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  1. Name: Aria "Aurelia" Elixir Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Changeling Eye color: Lavender Character color:Dark grey Mane and tail: Light shade of Violet and long. Always appears wet even when dry and has relatively few holes. Physique: On the thin side but not gangly. Has a less weathered look compared to other changelings, such as having less holes in the legs and her wings looking shiny and pristine. has slightly longer than average horn. Residence: None in particular but was raised in Dodge Junction. Occupation: Traveling Singer Unique traits: *Typical changeling shape-shifting and illusion magic but can be dropped if she is sufficiently stressed or scared default disguise: "Aria" the daughter of two doctors in Dodge Junction. Has a long flowing and neatly kept red mane and white coat ,Bright and lively green eyes with freckles under them. *Has a lovely almost hypnotic singing voice to the point she made her cutie mark in her pony form a stylized treble clef with a heart in the lower loop. *Due to being raised by doctors she has some knowledge of healing and medical magic taught to her by her mother who was a unicorn. also knows about simple curative and herbal remedies taught to her by her father. History: Aurelia was born in the changeling hive years before the invasion of Equestria. Her caretaker, not approving of the current queens rule escaped the hive and ran to Equestria in the hopes of finding a better life for the both of them. Agents of the hive eventually tracked the caretaker down but not before he hid Aurelia in a cocoon in the Painted Pinto desert, bordering Roughrider Ridge. Eventually she was found by a pair of Traveling doctor Ponies named Elixir Cross and Golden Remedy and their foal named Mythic Salve. Their curiosity piqued they opened up the cocoon whereupon a filly sized changeling popped out, although seeing as these Equestrians hadn't seen a changeling before they were perplexed as to what she was. The couple were doctors, so they couldn't just leave a helpless creature like this on her own in the wilderness so they took her back to their home in Dodge Junction hidden in the various supplies in their chuck-wagon. Upon getting home the pair decided to name her after what they found her in, a chrysalis... although for some reason that sounded unoriginal to them so they settled on the name Aurelia which was a synonym for chrysalis. The little grey changeling was crying at first for a long time until it opened it's eyes and saw the ponies who found her. The young changeling spent a most of her time around the foal which was a bit worrying to the Foal's parents but the pair seemed to get along very nicely. It was Downright terrifying when one day the parents left them alone for a moment and suddenly they had twins! This was rather quickly resolved as they found their original daughter responded to her real name and the other one responded to the name they gave their discovery and daughter. While they couldn't go around telling everypony the origin of their other daughters name so the named her after hearing her sing along to one of their records, the name Aria seemed perfect. As a filly Aria was often very confused, when she was positive nopony was looking she would drop her spell and look at what she truly was. She'd discovered her true form during a haunted house event at her school on Nightmare Night winding up terrified and dropping the spell out of fear... luckily for her her schoolmates just thought it was some sort of magically applied costume that she cooked up for the event as a jump-scare,, this trait has stayed with her until marehood. A lot of her private time was spent in front of her mirror in wondering why she was like this, she was growing fangs, a horn, and even insect style wings with protective chitinous shell that shielded them when hidden, however she was able to hide them easily with her Illusion. She found it very fortunate she was a good singer and it turned out so was her sister to the point she gained a clef as a cutie mark which Aria wound up mimicking as well. During the events of the Canterlot wedding her family was there on vacation, Aria declined thinking it was best she stayed home and took the opportunity with her parents absence to go on a hunt for clues on her history. Looking in the local library didn't help much and any information she gathered was vague at best and even though she was angry at herself for doing so she went through her parents stuff. Not long after the event she welcomed her family back but they seemed somewhat distant for awhile. Eventually they opened up and told her about the events of the changeling invasion in great detail. She was at first hopeful when they told her they saw... creatures like her but her hopefulness faded when they described the rest. After a long sulk the changeling mare formed a theory that she was living proof of her theory, her kind didn't need to forcefully drain love from other creatures to survive she had to have been doing it passively her entire life. The mare told her family her theory and said she had to share it with any changelings she could find! Aria Character Summary: Aurelia or "Aria Elixir" in her pony form is usually cheerful and eager to meet ponies while she will admit she may have be subconsciously hunting for affections she does indeed try and befriend ponies for the sake of friendship. When she does establish a bond with another pony she is willing to with tooth and hoof to keep and protect this bond. While she is a strong as any normal changeling she prefers to try and negotiate her way out of a situation. Having grown up around her parent's medical books she knows a few good ways to incapacitate a creature her own size in self-defense if it comes down to it however as she is not exceptionally strong it isn't recommended. Her major faults would include some impatience as well as being a bit too nosy in things that don't concern her. Personality wise Aria is calm and cool headed with a bit of a mischievous streak, usually using illusion magic to mess with the heads of some ponies, particularly the ones who get on her nerves. While she has indeed been mimicking her sister's appearance all her life she has never really had to completely pretend to be her seeing as ponies throughout her life have referred to her as her own identity. While she does often try to think calmly and not overreact to a situation she does have a short temper when annoyed. The most sure fire way to get her upset would be to say she's a "Fake". Ever since leaving home however she has noticed she does feel a strange hard to define hunger rising up inside her when she isn't traveling with somepony who takes even the smallest liking to her. Oddly enough while she loves music and can sing beautifully she has is terrifyingly inept when attempting to play any instrument to the point that in music class in dodge junction classmates and teachers would beg her to stop playing. When not singing or searching for fellow changelings she is often seen looking for ingredients for curatives and attempting to befriend animals she either meets on the road or comes across... which usually ends very badly for her, typically getting bitten or scratched and even then it is extremely rare for even tame pets to openly like her. Despite being a changeling Aria is at heart an equestrian who loves her perceived homeland as much any pegasus,unicorn, or earth pony. Having passively absorbed love she has found has formed a theory that all changelings are capable of doing so and wishes to reform as many of them as she can. However since the invasion attempt made by the changelings and their queen she has been very careful in her search for other changelings so as to not reveal herself as one. If possible she hopes to show the changelings a peaceful co-existence with Equestria is possible and even better than all out conquest. While she understands her kind will not likely be forgiven anytime soon she encourages them to make friends and find ponies they believe that they can trust and only to reveal themselves if they are completely sure that this pony will not turn them into the guard. Seeing as she has a truly beautiful singing voice she originally made a career as a duo act with her sister, Myth. Her tastes in music cut a wide swath through many genres but she has seems to have a preference for some country oriented music due to her upbringing in dodge junction but loves many different types. While she sees herself as a happy mare she seems to have an affinity to sad almost mournful sounding love songs and ballads and always seems to get swept up in the feelings of her song as well as those of her audience and winds up crying. Seeing as she doesn't like appearing sad or making other ponies sad she typically sticks to energetic upbeat music and singing so she can spread happiness and love she can absorb. Back in Dodge Junction she was usually an energetic lounge singer who gained a fair bit of admiration from those who attended her and her sisters shows. Aria and myth would usually write their music together and were inseparable even as mares until Aria went off on her journey. While her future is uncertain Aria one day hopes to become a famous singer and a role model for other changelings, for her failure or being found out is not an option as Equestria is the only home she has ever known and is worried she wouldn't be able to survive anywhere else if anypony learned her secret.
