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  1. Gearly's hoof-shake, cementing the deal, was a slightly overly-energetic, yanking Pigpen's leg up and down quickly. Still overcome with the excitement of the deal and his incredibly luck, the giddy young stallion couldn't stop beaming and fidgeting excitedly, eager to get the meat of the transaction. He turned toward Mr. Waddle, his face lit-up like a young colt who just heard school was closed, and he asked, "So what manner of contract is there? Is there one at all? S-so m-many minute details to work out!" Gearly was unsure how exactly the two business-stallions conducted their trade, but he was so used to the structure of Canterlot and other larger cities that he naturally assumed there to be a contract that would lay forth every deal.
  2. Returning to the rear of the little shoppe, Gearly raised his hoof and rapped once at the door. He blinked, chuckling lightly at the persistence of his habits, realizing full well that he was not expect to knock. Opening the door, he slipped into the building once more, clearly beaming as he approached Pigpen. "Mr. Waddle and I have fabricated an agreement that would very likely be to your liking, sir." He quickly, but carefully, explained the proposed agreement, nearly certain that the stallion before him would find the arrangement just as agreeable as Mr. Waddle.
  3. "D-Do you really think so?" Gearly's eyes widened at the Mr. Waddles exclamation, excitement filling the young stallion. The elder pony seemed so sure of the dear, the proprietor of the establishment would hopefully have such enthusiasm for the idea. It seemed as though suddenly so many possibilities had just opened before him. As Mr. Waddle began about the creator of the device, Gearly listened intently, seeming a young colt enraptured with a tale of daring and excitement. On occasion, he took moments to give comment at the grey stallion's dialogue. "I'd never heard of her....She went to Canterlot University? Oh, I am jealous! I'd wanted to go myself, but.. Well, I was fated to educate myself in such mechanics." With the comment that the arrangement would be agreeable, Gearly beamed brightly, turning about and starting to head towards the store proper. "Shall I discuss it with Mr. Pigpen to make sure that such an arrangement is agreeable for all parties?" His voiced virtually bubbled with giddiness as he trotted toward the storefront and it took every bit of his will power to not jump for joy at his situation. He would not only be able to provide his family with the required farming equipment, but he'd also found a way to practice his passion!
  4. Slowly growing more at-ease in the situation, he breathed a gentle sigh of relief and his attention was turned to the shaggy stallion that appeared to be the proprietor of the shop. Gearly could certainly understand how such a stallion did not keep his facility in such fastidious order as Gearly might have, had he run the little storefront. Smiling warmly to Pigpen, he nodded his thanks and turned toward the elderly Mr Waddle as the flies delivered hoof-written list, and stole his wandering thoughts away for a moment. "What peculiar mannerisms for flying insects. Back upon my family's homestead, those creatures were nothing more than bothersome pests..." Gearly mumbled aloud as he briefly pondered upon the peculiar nature of the critters, before realizing he may have offended them. Surely these creatures where a great deal more intelligent than the average fly back home and as such might take his words more harshly than he intended. "Erm..N-No offense intended, Gentlec-...erm..Gentle...bugs?" Returning his attention to Mr Waddle, he smiled politely, his his brownish muzzle dipping as he gave a slight nod, his messy mane bobbing with the motion. The farm he was born and raised on specialized in growing wheat and hay for a significant portion of the surrounding land's inhabitants. Such a task was made significantly easier by the use and upkeep of several simple devices which greatly aided the family's efficiency. Recently, one of the harvesting devices had snagged a rock and caused a fracture in one of the blades that had expanded over time, rending the device quite hazardous to use. Gearly had set out into the not-so-nearby areas in search for a replacement blade, or at the very least, a new machine. "One of the machines on our farm has suffered a tragic accident which has rendered it inoperable. Would you happen to have any devices which are capable of harvesting long, grass-like cross or have a variety replacement blades about? The specifications must be very close to the original design, lest the delicate mechanics be thrown off."
