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  1. Hmm... Something afoul was in the air... At least according to the Mighty Buffalo of the Scorched Lands. Dawnguard watched - quietly, for once - as valiant Naj graciously accepted the various items that had apparently once belonged to the stallion they now tracked across the blazing sands. The Pegasus was, in reality, a bit surprised at such...detail, with which the Buffalo spoke of Flashfire, when they had only just stated his demeanor to be cold and unyielding, brief only enough to trade for supplies before continuing on into the desert. It was if they had knowingly decided to study the missing guard in depth...as if they knew such information would be vital for a valiant troop of heroes venturing off into the desert. Ah, did the red strands of fate ever tie all those within their far-seeing coils... Naj continued to speak to the Buffalo, but mulling over Fated Stars of Destiny over their questing group abruptly reminded Dawnguard of what the Changeling had just said - that of noble Cyro, keeping valiant guard over the cart. "Then, I shall venture back to relieve him of his duty," the REA guard intoned, wings already flaring outward to take flight, "and perhaps, should the howling winds allow it...make some smores! Farewell, mighty Warriors of the Sun-Kissed Desert Pass!" And with that, Dawnguard was back in the air, the rapidly lowering temperature of the desert doing nothing yet to stall a Chosen Hero of Light as the Pegasus made his way back tot he plateau. The fire atop the ridges was easily seen from a distance, and Dawnguard headed straight for it as he landed, a wide smile on his face. "Ho, good Ice Keeper!" he greeted exuberantly, "do the forces of Darkness keep their peace?!"
  2. Suffice to say, I whole-heartedly approve. Hurray for Ryuichi's family members! This is going up in my gallery as well, but per tradition, I'm posting it in this recruitment thread! I'm still doing the thing where I try to draw every character that's part of Ryuichi's circle of friends or family or work related, etc, but I can't promise anything. Luckily though, this one came out relatively easily! Looking forward to seeing one of Ryuichi's siblings in action!
  3. From the album Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Ryuichi's finally getting some family members, yay! PryoBlaze's newest Kirin character is Ryuichi's younger brother, and also the current Ōmetsuke of Neighpon. He values justice and the pursuit of the truth, both very good qualities for an Ōmetsuke to have! This was pretty fast and simple sketching, lineart, then color, though in truth I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to do this one. Thank God I was, because I really like being able to visualize the characters my own characters interact with! The contrast between the coat and mane is really visually striking, in my opinion. Here's to more of Ryuichi's circle of friends, peers, and acquaintances getting visual representation! Ishi (c) PyroBlaze
  4. He had been told what to except, certainly... But that still didn't fully prepare him for what he was greeted with. Suffice to say, Ryuichi's opinion on Clan Askr of Whitescar had been decidedly poor ever since the debate over the legendary sword held in Canterlot. The fact that the clan had even bothered to debate the ownership of the blade still rang true, where they could have simply holed up in their blizzard swept holds instead...but the arrogance that had been displayed during the debate was not something Ryuichi was going to be forgetting. As such, the Ryuma had fully expected a dignitary from that same clan to be imposing in stature, large, warrior-esque - symbolic of everything Neighpon had come to fear, hate, and otherwise detest in the species. ...He was not expecting this. The rather...unkept appearance of the Caribou's companion was immediately noticeable as the servant that had entered the room first announced the presence of the Shogun, and Ryuichi was ashamed to say his eyes lingered entirely against his will as the Kirin stiffened and gasped, struggling valiantly to keep utter glee from her face. The dignitary himself was removed from the main seating area, framed against the magnificent view of the western half of Kyoma, and looked nothing like what Ryuichi had been expecting. He was wearing an unassuming and plain kimono, rather than a more informal yukata for the outdoor festival, as was his Kirin companion...although, her kimono was looking decidedly...burnt. ...Probably best not to comment on that. "Honored guests," the Shogun intoned, walking past the bowing servant to take his seat at one end of the low table. One of the cushions had been removed to one side, Ryuichi was quick to notice, undoubtedly by that same servant - guards were expected to stand alert and at attention at all times, not sit down next to the Shogun. Ryuichi ignored it for now, and instead waved a dismissive hoof towards the servant, signaling for some sake to be brought in. When they had their privacy, he would rearranging the cushions again and invite Sandā to her seat. But for now, he was, against all better judgement, rather curious about all of...this. "I welcome you to the Palace Castle," Ryuichi said graciously, adjusting slightly so that his robes flared out from his seated position. "To be quite candid, it is unusual to entertain foreign dignitaries during the most important days of a national festival. There are many instances that require my attention today." There was an implication in his words, but Ryuichi's tone remained mild and genial, even as his golden gaze snapped, steely and hardened, onto the Caribou. "So you will forgive my ignorance." The words were not a request. "What has brought Clan Askr to beseech this meeting with the Shogun of Neighpon?"
