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  1. Canterlot University; a place of higher learning and understanding. A proud part of the Equestrian heritage, a pedestal upon which many wise and learned ponies stood, their heads turned to the future, to the beyond, and to anything else that one might turn their head towards to signify that they were full of brains, ingenuity, and themselves. In stark contrast, there was Filly-Rye, who was mostly full of doubt, restlessness, and coffee cakes. Late into the night, the tubby orange student had been alone with her thoughts, her papers and her studies. Later and later into the night, she'd only managed to complete a paltry pair of assignments while further worrying a hole into her desk with her quills. Early, early, early before the morning, she sat alone where she rather didn't belong, at the very top of a hill, head tilted back and eyes agaze at the stars that hung above. It was a clear sort of night to be out - a cold night for June, though the thick-coated farm-unicorn hardly minded such temperatures. But the stars hung about in all their infinite number, glittering with the promise of an endless void. They were beautiful, the stars. She never really stopped to look at them anymore, but they really were quite... beautiful. Her absence was unnerving her roommate, but right now, she didn't really need a roommate. She needed some way of setting her thoughts in order, and for all the candle-light, ink and quills in Equestria, one simply escaped her. So, the somewhat squat mare's silhouette poked out at the top of the hill, the caramel-coloured unicorn with the stubby little horn feeling every bit as lost and distant from herself as the stars were from the earth. What was a student to do?
  2. The badlands - a torrid, unrelenting land that left little sanctuary for life or luxury. Deep scars in the very earth belched heat from unfathomable chasms, frozen glaciers held centuries upon centuries of water, and tundra held firm below, the ground frozen solid wherever it had not been cleft in twain. A land where few made home, few made trek and journey, and very few sought opportunity. There was little here to aid the wayward traveller, and less still to guide anyone foolish enough to forget to bring the proper equipment. But, that said, since there was little in the way of life to be found, it made for many opportunities for the bold or brave to see that which might not have been seen by living eyes for hundreds of years. For Mirthbane, that was exactly what he was looking for. The coal-coated pony was wrapped tight in greys and browns, a blemish of forestry colours upon the pale, icy blues and whites of the great icy expanses, magic bursts of light occasionally bursting hither and yon as he went. Strapped upon his back, a rattling collection of vials and tools, of lenses and scrolls, and more importantly of drink and shelter. He was no idiot - he might have been a bit sore of back and burdened with just a touch of excess, but he was prepared for both survival and for study. Still, he was but one pony, and the badlands from high above simply dwarfed him into little more than a mottle upon the immense, open landscape. Far from home, far from cities or townships or universities, he'd marched his own way through the frost and the snow in search of those precious, barely-touched spots of life. Herbology and potion-brewery were his trades, and with the Everfree less of an option than usual, he'd made the trek far beyond the gnashing of terrible teeth and the roaring of terrible roars. Here, he had the opportunities for discovery and solitude that oft honed his talents. Not that anyone else might have known that at the very time, but such was the case for the little-known wildspony. Of all the days to be so far from Princess and country, though, this was not one of the worse days so deep into the badlands. There were no stone-rending winds tearing havoc between peaks, no blinding blizzards hurling a billion tiny icy daggers at harrowing speeds, there was no hoarfrost fog looking to freeze solid anything unlucky enough to be caught without torch or campfire. No, it was a mild sort of day, where the chill was bearable, the wind was a muttering rather than a howl, and where the sun shone down from between innocuous clouds. And so the day had begun. A solitary unicorn marching across the vast crest of lava-hewn rockface, head low and steadfast, approaching one of the greater hotspots amidst the badlands, searching out new life to study and examine. Perhaps today, he might find something new - or at very least, something that few would have expected.
