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  1. The Night Hunters (private)

    Spring stood upon the castle balcony, overlooking the sunset, her light green eyes shimmering from the evening light. Oakly and Kasey were walking by in conversation when they noticed her, Kasey gave his brother a nudge before continuing on. Oakly approached Spring, standing next to her, clearing his throat nervously. “So, does this hunger thing ever go away?” He asked awkwardly. Spring sighed but suppressed a smile, “You’re an idiot, but you’re my Idiot.” She leaned against him and held onto his arm. “I miss Her.” She said softly. Oakly put his other hand over Springs, “As do I.” Celestia read through the note Trax had left Tavi before he left after the ceremony, detailing how he would protect the Kingdom from the shadows, and keep track of surfacing threats around the world. “Are you alright with this?” She asked as she looked at Tavi curiously. Tavi shrugged, “He left me all the wealth he had left over, on top of what I already have, so its not like he’s completely skipping out this time. He promised to visit soon, and every now and then. Honestly this probably for the best anyway. Anyway,” Tavi gave Celestia a crossing glance, “What are gonna do about yours?” She asked slyly. Celestia blinked in confusion, then it hit her, “Oh that, yeah I put him on hold, till I get things situated in the Kingdom first. I assigned him to negotiating trade and other amenities, both local and foreign. He is quite the shrewd diplomat.” She explained with a few coughs afterwards. Tavi stared at Celestia with a judging look then waved it off, “Right...” Celestia looked away as she blushed ever so slightly. Ally watched Luna and Father Shade from under a tree across the courtyard, hesitant to approach them. She didn’t get to know Killjoy all too well, but she had admired how strong and independent she was. She was about to walk away but bumped into Kasey as she turned, Kasey caught her in his arms before she fell. “You won’t get anywhere if you don’t go and talk to them. Just some friendly advice.” He told her with a smile before holding out his hand, “Come on, we can go together.” Ally grew red hot with embarrassment, slowly lifting her hand to his, and let him take the lead as they went to chat with Luna and Father Shade. ”Momma won’t admit it, but she wishes you would stay.” Vi told her father as they sat atop the outer wall of Canterlot. Trax stiffled a chuckle, “I know, but the world still holds some dangerous secrets, and I have to keep an eye on Famine and Shadow. You’re Mother has seen you and Kasey grow up into wonderful children, better than I could have.” He said as he put a hand on her head, “Watch out for your brothers alright, and don’t forget your training. I’ll be testing you all upon my return.” Trax leaned over and kissed Vi on the forehead before flickering away. Vi touched the spot and grew solumn, “You feel guilty Father, just admit it next time....” Greed looked over the thousands of Vampires, camped in the Valley below him as he stood atop the hillside. “Now first things first, We can build a new city, and create a safe haven for all Vampires who wish to live in peace. Vampreece.”
  2. The Night Hunters (private)

    Trax’s expression didn’t change as he spoke, “We had no choice.” Was all he said, Oakly let go of Spring and she turned to hug onto Luna, tears like waterfalls still streaming down her face. Tavi searched her former husbands face for answers, something was off, he wasn’t telling them something. Caesar kept his head turned, even as Celestia approached him, “Do I need to ask?” She inquired toughly. Caesar closed his eyes and whispered something, Celestia looked grim but nodded in response.
  3. The Night Hunters (private)

    Spring cried harder into Oakly's chest, while he gave Killjoy an understanding nod, "Yes Master." Trax sheathed his katana and bent down, scooping Killjoy up in his arms, "By your wish, Old Friend." As he stood up, Famine and Shadow appeared before him, "Not yet-" "You will leave them all alone, if you wish to continue living in your current bodies." Caesar said sternly as he rose up, his body still steaming from his regeneration. Famine bit back a retort, balling up his fists, Shadow sighed and stepped back. In a single flash, the two vanished. Trax walked over to Oakly and Spring, Oakly placed a hand on his Fathers calf, while Caesar put a hand on Trax's shoulder. The five of them flickered before the awaiting Group, the sight left them in disbelief. Kasey looked down and away, Tavi covered sheltered Vi and Ally, keeping them from seeing the sad returning group.
  4. The Night Hunters (private)

