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  1. This would be an RP based on the series "Naruto Shippuden". We are going to be Roleplaying as Shinobi from the Hidden leaf. We would be against the Akatsuki who are collecting the Tailed Beasts. We would play in the same era as the show, but the names and abilities would be different. Same with the Akatsuki. I will be playing the Nine-tails JInchuriki. I would play as team leader as well, but he won't be in as often. App: Name: Age: Gender: Rank: Chakra Nature: Clasification: Abilities: Appearence: History: Personality: Others: My apps: Name: Symphonic Fire Age: 16 Gender: Female Rank: Genin Chakra Nature: Fire Clasification: Jinchuriki Appearence: Fire wears a white crop top shirt with an orange jacket with half sleeves(usually zipped like Hinata’s). She wears orange shorts with white tights that go from her waist to the top of her knees. She wears fingerless gloves and she carries one pouch. Her wrists are wrapped with bandages. Abilities: Fire mainly uses Ninjutsu like “Shadow Clone Jutsu”, “Fire ball Jutsu” and “Dragon Flame Jutsu”. She uses a wide range of Fire style jutsu but often attacks with shadow clones. History: Fire grew up without much memory of her parents. She grew up training with Slash Sensei and her old team. Three years ago, she and Chromatic Blaze went on a journey to train Fire. All of her old friends had surpassed her so she was to be put in a new team when she came back. Personality: Fire is a fun and friendly person. She is most of the time stubborn and rough but she can be kind. She may seem like a stupid person but she actually is quite smart. She is also lazy and loves to eat, but she is always full of determination and never gives up. Name: Slash Claw Age:29 Gender: Male Rank: Jonin Chakra Nature:Lightning, water, earth, fire Clasification:Shinobi Appearence: Slash wears the standard Shinobi uniform. He wears the long blue pants, long sleeve shirt that goies up to his chin and a Konoha-nin flack jacket. He wears a headband around his head, tilted over his left eye to hide his sharingan. He has two pouches and wears sandles. Abilities: He often uses ninjutsu such as Chidori and Fireball. He also uses Genjutsu with his sharingan and is quite skillful with his taijutsu. He often fights with a kunai knife and also can summon ninja cats. Personality:Slash is a mischevious, aloof, and an unpredictable sort of guy. He can be kind and friendly and likes to tease his friends. Although he is acts as if he doesn't care, he's actually really protective and cares about the people he knows. Reservations: MoonliteFrost
  2. The Derelict Chapter 1: Red Tape The Iron Saddle is less a tavern and more a cozy hideaway for citizens of Stalliongrad’s Island District. Its interior is sprinkled with private booths, tables, and sitting areas illuminated by the soft glow of faerie lanterns. Cordons of shadow are deliberately allowed to form between sitting places, giving the illusion of a much more spacious and airy chamber than the building’s construction would allow. A large circular hearth is the centerpiece of the Saddle. Rough cut stone pasted together with equally rough mortar forms the base of the fire pit, a shallow depression in the floor enclosed by wire mesh and leading to iron ductwork and flue joints. Though any hazardous smoke is directed up and away from the sitting area, a distinct, smokey pungency continues to linger in the main chamber. The hearth’s mantle is decorated with little tokens of Stalliongrad: Matroyshka dolls, wool ushankas, wood carvings of berkut eagles and ovcharka puppies, and miniature painted pewter replicas of the Island District’s multicolor onion-domed spires. The bar itself is framed by a long, hardwood counter, polished and varnished to a sheen, but still showing plenty of nicks and dings from constant use. Behind the counter lie rows upon rows of liquors and flavorings from the far corners of Equestria and beyond: Aquellian spirits, Equestrian beer, Crystal Empire mead, and for the brave of heart and strong of stomach, the infamous Unyabsinthe from the land of the Zebras. Dandelion wine from Solstice Heights and Garden Gait’s own famous Riesling occupy their own rack in a corner of the bar, accompanied by more arcane brews from Canterlot proper. The foreign liquors are plentiful, but the local fare takes center stage. A large poster for Stallianoya, the most famous (or infamous depending on who is being asked) of Stallian drink, is featured on the back wall behind the counter. Below it, a smattering of half-empty bottles labeled with less prominent brands pepper the haphazardly organized lower liquor shelf, contrasting with the upper shelf fare which is meticulously aligned and cared for. Finally, taps with faded labels running to kegs of different domestic and imported brews break the otherwise smooth outline of the counter, standing watch over patrons eager for food and drink. A lone mare tends the bar, wiping up after her patrons with a rag while looking expectantly at you. You have received a letter from Kalinka Industries, a well-known shipping and manufacturing company in Stalliongrad, to be a part of their newest venture. Though the writer of the letter, CEO Lev Nobleheart, makes no direct mention of what is to be done, you believe it has something to do with rumors of a ghost ship that has recently appeared. Because of its remote location, accurate reports of the ship have yet to surface, but speculation runs rampant. Ghost ship? Ward of Tartarus? Government experiment gone wrong? Nopony knows for sure. What you do know is that Mister Nobleheart assures you that upon completion of the job, you will be compensated handsomely. The letter ends with a simple set of numbers: a date, time, and place. Thus you find yourself at the Iron Saddle, waiting. Perhaps a drink would help pass the time... Next Poster: First come first serve. Allow each party member to post once before cycling again. On Deck: Allow each party member to post at least once before cycling again. Actions pending resolution: All players report to the Iron Saddle. Players may meet and mingle as they see fit. You are also welcome to interact with Fable la Fey, the barmare.
  3. The Derelict Sailors on airships tell many tales of ghost ships. Their sailframes are made of cobwebs, their masts rotting and decks rusted but somehow still afloat. Through the skies and seas these derelicts drift, borne on currents of air, ocean, and aether. Some say that they are crewed by the souls of the comdemned, others dismiss them as merely products of fiction, mirage, and inebriation. Still others pursue them relentlessly, enticed by tales of fabulous riches and magical treasures on board. Regardless of what you believe, word has reached you by mouth or print that one such ghost ship as appeared nearby. Somewhere in the Equestrian northern frontier territory, west of Stalliongrad, is a massive airship of unknown origin. It is currently caught in an unusual set of air currents in the mountains near the Trensal River. With no registration and no legal claim to her by any individual or government, her cargo and running gear are up for grabs by whoever is brave or foolhardy enough to salvage her. You’ve been contracted to survey the ship as part of a salvage team. What mysteries lie within her rusted bulkheads? What strange fate befell her crew? What else lurks in the darkness of her holds? Find out as you explore THE DERELICT.​ Introduction This is an interest check for an adventure RP set in the Canterlot Chronicles section. As the name suggests, it takes place in an abandoned airship that your team has been tasked with investigating and salvaging. Something happened to this ship to bring it to where it is, and it’s your choice how you choose to unlock her secrets. The RP This will be a cooperative RP based around collaborative storytelling. While your characters do not all have to know each other, you will be expected to work together by your employer, whom will be announced when I launch the storyline. There can be combat, but as you are explorers before you are soldiers, you cannot brute-force your way through everything. There will be no dice rolls, as this will be entirely freeform. However, to ensure that actions are not misconstrued or story elements that need to be addressed are actually addressed, important points will be highlighted in red text. The DM will use red text to indicate that an action should be responded to. A summary of that action will also be placed at the end of a posting cycle in the DM post. If your character does something in reaction to a red prompt, please also highlight your character’s response in red. You will be trusted not to metagame, powergame, godmod, or otherwise harm the story and fun of other players in the interest of making your character look good. Remember, the DM has final say on what goes and what stays. Edges Each character will be granted up to 3 characteristics (henceforth referred to as “Edges”) at the player’s discretion (also pending DM approval). These characteristics describe your character’s personality, life choices, and areas in which your character is very knowledgeable. For example, you may choose “medical doctor” as one of your edges, reflecting your character’s great knowledge of illness, injury, and healthcare. Another character may be a noblepony, with connections in the upper echelon of Canterlot society or a shrewd businessmare with a silver tongue. Your characters may know other things, but your edges will represent your character’s most relevant areas of expertise. Edges will help keep both players and the DM focused, as the DM will have something to work with in storycraft and the players will know to play to their strengths without resorting to pulling solutions out of hammerspace. At certain points in the story, the DM may grant your character an extra opportunity to act or influence the story based on the Edges you have equipped your character with. The DM will specifically include a prompt at the end of his next description post if an Edge has been triggered and is awaiting resolution. Miscellaneous This will be a beta test for the Edge system and the Derelict campaign. For now, the RP will be invite only. Should this test be successful, other campaigns may be run with open applications and more flexible storylines. Beta testers will be receiving their invitations (with instructions) via PM soon. After instruction PMs have been sent, this thread will be used as the OOC thread.
