” He shouted at the top of his lungs, moments before the magic wave slammed into the cliff side, ten meters below the top. The wave had expanded the length of the wooden walls by the time it hit, destroying the earth below. The defenses were crumbled down within seconds, nearly two thirds of the walls fell and crashed down the side of the cliff. The Equestrian forces were scattered and put into disarray, the Commander had been buried along with a third of their army. The injured survivors at the bottom were helpless as the Legionnaires closed in quickly, the forces who had escaped the collapse attempted to provide support, but were forced to take cover as the Batkin Legionnaires fired their own long range right at them. Black Star chuckled in delight, laughing at how easy this was. Without warning, a massive surge of magic pulsed over the battlefield, all four of the Silent Fang members paused in surprise. A torrent tidal wave of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind, roared in from the west and swerved right in the Batkin Legionnaires. The few hundred Batkin were momentarily helpless as they were forced back their leaders, only a few were severely injured or killed by the attack. Black Star stood firm with narrowed eyes, Shade, Dark, and Demi walking up to flank his sides. As the elemental tidal wave dwelled down, four figures hovered down to stand in front the injured Equestrian Soldiers. The Man wearing a red and white battle toga stepped forward, the black steel plate pauldron on his right shoulder had a dragons crest painted in red. His medium length spiky pink hair waved in the breeze, his dark green eyes burned with challenge, a smirk grew across his face. “My name is Flint Dragneal, also known as The Dragon of the West, and you’re gonna soon find out why!” He spoke confidently and challengingly, pointed his fist out towards the four Batkin, flames covered the top of his fist. The only female, a reserved Woman with black hair tied back in a long ponytail, and grey eyes, wearing orange and tan robes. Her chest was wrapped over in white clothe, holding a bamboo staff at her side. “Jag, He’s doing it again.” She sighed defeatedly. The tall and muscular man beside her chuckled, “Indeed Ariel, you know how he gets in times like these, but it’s also when he is at his best.” Jag pointed out as he rolled his shoulders. Jag stood taller than the others, having broad shoulders and thick long hair braided back, his hardy brown eyes looked with a bold stare. He wore baggy olive green pants and only iron guard wrist cuffs. “What do you think My Friend?” Jag inquired as he glanced at their fourth member. @ApolloDelphi
  14. Azure smiled politely, “Of course Master.” He glanced at Trax, “For the time being, at least today, rest. Tomorrow we can begin a few lessons.” Looking back to Killjoy as Oakly brought down Kasey, pulling his arms behind his back as he lay face down on the ground, “I have something special for you specifically.” He told her straight faced. Celestia groaned as she read through the latest report, detailing the loss of the recent battle. Apollo, perched on her shoulder, read it along with her. “Ah, that would be the work of Noctis Cloud, a magic user who specializes in Gravity Magic, his Trait gives him a boost to his Magic. Numbers will not be very effective against him, but even without his magic, he is not to be underestimated.” He explained casually. Celestia sighed in sorrow, “I knew the Commander of that Flyer Company personally. With Azure training Warriors to combat the Silent Fang, I will need to secure the Frontlines for the time being. I cannot allow anymore losses like this, too much Equestrian blood is being spilled for me to just sit and read about it after.” She started to crumple the papers sides in mild anger, but released them quickly. Apollo hoped down onto the desk, “If that is the case, I would suggest using the time to restore your magic when you can, a lot of it was spent keeping the Colonel alive. I’m still waiting on my Son’s answer, though I would like for something to happen first, before I get his answer. In the meantime, I will stay here, and keep Luna company.” He said as he stretched out is back legs, “Undoubtedly, she gives really satisfying belly rubs.” He paused awkwardly and gave Celestia a narrowed glare, “You didn’t hear me say that.” He told her sternly. Celestia smiled innocently, “Of course, I didn’t hear a thing about belly rubs.” She chimed whimsically.
  15. Trax watched Oakly and Kasey spar as he thought, “First, we get ourselves up to their base level, easier said then done. Second, once we have the strength we need, we communicate with Nightmare Moon about these Traits. Lastly, we take the real fight against our adversaries. Also easier said then done. While we are training, Azure will be doing what he can to stall the enemy, and Princess Luna will be working towards contacting Nightmare Moon.” He explained as he scratched his chin, he kinda felt his pride be wounded by having to learn from a former student, but such concerns were not important now. Azure turned to them, “I will see what information I can gather from the Vampire Legion, anything we can use against them with Nightmare Moon.” He added in. Trax nodded in thanks, “Indeed, that may very well be there deciding factor in convincing her. Alright Azure, take the lead, I still have have some time to heal fully, but there must be something I can do in the mean time.” Azure nodded in response, “Yes, I have a few lessons to keep you busy. Master Killjoy, how are you doing, physically speaking?” He inquired from her, already sure of her answer. Near the battlegrounds of the Southern border, A Company size element of Equestrian Flyers, flew in multiple V-shape ranks. They’re orders are to assist the frontlines with air support. However, when the location came into view, they saw only chaos. Their comrades mixed among the Batkin Legion soldiers, making it impossible for a successful raid. Their problems becoming worse, when a cloaked figure stood upon a nearby hill. The Flyer Commander drew his crossbow, “Ready yourselves!” The figure removed his cloak, revealing himself as a Batkin. This Magic user Batkin is Noctis Cloud, the 10th Seat of the Silent Fang. His hair was short and spiked at the front, his triangle forhead marking was pointing down, and his eyes glowed a deep blue. He grinned as he noticed he had caught their attention, “I believe there is a certain saying for this, What goes up, Must Come Down.” Noctis spread his arms out wide, his hands glowing with a dark blure aura. Without warning, an enormous magic circle appeared above the Flyers Company, and instantly the gravity beneath it increased dramatically. The screams and yells sounded for mere seconds before they were cut off violently, the ground below was littered with small impact craters. Bodies reduced to near mush. Noctis lowered his arms as he looked at his handy work, “I apologize Human Soldiers, but I have my orders as well.” Noctis turned around quickly, letting his cloak flap in the wind, heading back towards the main battle.