  3. The morning had been nice and cool, the dew had already rolled off the blades of grass, and the sun was progressing nicely through it's arc carefully planned out by Celestia. Ponyville was quiet though slowly growing louder as ponies began to wake up and go about their daily lives. Going off to work, school, running errands, and countless other activities soon had the streets becoming filled. They were not crowded, Ponyville was still a small town, but they had gotten quite lively. Things were no different inside the town's Library. Well, ok, they were a lot different. The day had started with a cup of coffee, with creamer, but instead of sugar a few small marshmallows floated in the cup. Most would expect a royal princess to only enjoy the finest coffee, made from beans imported directly from Saddle Arabia, but Twilight was not what most people called regal. She started the morning with a loud slurp of the coffee as she crunched away on some toast, spread with jam, a bowl of bran flakes, and an orange (Though not from any of her failed experiments --- at least she hoped not!). She also did not spend time carefully eating, instead hurrying through her fruit and cereal, and carrying the toast with her as she moved into the library, munching away on it as she went. Twilight went about checking the books to make sure they were in good order, well as good of an order as ever - she would have quite a few to move around as always, then dusting off the chairs and making sure there were no slick or sticky spots from a patron's snack they snuck into the library. As she levitated up her checklist she smiled as she reached the penultimate item of opening the door. Of course the final item was to double-check the checklist, but she barely needed it as it had become habit anyway. And so the day began, and Twilight, one of the royal princesses, heir to celestia herself, and hero many times over, was spending her time reshelving books and munching on her toast. It was a calm and peaceful time all to herself. She was enjoying it, because she knew that with this being ponyville, the peace would never last...
  4. The clear blue sky shines a bright mid-morning sun over a white stretch of sand bordering the ocean. A small estuary drains into the ocean from farther up the mainland to the north, creating a shimmering dance of light reflecting off the waves crashing into the current of the ending river. A small dock protrudes near the edge of the water with three stakes leaping up from the north side; just outside an expanse of trees and foliage some twenty yards from the open ocean. A small vessel made of hoof cut and carved wood sets floating by the dock, lashed to one of the three poles. Hoof-prints lead down from the old wooden platform towards the tree's where a white stallion with crimson hair reclines. Perching himself in a self-made hammock of woven fibers and threads, he plucks a guitar gingerly with closed eyes and slim grin. His long crimson mane now lay across his face thanks to the wind, but he doesn't mind. All he focuses on is the sound of his guitar and the gentle whisper of ponies strolling by. Some, he noticed stopped to listen to him, others passed with no recognition at all. Indie only sits in waiting, playing all the while, for somepony to take an interest and not let it wash away as with the tides. He awaits action. He awaits sincerity.
  5. Spring is here! And Rarity's newest Spring line, now also line her shelves! Each piece a beautiful and wonderful piece of art! Perfect for any formal party, or simple every day wear, Rarity has it all! Her doors are open, the Boutique is open for all to come in, and she's sent fliers near and far to announce this spectacular sale, and she is even willing to commission a few custom pieces! Those however are first come first serve, and at Rarity's discretion as they will require a separate appointment Her mane was for the moment frazzled as Rarity pushed all her racks out, making sure the floor space of her shop was REALLY working today! The stand where a pony could be surrounded by mirrors to examine their outfit on all sides, was perfect as well! The mirrors shimmering after having being washed and shined up like all the windows! Oh how Rarity loved a good spring cleaning! And a Sparkly, spiffy all fresh and neat shop was just dying to have Ponies running in and trampling all over the place to get their hooves on the MUST HAVES for this Spring Fashion trend! One half of the room was little summer dresses, elegant ballgowns, and an assortment of jewelry to wear with them, and the other half of the room was fetching waistcoats, vests, cravats, and all the trimmings a proper stallion needs! And ofcourse she also had various pieces that had signs over them that said "Customizable" which meant the pieces could be dyed, altered, or changed to be as unique as the pony that wished to wear them Rarity took a breath to compose herself, and focus, her magic glowing to lift up a hair brush, a perfume bottle, and her makeup. With only the flair Rarity could achieve, she fixed her hair, makeup and made herself smell nice all at once. "Ahh there! And now I greet my adoring public!" She exclaimed, before giggling "I mean customers..." Switching her sign to open
  6. Lunar got board of the lack of events so he decided to throw a renaissance fair to promote some new artifacts he obtained. Including a gold dragon scale and ancient Equestria Guard Armor. He hung a banner saying "Walk back in time to a point where large dragons and magic were one of many common sights and Star Swirled the Bearded lived Free admittance, food and fun!"
