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  1. In the mood for a RP that brings "Judge Judy" style action to Equestria? Want your character to get into a civil dispute with somepony else or get out of trouble from the law? If so, here is the Ponies' Court: presided over by my very own tough-as-nails Judge Swift Justice! To participate in a courtroom RP (I plan on doing more than 1, BTW), your character needs to be one of the following: Plaintiff - files a complaint against a defendant; needs a reason to file lawsuit. Defendant - accused of either inflicting loss on the defendant or breaking a law. Attorney - represents a plaintiff or defendant of their choosing. Prosecutor - presents a case against a defendant in a criminal trial (doesn't apply to civil cases). Witness - brought in by any of the above parties to back up their argument. To apply to enter a court case RP, sign-up your Canterlot Chronicles original/cast character for any of the positions listed above. Based on who signs up, I'll match characters together either by user request or at my own discretion. After the parties for each case is decided on, I'll then ask the necessary parties, if they choose to, to submit their side's evidence via PM. That will prevent users from using "hidden" evidence to powergame their way to a courtroom victory. I am willing to have my OC preside over criminal cases as long as the subject matter does not exceed PG-13 guidelines. Basically, if you won't find it in an Ace Attorney game (drugs, rape, abuse, ect.), it has no place in the RP series. I hope to see if users are interested in this idea. As of right now, court is now in session! PS: I also ask that users for now try not to ask for anything too complicated like a murder trial, since arranging something like that is going to be very complex at this time. I'll be more open to complicated cases in the future. -------------- CHARACTERS AVAILABLE FOR TRIAL RP: Plaintiffs: Albina Defendants: Kalime Attorneys: Phoenix Down Prosecutors: Witnesses (Eyewitnesses & Experts): Dexter Silverbeak -------------- UPCOMING CASES: Albina vs. Kalime
  2. In the light of the rising moon a lone figure stepped from the barracks of the Royal Equestria Army Lunar Guard division. She was a jet black Pegasus mare with a white mane and tail and purple eyes. The pony was clad in a silvery armor similar with crescent moon crests emblazoned in the metal. Normally she would just head out to assume her duties patrolling the streets of Canterlot at night, but today was special. As Staff Sergeant, Night Watcher made it a priority to work one-on-one with a new pony in the Lunar Guard to see if they were following orders and procedures. She didn't mind this and welcomed the chance to get to know new members who would be serving in the Guard. "I hope this one is on time," Night said looking at the doors to the barracks and then at the city she was to patrol.
  3. Ordinarily, cleaning was the furthest thing from Moondancer’s mind. Being so occupied with being a good college student and being a good friend, the young mare simply neglected to make any effort to clean up anything unless nagged to death about it. Pretty much any residence Moony inhabited for an extended period of time resembled a pigsty more than an actual place to live. Yet here Moondancer was inside a Canterlot warehouse, actually intending to do uncharacteristic spring cleaning for a change. Not too long ago, the moon-flanked mare found herself joining a sort of magic club; a club going by the name of Spellbound. However, the warehouse selected for use as the club’s headquarters proved itself a fixer-upper. That first night Miss Dancer joined, the large room had been nothing more than an old table and some chairs surrounded by a sea of sparseness. Thus, the guild members all agreed to each contribute towards furnishing the warehouse to make it a more... suitable HQ. Moondancer agreed to supply the guild with some decade-old but still useful books about magic that were awfully cheap to buy, a couple of spare brewing stands which Princess Celestia’s School of Gifted Unicorns had long since replaced, and a rusty cauldron to boot! All of the mentioned items, among other things, she lugged on over to Spellbound’s meeting place in a borrowed wagon. Gosh, it sure did strain Moony pulling that wagon though; she had been tempted to take a crash course on come-to-life spells, but learning of how easily they go wrong dissuaded her from committing that sort of mistake. While the white unicorn waited for her neck to cease throbbing from that harness earlier, she waited in the mostly bare warehouse by blissfully laying on her belly and sweetly humming to herself. As today was a weekend, Moondancer also hoped that somepony else from Spellbound could join her today. It would sure beat fixing up the place alone for sure; she’d guess that if nopony showed up within the hour, she’d be driven mad from lack of social contact. And so Miss Dancer kept on humming, leaving the front door wide open in case anyone dropped by.....
