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  1. ".....So always remember that anypony who says you can’t or shouldn’t reinvent yourself is wrong! Don’t let any neighsayers stand between you and success! To stand out from the rest of the herd, you can’t be content with passively using your talents day-to-day. Real success means forging a fresh, BOLD identity. Success means not letting your old self take charge of your future destiny. And above all else, success means never settling for the same status as everypony else! Remember those things, and one day you too will earn the fame and fortune that ambitious hard-workers like yourselves... rightfully deserve." That marked the end of Svengallop’s speech, prompting a storm of applause from his audience. Invited to speak at a Canterlot seminar for business entrepreneurs, the executive used his time to impart his unconventional wisdom and describe his past successes in the music industry. Naturally, Sven left out everything that involved his burned bridges, life dissatisfaction, and succumbing to greed. The audience needed an inspiring story, after all. Since Svengallop wasn’t paid to answer audience questions, he quickly left the stage once the clapping of hooves ended. Just one quick jaunt through the majestic lobby of the luxury hotel where the seminar was taking place, and the stallion should be on his way to grabbing lunch at an exclusive street cafe.....
  2. To say Inkbrand was happy right at this moment would have been…just a bit of an understatement. After all, it wasn't often he got this sort of alone time with a mare of such standing. When her brother had mentioned her, the grey stallion hadn't thought anything of it, just a family member of an acquaintance mentioned in passing. Meeting the mare in question herself, however, had had him thinking about little else. Which, made Inkbrand abruptly realize that he was thinking entirely too much for a stallion in his position. "Alright there, doll?" he murmured lowly as he pressed himself a little bit closer, not really doing anything in particular as opposed to simply dominating the space he had her trapped in. Not like she had anywhere else to go - even a trained mare like her couldn't push through the solid wall Inkbrand held her against. The tattoo-clad stallion slowly dragged his mouth against the side of her head, intimately rubbing cheek against cheek as he trailed up to breathe lightly against her ear in a teasing fashion, delighting in every shiver, quiver, and gasp he could rile from the gorgeous mare in front of him. Oh, yes. He could happily stay like this for the entire evening. Which he wouldn't, of course - they did have their night on the town to attend to, after all. But that didn't mean Inkbrand would give up their cuddling beforehoof. Who knew, maybe she'd want to skip the entire evening and simply stay indoors, because she was just so entranced by him. The thought made Inkbrand's eyes heat up as he pulled back slightly, to press a - so far - chaste kiss to the corner of her lips, light and feathered.
  3. In all honesty, finding the little shop had been the biggest challenge. But given its location in the midst of similar office-type buildings, he supposed anypony would've had a challenge on their hooves, and he had most certainly not stumbled upon it by sheer luck after breaking into three other different offices. It was the one on the first floor. Go figure. Stil, Xiphos wasn't really bothered by his wanderings, considering that he liked to wait until dark fell to commit felonies anyways. That, and the funny little wind-up clock he'd swiped from the second office had made the entire escapade worth it, sort of. The Aerion absently tapped said clock on its surface, a grin lacing over his face as the little caricatures inside went haywire, and continued languidly lounging against the windowsill as he looked around the office space. The Earth Pony was closing up shop in the other room - small place, that. Reception and an office, that was it - which gave Xiphos plenty of time to take in the myriad of different lights, patterns and...crystals. Surprising for a non-Crystal pony, sure, but Xiphos supposed to each their own. His sharp green eyes eventually, and inevitably, wandered towards the crystal ball sitting on the mare's desk, his own rhythmic tapping against the windup clock growing a bit more aggressive, more sporadic. Platinum...and diamond? The pedestal was more interesting than the crystal ball. And shinier. There would be plenty of time for stealing later, but that didn't stop Xiphos from leaving his comfortable perch to trot closer to a crystalline figure seated on a bookshelf, curiously running one hoof over the delicate looking structure. No need to rush, and the Aerion remained calm and steady as he patiently waited for the shop owner to finish saying goodbye to her last customer of the day. And if his tail twitched once or twice in aggrieved boredom, well. That was his own business.
  4. ???: It was one sunny day in Canterlot, and a moon-flanked unicorn bearing an unmarked box knocked on the door to a cozy one-story house. The smiling mare elected not to shout anything. Moondancer (Canon): Moondancer yawned, levitating her glasses up to rub her eyes, having been taking a light nap, getting up, her mane down for today as she moved to open the door; "H'llo?" ???: The visitor looks into Moondancer's face; "GUESS WHO???" Moondancer: "AAHH!" ???: "Woah!" Moondancer's reaction gave the visitor a jump! Moondancer: "Ahh don't scare me like that!" ???: "Sorry, sorry," the mare bashfully apologized; "But it's been SOOO long since we last got together!" Moondancer: "...Moony..." She fixed her glasses, looking at her cousin and chuckled; "It has been a while..ah..want to come in?" Moondancer (OC): The visitor chuckles as well; "Sure thing...... Moony..." Grinning, she walks inside, levitating a box behind her. Moondancer: Moondancer and her cousin shared a name, due to this they did seem to be close, closing the door with her magic, Moondancer got to work making some coffee for them; "How have things been?" Moony: "Oh, they've been great! Eh heh heh, don't know that I can say the same for your mail though...." Moony sits on the nearest spare chair around, patting her box as she mentions her cousin's mail. Moondancer: "....What did you do to my package...?" Moony: Moony's ears flop down as she talks herself out of an awkward situation of her making; "Oh uh, nothing, it's just that you know..... they mixed up our addresses..... again." Moondancer: "....Oh dear," She groaned; "We need to start making it easier for them to tell us apart...." It was a bit of a problem. Moony: Moony hovers the box filled with quills over to her cousin; "By the way ummm, you haven't received any issues of Sailor Mare in your mailbox lately, have you?" Moondancer: "..." She went over and levitated an envelope out of her closet; "Dunno, didn't open it," she said and traded the package with hers. Moony: Moony grabs the thick envelope, hesitating to open until she sees the symbol of Sailor Mare's publisher. "Oh cool!" she beams; "Thanks for not throwing this away, Moony!" Moondancer: "Why would I throw it away Moony? I recognized your address." She chuckled, opening her own box, full of beautiful quills; "These