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  1. It was a shame, really – Equestria was such a wide, wide country with a variety of exciting cities to visit and landscapes to gaze upon. Celestia truly reigned over a beautiful world and it pained her to think that so many regions went unexplored. There were the shore cities in the south, bordering the coast and harboring ships and beaches, and the wild and rugged forests to the east and west of the capital city, and the exotic and unique lands of Itaily and Germaney which lay beyond the Eponnine Mountains. There were deserts and plains and hills and mountains and though Celestia had visited all of them before, she always felt that some regions were always sorely neglected. Perhaps, for her royal vacation, this could be to her advantage. She loved the ponies of Equestria – this was an undeniable fact. But sometimes their enthusiasm stifled the Princess – she wanted someplace quiet, isolated, and beautiful. After peering over the maps of Equestria and consulting her most trusted advisor, Philomena the Phoenix, she settled on a quiet and undisturbed resort town in the north – the sleepy village of Marelia. With the Eponnine Mountains to its south, and Zherbenok Bay to its north, the village was scenic, idyllic and quiet. It was the perfect place to escape her duties for a few days, relax, spend some time with Philomena and enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful resort town. Of course, in order to avoid any unwanted attention, she keeps her plans secret, and selects only a few of her most trusted guardsponies and courtiers to accompany her. She won’t keep her presence entirely unknown in the town - it is rather difficult for a Princess of her stature to travel incognito. But she does so like surprising her subjects, and would rather not be greeted with the parade and pomp she usually gets for official business. No, this was a vacation and Celestia hoped to be treated as much like any other pony as she possibly could. After unpacking her belongings and leaving her royal regalia in a small room in the bed & breakfast where she would be staying for her the duration of her visit (much to the utter shock and awe of its proprietors – that had been good fun!), Celestia decides to go for a hike through the mountainous forests to the south of the village. With only Philomena to accompany her, she spreads her wide, white wings, takes to the sky and heads south. The view from the air is breathtaking, as she gazes at the forests and mountain peaks below. [colour=#B774C5]“Isn’t it just beautiful, Philomena? So different from the spires and marble towers in Canterlot – I have always thought the north of Equestria was blessed with a rich, rugged beauty so often overlooked by ponies in the cities further south.”[/colour] The phoenix chirps her agreement as the two begin descending towards a rugged hiking trail cut through the trees. As she lands gracefully on the forest floor, Celestia catches sight of a small troupe of three or four hikers approaching them on the trail. She smiles at the rather startled ponies, her amethyst eyes sparkling with mischief. [colour=#B774C5]“Well, good afternoon,”[/colour] she says to them, extending a hoof in greeting. [colour=#B774C5]“It’s so good to see I’m not the only one who enjoys an occasional walk in these beautiful woods. My name is Celestia – and you are?”[/colour] ​[colour=#b4b4b4]((OOC: Posting my prompt response as an open thread totally isn't cheating.))[/colour]
  2. The year is 2082, Princess Twilight Sparkle has invented a special type of magic, that can be stored and used in magic crystals. Quantum levitation, a magic that defies gravity, and can be used by everypony. This prompted her to start Twilight Systems, or TWI-SYS. This company was bought by Neighponese businessponies, forcing Princess Celestia, in a rapidly developing field of magic, to form the Canterlot Institute of Sience and Antigravity Research, or CISAR. Then, a further split in in TWI-SYS by two arguing employees forced two other companies to be born; Euricom and EI-KON R/D. Further competition between these young companies soon started the QLRC, or Quantum Levitation Racing Championship. Stakes are high, survival chance is low, this is... WipEout QUANTUM WELCOME to the WipEout QUANTUM universe, to participate in the QLRC, you must first register using this character sheet. It is shown below...
  3. Bon Bon was the luckiest of mares, she thought to herself as the sun lazily pulled itself over the hills in the distance. Lazy, lazy sun- Bon Bon wasn't about to blame Celestia but ya'd think that she'd use the fine summer months to their full effect by blasting everypony with her sun for a few extra hours. It certainly would have made her mornings easier as she found herself having to rely upon everything up to and including the kitchen sink to get the energy to not go back to bed. It was a very tempting and warm thought and she had no doubt that Lyra would appreciate an extra hour or two or three or four or the whole morning to themselves. But alas, Bon Bon was a business mare of some caliber and reputation and she could ill afford to allow a day to pass by without trotting out her wares. Even if her bed was cozy, the sun wasn't fully up yet, the house was nice and cool, the tea was nice and refreshing, her bed was cozy, she didn't feel like leaving the house, her bed was cozy, Lyra was fun to hang out with on a lazy day, she felt lazy, and her bed was cozy. But she was the luckiest of mares, for even in this somewhat unhappy state her task for the day was one she could pleasantly toss herself into once she managed to get out the door. Who didn't love treats? Well, Gilded didn't like treats but Gilded didn't like anything and that was why nopony liked him during his school colt days, but aside from him? Everypony loved treats! Bonbons were her specialty but she could give you anything you wanted as long as that everything you wanted involved sweets enrobed in chocolate. She frowned at the thought that her selection had grown a bit lazy lately but Sugarcube Corner had cornered the market on pretty much everything. She thought about expanding into ice cream but then you had to worry about keeping them iced and she didn't know if Lyra had enough magic in her to get the job done. Obviously she needed somepony else to love, somepony else with the proper magical abilities to further her inert business ambitions! Maybe Twilight could be the next one, since she could do anything. Would she be content with being the fridge mare? Probably not. Did the Apples even know about refrigeration? Did they even know about technology? She wouldn't bet on it. Maybe Rainbow Dash could snuggle up at night and whip up some snow? Nah, she could be a grump. No, Bon Bon thought to herself with a Cheshire grin, she would have to be satisfied with her relatively tame partner and her lack of business-helping magical attributes. Bon Bon tied the apron around her and then trotted outside, long shadows tempting the sun as she yawned optimistically and gazed at her cart. Everything was still in order. It was a nice sized stand, large