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  1. UPDATE: The official thread has started! http://www.canterlot.com/topic/15150-daring-do-and-the-quest-for-the-golden-statue/ Ever wanted to be in a storybook? Not a lot of ponies do but don't ruin it for the ones that do want to be in one. Well now is your chance..um..those who wanted to be in a book! We all remember Daring Do, fearless adventurer and all that good stuff. But we only got to see that one book and there are many others. Now what this RP is about is essentially what the title reads. It's storytime and the book of choice is Daring Do. This book is different though. Sure there is going to be the adventure and all that good stuff but this time Daring isn't alone. She has some friends with her. Otherwise known as your OCs and whatnot. In the book they will be hunting for treasure though. So your OC should be adventurous. Basically what happens in the RP in the short version is an older mare/stallion (I haven't decided yet) has a group of fillies and colts over to read them a book. They all love Daring Do so it should be fun. Once the narrator starts reading the book the RP will take off and the adventure begins. And Daring and her friends(that's you) will go on their adventure for riches untold! Now you're probably thinking, "But Derpyy, Why not just start the RP with Daring Do? Why have a narrator and kids?" And to that I say, "Good question! Now let me explain." The kids and narrator are all for comedic effect. Say we are hoof deep in a part in the RP and Daring and your OCs are just about to find the treasure and then the narrator gets interrupted by one of the kids that has a question. Should be fun. If it becomes a problem I will stop the kids Now I will be playing the narrator since he/she has a short role and stuff. Here is a character list of who will be playing: Derpyy: Daring Do, Narrator, Kids and what not (if you want to have a filly or colt role just say so ) Dabom444: Indigo Jane: The ever so evil Priestess Naelah. Kid Role [colour=#000000]GreyMatter[/colour]: Volarte Saronyx: Xukar SparkleFire: Sparkle Fire StarSprite: Star Sprite Update: No longer accepting new memebers. Unless I decide to start another storybook Still don't know yet Just post who you want to play as If you have any comments of questions just post them!
  2. This is going to be an equestria wide event. I'm only take 6 people on the main story. I am allowing background ponies to post however you will not be permitted to affect the events of the 6 main characters. There are currently three slots open. I'm saving at least one part for a griffon and one for a unicorn. I don't want the cast to be One species. It wouldn't be as fun if we could all fly now would it. The beginning description of the initial damage is as fallows ------------- Ground zero: Stalliongrad was the first to feel the thundering roll of the first snap of the main fault line. Beakbreak city was the second. Buildings fell to pieces as debris scattered along the ground. Everypony ran for the best cover they could find, only to discover that there was no true shelter from this catastrophe. Cracks riddle the ground only about 2 to 4 feet deep. There were hardly words to describe it; nothing like this had ever occurred in Equestria before, and certainly not a disaster so widespread. When the dust settles the extent of the damage soon becomes evident. Beakbreak was totally gone, swallowed up by the earth. Luckily, most of its winged inhabitants had managed to escape to the hills with only a few minor scratches. A gaping hole is all that remains of this once-illustrious city. The split coursed through the Roughrider Ridge Along the river; the ponies in Bareback Gultch all managed to make it out as well. By this time Pegasi and unicorns were rushed to the scene to assist with the evacuation. An attempt was being made to assess the situation, all the while the gap was, like a blade, cutting the land in two. Las Pegasus, too, felt the damaging effects of the seismic activity; the city was met with violent upshoots of magma. This lava soon joined with the flowing water and gushed out of the gaping gorge, most of it turning into steam as it travelled into the air. Dodge Junction, like Beakbreak, was swallowed whole by earth and covered over by the same steamy water that had hit Las Pegasus. Finally, in Fillydelphia, the flowing water had careened through the forming crevices to meet with the ocean on the other side, causing widespread flooding throughout the city. ------------- I leave what happens in each area to each individual character's starter entry. Meaning, when you reply to this. You'll be giving a first had experience on what happened to you, what you saw, how you reacted, ect. The 6 cast memebers will be meeting first in canterlot. Not before, From there the long journy begins to find Celestia and Luna, not to mention to find safty from the ever shifting land. NO HEROES! I cannot stress this enough. No creating heroic moments in which your character saves the day. Trying to protect somepony else is a noble feet and is allowed. But you can't build the events in your favour. There are no heroes in this tale. Only survivors. I'll be accpeting any questions and sign ups as of now. Have something you'd like to add? or Ideas you'd like to see employed? I welcome those too. Bare in mind that I will be looking for quality AND quantity. 1 to 2 Paragraphs MINIMUM. I want the RP to be long and full. No one-lining. If your having trouble with Ideas. PM me and I'll help you out.
  3. Peaking from the hills on the horizon, the sun shined with its piercing lights to begin the day. The rays tickled Equestria's surface with its warmth, and provided substantial illumination. The sun was much brighter than any light or any candle. As the sun rose higher into the sky, the dark which fell upon the Foothills seemed to retreat. The sky, once a navy, began to lighten in its tint to a nice bright blue. It was easy to notice the puffy clouds in the sky, spaced apart from one another and white against the suns rays. The clouds would provide a nice shade, and it was seen already that the weather would involve no rain showers. As the sun continued to rise, the brightness of the massive star seemed to shoot its beams through a closed glass window which belong to a particular pegasus' cabin on the outskirts of Baltimare. The beam touched the edge of the pony's bed, and made its way up to shine directly on the ponies face. The warmth, and the light of the sun caused the pegasus to stir, where she was laying on her back, she rolled over onto her stomach. Except, by rolling over onto her stomach the mare fell directly onto her wooden floors.Thump.[colour=#00cc99] [/colour][colour=#00cc99]"Ugggggh..." [/colour] Musica moaned from the pain on her legs, and face. Cold wooden floors wasn't the best thing to wake up to. Bending her legs, the mare tried to push herself into a stand, having the weight of her covers and maby even her pillow on her body to fight against her. Placing all of her hooves against the ground, Musica pushed against the surface of the floor and lifted herself up into a stand. The covers seemed to shed from her body and slink onto the floor, the pillow somehow falling back onto the bed. Shaking her head, the pegasus tried to wake herself up from the groggy state she found herself in. [colour=#00cc99]"This is the fourth time this week this has happened..."[/colour] Musica muttered, complaining to herself. Her chestnut locks moved, frazzled and tangled and far from tidy on both her mane and tail. Taking her time, Musica mosied on over to a clear place in her room, and began to stretch. She would bend each leg, then extend it outward. Her head tilted and rolled to and from each side, and she flexed and expanded her wings, rotating them in a circling pattern as she stood in place. It was rather quiet in the cabin, though outside the birds were singing and speaking to one another. The mare finished her stretches, her eyes surveying her room for anything to straighten up aside her bed. Nothing. Nodding to herself, she moved to her bed and leaned down, picking up the corner of the blanket with her teeth and jerking it upward. The fabric seemed to flare out and neatly fall over her bed as Musica directed it, making up her bed with ease. She fluffed the pillow and set it against the headboard, and moved to her vanity. At the vanity, Musica didn't spend a lot of time. She grabbed a hold of a wooden brush, running the bristles through her wavy chestnut mane first, then her tail to rid of the tangles and to brush her locks into their place. Her sea-green eyes stared at her reflection in the mirror quietly, finding herself satisfied with her looks, though she wished that she didn't feel so average. Her looks wasn't a problem, despite the fact she found herself often bored with it. Returning the brush to its home on the vanity, Musica moved then to her wardrobe. Opening the doors with her front hooves, she grabbed a different ensemble from her usual colours. Today, she chose to wear a orchid/violet purple pinstripe vest with a matching pinstripe bow. The colour was so majestic against her cream coat, she normally only wore it if she was going to be exposed to a lot of ponies eyes. Throwing on the vest, and tying the bow into the back of her mane, the pony finally departed from her bedroom. The sound of her two pairs of silver bangles bounced against her hooves as they rested above them on her left front leg, and right back. She pranced through her living quarters into the kitchen, and grabbed an apple from a basket for breakfast. Musica had not much time to spare after she prepared herself for the day ahead. With no lessons to teach that were scheduled in the morning, the pegasus was free of all responsibilities. It had been a while since she had been to Baltimare, and it was time that she paid a visit to the city. Eating the apple, and hunting down her white saddlebag, the mare left the house with ease to begin her day. She lived on the outskirts of Baltimare, near White Tail Wood... but it shouldn't take her too long. With a smile on her face, she went about her way.
