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  1. Bendy and the Ink Machine is a cool little game...the art style is so unsettling in its familiarity. Nice Bendy pony! I especially like the boarded up, sort of broken background, really captures the feel of the game.
  2. Well, there was no mistaking her passion, that was most certain. "Nonsense," Ryuichi replied, waving a hoof to dismiss Shirogane's attempt to silence herself once he'd settled himself back onto the couch, "if I had wished you to hold your tongue we would not be speaking in the first place." The dark colored Ryuma smiled widely, eyes flicking upwards towards the fox pin on her hat. "Passion for one's work is never something to be shamed of. I, too, can converse for hours on end...though I fear such ramblings would be decidedly more boring than yours," Ryuichi said dryly, grinning slightly, before turning his attention back onto Ishi. Oh...he could see where this was going. "So this is how it's going to be," the Shogun said knowingly, lips twitching as he scowled at his brother. "All suggestions to make me the first to make a fool of myself, Yoshi?" Ryuichi threw up one hoof in mock-consternation, the other draped across the back of the coach behind LIMI's head. "Though I'm afraid you have miscalculated, brother mine," the Ryuma continued, "for you see, I am - " Ryuichi reached for a filled sake cup " - not nearly - " another raise of his cup upwards, towards his mischievous littler brother " - drunk enough for that." Down the hatch, and the Shogun of Neighpon had to take a moment to pause after swallowing, the rich taste of the wine warming his throat all the way down to his belly. Yes...it was most definitely good to enjoy the perks of being the most powerful pony in Neighpon, from time to time. Among other things. "I hardly expected anything else from you," Ryuichi called out as the veritable whirling otherwise known as Hibana came flying through the doors, her golem present on her shoulders. He was only partially kidding, too - as much as Shiroi could get lost in her work, Hibana was just as clearly a force of nature when it came to her passions, and Ryuichi briefly suffered a pang of envy at the thought of the Ryuma simply...hanging out with crew members, under the lights of the Polohama Dome. If he hadn't been destined to become the Shogun of Neighpon, Ryuichi knew exactly what sort of career he would have pursued. Such had never been his role in this life, however, and that fact was not something he'd ever change...even if he was allowed to regret it a little. But tonight was not for introspection or visions of a different life, and Ryuichi mentally shook his head, returning his attention onto his Ishi. "Since you're se eager with the suggestions, perhaps you and Sandā need to take the first turn," the Ryuma quipped laughingly, glancing out of the corner of his eyes towards the yellow Pegasus in question - and almost did a double take at seeing his friend's slightly flushed features. Sandā was staring into the ether as intently as Lími had been staring at the screens earlier, and it was enough to cause Ryuichi's gaze to turn contemplate as he subtly studied the mare...before his eyes widened slightly, turning back onto his brother. It couldn't be...could it? Sandā was a mare of incredibly strong will, and she was no stranger to these karaoke outings, as infrequent as they might have been. Ryuichi had trouble believing that his normally steadfast and immovable friend was feeling flustered at the mere thought of singing...which meant the hesitation was stemming from the thought of singing with Ishi...or something else entirely that he had missed. Or maybe it was just the sake. But if it wasn't, then... then this bore some...contemplation. Sandā and Ishi, his closet friend and his blood brother... Ryuichi didn't have time to think on it anymore, however, as he was brought out of his musings by none other than Shiroi, advocating to act as the vanguard for the evening - which was surprising enough that Ryuichi let his pondering drop, letting out a modest cheer in the Unicorn's favor. The sake cups were emptying fast in favor of the fueling up everyone was doing, but the Ryuma continued serving, because what sort of leader could expect to be served if he did not serve in kind? Though, he had to pause and looks upwards as Shirogane spoke up, both indicating her willingness to go forth along with Shiroi...and also her acquaintanceship with Lími. This sounded like an interesting story. Given what he knew about the awkward Caribou - and his past intentions on visiting Kyoma in the first place - Ryuichi could only imagine how their meeting came about. Unlike Shirogane, however, the Shogun wasn't so callous as to bring up past transgressions or embarrassments in the midst of strangers, and as dearly as he'd love to hear the exploits of the adorable Caribou he'd befriended, Ryuichi wouldn't dream of forcing the young bull to speak said embarrassments further in present company. "Regrets tend to work best alongside sobriety," the Ryuma stated, with an unreadable glance at the golem trainer, "which will come in the morning. For now, I believe song and drink call for an assuredly altered state of mind. Is it not to your liking?" Ryuichi questioned, leaning into Lími slightly as he frowned down at the yet untouched sake cup the Caribou was holding, "the drink?" His face remained genial, but genuine concern leaked into his voice, as if Lími's dislike of the finest sake available might have an actual bearing on the course of the evening. It very well could.