enough for a little workspace and a decent variety of chocolates. She slowly peeled the covers off of the merchandise and let the aroma of decently fresh chocolates to hit her like a brick. "Aha, yeah, this is what it's all about," She said in a low pitched voice, imitating almost to a tee a rather burly stallion she had known as an older filly. He was a cute one but had a penchant for dresses that bordered on the creepy. He was a nice enough stallion but it was hard to really get the image of him in a dress out of her mind. Not because a stallion was in a dress, she wasn't close minded about that, but it was her dress that had went missing weeks earlier and it was on the night of the community's formal dance. Salt did crazy things, petty thievery included! Bon Bon strapped herself into the front, the harness easing against her with unnerving dullness. She looked closely but could scarcely see through bloodshot eyes the lines on her neck that marked where the harness had delved into her over the years. Unflattering and unsurprising. She was about to come up with something witty when the sun finally breached the surroundings and shone directly into her face. "Okay already, geez! Turn it down already," She said hypocritically, her eyes closing tight for a second as she turned away from the offensive light and pulled down her business sign. Bon Bon's Bonbons and Chocolates- Open for Business! The sign read almost in an amateuristic fashion, the letters fading as time passed to hide their slightly different sizes. Life was imperfect and Bon Bon wasn't even perfect at life. She took a deep breath, unleashed another yawn, and started trotting towards the center of town. It was time to get her sale on.
  4. The best food to be found during the Gala could be found in the Dance Hall. Twilight had spent time reviewing the flow of previous Galas as well as the dining habits and food consumption compared to waste of previous events and found that the high and mighty who had dominated the years prior had done little to no eating during the event, and that for the most part the Gala was a devastating event in terms of waste. So, under protest from several backward thinking aides, she had axed food from the Grand Ballrom aside from simple waiter-bound treats and moved the catering service to the dance hall, where it was expanded with the assumption that everypony who would have an appetite worthy of it would find the Dance Hall a more amiable location. Plus Twilight figured that the flow of the party would be best served in it's greatly increased capacity to keep away from interfering with the Grand Ballroom. Twilight had been a busy Princess thus far, shaking many hooves and greeting many ponies both great and small. Luckily for her it had gone well enough that no disasters had taken her and after a while, she had been able to retire from that activity an get involved in the party proper. She had made a short stop in her own quarters to change out of her Royal Gala Dress to a simpler ensemble, baby blue dress without the excessive ruffles and padding and four shining white horseshoes and tiara left on mostly to remind her that, yes, she was still a Princess with Princess duties should the need arise. It didn't hurt that it looked pretty. She made her back down and into the Dance Hall, where the Gala was at it's liveliest if still not as mad as one might fear. Making her way as stealthily as she could- which wasn't very- she made a beeline for the catering. Royal duties gave her a royal hunger!
  5. He knew he wasn't the pony who came so such parties, or enjoyed them for that matter, yet when it was announced that the Grand Galloping Gala would be open to all, Wayward Amethyst couldn't resist the chance the visit the Gardens, a place many ponies spoke of very highly whenever he as around Canterlot. The various species if flour and occasional fauna that made their home here had always been one of his must-see goals. For the explorer Crystal Pony, the trip had been long and a somewhat hard, and Wayward just barely had time to find a place to stay temporarily, dumping most of his heavier and unsightly gear and putting on his best appearance before heading out to the Gala. It wasn't easy sourcing a ticket either. Most ponies were excited enough that getting a ticket at this time of the event was nigh impossible. It cost him an leg and a hoof in bits, but eventually, he found apony willing to part with his ticket. Score one for me and my unbeatable mouth. he thoughtfully exclaimed. But it was a spontaneous decision, one that may have been a bit hasty. He found himself looking admissible just to get in, but not so much ballroom standard. Wayward slapped himself mentally at not preparing something a little more presentable acquired through the fruits of his labor, but alas, I'd be had more business he would've already retired. And had he discovered something worth mentioning to the Equestrian public, then he wouldn't always have to save his bits up like an obsessed pony. As he passed through the main entrance, he could see that the Gala was in full swing, and many a pony was having a good time. At least, it appeared that way. There's bound to be a pony with a disgruntled attitude towards all this frufru stuff. Just remember , I'm here for the Garden, and to explore that Garden.... Wayward thought to himself, those last words looping through his mind like a mantra to stop himself from being criticizing of such an event. Eventually after stumbling around lost, which he again administered a mental slap for being so lost when he would normally have found his way easily, he overheard some ponies talking about a bar at the Dance Hall. Although it wasn't what Wayward came for, he had no problems with getting himself refreshed before heading out to the Gardens. He watched some ponies go by before following them into the Dance Hall. Inside, the music was already blasting as ponies were getting it down on the Dance floor. He also noticed that most of these ponies would never fit in the ballroom anyway. But Wayward wasn't a dancer, so no way be would fit around here. There was, however, the bar. A place he was well acquainted with, no matter where he went in his travels. And although having mentally whined earlier about his lack of money, he temptation to take on some of the more exotic drinks Canterlot had to offer was irresistible to Wayward, a small challenge he made himself whoever he went into the local bar in a big town or city. Canterlot would be no exception to this challenge. He approached the bar and sat down right down on one of the chairs right up at the bar proper, telling the bartender on duty " Bartender! Give me the most... Exotic drink you can! " he exclaimed loud enough to be heard by the bartender over the music, and in a way, in a tone that challenged him. So while he waited, Wayward turned around and watched the dancers, their moves making him remember his childhood, before the Crystal Empire was cursed and hidden away by King Sombra. How that freedom was taken from him, no wonder he has a distaste of high-society events, despite the toning down of the event of the year.
