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  1. Trax grabbed her wrist and removed her hand from him, "I thought you were smarter than that Killjoy, don't you know? I am Death." He said coldly as he started to grab a hold of himself, "Now quit your useless jabbering and lets head back, not that you care, but we both have people we need to apologize to for breaking a promise." He let go of her and started off, his torn clothing flailed in the night breeze, stained with his blood from now healed injuries. Shadow walked aimlessly through a dead forest, known by the Four Horsemen as the birthplace of the first Death. "Death is the one Truth of Life, you are not truly living otherwise. Death follows War, Famine, and Pestilence. We cannot exist without him, as He cannot exist without Us." He paused as he heard footsteps behind him, he turned to see Famine in surprise. "War attracts us all, it produces Famine and Pestilence, and Death Follows in our wake. Wherever there is War, We are as well."
  2. Trax shrugged, "Kids gotta grow up one way or another, heck I've been tortored so many times in the past, it's amazing I'm still alive." He said nonchalantly, his attitude had changed dramatically. "Forget about your armor, you go back there, and Treachery's just gonna make you kill something or someone else. For now we should focus our attention on the army or whatever, Malacath is pretty confident he can defend Canterlot from us with ease." Kasey passed by the nursery, stopping in the door to see Luna and Hazel passed out together in a chair, Hazel was exhausted from moving so fast at a long distance to get here. He glanced up realizing the little girl Killjoy had brought in, was awake and starring at him, "What is Love?" She asked curiously. Kasey flinched at the question, "Uh well.... Love is when you really care for something or someone...." He sighed thinking it over, "Love is an emotion, a feeling you get when you look at something or someone, and you want hold onto it for all eternity. I love my Family. My mother, sister, brother, and even my father, I love them all, and would do anything to keep them safe." He looked at Luna and Hazel sleeping soundly together, "Love is also a powerful emotion, one that can bring even the most broken souls to the light." He scratched his head seeing he'd gone and got all dramatic, "Sorry, got a little deep there. You should get some rest too, I guess I'll see you around." He started to walk out when he paused and looked back at Ally, "By and by, I like your hair, it really brings out your eyes." Instantly Ally blushed and nervously twirled her fingers in her hair as Kasey walked out.
  3. Trax stood up slowly rotating his arms and stretching himself out, "Lucky for me you're not all that dumb, you knew he'd use his ability as soon as you moved so you held back. I'd thank ya but, I think I should have died, theres a theory I've been wanting to test out but haven't been able to go through with it. Eh, either way, I'm just glad you're brain isn't as messed up as you're psyche is. So, do you prefer Killjoy still, or would you prefer the real name?" He asked as his white smoke started to vanish and his black etchings receded, but not completely, his eyes slowly returned to normal. His tone and behavior had also changed, no longer cool and calm, but more eccentric and loose. Treachery used cut his hair and used it to sew together the stump of his missing left arm, severed midway above the elbow. Malacath let out another sigh, "She is a stubborn one, always trying to prove she's invincible. Perhaps that is her greatest fear, to be proved one day that she isn't strong enough to protect those she cares about? In any case, the arm won't be a problem?" Treachery put his robes back on with his left sleeve flailing in the wind, "What arm?" He asked simply, Malacath then smirked with pride.
  4. Treachery coughed up blood, "Killjoy..." But his voice was different, it wasn't his voice, but another familiar one instead. Treacherys image faded away, revealing a battered and bloody Trax underneath Killjoy, the hallucination made him unable to activate his prowess. Trax threw up more blood, "Can ya get off me now, I think I might be dying..." Killjoy was suddenly lifted off him into the air, Treachery leaped up to her and delivered a final kick to her stomach. The force of his kick sounded like thunder, and Killjoy flew away off the mountain, breaking the sound barrier twice before completely obliterating the countryside of the land below. Treachery landed smoothly again before looking at Malacath, who gave him an agreed nod. "Goodbye Trax, until we meet again.... or perhaps not." He said sternly. Trax struggled for breath before flickering away. Miles away, at the end of a massive scar in the forest, Trax appeared on the ground near a pile of dirt and tree branches. His breathing was raspy and made gurgling noise, he coughed up more blood before trying to speak. "I think... we might need to train... some more..." He said weakly as his body began to radiate white smoke, the black etchings on his body spread quickly.