  3. Yes juice! Raff roared his approval as tired pony pay for juice, and juice pony gave him...well, juice. Done good work, get good juice! Raff vaguely heard snores from left side, but was hard to notice when juice appeared in front. No sippy straw though... ...Oh! Raff forget. Raff dug under scarf some more, first pulling out Chunga and carefully placing him on counter next to juice. Then again, searching underneath...there is collar...some bits...good rock debris from earlier...and ah! There! Raff pulled out curly sippy straw from scarf and stuck it in juice, before - careful - picking up juice between both paws. "Thank," Raff said to both tired and juice pony, before carefully getting sippy straw in mouth and carefully taking drink of juice. Success. Juice do good juice. Raff happily sipped juice and, with the force of tail wags against countertop, slowly began to rotate stool, could see other ponies more better now. Tired pony was asleep for some reason, prompt Raff to push her glass closer to snout. Maybe juice smell wake her. Too busy drinking juice to wake her himself, though. Bird-folk also nearby, and Raff ducked head a bit as bird-folk talk, still taking careful sips of juice. "Name Raff," Raff said, ears twitching a bit as bird-folk ask question. Good question. "Raff punch rocks!" Raff informed, happy, because Raff liked punch rocks. Raff liked punch many things! Though some good things to punch, some bad. Raff can't punch everything, ponies get mad. But if Raff only punch good things, ponies give work to do! Apple-smelling pony offering work...and apple juice! Both good times. "Raff do good work on farms! Get good rates!" Raff exclaimed, heading springing up. Tail go crazy. "Raff can do hard work, can punch only good things," Raff said, because some ponies need know he can punch only good things, not bad things. He punch all the good things, no worry. Until strange silver deer enter shop. Maybe worry? "Something revive?" Raff said worriedly, body hunching down. Glass still in paws, no break. But prepare to defend sleeping pony friend! Maybe. Silver deer seem okay, no smell bad. Smell...earthy. Soil and plants. Good smells. But what revive her means? Raff don't know. So Raff prepare. Show apple pony Raff knows to punch the good things!
  4. No kidding. At least someone understood his struggles of being the hottest piece of stallion to ever grace this green world. "Right? Not so easy, being me," Inkbrand bemoaned exaggeratedly, turning wounded cow eyes onto the green Peryton - or would have, if she'd still been there. The grey stallion was momentarily startled to realize that she had wandered off without him even realizing it, and was now putting the moves on the pale coated Qilin that had been lingering in the back and conversing with the white Caribou. Well, alright then. He'd be the last one to blame a guy - or gal - for beelining it to a pony they had the hots for. Still, Inkbrand couldn't help but frown for a moment, as a strange sensation of...something...went skittering up his back. It was subtle, but pronounced just enough to figuratively stand his hair on end. It wasn't jealously or envy, he was sure of it, those were filled with heat and low-simmering, waiting to boil over into rage or aggression. Not forlorn, either, that was a bit more...pathetic. No, this was...something else. The same something Inkbrand had felt once or twice with Zelda, during Vinyl's rave. ... Well, whatever. If it was important, the feeling would come back and hit him upside the head like bucking feelings had a tendency to do at the most inopportune moments. Bucking useless to try dwelling on it now. The tattoo clad stallion mentally shrugged, catalogued it into the recesses of his mind, and pulled himself back into the present. Where the titan of a pony was tromping away, apparently having gotten his fill of glaring at his tats. Inkbrand sneered at the stallion's backside, but otherwise ignored the strange interloper in favor of paying attention to Feng, who - unsurprisingly - declined the idea of a tattoo. "Affection, presumptuous, pfft," Inkbrand said eloquently, waving a hoof wildly through the air, "all the same, eh? Only presumptuous if you expect something in return, but wearing your heart on your sleeve - ahehe, get it? - that's a whole 'nother level of commitment," the grey stallion extrapolated, grin wide on his face. He wasn't really trying to convince the guy into getting a tattoo - he looked way too uptight to ever get one, really - but it was kind of fun to rile up the guy's buttons, especially with all the blushing he'd done after the Peryton's comments. Did the guy work with a filly he was sweet on, or something? He obviously had a particular someone in mind, no stallion got that introspective over a simple 'what if.' Speaking of... KIRONIE was clearly not done with her attempt to convince, and despite his misgivings, Inkbrand felt his grin sharpening into something decidedly more feral. "Baby, I'd give you several marks," the Earth Pony leered, even as he continued casually leaning against his tree of choice, "not all of 'em with ink, either." Asking for a Changeling friend, huh?...sure, he could buy that. Said Changeling must've been interested in getting a tattoo for KIRONE to immediately think of him at the sight of a tattoo artist. Although...he'd made the offer to Naj - more out of instinct than any real desire - but get nuances of inking a Changeling were actually something he hadn't considered. His inks sank beneath the skin and into flesh...but what would it do with hard chitin? Probably slide right off, at that. ...Probably something he should figure out before he started inviting Changelings into shop. "But if you're looking for something fierce," Inkbrand continued after a moment, pushing himself off the tree trunk, "stop by Inkbrand's Tattoo Parlor in Manehatten. 