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  1. Name: Mira; she goes by this name even in her pony form. Gender: Female Age: Young mare Species: Changeling. She is a unicorn in pony form. Eye colour: Light blue, in both forms. Character colour: As a changeling, Mira is a dark grey, although lighter in colour than most changelings. Her fur is light grey in pony form. Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane and tail style are similar in both forms, although Mira's tail is somewhat shorter in her pony form. Her mane is long and messy, often in her face. It is a dull greenish blue in changeling form, and a bright teal in pony form. Physique: Average size for a changeling, although she is skinnier than most. Residence: Mira travels around Equestrian, in search for a place where she can truly belong. Occupation: She works odd jobs to earn bits, but is a hobby swordsmare. Cutie Mark: In her pony form, Mira's cutie mark Is a sword reflecting itself. History: Mira, like most changelings, was born into the hive. She was raised no differently than the others before the invasion of Canterlot: taught to worship and work for the Queen. However, Mira thought differently then the others. She didn't want to live like a changeling, even though her assigned role was simply guarding the outskirts of the hive. She knew feeding was something she had to do and couldn't avoid it, but why did they have to worship a queen? Mira was the introverted type, she would rather be alone than be part of a colony. When she tried to tell other changelings this, they made fun of her for it, calling her names such as a pony. It got worse and worse, and as it did Mira began to hate the their lifestyle even more. One day while walking alone around the hive, Mira was confronted. It was the usual group of bullies, only this time instead of insulting her with words, they been to shove her around. As she was pushed into a wall, she hit her head and fell to the ground. The others laughed, saying she deserved it for hating their lifestyle. However, instead of cowering and being weak, she looked up at then with anger in her eyes. She wouldn't take this torment anymore. Mira stood up, her head still throbbing, and slugged one of the bullies. He fell to the ground, and Mira hit him several more times before looking at the other two changelings that were still standing. They had stopped laughing, and were staring at her wide eyed before scrambling away. But it wasn't long before Mira came back to her senses. The changeling she had hit was unconscious. What had she done? Scared, Mira ran away from the scene. In fact, she ran until she was away from the hive. She didn't want to see those other changelings again. For days, Mira hid in the outskirts of Equestria, alone and afraid. She felt like a monster. It was only until she reached a small town out in the middle of nowhere where she saw pony lifestyle for the first time. It was a chance at a new life. And so Mira transformed into a pony for the first time. But just as she was about to enter the town she stumbled over something. It was a sword. Mira picked it up in her magic, swinging it around. And for the first time in a long time, Mira felt something she had longed for. She felt safe. No one could touch her, she was strong. And so, Mira entered the pony lifestyle with that sword almost always at her side. She belonged somewhere in Equestria, but she didn't know where. And so Mira travels to this day, searching for the one place she can truly belong in. Character Summary/Personality: Mira spends as much time as possible in her pony form. She believes it is her true self, who she's supposed to be. She's almost always serious and blunt, but she feels strong, and thats what's important. She has her sword, but will never hurt anyone with it without reason. When it comes to interacting with the other ponies, Mira has no problem. She feels like one of them in her unicorn form. However, at some point all changelings must be in their natural form, and Mira is no exception. But she is completely different in this form. She's shy, timid, and overall weak. Her natural form just reminds her of her past days in the hive, and her memories of the past often give her panic attacks. However, She may be much stronger and more alive in her pony form, but any huge reminder of her past is the one thing that'll break her tough pony shell. Overall, Mira can appear as a strong, serious pony, but the changeling on the inside is always holding her back.
  2. Name: Irascor. Gender: Male. Age: Stallion Species:Changeling Eye colour: Green. ( the left is a bit lighter ) Character colour: mainly black Mane/Tail/Other: blue mane/tale, with violet carapax. Physique: Irascor is more like a changeling drone , but a bit taller ( let's say, if a drone is 1,50 meter , Irascor is 1,85 ). a part of the left side of his body is scarred, because of a battle against Celestia. Unlike changelings, his ears are replaced by the antennas (this rare malformation guaranteed him a sort of incresed hearing). The left side of his face is horribly scarred and compromise. Residence: The Ash Spoit , changeling's kingdom' montain. Occupation: Commander, counselor, spokesperson and bodyguard of the Queen. Cutie Mark: None History: A curiosity of changelings is that when a new queen born, all the other eggs go into a "sleep mode". Often, however, it happens that another egg hatch. When this happen, the newborn is abandoned, since there could be a strong conflict for power. However, Irascor was born on the same day of Chrysalis, ergo they are like "brother" and "sister" (even if isn't how we interpret it). and with a special and rare malformation: antennas. This characteristic has guaranteed him a kind of "advanced perception", making him even get to the rank of Commander. Unfortunately, during the bloodiest battle of the changelings's history, the so-called "Solar Purge", he was seriously wounded, and lost much of the carapace on its left side. Unable to fight great battles, he was greeted by Chrysalis as adviser ,spokesman and personal bodyguard. As a gift, he was given a mask to cover his face . However, this was not enough to keep him in the main city of the Changeling Kingdom, so he decided to move on 'the ash spot. Character Summary/Personality: - Irascor, as its name suggests, has an irascible character. He can not stand that someone ask him about the Solar Purge, and often also get to beat up those who annoys him . -Although it is the spokesman of chrysalis in outside territories, he can not stand in any way the ponies of all breeds ("I'd rather live twenty years in the depths of Tartarus rather than one day with them"). -Due to his injuries, he is completely isolated, ashamed of his appearance. -He is one of the few to have survived the solar purge, and this has made him a hero and a legend among the changelings. -Besides Chrysalis and the members of the Order of the Great Mother (the first queen of changelings), he is one of the few to speak the ancient changeling language (by now, all the normal changeling speak equestrian ). -One of his nicknames is "wrath of the changelings", given to him after one of his first battles, where (according to legend) he alone brought down an entire battalion of Celestia's soldiers. Obviously, it is not clear whether it is true or false.
  3. From the album: AWStyle

