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  1. From the album OC Art

    "...From this hour henceforth I pledge to revere all petals, bask in fragrance, bask in beauty, and serve forever the Empire of Flowers." Thus ends the epic ballad of Limi and Mei, who were brought together by sheer happenstance and stayed together through sheer stubbornness, force of will, and mutual acknowledgement of mistakes and faults. The Empire of Flowers will forever stand as a proof of their struggles, their heartaches, and their inevitable journey towards each other. (And then there's ten years down the road where their trials pale in comparison to the journey of marriage, but no one wants to read about the happily ever after, it's all about the drama of breakups and forgiveness leading up to reconciliation and eventually ending up together. That's what sells them novels and gets movie rights, yo.) Limi (c) Bellosh
  2. She had been half-expecting it, anticipating, even, so she wasn't entirely certain why it stall caught her by surprise. Surprise, yes...but not in a bad way. No...no a bad way, at all. Mei was vaguely aware of the soft sigh that escaped her as Caribou lips fell onto hers, was half knowledgable of the hoof that was carefully and delicately caressing her mane and cradling her head, and the fact that she had even a modicum of awareness for either fact should have earned her accolades of the highest order, in her humble opinion. Because it was, rather honestly, a bit difficult to think over the mantra of It's happening it's happening oh it's perfect why didn't we do this sooner? that was running non-stop through her mind, and raging unrepentantly over the fantasies and expectations and hopes and dreams that had placed herself here with a shining prince in armor ready to whisk her away to his palace and riches. This was nothing like what she had imagined. And it was impossible to place a name on the feeling that was rising, soaring, in her chest, as much as she tried. Triumph, perhaps. Relief? Understanding? A hundred and one emotions that all spiraled downward, encompassed in a single kiss, and Mei wasn't certain she would have it any other way. Words were, no matter how pretty they might be, pointless sometimes, and sometimes...it was best to simply be. The veritable whirlwind of cherry blossoms that swirled around them went unnoticed as Mei shifted one foreleg to loop it around Lími's neck, not content to release his attentions for a long while yet. Because despite everything - the trials, the heartaches, the guilt and shame - despite everything, Mei's fantasies had come true. Not in the way she had hoped, but in the way she had needed. She'd found her prince. And she was never letting go, again. [[ Exit ]]
  3. From the album OC Art

    "...and as the cycle falls, once every one hundred years does the Shogun participate in The Hunt, offering himself as prey for the restless spirits that have made way through the cracks. Hide yourselves as the Shogun flees, wary the sound of the oni approaching from behind. Bare witness to the bell sound of the Shogun's return, in victory or defeat, and prepare the next one hundred years of bountiful harvest, or barren misery." Very rough and unpolished art, I know, but I just wanted to get this little idea out of my head and onto a picture after watching an episode of Natsume Yuujincho (which is also where the mask design comes from). Japanese legend and myth seems to place the importance of masks concerning yokai or spirits, i.e. you can blend in with spirits by hiding your human face. I like the idea of Neighpon having some sort of huge, nation-wide festival every so often, where maybe the barrier between Neighpon and The Door gets blurred, so old, highly superstitious Neighpon used to see everyone walk around with a mask for a whole week, and it just grew into a custom or tradition. Or it's customary for the Shogun to participate in some sort of elaborate song and dance where s/he's dressed up like a powerful yokai of legend, and essentially offers himself up as bait for the lesser oni that have slipped through The Door. Whether he manages to remain at large for the entire night or gets captured by an oni determines the overall success of Neighpon for the next hundred years until the Door cracks open again (at least according to legend). ...Also haven't drawn a human in a while, so decided to practice that. I actually have a sketch WIP of a picture similar to this with actual pony Ryuichi, but decided to switch over to a human!Ryuichi at some point. The mask actually worked fairly well over a snout, surprisingly - I might go back and try to finish that at some point.