  4. Luminous Charge was frustrated. Beyond frustrated, but also considerably happy. Moving his artwork and installing it for an exhibition was always a bizarre combination of joy and unsurpassable stress. His perfectionist streak would have been bad enough if he were a painter and simply had to worry about how to hang a piece, but his work was…difficult. Frustrating. And very, very fragile. The sculptor sighed and soothed the tension building in his forehead with a hoof as the prep worker employed by the gallery opened the final box containing his work, pushing back the wooden lid so the glass pieces were visible. Glass. Why did he have to be so irrevocably fixated on glass? He knew he was working with professionals: the prepatorial staff at the Oakwall Institute of Art were efficient and reliable workers. They had put together countless shows and handled every kind of art that Equestria has seen – his own included. But Lume’s sculptures were like children to him, and he doubted he would ever stop worrying himself sick when he had to move them. Fortunately the unicorn assisting him had a talent for anchoring spells that magically rooted his fragile glass pieces into the earth. She also knew some fortifying spells that would make them resilient to the elements – very useful magic when you worked for an art institute with an outdoor sculpture park! The winged stallion was glad for her assistance. “Alright,” he said quietly to the mare, surveying the work about him with a small frown of concentration, “We managed to get one third of this put up yesterday, and that third was made up of the heaviest pieces. We should be finished later this afternoon or at least early tomorrow.” ­Shy as usual, the lavender-hued mare simply nodded and blushed while he spoke. He wasn’t quite sure if she was naturally shy or afraid of him (which happened more than he liked, to be sure), but despite his best efforts to be friendly he simply couldn’t get her to speak unless she absolutely needed to. His frown tightening a little, Lume approached their work from the previous day with a critical eye. He had smaller pieces inside, gestural sculptures of the various critters found in the wildlife sanctuary this art show was intended to raise funds for. With the whimsical nature of his glass, the result had been quite fanciful…rabbits which looked as though they were made of wind, multi-coloured koi that materialized from blue water currents, foxes leaping from swirls of fire. They were delicate pieces, but much smaller than this monstrosity. And much easier to install. Before him, however, was perhaps the most ambitious, beloved, and hated piece in his collection, a behemoth composed of many small, individual pieces of different-coloured glass. The stallion had visited the wildlife sanctuary and the park space a few times before constructing his pieces, researching and sketching as much as he could in order to plan his work. The park itself was fenced in by trees rather than walls, and had small, impressive gardens tucked into the nooks and crannies of the wooded perimeter. Lume had decided to place his work in one of those colourful garden spaces. It began with tall, spiralling brown pillars standing among the trees, and from there he had constructed a whimsical garden of twisting green shrubs with ceramic buds and flowers glued on. Each glass shrub that mimicked the living plants they stood among, however, had colourful branches thrown into the mix for a touch of unreality. His fantastical pieces were seeded into the real gardens, creating a space of wonder that merged reality and imagination. And of course, to finish the scene he placed more animals in the same style as his artworks indoors amongst the flora. There were life-sized and larger-than-life rabbits, ferrets, foxes, butterflies, birds, and even a sulking wolf lurking among the trees, barely visible so that unless you took your time and looked closely, you would not see him. When the sunlight struck the glass, each piece would shine and paint the world around them in ethereal light from the coloured glass. Well that’s what it would all look like when it was set up. The trees and shrubs already in place shone prettily enough in the morning sun, but there were long hours ahead before the work really came together. Many pieces were large and dense, so lifting them, setting them into place, and putting spells on them took time and energy. Of course it didn’t help that every so often pieces had to be rearranged the more the full scene came together. It was time to get to work. Lume removed his worsted wool blazer and placed it over an empty crate, then rolled up the sleeves of his white button-up. “Let’s start with the hydrangea,” he said, eyes still fixed on the work already in place. It would be a long day, but he expected more artists to show up soon – the curator had already gone to meet one a few minutes before they had begun to open crates – and once the real atmosphere of prep work started he and the lavender mare (Shimmer Shoe, he had to remember that) would be energized by the usual pre-show excitement.
  5. Running usually meant constantly moving. It meant keeping sharp and feeling the flow to be able to keep moving fast and safely. For once though, Duskfall's route had a segment where he could relax and take in the view. It's one thing to to sit in a chair and stare out a window from inside a passenger train; lying on top of the train is something else entirely. Duskfall took a deep breath as he took in the view of the rolling hills that slowly transform into the mountain city of Canterlot. The air seemed fresher than before, but perhaps that was because the Equestrians had managed to defeat Chrysalis. Duskfall turned his head away from the scenic view and toward the front of the train. The tunnel into the mountains was coming up, and that meant that Canterlot would be coming up soon. The job would have been very easy, just a package drop. Unfortunately the package was to be delivered to someone living in Canterlot, which had been invaded by his people. On top of that, he was heading straight into the heart of Equestria. Duskfall had no doubt that the Royal Guard would still be on high alert and would paying close attention for intruders, changelings especially. Disguising would be a futile effort. Not that it really mattered to Duskfall: he almost always preferred to roam undisguised. It just feels more. . . free. Train station coming up. Over by the exit, Duskfall saw several guards loitering around the platform. Time for me to get off. Duskfall got up on his hooves and launched himself off the train and onto the smoothing mountain just before the train station. Duskfall took note of a drainage pipe and ran for it, not bothering to see if anypony had noticed him. There wasn't any time for it. He'd been hoping to eventually hire a pegasus, or at least some flight-able creature to assist him. A set of eyes in the air would help him run his routes much more effectively. It'd also help spot where the guards were so he could avoid them. Alone and in the capitol of Equestria, Duskfall would just have to hope he doesn't run into the Royal Guard. He grimaced at where his left wing used to be. "Lots of hope and doubt. . ." he muttered to himself. Duskfall threw his front hooves onto the pipe and began to climb. The rhythmic clinking of his hooves hitting the piping signalling an inch closer to the top.