'Fraid I can't help your buddy," the grey stallion shrugged, honestly not all put out at the idea, "don't have the necessary materials yet. Tell 'im to keep me in mind though, yeah? Might have something to mark up Changelings down the road." Way, way down the road. But for right now...he had an inking he probably should have been present for as soon as he'd stepped hoof into the estate. With no more than a casual wave of his hoof over one shoulder, Inkbrand was setting off down the pathway, this time taking no detours and heading straight into the main ballroom. Frostlace hadn't specified when she wanted the living tattooing to take place - and honestly, he wouldn't have been surprised if she hadn't planned a time at all. She seemed a real easy-going filly, which was bucking fine in his books. Still, he did need time to get his set-up going. And to ogle some white flanks in preparation for a branding. There was never enough time for that. [[ Exit ]]
  5. It was rather bad form, not to pay attention when one of the leaders of an entire nation and her close nephew were speaking to him. Ryuichi could only hope his ancestors would forgive that transgression in this instance, however. Because, you know. Spirit of Chaos using him as a personal lounge cushion, and all. It was the eventual combined efforts of both the spirit slithering himself off - and looking no worse for wear for the collision, though whether that was due to some quick and imperceptible magic, or simply by nature of the spirit's innate ability to bend reality, Ryuichi couldn't tell - and the hostess plus Sandā yanking him out and back onto his hooves, the former with a breed of strength he'd be more indifferent to in a rugged farms' stallion. The Shogun nodded his thanks to both of them - or would have, if the two of them had suddenly not been entangled in what looked like a game of charmed flirtation, set to the death. As it was, Ryuichi cast his glance back towards his brother, one eyebrow wryly raised upwards on his head. Perhaps he should have studied more extensively before his dalliance into Equestrian society. Which is when Ryuichi noticed that the Grand Ballroom was beginning to get rather crowded. Not terribly surprising, considering the location of the hostess for the entire evening. Still, with everyone acting as if Discord's shenanigans were simply an exasperated daily facet of Equestrian life, the young Shogun was feeling...decidedly unbalanced. After all, it wasn't every day he ended up sprawled upon his back in an undignified position, and in the company of some of the most influential ponies in the world, to boot. The fall he could deal with, the subsequent humiliation? None to be had where no mocking occurred. But the indifference, the disregard? How was he to act now, after? ...A moment to cool his head. That was all he needed. "I think I shall," the Ryuma spoke up, with a vague gesture of one hood towards what was presumably the entrance to the courtyard, "once or twice. I would be remiss not to experience this lovely estate in its entirety." Ryuichi reached out to clasp one hoof to Ishi's shoulder, paused to extend nods of farewell towards the general group, and he was free to begin making his way out of the ballroom, heading in the - general - direction of the courtyard. As expected, Sandā and Koyo were following at a safe distance, intent on maintaining their duty, and Ryuichi spared a glance over his shoulder to throw the yellow Pegasus a quick wink, barely perceptible in the dim lighting of the looming pillars. He hadn't said he wanted company, after all. A brief shadow, and Ryuichi had slipped out of the hallway, a small chamber serving his escape route. He trusted Sandā would make excuses and keep Koyo busy - at least before she broke down and came to fetch him once again, and Ryuichi let out a brief sigh, before continuing on his way, the polite smile that had been glued to his face steadily dropping the further he moved away. A moment. Just a moment to collect himself, and he would be Shogun once again. [[ Exit ]]
  6. Foalhood acquaintance/companion works out for me! I imagine they could have somehow met when they were younger, and perhaps kept running into each other during her wanderings in Neighpon. Is there anything particular that she's especially skilled at? Maybe Ryuichi first saw some of that wasted potential in a certain area and has been wanting to cultivate it by having Leo settle down in a certain job to cultivate/make use of that skill, though I'd need to know what sort of things she's good at. And since she's a wanderer, she and Ryuichi could probably be friends at the present time, but not extremely close. Like, close enough for Ryuichi to be pleased to see her whenever she wanders into Kyoma and invite her to hang out, but still distant enough for the two of them to not take liberties with one another. How's that sound to you?
  7. It was disgraceful, for a Shogun to be so uninformed. Why was he not informed? He needed to have a serious talk with his scheduling advisor, or his brother, or the Ambassador - someone, anyone almost, because it was simply unacceptable for the Shogun of Neighpon to be taken by surprise so many times in one seating. None at all was ideal, but for the third time in as many minutes? Unacceptable. Luckily, Ryuichi was more in control of his emotions than Clan Askr's dignitary was, and the Ryuma's face remained genial and generally impassive, even as something that sounded suspiciously like frustrated screaming rang throughout the inside of his head. Why was he sitting opposite the son of Sigrun, Chieftain of Clan Askr, without having known that exact fact before this very moment? Why exactly was this information that hadn't been provided to him, beforehoof? In retrospect, the Ryuma supposed it didn't really matter who's son had come to meet with him, really. ...But still. The mild dislike he held of Clan Askr had extended mostly