will be perfect!!" Moony: "Got anything special planned for those quills?" Moondancer: "Mhm I've got some spells I want to copy down, on beautiful paper for some Hearths Warming presents!!" Moony: "Hearths Warming presents, huh....." For Moony, this didn't seem anything like the cousin she knew. Come to think of it, the cousin's grumpiness level was WAY down compared to usual. "You know Moony, something seems a little... different about you today." Moondancer: "Mhm? Well I um," she pushed her glasses up; "I've started to be more social, some old friends and I have reconnected, They don't share my love of magic but we have fun.." Moony: Moony's eyebrow shot upwards out of curiosity; "Oh, you mean Minuette and her gang?" Moony knew that clique well from Magic School. Moondancer: "Mhm! And Twilight Sparkle too if you remember HER from our filly days" Moony: "Twilight? HER TOO? That's awesome Moony! The two of you were practically joined hip-to-hip back in the old days, tehe!" Moondancer: She flushed furiously at that and giggled; "Mhm! We've been pen pals since she lives in Ponyville now, but it's so great to connect with another magic lover you know?" Moony: Moony grins mischievously from an old memory of hers; "You know, it was darn near impossible to tell the two of you apart. I, tehehehe, STILL remember that 'experiment' I conducted which proved that fact once and for all....." Moondancer: ".......Moony you promised to never bring that up agaiiiin!" she whined, now all pink in the face. Moony: Moony pouts; "Ah, come on Moony! It was funny and you know it!" Moondancer: "..Pft Okay it was a little funny, but we can tell us apart now..." Moony: "Yeah, but you couldn't back THEN. That's how it was so easy to recolor the two of you while you were aslee-" Moony had to stop talking to hold back laughter. Moondancer: She huffed at that and poked her in the nose; "My coat was PURPLE for WEEKS!" Moony: The white mare's laughter subsided; "Well, I helped get it all off of you in the end, remember? I mean sure, Princess Celestia gave me permanent after-school detention until I figured out how to get your coat looking like new again....." Moondancer: She smirked; "You deserved that, and you had to help me fix my mane too!" Moony: Moony sighed; "Yeah, I totally deserved it. That's what happens when you miscalculate the permanency of certain enchanted dyes...." Moondancer: "And what happens when you decide to do unethical experiments!" Moony: "Well, if there's any consolation...." Moony started grinning again: "Celestia thought it was one of the funniest pranks she ever saw. Even she thought for a moment there that the two of you had somehow swapped bodies during the night." Moondancer: "That is not a consolation, that's horrifying!" She stuck her tongue out at her, levitating the coffee over. Moony: "What?" Moony nonchalantly took a sip of coffee from her hovering cup; "That our Princess was deceived?" Moondancer: "That she thought it was funny!" Moony: "Heh, you'd be surprised by the sort of things she finds funny....." Moondancer: "She certainly is an interesting Princess." Moony: The white unicorn nods in agreement. "Well, that's the Boss for ya." Moondancer: She sipped at her coffee and sighed; "Ahh you're so lucky to have a job under her, she must teach you amazing things.." Moony: "Well, she mainly teaches me these days about the art of finding amusement in unexpected places. Most of my actual learning is just the average graduate-school grind..." Moondancer: "Sounds important," she chuckled; "Graduate school grind? I remember it well." Very fun. Moony: "It'll all be over soon," Moony grins; "Once I get my Masters in Aetherology this semester, I'll be ready to take on the world!" Moondancer: "Must be my ears, I coulda sworn you just said take over the world!" Moony: "Tehehehehe!!! I wish......" Moondancer: "Might wanna work on the evil laugh," she smirked softly. Moony: The mare clears her throat; "Ahem....... MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Moondancer: "You never warm up by clearing your throat," she chided; "Throw your head back, and do it from the diaphragm." Moony: Moony does a fake pout; "Oh FIIIIIIIINE........" She takes her cousin's advice, throwing her head back as she cackled toward the heavens. "Muahahahaha-AH-ahahahahaha...... BWA-GAH-AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!" Moony's evil laughter was so loud it could be heard from a block away. Moondancer: "Excellent, now tent your hooves and make your eyes squintly." She sipped her coffee, enjoying this way, WAY too much. Moony: "Nah, that doesn't seem evil enough." Moony takes another coffee sip; "You wanna puff yourself upwards, not bend downwards. It's like, you gotta own the place when you cackle like a madmare." Moondancer: "Hnn you need a monocle and a mustache..." she said taking a sip; "And a long dramatic black cape with red lining!" Moony: "Heh, NOW you're talking!" Moondancer: "...I think I know a mare that could get us those...." Moony: That catches Moony off-guard; "You do? Well uhh, I didn't think you were the type to know," the young mare looks up and down at her cousin's worn-out clothing; "...Those sorts of ponies." Moondancer: "Oh yeah! She's a really nice seamstress, her eyesights not too good nowadays but..." she noticed her eyes; "Now now, I love this sweater even if it's wearing out, it's the softest most comfy thing I own." Moony: "I'm surprised you don't get sweaty wearing that thing all the time." Moondancer: "I don't really sweat, and it breaths well," she shrugged; "The others have talked me into going clothing shopping later though...." Moony: "Oh, hope you have fun later. Maybe you'll find a sweater just like your current one, but... you know, newer." Moony sticks out her tongue. Moondancer: She stuck her tongue out at her; "Nyah, do you want to come along?" Moony: A frown appears on Moony's face; "Aww, I wish I could, but they're expecting me down at Spellbound in a couple hours." Moondancer: "Spellbound.....?" Moony: "Oh, it's a magic guild thingy we've got going here in Canterlot." Moondancer: ".....How does ah..one go about... um..." Moony: Moony has a large grin on her face; "Joining Spellbound!?" Moondancer: "...Maybe...?" Moony: The young mare doesn't think twice in considering her cousin Spellbound material, as they both graduated from the same Magic School; "How about I drop by tomorrow with the sign-up papers? Or maybe I can take you to the HQ first?" Moondancer: "...I'd like that...." She was all shy now though. Moony: The cousin's insecure body language does not go unnoticed; "Aw, don't worry Moony, it's not like we're an ultra serious guild. There are plenty of fun ponies for ya' to meet!" Moondancer: "I know but um..." she fidgeted; "What if I'm not very good and um..." Moony: "It's no biggie." Moony get up to wrap a leg around her cousin; "A few of our members aren't even unicorns! All you gotta' do to get in Spellbound is have an interest in understanding the arcane arts. Simple as that!" Moondancer: She thought on it, it sounded like a really advanced study group!! And she really did love to study. "Well...Okay I'll check it out..!" Moony: "Sweeeet!" Moony wraps her other foreleg to complete the hug; "I can't wait to introduce you to my pals, cousin!" TO BE CONTINUED.........