  5. Brother turned Ometsuke sounds a-okay to me (though what do you mean an older yet younger brother?). If he's the Ometsuke, then he would most likely need to be fairly close to Ryuichi in age, since the Primary Shogunate are required to have served in their office for at least four years - though, the disaster with the Kaiju was definitely a qualifier for an unusual promotion, if the previous Ometsuke was killed in the attack. So I suppose it's possible your character might have only been a part of that office for a year or two before he was selected as best possible candidate to become the new Ometsuke. Also, if knight does end up making a sister or a set of sisters for the Shogun, and either of you have really strong feelings on where you want your siblings characters to fall in age (i.e. if one of you really wants your character to be the youngest sibling, or the second oldest, or middle child, etc), you guys will need to work that out between the two of you!
  6. N3iph0n b3st n4ti0n kthx! I would love for Ryuichi to have some siblings (only one of my several characters has a played, non-NPC family member and that makes me very sad). The only stipulation I have is that they would need to be younger than Ryuichi, since he inherited the Shogun position by being the eldest of his siblings. I'd totally be down for him having a younger sister, or a set of younger twin sisters. As for potential/future brides, there's no requirement for being high-class or royalty! The Shogunate will likely be more approving of a mare that meets a certain standard (that could be coming from a high class or royal background, but might also be something like being very beautiful, or very successful in their career/business, or otherwise appealing in some way). They'll probably be less approving of a random mare from a backwater rice paddy village presenting herself as a potential bride, but it's not disallowed. She would just basically have to work really hard to prove herself/earn the admiration and approval of the Shogunate...unless Ryuichi really likes her and just says "screw you Shogunate" and marries her anyways, lulz. But yeah, hot springs owner would still have a chance to become the future bride of the Shogun, whether or not she's from high class or not. If her business is hugely and wildly successful and profitable, she might even be cordially asked to consider presenting herself as a potential bride (which is basically a stamp of approval from the Shogunate). If not, then she would have to actively throw herself in the running by signing up to present herself as a potential bride. (Also, if you do decide to go hot springs owner, maybe we can work out her and Ryuichi having some connection. Ryuichi really likes authentic hot springs, so I had the idea that if he takes time to go visit a hot spring, he goes to a specific one he likes, for the convenience and familiarity - and the owner being entirely accommodating to basically closing off sections of the hot springs at a time for the Shogun's privacy and security, lulz). If you remember your third question I'll be here! All day. Every day. Awaiting all things Neighpon. *plants self firmly in thread and awaits more questions and comments*
  7. neighpon

    Unlike the Primary Shogunate, the leaders of each office or group within the Secondary Shogunate do not interact directly with the Shogun - however, like the Primary Shogunate, the offices work both independently and cohesively. Most of the offices are centered around the colonies and islands, their distance away from the homeland requiring governing bodies to be able to act with discerning independence. More often than not, the offices of the Secondary Shogunate are accountable to a position or positions within the Primary Shogunate. Still, the ability to act remotely and independently makes the Secondary Shogunate necessary in order to maintain the peace in all regions of Neighpon. ╭The Imperial Vanguard╮ The Imperial Vanguard ╰The Imperial Vanguard╯ Although technically a part of the Secondary Shogunate, the Imperial Vanguard operates solely within the Palace Castle, a force dedicated to the protection and security of the Shogun and his or her family. Members of the Imperial Vanguard range from simple hoof soldiers, to experienced magitech enforcers, and even a few specialized forces, such as ninja and samurai. While called a vanguard, the office acts mainly in defense of the Shogun's family, and was so named in history to symbolize the advancement of the Shogun's well kept might against all offenders who would dare take action against him or her. Of special note within the Imperial Vanguard is the Shīrudo, who not only acts as the personal bodyguard of the current Shogun, but heads the entirety of the office as the Head of the Vanguard. Inside the Palace Castle where threats are less liable to reach the Shogun, the Shīrudo is more free to take control of security measures and countermeasures, and masterfully dispatch forces throughout the Palace Castle for maximum security and protection. Outside of the Palace Castle, the Shīrudo is a constant figure at the side of the Shogun, keeping him or her safe from all possible threats. [[ WIP ]]