  6. Well, the great galloping gala might be host to some of the most elite of the Equestrian creatures and critters, but in the hedgemaze of Canterlot there was a smaller, less grand celebration - the celebration of a rather unusual denizen...recently given a second chance by the benevolent leader Celestia...one whom was currently enjoying his 6th cracked coconut filled with banana custard and watching a rather weird shadow puppetry of 6 ponies bowing to him, wearing a crown, currently being projected out of thin air. " Pffft, those silly equines and their need to 'reconcile' everything! " he utters, sipping more of the custardy goodness contained within the coconut. " Aaah, If only they realised that trying to control chaos only makes it stronger...buuut I suppose it did get me a reprieve from the stone, so there's that... " He looks around to look over at his rather adorable young daughter, tweaking the comedy-sized red-framed shades resting over his eyes. " So, Pandora...enjoying yourself? " the dragonaquus grins as he takes another long lick of the sweet nectory goodness in the coconut shell, before rolling it up like a paperball and tossing it in a random direction over one of the maze walls.
  7. Sterling Silver "Ponyville...it's been a loooong time..." Sterling Silver said idly to himself as he felt his hooves cross the threshold between the countryside and this charming little hamlet he once used to call home. It seemingly hadn't changed that much, and he hadn't heard of much news from here other than a few odd instances here and there, but he never got to see them with his own eyes so it didn't phase him that much. Despite his past in this town Sterling wasn't here to primarily visit family, though that was going to be a part of his visit. No he was here, per request! By a newspaper no less! For an interview on his job! It felt odd that he would be picked for this seemingly at random but, maybe some old friends put in a good word for him or something, or maybe he was just excelling in his work and was gaining trust among the ranks...or so he would have hoped. Regardless, he passed into the scenic little village, looking around and admiring the still beautiful architecture. "Ahh, never gets old." he chuckled lightly whilst blowing a loose bit of mane from in front of his nostalgic expression. Sterling wasn't sporting what he'd usually wear, his guard armour, his grey coat and lucky coin cutie mark exposed to the world, and it felt strangely liberating to be walking around his home town without any job convictions, given this was a day off for him. It felt nostalgic beyond belief, and it really did take him back. But nostalgia and reminiscing had to wait, Sterling had an interview to get to! Now...if he could only just find it... It wasn't like the stallion didn't know the lay of the land, in fact he could name every street even after taking a swift blow to the head, but this was the first time he had ever heard of a newspaper in Ponyville which was surprising to say the least. He had received a card upon his invitation, with a few details on it as to where he'd find this journalist. Without further delay he reaches into his pack of basic essentials and levitated the piece of card in front of him, reading aloud, "Shady Daze, Foal Free Press, Ponyville...What the hay's the Foal Free Press?" he asked himself quietly, as he had done many other times before after receiving this card. With a small shrug he returned the business card to his pack and pondered his next move. As he did he passed by store front after store front after store front, and not a single one giving any clues, however he did manage to find a copy of said newspaper in a nearby store, buying it simply for any form of address, since the card seemed to be lacking in such information, Sterling wondered if a foal had written it but that was just idle and sceptical pessimism. With a copy of the Foal Free Press in hoof he set off back into town, taking note of the time being early afternoon and following whatever information he could find out of the paper in front of him. He hoped he would find this pony soon, or this pony would find him, either or. "...Am I going to be in a gossip rag?" the stallion muttered with an inquisitive expression as he read further into the paper.