  4. "Legends are born from times of strife. Heroes cannot rise when no evil exists. Perhaps the greatest of all legends comes from a story that has faded from the memories of the common equines, forgotten even by the memory of the land itself. Set thousands of years ago, back before the advent of the Principality and the establishment of the Guilds, the legend of the Lineages became a reality. It was a time of chaos, disorder...a constant battle between dozens of different sides and views, but none could compare to the infinite struggle between the Lumen and Umbra bloodlines. Once, all the bloodlines of distant past had been united, a peaceful coalition of all views and opinions, in which justice was given and equality known. As is the sad truth of history...any time of previous peace was shattered by a catastrophic event. Against all laws and customs amongst the Lineages, a mare of the Umbra bloodline and a stallion of the Lumen bloodline mated...and conceived a foal. The foal was viewed as an abomination and a sacriledge; the result of a complete disregard to the laws set by their societies. It wasn't long before both Lineages were at each other's throats. War broke out between them, a war which dragged all other bloodlines into their vain struggle. The resulting battles would see the deaths of the mixed-Lineage foal, and the violent ends of it's parents. Several years would pass as the struggle between Light and Dark continued, finally seeing to the utter and complete destruction of the Lumen Lineage. Despite the Umbra bloodline's great victory, they too would disappear from the face of Equestria at the hands of the weaker bloodlines. The memories of the Lineages faded, and eventually disappeared in all but name. With the return of the miniscule knowledge of the ancient Lineages came a surprising turn of events. As if history were trying to repeat itself, creatures all across Equestria began to question their own pasts and ancestry. The result: the birth of the Guilds. While the Princesses still maintain authority amongst Equestrian government, the Guilds have steadily risen to power, sometimes easily manipulating authority to further their own ends. While no Guild is necessarily evil or wrong, there are some whose purposes are questionable. Even now, several decades since the Guilds' founding, more and more recruits are taken in. There is little doubt that in time, the Guilds will be the ones in control of Equestria...and that time is coming soon. Rumors circulate that the Old Blood is beginning to stir in a select few denizens of Equestria...what this could mean, little is known. It is with a humble mind and wary conscience that I, Archivus, write this small scripture in the hopes that however finds it...shall prepare for what will no doubt be the worst to come..." -Written by Archivus Tome, Royal Librarian and Advisor to the Royal Court of the Third Era. Greetings, everyone! For those of you who haven't met me, I am a veteran RP writer on the Canterlot FFA Forums. For those of you who have, I had taken a rather lengthy hiatus from the website due to personal reasons. However, during that time, I was able to come up with some amazingly interesting ideas. Like so many of my other RPs, this one is completely original...and the story a living, breathing creature. Well, enough about me...time to list some important info about the RP and Application requirements! Similar to my previous "Revolution" RP, "A Dance of Memories" has a faction-based system. While, granted, the conflicts between the factions in this RP are not as hostile as "Revolution", they each still have different views and personalities. The Guilds: Guild Astriel: The Guild of magic, knowledge, and science. Boasting a library equal to that of Canterlot's Royal Library and expansive research facilities, Astriel members seek out the mysteries of the world and prefer solving their problems through logic and reason. Though not as cold-hearted as many of Guild Terdas' members, those amongst Astriel often show little emotion when it comes to anything but knowledge. Their Guild rivals are Guild Nykai. The leader of Astriel is known by the name of "Grand Philosopher". Guild Nykai: The Guild of strength, honor, and warfare. Warriors of Guild Nykai are among the greatest in Equestria, reknowned for their mercenary work and their reputation as valiant defenders of the Peace. Occasionally the trainers of new recruits for the R.E.A. (Royal Equestrian Army), Nykai members take pride in their skill in combat and tactical supremacy. Unlike their rivals from Guild Astriel, Nykai warriors are extremely passionate in their beliefs and will often fight to the death for their virtues. The leader of Nykai is known by the name of "High General". Guild Terdas: The Guild of subtlety, assassins, and darkness. Every member of Guild Terdas is extremely proficient in the arts of death, ranging from brutal assassins to devious dark magicians. Often viewed with contempt by those outside their circles, Guild Terdas is considered a necessary evil. While Guild Evangel is their official rival, Guild Terdas sees all outsiders as potential threats and dangers. Secretive in all practices, no one has infiltrated Terdas and made it out alive. The leader of Terdas is known by the name of "Eternal One". Guild Evangel: The Guild of faith, healing, and light. Guild Evangel is the most respected and admired of the four Guilds, known for its' members' healing prowess by the use of magic or medicine. Many members are excessively beautiful, and possess kind, noble natures. It is rumored that Guild Evangel's highest authorities had learned from Celestia herself, but no evidence has proven it to be true. A few of Guild Evangel are capable of predicting small parts of the future, although what they reveal is often cryptic and hard to understand. Members of Evangel despise Guild Terdas because of its' sinister and wicked practices, and as a result pretend to ignore their existence. The leader of Evangel is known by the name of "Prophet". Non-Guild Allegiances: Unaffiliated: Those who are not connected to any Guild or faction, these creatures' goals and opinions are wide and diverse, and as a result those who are Unaffiliated are viewed as unpredictable. Free to do as they please, Guildless creatures usually remain obscured from the eyes of Guild members and more-than-often ignored becaused of it. The Principality: Concerning all those who follow and obey the Princesses instead of the Guilds, members of the Principality often have to deal with the existence of the Guilds, and are often bitter about their growing influence in Equestria. Ranging from soldiers to scholars, any member of the Principality would be caught dead before joining one of the Guilds...unless something changes that belief. Application Info: Name: Gender: Race: Affiliation: Rank: (Only if you plan on being a Recruit, Member, or Leader of a Guild.) Appearance: Personality: Background (Bio):
  5. Strange ruins in the Badlands have appeared out of apparently nowhere causing great confusion for the few ponies ever walking through those dangerous lands. As abruptly as the ruins appeared an organization called The Company of the Hidden Trails made itself known by setting up posters promising adventure and money in every frontier pony town facing the Badlands. The initial interest was high, but it slowly died off as weeks tickled away. The Summer Sun Celebration was months away. Today is the day they are supposed to set off. It appears most townsfolk of Appleoosa has forgotten about the event, but despite that a small congregation has formed up upon the town hall. Thunder Roller, a male pegasus, was one of the gathered ponies. He heard those present talk about this Company that organized the expedition. He quickly gathered two things: These ponies were the others interested in meeting up and none of them seemed to have any clue who the organizers actually were. He shrugged briefly and looked about the town. Appleoosa was a classic example of the frontier towns: Small clouds of sand blew about in the wind; a cause of constant annoyance as the small particles got stuck in everypony's coat, irritating the skin. Drunk ponies were seen occasionally staggering out (and in) of the local tavern. The sun was up high in the sky, and the weather was hot. It certainly was not an ideal day to travel today, but perhaps every day was like that out here. Thunder returned his attention to the ponies gathered. ((I've set up a basic plot with some room for player freedom. It should also be noted that this is the first time I start an RP, so any hints/suggestions would be appreciated. I'll also work a bit more on my photoshop skills...))
  6. So hey there everybody! I know I'm 'a new guy' and this will probably not be seen by some but I consider myself to be an above average writer so... that counts for something. So the concept is that even though on the show we only see the main six doing there stuff we never really know what all them background ponies are doing all day! I recon this needs to be rectified!! So I'm posting up this RP OOC to see who's interested. I was hoping for six but if we end up with above four then I would say we are golden, even three if there dedicated (this is including me) So! Pick your favorite backgrounder that needs a little sunlight and post your little description for them below! Weather it be Lyra or Carrot top! As long as they are in the show and the fandom somewhat recognizes them then fire away. For the RP I was planning on going with derpy, can't post a description of it right now as I'm a liiiitle busy. Seeing as I'm running on an odd time scheduled to most of you I usually post at irregular hours but hey, I will be posting every day if possible. So GL HF! And I will announce a story once I have a solid idea, all input and suggestions welcome with open arms!