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  6. - That Somehow Ended in an Equally Righteous Dinner Date ----------------- The canterlot's castle. Home of the two Alicorn princesses of Equestria, as well as the location of the barracks of the royal guards around Equestria. In here, ponies go to join and train for any of the two mayor sections of the REA. The royal guards, or the night guards. Darkness, a big grey pegasus with a dark mane and tail, was training with some other night guards at the side of the castle, in the training grounds. He was just a recruit, so he was training. He joined not so long ago, and was still under training, but he had high hopes of going up in ranks. ----------------- Everything ached. His muscles ached, his legs ached, his neck - in fact, he would swear on Celestia's throne that his eyebrows were aching. The days training had been just as rigorous, intense, and arduous as every single day before it. And he loved every. Single. Moment. Training in the REA had, just as he'd hoped, tempered the uncontrollable lust for battle his spear hoof had near every second of the day, taming it to a more reasonable urge to see justice done every other minute or so. Still, even with the intense training that had him sore and tired by the day's end, Dawnguard couldn't help but stare out over the towers of Canterlot, feeling his hoof that was holding his spear twitch slightly as he just imagined what sort of glorious battles his fellow REA members were engaging in at that very moment. Right on cue, a shiver passed through his right foreleg. "Down, spear hoof," Dawnguard chided, a gentle breeze pulling stray strands of his mane into the mysterious wind, "the evils of Equestria shall not be long for this world...they will all bend before the mighty fury of the dawn." ...Eventually. At least after his belly stopped growling, which meant that, instead of satiating his cavernous well of wrong-doers being brought to light, he would first satiate his empty belly. A hero had to eat, after all! With that, the white Pegasus pulled away from the battlements to glide off to one side, intent on passing over the training field to drop in on one of the many establishments worthy of fulfilling the ravenous hunger of a hero. Before he could get more than a few meters down from his height however, something caught his eyes, causing the Pegasus to pull up abruptly with a short gasp. The ponies training in the yard below him were similar in appearance, and stature...but their armor! Those that were wearing armor wore metals that were dark in color, fathomless obsidian spiraling downwards to suck in all the light. Dawnguard knew, instinctively, that he was watching the Night Guard, or at least some of them, during a training session, and despite a protestation from his stomach, he couldn't help touching down at the edge of the field. Though he didn't stay there for long. "'Ho, fellow warrior!" Dawnguard called out as he trot forward, sticking out like a sore hoof against the muted and darkened ponies all around him. The Pegasus wasn't at all bothered however, coming up to the nearest stallion, a great grey fellow who seemed focused on his training. "You are truly impressive, almost as much as I! Pray tell me, to what division do you belong?" ----------------- Darkness was having a training fight with another guard. He was skilled with swords and shields, but he was only fighting with his sword. At closer inspection, the pegasus had scratches arouns his body but chest, even one crossing his left eye. The fight ended up in a tie, but it was clear he had sort of an advantage. He smiled and cleaned the sweat out of his forehead, his hooves aching. He heard another pony and turned around, seeing a day guard walk towards them. He seemed nice. "Hello there~" he said to the stallion. He had a deep and calm voice. He streatched his hoof and shook his. "Night guards, main division." He said smiling to him. Most ponies were in that one, and he was between the reserves of them, but still a recruit. ----------------- So he had been correct after all! Of course - the instincts of an Avenger of Riptide Justice such as himself were rarely wrong about these sorts of things. "Well met, my most impressive friend," Dawnguard crowed, shaking the proffered hoof with a quick up-down. He used his left hoof however, rather than his right - such power in his spear hoof could not be unleashed on an unsuspecting stallion. "I am Pvt. First Class Dawnguard, Solar Guard, Dispenser of Justice and Bringer of Despair to All Who Follow the Path of Evil!" And also the Water Colt from time to time, but that was neither then nor now. "And you?" the white Pegasus continued, ignoring the other night guards to focus on the warrior in front of him. "What gallant titles to the citizens of Equestria bestow upon you?" ----------------- "Recruit Darkness Knight." He replied smiling, then shrugged a bit in embarrasment. "I... don't have titles like you and others though..." he said a bit embarrased. "Though a few guard call me the shield of the night, thanks to my skills with the shield." He said feeling less embarrased. "And because I only use heavy plate armor" he added. Darkness noticed he used his left hoof for the shake, so he did the same. Darkness didn't seemed that strong like the Dawnguard, but apperances coud be deceiving. ----------------- Dawnguard was surprised for all of a second - an obvious warrior like the Pegasus in front of him, with no title that signified his valor and prowess in combat? Not everypony was a chosen Avatar of the Dawn, of course not, but to have nothing at all? Madness! The other Pegasus soon cleared up the issue however, causing a relieved smile to break over Dawnguard's face. "HA HA, you almost had me, Recruit Knight!" the Pegasus bellowed, sitting down on his haunches as he adjusted his spear to rest propped against his shoulder. "Because you see, a stallion such as yourself is clearly a worthy adversary to any evil-doer attempting to wrong the rights of Equestria. And any worthy adversary needs a title befitting them!" How else was a guard suppose to ignite fear and terror in the hearts of those who sought Equestria's destruction? "So...a master of the shield, eh?" Dawnguard questioned, though he didn't really expect an answer. "I, myself, favor the the ever faithful spear in battle." The Pegasus pulled his right hoof up towards his face, curled into a loose roll as his head bowed slightly. "For my ever mighty spear hoof constantly seeks to amend the injustices thrust upon the innocent. So, much, raw fury...sometimes I can hardly contain it! You know," the white stallion continued, head whipping back up to face the night guard, "you understand the responsibility of containing such a great power! I can see it in your eyes...we are kindred spirits, the two of us!" ----------------- darkness smiled at all what he said. He was starting to like this guy, though all that bringer of justice and stuff could get annoying at some point, it was somewhat silly for him, and inspiring. Dawnguard had a really clear goal, and he respected that. "Yes, indeed we are." Darkness replied smiling. "I serve to protect others with my shield from the heatred." He added smorking softly. "Perhaps one day we could out our skills at practice." He added, wishing he could see him in action. ----------------- Ah-hah, yes! A kindred spirit, indeed! "Perhaps one day we shall," Dawnguard was quick to agree, feeling a thrill of pleasure course through him. Shield and armor bypassing had yet to be throughly covered in his training - it would be a challenge indeed to learn from a master of the art himself! "I would even suggest having at it now, but alas," Dawnguard curled his right hoof in front of his face again, expression darkening a bit, "'twould be disastrous, letting loose the broiling energy residing in my spear hoof right now." Yes...a disaster of truly Tirek-sized proportions. Righteous fury needed to be controlled at all times, even when it felt close to bursting forth in a fiery blaze of Avenging...Avengness. Even if he hadn't been focusing on controlling his twitching spear hoof, Dawngaurd's stomach chose that moment to rumble again, startling the white Pegasus into forgetting everything but the gnawing emptiness that was his stomach. "Hrk," he groaned, his spear faltering a bit as he clutched a foreleg around his midsection, "I forgot - food! I haven't eaten in days," Dawnguard moaned. ----------------- Darkness noticed his hoof as he spoke. "Seems that you over exhausted yourself." Darkness said. He sighed and walked over to the side, then took a first aid kit. "Here, this will help..." he said as he used some bandages to make presure in his hooves so they hurt less. "Something I do when I train to much." He said smiling to him, then heard what he said at the end. "Hmmm... I hadn't eaten also. Shall we go together to eat?" He asked smiling. ----------------- Ah yes, he had - Wait, what? "Wuh, i-it's not..." Dawnguard trailed off, bemused, as Darkness walked off to retrieve what looked like a first aid kit from the side of the training field. Exhausted himself?...well yes, he'd worked particularly hard at training today. He'd been in top form, the energy coursing through him like frenzied lightning charges across the sky...but he hadn't though he'd exhausted himself, not really. It wasn't until the other Pegasus had wrapped up his spear hoof in bandages, though, that Dawnguard realized he'd been