to its leader, whose insensitivity had not endured her to the hearts of Neighponese citizens in the slightest. What she had to gain by sending her son - ...Was he even an official dignitary? He did not hold himself like one, nor speak like one either. Stammers, shyness, uncertainty - no traits that a foreign diplomat could afford to have. Had Clan Askr actually sent a false representation of well-wishes, some personal insult to his nation? A sign that Neighpon was not even worth the effort of sending a properly trained dignitary? ...No, Ryuichi found that difficult to believe. Whatever her faults, Chieftain Sigrun clearly knew how to handle herself, and had had a firm grasping of basic etiquette and adherence to a diplomatic situation...even if her lack of sensitivity left something to be desired. Ryuichi could scarcely believe that, after the great strides she had taken towards peaceful relations between the two countries, the Chieftain would sabotage all her efforts to simply send a contemptuous message. Which meant that Lími was either lying about the Clan he was representing... ...Or he wasn't representing his Clan at all, and was simply...doing a, very poor job of correcting his slip up. Ryuichi - rather politely, in his mind - took another long sip from his sake cup, pretending not to have noticed the Caribou's obvious slip-up in the face of his companion. It was difficult to ignore the flush that spread over his brown cheeks however, as he hastily attempted to rectify his mistake - and only making said mistake more the obvious, if the sudden widening of the Kirin mare's eyes and subsequent, accompanying flush that adorned her face was anything to go by. Perhaps the Caribou realized it as well, taking a sudden, intense interest in his sake cup. ... Ancestors, that was adorable. It was almost as entertaining as watching a film. Ryuichi glanced over the top of his cup towards Sandā, wondering if his friend was getting just as engrossed in this apparent drama as he was, before returning his attention back onto the Caribou. Son of Sigrun, formal dignitary, or besotted fool - whatever he was, Lími was too sincere and genuine to be a dishonest individual. No matter what sort of circumstances had brought him here in the first place, Ryuichi was completely and assuredly certain of that. "Lími, son of Sigrun," Ryuichi intoned, holding up his sake cup briefly, "and Lián Mei. I am honored to meet you both." A brief dip of his head, mimicking the one he had given earlier, before Ryuichi was back to staring at the Caribou. "I meant what I said, before," the Shogun said after a moment, glancing down at the cup he was still holding with one hoof, "there is much to be done, on this last day of the cherry blossoms. A poor day for the Shogun to be sitting idle," Ryuichi commented a bit dryly, one eyebrow raising, though where his eyes had been hardened before, now they were soft, as the Ryuma leaned slightly over the low table. "So speak your mind, Lími, son of Sigrun...and tell me truth. Why are you here?"
  8. *sends in the ninja squads for a super secret ninja edit*
  9. Yup, Pyro's character Sanda is the Shirudo. One of the first characters to be apped after this thread went up! I really like the idea of a super overprotective guard, though. As Pyro said, maybe your character works with Sanda or is part of the Imperial Vanguard, and has certain ideas. We can also work out the idea of your character and Ryu having known each other from their early years (maybe alongside Sanda). Sanda might be Ryu's personal guard and head of the Imperial Vanguard, but that's not to say Ryu doesn't have other guards that are specifically assigned to him more often than not, or positions within the Imperial Vanguard that have some authority directly under the Shirudo. If you wanna brainstorm something up, lemme know!
  10. Raff no like wine. Bad taste. Strong taste. And bitter. Much hard to swallow. But juice...juice was good. Because sweet pony friends had given juice to Raff as job well done, punching boulders down into dust...less than dust! No boulders left. Raff been very proud, had stood over cleared land and gotten many pats on head in gratitude. And juice! And also shiny gold pieces ponies tell him can exchange for many things. Bits, they called them, and like gems could be used to get other things. Like juice. Which is what Raff wanted. So Raff go get. "Raff want juice," Raff said immediately after squeezing his way through the door. Best pony shop for juice, he'd been told, and best pony shop meant best juice. "Raff get juice?" he asked, making his way towards the counter - where he promptly tripped. Raff caught himself halfway down, rolled over to land on side instead of on top of pony who was crawling towards the seats. A loud bark escaped him, but fall no hurt. Too tough! Instead Raff righted himself onto all fours, large head shifting down to sniff tired pony - and wrinkle his snout. Pony had acrid smell...like ink. Maybe paint? Not good smell on pony. Juice smell better! "Pony get juice too," the Diamond Dog asserted, picking up tired pony between two hefty paws and forcibly planting her on stool, where nice smelling juice was waiting. More smells followed - bird-folk, and bright orange pony who smelled of apples. Good! Much help needed to get juice. "Give juice for gold?" Raff questioned rhetorically, already digging under scarf for golden pieces. Pony friend had already assured him golden bits could be traded for things, lots of things. Only needed certain number of gold. Raff hoped he had 'nuff for required juice. "Drink juice, feel better," the large creature tried to reassure the tired pony, carefully pat patting her head the way he liked his head pats. Other paw produced three of the golden pieces from scarf, and these he placed on counter table. Hopefully, three pieces 'nuff to get him juice with a sippy straw. Need sippy straw.