  5. Without warning, Killjoys head was forced face first to the ground, Treacherys image was cleared like a cloud of dust. "I must admit, no mortal has ever given me such trouble before, you are the first to even survive my attacks. For this I commend you, however," Treachery began before dragging her face across the ground and threw her into a hard stone slab, "You are no longer Human. You are a monster, a hell-bent being craving only the kill, and the pleasure it brings to your corrupted heart." He placed a hand on Killjoys head, "Feel, all the pain you've ever inflicted on another living being, feel their fear before you took their life from them." His words were drowned out as the emotion of Fear was she could feel, along with her body nearly ripping itself apart from every injury or pain she had inflicted on another. Trax starred in disbelief, he couldnt believe he was actually starting to feel for Killjoy, an almost sibling bond that made him want to take her place so she didnt have to. Malacath sighed as Treachery backed off letting Killjoys limp body fall to the ground, her ability ceased as she was put into an unconscious state, her body only moving to breath slowly. "Take her and Go, I have no need of her. I admit you are both threats to my plans, I speak for everyone when I say that you have made us fear the possibility of being defeated, even killed. Now leave, while you still have a choice." Trax flinched tightening his fists, a little white smoke glittered off him but he held back his frustration. Trax walked over to Killjoy but Treachery held up a hand, "Wait, she isn't finished just yet."
  6. Trax was in shock as he saw the dust clear, revealing a twisted and mangled Treachery, "She did it?" He glanced over at Malacath to watch for his similar surprise, but flinched as he only saw a sly smirk. Malacath yawned, "Alright Treachery, I've seen enough. You may begin." Trax went wide as the world seemed to flash, Treachery stood in perfect condition in the same spot when the fight began. 'He put me under as well to keep me from saying something' Trax thought angrily as he tightened his fists. Treachery exhaled softly before flashing behind Killjoy, with two fingers he jabbed hard into Killjoys side, the force was great enough to cause damage to her organs. He spun around delivering two more jabs, one at her right arm, and the other at her shoulder blade. Both hits caused a cracking sound. Treachery zipped in front, uppercutting her in the chin, before she got too high, He grabbed her foot and slammed her back down then rainbowed her over his head and slammed her down again on the other side. This repeated another four times before Treachery did a full clockwise rotation and sent her flying into the air. The Priest bent down and jumped high, passing Killjoy quickly, he slowed down as she started to catch up. "Survive this, and earn a quick death later." Treachery focused his strength into his palms before delivering a final blow to Killjoys stomach, even with her ability and enhanced power, the blow ruptured her organs and nearly cracked all her ribs. Killjoy zoomed down breaking the sound barrier, the force scattered the clouds above in multiple circles. The ground shattered on impact, sending a deep crack halfway down to Canterlot on the opposite side of the mountain. Treachery landed smoothly on the ground, barely a drop of sweat on him. Trax starred with concern, he knew Killjoy was a stubborn one, but this could be trouble.
  7. Malacath nodded, "Magnificent Ms. Veil, well shown." He said as Treachery stood up dusting himself off, he cracked his knuckles before charging Killjoy, leaping up with a heavy balled up fist.
  8. Treachery slid a foot back taking an offensive stance, "A phrase best said towards yourself. Suddenly Treachery was upon her, a hard jab to her stomach cause a momentary shortage of breath, then another jab to her chin forcing her back. Treachery dropped down spining, sweeping Killjoy off her feet, He switched to his hands so his feet could double kick her into the ground. The force cracked the ground and imprinted her in a few feet, Treachery back off a few yards taking a defensive stance. Trax had his eyes narrowed the whole time, the technique and skill, Treachery was trained in a martial arts form unknown to him.