  5. The steely-grey young stallion trotted up to the facility which appeared to function as a junkyard, his deep-brown mane and tail being tossed in the light breeze. Furrowing his brows slightly, Gearly paused many yards away to ponder how likely it was that he'd been lead to the correct establishment. He'd heard tell that a great number of unusual odds and ends could often be found at this antique shop, but given how far removed his source was from the individual who actually visited the store... Well, Gearly wasn't about to get his hopes up, especially given the ramshackle appearance of some parts of the yard. On the other hoof, such a collection of refuse and detritus was certain to have some useful bits and gubbins laying about. Blinking once, the stallion flinched slightly at the realization that he'd just been standing near the middle of the road, staring blankly at the building, trying to divine his chances of success. Quickly cantering up to the door of the shoppe, Gearly paused briefly at the door to brush some of the ubiquitous country dust from his pelt before rapping at the door with his hoof. He was immediately aware that his self-taught conglomeration of big-city manners was a bit out of place when entering a country establishment with the word "OPEN" in big, friendly letters hanging in one of the windows. Without a doubt, he was sure that he was creating a scenario that would inevitably lead to his embarrassment. Beginning to ponder how best to avoid further social anxiety, the grey earth pony began acutely aware of the ever increasing span of time between his knocking and his entrance into the quaint shop. Without a moment to lose, Gearly tentatively pushed open the door with a leg criss-crossed with minute scars, slipping his head through the door. "He-Ermm...S-salutations. I imagine this fine establishment is open? O-Of course it is..." Wincing at the absurd question he'd just put forth, he stepped into the room, noting the collection of other ponies in the building. As his eyes drifted to the young pegasus filly and the disheveled proprietor of the business, Gearly winced ever-so-slightly at the state of the stallions appearance. He then glanced toward the well-built stallion, vaguely reminiscent of Gearly's elder brother, bartering with the elderly grey pony. His torn left ear flapped nervously as he greeted the employees and customers alike, "G-Good day, Filly and Gentlecolts... Perhaps you may have a certain antiquated device my family's farm has dire need of?"
  6. From what I understand, nothing is sound on the car anymore. I believe best case scenario is that it's sold for scrap.
  7. Update: The hospital kept her over night just to make sure her condition didn't deteriorate. Other than the bumps, bruises, and scrapes though, she seemed to have emerged undamaged. Apparently it takes more than a car crash to even chip this statue.
  8. I just wanted to let everypony know that our favorite statue, Armony, was in a car accident today. As of the time of this writ-erm...typing, no severe damage has been reported to me. From my understanding, she was required to drive off the road to prevent a head-on impact with another car. Her vehicle flipped several times, but she was mostly unharmed thanks to wearing her seat belt. She went to her local hospital and no serious external damage was found. She was transferred to another hospital to check for head trauma. I'll keep you guys posted on any information I have. Let us all hope that Armony emerges from this mostly unscathed and that any damages and set-backs are minor and easily over-come.
  9. Well, I'm thinking that Rogue Trader MIGHT be the best solution. It offers the most variety for what you can play as. It's also likely the one where you need to know the least about 40k since it's set on the fringe (I think?) Side note: If you guys know anyone who's interested in 40k, or even just Sci-Fi in general, would you direct them this way? We have a very small number of people and getting more would increase the chances of something working out.
  10. Dunno. It'd be nice if we could find one or two more people. And timing is an issue. If we can't all meat, that wouldn't work out well. Also, who'd be running the game?
  11. Welcome and salutations! What sort of games do you play? Perhaps we can meet-up sometime and [insert goal of a game here] together!
  12. I know that there is an Adeptus Mechanicus adept in Rogue Trader. The mechanics essentially throws their lower ranking guys at Rogue Traders since they're on the fringe and that's where all the untapped knowledge is. Heck, they could even find a working SCT!
  13. While I have the Rogue Trader book, I wouldn't object to picking up the other books. I also heard a while back that they're working on an update that would, more-or-less, combine the systems to be more interchangeable. Not sure if that's gone/going anywhere. As for myself, I'm quite a fond of da Orkz, but I could easily play in any of them. I could be coerced into playing anything human-based quite easily with the promise of Tech-Priests (All glory to the Omnissiah!) or possibly even Black Crusade if I was able to play Iron Warriors or something of the sort.
  14. I'm back! And (hopefully) here to stay!

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