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  1. Name: Cassiopeia Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Changeling (Default Disguise: Unicorn) Eye Colour: Dark Rose (AC512D) (Default Disguise: Sky Blue (87CEEB)) Coat: Dark Grey (242424) with a backplate that fades from Pale Cerise (EBAFD1) to white. (Default Disguise: Chocolate and kept immaculately clean.) Mane/Tail: Dark Gold (E2B227) mane kept long and wavy that fades to Pale Gold (FFF1B4) towards the tips, though looks as fragile as silk or gossamer. The same can be said for her tail. (Default Disguise: Medium length, Black mane and tail kept in tight curls.) Physique: Both in and out of her disguise, Cassiopeia has a tall and voluptuous build. Her unicorn disguise has a bit more weight to its looks. Her changeling wings are similar in colour and translucency to her mane and tail. Her horn in changeling form is curved and speckled with holes with the tip being flat. Residence: Forests Near The Knightheads. Occupation: 'Queen', Ruler of a Rogue Hive. Cutie Mark: N/A (Default Disguise: A beautiful lozenge shaped sapphire set in a pendant with gold and silver filigree surrounding it like ivy.) History: 'Queen' Cassiopeia the Radiant. Were you to ask those loyal to her, many would say she was the most beautiful changeling to ever live. And she'd hardly argue. Ever since she was small, the changeling has felt a feeling of superiority. That she was the heaven's gift to not only changelings, but to creatures far and wide. A beautiful and shining beacon amongst the dreary Badlands. Born under the rule of Queen Chrysalis, Cassiopeia watched the tyrannical changeling push her subjects and conquer lands. So many changelings living their day by day like cogs in a machine, never resting, never reaching any sort of potential. For a time, Cassiopeia was among them. But as she grew it became clear to her that Chrysalis was wasting not only her potential, but that of others too. And she wasn't very pleasant to look at either. With a tongue of silver and beauty on her side, it wasn't hard for her to find others who felt like she did. That life under the Queen's rule was becoming more and more dreadful by the day. Their talents and skills squandered with needless digging or scouting when so much more good could be done. The Changeling Empire indeed felt like a machine, but one with rusted gears and an engineer that failed to keep things running smoothly. But while this feeling was shared with those enamoured by her, and the jilted and 'weak' of the hive, so too was the knowledge that an uprising was out of the question. Vanity did not blind Cassiopeia to the worth of others, nor did it make her foolish enough to think a coup was possible. Not now, at the very least. Instead, she waited. She planned and schemed in secret, wooing what changelings she could to her side. Their numbers weren't vast, nor were they the greatest that the hive had to offer, but she knew them well, trusted them. And so when the time finally came Cassiopeia and her changelings stole away in the night, taking their leave of Chrysalis' Queendom to start their own hive. With Cassiopeia as their queen. Small though it may be, Cassiopeia sat out to the forests near the Knightheads to settle her new hive. A place both close enough to Equestria to find meals of love, and far enough from the Badlands to feel safe. With her hive established, and their new home flourishing, it was time for the new 'Queen' to make the laws of her land. What first came to the changeling's mind was Feasts. While Chrysalis' hive surely had no problems with draining creatures of love and leaving them to their fates, Cassiopeia knew that catch and release worked much more efficiently. After all, if you devour all the love, what else is left? So long as none became hostile, no creature would be denied entry or departure from the hive. She was confident enough that her beauty and charm would easily keep ponies enraptured enough to stay and live amongst them as a steady supply of love. And if not? Well they weren't worth her time anyway. This policy would prove to be difficult at first. Changelings at the time were a secretive race. Mostly spoke about in hushed tales, like monsters or worse. And so in the beginning, she and her followers would don their disguises and mingle with any travelers or villagers. Taking their time to get to know and trust them all, only revealing their true nature to the most trusted. Many times this was met with mixed results, some would stay with the hive as they started, trusting their new friends no matter their form. Even with those who left in worry or shame, their secret was kept, a measure of trust still seemed to remain with those who parted ways with Cassiopeia's hive. With ponies and even griffons living amongst her changelings, her hive rarely wanted for a measure of love. No trickery or coercion was needed. Just a few words of flattery and ego inflating. Self love, pride, made the love taste all the more sweet after all. As time went on however, Cassiopeia grew curious about the rest of Equestria. Perhaps there would be more ponies interested in joining her beautiful hive. With this thought in mind, the queen set out a set of spies to integrate themselves into Equestrian society, and to send her reports. But recently, most of the reports have ceased, and with news of Chrysalis' defeat in Canterlot, she can't help but to feel a measure of worry. Perhaps a journey of her own is in order. Character Summary: Cassiopeia is about as vain and prideful as they come. It's no exaggeration on her part when she says she's the most beautiful creature to ever live. Despite this immense vanity though, it doesn't keep her blinded to the worth and beauty of others. Often times she'll outright state if she finds someone beautiful or repugnant. Though she prefers boosting their egos with flattery and flirting for a quick snack more often than not. To her subjects she's a fair leader, treating them with respect and dignity, as individuals amongst the hive, rather than just pawns or peons. To others she's honest if not a little condescending at time. Cassiopeia can see value in most anything...so long as it's visually appealing in someway at least. Her pride and vanity though, are still flaws. While gushing upon her with flattery and flirtations may get you little but reciprocation, an insult to her or her hive is likely to incur her swift ire. Many times in her youth, if someone dared to insult her, she would be quick to cut them with words. Only resorting to violence in the most indignant of cases as to not sully herself. Through temperance though, she’s learned to hold herself back...mostly. Besides, it’s easier to just let her admirers set the fools straight. Text Colour: (E2B227) Poison Joke Reaction: TBD
  2. SweetPen


    From the album: Sweet Pen's stuff

    My first drawing of Chrysalis, 'cause she's awesome. I did some changes in the digital drawing, that doesn't have in the sketch.