  4. you are joining a group of hunters of all kinds: Treasure hunters, knowledge seekers, culture seekers, bounty hunters, nic-nak collectors, and even booty hunters (respectfully). Do you have what it takes to travel across Equestria and beyond for the rarest of artifacts. The team currently consists of: a unicorn sailor, an bearded earth pony scholar, a griffon stylist, a minotaur strongman, a seapony artist,and a naga smithy. They land in Baltimare shore today!
  5. The dark blue earth stallion with the sea-green mane stood in the dark kitchen. His flank was marked with a fine chocolate truffle drizzled with white chocolate, which obviously represented a love of eating in the sizable mass of Truffle Shuffle - for that was his name. He was struggling with an ancient box sealed in lead so that not even the slightest crack was open, trying desperately to force it open without making a lot of noise. On the stove before him, a large double-layered boiling pot of chocolate bubbled contentedly away, a spoon dipped into it, splashed with the dark chocolate. Truffle Shuffle bit and pried at the box, quietly, then started jabbing at it with a cooking knife, making little 'tink tink tink' noises. The box resisted his efforts, and he gave it a solid bang on the counter, then winced, glancing around. When no one came in, he gave it another bang, then another, then dropped it on the floor and kicked it, then picked up the cooking knife and started jabbing at it with loud, ringing noises, snarling. The lead seal finally gave way with a loud crack, and Truffle Shuffle was so surprised he quite dropped the box, which fell open to reveal ... a chocolate bar, subdivided for easy breaking into little rectangles, looking quite ordinary, despite the extreme measures taken to contain it. Truffle Shuffle's eyes lit up, and he glanced around, then quietly, quietly picked up the box and set it onto the counter. "Shhhh... gotta stay quiet," he whispered to himself. "Finally! I can't believe the old pony had this sort of power ... and she told me not to use it! With this, those judges won't have any choice bsut to declare me the winner! I'll be the finest chocolatier in all of Equestria!" He took up a tongs, lifted the chocolate bar with it cautiously, like it was dangerous, and dropped it into the boiling mass of chocolate. Slowly the chocolate bar sank into the melted mass, deforming as it joined the mass, till it could no longer be distinguished from the rest around it. "Yes...." whispered Truffle Shuffle. "Yes! YES!" He laughed delightedly, and inhaled the sweet, sweet scent from the pot, drooling at the aroma. "Ugh. Now I want some. Well, I have my stash - I know better than to eat *this* chocolate!" He laughed merrily. A dark, chocolaty pseudopod lifted itself out of the pot right in front of his eyes. He stared, mouth agape, unmoving at the sheer shock of seeing the chocolate move in front of him. "Wuh..." he said, stunned. It struck, diving into his open mouth, and Truffle Shuffle gagged and struggled, but seemed held in place, unable to pull away. Then his eyes went dull, and he slumped... and then stood up again, placid, calm. The chocolate pulled away, and Truffle Shuffle licked his lips. "Feed them all," a bubbling, whispered voice came from the bubbling pot. "Bring them into my service..." "Yes, my delicious master," Truffle Shuffle responded quietly back, his voice distant, his eyes briefly glowing with a deep orange tinge. "They will all enjoy your chocolatey touch, and serve your sweet, sweet will." His laughter rang throught he kitchen, mixed with the soft, bubbling laughter from the pot. Out the porthole, the vast dark ocean was unconcerned, the stars overhead brilliant and the moon glowing full. Waves washed over the cruise ship, but beyond the cruise shop, there was endless expanses of water, rising and falling, reflecting the stars, and out on the horizon, the sun just starting to light up the sky. The red light of the dawning sky shone over a tiny little cart floating on the endless waves. Over the edge of the cart popped up a tan stallion's head with dark brown mane all slicked back. He peered around with an excited air to him, and cried out,[colour=#8b4513] "Ah, sunrise! Wonderful! The salty air, the bobbing water, the rush of the wind and the pull of the unknown! Ahhh, I love the sea!"[/colour] He pulled out a three-corner hat and plopped it on his head, then started pulling at the levers and twisting the knobs on the control panel at the front of the cart. When it failed to respond to that, he chuckled, shook his head fondly, and delivered one practiced, solid *kick* at the boiler behind him. It responded with a deep, resounding [colour=#0000cd]BOOM[/colour], and then it started to wheeze, spitting out blue smoke in little puffs. [colour=#0000cd]"vworp... vworp... Vworp...Vworp...VWORP... VWORP..." [/colour] The cart kicked up into gear and started speeding forward over the water, leaving a white wake behind it.​http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7izzUMxDLOE
  6. What was once the name for a trio of mischievous fillies became a small club; and now, 10 years after the original CMC-Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle-became friends, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are now a full fledge organization of colts and fillies who are trying to find their Cutie Marks. Here are the rules: 1) Your character must be either an earth pony, a pegasus, or an unicorn. No griffons, bison, deer, or anything other than the three species you can be. 2) Your character must be in the Foal age category, and must not have a Cutie Mark present. 3) While it is highly recommended to have one character, if you want to play as twins (like I will), talk with me first, and wait to see if I approve it or not. 4) No bullying; The CMC respect each other for who they are. Here's the available spots: Head of Club: Cobalt and Cocoa (played by me): Cobalt and Cocoa are unicorn twins who helped make the CMC into what it is now. Cobalt is a brave yet stubborn colt, while Cocoa is a kind yet timid filly Other Members: #1-Shadowe (played by Lilia) #2-Lunarwind (pegasus colt) and Starwind (unicorn filly) (played by stormchaser1991) #3-Open #4-Open #5-Open #6-Open #7-Open #8-Open #9-Open
  7. Squinting as the afternoon sun flashed off her golden armour, Sugar Star made a blind grasp for the buckles of her torso piece and tightened it a little. Normally the winged mare’s appearance was prim and proper to complete an image of the austere soldier before she dared to step outside of the REA barracks – she even felt a pinch of shame in her belly at her little display. But today wasn’t exactly a typical day for Specialist Sugar Star. Assuming a stance of rigidity, the pegasus folded her wings neatly against her sides and started up a brisk trot over the cobblestones, away from the clamour and chaos that had consumed the home base of the Royal Equestrian Army in Canterlot. That morning had started off as any other: she and a fellow pegasus named Flicker Wing had been assigned the early patrol, which meantwaking up at the crack of dawn to circle above Canterlot and walk through its streets in order keep an eye on things and maintain the peace if need be. As they were making their way through the last leg of their ground routes, the two ponies had come across a traveling earth pony merchant peddling his wares. The stallion had a dusty little collection of potions he had vague knowledge of, most likely plucked out of some abandoned cache of magical goods, and as one would expect of her, Flicker Wing (the oddly-obsessed-with-anything-arcane pegasus) recognized each potion just by looking at the colour and density. A grey, viscous potion immediately caught the mare’s eye: it was a troublesome mixture, brewed by a unicorn potion master with quite the troublesome reputation himself. Though not malicious in its nature, in the wrong hooves the potion could cause quite a disturbance! So Flicker plucked the potion from the merchant (who was sincere when he admitted he had no idea the concoction was anything more than a “mischief brew”) and confiscated it. The trouble came about when they returned to the base. Normally, a potion like Brewhoof’s Cackler’s Concoction would be stored someplace safe and out of reach. Unfortunately, before Flicker and Sugar could reach a vault, the potion had been dropped and began to wreak havoc. Inanimate objects came to life and began to zip around at whatever whims the bothersome brew had given them! It was only mildly irritating at first, but soon enough an ugly miasma with a musty odour began to spread from the spill and with it went the magic. Irritation was quickly becoming