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  1. Blue Moon stared at the rugged, tall pony, amazed by the strength he put into striking the metal. She couldn't do that ever in her lifetime. What an admirable talent... She realized the stallion had greeted her with a start. "Oh, hello," she greeted, stepping forward, "My name is Blue. Blue Moon, that is." The forge was very warm, that was for sure, and something about this friendly stallion made her feel at home. She fixed up her cloak and smiled. "I'm sorry to intrude, but it's, well, frigid out there." She turned towards the furnace and closed her eyes, her shivering beginning to cease.
  2. Hesitating, anticipating the moment, Blue Moon put her hoof down on the train station platform. Her first step in the Crystal Empire! Camera swinging around her neck, she followed the small crowd out of the train and into the beautiful crystalline city. Blue Moon just couldn't get enough of the Crystal Ponies' glimmering pelts and manes, their glamorous style, their elegant charm. She had encountered a few on the train, but stepping out of the train station, she was overwhelmed with the beauty of the Empire's ponies. Mixed in were a few tourists like herself, taking pictures of their first view of the Empire. "Wow..." She gawked at the castle, a building bigger and more gorgeous than she had ever seen, towering above the city. There was nothing even close to that grandeur in the Whitetail Woods, her home, or even in Canterlot, which she often visited. It looked like the Two Royal Sister's castle had competition. 'This is it,' Blue thought, smiling. Now that the Crystal Empire was rediscovered, she could teach her class back at Solstice Heights firsthand accounts and lessons. Maybe even bring them on a field trip! As she was lost in her thoughts, she bumped straight into another pony. "Oof!" She jumped back, startled. "Oh my Celestia, I'm so sorry!"
  3. It was simply too cold for a visit to Canterlot- that was Blue Moon's only thought as she trudged up the hills, panting. Her breath was visible in the morning air, and the sun, coming up on the horizon, shone weakly through the clouds. Usually she would be absolutely fine making the trip from the edge of the Whitetail Woods to visit her sister, but not today. "If only I could find somewhere warm to rest," she thought to herself, shivering. There were farms along the path, but no place where she could just stroll in. If there were only a shoppe or something of that nature, she could pop in and cease her shivering. She wouldn't even be a bother; she would happily buy something in return for the warmth. As she was thinking, she saw smoke mixing in with the gray winter clouds. Up ahead was some sort of craftspony's forge. What luck! Not just a warm building, but one with a fire as well! She hurried up, her hooves protesting because of the cold. "It'll be worth it when I get there," she thought to herself.
  4. I've been wondering what I missed... Thank you
  5. I'm fairly new to the Canterlot community (who am I kidding, I've never even roleplayed before!) and I've been wondering why I can't rp. I'm not allowed to reply to most topics and this is the first time I've found a page where I can start a topic. I made a few posts on the introduction and general chat pages but for some reason I can't do anything on the actual rp pages. Did I just miss something? *so confused*
  6. I think in the Pony world, (Equestria or wherever else ponies may reign,) ponies would have their own system of measuring age, don't you think so, darlings? Maybe they age in a year twice as fast as we would...
  7. This makes me shudder cause of its pure awesomeness XD
  8. oh gosh i know your feels WHICH DO I CHOOSE?!
  9. I know that feels, scared that you're a brony but not sure how to act on it. You've got no worries here, Classy! Welcome to Canterlot!