  7. Lunar Relic had decided to host a trivia game about the adventures and things about the Mane 6. "Come one come all if you think your intellect is high then join as a contestant! First 4 to register will be thrown head to head! I ask a series of questions and the first to answer correctly gains points! The winner will receive 500 bits AND a small pony statue valued at 2500 bits! Think you can outsmart your fellow ponies?" He would announce
  8. *Tick* "C'mon ... C'mon...", thought an anxious little filly staring intently at the clock on the schoolhouse wall. *Tock* "Just a little bit more..." *Tick* "WOULD YOU HURRY UP ALREADY?!" *Tock... RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!* No sooner did the recess bell sound did the little brown filly jump out of her seat and make for the exit with incredible speed, Celestia help anypony who got between this filly and her recess. Before she left the building though she was sure to snatch her saddlebag from line of others hung on the wall and taking it in her teeth, despite the weird feeling of fabric between her teeth as she held it by the strap. At this point Bebop had only been in Ponyville for about two weeks. She was still having a bit of trouble making friends at this point though, having grown up on the road with her successful musician parents had left her constantly moving and perhaps the tiniest bit inexperienced when it came to the finer points of socialization. Right now she had managed to find a companion in a local filly by the name of Haywire, having met her at a small music shop opened up by the famous cellist Octavia Melody. Another friend she'd managed to meet was a filly named Wind Walker. The only problem with being Wind's friend was that she didn't go to school to ponyville and mostly they had to be penpals for the time being except for the times they had the chance to see eachother. Oddly enough for a youthful filly like Bebop, she had elected to use a portion of her recess for studying of a different kind than what they had scheduled in the classroom for today. Today's lessons sadly didn't include one of Bebop's favorite things; music class! Rifling through her bag she took out her favorite Harmonica and lifted the instrument to her lips before playing a cheerful tune for everypony who exited the schoolhouse in search for fun on the playground!
  9. Thanks to the help of her Kin Lady had produced several SEVERAL Barrels of her own, sweet Pink Lady Cider! She had worked hard and was ready to enjoy the fruits of her labour! She opened a small stand situated right between Solstice Heights and Canterlot So many ponies passing this way would get to enjoy a nice, refreshing glass of it! And maybe snack on one of her preserved treats! There were decorative glass jars shaped like apples, filled with her slightly rosy pink jam, slices of fresh cinnamon bread, and even fresh churned butter to go with it! Just a little snack! The sign above her stand was a soft pink and in green letters Pink Lady's Apple Cider! The best in Solstice Heights! Hoping she would draw a big, thirsty crowd, and maybe get as big a line as her Cousin AppleJack did in Ponyville..
  10. i am combining animal crossing and mlp in this. if you decided to join plz follow so you know when it is you turn i will not wait long this being in like real time in all You find yourself on a sitting on a train waking up from a nap when a cat walk up to you and ask "is this seat taking" and just sits down like he knows it not "so want is your name" asked the cat. i will play the NPC first i am going from the first animal crossing and if we want to go to the next game in the seris we will eventually. There is only going to be four houses like any nomal AC 1.character name:Neo race:Human home town:America town 2.character name:Pyro Blaze race: unicorn home town:Washington city 3.character name: race: home town: 4.character name: race: home town: All the pony who wants to join will have to start the same way. This is the way i want you to make you character name: race: history: starting bells: reason for moving: walking method: biped or quadruped Here are the races i will accept Ponies,Unicorns,Pegasus,Crystal Ponies, Buffalo, Deer,Diamond Dogs, Bat Ponies,Donkeys, Griffins, Minotaurs, humans ,Mules, and Zebras. The bells can be anywhere to 100-1000 the last one is optional make sure you show me the way you want to walk if not then i will pick one since in AC all quadruped are biped. The first person to join will make the town name but nothing to crazy like any curse words or anything like that i will say it will be ok or not. If you play as a non-human race you can choose if you want to walk on all fours or two legs. If you want and also you must always have a piece of clothing on it doesn't matter the size you could wear nothing but a bow tie if you want as long as you have a piece of clothing on.