    © Chrysalis by Hasbro, Drawing by Me

  3. "Oh my, darling, don't tell me you've been living with a face like that! Let me fix it for you~" Roleplay type: World of Equestria Name: Rakshasa Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Changeling Eye colour: Amethyst Coat: Black chitin Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail, if they can be called that, are a light violet, worn in an obvious attempt to simply keep it contained. Her mane she takes most special care of, using a pony-o of gold to keep it in a ponytail. Physique: Lithe, even for a changeling. She's a frail thing. She prefers to remain in her natural form as opposed to donning a pony-sona. Residence: Stalliongrad. Close enough to the hive to not feel homesick and far enough away from it to not be bothered. Occupation: She calls herself a 'face-sculptor', though in reality she's just sharing the Changeling gift with Equestria... or anypony else with enough bits to hire her services. She is the owner of the Stallingrad shop "The Changeling". Cutie Mark: None Unique Traits: Illusion master - Her former occupation within Chrysalis' invasion forces gives her great insight on the capabilities and utilizations of Changeling magic. The talent that was once used to train invaders is now used to make ponies believe they are as beautiful as they want to be. With the help of other magics and potions, she has found ways to make her illusions practically permanent! To an extent... After all, what's a business without repeat customers? Alchemist - Since leaving the hive, she has found a great joy in potion-making, and has even discovered ways to amplify her illusion magics! In the few short years since she's left the hive, she's made great progress in her craft, thought she's always interested in learning more. For now, she's happy to have enough knowledge to provide her service, and rake in the bits. History: Rakshasa was born like any other Changeling: Hatched from an egg in the dark halls of a Changeling citadel, nopony to knowingly call mother or father. Everything she ever did from childhood on into adulthood was for the good of the hive. But one thing in particular she was good at was her ability to change. "Big deal, all Changelings are good at that, they're born with it" you say? Her lessons on how to fine-tune her natural abilities only inspired her to do more, accomplish more, and share more with her hive. In what spare time she had, which was practically none with her other duties such a keeping watch, scavenging, and tunneling, she practiced her illusions, getting more and more daring as her skills grew. Over time, she learned to isolate specific parts of the body to make them appear different, experimenting with many different combinations, such as a pony with just one griffon leg and a diamond dog tail. While it looked ridiculous and was difficult to maintain, you would swear it was a true abomination of nature, rather than a Changeling being silly. Her understanding and skill with the capabilities of what your usual drone should know and beyond, she was assigned to train young Changelings in the arts of manipulation, infiltration, and disguise. Deemed one of the hives few true 'Masters of Disguise', she carried her responsibility with authority. She trained many invaders, ensuring that even another Changeling may hive difficulty telling the difference. She demanded perfection in one's appearance, and made sure to coach her underlings on how to perfect their individual persona's appearances. The proof was in details. Even though Equestria as a whole hadn't experienced Changeling magic, it was easy to tell something was off just by looking at it. That was the challenge they needed to overcome: to fool even the most scrutinizing eye. Her teachings, along with those of others like her, were all put to the ultimate test when Queen Chrysalis made the daring assault on Canterlot. Rakshasa had stayed behind, much to her disliking. She wanted to see her handiwork in action, and she was worried for her pupils. It wasn't until after the stragglers were rounded up that she was finally told what had happened. Everything went seamlessly at first. Nopony was the wiser as the royal wedding was being planned. The guard leadership had been suppressed, the population infiltrated, and the city's state of alarm was nearly non-existent. However, something had gone wrong. Something had tipped them off, and one thing led to another. First, the shield. It went up, trapping the initial wave of infiltrators in the city and closing off any possibility of further reinforcements. Then, during a visit from Celestia's star pupil, the Queen herself played an unconvincing role, which eventually lead to a catastrophic operational failure. Once animosities cooled off and other Changelings began to go their own way, Rakshasa decided to do the same. The former hive Master of Disguise decided she was going to start her own business! If you're good at something, why not make a profit on it? She traveled for many days before eventually finding a place in Stalliongrad. Under the persona "White Lotus", she worked many odd jobs, several retail professions and a part-time alchemy assistant, just trying to make enough money to put a roof over her head and get her out of the common house. When at last that dream became a reality, she decided it was as good a time as any to start her business. But, a good business model revolves around honesty. So, she took time to reveal her true self to those she had worked with, who in turn told everypony around them about who White Lotus really was. She was surprisingly well-received, as it seems honesty goes a long way. But with that out of the way, it was time to make some money! Her business started small enough, operating out of her apartment in the city. It started of as an amusement, ponies wanting a temporary illusion to play a prank, or get themselves out of trouble. But eventually, word of her services spread, both to clients wealthy and shady. No matter, so long as they had the coin. Combined with her alchemy magic, her illusions are well worth any investment! While she cannot physically change a pony, she can change their outward-most appearance! For a price! Her services are expensive and discriminating, but you get what you pay for. Character Summary: Rakshasa's business model is centered on honesty. In her case, brutal honesty. She doesn't have much of a filter when it comes to telling her clients how she feels about their appearance, but she feels it's for the best. Even if it's an exaggerated truth, it's usually enough to make ponies consider her services just for the chance that others might not think so too! Ponies seemed to have much more fragile self-esteem than her chitin-covered comrades had. She has a very high opinion of herself, coming from a place of success in the hive, and finding herself in yet another place of success through hard work and tough business. The fact she she's a Changeling who built up her own business in Equestria is a huge point of pride for her, and she'll gladly dare any Equestrian illusion magic-user to match her expertise. Humility is not one of her strong suits... Luckily, you don't need to be humble to be rich. Rakshasa likes money. A lot. She'll very often do whatever it takes to make a sale, and make sure that client keeps coming back for more. Even if it means breaking a few hearts and wallets. Of course, she's much warmer for her more discriminating clientele... When they finally decide to lighten their purses, the money-grubbers... With that being said, as honest as she is, that honesty can be bought. She does deal with less-than-legal clients, but what good businesslady doesn't keep a ledger? All it takes is the right pricetag, and a guard can have all the information they want! Or anypony else who's interested for that matter. But, you get what you pay for when you buy a glamour at The Changeling, so what's the harm?
  4. From the album: Scythe Chronicles

    This character is not what she appears. Lol in the sense she is a changeling. Often Mirrage is seen as silent and given an emotionless stare coupled with very expressive movements; such as the shoulders, eyes and ears. Wings as well. She is very dutiful to whomever she serves. Originally she was the competent lacky; the yes-man of a villain I'd once conceptualized. The humor of her was that she nevers talk though she CAN in fact talk. The villain would ask something deep or in need of advice... and just when she opens her mouth he'd cut her off like "Wait! No you're right, that's BRILLIANT!!" and she would just idly go back to reading her book. However; Mirrage does talk fluently when disguised as other ponies. She is an exceptionally powerful changeling with several custom forms she uses to do battle with others; including the Great Dogling... a huge, Diamond Dog-like beast capable of punching down doors and causing a good lot of destruction. Unless commanded to do so, she is not outwardly hostile. In fact she'd prefer to laze on a pillow and read or draw.
  5. Zeig