  2. Name: Bianca Gender: Female Age: Adult Species: Changleing (Soldier) Eye Color: Blue with white psudo-iris Character color: Gray Mane/Tail/Other: Light gray mane and tail fringes, being slightly more intact than your average Changeling. Blue shell and light blue wings, as is standard for most Changelings. Physique: Stands slightly taller than your average Changeling, though otherwise average build. Residence: Primarily- The Grand Hive of Queen Chrysalis. Currently- Canterlot Occupation: Invasion Specialist / Hive Lieutenant Unique Traits: Because of her office, she is well-versed in the art of destroying empires. Fiercely loyal to her Queen, Bianca doesn't hesitate for a moment to infiltrate whatever settlement she is ordered. Her disposition toward the creatures of Equestria is that they are mere cattle. Necessary for nourishment and expendable. How is this different from any other changeling invader? Well, she's not incompetent for one, having better instincts than your average Changeling. She also displays excellent leadership capabilities, certainly causing a lot of trouble should she rope in any drones in the area. History: Bianca's childhood was comparable to life-long acting lessons. Practically the moment she hatched, she was conditioned for her current role. Her developing mind was filled with lessons on how to deceive and exploit, to blend in and impersonate any and all walks of life. While this sounds particularly sinister, she enjoyed it quite a bit. She found the ability to step into another's 'shell', as it were, and pretend to be them to be exhilarating. The younglings would laugh and play with what they learned, little tricksters having fun with illusions and lies. All in good fun. Bianca was most fond of 'flash-acting', where the teacher would give the young changelings two minutes to act out a random role they called out. 'Filly Aristocrat' could be followed by 'Diamond Dog rascal with a bad leg'. It made for hilarious times during lessons. Though as Bianca started to get closer and closer to adulthood, the lessons became more and more serious, the teachers even starting to punish and berate the students for acting flaws. As Bianca came into adulthood, the games had ended. It was stated clearly that her life belonged to the Hive. And she was fine with that. With advanced acting lessons came how to hunt. With how to hunt came how to trick and deceive, and with that came how to drain... or destroy. It became quickly apparent that Bianca had a devious mind, often choosing more innocent and unassuming roles than intimidating, authoritarian ones. While other soldiers took the roles of guards, professors and shopkeepers, Bianca would often play the role of a kindly old mare, or a janitor. Roles that would never draw attention, or that would need a great deal of know-how to pull off and can be improvised on the spot. She also payed particular attention to combat classes, learning to go toe-to-toe (or hoof-to-hoof) with cattle species and survive. From the very beginning, she understood Changelings are seen as a threat, and most races will not hesitate to squash them like common bugs. As time went on, she showed greater and greater potential among her other changeling soldiers. Her greatest achievement, however, came to her during the invasion of Canterlot. Single-hoffedly, she had traveled to the city with the forward advance party in order to infiltrate its infrastructure. Bianca took on the role of a newly commissioned officer in the guard. Unorthodox for her, but not impossible. Since there was no baseline for her behavior, this officer being new, she was able to create a convincing character rather quickly, and blended in with no trouble. From here, she had access to patrol and recon reports, as well as guard postings and schedules. She was able to create gaps in patrols and perimeters of the city by manipulating reports, letting many drones get into the city in order to prepare for the invasion. When the lock-down of the city blocked off additional reinforcements, she coordinated with what drones could be spared and assimilated them among the guards. When the invasion was initiated, Bianca was instrumental in delaying the military's response to the invasion force and dissolving the rank structure, creating confusion and panic. With only herself and a handful of drones, she had sent the apparently battle-ready guard force into disarray in her sector, allowing other sectors to take advantage of the shortage of military reinforcements. Though the invasion itself was a total failure, Bianca was still commended for her efforts... Once she recovered from getting her butt blasted back to the hive. She was appointed one of the invasion force's top Lieutenants, tasked with coordinating and preparing for future invasions, expected to be carried out immediately once the hive is able to completely regroup. Though this may take some time... Currently she is back in Canterlot, monitoring the situation and attempting to blend in once more. Character Summary: Bianca has a very 'high-and-mighty' attitude about herself, being an accomplished invader. But she doesn't allow her ego to compromise her usefulness in the field. Despite a distinguished reputation, one that commands the respect of most lesser invaders, she enjoys the light-hearted whimsy of being a pony. Mostly because they're easy to fool, but it's an easy life. Be happy and friendly. And eat a lot of disgusting baked treats... Cupcakes, pies, danishes, scones... BLEH! As for other Changelings... She doesn't think much of them, unless they come to stroke her massive ego. Drones are expendable, most soldiers are idiots, and even some of the other members of the court she finds insufferable. None more than Snively. Every encounter with the administrator his been a displeasure. Since he is in a greater position of authority, he often brushes off 'jarheads' within the hive. Requests for supplies and reinforcements are met with loopholes, technicalities and red tape... Even when the administrator relays an order himself, he refuses to give Bianca adequate support! He expects her to make an omelette without cracking any eggs. Sometimes literally. It infuriates her beyond measure... But, she knows better than to voice her frustrations to the administrator, or try to extort him. Mostly because she knows he won't waste a second to rat her out... One flaw, one that is concerning her close confidants, is that she may be going 'native'. When she returns to the hive, many Changelings notice that her wiry mane is actually being tended to, and she's rather conscious of it. She's even been caught brushing it from time to time! Scandalous! But she's all about the hive. An invader through and through. So what if she has a nice new barrette in her mane sometimes?
