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    Hi! Many call me silvy around the internet, so just call me silvy! Unless you want to give me your own nickname! I am a big Pullea Magi Madoka Magica fan, and I really hope they come out with a fourth movie, because the last one would really suck if there wasnt.... My favorite PMMM character would have to be Kyoko, although I really like Homura as well!

    PMMM and AoT are probably the only animes I have ever finished, sadly.... I have a bad habit of that......

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    Pastel Lines
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    Magma Thread
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  1. (Oops! Sorry! I'm about as forgetful as pastel in real life xD Do you want me to start?)
  2. hmmm should Pastel accidently run into Alice..... say, when her and Lightening are walking in the park, or something like that?
  3. Pastel nodded, going and getting a mop to clean dust up off the floor.
  4. The room was a fair size for a foal. It had room for a crib, a changing area, and a good sized play area.
  5. She giggled, nuzzling back, before walking inside.
  6. Pastel sweat dropped,"I forget alot of things..... you should know this by now......."
  7. How insane am I if I want to animate a song thats about 5 min at 30 frames per second (fps), which would be approximately 9,000 frames, when I've only animated..... about three things? Pretty insane? Alright. I figured xD

    1. TheFinestSorcerer


      ahdunno. How insane is it that I want to construct a 7foot-long dragon shaped much like Smaug(only ice themed) out of thick metal wiring for skeleton and thousands of pipecleaners(ranging 4 different colors) built around it for volume and shape! Cuz I wanna do that :3 Are we both crazy?

    2. Bluelight
  8. Pastel looked around, and eventually came across a room she had forgotten was there.
  9. She stood up and started to walk around.
  10. She smiled,"Shouldn't we find a room for the foal, so that we can start clearing it out?"
  11. She giggled, laying her head on his chest.
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