    My OC, Duskfall.
  4. Name: As a Changeling, Twisted Mirrors. As a pony: Mirrored Dreams. Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Changeling Eye colour: Normal Changeling blue. When Mirrored, he also has blue, but more of a navy blue than anything. Character colour: Black chitin in his Changeling form. As Mirrored, a white coat, that he keeps well brushed. Mane/Tail/Other: A tattered green Changeling mane and tail. Certainly not his main feature. When a pony, his mane and tail are the same, a greyish black color. The contrast between his mane, tail, and coat is quite obvious. Physique: Very bug like wings, and a regular changeling horn. Mirrored, as a unicorn, has a horn as well. When Mirrored, he's about the norm for most ponies. Residence: An apartment in the Residential Districts of Baltimare. Occupation: Psychologist. Cutie Mark: For obvious reasons, as a Changeling, he doesn't have one. As Mirrored, it's a mirror held aloft by a cloud. Unique Traits: Can easily, just from paying attention to a pony's body language, and what said pony says, figure out what is wrong with the pony in question, and figure out how to help. History: As a changeling, Twisted was pretty normal. Feeding off the love that Chrysalis gave him, going on routine scouting missions, just like any other changeling. However, he had always felt like he was a bit too normal; like there was absolutely nothing special about him whatsoever. This came from being in such a large hive of Changelings. It got to the point where he just couldn't stand being so normal anymore, and would have left, given the chance. Of course, Changelings, in his hive at least, weren't given one. One day, however, he was selected to be part of a small scouting party to Baltimare, to gain intelligence on possible invasion sites. This mission was one of several, which ultimately lead to the (unsuccessful) Canterlot invasion. The first day went as planned, with each of the changelings adopting a ponysona, and setting off to explore Baltimare. Twisted, on this first day of exploring, found Mirrored Dream's office building. Twisted was interested by the name on the plaque over the door, as it reminded him of his own. He went inside, claiming to having an appointment. Of course, Mirrored didn't recognize the pony, but figured that anyone claiming to have an appointment, must have some reason for doing something so crazy, and Mirrored was desperate for patients, since it had been quite a while since he had last gotten one. In fact, it had been all long, he had to snap up the first chance he got, that being Twisted. Twisted, at first, was nervous, and just made up things to talk about. However, he soon found himself relaxing, and telling Mirrored all of his problems, and how he felt too normal. Mirrored found what Twisted was talking about to be very intriguing, as he had never encountered a problem like that before. However, he could tell something was off with Twisted. When pressed on this, Twisted fervently denied it, but Mirrored didn't believe him. However, he invited Twisted to come back the next day, hoping he would explain. Twisted happily excepted this invitation, as he found Mirrored as interesting, as Mirrored found him. On the second day, however, the Canterlot scouting mission was proven to be the most successful, as the scouts had made the most encouraging reports. So it was chosen to be the invasion site. All the other scouting parties were called off, to join the main force. This included Twisted's group, all of whom flew off. However, Twisted himself remained, remembering his invitation. He gave the excuse that he just needed to do one more thing, a rather flimsy, but still usable excuse, before joining the force, and headed off to Mirrored's office again. He soon found himself there, and talking with Mirrored again. This time, he gathered up the nerve to drop the glamour, and reveal himself to be a Changeling. He explained to Mirrored what a Changeling was, and why he was in Baltimare to begin with. Mirrored found this so curious, he came up with a brilliant idea, to him at least. The idea was, Twisted would take Mirrored's identity, and carry out his life like normal, whilst the real Mirrored went off an a vacation, since he hadn't gotten much free time, and was desperate enough to jump on the first chance to take a vacation he could get. Twisted agreed, finding the idea quite favorable to himself, and took Mirrored's form, as required. The only reason none of Twisted's group ever came looking for him, was that they all ended up injured in the fight, and whilst they recovered back at the hive, completely forgot about Twisted. This was an upside to how forgettable a normal Changeling Twisted was. Of course, even after the knowledge of Changelings spread from Canterlot, nopony ever suspected that Mirrored had been replaced by one, as Mirrored had given Twisted a very detailed portfolio of his life. Another reason it was so easy, was the sheer length of time it had been since Mirrored had seen a patient. Character Personality: Even when off the job, Mirrored always analyzes ponies, and tries to help them. Of course, this is mostly to gain their affection, thus feeding himself. He is quite warm and friendly, but keeps himself aloof from his clients, projecting an air of professionality. He is normally quite calm, but if somepony pushes him too far, he will snap. Character Summary: He lives a comfortable life in Baltimare, and loves his job. Mainly because to him, it feels like he's being paid for feeding off ponies. He tries to keep up to date on the newest breakthroughs in psychology, but has trouble finding them. He likes to find out about his clients, and draw out their sessions, so that he can get the most possible love from them. So, I'm posting this here for two reasons: 1, To have this somewhere concrete, where I can edit it later. 2, So that people can look over it, and tell me what they think! I will say this: This is my first attempt at making a (pony/changeling) OC, for RP use or otherwise. So I'm a bit wary of doing this., for obvious reasons. And as you can tel, I'm not too good with making histories. Any ideas for the rest of it is wecome! And same goes for the history, when I write it.
  5. I'm looking to get some feedback Name: Quickshot Scion AKA Stich Gender: male Age: stallion Species: Changling Apperence: Eye color: Stich's eyes are green instead of the standard changeling blue. Quickshot has orange eyes with a slight green hue around the edge of the pupil. Character color: Stich has dark grey platting covering most of his body with the exception of a dark green plate along his back. Quickshot has a simple well-kept grey/red coat Mane/Tail/Other: Stich's main and tail are an unruly fading dark grey color. Quickshot has a thoroughly brushed copper/red colored main and tail. Stich in both Changeling and Quickshot form Where's a grey trench coat along with a pair of grey shorts. He also where a strange looking watch on his wrist that looks worn down and has a cracked screen. Note: This item is very precious to him. Physique: Stitch, like the rest of his, kind has both a horn and wings. His horn is the same dark grey as his plates and curves upward from his forehead, and his wings are a pale green color. Quickshot looks like a thin bet fit Stalion, and even has a bit of bulk in his shoulders. Residence: He has a permanent home in Canterlot, but he moves around a lot for his work. Occupation: Quickshot Scion is a private investigator. His specialty is obtaining very difficult pictures. Cutie Mark: Stich has no cutie mark, but while disguised as Quick shot, has an image of a camera with a crack in the lens. Unique Traits: Stich, unlike some of his other kind, doesn't just want love so he can survive. He wants the feeling it gives him in his heart, and will seek out that feeling from just about anyone. His loyalty to his friends would even compete with the Element of loyalty. Stich will sometimes talk to the strange broken watch on his wrist, he calls Dennis, and then hold it to his ear. On rare occasion Stich will swear he hears an answer, but even he is no longer sure if it is in his head. History: Stich spent his early years among Changelings, but not ever really enjoying the feel he got from his homeland. He ends up moving to the Equestria and settles in the capital of Canterlot. It was there that Stich met the Stallion that both changed his life for better and worse. This Stallion called himself Scion "Quickshot" Scion, though he pronounced "Quickshot" more like a title then a name. He had managed to somehow figure out Stich's disguise and even had a picture of his changeling form. Stich had honestly thought that encounter was it for him and even imagined how his banishment would go, but Scion didn't want to get him banished. No it was much worse than that. Scion instead black mails him, and basically tells him that a shape shifter was useful, and that he was now working for him. However, as bad as this seemed it wasn't so bad. Scion, for the next few years kept Stich at his house claiming to his friends and acquaintances that he was his long lost twin brother. Whenever he got a job he dragged Stich along with him to make use of his abilities. He would slowly teach Stich all he knew about how to be an investigator as well as throwing in his own disguise tricks he used, and some questionable moral advice. Honestly Stich would have ditched Scion a long time ago if given the chance, but he never did, because, despite how cruel Scion had seemed for blackmailing him, he felt something, no, fed on something from him he hadn't expected. Love. He didn't know why, but Scion overtime had started to emanate love towards him. The kind that's only ever reserved for close family, and it was amazing. Stich would have been content if things could have gone on like that forever, but life is just never that easy. On the day of the great royal wedding that was being held in Canterlot castle. Quickshot and Scion had come to try to get some good private pictures of the bride and groom. However, that's when the element of Magic came and stopped the wedding in a huge upset. To make a long story short, The Changeling army invaded, Quickshot and Scion tried to escape