  6. [sign your life away! Come on, it'll be fun! http://www.canterlot...ake-2-sign-ups/ ] Ah, Canterlot. The bustling capitol of Equestria, home to the beloved princesses Celestia, Luna, and Twilight Sparkle! The streets are filled with happy ponies, some rich, some poor. It almost seems impossible that there could be any place in this city a pony could be miserable, unhappy or defeated. Though there is an exception to every rule and in Canterlot's military district is one very loud, bustling exception. The Royal Equestrian Army Recruit Depot: Canterlot. Sounds of marching and shouting filled the air for quite some distance around this place, violent choruses of 'sir yes sir' and 'jodies' as platoons of starry-eyed young recruits are molded into defenders of Equestria. One such batch of recruits was rounded up from all over Equestria, being brought to the main gate in a large white carriage pulled by guardsponies. Above the gate was a sign that almost mockingly read 'Abandon Hope, Ye Who Enter Here'. A guard checked the carriage to make sure it's passengers were still there... and supposed to be there. But what pony in their right mind would want to sneak IN to Boot Camp? "Keep your noses clean, do as you're told, and you'll do fine. Welcome to Canterlot" the guardspony said in a short address to the recruits before stepping off and waving the carriage in. As the carriage rolled closer and closer to the receiving building, those inside could look around to see what was in store for them. There was an obstacle course where ponies struggled to get over all kinds of silly things. Logs, nets, under briar vines, and all the while an ornery pony in a funny hat shouting at them for moving too slow. Past the carriage came a small group being led by another Drill Instructor, marching. They almost looked like robots. Expressions frozen, all in step and unwavering. In an open field was another group of recruits doing pony push-ups, while another poor recruit was getting a verbal beatdown by not one - not two - but three Drill Instructors. Gives a new definition to the phrase 'surround sound'. At the receiving building at last... The doors of the carriage open, one of the drivers calling back for everypony to get out. Time to go to work!
  7. Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns - The Most Magical Place in Equestria When unicorns are still young, all of them require instruction on how to harness and focus their spellcasting magic. Much of these foals will never perform any spell aside from basic levitation and whatever is required for their special talent. However, a small number of unicorn foals have the aptitude to achieve greater feats with their magic skills. Thus, the need to teach these special unicorns how to control their powers is efficiently fulfilled by Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. Royally funded and administered directly by Princess Celestia, Equestria’s prestigious institute of magical learning is located in Canterlot; an annex to the cliff-top Canterlot Castle as a matter of fact. Admittance into Celestia’s School is highly competitive; all applicants must pass a rigorous entrance examination (officially known as the Unicorn Magic Aptitude Test) that evaluates their spellcasting potential. This exam comes in two parts; a written portion and a practical portion. The written portion assesses a foal’s knowledge of basic magic theory, which determines whether they’ll be be placed in their first year in basic or more advanced theory-based courses. The practical portion requires foals to demonstrate their magic aptitude in their special talent, or in general unicorn magic if they have not yet discovered their talent. According to most estimates, less than one-fifth of all applicants are accepted for enrollment at the School. In their first years of study at Celestia’s School, fillies and colts are required to study a number of general education subjects, which include but are not limited to magic theory, magic history, elementary mathematics, and the sciences (magic in Equestria has always marched hoof-in-hoof with science and technology). As students get a more complete grasp of how magic works, these gifted youngsters then take advanced classes as electives to suit their talents and goals; teleportation, pyrokinesis, and self-defense courses being but only a few of what the School offers. After several years of intense education, the students of Celestia’s School are ready to graduate and head out into the wide world of Equestria as adults, fully capable of harnessing their powers. Every effort is made to ensure that those foals selected for admission into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns can do so without any hindrance. No tuition or fees of any sort is charged, plus on-campus room and board is provided to all who live outside of Canterlot. When students graduate, these young mares and stallions can then solicit assistance in finding a job that makes full use of their magic talents. Or perhaps instead they join an affiliate program through the School to gain an aetherology degree from several affiliated universities across Equestria. Essentially, magic school graduates are all but guaranteed a bright future. ~Hitchhikers' Guide to Equestria
  8. Despite a rocky start to the evening’s proceedings, an evening that required a hasty purchase of proper dance attire for a Royal Equestrian Army stallion, Pvt. Flash Sentry rather enjoyed himself at the first of what would become annual balls held in honor of the REA. The light orange pegasus managed to meet a few new acquaintances stationed in units other than his own, which was always nice. Flash even got in a little fun dancing here and there; something he hadn’t been to do since he first enlisted. All in all, this had been a pretty good night for the young stallion. Eventually though, the time came for Flash Sentry to depart the ballroom and make his way back to his Canterlot hotel room for sleep. Eschewing the crowded front entrance area, the guard thought to leave through a secluded back entrance through the castle gardens. Not that Flash minded large crowds, but in this particular instance, he felt too burnt out to try making his way through them. Thus, the private opted to take the path less traveled by. The smell of countless exotic flowers filling the air, Pvt. Sentry paused for a moment to gaze into a moonlit pool to make sure his green service jacket and peaked cap were still in good order. Affirming that they were, Flash looked upon his surroundings and surmised that whoever took care of all these plants was certainly a skilled gardener, for Flash really felt tempted to eat some of the flowers right now. For the time being however, the stallion stood there confident in the belief that nopony would bump into him out here.....
  9. The structured festivities have come to an end with thunderous applause for the guests of honor. As the ovation subsides, the master of ceremonies once again comes to the microphone. “Fillies and gentlecolts! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed our little show and the food and drink so magnanimously provided by the Equestrian Services Organization. But since many of you are already in the Army, I’m sure you’re sick of pageantry and formalities, so let’s cut to the chase. Let’s dance!” Ironwing whirled around, counting off beats for the band to start . The dance floor is open, the music is in full swing, and everypony looks to be in the mood for a good time.Your move.
