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  1. Throwing a ball had never been Red's strong point. He was much more into hoofball as a colt, so if he had had to kick a ball into a target, he might have done better. By his final ball, amid the call of “Kick his flank, my lord!” from his guard, the determination on his face was evident. So when the final throw sailed straight and true to its target, resulting in Blueblood making another satisfying splash into the tank, he could not help but give a rather unprincely pump of his hoof along with the smile on his face the sight brought. "I'm not as soft as you are wet, it seems," he replied. Then Naj, taking up the challenge herself after the traitorous Blueblood had apparently tried to woo her to switching allegiances, made clear she was having none of it, deftly kicking only her second ball into the target and sending him to the water again. Red stamped his hooves in applause appreciatively at Naj's display. "And, this is why she is my knight in shining armour," he announced, reaching around to snug her across the shoulders, before adding with embellishment, "I have knighted you, right? If not, we'll get you a knighthood by evening's end for your work in banishing Nightmare Moon once again."
  2. "Very well, lead on my prince!” Naj said, and so Red did, waiting his turn in the line up for his chance to soak the traitor. "Yes, he certainly would have volunteered," he confirmed to Naj. At least, he couldn't think of an instance where Blueblood might be on the dunk tank's platform without going willingly. Blueblood himself seemed to take notice of his attire, though. “Well, if it isn’t Prince Peacock and his pet guardling! I’m surprised you’ve got the guts to come into the castle of true royalty!” Well, Red supposed he deserved a remark like that, given that he and the Prince had never met on terribly good terms, especially when it came to the issue of Naj. So it was an extra surprise when the Prince... winked at her? Red actually smirked at that. He didn't think for one second that anything would have come of the Prince's flirtations with Naj, but it did make things interesting. Stepping up as it came to his turn, he picked up his three balls, and smiled at Blueblood. Secure as he may have been in his relationship with Naj, he wasn't about to let this go without a challenge. "What's wrong? Too much mascara in your eye, traitor?" he called out with a grin. "Let me wash that out for you!" he said, just before throwing the balls enthusiastically towards the target.
  3. Red Cedar strode through the castle as though he owned it, and to look at him on this particular night, it might not have been a stretch of the imagination. A white jacket stood out against his copper coat, gold piping up and down the sleeves and sides. Across his chest, a green sash, thereupon the brilliant medals of some imagined order of knighthood or another, while on the other side of his breast, a row of medals sparkled. In all, the effect was such that it could seriously be considered that the title of Prince or Princess could as easily be borne by an Earth Pony as a unicorn. He was just hoping that the confidence he projected would carry him through the night as well. More than once, Red had heard about the last major celebration of Nightmare Night in Ponyville, which had turned into an actual living nightmare for many thanks to infiltration by changelings. Now he was returning there with a changeling by his side, hoping the memories of nights past wouldn't override the recognition of Naj's citizenship. The night was supposed to be fun, however, and so they were there with that in mind, first and foremost, and so far, the sight of the town decorated for this night hadn't disappointed. But this... this was unexpected, and too good to pass up, too. None other than Prince Blueblood, strolling across the barely secured platform above a tank of water, playing his role in the evening's festivities and looking like he'd already made a splash, so to speak. "Oh, this could be fun!", he said, partially to himself, and partially to Naj.
  4. The loud crack of Naj's hoof against his was followed by a sound out of Red that sounded like a cross between a grunt and a squeal, though thankfully muted so as not to echo through the ballroom's cavernous ceiling. He hobbled a few steps, as though not wanting to put any weight on his hoof while simultaneously trying to keep himself and Naj from falling completely to the floor, before he was finally able to help her up and regain his form. Taking a deep breath after their recovery, he smiled sheepishly to her. "Sorry," he said softly. Starting another, much more careful whirl around the dance floor, he smiled a little more as she said to him, “...I haven't seen anything like it before.” Red lifted his cheek from hers long enough to cast a slow glance from her face to the hem of her dress and back again, taking in the lovely sight of his fiancee before him before replying, "Neither have I."
  5. As Red stepped into the Ballroom, with Naj at his side, he found himself taking in another breath at the sight of the exquisite room, from polished marble floors to the illusionary night sky above. All around, ponies were either chatting or, mostly, dancing. Each stallion in his sharpest suit, each mare in their most gorgeous gown, including Prince Blueblood... Red stopped short, blinked, looked again. No, that was what it looked like. He gently touched Naj's hoof and nodded in the direction of the Prince wearing a ball gown. "I definitely think you wear a dress better than he does." he said with a grin. Trying not to stare or snicker, he escorted Naj to the dance floor, oblivious himself to any stares of disbelief as he bowed to his undisguised partner and, with a little bit of awkwardness as Red tried to remember the few dance steps he learned in school, eventually began to find a slow rhythm that he could twirl around the floor with her to, his cheek against hers gently. "You're beautiful," he whispered to her softly. "I'm so glad we came."
