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  1. num1tman117 I think this is some Youtube user I don't really know
  2. I like saying words wrong on purpose like, meese instead of the plural of moose (goose = geese. See my logic) and Photoshoped instead of Photoshopped (because I always spell it wrong) .... Uh I think this was for another post I don't really know
  3. At least a couple of years but I'm about to get my learner permit so I guess I won't have to drive go-kart for a while 1. I play 3 different types of saxophone (baritone, soprano and alto) 2. I'm a mediocre singer (even though I was in my school choir ... I'm a guy) 3. I like saying words wrong on purpose like, meese instead of the plural of moose (goose = geese. See my logic) and Photoshoped instead of Photoshopped (because I always spell it wrong) What's your favourite talent? (I'm sure you have many)
  4. Come to Australia. Lots of sun except for the past month where we've only had rain

  5. Sepia pulled up a map in front of him while he continued to walk in a last ditch effort to work out where he was, "hmm if I'm here ... no that doesn't make any sense" Sepia mumbled to himself as he continued to walk forward unaware of his surroundings. On his head though Twitter stood looking over the map seeing Sepia walking towards a group of ponies shaking hooves, Twitter wasted no time by quickly pecking at Sepia's head trying to get his attention of the incoming collision. "No Twitter I'm not lost for the last time, just misplaced" Sepia replied slightly annoyed as he continued walking towards the group of ponies. Twitter seeing no way to avoid the collision merely jumped off Sepia's back and waited for the carnage to ensue. "Ah ha I must be oof-" Sepia muttered before he was interrupted by walking into a group of ponies. Sepia opened his eyes to see the sky above him ... remembering what had just happened he quickly apologised "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to I was just distracted and lost and distracted and lost" Sepia muttered quickly hoping the ponies he had just recently run into weren't part of the Pony Mafia.
  6. Hey there, welcome to Cabterlot. I hope that you'll have as much fun here as I do
  7. Hey there, welcome to Canterlot. I hope that you'll have as much fun here as I do. Also super speedy post is super speedy
  8. Rain rain and more rain. You got to love the weather in Sydney

  9. Hey there welcome to Canterlot. I hope that you'll have as much fun here as I do
  10. Sepia stopped looking around as soon as he realised somepony was talking to him, he had been looking for at least a few minutes and could not find a single penguin much to his dismay. "Such pretty birds! Do you need anything? I have seeds and berries, or..." Sepia was about to respond to the yellow mare which he presumed being the pony in charge of the fair until he realised that she was addressing Twitter and not him. On top of Sepia's back Twitter was quickly nodding at the offering of food that the kind yellow mare had offered but Sepia turned around and shot him a disapproving gaze. "I'm sorry, can I help you?" Sepia thought about the best way he could possibly ask if she had any penguins up for adoption without sounding weird, while thinking the other stallion was conversing with the yellow mare calling her Fluttershy 'A fitting name' Sepia thought as he watched Fluttershy paw at the ground. Sepia waited for the other Stallion to finish before starting, "Um I'm just looking for ..." Sepia paused as he carefully rehearsed speech was completely forgotten in an instant, "uh ... A penguin? I can take care of it easily, I have a small little cottage within Solstice Heights where I treat all the animals in the area, oh yeah I forgot I'm a vet" Sepia rambled knowing each word he uttered dug himself into a deeper more awkward hole. "So ... yeah do you have any penguins for adoption?" Sepia finished awkwardly.
  11. Hey there welcome to Canterlot. I hope that you'll hear as much fun here as I do
  12. This ... is ... AMAZING, how did you ... I don't even. AMAZING
  13. Sepia Veterinae looked towards his pet blue bird 'Twitter' perched on his back and merely said "my vet senses are tingling, there's got to be lots of animals somewhere around here", all Twitter could offer in return was the same 'you've got to be kidding' look before having to cling onto Sepia's mane as he started running down the streets of Ponyville in search for the mystical congregation of pets. After some time and a few dead ends Sepia was finally able to make his way to a small cottage towards the outskirts of Ponyville, "finally ... made ... it, see ... I ... told ... you Tweets" Sepia muttered in between pants 'I really should start getting more exercise' Sepia thought to himself as he looked around. "Hmm looks like some pet adoption thing or something, I don't really know ... what do you think Tweets?" Sepia pondered. Twitter only gave a face-wing as he pointed a blue wing to a large banner saying 'Pet Adoption Fair', Sepia looked at the banner but quickly looked away trying to ignore his stupidity. "Aaaanyway though, since we're here how about we go look at all the little animals that are about ... you know what they say the more the merrier right?" Sepia said as he trotted towards the animals, "I hope they have penguins"
  14. Well who else is better at greeting a new pony than Pinkie and also when isn't Pinkie grinning. Anyway as I said before enjoy your time here
  15. Tales you have quite possibly broken my brain. But in all seriousness I couldn't help but smile at all the ponyness (am I just crazy?)
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