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    I have many interests, most of them involve gaming, gamign, and more gaming :P Though, outside of that, i LOVE archery, its the sport im doing at school right now :P Im also just starting to get into bike riding, and im starting to get back into Martial Arts, which i did a while back buuut..... kinda got bored of my dad not teaching me anything new, but, thats how training goes, you do the same old things again, and again, annnnnd again....

    Now, to be more specific with the whole 'gaming' interest. Recently, iv been playing a WHOLE heap of Tomb Raider(2013), a fair amount of Ghost Recon Future Soldier, which im not on good terms with right now... (RAGE INDUCING....sometimes), and a whole heap of SSX. I also play Black ops 1 + 2, though not as much as other stuff.
    What else do i play.... OH YEAH, sometimes i play Yu Gi Oh Millennium Duels, though i lost my (OVER POWERED) Dragon deck, so i stopped more recently.

    That about does it for the games i play online regularly.

    Now.... il rave on about bows, for fun of course :P

    Right now, iv only really shot a Recurve and a Compound, though both are amazing. I dont know the draw weight of the bow, but im planning on getting a 29 LSB bow, and when i get (more money) more strength, im going to try a 70 LSB, aka pounds. Maybe one day il get a stronger one :P

    As for bike riding.... i cant say anything about that, i only started today lol :p
    (Today as in, when i wrote thos on my account lol)

    OH, HOW DID I FORGET? MLP, thats a interest. Its kinda faded with recent events, and the non continuance of the show, but soon, when S5 comes to us, il probably end up being addicted again :P

    Last interest il list, hanging out with friends. Thats not even really a interest, thats my favorite thing to do, be with friends :) In particular, one specific friend :P

    If u read all this..... IM suprised lol :P You obviously have a high tolerance for ranting on :P

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  1. Hello Rainbow do you remember me? 

