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  1. ((RD was going to escort Spike to Celestia's room))
  2. "Alright, I'll take him to your room then, your highness." Rainbow said, she then started carrying Spike to the direction of Celestia's room.
  3. "Yeah, I'll help." RD approved. "First, we need to get him to a room of some sort." She added, then put the unconscious Spike on her back.
  4. RD's eyes were very wide and her irises were as small as a grain of rice, but they returned to normal size. "Well, I don't even know how this happened... we just need to get some help for him." She said "Oh, and thanks for that, I needed my daily dose of excitement."
  5. Twilight's so adorkable because she CAN BE.
  6. Rainbow Dash heard Discord say "Awww... what happened girls?" and looked at him. "What 'happened' is that Spike just fell unconscious." she looked down at the motionless Spike again. "We need to give him some help."
  7. Rainbow Dash was slightly confused about this. A mission? A changling? Discord? Did all of this seriously happen while she was outside the ship doing her daily routines?
  8. Rainbow Dash was flying laps around Airship Celestia, this is a part of your daily morning routines, she decided to take a break and go inside the ship. When she did, she saw Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Spike from the other dimension, the changling, ShadowMare, and Discord. The fact that Discord was in the ship and seeing the changling confused Rainbow a little. "What happened while I was out there?" She said after staring at the group for a few seconds.
  9. While Fashion Horse and Apple Horse are good ponies... Derp Horse is superior. (BTW, Metal, which video did you get that picture from? I'm just wondering.)
  10. Yeah, I really liked Season 4... Flutterbat is best pony now
  11. What's on my mind you ask? I'll tell you what's on my mind; Things.

  12. School's gonna be out soon.

    1. SymphonicFire


      Eugh i still have a month TT____TT

    2. RainbowDaringDash


      i still have 2 more terms

  13. + Der-- oh wait... - Twilight + RD Twilight 14 Pinkie 16 Applejack 14 Rainbow Dash 15 Rarity 16 Fluttershy 15
  14. "I'll go in first," Cloud said. He then jumped into the purple aura the portal was casting. About a second after he went in, Cloud poked his head out, "There's a lot of fire here... and lava, and other things... you still wanna go?" He said.
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