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  1. Weird. It says you haven't been on Canterlot since August 8th. :|

  2. Well, then. Who said the grunts couldn't be taught? The mask hid most of it, but Revenant still smiled indulgently at the officer, a smile that sharpened at the sudden report. They had been expecting to draw some attention, with the way they had been blindingly digging away at the side of a mountain, but to have it arrive so early certainly had the potential to turn the entire operation belly-side up. Just because they could deal with unwanted attention didn't exactly make it welcome. Still, WRAITH wouldn't exactly be in business if they lost their heads the moment things went sour, now would they? "Get the operatives in position," the darkly colored stallion ordered, with a nod of his head towards the elite WRAITH members that were waiting on standby down below, "hidden out of sight. Tell them to prepare their weakening spells." Only two of the elite units were Unicorns, but WRAITH equipped its units with plenty of nifty gadgets that could temporarily house magic to achieve certain effects. Magic horns, bow and arrows, slingshots - whatever could hit a target from a distance, and fast. "Everyone else," the stallion continued, completely ignoring Dr. Merlot's blusters at his side, "ease up on the excavation. No dynamite and magic, just the pickaxes." Less aggressive and suspicious, right, for a group of ponies to be gently mining away at a mountain rather than blowing it sky high. Of course, the telltale signs of blasting and magic use would be easy to tell the closer the Watchers got. But by that point, Revenant was counting on their contingency plans to be firmly set in motion. "Calm down, mate," Revenant finally deigned to say to the tan colored Unicorn at his side, getting up from where he had been lounging on the cliffside. "We're not breaking any laws here - you're a simple archeologist following up some ruins about some civilization that used to be camped 'round these mountains." The stallion slipped the hood over his head as he shot Dr. Merlot another hidden grin, red eyes moving past the Unicorn and over the treetops. "Soon as the relief gets within range, we'll take them down and give them a right proper treatment. Just do us a favor and play your part, yeah?" the It wasn't so much a request as it was an order, and Revenant didn't bother waiting for a response as he slipped backwards into the shadows, nodding at a waiting operative before circling around to the far front of the excavation camp. Merlot would seem the obvious leader in charge of the excavation, and once the relief confronted him, their backs would be exposed and vulnerable. Exactly how he liked them.
  3. Ryuichi leaned his head on one hoof as he idly listened to Shirogane talk, eyes falling half-lidded in ease and companionability. Her answer was fairly standard, though he wasn't entirely sure what it is he had really hoped for. Perhaps a specific, momentous turning point that had caused Shirogane's life to turn around, prompted her ascent to golem trainer? Something bard-worthy and epic, like a golem duel to the death against an unsurmountable opponent she had nonetheless conquered? Or...something. "Seems to be the way of it, doesn't it," Ryuichi stated rather sagely, waving his sake cup around in a manner that appeared both magnanimous and imperious all at once. "Learned in foalhood and translated into adulthood - such experiences and lessons can often shape a pony's future quite unknowingly." There might have been a hint of personal experience shining through the Ryuma's words, but for the most part it was simple camaraderie as Ryuichi took another sip from his cup, intent on refreshing himself before drilling Shirogane on her first battles in the Dome. All good intent, until a familiar voice began bellowing at the top of his lungs. At first, Ryuichi was certain the language barrier was disrupting his efforts to understand clearly. But even as his head swung around to stare incredulously at the young bull, the words continued making sense to his, admittedly, somewhat dulled brain. In that, they continued to make no sense. Surely...surely, Lími could not be singing something so heinous and insulting to the near entirety of the Shogunate, could he? Never mind the Shogunate, he couldn't be singing a ballad on the ransacking of Kyoma anywhere in Neighpon surrounded by Neighponese ponies, could he? ... Oh. Ancestors. The riptide of fury that coursed through him was, all things considering, not unsurprising in the least. But, he was not Shogun of Neighpon for nothing. Lími's clearly unbalanced state, his swaying and his flushed cheeks, made it only too obvious what had prompted such a disturbing and insulting song, and only exemplified exactly why Ryuichi never permitted himself drunkenness in the company of others. From an awkward and almost painfully polite young dignitary, to a bawling scoundrel heedlessly slicing open ancient and modern injuries amongst the many seated ponies...no, the two simply didn't coincide together under normal circumstances. And a plethora of Honeysuckle Mead was most certainly not normal circumstances. The stunned silence that followed the Caribou's fainting spell seemed almost suffocating in its nature, and Ryuichi realized he most likely only had a few moments to act before all chaos broke loose - not to mention the start of a potential war if Askr's dignitary was returned in several broken pieces. "Ah...clearly, our young friend has little tolerance for our spirits," Ryuichi stated out loud, subtly waving a hoof at the stationed guard. "To sing such a wretched song in our company...clan Askr has little experience in cultural sensitivity, I've found." Not that he believed Lími had been anywhere near his right mind, no...but he couldn't very well laugh and wave off the Caribou's song as if it had been nothing but a fond joke. Drunkenness was no excuse for ignorance, after all. If one could not control their tongue when dipped in sake, one should abstain for drinking at all. And he had to make clear his disapproval, or risk appearing as a doting and foolish Shogun. "Take him," the Ryuma commanded dismissively to the waiting guard - but quickly amended, "whole and unharmed, to his guest rooms at the Palace Castle." The guards, who had been looking positively murderous beforehoof, seemed all the more annoyed for the amendment, but dutifully carried the sleeping Caribou off the stage and out the door, to speak with the guards stationed outside. "Perhaps, Aegis," the Ryuma said as an aside once Lími had been taken out of the room, "now might be the time for your turn on the stage. As you said, best to sing before getting too deep into your cups." Good advice for a certain Caribou, for the next time. If there were to be a next time. [[ OOC : The RP is beginning to wind down - right now, the thread is planned to end the next time Shiroi sings on stage - so if your character has got something to do or say, do or say it! ]]