  11. It was a cold day in Canterlot! Snow falling thickly, the air was frigid! Ember decided though that today he'd be spreading a little holiday cheer, pulling the wagon out he had borrowed from his dad, it had several several barrels on it, , sitting it up he put out a sign that stood upright, feet in the front and the back Free Hot Cocoa! Was what it read, just in case busy ponies on their way were feeling a chill that penetrated the bones, and froze their very cores! He had a nice stack of foam cups with tight lids, ready to be filled with the hot brew! He himself was perfectly warm, save for his scarf he currently had a glowing aura around his body that was the same golden color as the orange streaks in his hair, it was keeping him perfectly warm, and since it was hard to cast long lasting heat bubbles around others... The hot cocoa would have to work! "Hot cocoa! Free hot cocoa!" He called out, ringing a silver bell loudly "Hot cocoa! Come get a cup of Hearths warming cheer!"
  12. Welcome to Second Chance Fabrics! A beautiful two story store situated on one of Canterlot's busies streets! Inside this shop are several mannequins, shelves, and wracks, filled to bursting with clothes that have been restyled, spruced up, or made fabulous in some other manner! In this shop the owner believes in second chances, not just for ponies, but for clothing and jewelry pieces too! Not only does the store sell a variety of second hand and well loved, one of a kind pieces refurbished art, it also doubles as a mending and repair store! Everything from jewelry, to button holes, hems and stains! If there is a problem Cardamom will fix it! Mind the vampire bat though! Bazil is a bit of a fusspot. The current agenda for today was embroider a tablecloth, very reminiscent of how he got his cutie mark actually! Humming to himself the stallion sat at his work bench, horn glowing gold with magic, the needle with it's indigo colored thread zipping in and out of the black cloth, leaving an outline of a rose in it's wake! After the outline was done, he thought a moment, tilting his head to the side, looking up, tapping his chin with his hoof "Hnnn" One eye squinting ever slightly before both widening, letting out a gaspy "Ah-HAH!" swooshing his head to the left, horn glowing all the more,a bobbin filled with beautiful shimmery amethyst thread floated over. Threading the needle he got to work filling in the pattern he had laid out with color, there was a bell over the entrance of his shop, though perched upon that bell and hanging upside down was a very large vampire bat with bushy white eyebrows, wings wrapped around himself, snoring ever so softly. Heaven knows what would happen the moment someone entered the shop!
  13. The Gala has come and past but there is a lingering glow of it! The elegant mare Fleur has decided to host an after party in the Canterlot Gardens for all the lovely mares and gentlecolts that still wish to done their finery and enjoy the company of others! There is delicious food, wonderful music, and the glorious moon overhead to highlight the evenings finery! (Rules: This thread is about enjoying the afterglow of the gala, or getting to enjoy wearing your finest if you wern't able to attend, please avoid any shenanigins or hijinx and try to follow the mood if you please All fireworks are to be left at the door) Ah the Gala! Fleur had been unable to make it due to commitments! But now she was here and in her very best! Her pink mane pulled into an elegant updo, punctuated with a beautiful silver circlet that looked like fine leaves, in the very center was a tear drop shaped pearl. Her dress was baby blue and it came to the shoulder, her shoulders were covered with a light blue transparent fabric that had tons of glittering jewels scattered on it like dew drops! The waist of the dress resembled a corset,all laced up the back with fine white silk, and the skirt was jet black, with a bustle of transparent dark blue fabric, that also glittered with small white gems, looking like she caught the night sky in her gown. Upon her hooves she wore elegant white sandals that tied up her legs in elegant ribbons. She was currently standing in front of the desert table, humming to herself and using her magic to neatly straighten a flower arrangement.
