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  1. What do I do when someone I love is hurting themselves but won't tal to me :(

    1. Smartbrony


      I would suggest simply talking to them and letting them know how much they mean to you. I can't say I have hands on experience, but it seems the logical thing to do.

  2. Name:FrostDion Age:Adult Race:Half dragon Brief history:He has born under a pile of gems a miner collected one day he was then raised to love ponies all around him even how rude they were.
  3. worried about my sister/WhiteWarrior

  4. Um I don't really do anything but I brought a paddle boat yesterday so we can get to the island."he says hoping in"Sugar you in the middle steering."
  5. FlamingFury


    My stuff
  6. Wait here this is the entrance it's just a little slice of paradise."Snow says smiling.
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