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The Canterlot.com Roleplay World

Wonder where "place" is in our RP world, or looking for a location to start a new thread? Well now you have a central repository for all the maps and locations for the magical realm of Equestia and the lands beyond! This is the comprehensive location guide with maps and links to all regions. As with everything else this guide is open to future refinement and expansion based on revelation by show canon and created content by the users.

A Brief F.A.Q

For organizational purposes the world used for our World of Equestria and Canterlot Chronicles games is divided by catagories that represent geographical hierarchy:

So what are provinces?

A province is the top category that holds either a large geographical location or nation state. There are three provincial level sections: Greater Equestria - Which holds all the lands of the ponies. Aquella - Home of all the Griffin territories. The Outlands - All the peripheral lands outside the first two provincial locations. Provinces as far as RP are concerned are top level forums that are simply containers for all the related regions (or sub-forums) for the sake or RP section organization. One never posts directly into the root of a province level forum.

So what are regions?

A region is a subsection of a province created to better organize the RP; they correspond to a geographical location within the Province. For example: Greater Equestria is divided into the following regions: Borderlands, Heartland, The Foothills, The Stand, and the Frontier, each representing a relative geographical position as indicated by the ( ) (parentheses) following their name. It is under the region level forum where one would post their RP thread.

So what are landmarks?

A landmark is a city, town, or geographical feature within a region (Examples: Ponyville, or Whitetail Wood). These are the specific locations referenced for the RP thread itself. They are not forum categories, but instead are tags one can assign when one creates a new RP thread under the appropriate region forum.

So how do we figure out the location of the place we want to RP In?

Listed below are the RP landmarks in each region that has a tag associated with it. In addition, each link has a more detailed regional map of that region is provided to show the relative location of the landmark, as well as additional names of nearby geographical features one is free to reference to describe additional locations within the RP thread if one so chooses (Note: This isn't a list of every possible geographical feature in the land, just the major ones, so feel free to name your own small brook, or rock, or other minor feature in your RP if it helps the story)

How does this all apply to Canterlot Chronicles?

Canterlot Chronicles uses the same world locations and map as World of Equestria, but is divided in a far simpler fashion. The Canterlot Chronicles roleplay section is divided in two into a Mainland and Outlands. The Mainland contains all of Greater Equestria and its locations. The Outlands, meanwhile, consists of all the areas outside of Equestria's boundaries, including Aquelia, the Badlands, Unyasi, the Crystal Empire and beyond.

Maps of the Equestria and the lands around it that we know

General Map of Equestria and Nearby Lands:


Map of Equestria and Nearby Regions - Regional Divisions:


Map of Equestria and Nearby Regions - Political Boundaries:


The Provinces and Regions of Equestria and Beyond

Each link provides a description and a map of the province

Aquellia - Realm of the Griffins

The Canyons, the Heart of Griffon Civilization

The Low Country, an untamed and wild land



Greater Equestria - Home of Ponykind

The Borderlands (Known as the Western Frontier) - The rough and tumble edge of pony settlement



The Heartland of Equestria (Central) - A land of flowing waters and good earth



The Foothills of Equestria (Known also as the East) - Home of the center of Ponydom, Canterlot



The Strand (Equestria South) - The great economic center of Ponykind



The Frontier (Equestria North) - Home of the hardy folks of Stalliongrad, the jewel of the north



The Outlands - The lands just beyond

The Badlands - The mysterious cold land beyond the frontier, here be dragons!



Unyasi - The great savannas of the Zebra Tribes



The Crystal Empire - A Legend Rediscovered


Coming soon.

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