  8. All over Equestria, everywhere and anywhere she could think of it, Matchie had put out application forms for her matchmaking service. Anypony could find them, really! She had them stuffed in mailboxes, she made them available at post offices and the like. They were fairly short, and fairly quick to fill out! All anypony had to do was write a few answers here, a few sentences there, pay a haybit for postage, and voila! They'd be on the list! The application is short, on slightly cheap parchment, and seems to be magically copied, if one can tell. Written upon it is the following : Hi there! Thank you for choosing One Plus Another, Equestria's choicest blind-date and matchmaking service! Just a few minutes of your time, and you'll be on your way to finding that special match chosen just for you! Please answer the following truthfully, and to as much detail as you think is necessary! Name : Gender : Gender preference (Optional) : Location : Age (Grown-ups only): Species : Species preference (Optional) : Cutie-Mark (Optional) : How would you describe yourself, physically? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ How would you describe your personality? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ What things in life are important to you? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ What's your idea of the ideal first date? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are you looking for? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anything else you think we should know? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ You're done! Just mail this to Matchie at One Plus Another, 413 Saltyhoof lane, Fillydelphia, EQ, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Have a wonderful day! ​((OOC : Just fill out the above and post it, and I'll write up a response once I've found a match for you character, and either help you set up a thread, or maybe just set up a thread for you! Please, -please- keep it G-rated! ))
  9. Past the ornate doors of the palace entrance, through the gilded vestibule lies the foyer of the castle proper. The atmosphere seemed abuzz with energy, lit by the warm glow of aether lamps and candlelight. Period banners and Army battle standards adorned the walls, highlighted by suits of armor and cases of ancient weapons wielded by the oldest heroes of Equestria. Ponies milled about in the foyer before the event proper, some catching up with family and friends while others waited for an opportunity to see the princess, or perhaps catch a photograph with her! “Come now, we’ll be late!” The voice came from a pegasus stallion with a coat of ruddy brown, accented by white feathered fetlocks and a sabled tuft of a beard trimmed to military regulation. The older stallion was heavily built, his shoulders seemingly cast from bronze and his facial features chiseled from solid granite. Despite the wrinkles and his sabled mane and tail, he was very much the quintessence of an REA soldier. Armor was unnecessary for this storied warrior; his formal military regalia was enough. Retirement was a double-edged sword for Colonel Ironwing. On the one hoof, he could come and go as he pleased. The army no longer set his schedules and told him where to go or what to do. When he traveled to the far-flung lands beyond Equestria, it was on his own terms. Pension was good and free time was bountiful. Of course, on the other hoof, having free time and not much to fill it with was something Ironwing couldn’t stand. PT, meditation, and scholarly study would only stretch so far. But there was hope. One of the ideas that had been idling on the table of the castle committee and the CRPR was something that the colonel had long supported. At long last his projects were finally coming to fruition. Though he was long-retired, his legacy made him the stallion of choice for hosting such a thing as the Army Ball. Of course, no party would be complete without guests of honor, and what a guest she was! It was always an honor to serve the princesses, and the newly returned Luna was no exception. As they continued on, the scintillations of camera flashbulbs on the mezzanine made themselves apparent. The photo booth was just ahead. “Your Majesty,” Aristotle smiled and swept a hoof across the expanse of the foyer. “Your humble audience awaits!”
  10. The train ride to Canterlot was a marvelous thing. In between the tunnels that found themselves periodically built around the tracks, one could simply look out the window and be awed by the view -- and to a certain extent, a little humbled by the view. This was certainly the case for a certain red-velvet coloured stallion, who let loose a small gasp at the city so far off in the distance, steadily drew closer and closer. This might have drawn a little attention to the unicorn, had he not been rare enough to board one of the emptier trains; as it stood, he was the only one in his cabin to enjoy the view. If it were less spectacular, he might have been a touch lonely. As the train gradually shortened the distance the excitement for the unicorn simply grew until he was convinced it was tangible in the air. "I'm going to Canterlot" he thought. Indeed, little else could be on his mind, and time seemed to slow down and speed up simultaneously until, dramatically, the train slowed to a halt at Canterlot station. The unicorn resisted the urge to bound out the doors and dash off to go sightseeing. Despite practically beaming with joy, he had heard all kinds of stories of the more judgmental upper class in the city. It was important to maintain composure. Stepping off the tracks, the first thing he noticed was a slight breeze. The second thing he noticed, was, well, he couldn't help but voice his thoughts: "I am standing on a castle, literally carved into a mountain." If one listened closely, one could even here a slight squee punctuating the sentence. Taking a happy sigh, he started forward. And then he promptly stopped. Looking down, he noticed a hat. Not realizing he was still thinking aloud, he continued, "Hmm... the breeze must have taken some pony's hat." He stared thoughtfully at it, before his horn glowed and levitated it into his outstretched hoof. Dusting it off, he examined it before adorning it over his steel coloured hair. Content with his souvenir, and deciding that its owner must not miss it in such a high class society, he rounded a corner into the street. Ten minutes later, he was hopelessly lost, and enjoying every minute of it. As he wandered about, he must have looked very much like a tourist struck with sightseeing syndrome. He couldn't help but look with awe at every building. The care that was put into each one boggled the mind. As a budding architect himself, he practically stood and applauded a particularly regal looking house. Caught up in all the joys of the moment, he practically didn't see the staircase in front of him. He fell down the flight before you could say 'Equestria's funniest home videos' before landing in something resembling a sprawled out snow Pegasus mixed with that pose you end up when you fall backwards into bed. Chuckling at the mere thought of what he must have looked liked, he joked aloud "Ten out of ten for the landing. I'd say I stuck that. Wait... how did this hat not fall off?" Standing himself up, he brushed his coat off, straightened his tail a little, then chuckled again, albeit more privately. At this point, he was enjoying himself a bit too much to remember that bit about the high class society.
  11. Zecora had decided that now was the time...She had been in Ponyville for quite a while and wanted to explore more of Equestria! She packed her saddlebags and stepped on to the train, riding it happily to Canterlot...She had never ridden a train before and the experience was so exciting! Zecora was deeply fond of new experiences!..The looming peaks of the Canterlot buildings drew ever closer and soon enough her train had stopped. Zecora stepped out of the train and glanced up, her eyes widening in surprise at the sight of the massive city that lay all around her! It was like a jungle in it of itself! Zecora was eager to see all the wares the shop keepers had to offer! To taste the unique foods, to hear the music! But for a moment Zecora felt like a little filly all over again, very small and very lost, and it was for a second that she stood there doing nothing! But just like that she shook her head to clear it [colour=#808080]"No no no! This will never do! Zecora behave we have exploring to do!"[/colour] After giving herself the kick in the butt she needed, Zecora continued her walking, a nice paced, quick trot so she could cover as much ground in one day as possible! Oh this was so exciting!
