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    Art, reading, dancing, singing, horses, wildlife, the sky, the forest, doctor who, supernatural, devious maids, music, poems, friends, icecream, and SO SO much more!

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About Me

Hullo! I may be shy, but I love to make friends! I am just a tiny pegasus who loves love! I try not to judge, and I always have an ear to lend, or a wing to cry on :)

So please, don't hesitate to say hi!

As a pegasus, of course my one true love is the sky! I was given my wings as a blessing, and I soar with my heart filled to the brim of happiness and love! Look at the sky, study the clouds, they will never be the same again ^^

I love my sweet and amazing pony family, who have been there for me for everything! The have loved me, accepted me, for all that I am, and made me stronger! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! *hugs*

I don't know if anypony feels the same, but as much as I love the sky, the forest is my home too! I plant things, feed the birds, pick up trash, and try my hardest to love the home nature has made ^^ If you love the wilds too, come visit my garden! ^^ heehee!

If you have seen anything you wanna talk about, or you just wanna talk, I am all ears, love! :fhappy:

<3 :Pinkie:


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