  7. The Everfree forest had once been home to a rather impressive stronghold of unicorn study and ruler-ship. A grandiose stone castle, erect and proud amidst a scintillating scene of greenery and bloom, had once been fondly called 'home' to scores of stabled families; it had sheltered a great many visitors and scholars alike, and it had held some importance in the development of Equestrian history. Ponies came and went freely from it, the magical power of the forest both easily seen and easily experienced, and all was well. As one might expect, very little of this was true several hundred years later. Who knew why or when or even how everything went awry, but the cold and unrelenting reality was that the Everfree Forest wasn't all happiness and sunshine and adorable bunnies anymore. It had eaten most of those things, and spat up shadows, intimidation, and all sorts of twisted constructions of magic and malice. However, there were those that sought the magic behind the malice, so that they might properly understand the powerful chaos in question. One such individual had found something significant, though the significance of the discovering individual was indeed rather questionable. Amidst the trees, the moss, and the unnatural undergrowth of the Everfree, a stone vestibule had been found and cleared of the forest's detritus. Once, it had been the entrance to the basement of an old wooden trove, a few stone pillars of which still stood nearby. Now, it was simply a stairway down sitting conspicuously amidst the dirt, the remnants of the fallen tree that once hid it lying in splinters nearby. The clearing about the stairway itself was unremarkable, save for the glow of magic and fire that lit up the area. A single coal-coated pony stood at the top of the stairway, with a makeshift torch held aloft next to him, trying to fit it into one of the few remaining sconces of the nearby pillars – He hadn't exactly taken any dungeoneering courses before, but somehow it seemed like a good idea to leave some sort of sentient notification announcing his presence within the stone basement. He'd only be a moment longer, and once the torch was securely placed, he started making his way into the chasm itself, the sound of his hooves tapping distinctively against the stonework that led it's way into the depths below. A quick set of eyes might see him vanish down into the stairway, but those who were cautious, patient, or perhaps simply just later to arrive would still find the torch lit and standing above the sullen, long-forgotten entryway, while a faint green magical glow throbbed in the stairway down. It would, of course, be up to any given individual as to whether or not they would decide to make any sort of entry, but the fact that it remained as some remnant of a history long since past and forgotten would likely intrigue more inquisitive minds, should they happen to arrive. ​
  8. ((Hi! If you want to join, feel free. This is the first part of several. Only OCs, no show characters without my permission! Also, no Mary-Sues, and Alicorns need to be confirmed by yours truly. Keep it PG-13, please, refrain from sex. One last thing, almost anything goes (Except things already mentioned)! This story can go in many directions, and is tailored to each player's style! Enjoy!)) A grey alicorn pony awakens in a dark forest. He only remembers one thing: darkness. He gets up. "Where am I?" he asks himself. He walks through the forest and discovers a small town. He sees a sign. It says Ponyville.
  9. Canterlot, the city of the rich and glamorous, was bustling down its main street. People across Equestria have come to watch the races. These flying-aerodynamic races were an exciting and uplifting event for the ponies of Canterlot. The masses of ponies were the largest audience the racing games had in years, possibly because this was the supposed race of a century according to Canterlot daily presses, in which most of the community would read and depend on for any of its local news. If it wasn't the encouragement of the newspapers to bring about pony folk to the games, it might have been the appearance of rather well-known celebrities. Diva Daffodil, Top Knot, and even the famous Peppy Peppermint; just to name a few. Among the stars that made an appearance to watch the spectacular race, Fimble Harmonia. Fimble poked her head out from the giant blue balcony, looking at the scene of flyers prepping themselves for the race. She tried keeping her excitement to herself, her hooves shaking. Fimble was never a sporty type, but, having a clear view of everything with the comfort of champaign and the luxury of comfortable chairs it made it hard for her not to try and go to these events on a daily basis. The only downside of this is having to keep a reputation around her civilized friends/company that rather talk among each other than sit back and watch the actual game. She always thought it was silly and pointless they'd do this. Almost disrespectful really for the hard working athletes that try and put on a show. Fimble laid herself slouched in her side chair. her pink sunglasses nestled on the top of her head, bracelets dangled on her hooves, champaign close to her; she was now comfortable for the game. [colour=#808080]"My, my Fimble."[/colour] an unfamiliar stallion, coat white but hair a dark brown slicked back. his curled mustache tweaked by his hoof. Fimble gave an absent gaze at him, but after a sip of her drink she smiled and waited for the possible senator/duke/actor/whatever he may possibly be to speak to her. She mentally prepared herself for the usual boring conversations that stallions seemed to only want to talk about. The key thing she recognized to do, no matter what they are saying, is to just smile and nod in between every break of their sentence. This has saved her from coming off as rude when she never knew what to say/do. He tweeks his mustache again and takes a few steps towards her. [colour=#666666]"It's quite a surprise a mare like yourself comes to these games often. Hmmmmm. Do you have a charity fund for these games? I mean, such a generous pony like yourself that has donated to the filly-colt orphanage must have a said charity in many places, hmm?" [/colour]His accent was obviously fake, his Hoofington tongue cutting in and out. Fimble having to meet many, upon many ponies in her line of work could catch where a pony came from just through speech. It made her giggle a bit this stallion was trying so hard. She thought back to his question and looked up to the sky to think, rubbing her chin. She has donated so much in the past year she had forgotten. She wouldn't be surprised if she did, considering she came her often. She did her signature nod and smile to confirm his question. A sip of her drink once again. She felt uncomfortable that she did not know this stallions name, especially since he addressed her out of the blue. [colour=#FFD700]"Oh, may I ask your name?" [/colour]she said, trying to lean in with slight interest. A brow raised and her glass set aside. [colour=#808080]"Oh, pardon me, I am Duke le Ensemble. I make the finest of stallion suits in Canterlot." [/colour]a smile and another hoof graze of his mustache. Fimble nodded but glanced away with already disinterest, her interest back to the race. It was now about to begin. The Pegasuses lined themselves at the line. Snorts and hooves kicked the plank they had to stand on, wings lifted up, preparing for speedy flights. The announcer called out the count down, everypony became quite, well the ones that sat in the stadium, along with Fimble which eagerly gritted her teethe. [colour=#808080]"Have you placed a be-"[/colour] [colour=#FFD700]"Shh"[/colour] The stallion flared his nose at Fimble's shushing. He turned away with head in the air, commencing towards the crowd of mares that were eating at the small snacks. Fimble smiled that he was finally gone, she now could allow her hooves to rattle at the edge of the balcony. The unicorn announcer fired light into the air with his horn, and now the games were off. It has been 5 minutes and the head of the race by a long shot was a pure black mare. Fimble's tail was shaking with happiness. She didn't care who won, she didn't even bet. The fact alone that the flying itself was becoming more and more intense is all that pertained her interest. She could smell the excitement and disappointment the crowd below her were bellowing out. She giggled loudly, Ponies behind her glared from a distance, she caught herself quickly, a hoof over her mouth, cleared her throat and tried watching the race with collective calmness. She winced at herself for being a bit rowdy and uncivilized. Letting the excitement get to her around company like this wasn't the greatest for her rep. Another 20 minutes in and the mare has won the race. The crowd went even wilder, flags shot into the air. The announcer announced the mares name proudly, a medal is placed around her neck. Another good game won. The gentlecolts and mares that were on the balcony finally glanced at the race as the excitement down below could be heard clearly from atop. A few mares would absently say "Oh that was a good game." or another would say as their snout still stood in the air, "I say, wasn't that thrilling". As for Fimble she kept her commentary to herself as she felt her insides jumble with excitement, refraining from prancing about and singing. This was impossible for the young mare. [colour=#FFD700]"Oh~ ♫ What a game, a race of honorable steeds~ ♪"[/colour] she now twirled in her chair, the others tried walking away slowly. "Oh no, not this" a pony remarked before ducking their heads away from the musical scene that was about to bestow. [colour=#FFD700]"Oh~ What a game, what a game~ ♫" [/colour][colour=#000000]her voice sang gracefully out towards the spectators and athletes, which all became startled and looked up at the balcony where they find Fimble twirling and singing. Lots of ponies below whistled and enjoyed her rhythmic voice.[/colour] [colour=#FFD700]"Dashing and thrilling the game is to mee~ ♫ Oh what a game indeed~♪ the winner takes their rightful place at the wonderful game~ Oh~ What a game, what a game~ What a race, what a raaaccceeee~♪~♫" [/colour][colour=#000000]as she twirled past the staring civilized company she danced and twirled about as if she was in her own setting. She jumped and twirled mid air on the edge of the fountain that was displayed on the balcony. The ponies around her began to watch her in awe, as if this was the entertainment... [/colour] [colour=#FFD700]"Look around and you will seeeee~ ♪the awe that transpired from the great race before theeee~♫ What a game~ Oooohhhh What a gaaammmee, a race fit for meee-"[/colour] Suddenly as she does a graceful step off the fountain and to the steps down below, a camera flashes in her face. She stops in mid step and almost tumbles over, before her were journalists and a long stretch of reporters. She stood frozen, she gasped. The immediate thought that raced through her mind as her eyes focused in and out of the powerful flash. [colour=#FFD700]"Oh no...! I probably look terrible! I-I can't have pictures now! I'm an embarrassment!"[/colour]
  10. The full moon was high in the sky as Kelp Culler broke the surface of the waves, quickly making his way towards shore without much effort. Tonight was special: On the black sands of the Gallopocous Islands, during a full moon in spring, a blood moon would occur, and the most brilliant of dormant flowers would bloom for a short time before going back to sleep, waiting for the next blood moon.This is what Culler was here for. He was determined to pick that flower and study it further!Finally reaching the shore, he let his hooves rest in the damp black sand, relishing the tide that still licked his underside with a moisturizing caress. Kelp Culler had either find the flower fast, or find someplace he can rehydrate before his coat completely dries.But where to start?