  4. He had lived far too long to be surprised at the ingenuity and unpredictability of ponies, anymore. Still, knowledge and wisdom didn't stop the thrill of anticipation that coursed through him at the foreigner's sudden and abrupt movement, grabbing onto his fur in almost the same motion he had used to leap across to the pony's other side. Squall was an obviously skilled and formidable combatant. Neither of which compared to him. Kamikakushi no Shinrin didn't bother attempting to catch the falling pony as his dual spells took effect, however - a flash of brown, quickly replaced with floating wisps of blue, revealed itself as the form of the Ōkami Yokai from earlier, only wrapped in her true flesh as before. A veritable tower of ponies, Ōkami, and spirits was quick to form on the stone underneath their paws as the amalgamate known as Discord continued his drivel, and Kamikakushi no Shinrin shot the female Yokai a withering glare at her complete concession to the creature's demands to play. Give her closeness to the other pony, presumably Yokai, he could only assume that Nensho would just as easily be swept along in the tides of acquiescence and malleability. "One does not need a ruse," the Yokai said carelessly, "if one has no wish to hide." If Discord truly believed he had simply lost his temper with Squall, of all ponies, then whatever knowledge the spirit claimed to offer was even more tainted with incredibility and suspense. Even if he had been inclined to be toyed with like a particularly fascinating doll, he wouldn't have bothered. The sly smile, the unspoken message hidden deep within his eyes...Discord could not be trusted. From his own mouth, the spirit made clear that belief was a gamble. Even if the amalgamate were to divulge everything he claimed to know right then and there, what good were his words? The spirit was a trickster. He did not believe his words, and he could not play his game. He is Ōkami Yokai. "You've spent too long among pony kind, creature," Kamikakushi no Shinrin intoned, disappointment and disregard evident in both tone and face. "short-lived and hurried to fulfill all to their instant gratifications. If one gains their desires through naught but a simple wish, then..." The Ōkami trailed off, glancing over his shoulder at the sleeping pony, before looking back towards Discord. "Why bother living at all?" And that was for it, as Kamikakushi no Shinrin broke out of the illusion he had set upon himself, leaping over the nearby buildings and exiting the town faster than a pony could see. Magic pulsed through his body and blood as Kamikakushi no Shinrin eyed the hawk circling the woods nearby, before he turned towards the north, towards his home. [[ Exit ]]
  5. Her tail was beautiful, she had been told many times. She supposed it was not surprising, that these ponies wished to keep it for themselves. She supposed she had been told that many times, as well. "Oh," Ochiru said softly, less in confirmation of Nosk's information and more to herself. Yes, it would not have been the first time some pony wished her to part with her tail. And in truth, it might not have been such a difficult feat to accomplish when she had still had her cherry blossom grove. She remembers, faintly, little snippets of time, of cutting off small strands of her tail to give to the foals that gaped in awe at their prizes, and her tail never growing any shorter. She thinks she can regrow her tail, should it be removed. Or could have, once long ago. Her time in her cherry grove becomes more and more difficult to remember in full as the years pass. Sometimes, those ages seem like nothing more than a fevered dream, one that makes her question what once was and what might have been. It is getting more and more difficult to remember a time without Nosk. "Okay," the wolf Yokai said, again, and for the first time wished the ropes loosened around her so that she might go over to Nosk and rest her head on top his pony one, "I will follow." The words might have made little sense to the ponies around them, but they had defined such an presumably large portion of Ochiru's life that they escaped past the present and spoke of all things to come. Even when they walked their separate paths, the words remained true. Two new ponies joined them, then. One, a darkened pony with the stripes of a Tanuki down his tail. The other, similarly featured to the alpha female that quickly trudged off for sleep. The daughter, then. Ochiru tilt her head to one side, then the other in turn - like a curious dog, she had once been laughingly informed - to better look at the pair of them. This daughter did not seem as fascinated as the daughters Ochiru had played with in the past, but perhaps she was simply wiser to the world. Less innocent. The brown one simply seemed genial and sharp in turns. "You are welcome," Ochiru said graciously, though with Nosk's clever eyes and ears, she had a feeling the brown one was not being entirely sincere in his thanks to their sacrifice. "But I think it only fair...we share a drink as well." The implication of the 'we' inferred both herself and Nosk, but Ochiru didn't look over to her long-time companion to see what he thought of such a proposition. Instead, the wolf Yokai simply stood up from where she was sitting, moving before her captors had even started moving to follow after the daughter, who was leading them back down the tunnel she had come from. "I am Ochiru." I am falling. She was almost tempted to introduce Nosk to the two as well, but experienced stayed her tongue. Nosk was not as fond of giving out his name so freely, not like she. And she knew, too, that names had power. Though what power one could find in her fallen name was a mystery to even the ancients. She supposed.
  6. OC Art