misunderstood for having an injury. By then it was already done, causing the white Pegasus to start at the sudden offer to eat together with his fellow warrior. "Ah...ah, yes, food would be good," Dawnguard supplied, heaving himself onto his hooves. Hmm. Perhaps the bandages would help control the raging lust for Justice his spear hoof held. "Where to, my insightful friend?" the white Pegasus cried, perking back up as he spread his wings. "Someplace with good food and a cold brew, to satiate the raging fire for Good that sings through the blood of heroes within me!" ----------------- Darkness smiled when he accepted. "I know a place outside of the castle that we can go, they usually do discount to guards." He said smiling to him aa he let the kit at a side. "Oh, and you should keep moving your hoof constantly. It will keep it warm and it wont hurt anymore. The bandages will also help with that." He said with a grin as he walked to a side of him. "I will lead the way, just follow me." He then added once he was by his side. ----------------- Hmm, yes, the bandages were fairly warm, and quite comfo - wait no, that wasn't the point! "I uh, think you've misunderstood, my fairly astute stallion," Dawnguard said a bit gingerly, not wanting to offend his newfound companion, "I have not sustained an injury - though you may think it! No, this," the Pegasus explained, waving his bandaged spear hoof around a bit, "my mighty spear hoof, could not be so easily rendered by a little training!" Never mind that one time a Timberwolf had bitten it, hard. Or the time he'd been so exhausted from training he'd fallen flat on his face and twisted the hoof he'd thrown out to save himself. Or that time - "No, my spear hoof twitches from the relentless power surging within," Dawnguard continued, pulling said hoof closer to his chest. "If such power were to be released against any except the forces of evil...woe to anyone whose caught in its path of sheer, unending, POWER. And AWESOME." Well, that was cleared up - buuuut, the bandages were rather comfy, he'd keep them on just a little longer. "Then lead on, Sir Knight!" Dawnguard demanded, eager grin on his face, spreading his wings once more. "Lead us into the vast night sky, littered with the glittering hopes and dreams of Equestria's citizens, so that we may discover our destiny!" ... "The destiny of our dinner!" ----------------- Darkness looked over to him when he started speaking at first. So... he could barely control his spear hoof? That was... rather interesting. "Oh. alright. I will keep that in mind then." He said with a soft smile to him, then heard his explanation of why it moved like it did. He chuckled softly at what he said at the end and smirked at that. "Is that so? That really sounds amazing." He said chuckling some more. All this was somewhat silly, mostly for how he was saying it, but as an experienced fighter, he knew he should not risk it, at least until they were training. "Now, lets go. I am quite hungry as well." He said shortly after he heard his stomach growl. He smiled and lead him out of the castle, towards the city itself. ----------------- Ho ho, a fellow warrior indeed! Dawnguard could hear it in his voice - Darkness knew the struggles of keeping ones righteous fury in constraints all the time. A heavy burden and great responsibility...but for the good of Equestria, nothing was too great! Save an empty stomach. "Whew! You're telling me," the white Pegasus commiserated as he flew behind the dark grey Pegasus, feeling his stomach let out another rumbling groan of hunger, "I feel I could eat an entire wheat field!" The glistening buildings of Canterlot seemed to fairly shine under the rising moonlight, causing Dawnguard to squint a bit against their luminescence. "Pray tell, what bounty will we partake in this establishment of yours? Two warriors such as ourselves need sustenance fit for a Princess!" ----------------- "Oh, dont worry about that, they have a bit of everything, so you can choose what you wish." Darkness replied smiling as he flew by his side. He smiled at how the city looked at this time of the day, it was.., amazing. Darkness seemed also rather fast, as he sometimes flew infront of him without noticing, but always slowed down so he could catch up. "Tell me, what made you become a guard?" He then asked as he turned to him. He was getting interested on him. ----------------- The idle flight over the gleaming city was soothing on the raging fury broiling in his spear hoof, calming it to a rippling murmur as Dawnguard followed behind his companion. He didn't bother flying any faster than his current speed to catch up whenever the grey Pegasus started pulling ahead, no - this serene glide was perfect as is. Darkness spoke up however, explaining a veritable banquet of foods to choose from, causing Dawnguard's stomach to give another hungry rumble. Ah, most excellent...the cucumber and mulberry sandwiches would be the first to be devoured, followed by an orange scone or two. Or six. The white Pegasus was momentarily distracted from his thoughts when Darkness began talking again, causing Dawnguard to perk up in interest. "When the blood of heroes flows in one's veins," the stallion said enigmatically, "'tis only natural to take up one's spear and render the blackened void of evil in 'twain! And what of you, my grey feathered friend? Did you also feel the call of righteous justice as a babe? Fated to ward off the evils of the world from the moment of your birth!" ----------------- Darkness smiled at when he asked him why he joined. "Well, sort of." he said smiling to him. "I... come from out of Equestria, from a rich family, and came to Canterlot to become a knight, but well, since nopony is a knight anymore, I joined the guards. I felt that I could do more by helping others being one than doing nothing from where I live." He explained to Dawngaurd with a soft smile as he lead him around. "And...a more personal reason..." he said as he looked away, with a shy smile and blushing slightly, he then realized what he said and blushed more, looking away. "Uhm... sorry..." he said, embarrassed before regaining his composure. Ahhh! He had screwed it up! It was supposed to be a secret! How did he planned doing it if he just told somepony he just met! He shook his head and facehoofed, still embarrassed, before calming down and sighing. "Just... sometimes happens..." he then added ----------------- Dawnguard had been right, it seemed. Unsurprising, given the obvious kindred Avenger of Righteousness that was flying beside him, but it still felt good to hear it out loud, causing the white Pegasus to nod along with other stallion's words. Yes...yes. A passion for knighthood in all but name, a desire to bring peace and joy to Equestria, the will to fight the never-ending maelstrom of Good vs Evil - there was probably a prophesied destiny to find a legendary weapon of some sort, thrown in there. All signs of a great hero, signs that he himself shared. Indeed, his instincts had been most correct! A personal reason that resulted in blushes as fierce as the unrelenting sun above to - Wait, what? "Er, what was that last part?..." Dawnguard asked a bit hesitantly, though he really needn't have - the red spreading clear across the grey Pegasus' face was all the answer he needed, resulting in Dawnguard's eyes narrowing curiously on the other stallion. "Come come, we are all heroes here! No need to be shy my companion, speak your mind!" ----------------- "Uhm... nothing! I... didn't said anything about doing it for somepo-! Ahhh!" Darkness started saying before interrupting himself mid sentence realizing what he was saying. Why was so easy let out those silly things that easily with him?! Just why?! Ahh! He felt like dying in that very moment. He sighed and looked at him, not wanting to say more as the blush in his face became stronger and brighter before looking away. "I... er..." he started saying, embarrase. He shook his head and facehoofed again, his feeling going wild here and there, not able to control them at all. ----------------- Hmm. Perhaps this was a point of sore contention for his fellow guardian of Equestria, or maybe one that had hurt him in some way, an aching wound on the very marrow of his soul. An embarrassing anecdote? A memory of happier days? An emerging spirit of Righteous Fury that was slowly encompassing every core of his being until it was liable to be unleashed upon Equestria in a torrent of star-hewed victory?! What?! He had to know! "Now hold one moment!" Dawnguard demanded, swiftly flying directly in front of the other Pegasus to bring him to a stop, mid-air. "These feelings you have...whatever such passion your are containing, you must control it! The blood of heroes is responsible for containing the righteous wrath of justice within ourself - our destined burdened!" Here, the white Pegasus crossed his forelegs in a considering manner, spear balanced in one crook of his legs. "But you, my friend...your passion is so great I can feel it bubbling under your skin! You must control it, yes...but to speak of it, might help you obtain that control. To overcome your weakness, you must face it, say it out loud!" And now he was insanely curious. What was it already?! ----------------- Darkness looked at him, unsure what to say or add regarding all this, tell him what was in his mind, what was making him go al this crazy? He doubted he can do it, and at the same time doubted he could retain is a secret for much more. How