  11. Well....I was in my first appearance here...on the principal town that connects with other places in this Land...I was a Unicorn..well...a brown clearly Unicorn, but I was new on the town, so...I was alone...First of all...Im a teenager...Yeah, and with this pick on my head, more of the travelers that were "normal", or better named..."Ponys"...it was something strange that a brown teenager unicorn with black hair and brown eyes, as traveling around the world to find this recognize town...I repeat...Alone.. I was out on my own, and i was having Hungry...Rats..I need a job...but...i was sleepy....I..think...im gonna sleep anywhere....In fact, i will present to anybody that deserves to talk with me....So..now Im...getting..slep....*ZZZZ*...*sleepy on the ground*.... OFF>
  12. Zecora stood in the center of Ponyville Town Hall where the meeting was to take place, the crew would meet up and get to know the others that were in their group and then they'd head to port a town or two over and set sail! She had spent months preparing this, sending letters to those that had applied The Letter was as followed (And didn't rhyme) "Thank you for your interest in our adventure! Please meet the group in the town of Ponyville in the Town Hall at (-insert date here-) To meet your fellow crewmates! Pack enough to last you the entire trip, it will be several months, but do not fear for there is plenty of precautions taken to make sure that this trip is safe and enjoyable" With All Sincerity, Zecora" The notes had been sent, there was nothing to do but wait, the hut had been locked down, Bright Eyes perched on Zecora's mane and nuzzled into her Mohawk, anxious to go on an adventure that would change everything! The air was alight with the adrenaline and excitement for the journey that lay before them all. "I hope on the way they do not stray, I could not stand for this trip to delay" She muttered to Bright Eyes. The fox just let out a content yawn and closed his eyes waiting for the others to arrive. (Go to This thread for updates and logs of the journey)
  13. Zecora has decided after a long time in Ponyvill that it's time to return home! But she doesn't want to go alone! She's going to be recruiting a group to sail the sea's with her! The Crew has been selected! 1:Falco Kestrelson 2:Steven Magnet 3: Sierra 4:Lyn Banished ): 5:Misty, 6: Emerath User hasn't posted leaving post in the Meeting thread 7:Pocket Change 8:Huscarl 9:Trekker 10:Pathfinder herself! The adventure continues! Day One : The adventure starts Day Two: A adventure sets sail!(thread coming soon ) Coming soon! Zecora's Log
  14. I'm writing an adventure story with Princess Celestia as the hero. If that sounds like your kind of thing, please come check it out. Celestia in Excelsis Find out how an ordinary unicorn filly became an alicorn princess, the strange origin of her sister Luna, the fate of Starswirl the Bearded, how the Elements of Harmony were discovered, and how Celestia and Luna lost their connection to them. And much more. It's a thousand years of adventure, magic, and romance, all leading to Princess Celestia's ultimate destiny! Thanks for reading.
  15. [colour=#000000]This seems like the right forum to post this. I have discovered and been involved with a fantasy adventure game based on the world of my little pony, and classic fantasy settings. Its been a great time, and I would love to share this game with other communities. Its and entirely fan made project and version 2 is in the works. [/colour] This is the core rules document, as you can see it has elements of classic table top role play games, while being simplified to be easy to pick up and optimized for forum use. Please check it out and maybe we can have a game together? [colour=#1155CC] http://goo.gl/WKvUM[/colour] There is also an image for easier viewing. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/22475244/mlpfmtorpg-1.2_core.jpg
  16. The bass heavy music was blaring as electric lights flashed wildly through the air, to-nights DJ, the owner of the club, was an electric blue unicorn with a frayed, burned red mane that stood behind the turntables, nodding his head to the beat. stopping a bit to look at the room, he smiled to himself, "my, an empty club, I should have known to send out those invites" he mumbled before switching tracks. "Oh well, I'll just amp up the volume, someone is bound to hear it!" the speakers were encased in the same light blue aura as his horns and pretty soon the whole building was vibrating
  17. [colour=#008000]"In the past, there was war. In the present, there is peace. In the future, there is nothing..."[/colour] "So...you wish to hear a story, eh? One about fierce warriors, mighty magicians, and powerful dragons? Well then...I got quite the story for you! About three hundred years ago, Equestria was quite different...quite different indeed. As you may well know, the Princesses still ruled back then, but it was a strange time, a strange place...it was the time of the Bearers of Harmony, one of whom you had better well know, being Novices at our fine Academy and all! Anyway, I digress...it was during this time that tensions in Equestria had risen to new heights, where we were caught in a constant battle with all kinds of invading forces from lands far away, the most notorious being the wicked Changelings. For several years, our ancestors were thrust into a costly war with the Dark Swarm, battling valiantly against the evil Chrysalis, and of course, we managed to defeat them in time...but not without a consequence. Little did we know that the Changeling Hives stood upon an ancient sealing ground, that was connected physically to Tartarus...and the destruction of the Hives opened a rift within the barrier. Five demons sprang forth from its depths, each former Alicorns that had been cast into Tartarus for nefarious deeds they committed in the ancient past...and were renamed by their new, dark traits. We know them as Death, War, Famine, Plague, and Armageddon. When they emerged into Equestria...they took the will of the several Dragonflights, molding them into their personal army of darkness. The united scourge moved across the land...consuming everything that got in their way. However, there were still a few dragonflights who had avoided the mind-altering effects of the Alicorn demons...one of the dragons being our very own headmaster, Spike. With the help of the Academy's co-founder, Twilight Sparkle, the remaining dragons and ponies of Equestria formed a magical pact that still holds this day...the Scaleheart Pact. This magical bond united both ponies and dragons, magically and spiritually, and with their combined power...they pushed back the hordes of the Five Alicorns. While not much is known on what exactly happened within the last few months of the war, the Headmaster tells us that the demons were defeated, and resealed back into Tartarus. Freed from their oppressive grip, the other dragonflights also took part in the Scaleheart Pact...and three hundred years later, here we are today, sending the greatest young warriors and magicians of both races here, to find their soul-partners and help defend our homeland. In time, younglings, you too shall take up your arms in the name of our Princesses and Broodmothers...but never shall we differ to either, for we act as the connection between both worlds, and thus must never take a side between them. Well, now! Story time is over...now get back to your studies, before I keel-haul your rears to the Mistress of Novices! SCAT!" - Master of the Library, Libros of the Red Roost. Important Locations: Canterlot - Capital of Equestria and home to the Scaleheart Academy, it is home to a congregation of all races. Ruled by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, Canterlot is a shining pillar of strength and magical power. Ponies and dragons everywhere gather here to celebrate the Festival of Roaring Skies, a ceremony and competition in which the best young fighters and magicians of both races (usually the ages of a colt or filly, or dragon young wyrm) fight for the right to become a Novice at the Scaleheart Academy. Scaleheart Academy - Home to the Scalehearts and the Eternity Scroll (A mysterious relic of ancient power, used to forge the Pact). Spike, Twilight Sparkle's own Scaleheart companion, now serves as the Headmaster of the Academy and Grand Master of the order. Every