  14. Memory Lane wiped the sweat from his brow as he and Fancy Pants, his fellow chaperone, walked towards the imposing front gates of Equestria's seat of royal power and prestige: Canterlot Castle, home of the Royal Sisters and the Element of Magic. Behind them, The massive structure, erected from fine white marble and stained glass, stood as an eternal testimony to the peaceful unity and plenty that Equestrians enjoyed- and to the ponies who led them to such a golden age. This castle, beyond its symbolic significance, was also one of the greatest examples of Equestrian architecture still standing today, and a full tour of the magnificent palace was etched upon everypony's bucket list. And here he was: a lowly Prefect walking side-by-side with one of the most well-known socialites in all of Canterlot with a crowd of school-fillies and colts in tow, marching into the front yard of three of Equestria's rulers. The last time the REA allowed a tour as in-depth as what they had managed to arrange, it had ended with the three fillies getting into a scuffle, a multitude of fines, and the near-loss of Equestria to the Spirit of Chaos. Suffice it to say, Lane was not sweating simply because of the time of day. By all Equestria, let this go well! OOC Thread here
  15. Rules are simple, you don't have to post a picture if you don't like, you are welcome to join any time if the post is with in a day for recent. Jump in and follow the normal forum rules please A portal had opened and three pegasi had been flung out on to the streets of Canterlot.The purple one awoken first and sighed as she saw her hooves. The blue one slowly rose to his hooves and blinked, suprised by where the portal had taken then the pair looked to the red one, who was snoreing. She blinked and snickered he had frowned and walked over to the red one and put a hoof to the sleeping one's face. The red companion's face soon had ice crawl across it and over his nose. The blue one removed his hoof and the red suddenly got up holding his face and quickly melted the ice. "What was that for?!" he had barked. The blue one shrugged "You where sleeping Kaito I had to wake you up, right Ami?" The purple one nodded and laughed. Kaito huffed "Well you didn't need to freeze my face Sano". Sano had only shrugged and pointed to Kaito's hooves "We don't have hands anymore". Kaito looked to his new body and freaked "No I cant be a cute little horse I can't be romantic and macho being a cute horse NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He began running about in his frightened panic. His siblings sighed in unison. "I might have to freeze his face again" Sano muttered. "Well this will be an intresting day" Ami said.
  16. I'm new, joined roleplay, but I've roleplayed on other sites before and I really like roleplaying, almost as much as I like ponies and Doctor Who. Speaking of ponies and Doctor Who, how about a crossover roleplay? I do crossover roleplays now. Crossovers are cool. I need somepony to be The Doctor (As a pony of course) Then Derpy, (Muffins!) Maybe k-9 (I like K-9 okay?) And then some villain characters so in the roleplay we're not just all fighting daleks and more daleks and creepy gasmask ponies. OC's are aloud because I'm going to be one myself, but no mary sues. Please, and use decent capitalization and punctuation, doesn't have to be perfect because no one's perfect, but decent at the least. IC: It was a cloudy day in Ponyville, and many pegasi were working to fix this, as their scedule called for this to be a bright sunny day, to make up for the harsh winter. Though a flightless pegasus named Blue Lightning was simple trying to think of a way to help, since even the lowest cloud was out of her reach. She heard from behind her, "Are you my mummy?" The pegasus turned around, to see a filly that resembled Applebloom wearing a gasmask, standing behind her. She had no clue how to react, so she simply said, "A-are you okay?" Slowly reaching out to touch the filly, to see if anything was wrong with it. "Mummy?"