  4. Happy Easter to all, and to all a...well. A happy Easter!

  5. From the album Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Another request this time for Pyro's Triad character Corva. A lazy griffon with a perchance for settling all of her problems with some strongly worded letters - aka fists - Corva's going to eventually be running around with the other Triad members as they plod along Long Kong, causing mayhem and trouble when she isn't being lazy. Fun fact: When I read Corva's physical description, I was a bit worried that she'd end up looking like Zelda, one of tacobob's characters. Luckily, Corva's got some very distinctive design choices. I mean, red and orange?! Zelda wouldn't be caught dead in red and orange tattoos. Inkbrand would make sure of that. Corva (c) Pyroblaze
  6. From the album Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    "...and I break your face." Nah, she's just kidding. Probably. ... Request to draw Bellosh's newest character, a Qilin by the name of Aunt Ci...aka, the "Wrathful Guardian of Fortune." I wasn't feeling up to a full body though, so I settled for a bust shot type deal. Chances are, you're going to be CIing this Qilin around the Triad members that have cropped up recently, because she's...well. Let's just say she's got an understanding going on with the Triads. Aunt Ci (c) Bellosh
  7. Maybe it was her moment of shame just before their rushed escort into the Palace Castle, maybe it was Lími's soothing presence standing fast next to her. Maybe it was a retrospective look back onto all the blessings she had failed to fully appreciate, but could now see with a discerning eye. She didn't know, couldn't say for sure...but whatever the case or reasoning, she was entirely certain of this. A more perfect moment there was not, not even if her dreams. There had been, of course, the initial panic during the meeting with the Rakuen Ryuichi Heika, and the subsequent internal flailing she had done - some external, too, utterly despaired to realize that she had been sitting in front of the Shogun of Neighpon with her mane and clothes in utter disarray. She had just barely kept it together during the exit and walk to the courtyard, before unleashing it all upon the poor unsuspecting Caribou, certain she had never been more humiliated in her life. What would her mother think of her, waltzing into the presence of the Shogun with her mane sticking out at odd angles, her clothes charred and rumpled and, and - ugh! Which might have ended the entire day on a sour note right then and there, if not for said Caribou's calming presence. Nestled against the base of a magnificent cherry blossom tree, surrounded with even more of the beautiful trees that framed the entire setting in visions of pink, Lími had effectively erased all of Mei's self-doubt as familiar words began pouring from his mouth. She had the entire thing memorized, of course, but there was no denying the effect of the poet in question verbally reciting the oath-taken poem right in front of her - the natural pauses in his sentences, the flow of verse that she could imitate but never fully replicate. She hung onto every word, every syllable, her mouth even silently moving along to some of the most memorable verses - and for once, Mei didn't preen at the more emphatic sections, didn't even think to fiddle with her mane or tail or tufts as his words eventually rolled to a stop. She simply...listened. And if she had had any doubts beforehoof, the sudden breeze that picked up after Lími finished reciting the poem more than cemented the moment in time, the trees beginning to relinquish their gifts in full force. The one that sat closest under was just as generous, and Mei briefly tore her gaze away from vivid green to stare up at the magnificent cascade of pink petals, vaguely aware of the gusty sigh that tore its way from her throat. How many times had she dreamed of a moment just like this? Under a beautiful tree, nature itself shining its approval through some magnificent spectacle, with a handsome prince at her side to forever proclaim his love and devotion to her. Only an hour or two ago, she was still dreaming, wondering. And now...she had it. ...Like, seriously. She wasn't sure how much more her heart could take. "Oh, yes!" Mei exclaimed, pink eyes widening as she leaned towards the blossom Lími had deftly plucked from midair. "They will forever share the same roots, is how the legend goes," the dragon mare extrapolated, tone hushed as if such knowledge was a well-protected secret. "So that no matter where they may fall, they...they'll always be able to find each other again." It was a well used trope in many a Neighponese romance stories and those illustrations the country was so famed for, and therefor, one Mei was keenly familiar with. Was there anything more romantic? Well, aside from poems and empires of flowers? She didn't think so, thank you very much. The tree above them was now beginning a veritable shower of cherry blossoms, and it was no trouble at all for Mei to reach up and lift a petal from the air for her own. A wide, giddy smile was beginning to take over her face, along with a faint blush that coated her snout and cheeks, but there was no embarrassment on her features, only expectation. With hardly any thought, Mei brought the petal close to her mouth...and paused, her hoof changing course at the last second to wave the petal in front of Lími's face, even while her own moved forward to snatch up the petal from the Caribou's hoof, not giving the bull a chance to protest. Not that she thought he would, because despite everything, Mei had figured some things out, and it was about time. The petal was sweet to the taste, succulent, a sharp burst of flavor that fizzled into something sweet and soft. Mei took her time with it, savoring it, living it...never taking her eyes off of Lími's, because again, she had figured some things out. "I don't," Mei began, and had to pause as her voice shuddered, uncharacteristic shyness overtaking her for a moment. Because what if she was wrong? What if all of this had just been her rose-tinted thoughts playing tricks on her?...but no, no, she had figured some things out, and that reminder was enough to bolster Mei's courage once again. "What I mean to say is," the Qilin tried again, with more strength in her voice this time, "I don't think I've ever...well. I've ever thanked you. For...well. For everything." Mei glanced off to the side, watching the petals dance in the wind for a moment. "For your beautiful poem, your promises...for being my friend." Despite herself, memories of those few months after the Grand Galloping Gala when her letters had been written with first reluctance, then hesitance, then desperation, surfaced in the back of her mind. How certain she had been of Lími's everlasting friendship back then...how close she had come to losing what she thought had been assured to her. How foolish she had been, to forget that for even a single second. "And then all of this," Mei breathed out, once again looking around at the cascade of petals dancing around them. "This is more than I have ever dared to even dream, and you did all this and more." The Qilin paused, shaking her head slightly, before looking back at Lími, eyes wide and earnest as she shifted even closer than she already was towards the Caribou. "I just...want you to know that I...care about you, and...and for everything you've done for me, I..." Oh...she was no poet, she could not create a flowing sentence out of thin air. Mei struggled briefly, hoping what she was conveying was getting across even if her words remained jumbled and tied up around emotions and feelings and shame and surprise and fear and rejection and acceptance and want and love and - And gratitude. "Thank you."