year, at the Festival of Roaring Skies, the Grand Master selects six worthy ponies or dragons to join the Scalehearts...however, the qualities that he looks for are unknown. The Academy lies at the top of the mountain's peak, and was made out of the very stone itself, magically enchanted to protect and preserve its secret knowledge and mystery. Those who become Scalehearts and Scaleheart Novices are sworn to keep these secrets at whatever cost, and so far...there have been no traitors. Split in several Halls, they are named for each distinct purpose: The Scryer's Hall: Magical Observation of the Land. The Warrior's Hall: Combat Training. The Archmage's Hall: Magic Training. The Archives Hall: Library. The Teacher's Hall: Home of teachers and elder members of the Scalehearts. The Apprentice's Hall: Home of Novices and younger members of the Scalehearts. The Sanctuary: Where the Eternity Scroll and the Grand Master reside. The Dome of Fortune: Where all ceremonies take place. The Demon's Pit - Said to be the hole where the Alicorn demons came out from, this cursed area is considered tainted and has often been known to drive any inhabitants insane if they dwell there for too long. Once the home of the Changeling Hives, it is now a dark crater, with the local wildlife dead or non-existant. The Scalehearts always keep an eye on this unholy place, to make sure that 'myths' stay where they belong... (Any other cities in mainstream Equestria exist, and can serve as places of origin. Dragon origins can be made up...if they make sense.) Character Apps: Name: Gender: *Race: **Age: Appearance: Personality: Motivation: Skills: Cutie Mark (If a pony): Background Story: *With races, they'll have to be written like the examples below: Race: Pony (Unicorn) Race: Dragon (Frost Dragon) Available Slots: Slot One: Pupil (FermataTheBasse) Slot Two: Lightning Shadowgarb (TheBritishBrony) Slot Three: Ultvara (TotalEcplise) Slot Four: Raina Gladhoof (ONWARDConwardicus) Slot Five: -Open- Better sign up quick...for the adventure is about to begin!
  18. Okay, to keep from being a total downer on myself (stupid failing tumblrpony blog), I'll just shoot out my idea. I'm sure many of you out there have seen or at least heard of Moonstuck. It's an awesome RP-kinda blog starring the uber-adorable Princess Woona and her adventures on the moon. I had an idea to try something in a kind of similar vein. It would be an ongoing comic-like thing, starring several MLP:FiM characters who aren't the mane 6 in a swords-and-sorcery setting. They would form a party, fantasy RPG-style, and hit the road for high adventure! Possible Characters for the party would include: Berry Punch the Drunken Brawler Big Macintosh the Barbarian Gilda the Archer Lyra the Bard Nurse Redheart the Cleric Shining Armor the Knight Caramel the Squire (Shining Armor's sidekick) Spitfire the Blademaster Thunderlane the Warrior Trixie the Wizard Zecora the Shaman Anypony think this could work? Suggestions? Comments?
  19. I've been developing this story since February and infrequently writing since April. I'd just like some honest feedback about errors, writing style, character portrayal, and readability. Here's the first part of the first chapter =========================================================================================== Chapter 1 Part 1: A Piece of Peace Books danced about in the air, suspended by an aura of magenta. Dozens of books and several scrolls filed around the room in this manner, lining themselves upon the shelves on the walls or a select few finding their way into an indigo saddle bag on the round table at the center of the room. A lavender unicorn pony that called the interior of the massive, hollowed out tree her home willed the objects around her, the effort made evident by a glow of light coming from the horn on her forehead. It was not Re-shelving Day according to her schedule, but it was no less important that she took note of each and every book, as well as the numerous scrolls that ponies would check out. As the resident librarian of Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle took every measure to ensure that nothing went amiss. This was her domain after all, and order would be kept. Another stack of books made its way down the stairs from the second floor, but not through the unicorn’s will or other magical properties. Walking on his hind legs and supporting his load with his arms, a tiny purple dragon with a pale green underbelly and spines of a more prominent green from the top of his head to the end of his tail hefted the books cautiously down each step. As he approached the last few steps, testing his footing before descending to the next, he spoke up to his caretaker and friend. “Hey Twilight, I know you want this to go smoothly, but don’t you think you’re getting a bit over-prepared?” Even as he addressed his concern the young dragon continued to sort his pile of books, keeping an eye out for copies the unicorn wanted for tonight. “Not this time, Spike,” she asserted in a matter-of-fact tone. “I know I was a bit carried away when Cheerilee first asked me, but I’m only planning this first lesson. I’ll take them one at a time like I should have in the first place.” “I’m surprised she’s still cool with letting you plan the special night classes,” Spike thought aloud. “Especially after you nearly put her in the hospital.” The baby dragon watched the unicorn wince from behind as the memories of last week brought a regretful expression to her face. “I know, I know, but she accepted my apology. Anyway! Cheerilee told me exactly what she wanted to go over and in what order, so I know everything I need to be ready for tonight.” Emphasising the point was an array of telescopes that flew to her side from an overhang on the upper floor. “Hmm, there aren’t enough for all the children,” she noted after double-checking the list of students, “so they’ll probably have to pair up. Spike, Once you’re done with that stack, can you make sure there will be enough star charts and astrology books? I don’t want anypony feeling left out.” “Alright, alright,” the young dragon replied, a share of exasperation evident in his voice. The main reason he hoped this would be over very soon was the fact it was almost an hour past noon, and they hadn’t done anything for lunch. He tried to keep his thoughts occupied with organizing the few remaining books so his hunger would slip his mind for just a few more minutes, but It wasn’t working very well. Just as he finished putting away his stack, Spike discovered something that would no doubt postpone lunch even longer. He was tempted to just pretend he overlooked it, but that was no way for a Number One Assistant to act. So, despite the feel of his empty belly, he turned around and spoke up to get the unicorn’s attention. “Twilight! Hey, Twilight! The last copy of The Rookie’s Guide to Constellations is missing!” Twilight was usually of a relaxed disposition, but she seized up after hearing that. A missing book? In her library? The sound of a dragon hitting the bookshelf didn’t register right away to Twilight as she zipped over to examine the shelf herself. Neither did the sensation of a unicorn running into a dragon shortly before that. After affirming Spike’s declaration, Twilight’s cupped ears folded back in apprehension. She trotted in place, looking around anxiously. “Oh no! I am short one copy!” Twelve students, six telescopes, five books. Doing some quick math, there were a few options to make due with what she had, but she wanted this to be enjoyable and any amount of lopsided resource management could throw the children off. Of course, she also remembered once again that this was a library. The book in question could simply be checked out. Trotting over to the table at the center of the main room, Twilight flipped open the in/out index, backtracking through the records to see if it had in fact been checked out. “Aha! Lickity Split checked it out two weeks ago. Agh! That means it’s supposed to be due today!” Still rubbing the spot where he was knocked into the shelf, Spike found himself suddenly aglow with magenta, then hoisted through the air across the room. Twilight’s saddlebags met him just above the lavender unicorn and slipped onto her back before he himself was placed there as well. Procuring the day’s checklist, she offered it and a quill to him. “What’s the schedule