    Art of my pony OCs and friends. All art in this album is drawn by me, but not all OCs belong to me.
  7. Wartime

    From the album OC Art

    Full size is best size! Felt like trying to draw something that didn't just have a neutral resting expression, because that's really my default and I don't really experiment or draw emotions and expressions that often. Always good to get some practice on expressions! Neighpon is pretty much a mix of feudalistic and modern, and I imagine the role of the Shogun in times of war edges towards the modern side for the most part, except in cases of very important, large-scale battles. And in those instances, the Shogun shows up to fight for the country. I mean, even Celestia has been shown to fight in battles before. ...The Shogun doesn't have the power of an Alicorn, true, but I like to imagine that the power of moral and leadership are just as powerful as any old Alicorn magic, kthx.
  8. Ijiroc

  9. Ochiru nodded sedately as Nosk spoke of his younger days. So polite, her friend and her captors. She continued to nod as the alpha female addressed her stiff subordinates, speaking of valuables and coins. Ochiru knew, did she not, the value that pony kind put on seemingly innocuous items that shimmered like sunlight on the water's surface, so much so that some ponies performed any manner of rituals and acts to obtain them. Such as capturing Yokai and selling them. Nosk did as well, for he bartered with the shiny baubles amongst ponies, who valued their metals and jewels over the bounty of the land underneath their very hooves. She wondered what ponies would think, if they could hear the earth sing. It was silent in the cavern, save the rippling of heat that spiraled throughout the open space, and Ochiru tilted her head to rest it upon the hair of one of her captors, masked fixed on the alpha female's agitated features. More words exchanged - Silk was smooth and cool and flowed like molten silver, and she was not so averse to the comparison with her tail - and overall, the Ryuma pony seemed pleased with their presence in her cave. Herself, less so, but that was too be expected, was it not? Even though her first experience had not been so bad. The shrieking laughter of a small filly, darting to and fro underneath the cherry blossoms and leaving dumplings under the branches...a memory of home, of what her grove must have felt like before. No...it hadn't been so bad. But... She has been learning. Now, this time it might be bad. She did not like the idea of Nosk being sold as a worker. Nosk belonged under the open air and amongst the sweet smelling grass of the plains. Nosk would not do well in a glass cage, not matter how many cherry blossom trees were planted within. He might do well with daughters, though. "Okay," Ochiru said agreeably, removing her head from the top of the pony she had been resting it upon, and to one who knew her dual tones well...a tinge of interest and intrigue. She liked daughters. "She will like my tail also," she stated factually, turning towards Nosk for confirmation. For most of the pony kind they met on the road seemed intrigued by her tail first and foremost. This, she did not mind.
  10. @PecanPraline -rubs hands together- Good good, the brainwashing subliminal messaging gentle encouragement is working. Check out the OP of this thread! I'm always up for more relationships for Ryuichi. I'd really love some more characters for Ryu to interact with in the Palace Castle itself (so servants and chefs and entertainers and guards and things like that) but I'm still open for connections outside the Palace too. Already existing characters or newly made character apps, doesn't matter to me. Also, I try to draw every character idea that spawns from this recruitment thread as a bribe means of inspiration to finish up the app. Been successful so far, but there's no guarantees simply because my artistic creativity tends to come and go. I still try though!