dangerous as the stinky miasma drew closer and closer to the armoury. Sugar Star was lucky enough to make it away from the jinx without a hitch, but Flicker’s helmet had come to life, zipped about, and knocked her on the head. She conked out immediately! Long story short, after Sugar Star had gotten her friend to safety and reported the incident she was sent immediately to look for Special Agent Fletcher over at REIN. Unicorn magic had no effect on the potion’s miasma jinx, so she was assigned the task of seeking out the potion master who had crafted the pesky brew: Iosef Brewhoof. He was a wanted pony, anyhow, so it would be hitting two birds with one stone! But Sugar Star didn’t have a talent for finding ponies on the run, which is why she was sent to find Special Agent Fletcher. The winged mare withheld a sigh as she passed through the doors of REIN headquarters, had a brief exchange with the first pony she came across (a taciturn older unicorn with her iron-grey mane pulled into a tight bun), and was led through a space that was as comfortable as it was imposing. It was the pristine quality of the stone pillars that reflected the pure, intimidating force of the law and seemed to loom over the pegasus. But the worn hardwood floors – the feel of it, the smell of the wood mingling with the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee – it just felt…cozy. Not to mention Sugar Star liked the soft sound her petite hooves made as they fell upon those floors! Before she knew it, her arrival had been announced and the crotchety unicorn had left her to step forward and introduce hers- Oh. Oh dear. Perhaps the day wasn’t a total loss after all. All of a sudden her annoyance, frustration, and worries were stomped on by a much more demanding emotion: giddiness! Special Agent Fletcher looked exactly like the lead stallion in one of her favourite, sugary-sweet romance comics. Well, despite a slight difference in hue (Fletcher being blue, and the character Midnight Mystery being more of an indigo), they were identical. The Specialist was no longer stressed out about her mission. In fact, she was quite ready for it to get underway, and quickly. It was the perfect setup! An unfortunate circumstance pushed together the adorable-but-capable-and-also-endearingly-quirky female lead and the mysterious, brooding stallion. At first, they wouldn’t get along, but as their shared struggles brought them together they would grow fond of one another, until a terrible misunderstanding caused them to hate each other briefly before they realized their mistakes at the last moment, with one of them saving the other and confessing their true, pure hearts. It would end with them gazing into each other’s eyes as sparkling rose petals whirled about them. It would be perfect. And all of that passed through the REA Specialist’s mind in the mere blink of her pink eyes. Outwardly, the only notable change in her demeanour had been for a spark to shine in her previously glum eyes. “Special Agent Fletcher,” she stated, pulling a tight salute in greeting, “My name is Sugar Star - I’m a Specialist in the Royal Equestrian Army and I was sent here because we need your help. A confiscated potion was spilled before it could be stored away, and it released a miasma that animates random objects and gives them minds of their own. Mischievous minds at that. It’s slowly nearing the armoury, and I’m sure I don’t have to explain what that means. So far the jinx and the objects it’s brought to life are all contained, but…we need to stop this, and soon. Unicorn magic doesn’t work: we need to find the stallion who brewed the potion. That’s where you come in. We need your help to locate Iosef Brewhoof, and we only have three days to do it.”
  8. ((Fillies and gentlecolts, after a long period of absence and school work, I have finally made time for my return! Hopefully this starting post will be satisfactory to whomever stumbles upon this topic. ^^)) OOC Thread: --------------------------- Bright morning sunshine sweeps the surface of the ocean and the coastal town of Baltimare that stands on the east-most region of the land of Equestria. The well beloved Princess Celestia blesses the country with her brilliant and warming rays of light, and brings birth to yet another day of a practically golden age. A low tide along the beach produces some of the most peaceful of ocean sounds with such a beauty that only its waters and atmosphere can provide. Anypony finding themselves on this end of the world could look forward to each and every morning filled with such natural beauty. Though this morning in particular is one of very few in which provides a peculiar oddity--amongst the waters of the ocean of all places, not far off-shore to the east. A currently inanimate and bobbing figure draws the attention of a small flock of all too curious gulls as they circle the subject matter and internally asking themselves a flood of the common questions. The most provoking of them simply being: What is it?
  9. RP Concluded. Rules: Players control their characters directly. In addition, every player may cause any non-player character to say anything or do anything, may add new NPC's to the story and may cause anything to happen. A player must not cause another player's character to do anything unless it's self-evident the character would do it. To join, have your character enter the mountain from the base camp and regroup with other players. Intro: The volcano Vetureldur, the Winter Fire, near the northern frontier of Equestria, recently erupted in an explosion of blue cold fire. It was beautiful to behold as the cold lava rolled down the slope, but also destructive. The fires burned what was before them and froze what remained. After several days, the mountain calmed down. Only a small area around the mountain was destroyed and no pony lives were lost. But for fear it might happen again - and with more disasterous results, perhaps - Princess Celestia has called for a science team to establish a base of operations at the foot of Vetureldur and investigate what this cold fire is and how to prevent a future eruption. This was soon done. A group of twenty scientists, led by the unicorn Burnt Coffee, along with several guards, made camp on the scorched frozen land around the mountain. A spell barrier was prepared to activate and shield the camp on a moment's notice if the volcano were to erupt again. The third day, the geologists discovered a cave entrance in the mountain and it appears to be artificial. Burnt Coffee ordered a quick investigation and found that it is an entrance to a deep system of corridors, most likely built by a pre-Celestia civilization. He hesitated to send any teams inside because of the dangers ruins - inside an active volcano - represent but the resolve and excitement of the scientist teams was such that he could not deny them. And so the first team went inside. What mysteries will they uncover? Glossary: cyropyrology = the study of cold fire Burnt Coffee = leader of the base camp Vetureldur, the Winter Fire = name of the volcano Pseudoprokaryota stregonera = a species of bacteria who feed off magic and glow while doing so; this also causes nearby magic to be undetectable runes = inanimate and dormant source of magic that is virtually undetectable Mesoponians = an ancient nation of ponies with great technology Frozen Heart = a scientist who subdued her team and fights the heroes constructs = golems who served the Mesoponian technicians inside Vetureldur Coldfire Processor = a machine that converts coldfire, preventing it from building up and causing an explosion First Post: Sooth Silver's character sheet: Sooth Silver held up the torch in her hoof and led the way inside the pyramid. The walls were rather smooth, formed by precise engineering. There were no inscriptions but here and there was a hold for a torch, but the corridor was probably not illuminated for centuries. It was also getting rather cold, the thick layers of stone preventing warmth from the sun from getting into the depths of the pyramid and Sooth Silver would soon need to bring out her coat. When the light from the entrance disappeared completely, she shuddered. "Are you alright, Cosmia?" asked Sooth Silver, turning to the mare who walked with her, "because... because I'm afraid. I've been to archaeological expeditions before, but it never felt so alien, so oppressive. Everfree's a garden compared to this." Then they entered a small room, some 40 feet across, with two exits and a massive metal pillar covered in strange letters in the very center. When Sooth Silver first stepped in the room, the inscriptions on the pillar flickered and began to emit a pale blue light. "Well, now. That's interesting."