look like, Spike?” Twilight asked, hoping they had the time to spare to recover the missing book. “We’ve got time. Those were the last of the books you wanted to sort through anyways. Also, you owe me lunch. We put it off this whole time to get everything ready.” “Okay, okay. We’ll get lunch first thing after picking up the book.” Without further delay, Twilight galloped out of the library with Spike in tow. Using her magic, she closed the door, locked it, and adorned it with a sign that simply stated “Out to lunch” with an apologetic caricature of a pony in the corner. It was late summer and the hints of autumn’s arrival were gradually creeping up on Ponyville. The pegasi would organize cloud cover more and more frequently, and the seasonal vegetation was becoming sparser with each passing day. Fall events such as the Running of the Leaves were still well off, but some ponies were looking forward to them already. Ponyville was lively as could be for the relatively small town it was, with as many comers as there were goers. There were two earth ponies that caught Twilight’s immediate attention as they entered the middle of town, however. Applejack was one of Twilight Sparkle’s best friends. She was the hardworking, level-headed owner and manager of Sweet Apple Acres, one of the most well known apple farms in Equestria. The orange pony was rustic and often frank to a fault, but if she set her green eyes on a goal of any sort she would make every legitimate effort possible to accomplish it. Unlike most other ponies, Applejack kept her blond mane and tail tied at the ends. She normally wore a charming light brown stetson hat, but Twilight was surprised not to see it as they drew closer to each other. That brought her attention to Apple Bloom, the farm pony’s younger sister. Much more of a yellow coat, the young filly wore a rather large rose pink bow in her red mane. At the moment, though, the fact that her legs were covered in gauze and bandages was of more immediate concern. “Oh my goodness! Apple Bloom, what happened? Are you alright?” Twilight knew the young filly had a knack for getting into trouble, but she didn’t usually get hurt like this. While she didn’t respond right away, her older sister spoke up. “Y’know that grindstone we use to make our apple cider? Li’l Miss Crusader here thought it was a good idea to use it all on her own.” Twilight was rather familiar with the club Apple Bloom and her friends had made for themselves. There were many in Ponyville that were well aware of the ‘Cutie Mark Crusaders’ and their desire to discover their own unique talents. Their efforts often involved running all over town doing all manner of crazy things as a means of earning their cutie marks, which would illustrate something special about them, and often considered a milestone to growing up. Applejack however seemed to have found a reason to object to the filly’s latest solo endeavor, and her ornery tone only helped to exacerbate her already strong country accent. “She was usin’ the treadmill by herself, but it got away from her and by the time I heard her callin’ for help, it was all she could do to not get launched off the thing. Tilting her head, Applejack’s green eyes glanced to her sister with a hint of exasperation. “But she did. Then took a nasty spill across the barn floor. We patched her up, but we just came from the doctor’s to make sure she’s fine.” Apple Bloom took the opportunity to speak up defensively, her own accent as strong as her sisters, “I was jus’ tryin’ to catch yer hat!” “If ya hadn’t a lost yer focus to keep runnin’ I coulda got ya off’a there!” Applejack responded, clearly frustrated. “Hat? How does your hat come into this?” Twilight asked, still curious as to its absence from the farm pony’s head. “Apple Bloom likes to take my hat sometimes for her games, or just to drive her sister crazy. This time though, it got caught in the grindstone and all kinds’a ripped up.” Applejack demonstrated by opening the saddlebag she’d been wearing and pulled out a piece of the hat with her mouth. “Oh dear. She must have been going pretty fast for it to shred your hat like that.” “Darn tootin’,” Applejack agreed irritably after putting the remains of the hat away. “She was gallopin’ like the timberwolves were after her. Before I could reach her my hat fell off her head and Apple Bloom went and tried to nab it before the grindstone caught it. That’s why she missed her hoofin’ and got all scuffed up.” The younger of the sisters took a breath to start arguing, “But yer hat...!” “Wasn’t worth the risk of windin’ up a batch of Sister Cider!” Applejack raised her voice only enough to establish an end to the subject. An awkward silence came between the four of them, but Applejack quickly tried to move things along, “Ehh, so what was it y’all are out-’n-about fer?” Twilight was hesitant to speak for a moment, but decided it might be better to do so. If only to get around the uncomfortableness. “Um, I was on my way to get a book that somepony checked out. It’s due today anyway and I need one extra copy so I can help Cheerilee teach her students about the night sky.” “Oh! Well ain’t that right up yer alley? Come to think of it, I remember Apple Bloom mentionin’ you’d have somethin’ to do with those night-time classes.” A haunting growl from behind Twilight elicited a disgruntled groan from the young dragon that had been too preoccupied imagining lunch to participate in the conversation. “Twilight! Can we please, please, please hurry? I’m starving back here!” To dramatize the point, Spike fell limp across her back, forked tongue hanging out as if he’d passed out from hunger. The two mare friends shared a brief chuckle at that. “I’d better be going. I don’t want Spike to start chewing on my mane.” “Don’t tempt me,” the dragon in question called out. Ignoring Spike’s retort, Twilight lowered her head to speak at eye level with the downtrodden filly. “I hope you feel better soon, Apple Bloom. I don’t want you to miss out tonight.” Offering a small smile as a pair of copper eyes met her own violet pair. “Can I still go, Sis?” Apple Bloom asked cautiously, glancing to Applejack.. “So long as Twilight promises t’keep an eye on ya, I’m fine with ya goin’.” Twilight gave a curt nod, “You don’t have to worry about a thing, Applejack. Cheerilee and I will both be there, and we’ll actually be setting up on top of the hills between Ponyville and Sweet Apple Acres. So she won’t even be that far from home.” “Well a’right. Since yer so confident ‘n all. Sorry to have kept ya, Twi. Good luck with yer book hunt.” Applejack stepped aside for her unicorn friend to get on by, waving with her right foreleg. With a brief sigh she nudged Apple Bloom to follow along with her.
  20. So here I am and looking for some ponies. As the title suggests I would like to play Rainbow Dash. Further introduction of her character is not necessary, I believe you all know her quite well. First of all, some things about me: I'm not a native speaker, so there is a chance my sentences could contain mistakes. I'm a roleplay veteran, doing it since six years now. I roleplayed as Dash too and I believe I'm quite convincing. Lately things died down for me a lot, so I came here to find some new partners. The rest of my text here will be preferences, so if you have a different idea don't think you won't get me to play, just ask! What kind of RP: I'm open to private and public RPs alike. For private - just tell me what you like to do and I will answer, either a message or post here it doesn't matter. For public - roughly the same, but if you already have a thread give me a link. Please note that I'm very open to help someone create a public RP if he wants to. Or if you are looking for ponies to start with. I also don't mind if you want me to make something like a "guest appearance" in any kind of RP. Topic of the RP: Romance Adventure Those are the most interesting for me, especially if combined. Your Character: For adventure it really doesn't matter. If romance is involved I would prefer a cast pony or a female OC - since I already have a RBD/stallion RP elsewhere. If you plan a different topic for the RP, just ask me. Well I guess thats enough to work with, just drop me a PM or reply here and I will answer quickly, since I don't really have much else to do. P.S.: I'm a very active RP player, it would be pleasant if you would be too!