did thing escalated to this? Just... how? They were supposed to just go and eat, not tell him his main source of inspiration to push himself up every single day... she... "I..." He nodded, understanding why he said that and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and hold the breath for a small while to calm down before releasing it. "It... is a secret... so you must not tell anypony..." Darkness first said to Dawnguard. "Promise me that..." he added as he felt somewhat better. "The real reason I joined... is for a mare... to be closer and have a chance with her..." he said as he looked away, landing on a nearby cloud to be able to tell him without making any incidents. "And... that is..." he blushed heavily and closed his eyes somewhat fiercely before saying it. "... Princess Luna!" he said, clearly embarrassed for telling him, he knew it was a foolish dream, as she was an Alicorn and he a small pegasus guard, but he could dream... ----------------- This was, quite clearly, a very important subject for the grey Pegasus, and a hero such as himself knew the importance of confidence. "On my oath, Darkness Knight," Dawnguard pledged, crossing his left foreleg across the chestplate of his mail, "not a word of your confession will pass my lips, even if Taurtarus itself arose to pry them from me!" He wasn't sure if it was his words or the other Pegasus' own breaking point that finally allowed him to relent, leading the duo to a nearby cloud so the grey stallion could presumably find a steady surface beneath his hooves. Despite himself, Dawnguard couldn't help but lean forward a bit expectantly as he waited with bated breath, inquisitive beyond the sun itself to the nature of Darkness immense embarrassment and passion for Equestria. And waited. And waited some more, until Dawngaurd was forced to realize that he hadn't misheard - allowing a few scant seconds to pass by in silence, before he tilt his head to one side. "Well yes, I mean. That's also a pretty natural reason," he stated slowly, confusion evident in his voice. "Love for one's Princess and kingdom is a fine reason to join the guard. But come now, tell me! What's the real reason? I mean, the reason that flows within you, that ignites your hero's blood! The one that told you, in your deepest heart of hearts, that you were required to - no, destined to become a guard!" ----------------- "No, you don't understand. SHE is the reason!" Darkness replied to Dawnguard when he spoke again, thinking he was talking about loving them in a way a subject loves the good leader. "I mean it. I love her with all my heart..." He said as he shrugged in embarrassment and looked way. "...she is the reason I joined. So... I could defend her and be with her..." he said in a small sad and embarrassed tone "I rally want to defend Equestria and it's citizens, but... she is even more important for me." he added with a sigh. He was getting somewhat against telling him, but it was too late, he already told him. He just hoped he could keep it a secret, and seeing how he was, he knew he would do it. "You...are the first pony I ever told that..." he then added in a low tone. -----------------
  7. A few weeks had passed since the night of the attack on the Crystal Empire, and while it seemed that most everything had been recovering quite well, Ice Storm still had what was left of her wound on her side from when the spear had cut her. She was moderately surprised it was taking as long as it was to heal but at the same time, the salve that she had was going to make it to where it healed without any sort of scar, so the slower the process the better it was working she presumed. She did not that the wound itself had been sealed and mostly the bandages where only there to keep the healing salve in place for it to do it's job. She had already been closed now for just over a week, and she was relying on her funds from her Ponyville store to keep herself afloat right now. Her magic use she felt could get her by now, but it still left her a bit weak at the end of the day if she used too much of it. She made sure to try to use a bit more ever day to try to increase her natural resistance again. With any luck, she could open again in a few days and begin serving all of the ponies here in Canterlot once more. For tonight though, tonight was a night of relaxing for her. she had spent a lot of the day out trying to get things prepared as well as going to the herbalist for a new supply of the salve that she needed to keep on her side. She already had everything set on her, and now she found herself resting under her favorite tree in the park just looking up to the sky. The freshly risen moon glinted off of everything on the ground as the silvery light basked and graced itself upon the landscape, casting shadows that some could describe as spooking while others could explain them as awe inspiring. Ice Storm would always take the latter. She always found everything about the night skies intriguing. She liked how the stars aligned in the skies and that depending on how you looked at them, different shapes could be seen. her own icy blue coat was vibrantly reflecting the light from the moon where it was visible, although holding a more silvery tone than normal from the natural light given from the lunar beacon. The bandage around her waist also glimmered a bit, although was quite obvious to anypony that could see into the park. "So many things have happened in so many different ways... and I'm not completely sure that I even understand them all..." she started to herself, using a small amount of magic to open her saddle bag and proceed in making herself a snow cone. "I can't help but wonder what is going to happen next, but whatever it is... I would very much prefer it not to happen for a while, at least if it's something that's going to cause harm to ponies. I don't think I could handle any major catastrophes again for a while..." she finished with a sigh as she took a lick from her cone and just peered into the sky.
  8. *INGRID MARIE’S OFFICE - SCHOOL OF GIFTED UNICORNS* Ingrid Marie heard the final bell of the afternoon ringing from her office. With classes done for the day, students were free to go about on their extracurricular activities, or goof off somewhere. But while most of the faculty headed home at this time, Counselor Marie usually stayed behind for a couple hours or so. There were always students who could only meet with the counselor afterschool, whether it be for a mandatory evaluation session, or for some career counseling or spell tutoring instead. Somedays, even non-students showed up seeking magic-wielding counsel from Ms. Marie, thought the unicorn mare always prioritized the School's students above all others. While she waited for the first arrival to show up, Ingrid scrambled to finish the last bits of her daily paperwork. Any moment now, somepony would come asking for the magic counselor..... ------- OOC: Ingrid will meet with one pony at a time. For magic students, it's on a first-come, first-serve basis. For everyone else, I reserve the right to determine the order in which characters get to sit down in the counselor's office.
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  10. To Pocket Change: Time now to answer the night’s call Go beyond the wall To the bottom of the great fall And warp with your doll Cryptic messages were ever so fun. Moondancer’s granny used to do that sort of thing back when she was still around, sending her little grandchild off on little goose chases with a reward at the end; usually, a bag of sweets or a new book. Most of the time, these treasure hunts started by stumbling upon a letter with a mysterious rhyme in. Moony would then have to guess the meaning and then follow the clue to another clue, and then another, until finally reaching her prize. Just like a proper treasure hunt! For some time now, Moondancer wondered if her boyfriend Pocket Change would think these little treasure hunts fun too. After all, he was Spellbound’s resident archaeologist; somepony who lived for adventure (he even purchased the entire Adventure! clothing line, for Pete’s sake). So one time when Moony was able to find time in her schedule for a one-on-one magic session with Pocket, she chose to do something drastically different: the unicorn mare thought to tease him by first giving him a mini-adventure of her own design. First Moondancer came up with the first mysterious clue; a work of rhyme which she had one of her other friends write out. That way, it’d make Pocket Change wonder just who wrote the thing. Moony then left the letter lying on the floor of Spellbound’s main hall very early in the morning, to ensure that it would be found and read. If the young mare’s beloved Pocket interpreted the clue correctly, he’ll trek down at night to the great waterfall base beneath Canterlot. Oh, Moondancer also needed to figure out which night her boyfriend had free in advance, just to make sure he could come the same night. As she waited after nightfall from a concealed position, Moondancer hoped she wasn’t too clever for her own good. If Pocket Change couldn’t figure out that he needed to reach the misty noise-laden base of Canterlot’s majestic waterfall (which incidentally, shined and sparkled with reflective moonlight at night), the girl would have wasted an entire night, and Pocket’s too, for nothing. On the other hoof, wouldn’t it be superly awesome if everything worked out according to plan? It'll be totally worth it!