  3. Name: Guardsbane Gender: Male Age: Mature Species: Changeling Eye colour: dark emerald Character colour: Black Mane/Tail/Other: Short-trimmed, black, free of holes. Physique: Sturdily built, lacking in holes Residence: Nomadic Occupation: Sky pirate Cutie Mark: None Unique Traits: Specializes in subterfuge, infiltration and reconnaisance. Extremely talented with voice acting, capable of shapeshifting to any sort of pony necessary to get in and get the information he needs. History: The failure of a changeling hive is a terrible thing to bear witness to, but it is even more terrible to try and survive it. It is the loss of order and structure, a loss of rule or regulation. Infractions become problems, injustice becomes commonplace, and abject chaos follows not long behind, many of the drones forced to choose between abandoning the hive or attempting to adapt to a constantly changing and increasingly hostile environment. It was one young drone that decided to leave - not in fear, but in confidence. Slipping away was easy, as no-one would really miss yet another worker, no matter whom he may be. It's the survival thereafter that gets difficult. But, this drone had a plan, a set of skills, and a number of ideas. He did not start out his independence glamorously though; in fact, at first, he had to beg an earthpony family for shelter and water, barely disguised as a sickly-looking pony wearing a discarded hood. But, it was a start - as he regained his strength and secretly fed off the love the family had for one-another, so too did the appearances of his disguise improve. As he heard them chatter and talk amidst themselves, he learned their voices and their mannerisms. As visitors wandered by, he learned more of the lay of the land and what might be found in it. It was not a glorious victory, nor a heart-wrenching goodbye; it was a learning experience and an opportunity to begin his journey, and for that he was grateful enough to bid the family farewell before he quietly left one autumn afternoon. This cycle repeated itself, with a few modifications - he arrived in Manehatten, taking the guise of a youth who had run away from home, never to go back. That's what he was, after all, why not put a more approachable spin on a hidden truth? But this time, he managed to find work in a bustling marketplace, and his mind was flooded nearly to bursting with the sounds and mannerisms of ponykind. He drank it all in greedily, learning accents and colloquialisms and names and faces and figures and places. Love was easy enough to siphon from couples young and old, from families of foals and from the teeming city life. With so much affection and so few changelings to feast upon it, he had more than plenty. The days became weeks, the weeks months, and day and night cycled into a year of constant learning and growth. The drone had grown cunning, strong and wise to the ways of Equestria, far moreso than most changelings were often allowed. But there was one lesson he learned that truly caught his attention : Ponies loved more than just eachother. Some loved property, others loved power, and others still loved money. While these affections were perhaps twisted and impure, their imperfection allured him more than the normal fare, and so he became more interested in following these ill desires. Perhaps it was fate, be it good or ill, that led him to a shadowy warehouse one evening. Perhaps it was destiny that caused him to find one who loved power and money with more passion than most ponies loved their betrothed. Whatever the case was, it was one night that the drone found a pirate captain and his crew, hiding in shadows, riches and their misguided obsession with riches and power. But it was chance that they spared the drone when he was caught watching their collection of spoils, and it was a silvered tongue that convinced them of the worth an unparalleled spy might have whilst finding new riches to plunder and new ways to foil a guardsman's post - not through sneaking and hiding, but through trickery and deceipt. Thus ended the story of the lonely drone who had abandoned his withering hive, and so began the story of Guardsbane the Changeling. Character Summary: Guardsbane is, first and above all, a confidence trickster. He is polite, he is somewhat surely, he is cunning, and he is as slippery as a newborn eel. His interests and well-being comes first before other things, both in the short and long-term whenever he can manage to calculate such. Whenever he is not pretending to be someone else, however, he is a calm and reasonably pleasant evil individual, though one that does not have much of a measure of compassion or sincerity in his heart. It is not that he is cruel or callous, it is simply that such values that might have brought him to be otherwise were never taught to him, nor were they ever useful to him. That aside, he is of markedly above-average intelligence, though his education is markedly lacking at times due to his lack of pony upbringing, and he'll occasionally misinterpret some colloquialisms out of lack of familiarity. That all aside, he has a somewhat clumsy eye for fashion, though he secretly admires those ponies who can put together outfits of elegance or particular impression. Though he has by no means any desire to involve himself overmuch in clothing or dressing up, he still keeps a small trunk of outfits for several of his favored personae, most of whom are unicorns due to the fact that most of his interaction with ponies stays on the ground. Though he's a reasonably proficient flier as far as changelings go, he's never considered himself a terribly convincing pegasus. As far as his personal interests go, apart from his own gain, Guardsbane considers himself something of an intellectual, enjoying art and philosophy whenever he can spare the indulgence. Though his own philosophy is one of self-centrism and ensuring his own quality of life while he has it to enjoy, he still reads up on other philosophies and ideals - not only to broaden and adapt his reserve of personalities to draw upon, but also for engaging his own mind. Despite this, he doesn't have much of a taste for fictional works, finding them not to be of terribly high value as far as his time is concerned.