    The next moment happened in the blink of an eye. Spring flickered into place, free from War’s hands, in the same spot Death once was. She was startled by the event, and turned her head to look back, but a hand covered her eyes and held her close, a familiar scent washing over her. Spring slowly hugged onto Oakly tightly, tears forming in her eyes as she began to realize what just happened. Why that eire slicing sound seemed to silence the world. Trax stood before her, starring into War with peircing blue eyes. The sound of liquid spilling onto the ground gradually quickened, then settled into a slow drip. Trax gripped his white katana, the blade impaled through War’s chest, his deathly white smoke canceling out War’s healing. Famine and Shadow stood up shakily, returning to their former selves. Caesar sat back against a mound of dirt has his grieves wound stilled healed, by far his was the worst dealt, because he was the biggest threat. Trax twisted the katana, then brought it up and swung it around and down, letting the blood spray the earth. War’s torso was sliced open from mid center and diagonally upwards, ending off above her left shoulder. The area became deathly white in an instant, ice cold to the touch. Trax gave shake of his left arm, letting War’s dismembered hand fall to the ground, which was also deathly white and cold. “Thank you for the Opportunity, Killjoy. Now this War, can end.”
  5. The Night Hunters (private)

    Trax reached out and grabbed a hold of Killjoys wrist, "Not so fast, how dare you give up that easy." "KNEEL!" Caesar's command sounded in a loud echo, but crackled from his injuries. War was forced onto her knees, unable to resist against this power. Caesar's head was recovered enough to speak, Spring kneeling over him with her hands placed around his head, her light green gaze trained on War. "Goodluck deary..." Caesar croaked as he struggled to move his ravaged body. Spring stood up and started towards War, "Luck won't have anything to do with it, Love will." She said sternly as she stood before War, her hand shivered as she raised it, then slapped War across the face, "Snap out of this Momma, don't you make me cry too, and Star Swirled help you if I see Mother Cry too." She spoke shakily, her whole body trembling with fear. The other Horsemen watched as they regained their strength with each passing second, Deaths eyes flickered for a heartbeat.
  6. Demi-tyne came out from gates, charging at Caesar with a victorious battle cry. Caesar held out one hoof, catching the Earth batpony's shield, the force was enough to force him back a few feet. Demi-tyne leaped back, his shield reforming into hardened brawler gauntlets on both front hooves, "Come on Caesar, lets see if you can go hoof to hoof, with the Devastator!" Demi-tyne rushed forward again, Caesar meeting him with blinding speed, their hooves barely visible as they went blow for blow against each other. Each slam of their hooves meeting, created a shock wave, turning he ground below them to gravel. Demi-tyne, The Devastating Hooves, an expert in hoof to hoof and close combat. His skill and strength would prove almost equal to the best of them, and as the Seventh Seat under Shade, Demi was in charge of training the rest of the Silent Fang. Suddenly Caesar leaned back, watching carefully as Demi's back hoof up, too close for comfort. Caesar flew back with a gust of his wings, sliding to a halt, taking a defensive stance as Demi-tyne closed the distance quickly. Ally raised an eye-brow, "Huh, I guess Demi-tyne has gotten better, Caesar isn't smiling. Get a good look, this is a rare feat." She told Kasey, her aim more at Maelstrom, and Shadow. Ally spoke true, Caesar had no gleam of excitement in his eyes, only a cold stare.
  7. The Night Hunters (private)