  8. ╓XXXGraSlipperXXX Grass Slipper XXXGrassSlipperXXX╜ ▻ Yin, Mingming ◅ ▻ Qilin ◅ ▻ Young mare ◅ ▻ Long Kong ◅ General Information: ● Born and raised in a rural town settled at the base of a mountain pass. Spent her foalhood there before joining the Fenghuang monastery to pursue enlightenment on the Harmonious Paths. ● Moved to Long Kong after several years, joining up with a local Triad. Currently works as the Triad's Grass Slipper, responsible for interacting with rival gangs, businesses, and politicians on behalf of the Triad. ● Full name is Zhēnzhū Míng, but only responds to 'Yin' a nicknamed the Triad gave her shortly after her joining. Her real name is unknown to all save family members and monastery acquaintances. Strengths: ● Breath Magic, in general. Yin is an extremely powerful breath magic user, with an innate talent for learning and utilizing new spells almost on the fly. Though she lacks the motivation to retain spells and breath knowledge over long periods of time, Yin is capable of taking in new spells almost instantly, dependent on their strength and complexity. She is able to combine different schools of breath to create new and interesting effects, for whatever day-to-day situation she needs to face. ● Teleportation, including portal creation. While overall powerful with breath magic, Yin's true strength lies in her teleportation abilities. Alongside her abilities with the Fire school of breath magic, Yin has worked tirelessly to cultivate her specially combined Wood and Metal breaths to be able to transcend and rearrange herself in a different location. She is able to chain multiple teleports in quick succession, and can even set up temporary portals around Long Kong that allow her to move all across the city. These portals wear off after a while, and must be recharged and re-breathed every once in a while. However, they make for extremely convenient short cuts in times of crisis - or when she's simply too lazy to walk back home. ● Composure, even in the most dire of situations. With her laid-back attitude and easy-going nature, it is almost impossible to get Yin riled up. She maintains a relaxed and carefree composure that keeps her calm in nearly every situation and outcome, despite how grave things might be. Her tendency towards calm and serenity is so severe that she often comes off as indifferent or apathetic, as if she simply doesn't care - however, that is not the case, as Yin simply likes to take things easy, and sees no point in letting her feathers get ruffled. Weaknesses: ● Physicality, in near every sense of the word. Yin's strengths lie in the aetheral, not the physical, and it is painfully obvious to anyone who takes two seconds to notice. Although the Qilin can move exceptionally fast and has a great reaction time, those are the extents of her physical capabilities. Yin doesn't handle damage that well, and a couple of well-placed hits can have her flopping over like a wet rag. She's also completely useless in a hoof-to-hoof fight, as her punches and kicks lack any sort of strength. Yin relies nearly entirely on her breath magic to do the talking, and when that fails, has little else to fall back on. ● Motivation, or lack thereof. Yin has learned how to take care of the necessary things, but that's about it. When it comes down to going the extra mile, the Qilin will more often than not choose to stay put until there is no other option available. The complete antithesis to her brother's hard working attitude, Yin has no qualms simply waiting to let events unfold, preferring only to step in through necessity rather than choice. Unsurprisingly, opportunities and events tend to pass the young Qilin by as she makes no moves to reach out and grab them. Likes: ● Long naps ● Maple syrup ● Being around others ● Jokes and puns ● Anything magic-based ● Hanging out for fun Disikes: ● Working too hard ● Threats against loved ones ● Humorless ponies ● Physical labor ● Isolation ● Arguments within the Triad Special Somepony: ● N/A Relationships: Fēng Yīnhǎitāo // Brother. Yang // Triad Partner. Liviel // Follower of Harmonious Path, acquaintance. Yù Yuè // Empress of Long Guo, Harmonious Path acquaintance. Hēi Lián // Prince of Long Guo, Harmonious Path acquaintance. ╓XXXCurrent and Past RPsXXX Current and Past RPs XXXCurrent and Past RPsXXX╜ Current Roleplays: N/A // N/A Past Roleplays: N/A // N/A
  9. From the album OC Art

    Brother and sister take some time to just relax under the sun...because all work and no play is really kirin them. *regrets nothing* Just a quick little doodle/color. I need more practice drawing foals so that they look foal-aged...and more stubby looking. Stubby-features are key to all foals! Fēng (c) PrinceBlueblood