  9. Malacath raised any eye brow, "My my, you are persistent aren't you." He sighed and waved his hand, the Priests backed off with the exception of Treachery. "I will humor you just once, so you can see that there is another league above you. So you can taste the bitterness of defeat, something that you have been starved of for quite some time. Trax, top of the mountain please." Trax threw his dagger at Malacath who caught it with ease, he placed a hand on Killjoys shoulder as Malacath did the same with Treachery. All four flickered away, reappearing at the top of the mountain Canterlot rested on the side of. Treachery shook off his top layer of robes and cracked his neck side to side. "No holds barred, first one to be knocked unconscious by the other, Loses." Malacath said as he stepped to the side. Trax moved to the side as well, uneasy about the whole matter, hoping Killjoy had a plan to this.
  10. Malacath raised an eyebrow, Treachery and Fraud glanced at eachother, they weren't fully in agreement with Malacaths plans but followed out of share of respect and fear. Greed narrowed his eyes as Violence smirked, Gluttony grinned wildly while Lust huffed with mild distaste. "As much as the offer intrigues me my dear, I must decline." Malacath told her apologetically. Trax let the dagger in his sleeve slip into his hand but did not fully draw it, "Why not? Surely you can see this is beyond in your favor." He inquired briskly. Malacath nodded, "However, there is a particular reason why I took Oakly. A reason you will find out later. Now, before I let my associates here tear you limb from limb, I suggest you leave. Afterall, there is an impending battle we must equip for no?" At his words, The Priests all took offensive measures, ready to attack if they resisted.
  11. Malacath waved his hand, stopping the torture, "Well, this is an interesting turn." Suddenly Malacath zipped into view up the road, flanked by Treachery and Fraud. Trax grit his teeth still keeping his lips closed, with this line up they were out matched for sure. Greed flashed to the top of the wall, Lust and Gluttony came out on either side of the gate, Violence flashed to Greeds side with folded arms. Trax let out a sigh, trusting Killjoys plan, because any fight now would be a hopeless one. 'You've trained him for the last two years, it would be odd for you to have anything other than Oaklys safety in mind right now, I trust you' Malacath waved to them, "Greetings Ms. Veil, to what do I owe such pleasure?"
  12. Trax relaxed his prowess, glancing back at Kasey, "Inform everyone we will be out for awhile, and for safe measure, a friend will be stopping by shortly." He told Kasey before tapping Killjoys shoulder and the two flickered away. Kasey sighed gripping Oaklys scarf in his hand, before turning around and heading inside. Hazel relaxed her grip, half of her hair began to lighten in color, she drew back her tears as she looked up. Her left eye was a light green, with her right eye still in its vampiric form. Spring and Hazel, both personalities were surfaced at the same time, her voice sounded with two similar tones but separate tones. "Mom... I'm in Love with Him...."
  13. Trax exploded with white smoke as he let out his power, halting Killjoy, "Think about what your doing, Killjoy. As much as this angers, I know there are people here who need my protection now. Charging off into a trap is not you, think about it. Even at our current levels, we're not enough to face them." Kasey stepped forth, "But I can find out what their doing with him, I still have a friend on the inside." Hazel weakly held onto Luna's hand, her eyes running with waterfalls of tears, "They took him Mom, t-they took him... and I couldn't do anything to stop it..." Oakly fell to the floor shivering in pain, his eyes were wide and bloodshot, blood leaked from his ears and nose. Heresy picked him up and cuffed him to chains, hoisting him into the air. Fraud took out a whip and slashed him across the back, Oakly reeled in pain, blood trickled from the long gash. Heresy then breathed a green cloud at Oaklys face, at first there was nothing, but then Fraud whipped him again. This time, the pain was ten times worse than the first, Oakly ran out breath mid cry. Malacath stood before him, "Heresy's ability, a green gas which causes the victim to feel pain ten fold of their original level. In order to create something, you must start from a blank slate. Which is what your mind will be before we're done." Treachery stepped up and tore away Oaklys shirt, then pressed his hand to Oaklys chest. Fraud whipped him again, the combined pain knocked him unconscious, but he was awoken by Treacherys hand. This repeated over and over again, Oakly shivered and shook with unbearable pain. Heresy glanced at Malacath, "We could find out the location of their hideout now, and crush them before they can start." Malacath shook his head, "Because it will ruin my plans, besides, it'd be too easy."