  6. “I believe one of us owes the other a dance, though I'm not really sure who owes who.” Red's expression brightened considerably as he heard Naj's voice in his ear. Smiling, he said, "I'm not sure, either, but as long as it's with you, I'm happy to pay that debt." He stood from his seat at the bar, slipped a couple bits into the tip glass for the bartender, and turned quickly to Dusty. "It was nice to meet you. Hope we can talk again," he added, before turning and escorting Naj to the ballroom.
  7. "Naturally! I must grant our Equestrian hosts this; they certainly know how to make a caribou feel at home. Though our own bar brawls generally last a little longer." Seriously? Red blinked his eyes, as if not believing what he just heard, then rolled them as he turned back in his seat towards the bar. A caribou had just made a comparison of the Grand Galloping Gala as a venue for bar brawls. Unbelievable! Red had heard rumours about some of the happenings of previous Galas, but none of them involved fights. Under the circumstances, he thought having to wade hip-deep through a living green ooze might have been preferable. Not even acknowledging that he had himself been recognized by Randgrid, he left it to Naj to try and convince the caribou to calm down in words she could understand. He briefly considered ordering another drink, but decided not to add any fuel to the fire. Turning to Dusty, he added, "And, I work at the logging company. They can get you in touch with me, too, if you need."
  8. Red drained the last of his cider, not that he wasn't enjoying the conversation and hoping for it to end, but that he was preparing for that dance with his fiancee he'd be anticipating all night, but that was when one of the caribou in the room bellowed something about a lindworm and charged at... someone. He turned to see what was going on at the caribou's screams, watching the attacking caribou get charged and slipped up by ice. Red himself, while in no hurry to try and take down a charging caribou on his own, was prevented from it nonetheless by Naj, who was holding him protectively in his seat, back from all the carnage. It didn't take long for Red to realize it was no lindworm. Thanks to these caribou he'd seen one of those far closer than he ever would have cared to, and this... was definitely not one. "That's a dragon..." he called, though his voice sounded like he really didn't believe that would make a difference. Hearing that Dusty was having a hard time comprehending what was happening, he turned and said, "One of the caribou mistook a Neighponese dragon for some ugly creature they fight in their homeland," trying to reassure Dusty he himself was in no danger. "Looks like they're figuring that out now." Red was about to wonder out loud if fighting and bench-pressing each other was the only thing these caribou thought about, as it certainly had seemed that way every single time he'd encountered them, when Naj actually recognized one of them, calling out to Randgrid. Red blinked and looked again. Sure enough, the one who had been gung-ho to turn an innocent dragon into luggage was indeed the one who'd been wandering like a zombie during the carnage in the Crystal Empire. Still, the recognition didn't make him any more inclined to say hello, at least, not until the caribou's her adrenaline levels had returned to something approaching normal.
  9. Red smiled as Naj gave Dusty the short and sweet version of events leading to her being granted citizenship in Equestria. It was nerve-wracking at the time, no doubt about it, but it was now a very fond memory that more and more was turning into something very very good. And then the subject turned back to dancing. “You have to lead, though.” Naj warned him, and Red smiled, nodding. Fair enough that the one who suggested it should be the one to take the fall if they ended up not looking the most graceful on the dance floor, although he really, really hoped actually falling wasn't going to enter into it. "Okay, you have a deal," he said, nuzzling her once more as she was leaning against his shoulder. Dusty, however, was far from satisfied. Being the true academic, he wanted to know as much as he could as soon as possible, and he had many, many questions. Many of them Red would have to leave for Naj to answer, as Dusty had come up with several he had never thought to ask her himself, but a couple he could answer with a bit of certainty. "Well, Naj and I met a couple Winter Wrap-Ups ago in Ponyville, only, we didn't talk much before we ended up getting snowed in." he explained. "We met again later on that Spring, and that was when she let me know that she wasn't just the pegasus she looked like back then." He smiled at that. Another shocking day that he would never forget in his life, that he now looked on fondly, even after getting a bit of a fright at the time. "As for Princess Celestia, well, she's a bit intimidating, but she's fair. More than fair, really. She was willing to give Naj a new life in Equestria based on the word of a handful of ponies, and hopefully that will open the door to a lot better things." He curled his hoof gently around Naj as he reminisced.