    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    A quick 'thank you' gift piece for QueenCerali, who's been 'Like'ing and commenting almost every art piece I've uploaded since she joined the site (and even going to older pictures and 'Like'ing some of them, if I'm not mistaken). Thanks for the support! Featuring her Changeling character Cerali, up in her cave and looking down at something a bit forlornly. Hope I got the hair right - most Changeling hair is straight and limp-like, so I wasn't sure what to do with 'swirling stripes.' Hope it looks alright. Cerali © QueenCerali
  6. Tincho hummed to himself as he trotted softly down the road. It was a cool morning. The nice coat he work keeping the chill away. He noted clouds in the distance. 'Hmm may be i am walking into a storm again. I should likely find a place to latch the cart down and ride it out.' He thought to himself. As he kept walking he began to look around. He spotted a few other traveling ponies. Stoppong his art he tried to hail their attention. "I say! Does any pony know of a suitable place by which i can park my cart? I do not wish to get caught in the storm!" ~ Flying Brick wore no coat, never had. She'd tell any pony who asked that it was because it impeded her movement; that she wanted the freedom to break out into a run or a dance at any moment without being tripped up by fabric. In reality, the more pressing reason was that she could rarely afford one. An affluence of bits was a rare occasion for a street performer, and any she got generally went to good meals or nights in an actual bed. Still, one had to pay a price for liberty! It wasn't bad, usually; Equestrians were generous folk, and the weather was nice enough to make sleeping outside more attractive than otherwise. Today, however, promised to be one of the miserable ones. Cold, wet, with a long walk in front of one. The earth pony mare, therefore, was keeping a lookout for any kind of shelter herself when the stranger called out to her. "Eh, maybe set up by tree group?" she pointed to a grove in the distance. The trunks looked thick, but the foliage thin ~ The stallion looked her over and smiled. "Thank you kind mare. Here. For you." He turned his head. Though his facade was of an earth pony today, his cart opened magically. Producing a cloak and levitating it out to her. "No fair mare should be without a cloak on a day as this. Parchance do you need a place that is dry? My cart is open of you need somewhere to stay." ~ "Eeyy!" The earth pony mare was apparently impressed at the stallion's little trick. Perhaps that was because she'd shared her street corners with practitioners of legerdemain before, and had developed an appreciation of the art. "Many thanks! Is good to find generous pony right before rain, da?" She laughed, trotting up beside him as they made their way to the glade. ~ "Indeed my fair mare. I have food as well. Come. You may relax while i prepare a meal for us to share. And while the storm passes over we can remain dry tonight." He spoke with a gentle tone. One well accustomed to speaking to ponies he didnt know." As they approached the glade he watched the birds seeking shelter as well. "Seems to be a bad storm. I am glad to have met you. It is not often i have company in my travels. Would you be so kind as to tell me your name?" ~ "Smooth talker, generous hooves. You sweep the roads for mares like this, eh?" She laughed again at her jokes, even louder this time. Quite the jovial pony, this one. In any case, she wasn't one to look a gift, or gift giver, in the mouth, as it were. "Am Flying Brick. Ah, but you think bricks don't fly? Never seen Stalliongrad construction site, then!" And she laughed again, disturbing the birds from their perches. ~ The stallion laughed as well. "Pleasure to meet you Ms. Flying Brick. i am Tincho. And... No i have not seen stalliongrad. I hear it is lovely. But yes.. i am a traveler. And if i meet a pretty mare, well i can not help but believe that there is a reason for meeting every pony." As they came to the glade. He turned ans backed the cart between a pair of trees. Once he was sure the cart was settled he pushed the locking break in place. Then set wooden wedges fore and hind each wheel. Once done he opened the back of the cart. Levitating out a simple pot on a stand. He brought out a pre cut log and set it under the pot. Then came the matches. Carefully lighting the log he let the fire crackle merrily as he moved to examine what to cook. ~ The wind was starting to pick up, streaming the smoke from the fire through the glade. Flying Brick, for her part, moved to the fire, eager to get close to the warmth. Growing up north may have toughened her to the cold, but also had made her hungry for heat. And food. She was always hungry for food. "What is the cooking? No fear for my stomach; I'll eat anything. Not picky, not after grandma's borsch!" ~ The stallion came out slowly holding a basket of bread and cheese. As well as several vegatables. "I think soup with bread would be lovely. Just let me get the water from the can." He set the basket down and moved to the side of the cart. Picking up a large cup he used magic again to open the large metal milk can and fill the cup with water. After sealing the can he came over and poured the water into the pot. Then he began chopping the vegitables magically as he spoke. "You seem rather calm to see an Earth pony using magic. You either have seen this before or you dont care my lady." As he spoke he levitated an apple out to her. He was calm. No sign of aggression. He was actually wondering if she had met some of his kind before. And as it was, he was frankly tired of the facade. It had its perks where rich ponies lived. But ... in the lower class places he wanted to be one of them. Comfortable and happy. And not hiding behind a mask. ~ "Eh, I see more impressive tricks." Brick waved a hoof dismissively. Apparently, she didn't think it real magic, and that was understandable enough. Many stage magicians were earth ponies, it made their shows of "magic" all the more impressive. Still, she looked at him curiously as he levitated the vegetables and ingredients, plucking the apple out of the air with raised brow. ~ He smiled. "As well. I do not often perform. Only when trying to sell something." He continued cooking until it was all in the pot. Then he let it simmer. As itwas cooking he smiled. "Where all have you been? Im sure a pretty mare as yourself has been many places." ~ So... Brick was puzzled at this pony. He was a sales-stallion... who incorporated legerdemain? "Well, it keep ponies from slamming door in face, that for sure! Free show, good stuff for cheap, That your pitch, eh?" She laughed, and didn't stop when he called her pretty. It wasn't too off-center; she had the lean, toned looks of a dancer, but she hadn't had a bath for a day or two. Dust and raggedness accumulated fast when you lived out in the open. "Me, zherebets? My looks get me nowhere; my hooves take me everywhere." ~ He chuckled softly in return. "And that my dear is where you are wrong. Your hooves take you from town to town. But your beautiful smile keepa their eyes on your performance." He checked the pop. Nodding he sat again. It was almoat ready. "Tell me something. How is it that you came to be ao far out here on your own?" ~ "Eh..." There was only so long that a mare was going to deny a compliment. Catching a whiff of the delicious-smelling soup, she grinned, showing off that selfsame smile. "Out so far? Could never stay in one place long. Restless, perhaps. But also need to vary location; routine get stale if you repeat it too long. Share with others, get enough bits to get to next place. Alone...." She didn't have so ready an answer for that. "Eh, never joined circus. Could not stand ringmaster." ~ He nodded knowingly. "As. As well myself. I never found a shop to settle into... and many a stallion stares at me angrily as i leave town. I find it best to keep moving on." He patted the cart. "Tis why i pirchased this cart. Shes sturdy, warm, dry, and above all has room enough for my wares and the occasional companion." The pot began to bubble. And just in time too. Thunder rumbled close by. As he picked up the pot he motiones her to follow. Setting it on a rest in the cart he bade her enter first. "Fair maidens first. I shall extinguish the camp fire before joining you." ~ She perked up curious as Tincho mentioned the reasons he never stayed put either. The elliptical reference left a gap to be filled, but her memory of his effusive compliments did the trick. "Quite the sly wolfhound you, eh *zeherebets*?" She chuckled as he finished cooking. Nodding as his chivalry, she spooned a bow of the stew before bowing into the cart. It was like its owner said, warm and dry. Good shelter for the coming night. ~ As he joined her after putting out the coals, the rain began to fall. He pulled the back door and curtain shut. Lighting a candle. The cart was packed at the front, leaving the back open for occupants. As well there were two bedrolls and pillows. As he took a portion for himself he spoke. "I am glad i saw youm i would hate to think you out in this at night." As he sat to eat, he opened a small pipe in the roof. The top was covered, allowing air to circulate but not let rain in. ~ "Glad I see you too! Cheers to happy coincidence on road, eh?" Raising her bowl in toast, she dove into it's contents with loud slurps of appreciation. In a few minutes, the bowl was empty, and she sat back, satisfied. "Is good. Is very good. Where you learn to cook, mother's knee?" ~ He smiled to see her enjoy his cooking. When asked he shook his head. "No. No my mother had many foals. I didnt see her often. I... well i learned on the road. Mostly self taught. Here i have a book." He reached a hoof up ans tipped a book off a shelf. It was a small book and landed on a bedroll with a light thump. 'How to cook on the road. Easy recipies for hungry travelers.' The cover said. "I learned from that. Its mostly soups and simple sandwiches. But it tastes good." He ate his slowly. "There is more left if you are still hungry." ~ "Oh, big family then? Hard to get attention in loud house? I get you. Had one like yours in floor below flat when growing up." She eagerly took up the offer of seconds, refilling her bowl for another eager dive into the stew. After a few minutes, when she emerged truly satisfied, Flying Brick stretched out on one of the sleeping mats. "Hm... so, where you say you come from? Cannon place your accent. Mine is more obvious, da?" ~ He set his bowl down. And sighed. "I'm not from Equestria... im from... well....just promise not to scream ok..?" He closed his eyes and gathered his courage. "I came from the Changling Hive. I am a changling...." There. He said it. As he sat there he tried to pick up his bowl again. His appitite was less now. But he was still hungry. ~ Flying Brick stared at Tincho for a while, and then threw back her head for the loudest laugh so far that evening. "BWahahahaha! Pull one of other ones, has bells on!" Apparently, she didn't think the stallion was serious... But as she stopped to breathe, and noticed that he was not joining in, her laughter faded. "Wait... are serious, *tovarich*?" ~ He set his bowl down. As the illusion faded, the strong stallion was replaced with a slightly undersized changling in the same clothing. He didnt seem menacingnor threatening. He was docile and quiet. As the illusion retuenes he picked up his bowl again. ~ Brick's magenta-tinged irises shrank as the whites of her eyes grew wide. She began to breathe more rapidly; she'd heard stray rumors than changelings were beginning to live a little more openly in Equestria, but she hadn't paid them much mind. Besides the sudden shock, though, was her history. She had been at ground zero during one of the Hive's forays into Equestria. Of course, she'd be lying if she didn't think the fight as exciting as it was frightening, but it still left its mark with her. And here the mare was, alone, with one of them. He was... just there. Not doing much. "*Tovaritch*..." Her tone was lower, a little less benign than before. "You call me up here, flatter me... because you hunger?" ~ He shook his head. "No. No i make it a point to never lure a pony for that. If i needes that... i would wine and dine one of those stuck up mares in upper Canterlot. Thats how i feed that... no. I.." He hesitated because of how stupid his next sentance would sound. "I invites you in here because im lonely. I wanted some pony to speak too. As well you looked tired and hungry. I hoped i could help you out in return for you spending a few days traveling with me.." he knew what happened. He was in Canterlot for the wedding assault. What was more was that this was one of the survivors of the school raid. His cowardice proved his salvation. He had scampered away while thw rest were fighting. ~ Flying Brick stared hard at Tincho throughout all his speaking. Her face was stark and unreadable, like a wall with no graffiti. "Lonely and hungry seem to me same thing for changeling, da?" ~ He didnt speak as he just looked down. After a moment he looked up. "Normally you would be right. But i am not of the hive anymore. I have lived among you ponies for a while. I have seen what it means to be alone... and i dont like being alone. I dont like lying about who and what i am. But i dont want to frighten any pony. I..... i just want to belong somewhere. Its hard when i play the same role every day. Ponies notice so i have to move on and not come back for a while." He stopped talking and just sat there. After a moment he summoned up some courage. "If you think i am lying then do what you will. Lying my be my way of life... as it always was. But i dare say... i do not lie to a pony i would have considered my friend."
  7. Zeig