  11. Spring is here and the Elder Tree Teahouse wants to celebrate! Come join in an afternoon of fun, tea and sweets! And if you’re brave, tackle the Tower of Tea Roses for a chance to win a fantastic prize! You could win one of three mysterious, enchanted prizes: a violin, a traveler’s cloak, or a cutlass! What a lovely spring day! The sun was shining brightly in Canterlot, its cheerful rays chasing away the few remaining shreds of winter. Though the air was still a little crisp, the breeze was balmy and fresh, promising new life. All around Elderflower’s gardens little buds had formed upon vines and flower bushes, and the leaves of her elder tree had even begun to unfurl a little. The mare beamed happily - typically that tree, towering even above the high roof of her tea house, was the star of her garden. That wasn’t the case today, however! Sticking up like a sore thumb on one side of the gardens was a gargantuan rosebush, its massive tea roses the size of an average pony! Today this was the star in El’s garden. Any unicorn with a keen sense for magic would be able to tell quite easily that it was riddled with magical energy. It had reached its incredible size through long spellcasting sessions and its blooms and thorns had been touched with enchantments as well. It had taken so very much work to put all of this together! The willowy mare never would have managed this on her own: she had her parents, some friends, and Moondancer to thank for the marvel towering cheerfully in her garden. El took a deep breath, a peaceful expression on her face. The scent of the tea roses was everywhere and it made her hopeful that this day would be a success. The huge event that she had planned and advertised for months was finally here! Even though this celebration of spring would definitely bring about a much more lively atmosphere than the Elder Tree Teahouse usually saw, it would no doubt be a perfectly wonderful day. She hoped so, at least! Really, really hoped so! Humming, the mare brewed her first pot of jasmine tea in anticipation for the day’s first arrivals. The delicate floral aroma was almost lost in the perfume of the tea roses, but it tickled her fancy nonetheless. El always had been a fan of jasmine teas. Her little fairy wren, Blue, was perched on her horn as always, trilling a cheery tune to match her humming and behind her brewing station, a table with three glass cases protecting the event’s top prizes sparkled in the sunlight. Beneath the cases were a pale and enchanted violin, a soft blue cloak that looked like water, and a black cutlass with blue runes glowing along the blade. Laid out neatly around the cases were consolation prizes: luck potions, sweets, trinkets, and jewelry. It was a pretty impressive spread! She had a certain Stalliongrad mare to thank for these wonderful gifts - the day wouldn’t be half so attractive to Canterlot’s citizens without them! Sipping at her first cup of jasmine, the mare gave her set-up one final, scrutinizing look. There were low tables surrounded by cushions dotting the grounds, and each table had pretty ceramic cups resting upon them. Between the rosebush, the tables, the prize stand, and her brewing station, the gardens were quite full! She had no doubt things would get lively once some of her guests appeared. When they did appear at the front step of the Elder Tree Teahouse, they would find open doors and a sign which pointed them through the back doors. A short walk through the tranquil wooden building would bring them into the open gardens, where countless varieties of plants were growing, most in full bloom or covered with buds. Overall it was a peaceful atmosphere they were entering, with the one exception at this point being the massive, looming rosebush which cut into the sky. At a glance, it looked to be about 3 stories high! And of course Elderflower herself would be there waiting to greet anypony who wanted to come and celebrate the start of spring with a bang! Her brewing station was directly in the line of sight of anypony coming through that back door, so she would be the first thing they would see. Knowing this, she bore a warm, pleasant smile that was permanently etched into her expression and a cast iron teapot waiting to be poured.
  12. Shining Armor is not a mare's fool. After all, he can remember the day he got married to Princess Cadance. He can easily recall the date, the hour and the second those bells rang. And why was this? It was a moment his life changed forever. It was a time when he dropped his old life and duties and discovered a whole new world of responsibility. And on a day like today, he would remember that day for the thing that mattered now as the last time he got to see his entire immediate family altogether.Sure, Shining's time spend with Cadance was at a premium, such as a Princess' duties are. But Shining visited her side of the family all those years, why should he not come and spend time with his? Of course, Cadance's family were Princesses that adopted her, but still! Shining never took the chance to be with family lightly. And he especially had a list of things he wanted to talk about with his sister. Who by the way, is also a princess. It's a miracle that Shining's father isn't a princess at this point. "See dad, I told you this spot was perfect!" Shining suggested to the family that they all picnic at a location on a far side hill behind the castle. Despite being an area in the public forum, it was relatively not crowded at all and had a great view of Canterlot. And thanks to hundreds of Canterlot pony's tax bits, the weather was perfect for a grassy park outing. ​
  13. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    Personal Headcanon: Flitter attended Canterlot University as a student majoring in biology, she was also a cheerleader for the college hoofball team. Today she is a grad student at the university studying entomology for her doctorate, it is also why she has little dragonfly cutie mark, she is into little flying critters (both normal ones like insects, and magical ones, like Breezies, which is why she was in the Breezie episode). And if none of the above interest you, hey cute pony cheerleader!

    © Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

  14. The big night was upon the members of Spellbound. Long excruciating months of renovating their dreary warehouse in the heart of Canterlot have completely changed the identity of the place; into something mimicking the appearance of a Reinaissance-era interior. If one was to trot into the Spellbound HQ now, they wouldn’t see a plain room with naught but cheap walls. They’d see a cozy Guild Hall with all the trademarks of an intellectually-inviting environment. Chandeliers and a roaring fireplaces provided the inside with a warm glowy ambience, allowing ponies to easily see their surroundings without relying on the sterility of more modern lighting. One half of the Guild Hall was devoted to nothing but shelves, filled with an idiosyncratic variety of tomes on magic. The opposite end? Why, that’s where the plastic fold-out table with the punch and pie goes! Along with a whole bunch of small hay bales to sit on; about enough for a few dozen ponies. Tonight was Spellbound’s big Open House Extravaganza! Now that the new Magic Guild had a proper facility to work from, it could finally recruit a whole slew of new members to fill its ranks. The world of Equestria would also learn that out there, an organization existed dedicated itself to using the wonders of magic for the good of all ponykind. A flash of magenta exploded in the center of the room, revealing a white-coated unicorn practicing her teleportation moves. Moondancer didn’t need to be a showmare to realize that to impress potential recruits and misc. supporters, she ought to be able to show off some of her cool tricks! Moony figured they’d get a large turnout at the Open House Extravaganza this evening; besides promising free refreshments, the fliers advertising the event heavily promoted the fact that Princess Twilight Sparkle would be named Honorary Guildmaster at a ceremony during the Open House. That obviously suggested that Twilight herself would make a public appearance at Spellbound HQ! Only thing was, despite previous written communiques between Ponyville and the Magic Guild, Twilight had yet to arrive. Moondancer tried not to worry herself too much, but she glanced at the arched, castle-like wooden door every now and then, wondering if her magic school acquaintance would arrive right this moment, or only once everypony else had already arrived.....