  10. As Naj leaned against him after he returned to his seat, Red leaned over and nuzzled her head a little. The bartender, at least, had been doing her best to try and cheer Naj up, even if it was quite obvious the pink mare knew next to nothing about changelings. Of course, neither did most of Equestria, yet, so he couldn't blame Martini. Still, she brought up Naj's bravery in attending in her natural form. Red was glad someone else finally recognized that, too. It was certainly true, and he hoped her hearing it would smooth over the unfortunate but not catastrophic incident with Dusty. He, thankfully, didn't seem to be taking the incident too hard, either. He was even trying to make conversation again about how Naj came about being a citizen. Well, that was going to be a long topic in and of itself, but it was a story for her to tell, and himself to add on the bits she may have forgotten in her nervousness at the time. As the bartender mentioned dancing again, he said, "Well, I'm not the greatest dancer, either, but I hope sometime tonight we could try. We can just hide in the middle of the dance floor and maybe it won't be so obvious that we're not that good." With a smile at that thought, he took another sip of his own cider.
  11. Red made sure Dusty knew where his fresh glass of water was before taking a step back to let Sky Crack take a look at him. A combat medic wouldn't have been his first choice for first aid, but in the absence of anypony else, that would have to do. He made a note to himself to take an occupational first aid course the next time his employers offered one. "Well, if you get the worst of it out of the way you'll have a better time the rest of the evening, right?" he said optimistically. Returning to his seat beside Naj, he took another sip of his cider as she was getting poured her second. He smiled at the bartender's question about dancing with anypony yet. Well, Red was certainly hoping to. If nothing else, they would have needed the practice for later, but sharing a dance with Naj was high on his list of priorities for this night.
  12. Red blinked, curious as to what exactly Dusty would need to explain, but, the more important issue was that he was still on the floor. Red attempted to help him up when he tried, but when Dusty instead slumped back down again all Red could do was catch him and try to get him in to a somewhat more dignified sitting position instead. Still, the attempt to get up being made indicated that perhaps he was not badly hurt. "It's okay, no need to try and move just yet." Red replied. After making sure Dusty wasn't about to slump over again, he stood up, looking to the bright pink mare behind the bar. "Could I get another glass of water, please, and are the medics coming soon?" he asked. Turning to check on Naj, his face fell a little, as it was obvious Naj wasn't happy about how this had gone. He reached over and patted her hoof, offering a smile as a small piece of comfort for the moment.
  13. Red could only nod in response to Inkbrand's determination as he left to do... whatever he was going to do. This might prove entertaining should rumours swirl around the Gala's festivities later on as he and Naj mingled. All the same, he hoped nothing too severe would befall Inkbrand. He was an interesting sort of guy. Casually, he took another sip of his drink, watching the look on Dusty's face turn, well... he wasn't sure how to describe this reaction to Naj's revelation. It wasn't quite fear but... dread? Traumatic recollection? Whatever it was it was enough to send him backwards off his seat to the floor below in a manner that just looked like it had to hurt. "Call the First Aid attendants," Red said quickly to the bartender as he jumped from his own seat, crouching by Dusty. "Don't try to move, just relax. Help's coming," he said, trying to keep him calm in case that bump on the head had been even more severe than it looked. Glancing about the floor, he soon found Dusty's dark glasses, scooped them up and placed them into his hooves. "Here you go." Red said, calmly.
  14. Red found that he could only raise an eyebrow at what two of his drinking companions were suggesting. As it was, Yiska's attitude was somewhat eroding his idea of the what the Grand Galloping Gala was about if she was basically here just for free food. He felt it was an honour just to be in the palace. Yiska also went along with Inkbrand's suggestion of "crashing" the meetings of the attending dignitaries. As out of place as he might have been in high society, Red knew enough that that was probably a diplomatic error waiting to happen. Taking another sip of his cider, he commented, "Well, try not to cause too big of an international incident tonight, all right?" before returning his attention to Naj and Texty and what the truth might have done to the historian when he heard it.
  15. “There you are!” Naj said cheerfully before hugging him at the bar. He smiled widely as he returned it before nodding. "Sorry about that, Naj," he replied. "Couldn't help but take a look at some of this place. It's just incredible." Nodding next to Inkbrand, he added, "Yeah, we decided to make a few days' trip of it." before the conversation turned to introductions of the rest of those seated along the bar nearby. The aerion didn't seem willing to give a name again, even though Naj had asked, and she was slowly but steadily getting into a less and less pleasant mood, that much was obvious. Instead Inkbrand piped up with his own round of introductions, culminating with finishing off his first round himself. Well, Red had drunk to stranger things, so at Inkbrand's insistence, he took a healthy sip of his cider. Setting his glass down again, he added, "And, my name's Red Cedar. Pleased to meet you." As Inkbrand started addressing the room, and in particular, it seemed, the caribou in the midst of negotiations with some pegasus, he shook his head. "Besides the Princesses, I don't know who exactly was supposed to be attending." As Equestria's major high-society social event of the year, it was renowned for its networking amongst the attendees. Red just had no idea how much benefit that would have been to him in everyday life, nor how much benefit a forest worker like himself would have been to the elite, other than some light landscaping and pruning.
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