  10. Despite himself, Ryuichi couldn't help the brief spike of panic that shot through him at the young bull's sudden movement, an instinctive reaction to the unexpected and unaccounted for. After all, a Shogun that didn't train himself to react didn't stay the Shogun for long. He needn't have worried, however, a fact that became amusingly clear in only a matter of seconds - Lími was so grateful for the offer of cherry blossoms that he'd only moved himself around the table for a profuse exclamation of gratitude. Sandā had had the same instinctive reaction as him, and had moved faster still, throwing out a hoof to prevent the Caribou from reaching him. Ryuichi was entirely grateful - his friend's fast reflexes had meant the difference between life and death, once before - but it was clear that Lími's actions were heartfelt and genuine, not some inane assassination attempt, and the Ryuma waved off Sandā's hold on the Caribou, allowing said bull to clasp onto the hoof of the Shogun. "For so simple a thing, I would have been remiss not to offer it," the Ryuma chuckled, briefly gripping the Caribou's foreleg as he stared into Lími's eyes. They were all but sparkling, almost literally, as if Ryuichi had just granted him to dearest of favors ever to be given to a friend - and from his very serious vow, that might have been entirely possible. So little a thing, and yet it meant all the world to Lími. Ancestors...that was adorable. Again. "Go now," Ryuichi instructed warmly, "and enjoy the remainder of the festival with your companion." Said Kirin was, Ryuichi noted, still seated in her position, staring at him with a shell-shocked expression...or was that star-struck? Her eyes were veritably shining as well, an equal match to Lími's own fervor, and if she and the Caribou weren't a match by the Long, Ryuichi would be very surprised. "We will speak later." And that was that. It was a full twenty seconds after the two of them were escorted out by the waiting servant, however, before Ryuichi let out a gust of breath, running a hoof through his mane as a somewhat incredulous laugh involuntarily escaped him. "By the - is he real?" the Ryuma queried of Sandā, as if the Pegasus might somehow know the answer...despite Ryuichi having had the answer sitting in front of him for the past several minutes or so, in all the literal sense in the world. "He is, isn't he? Ancestors..." ... ...Well. He would have time to pursue this turn of events more closely, after Lími and Lián Mei concluded their cherry blossom viewing. In the meantime, he had blossoms to view himself. The most magnificent trees in the city were also sectioned off for the Shogun and his family to observe, out in the open, to witness the event with the rest of the nation rather than holed up in the Palace Castle. It was a tradition that Ryuichi valued, for no matter how many hooves he needed to shake before he reached the spot, sharing that moment of falling cherry blossoms with the citizens of Kyoma was a moment that he would not trade, for anything or anyone. "Well then," the Ryuma breathed, slipping off of his cushion to hold out a hoof towards Sandā, helping her onto her hooves as well, "it's time. We'd better join the retinue before Tsumi organizes a search party to look for me," Ryuichi said dryly, only half-joking, and stepped towards the double doors leading out of the meeting room. One last pause, as he breathed in and out, smoothing his expression back into the polite Shogun's mask - failed - tried again - there it is. And out he went. [[ Exit ]]
  11. From the album OC Art

    New OC, last OC, not making another OC after this, have too many OCs, etc etc. I still can't get over my love of Kirins, or Qilins, and they winged counterparts. Did I mention that I love cloven-hooved mythical creatures? Because I do. All we need is for the show to have some cloven-hooved unicorns with lion tails and I'll be all set! Yin is a member of an (as of yet) unnamed Triad based in Long Kong. She was partly inspired by sans from Undertale (everyone better get ready for this puny to hit the stage) and a character from a Korean movie. She's lazy and likes to crack jokes all the time, but she'll get riled up if you mess with anyone she cares about. It takes a lot to get her mad, so if you manage to hit that point...you've done goofed. (Or maybe not. She's a powerful breath user, but physically speaking? A few good punches can take her down and out). She's also sister to Feng, one of PrinceBlueblood's OCs who is also a member of the Imperial Watch. The Imperial Watch with a family member who's a notable rank in a notable gang in Long Kong...I don't smell shenanigans at all~
  12. qilin

    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Zhēnzhū Míng, which literally translates into "Brilliantly Shining Pearl." However, she only answers to her nickname of "Yin", with family being the sole exception. Sex: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Qilin Eye color: Purple, with a ring of vivid red around the centers. Coat/Scales: Salmon colored, although the fur around her hooves transitions into a vivid, brighter red color. Her horns, scales, and hooves all share a neutral beige color. Mane/Tail: Deep blue-purple. Her mane seems to keep in a persistent tussled state with slim locks that spike upwards on top of her head and at the base, while her tail shares the look. Certain locks in her mane and tail are more brightly colored, ranging from bright blues, purples, and reds. Physique: As a Qilin, Yin has a slender frame, more lithe and streamlined than ponies from Equestria, and slightly shorter and smaller than the average Qilin. Residence: Long Kong, specifically a small apartment in Downtown Occupation: Officially, Yin has