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  1. Penumbra

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    Well, be sure to tell me when you get round to it. Also i've changed my mind. This is the most adorable thing to grace my short time on this earth.
  2. Penumbra

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    So i've been watching the new She-ra. Its pretty legit. Look at this adorable new creature.
  3. Penumbra

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    If it helps I don't live in Aus anymore, i'm back in the UK. And if things go well for ol' Penby for a change, I might be leaving the UK as well.
  4. Penumbra

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    Moisten up those lickers because that's about 1am my time.
  5. Penumbra

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    You’ll flip when you find out about the Australians.
  6. Penumbra

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    You're right. I'll just use the special phone that all British citizens have that directly contacts Her Majesty the Queen and ask her to change it.
  7. Penumbra

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    Shame. That was midnight my time.
  8. Penumbra

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    I'll try to make it if I can. Depends how late is is for me.
  9. Penumbra

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    Unfortunately they ain't done with you!
  10. Penumbra

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    I think that fact she was cute was entirely the point. Anime love taking cute girls and killing them just to warrant a cheap emotional hook in their series. Look at Sachi from SAO. No characteristic apart from 'cute' and 'doesn't want to die'. Well guess what sister? Nor did anyone else in the series, but since your a cute girl, you're easy to get people to like and to emotionally invest in. I really despise that method in shows. Hence why I stopped Akame ga kill a few eps in.
  11. Penumbra

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    Ah, damn that's awkward. All i'm getting you is 8 pounds worth of Tesco's vouchers.
  12. Penumbra

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    Angie sent me an Xmas care package a few years back. I’ve been meaning to send one back but I’m terrible at stuff like that. Shotgun Dreamy as my Secret Santa.
  13. Penumbra

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    I am happy and i'm thinking about getting dreamy a bag of black liquorice as a present. You two are welcome.
  14. Penumbra

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    Imagine my comment is the same as dreamy's but its the opposite and add an extra day.