    Caesar sped up to War with gut punch, "You've lost sense of your purpose." He said icily, Caesar backed up raising his right high in the air, then brought it down on her head. The impact cratered the earth down, Caesar flashed away with Famine appearing in his place. "Our job as Horsemen is to regulate this worlds populations, not destroy it completely. You have always thought radically, twisting everything for your own childish games." Famine spoke to her before his kick sent her crashing across the landscape, Pestilence sped alongside her before taking her by the hair, "Calling what you doing a Responsibility, is nothing but an excuse to feed your own ego." War was slammed into a mountain of stone, obliterating it entirely. Death flickered before War, his hand outstretched, dispelling her flames. "Meaningless killing and destruction, the actions of a weak minded individual, afraid to see the Bright Beauty of Life." In the Black Void, Trax faced Killjoy, both dressed in formal dress attire. "Well this is a bit of a mess." He tried to say with a light chuckle. “DOWN!” Caesar’s command forced War down to the earth, Pestilence and Famine following up with powered up fists, smashing War further down into the earth. An explosion of purple and green smoke erupted from the impact, the landscape being re-designed from the battle. Kasey was pushed back as he blocked against Oakly's barrage, each strike forcing Kasey back without leaving him room to counter. Kasey moved his to the side as Oakly's katana speared past and into the wall behind, Kasey held up his sabre, parrying with Oakly's other hand of sharp vampire claws. He was stuck, and with little way out. Oakly remained void of emotion, twisting the katana with the blade towards Kasey. Kasey knew what was coming, and made a split second choice. Oakly slashed down with his katana still half way in the wall, Kasey ducked down and moved under the blade, pivoting around Oakly and scoring a slash on the back of his neck. Kasey breathed heavily, having escaped death just barely, but his shoulder was left with a large gash from Oaklys claws. Spring watched as Oakly fell down, unconscious from being released. She raced over to Kasey, ripping off at of her clothing to tie over Kaseys shoulder, tearing up his sleeve to stop the bleeding. "Well done." She told him smoothly, Kasey huffed, "No, he was holding back the whole time, he could have ended it in one move. The real Oakly was in there still, fighting his own battle. In a way, we were fighting together." ((ugh that was so bad, lol such cringe))
  8. Trax watched from the Building with the First Sergeant next to him, both with solemn expressions, "The preparations have been made for the field, we've done all we can. The archers found a good position to overlook the battlefield, and the medics have been designated to platoons. We have two Unicorns who can provide healing from a distance." The First Sergeant reported with his usual rough voice. Trax nodded, "Thank you First Sarge, you've always had my back in these times, its been a pleasure serving with you." The First Sarge dipped his head, "The Honor has been mine, Colonel." Dark Shade opened up with a barrage of dark wind slices, Caesar used the claw-like blades on his hooves to deflect several before flying to the side, circling around Dark Shade. But Dark Shade saw through this, and jumped back into a backflip, sending a single wind slice in a deadly curve, catching Caesar in the chest and putting him against the wall. Dark Shade dove in for the ending hit, "Your mine Valentine!" The celebratory cry was premature, as he realized too late that Caesar was already above him, Dark Shade was taken by the horn and flung across the arena. Caesar scoffed, "Your rise in power has blinded you, made you too overconfident. You see, I can be overconfident, cause I can back it up." Dark barely had a moment to breath before he was gut punched into the wall, the arena exploded with dust. When it settled, Dark was unconscious in the middle, Caesar standing over him with one hoof on Darks head. Forcing him to look at the dirt. Shadow wasn't impressed, Dark was among the lowest, but was still a force to be reckoned with. Ceasar is just that strong in comparison, after all, He is technically the Third Seat of the Silent Fang. He just doesn't act like it all the time. Ally clapped her hooves together slowly for her brothers victory, "I would have beat him senseless if he lost, always one to draw his enemies into a illusion of victory."
  9. The Night Hunters (private)