  12. Should anypony in Canterlot have been unfortunate enough to be craving donuts that day, they would find that Canterlot's most beloved donut shop was closed. For renovations. Construction ponies swarmed the shop, hard at work building what appeared to be some kind of expansion. It was not too difficult to miss that the construction ponies had been treated to complimentary donuts and coffee. There was also a sign: DONUT JOE'S CLOSED. In addition, there were some directions to Joe's... Donut Stand. Donut Joe whistled a little to himself as he worked his magic to keep his donuts warm and fresh. Outside conditions weren't exactly ideal conditions but he was making do. It must have been an odd sight, seeing the unicorn baker in somepony's (a friend of his) front yard selling a very limited selection of donuts and coffee. Joe himself probably didn't care much how odd a sight he was. He wasn't going to let construction interfere with his business. With his friend's permission, he had even been allowed to set up some tables in case ponies wanted to hang out while they chowed down on their donuts. Now, he waited. And waited. He wondered if he should make a bigger sign.
  13. As the sun rises on a new School session, Jetstream sits in his office, [colour=#006400]I wonder what my students will be like this time?[/colour] He hears the background of morning in Canterlot reach its peak, as ponies travel to work, [colour=#006400]Ok, no point in just sitting here, I better open up and finish getting ready[/colour] [colour=#006400]. [/colour]As he walks to the front door he adjusts one of the portraits of his graduate's which had been nudged off kilter, he unlocks the front door and wanders towards the field, checking on his balloon to ensure that it was well tethered, expecting at least one trainee balloonist in today's group. he then wanders back to his desk. As he is adjusting the stack of flyers on his desk on fight safety, he hears someone enter, [colour=#006400]Hi there, are you looking to enrol in one of my classes today?[/colour] [colour=#006400]It's a new session for pegasus ponies balloonists and airship pilots, all are welcome here, whether they are born with wings or just love the feel of the wind in their mane.[/colour]
  14. Spring has descended onto the land of Equestria, and with spring comes rainfall; lots and lots of rainfall. To make such a large-scale operation possible, the mares and stallions of the Royal Weather Factory in Cloudsdale work tirelessly during the spring months to create the rain storms so coveted by ponykind. It is through the efforts of these pegasi factory workers that crops are sufficiently watered and reservoirs refilled in preparation for summer. Unfortunately this year, a major crisis has rocked the city in the clouds which could jeopardize the upcoming rainy season. Due to a sudden flu plaguing Cloudsdale, more than three-quarters of the Weather Factory’s workforce have been forced to stay at home, at precisely the time when their contributions are needed the most. If there are not enough pegasi to work the factory floor and deliver clouds on time, settlements all over Equestria could very well face crop-wrecking droughts! To forestall this alarming chain of events, the overseers of the Weather Factory have taken the drastic measure of recruiting any winged volunteers that can be found. Heralds and newspaper bulletins serenade Equestria in the hopes that enough pegasi and other creatures able to fly to Cloudsdale can come to help operate the weather factory. It doesn’t matter where these emergency volunteers come from, just as long as the spring rings can indeed proceed on schedule. High in the turbulent skies of Cloudsdale, failure is not an option..... -------------------- Sugar Apple partly wished she could have stayed in sick today... sick like nearly all the other workers today. As a reward for being the sole supervisor not bedridden with the flu, the purple mare had suddenly found herself in a rather unfortunate but necessary position: that of having to orientate all the new volunteers enlisting their services for the Royal Weather Factory in this great hour of need. Sugar was plenty used to overseeing a manageable group of employees in the Vaporization Department, but having to introduce so many volunteers to how to operate the Weather Factory was a different matter entirely. The good news though was that Sugar Apple had the willpower of the bravest soldier; hence she soon felt the confidence to perform this vital task bestowed upon her. And she wouldn’t be alone either; taking a peek behind her, the pegasus took note of the four other ponies who’d be helping her lead the others today. The dark blue alicorn needed no introduction; due to the gravity of this crisis, Princess Luna would oversee the proceedings at the factory today. Behind Luna stood the ponies who’d help lead each team: stern-old Colonel Pummel of the Royal Equestrian Army would fill in for Sugar herself over at VaporDep, the even-older Professor Krashkop would look after the volunteers assigned to manufacture rainbows, and the youthful ace-flyer Rainbow Dash of Ponyville renown would naturally ensure her team delivered rain clouds to their destinations in time. None of them have worked at a weather factory before by Sugar’s reckoning, but the higher-ups both in Cloudsdale and Canterlot felt these ponies would be the most effective leaders for the band of equally unskilled volunteer workers. Seeing that the assembled crowd of volunteer pegasi outside the front entrance of the large cloud-formed factory was of a sufficiently large size, Sugar Apple cleared her throat to get everypony’s attention first; [colour=#800080]“Ahem... uhhhh, howdy y’all fillies and gentlecolts; mah name’s Sugar Apple, and it’s mah jo- pleasure to orientate y’all about workin’ at th’ Royal Weather Factory hyar today.”[/colour] Pleased that she hadn’t made a blathering fool of herself so far, the purple mare pressed onwards; [colour=#800080]“First things first; ya’ can’t enter th’ factory eff yer not wearin’ a proper uniform...”[/colour] Sugar paused and pointed at her white jacket and hardhat, required clothing for all workers and visitors; [colour=#800080]“Eff ya’ forgot t’take a uniform, please head back over to th’ lady hoofin’ them out on yer way in. Everypony needs t’stay safe at all times, so git yer jackets an’ hardhats now please.”[/colour] Sugar Apple now waited a few moments for the stragglers to collect their uniforms; she saw one gray pegasus dash out of the crowd who obviously failed to get the necessary clothing. Hopefully, said pegasus only suffered a brief attention lapse and wouldn’t present a chronic problem. In about a minute or so, Sugar would continue on with Orientation.....