via the sewers, but were captured, and then Stich trying to stop the other changelings was found out. By the time the magic blast was washing over the castle Stich was sure his life was over. He realized that even if he survived he could never go back to Canterlot or his old life. Feeling defeated he had resigned himself to his fate, but before the blast could take him Stich was tackled by Scion back into the sewers. As the blast washed over them they were both blasted along the walls and sent tumbling through the sewers. Stich upon realizing what happed was both happy and furious at Scion for saving him, but all his anger and happiness faded when he saw what Scion's stunt had done to him. Scion had never been a very tough pony, and the impacts along the wall and ground had broken several of his bones and cracked his skull. In his final moments Scion told Stich to take his name and identity. That he deserved to have a life beyond being a changeling outcast. On that day Scion gave Stich his broken watch "Dennis" locked on the time of his death. Stich now lives as Quickshot Scion, and goes around doing the work of his predecessor and trying live a happy life as a free pony. Character Personality: Quickshot "Stich" Scion is an outgoing, energetic, and very inquisitive Stallion/Changeling. He likes to try to give advice when he thinks people need it and will always try to comfort people that are hurt. He will try to keep a cool front, but he can be very lame at times, seeming a bit out of touch moral wise, arrogant, and a bit clingy to people he likes. He will also on occasion start hitting on mares when he is in a really good mood. Stich's mood is another inconsistancy that has been known to change more quickly then they should, not unlike mood swings, but unlike mood swings it's more random as to what mood he will land on. Stich wants to make friends, but also needs to keep distance from them or risk blowing his cover. This will often put Stich at ends with his feelings, and can stress him out greatly when a good friends wants to get closer to him. Character Summary: This is a changeling PI with a few quirks, a semi-sad past, and a curiosity that puts him into a lot of risky situations. Stich will try to stitch together any clues you give him, and do his best to try to figure you out. When not on the job he will try to seek out interesting events to try to find out more about them, and unravel any mysteries he may encounter. Thanks to being a changeling he is very diverse in his abilities, and often uses this to his advantage. Things like using magic to pick a lock or flying when he needs to climb as well as combinding his abilities in more dire situations. A disatvantage Stich has, due to needing love and positive feeling to survive, is that he often ends ups starving himself on long journeys from a lack of contact with ponies and becomes weakened by famine. It's during these times that he becomes very desperate to find a companion, and will often latch on to the first person to give him any positive feelings.
  6. Name: Flux Gender: Female Age: Adult Species: Changeling (usually disguised as unicorn pictured in link below.) Appearance: http://kagewerewolf.deviantart.com/art/Flux-456700090 Average height for her age, in both her changeling and unicorn forms. She has a lean physique in both forms as well. Her eyes are purple, as is her wings and shell in changeling form. The rest of the body is black for changeling form, except for the mane and tail, which are gray and hang straight. A singular bang of the mane partially covers the left eye. Her ears are spiky. For unicorn form, her coat is purple, with her hooves being a lighter shade of purple. Her mane and tail are in between spiky and curly. The mane is more spiky, but it still flows, and the tail is more curly, though there are some points to it. The mane is of medium length, but the tail is long. The mane and tail are mostly a pink color, with streaks that are the same color as her hooves. Her ears curve to a point. Physique: Average size and strength for her age, but is quite lean and athletic. This also applies to her unicorn disguise. Residence: Wanders Occupation: Takes odd jobs where she can. Unique Traits: Scar running up and down along the eye covered by the mane in changeling form. The wound did not affect the eye it crosses. The scar is not present in unicorn form. When she is hungry, or sometimes simply because of a mood swing, she becomes more reserved. When this happens, she seems to lose some of her luster, as in her coat, when in disguise, becomes darker, closer to black. Her mane and tail, likewise while disguised, become more gray. This is actually because the disguise falters a bit, and the color of her changeling form shows through a little bit. History: Flux has no memory of her life before adulthood, but she assumes she grew up with other changelings. She also assumes she had some part in this attack on Canterlot she had heard about, since she her first memories were of waking up nearby Ponyville, probably because of this magic that she had also heard about, the one that had repelled all the changelings from Canterlot and launched them away. Oddly enough, she remembered how to use her magic, how to fly, and how to defend herself, but nothing else. She even had to name herself, which she did after finding the word in a book and liking the sound of it. For as long as she could remember, one of the only real constants in her life were her two imaginary friends who are always with her. Being imaginary, they really don't have much of a choice. Besides that, she would be almost constantly moving, finding places to feed when she needed it. Personality: Chaotic, random, unpredictable. While generally nice and light-hearted, she usually doesn't like things to stay the same for too long. That, coupled with the occasional mood swing or simply some form of craziness, can lead her to do mean things to her friends. Her mood can swing, sometimes, anywhere between happy and carefree to sad to angry and anywhere else on the emotional spectrum. Sometimes the emotions of those around her can affect her own mood. She is in no way shy, and is often the one to initiate conversations, even if what she says sometimes doesn't make sense. Also, she has no qualms about speaking to her imaginary friends, even when she's right in front of others. She loves meeting new ponies and making friends, as they would be a supply of food when she needed it. She tries not to feed on them if she can help it however. Character Summary: A random, fun-loving changeling with unknown origins, even unknown to herself. She travels with her imaginary friends, doing odd jobs more in hopes of gaining some measure of affection to feed off of than getting money. As she has no house, and she doesn't need regular food, she had no use for money. She still keeps said money though, just in case something comes along that she wants to buy.
  7. Name: As a changeling he is known as Ragnarok. In pony form he likes to go by the name Crystal Gender: Stallion in both forms. Age: Teen Species: Changeling/Pegasus Eye color: When in changeling form, a unusual Jewel Teal. In pony form he has shining Jewel Magenta eyes. Character color: Ragnarok's coat as a changeling is different than the rest, being a nice clean ruby red instead of the normal Jet black though his ruby red coat is still a bit dull and faded. In pony form Ragnarok has a nice Emerald green coat. Mane/Tail/Other: Ragnarok's changeling mane is a sapphire green, his changeling tail on the other hand is a beautiful Mandarin Orange. His mane and tail are longer than normal changelings and looks more pony like, even in his changeling form. The way he styles his changeling mane is he has it hanging down the back of his neck with it separated into three different bits, stays on the back of his neck, one goes around the left side and one goes around the right. His tail's style is that is just hangs there, letting the wind, breeze or whatever else could move his tail. In pony form Ragnarok's mane is a Sparkling Burgundy and his tail is a Yellow Topaz. He styles them the same as he does in changeling form. Physique: Ragnarok is very fit in changeling form. Ragnarok's changeling wings are very fit and unlike most changelings, don't have the gaps in his wings. In pony form, Ragnarok is very fit and masculine due to extensive practice at sport, flying and much more. His pony wings are also very fit. In size Ragnarok is smaller than your average changeling, same in pony form. Residence: Ragnarok lives in the Everfree forest mainly though he spends most of his time in Ponyvile. Occupation: As Ragnarok is a changeling, he doesn't have a effective Job though he helps with the whether sometimes when he is pony form. He earns most of his bits from helping pony's in need or by selling a few odds and ends which he finds in the Everfree forest. He also earns bits by selling crystals and jewels to ponies along with the stuff he makes from the mentioned materials. Cutie Mark: As a changeling, he doesn't have one though in pony form his cutie mark is two big crystals crossed over each other in an X with a jewels embedded onto the crystals Cutie Mark Story: He is a changeling, what do you think? Special talent: As a changeling, he may be unique but has no special talent, in pony form however he uses his crystal and jewel skills as his special talent. The talent he uses in full is being able to craft anything out of crystal of any kind, whether it be weapons, clothes, tables, beds, jewellery, he can do it. The same goes for Jewels of any type. He also, as a part of his special talent, has a sixth sense about jewels and crystals and can feel where they are and is able to pin point their exact position, size and what type it is. Unique Traits: Look wise is very different from any normal changeling, same pony wise. Have extreme skills with anything to do with jewels of any type. This includes crystals. Has a sixth sense about crystals and jewels. History: Ragnarok was born in the changeling hive of Chrysalis. His parents were both suprised that, at birth, he had been so different than any other changeling in the hive, with his coat, mane and the rest of him being completely different than any other. They were both proud of him. As he was growing up he had started to play with the crystals and jewels he had managed to find in the hive. Also during this stage, he taught himself how to carve using his changeling magic and was very good at it, even at his young age he was able to use his magic to carve the jewels and crystals into a lot of things. This skill would improve as he grew older. Ragnarok had enjoyed his relativity peaceful life, often hanging out with other changelings who weren't teasing him about being so different. His life had lasted like that until that dreaded day when Chrysalis planned her attack on Canterlot. When he got the news that there queen had started a war against pony kind it ripped Ragnarok's beliefs apart. He had always been a different breed then the other changelings, he had rarely fed on love, he had always been kind to every creature and had never taken enough love to hurt them, he had always believed that all creatures deserved to live in peace. He also had believed in Chrysalis like she was a god. So when she attacked Canterlot, Ragnarok was torn between leaving the hive and pursuing and continuing his peaceful life style somewhere else or joining the attack on Canterlot. His mind had told him to follow the hive and attack but his kind heart was saying for him to run away and start over. Ragnarok's mind was saying 'Obey the hive, Obey the queen' while his heart was saying'Do the pony's really deserve that much love taken from them?'