several different jobs that she works for on a case by case basis, based on the needs of her employers and her own schedule. These jobs range anywhere from simple delivery, to peddling wares, and even some security detail for certain stores. Unofficially however, Yin is part of a Triad that operates mainly within Downtown. She is the Grass Slipper of her Triad, a proxy for the Traid's Head Dragon that goes and meets with rival Triads, business associates, and other ponies of note - instances that are too insignificant for the Head Dragon's attention, but large enough to require someone other than a basic grunt. Cutie Mark: A shined and polished pearl, exuding colorful flames. From an early age, Yin cultivated a very lazy, entirely apathetic attitude towards life. With the mentality of, "if you don't try you'll never fail," the young Qilin was already resigned to let life lead her where it would, rather than take any part in actively shaping her destiny. Naturally wanting to see their foals succeed, her parents tried coaxing some sort of passion or interest from the young filly in hopes of sparking her inner fire, and were only met with indifference. Yin was convinced that she had nothing to offer and would only end up as another cautionary tale for her village to sadly shake their heads at. Eventually, her parents decided extreme measures needed to be taken. They ended up playing a trick on her by convincing Yin that they had found a Long Pearl in the nearby river, and that they wished for her to experience its power. In truth, the pearl was only a pretty bauble, but Yin was intrigued as she followed her parents down to the river. There was, indeed, a pearl embedded in some rocks near the shore, and Yin was so surprised that she immediately ran over to it, despite her parents' cautioning - however, her sudden rush dislodged the pearl into the fast flowing river. Yin's parents were disheartened and the unexpected turn, but before they could console their daughter, they realized she was, quite suddenly, no longer there - and instead, was falling into the middle of the river. Yin later got the full story while she was recovering in her room, as she only remembered bits and pieces. According to her then horrified parents, she had managed to teleport herself into the middle of the river in an effort to chase after the pearl, and it had only been thanks to a passing ronin that Yin had been fished out before losing consciousness in the fast paced and rough waters. Her parents were more than mortified, ashamed that the lie they had made up for the sake of their daughter had almost gotten her killed...but before they could even begin to apologize, a bright light filled the bedroom. Yin, amazed that she had managed to teleport herself to achieve her goal, received her cutie mark that day, and although her lazy attitude would persist all through her years, never again would it stem from outright apathy towards life. She had something to offer the world now, and she would never forget it. Unique Traits: Yin is a naturally talented user of breath magic, and it is the one facet of her life that she worked diligently at during her younger years, to be able to reap the benefits later. She is innately talented enough to learn and make use of most normal breath spells after only brief study, though she doesn't bother retaining them past what use they have in the moment. However, Yin's magical calling card is easily her teleportation abilities. Utilizing a combination of a metal and wood breath, Yin can transcend her material self and rearrange it in a different location in the blink of an eye. Yin is also able to create portals with this ability by enchanting an area - usually a section of wall - and linking it with her last placed portal. These portals take time and power to set up and wear off eventually, and need to be maintained and reset every once in a while. However, they are extremely useful to make quick escapes with, and Yin often refers to them as her special shortcuts, though members of the Triad know exactly what she is referring to. Aside from simple, every-day spells, Yin's mostly makes use of the Fire school of breath magic as her main attacking mechanism. Her fire burns blue when breathed, but otherwise has the same aetheral properties as any other Qilin's Fire breath. While she mostly uses her breath to perform simplistic spells, such as blasting a jet of flame or temporarily burning her inner fire to greater and more powerful heights, Yin is also able to compress her fire breath into a more compact form that mostly consists of light. The technique takes more time to prepare than a normal flamethrower, but it results in something akin to a blue laser blasting its way from her mouth - essentially, faster and more powerful than a regular jet of flame. With all of her efforts solely spent on raising her magical skills, Yin is rather lacking in the physical department. She is not overtly strong - she is, in fact, weaker than the average Qilin, and falls far behind other Triad members when it comes to physicality. She also has very low endurance, tending to tire out relatively quickly, and can be taken down for the count with just a hoof-ful of strong, well-placed punches