  10. Info here Reno sighed as he stood backstage, fixing his costume, playing the role of Clover the Clever, strapped to his head was a prop unicorn horn, he had read her lines the best so he had gotten the part, despite not being a unicorn..or a filly for that matter, but he was pretty proud to be getting a lead instead of Tree#5! Not that there was anything wrong with being a tree but he would much rather get more lines other than "Rustle Rustle Rustle"! He soon had his costume on and secured, moving to take the script, sighing as he sat down to read his lines again "Now we're soon to be as cold as our hearts!" He read from the script before hugging a nearby mannequin .
  11. Wheat Grass Canterlot. Graceful, towering alabaster buildings topped with golden conical roofs loomed over well-dressed ponies of all kinds. Shops catering to the wealthy elite enticed with their pricy wares. Everything was big there, big and sophisticated, yet there was an elegance to it all, the layout almost organic the way it sprang from the mountain. Wheat Grass was thoroughly intimidated by it. Compared to their little farm and the woodlands surrounding it, Canterlot was just too much to take in, too materialistic, too artificial. She didn't know where to begin in such a place, and it felt so cold compared to the natural splendour of the forest. In addition, Wheat was obviously an outsider; a glance at her worn poncho and dusty coat separated her from the Canterlot natives. So this is how our Goops for Stuff will find its appreciators, Wheat thought, pulling the old cart full of Goops for Stuff samples behind her. What would she do if Goops became a best-seller in Canterlot? Would she need to move to Canterlot, overseeing some huge factory endlessly churning out Goops? It seemed to her that manufacturing Goops on such a large scale took the charm out of it. The stuff was hoof-made from all-natural products. Surely a factory couldn't replicate that quality! "Where do I even begin, though?" Wheat asked herself. She had to admit, it was foolish to arrive alone. Was there anypony who would help her though?
  12. Fire Heart stood in the middle of Clover Park, a place that was nearby Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns where she lived and studied when class was in session. As she gazed upon the statue of Clover the Clever, a unicorn that was known to have studied under Starswirl the Bearded and a pony Fire Heart looked up to, she thought about her life. She had learned much at the school and was slowly understanding how to control her wild fire magic. Yet there were few who understood her fire magic. There was a soldier pony she once met named Bonfire and a pony named Spirit Flame who she made friends with. "I wonder if there's any other pony who has fire magic like me," she said, "Maybe another friend."
  13. Dear Stormsong, You have no idea how happy I am that you agreed to another date! I've got things in order for next weekend, so still plenty of time to get ready! Have a nice brunch (but not too heavy!) and wear something fitting a nice night out (but not overly fancy!) and I'll meet you at your family's restaurant around five. I know you get busy around that time but sadly my plans can't be made any later and I hope you can slip away one night for some time off. See you then! Sam That had been the letter Sam had sent at the beginning of the previous week after he had gotten Stormsong's letter back saying she was willing to go out for another date. After the (semi) disastrous end to the previous date he had been happy she was still willing to share letters and had finally worked up enough never to ask for another date; and she had agreed! His (very masculine and totally-not-a-squee) exclamation of joy surprised not only his co-works but himself as well. He had expected acceptance to make him happy but not the extent of it. So here he was, very carefully casually walking down the road as he had been the previous time, and like the previous time he was a little nervous. He was wearing a deep red soft velvet 'dress' vest with only a few pockets on it and had carefully dyed his mane and tail to match the slightly deeper than he normally used red. He had also just as carefully brushed and styled his mane into something passable for 'wavy' instead of the untidy mess it normally was. He also had a nice but not overly fancy set of black cloth saddle bags on his back, carefully strapped so as to not bounce with his steps. The right side bag was a little full with a long squareish shape but it fit in the pouch so just what type of box it was couldn't be told. The left side had somethings in it, but wasn't overly stuffed. He slowed a bit as he approached the restaurant, it was just about ten to five so he didn't have to meander around the area this time. He looked to see if Storm was waiting for him outside already or if he'd had to head in to find her... .
  14. ((OOC Thread: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/16118-a-casual-roleplay/#entry386688)) Ember looked around in awe as he trotted up the road to the entrance of Canterlot. It was about as different from the rock farm he'd grown up on as possible, and he still couldn't believe he was actually here! He swallowed nervously as he approached the gates, smiling awkwardly at the royal guards he passed. Wow... All the ponies here look so refined. A country pony like me's gonna stand out like a sore hoof... He continued to look around as he made his way down the streets at random, wondering where he'd find a place to stay. The one place he refused to look at, though, was the castle. I can't believe I'm so close to where the princess' stay! I wonder if I need some kinda permission to launch my fireworks... Eventually the stallion came to a stop at what seemed to be some kind of crossroad, uncomfortably aware of his singed mane and burned tail among all the fancy-looking ponies that passed by. "I wonder if they sell maps aroun' here..." Ember decided to wander around the wide area, to see if he might encounter something or somepony that could help him find his way.