  10. I'm looking for an RP partner ATM, plain and simple. I would prefer if you have a solid OC, but if you don't I don't mind. Here's the catch, I don't wish to use this (or any forum based site for the matter) to RP, seeing as I like to RP Live, and one on one, as to keep flow. I have RP experience in large expansive RP's that have lasted months on end. I'm ok with you making the scenarios, or calling the shots. I mainly play a Pegasus mare, but also have several other OC's ranging from colts to mares. My only other request is that the RP isn't too far out of the pg 15 area, i'm fine with violence and death, along with romance, but please, no strait out clop. If you are interested, add me on Skype @ hayden Scratch (my prof pic is rainbow and flutter cuddling). Please no trolls, and if your interested send me an request. *note* If you want to add me in any other form of live chat I will also accept that, just leave a comment
  11. If there is one thing that is consistent in every society, it is that three things spread as quickly as they can be carried - fear, rumours, and spectacular stories. For weeks, the outpost village of Lunae had gone from a quiet town of commerce and study to a locked, enclosed fortress of desolate silence. Fear and rumours spread amongst travellers like a plague - the town was quiet, the stone walls and wooden gates offering no trespass to those visitors on foot, while an inky black cloud hovered rather ominously over the town, blocking any Pegasus or gryphon from attempting to enter for fear of the hovering pitch. Some said it was cursed. In fact, a great many believed it was cursed - in the minds of those who had heard of it, there had been nothing like it before. The sister township, Port Dawn, had heard most, of course. Being the closest town to the now-enshrouded outpost, and being directly connected to the city by way of the inland main highway, there was news and speculation from almost every tradesman, traveller, and courier that came from inland to port. To make matters worse, spectacles began to unfold about the enshrouded town. Some of those that passed made claims of unnatural lightning striking between the inky clouds, even striking the path towards the town's barred wooden gate. Gryphons made claims of hearing murmurs, chanting and even thunderous laughter sometimes escaped the walls and reached their sensitive ears. A few bold enough to approach the gate all agreed that the air near the town had become slightly putrid, and that from time to time the scraping of hooves against wood or stone sent chills up and down their spines. As ominous as it all was, did not stop a small party of the very bold from trying to enter from above. Two unicorns, a mule, a Pegasus and a unicorn attempted to gain entry. The Pegasus, lost entirely. The gryphon, refusing to fly for days after. That was the truth - the story that escaped grew in exaggeration - by the time the news was travelling over Equestria, those that spread it swore that the cloud had become as a beast of smog, and gobbled up an entire caravan of Pegasi, leaving only a single gryphon to escape to tell the tale. It is here that the story begins, in Port Dawn. The port itself is a wealthy enough one, serving as one of the more popular trade and immigration centre for Equestria. All species are treated with reasonably equal respect, though sea-ponies and Pegasi dominate the docks themselves, having little fear of water. Earthponies are most common within the township itself, while the other species are less-prominent but nevertheless visibly part of the population. As one might expect, a full range of services are available here, though none rank as particularly noteworthy in comparison to the larger cities in Equestria. The Court has made order that all are to take extra caution when passing by the now-dreaded town of Lunae. Those that claim to have come from the town, most of them liars or madmen, spread tales of no conclusion - all of them conflicting in spectacular fashions. But, there is a single lead - An old unicorn, a wizard of some respect, has called for those that would venture within, claiming that he has fashioned a set of pendants that will allow the wearer to venture into the cloud. There are notices everywhere in Equestria, as well as some of the neighbouring continents. for as spectacular as the problem has become, so too is the promise of glory for those that overcome it. A Unicorn, Valius the Unerring, will hold audience to the boldest and most trustworthy ponies that arrive at his tower in Port Dawn. Seeing as the unicorn is both lauded and rich, his tower is not difficult to miss, as it is the tallest building in the Port, aside from the coast's lighthouse. A great stone pinnacle, peaked with a pointed blue tile cap and painted in silver all along the sides, with two mighty redwood doors and ever-burning blue torches marking the entrance. Who will answer the call? What shall their story be amidst all this?
  12. Galloping into the town of Ponyville was an unlikely herd of ponies who rode together seeking friendship, adventure and the perfect donut! Texas Tilly Silver Sye Klops Larry the Cable Pony Con Mane Olden Pony On the right flank was a pair of lifelong friends, Texas Tilly (the bobcat magically turned into an Earth Pony) and her partner the robotic steed Silver (magically changed into an alicorn). In the center of the group were the tuxedo-wearing unicorn superspy Con Mane and the blue one-eyed Earth Pony Sye Klops. On the left flank were two more unlikely allies, the rotund comedian Larry the Cable Pony and the older mare simply known as the Olden Pony. [colour=#ff0000]"Well, here we are, Con Mane!" [/colour]Texas Tilly announced. [colour=#ff0000]"Now what do ya reckon we do?"[/colour] [colour=#8b4513]"I say we grab some grub!" [/colour]Larry laughed. [colour=#8b4513]"Mission Number One is GITT'R DONE!"[/colour] [colour=#0000ff]"Perhaps we should have a bite to eat now," [/colour]Sye Klops added. [colour=#8b4513]"All except fer ol' tin head thar! He needs food like Celestia needs a sun lamp! I don't care who ya are, that's funny!"[/colour] [colour=#ff0000]"Better shut yur yap bout my pal Silver, Larry, or I'm gonna kick yur rear so hard yur goin' inta ORBIT!" [/colour]Texas Tilly snarled at the now frightened looking Larry. [colour=#696969]"QUARRELING IS ILLOGICAL BEHAVIOR!" [/colour]the cybernetic voice of Silver spoke out. [colour=#008000]"Silver's quite right, y'know," [/colour]Con Mare spoke, trying to settle the others in the herd down. [colour=#800080]"WHO'S GOT MY RUSTY HORSESHOE?" [/colour]the Olden Pony asked. [colour=#008000]"Nevermind that. Let's explore this fine town. Perhaps we can find others who will lead us to great adventure!" [/colour]Con Mane said confidently. [colour=#8b4513]"Er maybe to the nearest All-you-kin-eat diner! GIT'R DONE!" [/colour]Larry the Cable Pony shouted. [colour=#ff0000]"Is THAT all ya kin think about, Tubby?"[/colour] the striped cowboy hat wearing mare asked. [colour=#8b4513]"Well, at least I ain't like that ancient mare thinkin' only bout some rusty horseshoe!" [/colour]Larry laughed.