  21. I have a new rp idea, everypony! And I would just like to see if anypony would be interested, and if so, I may start taking apps or something, which as always, I'll be pretty easy going with. C: But umm.. That's if there's interest.. but the other day I was doing my friend's homework, (yes, sadly, you read that correctly.. -.-) and it was on a book called Lord of the Flies, which gave me the idea of doing something similar, but as an rp. For those of you who are not familiar with the story, it's about a group of British choir boys who's plane crashed on a deserted island, and they had to learn to work together and survive. So, basically, we'd have a bunch of oc's (or cast, I dun't care C:) who are stuck on a deserted island together, all just trying to survive and thrive. I'd love to see how conflicts arise in the group, and how things get settled once one it does. It's hard in such a place as a deserted island with no authority, no leadership (unless we elect somepony or something..? I think that could be a good idea. We may even have rivaling groups if ponies disagree strongly enough. I'd like for moral to be a large focus, which means that it's okay to have some kooky characters in this! Some may be control freaks and want to lead more than anything but be selfish power abusers, others may be hopelessly scared, and some may snap and turn to things like physically attack others, raiding a group, or even cannibalism (but do ask before eating people's characters, please ^^)), or perhaps not! We will see C: I would just like to have a bunch of interesting ponies stuck together. I mean, you don't have to have crazy ones or anything.. Good ponies are always welcome!! I think it would be awesome to have a couple of leader type characters in it, though, just because every pony getting along perfectly can get sort of boring.. but maybe not. Haha. Anyways.. I'd really like to know you gangsters' thoughts and feelings on this! =D Love you, Scamps!! -Star Storm ^^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yay, we have interest already!! I should just like, start apps now.. C: ..because from my previous experience with this.. that process takes for freaking ever. xD SO! Here we go. =D This was totally not just pasted from Hearts and Hooves Day.. Name: (..You HAVE a name, don't you?!) Gender: (In the words of Professor Oak... Are you a boy or a girl? Or are you neither? Cuz I have a neither character, so that'd be cool with me too xD) Race:(Wings? Horn? Neither? Lemme know! But please, no alicorns.. ^^ Tanks) Brief History: (Where are you from? Where DID you live before the crash? Have you had a good life so far?... Also, PLEASE don't write six pages on it.. K tanks ^^) Looks: (Whatcha look like? Are your character's eyes red, bold, and burning with desire, or are they green and cool as a sea cucumber? Lol, those are ridiculous examples, I'm sorry.. x3 But still, lemme know colors and style) Cutie Mark: (If any.. If not, it's oki. Who knows? Maybe you'll find one on the island when put to the test! ;3 Also, a story of how your character got it would be ROCKIN! ^^) Personality: (How do you act? Are you a passive little bugger who wouldn't speak out much if they didn't like how things were going, or do you have a rebellious little soul who would spark the fires in others hearts, along with a burning need to take down the current pony in authority?) Likes and dislikes: (What does your pony like or not like to do, eat, throw, strum, whatever! Is he the kind who would build shelter? Could she handle hunting with *dun dun dun* SHARPENED STICKS?! Does your character have a heart for adventure and exploring the giant, scary cave not far from his shelter?) Character flaws: (Are they terrified of the dark because of a tragic childhood event..? Do they require a respirator to breath properly because of all the spray paint fumes they intake? Do they just clam up talking to girls, even though they may be a master of karate? Oh yeah peeps, I went there xD) Could your character possibly ever be a leader? Would s/he have any desire to?: Random fact: (Did you once wrestle a bear? Can you make 10 minute brownies in only 8 minutes? This stuff is important!) Anything I left out..? ^^ : (Can he not go 20 minutes without sunflower seeds? Do you still just need someplace to mention about how she collects pet rocks?) (It's not set in stone or anything so if you're like.. I DONT WANNA WRITE A HISTORY UNLESS I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO then it's okay. So long as the character looks like it can bring some awesome into the story, I'm happy xD) Thanks all for applying C: Also.. If you've rp'd with me before.. Which one of my characters do you guyses think that I should play on the island..? I can't seem to decide! ^^ Haha. (No, this isn't an app question lol)
  22. Equestria and the Staff of Fate There exists a legend so obscured and grand that even myth considers it myth, that parents don't even bother telling their foals it's story because even to their ears it sounds absurdly silly. But in Equestria there is truth to every lie, an answer to every riddle, a key to every lock and fact behind every work of fiction. Equestra forgot about the Staff of Fate. Fate did not forget about Equestria. Across the land exist relics, each of which are powerful all their own and worthy of the many legends told about them. Some of these legends are true and others false, yet all are insignificant in their singular nature when compared to what they do together, forming the Staff of Fate. Somepony has figured it out and is going after these artifacts viciously: Griffon and Diamond Dog mercernaries, a pet dragon, an extremely competent Pony force with the bits, smarts, and intelligence to back it up. What does this shadowy figure want? Is the Staff of Fate real? If so, what does it do? No one knows, but a small group of the finest minds and adventurers in the land know one thing: Anypony so obsessed with something of such mythic power must be stopped at all costs. It's just a shame personality conflicts stop them from working together, but still- all for two and two for Equestria! Hey there and welcome to the OOC topic for Equestria and the Staff of Fate, an epic comedy/adventure/mystery series that will span many, many interconnected threads and involve many characters, locations, situations and foes. There will be two core groups of adventurers involved, but they will be heading across the land. As they hit a new area, characters in the area will be able to join in on the fun. I am also not opposed to groups starting their own storyline that fits into this arc, but it has to at least adhere to what we have set-up. This thread itself is still a work in progress and as such expect this to be updated many, many times before we launch the series of adventures! Questions are welcomed. The Ongoing Plot- Teams 1 and 2 WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE GRAND STORY ARC ABOUND. Prologues 1: Iris of Immortality and The Saxon Staff. Prologues 2: The Ruby Claw. Act 1- Orb of Overwatch Act 2- Recovery and Resurgence Act 3- The Amulet of Time Act 4- The Faye Act 5- The Staff of Fate TEAMS 3 AND 4 STORYLINE: Threads: Prologues- Pathfinder and the City of the Griffons- The Prologue Story to the Claw Storyline. Pegasi of a Feather: In the Land of Bored and Broken- Part One of the Iris of Immortality Trilogy. Sort et Coincidence- Part Three of the Claw Storyline. A Taste of Desert Hospitality- Part four of the Claw Storyline. Locations: (List of locations and characters to possibly be introduced in that area, as well as threads that have taken place there) Stalliongrad Talinopolis- Pathfinder and the City of the Griffons Badlands Everfree Forest(likely multiple times) Ponyville Canterlot- Pegasi of a Feather: In the Land of Bored and Broken Cloudsdale Manehattan Painted Pinto Desert Roughrider Ridge Tartarus Roam Hoofenheim Gallopcus Islands Okeanos Clopton Shores Neighphes Delta Soggalong Swamps Suntrot Bay Seasaddle Bay Unyasi (Some may have a full set dedicated to them, others only a thread, some only part of a thread. New locations are as always welcomes.) Relics: Orb of Overwatch- The Orb of Overwatch's legend is that a paranoid princess used it to investigate her subjects for rebellion. This is truthfully what it does by itself, as it can pierce the heart and soul of any pony to discern the truth. The Iris of Immortality- Used by the followers of a prince to keep their poisoned prince alive. Said to grant immortality and perfection o form, the Iris of Immortality may or may not grant it. However, it does help give the staff it's power... Saxon Staff- After trying to take the throne from his brother, an evil prince attempts to wield ultimate power by the creation of this staff. He is overthrown before he can complete his task, and the staff is placed near the Iris of Immortality. Unlimited magical power. The Ruby Claw- Links the Orb and the Staff. By itself, it is a fearsome weapon said to be wielded by the Griffon Warlord who defeated Commander Hurricane and stripped her of her Helm. The Amulet of Time- An ancient artificat rumored to have been created by Unicornia in an effort to stall the onslaught of winter so it could evacuate more unicorns from the old lands. It allows its user to do with time what it wills, going backwards, forwards, stopping it, speeding it up. However, the user feels the same effects, making it equally dangerous to the user unless... The Faye- No one knows what it is, what it means. Together, these things come together to form the Staff of Fate, a device which allows its user to channel all the soul searching powers of the Orb and the time bending capabilities of