  15. The ornate doors of the palace complex stand open, aglow with the soft light of aetherlamps. A red carpet traces a path from the castle gates through the courtyard, and into the castle foyer. At the head of this carpet stand guards in formal armor, checking in their comrades and their friends and family to the festivities beyond. You step up to the cordon and the guard ushers you through. The air itself seems alive as ponies clad in military regalia and formal wear mill about on the carpet and the warm strains of jazz music waft from within the castle walls. The entire night awaits you. What will you do?
  16. *Bell rings as you push open the door* "Oh! Hello there!" A tall white unicorn is stood behind the desk, reading a thick tome. She has a brown and pink mane, and her eyes are sapphire blue. You can only see her head. "Welcome to Pegasus Pages. I'm Novella."
  17. Regal could not believe she had overslept! She rushed down the street to her small shop hurriedly, hoping nopony would be awaiting her at the door. "Half an hour!" She shouted at herself aloud without meaning to. How could she do this, she never overslept! It was all the birds fault she decided, chirping wonderfully outside her window and lulling her back to sleep. She would remind herself later to shoo them away. She did not have time for over sleeping, she was a working mare and had to prove herself if she ever wanted to be worthy of being a royal armorer.At least some luck held out as nopony was standing outside her doors waiting for her! She ran up to the small shops front entrance and fumbled for her keys. The building was a decent size with plain brick walls, the two windows on the front set in purple sills. between the windows sat a metal door with a big lock. The back half of the building was sealed off but seemed as if it could be opened up on the lower half to allow access. Regal finally got her keys in hoof and unlocked the door. She left it hanging open welcomingly as she turned the sign in the window around and began to open up the smithy. Curtains opened, candles were lit in dark corners, and the back entrance was opened with a bit of magical effort from the unicorn. She was ready for business and in record time! She could not help but feel proud of herself as she looked around her forge. She had come far since her days as an apprentice and someday she may just find her dreams in reach. That day was not today though and thee was work to be done! She lit up the forge and started cleaning her tools, she had a few commissioned pieces to finish up but they would be done quickly enough. She was ready and waiting for more to come, her eyes wandering to the door in case she missed an entering customer and the bells that would jingle if the door moved. ​
  18. One day, Honeydew received an additional letter among her usual mail. Normally, this was an interesting development that warranted her attention, but she had noticed, off-hoof, that it was from her parents. She had deadlines, travel arrangements, and a few interesting rumors in Manehattan to investigate. Reading and responding to a letter from her parents could wait. A few days later, Honeydew returned to her apartment home in Manehattan to discover a distressed mailpony buried underneath a mountain of letters. They were all for her, and they were all from her parents. Unable to ignore a mountain of letters, Honeydew opened one. It read as follows: Dearest Honeydew, It's been one and a half months since you've written us. We're also still disappointed that you spent Hearth's Warming at our beloved farm searching for abominable snowponies. You could've at least invited your uncle to look with you. But that's neither here nor there. The point is we miss you so very, very much. We worry about you being in such a horribly big city all by yourself all the time. Won't you please visit? We want to know all about how you're doing and if you've met any special somepony yet. Surely, it wouldn't hurt to take a little time out of your busy city life to visit the ponies that raised you, cared for you, and nurtured you? Love always, Mommy and Daddy. P.S. Your uncle Cantaloupe says hi. The rest of the letters by her parents read exactly the same. Honeydew suspected something was up immediately. Usually, when her parents just wanted her to visit, they demanded it, down to specifying a date and time. This... this was a request and a guilt trip. That meant her parents didn't just want her to visit. They wanted something. Perhaps they were trying to hook her up with another random stallion they had only just met? It was anypony's guess. The other possibility was that her parents had been replaced by Changelings. This possibility was immediately dismissed upon closely inspecting the stationery and writing. So, there was only one way to find out what her parents wanted. She had to visit. She kept telling herself it was because she was curious and not because she actually felt guilty about anything. Oh no. She didn't feel guilty. At all. Really. When she arrived at the farm in the "Middle of Nowhere, Equestria," she was greeted with quick pecks on both sides of her cheeks, a small explanation, instructions for running her family's melon farm, and packed bags. And then, dust. Honeydew had only been able to utter a loud, indignant, "I don't think so!" before her parents had taken off. Of course, Honeydew could've just done the same thing and leave the farm in her uncle's hooves. She liked and trusted her uncle plenty enough... He could run the farm, and everything would work out great. It didn't take long before her conscience (which was definitely not a guilty one, not at all, really truly) reminded her that her uncle couldn't look after a plastic plant without something disastrous happening to it, let alone an entire farm. But she didn't think SHE could run the farm, either. She hadn't worked on the farm since she was a filly, and it was all such boring, boring work. As much as she hated to admit it, she needed help. Every city and town in the Strand and the neighboring areas would soon find itself flooded in "HELP WANTED" notices that offered bits and board as a reward. Advertisements for unheard-of and non-existent melon products popped up everywhere. Propaganda posters touting the benefits of melons, melon farming, "UNCLE CANTALOUPE WANTS YOU TO FIGHT FOR YOUR MELON RIGHTS" left no building uncovered. The Daily Turnip, unaware that one of its journalists was behind all of this, wrote an article about a potential invasion from sentient melon monsters. And Honeydew waited and hoped and tried to remember what basic farming and melon-raising techniques were.