  4. Name: Snively Gender: Male Age: Adult Species: Changeling Eye color: Light green with a white middle, lacking an iris as per non-royal changelings. Character color: Light gray Mane/Tail/Other: Snively's frills are entirely rotten away except for the bony supports. His gray tail, blue dorsal shell, and translucent blue wings remain mostly intact. Physique: Shorter and thinner than the average changeling adult. Residence: The hive of Her Magnificence, Queen Chrysalis. Occupation: Hive bureaucrat Unique Traits: Because he's never done strenuous physically labor in his life, Snively is relatively weak as far as changelings go. He has hardly any ability to push his body to its limits, possesses no idea on how to fight, and only has sub-par infiltration skills. If Snively does have one magical talent though, it would be his ability to operate far-seeing crystal balls. Such devices can be rather finicky to use, but this drone knows how to use them most efficiently without having to constantly struggle to get the right thing to show up in the crystal ball. This comes quite in handy when Snively's briefing his masters. History: Snively did not have the most enjoyable childhood ever. Owning to his diminutive size, the young changeling found himself picked on by a number of his fellow larvae. Fortunately, Snively could count on his far larger brother Whiplash to stick up for him at all times. And while he wasn't the fittest of budding drones, the youngling had a knack for what passed for academic pursuits in a changeling hive. It was clear from an early stage that Snively would be destined for a position greater than that of a simple worker or soldier. Yet rather than letting his bullying experiences teach him how to be the better-mannered changeling, Snively took a different lesson from his youth altogether. Namely, that a changeling will get pushed around by others unless it knows how to make their lives even more miserable in return. Fueled by ambition and smugness, Snively when he completed his physical development started servicing his hive as a low-level manager leading around a modestly-sized group of drones. Snively would not be content with this lowly position. Armed with both administrative acumen and a tendency to betray his fellow colleagues, the twisted soul earned promotion after promotion. Year after year, Snively rose through the ranks of the administration until the present day. Now he is among the chief bureaucrats of his hive, overseeing a swarm of subordinate drones and obeying orders from his superiors. So unless Snively somehow transforms into a queen, then there is hardly anymore he can do to advance his rank and station..... Character Summary: The first thing others will notice about Snively (other than his relatively small frame) is his voice... his awfully hard-to-withstand voice. Whenever he speaks, the changeling does so in a grating high-pitched sneer that can sometimes be likened to nails scratching a chalk board. Snively sounds nasally on all occasions, but he does make efforts to speak to his masters in a pleasing manner. Underlings are a different matter entirely; the bureaucrat has no qualms with deliberately sounding as grating and long-winded as possible to make a point of who's the boss around here. On that note, there is hardly anything Snively loves more than to throw red tape in other changelings' way. Should a fellow member of his hive ask anything of him, Snively will have them go through every hoop and hurdle in order for their request to even be taken into consideration. Even then, the bureaucrat will usually end up denying the request anyway as a demonstration of his authority. The only times Snively actually does the opposite is if something is of immense importance to his hive or if he's been sufficiently bribed; rare goods from Equestria and gemstones will do to please him. Snively doesn't think much of most changelings whom he sees as nothing more than dull-minded workers and soldiers, and so treats them with scorn and contempt. Underlings under his authority have it even worse, for the administrator always fears that they'd try to supplant him through treachery; it's what he would do in their situation, anyway. However, this changeling is also extremely adept at kissing up to bosses and stroking their egos when situations call for it, so Snively can be tolerable sometimes. And for all his cunning, the sniveling coward quails in fear over any sign of displeasure from his superiors, and he'll also be the first to turn tail and run at the first sight of any perceived danger. For all his paranoia and thirst for power, there is one being in the whole world Snively would never betray (not counting the unquestionably benevolent queen of his hive). That changeling of course would be his hulking brother Whiplash, who Snively to this day regards as his closest confidante. Aside from ranting to Whiplash about the goings of his day, Snively also uses his sibling as a pre-reader for his private original fiction. Snively uses his writing talents for more than filing reports, and while he's never publicly revealed his work, the drone prides himself on his storytelling abilities... even if his word use is incredibly simplistic and his characters one-dimensional. Perhaps Snively should find a better-read pre-reader. All in all, it is extremely hard to make a friend out of Snively. Just about the only changelings he'll give the time of day to are those he grovels to and those that he deems useful. For any attempt to gift him with an act of kindness, he'll treat it with the uttermost suspicion. Maybe if he got bailed out of a serious jam, Snively may come to genuinely like someone else. Yet due to the poor way he treats other changelings around him, such an individual may be extremely hard to come by.....
  5. Name: Duskfall Gender: Male Age: Young Adult Species: Changeling Eye colour: Forest Green Character colour: Charcoal Grey Mane/Tail/Other: Duskfall's mane grew out just enough to cover his neck and his bangs go slightly over his forehead. When relaxed, his tail nearly touches the ground. Duskfall's mane and tail both are of standard changeling coloration: light sea green. Physique: Duskfall's is slighly smaller than the average pony stallion. Although he is slightly muscular, his physiology doesn't allow his appearance to reflect this. Due to a run-in with the Royal Guard shortly after the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot, Duskfall no longer has his left wing and is incapable of flight. Residence: Manehatten Rooftops Occupation: Duskfall works as a freelance courier for those willing to employ a changeling. Unique Traits: With the loss of his left wing, Duskfall had to find other methods to get around, namely running. Back in his hive, Duskfall was well-known for his agility and smart movement through terrain and obstacles. To most ponies, the rooftops are where buildings vertically end. To Duskfall, they are conduits and pathways. Duskfall is also proficient with a bow, although he is by no means an expert. He is also fairly experienced in hoof-to-hoof combat and is specialized in disarms. Despite having adequate combat ability, Duskfall usually prefers flight over fight. History: When Duskfall first went to work in the Changeling hive, he was responsible for bringing orders to the various infiltrators across the Greater Equestria and bringing intelligence back from these infiltrators. Unlike most changeling, Duskfall lked his job. Although it was his home, the changeling catacombs were too small and too restricting. Although he isn't claustrophobic, Duskfall dislikes small and tight spaces. He also dislikes the stress of espionage and infiltration. Hiding and backstabbing wasn't something Duskfall was skilled at. As a messenger, Duskfall was free from the confines of the catacombs, and could roam relatively freely across the Equestria terrain without having to worry about being discovered as a spy. Being a messenger of hive, Duskfall has come by most of the intelligence gather and most of the orders given out. Because of this, he managed to recognize the precursors to the Invasion of Canterlot. Several months before the assault on Canterlot, Duskfall seceded from the hive. As he understood, the changeling needed the ponies to survive. If the changelings were to successfully perform of coup of the Equestrian government, there would be no more ponies. No more ponies meant no more food. Duskfall fled into the Equestrian nation, and into Manehatten, where he began working as a freelance courier, providing messaging services to those willing to employ him. His current clients are still uneasy about Duskfall, as Duskfall is toward his clients. However, several months of not backstabbing and providing quality service, respectively, have kept Duskfall and his clients on relatively good terms. In the coming days of the invasion, Duskfall sent an anonymous tip through the Royal Guard lines, warning them of the impending invasion. Little did he know that Chrysalis and other changelings had already infiltrated Canterlot. Having sent the tip while in Canterlot, Duskfall was trapped inside Shining Armour's shield. When the invading changelings broke through, Duskfall led as many civilians as he could away from the city. Some of these ponies, mostly those of the lower class, became his clients. Several days after the invasion, Duskfall was pursued by the Royal Guard during one of this delivery routes. After being ran into a dead end, he was forced away from flight and into fight. After Duskfall had disarmed and incapacitated most of the pursuing guards, one of the last guards managed to sever Duskfall's left wing while he was distracted beating the other guard with the butt of his own crossbow. Duskfall responded in kind by firing an arrow into the last guard's knee. Eventually, Duskfall taught himself to traverse the city in a different manner, using the rooftops as conduits and pathways. After a few months of scratches and bruises, Duskfall resumed his freelance courier service. Character Summary: Duskfall seceded fromt he changeling hives several months before the invansion on Canterlot due to conflicting views of the status quo. After he resettled in Manehatten, Duskfall started a freelance courier service. When he lost a wing escaping Royal Guard pursuit, Duskfall taught himself to run and traverse the city in a different way. Duskfall is cautious and suspicious of those in official positions, i.e. police, mayor, etc. Otherwise, Duskfall reamins fairly polite, moreso toward his clients. Due to the current status quo of his species' relation with the Equestrian, ponies who have tried to make friends with Duskfall found it very difficult to do so, only being able to be acquaintances. Those who do manage to become to close friend with Duskfall had found him very amiable and even quite brotherly. He displays a deep loyalty to those he befriends. It's hard enough for him to get friends he knows he can trust; he plans to keep those he can get. Recieved from his standard training, Duskfall uses the form of a charcoal Pegasus pony. His mane and tail are shaped similarly to his the mane and tail in his undisguised form. His mane and tail in pony form is white with a yellow streak going down slightly to the left of center. He uses a single white, unfurled pegasus wing with a yellow courier pack at the base as his cutie mark. Due to his line of work, Duskfall has found a lack of need for a disguise, and usually prefers to flee rather than disguise and hide when being pursued. After he lost his left wing to the Royal Equestrian Guard, Duskfall changed his pony form to an Earth Pony.