  11. Well. Some ponies had clearly come prepared for this night, and for the life of him, Ryuichi could find no fault in it. Ryuichi merely groaned again at Sandā's attempts to emphasize with him, though the smile remained on his face as he clasped one of the Pegasus' hooves in his own briefly. There were moments where he did wonder what would have happened if he had never met and befriended Sandā, if she had never been born the daughter of the Grand Admiral. He would probably have a stiff and unmoving guard next to him right now, someone assigned to him, who didn't so much as sneeze without his say so. Perhaps a burly Earth Pony who would have simply stood rigid at attention rather than dropping down onto the couch alongside him, unresponsive and completely and utterly boring. It was a depressing thought. Luckily only a thought, and Ryuichi couldn't help the burst of laughter as Shiroi spoke, expressing her appreciation for an easy-going night. ["You, breathe easy?"] the Shogun remarked, shifting his position on the couch to a slightly more elegant sprawl, ["ancestors save us. What's next - Door-breached fire? The end of all Neighpon as it is known!"] He was only partly joking, as well - Shiroi worked harder and longer than near anyone Ryuichi knew, and he had, in all honesty, been rather surprised he'd managed to tear her away from her work station to join them on this venture. Though he wasn't complaining. It was Shiroi's genius that kept Neighpon safe and secure - from both outside threats that were slowly coming into their own in the magitech industry, and inside Neighpon itself, where fire was fought with fire. There was, after all, a reason why Neighpon's might was yet unmatched throughout the rest of the world, and dedication to their work akin the likes that Shiroi showcased was a part of that reason. One of the two bodyguards that were lingering inside the room had finally stepped forward, picking up one of the magic crystals to place an order for Shiroi's requested bottle of sake to be brought to the room, leaving Ryuichi to turn his attention towards his brother as he entered. One eyebrow cocked upwards as the Kirin produced a bottle seemingly form thin air, making the Ryuma chuckle as eyed the offering as it was set upon the table. What was that thought he'd had, about ponies being prepared? ...Ah, yes. Some more than others. For as long as he could remember, Ryuichi had been an avid follower of the Polohama Dome - because what little colt did not enjoy the sight of gargantuan giants battling to and fro across an arena? That affinity had never lessened as he'd grown older, though his time to enjoy them most certainly had. Still, there were a few golem trainers and teams whose name's Ryuichi took note of whenever he had time to pursue news of recent battles and tournaments, and Hoshi “Nagareboshi” Shirogane was exactly one of those. A veritable prodigy that had risen into the Polohama Dome practically overnight, Shirogane's tactics appreciated technique and skill over brute strength...and it wasn't all that easy, controlling lumbering, towering constructs to move in distinct and controlled patterns. Had she not so clearly been present as Ishi's guest, he might have been more surprised. No, the most surprising fact was that she was present as Ishi's guest. When had his brother met and befriended the golem trainer, casually and closely enough to have invited her to this outing without informing him about it? Forget this outing - Ishi had met and befriended the golem trainer, and had failed to tell him about it. Ryuichi almost felt indignant. ["I can see the resemblance,"] the Shogun finally said, recovering from the surprise to smoothly stand up in the company of an unfamiliar mare. ["A pleasure to meet you, Shirogane,"] he said warmly, reaching out to shake hooves with the golem trainer. ["I managed to catch your win of the Hokoto League last summer - Kuzunoha was a fearsome sight to behold."] One last firm hoofshake, and Ryuichi released her hoof, heated eyes already turning onto his brother - though, a knock at the door forestalled his immediate question. The Shogun waved off the bodyguard who had begun walking towards it, instead moving to accept the delivered bottle of sake himself. The night was young - he'd have plenty of time to interrogate his little brother, to ask him exactly how long he'd been hiding this friendship. Long enough to use given names, at that. Speaking of young... Ryuichi was almost - almost, not quite - startled as he turned back around with the bottles cradled in one foreleg, catching sight of a brown and green figure standing quietly in the corner of the room. With the appearance of Shirogane, the Ryuma had, quiet cleanly, forgotten about the presence of a certain Caribou he had invited to join him tonight...who, in turn, looked as if he might be content to spend the entire night taking particular interest in the aethervision screens. Ryuichi felt a brief moment of guilt for having left Lími to his own devices. Whether he was naturally shy or simply awkward around strangers - the latter, most likely - Ryuichi could not afford to forget that his companion was...well, a Caribou. He was probably as comfortable surrounded by the Primary Shogunate as he himself would be in the midst of a meeting between Clan Chieftains. Hostilities or not, a foreign environment could do more than enough damage on its own. And that was, just, no good. Not at all. "Lími, my friend," the Shogun called out, rather loudly, as he approached the Caribou, and wasted no time in wrapping his free foreleg around the young bull to begin tugging him towards the couches, "ancestors, why are you in the dark? Come come - take a seat." The instruction wasn't a request, and Ryuichi waited until the Caribou was seated to sit down again himself, depositing the bottles on the table. "Lími, have you met Sandā Kumo yet? She and I have known each other since foalhood," he continued, gesturing to the yellow Pegasus on his other side, before moving on towards the pink Unicorn. "And here is Shiroi Boshi, a magitech engineer the likes of which you will never meet again." A nod towards the dark navy Kirin - "my brother, Ishi Masayoshi" - before finally coming around to Shirogane. "And Hoshi Shirogane, a golem trainer at the Polohama Dome. Everyone - this is Lími, visiting all the way from Whitescar." Ryuichi had purposefully not included the actual titles of several of those present in the introductions, and could only hope no one did. He didn't want Lími to feel completely overwhelmed, to be surrounded with the most powerful individuals in Neighpon. ...Unless he recognized the names, then that was a moot point, he supposed. Introductions given - and a Caribou feeling slightly less out of place, he hoped - Ryuichi wasted no time and opened one of the bottles, pouring out the drink himself into several sake cups. "And now, my dear friends and companions," the Shogun said, raising his own cup upwards in a parody of a toast, "we must ask ourselves one single, important question." His expression was serious and austere...save for the twinkle in his eyes as Ryuichi glanced at all those present. And at the aethervision screens mounted at the front of the room. The large crystal between the two screens projected its scrolling list of songs in a holographic display, ready and waiting for a brave - or drunk - enough pony to take the plunge. "Who's going first?"
