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  1. Quite a nice picture, the best I've ever seen, in fact. Biased because of OTP? Perhaps. No really, it's cute. Nice work.
  2. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. ...Well, I'm glad I have a useful special talent.
  3. You've got the expression down, but take a leaf from Twilight's book. Tight latex. Every second without it is a second wasted.
  4. Zeal

    I'm Back

    Ship all the things, Kooda!
  5. Suddenly, inexplicably, and irrevocably, I feel undeniably and spectacularly /fabulous/.

  6. Good work... *adjusts glasses*... "eyesperspective". You've strictly maintained a simple style universally through the picture, and so, it's good! Keep it up. ...You realise of course you must draw Trixie next.
  7. Zeal

    That's so...

    It's a cutesy drawing of an OC I drew a long time ago. Her name is Raven. Isn't she adorable? http://www.canterlot.com/gallery/image/866-dat-wizard/
  8. Zeal

    Zeal's stuff

    To appease the Fluttershy goddess.
  9. Zeal

    That's so...

    Raven! My thanks to Clockworkwizard for his part in a wonderful art trade~
  10. Several reasons, my impeccably dressed comrade. 1) Couldn't figure out exactly how to / rejected my URL. 2) I then figured I'll eventually use a curse word of some kind in my blog which would get me in trouble. 3) My tumblr is not strictly 100% pony. Voila!
  11. Welcome to my humble corner of the internet. Here I can talk about whatever I want, right? Excellent! I have a Tumblr now! Come and ask me a question. I'll draw a picture to answer it! http://askthezeal.tumblr.com/ (Coincidentally, art requests may be very much made through this medium as well) Also, I hate seaweed. Stay away from me, you seaponies! Especially you! You know who you are.
  12. Had a debate about the exact level of ableism in the character of Derpy Hooves. I fail to see why it's even under question. (I did of course, win.)

  13. Zeal

    A curious sword

    When it was done, me too. XD (Though honestly the design had more of Rurouni Kenshin in mind.)
  14. Zeal

    Apps Face

    I recommend disabling variable pressure.
  15. Rest in peace, maid Scratch. Now it is Jubei's time to shine!

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