    From the album: Requests, Gifts, Commissions

    Realized today that I hadn't drawn any "thank you" gift art recently, so here's one for PyroBlaze, another person who's been leaving "Like"s for my art pretty much from the beginning. Its his Changeling character Flux, in the middle of a transformation. I really like how this one turned out, the half-Changling, half-pony shot. I did something similar for my own Changeling character - it's pretty fun matching up the two sides that so startlingly contrast each other. Flux © PyroBlaze
  8. Name: Tincho Gender: Male Age:Stallion Species:Changeling Eye colour: Green Character colour: Black as most changelings are. Short with few holes in the legs or horn. Wing are large. Favored Disguise is Tan, with a cream patch over his flank Mane/Tail/Other: Black Physique: Average Residence: N/A Occupation: Traveling Sales pony Cutie Mark:N/A Unique Traits: Smooth talker. Uses his tone and charisma to charm the more wealthy citizens of Equestria into buying things. Also sometimes uses this to woo wealthy females into a bit of false affection he uses to feed on before making them forget. History: Tincho was a member of the force that struck Canterlot during the wedding. His unit attacked the school where Stormstride was stationed. Tincho hung back from the main group. Upon seeing Stormstride's spells and anger he fled. Hiding in the mountains behind Canterlot until hunger forced him back out. Assuming the identity of a traveling sales pony, he travels from city to city selling wares from the previous city. As well he also pauses from his travels to feed. This involves him charming a more wealthy single mare, and convincing her she ins infatuated with him. He feeds on this temporary love, before using a memory charm to make her forget. Then he leaves town quietly. During his travels he changes his disguise often, to prevent anyone figuring him out. By altering his appearance to match either Pegasi, Unicorn, or Earth Pony, he makes sure that no single town in a row can see his same form. However, after meeting Flying Brick, he discovered that he no longer wanted to live the life of lies. He changed his image to show his changeling eyes, wings and kept a horn on his image at all times now. Being more open makes his conscience feel better. And with a more honest policy he hopes to make things better for changelings that want to leave the hive and live peacefully with the ponies. Character Summary/Personality: Tincho is a charismatic changeling. He can smooth talk his way through may deals. A few honeyed words can earn him a couple extra bits in a sale. Tincho also prefers to operate i the day time. Making sure that his wares catch better lighting from the sun than from candle light indoors. He is also fearful of being attacked by ponies because of what he is. He has a desire to be a pony. To give up being a changeling and live life as a actual pony. But he knows there is nothing that can do that. Still, he lives in hope that one day he may be seen not as a changeling but as a pony, a full citizen of Equestria. Stormstride: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/20437-stormstride-application-ready/ This is Tincho's most common appearance/disguise.
  9. From the album: Art For Friends!