or kicks. However, Yin is exceedingly fast and has a brilliant reaction time. She supplements her lacking physical capabilities by using brief bursts of speed to stay ahead of an opponent and out of harm's way. History: Born into a small village nestled at the base of a mountain pass that was famed for its sprawling forest of maple trees, Yin grew up surrounded by rather depressing ideals. The village in question used the mistakes of their ancestors in order to teach their young, and while well-meaning, Yin became used to hearing about the failures in her family and the families of others, how they tried to do good in their lives but ended up failing, or even ending up worse off than they'd begun. And rather than enticing the foal to better herself, the endless proverbs and lessons unintentionally had the opposite effect. With such negativity heaped onto the young filly from the beginning of her life, Yin rapidly cultivated a warped mentality, deciding that the only way to avoid failure was to simply not try at all. She became apathetic towards life, content to simply lounge away as the days passed. Yin only did what she wanted to do, and only if she was actually able to do it. Trees remained unclimbed after the first failed attempt to reach the bottom branch, produce remained with the stall vendor after the first failed attempt to barter a better deal, friends were never asked over to play after the first refusal due to conflicting schedules. It got to be so bad that Yin's parents actually consulted followers of the Path of the Spirit, wondering if she was being possessed by some evil being. Eventually, however, Yin learned that fear of failure should not equate to complete apathy, and that it was important to keep trying when it was necessary - especially when it was necessary. The young Qilin grew out of her continuous state of apathy, reverting back into a healthy young filly once more...even if her newfound laziness didn't fully dissipate. Still, Yin was out and about, and just in time, too - around this time, her brother became taken with the idea of joining the Imperial Watch. Seeing the fire blazing in her brother's spirit prompted several long days of introspection and self-contemplation for Yin, wondering what it is she wanted to do with her life. Eventually, she settled on an answer that surprised even her parents. While he brother went off to train for the Imperial Watch, Yin was inducted to the Harmonious Path. With her innate talent for teleportation having served as the catalyst for her cutie mark, Yin was fairly certain that she could cultivate those skills into something more, and was soon proven right. The young Qilin was a naturally talented breath mage, and could pick up new spells with hardly any training on them. Getting her to retain and remember those skills proved far more difficult, but Yin was still happy, pleased to be raising and feeding the inner fire that had snapped her out of her daze from her younger years. Seasons came and went, and so did Yin's training, having long mastered her special talent and current breath capabilities. Though she was a fan of the peace of quiet of the monastery, Yin had grown somewhat bored of it, and in a rather impulsive decision, decided to leave and settle down in a complete one-eighty. Long King was almost overwhelming in its hustle and bustle, but it was new and different, and broke the mold from what had started to become a boring life. A chance meeting soon had her running into a new acquaintance, as well - apparently a recruiter for a local Triad, it didn't take long for him to realize Yin's abilities with breath magic, and immediately suggested she join. Joining a Triad had never crossed Yin's mind before, but the idea wasn't as off-putting as it should have been. In fact, it sounded kind of exciting, and with a mental shrug of her shoulders, Yin agreed, dropping her given name in favor of her nickname. Yin has since settled in nicely with her new family, working her way up from a green grunt to the position of Grass Slipper. Despite her easy-going and outright lazy attitude, she's made herself a valuable addition to the Triad, and she, in turn, finds the life a Triad member intriguing enough to continue onwards. Character Personality: Though she has never once become as apathetic and disengaged from the world as she was during her foalhood years, there is no denying a certain lackadaisical whimsy to the young Qilin. Yin is casual, laid-back, and easy-going, to the point of being downright lazy at time. Much preferring to do her thinking with a nice long nap, Yin takes the time to relax whenever possible, and sometimes even when she shouldn't be. Her affinity for taking things easy also translates into a calm and serene attitude that is almost impossible to penetrate, even under the worst of conditions - a pony commenting on how ugly she is will be met with a grin and a statement of agreement from the Qilin herself. There is very little that can rile Yin up enough for her to figuratively sit up in her seat, and although her tranquility and laziness can often make the Qilin appear to be indifferent or uncaring, nothing could be further from the truth. Yin cares for her family and her friends The young