  6. Name: Figment; or "Honey Smiles" when undercover Gender: Male Age: Adult Species: Changeling Eye colour: Light blue and with white in the center. And...bug-like/compound-y. Character colour: Dark gray Mane/Tail/Other: The frilly thing on the back of his neck, and his tail, are both slightly light gray. The shell on his back is dark bluish, and his wings are light blue and translucent. Physique: When not disguised, he really doesn't look much different than any other of Chrysalis' drones(as they are in the the show/comic). Maybe a bit on the scrawnier and lighter side, for a changeling. Residence: The rest of the Swarm; though, due to his work, he often travels alone and camps near settlements and whatnot. Occupation: Spy, agent, scout, that sort of thing. Unique Traits: Aside from his leanness, he doesn't really have any outstanding physical traits. However, he takes pride in his spell-casting aptitude, disguises and acting, and wits, of course. However, he is not very good at physical combat or other tasks that require strength... Also, he has most likely above average decision-making skills for a drone. Which probably isn't saying much. History: Figment's life has always gone all according to plan. Mostly. His early stages of life did, at least. There was nothing at all special about him; he was like any other drone. He was given the task of going deep undercover and just...observing, mostly. Maybe giving an emotional nudge here and there, testing how suitable a community was for love gathering. It didn't make him special, though. Not any more than any other changeling. There was never any thought or question by him of ever wanting anything else out of life, and his outlook hasn't really changed much over he course of time. In the time leading up the latest invasion, he'd been doing just that. Things started...not going according to plan when it actually happened. For the first time he'd ever witnessed, the Queen's plan...didn't work. The attack was a disaster, and he ended up getting pummeled and cast away like most of the others. Luckily, he managed to regroup with the rest of the swarm. Despite this, though, he never lost any faith in Chrysalis or the hive. Because that would just be silly. After recovering from a fractured carapace and all other manner of dents and scratches, he was back to work. Though, this time, he did something he'd never even considered before. He made a request. From his experience, he thought maybe it would be possible to, instead of kidnapping and replacing someone, gain love via a unique disuse--greatly reducing the risk involved. To his surprise, he was allowed. The catch was he had to do it himself, as not to waste any other changeling's time with his unorthodox idea. He agreed, hoping maybe he'd help the hive gain a safer alternative while they recovered from defeat. He invented the friendly, sociable, and honey-colored pegasus, "Honey Smiles", to attempt this. Though, with little risk comes little reward, apparently. He's found it's much harder to earn love than it is just to intercept it by replacing someone. So, he often finds himself a bit...starved for love these days. He believes he'll get it right eventually, though, and perseveres, showing up in various towns and settlements, testing the residents there. He doesn't want to return a failure, after all, especially after being given such a privilege. Character Summary: First and foremost (in his mind, at least), Figment is a loyal drone just doing his duty, and puts the Queen and her hive's needs far above his own. He rarely holds any personal malice towards anyone he deceives or feeds love off of. If anything, he's a bit intimidated by ponies, considering the disaster that was their last invasion attempt. Plus, he often works without the support of others readily available, so he believes, if discovered, he'd get beaten up all over again like the last time... This doesn't discourage him, though; it's all part of his job! And his cover has never been blown ever before. Though, he does have close calls at times when his ambition and eagerness to do great things for the hive outstretches his abilities... Even though he doesn't complain, and is used to it, he gets very lonely very easily while working by himself. The thought of being isolated from any other changelings and having no clear orders at times, terrifies him. Again, he doesn't let any of this discourage him, and carries himself as some sort of perfectly competent and super serious mastermind when not undercover. Unfortunately for him, this has the side-effect causing any mistakes he makes to be particularly hard-hitting. Surely, if he was following someone else's orders, he would never goof up the ways he does... He often hesitates and freezes up whenever he has to 'go outside the script' while undercover because if it. And occasionally, he has bouts of...weakness. Even though he sees ponies in general as deceptively strong, war-like creatures, he will occasionally run into one that maybe isn't so entirely awful to be around. Figment then finds himself entertaining all sorts of bad thoughts, like wishing he could talk to them as himself and not as some cheery, blithering characature. This, of course, is a big no-no, unless ordered otherwise, so of course he never acts on it. He mostly just ignores any unpleasant or strange feelings he might have. His emotional distress is small potatoes compared to the hive's needs. Speaking of which, his cover, Honey Smiles, is one he put quite a lot of work into. Honey Smiles is the most lovable pegasus possible. At least, Figment's idea of 'lovable'. He his permanently cheerful, and friendly, and happy to an almost sickening degree. And most certainly overbearing...though, Figment often doesn't realize this, which confounds him endlessly when ponies sometimes don't react positively. Sometimes he does regret picking a pegasus disguise, though, because when offering favors in exchange for possible affection, he's often very clumsy...being more accustomed to using magic to manipulate things rather than his bare hooves. Also, he has a serious taste for apple cider after trying some while undercover. (I took some creative license in some parts, so feel free to tell me if I bent things too far is some bits. > > )