  15. The royal city of Canterlot. Its sparkeling buildings, pristine finish, and mind boggling design; truely the pinnacle of pony architecture. Not only does it serve as monument to those who biult it, but it also houses the princesses of Equestria. Without this great city the even greater mares who raise the sun and lower the moon would be left homeless. There is no other place worthy enough to shelter them! Every year, it's quite a new thing actualy, let me correct myself. FROM NOW ON, every year within it's great halls, a meeting of sorts will take place. artisans, actors, writers, and designers from all over Equestria will gather in the heart of our nation. They will trade, swap information within their arts, and bond like they've never had before. This grand occasion will be titled Cantercon! However, trouble is a-hoof. Many of the honest ponies attending have reported that their hard work has been stolen! A theif is running loose within Canterlot's walls. This leads us to the goal of our little RP, either help find the theif and make some freinds along the way or simply sit back and watch the madness unfold (background ponies ARE aprreciated) Now, the requirements... First, you'll have to describe your booth in detail along with what exactly you have brought to the con. Second, your character needs some depth. Don't make up some dark past, keep it simple. You'll also need to describe them physicaly (eyes, mark, colors, mane, and tail) There personality will be revealed through the RP itself. Finaly, just some tips. If your character changes locations please describe their new area to the best of your abilities. Also, for the sake of story development, feel free to change the course of events if needed. Don't have very short responses either, it's just boring.
  16. There is just so much dawww here! It is time to once again sit back and watch adorable ponies do adorable things! We have arrived at the second of three back-to-back (to back?) Rarity-centric episodes! This episode our marshmallow fashionista shares the spotlight with Rainbow Dash. What shenanigans will the duo find themselves in? How many shot-outs to noir films will we have? Will Dash be pressured into dressing in style? How much ship fuel will this episode give to the RariDash shippers, (because for some reason, they exist). Tune in to find out! The episode airs Saturday 11:30 AM EST on September 19th! This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk.
  17. ((OOC: Please read the Rules at the end of this post)) Celetsia has ruled over Equestria for generations. She has had the foresight and wisdom to create an era of peace and prosperity. Part of her daily tasks has been to listen to disputes within her kingdom and be an impartial mediator creating a sound solution for all parties. However times change and so must she. Like always she has an open mailbox and reads every letter she receives from her loyal subjects and responds to them as she can. However she finds that it can get impersonal and feels like she should open her doors to all during the same time she holds dispute resolution. It is something new, but it is a way for Celestia to hold true dialogue with her subjects, something she doesn't often get to do. Celestia gathered her guards and notified them of her plans, even gathering a few for security in the throne room itself. After she had notified the guards she had told them to post the Royal Notification in all towns and cities throughout Equestria. She wasn't sure of the reaction this would bring, or if anypony outside of the usual dispute resolution would come, but she was hopeful that this would be successful and an everyday thing. Being able to help and listen to all issues of her subjects, not just through letters. With everything in place and prepared, Celestia opened the doors to her throne room as she always does, but this time with more allowance for the general public. ((Note: Ponies should line up for the queue, by making an introductory post. A guard will show them to the Princess for their audience, thus creating a line.))
  18. Name: Dante Silver-Tongue Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Colour: Blue Character Colour: Dark Orange Mane/Tail Color: Light Orange and Blue Physique: Bigger than the average Pony, but not by much. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Poet/Writer Cutie Mark: A quill floating above a vial of ink Unique Traits: Very sharp witted, and is able to conjure up a great tale. Is knowledgeable about magic, however is still learning and understands this. History: Born in Canterlot within a wealthy family, he was raised with much etiquette. He took very fondly to the Canterlot Archives, reading about magic and other tales when he was little. Eventually he realized his natural ability to write himself (gaining his cutie mark) and he too began on his path of adventure throughout Equestria with Lightrunner Showerfall to write his newest story. Character Personality: Very laid back, and would rather watch the happenings unfold instead of intervene, but with if he feels it is necessary. Loves art of all kinds, and loves the outdoors. Wants to inspire other ponies to become who they want to be and help all that need it. Doesn't talk to much, unless he is excited, and he loves to watch other ponies overcome the challenges they face. Summary: Dante Silver-Tongue is a male unicorn who was born and raised in Canterlot. He is a poet who wants to find adventure and help those in need.
  19. Informally known as "The Low Society," the Bohemian Club has long had its headquarters in the Veiled Garden pub south of the University. Its membership and clientele largely consists of painters, writers, musicians, singers, journalists, and other impecunious scoundrels. Everypony seems to be deliberately defying convention with the same particularity that most in High Society try to adhere to it, particularly in matters of dress. It is about as disreputable as social scenes get in this town without being actively criminal, but if you don't mind the company, you're almost always in for a good time. The newest member of the club, a unicorn named Earth Writer, was just taking his seat by the window, in a position to hear and see most of what was going on in the performance room, as well as get a good view of the garden which had given the pub it's namesake. Some time ago, a rather eccentric architect had devised a way of creating a rather beautiful green space in the city, in such a way as to be completely hidden from the street outside. The Veiled Garden had struck a chord with the artistic types in the city, and they quickly made the watering spot their home. The new member was a journalist, permitted by custom to apply for membership since his profession gave publicity and credibility to the artists who rated publication. He certainly dressed to fit in, his tan frame was draped in a set of colorful clothes that were cut just a bit too loose and clashed just a bit too much to be really fashionable: a powder blue dinner jacket, orange tie, and brown trilby hat, with a press card stuck in the band as a signal of his profession. He waited, now, eyes drinking in the, to him, novel sights of the place, awaiting the first strains of music that were to come to the stage. Would it be an undiscovered genius, or some poor deluded fool who thought they could play an instrument? Either was possible in the Veiled Garden...
  20. It was a very hot summer day in Canterlot, hotter than most days. A blue Pegasus filly trudged down the cobble stone streets looking for any sign of relief from the weather. Snow Dancer, whose talent was manipulating snow had a love for cool weather. She normally didn't have a problem with summers although she found herself typically more uncomfortable and lacking her typical energy and bounce in her step than she would on any other day but this. "So hot," she said as she unfurled her wings but quickly closed them after realizing that she was too tired to fly, "I need to find someplace cool before I pass out." As if by a miracle the filly saw in front of her a snow cone store. Surely anything with the word "snow" in it would be better than the inferno she felt herself in. Using the last of her strength she trotted to the store and pushing open the door just flopped inside, feeling like a snow pony that just melted.