  2. Almost. I just hit school holidays, but on the last day in my book i actually wrote most of my character. Gimmie a little bit to find it.
  3. Blackwing dumped his pack, and grabbed what he needed. He had his canteen on his belt, secured and non flabby. His duel pistols and his rifle. The grenade launcher he was planning on leaving, he had no need for it right now. "Right Chill, moving down the hill" (Will fix up more at a later date, bit busy)
  4. Black led the girl out, acting as if he was bringing her home but once they were out of sight, he let go of her, with her struggling. He watched her, she didn't seem happy at all. She should be, they weren't caught! "Well... guards are after you, before i make a plan i would like to know why"
  5. So.... the bar was being emptied out... Sounded about right. Not to many of the people would put off the bounty, even he was insane for doing it, but he had morals. Something was up and he wanted to know what it was. Before he could actually respond though, he saw the bartender...... walking with a club? That was bad, he knew something was up. Black wanted to get out as fast as he could, but how.... he shuddered internally, hoping the girl would play along. "Well... dear guess its time to leave" He said, still appearing drunk to a degree. He threw an arm around her, begging she would just play along. If he told her to. the girl would notice, and if she didn't.... the bar keep would know whats up, if he didn't already. This was a matter of chance.... and it could go either way.
  6. Name: Skyzipper, though known as 'Sky' Gender: Male Race: Faunus (Axolotl healing factor) Appearance: Weapon: duel Elucidators, Transformations being sniper, duel wield split and a double bladed duel sword thing (darthmauls lightsaber) (Adding more in, give it time) Fighting Style: Personality: Working on slowly
  7. Think she can..... Can.... a word you don't hear to often anymore, at least with hope in it. Those words carried hope that this all could end, that everyone lost could be cured.... at least the ones that hadn't been killed yet... He didn't like killing zombies, they were just people who had been unlucky.... and he wanted to bring as many as he could back... "If you will have me, I'm in too. Whatever you need, i'l help you cure this" He says to the group, looking at everyone. They needed to get there as fast as they could... but safely. He listened to The knife mention the routes, and he pondered what path they could take. "Remember we also got to watch out for bandits and raiders... I think a fair few actually survived that attack, and they might try and attack a moving group if we seem like we have something worthwhile.."
  8. Bar fights? Thats bad!!! Bar fights meant bets, bets meant off duty guards, guards mean attention, attention equals trouble. He needed to try and get her out of here.... but how could he with how the place was about to swarm! "Fights huh, is it drawing a crowd?" He asked, speaking slightly drunk, hoping that the emerald eyed girl would hear the immediate danger, and hopefully trust him enough... though right now it seemed like a lost cause.
  9. "Not trying to woo anyone Ember" He responds to her, somehow taking a liking to the sister. She was rough, but she had a good heart, he had seen it when she had run into the rubble for her sister, she wasn't just a brute out of want, she was one out of need, like a lot of people. Before turning back to Cryie, giving a nod to say welcome. He stayed out of the following conversation, ensuing instead to check his injuries. He took off his shirt, letting it fall by his side. His chest was pretty clean, scar wise at least. He didn't have many, only two or three from getting shot a few times, and a stab scar, but other then that he was pretty good. His wound had seemed to heal fully, which made him feel pretty good, at least he wouldn't be dead weight. Then he listened to Mac's speech. He actually didn't mind it, a few parts... but it was corny. :If were travelling together, gotta cut the speech's mate" He says to him, giving him a light laugh, though it went dead silent as he listened to them talk about... CURING the infection. Is that even possible!!! "Thats a noble goal, and here i was taking you for some bad ass team.... Think you can do it Cryie?"
  10. Wow, he had actually done something right this time. He couldn't help but let out a breath of relief as he let the bag off his back. He put the grenade launcher he had brought down with the bag, hiding it. He had his rifle, his pistols... That was all he needed right now. He felt so much lighter, which made him feel so much better then he had. He walked over to where Midnight was, staying quiet as she found her target. "Our job is to report the main location of them, only one of them is there. I suggest potshot, and follow him back to the main squad" He says, preparing to move down the hill, raising his rifle as he slowly switches to more... combat mode.
  11. Turn her in..... It was tempting, it was a nice amount of cash reward... but he wasn't going to, he was to curious for his own dam good! "Im not going to turn you in, at least not until i know whats going o-" He was saying before noticing a lot of the others leaving the bar. This was taking to long!! They would stand out now, which would make him getting her out way harder then he had wanted it, though he did see the Barmaid coming towards him. "Keep your eyes covered" He says to her, them being a little bright and noticeable.
  12. His eyes went wide as he watched her eyes light up, flashing for a moment before dimming down. Something was up with this girl... He no longer cared about the reward, he knew if he tried he would find it harder then it was worth. He wanted to know what was going on now. He kept a blank face, not letting her know that he was actually scared. "I think your a wanted girl who is on the run with little knowledge of how the world works" He says, judging his guess on how she reacted, and how little she actually knew about how a bar worked.
  13. More pressure.... great. Blackwing kept it to himself, not letting anything slip. He was a little worried if he let them down, though he was planning to do his best. He nods as they get the orders, well, training instructions, from Chill. He waits for Midnight's rifle to get wrapped before he starts moving again, actively trying to chose a path that had a little more room for the poor girl. As he got to a point where he could see more light, he checked around for a spot, noticing a bush with a shade overhead that was dug out a little, from what had seemed like a mudslide, or something like it. "This good?"
  14. The weight taken off his shoulders was insane, he literally felt himself get lighter when he noticed Cryie alive and well. He sighed in relief, just glad the girl had survived it. A lot of lives had been lost today.... Enough was enough for one day.... "Still owe ya" He managed to get out for her before she stuffed spinach in his mouth, which he struggled to chew and swallow, but he had managed to. He didn't know whether to accept or decline the carry offer, though he decided against it. "For now i'm good, i'm dead weight right now, and you seem to need to be agile if a mess starts" He replies, before putting his rifle on the ground and taking the mag out, before disassembling it, and packing it back into his bag. He didn't really feel like carrying it around much, and he didn't have a strap yet... He made a mental note to make himself a makeshift sling for his gun. During the trip, he kept quiet. Not wanting to be a bother to the group. His injury felt a lot better, still hurt a little from muscles being tired, but the cut felt pretty good. He was lucky she was good at healing! Once they got to the temple, he went inside to a corner inside, just across the room from where the sisters and Mac were. He opened up his bag, pullling out his canteen and some food he had in their. In town he had been lucky enough to get a fresh sandwitch, which was a rarity these days. Opening up the bag it was in, he grabbed it and tore it in two before drinking some water. He walked towards Cryie after. "Well nice to meet you all" He says to her, and her sisters, semi rudely joining the conversation before handing her the other half of the sandwitch. He didn't care if Ember or Midnight would shoot him, he was just glad she was alive, and she had gone through something just then.
  15. Sky's sight had been blurred, and as he had been forced to swallow the strange plant, he could feel the wound slowly closing slightly, lessening the massive slash across his back. He felt himself being lifted up, groaning a little as he felt the cut bleed a bit, though not as bad as before. Less then maybe twenty seconds later, he heard the massive bang, the shock wave, despite his vision, visible as debris went everywhere. He was glad that the girl had been kind enough to come back for him, if he had been where he had fell, he would be dead. Before long she had healed the wound shut, it still hurt from the previous blood loss, but it was sealed, and he knew it. He hadn't fully realized what was happening yet, and before he even realized he grabbed hold of Li's arm. "Than..ks for healing me.... You saved my life...I owe ya" He says, letting go and trying to get one one knee, only to look up and see Ember, crying? Searching through ruble. He quickly realized what had happened. "CRYIE!" He yelled, before feeling light headed from blood loss. He had liked that girl, so innocent, she had seemed so good willed, she wanted to end this... she had been kind.... And now......