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    Joined the Fandom late 2012. Was heavy into the show but have pulled away a bit.
    Started drawing and animating and over the years I have improved.
    I Rp and take commissions, crossovers and fanfics are my priority.

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  1. Checking back. Sad MLP is over. Hope I can stay friends with you guys long after! 

  2. Back again after 3 years. I’ve missed...so much. I’m sorry to those I never replied to or never gave closure. I’m so sorry. 

    1. SteelEagle


      Welcome back, sugarcube.

  3. Back after two years...wow things have changed 

  4. Welcome and please enjoy all we have to offer and anime is thee best
  5. (continue anypony...I can be on evrynight at this time)
  6. no..i dont think in equesria were they actual have the name mane six..would they trust her or even celestia will trust her after eqg
  7. pizzamovies


    holo and welcome to canterlot.com..the hub of rp and art with the best community friendship the fandom can offer..please enjoy your stay
  8. my friends summary for rarity after becoming a brony and watching the episode bridal shower : "when sexy becomesd anoyying"

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. pizzamovies
    3. pizzamovies


      wron name bridal gossip was what it was called oops

    4. PrinceBlueblood


      "Bridle" Spelling is important in this case.

  9. omg its back...its actualy back...well then i will be on when i can
  10. my hair is too big and my body small..what world am i from i wonder??
  11. the isle of man must fall if we are to end there reign of terror....MUFFINS ANYPONy?!?!?!
  12. yes welcome to hells kitchen...chef pinke is cooking up lots of pictures and stories so please enjoy your stay while it lasts muhahahaha!!!
  13. rainbow rocks wiped the floor with eqg's face...the storyline was better..sunset did better as a good guy...the soundtrack is awsome and it gave hasbro the chance to learn from there mistakes
  14. now question for evrypony...who is better...wooden toaster or the living tombstone?

    1. Lux


      Wooden Toaster hasn't done much recently. He was one of my first brony musicians I listened to. Still I like Living Tombstone better as he is making more songs.

    2. InSaNiTyCaT


      God what a hard choice! I like both sooo much!

  15. pizzamovies


    Welcome to the hive of art and story's friend enjoy your stay ok
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