.After a few days contemplating whether or not to join in the attack, his mind had won until he slipped and landed in front of a puddle of crystal clear water. As Ragnarok stood up, he looked into the water. In the water he saw himself, a changeling that was bound to serve his queen but he also saw something else, he saw a creature who was free to make his own choices, a creature that had a heart, a creature who was able to let his heart guide him and a creature that was able to feel compassion, a creature that cared enough to take what he needed though not enough to hurt. As he saw all this in himself for the first time, his heart overcame his mind, turning him from a blind follower into a free creature. At that moment Ragnarok left the hive and went out into the Ever-free forest, he didn't even watch the breaking of the barrier, he just left. As he walked through the forest he felt a crystal under the ground, he felt confused as he hadn't felt this before. As he dug at the ground he was thinking that his mind was playing tricks on him but when he found the crystal, he noticed that, it wasn't just one crystal. It was a whole colony of them. He smiled as he left the spot with that original crystal he had found. After about a month he had found his way to Ponyville. He didn't enter the town as he was scared that he would be mistaken for a monster. Instead he turned around and walked a bit deeper into the forest. As he neared a ravine area, he noticed a castle. He smiled as it gave him hope, he didn't know how but the area was shedding a aura of hope that was also shared by the magnificent building. As Ragnarok entered it, he recognized some of the art. He gasped as he realized this was the ancient castle that Celestia and Luna had lived in. He left it the moment he realized that. He made his way to the other side of the ravine and built himself a home there. He decided that he would live in the area for a few reasons though the main one was that this area gave him hope and it helped him keep in control of himself. About a week after he had his home there he saw a pony walking through the forest. He smiled as he thought of a way he could live among pony folk. He quickly started forming the idea in his mind until he had managed to create his own pony that was unique. He had based the form he had made off the pony he had seen. As he gained complete control of his changeling magic, he started going into Ponyvile in his new form. He hadn't made any friends or talked to many ponies though he did spend a lot of time there, selling off odds and ends he found in the forest as well as items he carved from jewels or crystals. He also fed on the love that the pony's had to offer though he only took what he needed to live, never enough to hurt the ponies. Character Summary: Ragnarok in general is a lot different than most of the changelings at the hive. He doesn't like to feed off love; he has a caring heart, thinks for himself and actually cares about others. He loves to eat fruit of all kinds and he even likes to eat some of the fruit that can only be found in the Everfree forest. Ragnarok also likes to read about the pony's history thus how he could recognize the castle of the royal sisters. He wants to make friends though he doesn't know how to do it and has a massive fear that, even if he makes friends will he be able to tell them the truth without being rejected? Ragnarok has been trying to find out pony's opinions on changelings though he hasn't had much luck which only adds to his fear. Ragnarok enjoys looking for crystal's and jewels and carving them into objects like jewellery, weapons and furniture. He also enjoys seeing pony's having a good time and although he isn't part of it, he feels warm in side when he sees the pony races having fun together like they have no cares in the world. He wished he could be like that though he is too scared and shy to ask pony's to play or to have fun with him. The only time he talks to pony's is when he is selling and buying off them. Ragnarok wants to make the world a better place for both changelings and pony's, he wants to make pony's see that not all changelings are evil, that some actually care about their sister race, that some actually are able to feel compassion and that some changelings have hearts that are able to feel pony emotions. He wants to show the world that changelings like him are not meant to be feared and that although they may have committed crimes in the past, that, like every creature, they deserve a second chance
  8. Ambrosia wandered the hills, her head low in shame. Why did she have to send me away?
  9. Name: General Buzzscar (Buzz) Gender: Male Age: Stallion/Adult Species: Changeling Eye colour: Blue Character colour: Chitin Black Mane/Tail/Other: Dark Teal Physique: Muscular Residence: Changeling Hive Occupation: General of Her Majesty's Elite Forces / 'Royal Guard' Unique Traits: Noticeably more strength and resilience to magic, not making him invulnerable, but allowing him more time than his brothers and sisters of the hive would have against powerful spells. Ofcourse he isn't immune and will eventually be felled/harmed by those spells. History: Buzz started as a regular Changeling of the hive, absorbing love and bringing it back to the hive to the best of his abilities like the rest of his brothers and sisters. One of the older generation, he had stayed behind to train the younger generation of Changelings like the others of equal experience, taking a few youngers into the wilderness or some hardly known pony settlement and letting them immerse for one week. If any of them came back in less than a week, they'd have to start all over again. One day, when taking his newest group of trainees to the nearest settlement of ponies - a young traveler eager to become one of Celestia's guard - had amassed a group of other young warriors who had become suspicious of the Changeling group and attempted to ward them out. Buzz took the brunt of the assault so that the younger, less experienced trainees could flee back to the hive and eventually returned. With a scar as a reminder of the encounter and a memory of just how strong pony forces can be when put into actual organisation. The scar adding more insult to injury as it carried through most of his transformations and inhibited him from doing further work in the field. Years passed and Buzz eventually earned the name Buzzscar, using his experience as a warning to most younger Changelings as he began to organize certain groups and formations of the hive like an actual military force - a portion that could protect the Queen and the Love Harvesters should something go into disarray or they couldn't handle themselves; not that he doubted his Queen...but a lady of Royalty shouldn't be put into danger. Especially not someone as important as the Changeling Queen. Their defeat at the wedding of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor was the straw that broke the Changeling's back, more training had been enforced under his command and, once he had pleaded enough, his Majesty's permission. Scouting parties, sentries, a smaller portion of the hive to keep the bulk and important parts of the hive safe and looked after. Buzz himself started thinking of himself as the Queen's personal protector......but only in his mind. Character Summary/Personality: Buzzscar is a no-nonsense and almost cruel administrator and a loyalist of the Queen to a fault, in his eyes she can do no wrong and her pit falls are only caused by other people, not by her. Time has obviously hardened him, not having the strongest sense of humor or infact any humor at all at face value - unless ofcourse it's at the sake of another person's dignity. The only person he is willing to listen to or take criticism from is his Queen or some a trusted soldier and even then, it's mostly taken with a grain of salt if it's from the latter. Despite his venomous attitude, it's obvious that he has some amount of care for the Hive's well fare at a whole, often patrolling the hive and making sure there is nothing out of the ordinary or checking that they're well fed and that the perimeters of the hivestead haven't been breeched by any assailants; pony or otherwise. He likes things to be organised and he believes that being properly organised will prepare his troops for better protecting the Hive and Queen. He's surprisingly hard to get angry despite talking in a constant growl, but when he is angry, it's very obvious. But it comes in very short bursts that he quickly secludes himself after to 'recover' from such a burst of passion.
  10. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    A young Changeling Queen fresh from pupation with wings not YET haggard. Weird doddle, I dunno. Enjoy.

