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  1. I figured as much... being one of those people who jump in on something first usually get more attention... but i wonder to myself if i really want to do that... i can't really talk and play at the same time...
  2. And pies are just as deadly as bullets... and only Pinkie is immune to them.
  3. Hm, well i think Babs getting a colonoscopy is a different kind of RP entirely...... but let's not get into that in the public space... But any whooo... Hm... I'd be inclined to have Starfox land on their planet because Andross is trying to harness the power of freindship for a death ray and is using Chrysi to learn how the power works...
  4. As far as profit goes... well that's kind of what i want in the end... Its mostly that i want to create something that others enjoy, but i also I want to do something that gets me some extra money, nothing much, just enough to pay formy time... I got a decent job that pays well enough, and as for just passion... well... i've kinda lost my passion for most things... i dont enjoy things like i use to... probably cause i'm so worried or upset about a lot of things... but i can always find something entertaining, that's not the problem, i want to make cool things for other people to enjoy and possibly make a few bucks for my time... but i dont feel like people enjoy it or i dont enjoy it myself enough to want to keep doing it... Like my writing; i had this huge fanfic idea that i thought was super amazing and it got nothing... then i write a joke clopfic about apples making ponies horny and that suddenly get's MASSIVE amounts of attention... it was really annoying that something i jokingly made for spite got so much more positive feedback than something i put my heart and soul into.... i think that may be it... i try so hard with something new, i get excited, i put a lot of effort into it and put myself out for the world to see and i literally get NOTHING as far as feedback's concerned... or i feel it becomes hopeless...
  5. So i'm kind of in a meh mood as far as being creative with my time is concerned...I just dont know what to do with my free time... sure i could play any assortment of games in my library, but i really want to work on doing something fun and productive that might lead to something more... I use to carve out stamps a long time ago, thought i could sell them from time to time... but it was very time consuming and detailed work... and even though it was kind of neat, trying to make a profit on them was difficult... I use to do a lot of writing too... both fanfics AND actual attempts at writing novels... but i never thought i was any good... and i got a little butthurt when my 'I'll make a bad clop fanfic as a joke" fanfic actually got more views in a DAY than the epic well thought out fanfic that i put my heart into did in months... More recently i tried making Bleached Tees, which i thought was fun. A few friends were really interested in getting some and i sold a few... but so far i'm getting no buyers on my Etsy page, and trips to the flea market are fruitless.... https://www.etsy.com/listing/179029563/custom-bleached-my-little-pony-shirts?ref=shop_home_active_1 And finally i thought i'd try my hand at Let's play and Video commentaries... and although i get a few views here and there i'm not getting any feedback as to how well/poorly i'm doing or how i can improve... I'd LIKE to continue it... but i dont know where to go cause i'm getting no feedback even though i'm getting a dozen or so views on each... And so now i'm just kind of sitting here... contemplating spend $300 on a Wii U to kill time even though i want to be doign something to be MAKING money instead of SPENDING it... That would be amazing to find something i like doing that earns me money, even if it's just a little bit here and there...
  6. I bet you have =P Hm? i dont think i recall... terrible memory...
  7. Yes, but the uh... source was not exactly kid friendly...
  8. so i had this idea for a video, but i need a picture to use for it... and i can't find a really good one i like... I want it to be some sort of epically detailed scene that looks amazing... and has like one pony that not in the main shot, just sort of off to the side... like they can be cropped out... i know that sounds weird but it's what i'm looking for...
  9. ... I can't say... my mind is filled with terrible innuendo's and all i see is a guy with a key and a girl with a keyhole...
  10. Oh, i believe i want them all to be in the Private Messages if at all possible... easier to keep track of for me...
  11. I couldnt help but imagine you as a concierge serviceman ZEPPELIN??? Heck yeah!
  12. SWIRLY! *is smacked* STARSWIRLED! How's it been? everything doing okay? hows the wife and kids? Or, speaking of carrying, how about you carry me as you fly with those sick steampunk wings?
  13. been aching for a good roleplay for a while now and my current go-to place has been pretty dry on quality roleplay... Preferring a 1x1 of some sort because i enjoy the direct contact more than i like trying to get a word in with four other people SO! what am i looking for? well mostly i enjoy a building relationship between two individuals, either between canon characters, OC's, or a mix... I feel its a good fire to keep the two together and keeps things interesting... but of course some amount of adventure or plot to keep things going is great to have to... If we're roleplay with my OC, he's basically a traveler with a prosthetic leg looking for a purpose in life. you can read more on his main page here: If i'd be a Canon Character, the only male canon i'd want to be would be Maaaaybe Big Mac... or Maaaaybe Shining Armor (Turns out he's a bit of a geek in the comics, who knew?) but i'm really not super thrilled about either... i'd rather be a male version of... well... anyone else really... i love all the other characters a lot so that would be fun =3 although i wouldnt argue with being a female either... As for plot... well... i had an idea of Changelings trying to integrate in the pony population and trying to make friends and forge REAL loving relationships... either you or me as a changeling... but of course most people arent exactly happy with that idea... Aaaand if you dont mind i got some non-mlp scenarios too if you would want to try them... Animal Crossing, Starfox, Disney, couple others, but we'll talk about those in PMs... this IS an MLP forum after all...
  14. its mostly because It's 'Bro' as in 'brother' which, you wouldnt really call a girl your brother... It just sounds like a male title, so whether or not it IS a title meant for men just its sound makes it odd to call a woman that... like, you wouldnt call a woman a 'fireman' even though 'firewoman' is a little weird to say too... Its not WRONG, and its not something that is exclusively available to men... but it still sounds weird to try and do it like that.
  15. Socks AND glasses? I dont think i can handle all the accessories! i had enough trouble keeping my G I Joes clothed, i thought i was in the clear when i started collecting ponies but now i gotta keep track of TWO pairs of socks AND glasses???
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