    Caesar flickered in front of War, “KNEEL!” His voice rang out, with an undeniable force bringing War to her knees. Then Caesar slapped her with the back of his right hand, turning her head to the side, “How pitiful you are, to be blind to the beauty of this world, that you would deny others because of your shortcoming.” He told her coldly, glaring down with glowing red eyes. “RELEASE!” The command forced War to drop her sword, to which Caesar took hold of the back the blade and swung around, delivering a massive blow to Wars stomach with the hilt her own sword. Sending her flying across the ground. Caesar dropped the sword, his hand recovering from having touched such a corrupted weapon of pure anger and malice. “She is not to be killed, subdue only.” He spoke to the others with a simple warning. Three figures chased down War as she flew from the last hit, Famine scoffed as he sped past and stopped War with a heavy kicked to her back, sending back. Pestilence whirled around as War came to him, greeting her with hand to her face and spun to keep the momentum going as he tossed her sky high. Death flashed above, meeting War with the tip of his staff, and spearing her back down to the earth. The impact created a large crater, over 100 feet deep. The three Horsemen appeared around the craters edge, “Fighting with a hand tied behind our backs huh? Seems a little unfair.” Pestilence groaned without his usual kiddish tone. Famine waved it off, “Caesar would hunt us down till the ends of time itself, we follow along, For now.” He growled as he shot a glance in Caesar’s direction. Death remained silent as he stared into the crater, “Here she comes.” Caesar stayed where he was, watching from a few miles away, he glanced at the Castle in the distance, “It would be a long shot, but I made a promise to her.” ”Promise me you’ll save Killjoy, I haven’t seen my sister this happy in a long time.” Kasey felt his heart skip a beat as he was disarmed, Oakly’s blade just inches from his heart, but his wind ball forced his brother back in the knick of time. “That was close...” Kasey breathed as he recovered his sabre. “Kasey! The tattoo on the back of his neck!” Spring yelled from the back of the room, awaking just in time. Kasey focused in on Oakly as his brother came in for another attack, with this knowledge in mind, Kasey prepped for a last bout, that would be their last.
  10. Since this was a Silent Fang matter, only members could participate, or watch. ((Cue fight music)) ”Alright Caesar, you’re cocky attitude has gotten to my last nerve, time to put you in your place.” Dark Shade said coldly, he was a unicorn Batpony who specializes in wind magic, only his magic gives the wind a dark color. Caesar scoffed, “Please, I pick fights with Black Star, your magic doesn’t scar me in the slightest. Let me show you why I carry the name Valentine.” He spoke highly as he braced for the coming fight. Ally smirked as her brother mentioned their last name, true she didn’t much look the part for how powerful she really is, and same could be said for Caesar. The Soldiers groaned in response but kept in line, huffing as they kept at her drills. Oakly and the Squad Leader exchanged tired looks but nonetheless kept up, “Are these Batponies really that dangerous?” The other Team Leader asked.
  11. The Night Hunters (private)

    Malacath saw his whole life flash before as he lay motionless on the hot ground, seeing where he could have done different, but... would that have stopped this Monstrosity from killing him in the end? “.... All I wanted... was for you to be happy... to have everything you ever wanted... My Little Feather...” Shadows appearance changed in a flash of purple and black smoke, now he was but a dark cloaked figure, his face nothing but two faded purple specks for eyes. The buzzing of insects sounded from under his cloak. Pestilence had taken over. The three flickered from their positions. Appearing around War, Caesar facing her head on, Death on the left, and Pestilence on the right. Another shape landed behind, wearing a gas mask with a wicked dark green cloak covering a rotted leather suit. Famine had finally arrived, “War, its been some time dear Sister, Lets not repeat what happened last time. I’m sure you’d like to live in one body for more than 50 years.” He told her sternly. Caesar waved his hand over his hip, spawning a dazziling red sabre, but he remained silent.
  12. One by one, members of the Silent Fang trickled in, only a handful stood in the center. Caesar, Black Star, Demi-Tyne, Dark Shade, and Shadow. An odd number, but this meant Shadow could call out another. Ally gently petted the top of Kasey’s head, “Not as many as I was thinking, but sure to be just as entertaining.” This time it was Oakly’s squad, he panted heavily as he followed Killjoys instructions, only himself, the Squad Leader, and the other Team Leader coulf keep up. The other soldiers did their best.
  13. The Night Hunters (private)