  7. Today marked a week and three days since the storm had separated the Changeling from the other Changeling scouts. The crash-landing on the island had not been kind to him. One of his wings was broken, he had sprained a leg, bumped his head, and suffered from scratches everywhere. Along with that, a week and three days without any love to feed on meant he was operating with a level of hunger he had never experienced before. He longed for the guidance, unity, and comfort of the hive. Without the hive, it was harder to think, harder to make decisions, harder to figure out what he should be doing. His attempts to get off of the island were all for naught. The raft he had tried building had washed away with the tide, he couldn't build a catapult to save his life (which was precisely what he was trying to do), he had no way of knowing how to take care of his injuries so that he could fly off the accursed island and back to the hive. It was understandable that he had started to despair. The despair only deepened when he realized that he could barely remember what the Queen looked like or who he had been in the hive. It was distressing to have such an ingrained identity within the hive start fading away like so many grains of sand on the shore. But hope came that day. As he looked out longingly over the ocean, he noticed a dot on the horizon. A dot, which as it grew closer, took the form of a ship. This was the Changeling's chance. Somebody had to be on that ship, most likely somebodies of the pony variety. That meant he might be able to feed. A ship also meant he could finally get off the island and perhaps find a way to get back to the hive. He laid in wait, watching as the crew left the ship. A FEW DAYS LATER... The Changeling had been trying to decide what he should do first. He could try ambushing one of the ponies, taking their form, and then feed on any love he might receive from other ponies. But with his injuries, the chance of successfully ambushing anypony was slim at best. He could try stowing away in the ship while everyone was distracted by... whatever they were doing there, but there was no telling how long he would be able to hide without being discovered, and he was already very hungry as it was. His stomach was already threatening to give him away with the noises it was making. It was starting to get dark, and the Changeling retreated to the cave he had been taking shelter in. The sound of howling made him shudder as it usually did. He had yet to run into any howling creatures, and he hoped that he could avoid running into them until he could make a decision about what to do. He quickened his pace. The sprain in his leg had gotten a little better, at least. There was another howl, and it sounded like it was closer. Too close. The Changeling looked back, blue-green compound eyes darting wildly for signs of a threat. He narrowly missed being pounced on by a timberwolf and took off at a run. The formerly sprained leg pained him in protest, but another look back told him three hungry timberwolves were ready to gobble him up at the nearest opportunity. He soon realized that timberwolves were not entirely mindless predators when they managed to corner him near a downed tree that was far too massive for him to climb over. Flight was obviously not an option, either. The Changeling bore his fangs, and his one good wing managed to make a semi-threatening buzzing noise. His horn glowed a neon-like green as he attempted to change into a more threatening form, but the green glow produced a spark that sputtered and quickly died. He was far too weak from hunger to do any shape-shifting. The timberwolves were unimpressed and continued to advance. One of them prepared to lunge. The Changeling tried not to cower, but he did close his eyes and hope being torn limb from limb by timberwolves was not as painful as it sounded.
  8. Hi Dizcord here and I am telling all of you what I think of changelings. You see unlike most I find them to be fascinating and not evil, let me explain I find them that they actually could be harmless. Before everyone says the same thing "But Diz they attacked Canterlot how is that harmless?" well you see I find them more ponies that are misunderstood because of there facial features and completion they were most likely judged, and later exiled to some other part of the world which is sad. When they attacked Canterlot they were most likely trying to prove that they are same and or better then ponies. So in my eyes they seem misunderstood and sad not evil. Sure they attacked Canterlot but is that what they wanted or what they were forced to do bye their corrupt queen who forced them to do what she wanted. They didn't want to admit it but are they wanting to take over Equestria or do hey want to be equal and live in harmony as one. The queen however feels she should rule Equestria she sounds like she was Nightmare Moon as she was misunderstood and all she wanted was love for her glorious night, all the Changeling queen wanted was some thing to fill a hole in her heart in my eyes so she might be evil but is her servants evil she wants to rule Equestria and her swarm is forced by nature to follow the queen's wants which was to take over Equestria so is the Changelings truly evil or just a hybrid pony. To me they are just a hybrid pony with animal instincts equivalent to a bee. So think to yourself are the servants truly evil or are they just going by instinct on listening to their queen. So next time you watch the season two finale think of this post.
  9. After a failed invasion attempt by the Changeling Hive it would appear that all was well and the changeling race would never be seen again in Canterlot. What if that wasn't the case? What if one changeling avoided the shield but was now on trial for his crimes? The prosecution: Twilight sparkle, the Judges: the three royal alicorns, a jury of his peers: angry ponies. So much for innocent before proven guilty. Facing Banishment, imprisonment in stone, and even possible execution. This changeling will have to use every trick he can muster up to avoid a guilty verdict, and save his life. RULES for applying: Must give a description of character and roles they will play (ie: Why are they at the trial?) Any equestrian species allowed besides Changelings as i will be playing the only one. Will need mane 6 princesses and shining armor, besides that OC's are happily welcomed so long that they have a purpose.