  15. After a rough day of work, you and your friends decide to have a bit of fun that night. Doughnut Joe's is open pretty late in the night, so this is where you all head. You all meet in front of the bakery and head inside together, one of you with a bit of surprise news for the others. After the few of you get your doughnuts and drinks, you all sit down at a nearby table and begin your "night on the town," the one with news hardly able to contain him/herself, especially since the news will change almost everything about their lives. So, according to the intro, one of you have news to tell to the others. I won't force one of you to come up with something on the spot, but you can ask if you can be the one with the news. I'll probably give it to the first to ask, so hurry up! There are four friends at the bakery, my OC included. So, therefore, there can only be three other spots to fill. Hurry up and grab your spot! My character is Bright Eyes, a friendly pegasus who likes to relax on a cloud from time to time and has great skills in creativity. He has a light blue coat, like RD but a bit lighter, and a dark purple mane and tail with a white streak running down both, styled similar to RD's. A long description of your character isn't necessary, a simple one will do just fine. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  16. Professor Clyde Krashkp Ms. Harshwhinney Standing in front of a vacant lot in downtown Canterlot was a large pitched tent that had a sign 'CAUTION, CONSTRUCTION AREA' out in front of it. Emerging from the tent were two ponies, an orange pelted blonde Earth mare dressed in a blue blazer. Beside her was a green furred elderly Pegasus who wore glasses. "Where is he? Where is this great architect you kept bragging to be about, Professor Krashkop?" Ms. Harshwhinney snorted. "Please fraulien, calm yourself! He vill be here! Gerrard comes highly recommended und I vill personally vouch for his skill! He is dee perfect choice to design dis new office building to house dee Equestria Games offices!" "Well, this Gerrard will have to convince ME he is up to this task. After all, I have been put in charge of this project, and I intend to see that this new office building comes in under budget and on time! Now where is he? Is he taking a taxi to get here?" "I don't tink he vill be travel day vay, he vill fly in!" "OH? He's NOT a unicorn? He's a Pegasus?" "Nein, not exactly, he is more of a.." "Oh nevermind Professor. I'm sure I will know him when I see him, WHENEVER he decides to show up for our meeting!" the mare neighed, looking down at her legwatch.
  17. It was another great day! Great day for work that is! The giddy tan unicorn bounced happily from table to table making sure that the chairs were in their right positions and what not. And once she finished among the tables she took a good look over by the front door. The front entrance was directly in the middle of the wall with two windows right on its left and right. Upon entering the door one would first be greeted by the ever tantalizing smell of coffee beans and freshly baked goodies. Whether they be cookies or biscuits or whatever! And the ears would be flooded with the smooth sounds of sweet jazz chords and notes as they played just soft enough to be heard. After you get past the smell one can see what is inside the cafe. The cafe is basically all wood with wooden floors and walls but with protection from fire where necessary.It is well lit with hanging lanterns and a lights as well. The lanterns are only on the tables that the customers can light for themselves if they choose to do so. The tables and chairs were both wood was well but the chairs had cushions for the ponies who wanted to sit in them. The tables were just big enough to hold enough stuff necessary for a good meal with easy space. After getting past the tables and chairs it is a straight shot to the front desk where a window pane blocks a few goods that are freshly backed and ready to go. Only reachable by the mare behind the counter. Such as donuts and biscuits and crumpets and cookies but most importantly...the Scones. Each category with different types of ways to bake them for the customer's choice. And behind the counter is a register and all the things needed to make her baking easy. Such as a stove and two or three coffee makers and what not. If one were to look directly left from the front of the counter one would see another room that had more chairs and tables in it. But this room had a small stage big enough for a band to play on. It had a mic on stage but everything else the band needed to bring themselves. This was the stage where Carmella wanted to have a permanent jazz band playing at all times. Right now all she had was the small record player playing some of her favorite tunes by the counter. Which was playing music always. And that's basically the whole cafe. It was big enough to seat good sized groups but it was fairly new. It had white outside walls with accenting tan every here and there. Plus with a nice big cute sign that read, "Carmella's Cup". The mare took a deep breath and slowly made her way to the front door. The small white sign on the door became trapped in a dark tan aura and then flipped over to read, "Open!" to all passing ponies. Carmella looked out the window and propped herself up against the window seal. She looked to the front of her store and thought it would be a good idea to have some tables and chairs outside the cafe in the front. But she would need bits... So Carmella pushed off of the window seal and then made her way behind the counter. She looked up above at the menu as it listed all types of drinks from water to the most diverse type of cappuccino any would want. And the number of deserts and snacks and a few sandwich types. All fairly priced in her opinion. The mare turned her head and pushed her long elegant mane out of her face and stood there waiting. For Carmella's Cup was now open for business! ​
  18. The city of Canterlot is full of the hustle and bustle of life. Ponies working tirelessly, to go home and go to bed only to repeat this cycle once more. Life if rough and sometimes everypony needs to find an escape, whether it be through designing, painting, writing, or music. Everypony has an escape, and the real masterminds behind these escapes are the ones who work tirelessly through their art. Every once in a while several artist like to gather at events held across equestria. This year the honor of holding the 'gathering of art' event is held by Canterlot. This is a little place where artists can finally let their hair down and have a conversation with others in their profession. Octavia, wearing her normal white collar and pink bow-tie, strode across the marble floor of the massive gathering hall. Her spirits were high, and her hopes of meeting new people were higher. Around her were groups of several other ponies who all were fellow artists from their respective communities. This had been the first time that she had been able to attend Gathering of Art or G.A. for short. She hoped to meet others who shared her interests in music, activities, and fashion sense. Of course if there was ever a place for her to meet someone like that, it would be here.