  12. Oh sure - most positions are always going to be open for people to fill them. The Shogunate bodies will obviously close up if people app all the primary roles, but a character could still always work within the office of that Shogunate (i.e., a character that works in the office of the Technomancer, who reports to Shiroi herself, etc). Same with the golem care taking team (the Kansei is taken, but someone could still work on the team itself). Ryuichi's household (servants, maids, personal clothing designer, interior designer, chef, librarian, entertainers, etc) is always open, pretty much any position can be part of the Palace Castle's workforce. A character could be part of the Imperial Vanguard (the Palace Castle's guard force), any mare can apply to be Ryuichi's potential future bride, there can be multiple hot spring owners, multiple golem trainer idols (though probably not a lot of them. Maybe one more, since he already has one already). We can work out foalhood and military friends/acquaintances, and said friends/acquaintances may also work out to be in another position at the same time. Or, if you have specific ideas/roles for your character, just let me know. All in all I'm pretty easy - I'd rather have people play characters for Ryuichi to interact with than enforce a stringent idea for the characters and not have anyone play them at all. (Also, if you're interested in the Offices of the Shogunate, I wrote up some unofficial lore on the topic, which goes into a bit more detail on the different offices and what they do). As for Rain Shadow, I don't really know anything about them so I wouldn't be able to say. If the main point is that...she?...is a ninja, then the obvious position for her would probably either be in the Imperial Vanguard, or the office of the Karasu. Or, if you want to mix it up a bit, it could be that she's a part of Ryuichi's household, posing as a servant or an entertainer or something along those lines. Maybe she has a hidden agenda to getting work at the Palace Castle and no one even knows she's a ninja. Or, that's exactly why they hired her, so that she can act as an extra, hidden layer of protection for Ryuichi. (Though note that if she's a part of the Palace Castle, she'll need to be a Neighponese citizen. Whether her app gets changed to reflect this, or she just changes her citizenship to Neighpon somewhere along the way, is up to you. Most of the other positions outside of the Palace Castle can pretty much be from anywhere - characters from other nations participate in the golem battles, they could probably set up a hot springs inn somewhere, Ryuichi could have met a traveler from another country while he was young or in the military, etc.) But yeah. If you want to make a new OC, go for it! If you think Rain can fit into a position and don't feel like making a new OC, go for that then! The whole "you need to make a new OC for these positions" is mainly because of the Neighponese citizenship point - if you'd like to just have an old OC change their citizenship rather than make a new character, it all works out fine for me. It just doesn't make sense for an Equestrian, or a citizen from any other nation, to be serving in the Palace Castle alongside the ruler of Neighpon, 'ya know? But there's no rules about characters who are originally from a different country changing their citizenship to serve in Neighpon.
  13. Who-kay there. He hadn't been expecting the Peyton's life story like that, but what the hay. Anyone who took a shine to the meaning and introspection of tattoos was pretty much a-okay by his books. Except for That SOBB, because buck That SOBB. Inkbrand didn't have very much time to delve into red-tinged thoughts of murder however, as Kireina suddenly made herself very known with her hooves all over the place, causing both his eyebrows and smirk to take dangerous tilts upwards. The Pegasus wasn't shy about using her hooves, that was for bucking sure...and it was so unfair, too. If he'd gotten hoovesy like that with any random mare, he would've been boot-kicked straight into next week almost immediately, and possibly into a jail cell. Though, her query might have had the same effect either way, because what the bucking buck, that was random as. The tattoo-clad stallion felt himself freeze up momentarily, before his body relaxed again. The smirk on his face had faded however - still there, but now slightly muted, as suspicion entered his eyes. Ever since Naj, Inkbrand had become more...aware, of some signs. He had nothing to go off of, 'o course, except for that random as lead-in to a question about Changelings, which had come out of nowhere. Might as well have asked him if he'd ever tattooed a dragon, or a Diamond Dog, or something. Still - ever since Naj - those signs were not nearly as alarming as they might have been only a few months ago. Where he might have immediately thrown off her hoof and backed away with a scowl, Inkbrand was more aware of himself. But that didn't mean he was automatically comfortable, either - Naj was the only Changeling he'd ever known, at least to his knowledge, and it was Naj he liked, Naj he was comfortable with. Not all Changelings past, present, and future. Though...she might not even be a Changeling and he could have been overly paranoid, yeah, there was that. ...All this thinking, buck Naj. "Can't say I ever have," the grey stallion finally settled on saying, smoothly stepping out from under the Pegasus' hooves, but remaining relatively in his same place. "I've only known one, 'ya know? And she wasn't too keen on the idea - figured the tats would just go straight through her." Ahah, because Changeling, and their exoskeletons...but buck. Inkbrand shrugged carelessly, as if he was remembering that shared joke with the Changeling in question, but if he turned his attention onto the Peryton and the Longma again, well. That was his own bucking business. At the very least, the Longma Feng seemed amiable to the topic, even if he was still obviously in over his head, and a roguish grin crossed over his face as Inkbrand ran a hoof through his messy bangs. Okay, so, maybe tattoos were often designed - and more importantly, gotten in the first place - to draw the eye. Not in his own particular case, but Inkbrand could see where the guy might draw that conclusion from. It was a thought that was usually enough to cause his lips to curl up, because those kinds of ponies were the same kind that attributed tattoos to...to costuming, or a certain look. They were the ones who got a tattoo to simply get a tattoo, because they thought they needed it for a certain look, or style, not because the tat actually meant anything to them. Bucking flakes. "Well, the name's Inkbrand, for what it's worth," the grey stallion finally introduced, sticking out a hoof for a stallion-y hoofshake, "and hay, if piercings can't do it for 'ya, get a tat instead. A heart with your filly's name on it, right next to your cutie mark - show your girl you're more committed to her than a guard is to that Empress you guys've got." Inkbrand joked, nudging the Longma with one elbow. Talk about self-expression - a tattoo of a girl's name was about the highest commitment a guy could give. A permanent tattoo, anyways, because buck bucking lightweights. ...Speaking of lightweights... The two large ponies that came tromping up to them might have earned nothing more than a passing glance from Inkbrand, even as one of them began engaging the Peryton and Feng to ask a question...except for the fact that the other pony stopped and stared him straight down, with a look that had his figurative hackles immediately standing on end. It was a glare through and through, though whether it was one of disapproval, disdain, annoyance...or hay all three, buck if he could tell. Maybe his face was just stuck like that. Didn't really matter. "Hey yeah, buddy," Inkbrand drawled out after Feng's own question, casually leaning his shoulder against the nearby tree, as if he were completely at ease in the large stallion's presence, "I already know I'm the hottest stallion at this joint. Staring's not going to make that any easier for you."