  13. Please read the IC, http://www.canterlot...e-legend-ic-18/ , to know what this Rp will be like and to give you a back story of Equestria at this time. Due to the nature of having the slay mythical and fictional creatures..this RP will take place in the 18+ section. Basically if you can handle killing a goblin in LoZ then you can handle the amount of violence in this RP. Accepted Characters: Grouse - Brony55 Xan - Pyro Blaze Spirit - Sleeps Quick summary. This is a crossover based off of Legend of Zelda. With a combination of Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time. Wind waker for the use of instruments and the prophecy parts. And Ocarina of Time for the terrain and way Equestria will look. It is a time set WAY back. Quick places to remember: Canterlot - Home of the Royal Family and an iconic city. The King of Equestria resides here. City is a major trade center. Everfree Forest Village - This is where our heroes will be in the beginning. No exceptions. A very heavily secluded forest village that is inhabited by only foals. It is said the village is only visible to other foals as well. It is protected by a ruler who resides in the Temple connected to the village. Canterlot Lake - This lake is home to one of the Royal Family's closest allies. The Hippocampi. Sea like ponies that have built their villages under the deep lake waters. They are in charge of fresh water to all of Equestria. Gudara Desert - This is the home of all those that are banished from Canterlot and its surrounding areas. This is also where our "Ganondorf" Or Sombra in this case will arrive from. The desert is an extremely harsh place and often the ones banished..find a tough fate. But not Sombra. He has a special power none of the other banished creatures have. His prophecy is set in stone and he is proud to say that he will seek that prophecy out. Griffon Kingdom - The griffons have a new budding relationship with the Royals. They usually stay high up in the mountains and don't visit much. But they are beginning to open up. They are also governed by a king. The Sky Temple - This floating fortress is said to be the home of those worthy enough to reach it. Though the place is Pegasus only. It is home to a proud group of Pegasi known as the Valen. They keep to themselves and start no quarrels. There are a few surrounding towns that I may call on by name if we pass through them . Okay! Now for the character sheets: Name: Your name please. What name has been inscribed in the ancient tablets? Age: Foal. This is locked at Foal. Do not change it. Species: Coat and Mane/Tail colors and styles: What did the ancient tablets show you looking like? Residence: Again locked at Everfree Forest. Do not change Cutie Mark: No cutie mark yet. This ties into the prophecy as well. Musical Instrument you play: What did the ancient tablets show you playing? Be it flute? Or be it six strings? Fighting style: Just for fun. No big detail here, are you a secluded fighter or do you rush on it? Occupation: What do you do around the Everfree Village? Your job may depict what items are acquired to you on the journey Spirit Animal: This will be used for the first temple and many other things to come so pick wisely. Also, only one of each animal please, don't want all of you being the same animal. And here is the big one: What element are you prophesied to be? Elements are first come first serve! Do not worry! No other Hero will be any amount of overpowered than the other heroes. A Hero can only use his/her elemental powers when all the other elemental Heroes are present. Or with your linking element. The tablets show: A Hero of Fire A Hero of Water A Hero of the Sky A Hero of Time Sorry this one is mine A Hero of Light ---------------------------- Here is my Application that I will be using in the RP: Name: Aquilan Age: Foal Species: Earth Pony Coat andMane/Tail colors and Styles: His coat is a light blue color. His mane and tail are a light blonde and both are short. His mane falls just above his eyes and is swept to the side as well. Residence: Everfree Village Cutie Mark: No cutie mark Musical Instrument: Aquilan has grown fond of the lyre he made for himself. He likes to think of himself as the best around but he is alright at it. Fighting Style: Though the only fighting he has ever done was fighting back giant spiders or timberwolves he doesn't fight that much. But Aquilan is fond of using a sword and shield like most ponies. The shield he uses has a strap that he wraps around his left front hoof and when he fights he can hold it up to block and still have three hooves to move. He usually keeps his sword in his mouth when it is necessary to use it. Occupation: Aquilan worked as one of the scouts in the village. He would keep watch over the small settlement and guard the only entrance to the location of their village. Though he is sure nothing bad will ever happen he stands ready and guards the village. Spirit Animal: Only once did had he entered the sacred Everfree Temple that their protector was said to reside in. It was a pretty much one year ago, all the foals of the village had to go inside by themselves at some point. Aquilan entered and did the ceremony and found out it was nothing but a time for the protector to tell you your spirit animal. Aquilan was told he was a Wolf in the spirit animal world. Personally he thought the ceremony was dumb. He would never need to remember this stuff. Hero to be: Though he doesn't know it yet Aquilan is said to be the Hero of Time. Following along the other heroes in the same prophecy as he.
  14. In this RP, a hyena-like diamond dog named Rash appears in Ponyville. He is different from the others, in that he is a kind-hearted soul, and he makes a living by-you guessed it-finding diamonds and jewels in rocks and underground caverns. Here's how it starts: After raising an abandoned baby diamond dog, Princess Celestia has assigned her faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, and her friends, to raise the diamond dog and teach him the values of friendship. Along the way, Rash will also make more friends (the OC's), but he will have trouble learning the values and knowledge of friendship...at least in the easy way. This RP is simple-I need cast members before we can begin. Basically, the moral of this RP is to accept someone for who he is on the inside, not the outside. Here's the cast. (Canon Characters) Twilight Sparkle: Open Pinkie Pie: Open Apple Jack: Open Rarity: Open Rainbow Dash: Open Fluttershy: Open Princess Celestia: Open (OC's) Rash: Me Your own OC: played by you! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask
  15. The sun shined bright that morning. It casts its rays into buildings and onto tress and every living thing that walked Equestria. There was not a cloud in the sky thanks to the ponies that kept the sky clear. Times are different now. In the land of Equestria there was a medium sized village sitting proudly in the middle of a great plain. That town was known as the town of Hollowfell. This town was quite famous actually, which was strange since it was not a large city. No it was only a medium sized city complete with multiple wells and all. It had its share of large amounts of farms and stores and even had a schoolhouse or two. The town actually had a major road that put it right in the middle of two of the larger cities so it had many visitors come in from all over. The town had a little marketplace even and auctions and games took place there as well. Every building was made of wood and small amounts of stone. Stone was usually used as a base and not for effect at all. But in the big cities, stone was used in almost every building. There was a large river that ran along the north side of Hollowfell. It actually looped around and cut through part of the town, but there was a bridge connecting the two parts. A wooden bridge. But none of those things are what makes the town so famous. No in fact what makes the town famous is a large building in the shape of a rectangle on the outskirts of town. The building was actually the only building separated by the river so to get to it you either had to cross the river or take the bridge. But it was a large river so the bridge was always used. Yes this building, its large wooden structure and its three floors stands tall by itself. There are large banners that hang out of the windows of the building. One banner was red and gold and had a wolf painted on it. The other banner was scratched, tattered and torn and nopony could tell what the sign used to be on the building. Only the old ponies remember. And only a select few are still around. This building, was indeed The Guild of Hollowfell. The Guild was so renown for its way of producing some of the finest mages and assassins an enchanters Equestria has ever seen. The Guild helped train warriors for the battles at the Shores. The Fight for Dustor and even sent a few mages to help contain Ishkalah, known only as the Dark One. This Guild stands ready to accept a new surplus of ready ponies who are willing to test their limits and see what they can accomplish. Letters have been sent out and now the Guild stands ready, with its banners hanging out and its doors wide open. It stands ready to accept new members. But what the Guild, or the rest of Equestria doesn't know, is that while they have been sitting idly by..the doors of Tartarus have creaked open. The doors are slowly opening more and more each day. This is unknown to almost everypony in the land except for one, The Guildmaster. He is hoping this group of recruits will be the best the Guild has ever seen. All of Equestria is depending on it, they just don't know it yet. Are you willing to join the Guild to fight? ---------------------------------------- Alright. This is an idea I had for a while now and I finally got around to posting it So, your character can be either two things. He/she can be a new recruit looking to join the Guild He/she can be a mentor who will take a group of students as their own I will be playing a mentor. Which means I will only be accepting one or two other mentors, depending on players interested. Okay! Now for the specifics the Guild can train you in. Your character does not have to have any background with the field of training they accept . Arcane Magic - This field of training focuses on teaching young mages to hone their magical abilities to be able to use their magic as a deadly weapon. Learning such skills as basic fire to fire blasts and almost every element in between. Not only does it focus on dealing magical damage, but it also teaches the mages how to limit themselves and how to balance their Arcane powers. Arcane mages in the