  19. [colour=#000000]Canterlot. It was a city that to Crystal Snowflake embodied her youth's dreams. It represented the immaculate ideal of opulence and luxury that in her fillyhood had driven her forward. It was in trying to reach this city the first time that she achieved her cutie mark. It was in trying to reach the city again that she pulled herself up the ladder of success. In finding Stalliongrad and Northern Storm, the importance of the city had slipped for her yet nevertheless it still held a deep symbolic significance as a fanciful city of dreams.[/colour] [colour=#000000]She was here that day for a somewhat curious reason. She still really wasn't sure how to feel about it still. A sort of anxiety like that she hadn't felt since her filly years had a hold on her. It had been a whim--or maybe rather it was jealousy. Crystal wasn't entirely sure what to call it. All she knew for sure is that she had filled out a form for a matchmaker service in Fillydelpha--the same her daughter had apparently used to find her confused happiness--and had promptly received a match. She wasn't sure what to expect or even what she wanted from this. Regardless, an opportunity to visit Canterlot and take in a performance at the Royal Theatre was not about to squandered.[/colour] [colour=#000000]Presently a carriage was taking her to the theatre while her bags were delivered to the Hightower Hotel where they would be staying. She would meet up with her date there and then the night would begin. The stallion she was to meet went by the name Dr. Merlot. Evidently he was suitably wealthy, intelligent and refined. He was identified as an archaeologist, a field Crystal did have some interest in as a collector of gems and other fine, old things that needed be dug up from the ground. She was rather excited to talk with him, as he did sound like a pony who might actually be on her level. At the same time, his name sounded eerily familiar to her. She couldn't get over the sense that she might already be somehow acquainted to this stallion.[/colour] [colour=#000000]As the carriage pulled up to the theatre, Crystal descended gracefully. The pegasus mare was attired in an elegant deep violent gown and matching fashionable hat; her medium blue mane was gently curled for the occasion. She had confidence that she looked good and it showed in her strong posture. Now she need only find her date for the evening. From what the matchmaker had said she had little more to go on than that he evidently dressed himself typically in a khaki coat. Eager, Crystal began to search for a stallion matching that description.[/colour]​
  20. (( PM if you want in - I'd like it if you either were a weather pegasus, or otherwise had a good reason to be there after everypony else is on their way home. )) It was a dark and stormy night, following up a very, very long day... the storm had come up out of the Everfree Forest as if from nowhere. What had been scheduled as a calm, peaceful afternoon that was slightly cloudy and with a touch of a cool breeze ... had turned into gale-force winds in a matter of twenty minutes. Dash had led the Ponyville weather team in against the gale, but it was no local mess - She heard reports of flooding as far south as Dodge Junction, and tornadoes as far north as Stalliongrad. It was a doozy, that much was certain! Time after time, she'd pulled back to build up a new front of conflicting air and brought it in to break up another segment of the storm, yelling orders with her powerful set of lungs to ponies she could see as no more than silhouettes in the volatile storm, except when the frequent flashes of lightning showed her that she was no longer giving orders to Ponyville pegasus ponies - but complete strangers. No matter, she had authority, and every pegasus was on the same team in an emergency like this! It wasn't long before they knew they'd never be able to give that peaceful summer afternoon that they'd promised Equestria ... nor even a peaceful night. The best they could hope was to break the cyclonic thunderheads into 'just' a powerful thunderstorm, sparing Equestria as much destruction as they could. By the time the storm had finally been broken, it had swept across most of the Nimbusgait Lakes, and by asking the local ponies where she was, she could only determine that she was somewhere north of Canterlot. And apparently, it was well after midnight. She'd been fighting the storm nonstop for more than half a day! Once the adrenaline wore off, the weariness set in quite quickly. No way she was making it back to Ponyville without a rest, not in the storm that still roared outside. She flew heavily over Canterlot with wings that felt made of wood, landing heavily before one of the few places that still looked open. Ponyland, a nice looking little jazz club. She stepped inside, and with aching hooves she peeled off the leather helmet and the goggles that were misting up her vision. Her coat shivered as she shook off sheets of rainwater. She ran her hooves through her tamped-down mane, but nothing was getting that to stand up again anytime soon ... no worries. Not like she'd meet anypony she knew here at two in the morning, other than the fellow pegasus ponies that were landing along with her, eager to get a drink and celebrate a job well done.
  21. Ghost Writer danced on her hooves outside the Cafe Viridian. It was a hole in the wall little place with no sign. It was only distinguished by a green door, uncharacteristic in Canterlot on the whole. Ghost Writer had only learned of it because her brother had helped the little cafe start up. It was the sort of place that only stayed in business because of its regulars. They made enough money to keep the owners and employees living comfortably and to keep the little cafe open, and that was all they seemed to want. It was Ghost Writer's favorite cafe. She knew the entire waitstaff by name, and they all knew her by name. They knew the troupe schedule, too, and when the troupe was in Canterlot on break they kept Ghost's spot open. A spacious corner booth where she could spread out her writing materials and work on whichever novel or play needed completing at that moment. Sometimes regulars she'd gotten to know would join her and ask after her work while they drank their teas, but usually it was just Ghost, with troupe members coming and going occasionally. Today was different. Today was the very last day of the troupe's break, and it was time for everyone to get together and start preparing to leave on their route once again. Old members and new alike would be meeting Ghost in her corner booth today, and she was a little antsy. The old members hadn't met the new mebmers yet. She wasn't worried about how Double Tap or Pierrot would react to them, but Spotlight could be a problem. Finally, she shook off her nerves. She'd keep Spotlight from being a problem. She would. She had to. Into the Cafe Viridian she walked. The waitstaff already had her tea and scone prepared at her place, and she slid into the booth and sipped at her tea, awaiting her troupe.