    © Stacey Lenaghan

  11. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Just something I decided to doodle.

    © Stacey Lenaghan

  12. Plot: A changeling queen is exiled after Queen Chrysalis returns from the dead. She is sent to wander Equestria alone, and disguises herself as a pegasus. She travels to Ponyville and meets some new friends, but does not tell them her secret: she is a changeling in disguise. Application: Name: Age: Race: About (optional): Description: My Character: Name: Queen Ambrosia / Midnight Star (disguise) Age: Teen (A young queen ) / Teen Race: Changeling / Pegasus about: Is Queen Chrysalis's student but was exiled because she was framed of siding with Celestia. / Has owl feathered wings and has attended Wonderbolt Academy, though was not the top of the class. Description: Has long golden hair like honey that goes down to her hooves. Has a few holes in her mane. Same with her tail and has yellowish-green eyes. (Search up Queen Ambrosia in google if you need more details) / Midnight blue with a lighter mane. Has dark blue eyes.
  13. Given how much they had affected him, it was rather unfortunate that Might Batsman had paid so little attention to the ominous clouds in the sky. But, what was done, was done, and what was done was very nearly himself. The cascade of water, mixed with the newly-fallen snow had swept him away like a leaf, along with the rather nervous changeling he had just discovered. When the earth pony had finally gotten to his hooves again, the first rush of adrenaline momentarily distracted him from the fact that he was both wet and freezing cold. It also had the effect of clearing his mind of any associations with previous changeling encounters. In times of crisis, we revert to our basic natures, and Might was nothing if not chivalrous. "Spring Breeze!" He called out over the howling wind, struggling through the slush, straining to see anything but a field of white. "Where are you?" He didn't want to lose sight of her, though whether he was worried for her safety, or merely that she had used the opportunity to get away, he couldn't rightly say.
  14. From the album: Duskfall's Pencil Art

    Duskfall's newest design. Sidearm will not be present (nor will it actually exist) during roleplay. Essentially, it's there to make the picture look cooler.
  15. From the album: Duskfall's Pencil Art