    @aFlatmajor Sounds hunky-dory to me!
  12. Ochiru wasn't entirely sure what they were doing here. Aside from the obvious. The Ōkami had, up to this point, been quite happy to passively sit back and allow Nosk to take the lead, as she did most of the time whenever the two traveled together. When the ponies had set upon them, she had felt that first spike of adrenaline...but it had been more out of surprise than fear. The unexpected rather than the unwanted. She wondered if these ponies had been as surprised as she, when she had simply sat there and allowed the ropes to be thrown all around her body, her scruff, her legs. Nosk himself hadn't put up much of a fight either, when the short battle had escalated down, and that was something she had yet had a chance to ask him about. Being yanked around with ropes didn't lend itself to much conversation. Which was why Ochiru was...well, confused. Oh, she was no fool to the danger of Yokai hunters. Hunters and poachers. One and same with different methods in between. But these ponies seemed...a little less than hunters and little more than vagabonds. A chance encounter that had been seized upon, but with an organization and camaraderie that spoke of a well-functioning fluidity rather than an opportunity of fortune. She wondered what Nosk made of it. He was also being yanked around with ropes. Ironically, even more ropes than she had wrapped around her frame, for he had put up a fight, while she had sat down and made no move to stop her captors. Against the glitter from the pretty baubles thrown carelessly across rocky surfaces, the ropes seemed to shimmer in turn, looking almost regal in their simplicity. Her own did as well, and tugged against the skin of her lower legs, but the fur across her neck and midsection stayed their attempts to chafe and rub. She wondered what Nosk felt of them. Mayhaps she would need to wonder no longer, for they had arrived. At the heart of the mountain? At the end of the grove? A pony sat atop a pedestal of some sort stepped downwards, violet eyes piercing and wrenching, and Ochiru shifted slightly, slowly moving to sit down on the rocky surface. Her captors did not even flinch at her movement, entirely used to her passivity. But they moved for her. Flinched and bowed and averted their eyes, even as they kept their grips strong on the ropes. "Yes," Ochiru stated, head tilting to one side as she looked down her mask slightly at the pony. Studying her as she studied her. Her voice whispered dual-toned, a faint echo following each syllable like the drawing out of a breath on the wind. "They were very kind."

    Art? Art?! Did somebody say, free art?! I design and draw all my OCs myself, but I still love seeing how my OCs look in other artists' styles. If you get some time, maybe you could give Lani a try? I think she'd look adorable in your art style:
  14. Yeah, Ryu really needs some more guy friends in his life... ... -designs fifty male OCs to throw at people to app guy friends for Ryu's life-
  15. A Crash Decision (Closed)

    So... "He's the same as ever, then," Ryuichi surmised, a pleased tint to his tone that flirted dangerously with the edge in Yuè's. An undoubtedly mischievous Lián, a subsequently annoyed Yuè...ancestors. Where just a few hours ago he'd felt an entire lifetime spanning the gap between him and Long Guo's sovereign Empress, now it felt like he was back to being a foal, running around the Imperial Palace gardens or showing off his secret collection of golem trading cards to Lián. ... He missed this. ...The company of old friends, not the 'stuck on a mountaintop in a blizzard of death' part. No, the ability to interact with others without the worry of titles or propriety weighing him down, because back then, they had all existed on a relatively even playing field. Sandā remained the only part of him that could cling to that foalhood innocence and carelessness, and even that would soon be ripped away. Once he was married, well...it wouldn't do very good to be alone in the private company of a mare that wasn't his bride, even if that mare was his Shīrudo. Propriety, propriety propriety. Ryuichi was once again pulled from his thoughts, however, as Yuè spoke up, her eyes seeming to fall downwards in resignation or exhaustion...or both. The Ryuma stared out at the swirling white for a moment longer, before he nodded decisively. The chances of anything attacking or coming after them in this blizzard were slim to none, making it a good chance to gather strength. Ryuichi lay down on his front, utilizing his wing to urge the mare downwards alongside him, so they could lay on their forelegs. "Rest, then," the Shogun instructed, "we've a long day ahead of us tomorrow." It would be a while longer, however, before Ryuichi would actually bring his head down to rest it on his forelegs. Some nights were just...sleepless.