    So, I know what you're thinking, why does Chrysalis have a blonde stripe in her mane and tail? Well, this isn't Chrysalis, though it's meant to look almost exactly like her. This was a request from my friend Rouge Shadow of her OC, who is Chrysalis' daughter, thus the very similar likeness.
  10. DUCHESS le Chandelier Duchess yawned as she woke up, smiling to herself. Three hard days of intense designing for a new label definitely deserved a week of relaxation in Ponyville. She let her hoof run through her blue mane, surprised that her disguised had stayed on throughout the night. No touch-ups needed-this star was up and ready to go! She brushed her teeth, braided her mane, and grabbed her saddlebag, only hesitating for second to decide upon breakfast, Hot food? Or cold food? She settled on a quick oats bar, a snack to get her ready for the day. She loaded her usual designer supplies into her saddlebag: sketchpads, notebooks, drawing pencils, art pens, markers, and the works. The day was bright and warm, the clouds providing shade from Celestia's Sun. She gave a smile to the house, her friend Steampunk had allowed her to stay there during her vacation. She looked around, before trotting towards the Ponyville marketplace. To nopony in particular, she said, "It's a good day in Ponyville, eh?"
  11. ​(its a quote cause I sent it to someone cause I was wondering if its ok, at time of post I still don't know so please just gentally tell me if I did something wrong this is my first character post so please don't judge too harshly, id be glad to make improvements )
  12. Name: Heartless Gender: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Changeling Eye colour: Pale blue that completely encompasses his eyes. Character colour: Very dark grey, near indiscernible from black. The plating on his back is dark blue in color. Mane/Tail/Other: Like most Changelings, Heartless' mane and tail are slightly transparent and full of holes, appearing more like gossamer webbing than strands of hair. They both boast varying shades of blue, with the very tips trailing off towards white. Physique: Slightly taller than the average Changeling, Heartless bares a sturdy and lean frame that belies the seemingly fragile appearance of his hole-filled exoskeleton. Residence: None. Heartless travels wherever he pleases, needing only love to sustain himself on his long voyages. Occupation: 'Imperial Vanguard to the Hive and High Queen Chrysalis.' In reality, the failed invasion of Canterlot turned Heartless into a self-proclaimed scout, who took upon himself the task of scouring Equestria for high densities of love. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Given his affinity for one specific pony mask, Heartless felt it necessary to master the Changeling art of illusions and disguises, so that this talent not fall to the wayside thanks to that tendency. Several years of practice has culminated into an expertise that is not commonly seen among Changelings. Heartless is able to shift disguises in a literal blink of the eye - and moreover, has been able to downsize the telltale green glow of a Changeling illusion into only the barest hint of green that dissipates as quickly as it appears. Heartless' ability to change his disguise without giving away his Changeling nature has saved his life in the past, and it is a skill he continues to practice when he is away from prying eyes. Strangely enough for a Changeling, Heartless tends to display some deeply innate issues through his personality. True to his given name, he literally has extreme difficultly feeling any remorse or regret, both for his own actions and the actions of others. He has trouble comprehending punishment and reward stimuli, ergo translating to an innate trouble understanding why something is wrong or something is right. Despite this - or perhaps because of it - Heartless remained a master manipulator and actor, able to accurately mimic and portray emotions that he himself does not feel. His ability to act out whatever emotions he needs makes him a particularly potent spy and scout, though he rarely has a chance to use his skills for any Hive-specific purpose nowadays. History: Like most Changelings, Heartless' history revolves almost entirely around his Queen. Born into the Hive of Queen Chrysalis during a particularly difficult Love drought, Heartless quickly learned that becoming strong and useful was the only way to remain within the Hive, and remaining within the Hive was the only way to survive. Heartless became aggressive and competitive at an early age, youth and spirit spurring him to strive towards the unreachable goal of the Queen. Like most of his kin, Heartless grew independent at an early age and began work as a tunneler, though an accident digging out a new shaft had him incapacitated for a short while. Perturbed at the idea of being discarded from the Hive, Heartless quickly learned to compensate for the lack of a wing, and despite flareups of the old injury from time to time, he grew into an acrobatic and agile Changeling. His abilities to perform even at less than full capacity eventually earned him respect, made him stand out from the otherwise myriad of nameless faces. Soon after, Heartless was made into a vanguard, a Changeling to gather feedback and intelligence on any potential areas primed for Love harvesting, and he was one of the first to step hoof onto Equestrian soil to prepare for the invasion. Unfortunately, despite the overwhelming odds that signaled a happy ending for the Hive, the invasion ended in failure, the Queen defeated by two mere ponies. Heartless couldn't understand how the Hive had failed, and was even more reluctant to leave such a rich source of Love with the fleeing Changeling army. In the end, he also returned back to the Hive, but only to deliver words of goodbye. From that day on, Heartless made it his mission to continue his reconnaissance of Equestria, determined to find a weak spot in the country's Love-fueled defense. In truth, with the homelands nearly deprived of stable sources of Love, Heartless' real goal was simply to surround himself with Love and eat his gluttonous fill. As he is still loyal to the Queen however, Heartless still keeps eyes and ears out to watch for weakness, all too eager to usher in the next Changeling invasion. Character Summary/Personality: Living up to his name is a mere afterthought for Heartless, and a more perfect example of a creature lacking any capacity for love could not be found anywhere else. Impersonal, apathetic, and ruthless, Heartless is near incapable of feeling remorse or regret, making him at his core a selfish, indifferent, and utterly savage Changeling. He does not understand emotional pain or pleasure like most ponies do - therefor, he is unaffected by either. Anything he does serves only to fuel his feeding frenzy or further the cause of the Hive and his Queen. Everything, and everypony else, simply gets caught in the middle. Heartless is not, however, completely without emotion. What he does feel and understand are primal, instinctual urges, uncoated and unburdened by social niceties or flowery prose. Anger and aggression are what Heartless was raised on, and as such, what he understands best - everything else tends to fall into a grey area he is unsure about. Heartless, too, knows the value of patience, having outgrown the fervid years of his spirited and competitive youth. He can shut down even his blackest of rages, controlling it into a calm so serene that one would think him completely at ease. Very little is capable of breaking through his exterior. Though calm and serene might be what he forces himself to be most of the time, that is only on the inside, an act all for himself. For other ponies, Heartless is a master at mimicking emotions and feelings that he himself doesn't fully understand. For the most part, he adopts the mannerisms and personality of his favorite disguise, stolen from a scholarly stallion far away from Equestria. This persona is fairly laid-back and casual, amiable and humorous, and with a penchant for light flirting covering up a simmering passion for the pursuit of knowledge. All these Heartless is able to imitate with ease, especially as the stallion's close friends and family are all removed in a different country. But even beyond this particular persona, Heartless can cry, act embarrassed, lie, pretend to lie - even love. Heartless is not capable of feeling love, not for another pony, and not even for himself. It is a fate that, perhaps, only another Changeling can fully sympathize with, and perhaps only another Changeling can understand why Heartless chases down Love so relentlessly. The Changeling is seemingly obsessed with finding Love, especially in high concentrations, but his handsome disguise makes it fairly easy to experience for himself, often to the detriment of whichever unlucky mare falls for his empty charms. It is possible that, were Heartless to meet a pony so full of Love, he might forever be satiated - but as that has yet to happen, he is content to roam Equestria, latching himself onto Love-filled ponies to get even a small taste of the same.
  13. Name: Crystalline Candles Fyre-Amore (Pegasus Disguise) Duchess le Chandelier Gender: Female Age: Very, very old-due to her long life span as Changeling. She disguises herself as a young mare. Species: Changeling (who disguises herself as a Crystal Pony and a Pegasus) Eye colour:Yellow Character colour: Dark red-almost black, aboriginal swirls of neon yellow around whole body Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane is medium-lengthed and moth-wing-like, with distinct moth holes. Her hair is yellow, with a gradient until it becomes orange as an ombre. Her mane and tail are stick-straight. Her tail is short-similar length to a typical drone. She always wears a headdress, which serves as her makeshift-crown. The headdress is a jeweled tiara with teeth made of pearls. It is decorated with red beryl, and its centerpiece is a five centimetre painite. It was the only gift that her mother left her. Physique: She is relatively tall, though not as tall as a Queen. This is due to her birth with slightly more enhanced magic then the normal Changeling. Also because of her magical abilities, her horn is long and ends on a lethally sharp point. However, the ability to perform magic comes at a cost-her wings. They are the same size as most wings, and maintain the same appearance; but, they cannot fly. As she relies too heavily on magic, her wing have become useless and weak. She is not muscular or particularly strong, but she is fit. She was never trained in battle or the war arts due to her lifestyle as a disguised Crystal Pony, but has proven to be able to defend herself as needed. Residence: She splits her time between the Crystal Palace, Crystal Empire and Manehattan Occupation: Political Consultant to Marquis de Fyre, her cousin; occasional designer Cutie Mark:N/A Unique Traits: She specialises in all types of magic, though specifically anything affiliated with gems or crystals are her specialty. Her magic is stronger and more powerful than the average Changeling Drone. Due to that, her wings are unfortunately quite useless (Answers to why, even in her Pegasus form, she cannot fly). Due to the close-range explosion she witnessed, she has disabled hearing capabilities-losing 50% on her left ear and 75% on her right ear; which, in turn, allows her to express herself through design. As a Changeling, she also has the ability to disguise herself into any form. History: Candles was born to a Changeling Queen and a Crystal Pony Elite. Her mother was named Moth, and ruled within the same, Hive as her sister, Butterfly. They ruled relatively peacefully and respectfully, but Moth was found illegally selling Hive information for gems to Diamond Dogs. She was immediately deemed a blood traitor, and that all within her bloodline would be deemed would also share her new title. She spent a few years of her life alone, barely scraping by for shelter and physical sustainments. On a particularly hard night, she donned a Crystal Pony disguise and hid within a small bar; hoping, like many there, to drink her pain away. She met a young stallion, of his late teens, and fell deeply in love. It was love at first sight. A few days after they were engaged, she vanished without any trace of her existence from the Earth. Two years passed, and the Elite Crystal Pony woke up finding a Changeling foal with a barely-believable Crystal Pony disguise on his doorstep. The Crystal pony, named Azurite Crystalline Fyre, was a fresh-out-of-school type, with no responsibility on his shoulders. He was not yet ready for a job, much less a foal. Especially a foal with a mysterious letter pinned to her casket with a jeweled tiara (the headdress). He chose to keep the foal, after reading the letter that stated “he was the father” and that “her name is Candles”. The letter passed the truth of Moth, stating how her Hive-now under a new Queen-found her, and "will be killing her after the last bit of love has been drawn". As the filly grew, she learned to manage her inner Changeling magic and crafted a Crystal Pony disguise within the closed doors of her home. Her father was a Marquis, and was often busy with his work. He was descended from the original Princess of the Crystal Empire, Princess Amore. She was sent to a nearby boarding school for the Elite, and studied there. Her childhood was generally spent well, with focus on mastering her Changeling abilities while keeping it a secret from gossip-friendly nobles. The Shadow King's reign fell upon her when she was an early teen. All remained the same for a short while, but the peace soon felt the tension. The borders of the Crystal Empire were marked, and Crystal Ponies were being turned into slaves. Candles and her father had plotted to escape the Kingdom, but the plan was hastily thought out. She arrived at the borders first, waiting for him-he had hinted that he had a few more affairs to sort out before leaving. She waited for a few more minutes, then was miraculously able to cross the border; she was not a full-blooded Crystal Pony. She waited on the other side for a good hour, then saw her home explode. She never heard it, but felt the shake of the earth and the rumbles. Because of the explosion's noise, her hearing became disabled. She lingered around the area for a few days, hoping to the Crystal Heart that her father would arrive, alive and well. She then went to Canterlot, and spent the rest of her teen years there. During those years, she used her influence of being a half-royal-blooded to get hold of shelter. However, she was seen as a handicap and was segregated from the rest of the Elites. She spent a few decades in Canterlot until she had grown into an adult, staying within her Crystal Pony disguise the whole time. After leaving Canterlot, she spent another few decades wandering around Equestria under temporary one-time disguises. She traveled to and from many small towns, but never did feel completely "Home Sweet Home". She then traveled to Manehattan, now a young adult by Changeling standards. She crafted a more permanent Pegasus disguise: with a backstory as the daughter of retired Wonderbolt, acts extremely rich, with fake relatives, with a more flamboyant and extroverted personality, and new cutie mark. She maintained a job as a serious fashion and architect designer, gaining a fabulous social reputation as the "Design Diva". She stayed in Manehattan until the Crystal empire was re-founded. Now, she splits her time between acting as political consultant to her cousin, the Marquis, in the Crystal Empire, and as an occasional designer and fashion expert in Manehattan. She hopes to eventually find a home and a permanent place to stay. Character Summary/Personality: She can easily change her personality and adapt to a new personnel. Although her exterior can shift, her interior always remains the same. She is a sweet, generous, and kind-hearted; but by no means innocent. She is very wise, and uses her ability of design to portray honest words. She loves to make new friends, but is often shunned by many that underestimate her abilities. She really wants to find a place to call "home", but has not found some place yet. She is extremely sensitive and observant, although she does not show it. She wants to feel accepted, and tries her best to be somepony that can be liked-even though she knows, that "the best pony is to be yourself". She acts confident, but is often self-conscious and easily upset. She wishes to be stronger and harsher-able to prove her worth to herself. Candles in her Pegasus form. Candles in her Crystal Pony form. Candles in her Changeling form.All art generously drawn by DavieRocket.(Note: Depending on the setting of the role-play, I will either play her by her Crystal Pony disguise, or by her Pegasus disguise. If the setting is in the Crystal Empire, I will play her in the appropriate disguise; anyplace else will be played by the Pegasus disguise. I won't change disguises within the role-play, even if the setting shifts. I will probably never play her as a Changeling unless specified in FFA)
  14. Zeig


