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  1. Alright, now that the mid-season finale has aired, it's time to rank the episodes so far, and give your thoughts on the season as a whole. So, how is it?
  2. When do you think the Playstation 5 will come out? Will it come out in 2019?
  3. Has Spike had any good episodes, or character development?
  4. How do you feel about getting episodes before their US airdate, and getting 2 episodes a week? Personally, I'm not a fan of it. It kind of messes with the discussion around here. There has to be one thread for the episode released in Canada, and one for the episode released in the US. Also, I like having new MLP episodes on Saturday. I don't like watching one new episode on Saturday, and then missing Sunday's episode because I'm at church.
  5. What do you think of product placement in the show? I mean, a lot of shows do product placement these days, so why not MLP?
  6. Today, I want to ask if the nature of the show holds it back. I mean, let's not kid ourselves, the show's main purpose is to sell toys. We're lucky that the show is as good as it is despite that. I ask this because I feel that the show shoehorns some items in so Hasbro can sell more toys. Good examples would be the Castle of Friendship and Flurry Heart. Flurry Heart was added solely to sell toys. really hasn't added very much, and I feel she could be removed, and nothing would change. So, what do you think? Does the toyetic nature of the show hold it back?
  7. Proof that Nintendo would be better as software only? The game has made them billions of dollars in a matter of days.
  8. Do you think there's too much slice of life in MLP? Sure, the show is mostly slice of life, but I'd like more adventure episodes. Honestly, I'm getting tired of slice of life episodes. G1 MLP, for all its flaws, had the ponies go to new places quite often. Meanwhile, this show has a big world full of magic and creatures, and it's going to waste. It seems that the writers are happy to show us the same locations we've already seen. Personally, I think the show should have more adventure episodes, like Lost Treasure of Griffonstone or Gauntlet of Fire, which have action and worldbuilding. I'd even settle for more episodes like Dragonshy, back in S1. It'd be a lot more interesting than an episode like Applejack's Day Off, anyway, where nothing happens, or an episode taking place in Manehattan for the 74th time. What do you think?
  9. Now that the hiatus is upon us, how would you rate S6 so far? I would say it's hit and miss. On one hand, I liked Gauntlet of Fire, Hearth's Warming Tail, and Saddle Row Review. I think Saddle Row Review is one of the best episodes of the show. On the other hand, I didn't like Newbie Dash, Applejack's Day Off, or On Your Marks. One thing I will say positive about the season are the great new characters. Sunburst, Princess Ember, and Plaid Stripes are all great. Another positive is the characterization of Spike. He finally had an episode that the majority of fans agree is good, and he's been excellent in supporting roles, like The Crystalling and Hearth's Warming Tail. Best of all, he isn't the butt monkey he was in past seasons, save for Newbie Dash. I especially liked his friendship with Starlight in the premiere. However, I can't believe how hard the season has dropped the ball with the "Explore Equestria" theme. So far, we've mostly been seeing locations we've already seen numerous times. The only relatively new location was the dragon lands. I felt this was also a problem with the map in S5. You have an entire map of Equestria, with lots of new locations to explore, but you don't use it. Another problem is the unbalanced number of episodes a character gets. There's been too much Rarity and Starlight for my liking. On the topic of Starlight, I don't like how they keep bringing up Starlight's past every time she appears. It was funny the first time, but now it's just annoying. Say what you want about Discord's reformation, at least they didn't feel the need to constantly bring up his past actions. Overall, while there have been good episodes, it's not up to par with previous seasons. It's pretty obvious that the show is suffering from the veteran writers leaving (Larson, McCarthy, AKR). What do you think of S6 so far? What do you like about it, and what don't you?
  10. It's that time of week again. Time for a preview of Saturday's episode. What do you think?
  11. Do you think this will happen, or will the show still be slice of life?
  12. Would you like this season to have more episodes with worldbuilding? Like, lore on non-pony species like Gauntlet of Fire or going to places we haven't seen yet? I think the Explore Equestria theme would be perfect for it.
  13. At this point, most of us have heard about the Guardians of Harmony toy line. But do you think Hasbro will make a cartoon to promote the toy line? Maybe as a sort of Gen 4.5?
  14. Will they write Spike out in Gauntlet of Fire, since it has him becoming the Dragon Lord? Maybe he stays behind to teach the dragons about friendship.
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