  10. Let’s talk a moment about Changelings. Changelings are one of those OC types whose likeliness of occurrence is less than Alicorns, but more than Draconequui. Changelings are the new Griffons, the seductive, in-your-face characters who also have the creepy factor going for them. They’re practically villain material. However, I see a lot of Changeling OCs that are Changelings for the sake of being Changelings. Time to reorganize the hive, fillies and gentlecolts, and the Queen here is ready to offer a few pointers: Changelings are Pony-Bugs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In their behavior, appearance, structure, Changelings are more like insects than ponies. That means that they aren’t quite as… human… as ponies, either, odd as it sounds. To really get a feel for what I’m talking about, it’s best to take a look at how insect hives are structured: At the center of the society, you see the Queen, who births all the workers, drones, the whole deal. The workers, in turn, provide for the Queen unfailingly. It’s a pretty safe assumption that Changelings are much the same way. In the context of the show, however, we also notice that Changelings of all kinds have personalities and feelings of their own. When Pinkie confronts one of the Changelings and asks them to mimic her, the Changeling does something that no mindless drone would do: it accepts the request. This psychological behavior of reward for good behavior is not present in fully obedient insects, much like telling an attack dog to do a trick likely wouldn’t work if you were running from it. As such, it makes sense to reason that all Changelings are independent thinkers, at least as far as we can tell. So, keep in mind the structure, but also put in a bit of personality if you so choose, but Changelings aren’t loners. They can’t rightly survive without the binding force of a Queen, just as bugs can’t really do the same when their queen dies. Only Queens look like Queens ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personality identity is what sets one Changeling apart from another. What about visuals? Why not give your Changeling drone or worker a really cool mane style? Oh, that’s right. They don’t have manes. Well, uhh… how about a really neat eye colour? Well, they all only have one colour of eyes. Light blue. The face and mane on a pony are their most defining features for a creator. In the case of a Changeling, we’re prevented from changing that, for the sake of continuity. Well then, maybe I’ll make a Queen! Then, we can have mane styles and facial features galore! Ahaahaahaa! Well, wait a moment; there are other ways to handle this, before forcing yourself to commit to that echelon of character. First, there’s the case of accessorization. When you can’t alter the painting, giving it a nice frame is the only way to make it more valuable, after all. You can tell a lot about a character just by the way they dress, and if your drone has no other means to express themselves, I’m sure they could break the “all ponies are nude” rule, even for simple stuff. Basically, seek alternate forms of character expression. You’d be surprised at how well you can show what kind of character your Changeling is without changing much of their appearance! Use the Façade for Deception, not Development ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the real flaw behind Changeling OCs. See, some ponies have a million OCs, and have trouble reconciling them. Perhaps they thrust onto their one Changeling OC their desire to be ALL of those characters. They get so good at their game, that they even fool themselves. That’s not like a Changeling, however. Any Changeling can mimic one particular form, so there’s honestly no uniqueness in the idea of changing into ‘your character’. If you really want to surefire express your character, I again recommend accessorization on the character as he TRULY is, rather than needing to rely on changing into other ponies to express himself. Rather, they’re better off using the changing ability to do things that they as Changelings cannot, such as entering amorous relationships with a pony. Hiding in plain sight. Their powers are meant to deceive. Use them to deceive. Queens are Queens ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, let’s say that you DO decide to make your Changeling a Queen, or perhaps some male leader of some sort. You gotta understand that you just added in a bunch of jobs to your character. Consider: the Queen of a hive has to, as I said, spawn a lot of hatchlings, and see to it that her hive’s needs are met. Lots of organizing, and s/he likely won’t leave without their hive based on their dependence on her/him. So mind you, if you decide to make a Queen, you’ll need to build your character accordingly, and you shouldn’t expect for them to be able to slip out of the hive inconspicuously. Stick to the Style ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright then, you’ve come up with an idea you like. First, it should go without saying that with an individual identity of a Changeling, they’re going to want a name. Let’s go with… Nestor. But wait, that sort of name’s completely out of left field. What sort of names can one apply to a Changeling? Well, the best names you can give Changelings, in my opinion at least, are simple, one-word names such as Haze or Skimmer, something that reflects their abilities, I would imagine. If you ‘re really determined, however, an even better course of action is to use bug terms. Chrysalis is but one stage of the developmental cycle. To exhibit as a theme that my Changeling OC is more mentally mature than Chrysalis, I moved up the chain of bug growth: How about the adult stage? The technical term for that is ‘imago’, and so we have our queen’s name: Queen Imago. Other terms can apply here too, and there are plenty. (i.e. Ecdysis, Instar, Pupa, Cocoon, Thorax, etc.) Use your knowledge of bug terms to give your Changeling that strange-sounding name they deserve as a non-pony race! So there we have it, we’re steadily moving away from the constant of human behavior and going more on supposition. As time goes on, the OCs covered here are likely to be less and less human. Next up on the grand roll of controversial OCs: Draconequui. Brace yourselves, lots of headcanon there! Thanks for reading!
  11. Kudalyn


    From the album: Doodles

    collection of doodles from stream all Portal ponies aside from changeling for Dio yup Tumblr
  12. crp_dude

    Queen Imago

    From the album: Vectored OCs

    Changeling OC, further proof that I need to make an OC out of everything. ;A;

    © Character and Art by Alec Harris

  13. Webs and statues adorn the dimly lit cave near Ponyville, creating one of the scariest areas in Nightmare Night history. Ponies in Changeling costumes hide in shadowy crevices, ready to pounce on anypony that passes by. After all, what would Nightmare Night be without a few heart pounding scares? Even with the recent threat to Equestria, everypony has been assured that there will be no real Changelings. But the decorations look so lifelike...
  14. From the album: The Custodians stuff

    Random 'unique' changeling i drew up today. Not sure what exactly to name him but for some reason 'Shift' seems to work. Anywho... YEah. If you have any better suggestions let me know XD

    © The Custodian

  15. The Changeling Kingdom pretty much committed an act of war against Equestria in Canterlot Wedding. Something like that I don't think is going to be just forgotten anytime soon. Perhaps a major part of the background for season 3 could be a Cold War of sorts that is developing between the two nations as it did between the USA and USSR in the 20th century. As such, an intense rivalry begins between the two nations in which they attempt to one-up the other in various ways, including technology, sport, etc. This can cultivate into an episode based on the Olympics, but influenced by the intense rivalry between the Americans and Soviets at the Olympics during the Cold War era. This can also allow for more world building, showing different kinds of creatures competing, such as Griffins, zebras, etc. Not to forget, it would be happening in the same year as the London Olympics, so that's quite convenient. The episode can result in two competitors (RD would make a great candidate) from the countries actually coming to respect and possibly befriend each other, realising the other side is not as bad as they thought and how their rivalry is taking the fun out of the games. If you really think about it, this background and possible could best epitomise the 'love and tolerance' theme of the show. Because in the end, these two species learn to do that with each other when for the most part they were expected to actively hate each other. You guys know what I'm getting at, right?