Guild usually work on learning new spells. Usually good for any job Enchanting - The field of enchanting focuses on teaching Guild members how to manipulate the battlefield. Enchanters usually don't carry a physical weapon for the first skill they learn is conjuring. A master enchanter can conjure any weapon of his/her choosing. Besides conjuring weapons this branch of magic focuses on teaching enchanters how to control the elements as well. Elements limited to: Wind, Earth, and Water. A skilled enchanter that has a high knowledge of their element can be a skilled warrior in combat. Usually good for bodyguard and wisdom jobs. But can go on any job. Hunting - The field of hunting teaches young ponies how to perfect the art of the kill. A skilled hunter doesn't need to be quiet he/she just needs to be smart. Hunting is among the least favorite among the fields the Guild offers. Reasons unknown. Hunting teaches ponies who are aspiring hunters how to lay traps and disarm traps. The field instructs ponies in the art of speaking many different languages. A skilled hunter must be smart in order to do his/her job. Hunters are limited to ranged weapons and are good at Hunting jobs. A hunter can go on any job. Assassination - The Guild's newest field they offer. This skill teaches young ponies how to take down any type of enemy with stealth. The art of assassination is a long road to take and takes a new recruit a long while to become the rank of assassin. This field teaches ponies the anatomy of most living things and the best points of place to strike. This field is unique in that ponies can't just walk in and pick the train in this field. But the ponies are picked by the Guild's assassins. Ponies who are in the assassin field are limited to daggers and smoke bombs. Nothing else. An assassin is the only pony that can do Stealth missions but he/she can go on any job. Paladin Traning - This field is the most common among the Guild. It is the most popular and if you speak to any of the Guild's Paladins they will tell you Paladin training is the most fun. Paladin training teaches students how to wield their weapons the correct way and how to fight without a weapon. A Paladin can use any type of weapon and have no restrictions. Paladins are the only ponies that have training in fighting with heavy armor. They are also the only class that can wear heavy armor. Paladins can use swords and longswords and any weapon in between. Paladins cannot go on Stealth jobs but are good at any other jobs except Hunting. Those are the "classes". With the Guild you are either assigned or select a field of training you wish to train in and the whole RP will consist of your character training to become a member of the Guild and graduate from Recruit. The Guild Job Board This is a very important aspect of the RP. In the Guild there is a board where anypony can post a job they need done. An example might be: Local Merchant pony needs transport protection to the next city. Accept? Some classes are better at jobs that are in their field of training. Such as Hunters and hunting jobs and Mages and research jobs. But every class can go on any mission. Throughout the RP a mentor and his group will go on jobs to show their worth to the mentor. But with the doors of Tartarus opening the jobs should get...complicated But nopony knows the doors are open except for the Guildmaster and his trusted officials. ---------------------------- So that's that! That is the whole premise of the RP! Here is the application form Name: Age: Species: Coat and mane/tail color: Mane and tail style: Job before he/she joined the Guild(if they had one): Desired field of training: History: (Tell how they learned of the Guild and why they decided to join: And that's it! I will post my application soon so I await to see if anyone is interested in this
  16. Mark was practicing his Flying trying to get his curve right. He was getting frustrated at all the times he had to repeat. He finally landed to the ground, "How can I be the worlds best flyer if I can't even gt my curve right?" he said with a huff. He soon saw you walking by him. His eyes starred at your but it seemed like you didn't even notice. His tongue was out as his wings began to flutter. He snapped out of it as he thought, "Who was that gorgeous mare?..."
  17. ((Please do not post applications here. This will be in the +18 section)) Canterlot is the center of Equstria. The cities are still being built and the land is still growing. The land is very prosperous so a few cities have already sprung up around the land, all having a direct link to Canterlot. Canterlot is home to the Royal Family, who call home in Canterlot Castle. The family lives on and watches over the streets of Canterlot. Canterlot is ruled by a single stallion. A king. He is smart and kind king and he is perfect for the throne. The King has two heirs to the throne. Two young fillies, one named Celestia, and one named Luna. The King knows these two will make great leaders, but they are far too young to lead Canterlot now. There are a few cities near Canterlot itself and a few in far away lands. One of these cities is located high in the mountains. It is the early Griffon Kingdom. The Griffons and the Royals of Canterlot have a budding relationship, it is very strong and is sure to hold. The Griffons have a strong ruler who does not call himself a King. He is simply their Leader Near Canterlot is a very large body of water. The body of water has many rivers leading into it, and out of it. The lake has a large back area and seems to stretch on for miles. Part of the lake is cut off by a large mountain side. There is a waterfall falling into the lake at this end. While someponies believe this lake to be...just a lake it is far more than that. This lake is home to the aquatic race of ponies called the Zora. The Zora made their homes underwater and are in charge of keeping the water clean for all of Equestria. The Zora are also governed by a King. In the forest region lies the beginning stages of the Everfree Forest. The forest is not a desolate land of evil mind you, but is a lush green forest filled with ripe plants and many types of wildlife. In the heart of this forest, lies a small village of fillies and colts. The village is actually said to be a myth and that it doesn't exist...but it does. It is said that magic has a strong presence in the village and often helps take care of the fillies and colts. These aren't the only places in the land of Equestia. Out in the desert region lies a small civilization of ponies who purposely excluded themselves. Nopony has heard from these ponies in a long time. But that is all about to change. One stallion, a native to the desert region, has a plan to seize the throne of Canterlot and take it over. Once he has Canterlot, he plans to take over Equestria. The stallion is a few years older than the two sisters and has been thinking of his plan for years. He knows it will take quite a while to take full effect, but he willing to wait. This stallion's name, is Sombra and he is a master of deceit. This, is his prophecy. Celestia and Luna both know of the Prophecy of the stallion named Sombra. It scares them. The King knows of it too but he has started to forget about it because it hasn't happened yet and he has known about it for years. So he ignores the sisters pleas to do something.Out of fright the sisters would often ask random ponies for help. They would tell them of the prophecy and the ponies would just laugh. Besides, who believes two young fillies? It scares them, because prophecies are meant to be fulfilled. The Prophecy does speak of a group of ponies who have the ability to stop Sombra. The prophecy gives no names of the ponies and no location to find them. All Royal family members know of the Prophecy. Some of them believe the group to be dead. But the group lives on. The inscriptions on the Prophecy give details of the said heroes. It is said that these ponies have control over a certain type of element even if they aren't a unicorn. Each hero is portrayed to play a certain instrument. One that has powers untold. ((OOC: At this point, I will change the number of heroes/heroins if there are more or less people who want to play.)) It shows: A Hero of Fire. A Hero of Water. A Hero of Earth A Hero of Time A Hero of Light A Hero of..... A Hero of.... ((More or less. Depending on players Elements can change as well)) It is said that together these heroes can stand tall and in the end, defeat the evil Sombra. With fright always on their mind the two sisters find ways to occupy themselves. They try to forget about the prophecy and pretend like it won't happen. But it will happen, Sombra is coming. But what Sombra doesn't realize is that the heros, are very much alive. Who would have thought they were living in the Everfree forest? ----------------------------------- Thank you for reading and yes if you caught on what Crossover this was then good job This is my idea for a little version to have multiple heroes instead of just one. This is a Legend of Zelda Crossover I wanted to try and do, so I would like players with experience in the Zelda universe..but I mean come on, who hasn't played a LoZ game? Now your character, in the beginning will be just a filly or a colt living in the Everfree. Like Link as a child. Just to clarify. Also, they DO NOT know they are these heroes/heroins yet. They will find out. This is just an IC so if I get enough interest I will make an official OOC page and allow applications for the heros Right off the bat, I know what some of you are thinking.[colour=#ff0000] "Ohh wouldn't the Hero of fire just like...burn down everything?" [/colour][colour=#8b4513]"And oohh wouldn't the Hero of Time just like...go back in time or something?" [/colour] That is a big NO. No other hero is going to be more OP than the other. It is going to be where the heroes powers do not work unless they are all together. Then and only then can they effectively use their powers. But not to just completely obliterate the world or something. So yeah. if you have any questions then just let me know