  8. neighpon

    Under the direct authority of the Shogun is the Shogunate, a collection of administrative offices that govern Neighpon on the national level. Hoof-picked by the Shogun, each Office is led and overseen by a singular individual, after which the Office is named. This individual must not only be a citizen of Neighpon, but must have also served in that office for at least four years, with exceptions made solely in times of crisis where no individual fulfills those requirements. It is these individuals that are collectively referred to as the Primary Shogunate, as they act as the Shogun's personal advisors and council in all matters. Thus does the Primary Shogunate act both independently and as a cohesive unit of council for Neighpon, overseeing their Offices while resting final and definitive authority on the Shogun. ╭Machi Bugyō - The Grand Admiral╮ Machi Bugyō - The Grand Admiral ╰Machi Bugyō - The Grand Admiral╯ Although the Shogun is officially considered the highest authority along the military chain, it is clear who commands the forces of Neighpon on a day to day basis. Otherwise known as the Grand Admiral, the Machi Bugyō heads the entirety of the Neighponese military branches - Navy, Air, Aetheral, Ground, and Colonial. The positioning and placement of military troops both around and away from Neighpon rests on the Machi Bugyō, whose strategic brilliance can make or break the unmatched militaristic force of Neighpon. The Machi Bugyō also acts as the voice of experience and expertise for the Shogun in regards to militaristic advice and counsel. The Office of the Machi Bugyō, in its entirety, is technically comprised of every branch of Neighponese military. However, working directly with the Machi Bugyō are the various generals of the specific branches of military, along with higher ranked admirals who nonetheless fall under the supreme command of the Grand Admiral. A highly intensive and exacting position, the strength of the Machi Bugyō is often reflected in the state of the Neighponese military might, which has remained unchecked and unmatched for centuries. ╭Gijutsu-sha - The Technomancer╮ Gijutsu-sha - The Technomancer ╰Gijutsu-sha - The Technomancer╯ With so much of Neighpon's success dwelling in its success with magitech, new avenues of usage and utility are constantly being looked into, along with magitech uses in both defensive and offensive capabilities. The Gijutsu-sha is Neighpon's supreme authority in everything magitech, not only through the entirety of the Office, but also through his or her own engineering genius. The Gijutsu-sha is responsible for overseeing advancements in the field and maintaining the security of Neighponese magitech, arming the country against magitech hackers and in turn utilizing the technology against potential threats. In regards to his or her duties to the Shogun, the Gijutsu-sha advises on which areas of magitech to invest government funding into, and brings ethical concerns over certain uses of magitech to light. Barring the Machi Bugyō, the Gijutsu-sha oversees the largest and most widely varied Office on the Primary Shogunate. Divided by task or goal, the Office of the Gijutsu-sha includes several research teams that focus on discovering and utilizing new forms of magitech. Other groups are dedicated to maintaining vigil over Neighponese magitech, or turning raw magitech into new weapons and products. There is even a specialized group within the Office that is centered around the construction and utilization of Golems, from simple constructs that can be used in a home, to large-scale projects meant to act in defense of the country. Whatever the case, all information is passed along to the Gijutsu-sha, who in turn takes all available information to set the best course for the future of Neighpon's magitech empire. ╭Ōmetsuke - The Overseer╮ Ōmetsuke - The Overseer ╰Ōmetsuke - The Overseer╯ As advancements in governing bodies throughout Neighpon began, so did their responsibilities that, if left unchecked, could turn corrupt. Alongside the duties of the public media, the Office of the Ōmetsuke is designed to keep