the Amulet. He can pierce the souls of all creatures at all times forever, and with the aid of the Iris of Immortality and the Saxon Staff, has the capability to do what he pleases, when he pleases, forever and with no way of stopping him. He becomes fate incarnate. No one knows who created the Staff of Fate or why, and if someone once had it, how in Equestria did it get away from him? And if someone wants to get it now, then why- and can they be stopped? Enemies:(Used only past the prologue) Diamond Dog Mercenaries- They'll work for gems, bones, or the sheer thrill of the hunt! Dull, but dangerous. Griffon Mercenaries- Dishonored military officers mix with criminals who escaped from The Pit to create a dangerous and highly motivated group of fortune seekers. Led by Gavin Stormwing, Major Brenda Razorclaw, and a hyper intelligent crime lord called The Director. Merlot: Hailing from a prominent family of grape farmers (hence his name), this smoothly-dressed archaeologist obtains antiquities and sells them to private collectors. When not getting his hooves dirty (which is rare, since he uses other ponies to do his dirty work), Merlot can be seen enjoying the pleasures of high-society life. While many do-gooder treasure hunters revile the stallion, Merlot sees such ponies as careless hypocrites whose methods needlessly damage archaeologial sites. General Pummel: A honorable high-ranking officer in Equestria's Honor Guard, Pummel takes all percieved threats to Equestria's harmony seriously. As an admirer of the Griffin military, the general has associated in the past with a couple of his opposite numbers in Aquellia, who recently suffered disgrace due to an embarrassing incident. Should these ex-griffin officers suck up their pride, they will find General Pummel to be a valuable ally, just as long as he won't have to betray Princess & Country. Purple Stars- A large relic and antique 'collection' service with both a public and criminal facade. While it is a well-known and very respectably competent acqusition service that has recovered and protected relics and museums from harm, it has run into some difficult times and under new ownership has found itself used as hired hooves in the search for the relics. Some of its best and most seasoned agents will be deployed against the heroes in the name of profit and adventure, while sub-groups devoted to more sinister backroom dealings will do what needs to be done too ensure the success of their masters. Others to come(Ponies, dragons, and the various traps, creatures and local issues that will come up in a less planned manner) Teams: (Working it out with a few others. There are two main groups as well as individuals who are vital to the team's success who do not always join the main adventurers) Team 1- Trixie, Pathfinder, Twilight, Spin Tale, Rain Leaf- Main Team Team 2- Dr. Whooves, Bamboo Blade, Seeker, Serendipity, Applejack- Main Team Team 3- Arrow Plain, Gilda, Trailblazer, Lightning Dancer, ONE SPOT OPEN- Team 4- Snowfall, Sparks, Harrington Sleuth, Fire Walker, Trekker- Location: Granola Gracie [Whitetail Wood] Miracle [Canterlot] Sugar Rush [Gallopocous Island] Gladius Vigil Snowdrift Whirly Gig Kazino Kwato Everfree Forest Electric Vibe Ponyville Muggo' Ale [Fillydelphia] Wind Rider [Hoofington] Penumbra [Canterlot] Bowsprit [Gallopocous Island Radiant Steel [Canterlot] Lady Luck [Desert] Midnight Brand Roughrider Ridge (central ridge/mountains) Arcana - location specific to Everfree (and potentially others) Vivid Flair - location specific to Manehattan Sierra - location specific to Badlands or Roughrider Ridge Rarity - location specific to Ponyville. Dunder Blust- Cloudsdale
  23. Cutlass turned to Novaya. "So. We have equipment and intel. However little of the latter is available anyway. My vote goes to making a bit of distance out of here if we're not taking a night at the inn for planning. Immediate and direct travel without rest, as it is, would be kind of awkward as well, seeing as we all only just met... with all due respect of course." "Ja, we should try to be covering some ground,” the Germanean quipped. “I would not mind a planning session to be determining strategy. If we rest a bit beforehoof, I can be getting ready to go long distance on my bad leg. Would be making things easier, Ja? We must be getting to know each other before we fight together." “Then it is agreed. Back to the inn we go,” Novaya smiled. “It would be better for us to depart tomorrow when we have rested. We can travel by morning and venture into the town itself in afternoon. Sound good, da?” The sergeant major turned back towards the center of town, head held high and whistling the beginning of a cheery Stallian tune. “Besides, I could go for another round of drinks while we wait for daybreak!” ****** “...and we still need to find you a proper set of saddlebags for journey ahead!” Novaya laughed, loudly clapping Radiant Steel on the back with a hoof. “Where in all that armor did you plan on putting canteens, medical supplies, and Magya Valius’ trinkets?” A partly filled tankard floated next to her head wreathed in the soft cornflower blue glow of her magic, the only reason it remainedbeing that she had just hammered down the last tankard. After all, there was nothing like a good brew before a mission! The large, round table was stacked with food and drink; local barley brews, Stallian vodka, standard pony pub grub, and fresh fruit brought in from the local ports. Seats around the suspended disc of seasoned hardwood consisted of padded pillows; rough on the surface to resist wear from bar denizens, but comfortable enough for a pony to rest upon for a meal and a drink. Dim but warm lighting from faerie lanterns shed their glow upon the seating area, cordoning the booths and tables with swaths of soft shadow. The atmosphere of The Cloven Hoof was one of content. Sailors and dock workers had just come off their shifts and store owners and mid-level bureaucrats had been off their desks for an hour or more already. Each clique seemed to have their own habitat; soldiers and sailors clustering around big circular tables, desk jockeys huddling in their corner booths, and a smattering of loners clustered at the bar waiting on drinks. The party was merely another group in the busy hubbub of a tavern at prime time. The sergeant major was not above carousing with her command. It was her firm belief that with the right to shed blood, sweat, and tears together came the responsibility of sharing food and drink and stories together. How could you fight alongside a comrade who cared nothing for his or her fellow pony? Meal and drink did not just provide sustenance, it provided camaraderie, and in that a more cohesive fighting unit and a much greater chance of success. Novaya had already sized up their combat prowess at Valius’ tower. Alone, each was formidable. A swordsmare, a Germanean mercenary, an REA neophyte, and a seasoned VSS soldier; each more than a match for the rabble that surely roamed the streets of Lunae. But that was unimportant. Novaya had seen former Kuznitza street rats take down much tougher foes with only their wits and loyalty to each other. Their ability to work together was far more important than individual skill. But of course, in order to know the team, the team had to know each other... “So tell me, letchka, where are you from?” The sergeant major grinned at Radiant Steel before taking a long draught from her tankard. “Ponyville, Marelia, Canterlot?”
  24. (OoC Note: This rp operates in a world nearly identical to Paper Mario. Have fun! OoC thread and character reservations go here: ) Equestria was in chaos. The land that was once in 3 dimensions, is now flat and with paper textures. The Princesses knew not what had occurred but knew that this wasn't Discord's doing. The magical signature was foreign to them, and filled with malicious intent. They sent for Twilight and her friends at once to wield the elements and restore their world. Whilst the Princesses sent for Twilight, a turtle on a broomstick cackled evil laughter as she made a rip in the background. Through the rip, Bowser squeezed through, breaking the 4th wall in such a way that Pinkie would have been proud. "BWAHAHAHA! With this rod, I'll make this my new kingdom!", he exclaimed triumphantly before making a beeline to the Everfree Forest as the rip closed on it's own. Before the rip closed completely, Mario jumped through but because he did not have the Star Rod, was transformed into a red, short pony with a red cap. "Mama Mia!", he cried in shock before fainting.
  25. (OOC: While the adventure starts out in Canterlot, it will end up in the Everfree and be mainly in that area) Candy Catch-em finally got out of the spa after a full body cleaning that morning. She was glad she would never have a unicorn foal after Pumpkin Cake made a gooey mess of her wings. It was a mystery to her how an Earth mare had twins that were a Unicorn and a Pegasus -Until she had heard they were from Ponyville. Since that was the epicenter of the Discord attack and Mrs. Cake would have been pregnant at the time, the case was solved in her mind. Getting her mind back on the special event she had planned that day, she tipped her bush hat back and streetched her wings "Ah Much better!" The pegasus mare then checked on the nearest poster she had put up several days before. She read over the poster tacked on a wall post, asking for volenteers or other help for the chance to help move a rescue Manticore who promised to not hurt a pony. A ride in an air yacht and free food was guaranteed by her today. "I hope I get enough help today. It would make things much easier."
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