  17. Golden Oaks Library was not one of the largest libraries in the nation, nor did it have the most extensive collection of valuable tomes. But what it provided was something that Twilight held dear to her heart and had helped her become the mare she was- easy access to a wide knowledge base and all sort of fiction to stoke the mind's vivid imagination. Libraries were a community oriented outreach program of the Royal family, books borrowed based on personal recognicance, good manners, and the honor system, free of charge for all ponies across the land. Twilight Sparkle was proud to be a librarian, even if it was probably the least publicly respected position she held now. She still lived in the Library, spurning the possibility of a royal lifestyle for the time being. She still had her responsibilities, her stations abroad, even guards and a banner, but none of that adorned her living space at Golden Oaks. She wasn't uncomfortable per se, but accepting the regalia that went with her position seemed to be the move she'd make when she was ready to leave Ponyville, and for that time at least she couldn't possibly imagine such a move. She was quite fine being Twilight Sparkle in Ponyville for the time being, but as always being just that meant a whole lot more than perhaps other ponies would have thought healthy. Her schedule, especially with such long-distance ruling, allowed for so little time for relaxation. But for her, such hectic scheduling and excitement was the cornerstone of her Ponyville life before and after, and even something as small as opening up the library on time was important to her. Every morning at 8 AM it opened. Before that she cleaned and tidied the library, took care of a few problems that had found their way to her during her short time asleep, ate breakfast and if time permitted took a jog. Spike was a great help, and that morning he had been just as great as he always was. Together- anypony who thought they did it alone was a madmare- they read reports befitting royal attention, she made decisions and he sent her word out, they talked and laughed and went over her obsessive schedule. Today it was fairly light, little else could be gleaned from the books of Golden Oaks, little extracted from the few sources nearby, and days of experimentation and bookkeeping having sapped her momentarily of the drive to do more. Between royal duties and her friends her time was taken, but today was a rare day where her schedule was open and her body ready for some hope of rest. Of course such days usually ended with her mind burning through some sort of crisis somewhere in Equestria, but she wasn't going to start the day off negatively. At 7:59:58, her horn lit up, the window opened, the sign outside was flipped to open, and at eight o'clock in the morning Twilight Sparkle opened the library sipping some tea while reading a book. It was interesting. Even if she'd read it a thousand times before.
  18. School. School never changes. Unless, of course, it happens to fall into disrepair. Then it changes rather distressingly - from 'safe' to 'not really a good idea'. As sad as it was, such a change had come to pass. Nobody might have suspected that a mossy pet rock left in a young colt's was magical, but the fact remained that when the school year was set to resume, one of the old brick schoolhouses along the east fringe of Baltimare had fallen victim to a serious loss of structural integrity. This, of course, was sort of a problem. A creaky brick building was only going to cause trouble if left unattended - so it had been condemned. But that then left a lack of school, and not a lot to put a new one back where it had been. Someone decided that the demolition of the school might be made into a fundraiser. Someone else decided that was a rather bullheaded sort of thing to suggest. A third pony thought that maybe a bullhead might just be the right sort of fellow for the job. But that was all months ago. On a pleasant enough january afternoon, Iron Will was going to knock down a school house for money. That was all there is to it. Somepony needed a schoolhouse torn down in a spectactular enough way to raise money for a new one? Iron Will couldn't have imagined anyone better than him to get the job started. But why stop there? If the walls must fall down, let's gather the town! The high-profile confidence teacher had sent out a large number of letters, inviting big-name ponies from all over to come pitch in. "EQUESTRIA!" Bellowed the Minotaur, standing atop the roof of the squat brick building, gathering a crowd before him. "This building... Is CORRUPT! Moss covers its walls, rot ruined its halls! We have to make sure that all of it FALLS! Iron Will wants your colts and fillies to learn in a safe building! THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM! And if it's not safe, then it's gotta BREAK!" With that, he stomped one of his mighty hooves, shaking the building a bit, the rumble and clatter of bricks upon bricks coming undone causing some stir below. "But when you break something, you leave a hole! And when you make a hole, to refill it's your goal! We can't just leave foals out of school! We have to make a new one! SO! Iron Will PROMISES that for every brick you break, he will donate ONE BITl! AND THAT IS NOT ALL! For every brick that Iron Will breaks, IRON WILL WANTS YOU to donate to making your children a new school!" Not entirely trusting the school's crumbling interior, Iron Will somewhat shakily made his way off the roof, jumping to a rather heavy landing at the doorway in front of it. With a snap of his fingers, his assistants brought him a rather impressive chest, which he promptly opened. It was not a hammer, nor dynamite or anything so terrible - it was a massive horn, which he drew carefully. He drew a massive breath to match, the air going quiet for just a moment as he pointed the mouth of the mighty instrument at the school. With a tremendous, earth-rumbling BLAAAAAATTTTT, Iron Will shook and rattled the building, until eventually it collapsed on its mossy, tired brickwork. There was a silence as the reverberating echo of his triumphant bellow rang through the air. Now faced with a massive pile of bricks, He simply turned to the crowd, then spread his arms wide, waiting for a response from those gathered.