  18. "I'm telling you, it was huge! He must've escaped from Tartarus or something, all stone and rock" "You hit your head rather hard, you know. Are you entirely certain that you did, in fact, see such an unlikely creature? You may yet have been under some delusion due to blunt force trauma." "It was a huge rock... Thing, alright!? Like a bunch of slabs of boulder wrapped around a, uh, an ape or a minotaur king or something!" "If you're not going to cease your indefatigable yammering, at least mind your limbs, you feckless featherhead, before you injure yourself any further. You're not even supposed to be out of the hospital, much less cavorting about in public like this." The scene : an outdoors restaurant in Ponyville, one well in open air and easily accessed or overheard by any passing mare, stallion, or other such character that might happen upon it. A pleasant enough weekday for a bit of shopping about the market, picking up something at the grocers, or whatever one might decide to while away the daylight with. It was the happenings of two misfits that seemed to be louder than most, though - a rather bandaged-up red pegasus ranting at a somewhat dirty-looking coal-coated pony. Ignition, in all her battered pride, under the escort of Mirthbane, who felt as though his time might be better spent elsewhere. It had been an eventful sort of fright, of course. Two nights before, some had heard a thunderous roaring in the Everfree, the dusk air split with thunder and shaking of the earth in spite of a lack of lightning. The lone witness of the events, a pony with a bandage about her cranium, three breaks in her left wing, and both back legs sprained. But, in spite of her injuries, the punkrock mare hadn't kept herself shut up, instead deciding to take to the streets and spout her story to any and every individual who might have the ears to listen to it. Not that such happened to be the doctor's orders, but nevertheless there she was, gesticulating somewhat wildly over a half-eaten rye sandwich. There was more to the story, of course. A pegasus lost beneath the unforgiving boughs of a thicket of Everfree woods, a misguided meeting with a rather vicious brambleworm, a close brush with an ill-fated end, cut short by a great and unexpected rock monstrosity. But, as incredible as the event had been and as best as she'd tried to escape unscathed, Ignition had taken a rather sound thrashing, one that left her to be found in serious disrepair by one of the Everfree's more cantankerous dwellers. An unlikely rescue while the monstrosities fought eachother, much to the disruption of the surrounding forest, and that had been the end of the encounter. But only one of them had been proper witness to the creatures in question, and she'd barely escaped intact. The rescuer - or more accurately, the pony who'd managed to find her quickly enough to get her to safety - hadn't seen much of anything. "Oh, get plucked, you smelly old grouch. Those softwings in the hospital were just over-reacting, I don't need to coop up in some soapy nest for days on end." "You're only two years younger than I am, you know. But, if you truly wish to aggress your alleged concussion, far be it for me to stop you." However, squak and carry on as she might, Ignition was leaving out a lot of the story - Mirthbane was already familiar with it, after all, he didn't need or want to hear it again. Other inquiring minds, however, might be met with a more succinct retelling. After all, it was not every day that such a scene embedded itself in Ponyville.
  19. After the bombs fell on all of Equestria the fighting never seemed to stop. There was fighting everywhere. Whether it be with the tools the inhabitants came to use or spiritual..getting that sense that you have been forgotten. Or the fighting that happened between two ponies, or three, or a whole civilization. "Fighting tears it apart." This motto is spread across banners and placed on signs and painted on the walls of the once great and prosperous Stalliongrad. The city of Stalliongrad used to be a sizable hub for the resistance to help save as many lives as possible. At first the group that occupied the city kept it safe and sound. All the ones who weren't soldiers believe that there was no fighting. No fighting at all. Can you believe that? Well it was a lie. There was fighting in fact, it just went on outside of ones field of view. The Council that appointed themselves in charge of Stalliongrad began to bicker at each other over how things should be ran. How the city should live on and rules and what not. The ponies bickered at each other so much that the bickering led to fighting. And the fighting led to the accidental destruction of the safety of the sources protecting Stalliongrad. The city was invaded and ultimately destroyed. The remaining forces took the underground to hide out until the fighting was over. The said fighting did not last long at all. Once the enemy force came and took what they wanted they left. And so, now Stalliongrad left broken and hurt, waits in the icy grip of the elements. But a group arose. A group that called themselves the Remnants. They were lead by a great leader who had a colt and a filly. All he wanted was a safe city for them. The father established a base of operations and actually helped the city. He renamed the certain point, Fort Snowpoint. The Fort continued to grow and helped as many as they could. But all good things have to come to an end. In the years the harsh icy elements of Stalliongrad took the brave leader of the Fort and left a young teenage Colt and Filly in charge. Now these two have grown up and are leading the fort. The brother and sister both in charge.The brother and sister had not received help from any of the allied forces in a while so they decided on a name change. The Remnants were no more, they became The Outcasts. They had not seen a fight happen in what seemed like forever. But that all changed one fateful day. Out of now where a small skirmish broke out on the fort. The attackers consisted of zebras and ponies. The Fort repelled the forces but the attacks keep happening. So out of nervousness the brother and sister sent out a distress call to any forces that could help. They both saw it as a failing attempt, but they were desperate. Besides. "Fighting tears it apart." Thanks for reading. Yes this is Fallout Equestria and no it will not continue with the characters in Fallout Equestria New Pegasus. I wanted to start a new story in a new location. Fallout Equestria New Pegasus will continue though! This is more or less an interest check so if interested then let me know! Any comments or questions post away!
  20. The day had finally come. The day Twilight had always dreamed of! The day when she would get to do one of her favorite hobbies to a few fillies and colts. On this day Twilight gets to read to a few lucky fillies and colts of Ponyville in her very own Library. She was so excited she could hardly contain herself! She had spent a few hours of her day cleaning up the library and making it perfect for the kids when they arrived. She wanted them to WANT to come back because who knows, she may do this again if the kids like it. Though she was a bit nervous about reading to kids she wanted to make a good impression. She knew almost all of the kids but she wondered if any new ones would show up today. Twilight then quit worrying about her impressing the kids and decided to get ready. It was almost time for the kids to arrive. So Twilight went over to the area she had set up in the Library. She had a seat for her and a blanket set up on the ground and a few cushions for the kids to sit comfortably on. She also had a small stand by her chair for the book of choice to rest. That was it. The book. Daring Do and the Quest for the Golden Statue. She had a few more Daring Do books but she chose this one because she thought it would be best. As she looked it over she saw Spike out of her peripherals.[colour=#800080] "Hey Spike. Do you think the kids will enjoy this book?"[/colour] She didn't look at him but she still awaited his answer. No answer. [colour=#800080]"Spike?"[/colour] She still didn't look and still no answer. This time she turned her head and saw that Spike was gone. She huffed and turned her eyes back to the book. [colour=#800080]"Whatever. I know the kids will like this book."[/colour] She gave the book a nice smile and then looked up. She looked towards the door and figured she would go and open the door so ponies would know she was home...or something. She didn't want anypony to get lost on their way here. But she really had no idea how anypony could get lost on their way here but anyways. She trotted over and opened the door and to her surprise there were two kids already there. One looked as if he was about to knock on the door. There was a filly and a colt. She knew both of them. ((OOC: Best banner ever. Thanks Jane )) ((OOC: I have no idea how large the Scootaloo image is so if it is ginormous then apologies )) Shady and Scootaloo decided to come to Twilight's book reading today. Well they both actually really wanted to come today. They heard about it in class one day and then they both met after school and decided to go. Scootaloo had no idea if any of her fellow CMC were coming. But she was sure if they did they would love the story. Once they reached Twilight's house they both looked at each other. Shady was the one who decided to knock. But just when he did the door opened and Miss Sparkle was there in the doorway. [colour=#800080]"Oh well hello there!" [/colour]She gave both of them a friendly smile. [colour=#800080]"You two are here for the book reading correct?" [/colour]She tilted her head to the side and gave them both a raised eyebrow in question. Shady and Scootaloo both looked at eachother and then nodded at Twilight. "[colour=#000080]Yes Ma'am we are!" [/colour]Shady gave Twilight a friendly smile. Scootaloo then jumped in front of Shady and gave Twilight her wide eyed eager face. [colour=#ff8c00]"Is it true? Are we reading a Daring Do book?" [/colour]She started to bounce a bit at her own excitement. Shady eagerly looked at Twilight and hoped she said yes. If she said no then he would be severely disappointed. Twilight noted their eagerness and couldn't help but giggle at it. [colour=#800080]"Why yes you heard right. Come on in!" [/colour]She opened the door wider for Scootaloo and Shady to enter. Both of them looked at one another and each gave a wide eyed and opened mouth expression. They then ran inside and stopped once they got in. Scootaloo was in front of Shady and she stopped first which caused him to fall over. They both then saw the area where they were pretty sure the reading would take place. So they both trotted over to the area and took a seat by each other.[colour=#ff8c00] "I'm so excited!" [/colour]Scootaloo was only really excited because she knew that Rainbow Dash loved Daring Do. And anything Rainbow Dash loved, Scootaloo must love. She made a few squeaks and waved her hooves around a bit. Shady smiled at her and laughed. [colour=#000080]"So am I!"[/colour] They both laughed and then waited, not so patently, for the reading to start. Twilight was standing by the door awaiting more kids to arrive.