  14. Not two seconds into this party, and he was already reeling them in, yeah baby. And they already knew all his good qualities too, causing Inkbrand to puff out his chest a bit as the Pegasus literally circled around him, like she was already sizing up his value as a good time. It was exceedingly clear what she was interested in right off the bat, that was for sure. And, well, buck if he didn't appreciate the girls who knew how to hold themselves in a conversation - and better yet, could appreciate a little harmless flirting. And give it back some. Or flat out dish it forward, and Inkbrand eyed the second one that approached him in short order, golden eyes immediately zeroing in on the tattoos that covered her body. None of his, so that obviously meant they were nearly as good...but they weren't bad, he could admit. Even aside from the tattoos, the Peryton with a half-broken antler nearly screamed edgy no matter where he got a look at her - tattoos, piercings, makeup, mane and tail, you name it. If Inkbrand didn't know any better, he might have thought she was over-compensating, like a young filly making sure her parents ab-so-posi-tiv-ly knew how little she cared for society's expectations. Luckily, he did know better, because, in the most honest of folk, tattoos and piercings were rarely about defying society. They were simply who he was, and who she was, and buck anyone who didn't get it. Wasn't that difficult a concept. "You don't sound all that broken up about it," Inkbrand snickered, completely un-fooled by that oh-so-innocent interruption, "but you can count your lucky stars today, doll face, no penalties for interruptions here. The name's Inkbrand," the tattoo-clad stallion introduced, flirty grin tilting a bit higher on his face as he glanced between the Pegasus and the Peryton, "best bucking tattoo artist in Equestria - and the best looking, according to Kireina here," he added, with a leer towards the Pegasus previous. Though, that leer had to switch gears as a Caribou bumped into the Peryton on her way past, giving Inkbrand plenty of time to get his visual fill of her white coat before it was moving away from his view, towards a...what looked like one of those Qun-lins way in the back - or rather, Qilin, as he had eventually learned. Bucking white coats...when was the last time he'd had one? Probably Frostlace herself, all those months ago in Manehatten...Skyhaven's coat had been a white off-set, more like an ivory, and Sugar Sweet's had been tinged with blue. ...Well, didn't matter, he was getting another white coat today. Ironically the same white coat he'd last been able to run his hooves all over. Er...tats. Run his tats, all - "Oh, buck it." Unfortunately, Inkbrand was sucked out of the beginnings of his white-coated fantasies by the approach of another Qilin - or rather, Longma, as he'd eventually learned after asking one whether or not she'd like to play Alicorn dress up with him starring as the dashing Equestrian Prince of Love Marks, and subsequently getting a frying pan to the face - and before he could even begin to mourn the fact that he was no longer surrounded by only mares, said Longma asked a...very strange question. In a very strange way, too, causing a sneer to fall over Inkbrand's face. Seriously, why bother asking forgiveness for rudeness if you were just going to be rude anyways? It wasn't like the rudeness just got canceled out by the acknowledgement of its rudeness. The question itself, too, arrested his attention, and Inkbrand honestly could not tell if the Longma was purposefully being sarcastic and expressing his disdain for tattoos, or was seriously lacking comprehension on the purpose of tattoos and was simply attempting to educate himself. Deference for a cultural barrier finally won out, causing the stallion to shift his weight slightly as he raised an eyebrow at the other male. "Why's it gotta be one or the other," Inkbrand drawled, as if the Qilin had been addressing the whole lot of them instead of one particular Peryton, "why not both? Nothing wrong with a rockin' look while you're ruffling all the soccer moms' feathers," the tattoo-clad stallion jeered, reaching over to lightly elbow the Pegasus, before returning his attention back to the Longma. "You got a name, buddy?" Inkbrand questioned, eyeing the other stallion again...right before a sly grin stole over his face. "Or do you just go around ogling all the mares' flanks?" The Peryton had tattoos on several other places aside from her thigh area, but - well, a guy noticed certain things before others. 'Ya know.