  19. [sign your life away! Come on, it'll be fun! http://www.canterlot...ake-2-sign-ups/ ] Ah, Canterlot. The bustling capitol of Equestria, home to the beloved princesses Celestia, Luna, and Twilight Sparkle! The streets are filled with happy ponies, some rich, some poor. It almost seems impossible that there could be any place in this city a pony could be miserable, unhappy or defeated. Though there is an exception to every rule and in Canterlot's military district is one very loud, bustling exception. The Royal Equestrian Army Recruit Depot: Canterlot. Sounds of marching and shouting filled the air for quite some distance around this place, violent choruses of 'sir yes sir' and 'jodies' as platoons of starry-eyed young recruits are molded into defenders of Equestria. One such batch of recruits was rounded up from all over Equestria, being brought to the main gate in a large white carriage pulled by guardsponies. Above the gate was a sign that almost mockingly read 'Abandon Hope, Ye Who Enter Here'. A guard checked the carriage to make sure it's passengers were still there... and supposed to be there. But what pony in their right mind would want to sneak IN to Boot Camp? "Keep your noses clean, do as you're told, and you'll do fine. Welcome to Canterlot" the guardspony said in a short address to the recruits before stepping off and waving the carriage in. As the carriage rolled closer and closer to the receiving building, those inside could look around to see what was in store for them. There was an obstacle course where ponies struggled to get over all kinds of silly things. Logs, nets, under briar vines, and all the while an ornery pony in a funny hat shouting at them for moving too slow. Past the carriage came a small group being led by another Drill Instructor, marching. They almost looked like robots. Expressions frozen, all in step and unwavering. In an open field was another group of recruits doing pony push-ups, while another poor recruit was getting a verbal beatdown by not one - not two - but three Drill Instructors. Gives a new definition to the phrase 'surround sound'. At the receiving building at last... The doors of the carriage open, one of the drivers calling back for everypony to get out. Time to go to work!
  20. Slate grey skies. Clouds that threatened to burst at any second. Air so thin that even a stray breeze was welcome in the fight to stay aloft. Spitfire inhaled deeply. It was winter alright, her favorite time of the year. Back when she had been a filly, her father would always take her to see the Wonderbolts perform their winter show around this time. It was a special memory they shared year after year, and something the fiery pony held close to her heart. Back then, never had she dreamed that she'd be standing where she was now, upon the snowy training field where legends were born. Of course, life had a way of being surprising like that. The Wonderbolts captain was wearing her thick bomber jacket, the collar tugged tight against her neck to keep away the chill. Today was the day. The sign-ups had closed a week ago, and in thirty minutes or so she'd be seeing the first of them. Perhaps sooner, if there were overachievers in the group. For today, after all, was the first day of Wonderbolts Winter Training Camp. Sure, there were countless pegasi who would sign up just to see their favorite airborne heroes up close and personal, but those usually quit the first or second day. Truly, it was a camp to work hard and get fit like the flying team of Equestrian fame. Most winged ponies knew that chilly weather brought more difficulties than usually came with flight, but here they'd learn just how hard it could get. They'd sweat in this snow. They'd fight harder than they imagined. And a select few would be invited back in the spring for further training. That was the incentive anyway. Spitfire exhaled slowly, her breath a small cloud all its own in the stark weather. Hopefully one, maybe two of them would have the right stuff. It was always a fierce pleasure to see that kind of hustle in action, the kind of display that got her own blood burning and her wings itching to blaze through the freezing gales. "Let's do it," she said with a confident smirk, awaiting the arrival of the greenwings.