    Duskfall doing what he does best.
  16. Name: Kahz, no more, no less Gender: Male Age: Just entering "stallionhood" Species: Changeling Character Color: His exoskeleton is matte black, and it scuffs easily Mane/Tail/Other: His mane is a rather unremarkable shade of brown, and his tail is just an extension of his exoskeleton. His eyes are sea-grey, though, and always look out at the world intensely. Physique: Small and thin to begin with, and not quite the right shape. His left hind leg is shorter than the other, giving his gait and poise an overall crooked appearance. Occupation: No one as yet really trusts him to assign him to anything in particular, but despite the others' lack of faith in him, he perseveres in whatever he can convince anyone in the hive to let him do (or in whatever he's convinced them he has permission to do.) One day, he hopes to become an Officer and Tactician. Unique Traits: The first thing an observer is likely to note about Kahz, besides his weak looks, is his hyperactivity. If not given something to occupy his energy, he tends to bounce off the walls and hang down from the ceiling, talking rapidly all the while. It has to be said, he thinks about as fast as he talks, and despite his ugly looks, he can be quite charming, mostly due to personable nature and intense presence. He has a degree of magnanimity unusual in the Hive, which has not won him a strong reputation among some changelings. Physically, of course, he's practically a nonentity, and a power of quick decision also lands him into trouble, due to a lack of foresight. Personal History: Kahz was born during a very bad time for the Hive. Love harvests had dropped to an all-time low, and several of the grubs became malnourished if the parents hadn't been able to meet quotas. Such was the fate of poor Kahz, and the lack of proper nourishment at that young an age crippled his physical development. This did not make for an easy early life, and whether his peers and instructors gave him pity or contempt, most of them really expected anything from him. Thanks to his persistency, and absolute eagerness to be an overachiever in absolutely any task won him a group of "friends," who at least derived amusement by seeing what sort of dares they could get him to do. One of their favorites was to suggest ever more ridiculous disguises for him to use and attempt to infiltrate pony society. One of the most memorable ones was that of an old, ugly, homeless pony, which the older grunt assured Kahz would be a "snap," while snickering behind his hoof. Never one to leave a challenge un-escalated, Kahz made himself into a crazy hobo with a Megaphone, who would stand on a box in Manehattan's Central Park and yell whatever came into his head. He was absolutely amazed at how invisible other ponies would make him when he did this. They would go out of their way to not acknowledge his existence, and just hurry past him. Quickly seeing the use of this, the grunt who suggested it then used Kahz as a cover for whatever needed to be done in the field, either as a distraction or a cover. When their instructor found out about this, however, he had an absolute fit and put a stop to Kahz's outside ventures immediately. After that, however, the changeling had a way of taking an unorthodox view to any problem, and a somewhat more complex idea of how ponies acted and reacted to each other. He went through the rest of his life, soaking up whatever instruction or information he could get his hands on about anything, though with so few changelings willing to give him a chance, he had a lot of time to think. He mostly stayed home throughout both the failed invasions, but neither of them really diminished his respect for Queen Chrysalis. In fact, he will often say, to anyone who listens, that most of her admirers underrate her. It is her ability to inspire that impresses Kahz the most, the way in which she was able to take a group of dejected, slunking emotion thieves and fill their hearts with fire and self-respect. Whatever the outcome of her policies, to him, her legacy is secure. Character Summary: Given his background, there is a surprising lack of hatred or meanness about him. He regards them as luxuries he cannot afford; making enemies in the Hive would ensure his existence was miserable, and probably short. Without charming looks or an impressive physique, he has to rely on knowledge and understanding of others' character to manipulate them into doing what he wants, which gives an overall impression of 'niceness' about him. He wouldn't describe himself as nice, but he does defend his attitude towards any that would call him weak: "Contempt is not a strength. If you despise your enemy, you cannot understand him; and if you do not understand him, you cannot destroy him." If you're willing to give him the time of day, he is quite gregarious, and willing to help you out in absolutely anything, no matter how menial the task. He will always be watching and learning, both about you and the work at hand. He strives not to disappoint, and will always err on the side of overdoing a thing. His loyalty to Queen Chrysalis is unshakable, but not uncritical. He has often lain awake at night, and thought through everything he'd heard about the failed invasions, trying to figure out when, where, and how they went wrong, and what could have been done to prevent it. After the first time he voiced his opinion on such matters, he learned quickly to keep them to himself, so as not to be branded a "traitor." It has to be said, that he has a sympathy for bold, audacious moves, and Chrysalis' plans are both, whatever one may think of the quality of brains behind them. Kahz hides a deep and existential anxiety he's never been quite able to escape, no matter how rapidly he moves. His sense of self-worth, like most changelings, lies in his service to the Queen and to the Hive, but he's not had any real opportunity to do anything to that end. Given his lack of obvious strength, he feels this pressure rest heavily upon him, and has nightmares from time to time about being deemed finally useless by Chrysalis and kicked out of the Hive. He really has no idea how he would live outside of the only family and society he knows...
  17. Name: Lulavi, goes by Lula or Vivi depending on her mood. Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Changeling Eye colour: Orchid pink which fades into a dull fuschia. Character colour: Charcoal grey. Mane/Tail/Other: Lulavi’s tail is an extension of her smooth exoskeleton and maintains its grey tones, however her flimsy, flowing mane is a very dark and dingy pink. Physique: Feminine and curvy! Residence: Though her permanent residence is within her Queen’s hive, Lula has a tendency to wander off on her own for months at a time to satisfy her thirst for a nomadic lifestyle. Occupation: Professional layabout, occasional changeling army grunt. Lula’s not one for consistent, hard work. She prefers to wander about, charming ponies and feasting on their love as she pleases. That said, she is terribly fond of her beautiful Queen, so when she calls her changeling army into action the lazy-but-loyal Lulavi gladly steps up as a grunt. After all, her glamours are terribly convincing and she really can pack a punch. She just…prefers not to most of the time. Unique Traits: Lula’s vavavoom looks and personality are what truly set her apart. She does have a knack for mimicry that helps her pull off a very convincing doppelganger, but it’s her artful capacity for charm that lays the foundation for her individuality. Unless you count her…“talent” for singing. One could say it takes talent to sing quite so painfully as Lula. Her vocal prowess rivals banshee’s wail, with complex layers that mimic the clacking and vibrating of an insect! History: Lulavi was a brat from her earliest days. With two hard-working, loyalist parents and a brother who was the apple that barely even fell from the tree, she was doomed to a life of nagging. They always wanted so badly for her to worship the Queen, do this for the Queen, do that for the army, learn how to fight, stop making eyes at the soldiers! It was endless. But Lulavi hated to exert herself any more than she needed to, especially when she didn’t want to. She just wanted to bat her big eyes and see how many changelings she could charm no matter what her family said. They had no patience for her manipulative games, however, so she started making attempts to run away from home as far back as she can remember. It started off with short sprints to her freedom that were immediately cut off by her father or brother. Then, as she grew older, her little escapes turned into full days away from the hive. Eventually, the more her parents gave up on keeping her rebellion under control, Lulavi was going on trips away from home for days on end. Sure, she found her Queen to be beautiful and worthy of her greatest respect, but the last thing Lula ever wanted was to dedicate her entire life to serving the Queen every hour of every day. When would there be time for fun or indulging herself in games and schemes? So Lula joined the ranks of changelings who snuck into everyday pony life, summoning glamours and wandering from place to place. Part of the reason was a desire to wander and see all that the world outside the hive had to offer, but mostly she liked finding new pony victims to charm and channel feelings of love from. The power rush was delicious and satisfied her arrogance quite well. While she traveled, though, she always kept one ear to the ground. If ever the hive readied itself for battle, which she knew the Queen planned on doing, she wanted to be part of the action. After all, constantly preparing for war was a bore, but fighting the battles and pulverizing ponies would surely be fun! Of course nothing would please her more than seeing all of those disgusting, sugary-hearted ponies squirm beneath the might of changeling fury. When she joined the battle in Canterlot, however, Lulavi was humbled. Briefly. She had never expected to lose to ponies. Ugh! To think such soft, squishy creatures could put up such a fight! One of them even bruised Lula with a hoof to the jaw. Well, that only fanned the flames of her distaste for ponykind. With her hatred ablaze, Lula’s current ambitions involve continuing her same nomadic routine as before, but with a twist! She has a newfound taste for befriending and bewitching stallions and mares alike until they trust and love her, then using any knowledge of their insecurities to torment them. Whether it’s through a string of hurtful comments, taking the shape of somepony or something they fear, or even luring her victims someplace where she can bring their nightmares to life: Lulavi takes great pleasure in crushing her pony prey! Character Summary: Lulavi is the epitome of layabout living. She travels around as she pleases and everything she wants or needs she gets through her sumptuous looks and charms. She achieves this through charisma, her appearance and a silky voice! Speaking voice, not singing voice. She can win a meal with a wink or blow a kiss and get herself a brand new dress. Lula’s even been known to convince a chump or two to give up their home for a few nights so she could have a place to stay – just with a few choice words and a sweet little smile! Few things are out of the changeling mare’s manipulative reach and she takes full advantage. Changelings and ponies alike are at her mercy, since she only takes on the loveliest shapes available to her. Despite her laziness, Lulavi’s also something of a thrill-seeker. She loves to get herself into trouble with petty crime or picking fights that she shouldn’t: she’ll run away with every intention of getting caught, then charm her way to sweet, unscathed freedom! If her plans fail, though, she’ll hold a grudge against her foe for the rest of her life. In fact, she holds a grudge against anyone who doesn’t fall for her charms. She takes it as an affront to her own beauty! None of her grudges have ever really gone away. Every one she’s ever held she’s still hanging onto very tightly. Lula is viciously spiteful; she’s positively acidic to any creature she deems an enemy and will harm them on the slightest whim. She’s constantly planning revenge against every creature unfortunate enough to humiliate her. Sometimes she’ll take her revenge schemes into her own worm-eaten hooves, but more often than not she’ll rope an unsuspecting victim into doing her bidding. Unicorns are her favourite for those schemes. Their magic can be terribly useful, so she’ll work as long as she needs to in order to build a solid relationship with a mare or stallion. She’ll make them love and trust her, then ask them to join her on a romantic vacation conveniently located wherever the object of her spite lives. When they get there, she’ll have her gopher work some evil and get her revenge for her. Only then will Lula’s grudge be sated, if only temporary. She has a huge capacity for pettiness and hate. With all that selfish, self-absorbed nastiness to her name, however, only those who know Lula well (and particularly keen strangers) can see through her fair façade. To every other creature she is a vision of loveliness. Her looks are always stunning and her personality winsome. Few can resist her curves and her innocence: how unaware she is of her own beauty. The final arrow through the heart, however, is always the “look.” All she has to do is look straight at her target with eyes that say “You are divine, and I will love you and only you eternally” and they cannot resist her. The key is to make it genuine. It’s such a simple act, one that comes naturally to Lulavi, made all the more delicious by how easily it enraptures her targets. Most ponies find it hard to resist a pretty little mare who captures the very essence of true love. Her tactics for winning over changelings, however, is quite different. They don’t fall for the sappy pony nonsense, so she simply takes on the same vavavoom in her personality that her physicality possesses. That confident, feminine swagger with just a touch of deadliness and venom tends to work better on her villainous comrades. Few things in Lula's life will ever be more precious than her little love games and her scheming. She does have a healthy respect for all things beautiful, however, and the one thing within her hive and beyond that she finds more beautiful than her arrogant self is her Queen. Tall, thin, evil, vicious, and power-hungry: nothing could please the eyes or the heart more than Lulavi’s black-hearted Queen. From her tattered mane to her shiny carapace, all the way down to the pretty holes in her hooves, Lula’s Queen is an absolute vision to behold. And so, when the Queen calls, Lulavi answers. It is the only sense of loyalty that she has, but it is loyalty that is very precious to her nonetheless.
  18. GhostGirl


