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    I have many interests, most of them involve gaming, gamign, and more gaming :P Though, outside of that, i LOVE archery, its the sport im doing at school right now :P Im also just starting to get into bike riding, and im starting to get back into Martial Arts, which i did a while back buuut..... kinda got bored of my dad not teaching me anything new, but, thats how training goes, you do the same old things again, and again, annnnnd again....

    Now, to be more specific with the whole 'gaming' interest. Recently, iv been playing a WHOLE heap of Tomb Raider(2013), a fair amount of Ghost Recon Future Soldier, which im not on good terms with right now... (RAGE INDUCING....sometimes), and a whole heap of SSX. I also play Black ops 1 + 2, though not as much as other stuff.
    What else do i play.... OH YEAH, sometimes i play Yu Gi Oh Millennium Duels, though i lost my (OVER POWERED) Dragon deck, so i stopped more recently.

    That about does it for the games i play online regularly.

    Now.... il rave on about bows, for fun of course :P

    Right now, iv only really shot a Recurve and a Compound, though both are amazing. I dont know the draw weight of the bow, but im planning on getting a 29 LSB bow, and when i get (more money) more strength, im going to try a 70 LSB, aka pounds. Maybe one day il get a stronger one :P

    As for bike riding.... i cant say anything about that, i only started today lol :p
    (Today as in, when i wrote thos on my account lol)

    OH, HOW DID I FORGET? MLP, thats a interest. Its kinda faded with recent events, and the non continuance of the show, but soon, when S5 comes to us, il probably end up being addicted again :P

    Last interest il list, hanging out with friends. Thats not even really a interest, thats my favorite thing to do, be with friends :) In particular, one specific friend :P

    If u read all this..... IM suprised lol :P You obviously have a high tolerance for ranting on :P

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  1. Life after death (zombie combat rp interest check)

    name: Skyzipper, known as Sky species: Pegasus physical description including cutie mark: Signature is him specialty: Melee, Survival, Improvisation pysche eval/History: Stryder doesn't like working in a team, for the sole fact that he works better as a lone operative. Before everything that happened with the apocolypse, he had been a solo operative, surviving missions he really shouldn't have. Having seen a lot of his friends die, both to other sources and the apocolypse, he dislikes going out with others in fear of watching them die. History: Sky was born in Cloudsdale, but moved to ponyville at a young age. He enlisted young, learning how to use all sorts of firearms and how to fight, but his superiors saw the potential in him and put him into a unique regime. It taught him advanced melee techinques and how to survive in the wild, though the rest he had to learn himself. As an operative, he quite had to go out in dangerous missions, and despite his job being stealth, more then once the whole area errupted into gunfire. Due to this, he can keep his cool under pressure and is able to use any weapon efficiently, though not masterfully. The only weapon he had ever been able to master was any form of sidearm, or an M4A1, which he had done extensive training with. During his jobs he also had come upon situations where he had nothing, no weapons, no food, nothing, and due to this he got a good sense of how to improvise, learning how to do a lot of thigns he shouldn't have. That was his military life at least. It wasn't long before he had left the military at a young age of only twenty two, having already been through enough. He went home to noone, but continued doing his own jobs when he could, going back and helping when they requested it, but other then that he relaxed and trained himself to be stronger. When the apocolypse hit, he had managed to survive barely, being in the city when the whole mess had started, and as of right now, has just escaped the city with the other survivors.
  2. Hello everyone!

  3. um hello

    Hello and Welcome to canterlot!
  4. Life after death (zombie combat rp interest check)

    Im in!!! Just doing other stuff as of this exact moment, buuuuuuuuuuut i shall make a character before i sleep!
  5. Yugioh: Neo-City Tournament <Pm to Join>

    (Ya have my deck, if you have issuses as we go let me know mate ) Star Shine yawned loudly, sitting up from the bench, the sun shining brightly onto his face, footsteps echoing all around him. He sat up, his bag still next to him, nothing missing from it. He stretched, sitting up and grabbing has bag, waiting for the hoard to die down. After everyone was off, he followed, exiting off the boat. He was in the back of the line, still waking up. He was exhausted, he had been checking his deck all night..... And he knew he had to be careful with it.... His deck had a habbit of turning him a little evil.... He had a white jacket with a shirt undernieth with a musical flow on it, not a full song, just a note in the wind. He had black jeans on, as well as a white scarf. The line was to long.... And Star was to tired, so instead of waiting in this massive line he went up to the stands, watching the duels.
  6. Make a wish only to have it horribly corrupted

    (Its always full of shit posting anyway XD) Granted, you become that trainer who can't win any battles no matter how hard you try I wish that halo was on PS4
  7. Make a wish only to have it horribly corrupted

    REVIVAL Granted, he is now Donald Duck with all Donald Trumps personality and hair I wish for this to be revived.
  8. Hey Foxxy!!! Great to see your still here!

  9. Yugioh (Thread Interest Check)

  10. Welp, i hath returned

    Hey all!! My names RainbowDaringDash, a super duper daring person (Thanks for the name Dio/Rose XD) I was an older member of this site back early 2014, around april is when i first joined, and its great to see that since i left last year sometime, this place is still as blooming as ever! Its great to see all of my ex fellow staff members still active here, as well as a bunch of my old RP partners!!! I can't wait to hopefully return for a good time this time around
  11. Hello CANTERLOT!!! I hath returned after.... god it must have nearly a year since i really was here!  


    1. tacobob
    2. SymphonicFire


      ...who are you again?

      jkjk, welcome back!

    3. RainbowDaringDash


      *cries* Symphonic don't remember me XD You were the first person i met here XD

      Thanks for the welcome :)

  12. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    Almost. I just hit school holidays, but on the last day in my book i actually wrote most of my character. Gimmie a little bit to find it.
  13. S.S.D recon (private)

    Blackwing dumped his pack, and grabbed what he needed. He had his canteen on his belt, secured and non flabby. His duel pistols and his rifle. The grenade launcher he was planning on leaving, he had no need for it right now. "Right Chill, moving down the hill" (Will fix up more at a later date, bit busy)
  14. That which lies within (Private)

    Black led the girl out, acting as if he was bringing her home but once they were out of sight, he let go of her, with her struggling. He watched her, she didn't seem happy at all. She should be, they weren't caught! "Well... guards are after you, before i make a plan i would like to know why"