dragon mare also has a penchant for humor in nearly all cases, whether or not humor is actually warranted or not, and getting laughs from others is one of the few instances that can cause Yin to break her otherwise calm state, breaking out in full-blown laughter or giggles. Yin likes to spout off jokes like nothing else, and use puns in the most ludicrous of situations. While she partly likes getting a reaction for the terrible jokes and puns, Yin's attempts at humor have mostly become a side reflex of her laziness. When it became only natural for others to berate her laid-back approach to life, Yin began using humor in an attempt to calm down yelling parents or illicit chuckles from disappointed friends. Often, the suddenness of a bad joke became enough to startle them out of their ranting or raving, unintentionally calming them down to match Yin's own mellow. Now, telling jokes has become a gut reflex of Yin's, to the point where she doesn't even do it to get people to back off - she simply enjoys being humorous, and watching that reluctant smile pull at the faces of others. Despite giving off an air of apathy or indifference because of her laid-back nature, Yin does care about those closest to her. She is emphatic and caring, and more often than not simply doesn't show it. That doesn't stop her from caring in her own way however, whether it is to follow a pony home to make sure they get back safely, or to simply offer her quiet presence as a form of support. Threats against her loved ones are one of the few things that can get Yin off her behind without any prompting whatsoever, and Yin doesn't bother hiding that fact. Whether or not the Triad falls under that specific subset is still, at the present, a toss-up - Yin genuinely enjoys the work and the environment, and has made some great friends within the group. However, thinking of her brother within the Imperial Watch can sometimes twinge at her heart strings, as if she is involved in something that goes beyond the laws of Long Kong and more towards the matters of the heart. Character Summary: Overall, Yin is a laid-back and casual Qilin who prefers taking it easy to working hard. With an affinity for cracking jokes and delivering puns like its going out of style, Yin approaches life with very little white noise to color it, taking everything in stride and letting little rile her up. Underneath her lazy exterior, however, Yin holds her loved ones in high esteem, and will never forget that, no matter how many failures her future brings her. [[ This OC involves one of PrinceBlueblood's characters, so I'd like him to review it, please! ]]
  13. Hmm... Raff no understand much, but, shiny deer pony with earthy smell say wake. Wake up tired pony? That okay. "Okay, you go do good revive," Raff say, attention back on juice, because good juice smell make him want more juice, so more juice Raff sip. Juice running low, no good. Raff dig around under scarf again, put more golden pieces on countertop, and carefully place empty glass on countertop. Return things to owners, that good work. "Raff get more juice?" Raff ask, purposefully push glass towards wine and juice pony, ears perk up at words. "More sippy straw? Have purple sippy straw?" Raff only have red sippy straw, very good straw. But Raff has wanted straw match Chunga. Chunga purple, need purple sippy straw. Speak of. Raff grab Chunga from counter, cuddle in arms as he looks back at others. Bird-folk shoot bad things...shoot bad things? Raff no understand, much easier to punch good things, things that ponies need punch. No understand, but is okay, for bird-folk to shoot not punch. Raff tail wag back and forth, open mouth to say how good thing to shoot - - jumps and yelps a little when tired pony suddenly wake! Deer done good revive, yeah, but Raff almost break stool from force of jump! Raff waited, stiff, listening at tiny creak and groan of wood underneath and hope Apple pony can no hear. Wont give good rates if Raff break bad things! Good luck though - stool no break, stool just creaks once more, then stool goes quiet. Good stool. Be good quiet stool. Stool do good job, because Apple pony give napkin with directions. Don't make much sense to Raff, but Raff know where Apple trees are - very strong smell, especially in mornings with wind blowing past burrow. Very nice smell. "Sound good plan, yeah," Raff say, tail again go crazy and he squeeze Chunga happy, "be there morning, get good rates!" Good rates for good sippy straws. Two new ponies. One strange looking, not like other ponies but like other ponies, very pale. Pale no good, ponies need have color for health. Other makes Raff snout crinkle - bad smell from pony. Acrid. Smokey. Raff shift closer towards not-so-tired pony, hiding head in Chunga to mask smell. Chunga always smell of rescue pony. Chunga always smell good. Chunga also like draw - Raff too, have some coloring books found in trash and thrown away. Most already colored, but some have white pages. One pony give him four crayons once - purple crayon almost gone, still have three others! "You do draw," Raff say, holds up Chunga for not-so-tired pony to get good look, "make get Chunga good side! Chunga shy," and Raff promptly buries head in Chunga again.