  21. A light blue coated unicorn sat outside the Everfree Forest, patting his dog Miles on the head. His white stetson protected his giant eyes from Celestia's raging sun as he lay propped against the tree near the entrance. Earlier that day, he had spread various posters around town, asking for ponies to help assemble a crew for an expedition to the uncharted continent of Extrequs. Legend has it that the continent mysteriously vanished off of Equestria thousands of years ago for no known reason. For reasons no pony could guess, it had reappeared just a few days ago, and the ponies of Equestria were already starting to come up with crazy speculations. Though Celestia's Royal Guard had been posted in all towns near the coast to keep everypony from trying anything, the light blue unicorn had other ideas. All he needed was a crew to pull it off, and he would wait until he got one.
  22. Arkwing flew through manehatten," Umm..excuse me everypony,but where am I?" He yelled about carelessly. He saw lots of stores and parks and especially ponies, he started to panic,"It's okay Ark Wing,it'sokay..." He mumbled to himself,his white long pine coloured mane rushing behind him,his white coat shined in the sunlight,reflecting light into whoever pony's eyes in which he passed. His heart with angel of darkness winged cutie mark rippling with every movement.
  23. ok so I had the idea to have 4-5 criminals want redemption so when the ultimate evil appears in equestria these people will try to redeem themselves. this is a work and progress and the ultimate evil is undecided at this point. It will not be a past villain and you may not play as characters from the show. the reason for this is because this will take place during a different timeline, and the only ones that are alive during this time are Celestia and Luna. Rules: 1.no OP Characters. 2.no god modding 3.message me if your not going to be around. Tips to get accepted 1. be creative. 2. be a frequent visitor of this site. (i don't want people who have been known to disappear for 10 days) App Name: Species: colour of coat: colour of mane: colour of Eyes: Weapon: (If your a shadow dweller but you only use a basic sword your chances are lower then an unarmed tai chi master.) History: (remember your an Ex-villain. include what you did in the past) Personality: (again be creative) Skills: other:
  24. UPDATE: The official thread has started! http://www.canterlot.com/topic/15150-daring-do-and-the-quest-for-the-golden-statue/ Ever wanted to be in a storybook? Not a lot of ponies do but don't ruin it for the ones that do want to be in one. Well now is your chance..um..those who wanted to be in a book! We all remember Daring Do, fearless adventurer and all that good stuff. But we only got to see that one book and there are many others. Now what this RP is about is essentially what the title reads. It's storytime and the book of choice is Daring Do. This book is different though. Sure there is going to be the adventure and all that good stuff but this time Daring isn't alone. She has some friends with her. Otherwise known as your OCs and whatnot. In the book they will be hunting for treasure though. So your OC should be adventurous. Basically what happens in the RP in the short version is an older mare/stallion (I haven't decided yet) has a group of fillies and colts over to read them a book. They all love Daring Do so it should be fun. Once the narrator starts reading the book the RP will take off and the adventure begins. And Daring and her friends(that's you) will go on their adventure for riches untold! Now you're probably thinking, "But Derpyy, Why not just start the RP with Daring Do? Why have a narrator and kids?" And to that I say, "Good question! Now let me explain." The kids and narrator are all for comedic effect. Say we are hoof deep in a part in the RP and Daring and your OCs are just about to find the treasure and then the narrator gets interrupted by one of the kids that has a question. Should be fun. If it becomes a problem I will stop the kids Now I will be playing the narrator since he/she has a short role and stuff. Here is a character list of who will be playing: Derpyy: Daring Do, Narrator, Kids and what not (if you want to have a filly or colt role just say so ) Dabom444: Indigo Jane: The ever so evil Priestess Naelah. Kid Role [colour=#000000]GreyMatter[/colour]: Volarte Saronyx: Xukar SparkleFire: Sparkle Fire StarSprite: Star Sprite Update: No longer accepting new memebers. Unless I decide to start another storybook Still don't know yet Just post who you want to play as If you have any comments of questions just post them!
  25. This is going to be an equestria wide event. I'm only take 6 people on the main story. I am allowing background ponies to post however you will not be permitted to affect the events of the 6 main characters. There are currently three slots open. I'm saving at least one part for a griffon and one for a unicorn. I don't want the cast to be One species. It wouldn't be as fun if we could all fly now would it. The beginning description of the initial damage is as fallows ------------- Ground zero: Stalliongrad was the first to feel the thundering roll of the first snap of the main fault line. Beakbreak city was the second. Buildings fell to pieces as debris scattered along the ground. Everypony ran for the best cover they could find, only to discover that there was no true shelter from this catastrophe. Cracks riddle the ground only about 2 to 4 feet deep. There were hardly words to describe it; nothing like this had ever occurred in Equestria before, and certainly not a disaster so widespread. When the dust settles the extent of the damage soon becomes evident. Beakbreak was totally gone, swallowed up by the earth. Luckily, most of its winged inhabitants had managed to escape to the hills with only a few minor scratches. A gaping hole is all that remains of this once-illustrious city. The split coursed through the Roughrider Ridge Along the river; the ponies in Bareback Gultch all managed to make it out as well. By this time Pegasi and unicorns were rushed to the scene to assist with the evacuation. An attempt was being made to assess the situation, all the while the gap was, like a blade, cutting the land in two. Las Pegasus, too, felt the damaging effects of the seismic activity; the city was met with violent upshoots of magma. This lava soon joined with the flowing water and gushed out of the gaping gorge, most of it turning into steam as it travelled into the air. Dodge Junction, like Beakbreak, was swallowed whole by earth and covered over by the same steamy water that had hit Las Pegasus. Finally, in Fillydelphia, the flowing water had careened through the forming crevices to meet with the ocean on the other side, causing widespread flooding throughout the city. ------------- I leave what happens in each area to each individual character's starter entry. Meaning, when you reply to this. You'll be giving a first had experience on what happened to you, what you saw, how you reacted, ect. The 6 cast memebers will be meeting first in canterlot. Not before, From there the long journy begins to find Celestia and Luna, not to mention to find safty from the ever shifting land. NO HEROES! I cannot stress this enough. No creating heroic moments in which your character saves the day. Trying to protect somepony else is a noble feet and is allowed. But you can't build the events in your favour. There are no heroes in this tale. Only survivors. I'll be accpeting any questions and sign ups as of now. Have something you'd like to add? or Ideas you'd like to see employed? I welcome those too. Bare in mind that I will be looking for quality AND quantity. 1 to 2 Paragraphs MINIMUM. I want the RP to be long and full. No one-lining. If your having trouble with Ideas. PM me and I'll help you out.
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