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  1. Sometimes, I feel like I'm a waste of space... Other times, I wanna run around with no shirt, a pie in one hand and a bike horn in the other, telling people about the great clown in the sky while listening to circus music.

    1. Tenkan


      Interesting priorities...

  2. I got a call earlier today... Two people, two very important people in my life; A 24 year old man, and a 26 year old woman, are dead.

    They were crossing the street and someone hit them with their car...

    I'm go away for a little while. Don't expect to hear from me any time soon.

    1. Rosewind


      I'm so sorry. I'm here for you! Reach out if you need!

    2. GigiThePug


      Oh my gosh..I'm sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to lose someone close to you..hang in there. If you need to talk to anyone, please don't hesitate. 

    3. Tenkan


      You have my condolences. I'm very sorry for your loss. Stay strong, man.

  3. I just want to dress up a potato in red robes, put little carrot horns on it, then mount it on a tiny throne so I can run down the street yelling, "HAIL SEBASTIAN!!!"

  4. I woke up with a waffle iron in my arms and about 6 stacks of pancakes surrounding me

  5. When your mother publicly makes fun of you for having a mental illness... Anyone else thinking about cheese?

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    2. szalhi


      I love some of them Dominoes $5 pizzas.

    3. SymphonicFire


      Watched a video about the blue brain cheese. It looks delicious!

    4. GigiThePug


      Yes that's the one I had!

  6. My dog came into my room this morning to tell me that he had eaten my sandwich. I was sad for about 2 seconds before realizing that I never made that sandwich...I only thought about making it...

    I think my dog is Satan.

    1. GigiThePug


      You're dog is not satan. 



      I AM SATAN



    2. TwistedBrew


      And you are a dog!

    3. GigiThePug
  7. That moment when you go to take a leak and the squid, who's affections you've been denying for the last several years, leaps out and tries to hug you...

    Anyone else have a craving for nachos?

  8. Now that I've got a character that's been approved for WOE, I'm gonna try to expand my roleplaying a bit. You know, stretch out and try to find a few topics to play around with. Hopefully I''ll make some new friends in this little endeavor.

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