    From the album: OC Art

    I jumped on the Changeling bandwagon with a new character application, a Changeling named Heartless. Pretty excited about him, maybe enough to actually RP him from time to time…
  15. What must Manehattan have thought when it saw the black-chitin tower of the Changeling exhibition being constructed in the Park? “What in the name of Tartarus is that?” Would likely have come first, closely followed by, “AAAHH! Changelings!” It was Kahz’s mission to change that. Not just figuratively, either; he was here on official assignment from the Hive to act as a kind of ‘cultural ambassador,’ and to overall make ponies less paranoid about his kind in general. After all, ponies and changelings weren’t actually going to kill each other, right? So the rest was just haggling over details like who would actually be in charge. Minor quibbles! And, given that two previous invasions had not resolved the issue, it couldn’t hurt for the Hive to keep its options open, right? That was the argument that he’d given Queen Chrysalis, and surprisingly enough, she agreed, and put him in charge of the whole thing! What was even more surprising, however, was that Princess Celestia had given her OK to it as well! Apparently, she was orchestrating some sort of program of her own to attract changelings to Equestria, and defect from their own Kingdom. Which would probably mean that this exhibit would not only be a meeting place of pony and changeling, but also of Loyalist and Defector. Kahz held out no hope that this would be any great source of love, but it would certainly be an education for all involved. Also, a barely controlled three-ring circus surrounding a tower that looked like it came out of a bad horror movie, with a short, crooked-spine changeling drone as ringmaster. And what a circus! Kahz was kept busy all throughout set up time, buzzing first to the architects,“Fantastic! The Queen will probably want to move in which she sees this!”, then to the gate-greeters “Lovely smiles! Feel free to flirt all you like, just put on like starving waifs if anypony gets mad. After all, we gotta eat, don’t we?”, and finally to the musicians, “Remember, we can takeany request; heck, we’re probably the best possible cover band in HISTORY. Who else can replicate any musician ever, eh?”, and back again, all the while shouting encouragement and egging them on to further efforts. The Changeling Kingdom didn’t allow much scope for art and creativity, it had to be said, so this was a rare opportunity for his whole crew to go all-out on making the Hive look good! When it came time for the gates to open, Khaz had finally come to a stop, still wired with energy, at the foot of the chitinous construction that the architects had erected around the initial booth allotted them. The guests were here, and soon the show would begin! He couldn’t wait, and what’s more, he was genuinely happy to see them. Kahz didn’t bear anybody ill will, changeling or pony; he just was secure in his loyalties. Maybe he could get them all to understand…
  16. Name: Krulos (Appears as a unicorn when in disguise) Gender: Male Age: Adult Species: Changeling Eye colour: Ice blue (Normal and diguise) Character color: black (natural) brown (disguise) Mane/Tail/Other: As a changeling his "mane and tail" are very dark shade of grey, when in unicorn form his mane and tail is white and worn messy. Also, as a changeling he wears some armor, a head piece and a chest plate Physique: being born a soldier he is well built, as a unicorn he is mostly built the same Residence: Ponyville Occupation: None, he likes to tell modified stories of his service time (so ponies don't know that he is a changeling) Cutie Mark: None Unique Traits: Krulos has a pet wasp called Hammerhead (named after one of solder he fought with that died) Krulos often uses him as a personal scout. History: Krulos was a solder the minute his egg had been laid. He was born into a small changeling hive. For most of his early was spent training in Melee combat and what little changeling magic there was. He aced his training and quickly became a platoon commander. During his service time with his hive he would partake in several small skirmishes ranging from ambushing travlers to fighting of creatures like timberwolfs. During one of thoose battles, he met and befriended Hammerhead. During a battle with a changeling hive who demanded his hive to join them (who he would later learn to be Chrysalis's hive). His hive lost and was captured. Although Krulos was spared in exchange for joining their army. Krulos participated in the Canterlot invasion commanding a reserve platoon. After being blasted away by the forcefield and left alone, Krulos saw this as a for retirement and took on his unicorn diguise and moved into ponyville. He still pleads loyality to the hive and will, in a blink of the eye rejoin them if a major conflict arises. Character Summary: Taking a part in many conflicts has made Krulos into a serious but lighthearted person. He is friendly to most ponies for the sake of feeding of their emotions. He is mostly quiet, pefering to let his actions speak for him. He is a rather inactive pony, he would rather stay behind at home rather then explore the great beyond (if given a choice). He is very protective of his friends and would sacrifice limbs if it meant for their safety. He has little tolerance for smartalecs (not sure if that would be the proper term) or ponies who purposely annoy other ponies, the dislike spawning for his roots as a soldier.
  17. From the album: Regular Cast Pics

    Probably seen this on the side bar now, but this is a larger image of the same. Enjoyed making this; the challenge was to get as many species as I could without it becoming cluttered when shrunk to sidebar size. For the curious, the reason for no yaks was the picture was completed before Party Pooped came out. Why Cheerilee? I always imagined her as the tourist type, going on trips (mostly in the summer) to various places in Equestria, collecting images and souvenirs for herself and for future school lessons.

    © Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

  18. Name: Zared Gender: Male Age: Teen Species: Changeling, Pegasus in pony form. Eye colour: Bright green, though more of an olive green in his pony form. Character colour: Normal changeling grey, white in pony form. Mane/Tail/Other: Normal changeling type mane and tail, in pony form it is black, worn short and messy, usually with his bangs slightly in his face. He is usually found wearing a black cape. Physique: Small for his age, and a bit scrawny. Residence: Wanders Equestria, though his home will forever be the changeling hive. Occupation: None, except for performing the mere small tasks that the hive will occasionally give him. Cutie Mark: None, he also had no matk in his pony form, and wears a cape whenever he is in disguise to hide it. Unique Traits: The only thing Zared knows of that he is decent at is hiding: whether in normal or pony form, he can easily be quiet and likes to spy on conversations. History: Zared is the youngest child of a very large family of changelings. Many of his older siblings had grown up to be very prominent in the hive, some have even gotten the praise of the Queen herself. Growing up, Zared saw his brothers and sisters as inspirations, even heroes, and wanted to be just like them. Though as he got older, Zared quickly realized that he was being overshadowed by his siblings' greatness. Everything he tried to do, they would do better. And it wasn't just them, either. Many of Zared's friends and other changelings his age would also do everything better than him. He was too scrawny to fight well, and his shape shifting never came out right, usually never being able to add the cutie mark. Because of this, his friends simply moved on to grater things, and he was constantly picked on for his weakness. This went on for a long time, even as Zared grew into adulthood. And he hated every second of it, because he knew that he had to have something, SOMETHING that could be of use to the changeling kingdom. Today he still pledges his loyalty to the queen, and wanders Equestria in the hopes of finding or doing something that will prove his worth to her. Character Summary: Zared is very much a determined type, and will be motivated to do anything if he sets his mind to it. Whether or not others notice him, that's the problem. And because of his life always consisting of flying under the radar, Zared has grown into one to be very irritable at times. He'll lose his temper over something that may not be that big of a deal, or just get annoyed at someone out of random. However, that doesn't mean he's angry all of the time. Having friends is something Zared longs for, and will be kind to others who are kind to him in return. Though he may be self centered, his heart is in the right place when it comes to others. Overall, Zared is a misunderstood changeling who just wants to be recognized for something, and is determined to stop at nothing until that happens.
  19. Name: Pestilence Plague Gender: Male. Age: Adult. Species: Changeling. Eye colour: Black, in Unicorn form he has Blood red eyes. Character colour: Black. (both forms) Mane/Tail/Other: Blueish green mane of tangled hair with some splotches of Crimson red same with tail, in Pony form he is a Black Unicorn with a Blood red mane and tail. Physique: Tall and kind of skinny, Pestilence looks a little malevolent in this form, and in his Unicorn form he looks less evil and more mischievous and well built. His wings are same Color as Mane and Tail. Residence: lives in the Changeling Kingdom. (often travels though) Occupation: Merchant and Entertainer. Cutie Mark: N/A. Unique Traits: specializes in hypnotism/mind magic. History: Often times the Joker or an entertainer in the Changeling Kingdom, when he was born he was a deffective larvae, so he was supposed to be disposed of but he was given a chance because a healer who was skilled in fixing broken or out of place parts saved him he was saved but he has wheezes a lot, he was born with a rupture in his exoskeleton and he had to get it repaired at the time, although it worked a piece of chitin punctured his lung, he was grateful that he could be normal like other changelings except his voice, he respected the healer but he never really talked to him again. Pestilence long ago when he was younger he wanted to find out who he really was, he tried cooking that failed miserably and then research and scientific studies but he was not into that, but then he tried Entertainment and he loved it he was a natural at playing the Lute even though he had hooves and despite his voice and lung he hummed and produced a hypnotic rhythm of strumming and serene humming and at times he loved to tell stories or be humorous in a changeling sort of satire, he later loved to travel and sell items to wanderers or play tricks on unwelcome or unsuspecting visitors. Character Summary/Personality: Pestilence Plague is very malevolent and he is a bit of a trouble maker, he does like to entertain though his sense of humour is very sort of gruff and dark it isn't always that bad, Pestilence is very fond of music and art, he loves to listen to it and sing along quietly he knows though that he will never be able to sing good because of his puncturd lung. He is adaptable and cunning but very unpredictable. What other changelings don't know about him is that he often loved to disappear for awhile from the kingdom and travel around the Pony kingdoms or make a friend or two, he did this not as a spy but out of curiosity, pure unquenchable curiosity of what the Ponies are actually like so he can actually understand them, not destroy them he just wonders what having friends and freedom is actually like. This makes him a little nervous when questioned by his own race, or about his history when it comes to Ponies. Pestilence isn't like his brood mates he doesnt hate or want to destroy the ponies he just wants an understanding of them and their culture and their world.
  20. Name: Shadow Cocoon Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Changeling. Eye colour: Being a Changeling Queen but with no brood she has an actual eye which is a lighter magenta with a hint of purple. Character colour: A black - dark grey. Mane/Tail/Other: Deep magenta in a slightly twisted but in a gorgeous style. Matching tail. Her wings are also the same colour. Other: Her horn. Is black with a fading light grey from the bottom to black. A small crown which is black and has white/silver gems and a small pink heart in the centre. Physique: Shadow Cocoon is quite slim and slender and has matching perfect wings. Herself may seem not fit to fight but has enough muscle to fend of a few enemies, living in the Everfree has caused this to train. Residence: The Everfree Forest just outside Ponyville. Occupation: Shadow Cocoon has no noticeable job but is willing in her spare time to assist Ponyville residents in anyway possible. The Changeling often takes trips from the Everfree into Ponyville for necessities to draw, create or test her abilties in creation upon daily. Cutie Mark: N/A In her Unicorn form it is a Paint Brush wrapped in delicate purple thread. Unique Traits: Shadow focuses a lot on magic and has managed to teach herself simple unicorn spells like levitating things, teleportation and simple defensive magic. Shadow obviously specializes in shapeshifting and uses this when necessary to not attract attention in Ponyville or anywhere however sometimes she shall just go as herself! History: Shadow Cocoon does not know of her mother or father and has struggled greatly in her early life of growing up. She was left on a doorstep and was taken in by an old pony couple who could not have children due to a past incident she does no know of. Seeing her as their chance for a family, they grew her up with manners and care in a secluded large house on the outskirts of Ponyville. Over the years, her school life became even worse as she developed trust issues because of her looks and the way she was treated with uncertainty and bullying of others. Shadow soon became a very lonely school filly and got on with her life with no friends and only her adoptive parents. She was quite lonely and developed feeding via picking up emotional residue of others. At this time her parents love for her. Shadow entering school may had been lonely but always fed of the emotions mentally of others. One day during her high school years her parents passed away and a male pegasi greeted her and they became best friends, unknowingly to her he was a Changeling and they both developed feelings for each other. By this time Shadow had mastered her shapeshifting abilties and developed a passion for the artistic side of the world involving clothes, art, drama and anything possible also enjoying magic she taught and became stubborn in her learning ! Having the double punch of her parents gone she got up and moved into the Everfree, building her home with the help of her new found best friend it was there he revealed himself as one of them. Teaching her further but after the siege at Canterlot he was taken away by Queen Chrysalis and Shadow hid away scared of what may happen to her. Over time she came out of hiding and begun to grow in the streets of Ponyville, becoming known for her passion for design and Co - ordinating party, marriages and magical events across Ponyville. Now she is happily in Ponyville and having a blast with her new found friends and even making enemies but with no doubt is always helping about! Note: in future roleplays or roleplays that are set after a particular one, Shadow Cocoons height will grow to that to match Chrysalis as she is older. Her magic stronger and her voice more feminine. Character Personality: Shadow Cocoon is generally wary of ponies who act unusual or look unusual, like Guards. Meaning if you are one, or just a wandering supposedly lost pony, she may come across slightly rude, blunt and straight forward before she finally trusts you. In spite of this, if one or a few ponies are in need of medical attention she forgets all and is caring, sweet and won't stop at nothing but to make sure they are ok. Shadow protects with her life and refuses to let a pony suffer. Meeting her can be overall a pleasure, depending on who you are of course. At times however she will talk about others with sarcasm and laced with an offensive statement. (Shhh that's between us!)) Character Summary: In general Shadow Cocoon is a lovely pony and has a good eye for art, she'll help on a whim and won't turn down an offer for help. Need a help with carrying something? She's on it! Or even planning a get together in the centre of Ponyville? Leave it to her! Approach her with a smile and she'll return the favour, always keep an eye out for her and don't underestimate her on her looks and what she might do.
  21. Roleplay Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Mira Gender: Female Age: Adult Species: Changeling Eye Color: Sea Green(Natural), Ocean Blue(Disguised) Character Color: Black(Natural), Bright Green(Disguised) Mane/Tail/Other: Mira has no mane when she is in her natural form (as per changeling physiology). When disguised, her mane is a slightly light shade of blue. While disguised, her mane is buzz cut, as she uses a male disguise. Physique: Mira's fate in her role in the Hive was chosen the moment her egg was lain. She is bred for battle and thus was put through many physical and weapons training regimens. Despite this, Mira is lean, though those perceiving her to not be physically fit would be gravely mistaken. Residence: Changeling Hives Occupation: Mira is a soldier for the Hive. Although she was specifically trained to be a front line soldier, Mira also picked up some pony-like tendencies. Due to the recent defections the Hive seems to be suffering, Mira is sometimes tasked with infiltrating the ranks of these defectors. Cutie Mark: When she is disguised, Mira uses two crossed arrows as her cutie mark. Unique Traits: Through her training, Mira has a variety of knowledge and skills of various weaponry, although she has a fondness of using arrow-based weapons. Character History: Once Mira was old enough, she began her training as a warrior almost immediately, being put through rigorous physical training exercises as well as learning various fighting techniques, including hoof to hoof combat and armed combat. Mira would eventually develop a fondness for arrowed based combat and will often attempt to steal bows and crossbows from her foes to use against them. Suffering defeat in Canterlot hurt Mira's pride more than it physically harmed her. Of course, at this time, she had already heard about the various defectors and traitors that have abandoned the Hive in favor of the Equestrians. Mira mainly blames these defectors for their defeat in Canterlot, for she believes that the defectors' absence in the Hive have indirectly hindered their efforts. She especially harbors hatred for whoever was responsible for warning the ponies of their attacked and caused the shield to be erected around Canterlot. Now that the changeling military force was crippled, Mira efforts are now directed at capturing or eliminating the traitors that plague the Hive. Character Summary: Mira is a soldier at heart, and the defeat she and her comrades suffered at Canterlot has made her bitter towards both the ponies and the changelings that are no longer loyal to the hive. A no-nonsense sort of changeling, Mira ill tolerates the foolery of others and will do whatever she can to achieve her goals. With the the Hive still reeling from the failure at Canterlot, it no longer needs Mira to perform her front line duties. Instead, the Hive requires her to infiltrate the ranks of the changeling traitors and either return them to the Hive for punishment, or if necessary, "remove" them, having noted her several pony-like tendencies such as indulging in small talk and taking pleasure in collecting riches. Mira is currently masquerading as a professional soldier for hire (basically a mercenary, but she hates that word). Mira's pony disguise a bright green unicorn stallion with a slightly light blue buzz cut mane.
  22. From the album: Duskfall's Pencil Art