  14. How was it that Hibana, wild and unpredictable Hibana, of all ponies, was quicker to realize the crux of the problem than he? Mayhaps he was already succumbing to the sake. "Honey mead?" Ryuichi inquired, rolling the strange combination of words around his mouth. Honey, he knew, mead...he recognized as a drink, though what exactly it entailed was beyond him. "You should have made mention, my friend." It was possible some of the port cities might have access to Viking drinks - as the relations between Whitescar and Neighpon had slowly improved, so had the influx of trading, the boldest of Caribou merchants being accepted by the equally boldest merchants of Neighpon, eager to corner the market on new and exciting goods. But Polohama? The chances of any Caribou inspired products being anywhere inside the city were slim to none. "Nuzaki, ask the staff if they've anything similar to this, honey mead," the Shogun requested of one of the guards standing in the shadowy corners of the room, who promptly nodded and moved to pick up one of the ordering crystals. "And request two of their Deluxe Sushi platters." Said platters were predominantly plant-sushi based, but also consisted of a modest fish spread, a happy medium for the ponies and dragon-kin in the room. Hopefully something similar to LIMI's honey mead could be procured, and Ryuichi grinned up at Hibana as the other Ryuma sauntered closer, pleased at her insight. Which is when a sudden coughing fit arrested his attention, causing Ryuichi to stiffen slightly in concern as he leaned away from Lími in favor of the pony sitting to his right. "Sandā?" Ryuichi said, golden eyes trailing over the yellow Pegasus' features...though her explanation moment's later cleared his expression, concerned glance melting away into a sly smirk. "We've the entire night to relax, you know," he teased, instantly reverting back into the colt who used to mercilessly badger Sandā into playing Shogun and Kaiju with him. "The sake will flow freely, I assure you - no need to down it all at once." Shiroi was certainly taking that little fact to heart, content to take her first turn at karaoke. Ryuichi supposed he shouldn't have been surprised at her song choice, given everything else she had already surprised him with this evening...but knowing didn't change the fact that he still was. The Shogun couldn't help but wonder if Shiroi At Work and Shiroi Off Work were simply two entirely separate beings, or if he had somehow just managed to miss this side of her. Maybe it was one that she only showed to her Office, one that he was never able to see because all he saw was the Technomancer. Not Shiroi. ...His mother had sometimes taken the time to converse one on one with her Shogunate council in completely casual settings. His grandfather had thought it ridiculous, true...but then again, he used to also think mercy and sensitivity were weaknesses, as well. ...Something to be considered for another time. For now, Ryuichi brought himself back into the moment, where Shiroi was singing her heart out, Ishi was invited to join her - "Go on then, Ishi!" - young Caribou bulls were hopefully feeling a bit more relaxed, and everyone was, all in all, having a great time. Which allowed him to turn his attention onto other matters...and other someones. "This one?" Ryuichi asked, eyeing the cup that Hibana's golem had filled up. The liquid inside was certainly intriguing looking...and very...rainbowy. Without a word, the Ryuma plucked the bottle of Apple Bourbon from the golem's grasp and poured himself a drink of his own, momentarily frowning down at the sparkling and rippling colors. Equestria and its fascination with rainbows... "Exactly how many golems do you have running around, Hibana?" The sight of the antics between Ryuma's snake and Shirogane's fox were amusing enough, and Ryuichi briefly wondered if Ishi had thought to bring his dog-like golem with him. It felt as if almost every friend of his owned a small, pet-like construct, and Ryuichi silently mused if he could order Hibana to design and make one for himself. Or rather, politely ask, and perhaps politely bribe. If he ordered Hibana to do anything, the Ryuma would probably just laugh in his face. The thought of owning a pet-like golem had Ryuichi's eyes following the fox construct for a while, before they inevitably fell back on Shirogane. It still felt a little surreal to see the golem trainer up close and in person - a golem trainer who was, apparently, on good terms with not one, but two ponies that he himself was close to. Traitors. "I'm afraid I haven't been able to visit the Dome much since last summer," Ryuichi commented in a serene tone, despite the fact that such a misfortune grated on his nerves a little. He was the Shogun of Neighpon, he should be able to watch gargantuan titans battling each other in a brightly lit arena around from time to time. "Or keep up with the circuit. You're in the middle of another league at the moment, are you not?"
  15. Ah, the stalwart Cyro wished information. Because knowledge was power, and power was the Ever Righteous Fury that Rent the Sky in Twain! But before Dawnguard could instill his fellow guard with such blinding power, formidable Naj came buzzing back on the winds of change, bearing the gifts of the mighty Buffalo. The white Pegasus nodded his head alongside the Changeling's words, as the most vital of informations was relayed - their pony of interest had passed by this very place, and met and broken bread with these very Buffalo, and sought ever onward his quest of very strange origins. Because, yeesh. The blindfold, what was with the blindfold? Dawnguard did not give the blindfold much thought, however, as Naj posed another query, seeking their opinions on travel times. To rest now, or continue onward and rest later? "The sun-scorched desert will attempt to cast her searing hot beams of righteous sunlight down upon us," the white Pegasus said in answer, spear hoof slowly beginning to claw its way upwards to rest in front of his face, "no matter the time of travel. Should we, then, wait not for her burning fury, and instead travel now, while the cool of the darkened night shields us from her wrath?" Dawnguard paused, spear hoof clenched tightly in front of his face, before glancing up at the other two, one eyebrow raised. "Then we may seek shelter inside this cart of most useful enchantments, when her Searing Rays of Searing Sunlight threaten to overwhelm us!"