    Caesar kissed Celestia’s hand and let her go to her sister, Tavi huddled the two girls over to them. “If you value your life, retreat back, now.” Caesar told the Soldiers as he took up positions, Death and Shadow both flickering into place in front of the huddled women. A fourth presense could be felt, but not seen. Malacath choked out muddled words, but nothing clear, finally the flame of desperation grew bright in his dim eyes. War was forced off, Malacath rose up with his purple flames forming into the shape of a gaint demon, “I WILL NOT LET YOU TOUCH MY DAUGHTER! NOT WHILE I STILL DRAW BREATH!” He roared from the depts of his heart, then something clicked in him. He chuckled as blood leaked from his mouth, “I guess I could have chosen a different path, been with my Daughter longer, and watch her grow into a beautiful young woman... just like her Mother...” Malacath looked War in the eye, He had never felt such fear in his life, but the fear of losing his Daughter to a monster like this was far greater. He raised his fists into the air, his purple flame demon apsect followed suit, “BEGON MONSTER!” He growled as he brought down the firey aspects fists on War. The furry of steel on steel clashing, rang around the empty throne room, two brothers locked in combat. Kasey slid a foot back, holding his sabre up to guard as Oakly brought his katana down, the sounds split the air as the impact forced Kasey to one knee. Oakly jumped back as his brother released a gust of wind, the two locked eyes for a second before racing in for another exchange.
  14. The Night Hunters (private)

    Malacath spit out more blood, but he still stood with minor scratches, “I am no meager Vampire, I am a descendant of the Originals, I will not be defeated so easily!” Malacath raised his right hand high, summoning a large spear of purple fire, “Begone Vile Creature!” He roared as he threw the spear at War, impacting with an enormous explosion of violet flames, burning everything behind War. Malacath vanished after this. Appearing with his hand reaching for Luna’s throat, a fire of hatred burned in Malacaths eyes. His attempt was in vain as his right hand was severed off, Malacath jumped back in surprise, then looked to left to see Caesar with his hand pointed at him like a knife. “You!” Caesar merely shrugged as he still had his left hand holding onto Celestias, “Love makes us do crazy things, surly you can understand that. By the way, weren’t you fighting someone?” He asked whimsically. Malacath felt a wave of terror wash over him, his attempt to quel this monster had failed, and now he was about to be punished for it. Treachery learned that physical attacks would only deteriorate his own body against Death, so he resorted to using his second ability of wind control, but even this was useless. Death moved his free hand around, deflecting all of Treachery’s wind slices. This angered the Priest, and he waved his hand backwards, sending a wind slice at Tavi. Death flashed around Treachery to block the attack effortlessly, not even looking back as Treachery fell to his knees. Treachery felt nothing as he looked down to see a chunk of his chest was missing, along with his heart, “.... so this is how death feels...” He choked coldly before falling over. Tavi remained still, her eyes meeting the two blue flames inside the Skulls eye holes. Death held out his hand to her, and despite what Tavi has just seen, she instinctively reached it. But her hand did not deteriorate, she only felt the bone as cold and icy to the touch, a second later they appeared on the hill with everyone else. Ally and Vi ran to Tavi, and she hugged onto them tightly. Caesar and Death shared a glance but said nothing as they watched Malacath. Oakly moved again, but Spring held on tighter, he moved again but she held on. Oakly turned to her, moving his hand to hers, but Spring moved her other hand to intercept, interlocking their fingers. “Oakly... I know your still in there, please I beg of you, find your way to me. I can’t imagine the pain they put you through, but I’m here for you now, ... and I’m sorry for letting them take you in the first place. I’m sorry Oakly, just please come back to Me!” Her cries went unanswered, Oakly starred blankly into her eyes, Spring felt a slight pressure on her neck and her vision starting darken, “...Oakly...” She fell into his arms unconscious, as he started to lay her down gently, footsteps brought his attention up. “You better have a good reason Brother, cause I know we weren’t taught to hit a Woman without a good reason.” Kasey said sternly as he drew his sabre, his other hand formed a condensed ball of wind. Oakly stood up drawing his katana, lighting it up with sparks of Lightning. “Fine, I guess I’ll just beat some sense into you!” Kasey streamed forward, Oakly flashed to him, the ring of their weapons parrying rung around the room.
  15. Shadow chuckled, “Only a fool would challenge her. I’ll get the word out and get you a list of those participating. Necropolis chose well, you are becoming a wise Leader, My Lord.” He dipped his head and continued back towards doors. Around the room, chatter amongst the other Silent Fang began in whispers, debating to take part in this tournament.