    Duskfall hanging off the edge of a building. Inspired by Mirror's Edge.
  23. Name: Shapeless Shifter (generally appears as an Earth Pony with a tufted tail named 'Nopony Special') Gender: Unknown/Varies (generally appears male and uses male pronouns) Age: Unknown/Varies (generally appears as an adolescent young stallion) Species: Changeling Eye colour: Unknown (aqua blue as a changeling, heterochromic as 'Nopony Special' - right eye is aqua blue, left eye is dark brown) Character colour: Black with aqua blue eyes, aqua blue wings, and blue-to-brown beetle wing casing on his back. He also has an aqua blue swirl tattoo under each eye. Mane/Tail/Other: Black, short, slicked-back, and wavy mane as well as the tuft on his tail. Has the same holes in his body and wings that changelings do. (Is caramel/olive-tan-colored as 'Nobody Special) Physique: Generally appears athletic, tall, and lanky Residence: No real residence; wanders around. Enjoys going around wherever there's a lot of ponies and action Occupation: Doesn't have a real occupation; simply wanders and talks to other ponies to get to know them. He enjoys sketching what he sees as a hobby, however, as well as causing and/or receiving pain and/or pleasure to and/or from others. Cutie Mark: None (hides his flank under clothes as Nopony Special) Unique Traits: Changes shape (as all other Changelings) and enjoys flirting/eliciting emotions and emotional reactions from others. Shapeless can only draw what he sees because he doesn't have the true emotion or imagination to come up with art of his own. Similarly he doesn't generally change his shape randomly, but usually to impersonate somepony in particular. An exception to this seems to be his general alternate identity of 'Nopony Special' which he uses to disguise himself when around those he doesn't wish to know he's a Changeling. He's almost always grinning no matter what form he's in. Three things he will react negatively toward are being stared at, getting wet, and being called childish. History: It's not known where Shapeless came from, but he doesn't seem to have any particular allegiance toward anyone; no queens or alicorns or even other Changelings. He simply seems to enjoy interacting with others and feeding off their emotions. One thing he does avoid, however, seems to be foals, which may have something to do with his past. Character Summary/Personality: This changeling claims to be unable to feel emotions (but can feign them pretty well) which is why he prefers to focus on sensual feeling such as pain and pleasure instead. He likes to rile up others with interactions in order to see their emotional reactions and learn how to emotionally react (if not how to actually feel said emotions) in similar situations. However, it also serves to rile them into causing him pain or pleasure, such as if they get so angry with him they decide to punch him. At times he can actually seem like he cares and it is unknown if this is out of his desire to know how it is to feel true emotions or if it's just to mess with others. He may best be described as Chaotic Neutral in personality.
  24. Roleplay Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Val Gender: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Changeling Eye Color: Pink (Both natural and disguised) Character Color: Black (Natural), Orchid Purple (Disguised) Mane/Tail/Other: Val has no mane when she is in her natural form (as per changeling physiology). When disguised, she takes on a blonde mane and tail. Her mane, in pony form, is done in a low ponytail. Physique: Vale was hatched form her egg and bred for speed and observation. As a former scout of the Hive, she was made to have a smaller profile than most other changelings, as well as more developed wings, to carry herself swiftly from place to place. Residence: Val is currently attempting to lay low in Ponyville. It's not working. Occupation: Val is if formerly a scout for the Hive, locating potential locations or events where infiltrators could kidnap ponies or harvest love. Val separated herself from the Hive once she witnessed firsthoof what exactly "harvesting love" entails. Cutie Mark: When disguised, Val's cutie mark is a mountain range overlayed by an eye. She forgets to put it on sometimes. Unique Traits: Val was bred to have a keen eye and be quick and nimble. She can spot small details and minor occurrences very easily, and can fly short distances very quickly. History: Val's early nymphood was spent first on developing her situational awareness, teaching her to notice small details and extract meaningful inferences from these. Later on she would be doing advanced flight training. Val would learn about the failure of the invasion of Canterlot shortly before completing her training. Giving her motivation to serve the Hive and her fellow changelings. Val's history beyond her release into the world and before her separation from the Hive are a bit of a blur. Val would enter her primary disguise and browse around cities and towns looking for sources of love. Once found, she would send a message back to the Hive telling them where these love wells were and then move onto the next location. In the spirit of maintaining her cover, Val returned to one of the cities she previously visited, Manehatten, to speak to a Filly Scout troop about her supposed job of map chartering and the survival skills involved. On her way back from the meeting, she encountered a fellow infiltrator who had probably inserted within the week attempting to drain a pony of his love. Never having witnessed such a thing, Val was horrified at the sight and screamed. The scream caused some nearby policeponies to take notice of the situation. The infiltrator was soon apprehended, though his fate afterwards is unknown to Val. She abandoned the Hive shortly afterwards. Val relocated to the small town of Ponyville after living Manehatten where she hopes to live a simple and unnoticeable life. Character Summary: Almost the entirety of Val's life revolved around her occupation in the hive. As such, she had underdeveloped social skills, which isn't really working out for her. Those who come in contact with her would often describe her as "off", as though she really didn't understand how to be a proper pony. Still, with the recent events that took place in Manehatten, Val is highly concerned with morality and will strive to do all she can to right the wrongs of both herself and the rest of the changeling race. Val's disguised form is a pegasus pony.
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