tabs on and monitor officials appointed into office, including the various Daimyos of Ryushima and the Governors amongst the colonies. In truth, most of the efforts of the Ōmetsuke and his or her office remains focused on the colonies, as their removed distance from the mainland makes them more difficult to keep track of. Because of the long reach this office has in nearly all cities and colonies, the focus of the Office of the Ōmetsuke also serves a dual purpose in rooting out rebellion and treachery. This remains especially so in the colonies, as losing these precious resources would spell disaster for Neighpon. As such, the office of the Ōmetsuke has a shady reputation among the public for subterfuge and government spying rather than simple accountability - a reputation that is shared with the Office of the Karasu. ╭Karasu - The Raven╮ Karasu - The Raven ╰Karasu - The Raven╯ A remnant of the days when the first Shogun relied on the ninjutsu clans of old to forcibly keep control over a mentally divided country, the Karasu is the Shogun's resident Spymaster, a peerless ninja who coordinates the efforts of his or her office to gather intelligence both inside and outside of Neighpon. Officially, the Office of the Karasu works to handle information from a network of contacts and informants spread through the entire world, designed to keep the Shogun up to date in an age where worldwide communication has not been perfected. However, there are some that claim that the office also commits in acts of bribery, information manipulation, and even outright silencing, whatever is needed to keep the Shogun and the Shogunate held in high esteem in the eyes of Neighpon. Although the Office of the Karasu maintains several contacts and informants spread throughout different nations, the actual Office inside the Primary Shogunate is extremely small. There are never more than a hoof-ful of positions that operate directly with the Karasu at any given time - specifically, there are three individuals that manage the various informants under their supervision, and along with the Karasu his or herself, these four make up the entirety of the Office of the Karasu. ╭Gaikoku Bugyō - The Ambassador╮ Gaikoku Bugyō - The Ambassador ╰Gaikoku Bugyō - The Ambassador╯ Neighpon prides itself on its ability to be self-reliant, an ability that has negated the need to engage other nations in matters of alliance or cooperation. However, even the Shogun realizes the need to maintain friendly relations, which is where the Gaikoku Bugyō comes in. Acting as an official ambassador of Neighpon, the Gaikoku Bugyō spends more time out of the country than in it, traveling from place to place in order to strengthen ties and showcase Neighpon's willingness to treat with other nations. If an event or spectacle is large enough to warrant government representation, but small enough to remain outside of the Shogun's scope of responsibilities, the Gaikoku Bugyō is the most likely candidate to attend. The Office of the Gaikoku Bugyō is relatively small in nature, but still comprised of several positions that all focus around foreign affairs. Discussions of trading routes, alliances, and culture sensitivity all fall within the realm of the Office of the Gaikoku Bugyō, and he or she in turn provides sounds advice to the Shogun in matters concerning relations with other nations across the seas. ╭Hatamoto - The Honored╮ Hatamoto - The Honored ╰Hatamoto - The Honored╯ While the way of the Samurai has become more widespread throughout Neighpon, to be officially titled a Samurai was once an honor granted only by the Shogun himself - to those that had proven both their loyalty to Neighpon and their skill in battle, a status of honor and prestige, similar to a peasant family being raised into nobility. To this day, to be officially honored as a Samurai by the Shogun is something many Ronins strive to accomplish, and none have accomplished so much as the Hatamoto. Once a position of great political meaning, the Hatamoto is a peerless Samurai who has been specifically named by the Shogun as a shining example of everything Neighpon ever was and ever will be. With Neighpon ever marching towards advancement, the Hatamoto is a physical symbol of tradition, a reminder that the old ways of Neighpon will be maintained throughout the ages. In the present day, the Hatamoto holds no political power his or herself, and keeps no council in the Primary Shogunate despite technically being a part of it - however, he or she is still venerated and respected throughout the nation, and often wields unintentional power solely through the respect and adoration the title of Hatamoto wields.