  16. Description: Hey, new fanfic I started. This one is based on a Changeling named Shadow. Also, I'm open for suggestions on a name other than Blueberry Blossom. Chapter 1 I had been in this form for a long time... so long, I almost forgot what I actually looked like. My name is Blueberry Blossom... or Shadow, if you want to go by my old name. I have to tell you a story... I've written it down, because I don't know how much longer I may survive. I was sent by Queen Chrysalis to spy on the ponies of Canterlot. She said it would be easy—I believed her. And it was, at first. We'd pose as somepony's lover, arrange meetings, and then feed off their love for a little while. We had to do this frequently, in order to constantly feed and avoid suspicion. So there was a lot of changing going on. Eventually, Chrysalis developed a more permanent solution. I stalked somepony for awhile, learned their mannerisms... then ambushed them sucked out their life force when the opportunity presented itself. There were a few of us assigned to this task. Chrysalis always took care of the bodies. Then, we'd each pose as the pony we'd gotten rid of, stealing their life—and their love. Some of them even had kids... which just provided more ponies to feed on. So we continued on, feeding off the ponies of Canterlot while Chrysalis hatched her plan. I was her second in command, her most trusted Changeling. Funny how I'm the one that let her down the most. We were all just supposed to follow orders. Mimic the lover for a time while feeding off the love from their family. We were all fine with it. We all trusted Chrysalis. We were loyal followers... it was just orders. But still... I felt incomplete. I was working for the good of the swarm, for the future of our race. I had somepony who loved me, I had 'friends', I had... everything I should have wanted. I should have been happy. Right? Ever since I was born, I had followed orders. That was just the way life was. Always pushing forward for the betterment of all Changelings. I didn't mind following orders, always being told and knowing what to do. That is, until I found out there was more to life. I could make decisions here. Chrysalis wasn't always around to tell me right from wrong, what to do and what not to do, and how to go about things. For once, I had control over my own life. At first, that frightened me. I had discovered individuality. I wasn't just some mindless creature that Chrysalis had made me to believe. I had a personality, my own likes and dislikes. And most of all... I had feelings. We weren't supposed to fall in love. That was never the plan. Just pretend, that was all. Deceive. I felt guilty. I felt guilty for deceiving him. I felt guilty for making him love me. I felt guilty for loving him. If I revealed my true self, it would be a betrayal to my entire family. But if I didn't, I would have to leave him in the dark, wondering where his special somepony went and what he did wrong. I guess I had never felt love before. It was just an emotion that we Changelings had to feed on. A life force provided by a lesser species. But maybe Changelings just fed on ponies... because they were jealous. After all, we shapeshifted into them, stole their lives... and then slowly destroyed them in the name of our existence. Or maybe... that was just me. But he really did love me—even if it wasn't the real me. I felt special, giddy. There was a whole wave of overwhelming emotions that I didn't understand. Even though I was personally tough, he treated me gently, with respect and care. For the first time, I felt bad for taking somepony's place. Before, we'd just do a hit and run. Arrange a date, meet with them, pretend to be their love, feed, and then go on our way. But Chrysalis' plan involved a long term relationship. That was something I was not prepared for. My life became so entwined with hers that I nearly forgot who I was. The lie that I was living consumed me, just as I was slowing consuming him. I guess that's why I tricked myself into thinking that he could love the real me. He already loved me for everything on the inside. The outside shouldn't matter, right? I revealed myself to him one night, and explained as gently as I could that his former mate was gone. But the look of terror on his face was enough to say that he would never accept me for who I was. He screamed at me to get out, throwing any object within reach at me to hurry my pace. I walked the streets alone that night, in my normal—well, my pony form. When I returned the next day, he had offed himself. I ran away. I went to Chrysalis for comfort. She was our queen, and I had always been her second in command and most trusted Changeling. I didn't go to her because I had failed. I was—I was heartbroken. It's a thing that few Changelings ever experience. I'd heard of heartbreak before. It was something that happened to weak Changelings. They became too attached to their host. Once something happened to their “mate”, they generally went insane. I never thought it would happen to me. I had let myself be blind to the truth. We disguised ourselves because nopony could love us in our natural form. I had thought my case was different... as others had in the past. It was a flaw in our design. Some of us were just destined to fall for the one who loved us—or rather, who we tricked ourselves into believing we were. But, just as I had, Chrysalis saw my actions as weak. I was damaged, flawed... she could no longer trust me. However, she was not without mercy. I was simply placed into the rank of pawn, one of the hundreds of Changelings who were ready to be her army and do her bidding. I ran away. I journeyed back to Canterlot, unsure of where to go or who to turn to. I had no home, no job, no friends. The life I had had before was all a ruse, and if I showed my face—her face—again, I would have a lot of explaining to do. It wasn't worth it to go back to my old life. There was nothing. I had nothing. I was nothing. I went back to my old ways, feeding here and there at random. I longed to have a relationship like before. To have somepony, just one pony, love me all the time—for who I was. I tried unsuccessfully to convince myself that he had never loved me for me. It had always been her. But still... I wanted what I had when I was her—but as me. I wanted to love and be loved, without doing so just to feed. Eventually, Chrysalis carried out her plan and overtook Canterlot. I was worried for myself when the initial shield went up, but I had already been in hiding for weeks. When the rest of the swarm finally attacked, I hid. I didn't know how long I could keep it up. I supposed that I would have to integrate back into the swarm, pretending to be one of the mindless. But I was afraid of her finding me. I had run away, and I knew that Chrysalis knew. She was just too busy with her current plan to pay mind to my whereabouts. If she found me... I would likely be destroyed as a traitor. I no longer worked for the good of the swarm, but for the good of myself. We were always supposed to work together, for the good of our species. But I was different. I had become an individual, one not part of the master plan. I was a liability. However, all too soon they were defeated, and banished from Equestria. Though I had still been in my shifted form, I was blown away with them. Chrysalis found me among the ranks, and I barely escaped with my life. Weakened and unable to change form, I journeyed back to nearby Equestria. I hoped against hope that I could find somepony to feed on, to get my strength back and heal myself. I tried pretending to be ordinary. I tried being fierce. The result from my sight was the same: screaming and running. Though I had ill intentions, all I could do was cause chaos. I was near death when they showed up.
  17. So, I was looking to put my story, When you can be anypony... who are you? up on FimFiction sometime in the hopefully near future. However, I don't have any cover art for it. It features an OC Changeling, so I don't think using a preexisting picture of Chrysalis would work. I also have zippo art skills to make something myself. I would like the art to be fairly good. This is going to be the cover of the story. This means that anywhere it gets posted, the art is likely to go with it. FiMFiction, EquestriaDaily, maybe even other forums. Cover art can also be a big draw to a story, and may even determine if someone will read it. You know why people say, "don't judge a book by its cover"? Because people DO judge books by their cover. You aren't going to pick up a random book that doesn't look interesting to you. You see where I'm going with this? So, from anyone who offers, I would like examples of your work. I may ask multiple people to do art, to go along with different chapters. It depends on how many people offer, and how talented they each are. If a choose you as the/a artist, then I will give more details. Depending on how much you're willing to do, I may request a background, or a may just request the character. Although if you're willing to do more and have skill, I may be more likely to choose you. Being that I plan to submit this to EquestriaDaily, it could also be some publicity for your Gallery (be it on here, DeviantArt, etc.), since I believe I can provide a source link for the cover image. In any case, the EqD links to the story will be to my FiMFiction account, and I will credit you in the description (which is generally what people see first). There you have it! I'll be around to answer questions/concerns in the comments. Please remember to link to examples.
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