  22. Life was funny sometimes. At times it could be so laughably simple and unbearably routine, at others a confusing, incoherent mess that was impossible to figure out. For Radiant Steel, fresh faced private with REA Garrison force, it could so very frequently be both at the same time. Perhaps the pegasus just had an unfortunate habit of over-thinking everything, but despite having been for all accounts tethered her whole life to the same few names, faces, locations and expectations Radiant found that she so often just couldn't quite piece it all together. The introduction of new pieces to the puzzle could only make things more confusing. She had met Seeker in the Whitetail Woods. She had helped him find and rescue his dog Blacky. Helping ponies was part of her job description; she honestly wouldn't have expected it to go beyond that initial encounter. Seeker had had different ideas though; in reward for her help, he had prepared for her a spectacular. Following that the two ponies had went with Blacky to the park to spend the evening enjoying one another's company. Radiant still wasn't sure how to feel about what had happened. That's not to say a lot did happen-- the day was about as relaxing as was imaginable. A number of Radiant's fellow soldiers and even her own brother had labeled it a "date" though, and Radiant wasn't entirely sure that wasn't the right word-- dating wasn't something the mare was all together familiar with. The events had kind of felt like she had imagined dates to feel though, and regardless it had been an entirely pleasant experience for her. If nothing else, Seeker (and Blacky) could now be counted among the select few Radiant considered friends. The mare just wasn't sure how to feel about this beyond that. The sun was on the rise and she was standing at the main entrance to the city of Canterlot wearing her golden armor. A night had passed and now Seeker was to leave. She was to see him off that morning. Was that is? Was this to just be a fleeting encounter, something of which nothing became? Radiant didn't know for certain, and somehow not knowing left her feeling kind of empty. What happened next? Anything? Or was it just back to the same routine, the pony she had spent the previous evening with gone to only be a memory in her head? The mystery of it all hung heavy with her, but in that moment she supposed it didn't really matter all that much. She was here to see Seeker off. When it came to whatever it was that might happen after that, she'd just have wait and see. She'd deal with it all as it came.
  23. Fleur decided that it was time she did something for Canterlot! After renting a lovely room and posting fliers, Fleur was making sure every last second detail was finished! She was having a public and FREE Tea Party! Showing off all sorts of talents, from tea makers, to pastry bakers! Wanting Citizens to taste and experience some little known wonders that they would usually snub due to them not possessing a flashy shop, or a high price tag! The room was set with scores of tables, all covered in soft white table cloths, each table sat up like a buffet, each decked with at least 5 beautiful tea pots, all sprouting it's own unique tea, and a label stating what kind it is and who made it. There was a second batch of tables all decorated with tons of Petifores(small cakes), tiny hoof sandwiches, and all sorts of other tiny munchies ! Also labeled and marked...each table having waitstaff to serve the delicacies up and many lovely tables to sit, as well as benches in the gardens for outside relaxing. Now that she was sure everything was ready Fleur darted to her dressing room! Wanting to look..simple and elegant today, by wiping off her normally purple eye make up and putting on a soft mint green shade instead, her mane styled to gently hang in her face in the front, the rest pulled into a bun, a sprig of mint and some flowers attached to it with a hair clip. To complete the look she wore a silver locket baring her namesake.. a Fleur De Lis "Zhere now I hope zhat ponies show up for a bit of refreshment!" She tittered happily, it was so nice to do nice things! Besides it would make her look REALLY good too so BONUUUUS!