  19. Three Lakes CaféThe Three Lakes Café is located on the northeastern corner of Tatterstall Drive and Stampford Street in Trottingham, and it has been a vibrant part of the town's community for more than ten years. The friendly staff and excellent service coupled with a warm and relaxing environment make it a great place to spend an afternoon visiting with friends or getting to know new people within the community. The menu is also expansive; whether you're looking to enjoy a traditional cup of Earl Grey tea with scones at a relaxing pace, or a double-shot of espresso to-go to kick-start your busy morning, we have something for everypony! ​Really super simple floor plan New and improved floor plan thanks to the ever-awesome DamianMane: Menu
  20. It was time now for a new change, Cashmere loved making his saddlebags, it was a passion that he truly loved! But as he grew mentally as well as talently he was really starting to understand what his special talent meant, it wasn't just sewing and making BAGS, rather he had a talent for making things custom and special for a individual pony! Something as special and unique as the pony themself! So now he was in Canterlot! On the look out for new fabrics and such to expand his horizons, he had made himself a few outfits for occasions but had never truly been confident to make anything for anypony else! And he certainly didn't wish to compete with Miss Rarity and her boutique! So this was mostly a getting his hooves wet sort of of deal.. Some inspirational pony or fabric to get the creative juices flowing! Someone so unique that their very presence beckoned the stallion to make them an outfit just for them! Plus in Canterlot he was a nopony so nopony back home would laugh at him if his outfits weren't that good..
  21. As the sun rose over the brim of the trees of Whitetail Woods, a lone figure could be seen entering the dense trees. He walked for a good ten minutes until he came to a certain tree. His lifted his front hooves onto the trees, studying the feel of the bark and the build of the tree, emerald green eyes studying the branches and the knots. Considering the tree once more, he nodded to himself before turning and lining himself up. Lifting his back legs, the pony gave a firm kick out with hind-legs. The whole tree creaked as the trunk was forced upwards by the power of the kick out with hind-legs, it's roots snapping from the strain as the tree fell to the ground. *THUMP* Oak Splitter smiled to himself as he looked at his latest prize, adjusting the blue bandanna round his neck, before looking around at the other trees nearby. Nodding once more he got to work. 30 minutes later... Oak Splitter exited the woods, hauling his bundle behind him, tied around his waist was a long length of rope which was in turn tied around a bundle of five trees. As Oak Splitter pulled he was thankful that he had decided to build his new house so close to the entrance to the forest. It was then that he saw he was close. A nice simple log cabin, looking as nice as the day it had been finished. Next to that was a larger building made with the more modern materials that you would find in Baltimare, the city he was close to. above the door hung the sign. [colour=#800000]WhiteTail Woodworks: Quality Lumber and Hoof-crafted Furniture.[/colour] This was his workshop, where he made his living. Just over to the left he saw the wood mill, still standing there like it had the first day his father had brought him here when he still lived in the city, the water wheel turning leisurely in the flow of the Quickrun River as it flowed into Baltimare before entering the SeaSaddle Bay. Grunting, Oak Splitter dragged the trees around to the back of the workshop, where he opened a large garage door, revealing a storage area for other felled trees. There were a few other trees laying in the room, and tools were lined along the wall, with a small bin for storingcut off branches and roots The air was dry so as to prevent rot, and the floor covered in saw dust which Oak Splitter left hoof prints in as he dragged the logs inside. Untying them from the rope and himself, He decided to keep the door open, and work in natural light, and the crossed into his workshop. The large room was in fact part workshop, part showroom. Along the far left wall many different tools were hung up including saws, hammers, chisels and wood shavers. There were also a few electric tools, including a power drill, a lathe and table saw. over the rest of the showroom were examples of the many different wood pieces that Oak Splitter had made and was ready to sell. Tables, chairs, wardrobes and dressers were what mainly took up the showroom. There were also several wood carvings of animals and and scenes, including a large carving of a pony in full guard armor that Oak had been inspired to carve after a trip to Canterlot. Nearer to the fron of the store stood a counter with a large book lying on it. This was Oak Splitter's ledger that he used to document all sales and orders for new items. Trotting forward, Oak Splitter flipped the sign on the front of the door from 'Closed' to 'Open', before returning to the counter and looking over his ledger. Seeing that his orders for the week had been fulfilled, Oak decided that he would begin work on a new project while waiting for customers. He needn't worry about being so far out of town; being the one of the few Carpenters ponies in Equestria, as well as coming from a long line of carpenters, Oak Splitter had recievd orders from many different places in the three years he had run his business. It also helped that his sister, Poppy Seed, was often able to drum up local customers thanks to her job in the marketplace. Walking over to his workbench, Oak Splitter brought out a sketchbook and an assortment of pencils, before sitting in his a chair he had carved for himself. He looked at the blank paper, waiting for inspiration to strike him.