  14. Hazel streamed through the forest like a blur, passing animals and even a few hunters who just blinked in confusion. Kasey went opened the door and was luckily out of the way as Hazel zipped past him, the wind catching up with her reshaped his hair in a wind swept to the right. An Order member attempted to hold down his papers but was of no use as he was covered in a big pile of scattered documents. Hazel zipped by grabbing Killjoy, and stopped in the Infirmary, "They took him! They took Oakly!" Lust tossed a waking Oakly to the floor, just feet away from the steps leading up to the throne. "Welcome my boy, good to see I can count on my associates to be successful without error." Malacath spoke as Oakly stood on his knees, his hands cuffed with rubber lined braces, "Smart thinking." He mumbled under his breath. He looked up as Malacath stood up and started down the steps towards him, "I'm wont suger coat anything Oakly, you will be tortured beyond anything you can imagine. Feel enough pain to drive the most disciplined soldiers into madness, in fact, the last human was a soldier in the Black Legion. He withstood it for 24 hours, I'm hoping you at least last for half of that. Now, you probably wonder why? Well here's the thing, My Daughter seems to have a soft spot for you, and I want to give my little girl everything she wants. Therefore,..." Malacath paused with grim glare down at Oakly, causing a shiver to crawl up his spine, fear gripped his heart like claws. "I'm going to break you, then mold you anew. The perfect Husband for my Princess Hazel." Treachery zipped behind Oakly placing a hand on his head, instantly Oakly went wide in terror before letting out an agonizing cry. Trax flickered next to Kasey as he fixed his hair, "Welcome back Da-" He pasued as he noticed the scarf in his Fathers hand, an identical one he had gotten from Trax as well. Kasey went grim, "Oakly..."
  15. Ally nodded weakly in compliance, she twitched a little as if in pain, but relaxed quickly. Tavi walked up to Ally's other side, "What did she say? The dark one, she told you to do something didn't she? I've been around Killjoy enough to see the signs when the other speaks." He tone was sweet, but held a sense of sterness to them. Ally looked away guiltily, "She says it's impossible to get rid of her, says she's a part of me. That'd I die before it happens. She wants to be let loose to kill you all.... But I don't want that... I don't want to kill anymore..." Tavi exchanged a look with Luna, "Dont you worry deary, we're going to help you, with every step. You will defeat this darkness, I promise you this. Right, Mommy?" She added with sly smirk at Luna before taking her leave. Viola leaned over to stare a bit more, but was soon dragged out by her mother. Kasey did a complete one eighty and started off in the opposite direction, knowing better than to be in Killjoys way of blowing off steam, "Glad I'm not in Oaklys situation." Hazel opened her mouth to say something, blushing a little, but the horses cries of pain cut her off. Oakly and Hazel were thrown from their saddles as both horses sprinted off into the woods, bearing darts in their flanks. Oakly drew his katana as Hazels eyes flooded with blood, they went back to back circling around, glancing around with grim expressions. Suddenly a volley of darts flew at them from the forest, Oakly jumped in front releasing a lighting surge that turned them to ash. Immediately after, Hazel sped around to Oaklys side catching a large spear. "That was clo-" Hazel was cut short as she was dragged away by a rope looped at her feet. Oakly went to dive for her hand but was grabbed by the neck and slammed to the ground, he looked up seeing an obvious Vampire woman. Her long sleek black hair fell over her left shoulder, a pair of slit light green eyes met Oaklys piercing blues, "Like cut from the same cloth, your Father, Brother, and you. All these handsome men in my life, and I dont get a single one." She said enviously before hitting Oakly hard in the face, knocking him out. She stood up holding him by the collar off the ground, "One more step and dies Princess." She warned as she turned to see Hazel paused just ten feet away. Examining the young Vampire, she could hardly believe Malacaths warning about her, but she knew better than to disobey. 'Hazel is of my blood, her mothers blood, our lineage together has created a very powerful offspring. She may not look it, but she is capable of some scary hidden skills. One on one, and you will die. Grab the boy, and force your way out, Simple.' Lust recalled Malacaths words before backing up, glaring down Hazel with warning. Hazel itched to move, but she could risk it with Oakly, she had lost. The plan was executed perfectly, She never even stood a chance. Hazel let out a cry of rage as she watched Lust vanish away with Oakly.