  24. Canterlot Castle - The Crown Jewel No house in Equestria is as great as that of the Royal Pony Sisters, Canterlot Castle. Obstinately the source of the name of the city built around it, Canterlot Castle was constructed as a symbol of the beauty ponies could create by working together. As such, many sections of the grand palace are open to the public and used for special occasions on a frequent basis. The public interior spaces of Canterlot Castle share many typical design elements. As the marble palace was not designed as a military fortress, windows tend to be large and spacey. Many of these windows are made out of stained glass, and these magnificent works of art depict scenes of everyday Equestrian life or commemorate important historical events (it’s been joked about that the royal window makers have been constantly busy ever since Princess Luna’s return). Those purple-tinted marble walls not adorned with windows are covered with decorative tapestries, marked with vivid emblems of every sort. As for the famous palace corridors themselves, their pillar-supported roofs tower far above the heads of everypony, and are accompanied by glossy checkerboard-patterned floors and red carpet walkways. Every so often, one of these corridors is connected to a balcony providing a scenic vista of Canterlot and the surrounding landscape. Other sections of Canterlot Castle are off-limits to anypony but royalty and staff, and so they do not necessarily need to be extravagant. Celestia’s bedroom itself stands as a homely contrast to the state guestrooms and the rest of the castle, while hallways typically aren’t required to be extraordinarily extravagant. Here, one can also find kitchens, servants’ quarters, secluded parlors, and the private royal library. Each wing of the library is meant for royal use only and is named for an important pioneering mind in a certain discipline; for example, the wing housing instructional material on highly advanced spells is named for the great wizard Starswirl the Bearded. The following is a listing of the most famous parts of Canterlot Castle. No tour of the castle is complete without a visit of these following areas: The Front Lawn - The main entrance into Canterlot Castle is through the Front Lawn, a lush public greenspace surrounded by the rest of the city. Citizens of Equestria traditionally assemble on the lawn to overhear proclamations made by the princess up from a rampart-styled platform above, which can be reached from the outside by two curving staircases. Meanwhile, the main ground floor entrance into the palace lies below the platform through a large wooden gate, constantly watched over by the Royal Guard. The Grand Ballroom - Not far from the entrance hall is the impressive Grand Ballroom, the primary room used for social functions like the Grand Galloping Gala. The walls of this chamber and the corridors leading to it are lined with centuries-old artwork, sculptures, and tapestries. One end of the Ballroom contains a raised area for musicians to play sedate courtly tunes; the other end provides a back exit into the castle gardens. The Gardens - If the palace proper serves as a marvel of Equestrian architecture, then the Gardens separating the palace from the surrounding precipice are a showcase of Equestria’s natural beauty. The prettiest flowers, bushes, and trees from all over the land are cultivated here, and a small collection of highly diverse animal species are also kept here; many of them gifts from foreign dignitaries. In addition, a multitude of marble statues litter the grounds near the palace and the labyrinthine hedge maze at one end of the gardens. A defensive wall conveniently wraps around this natural refuge to make sure ponies and other creatures don’t accidentally walk off the cliffside. The Throne Room - Princess Celestia presides over this majestic chamber; from here, the alicorn conducts much of her day-to-day affairs. The princess’s throne sits on top of a gold dais of unparalleled splendor; large gilded pots of lovely flowers flank the front-facing sides, while tiny waterfalls flow behind and keep the throne room bathed in the soothing sound of cascades. Unlike other castle corridors, each towering window in the Throne Room is of the stained-glass variety, giving this chamber an otherworldly quality as benefiting of Celestia’s domain. The Hall of Harmony - Canterlot Castle’s great hall is just as awe-inspiring as the Throne Room, even if it’s simpler in design. Prestigious state ceremonies are conducted here; Princess Cadance and Shining Armor exchanged their wedding vows upon the Hall’s raised stage, and Twilight Sparkle’s coronation took place on that same stage as well. Unlike the other palace chambers, the windows in the Hall of Harmony are entirely open to fresh air to outside, and the walls correspondingly use a blue tint instead of the usual purple. From the Hall of Harmony, processions can swiftly make their way over to the platform overlooking the Front Lawn, and gaze upon the vast crowds of ponies who couldn’t witness the Hall ceremonies in person. ~Hitcherhikers' Guide to Equestria
  25. It seemed such a simple thing when they'd talked it over in Ponyville. As soon as Sugar Apple had been decommissioned from the hospital and caught up with any work backlog, she could come and visit Earth Writer in Canterlot that weekend. They'd even fixed a spot to go to, a pastry shop where one of her cousins worked. As first dates go, the setup was a simple business. [colour=#8b4513]*That really should have been my first clue. No plan survives first contact with, well, reality.* [/colour]Earth Writer thought as he paced up and down the train station platform, as nervous a stallion as ever waited for a date to arrive. The first problem, he supposed, was that they hadn't fixed a set day, not that they could have, given all the contingencies that could have come up. But when the letter had finally come from Cloudsdale that the pegasus mare would be coming down that weekend, guess what day that fell on? That's right, Hearts and Hooves day. It just had to, didn't it? The very day set up to celebrate the idea of finding one's "special somepony," and generally accumulating traditions dedicated to celebrating each other. This would mark the first year that the unicorn would have anything close to a marefriend on that day, and the stress was starting to get to him. What was he expected to do? The notion of just having a simple get-together just didn't seem to wash with the whole holiday. On the other hand, Sugar Apple didn't seem to be the sort that would stand on ceremony, unlike most of the ponies who lived in this city. But then, he really hadn't known her for long enough to say for certain what her expectations would be. [colour=#8b4513]*Flowers, flowers should work. They look pretty, make a nice snack, fit in very well with the whole atmosphere. No mare was ever upset to receive them... right?* [/colour]The bouquet he'd gotten, at the usurious price determined by the timing of his purchase, was held steady in the glow of his magic, but gripped tight. The ironic thing was, one of the things which had attracted Earth Writer to Sugar had been the way in which he felt at ease around her. She just had a way about her, perhaps the gentile, yet down-to-earth country manner in which she carried herself, that could allow the unicorn to let go of his tension. The corollary of this, however, was that on his own, the stress now had a free hand to make him freak out slightly. Still, as the train pulled in, he could let himself relax just a little bit. [colour=#8b4513]*This is Sugar Apple we're talking about. It's not as if she doesn't like you. She agreed to the date, you can relax. Everything's going to be just fine...*[/colour]
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