  21. Fire Heart sat on that familiar hill, the one she spent those nights by herself dancing and practicing her fire magic without the worried eyes of ponies concerned she was at risk harming herself or others. Today there was no dancing and no magic. There was just her sitting on the hill with her thoughts. Anypony could tell that the older filly was upset as the misty droplets from her eyes upon nearly touching her coat immediately evaporated into steam from the heat of her building fire magic. Her horn had a clear flame on the tip like a torch, growing hotter and bigger as the filly brooded on the past events. "How could she?" Fire Heart said through her tears, "Why her and no me or both of us? What did I do or didn't do? Why did she have to announce it to everypony?" Her voiced thoughts degraded into silence as the filly became a volcano of emotions slowly building.
  22. OOC: Rules and procedures for this thread are posted here: http://www.canterlot...try-ooc-thread/ Treason. Not for a thousand years had somepony in Equestria been charged with such a high crime. Thus it must have been shocking to all when PFC Flash Sentry, an unassuming and rather unremarkable guard stationed in the Crystal Empire, was accused of being an inside agent for an alliance of Equestria’s foes. According to the prosecutor bringing the charges forward, PFC Sentry provided intelligence to the enemy, radicalized members of the Royal Guard to the side of disharmony, used explosives to destroy the Crystal Vault, and attempted to kidnap an injured Princess Twilight Sparkle. Naturally, these serious allegations stirred up a hornet's nest of endless speculation. Rumors abounded concerning Flash Sentry’s possible infatuation with Twilight Sparkle, others attested of his nature as a fanatic Daring Do fan who celebrated the franchise in especially unglamorous ways. A select few whispers mentioned that the prosecutor’s case may actually be very weak, and that this trial would amount to a spectacularly trainwreck of a courtroom circus. Flash Sentry’s fate would be decided in a Royal Equestrian Army courtroom in Canterlot, Princess Celestia presiding as the trier of fact. At the defendant’s table he sat wearing his dress uniform and a grim expression. Representing Flash in court was infamous defense attorney Robbiku Pegasus, the only lawyer who dared offer his services to the accused guardstallion. Not too long from now, Princess Celestia would enter the courtroom and the trial could begin. For now though, PFC Sentry kept silent.....
  23. It was an interesting day at Lightout's shop. It wasn't every day he got to experiment with liquid biomechanical alchemy. Lightout's store was somewhat off the beaten track, being a good ways away from the Canterlot high street and down several side roads. It was only the intrepid few who could find it, or those that needed help in that particular kind of desperate. Still, its wooden frame was left bare of paint and the only thing to distinguish it was the sign on the door. Aforementioned sign read "Potions of Peculiarity, open." It wasn't crude, but it wasn't pretty either. Just very average. Inside the wooden floors and walls were just as bare as outside, nothing but a small locked cabinet of potions on the wall opposite and a counter adorned with a small bell, with yet another sign. This time it said "ring for service" since Lightout was, as ever, not manning the shop front. This counter barred the way to a small corridor which led to the back of the shop. This is where he did his business, selling all kinds of potions and alchemical reagents to those that could afford it. Naturally, the unicorn could whip up just about anything being the master alchemist that he was. This, he did downstairs in his lab. Lightout was currently working on another batch of a curative potion. The liquid was designed to, instead of heal a wound like a poultice, quite literally knit the wound back together. This time however, the alchemist was adding a special ingredient which had to be done through the fine art of liquid biomechanics. The vats and filters and pipes of the large apparatus covered most of the wall of the lab. This machine was designed to mix potions instead of their raw ingredients in specific parts and ways dictated by the alchemist. The various valves and pipelines looked extremely complex. To Lightout though, this was just another ordinary day. Even if he didn't get to use the equipment very often, he was very familiar with its operation. The potion finished it's final mixing stage and the unicorn turned the final valve to pour the contents of the vat into the waiting jug.
  24. Stormstride, the quiet gray colt walked along slowly. His patrol area was small. The school, a few shops, and some houses. One block, in the middle class district of Canterlot. One could see the palace towering over the town. On occasion the Princesses could see seen on one balcony or another. Stormstride kept his eyes and ears on the streets however. Many of the ponies in his patrol area regarded him with respect. The foals looks up to him most times. Even when he was forced to be stern with them. The occasional shoplifting or skipping school. But he often handled them reasonably quietly. The colt often took them home and explained to their parents. The colt came to this assigned station. The corner, where the school sat, where his daughter attended school. He stood there, facing forward like he always did. Spear at his side, eyes front and forward. The colt allowed his ears to swivel quietly. He could hear the foals inside playing or chatting. He allowed himself a tiny smirk. He watched the shops across the street, noting the ponies inside. He listened to the clop of hooves on the street. Everything sounded in perfect order. Everything looked normal. But then again, it often did when something went wrong. Stormstride glanced down the street. he saw another guard. His posture was relaxed. He was alert, but not as alert as he was supposed to be. Stormstride returned his attention forward. The sun was shining, the day was nice. And yet Stormstride felt like eyes were on him. Some pony was watching him. The unicorn felt uneasy now. And then he saw another pony approaching him. The sun was partially coming from that direction, making it hard to see this pony. Stormstride kept an ear toward that pony, allowing his other senses to the world around him. He did not feel threatened, but he did feel as if this pony was looking right at him.
  25. The Veiled Garden & Bohemian Club In the midst of Canterlot's low-rent district lies one of the quaintest and most fascinating bits of architecture in Equestria: a pub that is, in the most literal sense possible, inside out. It presents to the outside word a utilitarian and frankly ugly windowless facade of grey, crumbling stone. Above the only door is carved the name of the establishment, "The Veiled Garden." But if a pony were to walk through this door, they would immediately receive the impression that they had walked out into a spacious and airy patio, with a bar to the left, tables and chairs set out anyhow in the middle, and a slightly area to the right, reminiscent of a stage. The whole is covered by a latticed roof of wood, and beyond the supporting beams can be seen a garden. The garden is full of bushes, hanging plants, and flowers, which fill the air of the place with a fresh, sweet scent continually. The arrangement of the landscape, combined with a few strategically placed mirrors, gives the illusion of an open area in front of one, as if the whole were not enclosed within four stone walls in the middle of the city! The origins of this establishment are as singular as its design. It dates back to a time when the artistic world of Equestria was wholly dependent upon aristocratic patrons, and was therefore dictated to by their taste... or lack thereof. During one period, about 830 CY, the overall aesthetic demanded had become so apalling that the artistic community could stand it no longer! They began to congregate around a this pub, which was much more ordinary back then, in order to offer mutual commiseration and support. Over time, this developed into what would be known as the Bohemian Club, a gathering of artists, actors, writers, journalists, and other reprobates. When a large commission would leave one of its members temporarily flush with bits, they would take them to the club, in order to support their fellow creative types making work of actual merit, as well as improving their place of meeting. Over time, this led to the gradual independence of Equestria's art community, which experienced a new florescence paralleled by the transformation of their headquarters into the Veiled Garden as it is today! Even today, the Bohemian Club still serves its original mission: to support the free play of art and ideas. Anypony engaged in creative work is eligible for membership, which entitles them to criticism, reviews, collaboration, and sponsorship, all of which are given generously. Even if one is not a member, they may still share a drink among those congregated around the Veiled Garden, which still holds the atmosphere of its original clientele, the origins of Equestria's first counter-culture. -Beyond the Tourist Trap: A True Globetrotter's Guide to the Real Equestria
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