  15. Well, there went that. Ryuichi had briefly - very, very briefly - entertained the notion of disguising himself somehow, perhaps using the Equestrian-ized version of his name rather than the Neighponese. He was, after all, here more for his own business than any sort of political showing for his country, and it would have been rather interesting to go about the party not as the Shogun of Neighpon, but as the simple Ryuma Rakuen Ryuichi. The idea had burnt out as quickly as it had come to him, however, far before he had ever set hoof onto Equestrian soil. Hiding his identity, however much masked in half-truths and convenience, had seemed a betrayal of who he was and what the Shogun stood for. And he would have undoubtedly made himself out to be a fool if he had run into any one who recognized his face alongside his title. Not to mention, going in disguise would have forced Ishi to do the same, and considering the reputation the Office of the Ōmetsuke already had, Ryuichi had no doubt that the media would have gone wild with the story of the Ōmetsuke himself going under cover and preying on innocent Equestrians in order to unearth all their secrets and bring them to Neighpon for treachery. ...However that would have worked out. Most papers hardly cared for the logistics, so long as the story itself was good. As was the potential care here, and Ryuichi carefully held in a grimace at the sudden switch of their hostess - a reflex that was almost immediately rescinded as the white mare winked at him. "Please, no formalities tonight," the Shogun requested graciously, and a bit loudly, for nearby ponies to hear, "my brother and I are only here to celebrate your rampant success alongside yourself." The words were rather formal, but Ryuichi allowed himself a sly smile to accompany Frostlace's own wink, a silent agreement over words unspoken, before turning his attention upon the new arrivals. And made a mental note to increase the bonuses of the Shogunate at the end of this year. "The brother," Ryuichi introduced, with a wry tip of his head towards Ishi, followed by dips towards the others "Rakuen Ryuichi. A pleasure and an honor, Princesses." The Alicorns in front of him were the very reason the Shogun was here in the first place, and Ryuichi gratefully accepted the proffered glass from Frostlace even as he continued studying the two powerful ponies at his side. A third pony, a dark grey Pegasus, was standing silent guard behind the two - who, in turn, made way for yet a fourth, a Unicorn with an unblemished coat to almost match the dazzling white of the hostess. It was the fourth that began speaking directly to him outside of an introduction, and Ryuichi hesitated only a moment, before his mind caught up to him. Given his obvious association with the two Equestrian Princesses, his status of being born and raised in Canterlot, and his overall bearing, Ryuichi could make an adequate guess as to who this was. Thank the ancestors for the Karasu and his office. "Grafinya Frostlace holds no regard for modest celebrations, that is certain," Ryuichi chuckled, eyes crinkling upwards at the corners a bit, "though I'm sure your efforts would have been just as grand, Prince Blueblood. Canterlot has been nothing but accommodating." A brief pause as something indecipherable flashed across the Ryuma's face, before it was gone again in the next instant, replaced by mirth at the Unicorn's mentioning of Ishi dancing with Princess Celestia before the night was through. His little brother certainly was a charmer, and Ryuichi had absolutely no intention on walking away from this encounter lighter in pocket for it as he took a moment to fondly grin at his otherwise occupied brother. Though, before the Ryuma could voice these thoughts out loud, he became aware of a rather...looming, sensation, behind his back. It seemed to almost come out of nowhere, focused as he was on thoughts of his brother, and the years of training his reflexes and awareness seemed to do little good, giving Ryuichi only enough time to whirl back around towards Prince Blueblood - only to find himself face to face with a mass of fur and feathers and scales and oh look he was on the floor. The immediate sound of the two guard members rushing forward with all the passion of a thousand burning suns was loud enough to cut through the ringing in his ears, and Ryuichi found enough thought to throw up a hoof and stall the bull-rushing bodyguards, even as he gasped for breath underneath the body on top of his own. What appeared to be a...very furry Serpent dragon was laying on top of him, and Ryuichi managed to pull himself out from underneath the mass just enough to get a view of what sort of Long had come, quite literally, crashing down on the Shogun of Neighpon - Which, in turn, allowed him to realize it wasn't a Long. Or maybe he was, no one could really know. The chaotic spirit of Discord, long studied and discussed amongst magitechnicians in Neighpon due to the strange powers he yielded, was just as easily identified...well, now that he could focus on something other than spitting fur from his mouth. It was any wonder his guards had even listened to his command to stop, given the perpetrator and their rather...unfortunate, positioning. It almost felt straight from a manga, the often used trope of the main character and love interest running into, and subsequently, falling on top of one another to share a moment of startled and surprised passion. ...Almost. "I - see we're not the only ones excited about this party," the Shogun grunted, attempting to pull himself further out from under the serpentine-shaped creature, and only succeeding in freeing one of his wings. "Though, I was led to believe that the unsteady walking and subsequent collisions wouldn't start until after a more significant taste testing." Another attempt, before Ryuichi gave up, consigned to simply raise a wry eyebrow and equally wry grin up at the creature still laying on top of his body. "Perhaps an introduction is in order, if we are to be so acquainted? Rakuen Ryuichi. It is a - grunt - pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sir Discord."