  21. The structured festivities have come to an end with thunderous applause for the guests of honor. As the ovation subsides, the master of ceremonies once again comes to the microphone. “Fillies and gentlecolts! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed our little show and the food and drink so magnanimously provided by the Equestrian Services Organization. But since many of you are already in the Army, I’m sure you’re sick of pageantry and formalities, so let’s cut to the chase. Let’s dance!” Ironwing whirled around, counting off beats for the band to start . The dance floor is open, the music is in full swing, and everypony looks to be in the mood for a good time.Your move.
  22. The events of The Running of the Leaves had drained everyone! They had been chaotic, and tempers had flared! Heads had butted, and tempers collided! But the race was over, and they had all finished! It had taken a bit of leg work, but Lady was capable of throwing together a small gathering in the park, there was refreshments, lots of fresh water, cider, and other cooling beverages to sooth one's soul after racing, as well as a good hearty lunch so they could eat, since they had been running for HOURS! Lady figured after such a tense race, it would be good to re-instill good feelings, and pleasant memories of the event instead of bitter tempers. There were blankets laid out on the grass so others could relax, and she hoped there would be much story telling and good cheer by all!
  23. ((OOC Thread: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/16118-a-casual-roleplay/#entry386688)) Ember looked around in awe as he trotted up the road to the entrance of Canterlot. It was about as different from the rock farm he'd grown up on as possible, and he still couldn't believe he was actually here! He swallowed nervously as he approached the gates, smiling awkwardly at the royal guards he passed. Wow... All the ponies here look so refined. A country pony like me's gonna stand out like a sore hoof... He continued to look around as he made his way down the streets at random, wondering where he'd find a place to stay. The one place he refused to look at, though, was the castle. I can't believe I'm so close to where the princess' stay! I wonder if I need some kinda permission to launch my fireworks... Eventually the stallion came to a stop at what seemed to be some kind of crossroad, uncomfortably aware of his singed mane and burned tail among all the fancy-looking ponies that passed by. "I wonder if they sell maps aroun' here..." Ember decided to wander around the wide area, to see if he might encounter something or somepony that could help him find his way.
  24. Prism was pretty exited for a day off! After stretching his muscles he crouched on the soft clouds, wings spread, a cocky smirk on his face, before LEAPING up and zipping off like a flash of light! Weaving and bobbing around the clouds with expertise! Leaving a trail of rainbow behind him as he did so, curling and twisting around the clouds, using the trail and his own body to shape the clouds to his will! After he was all done he landed and crossed his front hooves quite happily, He had made a image of Celestia in the clouds itself, perfectly framing the sun! He grinned and moved a hoof up to fix his mane... "Well ain't she a sight for sore eyes!" Glancing around he realized he was probably by himself and snickered, moving to trot somewhere to get a bite to eat! Maybe he'd find company today? Life was pretty lonely when your only child was the element of Loyalty and thus always busy..
  25. The day was perfectly beautiful! Kalime left her pack's camp early in the morning and had dressed nicely, making sure she looked presentable, and started the walk to Ponyville, she wanted to get some nice quills and parchment, wanting to start writing about life as a Diamond Dog! So Ponies would know what they were like and maybe be less afraid, since she had to admit she was pretty big and intimidating...(hee hee) The town drew ever closer, and she soon crossed the bridge into the crowded street, glancing around, her tail now wagging and she couldn't help an enthusiastic... "HELLO PONIES!" For all of those that could hear her, grinning ear to ear! She was going to make friends, and they were going to have fun and today was just going to be amazing!
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