    From the album: Traditional Artseseses

    Enigma the Changeling, in her natural form of course.

    © Ghost Girl

  19. Elderflower


    From the album: Elder's Flower Bed

    Oh look a charming changeling~

    © Flowerfoo

  20. Name: Sachadara Gender: Female Age: Adult Species: Changeling Eye Color: Dark grey in color, with lowered, almost weary perception about them. Alternatively, whatever she wants it to be when she has assumed other forms. Character Color: Black. Alternatively, whatever she wants it to be when she has assumed other forms. Mane/Tail: None, by choice and design. Believes that in a world of such bright flourish, a grand nothingness is all together displeasing. Alternatively, whatever she wants it to be when she has assumed other forms. Physique: No stronger or more athletic than a young drone, belying her age, though taller and spindlier as a result. Unimpressive and weak to the extreme with a smaller, stumpish horn. Residence: By the side of her Queen. Occupation: Head of the Queen's Research and Development department, as well as one of her top Huntresses. Unique Traits: Sachadara is a pathetic fighter all around, with her physical prowess being below that of most drones and her offensive magical beam being both short ranged and incredibly underpowered. Instead, she has a variety of tools for her job. Various magical potions and enchanted tools hang around her neck and her modified travelling cart is home to dozens of disguised 'cure alls' and other tools of her trade. She is an above average shape-shifter, but relies more on her tools to see her through. Uses these tools in conjunction with her mastery of a single style of spell, which when combined allow her into the mind, heart, and even soul of creatures unfortunate to fall into her traps. History: Sachadara was one of two children of high-ranking nobles in the court, but her birth was marked with less pride. She was small and the magical afterglow of her birth was almost entirely stunted, a deformed and ugly child from birth. Some of her supposed friends would like to blame that for the delicious horror that she likes to cause, but Sachadara laughs at the notion. Despite her vileness in the eyes of her parents, they did their duty as nobles and she was given the best education in the ways of Changelings and grew up with a relatively normal life by Changeling standards. For her part, Sachadara had big ambitions from the get go, questioning some of the basic underpinnings regarding Changeling life. In later years this would earn her a good keep. But as a young one, this didn't help her. Few took kindly to the antagonistical and deformed Changeling noble who demanded answers and competence from all corners. When she didn't get that, she could quickly lose respect for those around her. But who cared about getting her respect? She was lesser than her peers, or so they thought. As other Changelings learned the basics of self defense, which she failed at again and again, or about their grand culture, she was tinkering and toying with the very fabric of Changeling identity. She always did have ambition and despite her friends being counted among both imaginary and forced she knew that one day her name would be held in high esteem for the first time. Or they would whisper it with terror. Both worked for her. Her tinkering caught the eye of some officials from the court, who at first sought to take her work away from her. But when the elder queen died and Queen Chrysalis took over, she found herself offered a position in Research and Development. It was a small step, but a wise one to take and she accepted it. Her research continued, and what research it was. For years she had a fascination not with love, but with horror. Fear. Terror. All Changelings had a taste for it, but it was a passing interest. Love was sustenance, other emotions seasoning. But for Sachadara, every part of her was tuned so improperly that the thrill of terror left her in euphoria. It was her dream to find a way to connect the two, and more importantly, manipulate the two. She got a big break when Chrysalis launched her foolish invasion of Canterlot. The attack was repulsed and much of the Research ad Development team were lost with it, a fact which bothered her none at all. They were all jackals messing with her work anyway. She continued her work without much care for the wildness that surrounded the failed attack, focusing instead on who they were targeting- ponies. Ponies were prey animals that had such awesome emotions of both fear and love. They were perfect. And as the Hive around her twirled about in pathetic frustration, she went out and hunted for food. It was easy. Find ponies. Give them her chemicals, separate them, and then break them mentally. Capture their fear for further distillation, and continue breaking their minds until they were little more than quivering gelatinous puddy in her hooves. Then she would reprogram them from their memory on up and construct a fantasy, where they could exist in a blissful state of mindless love for however long she wanted them to. One by one and two by two she led them back to the Hive where they became permanent sources of sustenance. One by one and two by two, she earned Queen Chrysalis' respect and she became the head of Research and Development. This came with one caveat: She had to take part in a new offensive on Nightmare Night. That night, she had the honor of playing Princess Twilight Sparkle. And while the ponies of Equestria won the day, she always believed that the ponies who went into the Library that night had lost something much more than a simple battle, and Sachandara had tasted something much sweeter than the hoof that ended her night. Character Summary: Few things in all the world enjoy what they do as much as Sachandara. She has always had a sincere desire to understand how things work, but that is only so she can feed her obsession on how to destroy it and rewrite it. Whether that is a chemical formula or a little filly's mind- if there is a difference- it is the same desire from her and the same sense of extreme satisfaction at seeing it work. Coupled with that, horror and fear send through her such pleasure that she has often gone great lengths of time without feeding on love as fear fills her just as well. Indeed, love provides almost nothing for Sachadara, with her diet consisting of horro. This is a weakness for her as the Changelings as a race gather love as food, meaning she has had some difficulty finding sustenance. This is what drove her to create fear, but her ability to look at the big picture allowed her to leverage this to bigger and better things. Her operation has been very efficient so far, which has given her a taste of respect that she has never had before. Throughout her life, the combination of deformity and odd desires for fear have made her a laughingstock, and this first level of respect has validated her belief that her operations are the future of the race. Of course sometimes she needs help testing out a new formula, and sometimes even more she needs to test something really dangerous. The many Changelings who treated her poorly, the sister who disowned her, the professors that mocked her- well, she needed guinea pigs and they all had to pay at one time or another. It was never about grudges, it was about efficiency- the fewer who did not understand the glory of her work, the better. And most of those tests ended with positive research results, so who cares if a few of them lost all sense of identity? She looks at ponies as fully sapient creatures rather than as just food. The thing is, she doesn't care. If anything, the fact she realizes those emotions come from fully realized beings makes it all the better when she can leave them as mindless husks, devoted only to what she had programmed them to do. Drained of fear, the fear is then purified through magic and given out to Changelings as delicacies. Mindlessly devoted to whatever loving fantasy she has crafted, ponies who reach that stage end up in the Hive and sustaining the Changelings with their fantasy love for as long as needed. More than a few dozen ponies to this day are stuck in cocoons while living out fantasies in their head constructed to provide the Hive with however much love that pony could possibly give. She loves her job and has no regrets, and the few ponies who have pleaded with her discover that she likes it when they suffer. She is irredeemable in how she delights in their destruction. She respects her queen and the decisions she makes, but values her research above all else- to the point of madness. But no, of course she has hobbies. Like science and turning ponies inside out mentally. That just happens to be her work, too.
  21. Ok so I had this idea of an Rp that has sort of a courtroom like setting heres the plot: Shortly after the Royal Wedding and failed invasion attempt, a single changeling remains in the custody of the royal guard. Now being the only changeling left in Canterlot all of the blame is set on him. He is put on trial and could face a punishment mirroring that of Discord or Nightmare moon. The judges for his case are the three royal Alicorns themselves. The prosecution consists of Princess Celestia's own student Twilight Sparkle, and Princess Cadence's husband Shining Armor. Last but not least, his jury consists of the snobbish and always judgmental ponies of Canterlot. Hardly seems the odds are in his favour no? With no pony willing to defend him he will have to resort to all his sneaky, underhanded tactics to try and earn him an acquittal. So yeah thats my idea. I will describe the rp and rules more if people seem interested and wish to participate. So yeah if you like the idea and want to join just let me know.
  22. Name: Enigma Gender: Female Age: Young Adult Species: Changeling Eye colour: Pale silvery blue gray. Character colour: Charcoal gray, darkens to black at her hooves, and the tips of her ears and horn and nose, with her wings and the stripe around her middle being the same as her eye color. Mane/Tail/Other: Enigma’s mane and tail are the same color as her eyes and wings. She keeps her mane in a sort of stylized bob, with her tail kept full and short. Physique: In her natural form, Enigma is a touch taller than your average pony mare, with an otherwise unremarkable build. Residence: Enigma lives in Stalliongrad, in a flat above the Iron Saddle. Occupation: Bartender at the Iron Saddle. Unique Traits: Enigma maintains a ponysona (for lack of a better word) known as Fable la Fey. She’s a Fet Loch mare with what can only be called a Fet Loch build. As Fable, Enigma is curvy and otherwise somewhere between your average pony and a draft pony in shape. Her coat is a deep, velvety purple, occasionally appearing wisteria or lavender in the right light, but her mane and tail are the same as in her natural form. The cutie mark of Fable la Fey is an open book in front of a filled cider mug. Aside from this, the changeling is very well connected. She receives a lot of information from a lot of sources, many unaware they’re giving her any information at all (here’s a hint: she works in a bar.) While that may not be terribly remarkable given the circumstances, she does have an uncanny ability to know exactly what drink someone wants before they’ve even ordered it, and nobody has ever had to give her the recipe for a drink, whether she’s heard of it before or not. History: Like any changeling, Enigma originated in a hive. This hive in particular took up residence somewhere in the Hasufel Mountains, not far from Dragon Mountain. The queen at the time was young and unsure of herself, leaving the hive as a whole a little aimless. The one thing the hive was sure about was that they wanted a sustainable source of nourishment. Struggling to find their way, the hive stayed small. Enigma herself was usually not terribly worried about a food source, though. The hive nurses always provided for her, like other young changelings, and so Enigma was free to spend her days learning. The first thing the young changeling mastered was her glamour ability. Before she learned to fly, she learned how to take on any form she saw in any book. Soon she was focusing on keeping her glamour in place even when other things required her full attention. She spent so long working on her glamour abilities that everything else came second. When she had only just barely gotten the hang of flying, she could hold an assumed form for hours longer than her peers, and a sudden noise wouldn’t make her drop it. She learned little of the practical magic that was taught to most young changelings, opting instead to practice her glamours further in that time. As a result, her only real magic capability is her glamour, and her flying is… not the most graceful. Like the rest of the changelings in her hive, Enigma marked her passage into adulthood by traveling to a pony city. Unlike her peers, most of whom traveled south to Trottingham or Canterlot or even as far south as Ponyville, Enigma chose to travel north to Stalliongrad. This was the first time she adopted a form she hadn’t pulled out of a book. She remembered a color she had found appealing, a shape she had been particularly fond of, and in a matter of seconds she was a curvy, stocky, earth pony mare. She thought back to what she had learned of Stalliongrad. It was loud and busy; there was a lot of hustle and bustle; it was a great industrial center; there supposed to be a lot of fantastic bars; information changed hooves more often than bits. The cutie mark came to her quickly, an open book in front of a filled cider mug; if anypony asked her, it would represent knowledge and an uncanny ability to pour the right drink at the right time. The name was the hardest bit, but