  9. ╭The Government of Neighpon - The Sun Rises in the East╮ The Government of Neighpon - The Sun Rises in the East ╰The Government of Neighpon - The Sun Rises in the East╯ While Neighpon is advanced in ways the rest of the world is still struggling to comprehend, its government remains a mixture of a feudalistic empire and a modernized democracy. Although the most advanced cities have grown to elect their Ministers through the voice of the herd, the entirety of Neighpon still remains firmly under the Shogun's hoof. As Head of the State, the Shogun is the ultimate authority in all national government, and although rarely involved in any government levels lower than national, he or she still holds authority over the prefectural and municipal levels of government, if he or she chooses to take action. The Shogun is even formally referred to as Heika, an ancient form of address equal to an emperor or king. With Neighpon always on the edge of advancement and growth, many have advocated an end to the position of the Shogun, calling instead for a Cabinet of leaders to share equal responsibility - however, others fear a return to in-fighting and disunity without a Shogun, citing the country's advancement as possible only with a Head of State reigning supreme, and are content with the self-appointed Ministers and Councilmares that are rarely interfered with. Whatever the case, the Shogun remains unparalleled in power and jurisdiction - power that is shared, but not wholly given, to the Shogunate directly beneath him or her. Part I : The Primary Shogunate Part II : The Secondary Shogunate Part III : Prefectures and Municipals
  10. The gardens were...quaint, to be sure, and the Palace Castle was...nice. Architecture, and all that. There was still no comparison to the Imperial Palace, of course, but still. The cherry blossoms visible in the gardens were in full bloom, the layout of the gardens was very lovely, but overall it...it was... ...Oh hay. It was awesome. Filled or empty, birds or no birds. "Well of course you do, I'm sure they don't just let any pony into the Palace Castle," Mei squealed as quietly as she was able to, gripping onto one of Lími's forelegs as they were led through the beautiful gardens, the magnificent cherry blossoms dropping random petals onto the ground and into the water as they passed underneath. "I mean, it's not as if it's forbidden to enter the Castle on principal, but I still can't believe - they don't just let any one in, you know!" the vivid blue Qilin expressed, as if Lími might not have understand the significance the first time she had said it. Of course, that was all thanks to the Caribou in question, wasn't it? Mei couldn't help squeezing her companion's foreleg even tighter, giddy with glee. She imagined this is what it felt like to be married to a pony of high status or influence, one who was invited into all the most exclusive of parties that she was, in turn, invited to attend through their relationship. And Lími was an ambassador...he probably traveled to all sorts of countries and got to attend all sorts of meetings and conventions and parties and ancestors knew what else! Mei's appreciation for the Palace Castle shifted as they were led to a, relatively, small room, one that nonetheless boasted an open balcony with a magnificent view towards the west. There was a low table in the center, with four cushions around it - two to the north, two to the south - and the whole thing rested on a rich floor mat made of bamboo (she supposed). No sign of the chairs or stools Equestrian ponies favored. Elaborately designed screens were placed around the room, a purely aesthetic feature as far as she could tell, along with paper lamps that were currently unlit. All in all, it looked the sort of room that was lavish in design, yet modest in use - perhaps used for more informal settings than the opulent and massive rooms she had no doubt resided somewhere in the grandeur of the Palace Castle. The messenger that had been leading them bowed low, requesting them a few minutes wait for the Shogun. Mei was quick to bow her head in turn, and was fairly pleased she hadn't yet managed to vibrate out of her skin in excitement as she whirled around towards her companion. "Can you believe the Shogun himself is coming here to greet us?" the vivid blue mare exclaimed - and not for the first time. She was just a humble Qilin from an equally humble rice village..and now look at her! "Ooh, what do I say? What do I do? I don't want to embarrass myself...first impressions mean everything, you know!"