  22. (Post in the OOC if you'd like to join, one or two other players are welcome!) Ugh....what happened....where am I...? That was the first thing the blond, blue eyed fifteen year old girl thought as she sat up, rubbing her head. What DID happen, anyway? Kate couldn't remember whatsoever, well, except she was being chased by a bunch of idiot bullies and...somehow passed out after being chased in the forest? Ugh, that didn't make any sense, she normally NEVER did that! Well, in either case, she was...here. Was it the woods back home? She...wasn't sure. Azure eyes flicked around and the girl, dressed in black shorts and grey tank-top, sneakers to go along with it, wasn't...exactly sure. For one, this part of the forest looked different to any part she'd ever been in. For another everything sort of looked...brighter, here. Even in the wooded area, everything definitely looked more chromatic than back home. Was it a "special" kind of area? No that couldn't be it; she'd explored every nook and cranny of the one back home! Something told the young girl she wasn't in "Kanas" anymore, as that old saying went. "Alright...I'm sure wherever I am...someone will show up and tell me so I can at least try and get home. I hope it's in walking distance." Kate mumbled quietly, tucking her hand in her shorts pocket and making her way across the grass, stepping over rocks. Though, unbeknownst to her, she'd landed in the very place that had certain four legged hoofed creatures she was absolutely terrified of. Kate was Equinophobic, a fact she never brought up and told nobody except her friends, and, well, her family knew. It was why there were no horses on her farm, and why she never went over to her aunt and uncle's because of the vast amount she knew they had. It had started with a certain incident, back when she was about 5 or 6. She'd gone outside to go and feed the horses despite her parents telling her otherwise. She'd had to see them! She went into the stalls and everything had gone well, till something startled the horses and they panicked, jumping around, kicking and rearing up and making those terrifying whinnying noises. One even looked to be lunging at her, and that was it for Kate. And as silly as it might've sounded, she'd honestly never forgotten it and fears of being bucked off and trampled turned into what she had now. But, to the matter at hand! She had to get out of here! Panic couldn't set it, no, she just would not let it, and so, the girl began to tentatively make her way out of the forest, glancing around. She'd finally gotten out of the forest completely but stopped and looked around.She didn't recognize any of this at all! Okay yeah, NOW she was getting scared, and, she began to cross over across the grass, spotting a nearby town and traversing close to a certain cottage. "H-hello? Anyone out here?" She'd call out, hoping someone, anyone would answer. She just wanted to get back home..
  23. The ballroom was abuzz with activity. With hors d’oeuvres and drink in hoof, ponies made their way to their tables, eagerly chatting about the upcoming events on the program. A roast? The voices asked. A comedy show? At the Army Ball? Weren’t the guardsponies merely humorless accessories to the crown? As if to answer their collective questions, a drumroll started up. Colonel Ironwing stepped onto the stage to the fanfare of trumpets, lifting his beret in greeting to the gathered crowd as he approached the microphone. Grabbing the implement in his hooves, he began to speak. “Fillies and gentlecolts of the Royal Equestrian Army! Friends, family, and avid supporters! I welcome you all to the First Annual Army Ball! We gather here today to honor those who serve, who have served, and who will serve. The Army life isn’t an easy one, but it’s one that every guardspony relishes.” The retired colonel took a moment to adjust his glasses before continuing. “I myself was a wide-eyed cadet once, making my way through OCS, picking up a degree somewhere in there, and eventually landing a commission in the service of Her Majesty. Although I suppose now it would be Her MajestIES.” A smattering of chuckles rose from the audience as the colonel went on. “I’m seeing a lot of new faces here tonight. Either the optometrist messed up my prescription again or I’m going as senile as my son says I am!” “But enough about me!” he said with a flourish. “No matter how old we get or how many guard rotations we get stuck in, I always knew the REA boys and girls to be able to throw a great party. And what a party this is! What better way is there to celebrate those who work so tirelessly for us, especially the one in charge of our own Canterlot garrison?” “You might know him as the face of the REA, the Shield, or Captain Equestria, depending on who you talk to, but there’s no question about his dedication to service and good leadership. Fillies and gentlecolts, tonight we honor a soldier, officer, gentlecolt, scholar, and model Equestrian, our very own SHINING ARMOR!” The spotlight was nothing new to Shining Armor. After the high profile wedding and the craziness of the Crystal Empire, he was something of a local celebrity. Fame wasn’t his favorite part of the job, but he could certainly handle it so long as he had Cadence by his side. When the retired colonel had approached him about the roast, he was enthusiastic. After all, who wouldn’t want to get in on some good fun and comedy? The captain stood from his guest table and took a bow for his audience before quietly sitting back down. “So now let’s bring up the first of many roasters to pat you on the back... or kick you in the flank if they so choose! Our first roaster tonight is here with her charm, her wit, and her husband’s reins in hoof, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza!”
  24. It was a very special day! It was the day of love, Hearts and Hooves Day to be precise! And Zecora intended to do it by giving Love away today free of charge, because to her, giving love was showing appreciation and respect for the people around you. She had set up a little boot that said "Free Kisses" On the front in golden letters, the banner itself was a rich royal blue, beneath that it said 'Free gift with every kiss" Beside the Zebra in a pile were tons and tons of small boxes, all wrapped in gorgeous red and gold paper! They were about the size of your hoof and you couldn't see what was in them, for such a special occasion Zecora had dressed up slightly, her mane was combed neatly and was less stiff, falling to one side in gentle waves, she wore just a touch of golden eye shadow, and all her jewelry had been freshly polished so it gleamed gloriously in the sun. She smiled and certainly hoped she'd get to give a good bit of love today, and hoped the citizens of Ponyville liked their gifts.
  25. Welcome to the first installment if "Lovinexpress role plays". These role plays are simple and will always be in the free-for-all, and will almost always be open for free jump-ins. No applications required! These type of role plays, I feel, would be great for newbies, since they're very open-handed and not extensive. Rules: *NO NSFW, PERIOD! *(guideline) The goal of the role play is to conclude the plot in under 250 posts (hence the term "express"). However, it is not enforced. *(guideline) Try not to be OP. No one likes an Over powering character! *(guideline) Please keep posts no less than 3 good sentences. *(guideline) Please don't post too often... give others time to catch up So you ready for a fun short role play? General Plot: [colour=#800080]A new pony rolls into Ponyville covering up their face with a veil. No one knows who this pony is, and this pony looks rather suspicious. The role play will conclude with the pony uncovering his/herself to reveal it was just a pony friend playing a prank.[/colour]
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