she remembered legends involving a mare whose name ended in “la fey,” and bartenders were supposed to be known for their advice… and advice could be found in any fable! The line of thought brought her, finally to the name “Fable la Fey.” It flowed. Enigma liked it. After that was the simple matter of constructing a false history. Her build as Fable la Fey was stereotypically Fet Loch-ian, and she already had a mug of cider in her cutie mark. She might as well be a Fet Loch bartender, traveled to Stalliongrad to possibly find a job. It would be believable! And Fet Loch bars were supposed to be the best. Right? Right! Her disguise in tact, off she went! She walked through Stalliongrad like a tourist, or a newcomer, both of which were true. The city bustling around her, Enigma began to understand why her peers wouldn’t choose Stalliongrad. There were frequent sudden noises. Any one of the other changelings would have been spooked into dropping their glamour quickly, but Enigma’s held strong. She wandered the streets, occasionally asking passersby for directions. Many ignored her, but one took some interest. “Fable” claimed to be looking for a bar that might be hiring, and the pony pointed her toward the Iron Saddle. It had just opened a week ago and had already gone through five bartenders. Nopony could handle it, and no griffin either. She thanked him, and off she went. This early in the day, the Iron Saddle had only a few guests. The owner, a draft stallion who looked particularly exhausted, was behind the bar, cleaning glasses with a rag that looked like it had seen better days. Enigma wandered up and struck up a conversation, hoping to learn anything she could. What she learned was that she could have the flat upstairs and a tidy sum each week if she would please, obviously being a talented Fet Loch barkeep, work the evening shift. Enigma thought for a moment, and then thought some more. After a moment, she asked how he was so sure she had anything to offer. He looked desperate, and all he could manage was that she just struck him as the barkeep type. Finally, she pointed out a few specific bottles from behind the bar and poured a drink, pushing it over to the barkeep. It was perfect. Nopony knew what she had just poured (and the owner had called over the few patrons to try it as well), but it was perfect. She poured a different mixture of drinks. That one was perfect, too. Enigma found herself wondering if she’d somehow managed to glamour herself so completely that she could do a job she’d invented for her disguise, one she’d never learned herself. She’d never heard of such a thing happening, but, then again, she’d never met a changeling who could keep a glamour going as well as she could. The owner of the Iron Saddle made his offer once again. Fable could have the flat upstairs and a tidy sum each week (plus her tips of course, and he knew she was sure to make plenty) if she would work evenings at the bar. She thought. She pondered. Finally, she decided she was curious. There was only so much you could learn from books, and she wanted to know more about these ponies. There was only one problem: she couldn’t just not come back to her hive. It was decided that she would come back the next day. First she had to go back home. She had no idea how her hive might react if she weren’t to return. There was no precedent for it. When she returned home that evening, Enigma went before the queen of her hive and made her intentions clear. Neither the queen, nor anypony on the council, were sure how to react. Finally, one member of the council piped up. He stated that he had been in a bar with a mare barkeep before. Stallions frequently fell all over themselves to offer the mare their affections. Drinks also had a tendency to loosen the tongues of an establishments patrons. If Enigma were to take up residence in Stalliongrad with a job such as that secured, she would have a well of both information and love sitting at the tips of her hooves. Enigma was sent back to Stalliongrad the next day with the full support of her hive, and began work in the Iron Saddle that night. They haven’t needed a new bartender since then. Character Summary: Enigma has spent so long as Fable la Fey (not all in one go, of course; she takes her natural form when it’s just her in her flat) that at this point there’s no differentiating between how she acts in her natural form and how she acts as Fable. She’s the kind of mare who leads ponies on without them quite realizing that she’d leading them on. It’s how she harvests love at this point. She flirts incessantly with her bar patrons and they, especially her regulars, provide her with sustenance. Then she pours them a drink. Everyone leaves happy. It’s win-win. There’s a sort of unspoken agreement between female bartenders and their patrons. The agreement is that as long as a patron doesn’t attempt to pursue her seriously, she’ll still be at the bar the next night, and will still be more than happy to flirt and pour drinks and laugh her bell-like laugh. Enigma knows this; all of her patrons know this. Despite that knowledge, the changeling has no idea how she would react to somepony actively pursuing her for that form of a relationship. If she were to let somepony get close enough, they would eventually learn that she is not, in fact, a mare from Fet Loch (though her accent is perfect). She avoids these circumstances at all costs. She does, however, take time to get to know her regulars particularly well. They open up to her. She learns about them, what they do for a living, what they do for fun, how they think. She takes all this knowledge and balls it up and turns it into a drink and she names that drink after that regular. They always love that drink. It’s her uncanny knack at work, and it gets them to open up even more. And for all the information she takes in, she has information to give out as well. She trades information with sources outside of the bar until she has material she can give groups of adventurers that nearly always come her way. It’s impossible to walk into the Iron Saddle any night of the week and not hear the line “I’ve heard rumor that there’s some unfathomable riches tucked away in…” Sometimes the information turns out to be a wild goose chase, but there’s been profit from those little tidbits often enough that everyone takes Fable’s word as truth. They just assume that if there’s no treasure, somepony else got there first.
  23. Arete Information is my business. And business is good. RP Type: Canterlot Chronicles Name: Arete Sex: Female Age: Unknown Species: Changeling Eyes: Green Body: Dark grey, slightly lighter than normal changeling bodies. Minimal decay holes. Mane/Tail: Morpho blue. Physique: Slender and alien, yet effeminate. Residence: The true whereabouts of her home hive are unknown. She takes up residence where it is convenient for fact finding or negotiating the next exchange. Occupation: Proxy for a mysterious master. Spymaster and information broker. Unique Traits Arete is an infiltration specialist with a knack for administration and management. Like other changelings, she can use her glamours to assume the form of any similarly sized and shaped creature. Unlike most other changelings, however, Arete has been given substantial autonomy by her employer. She acts as an information broker, negotiating the sale and trade of secrets and on occasion delivering the intelligence herself. Her keen understanding of species-specific psychology and physiology allows her to gain the information she requires while keeping any unintended information leaks to a minimum. She also possesses an eidetic memory and an uncanny ear for determining whether or not someone is lying. She also has at her disposal a vast network of contacts spread throughout Equestria and Aquellia. The Web, as it is known, feeds her information from all over the continent and is growing all the time. This information is in turn relayed back to her mysterious master. Each member of the Web is highly trained in infiltration and espionage and able to operate independently or in small squads without support for months or years at a time. Like Arete herself, each agent has multiple identities that they can assume at will. Each identity is carefully crafted by the changeling agent as an individual to prevent recognition by national governments. Very rarely do Arete or her teams assume the identities of known individuals. Finally, being a proxy has its perks, as Arete is never at want for housing, food, funding, and creature comforts. Character History Arete spent her youth in the “home” hive, learning the ways of infiltrators. As she matured, she turned out to be an exceptional one, in addition to being able to evaluate and review other infiltrators. Her talents quickly moved her up the chain until she became a mid-level administrator. She even participated during the attack on Canterlot, though she quickly learned to regret that decision. Arete was ejected from Canterlot in the aftermath of the attack, landing somewhere north of Hoofington, alone. Thinking quickly, she assumed one of her default identities, making her way into town and taking her place as a lowly bureaucrat in the local mayor’s office. There, working a quiet paper pusher’s job until she could regain her strength, she had a lot of time to think about her life choices. The hive was scattered and her queen possibly dead. She had found a way to survive out of her own foresight and fortune itself, but it was unlikely that she would ever be reunited with the hive. But the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she didn’t need the hive, nor did she want anything to do with Chrysalis. The queen was a fool, assaulting Canterlot directly, confronting the princess, and allowing her hubris to get the better of her when dealing with the newly-wed captain and princess. Arete could do better-- and she would. This epiphany also revealed another thing to her. Information, not force of arms, was power. Using the mayor’s office as a hub, Arete assembled personnel records and requisitioned Royal Guard files on potential contacts and ponies she could tap for information at a moment’s notice. This in turn she would sell to others desiring that particular information, but only if they provided the right price. She could make a comfortable living out of doing this, the thing that she did best. Of course, her sleuthing did not go unnoticed. A mysterious stranger contacted her during her research, masking his or her own identity with proxies and strange ciphers. Arete dug through her files and called in her favors in a mad scramble to find this stranger, the only one who had managed to discover who she truly was. But lead after lead dried up and trails ran cold. Finally, Arete was issued an ultimatum. She was to meet her rival at the appointed location or have her cover blown. With little choice left in the matter, Arete arrived at the meeting place at the appointed time, alone, and more than a little bit nervous. Never before in her life had she been outplayed before; she was the best at what she did. Was there one better still? When the stranger arrived, Arete was expecting extortion or perhaps being “disappeared” for moving in on someone else’s operation. But instead, she got what she least expected: a job offer. Her mysterious rival, a sleuth herself, had been so impressed with Arete's work that she insisted on poaching Arete for her own purposes. With the offer of lavish living, near bottomless resources, and nearly free reign over her own operations, it was an offer that Arete could not refuse. She continues to work for this mysterious boss to this day, though Arete consistently keeps the identity of her master shrouded in mystery. Character Summary Highly intelligent and darkly beautiful, Arete is an enigmatic mare who makes her living in the buying and selling of secrets. Despite her fey origins, her personality is far less fickle and volatile than the typical changeling. She is instead a mare who enjoys reading, scholarship, intellectual curiosities, and fine wine. She finds politics as vapid as gossip and often just as entertaining, but plays no part in shaping them herself. Those decisions are instead left to her master. Arete herself is a versatile individual. She is taciturn while observing, but while grifting she can force herself to act up and take on more extroverted tasks. After her job is complete, though, she prefers to retreat into her hollow or wherever she decides to take up residence for her current job. Disturbing her during her downtime is ill-advised, as she tends to be cranky, irritable, and petulant when not engaging on her own terms or at the very least being given time to prepare. While Arete is technically on a leash, it is a very long leash with ample leeway and even more stretch. Arete is essentially free to make her own decisions and run the operations as she sees fit. However, she will occasionally receive directives from her master, which she carries out with utmost precision and alacrity. Because of her autonomy, Arete has little use for the reverence that other changelings may place upon Queen Chrysalis. Instead, she insists on being treated as an equal regardless of ostensible rank. To Arete, the only one above her is her own master. Though the master’s intentions are often inscrutable, they are never malicious and do not smack of sadism and destruction like Chrysalis’ historical plots. Arete plays by only one rule and that is to sell her acquired secrets to the highest bidder. Many come to her from all sides of the intelligence game, but none have any real advantage since all secrets are readily available on the market. It is this uncertainty that keeps Arete in business.
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