  11. Mmm, yes, such did the Bou of the North agree with his most astute sentiments. The cloak trailed rather magnificently 'cross the floor as Dawnguard strut to and fro, admiring the way it fanned out behind him. Yes, such was an appropriate look for a Chosen Warrior of Light! Perhaps with a bit of gold trim 'round the edges, to compliment the golden armor he wore, proudly boasting the insignia of the Royal Guard...and with a mighty dragon stitched onto the back - no! An Alicorn of white and gold, symbolic of his pure strength of harmony against all the tides of Darkness! It would...serve. Its purpose. Indeed. Though before Dawnguard could voice his thoughts on cloak improvement towards the Esteemed Lender of Cloaks, the chiming of a clock caught his attention, causing golden hair to go flying around as the white Pegasus' head swiveled towards the sound. Great, Galloping Gadzooks! The time of his lunch break had gone and passed with nary a whimper, and all Dawnguard could suddenly see in minds' eye was his CO bearing down on him, breathing the flaming wrath of scorn and misery... And latrine duty! "But how fast the hour approaches!" the REA guard cried in alarm, all but tripping over himself to make haste out the door, "I must away to the...great evils that bear down upon, it - he's going to kill me!" And if he turned many a heads thanks to the oversized cloak that tripped him on the streets of Canterlot on more than one occasion, for once Dawnguard paid them no heed as he fled back to the barracks with all the Avenging Righteousness of a late recruit. His quest for a portrait of Divining Justice would have to wait... At least until evening free time. [[ Exit ]] [[ OOC : Thanks again for the beautiful picture, McDerp! You are astounding in every which way I know you. ]]
  12. From the album Doodles 'n the Like

    "Yeah, I'm being cute. What about it?" I dunno, I hadn't drawn Inkbrand in a while, I was bored, things happen. I take no responsibility for my actions.
  13. From the album MLP Characters

    Been having a lot of fun with these Okami drawings again, but I wasn't sure what character to draw next. I do have two other dragon ponies to draw, but neither of them are prominent enough for me to really have a desire to Okami-fy them. So, I wafted a bit, until I got a request to see Prince Blueblood from the show in this style. I thusly present to you said Prince, in all his magnificent, rose-tinted, sparkling visage, with the rose petals dancing in the wind behind him. Such sparkle, much wow. This was actually a really easy one to do, I sketched and finished it in like...an hour? Maybe not even an hour. It's always a chore trying to keep the overall look and "feel" of a hair style when it's billowing and waving in the wind, but I think I managed a pretty good job in this one! Prince Blueblood (c) Hasbro
  14. From the album Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    From time to time I draw gift art for the people who continually Like and support my artwork. Tacobob is one such person who has been "Like"ing my stuff since the very first picture I uploaded in my gallery almost three years ago, and Ciraxis is also someone who's constantly supporting my art. I was originally planning on just drawing one character, but then realized there was a perfect opportunity for me to thank both supporters at the same time. I really hope I didn't butcher Swift Squall's design - his app wasn't very descriptive on what he looked like, especially the mane. I also really apologize for not included the shades he apparently wears day in and day out. I really tried, but they looked truly awful at this angle, I could not get them to look like anything other than a strange lump sitting on his face. Fire Walker was Fire Walker, as per the norm, though with the addition of a shiny new bracelet! Fire Walker (c) tacobob Swift Squall (c) Ciraxis
  15. From the album OC Art

    Yay, more Okami pictures with more eastern-themed characters. The hair kind of came out wonky on this one, but I decided to just leave be. When Mei lets her hair down, it falls in a straight line, so it's kind of hard to draw it billowing in the wind with the twisty brush I use for the mane and tail. Still, I like it better than my first attempt. I had initially planned to draw Mei with her hair done up and wearing an Empress' crown, because or her tendency to daydream she's an empress and such - but then I figured an Okami picture should be true to the character themselves, rather than what that particular character wishes they were, if that makes sense. It should be a picture solely of Mei, not a picture of what Mei wishes she were like. But that's all hooplah. The important thing is Ooookaaaamiii!