  10. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Blue Moon (alias: Missy Blue) Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Bright Red Pelt: Dark grey bordering on black; her hooves are a dark, sapphire blue. She wears a silver bracelet around her front left hoof. Mane/Tail: Long, wavy, and nicely kept. They are both sapphire blue with darker strands. Physique: Slender, petite, and graceful Residence: The Whitetail Wood Occupation: Elementary School Teacher Cutie Mark: An eclipse: A black circle, slightly darker than Blue's pelt, covering a very light blue moon with white craters, so only a crescent is visible. Blue Moon was the first to receive her cutie mark in her class at Canterlot Elementary. She used to be a quiet, reserved filly, but all that changed the day that she told a couple friends a bedtime story at a sleepover. Her story was beautifully described, with smooth analogies and bright imagery tumbling from her tongue. That night, her cutie mark appeared, to the delight of the young fillies, and she discovered her passion for telling all stories, though her favorites will always be bedtime stories. History: Blue Moon was born in Canterlot, to a Pegasus father and a Unicorn mother. She was a twin, along with her sister Red Letter, who was born a few minutes earlier. Growing up was hard because she always always in her loud, popular, and glamorous sister's shadow. Things were made even worse for her when her sister discovered her special talent, writing stories, something Blue Moon had always wanted but never could do. She made few friends because of her low self-esteem and insecurity. When she discovered her special talent was something Red Letter could not do- tell stories aloud- she realized that she was worth just as much as her sister. After school, Blue Moon left Canterlot in search of a quainter life. In her travels, she became a strong believer of finding inner peace through meditation. She realized she had a love for the night time and peaceful environments, and happened to stumble onto the small community within the Whitetail Wood. Deciding to build a cottage there, Blue began to take odd jobs here and there for the scattered ponies living within the wood, and found she had a passion for telling foals her stories after a babysitting job. Today, Blue works at her dream job in the school house in the outskirts of the forest, by Solstice Heights. There she is able to tell all the foals from the surrounding area her stories. Character Summary: Blue Moon has always been a peace-loving pony, and a friendly one at that. She is quick at making new friends and occasionally stops ponies on the street to make a compliment or statement, often continuing through to long, fun conversations. Her best friend is her sister, Red Letter, and she travels to Canterlot many times a year in order to visit her. Most of her friends live in Canterlot, but she has many all around Equestria. Being around Blue Moon is like sitting in a garden at night; the atmosphere is calm and friendly, but also mysterious and exciting. Blue has a fascination with the moon and the nighttime, preferring to do many activities at night and occasionally turning nocturnal during summer, when there aren't classes. She loves to read and take long naps in the middle of the day, and has a huge interest in learning about Unicorn and Alicorn magic. Blue Moon occasionally likes solitude, and likes to explore the forest on her own in peace and quiet. Her favorite princess is Luna, though she is very intrigued by the newest princess, Twilight Sparkle. Her goal in life is to get as close as possible to being just as kind, intelligent, and divine. Blue Moon is also a great storyteller- it is her special talent, after all! She is horrible at making them up herself, but she can take any other pony's simple plots, and off she'll go, sharing the spruced up tale with her friends and students. She can make any old history lesson come to life, though she might occasionally deter from actually teaching. Though she is a Pegasus, she doesn't fly often, because she was always mocked for her slow speed. However, she is the most graceful flier she knows, and can do all manners of loop de loops, twirls, dives, even one-winged flying (for short time periods.) As a teacher, Blue has developed a love for all things educational, and if they're fun, even better. She dislikes loud ponies, but she has learned to put up with them... mostly. The one thing she cannot stand is a sick foal in the classroom, and following that is a rude parent. When parents do not treat their foal kindly, she is the first to step in and try to help them understand each other. Another thing Blue dislikes is lying; when asked about it, she says, "Why lie in the first place?" Her usually elegant tongue quickly trips up if she tries to deter even slightly from the truth. Blue fears nightmares, seeing them as warped dreams, and seeing dreams as stories the mind comes up with on its own. She also fears Changelings. It is not so much that they can turn into loved ones at will, but their true form that horrifies her. Her one biggest fear is total darkness; she cannot seem to live life without finding some sort of positive in the negative, and the idea of total darkness scares her to no end. Otherwise, Blue is perfectly happy in her life and cannot see anyway that her world could be any better.
  11. Brand new pony crew at Canterlot 'cause I can a lot! Lol rhymes~

  12. About Myself: Hi, my name is Lady Luck, or just lady! I live in NY, and I've been a big fan of MLP since I was little (not just FiM, but it's definitely the best of MLP!) My hobbies include reading, playing piano, drawing, and working on my irl novel :3 How I found Canterlot.com: Google-searched awesome MLP:FiM RPGs How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: So awhile ago I made some friends that were bronies/pegasisters, and I decided to watch the show myself to see if I would like it. Lo and behold, today I am the biggest fan of FiM out of all my friends! ^_^ My favourite main cast pony/s: Fluttershy I really hope I'll be on here as much as I possibly can!
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